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  • File : 1292455103.jpg-(210 KB, 1024x768, 1289121817853 (1).jpg)
    210 KB HENSHIN! The New Tokusatsu RPG. Henshin GM V2 !X4fiAsh4aw 12/15/10(Wed)18:18 No.13164060  
    Greetings /tg/.
    I come offering some proof of progress and some subjects for conversation.
    (Brace for wall of text)

    First, the progress.
    I'm all but positive this will be working off of d6s. Roll 2d6 + Stats for attacks/checks/etc, roll Xd6 + Stat for damage/effects.
    I'm also well into finishing off player character creation. Although Powers, Skill and Equipment points (for equipping your hero) are still in need of tweaking, the core statistics for Heroes are all but ready for beta.
    > http://www megaupload com/?d=HNCBNXXF

    Now, the subjects.
    First and foremost, monsters/kaiju. I've got an idea about how many powers/equipment they should have, and how powerful they should be. Now the question becomes how to provide guidelines for creating them for you games. The way I see it is they should be divided into to major types: Mook(seems to be the popular term on /tg/) Monster, Villain, and Abomination.

    Mooks are, for all you Americans, the Putties. Those all but essential foes that aid the Villains in terrorizing, and loot carrying, but are but speed-bumps for experienced heroes. Monsters being your once a week or so (so one adventure in the campaign) bad guys of all shapes and sizes. Not to be trifled with, but if the Heroes keep their wits about them they can handle it.Then Villains would be the tougher, more humanoid, nemesis. They're on par if not better than the heroes, and capable of cleaning keeping them in check. Finlay, Abominations are those once or twice a season monsters that the Heroes just can't seem to vanquish. It's just too tough as is, and they can't beat it without finding it's weakness, or some new/other way to combat it.
    Then, themes. Things like insect, beast, mythical, or elemental.
    General guidelines for the kinds of stats, skills, and powers that the monsters of those types have.
    >> Henshin GM V2 !X4fiAsh4aw 12/15/10(Wed)18:19 No.13164075
    Secondly, MOMENTUM! (Yes, you're meant to type it like that every time).
    What kind of things should it be spent on? Right now I'm seeing playing out as follows:
    You build it up with basic actions (punching, shooting, jumping over the fire, garbing the falling lady with your grappling hook) and then spend it to modify rolls you predict to be more difficult, as well as advanced powers.
    > "I pay 4 momentum to use Barrier, protecting myself and the child behind me."
    To activate Barrier R2. (rank 2)
    > "I'll use 2 momentum to add a little spice to the jump check."
    Before rolling to jump over the flaming pit.
    > Before rolling the attack, "I'm using 5 momentum for damage, to really sock it to'm."
    Before rolling to knock a Mook through the wall.
    Now, as of late the weather has been screwing with my connection. I should be okay for a while, but in the latter hours my connection may be in and out, or completely gone. However, even if I stop posting please disscuss, bump, spam relavent images, whatever. I will check in first thing tomorrow.

    I'm off to eat supper, I'll be back within the hour.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)18:25 No.13164148
    man this is still going?
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)18:27 No.13164168
         File1292455623.jpg-(34 KB, 640x480, 1289417505057.jpg)
    34 KB
    HENSHIN! The RPG is back!
    my face!
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)18:27 No.13164170
    Being Tokusatsu, is there a mechanic for friendship power?
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)18:28 No.13164187
         File1292455699.jpg-(88 KB, 666x336, 1268853661306.jpg)
    88 KB
    there definitely should be some kind of brotherhood power
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)18:30 No.13164215
         File1292455836.jpg-(18 KB, 240x180, Bulkandskull.jpg)
    18 KB

    Look at those losers in their faggy ass tights!
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)18:31 No.13164228
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)18:32 No.13164244
    considering you gain momentum by speeches, teamwork should also ensue MOMENTUM!
    Also, Sentai teams should get team-specific powers.

