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  • File : 1292644498.png-(1.9 MB, 1800x1200, Triglav1.png)
    1.9 MB Skirmish Quest 13 [KotH] [Predeployed] OrbitalCommand !w68jcmPgR6 12/17/10(Fri)22:54 No.13196209  
    Today's simulated battle will occur under the following parameters.

    Black and Red teams are to capture the "hill" the stump of a megafern for two rounds straight. should two teams be on the hill- the majority will take the hill.

    Green Team's objective will be only to destroy both teams. As they are both TAs, the simulated members are droids and botted armor.

    Black team to move.
    >> OrbitalCommand !w68jcmPgR6 12/17/10(Fri)22:59 No.13196260
    Updating with SHOOT in red team.
    >> [St1] Sgt. Ghost !!lFMzOYrsgi4 12/17/10(Fri)23:00 No.13196266
         File1292644800.png-(53 KB, 446x445, StGhost.png)
    53 KB
    >> [Ag]Corp. Shot !H508X.HbJ6 12/17/10(Fri)23:00 No.13196278
    Do kills count here, OC?
    >> OrbitalCommand !w68jcmPgR6 12/17/10(Fri)23:03 No.13196309
         File1292645008.png-(1.9 MB, 1800x1200, Triglav2.png)
    1.9 MB
    updated with Shoot in the team.

    [confused him for shot]

    shot is also in as AG1
    >> OrbitalCommand !w68jcmPgR6 12/17/10(Fri)23:04 No.13196314

    Simulation kills, wont count unfortunately.
    >> [Ag]Corp. Shot !H508X.HbJ6 12/17/10(Fri)23:04 No.13196323
    Well, poo. Do we get anything for winning?
    >> [E1] Squeamish !JnF4LLpeu. 12/17/10(Fri)23:05 No.13196331

    Losers buy the beer, of course.
    >> [K2] Cpl. Douk !!DSUlew2JAiR 12/17/10(Fri)23:05 No.13196333
         File1292645139.png-(289 KB, 851x543, DOUK5.png)
    289 KB
    >> [A1]Pvt.Dragon !!Be87JOBWQm0 12/17/10(Fri)23:06 No.13196342
         File1292645176.png-(89 KB, 463x347, Dragon.png)
    89 KB
    rolled 5 = 5

    Use my move to jump on L1 the direction i'm facing. Then, because it will shake things up, I'm sending a rocket to Knight bot 4.

    Time to rock
    >> [mgR]Lt. Hawkes !ngK3R2pIcU 12/17/10(Fri)23:06 No.13196345
         File1292645199.png-(278 KB, 1165x599, HawkesmgRb1.png)
    278 KB
    >Move 3 SE. Overwatch SE. Straight line whatnot.
    >> OrbitalCommand !w68jcmPgR6 12/17/10(Fri)23:10 No.13196382
    The purpose of this simulation is to test the eff-

    " SIlence, Orbital." says a voice.

    " Bravo team here is being tested for certain qualities. So if you feel any strange sensations, observe any supposed glitches , do not worry. This is Sgt. Major Amino, for today I am being called in to act as Green team. How are you ? TA- if you could start forming a secure channel, we'll be going up against.... interesting foes today."

    AIM: YandomViolence
    >> [M2]Colton !aazgJpznxQ 12/17/10(Fri)23:15 No.13196450
    >Move South 4.
    >Fire Prox mine E/NE into center of Stump Fields.
    >+This will be boosted by [E2]Aberham.
    >> [E2]Spc. Aberham !vGu/RZnu3o 12/17/10(Fri)23:18 No.13196488
    rolled 2, 3 = 5


    >Move south 4
    >Boots Prox mine
    >> [M2]Colton !aazgJpznxQ 12/17/10(Fri)23:19 No.13196495
    rolled 8 = 8


    >And I forgot to roll. Here you go, sorry about that.
    >> [E1] Squeamish !JnF4LLpeu. 12/17/10(Fri)23:20 No.13196502
    >>Move SE 4

    >>overwatch for incoming artillery.

    ...Huh. This is almost... nice. Well, other than the incoming explosions
    >> [S1]Pvt. Shoot 12/17/10(Fri)23:20 No.13196503
    >Run 4 hexes SE
    >> [TA]Blank !uj/koSf.Zc 12/17/10(Fri)23:21 No.13196517
    "Understood. Patching through to you. Whatever this operation is, you have my full cooperation," replies Blank, observing the map.

    "Never a dull moment observing Bravo," The man sighs. "Let's...see whatever this secret mission or whatever is..."
    >> [E1] Squeamish !JnF4LLpeu. 12/17/10(Fri)23:23 No.13196546

    >>facing SE... forgot to say.
    >> [P1] Sgt. Irons !kR3H6bckvs 12/17/10(Fri)23:28 No.13196599
         File1292646527.png-(182 KB, 1200x900, Irons Profile v2.png)
    182 KB
    >Hold position
    >Overwatch towards Green
    >> [K3] Lost !Ykpfge10hU 12/17/10(Fri)23:35 No.13196699

    Lost looks around on the virtual field, a series of wooded hills sloping upwards... to another team.

    Lost looked around at the other knight, now in their armor. "What does he mean, glitches?"
    >> [mgR]Lt. Hawkes !ngK3R2pIcU 12/17/10(Fri)23:43 No.13196784
         File1292647383.png-(1.96 MB, 1800x1200, Plan1.png)
    1.96 MB
    rolled 5 = 5
    >Use my move to jump on L1 the direction i'm facing. rocket to Knight bot 4.

    >Move 3 SE. Overwatch SE. Straight line whatnot.

    rolled 8 = 8
    >Move South 4.
    >Fire Prox mine E/NE into center of Stump Fields.
    >+This will be boosted by [E2]Aberham.

    [E2]Spc. Aberham
    rolled 2, 3 = 5
    >Move south 4
    >Boots Prox mine
    >Overwatch SE. (Botted Action)

    [E1] Squeamish
    >>Move SE 4
    >>overwatch for incoming artillery.

    [S1]Pvt. Shoot
    >Run 4 hexes SE

    >Move 3 SE. Overwatch directly SE.
    >> [St1] Sgt. Ghost !!lFMzOYrsgi4 12/17/10(Fri)23:43 No.13196786
    As the sim started up, Ghost found himself standing at the bottom of large hill. Gone was his usual sniper gear, instead he now wore a hooded robe that obscured all but the lens of his goggles. In place of his rifle, he now wielded a staff with a series of complex integrated machinery. Looking to Lost, he only shrugs.
    >> [Ag]Corp. Shot !H508X.HbJ6 12/17/10(Fri)23:45 No.13196813
    "I wouldn't worry overmuch. It's a sim, and nothing's perfect."

    He clips the end off a cigar, lighting it quietly.
    >> [K3] Lost !Ykpfge10hU 12/17/10(Fri)23:46 No.13196834

    Lost does a double take. "Sarge!? What happened to you?"
    >> [K2] Cpl. Douk !!DSUlew2JAiR 12/17/10(Fri)23:46 No.13196836

    >> [TA]Blank !uj/koSf.Zc 12/17/10(Fri)23:48 No.13196864
         File1292647702.jpg-(20 KB, 578x582, 1283931793662.jpg)
    20 KB

    >> [St1] Sgt. Ghost !!lFMzOYrsgi4 12/17/10(Fri)23:49 No.13196883
    "I've been given some new toys to test out. Maybe he means glitches related to this? It's some high-tech stuff."
    >> [K3] Lost !Ykpfge10hU 12/17/10(Fri)23:50 No.13196900
    >Have we got the P-Chips installed yet?
    >> [Ag]Corp. Shot !H508X.HbJ6 12/17/10(Fri)23:51 No.13196904
    Shot chuckled, glad both that Lost was relatively new, and that 'he' was inside Betsy.

    The fewer jokes made at his expense for the new body, the better.
    >> [St1] Sgt. Ghost !!lFMzOYrsgi4 12/17/10(Fri)23:56 No.13196970
    >I don't know
    >> [Bt] Lt. Ghoul !34mzWemBv2 12/17/10(Fri)23:57 No.13196980
    >due to an odd feeling in his gut, Ghoul for the first time since he joined up with Bravo, puts out his cigarettes, opting to tuck them behind his left ear
    >> [AK]Trauma !1/Y/FThShM 12/18/10(Sat)00:03 No.13197040
    Trauma stands in the virtual world, wearing only her uniform and holding only her beer in her hand. She finishes it off before atomizing it in her right fist. "Well then. What do you wanna focus on, Sarge, LT? Black or red?"

    >captcha is mcgown trader
    >> [A1]Pvt.Dragon !!Be87JOBWQm0 12/18/10(Sat)00:05 No.13197057
    Dragon nochalantly opens his old com channel to his Alpha comrads
    "Ghost, Ghoul, hope none of this gets in the way of a promotion or anything. Oh and ghost, remember who bought you celebration drinks if you point any of your new q*explative* my way.

    Always an alpha, Dragon out"
    >> OrbitalCommand !w68jcmPgR6 12/18/10(Sat)00:06 No.13197070
         File1292648807.png-(1.9 MB, 1800x1200, Triglav3.png)
    1.9 MB
    Hawkes is seeing everything lucidly in slow motion. Not a detail was missed and his eyes felt so buggy that he had to close them.

    Only then did he realize that it it was not sight that was dictating his senses.

    Aberham sensed that something was going on with both Irons and him. Hawkes' eyes were too active... and the density in irons' craft felt like it was thrumming with some unseen force.

    How he knew this without so much as an observation was beyond him however.....
    >> OrbitalCommand !w68jcmPgR6 12/18/10(Sat)00:16 No.13197161
         File1292649366.png-(1.9 MB, 1800x1200, Triglav4.png)
    1.9 MB
    glitches etc.
    >> OrbitalCommand !w68jcmPgR6 12/18/10(Sat)00:16 No.13197166
    Red to move.
    >> [K3] Lost !Ykpfge10hU 12/18/10(Sat)00:18 No.13197186

    "What's the plan, L-T?"
    >> OrbitalCommand !w68jcmPgR6 12/18/10(Sat)00:19 No.13197202

    Lost, it is cold. You're beginning to exhale a fog.
    >> [K2] Cpl. Douk !!DSUlew2JAiR 12/18/10(Sat)00:20 No.13197212
    >Move West 3, climb on the BiTank

    >> [Ag]Corp. Shot !H508X.HbJ6 12/18/10(Sat)00:21 No.13197218
         File1292649674.png-(2.14 MB, 1800x1200, hurp.png)
    2.14 MB

    >> [M1]Warden !WxbNziWAhM 12/18/10(Sat)00:21 No.13197219
    >Move 2 S
    >Climb on bitank

    "Let's bomb this birtual simulation of a place"
    >> [St1] Sgt. Ghost !!lFMzOYrsgi4 12/18/10(Sat)00:21 No.13197226
    >moving NW, boarding Ghoul's bitank
    >overwatch west
    >> [K3] Lost !Ykpfge10hU 12/18/10(Sat)00:24 No.13197248

    “I-I think someone’s messing with atmospherics in VR…” Lost says, her virtual and real teeth chattering. “Or is this a glitch?”

    >Also, should I get into the gyro?
    >> [Ag]Corp. Shot !H508X.HbJ6 12/18/10(Sat)00:24 No.13197255
    "...Did I turn on the heating?" Shot looks at his dashboard, slightly confused. "Or is some perverted fucker messing with the sim? I'll have you know, this uniform is staying on."
    >> [E1] Squeamish !JnF4LLpeu. 12/18/10(Sat)00:25 No.13197263


    Figures that the special power of the guy with everyday gene damage remains vomiting with no provocation...
    >> [Ag]Corp. Shot !H508X.HbJ6 12/18/10(Sat)00:25 No.13197265
    >Also, should I get into the gyro?

