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  • File : 1289311531.jpg-(463 KB, 1000x809, quest.jpg)
    463 KB Rogue Trader Quest - Part 3 CorpulentAdministrator !!3HqZezIXeFf 11/09/10(Tue)09:05 No.12736193  
    You are Jacobius Dolemite Othmar, son of Rogue Trader Mercurio Othmar and captain of the frigate Guiding Light. Your are currently bound for the Heathen Stars, a region of untamed space said to be littered with rogue human civilizations. It has been a month since you set off from Footfall, though much more time has undoubtedly passed in reality. You are roused from your slumber by an urgent message from the head navigator of your vessel.

    He says that they have followed the charts you purchased to their end and will be translating back into the materium in a few hours. There is, however, a complication. The warp currents ahead are not favourable and he is loathe to risk the ship by navigating them. He suggests that he be allowed to seek an alternative point to break warp, one that might slow your progress into the Heathen Stars but would avoid any risk to the ship.

    What do you do?

    >Follow the chart
    >Drop out of the warp early

    (Welcome back to those who took part yesterday and welcome aboard to those joining us for the first time. We'll be using a different format of voting today; 10 minutes will be allowed after each post to decide on a course of action. At that point the most popular option shall be taken, as far as I am able to discern it. The next post shall contain a brief summary of Jacobius' skills and observed personality thus far, for those interested in what abilities he has and how he has acted previously.)
    >> CorpulentAdministrator !!3HqZezIXeFf 11/09/10(Tue)09:06 No.12736200
         File1289311614.jpg-(333 KB, 1002x710, 44.jpg)
    333 KB
    1)He's a skilled voidfarer, master warrior and proficient merchant.
    2) He's prefers to carefully consider his situation before acting, though he isn't averse to acting impulsively if he believes that there's an opportunity to be seized.
    3) He enjoys the pleasures of the flesh but, in spite of this, is also a religious man. He cares for his crew, though not to a disproportionate extent.

    Your personal advisor and Seneschal Otto Von Gluffen has remained in Port Wander to establish a base of operations along with some small, legitimate business interests. Your ship is a Firestorm-class Frigate called the Guiding Light. She is an ill-omened vessel, having lost more than one crew to mysterious circumstances, and takes to the warp with a worrying easiness. Her macro-batteries are short ranged and powerful, as is her prow-mounted lance. Thanks to events on Footfall you also have a limited supply of combat drugs and recreational designer drugs which can be used or sold as you see fit.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)09:09 No.12736216
    Drop out of the warp early, we must show that we trust and care for our crew. Try to make it as far as possible, however.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)09:10 No.12736223
    As the Guiding Light "takes to the warp with a worrying easiness" I think we should stay the course, even though we are in no particular hurry.

    Also, thanks for continuing this OP, yesterday was most amusing! I wonder how many armsmen we can burn through today...
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)09:15 No.12736240
    Ah, also OP, what sort of equipment do we have on board/what's Jacobius' standard load-out?

    I know we have bolt weapons, but apart from that, any high-tech/exotic goodies?
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)09:18 No.12736262
         File1289312311.jpg-(52 KB, 576x720, 1272643814156.jpg)
    52 KB
    awwww hell yeah, its back

    >drop out of the warp early
    It seem like it would be prudent to err on the side of caution on this one, no need to take unnecessary risks. Perhaps even dropping out of warp at some level of alert, even if not full-on KOMBAT READY, just with eyes peeled and fingers on the triggers
    >> CorpulentAdministrator !!3HqZezIXeFf 11/09/10(Tue)09:19 No.12736268
         File1289312347.jpg-(29 KB, 312x225, lockeboltgun.jpg)
    29 KB
    Jacobius is most adept with bolter and blade. He usually carries a bolt gun, bolt pistol and power sword. He is proficient in all but the most exotic of weaponry, however, and the armouries of the Guiding Light can supply him with more the more common specialised weapons of the Imperium such as shotguns, flamers and heavy stubbers should he desire it.

    Extending voting until a consensus is formed.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)09:20 No.12736274
    >Follow the chart

    The Emperor protects.

    capatcha : queath market
    Sign of things to come?
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)09:33 No.12736352
    In the interest of moving this along, I will retract my previous vote: >>12736223

    Changed to 'drop out'
    >> CorpulentAdministrator !!3HqZezIXeFf 11/09/10(Tue)09:35 No.12736365
         File1289313341.jpg-(100 KB, 486x707, 58.jpg)
    100 KB
    You order the navigator to drop out of the warp early. He complies eagerly and, within the hour, you break back into the material realm.

    As the warp drive cools and undergoes the rituals that will ensure its continued operation the bridge crew conduct a standard augury. It seems that you have emerged on the very edge of the Heathen Stars, quite a bit further away from the core than you would be had you followed the chart. You also detect a nearby system that is not marked as explored on any start charts you possess. You calculate that it will take you a little less than a week to reach it under standard propulsion.