    Also, for the little basestats we have, statting some existant riders should be the first step
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)18:36 No.13164298
    I can't wait to make the Worms.
    >> Titanium Man 12/15/10(Wed)18:37 No.13164299
    Mooks should be called Minions to fit the theme more closely.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)18:41 No.13164347
         File1292456462.jpg-(186 KB, 643x900, 1270969198164.jpg)
    186 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)18:42 No.13164365

    It does probably take alot of balls to wear a costume like that AND know you are prone to explosions.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)18:45 No.13164384
         File1292456704.gif-(1.97 MB, 262x174, 1231170548876.gif)
    1.97 MB

    >> Henshin GM V2 !X4fiAsh4aw 12/15/10(Wed)18:46 No.13164408
    I Nostalgiaed so hard that I had to wait for the song to finish to type this.

    I was thinking about having you gain 1 or 2 momentum for every ally you enter the fight with.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)18:48 No.13164427
    That'd make sense. You would be more determined with friends to back you up.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)18:51 No.13164474
    If I wanted to watch Kamen Rider, which one should I start with?
    >> Henshin GM V2 !X4fiAsh4aw 12/15/10(Wed)18:55 No.13164503
    That one's kinda tricky. Ever KR series is different, not only in personality of the rider, but also over all tone.

    I'm watching Den-O right now myself. It's more light hearted than lots of the series's. Seriously, it's tongue is firmly in it's cheek and I'm loving every second of it.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)18:56 No.13164514
    black is a good starter IMHO
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)18:58 No.13164533
    whats one where you can take the characters semi-seriously, but the show doesn't take it's self too seriously.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)19:00 No.13164552
         File1292457620.jpg-(589 KB, 2330x1200, Henshin.jpg)
    589 KB
    Hey Henshin GM!

    Speaking of theme music, is there anything about playing the theme music of the player?

    Like, once per episode/fight a player may request tha this theme song is played giving some bonuses for the next set of actions.

    Maybe even villains can have it.
    >> Henshin GM V2 !X4fiAsh4aw 12/15/10(Wed)19:03 No.13164586
         File1292457815.jpg-(133 KB, 640x480, 1245533072415.jpg)
    133 KB

    I'll make a note.
    >> Titanium Man 12/15/10(Wed)19:04 No.13164596

    I...don't think that'll work.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)19:06 No.13164617
    The newest one, Kamen Rider OOO, is a lot like that. It's not as comedic as Den-O, but it's still fairly generally light-hearted with some honestly serious moments filling things out.
    >> Henshin GM V2 !X4fiAsh4aw 12/15/10(Wed)19:07 No.13164624
    Idk, maybe like... um...
    Perhaps you can use it once a session and it gives your CNV in bonus momentum? Idk, I'll put some thought into it. I agree that it would be fun.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)19:08 No.13164644
    well i started with kuuga. It was a good decision. My schedule is the following:
    Kuuga, Kabuto, W, Black, Black RX, Agito. Everything after Agito will be spontaneous.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)19:12 No.13164688
         File1292458333.jpg-(193 KB, 1456x1047, RiderDoubleKick.jpg)
    193 KB

    How will combination attacks turn out?

    Maybe at an increased MOMENTUM! cost for both players they can pull off a finishing move together for double the damage?
    >> Henshin GM V2 !X4fiAsh4aw 12/15/10(Wed)19:12 No.13164691
         File1292458353.jpg-(553 KB, 1536x1024, 1292293405997.jpg)
    553 KB
    > Kuuga, Kabuto, W, Black, Black RX, Agito. Everything after Agito will be spontaneous.

    That's the thing about getting into Kamen Rider. You have a blast doing it, but at some point you realize you just spent 5 hours this weekend watching a guy jump around in spandex.

    They hook you with comedy and action, but you stay for THE JUSTICE!
    >> Henshin GM V2 !X4fiAsh4aw 12/15/10(Wed)19:13 No.13164703
    I'll make a note.
    I'm not that far along yet, I'm still hammering out the fundamentals.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)19:17 No.13164741
    i haz a subject! Super-speed rules. I think it should drain momentum for every X seconds you can hold your super-speed.

