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    103 KB Zerg Quest XV Cerebrate Anon 10/06/10(Wed)20:38 No.12354135  
    (Whoo! Lucky number 15!)


    The Second Battle of Aiur rages. The entire assembled forces of the Swarm, ravaged by the Psi Disruptor, face off in a vicious space battle against a massive fleet of glittering Protoss warships. Plasma and viscera have turned the battle from a fast-paced fight in a vacuum to a slow-motion reactive fight in conditions that are hard to describe. The space above Aiur is warm, wet, and infused with moving part. It is like a battle fought within a living entity.

    Below, Protoss ground forces have disembarked from their shuttle group and are cutting a bloody swath across the land toward the Overmind. They fall and kill in droves.

    Labbrate is prepared to attempt an attack with Tsinoseng, but awaits our orders.


    Meanwhile, on Char, a strike force of Dark Templar, defended by a small contingent of Dragoons and a single Arbiter, is stalking toward the relatively undefended Kagg, leader of almost a third of the troops above Aiur. We have only one chance to defend Kagg: firing the orbital battery of one of our carriers. It is charged, primed, and ready to fire.

    The only question is...will it attempt to destroy the ground forces, risking that they will evade the blast and destroy Kagg, or destroy Kagg, trusting in the Overmind to resurrect it?
    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)20:43 No.12354178
    I'm hoping it kills Kagg since I believe the last time Dark Templar killed a cerebrate, the Overmind went silent. We do not want him going silent with the assault on Aiur occuring.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 10/06/10(Wed)20:45 No.12354200
    Keep in mind that when the 'Toss temp-killed a Cerebrate on Aiur in the game, the whole brood just shut down and sat like it was brain-dead until the Cerebrate was revived.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)20:45 No.12354210
    Right. Aiur. I say Labbrate tries to use Tsinoseng to mess up the ground forces on Aiur. No point winning the space battle if they make it to the Overmind.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)20:46 No.12354224
    Indeed but it's better than the Dark Templar killing it and the brood going nuts, if I remember correctly.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)20:50 No.12354273

    Is firing the orbital Carrier cannon the absolute only option to try to save Kagg? One way or the other?

    I was hoping we could try strategic use of Queens to ensnare the cloaked units, revealing a silhouette of the protoss attack force and then raining down laser fire from our battlecruisers and such. Or picking off the Arbiter and trying to snipe Dark Templars with Spawn Broodlings.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)20:53 No.12354307

    Why are we too bothered?

    Zerg World should still be orbiting. Send our stock of psi towers to take temp control of Kragg's forces when we blow his brain up.

    We'll give them back later but needs must.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 10/06/10(Wed)20:54 No.12354316
    We have no ground forces on Char. Our only other troops are two battlecruisers and another carrier. They were busy destroying the other Arbiter's assault group, and could not intercept in time. They will still be too far off to save Kagg.

    If we don't fire immediately, we will lose Kagg to the Protoss.

    Any more questions before we begin?
    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)20:54 No.12354317
    Because Overmind/other cerebrates might be retarded and try to kill us for attacking the swarm, even if it's for its own benefit.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 10/06/10(Wed)20:55 No.12354328
    >Zerg World in orbit

    Over Aiur. Kagg is on Char.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)20:57 No.12354345

    Unless we can somehow penetrate the huge quasireligious reverie glory speech that the Overmind is in right now and tell him our plan right quick.

    Hmm... Amplified psionic high-five = psionic attention-grabbing slap?
    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)20:57 No.12354348
    There are other cerebrates on Char, yes?
    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)20:58 No.12354357
    We have to fire the gun, and destroy kragg.
    Also this was the first thread I saw when I booted up tg.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 10/06/10(Wed)20:58 No.12354361
    Yes. If the Dark Templar survive, they will surely go after them all in turn.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)20:58 No.12354367
    I say we fire the laser to destroy as much of the ground forces as we can, and immediately begin charging for another shot, as our other ships on Char press the attack.

    Either way that Kagg is killed, it will result in his Brood being taken out of the fight, 1/3rd of the Zerg forces no longer functioning. That will result in a Zerg defeat. With that, it won't matter if he is revived or dead permanently, we will be seen as having caused the Swarm's loss.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)21:01 No.12354403
    Part of me wants to risk taking out the ground forces but I don't think we can afford to lose the Overmind now... It would cripple the defenses on Aiur too much I think and in theory the other cerebrates could fight back against the dark templar since they have overlords on the planet and we can still lend orbital support... I guess I stand by my decision to hit Kagg and hope we can handle the dark templar.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 10/06/10(Wed)21:01 No.12354404
    Alright, if that's all the preliminary chatter...?
    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)21:02 No.12354413

    >Yes. If the Dark Templar survive, they will surely go after them all in turn.

