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  • File : 1287361054.jpg-(176 KB, 734x501, Napoleon_battle_of_nations_1813.jpg)
    176 KB To the tow row row row row row, to the british grenadiers! Empereur Alex 10/17/10(Sun)20:17 No.12481821  
    Hello, /tg/.

    Bit of a progress report on the Napoleonic Heresy supplement for DH.

    PDF: http://www.mediafire.com/?54j5u5v8k0iudbj

    Here's a link to the updated PDF, as always, critiques, suggestions and ideas are not only welcomed but also encouraged.

    What's new:
    * Updated Military Career Path up to Sergeant Rank
    * Added tons of new weapons and equipment
    * New wound system to increase lethality
    * Developed a few more starter packs

    I'll explain the new wound system.

    Instead of randomly rolling your start wounds, you add a set amount, depending on your social class, to your Toughness Bonus.

    Further down the road, the wounds can be increased by increasing said TB.

    Example: One character rolled a starting toughness of, say, 37. That means his TB is 3 and thus he adds that number to his pre-set wounds for, say, a high class individual (6), for a total of 9 wounds. Later, this PC buys a toughness increase, turning his score of 37 into 42. The change from 3 to 4 TB means one wound is added to the total.

    Handy link, in case you missted it: http://www.mediafire.com/?54j5u5v8k0iudbj

    Coming Soon:
    * Finished Nationality Charts
    * Artillery
    * Mounted Combat
    * Large battle rules and "horde" orders
    * Ships and naval combat
    >> Empereur Alex 10/17/10(Sun)20:26 No.12481922
         File1287361604.jpg-(170 KB, 1001x1171, napoleon-horse.jpg)
    170 KB
    Critiques regarding balance will be specially appreciated.

    To avoid a senseless bump: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yHNfvJc99YY&feature=related
    >> Colt10mmGuy 10/17/10(Sun)22:10 No.12483071
         File1287367839.png-(1.55 MB, 768x898, napoleon on a trex.png)
    1.55 MB
    Pic related
    >> Anonymous 10/17/10(Sun)22:26 No.12483247
    Bumping because I'm a colossal faggot. I also have some fresh happy sauce.
    >> Colt10mmGuy 10/17/10(Sun)22:33 No.12483349
    Hi Alt.
    >> Anonymous 10/17/10(Sun)22:38 No.12483405
         File1287369500.jpg-(64 KB, 500x667, 6dcdc8ba-d651-4062-99e5-70e967(...).jpg)
    64 KB
    >> Empereur Alex 10/17/10(Sun)22:43 No.12483461
    Npte: Where it says Russians treat Carouse as a basic skill, it should say trained.
    >> Anonymous 10/17/10(Sun)22:44 No.12483467
    Now there's errata.
    >> Anonymous 10/17/10(Sun)22:46 No.12483489
    what is this? looks awesome...
    >> Empereur Alex 10/17/10(Sun)22:46 No.12483495

    Right-o, hopefully /tg/ won't ignore the free original (well, to an extent) content.
    >> Empereur Alex 10/17/10(Sun)22:49 No.12483522

    A Napoleonic Era modification using the Dark Heresy d100 system. Increased lethality, political intrigue, espionage and frenchmen, thousands of them.
    >> Anonymous 10/17/10(Sun)22:56 No.12483601

    sounds glorious Austrians going Basterds on occupying French? Russian survivors of Austerlitz trying to make their way back home through french army?So cooool
    >> Anonymous 10/17/10(Sun)22:57 No.12483618
    I personally wanna go Polish Winged Hussar on some Swedish dogs. Will this be possible?
    >> Anonymous 10/17/10(Sun)23:06 No.12483707
    God, this is awesome.
    >> Empereur Alex 10/17/10(Sun)23:07 No.12483730

    Anything the players want, I was thinking of making an introductory campaign (kinda like the one in the DH corebook) that puts the PCs as members of an <insert nation here> embassy in Paris during the revolution, and they have to dare the crowds to retrieve or rescue X.


    Sure, you'd just have to take the Polish nationality, military career path and go for the cavalry side?
    >> Anonymous 10/17/10(Sun)23:20 No.12483847
    I think some of this definitely needs revised. A Low Class British national shouldn't really have those Common Knowledges, especially if he's not in an industrial centre. As far as stats go, +5 is a lot to hand out. I think DH generally does it in +3 or +2's.
    >> Anonymous 10/17/10(Sun)23:23 No.12483874

    If you're playing in the 17th century, sure. But the winged hussars were long gone by the Napoleonic Era.
    >> Anonymous 10/17/10(Sun)23:23 No.12483876
    I just got to the starting packs. How can you even equate Proletarian and Farmer? Ouch. A Criminal getting Poor Relations (Criminal Organisation) makes sense, I suppose, but it'd be much better if it was Good Relations.
    >> Colt10mmGuy 10/17/10(Sun)23:23 No.12483879
    No, they're in steps of 5.
    >> Anonymous 10/17/10(Sun)23:24 No.12483886
    The advances are in steps of 5, but stat increases due to background and traits and packages are more often done by smaller margins.
    >> Anonymous 10/17/10(Sun)23:31 No.12483957
    Okay, and knives are better than swords whereas bayonets are the best possible melee weapon. Wut.
    >> Empereur Alex 10/17/10(Sun)23:31 No.12483959

    The British Nationality is due a downgrade, I agree. As for the +5 and -5, the DH corebook does hand out in 5's (for instance, the Blessed Ignorance trait gives a -5 to all forbidden lore checks). But you are correct again, they could be nerfed.


