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  • File : 1288606639.jpg-(853 KB, 842x1190, Rogue_Trader_RPG_Cover.jpg)
    853 KB Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)06:17 No.12640960  
    Okay since TG is warhammer fluff expert and I am not; I wanted to inquire on a few things. Rogue Traders from what I've read have free reign or more free reign than is usual in the Imperium of man to do what they want, as long as it is in the benefit of the Emperor. Could this include using non humans as part of their crew?

    The Warrant of Trade is hereditary, that said, is it known what process is gone through to transfer rights through lineage? If you had twin sons do you have to pick which one gets the warrant? Do they both get it? Can they share it? Does the Imperium know everything about/monitor rogue traders and their activities? Now a big question- can you adopt someone and through whatever legal system the Imperium uses still have the Warrant go to them? Can women inherit Warrants and become rogue traders?
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)06:45 No.12641083
    Also, is rogue trader the book worth buying just to read the fluff? - is anything worth buying for the fluff?! (besides novels)
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)06:52 No.12641103
    >Could this include using non humans as part of their crew?

    Yes. Go get Into The Storm off of /rs/, it has shit on sanctioned xenos.

    >If you had twin sons do you have to pick which one gets the warrant? Do they both get it? Can they share it?

    Probably. To all of them.Wacky hijinks ensue when two twins engage is noble warfare.

    >Does the Imperium know everything about/monitor rogue traders and their activities?

    Nope! Shit, Rogue Traders need be put through a sort of Trial before an Inquisitor can even kill them for heresy. That's how goddamned 'free' they are.

    >can you adopt someone and through whatever legal system the Imperium uses still have the Warrant go to them?


    >Can women inherit Warrants and become rogue traders?

    Don't be a fucking retard.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)06:56 No.12641115
    >The Warrant of Trade is hereditary, that said, is it known what process is gone through to transfer rights through lineage?
    Not that I have read. Individual dynasties might have some sermoni when the old Trader dies and the succsesor takes up the mantle.

    >If you had twin sons do you have to pick which one gets the warrant?
    Yes. Many dynasties have several children who have to compete for the Warrant. You could go for the first born or the most successful one. Again, depends on the dynasty

    >Do they both get it? Can they share it?
    No, only one can have the warrant, but they other can still work under his brother.

    >Does the Imperium know everything about/monitor rogue traders and their activities?
    No. This is impossible, as Rogue Traders operates outside the Imperium. Even Inquisitors have problem touching Traders.

    >Now a big question- can you adopt someone and through whatever legal system the Imperium uses still have the Warrant go to them?
    No. Direct blood only. No exception. Even if the Trader got married, the spouse could not get the Warrant, only their child would.

    >Can women inherit Warrants and become rogue traders?
    Depends on the dynasty, but women in the Imperium got pretty much the same rights as men.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)06:56 No.12641116
    actually it depends on the charter, old ass charters signed by the emperor let you piss all over the inquisition while new charters are controlled by the ministorum and have heavy restrictions. mostly cause they get pissed off when everyone has carte blanche to do anything.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)06:57 No.12641122
    On the note of women being rogue traders, It was an assumption based on Rogue Trader being a new roleplaying game and iunno, I just thought well maybe someone would want to play a girl character. Are the characters even Rogue Traders in that RPG or do they just work for them I honestly don't even know : /
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)06:58 No.12641123
    >on freedom
    Beyond the boundaries of the Imperium a Rogue Trader acts with the authority of the Emperor himself. He's got total freedom out there. Within the Imperium is a different matter; he's a wealthy and powerful figure, but there are many like him. He has a good number of freedoms that even others of his social class don't possess (freedom to travel where he pleases, various rights to pursue justice against those who mess with him, etc) but he's still subject to a few powers. Most notably the Inquisition, but the Administratum might be able to strip him of his warrant should they have evidence that he's violated some clause. Then there's the reality, where what a Rogue Trader does outside the Imperium may still earn him enemies back home who will try and get him destroyed for it.

    >on inheritance
    Depends on the warrant. Some come down to "whoever is holding this," but I believe that the vast majority are specific to a bloodline. How the inheritance works will either be specified by the warrant or by the dynasty itself. That said, I would imagine that the first born of the Rogue Trader would be the one who usually inherits his parent's warrant.

    Yes, by and large. Fantasy Flight Games write good fluff. The core rulebooks tend to go over alot of well established setting details but also delve into the specifics of their individual themes and settings. The supplements tend to focus quite heavily on the default setting of the game (Calixis Sector/Koronus Expanse for DH and RT, Jericho Reach for Deathwatch).
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)06:58 No.12641124
    Yes. Any-fucking-thing yes.
    Just be quet about your heresies and that's all.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)07:00 No.12641130
    i wouldnt have thought there was a law as such, just the social norm. I play it as a woman can be a rouge trader but has penalties when dealing with powerful male characters.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)07:01 No.12641134
    Usually the group is a Rogue Trader and his most skilled and trusted allies/advisors. Sometimes the "Rogue Trader" (it's one of the classes) isn't the warrant holder, instead being the child or relative of the actual Rogue Trader, but that's usually not the case. You're powerful people in RT, owning a starship and being the most skilled men and women aboard.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)07:02 No.12641141
    >>No. Direct blood only. No exception.

    Except when it isn't. People with the power of rogue traders can do all sorts of wackiness with bureaucratic processes. The adopted son becomes the "long lost" son, etc.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)07:04 No.12641147
    True. I mean, you can marry a Rogue Trader, get a child, Rogue Trader have an "accident" and then you just freeze the child until "A cure can be found"

    Now, your character, the legal remaining parent of the one who holds the Warrant are pretty much in charge the the dynasty.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)07:07 No.12641154
    Say a Rogue Trader grew extremely close to a young eldar he saved on his adventures. Say that RT was sterile and had in his possession a warrant signed by the Emperor himself. Could he adopt the Eldar and have him inherit the warrant? I know that It would be extremely controversial but could there be the slightest chance of it ever happening? I remember reading something about there being a high ranking half Eldar in space marine ranks.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)07:08 No.12641155
    There's a Rogue Trader in one of the adventures that won his Warrent in a card game. Once its out there, they don't have all that much control over it.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)07:08 No.12641158
    I've got a player who, I believe, is planning to do just this. She's sick of the dynasty she's working for, so she's got an eye out marrying into power.

    The high end of Imperial society, by and large, doesn't care about gender. There are individual exceptions (I GM Caligos Winterscale as massively sexist) but there's no widespread gender discrimination going on.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)07:10 No.12641168
    Err.. Only if the Eldar posed as a normal human.. And even then, after a while, he would need a child or something to play off his own death.
    After 100++ years, the chance of getting condemned for Anima Mori heresy starts getting high.
    Once that accusation has been tossed, the Inquisition would start investigating and that would lead to the reveal of the Trader being Eldar. So no.. Not really. Xeno can't be Rogue Traders.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)07:10 No.12641169
    Heh, this is funny. I was just writing a setting primer for a Rogue Trader game for some guys who dont know the 40kverse at all. Just finished the bit on rogue traders, and poped on to /tg/ thinking about posting it.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)07:11 No.12641170
    Xenos are not people. The Inquisition would come down on the dynasty like a tonne of bricks if they caught wind of that. Should the Rogue Trader want to pull something like that off he must keep the species of his heir very well hidden.

    As for half-eldar and the like; that's old, defunct fluff. Eldar and humans cannot interbreed and the mere notion would be utterly repugnant to the former.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)07:27 No.12641200
    Do rogue traders then have the power to appoint who they want as their second in command, advisers, ect? So you could have marines lead by a Eldar, counts as chapter master? And field them as the space marine contingent under the Rogue Trader and the Rogue traders general/adviser/second in-command, ect.?
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)07:31 No.12641209
    Well.. A Rogue Trader might have the favour of some Space Marines, but you are not looking at an entire chapter. Maybe a company, but most likely a platoon or two. Either way, who the Rogue Trader invites to his/hers court is up to the Rogue Trader. Be they Space Marine, Xeno or pious humans.
    BUT, there better be a damn good reason why the Space Marines would stick around and like the Mechanicus, they work with the Rogue Trader, never under.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)07:34 No.12641221
    Could an Ork become a Rogue Trader through a series of unlikely circumstances and shenanigans?