    >Be my guest~
    >> [Bt] Lt. Ghoul !34mzWemBv2 12/18/10(Sat)00:25 No.13197266
    Lost board Shot's Ag. and get into the irc for further orders please. mibbit.com Rizon, and #skirmishquest is the channel.
    >>Move 2 Length's straight West
    >> [K3] Lost !Ykpfge10hU 12/18/10(Sat)00:26 No.13197291
    >Ghoul, I'm really not comfortable with that.

    >Move to [Ag]Shot.
    >Get in.

    "Hey, Shot!"
    >> [Ag]Corp. Shot !H508X.HbJ6 12/18/10(Sat)00:28 No.13197315
    "'Ello, Lost. You been gettin' weird atmos, too?"
    >> [K1]Trauma !1/Y/FThShM 12/18/10(Sat)00:32 No.13197358
    trauma moves west and climbs onto the bitank. "Feels like last time, don't it, douk?"
    >> [K2] Cpl. Douk !!DSUlew2JAiR 12/18/10(Sat)00:33 No.13197368

    >Survey the scene with sunglasses on as we pose as a team, because shit just got real.
    >> [K3] Lost !Ykpfge10hU 12/18/10(Sat)00:33 No.13197369

    “Yeah, I’m freezing.” Lost sits down and straps in. She keeps the shield on, but places the spear length-wise on the low ceiling where it sticks in place.

    Turning to Shot, Lost flips up her mask and speaks on the face-to-face channel. She looks apologetic. “I’m sorry I haven’t had a chance to talk to you. I think it would be good for the both of us, having to adjust to new things.”
    >> [St1] Sgt. Ghost !!lFMzOYrsgi4 12/18/10(Sat)00:36 No.13197386
    Gazing up the hill, Ghost sees several droids at the top. There is something odd here. Looking at the droids, he gets and uneasy, empty feeling but does not know why.
    >> [K1]Trauma !1/Y/FThShM 12/18/10(Sat)00:37 No.13197392
    If tank is full, run three west, two southwest, to mount up on APC next turn.
    >> OrbitalCommand !w68jcmPgR6 12/18/10(Sat)00:38 No.13197396
         File1292650686.png-(1.05 MB, 1000x2600, Armorsheet.png)
    1.05 MB
    old version... might be outdated due to changes.
    >> [St1] Sgt. Ghost !!lFMzOYrsgi4 12/18/10(Sat)00:38 No.13197402
    Still looking at the droids, "Maybe it's just because I'm under this, but I don't feel anything."
    >> Anonymous 12/18/10(Sat)00:43 No.13197426
    This looks fun, but intimidating. Too bad I didn't pay attention when these threads first started popin' up. How to I get in...
    >> [Ag]Corp. Shot !H508X.HbJ6 12/18/10(Sat)00:44 No.13197441
    "... Possibly." he replied. "An' I hope you don't take this as condescendin', but every psych's diff'rent. Can't offer much in the way of advice there. But iff'n you need someone to talk to who isn't tryin' to get in yer skinsuit, then, well. You know where the garage is. And yeah, Betsy's been heating up here. Weird as hell, I tell you what."

    He frowned as he started to advance the vehicle, the interior shaking slightly as they went.
    >> [Ag]Corp. Shot !H508X.HbJ6 12/18/10(Sat)00:45 No.13197460
    >>>You can discuss the game and joining in at #skirmishquest at Rizon. Go to mibbit.com if you have no client for IRC.
    >> [Bt] Lt. Ghoul !34mzWemBv2 12/18/10(Sat)00:46 No.13197469
    [K2] Douk >Move West 3, climb on the BiTank

    [St1] Ghost >moving NW, boarding Ghoul's bitank
    >overwatch west

    [K1] Trauma >trauma moves west and climbs onto the bitank. "Feels like last time, don't it, douk?"

    [K3] Lost >Move to [Ag]Shot.
    >Get in.
    "Hey, Shot!"

    [S1] Shoot Being readjusted to move into Ag >Move 1 W
    >Climb into [Ag1]
    "Let's bomb this birtual simulation of a place"

    [Ag1] Shot >>13197218
    >> [K3] Lost !Ykpfge10hU 12/18/10(Sat)00:50 No.13197501

    With a laugh, Lost slapped down the faceplate. "Oh, I didn't expect you to be an expert on psychics. I just mean that it's a shock to be excepting this part of me, to be open about it. It's a change for me."

    Her helmeted face turns to you, giving you a truly unreadable look.
    >> OrbitalCommand !w68jcmPgR6 12/18/10(Sat)00:50 No.13197503

    Shoot was in Black team i believe.
    >> [Bt] Lt. Ghoul !34mzWemBv2 12/18/10(Sat)00:53 No.13197537
    Almost forgot.
    [Bt1] Ghoul >>Move 2 Length's straight West
    >> [Ag]Corp. Shot !H508X.HbJ6 12/18/10(Sat)00:54 No.13197544
    "It's a part of... my wife put it as 'taming it'. If you worry less about things, you don't have episodes as offen." he shifted gears. "That's a univarsal sorta deal. So I figures, hey, wouldn't hurt to help you out, talk about it. And the others? A team is like a family, especially in the milit'ry. Get used to it. These buggers are murderous, insane, and full of nicotine and alcohol, but they love the shit outta you. Yer fam'ly. And fam'lies don' abandon one of ther own, not when she's havin' all sortsa weird new shit to deal wit'."
    >> OrbitalCommand !w68jcmPgR6 12/18/10(Sat)01:00 No.13197607
         File1292652024.png-(1.9 MB, 1800x1200, Triglav6.png)
    1.9 MB
    Green to move.
    >> [K3] Lost !Ykpfge10hU 12/18/10(Sat)01:02 No.13197630

    The helmeted face looks down, and Lost shuffles her feet.

    "Yeah, I understand that now. It wasn't running that let you guys down, it was not telling you. I'm going to train with Trauma, she's willing to take the risk, and she'll push me to my limits, if how she's acted before is any indicator."

    "But I always need more friends, and you seem to give some wise advice, for a pretty young lady." Lost giggles a little bit, to show it's in jest.

    "Would you be more of a father figure, or an older sister?" she ponders aloud.
    >> OrbitalCommand !w68jcmPgR6 12/18/10(Sat)01:02 No.13197631

    Shot's AG couldnt climb up the steep rocks so he opted for the slope.
    >> OrbitalCommand !w68jcmPgR6 12/18/10(Sat)01:03 No.13197639

    The rocks ripple with heat.
    >> [Ag]Corp. Shot !H508X.HbJ6 12/18/10(Sat)01:03 No.13197643
    ((That's a mighty slow rocket.))
    >> [Ag]Corp. Shot !H508X.HbJ6 12/18/10(Sat)01:06 No.13197668
    "Father figure." he says without pause. He wiped his brow. "Fuckin' glitches." he muttered. "Suit stays on, you can fuckin' stop it anytime." he grumbled.
    >> [A1]Pvt.Dragon !!Be87JOBWQm0 12/18/10(Sat)01:06 No.13197672
    (6sqr a round. It already moved so now frozen it will stay untill green's turn ends

    also I drew your class card! don't nay say my missiles!)
    >> OrbitalCommand !w68jcmPgR6 12/18/10(Sat)01:28 No.13197926
         File1292653730.png-(1.93 MB, 1800x1200, Triglav7.png)
    1.93 MB
    Black to move.

    The newly issued rockets accelerates to 12hexs a turn. ANd has been deflected by overwatch.
    >> [mgR]Lt. Hawkes !ngK3R2pIcU 12/18/10(Sat)01:33 No.13197975
    "Goddamn this hangover is killing me."
    >Move 2 NE, 1E. Overwatch E.
    >> [A1]Pvt.Dragon !!Be87JOBWQm0 12/18/10(Sat)01:38 No.13198038
    rolled 8 = 8

    East East South East. Overwatch to the east, fire only if the target will instantly be hit by the rocket. It is a ground shot.
    >> [TA]Blank !uj/koSf.Zc 12/18/10(Sat)01:39 No.13198048
    "Orbital...um...not-Orbital. Whoever you are,"
    Blank rubbed his chin as his monitor displayed the change in the battlefield. This wasn't at all what he was used to in this line of work. Usually, if there were droids under his command and hostilities to be commenced, he was firing on giant insects or terrorist.

    His own guys, though?
    "Why exactly are we playing the bad guy," He half asks. "I understand this is a simulation and all, but why was AI ruled out, sir?"

    Or was this a test for something else in particular?
    >> [M2]Colton !aazgJpznxQ 12/18/10(Sat)01:42 No.13198094

    >Move SE, SE, E, E to be in cover of fallen tree.
    >Fire prox grenade EAST.
    >+To be boosted by [E2]Aberham.
    >> [E1] Squeamish !JnF4LLpeu. 12/18/10(Sat)01:43 No.13198106
    >>Ex3, face SE

    >>Still watching for incoming

    Wait, does this mean that both sides are coming for us first?


    Oh, shit.
    >> [M2]Colton !aazgJpznxQ 12/18/10(Sat)01:44 No.13198122
    rolled 4 = 4

    >> [S1]Pvt. Shoot 12/18/10(Sat)01:48 No.13198181
    >Run SE 1, E 3
    >> [E1] Squeamish !JnF4LLpeu. 12/18/10(Sat)01:48 No.13198182
         File1292654939.jpg-(35 KB, 446x507, Squeamish is sad.jpg)
    35 KB
    rolled 3 = 3

    If... if I post shitty drawfaggotry, will you point the high explosives at the other guys?
    >> [P1] Sgt. Irons !kR3H6bckvs 12/18/10(Sat)01:50 No.13198199
    rolled 10, 6, 1, 2, 7, 6 = 32

    >NOTE: Fire two missiles per action due to upgrade
    >NOTE: One reload of missiles available due to upgrade
    >Move 4 hexes NORTHEAST
    >Fire off six missiles against Green's units, targeting in order: K4, K5, S2, Ss1, CH1, CH1.
    >> [R1] Weird !!guD1KNNr2Nl 12/18/10(Sat)01:51 No.13198215
    ". . ."
    The lonely rifleman follows his teammates. The VR is good. He steps ahead, then ducking under a large exposed root.

    > S 2, prone, SW 1
    > Heading SE
    > If I am considered to have action remaining, Overwatch burst
    >> [E2]Spc. Aberham !vGu/RZnu3o 12/18/10(Sat)01:51 No.13198226
    rolled 7, 6 = 13


    >Move SE, E, E
    >Boot Colton's attack
    >Over-watch push on SE
    >> OrbitalCommand !w68jcmPgR6 12/18/10(Sat)01:55 No.13198267

    " Should the intention matter, Cadet ? " Amino tilts up his head as if to talk to the sunlight. " Bravo dances at the edge of contentions, and I hear you got Evergrad in the mix to make things more complicated. I figure a survival scenario like this one will be perfect for you. Observe. They are beginning to realize it now"
    >> [mgR]Lt. Hawkes !ngK3R2pIcU 12/18/10(Sat)01:57 No.13198288
    The bottom reads like shit.
    It's formated - Unit: Roll. All missiles.