    What do you mean by equate?
    >> Anonymous 10/17/10(Sun)23:35 No.12483986
    >(for instance, the Blessed Ignorance trait gives a -5 to all forbidden lore checks)
    That's not a universal modifier or stat increase, though.

    >The British Nationality is due a downgrade, I agree.
    I'm not sure it needs a 'downgrade'. It's hardly the strongest one there. It should just have a different or more expansive choice of skills/attributes at starting.

    >What do you mean by equate?
    Farmer is overall much more beneficial. Proletarian is really quite bad, which is a shame because it would be a lot of fun to play.
    >> Empereur Alex 10/17/10(Sun)23:35 No.12483990

    I remember reading somewhere that the two most lethal weapons of the napoleonic wars (in a hit/kill ratio) were the cannon and the bayonet.
    >> Anonymous 10/17/10(Sun)23:38 No.12484006
    Thay may well be true... but probably not because it's an incredibly damaging weapon. I'm not thinking a bayonet should be the natural choice for any possible melee character. You have it doing 2d10. The same damage as a Great Weapon in DH, and more than any axe, sabre or cavalry weapon going.
    >> Empereur Alex 10/17/10(Sun)23:39 No.12484017
    >That's not a universal modifier or stat increase, though.

    Indeedums, I will look into making a few test characters and change the modifiers accordingly.

    >I'm not sure it needs a 'downgrade'. It's hardly the strongest one there. It should just have a different or more expansive choice of skills/attributes at starting.

    As you mentioned earlier, a peasant living in the fields would have no reason to have such lores. And to be frank, their con is not much of a con.

    >Farmer is overall much more beneficial. Proletarian is really quite bad, which is a shame because it would be a lot of fun to play.

    Correct again, just noticed that, will have to look into actually giving some benefits to the proletarians. Any ideas?
    >> Anonymous 10/17/10(Sun)23:43 No.12484051
    I'm afraid my knowledge of that kind of ideology starts about a century later. Maybe something to do with oratory or even a version of Blessed Ignorance might work.
    >> Empereur Alex 10/17/10(Sun)23:44 No.12484061

    I did intend to make it a real-killer, besides it can only be mounted on a musket. I suppose one could say the extended reach is a bonus enough against other weapons and decrease the damage to the d10 or d5 range accordingly.
    >> TheOrdoJordo !O7Alt1MURo 10/17/10(Sun)23:46 No.12484079
    This looks incredible. Do you have a site where you're keeping updates on progress and links?
    >> Empereur Alex 10/17/10(Sun)23:47 No.12484097

    A bonus to moving through urban environments or searching for things or people in said places could work, also a bonus to tech-use, like the Hive-born.

    Sadly, I have to leave, as I have class early in the morning. But keep posting suggestions and I'll check them when I wake up.

    (Captcha: classes matoloy)

    Dammit, that's creepy.
    >> Empereur Alex 10/17/10(Sun)23:48 No.12484111

    No, I must confess I lack all the required knowledge to do so, I've been mainly keeping to IRC and consulting with the guys in #darkheresyooc channel, at the suptg server.
    >> Anonymous 10/17/10(Sun)23:50 No.12484119
    It should probably do the same amount of damage as a spear in Dark Heresy, which I think was 1d10.
    >> Anonymous 10/17/10(Sun)23:50 No.12484124
    I really do think it should be a d10. And I'd reduce the damage on knives too. Very cool idea though, for all my criticism. The opportunity to play in The Great Game of Napoleonic Europe is wonderful.
    >> Empereur Alex 10/17/10(Sun)23:53 No.12484154
         File1287374006.jpg-(61 KB, 534x800, malasana_y_su_hija.jpg)
    61 KB

    This is the picture I drew my inspiration for high damage knives from, it could be feasible to keep the spanish knife as it is (or lower the damage a bit) but still allow for such awesomeness.
    >> Anonymous 10/17/10(Sun)23:54 No.12484172
    Ah, but a knife is not generally better than a sword, eh? I'd say make normal knives 1d5, and if you really want the Spanish Knife make that the 2d5 one, making it superior to your 1d10 sword.
    >> Empereur Alex 10/17/10(Sun)23:55 No.12484181