    Failing that, are there any rules for playing as Ork Freebootas?
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)07:34 No.12641223
    Rogue Traders never, ever have marines at their beck at call. At best, and this would be extraordinarily rare, a Rogue Trader dynasty might have a long standing relationship with a single chapter due to some service an ancestor provided for said chapter.

    Being led by a xeno is right out. Xenos in positions of power on a ship present other problems as well; their mere presence is a hit to morale, and giving them the right to boss around hard working humans won't sit well with the crew. The alien needs to be sanctioned, a reasonably rare occurrence, to be tolerated within the Imperium and even then people will be suspicious and mistrustful of the Rogue Trader. Finally, thinking that an Eldar would ever work for a human is folly. They may play at doing so for a time, but only because it serves their own ends.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)07:35 No.12641226
    This, and also i doubt there is a single marine chapter in the Imprium who would ever work UNDER a xeno. Very few would be able to stomach working with one for extended periods of time, let alone subordinate to. So no, Rogue Traders are not your fluff excuse to run stupid crazy 6 codex armies.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)07:36 No.12641231
    No, an ork could never be a Rogue Trader, no matter how wacky the situation, and yes, there are Freeboota rules in Into The Storm.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)07:38 No.12641236
    Rogue Traders have authority equaling that of Chapter-Masters, Inquisitors and Planetary Governors. They are given a contingent of marines, but I was wondering how large a Contingent is. Enough to field a 1000-2000 point army?
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)07:39 No.12641240
    Man, you really don't know shit, do you?
    Just read the book already.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)07:42 No.12641247
    Who exactly is "giving" them these marines? Even Inqusitors have to ask chapters for their help, never demand it. And no, never 1000 point army. In the hugely unlikely situation where a chapter has some longstanding debt or alliance with a Rogue Trader house, you might get like...an honor guard. Five guys, a combat squad, to bodyguard you and carry your house banner. At MOST.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)07:44 No.12641256
    Rogue Traders would almost never have marines working with them, and even if they did, they would be equals, not servants.

    A Rogue Trader might, if he's buddies with a Cannoness or Cardinal manage to get some Sisters assigned as Marines (In space but not space marines...dammit GW). I'd rule that as a Best Quality Stormtrooper Detachment (Into the Storm has rules for that)
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)07:44 No.12641257
    >Rogue Traders have authority equaling that of Chapter-Masters, Inquisitors and Planetary Governors.
    Newsflash, bro. Those three examples have very varying levels of authority.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)07:46 No.12641268
    The guy is confused. All three of those are in some way beyond Imperial law, and as such are special cases. Which is not the same as saying they are equal.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)07:47 No.12641271
    The Warrant does. It is signed from the High Lords of Terra, so it is an order that comes just under the God-Emperor himself. The conditions and resources given to the Trader and Dynasty is detailed there.

    So, if you wonder, check your warrant.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)07:48 No.12641276
    A planetary governor is bound quite heavily by imperial law, the chapter master still follows the basic imperial creed, and the inquisitor IS the law
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)07:49 No.12641277
    I wanted to run a Space Marine army that's working under a rogue trader. This rogue trader rescued an Eldar from a Crone world while on a expedition for powerful artifacts and what-not The young Eldar feels great and eternal debt to the man who saved him and as he grows older he grows closer to the RT and becomes more than just a servant too the RT and is taught how to fight. He excels at fighting and eventually becomes the RT's personal body-guard he has no feeling towards his Eldar heritage as they never once tried to save him or any of his people from the Crone worlds. As the RT grows older and procreates the Eldar in question trains the boy and becomes his teacher, he sees the rise and fall of 4 generations of this traders lineage and has become a trusted adviser and general on-board even on an occasion fighting off an Eldar force and saving the Rogue Traders child and successor, This is just a basic idea and I'm still fleshing it out.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)07:49 No.12641279
    Yeah, but no Warrent would ever allow a Trader to co-opt marines. It would never happen. Even the broadest Warrents only give you the right to act as you want beyond the bounds of the Imperium and profit from it, and they get increasingly defined from there. At very, very most, a Warrent might give you the right to levy some Guardsmen. But never marines.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)07:52 No.12641291
    Well, planetary governor yes. But its more about "who can boss who around". The three major powers beyond Imperial law are Chapter Masters, Inquisitors, and Rogue Traders. None of them can force the others to do anything (as much as the Inquisition would like to think otherwise) and each must generally deal with the others as equals.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)07:53 No.12641295
    You forget the mechanicus.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)07:54 No.12641299
    That's fine for a Rogue Trader game. But it will never lead to running enough Space Marines to field an army on the tabletop. At least not within fluff. Your buddies want to let you run a space marine army with an Autarch in charge, that's fine, but it's not possible in setting or by the rules of the minis game.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)07:55 No.12641304
    You are entirely correct. The Mechanus are also on that list.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)08:03 No.12641346
    I wouldn't want to run an Autarch. The character would have never had aspect path training or have worn Eldar armor I would run everything counts as marines and the Eldar counting as chapter master. In armor counting as artificer armor. The model might just look like a marine with pointy ears (although I would want to do alot of ornate detailing and slim down the armor a touch) On the field It would play exactly like a marine army. I just really wanted to have my own cool fluff for my marines, y'know? I wanted to be my own special snowflake haha
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)08:05 No.12641357
    Just do it anyway. You will piss off everyone else but you certainly would be one very special snowflake.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)08:07 No.12641362
    Thats clear enough. Still, I would find a better way. The current set-up has way to many really obvious holes. Not only would a Rogue Trader never command enough marines to field a tabletop army, marines would never follow an Eldar commander. It just doesn't work, sorry man. The eldar Vizer guy helping generations of Rogue Traders find their way is a cool RPG character, but I wouldn't take it farther than that. Besides, I'm sure you can find a way to make your marines special besides "They are the only ones in the galaxy being lead by an ALIEN LOL".
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)09:08 No.12641616
    It'd be interesting to see what could indebt an Eldar to a line of what are, from their perspective, brain dead, short lived cattle. I imagine it'd be in response to a deed of exceptional worth ("here's 100 recovered soulstones") mixed in with a bit of whimsy and curiosity on the Eldar's part.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)09:19 No.12641652
    >Yeah, but no Warrent would ever allow a Trader to co-opt marines. It would never happen. Even the broadest Warrents only give you the right to act as you want beyond the bounds of the Imperium and profit from it, and they get increasingly defined from there. At very, very most, a Warrent might give you the right to levy some Guardsmen. But never marines.

    Read the fluff. There have been Marines working for Rogue Traders ever since the original RT in 1987 up until Imperial Armour: Badab War (one of the chapters, Marines Errant IIRC is said to have a company accompanying the current bearer of a specific Warrant at all times). And it's an honour to them
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)09:22 No.12641667
         File1288617731.png-(183 KB, 1616x1066, rt_era_fluff.png)
    183 KB
    Old Trader era fluff is invalid. You should know this by now.

    The Knights Errant travelling with a specific dynasty is a unique case and even then they're travelling with him, not obeying his every command. The Adeptus Astartes have autonomy of a similar scale to that of a Rogue Trader dynasty. Neither is going to fully submit to the commands of the other, even if they're on amicable terms.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)09:33 No.12641736
    Who says the Eldar has to be willing? It'd be entirely possible for some Dark Eldar Kabalites to sell some of their teenage gangsters to the Stryxis as slaves, who in turn sell them to a Rogue Trader who makes them his ornamental xeno sex slaves. Possibly as part of an Ostentatious Display of Wealth upgrade for his ship.

