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    185 KB Goblin Nation Part III Malvare 11/13/10(Sat)18:00 No.12786539  
    What's that in the distance? That howling wind? Why, it's the sound of Goblin Nation Part 3, coming your way! WAT DO?

    Alas, because there's a Dragonlance novel of the same name, I'm changing the title to "The Unveiling."

    This will be the last installment I am putting on suptg. After this, it's solely on DA.

    Start from the beginning: http://browse.deviantart.com/?q=gallery%3AMalvare%2F20328673#/d31vdlj

    Where we left off: http://malvare.deviantart.com/art/The-Unveiling-22-185305340?q=sort%3Atime+gallery%3Amalvare&qo=
    >> Malvare 11/13/10(Sat)18:02 No.12786555
    King Molossus brooded on his throne. The ambassadors from allied lands, the Boar Kingdom, the Torch Kingdom, and others even further away, like Farodia, had finally left. The meeting had been a poor one. The nations and empire seemed to think he was mad, wasting all sorts of resources on a savage, backwards species living in mud and stick hovels. He had tried to prove them wrong, tried to show that the goblins were going to be worth the effort, but he had no way to support this claim.

    Royal Wizard Naphi entered the throne room and bowed, surreptitiously checking for fairy spies. “Your highness…”

    “Am I doing the right thing?” Molossus asked.

    “My king?”

    “Am I really doing what is right, helping these goblins?” Molossus said. “I have just spoken with the ambassadors. The Eagle Kingdom is the laughingstock of the world. We’re throwing so much money and so many supplies at this, supplies that Koholon desperately needs, and these goblins haven’t displayed any sort of competence at all! They have not even begun trying to form their new government, the chieftains do nothing but talk about castles! Their nation will collapse, these goblins cannot sustain it, and it’s all because of me, personally. I chose to do this! This was all my idea! The goblins didn’t ask for it, nobody asked for it, but now… I just don’t know if I’m really doing the right thing anymore.”

    Naphi stood to her feet and pointed her staff directly at the king. “What did you say to Esoterica and Hammerhead?”

    “I said that I couldn’t just stand by as these creatures lived in terrible conditions in my kingdom.”

    “And why is that? Why could you not stand for it?”

    “Because this alliance of nations was created to be a haven for everyone who lived in it, not just humans.”
    >> Malvare 11/13/10(Sat)18:06 No.12786591
    Naphi lowered her staff. “And that is why the queen and high thane are supporting you in this. They had forgotten why your father united our lands, until you reminded them. Could you live with yourself now if you stopped? Enough hypocritical doubt, your majesty. If you want to make this coalition what it was meant to be, then you must help everyone who cannot help themselves, human, elf, dwarf, and goblin!”

    “But the chieftains have done nothing! They have designed no laws, no systems, they’ve hardly even united together!” Molossus countered. “Our efforts are wasted on them!”

    “You must understand, the goblins have no conception of what a kingdom is like.” Naphi explained. “They have no idea what this undertaking is really about, they’ve always lived in tribes. This is all completely foreign to them, beyond their ken.”

    The wizard smirked and a stack of parchments appeared in her hand. “But if I may say, you certainly picked the right man to be your general. Valiance recognized this problem early on and has been looking for goblins that could lead this new nation. Here are the reports of what they’ve been up to. I think you’ll find there is much more talk of infrastructure and far less talk about castles.”

    King Molossus skimmed the reports in amazement. “So these goblins will lead the nation… What if the tribes listen to the chieftains and not to us?”

    “After driving back a column of fire with nothing but a shield and sword?” Naphi looked amused at the image. “Valiance is virtually a god to them now. They will listen to what he says. All they need to do is look at how powerful just a fraction of our army is and they will change their tune.”
    >> Malvare 11/13/10(Sat)18:11 No.12786645
    Learnwise was twirling his swords, doing last minute torch-lit practice in Honeyrumble. The other goblins were watching their chief with amazement. Applethrow looked on with visible worry.

    “Why are you so worried?” Stillbush asked, pointing at Learnwise as the goblin did a back flip from a complete standstill. “Look at what he can do! There’s no way he’s getting hurt.”

    “I can’t help but worry for him.” Applethrow sighed. “As my chief and mate, he’s always in my thoughts. Fighting is about death, I don’t want him anywhere near it, inflicting it or…”

    “It’s true.” Turtlecrack said. “It may not be as amazing to watch, but as Valiance said, but negotiations are always preferable to war.”

    Wendy, meanwhile, sat by Pisky on her wagon. The wizard had been gone for days. Where had he gone? He had spoken of an enchanter… maybe he had left to find the enchanter. As much as she loved hearing about these goblins, she did not want to stick around where there was no wizard.

    “I think it’s very kind of you to do this.”

    Wendy turned around to see Vhera holding an onion, examining it closely. “To provide food with no payment… that I could meet more humans like you.”

    “An… an elf!” Wendy gasped, startling Pisky, who snorted.

    “I am.” Vhere put the onion back in the wagon. “I guess it is surprising to see an elf here. We do not usually leave Koholon.”

    “Er, yes, it is.” Wendy ran a hand through her hair. “What is an elf doing in a little goblin village like this?”

    “Do you see that goblin with the two swords and the man nearby?” Vhera pointed. “I am going on a special mission with them.”

    Wendy looked. “I can see that goblin, but I don’t know what man you’re talking about…”
    >> Malvare 11/13/10(Sat)18:15 No.12786689
    Van Mord stepped into view, countering Learnwise’s last trick with his blades. “Go and get some rest now, goblin. We rise early tomorrow and will need all the energy we have.”

    The goblins had jumped backwards in surprise at Van Mord’s sudden appearance, but Learnwise merely sheathed his swords. “I was just practicing because I was nervous.”

    “The enchanter did a very good job. I have never seen anyone do something like that before.” Van Mord said. “Very powerful magic, very powerful. Now I will see you before sunrise.”

    The rogue vanished.

    Learnwise turned to all the gathered goblins. “This is it. Tomorrow, we go and fight the hobbs. I won’t be with you, but Valiance will be. So long as he is standing, you have nothing to fear.”

    Suddenly embarrassed at the beginnings of a speech, Learnwise bid everyone a good night and went back to the wigwam with Applethrow.

    “Just barrels of fun, aren’t they?” Wendy said to Vhera.
    >> Malvare 11/13/10(Sat)18:18 No.12786720
    The sun was just beginning to shine over the ridge. Regad the hobgoblin walked out of his tent and stretched. The war camp was waking up for the day. He picked up his spear and looked around. Today was going to be an absolutely beautiful day, with a nice, warm sun and a gentle breeze. He sighed contentedly. It was going to be a good day.

    He thought he saw something in the distance. He rubbed his eyes and blinked, then looked again. There was definitely something moving. He quickly ran to find the commander, weaving his way through the tents. Other hobgoblins had sighted the movement and were also going to the commander. Seeing this he stopped and stared at the movement.

    Fifty dwarves were running straight at the war camp. Regad’s heart filled with terror. These dwarves were dressed in suits of gleaming adamantium plate, wielding powerful warhammers stained with blood. Some carried dwarven infants with them who carried adamantium toy warhammers. In the eyes of all the dwarves, child and champion, was lust. Lust for battle. Lust for blood.

    His blood.
    >> Lord HIghlander !8n3euea.jA 11/13/10(Sat)18:20 No.12786731
    >> Malvare 11/13/10(Sat)18:22 No.12786745
    The dwarves crashed upon the camp with a fury unmatched. With a single swing of the hammer a dwarf smashed a hobgoblin’s legs so hard that they exploded in a spray of blood. As the hobgoblin fell to the ground the dwarf struck his back from below, hurtling him almost a hundred feet into the air where he exploded in a shower of gore, bone, and organs.

