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  • File : 1290578625.jpg-(27 KB, 600x355, viktor reznov.jpg)
    27 KB Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)01:03 No.12911833  
    I'm going to be playing a Vostroyan Rogue Trader/Battlefleet Commander. I need pictures.

    Picture related because Vostroya is Space Russia.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)01:04 No.12911842
    >>12911833Picture nut fucking related at oll

    HAT WEAR!?
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)01:04 No.12911844
    >> An0nymous !lZQXCgS9fQ 11/24/10(Wed)01:05 No.12911853
    rolled 20280 = 20280


    >> An0nymous !lZQXCgS9fQ 11/24/10(Wed)01:06 No.12911856
    rolled 21374 = 21374


    >> An0nymous !lZQXCgS9fQ 11/24/10(Wed)01:06 No.12911860
    rolled 30103 = 30103


    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)01:07 No.12911862
         File1290578835.jpg-(42 KB, 484x600, 1271546244058.jpg)
    42 KB
    >add wicked mustache and goggles
    >> An0nymous !lZQXCgS9fQ 11/24/10(Wed)01:07 No.12911864
    rolled 24416 = 24416


    >> An0nymous !lZQXCgS9fQ 11/24/10(Wed)01:10 No.12911888
         File1290579039.jpg-(35 KB, 500x738, 1536 - vladimir_putin wink.jpg)
    35 KB
    rolled 23404 = 23404

    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)01:12 No.12911897
    You fuckers.
    >> An0nymous !lZQXCgS9fQ 11/24/10(Wed)01:13 No.12911911
    rolled 32777 = 32777


    Nah its singular. 'Fucker'
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)01:16 No.12911935
    Reznov died in Vorkuta. The numbers are a Russian trigger to set off numerous bioweapons across the US. You kill everyone on 'the list', but you still end up being the one who will kill Kennedy. The man behind the glass is Weaver and Hudson.
    >> An0nymous !lZQXCgS9fQ 11/24/10(Wed)01:19 No.12911977
    rolled 32901 = 32901


    Also Vorkuta was the best mission in the entire game outside of the WW2 Flashback, and the rest are pretty okay.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)01:21 No.12911993
    How did Reznov get into your mindwashing, anyway?
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)01:22 No.12912001
    The music that played during was awesome.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)01:24 No.12912017
         File1290579852.jpg-(90 KB, 940x613, 1232135675311.jpg)
    90 KB
    So...what do you need, russian military pics?
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)01:25 No.12912030
         File1290579949.png-(5 KB, 104x126, dangit guys.png)
    5 KB
    I was looking for a Vostroyan character pic.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)01:26 No.12912038
    Found it on youtube, here it is for all to enjoy.

    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)01:27 No.12912048

    Killed. Past tense. It happens sometime during the gap between the Baikonur mission and the SOG Vietnam missions, since the assassination occured in 1963 while the Vietnam missions up through the rest of the game take place in 1968.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)01:28 No.12912054
         File1290580097.jpg-(27 KB, 460x290, ramius.jpg)
    27 KB
    It reminds me of the heady days of Sputnik and Yuri Gagarin when the world trembled at the sound of our rockets. Now they will tremble again - at the sound of our silence. The order is: engage the silent drive.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)01:28 No.12912055
         File1290580107.jpg-(155 KB, 466x700, 9f4881f9ed56.jpg)
    155 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)01:29 No.12912067
         File1290580171.jpg-(163 KB, 700x466, 9f4881f9ed56.jpg)
    163 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)01:31 No.12912087
         File1290580298.jpg-(140 KB, 700x466, c574a924b6b7.jpg)
    140 KB
    >> Viktor Reznov 11/24/10(Wed)01:33 No.12912101
         File1290580417.png-(165 KB, 469x376, Reznov.png)
    165 KB
    "Dragovich. Steiner. Kravchenko. All must die!"
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)01:34 No.12912115
         File1290580498.jpg-(177 KB, 466x700, 80212bebc873.jpg)
    177 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)01:35 No.12912116
         File1290580502.jpg-(29 KB, 383x512, 1275513813902.jpg)
    29 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)01:36 No.12912131
    Reznov, baddest motherfucker in the world.
    Except... Except for Dimitri. Damn you, Treyarch.
    >> An0nymous !lZQXCgS9fQ 11/24/10(Wed)01:37 No.12912140
    rolled 19373 = 19373


    I didn't realize he was from World at War until his flashback mission, and then I saw Demitry and thought: 'FUCK YEAH! LETS DO THIS SHI-... wait. What, no. Why are they throwing us in here! FUCKERS! YOU FUCKERS! NO! NOOO!'

    God dammit.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)01:37 No.12912141
    Dmitri deserved to die like a hero.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)01:38 No.12912145

    This motherfucker is the only reason I enjoyed the campaign at all. Every time he would pop in and act badass I was like "SEE? DO YOU SEE HIM? HE IS WHAT ALL PEOPLE STRIVE TO BE! SECURE THE MOTHERFUCKING KEYS FOR HIS MANLY WRATH WILL DESTROY YOU!"
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)01:38 No.12912146
         File1290580717.jpg-(305 KB, 1440x1755, reached consensus.jpg)
    305 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)01:38 No.12912147
         File1290580717.gif-(49 B, 1x1, Reznov.gif)
    49 B
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)01:39 No.12912153
    Typical speach of Reznov:
    - Revenge revenge revenge revenge revenge revenge! Revenge revenge revenge! Revenge revenge revenge revenge!
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)01:40 No.12912163
    Even in death, Reznov fucks your shit up.
    Vietcong? Reznov will stab you in the fucking ear.
    Russian? Reznov will kill you with a fucking hatchet.
    German? Reznov will shoot you in the teeth.
    American? Reznov will shoot your one-eyed Russian friend.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)01:40 No.12912167
    Wouldnt reznov be more Vallhalan? since theyre all boisterous yet bloodthirsty WWII red army soldiers?
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)01:41 No.12912174
    "Now it is their land, their people... Their blood!"

    The single coolest line in that fucking game. The guy was a maniac, but he was a very, very motivational maniac.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)01:42 No.12912179
    In Soviet Russia, hero dies like dog!
    >> An0nymous !lZQXCgS9fQ 11/24/10(Wed)01:43 No.12912193
    rolled 20373 = 20373


    Gary FUCKING Oldman
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)01:43 No.12912194
         File1290581004.jpg-(45 KB, 538x494, 1270004320862.jpg)
    45 KB

    He was like that in World at War too. I was so fucking excited when I saw him in this game AND THEN HE TOOK THE SPOTLIGHT!

