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    29 KB Anonymous 10/28/10(Thu)21:13 No.12604884  
    Story time /tg/. Some of you may recall a certain Call of Cthulhu game, and although I deliver this story later then usual I thought it only polite to finish the story by sharing what happened during the third and final arc in the "monster in the mirror". Act two is somewhere on sup/tg/, and although act one is not I may retell it if people so wish.

    Act two occurred only three nights after the events of act two, two of the four investigators had died that night, one was brutally beaten within an inch of her life and the other emerged almost unscathed during a fight with another investigator turned into a monster.

    The police had arrived, asked their questions, but concluded with a hurricane bearing down on New Orleans that they best escort the lady to her plantation outside the city with police guard as she feared for her life, and they wanted to keep her under watch.

    On the second day they were escorted through the wind and rain, but they realized the weather was worse then they thought. When they arrived at the plantation, the roads behind them were washed away. They would be trapped on the widow's plantation till the storm passed.

    The next half hour was spent with the two new investigators, an upstanding pillar of the community policeman and an specialist police detective with knowledge of the occult, meant to deal with the crank pile back at the office in the city.

    They quested the doctor and widow, the two survivors ruthlessly, but they could never say what happened and expect them to believe.

    That was when a knock was heard at the door over the sound of wind and rain.
    >> Anonymous 10/28/10(Thu)21:21 No.12604972
    It was still 3:00 PM on a Tuesday afternoon in June, even if you couldn't tell because of the weather. The widow called for one of her servants to open the door and invite whomever was outside in.

    The man who walked through the door was a young man, tanned skin, handsome and wearing a bleach white suit soaked wet in the rain. He wore a professional smile and bowed the the lady of the house and nodded at the others. The two policemen were a little angry their interrogation was interrupted, but the other two bid him to sit down.

    The man introduced himself as Mr Walter Clement. In journals past the investigators have read this man was the person who gave Henry Wilfred III the information he needed to conduct a ritual, the ritual the investigators had failed to stop some days ago in the previous session. When the policeman interrupted to ask their questions he ignored them or brushed them off to speak with the widow alone. He had a proposition for her, and everyone else gathered.

    He said that A Mr. Molyneux, another character the investigators meet and who sat in that very same chair a week earlier and had shared vital information, was dead. Killed by Henry Wilfred, and that Wilfred would be coming to the plantation that night. To kill them all.

    Wilfred wasn't human anymore he said, the ritual had turned into, merged with what plagued and drove his grandfather mad. Clement was willing to offer an exchange. Wilfred has something he wants, the mirror that was used to bring the monster to earth 40 years ago. He would in return translate a part of a book, used by Wilfred's cult, to offer a spell to dispel the monster, and save their lives.

    The widow and doctor agreed immediately, the policeman got to their feet, and wanted to interrogate the man.
    >> Anonymous 10/28/10(Thu)21:29 No.12605047
    Clement ignored the policemen and their questions. He then took the book from the widow and traced his fingers along the odd symbols inside for 3 pages.

    "Tonight, the eye of the storm will pass over this house. The third brightest light in the sky is what could be your doom. It is not the moon, and not the north star, but a star that should not be able to shine. It exists on the other side of this galaxy's core. Yet it still shines. When it reaches twilight, and that star shines at midnight, he will come. At 2:00 am however, Jupiter will eclipse that star's light, at that time perform this ritual and do not stop it till the monster is gone. It is your only chance, during that time it will be powerless."

    He then handed it back, and gave a polite bow and got up to leave. As he was walking away the detective gave the order to cuff the man, they were not going to let him leave. His arrival, rhetoric and motive were unknown and suspicious. The policeman approached hastily.