    Scratch that. Everything reads like shit.
    >I feel like shit.
    >Sgt. Irons. Please compile the text. Thank you.
    >> [mgR]Lt. Hawkes !ngK3R2pIcU 12/18/10(Sat)01:59 No.13198309
         File1292655567.png-(2.06 MB, 1800x1200, SCRIBLLES.png)
    2.06 MB
    >Fuckin tits.
    >> [P1] Sgt. Irons !kR3H6bckvs 12/18/10(Sat)01:59 No.13198312
    >Will do, just a couple minutes; sorry for the delay, all
    >> [R1] Weird !!guD1KNNr2Nl 12/18/10(Sat)01:59 No.13198313
    > Just to share something from IRC:
    > Me: So... (Spc. Aberham) is pushing Colton's ball?
    > Colton: . . .
    > Colton: KILL YOU
    > Me: +LOL+
    > Dragon: Colton's spikey proxie ball
    > Me: Sticky
    > Me: Not spiky, sticky
    >> [P1] Sgt. Irons !kR3H6bckvs 12/18/10(Sat)02:06 No.13198400
    >Hopefully I didn't miss anything

    [mgR]Lt. Hawkes
    >Move 2 NE, 1E. Overwatch E.

    >East East South East. Overwatch to the east, fire only if the target will instantly be hit by the rocket. It is a ground shot.
    >rolled 8

    >Move SE, SE, E, E to be in cover of fallen tree.
    >Fire prox grenade EAST.
    >+To be boosted by [E2]Aberham.
    >rolled 4

    [E1] Squeamish
    >Ex3, face SE
    >Still watching for incoming

    [S1]Pvt. Shoot
    >Run SE 1, E 3

    [P1] Sgt. Irons
    >NOTE: Fire two missiles per action due to upgrade
    >NOTE: One reload of missiles available due to upgrade
    >Move 4 hexes NORTHEAST
    >Fire off six missiles against Green's units, targeting in order: K4, K5, S2, Ss1, CH1, CH1.
    >rolled K4=10, K5=6, S2=1, Ss1=2, CH1=7,6

    [R1] Weird
    > S 2, prone, SW 1
    > Heading SE
    > If I am considered to have action remaining, Overwatch burst

    [E2]Spc. Aberham
    >Move SE, E, E
    >Boot Colton's attack
    >Over-watch push on SE
    >rolled 7,6
    >> Anonymous 12/18/10(Sat)02:11 No.13198455
    what is this?
    >> OrbitalCommand !w68jcmPgR6 12/18/10(Sat)02:14 No.13198506
         File1292656496.png-(1.93 MB, 1800x1200, Triglav8.png)
    1.93 MB
    Red to Move.
    >> [R1] Weird !!guD1KNNr2Nl 12/18/10(Sat)02:15 No.13198514
    > Short answer, wargaming with each player as a pawn.
    > Long answer, go to suptg and search for Skirmish QUest's archive
    >> [K2] Cpl. Douk !!DSUlew2JAiR 12/18/10(Sat)02:16 No.13198522
    Multiplayer quest with several different unit types.

    #skirmishquest on rizon for more info
    >> [K2] Cpl. Douk !!DSUlew2JAiR 12/18/10(Sat)02:19 No.13198563
    >Move West off of the BiTank, and move West again,
    >Climb inside the [Ag]
    >> [K3] Lost !Ykpfge10hU 12/18/10(Sat)02:26 No.13198630

    Lost now knew why people rarely rode in the armored gyro. It was terrifying. Her inner ear was arguing with her virtual inner ear, which was arguing with the lurching vision coming from the forward screens. While the inner part of the gyro lurched back and forth like the pre-war ships that sailed the seas, she could feel the constant rumbling as the entire outside moved independently from this compartment, rolling across the uneven terrain with giant spikes for traction.

    It was terrifying. It was thrilling. She could see why Shot drove it. It was unlike any vehicle she had been in before. It was neither bitank, nor ground effect, nor wheeled. It was a Gyro, and she knew that Shot drove it well. Otherwise, they’d all be dead.

    Lost laughed nervously.
    >> [K3] Lost !Ykpfge10hU 12/18/10(Sat)02:27 No.13198639
    >So, I assume I can't really do anything to help inside the AG, right?
    >> [Ag]Corp. Shot !H508X.HbJ6 12/18/10(Sat)02:34 No.13198705
    >Not really. Don't worry overmuch, we'll have you out and doing things soon. Just sit tight.

    Shot laughed.
    "Don't you worry, Lost. You'll get used to it. Eventually."

    >Ghoul will be posting my action in his summary of actions. :V
    >> [K1]Trauma !1/Y/FThShM 12/18/10(Sat)02:36 No.13198725
    Trauma gets off the tank and into betsy.
    >> [St1] Sgt. Ghost !!lFMzOYrsgi4 12/18/10(Sat)02:36 No.13198726
    rolled 7 = 7

    >waiting for Ghoul to move
    >after he moves, getting off the bitank and heading to the L3 ground that should be immediately south of me (assuming getting up to the L3 requires a climb action)
    >scanning/shooting/whatever the closest enemy
    >> [K3] Lost !Ykpfge10hU 12/18/10(Sat)02:39 No.13198753
    >Yay! It's a boarding party! Go knights, go! And also Warden.
    >> [K2] Cpl. Douk !!DSUlew2JAiR 12/18/10(Sat)02:40 No.13198765

    >> [K3] Lost !Ykpfge10hU 12/18/10(Sat)02:41 No.13198787

    "What are you talking about, I'm freezing! ...err, sir."
    >> [Bt] Lt. Ghoul !34mzWemBv2 12/18/10(Sat)02:43 No.13198803
         File1292658219.png-(1.93 MB, 1800x1200, TheCurrentPlan.png)
    1.93 MB
    All compiled into this here map.
    Color coded as well.
    Ag1 and Bt1 are 'running'
    >> [Ag]Corp. Shot !H508X.HbJ6 12/18/10(Sat)02:43 No.13198806
    "Seems we're having varying atmospheric hallucinations." shot said simply. "By the way, this shit's gonna get right fuckin' bumpy, so strap in unless you want to land all over people and start gettin' the Major twitchy about detonatin' organs with the implimacations."
    >> [K1]Trauma !1/Y/FThShM 12/18/10(Sat)02:44 No.13198811
    Trauma yawns, "Just get us in range. i need to punch something. Preferably dragon."
    >> [K2] Cpl. Douk !!DSUlew2JAiR 12/18/10(Sat)02:46 No.13198824
    >> [K3] Lost !Ykpfge10hU 12/18/10(Sat)02:50 No.13198862
    >I'm sorry.

    "You got it, Douk! Sir!"
    >> [Gr.CO] Maj. Walker !IMYfe1j54Y 12/18/10(Sat)02:52 No.13198878

    >> OrbitalCommand !w68jcmPgR6 12/18/10(Sat)02:55 No.13198903
         File1292658902.png-(1.94 MB, 1800x1200, Triglav9.png)
    1.94 MB
    Green to move.
    >> [R1] Weird !!guD1KNNr2Nl 12/18/10(Sat)03:01 No.13198964
    He hears the errant missile impacting somewhere to the east, but the clone soldier remains impassive.

    "-doesn't sound like it hit anything. Vital, I meant."
    >> OrbitalCommand !w68jcmPgR6 12/18/10(Sat)03:07 No.13199016
         File1292659675.png-(1.96 MB, 1800x1200, Triglav10.png)
    1.96 MB
    Black to move.
    >> [M2]Colton !aazgJpznxQ 12/18/10(Sat)03:16 No.13199092
    rolled 3, 4, 5, 10 = 22

    >Go Prone.
    >Fire Prox grenade SE, aiming for Green [K4], Droid [K4], and [E3] cluster.
    >+To be boosted by [E2]Aberham.
    >> [A1]Pvt.Dragon !!Be87JOBWQm0 12/18/10(Sat)03:21 No.13199140

    "IT'S Z*explative*ING ON!"
    >> [E2]Spc. Aberham !vGu/RZnu3o 12/18/10(Sat)03:23 No.13199150
    rolled 9, 3 = 12


    Aberham again lined up his shot in conjunctions with Colton's, Normally he found the helmeted man crass and off-putting, but there as quite today. He figured the conversion they had the day before may have had something to do with it.

    >Take a knee
    >Boost Colton's shots
    >Over-watch push south
    >> [R1] Weird !!guD1KNNr2Nl 12/18/10(Sat)03:26 No.13199188
    rolled 10, 7, 10 = 27

    Despite having a tree partially in his line of sight, the rifleman still attempts to fire at the two walker armors. He pulls the trigger, and remains pressing it as a hail of 'bullets' is let loose from the muzzle of his pulse rifle.

    "-feels real enough..." He comments to no one in particular.

    > Burst against 4, from prone, to either of the Striders that has less shoot penalties attached.
    >> [R1] Weird !!guD1KNNr2Nl 12/18/10(Sat)03:30 No.13199224
    The soldier clicks his tongue as his shots fly wide. He rolls back from under the root, preparing himself to move away.

    > Crawl prone W 1
    >> OrbitalCommand !w68jcmPgR6 12/18/10(Sat)03:30 No.13199225
    In the interest of speed. Compiling actions is not necessary but appreciated. I will stream through orders as they come this round since i can't think of anything to draw yet.
    >> [E1] Squeamish !JnF4LLpeu. 12/18/10(Sat)03:30 No.13199226
    rolled 8 = 8


    Is... is he charging the enemy? Sargent, is he doing what I think he's doing?

    >>Move just far enough South to cover Kamikaze charge.

    >>Overwatch South to cover him as best I can.
    >> [P1] Sgt. Irons !kR3H6bckvs 12/18/10(Sat)03:32 No.13199232
    rolled 1, 9, 7, 5, 9, 1, 1, 10, 8, 2, 3, 4 = 60

    >NOTE: Gatlings deal 2.5 damage per hit due to upgrades
    >Move 6 SOUTH, 2 SOUTHEAST
    >Unload with gatlings, targeting in order of priority: Striders, 5-knights, 4-knights, medic, sniper.
    >> [M2]Colton !aazgJpznxQ 12/18/10(Sat)03:37 No.13199262

    Colton was enjoying himself. Not because he found the VR training sim particularly interesting, not even with third mystery team bullshit. And while he appreciated Aberham’s help with the nades, even if he was doing a poor job of it, he was paying it half a mind. Hell, he was paying everything half a mind. Since they went into the VR, he’d jumped onto the mainframe and downloaded a couple of applications.

    Colton was playing Tetris.
    >> [Gr.CO] Maj. Walker !IMYfe1j54Y 12/18/10(Sat)03:38 No.13199275

    "Colton, I would detonate your legs if not for two reasons: One, this is virtual, and two, I want to know where you got that copy of tetris."
    >> OrbitalCommand !w68jcmPgR6 12/18/10(Sat)03:41 No.13199296
    who is controlling shooot and hawkes ?
    >> [S1]Pvt. Shoot 12/18/10(Sat)03:41 No.13199298
    >Run 3 SE
    >> [P1] Sgt. Irons !kR3H6bckvs 12/18/10(Sat)03:43 No.13199312
         File1292661822.png-(2.15 MB, 1800x1200, s13b3.png)
    2.15 MB
    >Sorry for the mess

    >Go Prone.
    >Fire Prox grenade SE, aiming for Green [K4], Droid [K4], and [E3] cluster.
    >+To be boosted by [E2]Aberham.
    >rolled 3,4,5,10


    [E2]Spc. Aberham
    >Take a knee
    >Boost Colton's shots
    >Over-watch push south
    >rolled 9,3

    [R1] Weird
    > Burst against 4, from prone, to either of the Striders that has less shoot penalties attached.
    >rolled 10,7,10
    > Crawl prone W 1

    [E1] Squeamish
    >>Move just far enough South to cover Kamikaze charge.
    >>Overwatch South to cover him as best I can.