    Pic related, it was my face when "STEP 1: SECURE THE KEYS!"
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)01:44 No.12912213
         File1290581099.png-(7 KB, 500x364, 1275427255165.png)
    7 KB
    Mason:' "Reznov, your men must know this is suicide!"

    Reznov: "Victory cannot be achieved without sacrifice, Mason... We Russians know this better than anyone..."
    >mfw I realize this is the same Viktor Motherfucking Reznov.
    >> Viktor Reznov 11/24/10(Wed)01:48 No.12912241
         File1290581318.jpg-(38 KB, 522x376, Reznov4.jpg)
    38 KB
    "The rotten cancer of the Fascist Reich ravages Europe like a plague. Their relentless drive into our motherland steals the lives of men, women, and children alike. The arrogance of their leaders is matched only by the brutality of their soldiers. These are the darkest days of the Nazi occupation of Stalingrad."
    >> An0nymous !lZQXCgS9fQ 11/24/10(Wed)01:49 No.12912245
    rolled 23721 = 23721

    I wanna make an NPC Dreadnought named Viktor in my Deathwatch game...
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)01:50 No.12912257

    Motherfucking do it nigga.

    But you must, I repeat MUST prepare inspirational speeches for him to share, for there is no Viktor without wanting to follow him into a hail of bullets
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)01:51 No.12912261
    "When the fascist reich fell, our people entered a new age.
    It was not the age we had hoped for. Heroes were killed, or locked away, and the songs of our fathers were silenced.
    And then they sealed me away. In Vorkuta, the sun never shined. But with the help of an unlikely ally, we toppled our prison. I died for the third time there, helping my American ally escape.
    I once told Dimitri Petrenko that as long as he lived, the heart of this army could never die. Time has made me a liar, for I am a soldier in the Red Army, and my heart beats still.
    Mason took the first step. But it is up to us, now, to take the second."


    >Please, God
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)01:53 No.12912276
    If there is any justice in this world, this will come to pass.
    >> Viktor Reznov 11/24/10(Wed)01:53 No.12912284
         File1290581636.jpg-(22 KB, 300x241, Reznov5.jpg)
    22 KB
    "We have lost many brave men, but their sacrifice is not in vain. Our tanks now form a line of steel so powerful that all German resistance will be crushed beneath it's mighty treads. Today, we will watch as Seelow falls, along with all those foolish enough to stand in our way."
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)01:53 No.12912286
    Was i the only one that thought that having Viktor as a 'imaginary back to back badass' made you fight like two men at once?

    ..and also allowed you two open doors from across the room and help you lift objects and shit.
    >> An0nymous !lZQXCgS9fQ 11/24/10(Wed)01:54 No.12912293
    rolled 15827 = 15827





    Then proceeds to lay waste with a twin linked auto cannon.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)01:54 No.12912299

    M-m-mother of god... If they make that I will forgive the terribly balanced multiplayer and generic gameplay, just to hear that speech coming from Vikto Reznov, the immortal soldier

    >beset aratolu
    Perhaps they will be beset on all sides in Aratolu?
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)01:54 No.12912300
    And infiltrate a Russian military base despite not being a Russian.
    Clearly, this is evidence that Mason is fucking batman.
    >> An0nymous !lZQXCgS9fQ 11/24/10(Wed)01:55 No.12912313
    rolled 30200 = 30200


    Gave Mason psychic powers?
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)01:56 No.12912321
         File1290581798.png-(7 KB, 191x234, 1276254225362.png)
    7 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)01:56 No.12912324

    Delete that, why'd you even post that?
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)01:57 No.12912326

    remember most of the game is past tense, as Mason remembers event occurring. Mason's perspective is hardly accurate or reliable
    >> Reagh for the Skies !5lnSPk8tK. 11/24/10(Wed)01:57 No.12912328
         File1290581825.jpg-(141 KB, 672x570, Vost:hallan.jpg)
    141 KB
    Funny how a lot of people don't seem to note the difference between Vostroyans and Valhallans
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)01:57 No.12912337
         File1290581869.jpg-(120 KB, 444x352, burn them all.jpg)
    120 KB
    >> An0nymous !lZQXCgS9fQ 11/24/10(Wed)01:57 No.12912338
    rolled 13870 = 13870


    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)01:58 No.12912347

    'Course, but that aint nearly as awesome as having a imaginary friend that kicks ass and gives epic speeches.. and lives on inside of you and allows you to fight as two men.
    >> Viktor Reznov 11/24/10(Wed)01:58 No.12912348
         File1290581923.png-(210 KB, 669x376, Reznov2.png)
    210 KB

    You will die here.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)01:59 No.12912360
    Apparently he posts these pictures wherever someone says shit.

    Yeah... he's a loser,
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)02:00 No.12912372
         File1290582027.png-(16 KB, 298x451, YES..png)
    16 KB
    Ooftah. Now you know why those guys lost the Cold War. They had Viktor Reznov tearing shit up behind the iron curtain the entire time.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)02:01 No.12912375
    waiting for verification...
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)02:01 No.12912383
    Clearly Viktor Reznov is the spiritual embodiment of heroism and motivation. His ideals will never be crushed, his body may be destroyed, but he will remain, living on through those that serve with him
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)02:02 No.12912387
    Reported, shit for brains.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)02:02 No.12912394
    Jesus Christ, dude.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)02:03 No.12912396
    Mods a sleep, if you couldn't tell yet, brains working for shit.

    Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, shit. Fuck you.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)02:04 No.12912406
    >every soldier that was lead by and fought with Reznov will always have a bit of him inside of them, providing inspiration and direction when needed most.