    Could be 1d5 too and just have one or two penetration. Yes.
    >> Anonymous 10/18/10(Mon)00:12 No.12484351
    Pretty cool. Look forward to seeing more implemented.
    >> Anonymous 10/18/10(Mon)00:13 No.12484359
    Whoa whoa whoa WHOA

    What the fuck? When did this awesome start? I haven't even read past the fourth line in OP and I already desire to throw my wallet at my monitor in a feeble attempt to give you money!
    >> Anonymous 10/18/10(Mon)00:19 No.12484422
         File1287375589.jpg-(238 KB, 800x1132, Napoleon.jpg)
    238 KB
    Minor note- I think your Dutch stereotype is a bit out of date as far as things go. Austrians and Spaniards might have cared a century earlier, but by the time of Napoleon... Didn't really give a shit.

    But other than that, this is amazing, seriously, I have a hard on about this period.
    >> Anonymous 10/18/10(Mon)00:28 No.12484512
    You need pirates and the navy, probably as alternate career ranks for soldiers, scum and other sorts.
    >> Anonymous 10/18/10(Mon)00:29 No.12484523
         File1287376181.jpg-(301 KB, 536x681, Zonaro_GatesofConst.jpg)
    301 KB
    Okay, you also need to make some notes about differences between army systems and how officer mobility worked. Brits, for instance, could buy officer positions- a way into command outside of heroism or birth.

    Are there mass battle rules in any Dark Heresy supplements? Don't know if that would be your focus. Also, you should throw down nation specific starter packages, example, Spanish Guerrilla, French refugee, Polish Legionnaire, etcetera etcetera.

    Also also also also, any chance you could throw in Ottomans? They were off on the sidelines, but a few were around for Napoleon's Egyptian campaign, dad gummit!

    Please tell me what you'd like from the community, I'd like to see this thing become a reality (my OTHER project got...Creepy).

    As far as backgrounds go, as noted earlier, you may want to have a split pool of choices per nation. An Irish farmer is VERY different from your average English orphan.

    And I hope you were inspired by the 'Sharpe's' series? And and and and and and i should shut up
    >> Anonymous 10/18/10(Mon)00:30 No.12484538
    I assume (from my 5 second skim of the pdf) that he's intending to go into navy, seeing the entry for "Ships" and "Able Seaman" in there.
    >> Anonymous 10/18/10(Mon)00:54 No.12484840
    Other project?
    >> Anonymous 10/18/10(Mon)01:21 No.12485077
    >Napoleonic Dark Heresy

    Oh my god why I have never heard of these before I am usually so on top of the homebrews that are flying around here.

    I'll see if I can provide any useful feedback. Just give me a minute or two to stop geeking out over this.
    >> Anonymous 10/18/10(Mon)01:58 No.12485395
    It strikes me that you really want to have the player choose class first, then have them select location. Abilities granted by location should differ based on class. I know this is more work, but I think it'd be a big improvement.
    >> Anonymous 10/18/10(Mon)02:01 No.12485418
    In fact, maybe what you want is Rogue Trader's background system. Scrap the 'You can only choose X career' at the end of it, but keep the lifepath-style traits.
    >> Anonymous 10/18/10(Mon)02:03 No.12485434
    I second this motion!
    >> Anonymous 10/18/10(Mon)02:15 No.12485530
    So what would they be?
    Heritage? Background? Something relating to how you were brought up?
    >> Anonymous 10/18/10(Mon)02:25 No.12485613
    Maybe you should wedge ethnicity in there as well?

    Probably doesn't apply so much to the Frenchies (Unless you want to cannibalize Poles, German Minors, Egyptians blah blah blah) but it makes a BIG difference in Britain.

    I'd say start with Nationality- Nationality leads to a choice of Ethnicities, Ethnicities lead to Class, Class to Career, Career to Ambition?
    >> Anonymous 10/18/10(Mon)02:29 No.12485653
    Yeah, in Britain it does but frankly rather than have a seperate step for them all let's just have the initial choices be Scottish, Irish, English and Welsh.

    Career is really what you pick at the end (Soldier, Assassin, etc) and I think Class should come first.

    I think something about Upbringing is important. Whether you worked in the mill as a kid, whether you applied yourself as a gentleman, whether or not your parents were harsh and/or religious...

    But Ambition sounds good. I like that as one of the steps.


    Or ???? and Ambition as the final step.
    >> Anonymous 10/18/10(Mon)02:32 No.12485682
    Good point, though would you put rural types as a separate class unto themselves, or would you just have that be part of upbringing? A middle class farmer is very different from a middle class craftsman after all.

    And as long as I'm overcomplicating character creation, obviously military careers are going to have a heavy emphasis, but would there be other careers?

    All the nations will be a headache too...Gah.
    >> Anonymous 10/18/10(Mon)02:41 No.12485750
    Well, he's written a bunch of nation stuff already. There certainly seem to be non-military careers in the draft.