    >Head to the system at sub-light speeds
    >Attempt a short warp-hop to reach the system more quickly
    >Ignore the system and press on further into the Heathen Stars
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)09:36 No.12736371
    Short warp hop. Our skills, our ship's warp affinity and our loyal navigator should make it possible.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)09:38 No.12736378
    Head to the system, there could be something interesting there, and it could have somewhere to give the crew a bit of shore leave after the warp travel. Best to keep the lower decks happy, eh?
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)09:42 No.12736394
    Will taking a short warp jump take us into the area we were trying to avoid in the first place?
    >> CorpulentAdministrator !!3HqZezIXeFf 11/09/10(Tue)09:44 No.12736407
    Your navigator believes that it should be as safe as such a manoeuvre can ever be.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)09:53 No.12736453

    Then lets make the jump, we are here for exploring and a unexplored system is right in front of us.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)10:00 No.12736497
    short warp jump!
    >> CorpulentAdministrator !!3HqZezIXeFf 11/09/10(Tue)10:07 No.12736532
         File1289315270.jpg-(81 KB, 631x631, greenplanet.jpg)
    81 KB
    A short hop through the warp carries its own set of dangers. The navigator plays a lesser roll and while there is less opportunity for the energies of the immaterium to gnaw at the gellar field a slight miscalculation can be disastrous. Thankfully you do not find yourself emerging in the middle of a sun or crushed in a shadow cast into the warp by celestial phenomena. Instead you emerge on the edge of the system a scan few hours later, saving you and the crew a fair amount of tedium.

    A bloated, dull red star lies at the centre of the system, orbited by a number of barren worlds. Your auspex array determines that there is nothing of value or interest on any of them. The one exception to this is a verdant green world which teems with plant life. You move into orbit without incident and conduct some more focused auguries.

    It is inhabited. Your auspex array lacks the ability to capture detailed picts of the surface but you can make out several clusters of primitive structures. A few seem to be more developed than others, their structures larger and built from stone. You may have just stumbled upon a lost human civilization. Or an alien one.

    Do you...

    >Bombard a large cluster of structures to establish your might
    >Take a shuttle down to one of what you presume to be villages
    >Conduct aerial reconnaissance
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)10:14 No.12736556

    Time for some aerial reconnaissance.

    No need to dash heedlessy into danger when there is no compelling reson for it.

    Bombardment is out, we don want to atomize our business opportunities.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)10:14 No.12736559
    Aerial reconniassance, and go from there - best to know what we're up against. Also, perhaps ready a beacon that names this planet 'Othmaria' and stakes our claim to it?
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)10:17 No.12736567
    Aerial Recon, let's see what we're up against.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)10:23 No.12736577
    Three options: humans, xenos, or humans and xenos.

    Unless its 1 or 3 and the two sided are fighting we bombard.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)10:24 No.12736581
    Nuke 'em 'till they glow!!!
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)10:26 No.12736585
    Bomb the fuck out of them.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)10:27 No.12736588

    Lets recon first, bombardment or contacting the savages can happen later.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)10:29 No.12736590
    Lets go with the recon, we need to know what to blow up and what to preserve.
    >> CorpulentAdministrator !!3HqZezIXeFf 11/09/10(Tue)10:35 No.12736605
         File1289316930.jpg-(42 KB, 407x247, 32.jpg)
    42 KB
    You take a single Aquila shuttle down for some close range scouting, wary of losing any more of the valuable small craft after you left one behind on the cursed world within the Maw. You spend several hours flying over the villages and observing their people. They are, perhaps thankfully, human. They are also quite primitive, their technology being virtually non-existent. There are a few signs of progress at the most developed villages; stone buildings and stepped temples decorated with gems and precious metals suggest that at least some of these people have grasped the basics of industry.

    Your presence does not go unnoticed, of course. People below point at the sky in shock and awe, a few brandishing spears as others run for cover.

    >Return to orbit
    >Land at one of the less developed villages
    >Land at one of the more developed villages
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)10:38 No.12736614
    1. Land at developed village, hailed as gods.
    2. ????
    3. PROFIT!
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)10:40 No.12736621

    Lets land at one of the more developed villages, they might have begun mining or have started some other kind endeavour that we might profit from.

    The primitive villages can probably only offer us fleas and twigs.
    >> Welcome back <3 Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)10:40 No.12736622
    >Land at one of the more developed villages

    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)10:43 No.12736637
    more developed villages
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)10:43 No.12736640

    Pah. Not worth wasting our time with.

    Do we have any pamphlets about the Emperor who protects, and the Evil Horse who struck him down?