    >along with an extra fighting buddy, so you will never have to fight alone.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)02:04 No.12912412
         File1290582295.jpg-(10 KB, 360x240, Trollbob.jpg)
    10 KB
    >mod's asleep
    Is he, now?
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)02:05 No.12912414
    >> Viktor Reznov 11/24/10(Wed)02:06 No.12912424
    "Brave comrades of Vorkuta, the time has come to rise against our oppressors! Today we show the hearts of true Russians! We have all given our blood for the motherland. We have answered her calls without question. We gave our youth, our hearts, our very souls for her protection ... as brothers, we fought side by side against the German fascists. We crawled trough dirt and blood and sand to achieve our glorious victory ... Not for medals, or glory, but for what was right. We fought for revenge ... And when Berlin fell, how did our leaders repay us? We returned not to rapturous welcome ... but to suspicion and persecution."
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)02:07 No.12912432
    This has downsides. Reznov never leaves, and he sure as hell never retires.
    Ever seen a guy in a bar talking to nobody? Odds are, that man served with Viktor Reznov.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)02:08 No.12912446

    Such is life in Soviet Russia

    But seriously we need some epic writefaggotry of Reznov showing up in other settings to inspire heroism. He cares not what side is heroic, only that their actions are those of true heroes
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)02:09 No.12912449
         File1290582549.jpg-(17 KB, 400x225, Reznov13.jpg)
    17 KB
    "No Mason, you must never mix alcohols, drink Vodka only, and nothing else. Also, read this in my voice."
    >> Viktor Reznov 11/24/10(Wed)02:11 No.12912469
         File1290582699.jpg-(26 KB, 470x376, Reznov8.jpg)
    26 KB
    "You can make it, my friend. You always survive."
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)02:12 No.12912476
         File1290582743.jpg-(130 KB, 366x550, lol.jpg)
    130 KB
    I wanted a character pic, and this happens. I am pleased with you, /tg/.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)02:12 No.12912478
    >Served with reznov
    >punch the other guy out by standing there and watching reznov, to the enemy a invisible force beat the crap out of him.

    Resnov is a ascended mortal deity/immortal..
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)02:13 No.12912486

    And because Reznov tells you you can, you do!

    Such is the power of a Russian accent and glorious speechification
    >> An0nymous !lZQXCgS9fQ 11/24/10(Wed)02:13 No.12912487
    rolled 23511 = 23511


    Damn you man. Damn you glorious glorious man.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)02:14 No.12912495
         File1290582873.jpg-(51 KB, 407x326, 1d0.jpg)
    51 KB
    I always assumed that the Reznov you were watching was Mason, except from some weird bits where it gets trippy. Does this mean that YOU were playing Reznov?
    >> τιτυs !titusGG64g 11/24/10(Wed)02:14 No.12912496
    I would march into the Warp if Reznov were my commissar. True story, bro.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)02:19 No.12912531
    My commissar was slain, but then a charismatic man that i did not know was in my squad took to the font, and began to give his speech. it ended with "STEP ONE: ACHIEVE VICTORY." echoed by every man that could see him, including myself.
    >> Viktor Reznov 11/24/10(Wed)02:19 No.12912533
    "He and us, are not so different... We are all soldiers, without an army. Betrayed, forgotten, abandoned, at Vorkuta we ALL are brothers!"
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)02:20 No.12912539
    Viktor Reznov -120 pts (Replaces Platoon Commander)
    WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv
    4 5 3 3 3 4 3 10 5+

    Equipment: Flack Armor, Power Weapon, Storm Bolter, Frag Grenades, Krak Grenades
    Independent Character, Eternal Warrior, Aura of Fervor, Special Orders: Their Land, Their Blood

    Aura of Fervor
    All Imperial Guard units may use Viktor Reznov's leadership in place of their own if they are within 24" of him on the field.

    Their Land, Their Blood
    This order may only be issued to the unit to which Reznov is attached. If successful, Reznov and his unit become WS 5, I 4 and gain Furious Charge until the beginning of your next turn.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)02:20 No.12912540

    I would charge headlong into the fight with unspeakable inhuman horrors armed with nothing but a primed grenade if Viktor Reznov was my commisar
    >> Viktor Reznov 11/24/10(Wed)02:20 No.12912542
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)02:22 No.12912559
    You are aware this ability would allow you to roll space wolves in melee with IG conscripts, yes?
    ...Proceed. He's 120 points and has toughness 3 and a 5+ save, I will not begrudge it.
    >> Viktor Reznov 11/24/10(Wed)02:24 No.12912567
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)02:27 No.12912591
    This guy costs more than Iron Hand Straken. He'd better be damn worth i-
    >Their Land, Their Blood
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)02:29 No.12912610
    Y'know, I hate to sound a duff note but you do know that the Cossack-inspired Vostroyans would never associate with a Red like Reznov, right?
    >> τιτυs !titusGG64g 11/24/10(Wed)02:30 No.12912623
    Reznov isn't a red. He's a patriot and a nationalist. They'd take him with open arms.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)02:31 No.12912636
    Maybe not while they're fighting the Germans, but what about afterwards?
    What about Vorkuta? Nobody knows as much about being betrayed by your own country as Cossacks.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)02:31 No.12912640
    OP, try visiting the GW website. You'll be able to look at the whole miniature range then.
    >> Viktor Reznov 11/24/10(Wed)02:34 No.12912668
         File1290584078.jpg-(42 KB, 669x376, Reznov9.jpg)
    42 KB
    "For you Mason! Not for me!"
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)02:37 No.12912692
    Magnificent son of a bitch. I made 'em pay, Reznov. Goddamn I made 'em pay.
    >> Adept Strelok 11/24/10(Wed)02:38 No.12912703
    as did i comrade. then i raged and played WaW soviet levels - Black Ops Reznov levels.

    it was brilliant
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)02:39 No.12912711
         File1290584350.jpg-(99 KB, 700x525, master.jpg)
    99 KB
    >> Viktor Reznov 11/24/10(Wed)02:41 No.12912729
         File1290584475.jpg-(38 KB, 257x376, Reznov6.jpg)
    38 KB
    "Show courage! Show strength! Show pride! But show no mercy!"
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)02:41 No.12912730
    United forever in friendship and labor, our mighty republics shall ever rejoice,
    The great Soviet Union shall live through the ages,
    The dream of a people, their fortress secure...
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)02:45 No.12912771
    Viktor Reznov -??? pts (Replaces Platoon Commander)
    WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv
    4 4 3 3 3 3 3 10 5+

    Equipment: Flack Armor, Power Weapon, Bolt Pistol, Frag Grenades
    Independent Character, Eternal Warrior, Aura of Fervor, Orders: Get Back In The Fight!, Bring it Down, Their Land, Their Blood!

    Aura of Fervor
    All Imperial Guard infantry units may use Viktor Reznov's leadership in place of their own if they are within 24" of him on the field.

