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    483 KB Sororitas Quest 2: The Oncoming Storm VI His Divine Power 10/23/10(Sat)14:37 No.12545575  
    You drag Tybalt off of Rodwen and put him on the small charger on the dropship which kinda looks like a crate with thin metal gate. He lets out a soft, metallic whine, pawing several times at the gate before laying down and setting his head on his paws, moping. He gave you the puppy eyes, but he could stand to be in the crate for a little while.

    The Farseer shakes her head several times, rubbing the cheek where the dog licked her. She looked pretty damn mad. "Why does it shock you when it tries to show affection? Why does a machine show affection in the first place? Why did you pick that shape? Why is it so cute!?"

    Her eyes were crackling with psykic energy now but she didn't lash out at the dog, instead sitting back in her seat and taking a deep breath.

    A voice came over the radio. "We're all ready Madame Inquisitor. Where do you want us?"
    >> Anonymous 10/23/10(Sat)14:39 No.12545599
    "His parent species, Canis lupus familiaris, and Man have fought, lived, and died together since well before recorded history.
    It's only fitting he be allowed to keep that gesture of affection that so characterizes the nature of Canis."
    *puff thoughtfully*
    "Although I suppose I could ask a Biologis Magos about a testicle licking routine and appropriate 'wetware'."
    >> His Divine Power 10/23/10(Sat)14:39 No.12545600

    You must defend the capital city

    You have 5 anti infantry squads (4 w/ flamers, 1 w/ heavy flamers), 3 Anti vehicle squads (1 w/ rockets, 1 w/ meltas, 1 w/ plasma cannons), 3 defensive squads (1 w/ sniper rifles, 1 w/ heavy bolters, 1 w/ multimeltas) 1 Fast attack squad (Florencia's elite seraphim), 10 standard troops (3 w/ bolters and 7 w/ lasguns), 7 medical squads (1 elite squad, 6 regular), and 5 hammer units (You+Filigree+servo skulls+Tybalt, Farseer+Warlocks, Galatea+retinue, Florencia+retinue, Tessa+celestians)

    The Retinues are all equipped with 2 meltas and a second sergeant with a power weapon.

    You have 3 Fast Attack squads (sentenel), 6 transports (immolators, rhinos, chimeras, Repressor), Light tanks (basalisk, Exorcist), heavy tanks (4 leman Russ [2 Demolishers & 2 Standard]), and 2 super heavy tanks (Baneblade, shadowsword)

    (you * technically* have more troops but they are going to different parts of the planet)
    >> His Divine Power 10/23/10(Sat)14:42 No.12545620

    You can deploy your tanks in any of the colored areas on the grid. >>12544807 each color represents a different part of the city.


    The city center (dark blue) is a single cluster of ornate buildings very close together. It is important that these don't break. They are tall with many floors, windows, and balconies. They are also very old.

    Advantages: Stack troops for concentrated firepower. Small location at the center so its a kind of "choke point"
    Disadvantages: low menuverability, flamers can damage buildings. Only room for Rhino body vehicles. Sentinels also OK. Basilisks cant see their targets over surrounding buildings


    Inner City (med blue) is densely packed. The buildings are shorter and newer

    Advanteges: Narrow streets make for good troop choke points. Very maze-like (we are assuming you know the layout) perfect for barricades and traps. Especially those that pour stuff from above. good place for basilisks
    Disadvanteges: Little maneuverability. Anyone in CC will be at a disadvantage. Flamers can damage buildings


    Outer City (lighter blue) is far more open with 2 story buildings and wide streets.

    Advantages: Good maneuverability and cover. Good for flanking and setting up barricades and traps
    Disadvantages: No choke points


    Outskirts (lightest blue) Just starting to develop. Very open with some cover.

    Advantages: Great menuverability and good setting for flamers
    Disadvantages: little cover


    Outside (green) unbuilt. Mostly flat with tallish grass. some trees.

    Advantages: Flat and open nowhere for enemy to hide.
    Disadvantages: Flat and open nowhere for you to hide. Retreat is almost impossible here.
    >> Anonymous 10/23/10(Sat)14:43 No.12545621
    Sentinels are often fielded in squadrons as scouts or flank support. They can carry a variety of heavy weapons and bring high levels of power and maneuverability together in one place. They are lightly armored however, and are susceptible to small arms fire.
    The Chimera is the standard armored personnel carrier of the Imperial Guard.
    It can carry a variety of heavy weapons in its gun turret, such as heavy bolters, Autocannon and Heavy Flamers, although the Multi-Laser is the most common weapon. It also mounts a hull-mounted Heavy Bolter or Heavy Flamer, and 6 hull-mounted Lasguns on the sides which can be fired from the passenger compartment, making it akin to a modern infantry fighting vehicle. It can carry up to 12 men.
    Immolators The Immolator is a specialized assault/transport vehicle used by the Sisters of Battle in the Warhammer 40,000 tabletop game. It is used to carry small squads of sisters into the thick of battle.
    The Immolator is a simple variant of the Razorback armoured transport commonly used by the Space Marines. Like the Razorback, the Immolator uses the same body as the Rhino armoured personnel carrier and thus has similar stats to both vehicles. The Immolator could be armed with either twin-linked Heavy Flamers against infantry or twin-linked Multi-meltas against vehicles, along with twin-heavy bolters
    Rhino-The Rhino is armed with a storm bolter and, unlike many other Imperial vehicles, does not have a rotatable turret mounting. It can also carry a pintle mounted storm bolter.
    The armour on a Rhino is quite weak, but this reduces its weight and allows it to travel quickly across the battlefield. Its rear armour is almost the same as its front and side, meaning any shots hitting from any angle have a good chance of penetrating. The capacity of a Rhino is twelve Power Armoured warriors
    >> Anonymous 10/23/10(Sat)14:46 No.12545662
    The Repressor is a variant of the Rhino, converted to extend the transport compartment and adding firing slits for the passengers' weapons. It mounts a Storm Bolter in a limited arc cupola, a pintle-mounted Heavy Flamer, and a bulldozer blade on the front to clear obstacles, such as rioting scum.
    The Basilisk is a self-propelled howitzer. It mounts one of the longest-ranged weapons available to a standard Imperial Guard regiment, the Earthshaker Cannon. Basilisks utilize the standard Chimera chassis, but give up the passenger compartment and turret, leaving it with the hull mounted Heavy Bolter and the cannon.
    Exorcist- The Exorcist missile tank fulfils the role of long-range fire support for the Sisters of Battle and Ordo Hereticus. It has decent range and varying armor piercing ability
    The Leman Russ Battle Tank is a very basic and easily replicable design that retains strength and versatility while sacrificing comfort and ease of use for efficiency. The tank is very robust with a reinforced cast plasteel hull and turret, likely to withstand most incoming fire, especially on the forward facing armour. The side armour is similarly heavy, but rear armour is much lighter however.
    The Leman Russ Demolisher is a specialist Siege Tank designed for short-range bombardment
    >> Anonymous 10/23/10(Sat)14:47 No.12545672
    Shadowsword- The Shadowsword is an Imperial Guard titan-hunter super-heavy vehicle. It is designed on the same technology as the Baneblade except it is armed with a Volcano Cannon. Much of the tank is taken up with the internal capacitors required to fire the weapon and is also equipped with advanced logic engines and targeting systems to make each shot count. Each shot is sufficiently powerful to shear off a titan's arm or leg but requires a good deal of time to recharge. For defence, the Shadowsword has the standard Heavy Bolter sponson armament.
    It has difficulty operating alone due to the slow rate of fire for its primary weapon, and as such is usually deployed with lighter vehicles for defence. These other vehicles can also be used in an assault on a titan, for example drawing off fire and draining the titan's void shields before the Shadowsword delivers the killing blow.
    The Baneblade Super Heavy Tank is the primary super-heavy tank of the Imperial Guard, and one of the largest and oldest armored fighting vehicles in Imperial service. Massively armed, the standard Baneblade complement includes a turret-mounted Mega Battle Cannon with a coaxial Autocannon, three twin-linked Heavy Bolters (one sponson-mounted on either side, and one turret mounted on the front hull slope), two turret mounted Lascannons on either side, directly above the side sponsons, and lastly, a fixed-forward hull-mounted Demolisher cannon, along with pintle mounted weapon and hunter seeker missiles
    >> His Divine Power 10/23/10(Sat)14:49 No.12545687
    You may or may not receive more troops when you hit planetside. Determine a balance now and then reinforce when you actually have access to those troops
    >> Anonymous 10/23/10(Sat)14:51 No.12545706
    Well, one thing that we can be certain of is that the enemy will Superior numbers
    Though, of course, it's quality that counts, not quantity
    >> Iron Lung 10/23/10(Sat)14:54 No.12545733
    My ideas, somewhat organized.

    Standard/Heavy weapons Troops to the Outer City as well. Chimeras/Rhinos/Sentinels as well.

    BG Alpha: the Baneblade....it gets Florencia, the Immolators, the Elite Seraphim and the 2 retinues as support -and enough Chimeras to move them as needed.
    They go to the Outskirts to hammer on stuff and rove around.

    BG Bravo: -the Russes. They're there to counter anything sudden, and to bail out alpha or the Shadowsword as needed.
    They also get Tessa as well for protection against infantry attacking in CC and for pouncing on heavy weapons teams.

    The Shadowsword gets socked away in the Inner City as a crisis deployment tool.

    Transports: -Battlegroup Alpha needs a bunch of them. The medics are taking a couple as ambulances probably.
    The rest'll be parcelled to their squads, although....fuck the Codex -if we have any Repentia THEY get Rhinos so they can survive to make maximum contact.

    Medicals teams set up in the Inner City, with the Elites located at the City Center.

    Heh heh. Rodwen and company set up in the City Center as well as our nastiest fallback surprise.
    Anything not assigned awaits deployment with us at the Command Center.

    If we've got any demo teams or decent equivalents we can rig buildings to fall to cover retreats and to avalanche enemy units as well.
    >> Anonymous 10/23/10(Sat)14:56 No.12545748
         File1287860218.jpg-(149 KB, 500x1500, Abaddon.jpg)
    149 KB
    >it's quality that counts, not quantity
    60 or 70 percent of our troops are either guardsmen or crewed by them....
    Let's just hope the enemies' forces are lead by Abaddon. I think he still hasn't found his arms.
    >> Iron Lung 10/23/10(Sat)14:57 No.12545751
    Rawr, self-quotation is literacy Wincest!

    As for expected...well....expendables, check. Cultists, Blood Pact, whatever.
    Chaos Marines, probably. Oh joy.
    Demons appearing suddenly and at the worst possible moments -thank the GE the xenos are cooperating.
    (On that note let's try to get Rodwen to use a rough tactical slate so if she feels Warp Rapage she can at least give a location.)
    And maybe Armor, which really would be the least of our worries oddly enough as we've got plenty of anti-armor assets and favorable terrain for ambushing it.