    Also how should we measure time and rounds? like, every action has a X "time cost" ? as in, every turn is a set number of "time". Lets say its like this:
    X action requires 5, but your turn is = 4.
    That means said action will finish in the next turn, and can be interrupted. But a "4" action will be resolved properly, without interruptions.

    Am i explaining myself correctly?
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)19:18 No.13164753
    >you realize you just spent 5 hours this weekend watching a guy jump around in spandex.
    And it was awesome.
    >> Titanium Man 12/15/10(Wed)19:18 No.13164758

    I think we should leave super speed as an optional power to buy.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)19:19 No.13164778
    yes, but, how to measure it?
    >> Raito Sonozaki !!4OUCVHhUOgB 12/15/10(Wed)19:27 No.13164883
    I'd start with W or OOO. :3

    Anyway, my good GM, have you made a sample character for us to take a look at? Also, how will you handle over-arching enemies, like Shocker or Kougami or SMARTBRAIN?
    >> Henshin GM V2 !X4fiAsh4aw 12/15/10(Wed)19:28 No.13164895
         File1292459297.gif-(1.98 MB, 243x184, 1289179235868.gif)
    1.98 MB
    I am mulling around a power called accelerate. Here's where I am atm:
    Accelerate. Ranks: 3 Cost: 3
    Activate accelerate for 5 momentum and take the number of ranks you have in it + 2 actions this turn and the next.
    >> Henshin GM V2 !X4fiAsh4aw 12/15/10(Wed)19:39 No.13165028
    I just started up Kabuto. As soon as they said it was Kagami's little brother I was like... SHIIIIIIIIIIIIT!
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)19:47 No.13165137
    oh gawd, the one with the flying thing
    >> Henshin GM V2 !X4fiAsh4aw 12/15/10(Wed)19:49 No.13165163
    Where it's raining? Yeah.
    I'm hooked now.
    >> Henshin GM V2 !X4fiAsh4aw 12/15/10(Wed)19:52 No.13165205
         File1292460776.png-(522 KB, 640x480, 1289113951978.png)
    522 KB
    To focus this thread:
    MONSTERS. How do we do this?
    More so, how do I organize the guidelines to allow for a variety of creations that have consistency?
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)19:55 No.13165238
    You coudl have a random name generator with lists a lot of words, with prexies, suffixes, "of", "the". Check out magic spell/item/etc. generator.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)19:56 No.13165254
         File1292461008.jpg-(48 KB, 640x480, 1238023507589.jpg)
    48 KB
    This sounds awesome so far. I've been trying to start or get in on a toku-style game forever but it always falls through.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)19:57 No.13165256
    > Roll 5 d20
    > Genny a monster
    Roffl a copter
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)19:59 No.13165275
         File1292461140.jpg-(217 KB, 1024x768, 1175120444183.jpg)
    217 KB
    I think that's up to the GM really, but toku monsters are normally themed after an object or animal.