    So killing Kagg with the Carrier Orbital weapon will only serve to buy us some time, then. And perhaps the enmity of the Swarm unless we can do some real good speechcrafting.

    Would it be possible to warp troops from Aiur to Char using Tsinoseng without causing Labbrate to start bleeding from his eyes/ocular organs/other vital organs?
    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)21:02 No.12354418
    Hitting Kragg means we still lose his Brood!
    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)21:03 No.12354425

    Exactly. We can take control of kraggs forces during the seige of auir.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 10/06/10(Wed)21:04 No.12354439
    Hitting Kagg means his Brood goes to sleep, then wakes up when it revives. If the Templar kill Kagg, its Brood goes wild, murdering everything they see, and Kagg is gone forever.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)21:04 No.12354443
    Not permanently if I understand it though. His brood will stop doing anything but if the Dark Templar kill him, they'll go crazy I believe and likely harm our own forces as well.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 10/06/10(Wed)21:06 No.12354477
    (Ok. Ok. Got to quit watching that Star Wars Quest. Focus on mine. I'm in charge, here)

    >besters required.
    You're right, Captcha. I've got to be the very best. Like no one ever was.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)21:12 No.12354539

    How far away is Kagg in relation to the other Cerebrates on Char? Will the dark templars have to travel a considerable distance to reach the other Cerebrates if they can't kill Kagg?
    >> Cerebrate Anon 10/06/10(Wed)21:13 No.12354561

    A pillar of blinding light pierces through the atmosphere of Char from behind the line of advancing starships. When the smoke clears, the Dark Templar party is no more. We shudder in relief that our aim was true, and none of them appear to have survived the blast. All the same, we order the two overlords we have on the surface to sweep around Kagg's perimeter.

    The Protoss' cloaked force of dragoons was outside the blast radius. We notice that they have not packed up in their shuttles to escape.



    The battle continues through the soupy space. Our carrier approaches the edge of combat and primes its load of interceptors. It may not be perfect for this fight, but it will do what it can. Our boarding parties have taken control of another carrier, but its engines are inoperable.

    On the ground, the Protoss forces have reached the Overmind's outer perimeter.

    Labbrate continues to hold, awaiting our order for Tsinoseng.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)21:15 No.12354581
    Have Labbrate use Tsinoseng against the ground forces. Either directly damaging them some if it can or warping in forces amongst the attacking Protoss?

    In regards to Char, charge up our orbital weapon for another attack and perhaps send the battleship to take out the shuttles?
    >> Cerebrate Anon 10/06/10(Wed)21:18 No.12354609
    Labbrate votes:
    1 ground strike
    0 air strike

    Char votes:
    1 nuke 'em from orbit
    0 regroup our forces and wipe them up
    >> Cerebrate Anon 10/06/10(Wed)21:20 No.12354645

    While we debate, the dragoons have shot down the overlord allowing us to see the cloaked units. All we see now is an arbiter hovering over the Creep.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 10/06/10(Wed)21:22 No.12354666
    (I'm going for another beer. Please post thoughts)
    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)21:24 No.12354691
    Definitely take out the Arbiter first with the battleships. Yamato it or something. I dislike the idea of them having something hidden that might make us cry.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 10/06/10(Wed)21:27 No.12354720
    Labbrate votes:
    1 ground strike
    0 air strike

    Char votes:
    1 nuke 'em from orbit
    1 regroup our forces and wipe them up

    You guys are quiet, tonight...
    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)21:29 No.12354740
    Might also be due to the fact there are other quests going on? Maybe it just hasn't picked up yet for some reason. I already gave my thoughts so I won't abuse the anonymous aspect to vote for them again.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)21:34 No.12354789
    Another vote each for ground strike and NUKE 'EM, please.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 10/06/10(Wed)21:37 No.12354821
    I know. /tg/'s crowded tonight.

    Anyway, I suppose for lack of voting I'll have to make do.


    We begin charging the orbital battery on one carrier, while the other continues to race toward the battle alongside the two battlecruisers. They enter the atmosphere and begin their descent just as a psionic disturbance is detected at the arbiter's location. With the cloaking field, we can't tell what happened...but we know something just happened.



    Labbrate begins meditating around the crystal. We know that, were it not covered in great, writhing tentacles of brain matter, it would glow with an otherworldly light. Labbrate will be ready to fire soon.

    Our undamaged carrier in the battle above continues to fight in the miniature nebula of debris and filth.

    The Protoss ground forces have destroyed one of the shield walls surrounding the Overmind's Temple location. Resistance is heavy, but the Protoss are fierce.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)21:38 No.12354836
    destroy arbiter first, then nuke, then send in ground force to sweep and clear anything still twitching.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 10/06/10(Wed)21:41 No.12354875
    >ground force

    We don't have one. We dedicated what sparse ground forces we had to Aiur.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)21:46 No.12354922
    Okay, save the carriers orbital attack for where the arbiter is. If they brought something in, I dislike it. I dislike it alot.