    Split the anti-armor forces up with the Tatical Sisters.
    We are NOT fighting this shit like the IG. We're long on infantry and light on tanks so we're pounding with artillery at long range, forming mobile tank groups, and saving the Sisters for short range firefights at which they excel.
    >> Anonymous 10/23/10(Sat)14:57 No.12545760
    Basilisks should be deployed to the innermost ring
    Set up snipers in the outer ring and inner ring of the city
    Bog down troop movement in the outer ring by throwing barricades, man traps, and those crossed rebars of iron the nazis made during D Day
    >> Anonymous 10/23/10(Sat)15:00 No.12545788
    Sentinels should patrol the outskirts of the city along with our fast response teams- they should spot for artillery and lead the enemy into killzones
    >> Anonymous 10/23/10(Sat)15:02 No.12545806
    Flamer squads to outskirts and outer city- if there aren't any choke points we'll MAKE some goddamn choke points
    >> Anonymous 10/23/10(Sat)15:03 No.12545823
    We shouldn't just focus on restricting movement. We should set up a few streets as bottlenecks that we can use to trap the cultists and pick them off as they try to go through.
    >> Anonymous 10/23/10(Sat)15:08 No.12545878
    And our sniper squads should help them figure out that wide boulevards make excellent shooting galleries.
    Don't let them get to caught up though- these guys have got to be mobile.
    Hrmm- can we get some locals to help? Maybe point out fastest ways between districts? Secret passageways?
    >> Anonymous 10/23/10(Sat)15:11 No.12545913
    Heavy bolters and multimeltas to the innercity
    >> Anonymous 10/23/10(Sat)15:12 No.12545922
    Okay, so, what's our battle plan?
    >> Anonymous 10/23/10(Sat)15:18 No.12545975
    2 standard troops with lasguns protect the medics in the back.
    1 standard troop with lasguns gets to patrol each of the sectors currently not under attack.
    The anti-infantry squads and the standard leman russes get stationed in the outskirts.
    The defensive squads get stationed in the inner city, except the snipers. They'll start in the outer city and should relocate as soon as the enemy gets too close.
    >> Anonymous 10/23/10(Sat)15:19 No.12545983
    The demolishers are to be deployed in the inner city, along with a lasgun standard troop each.
    The shadowsword is to be held back until targets for its main gun are sighted.
    Immolators should be deployed on the outskirts.
    >> Anonymous 10/23/10(Sat)15:21 No.12546008
    3 ofthe medical squads have to serve on the front while 3 other always stay one area behind to treat the wounded. The one squad left has the job to transport the wounded from the front to the squads in the back. They can have 1 transport of their choice to do this.
    The artillery gets stationed as far behind as we can while still allowing them to fire on the enemy. They should relocate at the first sign of trouble.
    Florencia's unit will be used as a fire brigade, supporting our troops wherever they're needed.
    >> His Divine Power 10/23/10(Sat)15:22 No.12546015
    i'll give you guys a bit longer to think
    >> Anonymous 10/23/10(Sat)15:28 No.12546071
    Alright, anyone still in the thread?
    >> Iron Lung 10/23/10(Sat)15:29 No.12546079
    hangin' out.
    Not much thunkin left in me. =]

    I like my plan. It's simple. Division of forces for mobility and durability.
    >> Anonymous 10/23/10(Sat)15:30 No.12546087
    Yep, posted my wall of text in the last thread and it seems like somebody has already reposted it here.
    >> Anonymous 10/23/10(Sat)15:30 No.12546089
    Can we wire up det charges or mines?
    >> Anonymous 10/23/10(Sat)15:33 No.12546115

    So, strategy wise:
    I think we should deny the chaos forces their superiority of numbers by mucking up most entrances to the city and creating choke points for the others- deny them their strength of numbers in the city.
    Out of the city, we should be looking to harry the enemy- striking quickly and not getting pinned down.
    The question is- how much time do we spend outside the city before it becomes bogged down with chaos troopers?
    >> Anonymous 10/23/10(Sat)15:34 No.12546126
    Hey, in the inner city, can we set up pots of boiling oil?
    Failing that smoking tar, molten lead, or promethium will do in a pinch.
    Hell, even raw sewage and rotting livestock
    >> Anonymous 10/23/10(Sat)15:35 No.12546133
    >The question is- how much time do we spend outside the city before it becomes bogged down with chaos troopers?
    As little as possible. Our troops are either squishy as hell or very few in numbers, so an open battle won't go very favourably for us.
    >> Anonymous 10/23/10(Sat)15:35 No.12546140
    We do have mobility at the moment though
    >> Anonymous 10/23/10(Sat)15:36 No.12546144
    >Hell, even raw sewage and rotting livestock

    That might give a nice health bonus to any followers of nurgle that attack us. I think we should avoid that option.
    >> Anonymous 10/23/10(Sat)15:39 No.12546183
    The only really mobile things we have are the Sentinels and our troop transports. Great for scouting but not for a sustained fight. I'd still prefer to have the walkers scout the advancing enemies and retreat after some brief harassment, leading them into our designated kill-zones.
    >> Iron Lung 10/23/10(Sat)15:41 No.12546204
    BG Alpha should (big *should*) work pretty well outside for as long as it can. It's composition is solid for smashing stuff, and it can coordinate with the artillery.
    Everything else is city fighting in various grades, imho.
    >> Anonymous 10/23/10(Sat)15:41 No.12546209
    rolled 84 = 84

    Kay- so, if we're good with the strategy then, let's concern our self with the specifics of troop deployment.
    >> Anonymous 10/23/10(Sat)15:43 No.12546225
    Maybe we could use our baneblade early in the fight, with a leman Russ and some sentinels for support, to keep the field even as far as smashing ability goes
    >> Iron Lung 10/23/10(Sat)15:47 No.12546261

    My thoughts on that situation are:

    Good new is we don't have to sweat "micro" much. The Sisters are plenty experienced and trained, they'll do fine of their own initiave.
    >> Anonymous 10/23/10(Sat)15:49 No.12546276
    Tanks without any infantry support are shit for defensive missions. We will not able to pull blitzkrieg-style maneuvers while defending the city.
    >> Anonymous 10/23/10(Sat)15:54 No.12546341
    alright, good point
    >> His Divine Power 10/23/10(Sat)16:12 No.12546518
    alright what is your final troop deployment idea?
    >> Anonymous 10/23/10(Sat)16:21 No.12546626
    Basilisks to the inner ring
    Demolishers to the outer ring
    Snipers set up in the outer and inner rings
    throw up mantraps and delaying devices in the main boulevards of the outer ring to block off access and create manageable choke holds
    Flamer squads to the outer ring
    Multimeltas and heavy bolters again spilt between outer ring and inner ring, though stacked more in the inner ring
    Senitenls on the outskirts
    >> Anonymous 10/23/10(Sat)16:27 No.12546678
    I second these, along with parts of
    >> Tsundere Anubis 10/23/10(Sat)16:43 No.12546809
    >> His Divine Power 10/23/10(Sat)17:05 No.12547022
    alright then. let me figure out how this will go. need to do some more typing and figuring.
    >> Tsundere Anubis 10/23/10(Sat)17:25 No.12547223
    Alright, but you won't just draw from the last three posts, right?
    Like, you'll include the ideas that came before them if they sound good?
    >> Tsundere Anubis 10/23/10(Sat)17:45 No.12547454
    any warhamm fans want to check over our troop deployment and critique?
    >> Anonymous 10/23/10(Sat)17:54 No.12547554
    Any battle I've seen in this quest so far has been quite a bit off from tabletop. I'd say we're much closer to fluff power levels and as you know, these can be a bit... fluctuating from one writer to another.
    >> Tsundere Anubis 10/23/10(Sat)18:10 No.12547696
    Yah, but we're working more with units now then anything else
    Before it was individuals, so it would be nearly impossible to apply the general system to it
    >> His Divine Power 10/23/10(Sat)18:15 No.12547733

    yeah i took everything into account. and it is mostly fluff based.

    also my dice like you guys. i've rolled quite a few times and its just like "you've got to be kidding me... What should the bloodthrister just explode or something?"

    I've switched dice several times. The enemies keep rolling 1s >.>
    >> Anonymous 10/23/10(Sat)18:19 No.12547767
    I think all that karma we gained while failing horribly during Tau Quest is finally doing us some good.
    >> Anonymous 10/23/10(Sat)18:19 No.12547777
         File1287872396.jpg-(48 KB, 714x714, 031.jpg)
    48 KB
    It's obvious we have the God Emperor's favor this day
    >> Real Sororitas Quest Anonymous 10/23/10(Sat)18:20 No.12547788
    Sister Callaphas stood at her post overlooking the throng of Pillgrims as they slowly shuffled their way through the shrine's causeway. She looked for any sign of heretics infiltrating the crowd -- but there was none.

    Callaphas wished someone would talk to her, but of course, few heretics would be so foolish as to approach a Sister directly. Was it her wide, man-like face? Her scar? Or her swarthy shoulders exaggerated further by her armor? Or was it her great stature, standing a head above most men, heightened to such a degree by her soaring heart reaching towards the Emperor?

    She heard that Sister Orphillia purged a cabal of heretics -- however, it sounded more like the Sister went to whore herself out at the first miner's pub she came across then found heresy one way or the other to cover up her misdeeds. There will be NO place in the Emperor's host for whores!

    Just as Callaphas was considering Sister Orphillia's demise, she saw someone approaching her from out of the corner of her eye; a moment of excitement was lost when she recognized the figure as her guard commander. An inch taller than even Callaphas with two scars even wider than her own, the Sister was clearly her superior in both martial prowess and devotion. "Any sign of heresy today?

    Callaphas replied immediately. "None, if there are heretics today, they are cagey."

    "Which shall avail them not under the Emperor's Sight." A pause, and a hard stare. "None approached you?"

    "None!" Callaphas replied sternly, allowing her bitterness transform into piety. The Commander nodded.

    Callaphas returned to the Convent barracks, sniffing at the small group of resident Hospitaliers, who she suspected of debauchery. If not, why did they grow their hair so long, sometimes even past their should blades? Callaphas had a good, pious cut neatly in a line at ear-level. Thankfully, the Sister Superior had the good sense to keep the trollops way from the good men of the Pilgrimage.
    >> His Divine Power 10/23/10(Sat)18:22 No.12547810

    ... wut?
    >> Anonymous 10/23/10(Sat)18:24 No.12547832
    That's a cool story, and everything, but, um
    This is a quest thread
    Do you mind if you post it in a new thread?
    >> Anonymous 10/23/10(Sat)18:33 No.12547927
         File1287873214.jpg-(59 KB, 500x379, 1268788689280.jpg)
    59 KB
    Tauquest- proof that the dice are either broken on /tg/ or there truly is no god.
    >> Anonymous 10/23/10(Sat)18:35 No.12547959
    We also failed our "We'll be back" roll for Tau Quest 2 ;_;
    >> Anonymous 10/23/10(Sat)18:55 No.12548142
    Oh don't worry
    Shas'o Will be back
    >> His Divine Power 10/23/10(Sat)18:58 No.12548162

    The farseer just stared at you, her mouth open a fraction. She seemed about to speak but thought better, sitting back in her seat.