    Clement merely looked at the policeman in the eyes and said, "I think you'll find you will not move another step." The policeman froze in place. Clement took a few backwards steps, grabbed his hat and cane, bowed and turned around the corner. With his eyes averted the policeman could move once again, the detective and officer pulled out their pistols and rushed around the corner telling the man the freeze.
    >> Anonymous 10/28/10(Thu)21:37 No.12605133
    But of course he was not there, a scared servant raised his hands into the air terrified. They asked where the man had gone. "What man sir?" The servant said in a shaking voice.

    They freaked out a little.

    They thought to organize a search party for the man, some kind of Great Houdini the man must be. They had 8 servants and three other policeman to find the man, he couldn't have gotten away! But the widow said no.She knew full well what was coming that night, and they needed to be prepared. Out of a cult of 20, 15 dead bodies were found at the sight, one of the bodies missing was her husband, and after fighting with the old man of the last scenario, it was possible there were 5 or maybe more of those human monsters with Wilfred. Rf an enigmatic man like Mr. Molyneux could be found and killed and Clement had told them they must deal with it, because if he were to stay Wilfred would not reveal himself and all their grand children would be the victims instead of themselves they were fucked if they didn't comply.
    >> Anonymous 10/28/10(Thu)21:44 No.12605189
    So I gave them free reign to design the plantation within reason. They barricaded the doors, the windows they shut even tighter and nailed more wood to them. The widow's 4 young children she hid in the cellar. They wanted to make traps, but the officer wouldn't allow it, even if they were to be targets of murder, to set up deadly Molotov traps with gasoline was out of the question. The widow was prepared to burn her whole house down to protect her children though, touching.

    They laboured and argued some ore until 10:00 pm when there was another knock at the door.

    "You answer it"
    "No you do!"

    The widow finally made the move and answered the door still knocking. Everyone else stood behind several feet away with guns drawn. She opened the door only the minutest little bit they could and asked who was out there.

    It was the widow's husband wet and cold from the rain.
    >> Anonymous 10/28/10(Thu)21:53 No.12605264
    She was scared, but her husband begged her to open the door. She finally did and her husband came inside with a sad apologetic look on his face. The police officers lowered their guns, the doctor did not until the policeman ordered her to do so, and she only did it after much hesitation. The husband begged for forgiveness for running away so many month ago and ignoring her and the kids to read some book and learn at some cult, but he had learned so much and wanted to share it with the wife he loved.... And his children.

    She was mad of course, she screamed at him with tears in her eyes. He apologized but said what he learned can make up for it, more then make up for it.

    "The mast- Mr Wilfred has shared incredible miracles with his chosen, and I have come before him to offer you all one last chance. Put down your arms and listen to what he has to say, what he can offer and teach you.... Please!"

    The policeman wanted to cuff and question him, the cultists were wanted on suspect of multiple murders in New Orleans over the past few months. When no one would say yes or agree to his offer he demanded to see the children. He became violent and started yelling. "Where are my children? I want to talk with them! Mr. Wilfred has shown immortality and power beyond mortals! We never need know death or fear with the master's teachings!"

    The policeman tried to grab the husband, but he was strong, they could get a grip on him, but he shook them off and threw them to the floor violently.

    The doctor jumped into action to subdue the man with a needle full of narcotic sedative she would knock him out.

    But the needle broke on his skin.

    And that's when he got really angry. And the widow and doctor knew what they were dealing with.
    >> Anonymous 10/28/10(Thu)22:01 No.12605344
    The husband started throwing punches, and these punches hurt. They were dealing 4-6 damage when they hit. The policeman were taking a beating. They tried to hit back with billy clubs but they did nothing, they heard sharp sounds like banging on glass when they hit him, and they heard cracks instead of thumps when they hit hard enough. Finally they pulled out their guns, the detective with a shotgun scored a major hit and blew the right half of the husband's head away. But the head turned back, he was hallow inside, pieces of glass hung from the edges of the wound and fell all around. They all rolled sanity. The policemen NPCs freaked out but they all kept their cool. The husband kept attacking, but he was feral like now. Finally from behind the widow steeled herself and shot the husband from behind at point blank at the base of the spine. The husband stopped, he only had two little thin walls of glass holding his lower and upper body together, and then the weight of his upper body crashed into his lower and he fell to pieces on the floor with a large clatter and smashing of glass.