    [P1] Sgt. Irons
    >NOTE: Gatlings deal 2.5 damage per hit due to upgrades
    >Move 6 SOUTH, 2 SOUTHEAST
    >Unload with gatlings, targeting in order of priority: Striders, 5-knights, 4-knights, medic, sniper.
    rolled 1, 9, 7, 5, 9, 1, 1, 10, 8, 2, 3, 4 (6 hits total)

    [S1]Pvt. Shoot
    >Run 3 SE

    >> [A1]Pvt.Dragon !!Be87JOBWQm0 12/18/10(Sat)03:43 No.13199313
    Sipping digital tea
    >> [R1] Weird !!guD1KNNr2Nl 12/18/10(Sat)03:45 No.13199321
    ". . ."
    "-care to share that piece of coding with me, Corporal? Have you got any jasmine green tea?"
    >> OrbitalCommand !w68jcmPgR6 12/18/10(Sat)03:46 No.13199329
         File1292661962.png-(1.94 MB, 1800x1200, Triglav11.png)
    1.94 MB
    Red to Move.
    >> [M2]Colton !aazgJpznxQ 12/18/10(Sat)03:49 No.13199348


    Colton disconnected from the VR with a start, freezing his character in place. Hell, he almost fell out of the couch when he saw Walker looming above him.

    "Z*censored*ing scared the x*censored* out of me, sir!" Colton said, making himself comfortable. "It's just a j*censored*ing simulation. Anyway, it's on the mainframe, in the manifest logs, in the 'misc' folder, under b0r1n6.file."

    "I guess I should p*censored*ing get back in there, sir." Colton added in a whisper: "Can I keep playing Tetris?"
    >> [St1] Sgt. Ghost !!lFMzOYrsgi4 12/18/10(Sat)03:51 No.13199359
    rolled 4, 9 = 13

    >Scanning Hawkes
    >scanning Dragon

    Pointing staff-rifle-thing, Ghost slowly took aim.
    "Alright, let's test this out against people."
    >> [Ag]Corp. Shot !H508X.HbJ6 12/18/10(Sat)03:52 No.13199363
    rolled 10 = 10

    >CHARGE the enemy Chimera.
    >> [Gr.CO] Maj. Walker !IMYfe1j54Y 12/18/10(Sat)03:53 No.13199373
    "Yes, you should get back, shouldn't you?"

    Walker looked around. Fierstrom and Sgt. Amino were looking away. Good.

    "Yes, you can keep playing Tetris. Tell me if you get any more of that old-school stuff. Like that bubble one."
    >> [Ag]Corp. Shot !H508X.HbJ6 12/18/10(Sat)03:53 No.13199374
    >> OrbitalCommand !w68jcmPgR6 12/18/10(Sat)03:54 No.13199383

    Hawkes falls over limp.
    >> [St1] Sgt. Ghost !!lFMzOYrsgi4 12/18/10(Sat)03:55 No.13199387
    >Get out of the Ag and RUN. Clear the area
    >> [K2] Cpl. Douk !!DSUlew2JAiR 12/18/10(Sat)03:57 No.13199399
    >Wait for the Ag unit to complete its move, then exit the vehicle.
    >Face North-West, Activate Shield.
    >> [K2] Cpl. Douk !!DSUlew2JAiR 12/18/10(Sat)03:57 No.13199406
    >Exit the vehicle to its SOUTH side.
    >> [Gr.CO] Maj. Walker !IMYfe1j54Y 12/18/10(Sat)03:59 No.13199414

    "Run Red team, run before you get 'sploded! Hahaha!"

    Walker disengages from the view screen to speak to the new officer.

    "Well, good job, getting first blood, Sergeant Amino. I take it that Fierstrom sent you to play instead?"
    >> [K3] Lost !Ykpfge10hU 12/18/10(Sat)04:00 No.13199418
    >I thought Shot had to use an action to let us out?
    >> OrbitalCommand !w68jcmPgR6 12/18/10(Sat)04:00 No.13199424

    Shot's Gyro ignites in flames. turning into rolling a sun.
    He misses the chimera widely however as he is sent airborn by the slope.
    >> OrbitalCommand !w68jcmPgR6 12/18/10(Sat)04:02 No.13199432
         File1292662927.png-(918 KB, 1206x687, Triglav12a.png)
    918 KB
    the landing point looks something like this.
    >> [K2] Cpl. Douk !!DSUlew2JAiR 12/18/10(Sat)04:02 No.13199442
    rolled 7, 8 = 15

    >> [P1] Sgt. Irons !kR3H6bckvs 12/18/10(Sat)04:04 No.13199454
    Guys, my impression from >>13197218 was that Shot had to use one of his actions to get someone else out of his transport. Is this incorrect? Do the passengers always pay all the actions to get on/off transports?
    >> [K3] Lost !Ykpfge10hU 12/18/10(Sat)04:07 No.13199475

    "Uh, Shot? Why are we on fire?" Lost managed to say before they crashed.
    >> [Bt] Lt. Ghoul !34mzWemBv2 12/18/10(Sat)04:07 No.13199480
    rolled 2, 3, 7, 3, 9, 4 = 28

    >Moves southeast as will be indicated by compile map and fire 2 damage fire causing vulcans at GK4 and GE3 group
    >> [Gr.CO] Maj. Walker !IMYfe1j54Y 12/18/10(Sat)04:08 No.13199483

    I do believe it costs the passengers actions to get out, not the driver.
    >> [Ag]Corp. Shot !H508X.HbJ6 12/18/10(Sat)04:08 No.13199485
    >getting in is their action
    >pushing them out is mine, unless they spend an action themselves.
    >I had an extra action
    >so for better action economy, I ejected them
    >> OrbitalCommand !w68jcmPgR6 12/18/10(Sat)04:09 No.13199492
    >> [K1]Trauma !1/Y/FThShM 12/18/10(Sat)04:10 No.13199496
    rolled 8, 10 = 18

    Trauma bails at the last second alongside Douk going in for a massive punch into the chimera
    >reflex and heroattack chimera.
    >activate shield if any actions left
    >> [K1]Trauma !1/Y/FThShM 12/18/10(Sat)04:13 No.13199523
    oh god why.
    also, shield towards nw
    >> [P1] Sgt. Irons !kR3H6bckvs 12/18/10(Sat)04:13 No.13199524
    >You had an action? After a 15-hex charge? My impression was that you'd need a run for that.
    >Eh, whatever, I guess... don't mean to be a killjoy.
    >> [RnR1]Sgt. Wolf !PK/J0EU.YY 12/18/10(Sat)04:16 No.13199544
    Hey, guys. Seems my need for sleep made me miss out, again. I can't jump in, can I?
    >> [Gr.CO] Maj. Walker !IMYfe1j54Y 12/18/10(Sat)04:18 No.13199552

    You can TA for your squad, if you would like. Maybe they'll deploy you.
    >> [K3] Lost !Ykpfge10hU 12/18/10(Sat)04:18 No.13199559

    Lost crawled out of the exit hatch, which was now facing upwards after the crash. Leaping down she took a defensive stance in front of the AG. She may have only known Shot for a few days, but he (she?) was her friend, and Lost would protect him. Even in a simulation.

    >Move to hex NORTH of the AG.
    >Stab sniper EAST of me.
    >+If miss, stab sniper EAST of me.
    >+If hit, deploy shield NORTH.
    >Face NORTH.

    “Okay Amino, you’re gonna have to go through me!”
    >> OrbitalCommand !w68jcmPgR6 12/18/10(Sat)04:18 No.13199562

    " Yep. Got a fun tip from her to check this out." Amino shakes his hand " And I am not disappointed- over 4 potentials are in that engagement. Have you told them ? "
    >> [K3] Lost !Ykpfge10hU 12/18/10(Sat)04:20 No.13199573
    rolled 6, 8 = 14


    >Oh! The rolls. Right. Sorry!
    >> [TA]Sgt. Wolf !PK/J0EU.YY 12/18/10(Sat)04:21 No.13199581
    I'll TA for black then. Have to keep loyal to my Lt.
    >> [Ag]Corp. Shot !H508X.HbJ6 12/18/10(Sat)04:21 No.13199586
    "Okay this is really fucking weird but I'm not taking any structural from this fire."
    Shot muttered to himself as he looked over the panels on his Gyro.
    "...Nor is it overheating critical systems..."

    Shot grinned.

    "Well then. Well. Well. Well..."

    The Gryo spun in place, turning to the Black Team.

    "This's gonna be fun as hell."
    >> OrbitalCommand !w68jcmPgR6 12/18/10(Sat)04:22 No.13199598

    The sniper collapses on the point it was stabbed and shatters on the ground. Lost's fingers shivering at contact.
    >> [Gr.CO] Maj. Walker !IMYfe1j54Y 12/18/10(Sat)04:23 No.13199605

    "Potentials? Oh, right, psionics. Well, judging from the sim, I think they're learning it first hand. Guess I'll just tell them that those little 'hiccups' aren't glitches, but in fact their... schema thing going active. Whatever it is. I'll tell them regardless. I'm going to be honest with my men. I owe them that much."
    >> [K3] Lost !Ykpfge10hU 12/18/10(Sat)04:23 No.13199607

    >Sorry for all the extra posts, I just wanted to make sure the Orbital Command remembered that I have a spear and can attack at range, so he doesn't get confused with my movement and attack.
    >> [K3] Lost !Ykpfge10hU 12/18/10(Sat)04:24 No.13199617

    "Uh!? Are they supposed to die like that in the simulations?"
    >> [St1] Sgt. Ghost !!lFMzOYrsgi4 12/18/10(Sat)04:31 No.13199673
    "You know, I'm not sure Lost. As far as simulations go, this is my first."
    >> [Bt] Lt. Ghoul !34mzWemBv2 12/18/10(Sat)04:35 No.13199700
    rolled 8 = 8

    [M1] Warden exits E of the Ag, firing an impact round at the GE3 Medic due north of his postion

    [Bt1] Ghoul rolled 2, 3, 7, 3, 9, 4 = 28
    >Moves southeast as will be indicated by compile map and fire 2 damage fire causing vulcans at GK4 and GE3 group

    [Ag1] Shot>>13198705

    [K3] Lost
    >Move to hex NORTH of the AG.
    >Stab sniper EAST of me.
    >+If miss, stab sniper EAST of me.
    >+If hit, deploy shield NORTH.
    >Face NORTH.

    [St1] Ghost rolled 4, 9 = 13
    >Scanning Hawkes
    >scanning Dragon

    [K2] Douk rolled 7, 8 = 15

    [K1] Trauma rolled 8, 10 = 18
    >reflex and heroattack chimera.
    >activate shield NW if any actions left
    >> [Bt] Lt. Ghoul !34mzWemBv2 12/18/10(Sat)04:37 No.13199718
         File1292665076.png-(1.93 MB, 1800x1200, TheCurrentPlan2.png)
    1.93 MB
    Forgot Map. Mainly just to show Armor movement
    >> OrbitalCommand !w68jcmPgR6 12/18/10(Sat)04:47 No.13199773
         File1292665620.png-(1.97 MB, 1800x1200, Triglav14.png)
    1.97 MB
    E3 explodes in festoons of death. Blood everywhere.

    Knights are wiped out by underwhelming fire... Ghoul's throbbing need to smoke is setting off like a flare.
    >> [E2]Spc. Aberham !vGu/RZnu3o 12/18/10(Sat)04:51 No.13199799
    Aberham's attempt to mask is awe at the destruction is transparent,

    He looks at Colton to get a read on his reaction, then realizes how stupid that would be.
    >> OrbitalCommand !w68jcmPgR6 12/18/10(Sat)04:52 No.13199813
         File1292665966.png-(1.96 MB, 1800x1200, Triglav15.png)
    1.96 MB
    Green moves.

    Green detonates the chimera.

    Douk and Trauma is rent by fire. Warden is sent off unharmed.

    Black to move.
    >> OrbitalCommand !w68jcmPgR6 12/18/10(Sat)04:55 No.13199832
    Aberham, you observed physical anomalies in both Lost's pear and shot's gyro. It boggles you if these things were intentional. ANd yet some part of it had to be.