    You turned to the com, relaying a series of orders into it. You got a strong "Ave Imperator" in response, the red warning light inside the dropship flashing, signaling it was time to buckle in.

    You strap yourself down after locking the servo skulls in place, the ship disengaging and entering the atmosphere.

    Twenty minutes later, the dropship was landing on a platform in the center of the city, Battle Sisters of several orders posted outside, guns at the ready. They stiffened as the doors opened and the locking mechanisms keeping the passengers inside released.

    Sonja and Elizabeth were the first ones out, followed then by a very disoriented farseer and her warlocks. "Thank Isha! Solid ground!" One of them mumbled under his breath.

    Carol and Coral follow, yourself emerging last with Filigree having to take the time to release the servo skulls and Tybalt.

    Confessor Jeremiah greeted you with a bow. "Hail Madame Inquisitor.

    You had to struggle not to stare at his enormous hat. It must have weighed ten pounds at the very least.

    You nodded a greeting to him, taking a look around. Scattered about were another 4 groups of Sisters and 2 groups of Repentia. You could only guess that the remainder of the planet's military force had been spread over the rest of the planet.

    "Forgive my lateness inquisitor."
    >> His Divine Power 10/23/10(Sat)18:58 No.12548169

    You quickly look to the source of the voice. Through the doors leading out onto the landing pad walked a tall woman clad in rose-gold armor. Her sash shone several shades of peach and coral, a pair of enormous feathered wings folded behind her. Her divine aura was a gentle rose color.

    A Living Saint.

    The sisters present moved to kneel, but she held out her hand, halting them. "Now is not the time for formalities Sisters."

    The Confessor stepped timidly before her, his head bowed. "Honored martyr... You... You are not wearing the iron halo... nor the incense bur-"

    She held up her hand, stopping him mid sentence. "Confessor. The formalities of what you would have the saints wear is just that. The halo is heavy and I must fly constantly if I wear the burners. I wish not to tire my wings before the time for battle is upon us."

    The confessor hesitated before stepping out of the way, letting the woman approach you.

    "Madame Inquisitor Delessa Kravos. I am Saint Evangela. Welcome to Ophelia VII. I regret our meeting couldn't be under more favorable circumstances."
    >> Anonymous 10/23/10(Sat)19:04 No.12548225
    I know it has become some kind of tradition, but could we at least try not to rub Filigree's daemonic nature into everybody's faces?
    >> Anonymous 10/23/10(Sat)19:08 No.12548266
    "An honor, Miss Evangela. I myself wouldn't worry to much for the circumstances of our meeting. For the most part, we're not ones choose to the hows and whys, merely our actions- is it not said that strife is anvil upon which character is forged?"
    Chew thoughtfully on the cigar as we survery the surroundings.
    "Sorry about the soliloquies- it hits me more and more often as I get older."
    >> Anonymous 10/23/10(Sat)19:13 No.12548310
    Fine by me
    >> Anonymous 10/23/10(Sat)19:14 No.12548321
    Judging by the size of his hat, Confessor Jeremaih must be a pretty important person
    >> Anonymous 10/23/10(Sat)19:16 No.12548336
    "You get what you can take, in my profession." Smile. kneel. "Honor to meet you, Evangela."
    >> Anonymous 10/23/10(Sat)19:18 No.12548363
    "No need to stand on circumstance- Dee is fine by me. Or Quizzy; I've grown rather fond of that one as of late."
    >> Anonymous 10/23/10(Sat)19:21 No.12548397
    "The pleasure is all mine. Please, forgive me for not paying you the proper respect but as you've already said; now is not the time for such things. Allow you to introduce you to my company." Step aside to give her a better view of our companions, also, light a cigar and start smoking.
    "This is Farseer Rowden and her council, hailing from the Craftworld of Biel-Tan - birthplace to other renowned Farseers, such as Macha, the eternal maiden" Suppress a smirk.
    "The Sororitas accompanying me are Elizabeth and Sonja from the Order of the Martyred Lady as well as Carol and Coral, members of the Order of the Ebon Chalice." As soon as Filigree appers:
    "And that is Filigree, the most recent addition to my retinue. Don't mind her oddities she's...well.... Filigree." See if she has any questions.
    "Please, tell me of your preparations."

    Is he bigger than those we have in our inqusitorial wardrobe?
    >> Anonymous 10/23/10(Sat)19:23 No.12548410
         File1287876187.jpg-(982 KB, 200x3455, Grand_High_Motherfucking_Gener(...).jpg)
    982 KB
    He's probably the Emperor reborn!
    >> Anonymous 10/23/10(Sat)19:28 No.12548464
    "Lateness? If anyone I'm the one late to the festivities.
    I didn't even know there was a living saint in the Segmentum Temptus- must be slipping in my old age.
    Tell me then, Living Saint Evanglyne, Confessor Jeremiah, what's next?"
    >> His Divine Power 10/23/10(Sat)19:35 No.12548524

    (err... Rodwen TOTALLY doesn't mean virgin in elvish... nope... no it does not... not even a little bit...)
    >> Anonymous 10/23/10(Sat)19:39 No.12548562
    What does rod- mean? Only found ro-.
    >> His Divine Power 10/23/10(Sat)19:39 No.12548563
         File1287877195.jpg-(27 KB, 228x300, Confessor_2.jpg)
    27 KB

    His hat IS pretty huge...
    >> Anonymous 10/23/10(Sat)20:20 No.12548999
    you waiting on us OP?
    >> Anonymous 10/23/10(Sat)20:26 No.12549074
    I'd guess OP's still typing.
    >> His Divine Power 10/23/10(Sat)20:43 No.12549244

    I was quite literally dragged away from my computer actually.

    Also, ohshit 999

    lets hope thats Tzeentch blessing my dice and not cursing them
    >> His Divine Power 10/23/10(Sat)20:55 No.12549359

    Saint Evangela nods to each in turn, though it seemed the greeting was a little forced when directed to the farseer.

    "I really must thank you for alerting us to the situation at hand." She gestured for you to follow. "Canoness Galatea has already explained much of the situation. She too spoke of your acolyte, Inquisitor." She gestured to Filigree. "I'm sorry. It must be hard having someone work under you whose mind was twisted by a rogue psyker..."

    She remained silent for several beats, deep in thought. "So what of Sister Esme? Be she daemon, heretic, or saint?"
    >> Anonymous 10/23/10(Sat)21:05 No.12549439
    >"I'm sorry. It must be hard having someone work under you whose mind was twisted by a rogue psyker..."

    "98% of the time it is rather straining, yes, the unique insights she is able to provide the other 2% make more than up for it."

    >"So what of Sister Esme? Be she daemon, heretic, or saint?"

    "She clearly has been more than blessed by the Emperor Himself. If Esme will be declare a saint or not is a matter of the Ecclesiarchy. A daemon or heretic, however, she is most certainly not."
    >> Anonymous 10/23/10(Sat)21:14 No.12549508
    >> Anonymous 10/23/10(Sat)21:33 No.12549644

    Evangela nodded, a faint smile crossing her lips. "I am truly glad she is pious. As for a matter of sainthood... I almost hope that it will not come to pass. The title of 'living saint' is far more political than is my taste. People expect me, a warrior, to decide how to spend the resources of the planet I am residing on. It is maddening."

    She let out a soft exhale. "Forgive me. I ramble when I am nervous. In your opinion inquisitor, do we have a hope of survival?"
    >> Anonymous 10/23/10(Sat)21:45 No.12549718
    "Quite honestly?
    From what I know the enemy has superiority in both numbers and supplies, while we're defending the equivalent of a giant bullseye with such weak defensive capabilities a stiff breeze could pierce most of our flanks, most of our xeno allies are preoccupied with other chaos forces, so they'll be no hope of ressuply or evacuation. If we lose this city, we'll quite likely all die- if not from the invaders then from the cleansing purge of my own ships extermanitus."
    Puff thoughtfully on the cigar.
    "In short: I've seen worse."
    >> Anonymous 10/23/10(Sat)21:45 No.12549719
    "Believe me, being elevated to Inquisitor is a very similar experience. One day you've been fighting for your life against some deranged cultist of the ruinous powers and the next you're supposed to play politics all day. And you've already made it on somebody's hit-list because your promotion was on a Monday instead of the usual Thursday ceremony. I find myself thanking the Emperor for providing me with aspirinum more often these day than I like."

    >In your opinion inquisitor, do we have a hope of survival?"
    "Of course, the planet would already be burning if there wasn't."
    >> Anonymous 10/23/10(Sat)21:50 No.12549754
    "You, nervous? You've lived through death itself and come back to tell the tale."
    >> H 10/23/10(Sat)23:05 No.12550425

    She grimaced. "To fall in the heat of battle is not so terrifying as to wait for the oncoming storm."

    Rodwen made a disapproving noise, striding up next to the Living Saint. "I do not know how Mon-keighs prepare for war, but I doubt it involves meaningless chatter!"

    Evangela gave the Eldar a hateful look, her aura of light flaring up slightly. "I do not need the opinion of a xeno. You have my thanks for the offered assistance but if you think for one minute that I trust you, you are sorely mistaken."