    But he was only the first. They knew there were more. And the policemen now knew, that all bets were off, anything needed to be done to survive.
    >> Anonymous 10/28/10(Thu)22:10 No.12605460
    They laid down one of the policemen who was beaten nearly to death by the husband on a couch. They consoled the other two who suffered huge trauma, 5 and 7 SAN loss each. They then reorganized which servants and themselves would stand to watch all points of the house, the policemen NPCs would join them when they calmed down at least they could now rely on them being used to the terror and not freak out anymore, unlike themselves who had yet to fully comprehend what they met.

    Then there was a short scream. It was from the first floor, the study one person was to watch it. They carefully opened the door and they saw two shapes inside. One was standing with something clenched in its right hand, it was another man's neck. The standing figure saw them at the door and rushed out from the darkness at them. Their vision obscured by lack of light they fired but kept missing. This time though they were ready and focused fire and brought the man down to broken glass and dust quickly, but he had managed to get a few punches in. The NPC cops were beaten badly, and the officer and detective that time recoiled from the horror of the hollow man as pieces of him blew away yet he still attacked.

    They found the body of one of the servants inside, his neck of the man was crushed completely like someone crushing a banana. They realized how strong these monsters are now. And with the thunder, wind and rain outside, one of the boarded up windows had been torn open when the sound outside was at its zenith so the guard would not hear it till it was too late. They were also very clever.
    >> Anonymous 10/28/10(Thu)22:17 No.12605565
    There was no time for rest when they heard the sound of glass bottles being tipped over at the door leading into the garage. At every door they had set up empty rum bottles so if something opened the doors they would fall over and make a sound. Bandaged up the NPC cops went to investigate. The widow tried to persuade them not to, but they wouldn't listen. One cop went into the hallway leading to the garage alone. When at the game table the widow looked away to listen to another player speak in character she saw that when she looked back at me the cop was suddenly gone. She backed up afraid and was about to retreat upstairs. The other cop came for a closer look and asked if that door in the hallway was open before. It was not. She tried to persuade him not to go, but again she couldn't convince him and with gun drawn he went down the hallway and into the room.

    He didn't come back out and wouldn't respond to calls. She ran back to the sitting room, at the base of the stairs to the second floor where everyone else was panicked.
    >> Anonymous 10/28/10(Thu)22:28 No.12605680
    They all met her at the dining room beside the sitting room as she ran over. She was scared and said the other two cops were dead. No she couldn't say for sure not seeing there body but she knew they were dead. Then the door to the back porch right beside them started banging really loudly. Something strong was hitting it from the other side. The furniture they loaded behind it shook and started giving way. They jumped away from the door with guns drawn waiting to take a shot. The banging continued and it was joined with the sound of a ruckus in the garage, they were not sure what way to face and they decided to fall back into the sitting room. All except one of the servants who was still standing in the dining room, motionless. The banging then stopped and the ruckus in the garage went away. They stood still for a minute and called out to the man. The policeman then braved the room and walked over to the man. He prushed his shoulder and the man's knees gave out and he slumped over, but he didn't fall over, he was strung up by something wrapped around his neck, a long strand of piano wire leading up to the ceiling. Above them was one of the five bedrooms they had locked up at the start of the night.