    I'm not sure if we should differentiate between area as well. The stated British benefit, a knowledge of Natural Sciences or Industry, seems appropriate for rural Middle Class and Upper Class as well as non-rural ones. It just doesn't seem appropriate for Lower Class.

    I'm leaning on saying 'don't divide' for that but OP will make the final decision. I can see where you are coming from.
    >> Anonymous 10/18/10(Mon)02:45 No.12485778
    I agree, for sanity's sake. I'm just tempted to go hog wild with character customization to reflect the variety of the era, even as the making sense part of my brain tells me that reams upon reams upon reams of choices will just bog down character creation.
    >> Anonymous 10/18/10(Mon)02:47 No.12485802
    I figure we have, you either select Nationality or Class first.

    Either way, you go to what it says about your Class with your Nationality.

    Then Upbringing, should probably be general. I'm not sure exactly what, but stuff like Strict Tutelage, Layabout, Workhorse... anything general that can apply across backgrounds.

    We should probably have something here before Ambition, but I don't know what. Maybe just a generic Fortune, in which case it should probably go before Upbringing.

    Ambition would be the most similar to the Rogue Trader stuff, being your goal or ideal for the career you choose.

    What do you think?
    >> Anonymous 10/18/10(Mon)02:53 No.12485835
    Why not career? It doesn't have to be what your character becomes- a man can be a tailor for twenty years, and still pick up a musket and do some damage when le Grande Armee crosses the border and crushes his town.

    Make it vague; Craftsman, Priest, Layabout (Due to inheritance or allowance from wealth), Soldier (Drummer boys were recruited sometimes as young as 12, right? Or was that an earlier era I'm thinking of), Sailor, etcetera.

    I agree with what you're saying. I think I'm going about it the wrong way, making everything set in stone. Trying to keep generic for players to make up their back stories would be better.

    So, if I might attempt to get an idea through example: I want to make a Polish Legionnaire, so I choose Polish nationality, follow from there to Lower Class, Repressed Upbringing, Farmer Career, and Ambition: Nationhood (Poland). No idea what those bonuses would be, but whatever.

    Do I have the right gist?
    >> Anonymous 10/18/10(Mon)02:56 No.12485851
    Yeah, that's what I'm thinking of. Then you'd pick your in-game Career Path and go.

    I'm just really hesitant to include career when that is the method for advancement, the career path. The pre-game career, that's found in WFRP, but not in DH. Maybe Background? Covering either what you did before the Career Path or just the environment you grew up in if you've always done what your Career Path is.
    >> Anonymous 10/18/10(Mon)02:56 No.12485853
         File1287385003.jpg-(42 KB, 460x500, 1232902314287.jpg)
    42 KB
    Well, this is surprisingly awesome. Do us a favor, and add it to www.1d4chan.com and sup/tg/ when you finish it, OK?
    >> Anonymous 10/18/10(Mon)02:58 No.12485859
    British, Upper Class, Private Schooling, Layabout, Ambition: Glory. Career Path: Soldier.
    >> Anonymous 10/18/10(Mon)02:58 No.12485862
    Background fits excellently, I'm disappointed in myself that I didn't think of that earlier.

    It'd be hard to have a Rogue Trader style grid to follow through though. A lot of nationalities to choose from, unless you decide to lump them together, like "Coalition Nations," "France and Allies," "Fence Sitters," or whatever.
    >> Anonymous 10/18/10(Mon)03:00 No.12485875
    I don't think we can have exactly the grid, you're right. But we're not necessarily following a path towards restricted career options, so maybe that doesn't matter. I just thought of that because it seems like a lifepath thing fits well for this style of game, and that's the DH system lifepath - the Rogue Trader one.
    >> Anonymous 10/18/10(Mon)03:04 No.12485902
    Well, it's a period game. I think it's a cool thing myself, because I relish in that kind of thing. Heck, I have a pdf of Traveller just for the character creation system.

    Anyway- I don't know what, if anything, to work on now. Obviously, much needs to be done, but I dunno if OP has plans or what.

    You got any idea? I'm just look for excuses to constructively bump this thread here.
    >> Anonymous 10/18/10(Mon)03:06 No.12485913
    Could review the class and nationalities in the document. Most likely there's stuff that needs changed and moved around. I'm feeling too lazy to type out something long and analytical right now though, so I don't blame anyone for not doing that.

    Or we could just talk about Napoleon.
    >> Anonymous 10/18/10(Mon)03:16 No.12485972
    I'd love to, but I'm staying up too late as it is. I need to get up in six freaking hours to drive an hour to a shit job that's the only thing I can get around here.

