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  • File : 1263720074.jpg-(607 KB, 800x1040, 1246108450067.jpg)
    607 KB The Mansion Gemini 01/17/10(Sun)04:21 No.7629772  
    Good evening, gents. After reading the old threads I have decided to continue The Mansion, should interest be there.

    I am unsure as to whether to hold it on IRC or that place where most of the Quests are run these days, so I'll be taking requests on this.

    If you missed the old games, you are playing as master of a mansion, having just inherited your grandfather's fortune. Currently you have an elderly butler and a young maid who excels in cleaning, table setting and bartending. The threads are in the Archive.

    Getting dinner for a minute, but when I finish I will return and we shall call how it lies.
    >> Anonymous 01/17/10(Sun)04:23 No.7629811
    Wait, I though there was only one thread.

    Also hold it here, IRC is silly for this, and tgchan is full of furries.
    >> Anonymous 01/17/10(Sun)04:31 No.7629906
    What is this..."Mansion" you speak of?
    >> Blackheart !!FYEhWpAirtN 01/17/10(Sun)04:33 No.7629935
    I vaguely remember this... and that we argued on what kind of butler we want...

    Hold it here.
    >> Gemini 01/17/10(Sun)04:38 No.7630004

    Very well. Against my liking I will hold it here. It upsets me that tgchan could be worse than the sagebombers we encounter here, but so be it. I will hold The Mansion here, and we shall see how it progresses.

    Hold while I dig up the floorplans of the mansion. Room descriptions will be made available upon request, although they are all listed in the first archived thread.
    >> Anonymous 01/17/10(Sun)04:40 No.7630032
    I will be sleeping, so I will read the archive of it.
    It's almost 5 over here.
    >> Gemini 01/17/10(Sun)04:42 No.7630049
         File1263721331.jpg-(15 KB, 550x315, Front Rendering.jpg)
    15 KB
    Décor – The stone exterior is crafted in the style of a Mediterranean country estate house (see Front Rendering photo, attached, and Rear Rendering photo, following). Inside, the mansion has been redecorated to suit it’s modern occupant. Where the floors are not hardwood, they are solid granite, walls painted to match the room they are in. Most are modest tones, with a few exceptions such as the Rec Room (Basement level). Furniture is central European art décor.
    >> Gemini 01/17/10(Sun)04:43 No.7630063
         File1263721434.jpg-(16 KB, 550x319, Rear Rendering.jpg)
    16 KB
    Nestled high upon the side of a mountain, the mansion is seated upon an Eastward facing block, with the steep downward slope constituting the rear border and gifting the grounds with a breathtaking view. The entire estate is stepped, meaning that while the front of the mansion has it’s entry on the first floor, the block slopes so that the ‘basement’ opens onto the lawn at the back of the house.

    (attached, Rear Rendering photo)

    A stone fence, the same stone as the exterior of the mansion itself, surrounds the estate on all three land-borne sides.

    The mansion was left to you by your late grandfather, who passed a month ago.
    >> Gemini 01/17/10(Sun)04:47 No.7630100
         File1263721667.gif-(80 KB, 620x605, First Floor.gif)
    80 KB
    (attached, first floor blueprint)

    Currently, your butler Goddard resides in the bedroom down the hall from you and is settling in after his overnight flight from the Marseilles Maid and Butler Academy. Your Warhammer painting room is the larger of the walk-in wardrobes attached to the master bedroom.
    >> Gemini 01/17/10(Sun)04:51 No.7630168
         File1263721904.gif-(49 KB, 620x432, Basement.gif)
    49 KB
    (attached, basement blueprint)

    Your maid Violet resides in the room underneath your own, close to the elevator. The unfinished areas on the map are currently not built, tools and wood framing piled neatly about the area. At the moment, your servants are denied access to this area.
    >> Gemini 01/17/10(Sun)05:01 No.7630299
    Currently, it is mid-morning. You sit in your recreation room in the basement.