    Hopefully Labbrate's attack does stuff.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)21:48 No.12354965

    Oh shit son! Recalls!
    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)21:52 No.12355026

    Have the BCruisers ready a Yamato blast if they can. We're gonna have to kill the Arbiter as quickly as possible.

    Are there absolutely no other forces on Char that we can control?
    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)21:55 No.12355056

    Also, do the Battlecruisers have any other special attacks? Like a sweeping laser carpet-bombing thingy like in that one level in Starcraft 2?
    >> Cerebrate Anon 10/06/10(Wed)21:56 No.12355074

    The carrier continues its charge. The fighting force has reached the arbiter, and its complement of overlords has revealed...just the arbiter, its shuttles, and the dragoons. If anything else was warped in, it cloaked and left before we got here.

    Mopping up the dragoons moves relatively quickly. We then destroy the arbiter and the shuttles.

    We are nervous about this. It seemed too easy.

    (Stop chargin' mah lazah? You've got no targets)



    The Protoss have fought their way to the Overmind's side. Its tentacles stretch over nearly a square mile of territory, but from here, they can begin to slice their way through its cerebral matter toward its Primary Cortex.

    Labbrate screams in pain as it absorbs the psionic feedback of its strike. A massive bolt of blue lightning stretches up from Tsinoseng, swirls slowly past the shores of the southern continent, over boundless jungles and Creep, and finally hits the center of the Protoss assault force like a walking nuclear strike, meandering around its epicenter before it cuts away suddenly. Labbrate is whimpering.

    The Swarm's ground forces converge on the remaining Protoss. They have gone from an offensive posture to a defensive one, and it does not appear that they will be a threat for very long.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)21:58 No.12355105
    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)22:01 No.12355158

    >Char seems quiet... too quiet...

    Aw crap. These dark templars are sneaky assassin types. They probably fanned out earlier on away from the main attack and are in hiding.

    >Meanwhile, on Aiur....

    Quickly check if Labbrate is O.K.

    Have the carrier in Orbit keep a watch out for any other spacecraft entering the system.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)22:02 No.12355170
    Can we keep the carrier in a semi-charged state? If not... I say charge it down and have it in orbit waiting for when we need it. They warped something in and that needs investigation. We need overlords scouring the planet for what they sent.

    Aiur looks like it should be fine then. have labbrate rest and we continue to much up the air forces.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 10/06/10(Wed)22:04 No.12355196
    Send our overlords around to check?


    The carrier can hardly see its own kill zone for interceptors, much less outside the haze of combat. We could recall it from the combat...

    >typhus baticang
    No, Captcha. This isn't SCII. There is no Tychus. And, at least for now, no Batman...
    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)22:05 No.12355211
    Try to get another Overlord in the area, start canvassing the areas where the Cerebrates are located. The carrier in orbit should remain there with a fully charged laser strike ready while the other ships try to hunt down whatever cloaked.

    On Aiur, make sure that Labbrate is okay.
    Then relay the important particulars of what happened to the Overmind and to any Cerebrate that will listen, including Kagg. Tell him that something Protoss cloaked, and it still stalks the surface of Char.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)22:06 No.12355229
    Congratulate Labbrate on that strike, and have it rest for the time being.

    Spread out the overlords on Char to look for cloaked units. Plug any holes in the detection perimeter around the cerebrates.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)22:08 No.12355253

    Why only have the one overlord? They're cheap. Smother the area in Overlords and Scourge to clean up aircraft.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)22:10 No.12355279
    Do we have those resources? Our Brood is pretty much down to just our sub-cerebrates and our captured ships, with some boarding parties.

    Also, all of our production structures are on Xenta and Besilus; we don't have anything on Char.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)22:11 No.12355296
    You mean, we have a substantial military presence but we didn't bother to plonk down a handful of hatcheries? Are we -really- that stupid?
    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)22:15 No.12355339
    Substantial? I think our standards of 'substantial' differ by quite a large margin.

    Besides, originally Char was protected by the other Broods, and we never had a presence here. Also all of our production was going into creating boarding parties, because we felt that Char was safe. Our battlecruisers and carriers were originally pulled back to Char not to defend it, but to keep those vessels safe from the absolute chaos of the battle that was going to occur over Aiur.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 10/06/10(Wed)22:15 No.12355344

    We spread out our search. We don't have too many overlords, but the ones we do have are arranged in a loose net around the fighting force. We start with the road toward Kagg. They seemed intent on that before.

    The carrier is nearing full charge. If we let it power down, it will need to charge again from scratch to fire...however, if it sits at full charge without firing, it could burn out its bombardment weapon completely.



    We continue providing combat support to whatever Cerebrates will listen. None of them seem to understand the danger posed to their physical forms. Araq, in particular, seems to be telling the other Cerebrates not to listen to us at all.