    Rape them regularly for a few dozen years, and eventually one or two will get pregnant.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)09:35 No.12641749
    Correct me if I'm wrong but aren't there still Eldar on crone worlds that are slaves to chaos?
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)09:40 No.12641785
    All that's fine up until the pregnant bit. Ain't gonna happen. Humans and Eldar are species which are highly alien to each other. Enjoy your pointed eared xenowhores, though.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)09:44 No.12641806
    The chief astropath of the Ultramarines is a half-eldar, and unlike bits of early fluff like the Squats (eaten by 'nids) or the Star-Child/Illuminati/Sensei thing (actually a Tzeentchian cult), he was never retconned.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)09:46 No.12641814
    Also, Xenology heavily implies that the reason that humans and eldar look so similar is because we were both created by the Old Ones; it's entirely possible that the Old One(s) in question deliberately designed us to be capable of interbreeding.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)09:49 No.12641829

    I'll admit that this is a possibility, though if you're going to bring out Xenology it also says that the Eldar reproduction cycle takes place over a long period of time and requires more than one act of coitus. Considering how half-Eldar have never been mentioned since the early days of Necromunda it's safe to say that humans and eldar can't reproduce.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)09:54 No.12641848
    >I'll admit that this is a possibility, though if you're going to bring out Xenology it also says that the Eldar reproduction cycle takes place over a long period of time and requires more than one act of coitus. Considering how half-Eldar have never been mentioned since the early days of Necromunda it's safe to say that humans and eldar can't reproduce.
    So you repeatedly rape them over the course of years. Obviously it wouldn't be a one night stand.

    Chief Librarian is a different position to Chief Astropath. One is a Spess Mahreen. One isn't. One's had his eyes burned out by having his soul bound to that of the Emperor. One hasn't.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)09:54 No.12641851
    Eldar have quadruple DNA strands. How do you imagine that?

    >The Knights Errant travelling with a specific dynasty is a unique case and even then they're travelling with him, not obeying his every command. The Adeptus Astartes have autonomy of a similar scale to that of a Rogue Trader dynasty. Neither is going to fully submit to the commands of the other, even if they're on amicable terms.
    Have you even read Badab War? Go read it and then discuss. Not to mention the previous Marine codex having a company of Ultramarines SECONDED as a RT retinue.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)10:01 No.12641891
    >Eldar have quadruple DNA strands. How do you imagine that?
    Well, obviously the resulting hybrid would have 23 human chromosomes and X/2 Eldar chromosomes, where X is the number of chromosomes possessed by a healthy Eldar. Each chromosome codes for the various proteins that it produces; the end result is a human/Eldar hybrid who is likely infertile without the assistance of the a Magus Biologus of the Adeptus Mechanicus.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)10:06 No.12641919
    pretty sure the first eisenhorn book says that women can't be RTs
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)10:07 No.12641922
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)10:07 No.12641923
    For those who missed biology lections and/or trolls
    DNA of pig and human almost identical - so go fuck some pigs and show us your babies.
    Nobel prize would be yours.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)10:10 No.12641931
    >implying pigs and humans were genetically engineered by a superintelligent alien race to be sexually compatible
    The Eldar look like sexy humans for a *reason*, you know.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)10:11 No.12641936
    Abnett is, as always, full of shit and failure when it comes to the fluff.

    Besides, he had a female Rogue Trader in Ravenor. With a tiny, warp capable ship. With a crew of 70.

    Full of shit and failure.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)10:12 No.12641943
         File1288620732.jpg-(162 KB, 486x826, ellarion.jpg)
    162 KB
    They don't look sexy though. They're strangely unnatural parodies of the human form.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)10:13 No.12641951
    Checked Lexicanum, no mention of Rogue Traders anywhere in it. Is there another source of information?
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)10:15 No.12641963

    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)10:16 No.12641969
    I meant in the section on the Badab War.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)10:17 No.12641975
    >no matter how wacky the situation
    Don't. You're... you're tempting the law of Hilarity Ensues.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)10:18 No.12641981
    >>Could an Ork become a Rogue Trader through a series of unlikely circumstances and shenanigans?

    I find this amusing so, yes, yes it can happen.

    Orks make everything better. Instead of the usual Chaos cult, I used Orks in DH. Oh the look on the players faces when they found out they had been outwitted by Orks.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)10:20 No.12641986
    >tall, skinny but ripped bishounen
    >not sexy
    I'm a heterosexual male, and I can see the problem with that.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)10:21 No.12641996
    Well, obviously anything can happen if the rule of hilarity is being observed. In terms of taking-40k-seriously-enough-so-that-it's-somewhat-coherent, though, orks don't become Rogue Traders.

    Before anyone jumps on me; neither of the two options above are bad-wrong-fun.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)10:23 No.12642008
         File1288621384.jpg-(9 KB, 111x151, datface.jpg)
    9 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)10:23 No.12642009
    Good god, man. Was there an Mekboy version of Doctor Doom or something?
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)10:24 No.12642014
    An Ork might loot a Rogue Trader's ship and Writ, though, and claim to be a Rogue Trader. Most planets would just smile and nod while franticly sending astropathic messages for help.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)10:28 No.12642034
         File1288621723.jpg-(134 KB, 900x504, Eldar_Autarch_by_warp_zero.jpg)
    134 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)10:29 No.12642035
         File1288621744.jpg-(9 KB, 188x180, eldarhead.jpg)
    9 KB
    His head is notable elongated even for an eldar, though; here's the head of the Eldar from Xenology.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)10:30 No.12642041

    There are both wonderful ideas. Can we combine them?
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)10:30 No.12642046

    although, is that a dead eldar on an examination table?
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)10:31 No.12642052
         File1288621917.jpg-(366 KB, 1280x960, Warhammer_Eldar_Farseer.jpg)
    366 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)10:32 No.12642053

    Looks like some lucky Na'vi got a nosejob.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)10:32 No.12642057
         File1288621976.png-(29 KB, 192x192, 1263167054332.png)
    29 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)10:34 No.12642068
    Yes. You can see the beginnings of the dissection incision starting at the bottom of the chin on that pic.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)10:34 No.12642069
    So, a Mekboy version of Doctor Doom loots a Rogue Trader's ship and Warrant of Trade, then becomes one.

    My lord, this Ork can end up as a legendary RT or a legendary villain.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)10:36 No.12642074
    >They don't look sexy though.

    As the fluff is written, Eldar aren't 'sexy'. They're supposed to be unnaturally beautiful. A human wouldn't look at an Eldar and thing DO WANT FAPFAPFAP. It'd be more OH GOD WHAT THE FUCK SHOULD NOT WANT.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)10:38 No.12642094
    To make it even sillier, the target of his hatred is the Emperor.

    So, this Mekboy wants to one-up the Emperor somehow, and will curse his name every time he loses.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)10:38 No.12642095
    >OP of Ork question here
    I like where this is going. Please continue,
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)10:41 No.12642109
    Lure of the Expanse has an automated probe that's .1 km long; it's "crewed" by a technoheretical artificial intelligence. It's possible that somewhere in the Imperium, someone found a tech-pattern for a similar, crewed vessel, or got their hands on an archeotech vessel that was one of the last few examples of its kind from the Dark Age of Technology.

    Modern Imperium ships were DAoT cargo ships, remember; it's possible that the humans of the DAoT had warp-capable yachts.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)10:44 No.12642122
    >uses words like "obviously" to cover the fact that genetics do not work like that.

    Eldar are alien to all life on earth, you have as much chance of knocking an eldar up than implanting the chromosomes of a fern into a human egg.

    Fuck you, if you're a troll, 10/10, I raged hard.

    >treapon rock
    Yes captcha, feels like I tripped on a rock.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)10:44 No.12642123
    That's dumb.

    Really, how could a single Ork who claims to be a Rogue Trader one-up the Emperor, even if he was exceptionally smart?
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)10:47 No.12642135

    It said he always loses, get your shit together, anon.
    It's like Dr Robotnik or Neo Cortex, insane idea, always fails, hilarity ensues.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)10:50 No.12642146
    Always gets away thanks to his kustom teleporta/judicious burning of fate points.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)10:51 No.12642151
    Now, what should this Ork`s name be?
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)10:54 No.12642164
    Kaptain Katiklyzum
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)10:55 No.12642165
    brogiang Seaburry
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)10:56 No.12642169
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)10:58 No.12642184
    Except that they're not; both humans and the Eldar were engineered by the same species of superintelligent beings. Eldar are less alien to 40k humans than chimps are.