    Drop off our Priest for a bit, let the crew loose for some free time, go leave
    >> CorpulentAdministrator !!3HqZezIXeFf 11/09/10(Tue)10:52 No.12736671
         File1289317927.jpg-(410 KB, 1003x467, 30.jpg)
    410 KB
    You set down at one of the more developed villages. The natives are unsurprisingly fearful, scattering in the wake of your craft. As you disembark you see that some sort of organised resistance has come to meet you; a score of warriors armed with spears and ornamented metal shields. Do you...

    >Attack them and wipe them out
    >Kill a few and cow the rest into obedience
    >Try and communicate your intentions
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)10:53 No.12736680
    >Try and communicate your intentions

    At gunpoint.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)10:56 No.12736690
         File1289318201.jpg-(24 KB, 320x400, 1283455799324.jpg)
    24 KB
    >Land at one of the more developed villages
    lets loot em!
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)10:57 No.12736698
    Spread arms wide and greet them as though old friends, no threatening gestures. Smile lots, try to establish common language. Do we have any linguists with us?
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)10:57 No.12736700
    sorry didn't see it had already continued
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)10:59 No.12736709
    talk to them although i'd be ready to open fire...
    >> CorpulentAdministrator !!3HqZezIXeFf 11/09/10(Tue)11:07 No.12736731
         File1289318869.jpg-(48 KB, 387x427, 31.jpg)
    48 KB
    Your men dissuade the primitives from taking any hostile action while you attempt to converse with them. You quickly realise that they don't speak anything like High or Low Gothic. Had Otto been here he may have been able to make sense of them, as would anyone who had followed the path of a scholar with dedication.

    Do you...

    >Try to initiate trade
    >Try to extract tribute
    >Try to explore
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)11:10 No.12736740
    >Try to explore

    I want to know if there's anything interesting here besides exotic plants and niggers.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)11:13 No.12736755

    Start trade. Give them a small amount of valuables, take some in return, sign to them that you will return soon. Then come back down with Otto. We won't get far if we can't speak with these people.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)11:16 No.12736770
    Exploration seems sensible, but we shouldn't give up on the natives - they may be a solid future investment for crew, and I still think establishing 'Othmaria' could do well for us!
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)11:18 No.12736781


    Um, guys, you do realize that we're in the middle of trying to talk to these people, and they might take it the wrong way if we start ignoring them and poking about their lands.

    I just figured maybe for once we wanted to establish some relations with people that don't end with us sprinting for the ship with hordes of murderously angry natives behind us.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)11:20 No.12736790
    Don't we have an Eludicator?
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)11:22 No.12736802

    Ideally the only time we leave a planet in a hurry is when we've done a commando raid to steal the archaeotech, and we want to get off Dodge Primus before the locals find out and ask for it back.

    So far we've gotten the bum's rush twice without much to show for it at all.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)11:33 No.12736863
         File1289320410.jpg-(18 KB, 370x453, warrior.jpg)
    18 KB
    There was never really much need for one up until now. Lost cultures were few and far between back where you came from and, besides, you normally rely on Otto for such things.

    You stride confidently into the village, the natives not exactly pleased but in no real position to do anything. You see the signs of primitive industry all around you; metal is refined and forged, animals killed for food and clothing and so on. What you presume to be a temple dominates the landscape.

    Before you can investigate further you hear a scream from the edge of the settlement. More natives are pouring out of the jungle, butchering the sentries standing guard and pressing on into the village. The warriors who were following you charge to meet them.

    Do you...

    >Help the defenders
    >Help the attackers
    >Investigate the temple
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)11:34 No.12736867
    If people are lurking this quest hurry up and post something, we're getting nowhere.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)11:37 No.12736880

    Let's see the temple. This quarrel is no affair of ours. Unless a quick glance shows these attackers to bear some sign of mutation, in which case our duty is clear. Maybe what we find at the temple will help us decide what we should do here.

    >interpreta unditle

    Captcha thinks we should get an interpreter in a hurry.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)11:39 No.12736893
    Defend the village, because of their primitive honor code they'll be indebted you forever
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)11:39 No.12736898
    Unholster bolt pistol, unsheathe power sword and wade into the attackers bellowing prayers to St Macharius and Drusus. The defenders didn't prove hostile, so we know that at the end of any fight they'll at least not take a swing at us (well... maybe).
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)11:40 No.12736905
    and then we steal them
    BAM slave trader/servo skulls for err' one
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)11:40 No.12736906
    >Help the defenders

    I say we gun down the attackers and do a little "Show of force."
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)11:45 No.12736934
    Scream "for the Emperor!" and lead the charge...
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)11:49 No.12736953
         File1289321345.jpg-(422 KB, 1002x694, 1.jpg)
    422 KB
    You feel your curiosity pulling at you, but a separate instinct compels you to defend these people. As you join combat alongside the defenders you quickly realise why.

    The attackers flesh is branded with unfamiliar sigils that glow with an unnatural power. Lasfire from your arsmen tears into them and accomplishes surprisingly little. A gout of warp fire emerges from among their ranks and strikes one of the primitives, cooking the flesh from his bones.