    The Farseer smirked. "I couldn't agree with you more."
    >> His Divine Power 10/23/10(Sat)23:08 No.12550451

    dammit google chrome
    >> Anonymous 10/23/10(Sat)23:15 No.12550503
    "Ladies, please. While I know that there is some, enimity, between our respective factions, we mustn't let that get in the way of the bigger picture.
    We are united today, in our mutual hatred of the dark powers."
    >> Anonymous 10/23/10(Sat)23:58 No.12550910
    No more then five minutes and their already at teach others throats.
    "For the love of- can we please not expend our energies trying to outwit eachother, and instead, focus on the forces of the ruinous ones currently set to destroy all that we hold dear?"
    >> Anonymous 10/24/10(Sun)00:07 No.12551004
    "Can we at least agree to concentrate on killing heretics and chaos worshipers for the duration of this affair?"
    >> Anonymous 10/24/10(Sun)00:32 No.12551217
    "It's not just meaningless chatter Farseer- it's a way of finding a way to ground ourselves, get a grasp on our allies, and blow off tension."
    >> Anonymous 10/24/10(Sun)00:35 No.12551244
    "Now, Evangela, please- Farseer Rowden is your elder by over five thousand years, show her a little respect. And she is as much put off by this as you are. If we're going to have any hope of success, we'll need to work together, respect each others opinions and advice, and, above all else, trust that our ally is not going to stab us in the back at the nearest oppertunity.
    >> His Divine Power 10/24/10(Sun)00:57 No.12551367
    sorry guys I got slow all the sudden. little bit burned out with the thinking. i'll bbl i'm gonna take a walk and stuff.

    discuss where you'll put your other squads of battle sisters/repentia and your living saint
    >> Anonymous 10/24/10(Sun)00:59 No.12551384
    May just be me at this point.
    >> Anonymous 10/24/10(Sun)06:49 No.12553743
    Outer City
    >Other Sisters
    Outer City

    "Evangela, I know it is not my place to advise the ecclesiarchy on its matters but considering our chances to survive this day, may it be possible that the Repentias surviving this battle be pardoned? Both our victory and their survival should be enough to show that the Emperor has forgiven their crimes and sees them as His own again."
    >> Anonymous 10/24/10(Sun)13:40 No.12556272
    Repentia can open tanks like a tin can, if you can keep them alive long enough.
    I'd say they d fair better in the inner city, where CC is inevitable
    The living saint is, I think, best used against infantry as well, though she should be a great morale booster
    As for the other sisters, I'd say we want to keep a few troops in reserve at the city center, just in case.
    >> Anonymous 10/24/10(Sun)14:17 No.12556518
    The living Saint is more of a harrasment unit then anything else
    >> Anonymous 10/24/10(Sun)14:29 No.12556579
    Well, they can hold their own in CC for a while if you mob them, but really, we should make sure to keep them harassing any vehicles
    Mabye make a strike force out of them with the vehicle squads?
    >> His Divine Power 10/24/10(Sun)14:30 No.12556591
    I'm BACK!

    and GAWD-EMPRAH do i feel better

    Needed a break from it all
    went to an all Halloween night laster tag event
    Dressed as a guardsman
    shot everyone with a lasgun
    >> Anonymous 10/24/10(Sun)14:33 No.12556608

    I'd hide them in the city, or give them rhinos. Don't have them run around in the open. Have them go heavy armour hunting. A repentia can open a superheavy or a terminator suit easily.
    >> Anonymous 10/24/10(Sun)14:33 No.12556610
    The Repentia, right?
    If so we should probably keep them out of heavy weapons fire
    >> His Divine Power 10/24/10(Sun)14:36 No.12556630

    The repentia can't have rhinos. it goes against the whole reason of why they are in repentia.

    Their logic is, if their faith is strong enough, the emperor will protect them regardless of the amount of armor they are wearing.
    >> Anonymous 10/24/10(Sun)14:38 No.12556642

    Ok, hide them in the city it is then.

    Bloody uppity for a group that can't use faithpowers and don't count as Sisters.
    >> His Divine Power 10/24/10(Sun)14:41 No.12556649


    I like the way this anon thinks. Reserve is a great place to keep the other sisters.

    but hmmm repentia...
    >> Anonymous 10/24/10(Sun)14:42 No.12556656
    Play that once in Sweden. Shittiest crap I've ever paid for, paintball is much more satisfying.
    Anyhow, ready to continue?
    >> His Divine Power 10/24/10(Sun)14:43 No.12556664

    all powerlevels are based on fluff, not tabletop. Sisters can't use "faith powers" period. :P

    Also Celestine used to be a Repentia so they ARE faithful
    >> Anonymous 10/24/10(Sun)14:43 No.12556667
    Attach the repentia to Galatea, she seems reasonable enough not to waste them needlessly.
    >> Anonymous 10/24/10(Sun)14:44 No.12556676
    >> Anonymous 10/24/10(Sun)14:44 No.12556678

    I know, I was just venting a little annoyance about tabletop repentia.
    >> Anonymous 10/24/10(Sun)14:46 No.12556688
    Well, the Rhinos aren't for their protection, only to ferry them where they need to be quickly
    >> Anonymous 10/24/10(Sun)14:56 No.12556740
    wait wait, is it a good idea to put the repentia in the inner city?
    It's bad for close quarters combat
    We'd be using the repentia mostly for lightning strikes on vehicles though
    >> His Divine Power 10/24/10(Sun)15:58 No.12557223
    sorry guys i have just a touch of work i have to do. i'll be done in a sec
    >> Anonymous 10/24/10(Sun)17:50 No.12558413
    >i'll be done in a sec
    >> Anonymous 10/24/10(Sun)18:01 No.12558511
    ah give him a break man
    He's running this game pretty much 24/7
    >> His Divine Power 10/24/10(Sun)18:13 No.12558687

    yeah i know i'm sorry. hold on working on my reply
    >> Anonymous 10/24/10(Sun)19:06 No.12559357

    They are not allowed to ride in rhinos. just... at all
    >> His Divine Power 10/24/10(Sun)19:33 No.12559669
    >>12550503 >>12551244
    >>12550910 >>12551217

    The farseer huffed. "As much as I wish to ignore that request, Inquisitor, the wisdom in it is infallible."

    The living saint agreed, still eyeing the farseer with distain.

    You eventually reach a set of grand double doors. Upon entering the room beyond, you see the Canonesses, Tessa, Anna, Verity and quite a few other sisters you've never been introduced to. At the head of the table is Inquisitor Lord Alexander Littner. A hulk of a man, his head is shaved balled, his face furrowed with creases. Upon his squared jaw sat a beard that only the emperor himself could outdo. His eyes were constantly bloodshot, the veins swirling and twisting across his eye all the way to the iris. It was all that remained of a particularly bad occurrence of perils of the warp when he was only a boy.

    All eyes turned to you as you stepped in the room, the sister's eyes going huge at the sight of the living saint.

    The Inquisitor Lord was first to break the silence. "Madame Inquisitor Kravos! Saint Evangela! Xeno scum! Please! Please come sit!"
    >> Anonymous 10/24/10(Sun)20:44 No.12560426
    "Xeno Scum"? Well, that's a good way to endear yourself to a psyker many times older and more powerful than yourself...

    >shaved balled

    Got a superfluous "L" and "E" in "balled", sir writefag.
    >> Survival Quest 10/24/10(Sun)22:16 No.12561367

    *facepalm* i know i know it happens when i type too fast combined with multitasking

    I've done okay so far for the most part I think.
    >> Anonymous 10/25/10(Mon)00:21 No.12562533
    Oh joy
    this is going to be fun, isn't it?
    Wince at xeno scum remark, and find a seat somewhere near the cannonesses or the Farseer
    See if Confessor Jeremiah is coming to join the fun
    See if Evanglyne can actually sit with those wings of hers.
    "A pleasure to see you again, Lord Inquisitor."
    >> Anonymous 10/25/10(Mon)00:35 No.12562640
    I don't think the emperor had a beard
    >> Survival Quest 10/25/10(Mon)00:49 No.12562772

    yeah but just as a comparison as to how epic his beard is
    >> His Divine Power 10/25/10(Mon)01:00 No.12562893

    Crap old quest name. Oh well
    >> Anonymous 10/25/10(Mon)03:32 No.12564233
    >> His Divine Power 10/25/10(Mon)06:09 No.12564991

    As you sit, the Farseer takes the seat next to you, Filigree sitting on your opposite side. The farseer's warlocks remain standing.

    The remaining sisters take seats scattered around the table in no particular order. Saint Evangela merely remained standing, flexing her wings and shoulders several times.

    Though the inquisitor didn't seem to have any hostility toward the eldar in the room, despite the comment, many of the other sisters did, glaring hatefully at the xeno witch.

    "On to buisness!" The Inquisitor lord crossed his hands. "The Canonesses have filled me in on the situation Delessa... This is one of the few times I truly wish we had Space Marine backup... Or any backup for that matter. The warp around us is completely destabilized. There is no way for any ships to come to our aid." He let out a long exhale. "As I understand it, however, the infected planets are being taken care of so chaos will be limited by the number of planets and warp bombs that it already has. All we need to do is hold out until our filthy witchkin xeno allies destroy all the portals for us."

    He smiled pleasantly at the farseer, the woman in question not entirely sure how to respond. She probably didn't get sarcasm directed at her too often.
    >> Anonymous 10/25/10(Mon)06:33 No.12565118
    >As you sit, the Farseer takes the seat next to you, Filigree sitting on your opposite side
    So we are a... a DOUBLE HERETIC?

    "You are correct on all accounts, Lord Inquisitor. The Eldar have already begun removing the chaos taint from the plants producing these infernal devices and intercepting the transports carrying them. It seems we managed to start a counter offensive much earlier than the ruinous forces had anticipated. As much as it pains me to say, without the aid of the xenos we wouldn't have had a chance to resist as effectivly as we do now." Considering the reactions of the sisters towards the Farseer. " I would also like to have every officer remind his troops that, although despicable, the xenos is a necessary ally in this battle. It would be a pleasant change if incidents of friendly fire - and for the duration of this crisis, friendly includes anybody willing to defend this planet against chaos - could be avoided completely. I would also be very grateful if the usual backstabbing as soon as the battle is over could be skipped this time."
    >> Anonymous 10/25/10(Mon)08:58 No.12565831
    What ordo is the lord inquistor?
    "I don't know Alexander, we've been through worse before- remember that time in the Fa'run system, where we were practically up to our gorgets in feral orks, eldar corsairs, wytchlings and warp phemonena?"
    >> Anonymous 10/25/10(Mon)09:44 No.12566115
    Orde Barbatus, obviously.
    >> Anonymous 10/25/10(Mon)10:26 No.12566337
    Try our best to indicate to Rowden that she shouldn't be taking any of this personally, just more human tension easing stuff
    >> Anonymous 10/25/10(Mon)11:23 No.12566599
    I am imagining that the Inquisitor lord looks and acts exactly like Inquisitor Melvin from that one comic.

    >> Anonymous 10/25/10(Mon)11:25 No.12566616
         File1288020351.gif-(150 KB, 576x850, 66d01ed6.gif)
    150 KB
    XENOS WENCH LEADER! I require room for board and new valets.
    >> Anonymous 10/25/10(Mon)12:56 No.12567188
    Maybe I just don't pay attention enough but where do these comics come from? I can't find the things anywhere, despite seeing them pop up on /tg/ for years.
    >> Anonymous 10/25/10(Mon)13:40 No.12567484
    >> Anonymous 10/25/10(Mon)13:52 No.12567541
    One of the greater losses to games workshop's faggot lawyers.
    >> Anonymous 10/25/10(Mon)14:20 No.12567645
         File1288030838.jpg-(28 KB, 450x450, 20080221-genome_win.jpg)
    28 KB


    First guy that came to my mind was Lord Genome.

    Admit it. He would make a badass inquisitor
    >> Anonymous 10/25/10(Mon)15:29 No.12568300
    Oh god I hope not
    >> His Divine Power 10/25/10(Mon)15:38 No.12568379

    "Yes. We have had worse. And you're right." He looked straight at the farseer, and then at the tense sisters in the room. "There will be no backstabbing of the Eldar. We have a common enemy. To slit each others throats after we have attained victory would leave it hollow and bitter."