    Upstairs the detective was with some of the other servants. He stood in the main hallway upstairs and heard a twanging from one of the rooms. It was like tout strings were being wrapped around something, and it was the same room that was dirrectly above where the servant was hung dead.
    >> Anonymous 10/28/10(Thu)22:39 No.12605826
    Then the sound of foot steps moving in the room. They were walking toward the door. The detective learned his back against the hallway wall opposite the door. The doorknob began to turn and he aimed down his iron sight. Then the door knob stopped turning and there was silence. He stood still for a minute refusing to look away. Then he made a spot hidden, and out of the corner of he eye he saw a disembodied handing holding garrote wire crawling along the wall toward his head. He freaked out, turned and fired blowing the hand away into little glass pieces. Then the door in front of him was smashed open and a one handed man rushed at him with fire in his other hand and jumped the detective knocking him to the ground and trying to strangle him to death. The other servants rushed in and shot the man to death shattering him into pieces and they cascaded and cut the detective who was still underneath the man.

    The other investigators ran up and when they heard the story they were confused. His hand crawled around without him and killed people? What?

    They didn't have time to discuss these things. They needed to set up on the second floor now, they had been pushed back. The first floor was no longer safe. The second floor was no longer safe either, but it was safer. That was until the police officer started checking the other rooms on the floor and when he opened the master bedroom I gave him a note saying he saw a full body mirror standing in the room.

    "We used everything to barricade the doors right?" He said.

    "Yes we did. Why?" Asked the widow.

    "Well there's this mirror here I don't remember being here before."


    And then the grandfather clock struck 12:00 and there was the sound of a knife on a dinner plate coming from downstairs, the dining room to be specific.

    "He's heeeeeeeeeeeeere." I said.
    >> Anonymous 10/28/10(Thu)22:48 No.12605958
    The investigators left the servants and remaining injured cop upstairs and went down to the dining room. Sitting in the dark was a man cutting into a piece of chicken on a plate, a meal they had finished eating hours ago. The man greeted them still sitting with a polite hello and asked them to sit down at the table, he wanted to talk.

    They were in no mood to talk. They pulled their guns on him and were ready to fire.

    "Oh how rude of me, introductions. I am Mr Wilfred III. I came to give you all one last chance. You have in your possession a book that I lent out. I want it back."

    They refused.

    "That's too bad. If you give me the book back, I'll only kill you four. But until then, every 15 minutes, Mrs. Thomas, I'll kill one of your children."

    They opened fire and the bullets went right through him. The knife and fork he was holding fall through his hands and hit the table. Wilfred puts on a sinister grin and then fades away.

    From the walls of the house everyone hears his disembodied voice, "Ah there they are. In the cellar. Well these two gentlemen in the way wont do. Now, you have 15 minutes till the first dead line...starting... now."

    There was screaming from the cellar, adult screams. The widow and the police officer ran as fast as they could to the cellar, the other two raced back upstairs to prepare.
    >> Anonymous 10/28/10(Thu)22:59 No.12606131
    The two rush into the cellar to find the two servants who were to guard the children are on their knees tearing at their own abdomens tearing out their intestines like they thought they were snakes. They scream and bleed until they die curled up on the cellar floor sobbing and screaming. Surprisingly the two pass sanity rolls against seeing something so gruesome. The children are all lined up neatly sitting against the wall asleep. In their arms they scoop up the children and race upstairs to where everyone else is waiting. They sit the children down together and form a circle around them. One is out watching the upstairs hallway, and the door leading to the upstairs balcony, and the other watching the stairs.

    Outside the wind and rain has stopped and everything lights up with a full moon. Opening the storm shutters on one of the windows they look outside and see they are now in the eye of the storm, a strange star is shining bright just below the moon that was not there a week before.

    They argued breifly over what to do, but they all agreed they could not trust the man to keep his word at all, and so they prepare for the worst. Oddly the other servants did not know what they were talking about and were still afraid and confused about everything. Apprently they could not hear Wilfred speak.

    15 minutes pass and Wilfred's voice is heard again asking for the book. They refuse. Wilfred says that is too bad and his voice fades away once again.