    Their Land, Their Blood!
    Resnov inspires a unit to heroically sacrifice itself for the cause. Until end of turn, the unit re-rolls all attacks to hit and wound, but may not take cover saves until the beginning of the controlling player's next turn
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)02:47 No.12912789
    that reminds me
    is the master dead or just stuck in the time-locked gallifrey/time war?
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)02:50 No.12912811
    >the unit may re-roll failed attacks to hit and wound

    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)02:51 No.12912819
    There lived a certain man, in Russia long ago
    (He was big and strong and in his eyes a flaming glow)
    The Germans looked at him, with terror and fear,
    (But to the Red Army he was such a great leader,)
    He could kill some Germans with a cleaver,
    No fear no matter how dire, but, he also was the kind of leader
    men would follow into fire!

    Rah Rah Reznov's Here, Nazis trembling in fear,
    There was a cat who really was down,
    Rah Rah Reznov's here, Master Ppsh-ier,
    And such a shame that Dimka is gone,
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)02:53 No.12912830
    Stop hijacking Turisas's awesome songs for this shit.

    As Finns, they'd obviously disaprove of this faggot.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)02:54 No.12912840
    I recall a man. A man of charisma and heroism. He lead his men with an iron fist, yet no one would question him. This was not because of his iron fist, all love him. Do you know why, my little petrenka? He spoke with heart, his speech was full of the most powerful soul one could hope for. His name? Viktor Reznov
    >> Viktor Reznov 11/24/10(Wed)02:54 No.12912842
    "Our grip tightens around the black heart of Berlin. The Führer demands all to shed their last drop of blood in it's defense. The old, the young, the weak. If they stand for Germany, they die for Germany. Building by building. Room by room. One rat at a time."
    >> Adept Strelok 11/24/10(Wed)02:55 No.12912862
    > doesnt understand that the song is by Boney M and the Turisas Version is a cover

    try harder faggot.

    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)02:56 No.12912864
    As Finns, they can also burn in hell.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)02:57 No.12912881
    Butthurt Russian detected.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)02:57 No.12912882
    You can't acuse someone of ignorance AND trolling on one post ya know, it's gotta be one or the other.
    >> Viktor Reznov 11/24/10(Wed)02:58 No.12912892
    Stop the pointless bickering brothers!
    >> Adept Strelok 11/24/10(Wed)02:59 No.12912898
    blast. In that case I'll stick with Ignorance.

    their still a faggot for not knowing when a band they like is playing a cover though.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)03:00 No.12912902
    >go to check Boney M's version
    >fucking boring, stoic singing

    You best be trollan mon.
    >> Adept Strelok 11/24/10(Wed)03:01 No.12912910
    about what? The Boney M song came first. that is my statement. i personally prefer the Turisas Version, even if i do think the Video is ridiculous.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)03:01 No.12912914
         File1290585700.jpg-(24 KB, 302x452, my eyebrows.jpg)
    24 KB
    Don't make me come over there and slap all of your shit. This thread is made of comrades and brothers in arms, not slapfighting like impotent homosexual nazis.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)03:02 No.12912928



    Seriously go troll some other thread with scat porn, that seems to be the theme on /tg/ today
    >> Viktor Reznov 11/24/10(Wed)03:02 No.12912929
    Fortune smiles on us. In Berlin the Germans will truly see what they have unleashed. But in the midst of all the blood, the bullets, and the dead i have found who is still very much alive. Dimitri Petrenko, I saw this man cheat death time after time at the siege of Stalingrad. As long as he lives the heart of this army cannot be broken, he makes us all proud."
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)03:04 No.12912946
    The Boney M song will be disregarded for sucking and shame on you for even bringing it up. I can now never listen to Turisas the same way.Goddamn it.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)03:06 No.12912964
    I thought tripfag hating was what we were doing today? Or was that just last night?
    >> Adept Strelok 11/24/10(Wed)03:06 No.12912965
    dont disregard the source material bro. just feel glad someone made a better version!
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)03:07 No.12912975

    A butthurt american, got it. Confirmed for both being ignorant of the awesome that is the glorified and totally unrealistic portrayal of soviet era heroes, and that being a general asshat
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)03:07 No.12912976
    Don't. Ever. Call me "bro". You fucking faggot.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)03:07 No.12912978
    Hey hey hey
    Hey hey buddy
    I'm playing that game
    hey hey, hey buddy
    You know hey, hey you know
    hey, you know I stopped reading when I got to numbers?
    >> Adept Strelok 11/24/10(Wed)03:12 No.12913022
    I see.

    strike some sort of nerve there did i?
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)03:13 No.12913030

    Normally I wouldn't respond to your incredibly obvious trolling, but this thread is derailed anyway so I'll do it.

    What about the soviets made them "evil"? Do you realize that when they were in power Russia had been invaded 3 times in a single generation? Almost sucessfully twice? They were fucking terrified of anyone doing it again. Thats why the Iron Curtain went up. They were bros during WW2, taking most of the casualties and whatever Germany could throw at them and still managed to get to Berlin first. They tried an economic system that in theory should have made the world a utopia.

    Russia is the very definition of "we've made some mistakes along the way"
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)03:15 No.12913038
    No, subhuman scum, you didn't, you rap loving, fratboy, I'm just naturaly "sensitive". Where did all this fucking "bro-ing" come from anyway? I blame the summerfags...
    >> Adept Strelok 11/24/10(Wed)03:15 No.12913040

    you forgot to mention that Stalin and friends actions do not make an evil state. merely cruel, sadistic, paranoid or otherwise mentally unhinged leaders.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)03:15 No.12913041
    That's not how that meme works...
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)03:15 No.12913042
    I'm Russian by birth and damned if that didn't make me feel proud. I'm off, to go visit that game recruitment thread now, but I feel a whole lot better.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)03:17 No.12913054

    Typically ignorant scum like that identify the leaders with any nation that isn't their's so I ignored those helpful bits of history in order for his tiny mind to comprehend what I was saying
    >> Adept Strelok 11/24/10(Wed)03:17 No.12913059
    >Implying I'm some american stereotype

    Ausfag here you fuckwit. try a stereotype that fits.
    >> Adept Strelok 11/24/10(Wed)03:18 No.12913064
    fair enough
    >> Viktor Reznov 11/24/10(Wed)03:19 No.12913075
    You bickering fools! What have you done to this once glorious thread!?
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)03:20 No.12913080
    Retarded rap loving subhuman scum aplies globaly these days. But you being Australian, I understand how you didn't yet get the message.
    >> Viktor Reznov 11/24/10(Wed)03:24 No.12913121
    I must be off, but i hope when i return that this once inspiring thread has gained its glory once again!
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)03:25 No.12913129
    NONSENSE! All commie scum were evil bastards down to the last downtroden peasant!