    The warp empowers these savages. What do you do?

    >Remain at range and use your superior firepower
    >Charge into melee and focus on aiding the defenders
    >Charge into melee and seek out the wytch among the attackers
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)11:50 No.12736964
    >Charge into melee and seek out the wytch among the attackers
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)11:53 No.12736975
    Strike down the enemy's warp-witch, thus showing how awesome Jacobius is.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)11:54 No.12736988
    Shoot at fucking range. Hose the whole lot of them down if necessary, but try to flank and open up with anything heavy if you have it.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)11:57 No.12737007
    I would personally seek out the wyrd an kill him maybe with some help from the natives while my men gun down the chaos horde.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)11:58 No.12737015
    Methinks powersword to witch's head sound like a good idea. Take the head from the snake and all that...

    also some covering fire would be nice
    >> [M1] Badhand !wyY1DflC7A 11/09/10(Tue)12:00 No.12737022
    Go after the wytch
    Once he is down, the rest of the savages will fold
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)12:02 No.12737034
    Charge into melee and seek out the wytch among the attackers

    also combat stim up

    >>dofied mujahadeen
    no Captcha i think our weight is just fine
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)12:04 No.12737048

    Charge in seeking the wytch with 2-3 armsmen to watch our sides/back. Order the rest to keep firing and prevent the enemy from cutting off our path of retreat if possible.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)12:05 No.12737054
    >charge into melee
    >also order men to fire into crowded melee
    oh THIS could hardly go wrong.

    Why not just SHOOT the bastards?

    Also, next time we switch the bolter with a melta. Bolt pistol with power sword is good enough for smal fry, but when we want something dead it will either be right on top of us or we can order someone to kill it.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)12:06 No.12737063
         File1289322396.jpg-(125 KB, 386x755, 10.jpg)
    125 KB
    You swiftly carve a path through the corrupt natives and locate the sorcerer. He is swathed in ragged garments and festooned with shrunken heads. You see their mouths moving in time with his own as he chants words no mortal man was ever meant to utter. He has yet to spot you amidst the carnage, being too fixated on his warpcraft.

    Do you...

    >Rush forward and attack him
    >Try to surprise him, using the chaos of the melee to cover your advance
    >> CorpulentAdministrator !!3HqZezIXeFf 11/09/10(Tue)12:07 No.12737074
    Hmm, been forgetting my trip.

    Pointless confirmation: these three posts were made by me.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)12:08 No.12737077
    Kill him simply. No fancy sneakin' about..
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)12:10 No.12737087

    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)12:11 No.12737097
    I'd suggest ordering men to shoot him down while you go in obliquely - guy has warpfire and will probably toast anything nthreatening him. Or he just gets shot.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)12:12 No.12737101
    Use cover, who knows what warp Magic he has that could have, killing him by suprise should be the beat option.
    >> Tablet !!0fEYB5hrFn3 11/09/10(Tue)12:14 No.12737114
    ...wow. Huh, I guess someone was bound to take up the idea after I left for africa, but this is pretty good. Anyway, good to see the Dolemite name carried on.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)12:14 No.12737119
    >Try to surprise him, using the chaos of the melee to cover your advance

    Keep our bolt pistol ready and fire while closing the distance in case he notices us before getting into melee range.

    Also, make a mental note to acquire plasma / melta weaponry.
    >> [M1] Badhand !wyY1DflC7A 11/09/10(Tue)12:16 No.12737132
    I say sneak- we can use every advantage we can get
    I was wondering were you went off to
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)12:16 No.12737136
    Left for Africa? Why did you do that? You should continue with your RT quest too. Two RT quests would be nice.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)12:17 No.12737143
    Rush forward, behead him, hold head aloft.
    >> Tablet !!0fEYB5hrFn3 11/09/10(Tue)12:17 No.12737147
    Trip to Africa for research. Its fun being a biologist. I was hoping to restart the quest, but I guess this guy has it down.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)12:19 No.12737162
    What biology study?
    >> Tablet !!0fEYB5hrFn3 11/09/10(Tue)12:20 No.12737179
    zoology, specifically big cats. Poachers been getting really annoying lately
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)12:24 No.12737225
    Damn really?
    Van Pelt style poachers, or hand to mouth dirty kind of poachers?
    >> CorpulentAdministrator !!3HqZezIXeFf 11/09/10(Tue)12:27 No.12737256
         File1289323638.png-(361 KB, 460x650, head.png)
    361 KB
    Your faith demands that you strike this man down, but you know that to attack him directly would be suicidal. The time it takes to reach him cost some of your armsmen their lives, the power he wields blasting them apart or reducing them to ash, but when the time comes to strike you need only one blow to end the battle.