    The hobgoblins tried to flee but the dwarves would not stand for it. They pounded the hobgoblins, crushing their bodies to nothing but splatters of blood. Regad was not far away from the monstrous dwarves, and he turned to run. The decapitated head of a hobgoblin soared back, falling into strips of skin and bone pieces as it flew through the air. Entire hobgoblins landed on top of tents and flying hobgoblins with such force as to burst apart into shows of blood. Regad ran with all his might, powered by a terror he had never imagined he could feel. The chest of an unfortunate hobgoblin landed nearby.

    Just the chest.

    The dwarves were gaining upon him. The blood running thick on the ground did not even slow them down. Regad stumbled over a hammered-off arm and nearly fell to certain death. He managed to catch himself and looked back at the fast approaching dwarves.

    There was a single dwarf chasing him, covered from head to toe in blood. The dwarf paused for just a single moment and licked the blood from his beard. Regad whimpered and ran as fast as he could. The dwarf picked up the head of a hobgoblin and lobbed it into the air, smashing it with the warhammer.

    Regad screamed in pain as the head struck him in the back, felt his spine shatter, his back break. So powerful was the blow that his ribs burst out from his chest and onto the ground before him. Regad collapsed, turning over to the side as he fell. His last sight was that of a warhammer coming down upon him.

    Thus was the joy of slaughter had that day.
    >> Malvare 11/13/10(Sat)18:26 No.12786786
    Stillbush and Turtlecrack shuddered as they saw the hammer dwarves return singing cheerful songs about cheese while covered completely in blood. The dwarves walked right past them and straight to the large barrels of beer that had been provided expressly for them. They did not use mugs, drinking directly from the barrel.

    “W-w-why do they call it the Boat of Order?” Turtlecrack asked General Valiance, trying to repress the nightmarish sight before him.

    “There’s an artifact in Kar Unol, I think that’s what they’re named for.” Valiance explained, drawing his sword. “If I remember correctly I think it’s a toy boat called Steamsharks, the Road to Disembowling.”

    Turtlecrack looked back at the dwarves who were covered in blood, drinking beer by the barrel, and had named themselves for a toy boat, and blanched.
    >> Malvare 11/13/10(Sat)18:30 No.12786816
    “Remember, we want to be stealthy.” Van Mord explained to Learnwise and Vhera as the three of them crouched hidden behind several bushes. “The fewer hobgoblins who know we’re coming, the better. We’ve got to take that tower, and quickly. Are we ready?”

    Learnwise and Vhera nodded.

    “Then let’s go. Vhera, take front.”

    Vhera jumped out from the bushes into the open, bow drawn. Next Van Mord stealthed out, and finally Learnwise ran through, crossbow out and loaded. Vhera sighted two hobbs that were idling against a rock. Two arrows fired at the same time went straight through their foreheads without giving them a chance to shout.

    Van Mord jumped onto the rock and looked around. “Let’s make a run for it, there’s a large group coming, about twenty hobbs. Vhera take the rear, kill any that come after us if we’re seen.”

    The elf nodded. Van Mord vanished once again. “Go on! Hurry!” Vhera urged Learnwise, who sprinted towards the tower. After only twenty seconds he heard shouting and saw Vhera quickly gaining on him, firing her arrows almost effortlessly, killing one hobb, then a second, a third, a fourth, a fifth! She scooped Learnwise up with one hand and threw him on her back next to her quiver. “You’re so slow!” She said.

    Van Mord was halfway up the side of the tower, which was made of stone with large spikes sticking out from the top. The hobgoblins inside had heard the noise but not noticed the rogue. Van Mord clambered up and through the window, dropping the two hobbs from it to their deaths.
    >> Malvare 11/13/10(Sat)18:33 No.12786839
    “We’re pretty blown, but it could be worse.” Vhera mused, shooting another three hobgoblins. “We didn’t do too badly for having absolutely zero cover. Take this, won’t you?”

    She dropped Learnwise to the ground at the base of the tower, handing him a special crossbow with a hook and rope. “Fire it through the window.”

    Learnwise shot the hook through the opening up high and was relieved when it stuck. He grabbed his own crossbow and began to climb as fast as he could. Vhera continued to kill hobgoblins from beneath him until the last of the twenty was dead. The goblin couldn’t believe she had already ascended the rope to where he was.

    “Why am I here? I can’t seem to help at all.” He moaned as he stepped through the window.

    “Symbolism, mostly.” Van Mord replied, walking calmly up the stairs from below, wiping blood off his swords. “I killed the others down there, the tower is taken. Vhera, shoot any hobbs who approach.”

    The goblin felt manipulated again, something tiny in a world far too large for him. Van Mord and Vhera were clearly up to the task by themselves. Why did he have to come along too?
    >> Malvare 11/13/10(Sat)18:37 No.12786877
    “This it boys!” General Valiance called out. “This bridge is key! We cannot let them destroy the bridge, do you understand?”

    “Do not let them kill the bridge!” Stillbush translated for the goblins.

    “Without this bridge the offensive will be crippled!”

    “Without this bridge we cannot offend cripples!”

    At this point Turtlecrack smacked Stillbush with the back of his hand and translated correctly.

    “Goblins in front, crouch down, crossbows readied!” Valiance ordered. “Pikemen, above them! Protect the goblins! Longbowmen, behind them! Fire up and over at my signal, then fire at will!”

    The hammer dwarves stood on the sidelines, waiting for the joy of slaughter.

    “Advance!” General Valiance directed the army with his sword. “And do not step on the goblins!”

    Several knights rode out to provoke the hobgoblins (and were very mad about doing so—the other soldiers existed so the knights could kill, not the other way around!). The hobgoblins charged after the knights, who easily outrode them.

    “Fire!” Valiance called.
    >> Malvare 11/13/10(Sat)18:41 No.12786918
    With a single, unified twang, the longbowmen loosed their shots. The bows arced high and struck true; dozens of hobgoblins fell. The goblins began to fire their crossbows, killing more, and the hobbs could not get close without being attacked by the pikemen. Then the hammer dwarves, twenty-five on the left, twenty-five on the right, descended upon the doomed hobgoblins. With another volley from the longbowmen the hobbs tried to retreat, but the knights had ridden around and were attacking from behind. The massacre was short lived.

    “To the bridge! Take the bridge!” Valiance yelled. “We’ve defeated the war camp, go to the bridge!”

    The goblins were trembling in awe and fear at what had just transpired. Never before had any of them partaken in so much death, so much slaughter. Many dropped their crossbows and refused to move.

    “Carry the goblins if they won’t walk!” Valiance yelled. He turned around and looked back at Harmony Forest. The rear was secure, surely. The tower had been taken, and nothing could come from Harmony Forest. The rear was definitely safe.

    >> Malvare 11/13/10(Sat)18:45 No.12786957
    “I found some more arrows for you.” Learnwise said to Vhera, setting the hobgoblins made shots on the floor.

    “Thanks.” She picked one up and inspected it. “They’re not as good as elven, human, or dwarven arrows, but they’ll do. Can’t be picky during a time like this.”

    They both looked out the window, scanning the horizon for soldier or target.

    “I heard you had a wizard.” Vhera said, trying to make conversation. “Where is he?”

    “Why do you ask?” Learnwise said coldly.

    “Wizards are very rare.” Vhera kept looking. “Even in Koholon we don’t have too many. I don’t think the Boat of Order actually has any wizards. The Eagle Kingdom only has a few. Really, most wizards live in Farodia.”

    “I don’t see what’s so great about them.” Learnwise lied. He twirled a sword idly. “I keep hearing about this Farodia.”

    “They are a very powerful empire.” Vhera shrugged. “I don’t really know a lot about them either, except that they have a lot of magic. I hear that their general is supposed to be the scariest person in the world.”

    Van Mord appeared. “The soldiers are here. It’s time to move.”