    Compare this to races like the Q'orl, which are genuinely alien, and you'll see the difference pretty easily.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)11:01 No.12642192
    Orks were made by the old ones as well. Does that mean we can get ork and eldar hybrids?

    Listen, I know you want them to exist, but half-eldar are gone. Retconned, never existed. A good thing, too, since they're stupid and pointless. The only time they ever have worth is in /tg/ brand mucking about.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)11:02 No.12642197
    Humans were not bioengineered. The Old Ones may have seeded Terra with life, but humanity evolved naturally from apes, as compared to Orks and Eldar who were specifically created to fight the Necrons. The pre-human apes were tampered with by the Deciever in order to bring about the Pariah Gene, but that's it.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)11:03 No.12642199
    So, what will Kaptain Katiklyzum be? Goff? Blood Axe?
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)11:16 No.12642265
    But he's a Doctor Doom analog. He's supposed to be hyper competent (for an Ork).
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)11:18 No.12642274
    >Checked Lexicanum, no mention of Rogue Traders anywhere in it. Is there another source of information?

    As said, Imperial Armour 9 - Badab War vol. I, page 76.

    While they don't serve the House Ecale per se, the Rogue Traders can call upon the full force of the Chapter in times of need and receive it. Marines view it as an honour and depict the RT livery on their shoulderpads. So it's definitely within the borders of requisitioning Marines.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)11:24 No.12642301
    I'm stealing this idea.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)11:25 No.12642311
    Because Dr Doom's plans always work, right?

    Engineered by the same species =/= genetically identical. Life on Terra was seeded b ythe old ones, then evolution took it's path, and if genetics variance is so wild on the planet which is supposed to have one origin, the chances of humans being identical to Eldar genetically are astronomical.

    Even if the Old Ones used the same genetic code to seed Terra with life as they used with the Eldar and Orks (protip, orks are fungi, eldar are fauna so it's instantly wrong anyway) the Eldar and Orks were created millions of years ago I believe, so genetic variance would creep in there anyway. Orks are already different to their ancestry, I believe Eldar are the same due to their reproductive cycle and because it's in the script.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)11:27 No.12642328
    Okay, that's true.

    Blood Axe. Also, he should be a Big Mek instead of a Mekboy.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)11:33 No.12642356
    Has to be Blood Axe. Only they'd get the idea of becoming a Rogue Trader. The rest would just go for the usual Kaptain stuff.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)11:38 No.12642391
    So, Kaptain Katiklyzum is a Big Mek from the Blood Axes that also happens to be a Doctor Doom analog. He has looted the ship and the Warrant of Trade from a Rogue Trader, and now he has set himself up as one of them. His main ambition in life is to one-up the Emperor, who he sees as his hated rival.

    Anything to develop it further?
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)11:40 No.12642405
    He makes extensive use of xenotech. Which breaks after each encounter, naturally, necessitating the discovery and use of a different device for the next encounter.

    A phobia of small, fuzzy mammals might also be appropriate.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)11:40 No.12642407
    Recurring good guy is a must, he should scream "EMMPRAAAAAHHH" when he fails, he should scream the name of the person who always foils him.

    A nice /tg/ touch would be to have the antagonist as a Badasious or Fuklaw style stand in, or for extra hilarity you could have a Cain style hero that always accidentally foils his plot by somehow tampering with a delicate part of the antagonist's plans
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)11:41 No.12642414
    Also, he should be a master of smack talk. And he refers to himself in the third person.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)11:45 No.12642433

    Here, this is also an awesome touch, as is >>12642405 xenotech
    I can't think of an example of an antagonist that refers to himself in the third person not being completely awesome, a good example is Sid from Children of Men "Sid doesn't know why they want to go there, Sid doesn't want to know" it adds a sense that they are really fucked up in the head.

    Also a correction to my post:
    >have the antagonist as a Badasious or Fuklaw style stand in,
    Should be
    >have the protagonist as a Badasious or Fuklaw style stand in,
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)11:50 No.12642461
    >Engineered by the same species =/= genetically identical. Life on Terra was seeded b ythe old ones,
    Maybe, maybe not.
    >then evolution took it's path
    No, it didn't. The Old One responsible for the creation of modern humanity was supervising the H'Rud until about 460,000 BC and then he buggered off to attend to a new project, us.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)11:50 No.12642463
    Here again, another good idea that plays on the Dr Doom comparison and to other comparisons made about Robotnik and Cortex, you could have a cunnin' git, who is held back by his incredible stupidity, like he has awesome plans, but can never inpliment them properly, or visa versa
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)11:53 No.12642482
    >The race remembered now only as the "Old Ones" had developed terrestrially into a sentient species like most of the galaxy's other commonplace biological species. The Old Ones possessed a slow, cold-blooded wisdom. Their science was advanced to such a point that it was indistinguishable from sorcery. Their understanding of the universe allowed them to exploit the alternate universes such as the Warp and engage in psychic engineering.

    Finding themselves to be virtually alone in the galaxy, they took it upon themselves to make worlds more favorable to support life, and they seeded other worlds with new lifeforms. They visited many worlds, and using primitive species as a stock, they created new and sentient species, which they continued to nurture. Many of the habitable and inhabited worlds in existence were terraformed from often barren worlds which were developed and seeded with life by the Old Ones.

    The Old Ones created many races to serve them including the Slann, Eldar, the tough green-skinned Krork, and the Jokaero. The Slann were probably the foremost servants of the Old Ones and may have been one of the earliest races created. The Old Ones are also reputed to have predicted the downfall of the Eldar and the resultant creation of Slaanesh, and gave control of the Webway to the Eldar.

    >cannot find any reference of human creation.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)11:58 No.12642519
    >Old Ones predict the rise of Chaos
    >do nothing about it

    Old Ones confirmed for dicks.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)12:08 No.12642564
    Agreed, Old Ones are selfish fucks, they created a set of emotion driven races in order to combat the cold science which was pushing them back, and didn't care about the consequence of chaos because it wouldn't be their problem.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)12:10 No.12642582
    What's this? A species being self interested and ruthless in 40k?

    Shock and horror.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)12:17 No.12642619
    Except, you know, it was -over 9000k, and the Old Ones are supposed to be the most pro-biological life species in the entire universe.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)12:19 No.12642636
    Still 40k. No good factions. Ever.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)12:22 No.12642654

    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)12:24 No.12642664
         File1288628695.gif-(1.77 MB, 300x174, laugh_blessed.gif)
    1.77 MB
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)12:24 No.12642666
    >In the grim darkness of the 41st millennium, there is only war
    >In the grim darkness of the 41st millennium
    >41st millennium
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)12:33 No.12642726
    It's in Xenology, not the Necron Codex.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)13:03 No.12642929
    Well you know they might of fixed it, if they hadn't been wiped out.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)13:40 No.12643209
    Also, crazy building ability. The bridge of his ship has been converted into a Gargant.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)13:44 No.12643251

    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)13:49 No.12643286
    If I made him into a villain, then the Gargant would detach and escape using its thrusters while the ship explodes.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)14:13 No.12643479
    No more discussion on Kaptain Katiklyzum?
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)14:39 No.12643714
    Eldar can't interbreed with Humans. Where we evolved
    naturally but the Eldar were created directly by the Old Ones to fight the Necrons. Only the Necrons really did any genetic tampering with humans by implanting the pariah gene.

    As for the Trade Warrant, it passes via different processes depending on the Warrent. Some require blood family, others it just requires those whom are savvy enough to claim it...etc. Eldar can't legally claim a warrent, they are not people.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)14:40 No.12643724
    So, you would just have to pull a Badab to get a Space Marine chapter.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)14:41 No.12643733
    Would his cloak be green? Or black, to make him ded killy?
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)14:50 No.12643819
    Both. And his robot arms would have kustom blastas installed into the palms.
    >> noko Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)15:08 No.12643973
    People talking about Eldar not being on a RT ship don't know what they are talking about, HELLO ELDAR CORSAIRS HERE!