    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)03:27 No.12913141

    Toldja buddy, identifying leaders with the country as a whole.

    The Stalinist age was a terrible, terrible time. But its been looked at, and guess what? Those famines would have killed a whole fuckton of people without the collectivisation, maybe not as many people but it sure as hell would not have been pretty.

    Now the land mine clearing shit is obviously false, where'd you get those ideas? Educated during the 60s in America were we?

    Lastly they burned and raped their way across Germany, a great deal of that damage was done BY GERMANY using a scorched earth policy on the Russians so they couldn't salvage anything

    Learn to unbias your history, my god
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)03:28 No.12913152
    >Those famines would have killed a whole fuckton of people without the collectivisation, maybe not as many people but it sure as hell would not have been pretty.
    Uh, the big famine was pretty much ENTIRELY manufactured.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)03:28 No.12913156
    Wasn''t done by germany, it was done by the Nazi party. Learn to unbias YOUR history.

    And then all the German women raped themselves, right?
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)03:30 No.12913172
    >If they truly didn't support Stalin, they'd have fucking risen up and done something about it. Instead they were either pretty content with it or simply too cowardly to do anything about it.
    You fucking moron.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)03:31 No.12913178
    Hey "Adept Strelok" You stupid, stupid fucker.
    I'm here to hopefully educate you.
    click on this link you named fuck

    also >>12911935
    God Dammit, are you that stupid?
    in that games time continuum Kennedy, Nixon, Fidel, and some other guy I can't remember and don't feel like googling take on zombies (and prolly die while doing it)
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)03:33 No.12913188
    It's not like Stalin implemented the Gulagh and had 20,000 officers executed just because he was paranoid, right? No, this seems like a tottaly reasonable guy to rebel against.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)03:35 No.12913194
    Just Indians.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)03:35 No.12913205

    Lets examine it from the other perspective shall we?

    After world war 2 the US was a giant fucking powerhouse of terrifying industrial might, that also didn't spend as much manpower on the war as the USSR. There were multiple country's armies sitting right by the Russian border and most of whom had made it very clear they didn't approve of Communism. Lastly the US had this really giant bomb they used to nuke the japs.

    That is a terrifying situation to find yourself in as a nation. That territory was held so that in the event of an invasion they might stand half a nut's chance. Continuing on into the Cold War era they now sit in a stalemate with the US, who by their perspective would like nothing better than to bomb the shit out of the USSR and call themselves just in doing so (to be fair this was on both sides, neither turned out to be right). So you hold those territories you took as bargaining chips and make sure the US can't put short range batteries or interceptors there.

    The Korean and Vietnam wars both would seem to be Imperialist engagements by the US by any other eyes than the US's

    Lastly I still don't know where your getting this "treated them like shit" from, most people in the USSR lived poorer but nowhere near slave class lives.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)03:36 No.12913211
    Are you saying that you would stop clapping first? I get the feeling that you're full of shit.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)03:36 No.12913214
    and putting any japanese descended citizens in campos during WWII
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)03:36 No.12913215
    They're still dead. And were American citizens.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)03:39 No.12913232
    >just because the people you shoot at can shoot back.

    how about when they are shooting back?
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)03:39 No.12913235
    Right, because after the gulaghs, the reorganization into Kolcozs and the reorganisation of the red Army, i.e. 4 million dead later, you would feel inclined to rebel against this guy... yeah, right.

    So be courageous, revolt! You'll be fucking shot, if you are lucky.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)03:40 No.12913246
    >I'm allergic to history texts!
    You make me sad.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)03:41 No.12913249

    And the Americans were justified in taking heads from Japanese soldiers right? Its estimated that 50% of the Japanese bodies came home lacking a head, let alone the other body part trophies taken after death.

    Or how about the fact that the United States gave a pass to unit 731 in order to get the research obtained by using live chinese citizens as grenade targets or freezing them alive?

    If the USSR is an evil empire so is the US
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)03:42 No.12913258
    Which was the sensible thing to do, given everything else they'd seen out of the Japanese thusfar. And they had the decency not to shoot them all.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)03:43 No.12913263
    Right, because entire population groups suddenly get over their fear and revolt, right? Because they know that as soon as they do, the entire country will rise with them, isn't that right?

    >learn history
    >learn psychology
    >learn sociology
    >learn politics
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)03:44 No.12913274
    Definitely trolling. Locking up second-generation Japanese-American sixty-eight year-old women as enemy combatants might make sense to you, but not to anyone equipped with a thinking brain.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)03:45 No.12913281

    Riddle me this el'fantastico, how many sucessful rebellions have there been in recent history? (rebellions, by the people, for the people. A military coup doesn't count) I can think of 2, the Bolshevik revolution, leading to communism, and the civil war in China resulting in? Communism.

    The Nazi occupied France had a MASSIVE resistance set up, shuttling people back and forth and bombing supply routs. Guess what? They still had the puppet leaders. Its not as simple as you think
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)03:45 No.12913283
    I'd post a "u mad" pic, but I think I'll just screencap your post as a future example of the concept.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)03:46 No.12913287
    >implying anything, ever, can be categorized as evil rather then selfish or ignorant

    Tell me of this "evil" Because see, I don't think it exists.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)03:46 No.12913289
    It isn't easy to feel sympathy for the Japanese now. I'd rather not imagine what it was like while fighting them.
    As far as unit 731 goes, that was pretty horrible, but their research was valuable, even if the methods by which they obtained it were atrocious. If there is one thing WWII taught us, it is that nobody cares where science comes from, it is equally valuable.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)03:47 No.12913297
         File1290588435.jpg-(747 KB, 1280x1959, crossed- 023.jpg)
    747 KB
    You remind me of this guy.