    Your blade cleaves his head from his shoulders, warpfire pouring out of the stump as the body is consumed by the hellish energies it channelled. Robber of their sorcery the attacks falter and break, the weapons of both the defenders and your armsmen cutting them down with ease now.

    The defenders don't need a common language to communicate their gratitude to you. Where before you were a strange outlander who travelled in the belly of a beast you are now a hero to be praised and rewarded. They hold a feast in your honour and perform a sacrifice in your honour; a captive enemy who was wounded as he tried to flee.

    What do you do with your time among these people?

    >Try to extract valuables from them as your just reward (yes/no)
    >Try to extract men and women from them as your just reward (yes/no)
    >Reprimand them for their barbaric ways and blood sacrifices (yes/no)
    >Enjoy yourself (yes)

    (Vote yes or no for each option.)
    >> CorpulentAdministrator !!3HqZezIXeFf 11/09/10(Tue)12:29 No.12737273
    I had wondered what happened to your quest. It disappeared rather suddenly. Apologies for stealing your shtick, but /tg/ has made sure that the name Dolemite lives on in some form.
    >> [M1] Badhand !wyY1DflC7A 11/09/10(Tue)12:29 No.12737275
    Blood sacrifices aren't very healthy
    next thing you'll know, these guys will turn to Khorne or something
    we should dissuade them
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)12:32 No.12737300

    >Try to extract valuables from them as your just reward (yes/no)
    Yes, but let's not be petty or classless. Information about this planet and their civilization is of the greatest value to us, far better than shaking them down for trinkets.
    >Try to extract men and women from them as your just reward (yes/no)
    Yes, but let's phrase it as giving the warriors of the tribe the chance for adventure and riches, as well as a purpose in life serving the God-Emperor and his anointed representative (your good self).
    >Reprimand them for their barbaric ways and blood sacrifices (yes/no)
    HELL no. Let's not be provincial.
    >Enjoy yourself (yes)
    Obviously. A small dose of those drugs might be a nice way to celebrate.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)12:33 No.12737317

    >ignoring all the perfectly legitimate tribes and cults that offer blood sacrifices to the Emperor.

    I bet you're the type that thinks we should stop the young men and women of the tribe from fornicating lest it attract the attention of Slaanesh...
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)12:34 No.12737328
    Not necessarily. Death Cultists frequently hold bloody and sacrificial rites, as do some Space Marine Chapters. Instead, we should look to connect their current habits to the Emperor - their devotion may be violent and base, but so long as it's going to the right Deity, it's all good.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)12:34 No.12737330
    1. Extract valuables - No
    2. Extract men and women - Yes, if any show any interest, otherwise random ones who can be taught proper Imperial ways/Low Gothic
    3. Reprimand them for their barbaric ways: No(t yet)
    4. Enjoy yourself: Ye gods yes, maybe use some Obscura and get friendly with a native fella?
    >> Tablet !!0fEYB5hrFn3 11/09/10(Tue)12:35 No.12737336
    Like the ones that just need some damn money. Despite what hollywood would make you believe, not every poacher is the devil. Some just need to feed their family, which makes researching how to stop it damn hard because you're not addressing the real issue that makes them poach.

    Its cool, I rather like this quest, and I'm proud the Dolemite name lives on. Who knows, maybe if I bring back my quest we could do a crossover?
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)12:35 No.12737339
    This is all well and nice, but how do we communicate with them in any meaningful way?
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)12:35 No.12737341

    This, but we should also pick up some exotic poon for...research purposes.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)12:36 No.12737346
    >Try to extract valuables from them as your just reward
    ofc we are a Rogue Trader after all.

    >Try to extract men and women from them as your just reward
    If men died in the battle we need new ones, so yes.
    >Reprimand them for their barbaric ways and blood sacrifices
    yes as i would rather interrogate him to gain knowledge about this warp-wielding tribe.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)12:36 No.12737349
    good plan also doubles
    this got my vote
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)12:37 No.12737357

    We're a gay starship captain. The warriors of the tribe do us just fine. Maybe for the crew, though.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)12:39 No.12737374
    While it's nice to be worshipped we don't want anyone to find this world 30 heads from now and think we're the one's who influenced these people to chaos. Give out some pamphlets and bring down that large statue of the Emperor in the Observation deck and make a show of bowing to it.

    Apart from that:

    Take jewellry offered
    Take men who look strong and will come, women who are beautiful and who are willing
    Don't stop the sacrifices
    >> Eldrad 11/09/10(Tue)12:44 No.12737431
    How well would tribals integrate into the ships crew, do you think?
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)12:47 No.12737457

    Before you leave, make sure they understand that the Emperor sent you to grant them victory, and their sacrifices and the skulls of their enemies must be offered to Him and Him alone, on pain of death most terrible for the entire tribe. Explain that if they don't follow that, they'll become like the monsters that attacked them.
    >> CorpulentAdministrator !!3HqZezIXeFf 11/09/10(Tue)12:51 No.12737504
         File1289325108.jpg-(256 KB, 719x1075, 27.jpg)
    256 KB
    The tribute offered proves to be substantial. The merchant in you recognises that the precious metals and gems are of no exceptional value in themselves (though they'd be fine additions to your trophy room) but the cultural value of these items would mean that they would sell for a high price back in civilized space. You know of numerous collectors who would pay for relics of lost human civilizations.