    Orks and Eldar CAN be in a RT's group, they CAN have their own ships and roam around the place, and they can even have open trade between certain human planets and areas in the IoM.

    In addition an Eldar RT character would even have access to commoragh as a port of trade!

    That said an Eldar could never be an ACTUAL Rogue Trader head of a dynasty. The IoM might work with a Xenos but never actually trust them with that level of power. They could still get the rogue trader class however, though it might need some changing to fit the eldar way of doing things, same thing with an Ork, who could be a rogue trader class but not a Rogue Trader, head of dynasty.

    I imagine an Ork rogue trader would specialize in chopping the 'eads off of anyone that didn't listen to them...
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)15:13 No.12644015
    Or the Ork Rogue Trader can be Kaptain Katiklyzm, the Mad Mek of the Calixis Sector.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)15:25 No.12644093
    LMAO, Kaptain Katiklyzm, the Mad Mek of the Calixis Sector, and an eldar ex-dark reaper that focuses on weapons as his second in command?

    Kaptain Katiklyzm and his second mainly see eye to eye on their view of never enough dakka?
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)15:26 No.12644098
    Since this thread is already dead, I guess I might as well go off on a tangent.

    Killy (the human cyborg main character from BLAME!) is possibly both the Ork ideal and the Anti-Ork at the same time. He's cold, logical, stoic, and he's a regular sized humanoid. Absolutely not Orkish at all. But he's dressed in black, his name is one of the Orks' favourite adjectives and he has a pistol sized gun that is capable of mass destruction on a ridiculous scale. Plus he's ungodly tough, as he essentially walked from Earth to Jupiter while fighting monsters the entire way.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)15:27 No.12644101
    My god.

    It's beautiful.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)15:35 No.12644180
    "Buuuut but sir! we strapped the set of dark reaper missile launchers onto the car just like you asked, the missile launchers are larger than the vehicle itself, we... we had to put a new engine in just to have the power to pull all the guns!"
    "List to me, and listen good with those filthy round ears! NOT! ENOUGH! DAKKA! Count how many missile launchers you have and put that many heavy bolters on, and Mugen Ra help me if there isn't at least 2 scatter lasers and one shuriken catapult on that god damn chassis when I get back!"
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)15:38 No.12644219
    A mad genius Big Mek with Eldar technology that he can use?

    Oh, dear Emperor no. That's end of the sector level stuff there.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)15:42 No.12644249
    Eldar weapons have never been dakka.
    They do "fiiuuw fiiiuuww" instead of "BOOOOOM RATATATATATAT"
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)15:47 No.12644282
    Kaptain Katiklyzm, the Mad Mek of the Calixis Sector and Marsgrech* Explosion, formerly of the Dark Reapers. Together these two individuals are out to make the most profit possible in order to build a gun big enough to fire a planet as a projectile.

    *translates as the screaming death.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)15:48 No.12644293
    You are thinking of shuriken guns, Eldar Missile launchers and other dark reaper weapons specifically are there to make as much impact psychologically when viewed as they do physically from impact.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)15:51 No.12644319
    Yeah, that's how Katiklyzm will try to one-up the Emperor.

    He and Marsgrech will build the biggest gun ever.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)15:57 No.12644380
    Shokk Attack Gun + D-Cannon = OH GOD WHAT
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)15:59 No.12644396

    It rips a hole in the warp to wherever you target it, then fires a D-Cannon projectile through. With enhancements from Eldar Warptech, that's pretty much pinpoint destruction anywhere in the galaxy >_>
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)16:00 No.12644401
    Yes yes, I love this.

    I really hope we can get someone to actually draw the characters.

    I just love all the shenanigans they can get into, trying to deal with humans they don't really understand, blowing up humans they don't really understand, and somehow randomly saving the calixis sector every now and then without even meaning to.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)16:03 No.12644432
    I imagine the Kaptin shouting as a thousand orks are pushing and pulling things and spinning wheels, all of it is rusty as hell, while Marsgrech just stands on a platform with a gun handle for the D-gun part.

    Katiklyzm shouts "FIRE!!!!!" and fires the Shokk part, then Marsgrech aims down the tunnel forming and snipes the target, with a D-gun beam the size of a titan.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)16:06 No.12644459


    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)16:09 No.12644480
    I was under the impression that a D-cannon fired a blast that was essentially a small Warp rift. How exactly does one fire one of those through the Warp?

    Would that kind of be like what happens with a portable hole and a bag of holding?
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)16:14 No.12644524
    Actually, the Shokk Attack Gun makes a tunnel through the Warp by projecting a forcefield. So the D-Cannon blast would travel down a hollow cylindrical energy field out to the other side of the portal.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)16:14 No.12644525
    If I remember correctly, the D-cannon doesn't fire a rip in reality, it creates one inside the D-cannon and uses it to generate lots of warp energy that is fired in a beam.

    So it would kind of like shooting a tight stream of water down a glass tube that is submerged in water but with both ends on dry land. The water on the inside of the glass tube doesn't interact with the water on the outside of the glass tube.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)16:17 No.12644551
    So.... it's a tube in a tube.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)16:19 No.12644579
    More like an undersea pipeline, that has one end attached to a gun, and the other end right infront of your face, and it is pumping high pressure sea water right at your face with enough force to blow your skull off...

    Oh and sea water is actually a form of energy that destroyed all matter it comes in contact with.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)16:23 No.12644622
    Plus the second pipeline warps space so the first one can blast you even at distances beyond its regular range.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)16:35 No.12644768
    Who is brave enough to fight against Kaptain Katiklyzm and Marsgrech Explosion?
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)17:12 No.12645083
    RT-era fluff isn't invalid unless overwritten by later fluff.
    That's the way BL rolls.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)17:51 No.12645475
    Ye olde Rogue Traders (the ones with the charters signed by The Emprah, or Primarchs), are pretty much above the Inquisition - which doesn't mean that the Inquisition won't try and fuck with them, but it means that they're likely to be more discrete about it, since they have no legal ground to stand on.
    Chapter masters can fuck the Lex Imperia sideways, and nobody can do jack shit about it, unless the Inquisition gets annoyed - and again, even then, unless there's evidence of xeno or daemon taint, there's little they can legitimately do.
    Chief Astropath, not Librarian.
    Also, I thought Xenology had been established as non-canonical, not being a rulebook, and all.
    Where have half-eldar been retconned? I don't recall seeing anything that says that they can't exist.
    Wot? Source? My recollection is that there's something somewhere (I don't recall the source, so I'm not saying this is WoG, might have been from the rather non-fluffy Xenology) that suggests that the Eldar were actually engineered from proto-human stock - the same stock that later evolved on its own into modern humans, though not before the Deciever (or was it the Void Dragon?) managed to insert the Pariah gene. Thus humans are actually one of the few powerful species NOT created or uplifted by another race.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)17:52 No.12645486
    hey guys i know that this is outta place cause the thread is not about this but in wich handbook of warhammer rpg in generla there are rules to play with an untouchable??
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)19:16 No.12646472
    Kaptin Badrukk, that's who.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)19:21 No.12646518
    Oh god thank you for saving this thread still, I was afraid that it would be eaten.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)19:37 No.12646691
    Non rulebooks are only non canon if a modern rule book contradicts it.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)19:40 No.12646713
         File1288654818.jpg-(7 KB, 195x195, 1287023024896.jpg)
    7 KB
    >since TG is warhammer fluff expert
    >TG is warhammer fluff expert
    >warhammer fluff expert
    >fluff expert
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)19:55 No.12646864
    Kaptin Badrukk and J. Jonaius, son of James.