    Learnwise sighed and sheathed his sword. What was a goblin doing here? Rivid Bas’ enchanting had made him feel all but invincible, but now he saw just how much further he had to go.
    >> Malvare 11/13/10(Sat)18:48 No.12786983
    The three left the tower quickly, sneaking away as best they could out in the open. Soon they came to the shores of Lake Perry itself. It was not as magnificent as the ocean was, but suddenly Learnwise felt an amazing sensation wash over him. This was going to be his knew home. This was where he and Applethrow would raise their goblings.

    He looked around. Away from the tower the land turned lush and green. Fruit trees were everywhere, their produce not yet ripe. There were countless fish swimming around in the cool, clear water. A gentle breeze washed over them from the lake. This land was perfect.

    They moved on, sneaking from tree to tree, staying out of sight. Had they stayed but a moment longer they would have seen the water turn red with blood.

    It was agonizing, the slow going. After a time even the thought of future life here wasn’t enough to distract Learnwise. He had to move very quickly to keep up with Vhera and Van Mord, and he had never been running like this for so long before. Finally Van Mord halted them.

    “There’s a war camp nearby.” He said. “I’m going to assassinate their commander. Vhera, climb up a tree and cover me in case things go badly.”

    The elf quickly scurried up. The rogue turned to Learnwise. “You. Deal with the people who are following us. Kill them.”
    >> Malvare 11/13/10(Sat)18:53 No.12787025
    “Following us? Where?” Learnwise looked back and saw nobody. He turned to Van Mord, but the rogue had vanished. The goblin walked around the trees, looking for the followers. A stone came hurtling at his head, and he just barely ducked out of the way. He leapt behind a tree.


    That voice was familiar.

    “You can’t stand up to a real goblin chief!”

    Learnwise could not believe this. Of all pursuers, it had to be this moron… He stepped out from behind the tree and found himself facing Dendoubles. “Just get out of here before you make me kill you.”

    “Never!” Dendoubles shouted. “The Buttdragger Clan never surrenders, never retreats!”

    “Shut him up!” Vhera said, trying to be quiet.

    “Go! I mean it, I’ll kill you!” Learnwise aimed his crossbow.

    “Ha! You don’t have the guts!” Dendoubles laughed, tossing a rock up and down. “You’re not a real chief, Honeyrumble. You should be more like me, Dendoubles, CHIEF OF THE—“
    >> Malvare 11/13/10(Sat)18:57 No.12787063
    With a mechanical ka-thunk, the crossbow lodged its bolt directly into Dendoubles’ heart, slaying him instantly. Learnwise dropped the crossbow and stared at the body. He had never killed anyone before, and now that he had, it felt… strange. It felt…


    The satisfaction of ending the life of another being made him feel powerful, more relevant to the larger world. If he kept killing, perhaps the world would one day notice him…

    And that was what frightened him. Not that he had killed, but that he had enjoyed it.

    Van Mord returned shortly afterwards. Vhera had not needed to fire a single shot. “The hobgoblins are in complete disarray, they’ll be easy to get past.”

    The elf jumped down from the tree.

    “Let’s keep moving.” Van Mord motioned for Learnwise to move.

    “Did you enjoy your first kill?” Learnwise asked solemnly, still staring at Dendoubles’ corpse.

    Van Mord’s expression did not change. “Yes. I did. The rush of adrenaline was amazing, the feeling of power was overwhelming, and the fear… It is natural. Do not be afraid of it. So long as you do not seek it out for its own sake, for pleasure, then you do not need to worry. Now we must move.”
    >> Malvare 11/13/10(Sat)19:00 No.12787108
    Wendy was keeping very far away from the dwarves. At least, she was trying to. Unfortunately, her cart had been appropriated to carry food and liquor, a dangerous combination that no dwarf could resist. The worst part, she had decided, was how cheerful they acted despite being covered completely in blood and guts. Some of them even had infants with them!

    “Lass, we do be meeting here, aye?” One dwarf asked her.

    “I—I guess so?” She stammered.

    “So this be a place of meeting, aye?”

    “I suppose?”

    The dwarf turned to the other dwarves.

    Far off at the end of the bridge, looking at a map, General Valiance frowned. “Why is Urist Orebake throwing a party right now? No matter, we have some time.” He looked up at the sky. Hard to believe it was the first of what looked to be a three-day war.
    >> Malvare 11/13/10(Sat)19:04 No.12787136
    The fortress and farms had been taken, so the bridge was almost entirely secure now. The goblins were amazed at how fertile the land had become, and they splashed around in the water trying to catch the many, many fish. The human soldiers were relaxing, enjoying the spoils of war.

    “Something’s not right about this…” Valiance muttered to himself.

    There was a drumming sound. He looked up from the map and took out his telescope, watching to the northeast. More hobgoblins were approaching than the army had attacked during this entire campaign. Thousands of them, all armed with spears, marching to the drums of war.

    “The enemy is incoming!” He yelled. “Defensive positions! Everyone enter defensive positions!”

    The entire scene was one of chaos. The pikemen scrambled to get into position, the knights rode around looking for hobgoblins to kill, the longbowmen couldn’t get to where they needed to be, the hammer dwarves kept partying as though there was no danger, and the goblins continued to frolic in the water. To his horror Valiance realized his translators were all in the water with them, which was why they hadn’t moved.
    >> Malvare 11/13/10(Sat)19:08 No.12787194
    “This place is amazing!” Turtlecrack said, splashing Stillbush. “Why would the hobbs ever try to take our villages if they have all this?”

    Stillbush splashed him back. “I don’t know, but it’s not theirs now!”

    The goblins laughed and splashed, until suddenly one of them was pulled under. The goblins stared at the spot, which quickly turned a cloudy red. A hand floated to the surface.

    More and more goblins were pulled under and ripped apart. Stillbush and Turtlecrack just barely made it to shore alive.

    “What’s going on? What’s attacking us?” Stillbush cried. “WHAT IS IN THAT WATER?”

    “I think I know why the hobbs want out of here!” Turtlecrack moaned.

    On the bridge, Wendy watched the scene with wide eyes. “Something’s in the water! The goblins are being attacked!”

    As if on cue, a monstrous, giant fish leaped from the lake and soared over the bridge. It clenched its mouth of sharp teeth around a knight’s neck, dragging him off his horse and into the water. The dwarves stopped their celebration.

    “By the brew!” Urist Orebake said. “The fish of evil! The most vile creature ever to swim in any water… carp!”

    The dwarves did not look happy to partake in the joy of slaughter. This time they had looks of resignation. Knowing their fate, they ran off the bridge to help the goblins still in the water. Wendy watched the last sacrifice of the hammer dwarves, and cried. What had she gotten herself into?
    >> Malvare 11/13/10(Sat)19:10 No.12787217
    >That's all of my buffer
    >Now I have to start writing again
    >Posts will be further apart from here on
    >What do you think so far?
    >> Lord HIghlander !8n3euea.jA 11/13/10(Sat)19:13 No.12787243
    Its awesome. In every way it is awesome.

    Goblins... I cant wait to see how they will grow.
    >> Anonymous 11/13/10(Sat)19:13 No.12787244
    Hilarious DF-style dwarves, must say.
    >> Malvare 11/13/10(Sat)19:19 No.12787307
    Learnwise, Vhera, and Van Mord skirted the hobgoblin war camp, which was destroying itself in utter confusion. They crept from tree to tree, keeping out of sight, until the war camp was so far away the shouts and cries could no longer be heard. Van Mord looked about and sat down. “This is a good spot for a rest. We won’t be easily found here.”

    He set down his pack and pulled out a large chunk of cheese. He munched on it quietly, looking around. Vhera took out a very red apple, and Learnwise ate some honeycomb Applethrow had given to him. Van Mord glared at him.

    “Something so sticky will jam your crossbow.”

    Learnwise disregarded him and kept eating his snack.