    Labbrate is exhausted and in pain, but we are sure it will pull through. Apparently, Tsinoseng was not grown for that.

    The Protoss force has formed a tight circle. It is holding its own against the Swarm, but gains no ground.

    We detect the characteristic BOOM of a Protoss ship entering the system, but have no units in orbit clear of the battle clutter to identify it. It's probably another carrier.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)22:17 No.12355364
    Yeah, start sending any overlords we have to the various Cerebrates, and put the battle ships and cruisers in place so they can get a good view of the surface of Char so they can hit anything trying to attack our brothers.
    If we have any remaining detectors, send them out from where the arbiter was, and search for any hidden units.

    Continue to control the ship, and see if we can infest any others. Thank Laberate and tell him to focus on healing for now.
    If we have any ground forces in this battle, start pulling any wounded Protoss off to the side - remove arms, legs, cauterize wounds to halt bleeding out.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)22:18 No.12355379
    I refuse to accept probably. Let's try to find out what it really is. For all we know, it's someone going to do a kamikaze run...

    Power down the carrier over Char then. Having to recharge isn't as bad as losing it totally. I say we station overlords around the cerebrates for now and keep an eye out on them suddenly losing forces. We also need to give Araq a kick in the ass later.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)22:19 No.12355386
    Ahaha. Fuckno. We have a Carrier. We pump senors to max, and we find out what just entered.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)22:20 No.12355395

    >AIUR: Carrier inbound(?)

    At the risk of metagaming a bit... could this possibly be the Gantrithor mk. II, along with Tassadar?
    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)22:21 No.12355409

    I smell Gantrithor. Make every attempt to identify and if possible, destroy said vessel.

    The Overmind will not die today.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)22:22 No.12355414
    Have our other carrier go up to high orbit alongside the other carrier. As one begins to charge its primary laser cannon, the other one will slowly dissipate its charge. This way, one carrier is always charging its laser while the other one is powering down.

    Send one of the cloaked overlords we used to board the Protoss ships to investigate the Protoss reinforcements. We need to know what they are.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)22:25 No.12355455
    >None of them seem to understand the danger posed to their physical forms. Araq, in particular, seems to be telling the other Cerebrates not to listen to us at all.
    This shit right here? This fucking shit has got to stop. The Overmind should know better; it created us to think in unconventional ways, and we have protected the Swarm from defeat and ruin at every turn. We prevented another Zasz and Daggoth from occurring, and all we are rewarded with is derision and ridicule? Fuck that noise.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)22:25 No.12355458

    Power down the carrier. It's our only real weapon on Char, we can't afford to use it.

    Is there any way Labbrate could use Tsinoseng in a passive sonar kind of way? Ping Char for DT?
    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)22:28 No.12355490
    Araq is one of the batshit crazies, you know that? And I think we took him over once, and didn't really like it.

    Become addefe
    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)22:28 No.12355498
    Let Labbrate recover. I rather have him save energy for emergency usage of the crystal although I'm worried he might go pop at this rate...
    >> Cerebrate Anon 10/06/10(Wed)22:32 No.12355533

    We allow the first carrier to power down its battery as the second begins climbing into the upper atmosphere. There will be a small window where both are incapable of firing, each cycle, but we will double the available firing time.

    Assuming there will be something to fire at.



    We pull our carrier from the fray as quickly as we can. Unfortunately, this is not very quickly at all. By the time we break free of the muck, the ship is already entering the atmosphere. It does not appear to be a carrier, but something smaller. It is moving faster than a scout.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)22:32 No.12355538

    Ah, but wouldn't it be cool if he could use Tsinoseng like one big psychic radio dish?

    Not really using any energy, just listening close. Powerful protoss minds would burn in the dark, let us know who's in charge and where.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)22:33 No.12355550
    Tell Labbrate that he needs to develop either organic, crystalline, mechanical, or all of the above psionic fuses so that there's less backlash each time he uses Tsinoseng.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 10/06/10(Wed)22:34 No.12355553
    (To be fair, between protecting the Overmind's physical form during the Second Battle of Aiur, possibly determining the very fate of the entire Swarm, and checking what they consider to be a relatively secure command post for vermin...also, Araq thinks we're the worst thing to ever happen to the Swarm.)
    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)22:34 No.12355556
    FFFFFF- is someone important trying to land on Aiur? The overmind must be protected and whatever the hell is coming must be taken out/not allowed to go where it wants to go. Shoot. It. Down.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 10/06/10(Wed)22:35 No.12355570
    (With what? We could send our carrier after it, but who knows if it's fast enough? All its instruments are clogged with space rot)
    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)22:36 No.12355575

    Slow hunt. Send any Overlords we can spare to near-by cerebrates as we hunt. Yes, we're overcautioust. Yes, this is what killed us on Zeonquest. I don't care.