    One is a wealthy Ork freeboota. The other is a dedicated journalist. Together, THEY FIGHT HERESY.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)19:55 No.12646866
    >Non rulebooks are only non canon if a modern rule book contradicts it.
    Says who? The only GW stance on canon is "all published material is canon, you pick and choose"
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)21:30 No.12648075

    Seriously though we need someone to draw this, it is just so awesome.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/10(Mon)23:02 No.12649410
    But would the drawfags like this idea? They only draw ideas they like.
    >> Anonymous 11/02/10(Tue)00:24 No.12650259
    >> Anonymous 11/02/10(Tue)01:13 No.12650797
    rolled 79 = 79

    >> Anonymous 11/02/10(Tue)01:23 No.12650929
    >> Anonymous 11/02/10(Tue)01:26 No.12650967
    We need somebody to draw Kaptin Katiklyzm and Marsgrech Explosion fighting against Kaptin Badrukk and J. Jonaius, Son of James.
    >> Captain Rhodes 11/02/10(Tue)01:35 No.12651060
    Holy crap some of this heresy itt makes me rage.

    But if you want a WHOLE BOOK about Rogue Trader Warrant Transfer Drama then there's the middle book of the Enforcer Omnibus- Legacy. The plot is literally 'Rogue Trader dies, legitimate son and the Rogue Trader's politicos bitch-fight for the warrant, everything ends in tears'.

    And of COURSE women can be Rogue Traders, what the fuck are you smoking? The only real gender-specific things in 40k are Space Marines and Sisters of Battle.
    >> Captain Rhodes 11/02/10(Tue)01:37 No.12651073
         File1288676232.jpg-(17 KB, 186x300, 0010f950_medium..jpg)
    17 KB
    herp derp forgot my picture. The book also points out how powerful and valuable the good old warrants are (and the next book in the 'bus shows what happens when you fuck up in the process of transfer holy shit).
    >> Anonymous 11/02/10(Tue)01:45 No.12651142
    Can rogue traders be powerful individuals? IE stronger than a marine in combat? with powerful artifacts and armor gained on expeditions?
    >> Captain Rhodes 11/02/10(Tue)01:47 No.12651176
         File1288676873.jpg-(87 KB, 800x673, 1271629113766.jpg)
    87 KB
    They can out-gear a Marine, but he's never going to beat one outright in arm wrestling, generally speaking.

    Besides high-ranking Explorators and other Adeptus Mechanicus guys, Rogue Traders have the biggest amount of future oldtech BULLSHIT. This is mostly because they have the oldest shit and dig around old places the most outside of AdMech.
    >> Anonymous 11/02/10(Tue)02:01 No.12651318

    So if you really wanted you could have a rogue trader army counts as marines with you chapter master HQ being the rogue trader with relic blade and old school antique armor?
    >> Captain Rhodes 11/02/10(Tue)02:06 No.12651355

    You are really obsessed with this. Rogue Traders don't have the numbers of superior men to play Marine.

    You could PROBABLY squeak in an IG or SoB or Inquisitional army refluffed, but you will simply never get a Marine army out of them. It's just not going to happen.
    >> Anonymous 11/02/10(Tue)02:12 No.12651409

    Not even if you ran a mech army?
    >> Captain Rhodes 11/02/10(Tue)02:18 No.12651453
         File1288678719.jpg-(67 KB, 573x1200, 1281757074288.jpg)
    67 KB
    Why does a Rogue Trader have a fully Mech'd up army equivalent to the Space Marines? I hope you're not using their patterns, the Space Marines (and Mars too, probably) will flip their shit at him about that.

    Why do you have such a boner over this? I bet you already have a terribly-modeled guy waiting to be forced upon hapless neckbeards. Just accept that there's no real way a Rogue Trader's going to be carting around an ARMY equivalent to a SPACE MARINE ARMY. There's plenty of other armies he can mimic. Orks, IG, SoB, IQ, it goes on.
    >> Anonymous 11/02/10(Tue)02:21 No.12651473
         File1288678905.jpg-(43 KB, 415x526, picture unrelated.jpg)
    43 KB

    Thank you /tg/ You have made my day. There needs to be write and drawfaggorty of this of the highest order. Everyone read this
    >> Anonymous 11/02/10(Tue)02:31 No.12651563
    bumping this for the awesome
    >> Anonymous 11/02/10(Tue)03:07 No.12651867
    >> Anonymous 11/02/10(Tue)05:57 No.12653059
    >> Anonymous 11/02/10(Tue)06:42 No.12653221
    That book also explores the differences between puritan and radical magi while including one of the best tech-priests ever.
    >> Anonymous 11/02/10(Tue)07:33 No.12653462
         File1288697614.jpg-(373 KB, 1200x1500, 1271384319868.jpg)
    373 KB
    Hey /tg/ as long as we're talking about Rogue Trader, mind if I run this Explorator character idea pass you?

    A vat grown muscle labor slave who was created by a old tech priest on a post-apocalyptic death world. She spends her youth scavenging from the wastelands, carrying all the Tech Priest's stuff for him. After a while, Tech Priest get's bored and decices to tech the vat-slave how to read. The Vat-Slave starts a hobby of reading old books they find.
    At some point, they both get pressed ganged by a passing Rouge Trader and forced to make repairs on the lower hull. The Tech Priest begins training the Vat Slave in the way of the of Machine God. At some point the Tech Priest helps the Vat Slave escape and join a rival Rogue Trader crew, where she get's made Engiseer Prime. In her spare time, she enjoys reading to the crewmen's children.

    Who that work or is it not grimdark enough?
    >> Anonymous 11/02/10(Tue)07:42 No.12653517
         File1288698167.jpg-(9 KB, 190x235, piratechen.jpg)
    9 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/02/10(Tue)07:44 No.12653526
    That works really well and is just the sort of minor random kindness thing that you'd get a lot in grimdark settings (or in war zones, or after a calamity)
    >> Anonymous 11/02/10(Tue)07:51 No.12653554
    Sounds good, though she'll probably need to keep the fact that she's a false-woman under wraps. Unless by "vat grown muscle labour" you mean "natural born human augmented with vat grown muscle.
    >> Anonymous 11/02/10(Tue)08:53 No.12653823
    Seriously, nobody finds the idea of a Orkish Doctor Doom amusing?
    >> Token !!OsCLeHvVorB 11/02/10(Tue)08:54 No.12653831
    Tech-priests don't have the orkish mentality.
    They are all "Hail Omnissiah"
    >> Anonymous 11/02/10(Tue)08:59 No.12653853
    Speaking of Xenotech, maybe he can accidentally turn a bunch of stikkbombz into a Vortex Grenade. Hilarity ensues when he whiffs a throw and accidentallly chucks it next to the reactor on his ship.
    >> Anonymous 11/02/10(Tue)09:05 No.12653878
    That's nothing. We had a Seneshel that was actually a vat grown servitor that was given a best quality cognitor implant instead of a poor q one, achieved sentience, and then fucked off to the corridors to read discarded magazines and vid terminals when no one was looking.

    He was the best educated person on the ship.
    >> Anonymous 11/02/10(Tue)09:14 No.12653907
    Hertek and seneschals seem to go together. The one in the game I run has decided to teach himself technology and build himself a lightning gun. He calls it the Herecutor.