    > Recreation Room – Designed anew, the room is one of your sources of pride. Black granite flooring leads on to black painted walls with the odd white contrasting angled line, breaking the dark. The counters in the wet bar are a dark marble, with downlights under the front lip which change colour in intervals. The room houses a few comfortable couches as well as an Air Hockey table, black felted poker table, retro pinball machine and Pacman/Galaga arcade machine. A state of the art sound system is hooked up and is usually at least playing classical music when nothing else is turned on. A small wine cellar out back is reasonably stocked, although the most expensive wines are kept in a safe.

    Your butler (Nigel Goddard) is currently unpacking upstairs, while Violet is no doubt attending her chores somewhere around the mansion.

    Later today, a second maid you hired with Violet's help will arrive, and require direction. Additionally, you still have yet to make the decision whether or not to let Nigel oversee the finances of both your house and the Root Beer Factory in town. However, these two issues do not need any urgent attention so for now you are free to choose what you would like to do:

    [ ] Relax in the rec room
    [ ] Find Violet and chat while she attends her duties
    [ ] Read your grandfather's journal
    [ ] Other (specify)
    >> Anonymous 01/17/10(Sun)05:05 No.7630338

    Find Violet and chat. Ask her about her background.
    >> Blackheart !!FYEhWpAirtN 01/17/10(Sun)05:06 No.7630347
    [x] Read your grandfather's journal

    [ ] Other (specify) ======> [x] Rape The Maids (Sorry but its a must if presented with these types of choices)
    >> Anonymous 01/17/10(Sun)05:08 No.7630369

    This. Also ask her about the other maid's background and such.

    Also, do we know where our grandfather's fortune came from?
    >> Gemini 01/17/10(Sun)05:12 No.7630411

    (before you go, here is what you know already:

    Violet was born in England. Her mother died when she was young, her father was a compulsive gambler who took her in her young life around the Mediterranean until, destitute, he sold her to the Marseilles Maid and Butler Academy. She grew up in the academy learning her craft, excelling at bartending, table etiquette, cleaning, singing and playing the cello. Yesterday she arrived at your home to serve under you. You are her first employer.

    If you still wish to go find her, please reconfirm)
    >> Anonymous 01/17/10(Sun)05:13 No.7630425

    Yeah still go find her, and ask about the other maid then.

    Bartending? Maybe it's a good reason to have a party then. Maybe a kind of housewarming.
    >> Gemini 01/17/10(Sun)05:15 No.7630442

    You know only the basics about Carmel: she is younger than Violet at eighteen years old and her major subjects are cooking, cleaning and athletics. She is also discreet, and will keep anything which happens within the manner to herself (as you have insisted all others under your employ do).

    Violet remembers her from the academy, but she did not know her well so cannot offer any more insight on the matter.
    >> Anonymous 01/17/10(Sun)05:17 No.7630460
    Well then... let's read the grandpa's journal. See if there's anything we need to take note of in the house.

    We'll also need to make a checklist of what's in the house and around it, like important possessions. Also regarding the grounds, and so on.
    >> Researcher Sam 01/17/10(Sun)05:18 No.7630480
    Now you do this Gemini? Now? Really? I need to head to bed. Good to see this again, hope it gets archived.
    >> Gemini 01/17/10(Sun)05:20 No.7630499

    You decide to go looking for Violet anyway. Ascending the grand staircase you begin your search in the Great Hall and branch out from there.

    Eventually you locate her in the library, dusting a bookshelf. Noting you enter, Violet stops and bows politely.

    "Master. Is there something I can assist you with?"

    [ ] Offer to help
    [ ] Ask if she's settling in
    [ ] Talk (specify subject)
    [ ] Other
    >> Anonymous 01/17/10(Sun)05:20 No.7630502
    >Additionally, you still have yet to make the decision whether or not to let Nigel oversee the finances of both your house and the Root Beer Factory in town.

    Have him assist us in both so we may learn how to become a proper entrepeneur and employ more maids and finish our basement.

    >[X] Other (specify)

    Let us explore that mysterious door that isn't included on the floorprints.
    >> Anonymous 01/17/10(Sun)05:20 No.7630505

    yeah, a mansion like this probably has gardens or grounds too, so we need to keep track of those as well.
    >> Anonymous 01/17/10(Sun)05:22 No.7630522

    Would it not be better to hire an actual manager though? For something as important as company finances?