    The Farseer bowed her head in agreement. "Naturally. We do not need to be lectured." She gestured to her warlocks. "If there is to be any conflict between us, it will not be my warriors who fire the first shot... Be sure to tell your warriors that the Avatar of Khaine is on their side too."

    The Inquisitor lord sputtered momentarily. "Wait... You're sending one of those burning monstrosities to-"

    He was cut off as a horrible screech filled the air, everyone in the room going tense.

    It was Filigree that broke the silence. "It's begun..."

    The farseer nodded, standing quickly and pointing at a random sister. "YOU! MON-KEIGH FEMALE! Take me outside. I must open the portal for the avatar.

    Her hand tightened on the trigger of her bolter, but she turned and complied swiftly, the farseer taking a small device out of her robe, following quickly, warlocks in tow.

    You could already hear the sound of marching feet. The sisters were moving to their positions on the battlefield.

    (also where do you want to place the avatar of khaine?)
    >> Anonymous 10/25/10(Mon)16:12 No.12568712
    Put him in the outer city where he can wreck the most shit
    >> Anonymous 10/25/10(Mon)16:35 No.12568927
    "Farseer Rowden, you are infinitely more experienced with the fighting styles, strengths, and weaknesses of the Eldar in general, and the avatar of Khaine in specific- where would he do the most good?"
    >> Anonymous 10/25/10(Mon)16:36 No.12568940
    Either the outercity or the outskirts.
    >> Anonymous 10/25/10(Mon)16:38 No.12568963
    Maybe we should save the avatar of Khaine until when more heavily armored enemies take the field- that's where he shines in combat
    >> Anonymous 10/25/10(Mon)17:26 No.12569437
    I agree with the majority
    Put the avatar in the outskirts or inner city, but try to see that he doesn't get nicked up to bad
    Aim him at wherever the enemy armour is coming from
    >> Anonymous 10/25/10(Mon)18:44 No.12570175
    The farseer is totally ~uguu for us.
    >> His Divine Power 10/25/10(Mon)19:02 No.12570333
    finally done with deadline work. gonna take a nap then we can kick it into high gear again
    >> Anonymous 10/25/10(Mon)19:05 No.12570362
    I'm off to bed as well, so no loss for me. Thanks for the quest so far OP.
    >> Anonymous 10/25/10(Mon)19:11 No.12570404
    Well, I don't know if we'll be able to overcome the farseers natural inhibitions against Mon'keigh

    She must be added to the waifu pile though
    >> Anonymous 10/25/10(Mon)19:12 No.12570411
    Right, see you in a bit
    Also, OP, after this chapter ends, do you want to consider maybe setting up static dates for the quest if the 24/7 schedule is taking a tole on you?
    >> His Divine Power 10/25/10(Mon)23:00 No.12572675

    I'll probably just pause it and resume it on a 24/7 schedule once my projects are done.
    >> His Divine Power 10/26/10(Tue)02:15 No.12574624
    I'm working on a reply at the moment. not sure if i can get it done before i have to sleep. I've just been so happy that im done with this deadline *dies*

    I actually got to paint my Sisters and relax a bit. you guys want a picture?
    >> Anonymous 10/26/10(Tue)02:43 No.12574881
    You do know what this means though, right?
    you're going to need to acquire models to represent all the characters in game
    >> Anonymous 10/26/10(Tue)10:03 No.12577054
    Bump to keep this from falling off the board.
    >> Anonymous 10/26/10(Tue)10:22 No.12577169
    Bumping to see OPs Sister of Battle army
    >> His Divine Power 10/26/10(Tue)11:23 No.12577541
    its school time now but i'm taking my computer with me. i'll reply once or twice during my breaks
    >> Late to the thread 10/26/10(Tue)11:42 No.12577667
    no pics?
    >> His Divine Power 10/26/10(Tue)12:50 No.12578129

    Couldn't find my camera yesterday. I'll look again when i get home.

    I *am* making a Canoness with a powerfist, but i'm still polishing her up and stuff so she wont be ready for a good long while.

    Its not meant to be galatea though. You see, she'll have a neural whip, power fist, and pimp hat. Why does she need the powerfist? She has to keep her pimp hat strong to keep her bitches in line.

    Also, I have a sculpted pedobear in my immolator

    I know I know. I'm going to hell.
    >> Anonymous 10/26/10(Tue)12:53 No.12578146
    Yes, but you'll go in style!
    >> His Divine Power 10/26/10(Tue)12:56 No.12578164

    The farseer paused before exiting the room, glancing back at you, thinking.

    "The great avatar, while powerful, does not posses the strength to defeat the enemy alone. We must also remember this mission is focused on defense. I would request him to walk with your most poerful vehicle so that it may focus its fire on distance and key targets instead of dealing with the grunts who wish to destroy it."
    >> His Divine Power 10/26/10(Tue)12:57 No.12578170
    hell yeah I will!
    >> Anonymous 10/26/10(Tue)13:01 No.12578210
    "Makes sense to me- we'll pair him with the Shadowsword then."
    >> Anonymous 10/26/10(Tue)13:02 No.12578217

    "Agreed. It would be a great help there."

    Turn to one of the nearby Sisters

    "Warn the Superheavy Crews that the Avatar is an ally and a guardian, it is not be fired upon."

    Turn back to the farseer

    "I have heard that the Avatars are immune to flame in all it's forms, is that true? It may matter when the Heavy Flamers start blazing"
    >> Anonymous 10/26/10(Tue)13:03 No.12578227
    Shadowsword or baneblade?
    >> His Divine Power 10/26/10(Tue)13:10 No.12578308

    The sister grudgingly agreed, going over to the radio.

    The farseer raised an eyebrow at your question. "Immune to fire? The Great Avatar made of fire. Your flame based weaponry will do nothing against it."
    >> Anonymous 10/26/10(Tue)13:10 No.12578311
    "I've also been lead to believe that it can do great damage to armored enemies, is this true?"
    >> Anonymous 10/26/10(Tue)13:12 No.12578338
    >> Anonymous 10/26/10(Tue)13:13 No.12578356

    "Good to hear. The Sisters will be able to torch the area near it without worry."

    Turn to the sister I just ordered

    "Relay that to the Flamer and Melta Troops, the Avatar is safe from heat, do not worry about harming it."
    >> His Divine Power 10/26/10(Tue)13:19 No.12578413

    The sister does as she is told.

    Rodwen nods. "The Avatar's power is unmatched by all but the most powerful beasts of chaos. Paired with the distance capabilities of your greatest tank, we will be able to destroy even the most powerful of advances.
    >> Anonymous 10/26/10(Tue)13:21 No.12578437
    "So, Farseer- how are you doing? I know, I know, chatting before the battle isn't really your thing, but indulge a mon'keigh. At the very least, I know this natter helps me not think about what's to come and instead focus on what's truly important."
    >> His Divine Power 10/26/10(Tue)13:31 No.12578544

    The farseer nodded. "I feel nothing, Inquisitor. I blank my mind before the onrush of chaos so they may not influence me and my decisions are untainted by the rush of the fight. Now..." She gave you a small bow. "If you'll excuse me. The Avatar grows restless."

    She walked quickly, her impatient escort storming down and out of the building.
    >> Anonymous 10/26/10(Tue)13:36 No.12578614
    An odd duck that one
    Watch her as she walks off, taking dragson the cigar, subtley admiring Dat Eldar Ass
    Somehow, I think it would be appropriate if a breeze whips up the tails of our greatcoat, to remind us that a storm is coming
    >> Anonymous 10/26/10(Tue)13:38 No.12578640
    Is Confessor Jeremiah or some of the other Sisters still around?
    How about Sonja, Elizabeth, Carol or Coral?
    Or is everyone to battlestations ?
    >> His Divine Power 10/26/10(Tue)16:15 No.12580096

    A breeze whips up the tail of your greatcoat, the smoke from your cigar swirling around your head.

    The Inquisitor lord slowly stands. "I think its time that everyone take their stations, don't you?"

    The majority of the sisters quickly scurry off at his words, the sounds of bolters being loaded filling the room and hallway. The only ones left were the squads of those still present in the room. Tessa, Verity, Anna, Galatea, Florencia, Carol and Coral, Elizabeth, and Sonja, as well as Filigree, Tybalt, Evangela, the Inquisitor, and his retinue.

    (god thats a lot of characters...)
    >> Anonymous 10/26/10(Tue)16:24 No.12580169
    Loads and loads of characters
    >> His Divine Power 10/26/10(Tue)17:02 No.12580462
    Let me take a quick break and introduce you to some friends of mine. My models (found my camera)

    just as an FYI the models with a blue ring around their base have "honors" meaning they did something amazing and epic on tabletop.

    The models with snow on their bases are finished, or are just in the final touchup stage of their painting. Anything with no snow is incomplete.
    >> His Divine Power 10/26/10(Tue)17:21 No.12580662
         File1288128081.jpg-(1.64 MB, 2028x1521, Saint & Canoness.jpg)
    1.64 MB
    My Canoness and my Living saint.

    Blue Ring: It was during the Ghoul Stars campaign. you picked 200 points worth of stuff/units for your HQ. at that point I already had Strange Ammunition (+1 to the str of your HQ's shots) and odd looking armor (+1 toughness +1 wounds -3 initiative)

    Considering my Canoness was now striking at initiative 1, I decided to say 'screw it" and just run her with a Mastercrafted evicerator and inferno pistol

    The goal of this game was to occupy a building or else the lighting outside would turn your units into zombies.

    The game was 4v4. My team was 2 space marines, myself as sisters, and an eldar ally. The opponents were 2 tyranids, some tau, and some orks.

    The tyranids slaughtered the marines with the help of the tau.

    My eldar ally was an idiot and didn't shoot at the orks.

    The orks were nearly in the building and me shooting was doing jack shit

    My squad consisted of 6 celestians, my canoness, and lots of wargear.

    My opponent was 24 ork boyz with feel no pain and 1 power claw, and a warboss with a power claw

    >> His Divine Power 10/26/10(Tue)17:21 No.12580668

    Seeing that we no longer had any space marine allies and an angry bug swarm was heading across the table toward the eldar and I, I decided to just say fuck it and charge the orks who were already almost inside.

    I fucking love faith points. Also all hail the random number god.

    At one point I needed to make 6 saves and so, with 6 dice in my hand, i tossed them in the air one at a time and let them land... 6, 6, 6, 5, 5, 6... Fuck yeah!

    My canoness slaughtered all of the orks, though I lost all my celestians.

    Finally it was just my Canoness and the warboss. I had taken only 1 wound and he had taken 2. I figured we'd kill each other since we were going at the same time.

    He missed all of his attacks. I made all of mine. He failed all his saves.

    But i'm not done yet. Oh no. The game was over and my eldar ally decided to be a dick and try to see if he could shoot my canoness to death.