    Example: truck monster has a lot of health and rams things and spews smog. Plant monsters almost always have some kind of high-speed seed projectile and whip attacks.
    >> Henshin GM V2 !X4fiAsh4aw 12/15/10(Wed)20:01 No.13165313
    Right. What I'm trying to figure out here is, how do I organize and present all the information/guidelines necessary/helpful to making a monster of various themes and motifs.
    >> Henshin GM V2 !X4fiAsh4aw 12/15/10(Wed)20:02 No.13165326
    Also, which rider is that? He looks awesome.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)20:03 No.13165342
         File1292461414.jpg-(16 KB, 234x400, todoroki.jpg)
    16 KB
    Todoroki, from Hibiki. Yes he has a spear guitar.
    >> Henshin GM V2 !X4fiAsh4aw 12/15/10(Wed)20:07 No.13165400
    > spear guitar.
    Note: Gun weapon category is now Ranged weapon category. Divided between Blast, Blitz, Burst, Beam, and Snipe. Utilizing the "Attunement" modification, and "Change Modification it is now possible to make a guitar that shoots Force "Blasts" that converts into a Polearm + 2ATK/+1DMG
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)20:10 No.13165433
         File1292461811.jpg-(117 KB, 727x425, Den-O-Dengasher-disassembled.jpg)
    117 KB
    >Transforming weapons
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)20:16 No.13165521
         File1292462173.jpg-(217 KB, 800x1000, FROMMETOYOU.jpg)
    217 KB
    For monster guildlines, just write something about keeping theme and adding a weak point or some kind of way to take them down easily that the heroes must find out. But of course must not find out too quickly. Make sure that villains have both a monstrous and human form. And that mooks are all the same unless they have some kind of non-standard equipment, then they should have something on their uniform marking that.

    But of course some monsters are just going to need a kinetic energy transfer to his chest.
    >> Henshin GM V2 !X4fiAsh4aw 12/15/10(Wed)20:18 No.13165547
         File1292462293.jpg-(56 KB, 750x600, Z_Putties_by_PyroDarkfire.jpg)
    56 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)20:20 No.13165570
         File1292462407.jpg-(467 KB, 4275x2738, 1208809707112.jpg)
    467 KB
    This might be jumping ahead a bit, but how would you handle giant combining robots?
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)20:21 No.13165589
         File1292462518.jpg-(137 KB, 728x1056, SUPERDAISETSUDAN.jpg)
    137 KB

    I like the idea of a weak point, but I feel that the Monster of the Week should still be able to be normally, albeit with greater difficulty.
    >> Raito Sonozaki !!4OUCVHhUOgB 12/15/10(Wed)20:22 No.13165598
    Usually, I set up a quest thread that's toku-based, but I haven't gotten many replies in my last one :c I'd be more than willing to start up a toku one with you if you want.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)20:23 No.13165615
         File1292462638.jpg-(198 KB, 1456x1040, V3MACHKICK.jpg)
    198 KB

    I mean defeated normally.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)20:25 No.13165631
         File1292462715.jpg-(139 KB, 1456x1050, RIDERSWIRLINGKICK.jpg)
    139 KB
    >> Titanium Man 12/15/10(Wed)20:30 No.13165691

    Yeah, our power system is definitely going to need versatility to mimic a wide variety of Riders. That's why I think an "effect" system kind of like M&M 3rd might work best.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)20:38 No.13165803
         File1292463531.jpg-(31 KB, 542x305, 1208580685138.jpg)
    31 KB
    >Someone will eventually use this system to play a magical girl game.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)20:41 No.13165837

    The world would be a better place if more magical girls took ranks in vehicular melee.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)20:43 No.13165862
         File1292463821.jpg-(11 KB, 261x282, erikasmug.jpg)
    11 KB
    I'm way ahead of you, bro.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)20:44 No.13165876
    >> Henshin GM V2 !X4fiAsh4aw 12/15/10(Wed)20:45 No.13165888
         File1292463934.jpg-(25 KB, 500x373, 1289192080357.jpg)
    25 KB
    >> Faiz, etc. etc. !!S6VZ1mbsIGr 12/15/10(Wed)20:46 No.13165899
         File1292463974.jpg-(68 KB, 639x453, Mr Bean's Rider Kick.jpg)
    68 KB
    >visit /tg/ for the first time in like a week
    >new Henshin RPG thread

    >my face (and also leg)
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)20:49 No.13165939
         File1292464163.jpg-(110 KB, 1280x720, idiots.jpg)
    110 KB

    Tokusatsu is just magical girls for boys anyway.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)20:51 No.13165952
         File1292464260.jpg-(457 KB, 935x692, magictimebitches.jpg)
    457 KB
    >> Titanium Man 12/15/10(Wed)20:52 No.13165964

    This is an amazing picture.