    Also, just a root beer factory and we're so rich?
    >> Anonymous 01/17/10(Sun)05:24 No.7630542

    Talk to her about national politics.

    (Which country are we in, again?)
    >> Anonymous 01/17/10(Sun)05:25 No.7630560

    We aren't "that" rich, actually. We can only afford a butler and two maids :(

    Hiring a manager would be boring and I assumed our butler would be multi-purpose. And awesome...
    >> Anonymous 01/17/10(Sun)05:26 No.7630579

    But we can afford a mansion that certainly needs more than a butler and two maids.

    No matter, if we're not rich enough now we'll soon be.
    >> Anonymous 01/17/10(Sun)05:28 No.7630602

    We don't have any more room for addition maids at the moment. Unless we order them to share rooms.
    >> Gemini 01/17/10(Sun)05:28 No.7630606
    (Just a heads up, my PC just reset. apparently there's a storm up north of me that's fucking with the power. If I disappear, the storm nuked me)


    Noted, you will request Nigel teach you the ways of the entrepreneur.


    The journal will have to wait a moment, but as for assets, there are a small number in your home.

    The two most expensive things in the mansion currently are the painting hanging in the Great Hall, 'The Absinthe Man' by Oliva Viktor, and your grandfather's small collection of vintage wines which are locked in a winesafe in the cellar next the wetbar.
    >> Anonymous 01/17/10(Sun)05:30 No.7630621

    Excellent... Well, how about this, let's ask Violet how she'd feel about throwing a housewarming. To welcome the new master of the house and so on.

    We'll need to ask Nigel about that too, probably.
    >> Anonymous 01/17/10(Sun)05:31 No.7630627

    Where are you anyway, Gemini?
    >> Gemini 01/17/10(Sun)05:32 No.7630650

    (Country was never specified, same as the master's gender)

    Violet nods respectfully for a moment as she replies, duster moving deftly once more. "I am afraid that the local politics are a little foreign to me at the moment, so I cannot truly judge whether the local government is effective or not."

    As she chats, she looks through the books in front of her, eyes flicking over the titles quickly.

    *specify free action*
    >> Anonymous 01/17/10(Sun)05:35 No.7630674

    Look over the books too. Any interesting titles?

    If not, let's go back to grandfather's journal.
    >> Anonymous 01/17/10(Sun)05:35 No.7630676
         File1263724557.jpg-(454 KB, 600x621, King Henry VIII armor.jpg)
    454 KB
    >[X ]Offer to help

    Chivalry, mother fuckers
    >> Gemini 01/17/10(Sun)05:38 No.7630700

    I'm in Oz.


    You ask Violet how she would feel about a housewarming party. Her eyes light up and she claps her hands together warmly.

    "That sounds like an excellent idea, master. We are all new to this place, so a party sounds like a good ice-breaker. I am almost complete in my dusting here, but afterwards perhaps we can draft a guestlist, if you retrieve your address book?"

    [ ] Guests sounds like a good idea
    [ ] I'd rather keep this a private affair. Just the four of us in this household.
    >> Gemini 01/17/10(Sun)05:42 No.7630738

    As she speaks, you move to help her but she stiffens before stopping you with a dainty gloved hand, bowing in deferrence once her hand drops.

    "Please, master. You should not be cleaning. I am your maid, it is my job to clean."


    The books seem to go back many, many years and are a collection of the favourite reads of your ancestors, going back to the 1800s. Your own /tg/ -related novels line one of the lower shelves. You are unsure what Violet is looking for, but decide that she may be looking for a new romance novel, seeing she told you that she finished hers on the train yesterday.
    >> Blackheart !!FYEhWpAirtN 01/17/10(Sun)05:44 No.7630766
    [x] Guests sounds like a good idea
    >> Anonymous 01/17/10(Sun)05:45 No.7630780
         File1263725152.jpg-(26 KB, 350x368, mrsparkleorig.jpg)
    26 KB
    >"Please, master. You should not be cleaning. I am your maid, it is my job to clean."