    Regrettably, it doesn't appear the rest of /tg/ has much interest besides... Which is a shame. Oh well. Reality must crush my desires, night.
    >> Anonymous 10/18/10(Mon)03:18 No.12485986
    People were interested earlier, it's just sequencial. Goodnight.
    >> Anonymous 10/18/10(Mon)03:23 No.12486010
    Some comments, this here depends on when you start:
    >The Prussian Army is as harsh as it is disciplined, commanders don’t shy away from punishing those who deserve it, even to the point of death. You start with one less wound.

    Physical punishment was abolished in the course of the Prussian Army Reform.

    >While your nation does not physically exist, your culture, language and customs live on in your people. You want freedom more than anything else and you will do anything to obtain

    If you start during the revolution or the first Revolutionary War the Polish Partition wasn't finished yet, 1807 Poland would reemerge as the Duchy of Warsaw.

    Generally I would stress the difference between Light Infantry and Cavalry and Line&Heavy Infantry and Cavalry.
    Skirmishing between light troops happened every day, as fighting between Rear and Advance Guards, for reconnaissance or specialized mission.
    During larger engagements your player will be able to show much more initiative as light infantry.
    >> Anonymous 10/18/10(Mon)03:46 No.12486217
         File1287387985.jpg-(455 KB, 1609x1123, Le Haye Sante stormed.jpg)
    455 KB
    This is all SuperAwesome, and perfect for my purposes of running a game in revolutionary France. You, sir, are a scholar and a gentleman!

    Only criticism is that so far it's a bit military-heavy, which is fine for a skirmish game but possibly not for the espionage bit.

    Just a few ideas for other careers/backgrounds include the political agitator, 'camp follower' (a whore career path? Awesome!), foreign manservant, loyalist exiled American, a spy equivalent, actor, Maccaroni dandy, highwayman, etc, etc...

    Pic related to the combat bit.
    >> Anonymous 10/18/10(Mon)03:49 No.12486258
    Remember it's nowhere near complete. This is one career path - the soldier - out of many. That's why it is military heavy.
    >> Anonymous 10/18/10(Mon)03:55 No.12486302
    How hard would it be to apply this to, say, William of Orange's war against England?
    >> Anonymous 10/18/10(Mon)03:58 No.12486330
    I can't imagine it would be too difficult, but it'd require some revision.
    >> Anonymous 10/18/10(Mon)04:00 No.12486349
    A little off-topic, but it'd be neat if we wrote up a Babylon 5 module for DH.
    >> Anonymous 10/18/10(Mon)04:00 No.12486352
         File1287388836.jpg-(53 KB, 898x442, 12722221584983.jpg)
    53 KB

    ...Come to think of it, WFRP (Second edition suggested) might be a good thing to look at for this. It has a lot of its own wonkiness, but I've borrowed some ideas for my DH game. For example, its crit system is flat-out better than Dark Heresy, where a paper cut on your left hand makes it more likely for the next punch to chop your right foot off. The critical hit tables are still there, they're just independent from attack to attack with an extra randomization layer and some better results for black powder and different melee weapons.
    >> Anonymous 10/18/10(Mon)04:04 No.12486384
    For WFRP, I use Josef's crit charts and injury rules. A Polish doctor with too much time on his hands had a lot of fun writing them up.
    >> Anonymous 10/18/10(Mon)04:06 No.12486401

    Ignoring OP's hard work for the moment, how would you have nationalities affect characters in WFRP?

    I just want my sweet sweet bayonet and powder action damn it.
    >> Anonymous 10/18/10(Mon)04:15 No.12486493
    The splatbooks actually have their own rules for this.

    I prefer DH's system to WFRP but for a pre-prevalent gunpowder game WFRP might be better. I think OP has the right idea though.
    >> Anonymous 10/18/10(Mon)04:17 No.12486511
    Yeah, the monster statblocks got a whole lot better with the addition of the Unnatural Characteristics, so you don't have Ogres with 4 lightning fast attacks.

    But Josef's crit charts are so fucking awesome I'm willing to steal what I want from DH to make WFRP work. That and the career system.
    >> Anonymous 10/18/10(Mon)04:18 No.12486522

    We know what we must do!

    >> Anonymous 10/18/10(Mon)04:20 No.12486531
    I'm not very keen on telling the OP to move into a ruleset that is no longer in use and with which he may not be familiar with in the slightest.
    >> Anonymous 10/18/10(Mon)04:21 No.12486541
    Why can't we do it ourselves, and not make the OP do the work?
    >> Anonymous 10/18/10(Mon)04:21 No.12486542
    They're pretty much the same ruleset, you know.

    Autofiring, magic, and Unnatural characteristics are some of the only real differences. That and DH classes get more specific with age, while WFRP careers start in a small niche and generalize up.
    >> Anonymous 10/18/10(Mon)04:25 No.12486558
    Also an integral divide between having higher stats and using significant equipment bonuses. And fixed and optional means of progress.