    47 regular shots and 4 star cannon shots. About 23-27 wounds I had to save against

    She walks off the table with 1 wound remaining.
    >> His Divine Power 10/26/10(Tue)17:25 No.12580710
         File1288128340.jpg-(802 KB, 1722x730, Canoness_by_BloodCri.jpg)
    802 KB

    I gave her a new paint job because of the epic victory and drenched her in blood. (her old paint job pictured to the left. Yes I know it sucks. She was the first model I ever painted and I had a different brand of paint.)
    >> Anonymous 10/26/10(Tue)17:27 No.12580735
    Damn, I had forgot how ugly the current sister models are.
    >> His Divine Power 10/26/10(Tue)17:34 No.12580793

    oh hush you i like them.

    They could afford some prettyfying though...
    >> Anonymous 10/26/10(Tue)17:38 No.12580828
    Only the tiniest bit....
    >> Anonymous 10/26/10(Tue)17:40 No.12580855

    Angry transvestites?
    >> His Divine Power 10/26/10(Tue)17:41 No.12580869
         File1288129301.jpg-(1.57 MB, 2028x1521, Sisters Superior.jpg)
    1.57 MB
    These are my Sisters Superior. The middle one is non-living saint evangela. Well supposed to be.

    Blue Ring: She got her blue ring also in the Ghoul Stars campaign, but she didn't have any special items to help her.

    It was an awesome game overall. I killed both a catachan devil and the red terror in the same game. (the red terror in one shot because of my canoness having two items that essentially gave her a strength 10 inferno pistol)

    anyway it was an objective game. we were tied for objectives. it was the last 3 turns. If Evangela died, then we'd lose the objective and the game. She was the only one sitting there... and was being attacked by 2 ork boyz, a warboss, 2 tau battlesuity things that seem to be okay in close combat and a hive tyrant.

    For those last three turns, she sat down on that objective, lit a cigar, flipped off her attackers, and said "I'm not moving"

    And she didn't. And we won.
    >> Anonymous 10/26/10(Tue)17:42 No.12580873
    That's not an army I'd want to fight.
    >> His Divine Power 10/26/10(Tue)17:43 No.12580882

    XD thats why i repainted her she was my very first model. I had no idea what i was doing. and the only skin tones i had were enamel paint so it came out funny
    >> Anonymous 10/26/10(Tue)17:45 No.12580903
    Good show
    >> His Divine Power 10/26/10(Tue)17:47 No.12580922
    An imagifer, heavy flamer, and banner bearer. Yes I have a banner for her. No i haven't put it on yet.
    >> His Divine Power 10/26/10(Tue)17:48 No.12580935
         File1288129691.jpg-(1.52 MB, 2028x1521, Imagifer, banner, &(...).jpg)
    1.52 MB

    Forgot the pic. damn verification
    >> His Divine Power 10/26/10(Tue)17:50 No.12580957
         File1288129826.jpg-(1.59 MB, 2028x1521, Celestians.jpg)
    1.59 MB
    My Celestians here are what i'm currently working on
    >> His Divine Power 10/26/10(Tue)17:52 No.12580968
         File1288129922.jpg-(1.56 MB, 2028x1521, Repentia.jpg)
    1.56 MB
    Heres a pic of my repentia. Just got the basecoats down for the most part. The mistress is far more done then they are.
    >> His Divine Power 10/26/10(Tue)17:54 No.12580991
         File1288130060.jpg-(1.74 MB, 2028x1521, Grey Knight Termies.jpg)
    1.74 MB
    My Grey knights. I will use them as a Grand Master and Retinue when i dont run my living saint.

    Because you see... I've got these BIG DADDIES to protect my LITTLE SISTERS *shot*
    >> Anonymous 10/26/10(Tue)18:00 No.12581048
         File1288130437.jpg-(178 KB, 1280x1024, 1265081296971.jpg)
    178 KB
    >> Anonymous 10/26/10(Tue)18:01 No.12581057
    >> His Divine Power 10/26/10(Tue)18:02 No.12581066
    And this is my box. Where I keep my models. But not my tanks.

    I have 4 tanks total. 2 are unpainted
    >> Anonymous 10/26/10(Tue)18:06 No.12581109
    How much does the invisibility upgrade cost these days? I though you could only take it with squa
    >> His Divine Power 10/26/10(Tue)18:09 No.12581132
         File1288130973.jpg-(2.99 MB, 2611x1958, Box.jpg)
    2.99 MB
    forgot the pic because of the mistyped verification thing
    >> His Divine Power 10/26/10(Tue)18:11 No.12581148
         File1288131087.jpg-(556 KB, 975x996, Ephrael Stern.jpg)
    556 KB
    Oh look. Its that rare ephrael stern model from Daemonifuge!
    >> His Divine Power 10/26/10(Tue)18:13 No.12581163
         File1288131229.jpg-(1.3 MB, 1536x1152, Exorcist & Immolator.jpg)
    1.3 MB
    My Exorcist and my Immolator.

    My other two tanks are another exorcist and a Rhino (which can be made into an Immolator)
    >> His Divine Power 10/26/10(Tue)18:14 No.12581170

    The exorcist is in the process of being repainted and the immolator is done but needs its bling put on it and needs a bit of red wash to help blend some of the colors
    >> His Divine Power 10/26/10(Tue)18:16 No.12581176
         File1288131365.jpg-(988 KB, 1233x1193, oh hey.jpg)
    988 KB
    Oh! Hey there Pedobear! What are you doing in my immolator?
    >> His Divine Power 10/26/10(Tue)18:18 No.12581191
         File1288131496.jpg-(1.33 MB, 1536x1152, Workstation.jpg)
    1.33 MB
    and thats my army.

    I leave you with this picture of the newspaper that I paint on and am too lazy to replace.
    >> Anonymous 10/26/10(Tue)18:19 No.12581199
         File1288131560.jpg-(51 KB, 457x599, 457px-1227858843066.jpg)
    51 KB
    Not the slightest idea.
    >> Anonymous 10/26/10(Tue)18:21 No.12581215
         File1288131701.jpg-(90 KB, 552x483, Pedo_Sisters_nope.jpg)
    90 KB
    >> His Divine Power 10/26/10(Tue)18:22 No.12581216
    so you guys like my models?

    I know i'm not the best. I've only been painting since the beginning-ish of summer.

    so i've been painting models for about 5-6 months.

    doing okay?
    >> Anonymous 10/26/10(Tue)18:25 No.12581245
    Pretty damn good in my book
    >> Anonymous 10/26/10(Tue)18:26 No.12581255
    I really liked the way your vehicles are done, the finished immolator looks really nice. Compared to the grey knights, the age of the Sisterhood models really shows.
    >> Anonymous 10/26/10(Tue)18:30 No.12581278

    I had no idea the Sisters of Battle liked stashing Tarutaru for their own nefarious purposes.
    >> Anonymous 10/26/10(Tue)18:30 No.12581286
         File1288132254.jpg-(78 KB, 650x780, ff11-black-mage.jpg)
    78 KB
    >> Anonymous 10/26/10(Tue)18:32 No.12581306
         File1288132353.jpg-(284 KB, 629x997, 2nhnnlh.jpg)
    284 KB
    The differences between their orders are almost as vast as those between IG regiments.
    >> His Divine Power 10/26/10(Tue)18:34 No.12581325

    The immolator lacks the TONS AND TONS of gold trinkets i will glue on it at some point when I get around to it.
    >> His Divine Power 10/26/10(Tue)20:13 No.12582268
    Its your guys's reply
    >> Anonymous 10/26/10(Tue)20:26 No.12582407
    Oh sorry, OP, you waiting for us?
    >> Anonymous 10/26/10(Tue)20:27 No.12582419
    "Well, I suppose this it then- good luck and Emperos speed to you all. I know we'll need everything we can muster for this battle."
    >> Anonymous 10/26/10(Tue)20:30 No.12582442
    "So, Lord Inquisitor, are you ready?"
    (what does his retinue consist of?
    Also, are we assigning them positions on the battlefield?)
    >> Anonymous 10/26/10(Tue)20:49 No.12582624
    "Well, if it means anything, at the very least we'll make sure that forces of chaos will pay for every inch they take tenfold. Of that I'm sure."

    Okay, um, what does the Lord Inquisitor specialize in, what's his ordo?
    >> Anonymous 10/26/10(Tue)22:51 No.12583948
    anybody else out there?
    >> Anonymous 10/27/10(Wed)00:54 No.12585179
    >> Anonymous 10/27/10(Wed)02:41 No.12586298
    >> His Divine Power 10/27/10(Wed)03:51 No.12586955

    (you cant assign the Inquisitor Lord a position. He's an Inquisitor Lord. I'll be placing him in a weakspot to increase your chances of success)

    The Inquisitor lord nodded, slowly rising. "We best be getting moving..."

    Filigree stood up way too quickly. "Wait! Wait! We have stuff for you guys! Its on the dropship I'll go get them!" She awkwardly scampered off, Carol and Coral following, intending to help.

    Well at least they didn't HATE filigree...

    they returned a short time later with the named weapons, handing them out. Florencia seemed to like hers a little *too* much and was practically salivating on the beast of a hammer. "I need heretics... I NEED HERETICS!!!" She ran out without another word, her retinue struggling to catch up."

    (btw in case i didn't make it clear. The seraphim are not her retinue.)
    >> Anonymous 10/27/10(Wed)04:09 No.12587085
    "Okay, any last questions?"
    >I really have no idea what to do now except begin the battle. Anything we might have forgot? Any info on the unique weapons?
    >> Anonymous 10/27/10(Wed)09:32 No.12588615
    Don't fall off the board!
    >> Anonymous 10/27/10(Wed)09:58 No.12588703
    Gah, we didn't hand out the weapons for everyone?
    Thanks for catching that
    Heh, Filigree is growing on these girls methinks
    >> Anonymous 10/27/10(Wed)10:07 No.12588734
    (maybe we should make a stirring speech, or at least give a few heartfelt words before the battle)
    >> His Divine Power 10/27/10(Wed)11:34 No.12589177
    going to school. will post during breaks.
    >> Anonymous 10/27/10(Wed)11:38 No.12589216
    >> His Divine Power 10/27/10(Wed)12:19 No.12589440

    Filigree raised one enormous lightning claw high in the air, waiting to be called on.

    "... Yes Filigree?"

    She dropped her arm, frowning. "Should I have taken the emergency portal from the dropship? Because its just sitting-"


    Squeaking in fright, the daemonette scampered off to take the eldar portal.