    Last session the group killed a bunch of Eldar and acquired, without knowing what they are, a bunch of soulstones. When they figure out what they've got I suspect I'll need to deal with a xeno soul powered psychic lighting gun.
    >> Anonymous 11/02/10(Tue)09:42 No.12654010
         File1288705324.jpg-(178 KB, 1240x1754, creeeeeeeeeeeeeed.jpg)
    178 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/02/10(Tue)11:23 No.12654512
    I would be surprised if there was ANYONE who didn't find that amusing.
    >> Anonymous 11/02/10(Tue)11:31 No.12654559
    That being said, it's not likely that anybody will write a story or draw a picture to keep the idea alive.
    >> Anonymous 11/02/10(Tue)11:49 No.12654712
    Funded by his fortune as a Rogue Trader, Kaptin Katiklyzm seeks to build the biggest gun ever, one that can fire planets! Can the PCs stop him? Or will he and his right hand man, Marsgrech Explosion, create the most terrifying weapon known to the Imperium?
    >> Anonymous 11/02/10(Tue)11:54 No.12654744
    lool gigant shoota
    >> Anonymous 11/02/10(Tue)12:35 No.12655051
    No time for fiction, but I might throw Kaptain Katiklyzum at one of my two RT groups.
    >> Anonymous 11/02/10(Tue)13:44 No.12655553
    Saw this yesterday, threw Kaptin Katiklyzm at my PCs today. Anyone wants to hear how it went?
    >> Anonymous 11/02/10(Tue)13:52 No.12655613

    Do you have it writefagged?
    >> Anonymous 11/02/10(Tue)13:57 No.12655633

    Not really, I'd me making it up as I go
    >> Anonymous 11/02/10(Tue)14:02 No.12655671

    Don't then. Write it up first. /tg/ hates slow posters
    >> Anonymous 11/02/10(Tue)14:13 No.12655748
    Eagerly awaiting the tale of Kaptain Katiklyzum.
    >> Anonymous 11/02/10(Tue)14:21 No.12655798

    I'll post it tomorrow

    Don't worry, it turned out pretty fun, although there was a "WTF THIS IS A SERIOUS GAME" from the resident That Guy.
    >> Anonymous 11/02/10(Tue)14:24 No.12655816
         File1288722251.jpg-(217 KB, 1680x1050, 1281999653205.jpg)
    217 KB

    How very very Sue of you.
    >> Anonymous 11/02/10(Tue)14:30 No.12655884
    >> Anonymous 11/02/10(Tue)17:08 No.12657188
    what's wrong with being a marry sue?
    >> Anonymous 11/02/10(Tue)17:22 No.12657321
    I run my games serious. So very serious. Even I understand that orks are the exception to this rule. An ork deciding he wants to be a Rogue Trader, calling himself Kaptain Katiklyzum and dabbling is ludicrous and improbable tech fits into the setting when it's being played as straight as a razor.
    >> Anonymous 11/02/10(Tue)18:25 No.12657923
    What happens to a rogue trader if their warrant was signed by a traitor primarch? Would it still be honored or would it become null+void
    >> Anonymous 11/02/10(Tue)20:05 No.12659090

    I would assume they were still honored, why wouldn't they be?
    >> Anonymous 11/02/10(Tue)20:26 No.12659306
    because they're traitors - derp
    >> Anonymous 11/02/10(Tue)21:38 No.12659869
    >> Anonymous 11/02/10(Tue)22:59 No.12660558
    Which makes sense, of course.
    >> Anonymous 11/02/10(Tue)23:28 No.12660785



    I think you're missing the point.
    >> Anonymous 11/02/10(Tue)23:46 No.12660969
    Yeah. A genius in tech, but dumb in planning.
    >> Anonymous 11/02/10(Tue)23:59 No.12661099
    rolled 8 = 8

    >> Anonymous 11/03/10(Wed)01:49 No.12662320
    the FUCK they would
    >> Anonymous 11/03/10(Wed)04:15 No.12663377
    It could make for some an interesting dynasty. They legitimacy of their warrant and their own motives would always be called into question, long after the Inquisition investigated them and declared that they were okay. Having HORUS scrawled across the bottom of your bit of paper is Nightmare Mode to the extreme.
    >> Anonymous 11/03/10(Wed)04:17 No.12663384
    nightmare mode would be Konrad Curze
    >> Anonymous 11/03/10(Wed)04:40 No.12663549
    Since when Primarchs got to sign some shit papers? Their job was war and war alone.
    Leave the bureaucracy to the fuckers from administratum.
    >> Anonymous 11/03/10(Wed)05:06 No.12663651
    Probably just the stamp of his office
    >> Anonymous 11/03/10(Wed)05:13 No.12663685
    The Emperor himself signed warrants of trade back in the day. Horus would have done so as well, seeing as he was the Warmaster. It's a reasonably assumption to assume that a few other Primarchs might have done so as well.
    >> Anonymous 11/03/10(Wed)05:37 No.12663779
         File1288777056.jpg-(125 KB, 679x1000, 1281842787084.jpg)
    125 KB

    Gulliman more then likely would have as well.
    >> Anonymous 11/03/10(Wed)05:43 No.12663800
         File1288777382.jpg-(7 KB, 90x104, tycho_troll.jpg)
    7 KB
    Does that mean a Rogue Trader dynasty can have a spiritual liege?
    >> Anonymous 11/03/10(Wed)06:20 No.12664061
    For a bit of Legacy I actually thought it was Horus and I was like SHIT JUST GOT REAL. Then it got even more real.

    >noximann and

    Interesting. Noximann. I will use that, captcha.
    >> Anonymous 11/03/10(Wed)09:46 No.12665027
    Can space marines inherit warrants of trade? In this case what would happen?
    >> Anonymous 11/03/10(Wed)09:55 No.12665061
    Kid taken as Space Marine. Relative is Rogue Trader. Rogue Trader kicks bucket, due to wacky lines of succession, Speess Merhine is now heir.
    >> Anonymous 11/03/10(Wed)09:58 No.12665075

    who is this anyway? looks like slaanesh if it decided to wear the god-emperor's armor
    >> Anonymous 11/03/10(Wed)10:01 No.12665090
    Yes, do tell.
    >> Anonymous 11/03/10(Wed)10:03 No.12665100
    As with everything in 40k, it could theoretically happen. It's extremely unlikely, though, and the Inquisition would have a shitfit about one marine getting that much power.
    >> Anonymous 11/03/10(Wed)10:03 No.12665103
    >>looks like slaanesh

    I don't see a bulge.
    >> Anonymous 11/03/10(Wed)10:07 No.12665114
    Reminds me of the time I tried to make Jon Irenicus a BBEG.

    But I realized that I couldn't write dialogue befitting a villain of his stature. Plus he has no soul, and Pariahs can't do psyker stuff.
    >> Anonymous 11/03/10(Wed)10:07 No.12665115
    It's not technically a 40k drawing, but the artist does plenty of other 40k stuff and the aesthetics are so similar that it might as well be. A Lord Militant would be the most likely role of the depicted.
    >> His Divine Power 11/03/10(Wed)10:07 No.12665121

    point taken
    >> Anonymous 11/03/10(Wed)10:09 No.12665132
    this thread is why i love you /tg/

    Kaptin Katiklyzm will now play a role in my DH games
    >> T.S.K. !!zvjA3mMlb7z 11/03/10(Wed)10:11 No.12665142

    >Name of character and artist on picture.
    >Still ask.

    Good lord.
    >> Anonymous 11/03/10(Wed)10:11 No.12665148
    Hold up, I don't think that the space marine could inherit it could he? I mean he basically belongs to his chapter. Especially if he was a high ranking marine or a GK. Although I do remember reading about how when you are issued on of the newer Warrants of Trade you are forced to leave as it is a 'honor' - and this is how many high ranking people get rid of their opposition
    >> Anonymous 11/03/10(Wed)10:22 No.12665190
    while it is possible space marines are not generally dicked around with in that way since they are too useful where they are to pull things like that on and the idea of a rogue trader is to expand the imperiums interests not destroy all who oppose the god emperor
    >> Anonymous 11/03/10(Wed)10:51 No.12665356

    Especially GK in fact I assume that the GK would turn down the Warrant of Trade so that he could further serve his brothers. What happens to the warrant in this situation?
    >> Anonymous 11/03/10(Wed)11:11 No.12665482

    Leman Russ famously issued the only known warrant for ale and wenches.
    >> Anonymous 11/03/10(Wed)11:35 No.12665624

    Every year the Yerselat Dynasty drops 40.000 hogsheads of Ale and 100 nubile young women on the pickup spot ordained by Russ.

    The Fenrisian barbarians have no idea why this bounty is delivered to them but seems to enjoy it anyways, the clans fiercely wages war for the territory.
    >> Anonymous 11/03/10(Wed)11:52 No.12665759
         File1288799564.jpg-(868 KB, 984x1458, tale.jpg)
    868 KB
    Just got my hands on Edge of the Abyss, devouring information now. The first chapter is a few snippets of fluff, mostly painting the Koronus Expanse as a dark and mysterious place.