    And so they stood and waited. Until a round of listen checks and the detective could hear foot steps coming slowly up the stairs.
    >> Anonymous 10/28/10(Thu)23:16 No.12606335
    The detective pulled out a shotgun and aimed down the stairs, the foot steps kept getting closer and louder, but he didn't see anything coming up the stairs. Then he saw what he thought was a shimmer of an outline for not even a second. Still he didn't want to commit a shot. He ordered the servant waiting with a dresser to push it down the stairs. Tumbling end over end it cascaded down the stairs but it did not hit a thing until it crashed at the bottom. But as it was travelling down he say the outline again, this time for a full second jump up and slam into the wall. And then he say it again as it landed back on the stairs. As the footsteps only he was hearing got closer the outline became distinct so he fired a shot.... And rolled a misfire jamming his gun. The outline stood up straight and made a dash up the stairs past the detective. Unable to stop it one of the children was lifted into the air by an arm and seemed to be floating there. Everyone rushed over and turned to face the invisible threat, but they couldn't do a thing as a wide red gash was cut along the youngest child's throat. The wound was instantly fatal, and the child died quickly in its sleep.

    Enraged everyone opened fire, but they couldn't hit their target. They heard the foot steps rushing down the stairs. The detective finally unjammed his gun and fired, hitting the target hard. Shotgun pellets were left inside the hollow creature and their rattling could be heard as it fled. They gave pursuit and it escaped into the garage.
    >> Anonymous 10/28/10(Thu)23:17 No.12606347
    Then Wilfred's voice could be heard again. "That's too bad" he said. "This could have been easily avoided. You don't want to take the deal to save your children's lives ahead of your own?" They argue back over not believing that he will keep their promise. "You're quite right you can't trust me. I might kill everyone in this house anyways. But still, at least you wont exist to see those children die before you do. But are you angry? Here, she is useless to me now that she can be heard so easily." Now visible a woman with scars on her face walks out awkwardly as though it is not of her own volition. "Take revenge if you want it." And with gusto they do. The woman tries to speak but cannot, she shakes her head like she is trying to plead but they gun her down and reduce her to glass and dust.

    Wilfred seems to be enjoying himself when he voice adds another addition to the game, "That was fun, but if you're going to became so rude and sullen over a child's death, how about another deal? If you hand over someone to me, I'll give you 15 more minutes of life." The monster before it fused with Wilfred had an unbearable curiosity, it loved to dissect humans and perform experiments on them, and that hadn't changed when it fused with Wilfred. Everyone they sent to Wilfred would face at best horrible death and at worse a fate worse then death.

    But they had enough servants and that injured passed out cop left that the four of them and the three children could get to 2:00 am alive. The servants could hear none of this.
    >> Anonymous 10/28/10(Thu)23:26 No.12606457
    So now had a long heated argument over what they should do. The widow would do anything to save the rest of the children. The police officer refused to talk, he kept saying there was no room for discussion and they were not to talk about it. The detective and doctor were left to argue relentlessly instead. they argued back and forth that if they were going to make sacrifices to defeat Wilfred they should do it themselves, not send those ignorant of the situation to do it.

    But the doctor won out. When the 15 minute mark arrived Wilfred asked for the book, or one of their lives. They handed over the injured cop. They sent them down stairs one by one, each time a new lie to get them to go. They heard no screams, no fleeing. They finally reached 1:30 am. There were two servants left. But the detective couldn't take it anymore. He refused to hand over another one to Wilfred. Finally he got angry and told the doctor to go. Reluctantly she agreed. I was shocked myself. If your going to sacrifice people why stop part way though. Apparently sending five people to their deaths and or horrible torture was the limit and too much for the investigators to bear.