    As for the primitives, you take several back with you in order to put them to work and teach them of the ways of the Imperium. They might make for excellent envoys to their own people in the future or, at the very least, provide you with some entertainment.

    A handful of missionaries remained behind on the planet below. They weren't discouraged when you told them that the people there didn't speak a word of Gothic; they revere Saint Asceline and for them years upon a forgotten world of which they know next to nothing is the best thing they could ask for.

    You are back aboard the Guiding Light now, looking down over the world you have dubbed Othmaria. Do you...

    >Depart this system, seeking new worlds
    >Focus on making contact with other tribes
    >Focus on locating and destroying warp-tainted tribes

    (Time for me to head home again. As before, it will be at least an hour before I'm able to post.)
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)12:53 No.12737513
    We should focus on making contact with other tribes
    if we want to get a foot hold on this planet, we'll need to seriously start branching out
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)12:56 No.12737538
    Destroy the warp-tainted, allow that tribe (who, in millennia to come will no doubt become the planet's nobility) to become the most powerful.

    Do the natives aboard our ship have a leader that identifies themselves?
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)12:56 No.12737545

    Two and three. Offer them the Emperor's guiding light, backed up by His purging flame if they reject it.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)12:59 No.12737559

    Sounds like a plan, no point in leaving just to come back years later and find the chaos worshipers in control of the planet.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)13:00 No.12737568
    Depart this world and go onwards

    We're in it for the profit, not jewellry!

    Anyway, here's a good plan for a long-term plan: we get a bunch o cogitators with basic agri-world plans and ways of boot-strapping industry and making basic firearms etc on it and other such Mechanicus-approved designs. We distribute with missionairies and Emperor pamphlets to any worlds like this we see.

    20 Years on we can stop by and reap the rewards. Sign them up to the Administratum, take tithes and so on, their quaity of life goes up and they help the Imperium.. a win for everyone! And all for the price of a few cogitators and missionairies.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)13:03 No.12737585
    Oh, right, chaos. Get some tribesmen to tell you where the chaos tribes are and Lance them a few times before you go. Tell them this will happen every so often.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)13:05 No.12737597
    Jewels from a lost colony of man sells for high prices. Beisdes who knows what other wealth could be held in secret? Also you don't want a world to collapse into chaos if you can't help it.
    >> !clYKH3bpFk 11/09/10(Tue)13:10 No.12737630
    rolled 80 = 80

    Focus on contacting new tribes, and purge those who brandish the warp.

    It might be a good idea to go and hunt this warp tribe.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)13:11 No.12737636
    We'll be passing back this way to our dude in Haven or whatever so we can get info gathered while we're gone.

    And rare jewellery isn't rare when you have an entire cargo hold of it.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)13:11 No.12737639

    I'm holding out for a mega-temple somewhere deep in the jungle, guarded by a fuckload of these Chaos-monkeys, but that has some crazy archaeotech relic hidden inside.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)13:14 No.12737665



    And this.

    Also, if this is a lost human civilization. How did they get here?
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)13:15 No.12737670
    Ask the natives for any info on ancient structures holy/forbidden places.
    Their ancestors were likely brought here in colonizing ships, which could mean delicious lost tech.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)13:16 No.12737682

    That's what I was thinking of.

    >something reliss

    Reliss? No. Amiss maybe.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)13:18 No.12737695
    It is when you can trade it for more valuable goods. Remeber the galaxy is a large place and a cargo full of rare gems is more than worth it's weight. Especially as I said it could be used to aquire contacts on other worlds and help pay for rights to a trade lane.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)13:20 No.12737709
    We barely know the language. Let's come back later. If we shoot a couple of Chaos tribes on the way out the rest will lay low. And the tech will keep.When our missionairies have better info we can do this much faster.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)13:23 No.12737745
    >And the tech will keep.

    Right until some other explorer with a bit more patience and curiosity comes across the planet.

    That said, searching for anything else of value could be just a waste of time.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)13:26 No.12737768
    Incidentally, get a meltagun on a sling so we can aim and fire it single-handedly while holding a sword in our other hand. And practice using it like that. It truly is an all-purpose weapon in close quarters.

    Do not use it on shipshape though.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)13:27 No.12737786
    Are we really planning on going to the heathen worlds for more than 6 months? We're eventually going to want to go back to known space eventually.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)13:52 No.12737974

    Set Othmaria up as a staging post, it has food and potential new crew members, sorted!
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)13:58 No.12738028

    Need to establish some schools to get the natives up to date in languages and suchlike first.