    “So what are we going to do about the other pursuer?” Vhera asked nonchalantly. “The flying invisible one?”

    “The what?” Both Learnwise and Van Mord instinctively looked up.

    “There’s someone following us in the air while invisible.” Vhera pointed at the sky. “He’s around there, I can hear him… well, he’s moved now. He’s probably watching us right now.”

    “Does he seem threatening?” Van Mord reached for his crossbow. “I doubt if I can’t find him that the hobgoblins will, so he’s not necessarily a threat.”

    Vhera shrugged. “I have no way to tell, but he hasn’t done anything yet.”
    >> Malvare 11/13/10(Sat)19:25 No.12787365
    “Then leave him be for now.” Van Mord popped the rest of his cheese into his mouth. “But finish quickly. We need to move again.”

    He packed up his supplies and put his bag back on his back. He sat motionless against a tree. Learnwise said nothing and took a drink of water. Suddenly Van Mord stood up and walked between the goblin and elf.

    “You two can do this by yourselves, can’t you?”

    “Probably, why?” Vhera asked.

    “Orders have changed. Assassinate the Warlord, Gorguth.” Van Mord said. He began to walk away.

    “Where are you going?” Learnwise asked.

    “I have my own task now.” Van Mord called back, not turning around. “Do not try to find me, continue to the Fortress of Blood!”

    And with that the rogue vanished.
    >> Malvare 11/13/10(Sat)19:32 No.12787459
    Learnwise felt very alone and vulnerable without the rogue. Van Mord’s air of professional competence, the aura of a man who knew exactly how to do things and do them well, a man who would surmount any obstacle, had made Learnwise feel almost invincible. With Van Mord it felt like this mission would be effortless; without him it felt impossible. Vhera was clearly quite skilled, but she did not exude the same aura as the human. But something was bothering him about what just happened…

    Vhera stood up and looked down at the goblin. “Are you ready to go?”

    “How did Van Mord know we had a new mission?” Learnwise asked, looking to where the rogue had vanished. “Did he just make it up? There’s something going on here.”

    “He was probably contacted by a wizard.” Vhera explained. “It might even be the royal wizard, since Van Mord is so skilled. It probably has to do with the rest of the attack, or maybe the tower.”

    “Oh.” Learnwise felt stupid for asking a question with such an obvious answer.

    “But now you tell me, since I believe you have encountered Gorguth—“


    “Does that hobgoblin seem like the kind of hobgoblin who would stay back in his fortress and not lead his army into battle?”
    >> Malvare 11/13/10(Sat)19:40 No.12787550
    Learnwise paused. Gorguth had clearly led the attack on Honeyrumble, throwing around fire and facing off against General Valiance. It did seem very strange that he would stay safe in his citadel, especially with the power he held.

    “No. No he doesn’t.” Learnwise frowned and looked up at their invisible tracker.

    “There’s something going on with the hobgoblin leadership then…” Vhera winked at Learnwise. “I’ll bet you ten apples that I get to kill Gorguth.”

    “Ten apples?” Learnwise smirked. “I’ll take you on. His head is mine!”

    He drew his blades and slashed the bushes impressively.

    “Always good to have competent competition.” Vhera said. “We won’t go as quickly without Van Mord, but we will kill a lot more hobgoblins. You see, my goblin friend, Van Mord likes to do these things the safe way. I like the FUN way. Are you a bad enough goblin to kill some hobbs?”

    “The baddest!”

    And the two ran off towards the Fortress of Blood, their pursuer flying quietly behind them.
    >> Malvare 11/13/10(Sat)19:42 No.12787569
    >/tg/ is moving quickly tonight
    >> Malvare 11/13/10(Sat)19:51 No.12787662
    The situation on the bridge had turned ugly. The pikemen formed a line of defense, keeping the hobgoblins from advancing onto the structure itself, but the goblins for whom the war was being fought were being slaughtered in the water by the vicious carp. The hammer dwarves were bravely defending the goblins, fighting the carp as best they could, but their skills were no match for the demons of the deep, who dragged them down, ripping them apart within their own armor. The hobgoblins, though unable to take the bridge, had moved towards the newly liberated fortress, where the goblins had retreated. It was all that the longbowmen could do to keep the hobgoblins at bay. Worse still, the carp leapt clear from the water and over the bridge, grabbing unfortunate soldiers and pulling them to watery graves.

    Valiance sliced a carp in twain as it soared past him in mid-air. “Knights! Defend the soldiers! Kill the carp!”

    “We’re trying, but they’re taking down the horses!” Sir Eptishus called back, blocking a vicious fish with his shield. Even as he flopped about on the ground it was quite lethal, and the knight’s horse reared back to avoid its sharp teeth.

    Thousands of hobgoblins were descending upon the bridge and swarming the fortress. The goblins and hammer dwarves were doomed unless something could be done to keep the hobbs back. But with all the resources already consumed holding the bridge, the situation seemed hopeless.

    Wendy was hiding behind her cart, screaming as carp jumped over her head. Pisky was neighing and frantically trying to dodge the beasts. If only there was a wizard! The carp could never take down a full-fledged spellcaster!
    >> Malvare 11/13/10(Sat)19:57 No.12787718
    Turtlecrack cowered behind a tree as hobgoblin arrows rained down. The goblins struck were few and far between, but the constant barrage meant that they couldn’t even make a run for a safer position. Stillbush was huddled by a boulder, crossbow held aloft.

    “We’re gonna die! We’re gonna die!” Turtlecrack despaired.

    “Yes so be quiet!” Stillbush yelled. “Do you want to get eaten by fish or shot by the hobbs?”

    “What kind of question is that?” Turtlecrack yelled as an arrow lodged itself in the tree.

    “Well do you want to be ripped apart to little shreds by vicious monsters while drowning at the same time, or do you want to get shot by an arrow from the hobbs?”

    The looked at each other.

    “Devouring doesn’t sound so bad, really.” Turtlecrack said, laughing in despair.

    “Not really, no.”
    >> Malvare 11/13/10(Sat)20:05 No.12787802
    “If we can just get the goblins and hammer dwarves into the fortress itself then we have a chance!” General Valiance said to his aide. “That will free up the longbowmen to start really cutting down the hobbs, so then the knights can advance and start to really fight…”

    “How should we do that though?” His aide asked. “We need to get some men over there to even free up the goblins and dwarves!”

    “What we need…” Valiance looked around and laid his eyes on Pisky and Wendy’s wagon. “Is a nice, large object to make an opening for the knights!”

    The general grabbed two pikemen that were busy trying to avoid the carp and ran to Wendy. “My lady! We need your wagon!”

    “No! Don’t take it!” Wendy cried, tears streaming down her face. “It’s the only thing keeping those… those… things away from me!”

    “I promise on my word as a knight of the Eagle Kingdom that I will let no harm come to you!” Valiance said. “But we need your wagon or the war is lost!”

    After some hesitation, Wendy bowed her head. “Pisky won’t let anyone she doesn’t know drive the cart!”

    Valiance and his aide looked at each other. “My lady, I am afraid you are not going to like what we’re going to have to do…”
    >> Malvare 11/13/10(Sat)20:17 No.12787928
    “Are you ready to make a break for it?” Turtlecrack asked. “We make for the water!”

    Stillbush sighed. “I just wish we weren’t gonna die virgins.”

    Tears came to Turtlecrack’s eyes. “I know. But sometimes you can’t get what you want. Sometimes you die with your dreams unfulfilled. But if you think about it, that’s what makes this world a special place. We have our lives, our short, pathetic little lives, to try and make our dreams come true, and that’s it. Nothing else. And if it weren’t hard to fulfill those dreams, then would they be worth fulfilling? Would they be special if they were guaranteed?”

    Stillbush shook his head. “No.”