    >the bouges
    StarCraft, not Assassin Creed.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)22:36 No.12355577

    What the shit? Please don't tell me the Protoss have designed the stellar equivalent of an ICBM in the month we were regrouping...

    Secondly, we need to get the Cerebrates off Char. Even by deception, if necessary. We should calmly but forcefully as possible inform them that they are in real physical danger. Danger that could lead to the Overmind's death if not properly countered.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)22:36 No.12355585
    Shoot that ship down! Use whatever weapons we have available!

    I hate to do this, but I think we need Labbrate to initiate one more psionic attack. At least it can be pinpointed for only one target this time.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)22:37 No.12355595
    Are we making stuff back at... Wherever our hatcheries are? We really should get numbers. Send some more Boyz in.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)22:38 No.12355607

    Does our Carrier have warp capabilities?

    If so, calculate the Protoss thing's vector, and warp to it. We need to destroy it by any means.

    We can't afford unknowns, especially during this battle.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)22:39 No.12355619

    Currently, we have a shitload of Colonylords infesting their way towards the general direction of Earth, but they can't really help us.

    We're on our own with the forces we have.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)22:41 No.12355634
    A Warp inside a gravity well? Do you have any idea how inaccurate that would be? And the consequences of a mistargeted Warp Jump?
    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)22:45 No.12355682
    Obviously this is a bit of a metagame, but that has to be the player character from the Protoss campaign, Artanis maybe? In any case, FIRE FUCKING EVERYTHING, TAKE THAT FUCKER DOWN!
    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)22:46 No.12355701

    >Moving faster than a scout
    >Not a carrier

    MUST BE A HERO TRANSPORTY SHIP! Or a new protoss weapon!

    Try to calculate/estimate its trajectory and try to shoot it down or get scourge in its way or whatever!
    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)22:46 No.12355702

    Have Labbrate use Tsinoseng to create a Warp Rift entrance to suck up the unidentified ship, and drop it out somewhere, like in the mantle of a star!

    What do you guys think?
    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)22:47 No.12355707
    It really feels wrong that we're not working the econ. There doesn't feel like a hell of a lot we can do on Aiur or Char other than watch, so we may as well look back to macro back at our main hive clusters to get some reinforcements on field later on.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)22:47 No.12355713

    Are there any better options? Our ground forces are tied up in combat, our carrier is too slow to target and destroy by conventional means, and Labbrate is probably too tired for another psychic zap.

    It's time for unconventional methods, and that's what we're good at. I say we warp the carrier and all of the goo around us at the goddamn thing and hope the shrapnel turns it into dust.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 10/06/10(Wed)22:47 No.12355715

    As we continue our search, a voice penetrates into the minds of our units, and through them, into ours. It is a male Protoss.

    "Greetings, Agent of the Swarm. I see that your senses are not as dull as they seemed. If Feneschal and Tassadar are to be believed, you are a danger to all life. I do not know if you are one of the accursed creatures lying in their own filth, here, but I will be glad to destroy all of these, just to be sure."



    The carrier sets a pursuit course, following the unidentified ship. We set its engines to full burn, despite the chance of long-term damage.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)22:48 No.12355731

    This. A hundred times this. And if a star is too far, or too hard, put it a mile under the surface of Aiur, on the other side of the planet.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)22:49 No.12355732

    >Warp the protoss ship somewhere

    Good Idea, but keep in mind that Labbrate is in fairly bad shape right now.

    Besides warping it inside a star is craziness. Let's transport it somewhere closer to Aiur. Like 5 miles underneath the ground far away from the Overmind. Underneath a lake. Or ocean.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)22:50 No.12355754
    Oh dear... Is that Zeratul? Are we dealing with Zeratul on Char? Hmmm. I wish there was a way we could contact him back. I say we try.

    But I imagine he will be personally assassinating cerebrates now. They are boned and I don't see how we will stop him unless we have overlords at each cerebrate and the second one dies, we charge our lasers as the overlord tracks him.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)22:51 No.12355763
    I understand that Labbrate is in considerable pain; however, we are not confident that our carrier, even redlining the engines, can catch the unidentified ship. I think having Labbrate use Tsinoseng one more time is a chance we should take.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 10/06/10(Wed)22:53 No.12355792

    We know of no Zerattle. ;)
    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)22:53 No.12355799
    Well, that's less than heartening.

    Would it be possible to, say, leave Araq somewhat less defended than the rest of them and use him to draw out this protoss assassin hero? Then orbital bombardment after we tragically fail to save our brother.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)22:54 No.12355807
    "Then I will be glad to destroy you, to protect my brothers and save this universe, all this creation from the Coming Darkness, Foolish Protoss. Do you still cling to your petty Khala in hopes it will protect you from the end that will consume us all? What lies these Feneschal and this Tassadar have festered in your mind." We will echo back across the minds of our warriors and hunters.