    Fine, once we find out if that's okay or not. Emphasis on the telling, wait for some OP feedback first.
    >> Anonymous 10/18/10(Mon)04:32 No.12486607
    Consider that of all weapons the Bayonet saw the most use due to its numbers fielded and the amount of training involved with using it. On a case-by-case basis a sabre or other dedicated melee weapon would outdo it. Statistically the weapon used overwhelming has the highest results. A fitting number would be a d10+2. It's a melee weapon, so it will get strength attached to it. It's going to do a good portion of damage.

    Just throwing in my knowledge.

    >beating finnish
    No Finns in this, sorry.
    >> Anonymous 10/18/10(Mon)04:40 No.12486650
    That's still higher than a sabre, sword or axe.
    >> Empereur Alex 10/18/10(Mon)05:07 No.12486823

    Quite, but I couldn't find much about the Dutch about that time other than they fought against Napoleon.


    I was thinking of dividing the scum career path, one for low class peeps (Crime Lord or such) and one for High Class (White Glove con of some sort).


    Technically speaking, the officer grades from the military career path may only be taken by high class PCs and, maybe, middle class PCs, but always at the GMs discretion (as, say, France would allow low class people to rise to officers).

    I had originally included the Ottomans but couldn't think of anything for them, besides, they would require a more or less separate career path and starter packs of their own.

    Rest assured, if this is successful I have expansion books in mind (namely Metternich Handbook's which would expand to the 1860s and add the yanks) and the Iron Chancellor's Manifesto (which would expand to the 1890s).

    I know of Sharpe, though I haven't read the books.

    And any help would be appreciated, specially historical data about units, equipment, etc


    Oh, the starter packs in now way limit your available careers, you could roll a low class soldier and then start on the Criminal career path by having him be a deserter.


    This is getting better by the post.


    The more, the merrier, chaps.

    I'm reading a lot of excellent input here, and I have to say I should have provided an editable version of the file. So I'll go ahead and upload it.


    I have never read or played WFRP but hey, if you want to modify things based on that game (I hear it's pretty good), I'm all for it.

    LINK TO WORD DOCUMENT: http://www.mediafire.com/?kd5622xbqccy2bp
    >> Empereur Alex 10/18/10(Mon)05:13 No.12486889

    Political agitator and, I was thinking, a "woman in disguise" starter pack of some sort were in my to-do list, yes.


    The game starts circa 1810.


    I had read those before, fit in quite nicely and much more so than DH crit table (with what there not being lasers and energy based weapons).
    >> Empereur Alex 10/18/10(Mon)05:19 No.12486937
    Also, Middle Class and High Class should start with Literacy as a basic skill. Errata #2.
    >> Empereur Alex 10/18/10(Mon)05:24 No.12486976

    You could work that on a d10 roll and make it something like:

    Bad Luck - Common Life - Good Fortune - Luck's Favourite Son

    That would affect starting funds, property, personality, etc.
    >> Anonymous 10/18/10(Mon)05:40 No.12487053
    Make a 1d4chan page for this, OP.
    >> Anonymous 10/18/10(Mon)10:52 No.12488494
    something this awesome needs a bumpo.
    >> Empereur Alex 10/18/10(Mon)12:23 No.12489058
         File1287418999.jpg-(94 KB, 624x468, Artillery salute.jpg)
    94 KB
    Now that I have time, brief update with the suggestions made in this thread:

    >> Anonymous 10/18/10(Mon)14:00 No.12489747
    Oh, awesome. You came back. I'll check out the update.

    If you expand to the Ottomans, do the Raj and other prominent areas of Asia/Africa too. That would fill up an expansion nicely, I suspect.

    And we could play badass chakram-throwing Sikhs.
    >> Anonymous 10/18/10(Mon)14:12 No.12489839
    Okay, I'll try to offer some criticism over time here:

    Basically, I quite like class as you have it. I think you should make one or two changes though:

    Low Class is a little worse than the other too. I suggest offering a talent as well as the Gamble skill; something related to being hardy, tough or capable of hard work. Alternatively, make the wound gap a little bigger - 8/6/4 for instance. Or 8/6/5. Another thing I think you have to consider about the Low Class is that they will lack equipment compared to the other PC's. This isn't really a bad thing, because that's pretty much how it would be. I just want to confirm you intend to have starting equipment? If you don't, then perhaps have a means of 'Indenture' whereby the Low Class players start with equipment and pay it off, or are considered to just be renting it.

    Middle Class I am fine with, but I would offer a broader suite of choices instead of simply Scholastic Lore (Any Social Science). Speak Language (Any) or Perform (Any) also seem appropriate. How about a choice between them?

    High Class I am fine with, although I might consider reducing the starting wounds by one. And I suppose the point about Perform (Any) fits here too.
    >> Anonymous 10/18/10(Mon)14:20 No.12489884
    Okay, now onto the Nationalities too.