    Anyway, what else can we discuss?
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)20:53 No.13165974
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)20:53 No.13165980

    Tokusatsu came around long before Magical Girls though.
    >> CĂș AirĂșath Siblaid !!9x1vEuGv9ER 12/15/10(Wed)21:04 No.13166085
         File1292465040.jpg-(55 KB, 450x386, screens_feature4.jpg)
    55 KB

    He'll kick you apart... He'll kick you apart!

    >> Henshin GM V2 !X4fiAsh4aw 12/15/10(Wed)21:04 No.13166091
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)21:05 No.13166095
    Getting abck to thread waht about mooks/minions? Do they come in masses only for one hit kills and with sole the purpose of building up momentum?

    What happens if the players are out of momentum and there is only a major monster left and no minions to rebuild their momentum from?
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)21:08 No.13166124
    Also any chances of running into fights that stalemate for a long time, or scenarios where the fights gets to a dead end with no victory for either side?
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)21:14 No.13166178
    special combat rules? Fantasy craft has different "campaign modules" that alter the game. We could use different modules to have more varied fights. Special rules for specific combats like "time attack", "endurance" or "no killing" And some abilities could be used only/have special effects in X set up.
    >> Henshin GM V2 !X4fiAsh4aw 12/15/10(Wed)21:15 No.13166195
         File1292465752.jpg-(122 KB, 650x522, Putties2.jpg)
    122 KB
    > What happens if the players are out of momentum and there is only a major monster left and no minions to rebuild their momentum from?

    Then they're morons for using anything more than a first rank ability on them.

    Minions will almost always be in a group of at least five or ten. Make no mistake, they can be trouble if your players dick around. With anything resembling competence though, the heroes can dispatch them with ease. If they surprise you then you'll have to fight them in your base form, or ward them off long enough to build up the momentum it takes to HENSHIN!

    Light Minions, will be slightly sub-par in the offence department, and have very few HP. One solid hit, two at the most, will do them in. Players should easily handle a horde of them.

    Tougher Minions, will be capable of hurting the players a little; if only tenderizing them for the Kaiju. They'll hit a little harder and be tougher to topple, but in the end they players should be able to handle being a smidge outnumbered.
    >> Henshin GM V2 !X4fiAsh4aw 12/15/10(Wed)21:19 No.13166224
    If all goes acording to plan, such a thing would be like the mid-season climax, where no clear victor is decied and the bad guy leaves because his intentions have been foiled. (You don't have to knock'm out/kill'm to 'beat' him).

    Meh. More so I like to think that could just be handled by the GM.

    "That building's on fire and there's still a girl inside. A handful of baddies are around and you don't have time to wait for everyone else. The two of you are going to have to handle this one. Roll MOMENTUM!"

    It doesn't seem to me that there's a need for extra rules to pull of something other than, "THERE HE IS... GET'M!"
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)21:22 No.13166256
    How will the system handle a large amount of minion in battle with several players?
    It can get really hectic with too much rolls needed if one is needed for every minion and every player. You should make precaution that some players might focus multitarget attacks to dispatch hordes of minions alon and rack up lots of momentum, while this way he might be stealing the needed momentum from the rest of the players.

    Also as you said minions should endanger players when encountered en masse. I m saying that even if a player is high level and minions are low level the palyer shouldn never be completely invulnerable to them just because of hi high def stats.

    You don't have to answer these I m just throwing in random ideas as I think.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)21:27 No.13166308
         File1292466434.jpg-(48 KB, 560x560, figure kuuga RISING ULTIMATE.jpg)
    48 KB
    there's smething not clear yet: will this system have a level-up factor? or should we stick to static level- mid-end season upgrades ?
    >> Titanium Man 12/15/10(Wed)21:30 No.13166351
    How about having MOMENTUM! slowly recharge when the players can't build it through being awesome or dispatching minions?
    >> Henshin GM V2 !X4fiAsh4aw 12/15/10(Wed)21:31 No.13166354
    I agree that total invincibility is a no go. I want it to be easy, but not effortless.