    (if you want to give a speech, go right ahead)
    >> Anonymous 10/27/10(Wed)12:50 No.12589687
    >emergency portal
    What's that?
    >> Anonymous 10/27/10(Wed)12:57 No.12589755
    ".... I feel like I should be making some sort of speech right now, telling you all that our cause is just and our spirits pure, and all that other shit.
    Really, you all know who you are, you know what we're up against here today, and you already know the stakes.
    You know why we can't fail today- and you all know that your the goddamn best at what you do.
    >> Anonymous 10/27/10(Wed)13:02 No.12589787
    .... not really sure what will happen out there.
    But I do know one thing- this alliance of forces, however temporary, represents the might of some the most powerful forces in the galaxy... Now, on this day, that power is to be tested. It is time put aside the petty grievances that have splintered us for so long. We will unite. We will stand together. We will not fail."
    >> His Divine Power 10/27/10(Wed)13:08 No.12589839

    the webway portal for emergency reinforcements that the eldar gave you
    >> Anonymous 10/27/10(Wed)13:10 No.12589860
    "I'm certain, that whatever happens today, it will be remembered. If it shall be our end-well, then we will make it such an end as to be worthy of remembrance."
    >> His Divine Power 10/27/10(Wed)13:15 No.12589902
    brb everyone gotta get up
    >> Anonymous 10/27/10(Wed)13:17 No.12589906
    "... Well, what are you all looking at me for? You expecting some sort of goddamn speech or something?
    You all frakking know why we're here- to make the forces othe ruinous powers bleed. Make them bleed for every goddamn breath they take, to make them bleed for every inch they move, make 'em bleed for goddamn existing in the first place.
    We've lost over fourty worlds because of these bastards.
    ..... It's time we made the bastards start to pay."
    >> His Divine Power 10/27/10(Wed)15:22 No.12590767
    hold on guys i'm typing the battles up so things will move faster once we jump in. it will be a bit longer
    >> Anonymous 10/27/10(Wed)15:33 No.12590866
    Fine by me, gives me a chance to think up a better final speech
    >> Anonymous 10/27/10(Wed)18:33 No.12592253
    Well, it took five days, but we'll finely be able to see all the building pay off
    >> Anonymous 10/27/10(Wed)20:05 No.12593317
    "Well, this is it.
    Look, whatever happens after this point, happens.
    I want you all to know it was an honor- no, dammnit, a, pleasure, to have meet you all and worked alongside you."
    >> Anonymous 10/27/10(Wed)20:19 No.12593479
    something about letting a daemonette near an eldar webway portal seems like a bad idea to me. but what do i know
    >> Anonymous 10/27/10(Wed)20:24 No.12593518
    I think we can trust Filigree at this point
    at least, not to screw things up too badly.
    >> His Divine Power 10/27/10(Wed)21:35 No.12594224

    The Inquisitor Lord slowly stood, gathering his henchmen around him. He walked away quickly, the units following. The other sisters began filing out too, leaving you with Tybalt, Evangela, Tessa, and Galatea.

    You all jumped as a deafening roar shaking the buildings outside as a flaming behemoth seemed to appear from nowhere.

    "By my bloody hand... The enemy will not live past this day!"

    It stayed there for a moment before turning in the general direction of the Shadowsword and slowly walking toward it, everything flammable around it combusting in a flare of sparks.

    Filigree came back, dragging the gate with her, watching the avatar leave through the window. "Thats a lot of fire..."

    Evangela was shifting nervously, "The Exalted Martyr... She is coming, right?

    Galatea didn't respond, twiddling a bit. "She jumped out during our warp jump to stop the daemons from invading our ship... There must have been thousands-"

    "She's coming back!" Tessa put down her screwdriver, smiling proudly. There was now a flamer attached to the underside of her new evicerator. "She'll be here soon. I know it."

    Galatea seemed about to object, but closed her mouth, nodding once before standing. She gestured to her retinue quickly leaving, the celestians trotting after her.
    >> His Divine Power 10/27/10(Wed)21:35 No.12594227

    Evangela watched them go. "I hope you're right Sister Tessa." She reached behind her and drew her power- wait... chainsword? Since when did a living saint use a-

    She revved the blade, sparks flying from it as the teeth glowed white hot, the saint taking a deep breath.

    "I approve!"

    Evangela smiled. "Figured you might..." And smashed open the window, diving out, her wings snapping open, carrying her up and over the buildings.

    Tessa nodded once at you. "Time to go to war." Her celestians whooped, rushing out the door, the Sister superior following casually after them.

    You light up another cigar, gazing out the shattered glass. You could already hear the sound of bolter fire, a distant explosion rumbling through the building. You reach down and stroke Tybalt on the head, Filigree slightly annoyed that you were petting the Cyber mastiff and not her.

    What will you do? Stay here and protect the center, or moving out and risk getting cut off and being unable to assist the city's center.
    >> Anonymous 10/27/10(Wed)21:42 No.12594306
    You think we're going to stand around and wait while everyone else gets a chance to wreck chaos' shit?
    You best be joking- of course we take the pain to chaos up front and personal like
    Worse come to worse we use the Eldars webway thingy to fast travel straight to the city center
    >> Anonymous 10/27/10(Wed)21:53 No.12594422
    I think the sisters and assorted guardsmen should be capable of holding this part
    Besides, if we're doing our jobs right, there won't be any fighting in the city center
    >> Anonymous 10/27/10(Wed)22:07 No.12594574
    >> Anonymous 10/27/10(Wed)22:26 No.12594747
    >> His Divine Power 10/27/10(Wed)22:46 No.12594959

    >> Iron Lung 10/27/10(Wed)22:56 No.12595028
    This is the critical ground. Let's hang out.
    >> Anonymous 10/27/10(Wed)22:58 No.12595046
    Alright, fine, we'll stay
    Filigree's going to be crushed by this though
    >> Anonymous 10/27/10(Wed)23:02 No.12595088
    Welp, that's all the hint I need
    We stay
    >> Anonymous 10/27/10(Wed)23:05 No.12595110
    is it just me or is this seem to be turning out better than the actual sisters of battle fluff?
    >> Anonymous 10/27/10(Wed)23:08 No.12595140
    Well, that's not to hard- most of the Sisters fluff seems to be comprised of them dieing in horrible ways to proe how powerful the newest enemy is
    >> Anonymous 10/27/10(Wed)23:14 No.12595208

    or to show how pure they are and stuff. The sisters do have SOME decent fluff. the problem is that their fluff has grown really REALLY stale and the sheer fact that they're used as cannon fodder now even moreso than guardsmen.

    The only really "OMG AWESOME" fluff they have is Daemonifuge. Faith and Fire wasn't amazing awesome, but it was a step in the right direction.
    >> Anonymous 10/27/10(Wed)23:27 No.12595326
    "Oh don't sulk like that- there will be time later. I promise."
    >> Iron Lung 10/27/10(Wed)23:50 No.12595501
    It's the Whooping Celestians.
    They sound both zealous and happy, and that's awesome.
    Plus giant Powerfist Cannoness, Living Saint Chainsword, and everyone starting at the Avatar spawning.
    >> Anonymous 10/27/10(Wed)23:53 No.12595523

    Filigree stuck her tongue out at you, stumbling back as another explosion rocked the building, this one sounding a lot closer.

    With a horrible tearing sound, a small warp portal opened up in the room a cackling daemonette crawling out.

    "What do we have here... A delicious inquisitor, a mangey mutt and..." She blinked, dropping her combat stance. "Oh... Hi Filigree. I thought you got killed during the initial test."

    Filigree sniffed. "I'm not so easily disposed of Jianzhi!"

    "... Heh... You got bound to an inquisitor..."


    "Seriously! You have the worst luck! I mean... She's not even that pret-"

    Filigree snapped. Letting out a screech she brought one claw straight down on the daemonette's head, dividing her into 5 vertical slices. The remains of the daemon collapsed with a wet slopping sound before vanishing in a puff of smoke.


    She ran the next one through with her claws before it had even completely exited the portal, blood and gore splattering across the floor.

    She was too distracted to see the second portal that opened, a pink horror slithering out. At least she had that one covered for you.
    >> Anonymous 10/27/10(Wed)23:54 No.12595533

    This is true
    >> His Divine Power 10/27/10(Wed)23:57 No.12595558

    T.T chrome...
    >> Anonymous 10/28/10(Thu)00:05 No.12595622
    .... I am so glad we recruited Filigree.
    "Tybalt! Play time, initiate protocol- FETCH!"
    Start in on the nearest portal,
    Signal the group of sisters on hand to start in on the warp portals
    >> Anonymous 10/28/10(Thu)00:14 No.12595684
    If we aren't careful, we might loose Filigree to Khorne.
    Well have to ask her about her coworkers in the future.
    >> His Divine Power 10/28/10(Thu)00:50 No.12595957
    afk 20-35 min or so. walking my dog.

    moar time for replies
    >> Anonymous 10/28/10(Thu)01:07 No.12596119
    I don't thinnk it takes a rocket scientist to figure this out- cover the next portal, radio in for support.
    >> Anonymous 10/28/10(Thu)01:12 No.12596160
    Wait, does this means there's a warp generator somewhere nearby?
    Is there anyway we can sniff it out?
    >> Anonymous 10/28/10(Thu)01:17 No.12596220
    Can we please pick up the speed of things?
    >> His Divine Power 10/28/10(Thu)01:27 No.12596300

    No generator. as Filigree said before, Chaos wants to take this world by force as a show of power and as a sort of "trophy"
    >> Anonymous 10/28/10(Thu)01:31 No.12596332
    so the the portals are just generating sponatenously at this point?
    Ah, that's not good
    >> Anonymous 10/28/10(Thu)01:33 No.12596357
    Ah well, it's not like it's a surprise at this point or anything
    Good thing we got that auspex on us, yeah?
    >> Anonymous 10/28/10(Thu)01:34 No.12596367
         File1288244074.jpg-(42 KB, 750x396, sparta.jpg)
    42 KB
    There must be a lot of power behind those portals to sustain them on what's probably the second most holy world in the whole Imperium. So there's most likely a way to exploit this. Any ideas?

    Sisters, what is your profession?
    >> Anonymous 10/28/10(Thu)01:44 No.12596445
    >> Anonymous 10/28/10(Thu)02:45 No.12596947
    I am now imagining the Avatar surfing the Shadowsword. Awesome.
    >> His Divine Power 10/28/10(Thu)02:53 No.12597017
    >> His Divine Power 10/28/10(Thu)02:55 No.12597036

    ... I now wish to see the forgeworld avatar surfing a baneblade into battle and the heat from the avatar is causing severe damage to the baneblade and making it melt and stuff.
    >> Anonymous 10/28/10(Thu)03:01 No.12597070
    What's the matter?
    >> His Divine Power 10/28/10(Thu)03:06 No.12597100

    I just wold have been able to start working on my reply sooner if my internets didn't start acting like a bitch and cutting out so i couldn't reply.
    >> Anonymous 10/28/10(Thu)03:12 No.12597128
    You could type out your reply on a word document and then fix/modify as needed once you return to internetz
    >> His Divine Power 10/28/10(Thu)03:14 No.12597140

    (you don't have a retinue. You just have Filigree and Tybalt)

    You draw your force blade, getting the jump on the pink horror, cleaving it in two easily. Tybalt was on your heals, snarling as it grabbed another that was exiting the portal, shaking his head violently. Filigree was still maiming anything that came out of the portal, the energy gate snapping shut. The dismembered daemonette chunks that were falling back through on occasion must have been disheartening to the remaining squad.