    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)22:55 No.12355813

    Can we forward his message to the other Cerebrates somehow? Make them understand that they're about to be murdered.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)22:55 No.12355815
    I don't think we have anything to orbital bombardment with. Our spare carrier is pretty boned and our airforce is tied up, isn't it?
    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)22:55 No.12355827
    Yeah... Can we have our carriers actively charging and then powering down their weapons? In turn of course. That way we can in theory have a chance of catching the guy when he makes a move... Looks like all that work to save Kagg will go down the drain with us having no real forces on Char.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)22:57 No.12355847
    Guys, we may have to make the ultimate sacrifice here.

    We may need to draw Zeratul to ourselves, and nuke the location.

    It's the one thing he won't expect.

    It will save the other Cerebrates.

    It will save the Swarm.

    Perhaps it's time to remember that we are only servants to His Will.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 10/06/10(Wed)22:58 No.12355861
    That would be noble...except we're not manifest on Char.

    I mean, we could manifest there, if we wanted to...but why?
    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)22:58 No.12355862
    IF all else fails, yes.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)22:58 No.12355868
    No, we can't do that. We're the only chance that the Hybrid has of coming to fruition.

    We could try to abduct the cerebrates and drag them back to our hives. That might work.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)22:59 No.12355874
    I mean, we say 'we are on this world. Come at us, if you dare'.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)23:00 No.12355892
    We're already doing that.
    Here >>12355533
    >> Cerebrate Anon 10/06/10(Wed)23:00 No.12355896
    >Tell the Protoss about Xenta
    >haha oh wow.jpg

    You're gonna have to get some serious support before I let you do THAT.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)23:01 No.12355904
    That's such an obvious trap, though, that only a retarded monkey would fall for that.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)23:02 No.12355918

    Ok! We go somewhere -not- Xenta and...yeah, that would take too long, wouldn't it?

    Anyway, I'm still in favor of swaying him with words. If -that- doesn't work, we could sick him on the Confederacy.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)23:02 No.12355921

    But those other cerebrates are mean and old and stinky. And they call us names!
    >> Cerebrate Anon 10/06/10(Wed)23:03 No.12355928
    >Only a fanatic religious zealot would fall for that

    Oh, I can think of some who would do that.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)23:04 No.12355940
    Young synapse, you apologize to your brothers right now, or we will devour you like we did Bernie.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)23:05 No.12355955

    Yes! Try to milk the apocalyptic armageddon being waged by hitherto unseen Dark Forces angle!

    Zerawhoeverwe'renotsupposedtoknowthatyet is allegedly cunning and old. We might be able to get farther, or at least give us time to track him down if we keep conversing with him while we try to multitask some sort of cohesive defense.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)23:07 No.12355978
    All we can do is continue Overlord patrols around the Cerebrates, have our carriers in orbit ready with the laser cannons in rotation, and warn the other Cerebrates and the Overmind about the Dark Templar threat.

    Can our carrier catch the unidentified ship? If calculations point to 'NO', then have Labbrate warp the unidentified ship somewhere else, such as 5 miles beneath the surface of the planet, or inside a volcano, or at the bottom of the sea, or other unpleasant and deadly locations.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)23:10 No.12356012

    Good point, the self-nuke is probably more useful on more "conventional" Protoss. Zeratul's been running in the shadows of the galaxy too long to fall for such obvious bait.

    But the problem is that Zeratul's on Char and so are the other Cerebrates. There are three solutions to this problem: kill or teleport Zeratul, which is hard, because we have virtually no forces on Char and Labbrate is tuckered out; kill the Cerebrates and take command ourselves (heretical), or teleport the Cerebrates, which is impossible unless we can convince them to manifest on Xenta.

    Except, making them manifest on Xenta might be the best option. We should direct high throughput psychic warnings DIRECTLY to EVERY Cerebrate.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)23:10 No.12356013
    I don't think we can con Zeratul into gunning for us.

    A. There are a ton of Cerebrates ripe for the picking where he is. He'll probably think we're lying, or realise that they're perfectly good targets anyway and just kill them.

    B. If we tell him the truth, he'll come kill us, either before or after everybody else dies.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)23:11 No.12356027

    But greatfather Overmind always lets them do what they want and we always pick up their mess! It's not fair!
    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)23:11 No.12356029
    Pull them right out of the ground with our overlords and carry them the hard way. Cerebratenapping is something they'll never expect!
    >> Cerebrate Anon 10/06/10(Wed)23:12 No.12356033

    We continue our search as we try to banter with the Protoss.

    "Young warrior, you fight in vain. My form is not upon this world, and you would not strike it down if it were. A darker force gathers at the edge of consciousness. If the Zerg, Protoss, and the young Terrans do not join together, it will devour us all."

    "You must think me a fool to believe in such superstitions, you abomination. I will strike down every one of your kind."