    First up, Spain. Spain is pretty solid. The disadvantage is quite significant, and doesn't allow for later story/character building, so maybe something else would be better here. You have the choice between two skills and +5 WS. The skills aren't incredibly useful ones however and a stat boost is often stronger than a skill as it is. I would maybe suggest changing the skills or offering a broader choice, but I generally approve of Spain.

    Dutch. You're giving two Rival talents so I figure a reputation talent is pretty suitable. However, instead of a universal Good Reputation (Middle Class) what about the Barter or Appraise skills? Or maybe Rep and one of these skills if you want them to be very good as middle class negotiations right out the door.

    Sweden are also pretty solid, but you might perhaps want to offer different attributes instead of only the +5 BS. To take it from Spain, you offer two skills and a stat boost as the choices. Maybe here offer Common Knowledge (War) or (Tactics), +5 BS or... Survival?

    More later.
    >> Anonymous 10/18/10(Mon)14:25 No.12489932
    Just as a note to Proletarian. That's pretty good now. Would suggest making it reduce the difficulty of Survival, Tracking AND Search tests in cities by one step rather than giving the modifier to one.

    I assume Starting Packages will cost some exp, as they do in DH normally. This one shouldn't cost too much because you trade -5 to an important stat for a skill and two conditional modifiers. I would say 100 or 200 probably.
    >> Empereur Alex 10/18/10(Mon)15:07 No.12490442
    >I just want to confirm you intend to have starting equipment?

    I do intend to provide starting equipment, yes, and I do like your rent idea, maybe from NPCs, maybe from less than sharing fellow PCs.

    I also intended to give Middle Class people an extra language (most likely french, since it was still big on diplomacy and such).


    Lack of funding is, indeed, a heavy disadvantage when compared to those of other nations.

    Barter or Appraise would go in hand with the middle class rep talent for the Dutch, and make them the party traders, if anything.

    Here are the would-be corrections:

    Spain is a country known by many things, but mainly for its combative people, love of music and good food. Start with Trade (Cook) and Perform (Any) or Frenzy or Berserk Charge.

    The United Netherlands, free from Spain after a hard struggle in the 16th century, are now a centre of commerce and capitalism. Start with Good Reputation (Middle Class) and Appraise or Barter as trained skills.

    High Class Wounds lowered to 5.

    Enlightenment (the middle class is the most important piece on the board, motor for social, political and economical change. Your studies have allowed you to become a very intelligent individual with an insight of how the world works. Gain Scholastic Lore (Any Science)), Taste (a good gentleman must be able to tell a master piece of the arts from the works of a common street peddler and, in turn, be able to make one himself. Start with Perform (Any)).


    Done, and they are supposed to be paid for in XP, yes.
    >> Anonymous 10/18/10(Mon)15:17 No.12490584
    I think giving a stat boost is fine really, I was just saying some choice isn't too bad either. Thanks for listening. It'll probably be a few hours before I come out for other suggestions. I feel a bit awkward as the sole critic, like as right now. Dutch are pretty boss traders!
    >> Anonymous 10/18/10(Mon)15:22 No.12490642
    >Quite, but I couldn't find much about the Dutch about that time other than they fought against Napoleon.

    For most of the time they were French allies.
    Initially fought against Revolutionary France and were overrun together with the Austrian Netherlands.
    The satellite Batavian Republic was then created and under Napoleon transformed into the Kingdom of Holland ruled by Napoleons brother Louis.
    1810 the whole country was annexed by France because Napoleon was unsatisfied with Louis administration and wanted to better control the Continental System.
    >> Anonymous 10/18/10(Mon)15:28 No.12490729
    Fucking Napoleon.
    >> Anonymous 10/18/10(Mon)15:34 No.12490808
    This is pretty cool OP. Is it archived?
    >> Empereur Alex 10/18/10(Mon)15:43 No.12490907

    Did so an hour or so ago.


    What about the population, what were their feelings towards Nappy?


    No worries, I'll admit that I'm a bit biased towards spaniards due to reading one too many of Perez-Reverte's books.

    Also added Hatred (French) for the Austrians, as well as Poor Relations and Rival, since Austria was at war the longest with France (some 100 months or so, I read).
    >> Anonymous 10/18/10(Mon)15:44 No.12490918
    I'd be hesitant to throw out Hatred because it is sort of a way to tell you how to play your character. I think the option for Hatred is better than it being automatically included.
    >> Anonymous 10/18/10(Mon)15:58 No.12491081
    Most likely favorable until 1810-1812, a general war-weariness set in during 1813 in France and the satellite states because of the constant demand for new recruits and and the economical problems as a result of the continental system.

    http://napoleonistyka.atspace.com/index.html Is a good online resource to get a overview of the major armies btw.
    >> Empereur Alex 10/18/10(Mon)16:07 No.12491174

    Interestingly enough, I got most of my equipment information from that site.


    Well, other than the extra language, the austrians aren't getting much of anything.