    Just from the fact that you're on 4chan half a century later calling ordinary people who persevered through one of the worst eras of Russian history "cowards" tells me that you think real life is like DnD and videogames and that you wouldn't have the courage to do shit given their circumstances. You don't get to be the Jedi or the hero in real life. You're an NPC. Get in line or get against the wall.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)03:48 No.12913303

    Hey. Hey, fuck you. Southeast Asia took it up the ass from the Japanese- They had years to screw us over with, after the British fled. Those Jap bastards are raw, undiluted *evil*. They deserved everything they got, and then some- It's just a shame they didn't nuke Tokyo.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)03:48 No.12913306
    What the fuck has the scale got to do with anything? You've got to recognise the US did some pretty awful shit in their time and that it can't be discounted by "yeah, but they were worse". That isn't a justification of anything.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)03:49 No.12913312
    Please peruse my shitty attempt, anon.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)03:50 No.12913313
    Killing in self defense is fine, regardless of alignment. Murder is evil, regardless of alignment.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)03:50 No.12913314
         File1290588619.png-(16 KB, 1208x350, Yeah he mad.png)
    16 KB
    Whoops, forgot the pic, silly me.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)03:50 No.12913315
    Yeah, there is.
    Watching someone pretend they've done something meaningful with sporting equipment on a board dedicated to the opposite of it.

    You, ma'am, are fascinating.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)03:51 No.12913327
    Ok, then define "evil" if you are going to say an action against morals or ethics, I put to you: What about the motivation? How do you define if something is evil or not? When is it evil, when is it merely stupid or selfish?

    Oh, nice Ad Hominem, by the way.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)03:51 No.12913328
    I thank you for that image, kind anon.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)03:51 No.12913329

    You only think its not on the same scale because you were raised sucking the thumbs of your biased as fuck history classes. Taught by propaganda to "HATE THE REDS! RA RA AMERICA!" Ya they did shit that no one should be proud of, they aren't proud of it. They're like current Germany, they hate those parts of their history.

    Its the US who sits on the high horse and ignores everything they did that could be construed as bad simply saying "ya but look at what THEY did." Time to stop sucking your countries cock and become a citizen of the world you ignorant fox news watching, cousin raping, blacks shouldn't get the voting, abortion is wronging fuckwit
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)03:51 No.12913330
    lies repeated million times are turned in truth
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)03:52 No.12913339
    >rest of humanity
    Oh you.
    This board is no more a representation of the
    >rest of humanity
    than you are of your gender.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)03:54 No.12913353
         File1290588891.gif-(85 KB, 350x514, ITG Magazine.gif)
    85 KB
    While I'd like to see some corroborating evidence of this "half of all Japanese corpses in the Pacific Theater were missing their heads" thing, even I've got to post this pic in response to >>12913307

    Otherwise, ITT: people who have been spoon-fed their bullshit and biased versions of history from childhood on both sides of the argument meet and explode in a shitstorm of mutual fail and idiocy.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)03:55 No.12913357
    Fanaticism has never lead to any good, ever. Just look at history. It is compromises that really achieve things. Just think about it, how do you act with your friends? Does one of your opinions have to prevail, or can you get a consensus? And which result is better?

    If you bash your friends face in over every discusion of where to have a pint, you are a pretty poor example of humanity yourself.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)03:55 No.12913364
         File1290588958.jpg-(302 KB, 990x687, g22_25566631.jpg)
    302 KB
    No you wouldn't, nerd. Now give me your lunch money.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)03:56 No.12913367

    Josef Mengele, that sick fuck, would agree with you.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)03:57 No.12913372
    Stop twisting the argument. The point is, no nation is without sin, least of all the US. This doesn't justify the USSR, but you are being pretty fucking obtuse.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)04:00 No.12913390
    ... are you serious? You completely fail at reading the intent of that post? Alrighty then.

    Let me spell it out for you: Shouting at people for being cowards does nothing. Especialy not retroactively. Shouting to try and overcome the criticism of your own country is even worse. Compromise man. That's how actual results are achieved.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)04:00 No.12913392
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)04:02 No.12913398

    You only get one life, but you can pick up a cause at every street corner.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)04:02 No.12913407
    Yeah, because when you aren't willing to die for something you are obviously a lethargic, uncaring fuck.

    You win this argument if inly by virtue of having scared all the inteligent people off with your gibbering idiocy. Fuck this, I'm gonna see if /b/ has anything better to offer.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)04:04 No.12913421
    I've got no stake in this, but this argument is equally convoluted. Timmy cheats on his taxes, is Timmy expected to tolerate murder because his own soul is unclean?

    This started as a defense of the Soviet Union. Sir, they do not deserve it. The Holodomor, the purifications, the Russification, these are evils without fair parallel in all of the west, even the Nazis were not so thorough in their depravity. I do not condemn the Russian man for these evils, he fought for a dream that was, ultimately, a lie that he could not have detected, but I will condemn the liars, his government and its manipulators, until the day the heat death of the universe.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)04:04 No.12913422

    You end up in the same place regardless. Why not end up there later rather than sooner?
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)04:06 No.12913434
    I've been in a few riots for causes I believe in. I donate 1/3 of my salary to NGOs. Can you say the same internet tough guy? Because all I hear you sprout is macho bullshit of how you'll die for a cause, but your only cause seems to be "Lol USSR was bad". Man up, grow a pair and get the fuck off /b/.

    And by the by? Extremist idiots like you is how the Nazi party arose and idiots like you make up all those suicide bombers, because they don't fucking THINK!
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)04:09 No.12913442
         File1290589769.png-(153 KB, 500x541, 1288817410054.png)
    153 KB
    Eh, I don't know. People with causes are usually the cause of all the problems in the first place. I can't really understand why you would feel the need to go online and tell everyone about all the times you've beat people up or how you would have singlehandedly overthrown Stalin himself. I'm sure you can understand why people would question your claims.

    Anyway, this pic sums up my life philosophy.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)04:11 No.12913452
    >I smoke weed

    So hardcore. lol.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)04:11 No.12913454
    So you are a fucking criminal? And you are telling me I'm not worth the air I breathe? I'd be fucking happy to oblige you and let you die for a cause, whatever that is.

    You are the fucking definition of rebel without a cause. You rebel for the sake of rebelling, you shout shit but I doubt you've ever been charged by police horse or hit with a water cannnon. I'd like to see you then.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)04:12 No.12913465
    Communists aren't fascists son... and we aren't suporting them either. We just won't stand for how you call 150 million people cowards.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)04:13 No.12913467

    >selling drugs for a living
    >implying to have dignity
    >faggot confirmed

    go die in hell
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)04:13 No.12913471
    Look, I understand you're liking the intellectual high ground right now, but I've got to call this, because this is ludicrous.
    Have you read the argument you're participating in? This line of reasoning, starting at >>12913249
    is patently idiotic. You are not illustrating to him that they are not as bad as he thought them to be, because they are. They are exactly that bad, it was the Soviet Union, it was an empire built off of Gulags and artificial famines. What you showed him was evidence that all nations are corrupt to some degree, as though this should detract from the purity of the Soviet Union's barbarism. It does not, that country is the posterchild for a road to hell paved with good intentions and the bones of dead Ukranians.