    You notice something else. A hidden potential welling up from Ghouls' tank.
    >> [Gr.CO] Maj. Walker !IMYfe1j54Y 12/18/10(Sat)04:58 No.13199859

    "Well, there goes Green. But hey, mission accomplished. Ain't that right, Sergeant Amino?"

    "Hey Knights, wakey-wakey! You died, so now you get to sit here and watch with the rest of us. Unless you figure your team will drop you back in."
    >> [P1] Sgt. Irons !kR3H6bckvs 12/18/10(Sat)05:00 No.13199874
    rolled 6, 4, 10, 3, 10, 1, 4, 3, 5, 10, 5, 10 = 71

    >NOTE: Gatlings deal 2.5 damage per hit due to upgrades
    >Move 6 hexes SOUTH and 2 hexes EAST
    >Fire gatlings on all enemies in range, in order of priority: Shot, Warden, Lost.
    >> [A1]Pvt.Dragon !!Be87JOBWQm0 12/18/10(Sat)05:05 No.13199907
    rolled 4 = 4

    SE, E, E

    Dragon aims his launcher at ghouls Bitank. He clicks the com to alpha's channel on once again "Hope this doesn't hurt my chance at a promotion Sir" He fires his round "Ghost. I told you not to shoot that x*explative* at me, you're next bud."
    >> [E2]Spc. Aberham !vGu/RZnu3o 12/18/10(Sat)05:10 No.13199951
    rolled 7, 4 = 11


    He snaps out of his trance long enough to see Colton motioning him to a different end,

    "like the train then...ok" and readies the grav gun

    >Push Colton due east, both actions if necessary
    >Move SW 3 if the above works
    >> [E2]Spc. Aberham !vGu/RZnu3o 12/18/10(Sat)05:12 No.13199968

    >Aberham, you observed physical anomalies

    Is this something I was told to report?, what is the nature of these anomalies?
    >> [K2] Cpl. Douk !!DSUlew2JAiR 12/18/10(Sat)05:12 No.13199974
    rolled 3 = 3

    >rolling a fort save to survive that explosion with 1hp.
    >> [R1] Weird !!guD1KNNr2Nl 12/18/10(Sat)05:13 No.13199977
         File1292667194.png-(2.16 MB, 1800x1200, 1292665966040.png)
    2.16 MB
    > For Shoot.
    >> [S1]Pvt. Shoot 12/18/10(Sat)05:15 No.13200009
    rolled 8 = 8

    >Shoot at Ghost
    >> [R1] Weird !!guD1KNNr2Nl 12/18/10(Sat)05:16 No.13200010
    The clone soldier looks up, hearing explosions all over.

    "-guess it's time to climb the hill."

    > Stand up as action
    > Move SW 3
    > Face E
    >> OrbitalCommand !w68jcmPgR6 12/18/10(Sat)05:19 No.13200042

    Colton . You got launched onto a tree.

    You also fall on the proximity mine below.

    You also survived it.

    You remain in your original position.

    But you died from the tree's impact.
    >> [A1]Pvt.Dragon !!Be87JOBWQm0 12/18/10(Sat)05:20 No.13200057
    Oh wow
    at the end I add "this is for colton"
    >> OrbitalCommand !w68jcmPgR6 12/18/10(Sat)05:21 No.13200061

    Aberham gets a kill
    >> [Gr.CO] Maj. Walker !IMYfe1j54Y 12/18/10(Sat)05:22 No.13200076

    "Uhh, a burning Gyro isn't something that you should take note of in your book? Just sayin'. Weird shit is going on. Like Hawke's synch rates were all over the place. It was more like he was programming the sim, or the sim was bending over for him. I don't know much from my end, but some of you boys are exhibiting some... abnormal characteristics."
    >> [Ag]Corp. Shot !H508X.HbJ6 12/18/10(Sat)05:23 No.13200084

    >Aberham gets a kill


    >Simulation kills, wont count unfortunately.

    >> OrbitalCommand !w68jcmPgR6 12/18/10(Sat)05:23 No.13200086

    that was a joke.

    he also killed his own teammate.

    Rip Colt
    >> [E2]Spc. Aberham !vGu/RZnu3o 12/18/10(Sat)05:24 No.13200092
         File1292667871.jpg-(17 KB, 512x384, facepalm4.jpg)
    17 KB

    Mother of god, that won't look good on the combat report
    >> [M2]Colton !aazgJpznxQ 12/18/10(Sat)05:25 No.13200103

    Colton know's it virtual reality. Still...

    "OOOHHHHHH P*censored*!!!!!!"

    He realizes, too late, that he's heading for the tree.


    And then he feels something hard underneath him as he lands.


    Shaking his head he moves around, what happened?


    Colton rips off the VR gear and pulls himself out of his VR couch.

    "THAT'S W*censored*ING Q*censored*ING BULLSHIT! A a*censored*ING B-SPHERE IS NOT SOME Z*censored*ED PRE-WAR H*censored*ING TRIP MINE! THERE IS NO D*censored*ED WAY THAT WOULD K*censored*ING GO OFF!"

    >> [P1] Sgt. Irons !kR3H6bckvs 12/18/10(Sat)05:26 No.13200115
         File1292668010.png-(2.15 MB, 1800x1200, s13b4.png)
    2.15 MB

    [P1] Sgt. Irons
    >NOTE: Gatlings deal 2.5 damage per hit due to upgrades
    >Move 6 hexes SOUTH and 2 hexes EAST
    >Fire gatlings on all enemies in range, in order of priority: Shot, Warden, Lost.
    >rolled 6, 4, 10, 3, 10, 1, 4, 3, 5, 10, 5, 10 (5 hits total)

    >SE, E, E
    >Dragon aims his launcher at ghouls Bitank.
    >rolled 4

    [E2]Spc. Aberham
    >Push Colton due east, both actions if necessary
    >Move SW 3 if the above works
    >rolled 7,4

    [S1]Pvt. Shoot
    >Shoot at Ghost
    >rolled 8

    [R1] Weird
    > Stand up as action
    > Move SW 3
    > Face E


    >HAWKES is dead

    >COLTON is dead
    >> [E2]Spc. Aberham !vGu/RZnu3o 12/18/10(Sat)05:31 No.13200156

    Regret tends to slow things down,

    Each moment passes with agonizing stillness.

    From where he had been kneeling he had not seen the tree, nor the mine; and had relied on Colton's instruction to guide the impulse.

    Now standing he could see Colton's sleek form sailing, gracefully even, to guaranteed heartbreak. Aberham cringes, and looks on, impotent.
    >> OrbitalCommand !w68jcmPgR6 12/18/10(Sat)05:31 No.13200158
         File1292668287.png-(1.96 MB, 1800x1200, Triglav16.png)
    1.96 MB
    Red to move.
    Ghoul and Ghost remains.

    Ghoul and Ghost Remains.
    >> OrbitalCommand !w68jcmPgR6 12/18/10(Sat)05:33 No.13200179

    Ghoul, your left vuclan is disabled. You are breathing fumes.
    >> [St1] Sgt. Ghost !!lFMzOYrsgi4 12/18/10(Sat)05:35 No.13200196
    rolled 8 = 8

    >clearing cache
    >inserting Trauma into Hawkes

    "I hope this works."
    >> [Gr.CO] Maj. Walker !IMYfe1j54Y 12/18/10(Sat)05:35 No.13200201
    "So, who do you think will win?"

    Walker turned to see McMillan standing there, watching the screens. When did he get here?

    "Hmmm... Hati, probably, unless the Iron Vipers can pull a fast one."

    "So, you bet on Hati?"

    "No, don't you know? Commanding Officers can't put bets on their own men when pitting them against each other like this. Especially not after blowing up half of a team."
    >> [A1]Pvt.Dragon !!Be87JOBWQm0 12/18/10(Sat)05:37 No.13200217
         File1292668630.png-(42 KB, 443x386, OH GOD WHY12.png)
    42 KB
    >> OrbitalCommand !w68jcmPgR6 12/18/10(Sat)05:38 No.13200230

    Trauma is now mgR1
    >> [K3] Lost !Ykpfge10hU 12/18/10(Sat)05:42 No.13200261

    Lost gets up from the VR couch, her heart still racing. She had watched as the gunship had descended to eye-level and filled the air with fire. The sound, the fury, as she watches everything around her burst into dirt, dust, and death. Her armor and shield did nothing as she was riddled full of holes.

    She sat up and looked around with chagrin to her fellow knights. “Well, we sure made an impression, didn’t we?”

    “Err, what was all the flaming gyros and freezing snipers about? Part of the simulation?”
    >> [Bt] Lt. Ghoul !34mzWemBv2 12/18/10(Sat)05:43 No.13200269
    rolled 10, 2, 4, 8 = 24

    >Fire AP shell at [A1] along with a burst from right vulcan 2 damage flame causing before moving S 3 Lengths
    >growls furiously as his Bitank is hit with a rocket, with one swift hand he uses his zippo to light the cigarettes in his mouth and shouts over the outside speakers
    "I'll fucking kill you ALL!!!
    >> [mgR1]Trauma !1/Y/FThShM 12/18/10(Sat)05:46 No.13200298
    rolled 8, 5, 9, 6, 6, 2, 3 = 39

    Trauma rises in hawkes body, a grim smile painted on her face as he moves and opens up on the predator.
    >move southwest three hexes, mowdown on irons in his pred.
    >> [Gr.CO] Maj. Walker !IMYfe1j54Y 12/18/10(Sat)05:47 No.13200308

    "You tell me, soldier."

    A voice is heard that causes the knights to turn their head. The Major, sitting there with his characteristic hat, and with a huge grin plastered across his face.

    "You tell me. Have you ever made things shatter like an ice sculpture before? You know, with the cold and all."

    "Oh, and good job forcing my hand like that. If you had knocked it out in one go, then I have no doubt in my mind that the Iron Viper's victory would have been assured.
    >> [TA] Cpl. Douk !!DSUlew2JAiR 12/18/10(Sat)05:48 No.13200311
    rolled 8 = 8

    >Douk is TA now
    >TAs can use points to call in additional deployments
    >Douk has 6 points from AWESOME
    >Douk uses 5 of his points to call in an airstrike on Irons' predator
    >> [K3] Lost !Ykpfge10hU 12/18/10(Sat)05:52 No.13200350

    "Forcing your hand, sir?" Suddenly, the rest of what Walker had said kicks in. "Have I ever... what? No sir."
    >> [P1] Sgt. Irons !kR3H6bckvs 12/18/10(Sat)05:56 No.13200398
    That Saint was like nothing Irons had ever seen before. With a wave of his hand, Hawkes' body rose with a different mind- disturbing in action, incredible in implication.

    And practical in its deadliness. Bullets shattered metal all around him, and all he could do was shout defiance. "No, you fucking DON'T! Not that quickly, not when we HAD this! I WILL NOT DIE SO EASILY!"
    >> [Gr.CO] Maj. Walker !IMYfe1j54Y 12/18/10(Sat)05:56 No.13200399

    The Major tilts his head, his grin growing even wider.

    "Ya heard me. Ever froze something without a freezer? Then shattered it?"
    >> [R1] Weird !!guD1KNNr2Nl 12/18/10(Sat)06:00 No.13200436
    Watching the limp body of Lieutenant Hawkes rising up, and then starts pumping solid rounds at the Predator, there is only one response adequate enough for this clone to emit.

    >> [K3] Lost !Ykpfge10hU 12/18/10(Sat)06:02 No.13200454

    Lost looked left and right, but the other two knights had gone back into their VR suites.

    She gave a nervous smile to the Major. The kind you give crazy people when you’re trying to be nice to them.