    But it makes sense to eventually develop Othmaria into a staging post.

    Need to burninate the heretics however, dont want no chaos cultists abord the ship.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)14:03 No.12738060
    >Need to establish some schools to get the natives up to date in languages and suchlike first.

    The missionaries will likely take care of that by themselves.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)14:04 No.12738081
    Gotta be 2 and three OP
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)14:08 No.12738114
         File1289329715.jpg-(30 KB, 400x272, waiting for op.jpg)
    30 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)14:12 No.12738141
         File1289329953.png-(260 KB, 612x792, Rogue Trader 3.png)
    260 KB

    He's just on his way home, said the journey takes about an hour. So, let's scheme for J-D Othmar's dominance of the expanse, elegan/t g/entlemen!

    Also, a pictire from my DH file, possibly Jacobius?
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)14:32 No.12738323
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)14:45 No.12738417
    >> CorpulentAdministrator !!3HqZezIXeFf 11/09/10(Tue)14:49 No.12738446
    That's Erasmus Haarlock. Before that "madness and heresy" phase, of course.

    Tallied posts, focus seems to be on destroying the tainted rather than contacting other tribes. As several people have deduced it will take time to establish communications between the natives and yourself. You need to learn their language, they need to learn yours.

    A proper update is on its way. Bear with me a few minutes longer.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)14:51 No.12738456

    Welcome back.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)14:57 No.12738499

    Awesome, you're back and I have work off, as my boss is bro-tier and told me not to come in even though they couldn't find a sub.

    Let's do this shit.
    >> CorpulentAdministrator !!3HqZezIXeFf 11/09/10(Tue)15:05 No.12738562
         File1289333130.jpg-(603 KB, 1082x1115, 4.jpg)
    603 KB
    The Guiding Light has a scant few light craft. You're forced to focus on one aspect of preparing this world for its transition into the Imperium (distant though it may be) and you decide that you shall make it your purpose to scour this world of the taint of the ruinous powers.

    It's a weeks long campaign to locate and destroy the tribes who are in the thrall of the dark gods. Communication with the natives is difficult but you manage to have a few guide you to corrupt villages. A mixture of orbital strikes and follow-up ground action see them destroyed with few losses. The final stage of the campaign goes quite differently; a temple is discovered, buried deep beneath a mountain range. You took every armsman you could spare with you to purge it. Good men die as scarred priests wielding arcane powers strike them down, but eventually you emerge victorious.

    In the heart of the temple is an artifact; a idol to some unholy power. Your men will not approach it, fearing for their souls. Do you...

    >Try and destroy the idol
    >Retrieve the idol
    >Seal the temple
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)15:09 No.12738602

    That idol is definitely tainted by Chaos. Destroy that shit.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)15:10 No.12738616
    The idol is both Profit and Trouble. It could fetch a good price on the black market, or the Inquisition might pay for it (That is, we give it to the inquisition so that they might take care of it and they reward us pious humans). On the other hand, who knows what it is capable of?

    Seal and inform inquisition.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)15:10 No.12738618
    Quip a one-liner and Melta it.
    "Ruinous forces? Well, this place is gonna be a ruin after I'm done with it!"
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)15:11 No.12738625
    Fuck no, we don't have a clue what will happen if we do that, it could just release its powers, and we'd be royally screwed.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)15:13 No.12738647

    Agree, atomize the fucker.

    If we let it stay we just let some chaos worshipping witchdoctor who is upset we killed his village get a free upgrade.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)15:13 No.12738648
    It might be more risky than simply sealing the temple, but destroying the idol seems like our best bet.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)15:15 No.12738662
    Rule one of Rogue Trader: until you make a PERSONAL deal with chaos, wreck all artifacts. There's no profit in getting corrupted unless you get something out of it.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)15:18 No.12738682
    Destroy that idol, maybe take a picture of it first for future reference?
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)15:19 No.12738692
    Fill the temple with concrete, and ask the Inquisition for help.

    Alternatively, if Eldar come swooping by and tell some bullshit about the artifact, better listen. Eldar lie about a lot, but not about Chaos artifacts.
    >> CorpulentAdministrator !!3HqZezIXeFf 11/09/10(Tue)15:27 No.12738755
         File1289334434.jpg-(265 KB, 485x836, 11.jpg)
    265 KB
    One of the armsman passes you his thermal lance, you'd used it to breach the inner sanctum. You take aim at the idol, utter a memorable one liner and fire.

    (Roll a d6. First 5 rolls shall count.)
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)15:29 No.12738771
    Little bit embarrassing, having been on /tg/ a while, but... how do I roll?