    I'm disrespectful to dirt!
    Can you see I am serious!
    This is no place for loafers, including myself!
    Could I do any less?
    >> Anonymous 01/17/10(Sun)05:46 No.7630786

    [X] Guests. We need to see what our neighbours are like and expand our social circle to include people of the same class as ourselves.
    >> Anonymous 01/17/10(Sun)05:48 No.7630803

    Guests would be an excellent idea. We'll need to publicise this to the town...
    >> Anonymous 01/17/10(Sun)05:49 No.7630817
    [x] Rape her.
    >> Anonymous 01/17/10(Sun)05:51 No.7630839

    'Are you looking for something to read? You're free to take books if you want... provided, of course, you inform me or Nigel first. And return the books once you're done, of course.'

    'And a guestlist would be nice, though we don't really know many people around here do we? Perhaps it's time we paid visits to the neighbourhood...'
    >> Gemini 01/17/10(Sun)05:52 No.7630850

    Violet nods in agreement. "I understand. A logical choice."

    She continues cleaning as she speaks, promising that she will be finished soon.

    "Have you any thoughts about what kind of party you would like to throw?"

    [ ] Black-tie event with ballroom dancing
    [ ] A modern cocktail party
    [ ] A gentlemen's party with cigars and whisky
    [ ] A rave
    [ ] Other
    >> Anonymous 01/17/10(Sun)05:56 No.7630899
         File1263725774.jpg-(109 KB, 460x300, moore460.jpg)
    109 KB
    >[X] A gentlemen's party with cigars and whisky
    >> Anonymous 01/17/10(Sun)05:56 No.7630905

    Black-tie sounds good! With a proper reception. Here's to becoming the Gatsby of this town.
    >> Anonymous 01/17/10(Sun)06:00 No.7630933

    [X] Other

    Cocktail party on the ground floor, rave in the basement. We cater for all tastes and get to meet a diverse crowd.
    >> Anonymous 01/17/10(Sun)06:01 No.7630946

    Actually this sounds good. Especially since we have different entrances and exits.
    >> Anonymous 01/17/10(Sun)06:02 No.7630957

    >> Anonymous 01/17/10(Sun)06:02 No.7630960
    I think we should hold a Gentlemen's Rave.

    Top Hats and Glow Sticks all round
    >> Gemini 01/17/10(Sun)06:02 No.7630965

    Need consensus between these two, work it out while we continue.


    Violet nods in gratitude. "Thank you. I will do as you ask and inform mister Goddard or yourself. As for now, I would like to borrow one of the romance novels if I may."

    She blushes ever so slightly as she asks, but considers your statement as you continue.

    "Yes, that is true. Perhaps we should pay a visit to the neighbours, although this afternoon may be a little hectic to do so in person, seeing Carmel is arriving. Should we do this tomorrow, or just send the invitations?"
    >> Anonymous 01/17/10(Sun)06:05 No.7630987
    >> Anonymous 01/17/10(Sun)06:05 No.7630988

    seconding this one.

    and yeah let's wait for carmel to come, then go and visit people tmr to give out invitations.
    >> Gemini 01/17/10(Sun)06:05 No.7630991

    (Noting this as a choice alongside the Gentlemen's party.)

    Violet thinks for a moment, her hand raising to her mouth. "While I will be able to handle bartending for one of the parties, we will need to organise catering. And if we are inviting the common folk in town, we may wish to invest in some security."
    >> Anonymous 01/17/10(Sun)06:07 No.7631012
         File1263726437.jpg-(20 KB, 318x420, Smoking_jacket.jpg)
    20 KB
    >Need consensus between these two, work it out while we continue.

    Would it be possible to host a black-tie event first and offer any gentleman wishing to stay to continue the evening/night in the smoking room?
    >> Anonymous 01/17/10(Sun)06:07 No.7631013

    This, this would be cool.
    >> Anonymous 01/17/10(Sun)06:10 No.7631038

    Catering would be important, yes. We can leave it to nigel to handle that, though...