    “Um…” Lost cast around in her mind, trying to figure out what the Major wanted. She had been on Boreal Prime for her training. She had seen things freeze, almost instantly at times, in the sub-zero wasteland. Maybe the Major was asking her if she’d ever seen that phenomena.

    “I’ve seen such things happen…” seemed like a safe response.
    >> OrbitalCommand !w68jcmPgR6 12/18/10(Sat)06:02 No.13200455
         File1292670172.png-(2.01 MB, 1800x1200, Triglav17.png)
    2.01 MB
    Ghoul mode is in effect.

    A1 vaporizes.
    >> [Gr.CO] Maj. Walker !IMYfe1j54Y 12/18/10(Sat)06:06 No.13200478

    The Major blinked. Oh boy. She thought he was crazy. Then again, half of the crew did as well. Nothing new. Still, coming from the psionic-sensitive... irony, perhaps?

    "Okay then. How do you explain the fact that Shot's Gyro, well, was on fire the whole time? And absolutely nothing happened? Now before you tell me 'it's a glitch,' what if I told you it wasn't a glitch?"
    >> [St1] Sgt. Ghost !!lFMzOYrsgi4 12/18/10(Sat)06:06 No.13200482
    >Calling in droids

    "Command, send in droid reinforcements!":
    >> [Gr.CO] Maj. Walker !IMYfe1j54Y 12/18/10(Sat)06:07 No.13200484


    >> [K3] Lost !Ykpfge10hU 12/18/10(Sat)06:08 No.13200498

    "Err. Sir? You mean, like new equipment?"
    >> [A1]Pvt.Dragon !!Be87JOBWQm0 12/18/10(Sat)06:12 No.13200520
    "WHAT THE *explative*"
    One of the IR pods opens up, and dragon steps out. "Wow what the- how the- wha- I- F*explative* took a rocket and was like "ALL THE BETTER TO F*explative* YOU WITH" Jeez LT!" Dragon was outright bewildered, but he seemed in a good mood about it
    >> [Gr.CO] Maj. Walker !IMYfe1j54Y 12/18/10(Sat)06:12 No.13200523

    The Major pinched the bridge of his nose. This was harder than he thought.

    He pointed to the monitor, displaying the gratuitous amount of fire.

    "That is not a glitch. Nor is it the result of new equipment. An explanation. Any would be nice, good Lost."
    >> [K3] Lost !Ykpfge10hU 12/18/10(Sat)06:20 No.13200573

    Lost looked at the monitor. She looked at the major. Then she looked at the monitor. And then looked at the major. Her eyes widened in shock.

    “You… you mean this is because of the mutant signal? Because of… being psionically sensitive? That Shot is another Burning Man? And I… I can freeze people? That’s… that’s…”

    Lost looked around and sighed, and gave a wry grin.

    “Well. You’re my commander. And if you say I can fly, I’ll find the nearest cliff. Do you, do you know how I can use it? I mean, you knew I was psionically-sensitive. Is there a handbook I can read, maybe something in my files?”
    >> OrbitalCommand !w68jcmPgR6 12/18/10(Sat)06:21 No.13200583

    Amino sidles up to the Major and then back at Lost.
    " I guess you can say that, but records say you werent in the nuking event when it happened. And yet you have mild symptoms of cryokinesis." His head jerks towards the simulation screen. The field tinged orange.

    " Oh dear, seems the parameters in the simulation are shifting with Hyper Recognition... " Amino gives somewhat of a curious smile of fascination.
    " Lookit that, Major- had I been a beuraucrat, High galactic would have a boarding party here by now "
    >> [TA] Cpl. Douk !!DSUlew2JAiR 12/18/10(Sat)06:21 No.13200587


    >> [R1] Weird !!guD1KNNr2Nl 12/18/10(Sat)06:22 No.13200592
    rolled 9, 3, 8 = 20

    "-fuck this shit. Sorry, Loot."

    The rifleman falls onto his back, leans his rifle to his knee, and aims up at the machin gunneR standing on top of the root. And lets fly with his rifle.

    > Prone
    > Burst against 4 at [mgR1]Trauma
    >> [Gr.CO] Maj. Walker !IMYfe1j54Y 12/18/10(Sat)06:23 No.13200598

    The Major simply shrugs.

    "I only knew about you being psionically-sensitive because I've worked with a number of folks who were. Might even be considered one myself, thanks to that whole Gemini Project."

    "But on the topic of controlling it; I've got no clue. Meditate, maybe? Talk to Corporal Shot. He seems to have more hands-on experience with psionics than I do."
    >> [Gr.CO] Maj. Walker !IMYfe1j54Y 12/18/10(Sat)06:25 No.13200622

    "Heh. Good thing you aren't and that we work for an Inquisitor."

    The Major takes a drag from his cigar, then looks thoughtfully at it.

    "Ya think if I tried hard enough, I can burn this thing with my mind?"
    >> [A1]Pvt.Dragon !!Be87JOBWQm0 12/18/10(Sat)06:26 No.13200626
    Dragon walks over and points to the screen
    "look at that *explative* oh my *explative*ing GOD! that giant explosion's me! What the hell is this Major?"

    Once again, Dragon's tone is cheerfull, like a child shown a new toy
    >> [S1]Pvt. Shoot 12/18/10(Sat)06:26 No.13200632
    rolled 2 = 2

    >Fire on Trauma
    >> [Ag]Corp. Shot !H508X.HbJ6 12/18/10(Sat)06:27 No.13200637
    "Already asked her to, sir."
    Shot appeared in the doorway, cricking his neck quietly.
    "So. I'm a... uh." he puzzled for a moment. "Pyrokinetic?" he asked, tumbling over the word slowly. "Or was that just the sim? I'm so confused."
    >> [K3] Lost !Ykpfge10hU 12/18/10(Sat)06:27 No.13200639

    "Err, I'm training with Trauma... but only my... I guess you would call empathy. I don't it's safe to try cryo...something on her."

    "Sergeant Major Amino? Do you know about all of this?"

    Lost's face becomes worried. "Are you gonna take all of us away from Bravo?"
    >> OrbitalCommand !w68jcmPgR6 12/18/10(Sat)06:28 No.13200653
         File1292671710.png-(2.01 MB, 1800x1200, Triglav18.png)
    2.01 MB
    Clean map for reference
    >> [Gr.CO] Maj. Walker !IMYfe1j54Y 12/18/10(Sat)06:28 No.13200654

    Another puff from his cigar.

    "The man who is probably going to giving a light to everyone for the next two months. That, or Ghoul's schema kicking in. Perhaps it's a reflection of his fondness for fire?"
    >> [P1] Sgt. Irons !kR3H6bckvs 12/18/10(Sat)06:29 No.13200663
    rolled 8, 5, 5, 6, 1, 8, 5, 9, 2, 2, 4, 6 = 61

    Irons wasn't sure how Sharky was holding together. There were holes where he knew there should definitely not be holes, not without everything going mushroom-shaped and uncomfortably hot. But really, he didn't care why.

    The fact was, he was here, the enemy was there, and he was going to kill them or die trying. As in reality, so in the sims. It had an elegant simplicity to it, he thought, as the gatlings roared and shook his craft all around him. Death and dying, pure and clean.

    >Move 8 hexes EAST
    >Fire all gatlings on Ghoul
    >> [A1]Pvt.Dragon !!Be87JOBWQm0 12/18/10(Sat)06:30 No.13200672
    "schema sir?"
    >> [Ag]Corp. Shot !H508X.HbJ6 12/18/10(Sat)06:32 No.13200689
    "Psychic ability, Dragon." Shot chimed in. "Usually it's not so..."

    He cocked an eyebrow at the screen. "Overt."
    >> [Gr.CO] Maj. Walker !IMYfe1j54Y 12/18/10(Sat)06:34 No.13200707

    "Schema, right. Something like how you view the universe. People with psionic abilities - like the flaming man, and such - well, from my understanding, they force their schema on the world. So if they think hard enough to make a red cube blue, it become blue, essentially. It also works in virtual reality, since, well, it's also a universe, in a sense. Just the same, really."

    "I don't think so, Lost. Bravo is likely being used in an experiment by Fierstrom, or someone. So just being here means nobody is taking anyone."
    >> [A1]Pvt.Dragon !!Be87JOBWQm0 12/18/10(Sat)06:35 No.13200726
    "Hey, you were a ball of fire not too long ago too buddy. Ya still got the hot part now at least" Dragon facepalms "....i'm going to work on stoping that"
    >> [R1] Weird !!guD1KNNr2Nl 12/18/10(Sat)06:37 No.13200745
    rolled 9, 1, 6 = 16

    "-nice shooting, Shoot."

    >> [Ag]Corp. Shot !H508X.HbJ6 12/18/10(Sat)06:37 No.13200751
    "Please, do."

    Shot paused.
    "Sir, if I may be bold, perhaps more VR to train those who have these sorts of abilities might be prudent?"
    >> [K3] Lost !Ykpfge10hU 12/18/10(Sat)06:38 No.13200754

    Lost leaned back on the edge of the couch. Her head swam.

    “Sir… a few days ago I thought I was a ticking time bomb… and now I find out there’s a science behind all of this, that we’ve been cataloging powers and levels and… and… Sir, it’s just so much. And so out of the blue.”
    >> [A1]Pvt.Dragon !!Be87JOBWQm0 12/18/10(Sat)06:38 No.13200756
    "Oh sweet. I gotta get one of those...i could make my rockets turn in air or something. heh i'll probably be able to give super hugs or something"
    >> [A1]Pvt.Dragon !!Be87JOBWQm0 12/18/10(Sat)06:40 No.13200771
    "See, we told you it wasn't a problem, turns out most of us were ticking time bombs hahahaha"
    >> [Ag]Corp. Shot !H508X.HbJ6 12/18/10(Sat)06:40 No.13200776
    "'s only logical, hun." he said, then caught himself. "Er, Lost. Something weird pops up, scienctists put it in nice charts for everyone else, figure out how it works. That's the way things are."
    >> [K3] Lost !Ykpfge10hU 12/18/10(Sat)06:41 No.13200779

    "Err... thanks? I think?"
    >> [P1] Sgt. Irons !kR3H6bckvs 12/18/10(Sat)06:41 No.13200780
         File1292672482.png-(2.25 MB, 1800x1200, s13b5.png)
    2.25 MB

    [R1] Weird
    > Prone
    > Burst against 4 at [mgR1]Trauma
    >rolled 9,3,8

    [S1]Pvt. Shoot
    >rolled 2
    >Fire on Trauma

    [P1] Sgt. Irons
    >NOTE: Gatlings do 2.5 damage due to upgrade
    >Move 8 hexes EAST
    >Fire all gatlings on Ghoul
    >rolled 8, 5, 5, 6, 1, 8, 5, 9, 2, 2, 4, 6 (4 hits)

    >HAWKES is dead

    >COLTON is dead

    >DRAGON is dead

    >SQUEAMISH is botted
    >Run 4 SE, 2 E

    >ABRAHAM is botted
    >Run 4 SW, 2 S
    >> [S1]Pvt. Shoot 12/18/10(Sat)06:41 No.13200786
    Just picking up the slack, Sir! Uh.. with respect, Sir.
    >> [Ag]Corp. Shot !H508X.HbJ6 12/18/10(Sat)06:43 No.13200792
    "I'd really prefer you not to refer to Psyches that way, Dragon. Please." Shot said quietly.
    >> [A1]Pvt.Dragon !!Be87JOBWQm0 12/18/10(Sat)06:43 No.13200793
    "Hey any time. Like i said then most of us are just clones so if any of us....well look at that damn screen. If that *explative* happens well, it aint so bad eh? Just go into the net, watch the battle below, the usual." Dragon pats her sholder, it's a damn firm pat "Hell I died already and it's not so bad"
    >> [Gr.CO] Maj. Walker !IMYfe1j54Y 12/18/10(Sat)06:44 No.13200803

    The Major placed his cigar in an ash tray, and scratched at his beard.