    “Then just know that, as we die, it’s not our fault we’re virgins. It’s the world’s! It’s the hobbs, the Steeldoom’s, the hobbs, and Learnwise’s for taking Applethrow! It’s not our fault we failed, Stillbush, it’s everyone else’s!”

    And thusly inspired, they locked eyes, and nodded. They charged out from their cover, crying out like warriors, making their way to the bloodied waters.

    “THIS ISN’T PROTECTING ME AT ALL!” Wendy screamed. She was crouched down on the wagon, which was bounding out and off the bridge through the line of pikemen, who gave way for it. Two pikemen stood on the wagon, slaying any hobgoblin who got too close. Valiance threw a barrel of beer at the hobbs, bowling them over, sending several into the water where the carp feasted. The knights took the opening carved by the wagon and slaughtered all the hobgoblins within reach. Then, in unison, they rode straight for the archers, who realized too late what was headed for them.

    “Back to the fort! Back to the fort!” Turtlecrack yelled. “We’re not gonna die after all!”
    >> Malvare 11/13/10(Sat)20:24 No.12788009
    The day turned to night. The bridge was held by the valiant pikemen and longbowmen, while the goblins, dwarves, and knights defended the fortress. When darkness fell upon the lake the fighting stopped at last, and even the carp grew still.

    Learnwise and Vhera made camp at the base of a particularly large tree. They had slaughtered a good score of hobgoblins (which meant that Vhera shot twenty and Learnwise wished his crossbow had more range). Evidently their pursuer had fallen back, for Vhera could no longer hear them.

    “Tomorrow we reach the Fortress of Blood.” Vhera said. “Gorguth’s head is mine!”

    “Not likely.” Learnwise smirked. “I don’t think your arrows are fireproof like my swords are. He’s mine!” The goblin grew serious. “He killed my father. I won’t let anyone else kill him.”

    “Oh.” Vhera said awkwardly. There was an uncomfortable silence between them. “So… does that mean the bet is off?”

    “You’ll be paying me those ten apples!” Learnwise said. “Applethrow and I shall have a victory feast!”
    >> Malvare 11/13/10(Sat)20:34 No.12788094
    They rose early the next day. After a quick breakfast they pressed on. They walked for two hours until they found the remains of a war camp, which had been abandoned.

    “Didn’t even let me kill them.” Vhera scoffed. “How rude!”

    They continued until at last the Fortress of Blood was visible. It was a massive stone structure, menacing with massive spikes on its tall tower. The banner of the hobgoblins flew proudly all over it. Learnwise was disheartened. The hobbs had built all of this, just like the humans, and the goblins had lived in bunches of sticks…

    “Well there’s an easy way inside right there!” Vhera pointed. “That wall is broken. We can just go through that and then fight our way into the fortress proper.”

    “I’m pretty sure that they’re going to have a hole in the wall guarded.” Learnwise said.

    “Like I said, easy.” Vhera looked at the sky. “I don’t hear our friend right now. I think things are looking pretty good! And since Van Mord isn’t here, we have all these poor hobgoblins all to ourselves…”

    Learnwise squinted to look at the wall. “We’ll get in by lunch, and Gorguth will be dead by dinner. Let’s go.”
    >> Malvare 11/13/10(Sat)20:42 No.12788177
    “Don’t you have anything better to do than look smug?” Royal Wizard Naphi asked Pasellious.

    “Not really, no.” The ambassador replied. “I’m just thinking of how much better Farodia is than the Eagle Kingdom.”

    “Go bother someone else.” Naphi rolled her eyes and walked away. She entered the throne room, where King Molossus was standing, wearing his full battle regalia, his glowing blue sword in hand. “My liege, are you ready?”

    The king nodded. “This war ends today. I will defend those goblins with my life, and in doing so provide the foundation for our kingdoms’ mutual growth. They will see my power, and they will become our newest and most dedicated allies.”

    Naphi nodded. “Then we are ready to move out?”

    “I just got Valiance’s scroll of messaging explaining the situation.” Molossus replied. He sighed. “A good old massacre, just like the old days. All who surrender will be spared, but those who don’t…”

    He clenched the sword.
    >> Malvare 11/13/10(Sat)20:51 No.12788266
    With a whirl of blue light King Molossus and Royal Wizard Naphi stood before General Valiance, the goblins, and the wounded and surviving dwarves. The goblins immediately bowed to the man, who commanded such an awesome aura of sheer power that they could not help but kneel before him. The terror he inspired just by existing was almost tangible.

    “General Valiance, are we ready?” He asked.

    “As we will ever be.” Valiance responded. “I believe this is the bulk of their army. They have almost five thousand hobgoblins, but their tactics and technology are terrible, so we shouldn’t do too badly. What bothers me is that they seem to have moved almost all of their hobgoblins away from the other side of the lake to this one. A pincer attack would make this position almost indefensible, yet the tower we captured confirms that the hobgoblins just aren’t coming from behind.”

    “Hm… Very strange indeed. Perhaps they have grown overconfident.” Molossus suggested. “Still, we should not take this lightly. Send some soldiers back to the other side of the bridge. Naphi and I will more than make up for them.”

    “Very well then, my liege.”

    Molossus turned to Naphi. “The enchantments are in place?”

    She nodded. “We’re ready to go, my king.”
    >> Malvare 11/13/10(Sat)20:59 No.12788352
    The king strode out, wizard in tow. The goblins followed, inspired by this powerful man’s presence. Now at last they knew who led the great Steeldoom, the one who put all chiefs to shame. None of the chiefs were here fighting the hobgoblins, but the Steeldoom had sent their very best heroes… Valiance, this woman, and the great and almighty king.

    The knights were waiting for Molossus and saluted in unison. “We are ready to die in your service, your highness!”

    “That won’t be happening today.” Molossus smirked. He stared at the hobgoblins, who stared back with apprehension. “Amplify my voice.” He said to Naphi.


    He turned to Naphi, his voice normal. “Do you think they understood any of that?”

    Naphi shrugged.

    Suddenly a carp leapt from the water and lunged straight for the king’s throat. In an instant the fish was sliced in two, its halves then cut into fourths, and at last it fell to the ground. The sword glowed blue despite the blood dripping off it.

    “If they aren’t running after that then they won’t run at all.” Molossus said. “Let us begin the attack.”
    >> Malvare 11/13/10(Sat)21:02 No.12788392
    >A quick break before the finale of the story arc.
    >Final comments before the final battle?
    >Let me tell you, the story is certainly not about to end
    >> Lord HIghlander !8n3euea.jA 11/13/10(Sat)21:06 No.12788451
    I think the suicidal goblins was a bit... cheap?

    Thats about it though.
    >> Malvare 11/13/10(Sat)21:08 No.12788478
    Yeah I was making that shit up as I went along. The entire story is planned out, but I needed time to think of how to phrase things, so we get filler.

    >> Malvare 11/13/10(Sat)21:20 No.12788622
    Learnwise and Vhera had somehow reached the hole without being spotted. In fact, they had seen no hobgoblins whatsoever. The sheer emptiness of Lake Perry was far more frightening than any battle had been thus far. At any moment they could encounter an entire legion of hobgoblins, and yet… nothing.

    “What could possibly have made this hole?” Learnwise wondered aloud as they leaned against the side of the wall, safe from arrows.

    “This wall hasn’t been worked on in ages, and it’s got very poor construction.” Vhera explained. Leanrwise looked quizzically at her. “I know how to look at an environment and figure things out, that’s what I do.”

    “Do you think anyone is inside?” Learnwise asked.

    “Oh definitely. They would never leave something this important go completely undefended. But based on what we’ve seen so far, I don’t think there are very many hobgoblins left here.”

    Learnwise nodded. “So we’ll go inside, find a hiding spot, and then I’ll scout so we can formulate a plan.”

    “Right.” Vhera confirmed, drawing her bow. “But weapons at the ready, just in case.”