    (Yep, this is my first quest on here)
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)15:29 No.12738775
    rolled 2 = 2

    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)15:30 No.12738781
    Slap "dice+1d6" into the email field.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)15:32 No.12738790
    rolled 7 = 7


    Fuck, forgot how to roll for a minute. Here goes nothing.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)15:32 No.12738791
    rolled 5 = 5


    Many thanks, you are a scholar and a gent.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)15:34 No.12738802
    rolled 3 = 3


    And there I go rolling a d10. Man I need to get my head in the fucking game
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)15:34 No.12738804
    Sir, I just have to wonder, how did you manage to roll a 7 on a d6?
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)15:34 No.12738806
    rolled 6 = 6

    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)15:34 No.12738808
    rolled 6 = 6

    Heh heh.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)15:34 No.12738809
    rolled 1 = 1

    "Purge the unclean."
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)15:35 No.12738813

    That was on a d6, for the record.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)15:35 No.12738821
    rolled 4 = 4

    Here goes nothing.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)15:37 No.12738836
    I hope that average rolls are good and that this is solely to determine how cheesy our oneliner is.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)15:38 No.12738843
    I take it these are the ones that count? Assuming we don't use the accidental d10?
    >> Command Squad !8CHDJ3c6tQ 11/09/10(Tue)15:41 No.12738866

    We can use the d10. Just take the 7 and pray.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)15:48 No.12738913
         File1289335714.jpg-(119 KB, 625x702, Saint Celestine.jpg)
    119 KB

    Praying away.
    >> CorpulentAdministrator !!3HqZezIXeFf 11/09/10(Tue)15:55 No.12738979
         File1289336127.jpg-(260 KB, 633x715, 25.jpg)
    260 KB
    The Idol explodes, shards of stone scything through the air. It's only by some miracle that none of them strike you. An inhuman wails assaults you, a sound you're not quite convinced that you hear with your ears. Whatever evil lurked within the idol is gone now. Destroyed, you hope.

    You look down over the world of Othmaria once more. You feel that you have done all you can for this world, at least for now. You shall undoubtedly return to it in the future, but now you turn your gaze to the void once again. Your contingents of armsmen has been diminished by the assault on the temple and supplies are beginning to run thin. Unless you replenish them somewhere you'll be forced to return to Port Wander in a couple of months.

    Do you...

    >Replenish your supplies on Othmaria and head deeper into the Heathen Stars
    >Press on without taking time to resupply
    >Return to Port Wander
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)15:56 No.12738995
    Replenish, and also see if these inhabitants are ready to part with more of their precious metals and gems.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)15:57 No.12738999
    Replenish on Othmaria - a few squads of locals jacked-up on combat drugs could be a good addition to our away teams.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)16:00 No.12739035

    Replenish, be sure to bring a few natives along on your restocking trips to ensure that you get something edible.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)16:00 No.12739043
    Also, could we check our remaining men over to check for warp taint? That seems sensible, along with demolishing the evil temple.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)16:01 No.12739047
    Replenish. Make sure that whatever foodstuffs we get are capable of being stored away for weeks without going bad, and make sure that they don't carry any native bacteria or diseases that could harm us or the crew.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)16:10 No.12739169
    I can't help but think out crew ability is going to massively drop. We're taking on natives here.

    Not much choice, but we need to avoid big RIGHTS until these lot are trained well.

    I also want a loyal honour guard to watch my acme. An elite one, handpicked. And we should getting some retinue to consult, we've been charging around with just hirer hands so far.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)16:14 No.12739210
    Fucking phone autocorrect! It should read "watch my back".
    >> CorpulentAdministrator !!3HqZezIXeFf 11/09/10(Tue)16:21 No.12739262
         File1289337671.jpg-(71 KB, 1280x1024, warp_tavel.jpg)
    71 KB
    It will take time, effort and expenditure to train up an honour guard. No collection of elite troops is complete without superior equipment, after all.

    You take on additional supplies and men. Your actions have earned you the respect of the natives and word has spread that you are taking men with you back into the sky. The first batch you brought aboard are starting to learn, though you feel that having Otto about would expediate this process.

    A week later you set off into the warp again, the Guiding Light easily seeking new warp routes as the navigators do their best to guide her down ones that won't lead to the death of all aboard.

    (That's all for today, I'm afraid, and most likely all there will be until Friday as well. Sorry for cutting it short, but a matter has cropped up and I need to attend to it. Thanks for playing and see you next time.)
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)16:22 No.12739278

    Fucking real life always barging in on quest threads.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)16:25 No.12739302
    Well, thanks again, Corpulent Admin for a great quest, and I hope we'll return to Jacobius Dolemite's adventures soon.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)16:27 No.12739322
    It doesn't take long to teach soeone to point and shoot. The rest can be dealt with in less than 6 weeks. Militants are like the guard, they're there to be the meat grinder.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)16:31 No.12739362
    Thanks OP! Look forward to Friday.
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)16:34 No.12739383
    that image makes me want to hit the Esc key.

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