    As far as masses go, the players get two actions a turn. So on average the most ATK rolls they'll be making is 2 a piece. So even when you've got 5 players that's still only 10 rolls.

    However, perhaps minions should have some special rule (help me think of a name if you like this) where all the minions that are attacking the same player are only one attack roll with a bonus adder per minion attacking.

    Hero Rider 7 is being attacked by 5 Minions with an ATK bonus of 10. You roll the attack as though one where attacking, but then give him a +1 per aditional minion, totaling in an ATK of 14 (which with an adverage roll of 7 is capable of hitting a hero.) Then you deal that one minion's damage.
    Like when you see all those minions pile onto the hero, and he fends them off for the most part but every now and again one gets in a good blow.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)21:33 No.13166377
    that should be a special skill, or a character trait
    >> Henshin GM V2 !X4fiAsh4aw 12/15/10(Wed)21:39 No.13166447
         File1292467179.jpg-(291 KB, 720x4320, 1289178827121.jpg)
    291 KB
    No levels. Character advancement will be done, if at all, in the form of rewards. i.e. A new power, or alternate form (which switches out Stat Mods and gets a different finisher).

    Characters get Starter MOMENTUM! when they enter an encounter equal to their Conviction + # of allies. That should average out somewhere around 6-8. Even if you some how hit 0, basic attacks and actions don't cost MOMENTUM!, so you could jump in and build some back up.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)21:43 No.13166500
    Call it Dog Pile!
    >> Henshin GM V2 !X4fiAsh4aw 12/15/10(Wed)21:44 No.13166503
    I LOVE IT!
    >> Henshin GM V2 !X4fiAsh4aw 12/15/10(Wed)21:45 No.13166515
    I'll be back in a little bit. My internet may crap out between then and now (or not at all tonight, WHO KNOWS!?) but please post your concerns, questions, and requests regardless.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)21:46 No.13166529
    MegaUpload link seem broken.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)22:00 No.13166711
    >> Titanium Man 12/15/10(Wed)22:08 No.13166808

    Just add the periods and it works fine. Downloading now.
    >> Titanium Man 12/15/10(Wed)22:39 No.13167253
    Okay, I don't really understand this :V Maybe if I made a character. Can't do it right now, though - writefagging :V
    >> Henshin GM V2 !X4fiAsh4aw 12/15/10(Wed)22:47 No.13167370
    What don't you get?
    >> Titanium Man 12/15/10(Wed)22:48 No.13167402
    Well, I bet if I sit down and give it a more step-by-step runthrough, I'll be able to understand. Like I said, I'll make a character and see how it all goes together.
    >> Henshin GM V2 !X4fiAsh4aw 12/15/10(Wed)22:50 No.13167428
    Coolio. I'll probably be here until 1am ish. (or as long as my interwebs hold out).
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)22:59 No.13167541
    Mmm, Sleet.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)23:10 No.13167655
         File1292472602.jpg-(27 KB, 400x300, 1253148299135.jpg)
    27 KB
    >your face when you realize nobody you know is aware of what Kamen Rider even is
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)23:19 No.13167742
         File1292473145.jpg-(35 KB, 640x400, 7539416.jpg)
    35 KB
    Then tell them!
    >> Henshin GM V2 !X4fiAsh4aw 12/15/10(Wed)23:20 No.13167761
         File1292473256.gif-(51 KB, 416x600, 1289418656329.gif)
    51 KB
    > mfw that's how I maintain my secret identity so easily.
    >> Henshin GM V2 !X4fiAsh4aw 12/15/10(Wed)23:42 No.13167967
         File1292474561.jpg-(43 KB, 640x480, 1289258307271.jpg)
    43 KB
    Alight guys, my connection is beginning to crap out.
    SO, post anything you want to let me know. Power's you'd like to see, monsters you want me to be aware of.
    Images are also ALWAYS welcome.