    We feel psionic emanations briefly at the edge of one of our overlords' perceptions, but it is gone by the time we react. There are definitely Dark Templar here.



    The ship races along. We desperately consider our options. We could try to engage the carrier's Warp engines in the atmosphere, and maybe catch the ship...or spread its fiery wreckage over the skies of Aiur. We could try to have Labbrate use Tsinoseng, but how? Any major usage could harm Labbrate permanently, or even kill it. It has become obvious that the ship is headed toward the Overmind.
    >> Drunkenlord 10/06/10(Wed)23:14 No.12356052

    Definitely agree.

    Our first priority should be KILL THE PROTOSS UFO. Ask Labbrate if he can warp the goddamn thing or not.

    CerebrateAnon, just tell us, dude.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)23:16 No.12356066
    Has no other Cerebrate or the Overmind itself scrambled Scourges to knock this ship down? Can we send them a psionic flare or some other powerful signal to get their attention? What in the name of the Xel'Naga are they doing?

    I know it's not really the case, but it always seems like we're the ones actually doing significant and real work, while the other Cerebrates and the Overmind get to go and satiate their bloodlust by just killing and rending the closest and most convenient target at hand.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)23:17 No.12356086

    Would the carrier's interceptors be able to match the Protoss UFO's speed?

    We don't need to annihilate it, but merely divert its course. If an interceptor or interceptors could move fast enough, or maybe if we use a sorta partial warp slingshot type thing and hit the UFO with a large enough body, we might be able to knock it somewhere that isn't the Overmind.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)23:18 No.12356089

    That's because we're the protagonists, you tit. We're supposed to be the ones doing stuff.

    On that note, I vote we send our spare carrier head on into the target!
    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)23:18 No.12356096
    Have the overlords patrol around the cerebrates. No way we can cover the entire planet and hopefully spore colonies will help.

    On Aiur... Can Labbrate cause a psionic storm without that being too major? Mess up the flying ships flight abilites? Does the carrier have interceptors? Do we have any air forces left that can block the way? I honestly see no options other than let Labbrate potentially harm itself. I wish we could use the crystal and harm ourselves instead really.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 10/06/10(Wed)23:18 No.12356099
    Labbrate doesn't think it has the strength to transport an enemy unit mid-flight without any kind of warp gate or rift to assist.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)23:21 No.12356130
    I know we're the main protagonist, but does that necessitate that our allies (excepting our immediate subordinates) have to be retarded and have the situational awareness of a planarian?
    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)23:21 No.12356131

    Is the carrier still charged up enough to fire its orbital cannon?
    >> Cerebrate Anon 10/06/10(Wed)23:22 No.12356135
    Our Brothers are fighting off a massive fleet of Protoss warships the likes of which hasn't been assembled in one place for generations (Protoss generations, that is). It is a battle which will leave a nebula of debris around Aiur for perhaps a thousand years. It may be the single-largest conflict in recorded history.

    And their five-month-old baby Brother is saying it's got a carrier tracking a single bogey in the atmosphere?
    >> Drunkenlord 10/06/10(Wed)23:22 No.12356142

    Then seriously, I vote we warp our Carrier and hope the explosion and resulting shrapnel takes it out, we NEED to stop that thing.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)23:23 No.12356146
    Alright, since Labbrate can't create a Warp Rift, can he calculate a super-short-range Warp Jump within a gravity well, to have our Protoss Carrier Warp to the UFO?
    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)23:23 No.12356151
    It actually does, because they're trying to manage the battles on hand, while our task forces are dealing with more esoteric threats.

    Microing zerg is more intense than you think. They're busy. We can't just dump it on them. Though we could -conceivably- ask them to throw us some Scourge to fling at this new arrival.

    Can we ask one of the more receptive cerebrates in our sweetest voices if we can borrow a Scourge or two to at least scout it out?
    >> Cerebrate Anon 10/06/10(Wed)23:23 No.12356154
    One of them is. There is no immediate target, though.

    Theoretically, we could just begin glassing the planet...
    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)23:24 No.12356161
    Does Tsinoseng let Labbrate have any arbiter-like powers? If it could, we should stasis the damn ship. Would be so nice if that were possible without crippling Labbrate.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)23:25 No.12356166
    I know it sounds ridiculous when you put it like that, but wars have been one and lost on deception and the usage of unconventional forces; something that our more direct-minded brethren cannot grasp.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 10/06/10(Wed)23:25 No.12356170
    We're not even sure if there are any Scourge left, at this point.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)23:25 No.12356171

    Er, I meant the carrier within Aiur's atmosphere.

    Infested asset management woes! Argh!
    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)23:26 No.12356184
    Throw Warbrate in the way! Have him take the hit for the Overmind!
    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)23:27 No.12356187
    Hunt him down, triangulating the psychic emanations and his last known location. We will take this dark protoss.
    "Then you are a small minded fool, Dark Templar. Tell me, closed minded one, when did a fool templar like yourself steal the secrets of the Dark Templar?"