    Ask her along to the invitation-giving. A cute maid can't be a liability when we're trying to endear ourselves.
    >> Anonymous 01/17/10(Sun)06:12 No.7631064

    good compromise, this. we should start off a bit formal, then continue from there with the sitting rooms and stuff.
    >> Gemini 01/17/10(Sun)06:14 No.7631083

    As you jump back and forward between the possibilities, Violet laughs a little at your excitement. "You seem in a good mood this morning. Whatever party you choose, I will be happy to help you plan the evening, master." With that, she puts the duster down and pulls a small book from the shelf. Looking at the cover, you see it is an original print of 'From Here to Eternity'.

    A knock on the small glass door and measured cough catches both your attention. Holding a silver platter with a teapot and teacups deftly on the fingertips of one hand, Nigel nods in greeting.

    "Pardon my intrustion, Sir. But I have concluded my personal unpacking and have taken the liberty of making some Earl Grey with lemon. Would you care for a drop?"
    >> Anonymous 01/17/10(Sun)06:15 No.7631096

    'Two drops, Nigel... if Violet approves as well.'

    'Good that you're here, though, Nigel. We're just holding a meeting about a potential housewarming party to be held... well, soon enough. We'll need your help organising it, surely.'
    >> Gemini 01/17/10(Sun)06:18 No.7631126
    Okay, the choices for the party are now:

    Gentlemen's Party with Cigars
    Gentlemen's Rave/Cocktail Party
    Black-Tie Event, followed by Smoking and Drinking

    Starting the votes again out of these three alone. If there is no consensus/majority we'll roll.
    >> Anonymous 01/17/10(Sun)06:20 No.7631162
    Gentlemen's Rave.

    Also we better find out how fresh Nigel's moves are.
    >> Gemini 01/17/10(Sun)06:20 No.7631167

    "Ah! Very good, Sir." Nigel acknowledges warmly. "I have served at soirees innumerable, and will lend what aid I can. Shall you and miss Violet take your tea here, or shall we move to the Great Room?"
    >> Blackheart !!FYEhWpAirtN 01/17/10(Sun)06:20 No.7631171
    >Gentlemen's Rave/Cocktail Party

    >> Gemini 01/17/10(Sun)06:28 No.7631265

    Looking like the Gentleman's Rave and Cocktail Party are going ahead. Votes closed. Also, specify a free action.
    >> Gemini 01/17/10(Sun)06:41 No.7631401
    "Come sir, a library is hardly the place to take tea. Let us move somewhere a little more spaced, and after taking a spell we can plan this event."

    Leading the way to the small table and loveseat in the great hall, Nigel bids for Violet and yourself to be seated before gently setting the silver platter down and flawlessly pouring the tea into two cups. Setting one in front of you and then a second in front of the maid, he stands straight with a small towelette over his sleeve and awaits instruction. You are impressed by his professionalism in even such a minor task.

    Violet sits stiffly upon the chair next to you, obviously still uncomfortable with joining you as an equal for tea but following your directive. Smiling once at her for encouragement, you sip the tea.

    [ ] Continue planning
    [ ] Bring up a new topic (specify)
    [ ] Other
    >> Gemini 01/17/10(Sun)07:00 No.7631584
         File1263729600.gif-(2.82 MB, 480x360, 1257146130552.gif)
    2.82 MB
    Alright, calling this thread due to inactivity.

    To all who participated tonight, thank you very much. It has been interesting and educational.

    And now I will archive this so I don't lose it and take my leave of the thread. UP, UP AND AWAY!
    >> Anonymous 01/17/10(Sun)07:01 No.7631605

    Any estimate when/if you're going to continue?
    >> Gemini 01/17/10(Sun)07:04 No.7631629

    Not really, but if/when I do I'll post on /tg/ and let you all know.
    >> Anonymous 01/17/10(Sun)07:09 No.7631677
    Thank you, although I'm starting to think that /tg/ might indeed be unsuitable for your quest.
    /tg/ simply moves too fast these days.

    Tgchan's audience is horrible, however and irc wouldn't be an alternative for me so I can't offer any solution to this problem.

    Nonetheless, I am eagerly awaiting the next installment of "The Mansion".
    >> Anonymous 01/17/10(Sun)07:23 No.7631796

    It would be better if you gave a time, really.

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