    So the doctor went downstairs into the dark first floor of the plantation estate, alone.
    >> Anonymous 10/28/10(Thu)23:35 No.12606542
    This scene had played out three times before, but people tell me it still sends chills up their spine each time. The doctor went downstairs into the dining room, and there in the middle of the room was the mirror. She almost bumped into it since it was so dark, and so she found herself standing in front of it. She didn't look at it, she looked at her feet instead. Then she felt something standing behind her, something breathing, it sent chills down her spine and something buzzing in her ears. She stood still for minutes sensing something was behind her. Then it went quiet. The noise was gone, the presence was gone, still she refused to look. Then I called for an idea roll. She succeeded. She could not resist looking up at the mirror, and reflected in the mirror was the monster. 8 feet tall but hunched over, armored carapace like obsian skin, hands with fingers that ended in huge long talons, and a head, flat like a biker's helmet but with two little red lights burning inside. With the sound of glass being pulled apart a toothy maw opens behind her, other then that, not a sound. She rolls a sanity check and fails taking 9 SAN damage. She screams as it attacks and rips the back half of her body off.

    The investigators and two other servants cringe up stairs. It was quiet in the house till then. And after the scream it was the same quiet all over again.
    >> Anonymous 10/28/10(Thu)23:44 No.12606643
    15 more minutes passed and it was 1:45 AM. Wilfred came to ask for the book one more time mocking them. They refused this time. This time they would fight. Wilfred thought it odd, they still had sacrifices to give, and they even sent one of their own to die just before. But he did not mind, Wilfred sent one of his servants instead. At the end of the second story hallway to the balcony there was a loud crash. The door that had been barricaded with bed frames and dressers was smashed open with ease. Some...thing... with an ordinary lower half but an upper body like two people had been rolled up into a ball with huge arms scrapped its shoulders against the hallway walls as it barrelled toward them. They made their SAN checks, even the servants, and opened fire. All low rolls nearly bounced off the armoured skin of the monster. But their dodge rolls were superb during the fight. It only hit the detective once, but when it did, it hit for 9 damage, reducing him to only 4 HP. The large fist caught him lifted him up as the swing slammed into the wall. It broke many of his ribs, but he was still awake and as everyone fired, and as it pulled back its fist to throw another punch he scored a max damage hit with his shot gun and blew the monster to bits.

    After that, there was quiet until 2:00 AM.
    >> Anonymous 10/28/10(Thu)23:55 No.12606770
    The 2:00 AM mark had come. Wilfred's voice came once again to demand the book or a sacrifice, but in the middle of his speech his voice cut out and he was silent. Outside they saw the blue tint over the estate was becoming red instead. They rushed outside through the smashed open door to the balcony to see the star below the moon had been eclipsed by something red moving over it. This was their chance. They prepared the book, and recited the spell.
    >> Anonymous 10/28/10(Thu)23:56 No.12606779
    In the master bed room the doctor had woke up a few minutes earlier with no memory of how she died. She was locked in, there was a strange noise coming from somewhere and no one responded to her calls. With ease she managed to open and push past the barricaded door leading into the master bed room and saw everyone gathered on the balcony.

    With the two servants standing guard with shotguns and very confused the two policemen and the widow began the spell. Three magic circles formed, I said they could add another circle for one point of permanent POW each, they did not hesitate to each offer one, so the circles increased to six. Inside the circles a man appeared, the same man who met them at the dinner table. He was angry and confused, he threw punches at the them but they hit barriers. As the chant continued Wilfred's skin began to peel away like strips of bark. Still he threw his fists and like blue panes of glass he started smashing his way toward the outer circles. Floating around him was his skin and black clouds. Outside everyone was making sanity checks and passing as they then watched chunks of muscle tear off Wilfred's bones. Still he moved unhindered and smashed at the barriers. With his muscles stripped there was a skeleton inside pounding at the barriers. They still passed their sanity tests, although the servants did not, they did not lose enough to go temporarily insane.

    The doctor watched confused, there was so much noise she could not hear herself talk, as she desperately tried to talk with the frightened servants, probably frightened as to where she came from. Then she heard a voice in her head. Something compelling her like a fish hook in her mind pulling her in a certain direction.