    Learnwise took out his two swords. Perhaps he’d find a chance to actually use them.

    The two crept through the hole and out into the open area of the interior. They found hobgoblins. Dozens of them. The goblins stared at the two intruders who stood rather sheepishly before them.
    >> Malvare 11/13/10(Sat)21:28 No.12788705
    “What’s the plan now?” Learnwise asked.

    Vhera licked her lips. “Well, I’m gonna lose the bet, but I think you deserve the kill more than I do.”

    “What’re you talking about?” Learnwise asked, taking his stance. The hobgoblins laughed at the goblin.

    “Take the crossbow with the rope, fire it into that window, and slip that ugly throat of his.” The elf said.

    “But you’ll die here! You can’t face these hobgoblins by yourself!” Learnwise shouted. Two hobgoblins charged and were struck down by two arrows shot simultaneously.

    “Wanna make a bet? I’ll win this one?” Vhera smirked, notching three arrows to her bow. “Just go! I can’t enjoy this if I have to worry about you!”

    The hobgoblins stared dumbly at the elf who had just shot multiple arrows at once. Learnwise hesitated, but grabbed the crossbow and shot the hook through the window. “You better not die!” He called as he ran forward to the fortress itself. He jumped and cut down the hobgoblin that attacked, while Vhera slew the goblins who tried to attack him from behind.

    “Come and get me.” Vhera said menacingly, stepping back to the hole. The hobbs charged, but in the narrow opening they were easy prey for the ranger.
    >> Malvare 11/13/10(Sat)21:35 No.12788801
    Molossus strode forward alone toward the enemy line. The hobbs, visibly terrified, tried to back away from him.

    “He’s just one Steeldoom!” Shouted the commander. “Fire your arrows, archers! Slay him where he stands!”

    The archers aimed their shots, arms trembling.

    “Do it.” Molossus growled.

    Finally one loosed his arrow. It shot through the air faster than the eye could see, hurtling straight for the king’s exposed face. It bounced harmlessly off him. The hobgoblins all stared at it.

    “That is the most basic enchantment I could put on him…” Naphi sighed. “Arrows against a king with an epic wizard…”

    The hobgoblins turned to flee, but the hobbs behind them cut them down, having not seen the display. “Attack! Kill them all!” The commander yelled. “We have over five thousand! There’s no way we can lose!”

    The hobgoblins charged. In an instant the blue sword slashed, and ten hobgoblins fell dead, cleaved in half.

    “Charge.” Molosuss gestured.
    >> Malvare 11/13/10(Sat)21:42 No.12788896
    Learnwise stood on the window of Gorguth’s chamber. The Warlord sat in his throne, surprised at the sudden appearance of a goblin. Still, the hobgoblin did not seem at all fazed.

    “You are lucky to have gotten in here, scum.” He snorted. “I suppose my guards thought it would be funny if you got in.”

    Learnwise scowled at Gorguth. He pointed a sword at him. “Gorguth, Warlord of the Hobgoblins of the Fortress of Blood, Who Commands Burning Flames! I am Learnwise, son of Groundrock, Chieftain of the Honeyrumble Clan, who died at your hands! I am not here to talk or show mercy. I am here to slit your filthy throat and throw your head out the very window from whence I came.”

    Gorguth laughed coldly. “Bold words for such a small creature!” The hobgoblin stood up, massive in his armor, dwarfing Learnwise in every way. “You are a fool to come to me after witnessing my power! Come at me, scum! Let me show you the power of the inferno!”
    >> Malvare 11/13/10(Sat)21:51 No.12789009
    He shot a blast of fire at Learnwise, who deftly jumped away. But the hobgoblin simply followed him around with the beam, forcing the goblin to jump back continuously to avoid the fire. The heat was scorching and Learnwise feared that he would pass out at any moment. Then he ran out of room to dodge, trapped at the corner of the room as Gorguth unleashed a second blast of fire from the other side. Dripping with sweat, Learnwise sheathed his swords and, in a swift and desperate move, threw his rusted knife straight at the Warlord, who ducked to avoid it, disrupting the flames and extinguishing them.

    “Cheeky, aren’t we?” Gorguth growled.

    “I don’t regard insults from cowards who sit scared in their fortress while their army dies for them.” Learnwise drew his two swords once more, wiping the sweat form his forehead with the back of his hand.

    “I am merely awaiting Farodia’s assault.” Gorguth said, folding his arms. “You do not understand the power that I command!”

    “You think you can control Farodia? Ha!” Learnwise countered. “They probably gave you your fire powers just so you wouldn’t feel so scared!”

    Gorguth looked at him blankly. “You are BAD at this mocking thing.”

    Learnwise couldn’t help but chuckle at how casual this all was. But Gorguth used the momentary distraction to call up a pillar of fire from where the goblin stood. Only quick reflexes saved Learnwise from incineration, but though he flipped away he was still badly burned.
    >> Malvare 11/13/10(Sat)22:01 No.12789106
    With a cry of pain and anger Learnwise charged the Warlord, who lobbed fireballs at him. He nimbly avoided each as it exploded upon the fast-blackened stone floor and leapt at Gorguth, who blocked the strike with his axe. In a blast of fire Learnwise was thrown back, his swords knocked away, his crossbow and its bolts scattered off. The hobgoblin waved his hand and four large orbs of flame appeared. He directed them with his hands, and they rushed towards the goblin.

    Learnwise scrambled to his feet, just avoiding the first orb. The second and third came from the sides and he slid forward, away from them. The first orb turned around and followed him closely, while the fourth leaped around, trying to trick him into making a false move.

    The orbs chased him around the room, guided by Gorguth’s motions. Learnwise leapt through the gaps they left between each other, slowly tiring, getting more and more burns. The four surrounded him and charged. He backflipped away and the orbs struck each other, exploding, knocking him back.

    Gorguth snarled and his arms morphed into two tendrils of flame twenty feet long. He rushed Learnwise, lashing furiously at him. Learnwise rolled underneath Gorguth’s legs and managed to reclaim a sword. He leapt up and struck, but the Warlod turned and the sword hit the armor on his shoulder. With a powerful thrust he smacked Learnwise back into the wall.
    >> Malvare 11/13/10(Sat)22:10 No.12789175
    Learnwise gasped with pain and clutched his broken rib. Gorguth laughed in triumph and summoned a pillar of fire, trying to collapse it on the goblin. Learnwise rolled away as the pillar struck the wall and floor, exploding in a shower of sparks that singed his skin. Gorguth raised both hands into the air and fired dozens of small flaming spheres, which swirled quickly across the ceiling. He pointed at the spot where Learnwise crouched and the orbs began to rain down.

    Learnwise could hardly move anymore, the pain of his burns, the broken rib, and the sheer heat and exhaustion were finally getting to him. He could hardly avoid the flame spheres falling all around him. One scored a direct hit and he cried out in pain, rolling around on the floor, trying to smother the fire on his back. Just as he succeeded Gorguth picked him up and threw him into the wall.

    The goblin, bleeding and burned, shakily stood, still holding his sword defiantly.

    “When will you learn to give up?” Gorguth laughed. “You are outmatched, just like your Steeldoom allies. But you’ve impressed me, goblin. If you surrender, just maybe I won’t destroy your entire tribe.”

    “N-never.” Learnwise took his stance.

    “Then die and know you have doomed them as well!” Gorguth raised both arms into the air. A great wall of fire rose from the floor and roared at Learnwise. The goblin, summoning all his strength, ran to the window and tried to clamber out. The explosion of the wall was too much, and, losing his sword, he was thrown from the Fortress of Blood.
    >> Malvare 11/13/10(Sat)22:21 No.12789273
    The hobgoblins were getting destroyed. They could not stand up at all to King Molossus; everywhere within twenty feet of him was a radius of instant death. They could not stand up to the knights; the warriors rode triumphantly through the hobgoblin lines like a hot knife through butter. They could not break through the wall of pikemen; and when they tried to run the longbowmen and goblins slaughtered them at range.