    I'll check back in the morning.
    g' night.
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)23:44 No.13167992
         File1292474680.jpg-(14 KB, 371x345, Kamen Rider Kiva Rook 4.jpg)
    14 KB
    Though, their
    >insta-kill anyone who doesn't run from glowing energy life sucker blades
    is kinda imbalanced.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/10(Thu)00:14 No.13168284
    Ok, why is the file on megaupload a .wps file. I had to go and actually look up what it was, and word is having a hard as hell time getting any legible text out of it.

    >The WPS file extension is something of a relic when it comes to word processing programs. It was the original word processing program when DOS was introduced in the late 1980s. As with all things '80s-related, it seems there are still some WPS files in circulation or on old floppy disks that need to be introduced to the 21st century.

    So why isn't this up as a pdf or word doc?
    >> Anonymous 12/16/10(Thu)00:26 No.13168407
    works for me
    >> Anonymous 12/16/10(Thu)00:49 No.13168672
    Open it with the Microsoft Works word processor. Last time I checked, it was included with all Windows OSs.
    >> Titanium Man 12/16/10(Thu)00:59 No.13168797

    We must have Dopants and CLOCK UP, this I'm certain.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/10(Thu)01:04 No.13168847
         File1292479452.jpg-(131 KB, 728x1050, RIDERHENSHIN1.jpg)
    131 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/16/10(Thu)01:04 No.13168851
         File1292479487.jpg-(243 KB, 1456x1050, RIDERHENSHIN2.jpg)
    243 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/16/10(Thu)01:06 No.13168864
         File1292479565.jpg-(860 KB, 1458x1388, ITSKICKASSTIME.jpg)
    860 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/16/10(Thu)01:07 No.13168879
         File1292479675.jpg-(152 KB, 676x761, KamenRider2.jpg)
    152 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/16/10(Thu)01:25 No.13169052
    Where can I find this apparently awesome translated Kamen Rider manga?
    >> Anonymous 12/16/10(Thu)11:31 No.13173832
    Justice bump.
    >> Titanium Man 12/16/10(Thu)12:06 No.13174223

    That's Kamen Rider Spirits and I believe it's on Mangafox.
    >> Titanium Man 12/16/10(Thu)13:35 No.13175102
    All right, I'll give this another bump because now I'm gonna sit down and work out a character, with critique when I'm finished.
    >> Titanium Man 12/16/10(Thu)14:08 No.13175491

    Here's my sheet, comments in asterisks:

    Kamen Rider Darkhold

    BACKSTORY: Jacob Conroy was once a man who aspired to be a superhero, and when he was bestowed the mystic artifact called the Devil's Knight, he got that chance. Fearing his newfound taste for violence, he vows to use discipline and a strict code to control himself and bring justice to his city as Kamen Rider Darkhold.

    ORIGIN: Magic (+ 4 Power points, -1 Unversal Point, 1 power can be used out of suit at Rank (RES-2 [to a minimum of one]) *I assume it means Universal Point, and since no other points are subtracted from any other origin, I'll assume it's +1 and not -1*

    STR: 4 + 1 /5!
    TOU: 2 + 2 /4!
    AGI: 3 + 1 /4!
    COR: 2 + 1 /3!
    INT: 2
    RES: 2
    SOC: 2
    CNV: 4

    *Dumped all my Universal Points into Base Form: my guy is a martial artist.*

    HEALTH: 16/21 *Does Empowered Toughness apply to Empowered Health?*

    DEFENSE: 11/12 *Again, Empowered Agility applies to Defense?*

    SPEED: 5/5

    >> Raito Sonozaki !!4OUCVHhUOgB 12/16/10(Thu)14:24 No.13175699
    IT"S ALIVE! :D
    >> Titanium Man 12/16/10(Thu)14:41 No.13175895


    As for other comments: the Base/Empowered Stats system feels a lot more streamlined than the previous incarnation, so I'm digging that.

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