    You are arguing with a fool, who does not recognize the inherent fallaciousness of this position, but I will not suffer you to pretend that you are somehow justified in being *amused* because he is too much the dullard to argue with you properly.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)04:14 No.12913482
    Every time wordls like soviet, russia, or communists appear - there would be a dickhead who needs to post his opinion on how terrible russian history is, even if discussian was about some kind of rus weapon or food.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)04:16 No.12913491
    That is true, but law is based around what is seen as right or wrong by society. Because there are so many different opinions, it doesn't hold true for everyone, but in a Democratic society a law will try to be as just as it can according to the society it judges.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)04:18 No.12913504
    Yeah, I'm with you. I fought fucking neo-nazis in Hamburg, Berlin, Amsterdam and Rotterdam. The fuck has he done? Sell weed apparently.

    All I can say is that this guy really needs to learn what fucking subtlety means.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)04:20 No.12913517
    Then why do you keep apologizing America and keep demonizing the soviet union's people?

    Fucking Glenn Beck 2 this guy, I tell ya.
    >> John Galt 11/24/10(Wed)04:20 No.12913518
    You could have saved yourself a lot of text there by typing "Point of Order: America has nothing to do with this."
    Which it doesn't. It was immaterial to this discussion until someone decided to bring it up, a purely emotional attack with no actual basis to it.
    Now, is the gentleman in question wrong? Well yes, he is. Fascism is a very distinct ideology from Communism. The Soviet Union was not fascist, it was totalitarian, it was oppressive, but it wasn't fascist. This could have been solved with a dictionary, and you idiots decide to turn it into the national equivalent of a bible fight? Christ, /tg/.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)04:21 No.12913528
    Shut up namefag. You have no right to argue here. You are not mad enough.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)04:22 No.12913535

    Because Amurrica good, Soviets bad. Go kill bad Soviets to help good Amurrica.

    In other words


    That's what decades of propaganda bred well into the bone will do to ya'.
    >> John Galt 11/24/10(Wed)04:24 No.12913543
    I'm not arguing, I'm helping clarify for your audience that this entire debate (and I shudder to call it such) actually devolved, in one of the rare literal examples I've seen, into ad hominem attacks upon each others' character in lieu of serious argument. You are all ridiculous.

    And it's a shame, too. I came for the Reznov, I stayed for the 40k stattings, and I get this.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)04:24 No.12913544
         File1290590669.jpg-(249 KB, 900x811, 1290067576035.jpg)
    249 KB
    I suppose there's not much chance of salvaging this thread now is there?

    I think the OP asked for something but I forgot.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)04:25 No.12913548
    Well, I've deleted as many of my posts as it will let me. I'm backing out of this and admitting I was massively unreasonable. I lost my temper over nothing and I was an idiot for doing so. Seeya.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)04:26 No.12913556
    Oh what, when was the last time you saw a /tg/ thread stay on topic start to finish? Never I tell you, because such a thing is impossible.

    And you are a namefag. I don't need help from your kind. Go grow your internet dick somwhere else.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)04:27 No.12913558
    As a side note, I encourage others to do likewise.
    >> John Galt 11/24/10(Wed)04:28 No.12913569
    That is very large of you, sir. Thank you.
    Now, for the rest of you godless dogs, I deliver a Katyusha.

    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)04:29 No.12913572
    Oh thank you janitor, for deleting my posts.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)04:29 No.12913574
    Semi-related. I'm from SEA, where Communism was a major threat shortly after WWII- Also after we got fucked over by the occupation. I live in relative comfort, thanks to Capitalism, and I'm pro-American by default, because Communism is SO MUCH FUCKING WORSE. If you asked me to make a choice, I'd obviously demonize the Communists, who kicked off tremendously riots and almost brought my country grinding to a halt.

    So fuck Communism. Stalin can suck Lenin's balls in hell, for all I care.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)04:29 No.12913575
    That is not how /tg/ works son...
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)04:30 No.12913576
    As much as I may not like their politics. I must admit that I do quite love the Red Army Choir.
    >> John Galt 11/24/10(Wed)04:30 No.12913580
    But I am not even on my second E-cock prestige yet, where am I to go!?
    >> BLARGH!!! 11/24/10(Wed)04:31 No.12913584
    I'll follow you there.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)04:31 No.12913591
    Good. I'm happy to put this ugly and stupid business behind me if you are.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)04:32 No.12913596
    Ahh, Johnny boy's got the right idea, this is now a Soviet Music thread, in celebration of our late Nazi-Killing machine across the sea!
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)04:32 No.12913597
    Level grind. I recommend /b/. /b/ loves namefags.
    >> BLARGH!!! 11/24/10(Wed)04:33 No.12913602
         File1290591212.jpg-(91 KB, 587x700, 1249236607153.jpg)
    91 KB
    That is fine by me.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)04:35 No.12913610
    NO! what are you doing? Folding? On the Internet? Like all namefags, a weakling, I see.
    >> John Galt 11/24/10(Wed)04:36 No.12913619
    In all seriousness, I've only got this because a few of my coworkers read the /tg/ funnies (The Archives) and they like knowing which one is me. It's purely functional, and it lets me start threads with This is John Galt speaking. At least I'm not that guy who was capitalizing the first letter of every word a few days ago, right?
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)04:38 No.12913629
    You are all the same to me. I don't even look at the names. I just see that it doesn't say anonymous and I go red in the eyes.