    But the carp had not finished feasting. They leapt from the lake, massacring the human soldiers. With one final draught the hammer dwarves charged down to the lake to engage this terrible enemy.
    The hobgoblin commander could not command his soldiers. The hobbs ran panicked, not surrendering by killing each other in a futile quest to escape. “You cowards! There’s thousands of you! We can crush them with numbers!”

    Naphi appeared before him and somehow spoke his tongue. “Have you ever seen an epic-level spell?” She asked. “Because you’re about to.”

    She struck the ground with the bottom of her staff, and four clones of her appeared. They all ascended into the air, glowing with arcane power, and their terrible work began. Together they combined their strength, and the lake itself rose up against the hobbs. A giant arm of water lifted itself over the bulk of the hobbs, and, giving them just enough time to understand their fate, dragged them into the abyss.
    >> Malvare 11/13/10(Sat)22:29 No.12789332
    Epalzeorhynchos smirked to himself. With his powerful abilities he had mastered the most dangerous animal in all water. It was easy to direct them, to control them now, even from a distance such as this. Safe and secure in this secret cave, he could manipulate the carp undisturbed.

    Those hobgoblins were utter fools to trust Farodia, he thought. The Golden Empire never played fair. While he could not see why exactly he had been gifted to these pathetic hobgoblins, he knew that it was all a part of the Emperor’s master plan.

    He laughed. The other fishfolk thought he was insane to follow a land-dweller. Well, Epalzeorhynchos would get this last laugh! The Emperor knew all, saw all, ruled all! The skies, the sea, nothing was beyond him! When Farodia conquered the world and all its water, he would be lifted triumphantly above his blind brethren!

    A blade rested itself against Epalzeorhynchos’ neck. The fishfolk gurgled in surprise.

    “Command the carp to beach themselves and die, and I will spare your life.” Said Van Mord.

    In terror Epalzeorhynchos complied. “It… is… done…”

    Van Mord slit his throat. “Good. You have been spared terrible torture and a lifetime in the dungeons.”
    >> Malvare 11/13/10(Sat)22:37 No.12789399
    Learnwise gasped for breath. He wasn’t dead. Somehow or another he had survived that last terrible attack and the fall from the fortress. He slowly opened his eyes. Timinar looked down at him through his bifocals. Learnwise blinked. Timinar was still there.

    “I’m here to help.” Said the wizard. “I thought you needed it now, so… here I am.”

    “What’s going on?” Learnwise asked, and only then did he realize Timinar was holding him.

    “I’ve been invisible and following you. When that rogue left I decided to go on ahead and destroy the hobgoblins to make things easier for you. That’s why you haven’t encountered any until here.” Timinar said. “Now… well, here we are.”

    “We caught you when you fell out the window.” Efrempti added, landing on Timinar’s shoulder.

    “Th-thanks!” Learnwise gasped in amazement. How had he been so mad at the wizard before? “You can go in and defeat Gorguth! Take revenge for me!”

    “Can’t do that.” Said Efrempti.

    “I’ve used most of my power already during said incineration of the hobgoblins, being invisible, and flying.” Timinar explained. “Don’t look down by the way.”

    “So it’s up to Vhera.” Learnwise said.

    “I don’t know who she is—“

    “The elf archer.”

    “Oh.” Timinar looked down. “I don’t know where she is, but it is no matter. Together we can defeat Gorguth.”
    >> Malvare 11/13/10(Sat)22:46 No.12789485
    “How?” Learnwise coughed. “I’m too injured to do anything.”

    Efrempti reached into a pocket on Timinar’s robe and extracted a red bottle filled with potion using his beak.

    “This potion will numb your injuries, allowing you to continue fighting for a limited time.” Timinar explained, helping Efrempti uncork the bottle by bending his head. “Flamel brewed it and instructed for me to give it to you.”

    “Flamel?” Learnwise thought. “That… um… alchemist!”

    Timinar nodded. “Of course, this just makes you not feel pain for a time. It is very dangerous. You will hurt way more later, but I think we really need it right now.”

    Learnwise took the bottle and drank it. Almost instantly the pain vanished. “So what’s the plan?”

    “I will distract Gorguth, and you can sneak attack him.” Timinar said. “That’s really all I can do right now. I have just enough power for that.”

    “Then let’s do it.” Learnwise pointed at the window. “Let’s kill the hobgoblin.”
    >> Malvare 11/13/10(Sat)22:53 No.12789563
    Learnwise climbed his way around and held onto the back of Timinar’s cloak. The wizard floated his way to the window and climbed inside.

    “You!” Gorguth stood and pointed at Timinar in obvious fear. “You… you died! How can you be back, wizard?”

    “I did what?” Timinar cocked his head in confusion.

    “So that death was trivial to you.” Gorguth surrounded himself with an aura of fire. “No matter. This time you perish by my hand!”

    “Nice amulet.” Timinar pointed, stepping awkwardly away from the window to keep Learnwise hidden.

    “The amulet will be the death of you!” Gorguth conjured the wall of fire and hurled it forward.

    “Counterspell.” Timinar waved his hand.

    The wall of fire vanished.

    “I… would expect no less from a wizard.” Gorguth said. “I will at last have a true challenge!”

    He hurtled a blast of fire at Timinar.

    “Counterspell.” Timinar waved his hand.

    The blast vanished.
    >> Malvare 11/13/10(Sat)22:58 No.12789622
    Gorguth morphed his arms into flame whips.


    Fuming, Gorguth summoned four fireballs.


    “Stop that!” Gorguth yelled.

    “Problem, warlord?” Learnwise couldn’t be sure, but he felt that Timinar was probably making a cool face underneath that scarf. “I am simply disrupting your flow of power from the amulet with a brief interjection of arcane energy.”

    “Well stop your Counterspell and fight me with honor!” Gorguth yelled.

    “Very well. I will not use Counterspell any more.”

    Gorguth summoned a pillar of fire.

    “Cancel.” Timinar waved his hand.

    The pillar vanished.

    “RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!” Gorguth roared furiously. The Fortress of Blood trembled and huge flames spewed forth from his body.
    >> Shas'o R'myr !!J5+vjygjQuK 11/13/10(Sat)23:01 No.12789644
         File1289707263.png-(349 KB, 363x500, Counterspell Troll.png)
    349 KB

    >Freckety 1868.
    >> Anonymous 11/13/10(Sat)23:06 No.12789694
    loved that.

    >> Malvare 11/13/10(Sat)23:08 No.12789717
    Learnwise saw his chance. Ducking under the flames he grabbed his remaining sword. It felt burning hot but he felt no pain from it. He quickly snuck behind Gorguth’s throne, and in all the fury the hobgoblin did not notice him.


    He charged at Timinar, axe held aloft. Timinar stepped back nervously, holding his hands up in meager defense. “Oh… could you stop?”

    Gorguth slashed his axe across the wizard’s frame. Blood bursting forth from a diagonal slash from his front, Timinar stumbled backwards, tottering on the verge of death.

    “Over I go…” He said serenely as he fell on his back.

    “Any last words, wizard?” Gorguth said cruelly as he lifted his axe for the killing blow.

    The burning steel blade pierced through the hobgoblin’s neck. With a gurgle Gorgoth dropped the axe, trying to reach the goblin clinging to his shoulder.

    “This is for my father, my tribe, the Carpcatch, the Gustlimb, the Troutflicker, and for everyone else who has died to your cruely!” Learnwise said. He sliced his sword, beheading the Warlord.
    >> Malvare 11/13/10(Sat)23:15 No.12789775
    The hobgoblin’s body fell with a crash. Learnwise threw the sword away and went to Timinar’s side. “Timinar! Are you—“

    “I… have had… worse…” The wizard gasped.