    "Kill them... Kill them all!"
    >> Anonymous 10/29/10(Fri)00:03 No.12606851
    The command continued inside her head. It got louder and louder, angrier and angrier, more desperate as time went on. She dropped to her knees and screamed refusing to cooperate.

    At the same time the skeleton inside the circle was being pulled apart bone by bone, with one arm left it smashed the 4th barrier. Then like a tornado inside the circle black clouds and body parts swirled around. Finally on one side a naked man reformed out cold on the ground. The black clouds reformed into the monster, visible for everyone to see.

    The two policemen... failed...they took 10 and 8 SAN damage and freaked out. The servants, freaked out, the doctor freaked out. The widow was the only one holding the spell. The monster turned to her and clawed at her breaking a barrier, there was only one left separating everyone from certain death. It readied to claw again, but only inches from her face the claw stopped short of the last barrier. It pulled back not by its own will as the monster began to implode in on itself. It crushed into a single point, a singularity and then with a violent burst of blue light a giant pillar shot up into the sky into space. It flew up toward the eclipse for a minute straight shaking the very ground like a violent earthquake the whole time. When it ended the monster was gone and Wilfred lay naked on the floor. He awoke though, and terrified he tried to leave. The widow shot him in the leg as he fled. And half hung over the banister trying to escape she walked up and knocked him out with the but of her shot gun

    And thus they defeated Wilfred and the monster from another star and it was on to the epilogue.

    Yeah, that epilogue did not go well at all.
    >> Anonymous 10/29/10(Fri)00:09 No.12606923
         File1288325384.jpg-(77 KB, 690x446, winter-sailorz.jpg)
    77 KB
    > Yeah, that epilogue did not go well at all.

    Dude, fuck it - great story.

    Enjoyed the last session you put up here, and the continuation was likewise a good read.

    Makes me want to run a CoC game.
    Good show.
    >> Anonymous 10/29/10(Fri)00:10 No.12606942
    With the monster gone everyone got back to their senses and were glad to still be alive. But they then had to watch as the doctor from the tips of her right fingers across her body to the tips of her left fingers started to slowly disintegrate. Afraid and with tears in her eyes she died. She died as a monster, but she was still sane.

    confused and frightened the detective arrested Wilfred and the Widow, cuffing them both to chairs. The storm returned an hour later and they were stuck in the empty house.

    Morning came finally, and with dawn a knock on the door. Standing out in the rain was Mr. Clement, being very polite with a smile on his face even though his suit was soaked wet from the wind and rain.

    But it was the detective who answered the door, and he was mad. He wanted answers, and he wanted them now. Clement noticed they were all alive, Wilfred was tied and cuffed to a chair, he was surprised to see the widow in the same situation, but he didn't seem to mind he had other concerns.

    The detective wanted to know what that thing was who Clement was he wanted answers to everything and he was being very rude about it.

    Clement ignored him and told him to hand over the mirror. The detective pulled out his shotgun and demanded answers. Clement stood still for a moment with a disappointed look on his face and sighed. From his sleeves like a magic trick he produced a check book and a pen and asked how much they wanted for the mirror.
    >> Anonymous 10/29/10(Fri)00:20 No.12607043
    The detective demanded that he compensate for the loss of life, and the damage to the house, and for the trauma. Clement agreed and started to write a rather generous sum on the check.

    Then the detective pushed it too far. He wanted a means to contact Clement at any time should something like this happen again, and to know what Clement wanted to do with the mirror and what would happen if they handed it over to him.