    "Just, ahh, don't think a bit too much about it, alright Lost? Focus on your training and fighting. All that conspiracy stuff? Yeah, the universe is a big place. The Federation's always doing that kind of thing."

    "If you think it will help. In fact, it probably will, seeing as imposing one's schema works in VR just as well as out here."

    The Major paused, looking up thoughtfully.

    "Ya think Betsy might have caught fire during all of this?"
    >> OrbitalCommand !w68jcmPgR6 12/18/10(Sat)06:44 No.13200805
         File1292672688.png-(2 MB, 1800x1200, Triglav21.png)
    2 MB
    Irons detonates Ghoul.

    They are BOTH consumed in fire.

    Red to move. Ghost remains.

    Hill is being taken.
    >> [A1]Pvt.Dragon !!Be87JOBWQm0 12/18/10(Sat)06:45 No.13200811
    "Relax bud, It's sorta true in a way but, I mean. Nothing lost eh? If you ever went fire ball on my face i wouldn't be broken up at all about it. No one should be really. Besides it's a gift man! How'd you do that anyway? Did ya say like "flame on" or something? You totaly gotta say "flame on" next time"
    >> [Ag]Corp. Shot !H508X.HbJ6 12/18/10(Sat)06:46 No.13200816
    >"Ya think Betsy might have caught fire during all of this?"

    "Naw. It's easier to do that sort of thing in VR than in life. Because, sir, VR isn't... real. It's easier to accept strange things and mold the world with yer head, sorta thing. Like that old movie. Uh. There is no spoon? Something like that."
    >> OrbitalCommand !w68jcmPgR6 12/18/10(Sat)06:47 No.13200825
         File1292672832.png-(1.97 MB, 1800x1200, Triglav22.png)
    1.97 MB
    Red to move.

    Ghoul mode has passed.
    >> [K3] Lost !Ykpfge10hU 12/18/10(Sat)06:47 No.13200827

    Lost smiled. Dragon was just being Dragon. It was cute, in a kind of overbearing way. She got up and gave the rather surprised trooper a hug.

    “Thanks, Dragon.” She said as she stepped back and turned her head. “And thank you Shot. We’ll make sure to have more chats later.”
    >> [Ag]Corp. Shot !H508X.HbJ6 12/18/10(Sat)06:47 No.13200829
    "No, I didn't even notice it. Not until I checked the structural and systems and realized they weren't bein' 'armed."
    >> [Ag]Corp. Shot !H508X.HbJ6 12/18/10(Sat)06:48 No.13200842
    "Yer know where ter find me, Lost."
    >> [A1]Pvt.Dragon !!Be87JOBWQm0 12/18/10(Sat)06:49 No.13200853
    Dragon hugs back. "*explative* yes, you know you're the first one to actually take me up on my offer for a hug? the hell's up with that?"
    >> [Gr.CO] Maj. Walker !IMYfe1j54Y 12/18/10(Sat)06:51 No.13200871

    The Major shrugged, and inserted the cigar back in his mouth.

    "Hey, you're the expert Shot. And by the way..."

    He pulled a fresh cigar from his pocket.

    "I noticed you've got a taste for 'em. Ever had a Srinta hand-rolled?"
    >> [R1] Weird !!guD1KNNr2Nl 12/18/10(Sat)06:52 No.13200878
    "-well, fuck it sideways. Ghoul got to kill Sergeant Irons afterall."
    >> Anonymous 12/18/10(Sat)06:53 No.13200886
    "Naw, sir. Got a stock from my ol' home planet." he said, pulling one from his pocket. "Want a try? Not the most premium high-falutin', but it's unique." he chuckled. "You makin' me an offer, sir?"
    >> [K3] Lost !Ykpfge10hU 12/18/10(Sat)06:55 No.13200895

    Lost laughed. Dragon seemed so much younger with that beaming smile on his face.

    “I don’t know, Dragon. I think you’re a little… overenthusiastic at times. People tend to get the wrong idea.”
    >> [P1] Sgt. Irons !kR3H6bckvs 12/18/10(Sat)06:56 No.13200904
    Irons pulls out of the sim abruptly, his muscles tense with the sensation of remembered virtual agony. It's a familiar sensation to anyone as fond of the sims as he is, and he takes a moment to relax and reflect on the game that just passed.

    Unusual, to say the least. Ghost was terrifying in action, and Shot and Ghoul had been damned impressive as well- some sort of flame generator on the APC? Bitank rigged to detonate upon destruction?

    A slow grin crosses his face. He'd have to congratulate them on their creativity. Ghoul, particularly; it wasn't often that he felt he died due to being outwitted, but the vengeful little trick there definitely took him.

    With a bright expression, Irons pulls himself out of the simrig and goes to stand by the others watching the remaining troops fighting it out.
    >> [St1] Sgt. Ghost !!lFMzOYrsgi4 12/18/10(Sat)06:56 No.13200907
    >Calling in drones
    >Moving 3 south
    >Me and drones scanning E1 until he is down, then scanning E2, and if an action is left over the last will go to inserting Ghoul into E2
    >> [Gr.CO] Maj. Walker !IMYfe1j54Y 12/18/10(Sat)06:56 No.13200908

    "Yes I am, soldier, and I am indeed taking you up on your offer."

    After exchanging the cigars, he looks to the fresh cigar in his hand, then the cigar in his mouth. Smoking two cigars at once isn't considered a faux pas, was it?
    >> [Bt] Lt. Ghoul !34mzWemBv2 12/18/10(Sat)06:57 No.13200912
    >climbs out of the Vr chamber, standing up and popping his neck
    "Not sure what entirely went on. But that was entertaining."
    >> [St1] Sgt. Ghost !!lFMzOYrsgi4 12/18/10(Sat)06:57 No.13200913
    rolled 9, 10, 8 = 27

    >derp forgot rolls
    >> [E2]Spc. Aberham !vGu/RZnu3o 12/18/10(Sat)07:00 No.13200933

    but I don't want have him inserted, that's not nice
    >> [A1]Pvt.Dragon !!Be87JOBWQm0 12/18/10(Sat)07:02 No.13200947
         File1292673778.png-(105 KB, 350x600, Dragon howe 2 color.png)
    105 KB
    Dragon seems honestly confused. "Who the *explative* doesn't like hugs?" He pauses for a moment "Anyway i'm glad to actually talk to ya. I mean i was trying before but that was back when you were all strange and *explative*....AND I MEAN THAT IN A NICE WAY DONTGETMEWRONG. I mean like, you'd be shaking after battle and the night terrors and whatnot or whatever and like, you were in my squad so...yeah I was concerned and *explative*. But uh, that was all explained away by the...what the hell was it flux esper magic psy bullshit nanos so yeah I don't hold that against ya or nothin'. To be honest I thought you and abe had a thing or something going on. Bah I'm rambling...uh, yeah so ya ever need a hug or knows someone who does or hell if you want to just hang with the dragon just let me know. s'all good"

    Pic for reference
    >> Anonymous 12/18/10(Sat)07:03 No.13200950
    "Then I'll be taking yours, too." he said quietly, taking the cigar offered to him. "It's nice to be treated like a god damn man again, sir." he added, c;ipping the end of the cigar.
    >> [R1] Weird !!guD1KNNr2Nl 12/18/10(Sat)07:04 No.13200953
    rolled 8, 2, 8 = 18

    "-well, that's it? Fuck, let me fire at him."

    > Fire Burst against 4+1 (prone) at [St1]Ghost
    > Stand up
    >> [A1]Pvt.Dragon !!Be87JOBWQm0 12/18/10(Sat)07:04 No.13200959
    "You blew me to FUCK was what went on sir. God damn I thought i had ya."
    >> OrbitalCommand !w68jcmPgR6 12/18/10(Sat)07:05 No.13200961
         File1292673928.png-(1.97 MB, 1800x1200, Triglav23.png)
    1.97 MB
    Scanners go live like screeching cicadas. The echos of life being pulled into the gun causes a ringing in squeamishe's ear.

    but alas, whirrs of the recoil signalled an end. The time counts down. Aperham blinks. Wierd gets up from his prone position.

    And the field goes flat blue as the black team takes the hill at the count of zero.
    >> [Bt] Lt. Ghoul !34mzWemBv2 12/18/10(Sat)07:06 No.13200965
    *smiles at Dragon* Yes... how'd it feel to burn like I normally do?
    >> [Ag]Corp. Shot !H508X.HbJ6 12/18/10(Sat)07:08 No.13200978
    fuhgot mah trip
    >> [St1] Sgt. Ghost !!lFMzOYrsgi4 12/18/10(Sat)07:08 No.13200979
    Ghost yanked the VR gear off his head and got out of the sim."Wow, that took forever. Was close again. So,how about that weird stuff?"
    >> [E2]Spc. Aberham !vGu/RZnu3o 12/18/10(Sat)07:09 No.13200986

    Aberham sighs deeply and removes the VR equipment, rubbing the bridge of his nose, and shaking off any lingering effects of the immersion.

    "Wow....everyone doing OK?"
    >> [A1]Pvt.Dragon !!Be87JOBWQm0 12/18/10(Sat)07:09 No.13200988
    "There's no way you normaly burn like that man. I was fucking gone!. I mean when i blew myself up i sorta felt it, when walker took my leg and liver i definetly felt it but like that, what you did." Dragon pantamimes an explostion with his hand "Poof, didn't feel a thing. As soon as I saw you survive my blast i knew just how *explative*ed i was. I mean sure ghost was going to drop me with his whatever the fuck but i was just going to det my shit when whoever got in my body....you sorta ended that though heh." Dragon goes to shake ghouls hand "Also, tell ghost he ain't getting any more drinks on me."
    >> [K3] Lost !Ykpfge10hU 12/18/10(Sat)07:09 No.13200989

    Lost took a few moments to digest all that.

    “What? You… you thought what? With me and… What?” Lost flushes, “This is all so confusing with what I know from Prima and what I learned on Boreal... everyone seems to send out mixed signals, and interprets everything differently!”

    Lost sighs, running her hands through her hair. “Well, at least I know you’ll always speak your mind, Dragon. Even if you do ramble…”
    >> [K3] Lost !Ykpfge10hU 12/18/10(Sat)07:11 No.13200996

    Lost looks right at Aberham. As there eyes meet, her flush deepens. She quickly looks away.
    >> [Gr.CO] Maj. Walker !IMYfe1j54Y 12/18/10(Sat)07:13 No.13201009
    Walker stands up, and claps his hands twice, loudly.

    "Well, good job everyone, and well, as you've seen, you've all got some weird shit going on."

    "As most of you noticed, these fun little changes are all in the members present at the final stages of the Homefront Operation. Well, I'll tell you this now. Fact is, the combination of the queen's psi-signals and the interference from the nuke scrambled your flux signals."