    “It’s true. He has.” Efrempti said, jerking uncontrollably. “But this is really bad.”

    Vhera burst in through the door, bow raised. She looked down and dropped her weapon, accidentally shooting the arrow into the wall. “What happened?” She cried.

    “S-scroll in pocket…” Timinar said.

    Learnwise searched through the wizard’s robe and fortunately found a scroll. He handed it to Vhera, who could read.

    “A scroll of messaging!”

    “It always helps.” Efrempti said, collapsing.

    “Get… help…” Timinar said. He gave a gasp and fell unconscious.
    >> Malvare 11/13/10(Sat)23:23 No.12789849
    >Well another short break before the denouement of this arc.
    >What did you think of the final confrontation?
    >> Anonymous 11/13/10(Sat)23:26 No.12789876
    Loved the mtg reference
    >> Malvare 11/13/10(Sat)23:38 No.12789997
    Learnwise lay in bed in a stone and sterile room within the castle of Soltador. Applethrow sat at his side. He felt absolutely terrible, but Flamel said he would make a full recovery. Timinar was currently being worked on.

    General Valliance walked into the room, holding a bag which he set on a table. “How are you feeling?”

    “I’ve been better.” The goblin answered.

    “Sorry to hear that.” Valiance said, sitting down. “I’m sorry to disturb you, friend, but I need to know just what happened in the Fortress of Blood.”

    Learnwise explained the entire journey from when Van Mord left and on. He talked about Vhera killing the hobgoblins, the entrance into the Fortress of Blood, his confrontation with Gorguth, Timinar’s rescue, and how they had defeated the Warlord. Valiance seemed very concerned.

    “Farodia provided the amulet then.” He frowned. “We will definitely have to investigate them even more thoroughly than ever before.”

    “So how did the rest of the war go?” Learnwise asked.

    “Not badly. Most of the hobgoblins are dead. The rest surrendered. They’re going to be a part of your nation.” Valiance said.

    “What?” Learnwise gaped in disbelief. “How can you let the hobbs in—“

    “Because the Eagle Kingdom does not commit genocide.” Valiance stopped the goblin. “You must remember that this was their land first. Now they will hopefully have a more peaceful, productive life. Goblin and hobgoblin must learn to live with one another. The king is quite adamant about this.”

    Learnwise did not protest. If the humans wanted to do this, then fine.

    “I am sorry, but I must leave now.” Valiance said, standing up. “My best wishes for you two.” He pointed at the bag. “These are from the elf. She said they were for you.”
    >> Malvare 11/13/10(Sat)23:44 No.12790056
    The chieftains were in absolute shock. “What do you mean we don’t get our own castles?” Emberneed shouted. “Outrageous!”

    “I will not accept this!” Fieldflow agreed.

    “Never!” Oakspine repeated.

    “Then maybe you’d like to speak with the king.” Turtlecrack said. King Molosuss strode into sight, Naphi by his side. The chieftains were visibly intimidated.

    “You have done nothing for the betterment of your kind.” Naphi magically translated Molossus’ powerful voice. “You have argued and demanded what you do not deserve, taking advantage of my altruism. My own good soldiers, and the soldiers of Kar Unol, died for you, and yet you aren’t even the slightest bit grateful. You did not do what I asked and design your own power structure, but you fought the Eagle Kingdom every step of the way. I hereby abolish your authority! You are cheieftains no longer!”

    “Wh-what?” Fieldflow said meekly.

    “New, intelligent goblins are replacing you. They have designed the nation you will dwell in, they designed the laws, the government, everything! They fought in the war while you stayed behind! Your power is over! This new nation, that of the Alltribe, shall rule without you!”

    The chieftains were stunned into silence. Finally, Emberneed spoke. “What about our castles?”
    >> Malvare 11/13/10(Sat)23:50 No.12790102
    Able to walk once again, Learnwise decided to visit Timinar with the now visibly pregnant Applethrow. The wizard still covered himself in his pointed hat and scarf and bifocals, but wore a patient’s gown instead of robes.

    “I’m starting to teach her the language.” Learnwise explained.

    “We will be able to talk then.” Timinar stated the obvious.

    “Um… yeah.” Learnwise sighed. “Timinar, I’m sorry. I—I shouldn’t have been so angry at you like I was. I—“

    “All right.” Timinar shrugged.

    “Is that all you’re going to say?” Learnwise asked.

    “About that.”

    Timinar gestured for the goblin to come closer. “There’s something wrong here…”

    “What?” Learnwise asked as Timinar placed a hand on his head. Suddenly he felt rather liberated.

    “There was a dormant compulsion spell on you.” Timinar said. “It was set to activate at a later date and mind control you.”

    “A-are you serious?” Learnwise gasped. “But who could have cast it? Unless… fairies!”
    >> Malvare 11/13/10(Sat)23:59 No.12790176
    “Why can’t I visit him?” Wendy complained to the doctor.

    “Because he says he doesn’t know you and that you creep him out.” The doctor explained. “Now if you would excuse me, um… leave.”

    Wendy walked back to Pisky in a huff. “This is outrageous! How can I win his heart if I can’t get close to him?”

    She accidentally bumped into Rivid Bas, who was speaking with Sir Vay, Sir Eptishus, and Sir Mize. “I’m so sorry!”

    “It’s all right.” Rivid Bas said. She quickly led Pisky away.

    “Lord Denaln wishes to see the new Alltribe before he dies.” Sir Vay stated flatly. “To honor Lostin’s memory.”

    Rivid Bas nodded. “I hope he enjoys the trip.”
    >> Malvare 11/14/10(Sun)00:00 No.12790179
    Learnwise, Applethrow, Stillbush, and Turtlecrack looked around the village of Honeyrumble. This was it. Their last time here. The memories stored in this place made Turtlerock come to tears. They had a lovely picnic near Learnwise’s wigwam with freshly harvested honeycomb.

    The next day they would begin their new lives in Alltribe. As Molossus had said, the difficult part was not conquering a kingdom, but building it up. The challenges and tribulations they would face would be strange and unfamiliar, but they could rest easy knowing that they had loyal allies willing to support them every step of the way. The Eagle Kingdom, Boat of Order, Koholon, and now: Alltribe.

    “It’s going to be scary raising the goblins near the hobbs.” Applethrow said that night. She sighed. “Things used to be so simple.”

    “True.” Learnwise agreed. “But back then we were ignorant. We didn’t know anything about the forest, or the Steeldoom, or the world at all! We didn’t know how to even grow our own food. Now look at us. We’re on the dawn of a new era, Applethrow. A great new era.”

    He held her close. “And just think, do we want our goblins to go back to living in stick huts? No, this is for the best Applethrow. But…” He looked at the wigwam. “For old time’s sake… let’s stay here one last night.”
    >> Malvare 11/14/10(Sun)00:05 No.12790213
    In the Glade of Conception the fairy jester Japipo flew in a circle over the black lake at the center. A blue mass slowly rose from the bottom until it floated at the surface. The blue lotus opened its petals to reveal a beautiful blue woman, naked, with sparkling fairy wings.

    “Oriana, Queen of the Fairies!” Japipo exalted her. “It is as you said would come to pass! Alltribe has been formed!”

    Oriana smiled. “As predicted. My wisdom knows no bounds.”

    She laughed softly to herself and gazed at her own reflection. “Those mortal fools think they can kill my children, my spies… little do they know they come in pairs. The obvious fae… and the Flutterdark.”

    She smiled. “It as it is meant to be. The time shall soon be upon us. Let us embrace the Unveiling of the World!”
    >> Malvare 11/14/10(Sun)00:07 No.12790226
    >And THAT is THAT
    >The first story arc is over!
    >The next one begins on Saturday
    >Comments and critique appreciated

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