    Also, edited so the Italians have Trade, Perform and Common Lore (instead of OR) as Trained skills to compensate for the WP loss.
    >> Colt10mmGuy 10/18/10(Mon)19:46 No.12493501
    Potential first game gm bumpan
    >> you know who 10/18/10(Mon)19:49 No.12493526
    This idea sucks and you suck.

    >> Colt10mmGuy 10/18/10(Mon)20:02 No.12493661
    hi alt
    >> Empereur Alex 10/18/10(Mon)20:12 No.12493776
         File1287447139.jpg-(31 KB, 500x333, napoleonic.jpg)
    31 KB

    Of course I do.
    >> Anonymous 10/18/10(Mon)21:52 No.12494735
    I think you should just make adjustments you see fit to the countries and we can look them over en masse. Everyone should be roughly equal, even if that equality is one person having three skills and another having +5 to a stat and a mediocre talent.

    Remember that the DH backgrounds (Caves of Steel, Iron Stomach) offer bonuses and penalties not part of the normal DH system. You have a little of this, but maybe such extraneous modifiers could be looked at down the line, once more of the system is in place.
    >> Colt10mmGuy 10/19/10(Tue)00:22 No.12496322
    >> Panzer_Faust !!bOOHDLBnQQ2 10/19/10(Tue)00:32 No.12496441
         File1287462749.jpg-(671 KB, 2376x1409, 1269130010118.jpg)
    671 KB
    pic highly appropriate.. my current desktop
    >> Panzer_Faust !!bOOHDLBnQQ2 10/19/10(Tue)01:40 No.12497160
         File1287466813.png-(451 KB, 640x480, vlcsnap-4582.png)
    451 KB
    last bump, need sleep

    keep up the good work OP
    >> Anonymous 10/19/10(Tue)02:27 No.12497549
    Totally using this to run a Sharpe campaign. Cheers, OP

    Here's forty shillings and the drum / for those who volunteer to come / to 'list and fight the foe today / o'er the hills and far away.

    >> Anonymous 10/19/10(Tue)04:31 No.12498439
    >> Anonymous 10/19/10(Tue)04:33 No.12498451
    fuck, don't bump it, this is a good thread and now it'll get filled with scat porn, you moron.
    >> Empereur Alex 10/19/10(Tue)04:34 No.12498459

    I'll look over that when I come back from class and try to make a post later today then.
    >> Anonymous 10/19/10(Tue)04:34 No.12498463
    There are several threads on the front page which haven't been. But I'm sure now you've posted that, this will be. Well done.
    >> Empereur Alex 10/19/10(Tue)09:55 No.12499891
    Do you think the Childhood/Upbringing thing should provide any bonuses or just be a fluff thing?
    >> Empereur Alex 10/19/10(Tue)10:00 No.12499919

    Nevermind, checked the Rogue Trader PDF and I think I get the hang of it.
    >> Anonymous 10/19/10(Tue)10:03 No.12499935
    Eh, decide for yourself what you want to include. It doesn't have to be an exact fit.
    >> Empereur Alex 10/19/10(Tue)10:06 No.12499944

    I'm just worried about giving the players too many bonuses and thus making the game too easy.
    >> Anonymous 10/19/10(Tue)10:10 No.12499960
    RT is more powerful than DH, but a lot of that comes from gear. Fair point, I suppose.
    >> Empereur Alex 10/19/10(Tue)10:27 No.12500034

    Exactly, this is supposed to be like DH but even more lethal.
    >> Empereur Alex 10/19/10(Tue)14:25 No.12501982
    Question time:

    For Dutch Cons:

    A. Calvinist ethics are quite strong in your country, and as a result your people have kept away from material goods and luxuries. This is a very obvious advantage when dealing with business, but leaves you with an inability to enjoy or resist some of life’s finest pleasures. You may never take the Carouse or Chem-Use skill and if you are forced to use either, you take a -5 to the Toughness tests to resist their effects. Also, you are Dutch.


    B. Fluff fluff fluff -XX to interact with Spaniards and something else
    >> Anonymous 10/19/10(Tue)14:32 No.12502039
    >>12500034 Exactly, this is supposed to be like DH but even more lethal.

    It's already going to be hellishly lethal, just 'cause there's no way to heal wounds other than from natural healing (although interesting fact - some of Napoleon's surgeons were treating wounds with antibiotics 130 years before they were properly discovered - they used a poultice of moldy bread, which contained antibiotic compounds).

    Also, dang; this thread's been around for days. I can't believe it's only got a hundred-odd posts.
    >> Empereur Alex 10/19/10(Tue)14:42 No.12502113

    We have Combat Medicine (dirty bandages) and Trade (Medicine) which amounts to an amputation with rusty saw but hey, it's better than nothing.
    >> Anonymous 10/19/10(Tue)17:13 No.12503824
    You don't want to make it too much more lethal. DH is already more lethal than WFRP, albeit you can survive worse wounds without retiring.

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