    "In short? Well, a good portion of you have developed psi-powers. So congratulations. You are now living the dream life of every pre-teen with access to comic books in the universe."
    >> [A1]Pvt.Dragon !!Be87JOBWQm0 12/18/10(Sat)07:13 No.13201013
    "I'm good for several things lost. Hugs, honesty winning card games, and blowing *explative* up. Ya ever have a need for any of that just let me know." Dragon gives a noding smile
    >> [St1] Sgt. Ghost !!lFMzOYrsgi4 12/18/10(Sat)07:13 No.13201014
    "Hey Aberham! Nice job with Colton and that tree! Wow, that Saint gear is something else. Dragon, almost had you there."
    >> [M2]Colton !aazgJpznxQ 12/18/10(Sat)07:13 No.13201015

    "Oh thank z*censored*ing j*censored*! It's over. I'm gonna go w*censored*ing drink something and j*censored*ing play some more o*censored*ing Tetris."
    >> [A1]Pvt.Dragon !!Be87JOBWQm0 12/18/10(Sat)07:15 No.13201018
    Dragon follows her gauze and then points with his thumb for emphasis "See like that *explative* is why i thought that and all"
    >> [A1]Pvt.Dragon !!Be87JOBWQm0 12/18/10(Sat)07:15 No.13201025
    "Shit, i pick the worse times to blow up"
    >> [Gr.CO] Maj. Walker !IMYfe1j54Y 12/18/10(Sat)07:16 No.13201026
    "Oh right, Private Trauma, I'm recommending you for a promotion to Private First Class. Congratulations, keep this up, and you may end up the 'Captain of the Knight Guard' or something."
    >> [St1] Sgt. Ghost !!lFMzOYrsgi4 12/18/10(Sat)07:16 No.13201028
    Finally seeming to really take notice of the others, Ghost seems to snap back into his Sergeant attitude.

    "Dragon, are we going to have to talk about your 'hugs'?"
    >> [K3] Lost !Ykpfge10hU 12/18/10(Sat)07:16 No.13201031

    Lost's eyes narrow. For a second, you feel a chill.

    "Trauma? I think Private Dragon had something he wanted to say to you."
    >> [E2]Spc. Aberham !vGu/RZnu3o 12/18/10(Sat)07:17 No.13201034

    The medic catches a brief glimpse of Lost apparent embarrassment, and smiles without thinking, before he walks slowly to the two of them.

    "Dragon, good shooting, and Lost very solid stunt work I was stunned.
    >> [Ag]Corp. Shot !H508X.HbJ6 12/18/10(Sat)07:17 No.13201035
    Shot walks by and sighs. "You best forget that, Lost." he said quietly. "Trust me on it. It's a mite unwise."
    >> DoukDug !!DSUlew2JAiR 12/18/10(Sat)07:17 No.13201036
    >spend ~5 hours in game just to get to the point of engaging the enemy
    >perform one attack
    >gm fiat instadeath, no save
    >gm fiat, the guy also in range of the explosion with 1/4 of your hp lives through the blast taking no damage
    >... uh, ok.
    >I'll use TA abilities to counterattack the unit on the enemy team that poses the most threat to my remaining teammates
    >gm fiat: That unit gains 2 hp on the spot, just to live through the blast
    >the rest of the thread appears to be ero-rp
    Have fun with whatever it is this game's turned into, bros. The first few threads were fun, anyways. Peace.
    >> [R1] Weird !!guD1KNNr2Nl 12/18/10(Sat)07:18 No.13201039
    rolled 6, 1, 10 = 17


    The rifleman watches the now empty blue not-sky, and lets loose another volley at it. He stays in the VR. He kind of likes it there.
    >> [A1]Pvt.Dragon !!Be87JOBWQm0 12/18/10(Sat)07:19 No.13201045
    Dragon shivers "Why'd you go and do that to me? it was going so well" Dragon is smiling.
    >> [A1]Pvt.Dragon !!Be87JOBWQm0 12/18/10(Sat)07:20 No.13201051
    "We ARE going to talk about my hugs because you shot that weird shit at me! I bought you booze to celebrate that and all man! I oughta hug you right now just because i know it makes you uncomfortable"
    >> [Gr.CO] Maj. Walker !IMYfe1j54Y 12/18/10(Sat)07:20 No.13201056

    Later Douk. See you next time, maybe. And if there is a next time, I am so sending you droid support, EVEN IF I SAID I WOULD RESERVE IT FOR NEW GUYS.
    >> [K3] Lost !Ykpfge10hU 12/18/10(Sat)07:22 No.13201063

    Lost looks down, her eyes catching her ruined knees, before she looks back up and Aberham, with a slight questioning look in her eyes.

    "Thanks, you were great too, I saw you help out Colton with those grenades. I'm just sorry we weren't on the same team."

    Lost bites her lower lip. "Does this mean we're okay now?"
    >> [St1] Sgt. Ghost !!lFMzOYrsgi4 12/18/10(Sat)07:22 No.13201065

    "Don't make me assign you to r00K hug-duty..."
    >> [A1]Pvt.Dragon !!Be87JOBWQm0 12/18/10(Sat)07:22 No.13201066
    "Thanks buddy. Heard your shot was good too hahaha, i'm kidding bro, but that was still funny as hell"
    >> OrbitalCommand !w68jcmPgR6 12/18/10(Sat)07:22 No.13201067

    Sup Douk, this part ofthe game was designed to test out the powers folks got.

    Believe it or not, Irons' was indeed heightened reconstitution. Which was hilarious when trauma thought she got the jump on him.

    and sorry I miss a lot posts between the IRC and the Forum. In fact I hardly read them at all in between processing.

    Anways hope you have fun doing other stuff.
    >> [A1]Pvt.Dragon !!Be87JOBWQm0 12/18/10(Sat)07:24 No.13201077
    "Uh, alright? I mean I'd hug that suit thing if you really wanted me to but uh...i don't really folow sir"
    >> [St1] Sgt. Ghost !!lFMzOYrsgi4 12/18/10(Sat)07:24 No.13201080
    "Anyway, you did well Alpha, even under the odd circumstances."
    >> [St1] Sgt. Ghost !!lFMzOYrsgi4 12/18/10(Sat)07:27 No.13201095
    "You know, the rooK droid? The one that gave you flowers afterwards... nevermind that."
    >> OrbitalCommand !w68jcmPgR6 12/18/10(Sat)07:27 No.13201103

    And no i dont play favorites nor do i have grand schemes to work towards. My insert even got killed earlier than you did.

    And no i didn't flat your escape, you didn't have actions anymore. That was a no-brainer since it took one to jettison out of the gyro and do some epic hero drops [which were epic]

    >gm fiat, the guy also in range of the explosion with 1/4 of your hp lives through the blast taking no damage

    That wasn't a flat he actually lived through it. You and Trauma didnt.

    And for future reference, whenever I do decide to roll shit off screen its normally for the sake of making games go super fast. I kind of likfe it when my turns only take like 5 minutes as opposed to 30.
    >> Anonymous 12/18/10(Sat)07:29 No.13201116
         File1292675385.gif-(574 KB, 295x221, 1238584287_seinfeld_had_enough.gif)
    574 KB
    >> [A1]Pvt.Dragon !!Be87JOBWQm0 12/18/10(Sat)07:31 No.13201123
    "Oh that thing yeah...yeah that was weird, but uh, yeah i'd hug it I guess? I mean, it DID give me flowers after i exploded and shit"
    >> [E2]Spc. Aberham !vGu/RZnu3o 12/18/10(Sat)07:32 No.13201130

    "Glad you liked it, just happy Colton isn't around to yell at me about it, I had no idea where I was punting him."


    >you were great too

    Aberham's expression softens, the praise pushes him of guard and clearly makes him uncomfortable. He lightly scratches his brow as if to push it aside

    "No, we're good...I honestly don't even remember you there, I'm rather agnostic when it comes to this flux stuff anyhow... I've been meaning to put in a petition to Walker to get your legs fixed proper, but I wanted to ask you first."
    >> Anonymous 12/18/10(Sat)07:33 No.13201135
         File1292675613.png-(1.04 MB, 1048x1268, 3fdfdaedab1474d641ea348b507895(...).png)
    1.04 MB
    >> OrbitalCommand !w68jcmPgR6 12/18/10(Sat)07:37 No.13201155
         File1292675820.png-(46 KB, 500x500, Amino1.png)
    46 KB
    " Jeez , died within the first minute " You guys are scary even without being confirmed psyches.

    In any case, Fierstrom was right, once we figure out the anomalies in their flux we can probably figure out how to reinstate their clones for them. In the meanwhile, are you sure about not bringing this up to High Command- if they find out that you have a concentration of talent that was triggered by a xeno incident it could change this war "

    " But- I guess you're not, huh. Shame if you ever do find yourself in some legal binds, just call up the Black Flag "
    >> [K3] Lost !Ykpfge10hU 12/18/10(Sat)07:37 No.13201158

    "Heh, about that... Could you help me back onto the couch? I really shouldn't have slid off it with my crutches not on hand."

    In a quieter tone: "And don't get ask the Major. This is something I deserve. It's a good reminder about what happens when you don't tell people when you're in trouble. It could have been a lot worse if the Major had done nothing."

    Lost gives him a reassuring pat on the arm.
    >> [Gr.CO] Maj. Walker !IMYfe1j54Y 12/18/10(Sat)07:37 No.13201164


    "Right, once you kids are finished watching the kill cams and whatnot, Fierstrom is probably going to have you jump through some hoops to pull off some extra data from your heads. We're trying to make the best of what we got, even if it does slightly imply using you kids as guinea pigs."

    "But hey, why should it matter to you? You're the bloody X-men now."

    "Ah, right, Douk, it was good seeing a vet show up. If you want to go back to cryo, that's fine with me. But you'll always be welcomed up here, yeah?"

    >Five more minutes, and I'm OUT. Fuck, it's 4 am.
    >> [Ag]Corp. Shot !H508X.HbJ6 12/18/10(Sat)07:40 No.13201179
    >... Okay, that's fine to ignore me. You probably missed my post anyway. >>13201035
    >> [R1] Weird !!guD1KNNr2Nl 12/18/10(Sat)07:41 No.13201183
    "-brilliant move with the self-destruct, at any rate."
    The clone, who has exited his VR space in the humdrum of the space, comments back at the man. He looks at the Sergeant, then lets out a sigh.

    "-sounded cuter in Comm." A half-heard mutter is heard as he goes away.
    >> [Gr.CO] Maj. Walker !IMYfe1j54Y 12/18/10(Sat)07:41 No.13201184

    "No, not just yet. Because if they do, they're going to try to replicate it, with disasterous results. You and I know it, everyone here does, and so does Fierstrom. We're going to keep this quiet until we have enough data to make HQ cream themselves."

    "I will soldier, I will. Hopefully, the day won't be any time soon, yeah?"
    >> [E2]Spc. Aberham !vGu/RZnu3o 12/18/10(Sat)07:43 No.13201197

    "Yeah, no problem"

    He gently helps guide her back onto the seat, and recovers the crutches for her later use.
    >> [A1]Pvt.Dragon !!Be87JOBWQm0 12/18/10(Sat)07:43 No.13201199
    "oh...oh shit i thought that you two were like. Aw man I didn't even know your legs were messed up. I'm sorry you two but uh...at the same time it DID kinda look like that and stuff so uh. Yeah I'm going to get the *explative* out of here before trauma kills me. If either of ya need me just drop me a line" Dragon waves over his sholder for the others "Peace everyone, good game eh? Colton, Drinks, i'm buying, get the *explative* over here"

    aaaaaaaaaaaaand im tired. 8 am here, night
    >> [A]Dragon !!Be87JOBWQm0 12/18/10(Sat)07:49 No.13201244
    mornig, whatever
    >> [K3] Lost !Ykpfge10hU 12/18/10(Sat)07:49 No.13201248
    >I'm sorry! You said you said it in passing and I'm not sure Lost would address what you said (if she even understood it) when she was talking to Aberham and Dragon. Next time I'll say as much, sorry!
    >> [Ag]Corp. Shot !H508X.HbJ6 12/18/10(Sat)07:50 No.13201259
    >... It's alright. Whatevs.
    >> [K3] Lost !Ykpfge10hU 12/18/10(Sat)07:50 No.13201262
    >Yeah, I'm with Dragon. I think I'm gonna get some sleep before the sun comes up!
    >> [St1] Sgt. Ghost !!lFMzOYrsgi4 12/18/10(Sat)07:52 No.13201277
    >Goodnight/morning everyone1`

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