    Mr. Clement stopped writing he then looked up and smiled. "I've done nothing but try and be nice to my good man. I thought better of myself by not raising myself in anger to your rude questioning and I even offer you my money freely when you hold me at gun point. Which I must add is rather poor form for an officer of the law. But I am afraid I cannot tell you how to contact me. After I take my mirror I promise you four will never see me again, and that it for your benefit. As for the mirror, it was a failed experiment that I have had to cut my loses on. I Wilfred's Grandfather the secrets to summon that monster, a monster Mr. Molyneux did not want when he handed over the mirror, but I saw an opportunity to intervene for my own amusement. I then told his grandson how to become one with the monster, he was the only one who could talk to it, it was convenient and I wanted to see what would happen. But Wilfred was a rebel, he didn't stick to my plan, so I had to put him down. If I went after him myself it would take up my precious time. I am a very busy man you see, I don't want to spend decades on something so trivial when I can solve it easily in one night and carry on. I will take that mirror and be glad you will not hear of it again and leave it at that. For your own good. I have no time to deal with humans, insects like you. Now. Give. Me. The. Mirror."

    In response the detective opened fire.
    >> Anonymous 10/29/10(Fri)00:30 No.12607151
    It was a brilliant shot, point blank and impaling for something like 30 damage. But the pellets hit Clement's face and bounded off harmlessly.

    "I am now very disappointed Officer. Very disappointed."

    The Detective after unloading both barrels retreated into the other room where the other officer was waiting. "Shoot the mirror! Destroy it!" He shouted. The officer shot the mirror, but the bullets ricocheted off and not even a scratch was made. Non magical weapons like that were not going to do any damage, but they didn't know that.

    As the detective went round the corner he saw Clement standing in the room to the to the side of officer who just shot the mirror. Because he was so focused on the mirror he never noticed he arrival, but when Clement spoke he jumped back shocked.

    "I'll have to show you, my good detective, what happens when people cant stop being rude to ME."

    Clement did not do a thing though he stood there for a second looking at them with a scary look on his face. They both reloaded their shotguns and fired. But the bullets passed right through Mr. Clement as his body lost form and fell into a black pool of something otherworldly on the floor and then it began to reform.
    >> Anonymous 10/29/10(Fri)00:40 No.12607263
    The form grew larger and larger. It grew up to the ceiling and the ceiling tore off and wind and rain descended upon those still in the house. Clements new form was monstrously huge, it had two large powerful arms ending in monstrous claws, it walked on three legs and his head was now a large black tentacle whipping back and forth.

    And I say, "Roll sanity everyone. 1d10 success, 1d100 for failure."

    The widow tied to the chair. Success: 4 lost.
    The policeman. Failure: 79 Lost. Indefinitely
    The detective. Success 10 lost.
    The servants: Both fail, Indefinitely insane.

    The detetive freezes in terror and lets out one last scream as one of the feet stomps him flat. He takes 63 damage and dies. I call on the other two to make luck rolls. The policeman and the widow both pass. Mr. Clement reaches down and retrieves his mirror and then his form turns back into the black otherworldly pool and shoots off into space, separating the clouds in the sky creating an artificial eye in the storm.

    I call on the two survivors to roll 1d10. For defeating Wilfred, the policeman rolls a 1. His current Sanity points: 1. The widow rolls a 7, and she sits at 40 sanity points. The widow's servants are dead. When she gets loose finds her other children are dead along with all her servants. She killed her own husband and she has nothing left. Left to sink into despair. The policeman whose sanity hangs on by a thread. Lives now with a constant paranoia that people are not as they seem. They are not human, unless he can touch them, pull at their skin, they are made of glass, or an otherworldly black ooze that turns into monsters.

    And thus the investigators defeated Wilfred, and lost everything if they didn't already lose their lives.

    GOOD END(?)
    >> Anonymous 10/29/10(Fri)00:46 No.12607331
         File1288327565.jpg-(3 KB, 126x121, 1277182216774s.jpg)
    3 KB
    Well done OP. Well done. Whole bunch of cultists and investigators enter. Only one almost crazy man LEAVES.
    >> Anonymous 10/29/10(Fri)00:49 No.12607365
    The moral of the story is also not to pull a gun on Nyarlathotep.

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