    Then there was this, which I felt the need to share.
    >> Anonymous 11/03/10(Wed)11:57 No.12665778
    well that's interesting
    >> Anonymous 11/03/10(Wed)12:03 No.12665816
    Those poor poor bastards...
    >> Anonymous 11/03/10(Wed)12:04 No.12665824

    I wonder what the Imperiums stance is on this.

    Xenos that worship Humanity and the God Emperor as divine beings.
    >> Anonymous 11/03/10(Wed)12:06 No.12665833
    depends on what the xenos in question look like i would wager

    if they were basically humanoid in form with only some slight differences and they speak Gothic and worship the emperor, i bet most people would just assume they were some type of abhuman caught in a warpstorm or whatever

    if they were starfish tentacle things though, yeah, lots of purging fire incoming
    >> Anonymous 11/03/10(Wed)12:12 No.12665855
    Hey guys, I posted the Kaptin story a few hours ago, it's >>12665208 if you want to read it
    >> Anonymous 11/03/10(Wed)12:16 No.12665870

    The blasphemy of the Alien is such that there can only ever be one response - extermination.

    These particular ones seem to be gullible enough to actually lead the Emperor's wrath into their worlds. Would it be that all Xenos were of such disposition.
    >> Anonymous 11/03/10(Wed)12:20 No.12665890
    LOL Kaptain Katiklyzum that's great xD btw on another note what IS a quest thread; there is not entry on 1d4 chan and google isn't floating my boat. All i seem to know about them is that rules say they're okay to do.
    >> Anonymous 11/03/10(Wed)12:55 No.12666076
         File1288803350.jpg-(100 KB, 338x758, rak.jpg)
    100 KB


    As far as Imperium is concerned, all xenos are as likely allies as pic related.
    >> Anonymous 11/03/10(Wed)13:28 No.12666312
    Why do I have a feeling those women being sent to Fenris arent volunteers.
    >> Anonymous 11/03/10(Wed)13:30 No.12666323
    Why do I have a feeling those women being sent to Fenris werent originally female.
    >> Anonymous 11/03/10(Wed)13:33 No.12666336
    In the early days of the Great Crusade, alien planets were allowed to exist as Imperial Protectorates
    >> Anonymous 11/03/10(Wed)13:36 No.12666366
    Chaos-worshipping aliens and Emprah-worshipping aliens are two totally different things. Aliens that are totally subservient to humanity would probably be integrated into the Imperium without too much difficulty, as long as they don't mind being enslaved.

    No point wasting resources exterminating them when you can put them to work on something useful.
    >> Anonymous 11/03/10(Wed)13:36 No.12666376

    I wonder how many still exist. No many I'm willing to bet.
    >> Anonymous 11/03/10(Wed)13:37 No.12666384
    Depends who you're asking. The Monodominant philosophy demands the extermination of all aliens.
    >> Anonymous 11/03/10(Wed)13:39 No.12666395

    Not really. the only example we have is the Laer, and that was only proposed because the Imperium doubted that it could beat them and wanted to keep them contained. When Fulgrim boasted that he'd wipe them out, no great opposition was mounted against the operation.

    The Emperor had no affection for aliens - he wanted the supremacy of mankind over all others, and genocided aliens without compunction.
    >> Anonymous 11/03/10(Wed)13:39 No.12666397
    Pretty much this. After the HH and the Van Dire apostasy, lunatics run the asylum now
    >> Anonymous 11/03/10(Wed)13:41 No.12666417
    The Monodominant philosophy also demands the extermination of all Psykers incl. Astropaths, Mutants incl Navigators etc
    >> Anonymous 11/03/10(Wed)13:43 No.12666436
    What about Polarists? I wonder if you could use Polarists to throw a wrench in the political works.
    >> Anonymous 11/03/10(Wed)13:45 No.12666448
    Yeah, I explain to my friends that the Monodominants desperately want to shove all mutants and psykers into gas chambers, and only fail to do so because they can't fucking figure out how they'll do that without destroying the entire Imperium.
    >> Anonymous 11/03/10(Wed)13:45 No.12666452
    - Redemptionists - we know about these fellas. Venerate the color red, believe everyone's sinful and that to avert the Emperor's Wrath you have to join the Redemption Crusade and purge things with fire, wear masks when on official business, etc.
    - Ressurectionists - Believe that the Emperor will be resurrected at a time of great crisis for the Imperium. The Thorians are obviously more pro-active about it, but we've read in the Cain novels (for example) that there's a wide folk belief at the turn of the millenium that the Emperor will rise from the throne on 001.001.42.
    - Calendites - Believe that the Emperor was always a god.
    - Phanacians - Believe that the Emperor became a god when he slew Horus.
    - Lucids - Believe that houses of worship should be plain and without ornamentation; supposedly more tolerant of psykers.
    - Armormants - Believe that houses of worship should be ornate works of art to honor the God-Emperor; supposedly more strict on psykers.
    - Polarists - Believe in the absolute separation of humans and psykers; the two can be combined only in the Emperor. Even sanctioned psykers should for preference be turned into servitors or otherwise lobotomized.
    - Imperialists - we know these folks; bring the Emperor's Light to the furthest reaches of the galaxy and kill any xenos standing in our way.
    >> Anonymous 11/03/10(Wed)13:46 No.12666459

    Monodominants are also crazy to a level that makes the Sisters think they are overzealous. And Idiots.
    >> Anonymous 11/03/10(Wed)13:46 No.12666466
    Monodominants would exterminate them if they could, but they also know that they're required to keep the Imperium going.

    The Polarist movement is most likely an evolution of the monodominant philosophy in the face of the above.
    >> Anonymous 11/03/10(Wed)13:47 No.12666480
    Interesting stuff. Where's this from?
    >> Anonymous 11/03/10(Wed)13:50 No.12666506

    Thorians also believe the emperor works through people, giving them a spark of his divine essence, as was the case with Sebastian Thor.
    >> Anonymous 11/03/10(Wed)13:51 No.12666508
    >> Anonymous 11/03/10(Wed)13:52 No.12666512

    Yeah but the Sisters are mostly Thorians. That and they know the difference between psykers and witches.
    >> Anonymous 11/03/10(Wed)13:53 No.12666521
    The Laer worshipped Slaanesh; the sword Fulgrim looted off of them was daemon-possessed, and the daemon within it possessed him and made him turn to Chaos.
    >> Anonymous 11/03/10(Wed)13:55 No.12666540
    The Adepta Sororitas are a mix of monodominant and thorian. They tolerate psykers but have no fondness for them.

    Fascinating. Someone took the time to collect several lesser known branches of the Imperial Creed from a half-dozen different sources, yet I doubt many had heard about them until now. Thanks for linking that.
    >> Anonymous 11/03/10(Wed)13:59 No.12666563

    As I said, mostly. There are some more insane ones.
    >> Anonymous 11/03/10(Wed)16:32 No.12667849

    good to know, cool list, op
    >> Anonymous 11/03/10(Wed)16:38 No.12667921
    The Sisters are monodominants to the core. See Dark Heresy: Inquisitor's Handbook and the Radical's Handbook.
    >> Anonymous 11/03/10(Wed)16:41 No.12667949
         File1288816860.jpg-(15 KB, 300x300, 1287343332579.jpg)
    15 KB
    >since TG is warhammer fluff expert
    >TG is warhammer fluff expert
    >warhammer fluff expert
    >fluff expert
    >> τιτυs !TCNe96dcu6 11/03/10(Wed)16:41 No.12667953
    So at the end of days Fulgrim will be freed from his cage in his mind?

    And Leman Russ will come back to lead the pack. And blah blah blah, which of the other Primarchs have similar return stories?
    >> Anonymous 11/03/10(Wed)16:48 No.12668038
         File1288817305.jpg-(137 KB, 1024x768, tzeentch-1024.jpg)
    137 KB
    >which of the other Primarchs have similar return stories?

    Those stories are for anyone foolish enough to believe them. They will be sorely disappointed to find that their salvation has not come.

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