    Anger managment, maybe, but they recommended 4chan to me as therapy, so...
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)04:39 No.12913634
    Who the fuck recommends 4chan as therapy?
    >> BLARGH!!! 11/24/10(Wed)04:40 No.12913645
    Someone who's a patient's killing spree away from having a revoked license.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)04:41 No.12913651
    My therapist. I think he was called Khorne or Khârne or something.

    anyway, it's really working for me, I've never been this angry!
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)04:47 No.12913679
    Look on the bright side, Angryman, you'll always have >>12913314 to follow you forever and ever.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)04:47 No.12913681
    On a random note, would anyone know where to find a decent collection of the Red Army Choir's stuff that isn't just the two CD best of collection?
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)04:48 No.12913685
    Thank goodness for being anonymous.
    >> Adept Strelok 11/24/10(Wed)04:49 No.12913694
    >The meme is used to mock some ones post

    exactly what i was doing, thus by that distinction, i was using the meme correctly. try again sir.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)04:50 No.12913695
    Er... wrong person you're talking to. I think that guy already left the thread. In shame. As he should.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)04:51 No.12913703
    Nah, I'm still around. I took a breather, thought about what I was doing and happily admitted that I lost my shit for no good reason. We all make mistakes.
    >> John Galt 11/24/10(Wed)04:52 No.12913716
    A good lesson, at such a small cost! You have my envy, furioso.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)04:53 No.12913720
    No, no you were using it wrong. You use it when for instance I say I play Ultramarines. Then you use:

    >he plays ultramarines

    The context you used it in? Yeah... no.

    >did I strike a nerve?

    See? doesn't work.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)04:53 No.12913724
    A better use would have been

    >he gets angry over things said on anonymous image boards
    >> Adept Strelok 11/24/10(Wed)04:56 No.12913748
    Ah, i see. it was the accompanying text that fucked it.

    okay. thanks for enlightening me, ill try not to fuck up like that again.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)04:58 No.12913762
    Newfag. Lurk moar. And drop the fucking namefaging! It's bad enough being a newfag, you gotta make it obvious to?
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)05:00 No.12913777
    Riddle me this. Tape or CD?
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)05:03 No.12913791
    Tape. Definetly tape.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)05:04 No.12913805
    Then perhaps you could tape my dick to your forehead, so that you can see DEEZ NUTS.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)05:07 No.12913823
    done. only had those 40k inquisition rp things. was easier to keep it.

    seems like more trouble than its worth though.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)05:08 No.12913837
    >deez nutz
    This wasn't funny when it started, FUCK YOU DRE.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)05:13 No.12913867
    "Yet again, today we cheat death my friend. And with you alive, heart of the soviet army cannot be broken as you live, Dimitri!"

    Reznov is a god-end soldier, and general badass. I wonder what happened to Dimitri?
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)05:14 No.12913872
    Yes, well, welcome among the Anons. Now proudly go and bear your new identity.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)12:30 No.12916533
    ITT: people forgetting that between 1939 and 1941 USSR and Nazi Germany were allies and that invasion of Poland and the Baltic states was their joint operation. And that the only reason for Germany attacking Russia on 22 June 1941 was that if they didn't, Russia would invade them a month later. And that in 1940 they murdered 10.000 of Polish intelectuals and officers in the Katyn forests in such a way that even the German were appalled when they found out.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)12:32 No.12916556
    Black ops continued the tradition of killing the protagonist.

    Except it killed the protagonist from a completely different Call of Duty
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)12:39 No.12916628
         File1290620340.jpg-(383 KB, 1920x1025, 0c7050937e0303de7d8f644203f18a(...).jpg)
    383 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)12:42 No.12916674
    >USSR and Nazi Germany were allies
    Ha, no.
    >> Blackheart !!d+z47tvchVl 11/24/10(Wed)12:44 No.12916697
    Poland would like to have a word with you.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)12:45 No.12916701

    Well, you played one level (or arguably, half the damn game) as Reznov, correct? So Blops killed one of its own protagonists as well.

    Anyway Reznov vs. Price. Discuss.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)12:46 No.12916712
    One level. The cheeky bastards snuck in a WWII level.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)12:46 No.12916713
    Ha, yes. The secret protocol of the Ribbentrop-Molotov Pact.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)12:46 No.12916723
    also, reznov died off screen, so it doesn't really count.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)12:47 No.12916729

    Well the Ribbentrop-Molotov pact was one of non-aggression, wasn't it? So technically there was no military alliance. There sure as hell wasn't any military coordination in the invasion of Poland, other than agreeing upon what parts will belong to whom.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)12:49 No.12916743

    If Bad Company 2 could get away with it...

    Anyway, I was playing off the whole "My name is Viktor Reznov, and I will have my revenge" thing.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)12:54 No.12916803

    MW2 crazy after prison Price, or original simply badass Price?

    Honestly for both I would say Reznov wins, simply because of the epic writing associated with him
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)12:55 No.12916822
    >Well the Ribbentrop-Molotov pact was one of non-aggression, wasn't it? So technically there was no military alliance. There sure as hell wasn't any military coordination in the invasion of Poland, other than agreeing upon what parts will belong to whom.

    Uh, they wouldn't call it an alliance after ten years of villifying each other in propaganda. Arguing that the name means that it wasn't an alliance is like arguing that North Korea is the epitome of democracy because it's at once People's, Democratic and a Republic.

    And there sure as hell was cooperation during the invasion of Poland and other countries. Says so right even in the wikipedia article.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)12:57 No.12916844

    >citing wikipedia as source

    Ah your being ironic right?... Right?
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)13:02 No.12916920
    >Ah your being ironic right?... Right?
    Hence the use of "even". I'm not going to cite any historical books that I have for the simple reason that they're not in English. Right now wikipedia is the fastest way to cross-check info over the internet between people of different nationalities. And yes, I'm fully aware of its faults - even the article I cited is full of traces of nationalist faggots arguing over ethnical identity of cities where it's hardly relevant.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)13:05 No.12916944
    Someone please archive this, if nothing else we should save it to show that some people can be reasonable when debating politics
    Thank you kind anon, you have showed that the internet isn't as much a shithole as it could be
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)14:23 No.12917740
    Thread got me imagining an RT party consisting only of movie badass Russians/Soviets.

    The Rogue Trader - based on Ramius from Hunt for the Red October
    The Arch-Militant - Reznov, obviously.
    The Seneschal - Yuri Orlov from Lord of War
    The Navigator - Peter Stormare's Russian astronaut character from Armageddon
    The Voidmaster - Susan Ivanova from Babylon 5
    The Enginseer - Ivan Vanko from Iron Man 2
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)14:29 No.12917799

    I'd have Chekov from Star Trek as the navigator instead
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)14:42 No.12917898

    I mean the unaging Price who fought in WW2, died on Tirpitz and came back for seconds during the nineties.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)14:57 No.12918048

    ...and the Armageddon russian as the voidmaster instead.
    >> Anonymous 11/24/10(Wed)14:59 No.12918066

    I am tempted to make this into a rival RT crew for my players to encounter. I'd have to do a retarded amount of fake Russian accents, but it'd be worth it.

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