    You were about to give both your pets a word of encouragement when you felt something bite into your hip, a horrible, HORRIBLE smell hitting your nose. A plaguebearer had gotten the drop on you, the tip of its blade rammed into a tiny slit in your armor, though it hadn't been able to get the sharpened metal in very far.
    >> Anonymous 10/28/10(Thu)03:19 No.12597167
    (aren't there squads of sisters stationed in the city center?)
    Try to see to it that the blade does not break the skin- kick thing back and blast it with our bolter
    >> His Divine Power 10/28/10(Thu)03:38 No.12597252

    take your pick /tg/

    >> His Divine Power 10/28/10(Thu)03:45 No.12597276
    (yes. there are several but none in that room with you right now)

    You kick the daemon back, blasting it away with your bolt pistol. The psybolt easily rips through it, the diseased flesh rupturing and oozing as it was torn apart by your shot.

    The wound it gave you stings badly. It is a very shallow cut but made by a plaguebearer's sword, it could easily turn fatal.

    You turn just in time to see more 5 more pink horrors exit the portal.

    Tybalt goes for one, his mechanical jaws ripping it apart as he forced the creature to the ground.

    Filigree, now done screaming at where the portal used to be, comes to her senses and leaps around you, her lightning claws coming down, killing one instantly and injuring another.

    There are two advancing on you.
    >> Anonymous 10/28/10(Thu)04:06 No.12597410

    >> Anonymous 10/28/10(Thu)06:16 No.12597986
    Try to kill one with your bolt pistol and eviscerate the other with your blade, kicking it back into the portal so the others of his kind get a chance to see the fate that awaits them. Hopefully they'll do like the daemonettes.

    Do we have any medical supplies on anybody in our group that might be helpful? Is our servo-skull equipped to handle medical tasks?
    >> Anonymous 10/28/10(Thu)09:25 No.12598818
    Close quarters huh?
    Time for us to put that forceblade into good use
    >> Anonymous 10/28/10(Thu)09:29 No.12598836
    We did bring an advanced medkit
    Also, an auspex- we can use that to contact the other sisters in the area
    >> Anonymous 10/28/10(Thu)09:30 No.12598842
    Slaanesh and Nurgle huh?
    I wonder where Khorne and Tzneetch are?
    Maybe busy invading a different part of the city?
    >> Anonymous 10/28/10(Thu)10:38 No.12599255
         File1288276718.jpg-(101 KB, 620x450, 1288065949502.jpg)
    101 KB
    >mfw you ask where Tzeentch is while fighting pink Horrors
    >> Anonymous 10/28/10(Thu)11:09 No.12599439
    dont forget! OP essentially we get our dice modifiers by being awesome or clever. I don't see either one in any of the replies yet and i suck at writing.

    Who was it who insulted the daemonette in the first chapter?
    >> Anonymous 10/28/10(Thu)11:28 No.12599552
    I did
    >> Anonymous 10/28/10(Thu)11:32 No.12599581
         File1288279925.jpg-(57 KB, 300x382, 300px-Dracula_SotN_portrait.jpg)
    57 KB
    Should we have Filigree yell "What is a man?" at them, in daemonic?
    >> Anonymous 10/28/10(Thu)11:37 No.12599622

    write another epic insult using "what is a man"

    that would be awesome!!!
    >> Anonymous 10/28/10(Thu)12:03 No.12599823
    Tzneetch isn't as easy as Slaanesh.
    I mean, what should we do, start revealing plot twists?
    >> Anonymous 10/28/10(Thu)12:05 No.12599834
    We charge foward, bolt pistol barking, force weapon a blaze of power. We force our mind away from the wound, using years of training and willpower to discount it. We spit psycannon bolts at one foe, raising our blade to strike down the other.

    "Ave Imperitor!"

    Sorry if that isn't immpressive sounding, not much of a writer.
    >> Anonymous 10/28/10(Thu)12:12 No.12599892
    Maybe start shouting paradoxes and riddles-
    Make sure Filigree covers her ears first
    >> Anonymous 10/28/10(Thu)12:18 No.12599942
    "If there is an exception to every rule, then every rule must have at least one exception; the exception to this one being that it has no exception."
    >> Anonymous 10/28/10(Thu)12:21 No.12599973
    "I suppose this is your "just as plan," then? Ha! I've seen more clever strategems from schola recruits. You've been relying on the same goddamn schtick this whole entire time- open portals on an unsuspecting world and wreck havoc. Well, here's the weakness of your plot- WE AREN'T UNSUSPECTING ANYMORE,"
    >> Anonymous 10/28/10(Thu)12:25 No.12600009
    "Look at you, you're pathetic- you call that jibbering chants to drive the mortal mind insane? Please-I had worse when my dog wouldn't stop yapping through half the night."
    >> Anonymous 10/28/10(Thu)12:40 No.12600160
    "Matter has mass (1st premise; true)
    Matter does not have mass (2nd premise; false)
    All numbers are equal to 42 (Conclusion)"
    >> Anonymous 10/28/10(Thu)12:43 No.12600187
    "What is Tzneentchian, if not a miserable pile of secrets?"
    >> Anonymous 10/28/10(Thu)13:01 No.12600372
    Protip: Do not leave wild cards like Esme alive- no matter how deliciously ironic it may be."
    >> His Divine Power 10/28/10(Thu)13:02 No.12600384
    >>12600187 >>12600160
    >>12600009 >>12599973
    >>12599942 >>12599892

    You shout at Filigree to cover her ears. She does so with a little difficulty due to the lightning claws.

    You began shouting paradoxes and falsehoods, another Pink Horror crawling from the portal.

    They glance at each other, rather confused, probably thinking you're some sort of idiot and debating if they should cut you down with the correct information.

    By the time they realize you were just trolling them, its too late, your bolt pistol rips one apart and finishes off the other injured one, your force blade cleaving through the final one.

    The portal undulates as if another is about to come through.

    Through the door to your right shuffle more plaguebearers. You can hear the battle cry of bloodletters echo through the building. It appears that chaos cannot yet summon anthing bigger than these grunts at the heart of the city.

    The daemonic wound in your leg hurts badly. You know its already infected. You'll have to take off some armor to treat it however.
    >> Anonymous 10/28/10(Thu)13:09 No.12600465
    >You'll have to take off some armor to treat it however.
    Better now than when the proper daemons start arriving.
    Use our comm equipment.
    "The is Inquisitor Kravos, I'm at XY and requesting the location of the closest unit of hospitalers."
    If they're to far off, have Tybalt and Filigree guard us while we use our medkit/servo-skull. Whatever is better.
    >> Anonymous 10/28/10(Thu)13:22 No.12600563
    Get on the Auspex, signal the sisters stationed here that we have trouble on our hands.
    >> Anonymous 10/28/10(Thu)13:36 No.12600657
    Good, we can handle wack a deamon- just make sure that we don't get more distracted.
    Now's probably not the time tend to our wounds, at least, not while there are portals that remain open.
    Scout servoskulls to the fore- try to see where the portals are forming
    >> Anonymous 10/28/10(Thu)13:37 No.12600671
    What's our equipment list?
    I believe power armor
    Force blade
    Two scout servo drones, a maintance drone
    Advance medkit
    bolter pistol with psycannon shells
    anything we're missing
    >> Anonymous 10/28/10(Thu)13:39 No.12600681
    Healer, heal thyself
    Use your psykic powers of biomancy to stave off the noxious effects of chaos- seal wound, purge toxins, etc.
    >> Anonymous 10/28/10(Thu)13:41 No.12600696
    If the plaguesword was able to pierce our armour shouldn't we at least be able to get a shot of antibiotics through the same slit in our armour? This being 40k, I think unpleasantly long medical needles shouldn't be in short supply.

    Also, make a notice to ship the guy who made our armour off to some inquisitorial death camp.
    >> Anonymous 10/28/10(Thu)13:43 No.12600713
    If we use our psykic powers to heal ourselves, would we need to remove our armor?
    If so, then I vote for that
    >> Anonymous 10/28/10(Thu)14:08 No.12600877
    "Heh, sounds like some of your favorite friends from the Immaterium have joined the fight, Filigree."
    >> Anonymous 10/28/10(Thu)14:10 No.12600895
    Set Tybalt after the plague bearers. Since he's made of metal, I very much doubt him being affected by them.
    We should probably follow the plague bearers to their source too- seeing as how we're already kind of suffering from infection.
    >> Anonymous 10/28/10(Thu)14:11 No.12600903
    Good thing we brought a gun that shoots sterlizing heat!
    Use the inferno pistol on those fuckers
    >> His Divine Power 10/28/10(Thu)15:01 No.12601408

    power armor
    Force blade
    Two scout servo drones, a maintance drone AND a medical drone
    Advance medkit
    bolter pistol with psycannon shells
    Psyker powers
    pet Daemonette
    >> His Divine Power 10/28/10(Thu)15:08 No.12601481
    >>12600895 >>12600696
    >>12600681 >>12600563

    You send Tybalt after the plaguebearers, focusing your psyker powers on the wound in your leg. The toxins in it sizzle away and you do just enough to partially heal the wound. You don't want to exhaust yourself.

    For good measure, you have the medical servo skull inject some anti-toxins into the slit.

    Another Pink Horror slithers out of the portal, Filigree taking care of it immediately, reaching her other hand into the portal and forcing the next in line through, eviscerating it as she did.

    The portal closed with a crack. It was obvious to them that this wasn't a secure location.
    >> Anonymous 10/28/10(Thu)15:17 No.12601582
    >Another Pink Horror slithers out of the portal, Filigree taking care of it immediately, reaching her other hand into the portal and forcing the next in line through, eviscerating it as she did.
    "That was totally hot." Try to make it seem as if this was something we didn't want to say out lout, we can't troll our daemonette enough. Listen for the nearest sounds of combat. "Seems like we know where to go. Filigree? Tybalt? Both of you unharmed?"
    >> Anonymous 10/28/10(Thu)15:20 No.12601624
    God bless that servo skull.
    If he manages to survive this round of combat, he's getting a name.
    Don't encourage Filigree- next thing you know we'll be strapped down to a bed with her slicing away our skin, because she "thought you LIKED this stuff,"
    >> Anonymous 10/28/10(Thu)15:25 No.12601679
         File1288293929.jpg-(8 KB, 200x160, ActionHank.jpg)
    8 KB
    I'd guess she's smart enough to understand that we enjoy seeing daemons get killed by her, not the act of being flayed ourselves. But okay, less encouragement, more trolling.

    >he's getting a name.
    And a beard, we could name him Hank.
    >> Anonymous 10/28/10(Thu)15:31 No.12601766
    We are auto-saging.
    >> His Divine Power 10/28/10(Thu)15:50 No.12601974

    NEW THREAD!!!! >>12601958
    >> His Divine Power 10/28/10(Thu)16:27 No.12602375
    Come on guys

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