    Shit! ok, we can't use the wounded Laberate because he can't die. We are gonna ram it, and hopefully aim any wreckage at the Protoss - if we can identify it as Protoss. It -could- be Kerrigan, but I half-doubt that - but I don't want to be the one that killed the overmind's plaything.

    They are much older then you, Young Synapse. When you are eons old, then maybe blessed Overfather, great Overmind, who's will is our will, who's mind is our mind, will clean up our messes for us. But until then, young mister, we are gonna clean up our own messes.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 10/06/10(Wed)23:27 No.12356191
    Charging the cannon would require stopping the ship. It may reach the Overmind before we reach firing capacity. We can't be sure with the systems this gummed up.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)23:27 No.12356192
    No Overlords/mutas free and nearby to go have a perve? You'd hope that the other cerebrates have the general area saturated with 'lords, at least.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)23:31 No.12356238


    On a more serious note...

    I'm in favor of trying to warp our Carrier on Aiur to try to catch the protoss UFO. If we have time for Labbrate to make any useful calculations or mathematical contributions to maximize a positive outcome, make it so!

    Otherwise... WARPING SPEED!
    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)23:32 No.12356247
    Okay, going back to an earlier idea that was voiced but not discussed: the interceptor drones that the Carriers use are faster than the Carrier itself.
    Could our Carrier launch one Interceptor towards the UFO, to at least figure out what it is we're chasing? And if it's able to catch up and scan the UFO, and we need to destroy it, have the Carrier launch the rest of its Interceptors as it continues to redline its engines.
    >> Drunkenlord 10/06/10(Wed)23:34 No.12356270

    This sounds like a good idea before we try the WarpCarrierShotgun approach.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)23:37 No.12356305

    ...Can we use Labbrate to teleport an interceptor to have a perve?
    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)23:37 No.12356306

    If we still have the time to do this, I'd say this is a good idea.

    Hopefully, the carrier can still prep an emergency warp if its Interceptors can't shoot down/ram into the UFO quickly enough.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 10/06/10(Wed)23:37 No.12356311
    I've kind of paused Aiur while you guys decide. Sounds like you're leaning toward Carrier Warp. I urge you to think outside the Creep (see what I did there?). Tsinoseng may not be good for a psionic pelvic thrust to the face, but that doesn't mean it's worthless.

    Anyway, when the big moment comes, assume the two theaters were timed differently so that they coincide properly. There's been no interaction, so it shouldn't be hard.


    "You continue to spout lies the way your filthy underlings spout desecrations upon the surface of every world you touch. I will not listen to your lies."

    It seems that this Protoss is determined to attack us. We could try to continue the banter, hoping to slow it down.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)23:40 No.12356343
    Begin evacuations of the Cerebrates! Scoop them up in our Overlord's claws and fly them into the sunset!

    Except Araq, he's a wanker.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)23:42 No.12356364
    It's a little hard to think of what to do with Tsinoseng just because I really have no clue what it's capable of... Can we get a stasis field type effect with it? Can we cause psionic storms? Can we mess with the mind of the pilot? Can we mess up with the systems of the ship directly? Too many unknowns makes it hard to suggest things with it.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)23:42 No.12356374
    Opinion seems to have turned towards using the Carrier's Interceptors first before attempting a near-suicidal close-range Warp Jump.
    As has been brought up, could Labbrate use Tsinoseng to psionically scan the UFO?

    Attempt to triangulate the Dark Templar's location; the entire area where the Cerebrates reside is covered in Creep, yes? Can we not sense him walking on top of it?
    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)23:45 No.12356398
    I need a moniker. I'm the guy suggesting we use an interceptor to scout, and evacuate Cerebrates the hard way. Suggestions?
    >> Drunkenlord 10/06/10(Wed)23:45 No.12356402

    You're right, Tsinoseng should be able to produce illusions. After all, that's one of the Templar's signature moves, right?

    Have Labbrate try to disorient the UFO pilot! It should be much, much less draining than attempting to physically teleport the entire ship.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)23:46 No.12356407
    have a claculated psionic burst short out systems on the ufo, a small ammount of energy in the right place can cause significant dammage
    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)23:46 No.12356419
    Can we warp some rock in front of that inbound ship? If it's going that quickly, even shields won't protect it from an impact, at least not entirely. It might at least divert it. Seconding a psi-scan of the thing before any of that, if it is possible.

    >clawring don't
    >> Cerebrate Anon 10/06/10(Wed)23:47 No.12356421
    >Walkin' on the Creep

    The Creep's not really an organ like that. It's like...ok, it's like the lining of the uterus to a fetus. It feeds us. It is full of delicious nutrients. It is not, however, a sensory organ for us.

    That's a horrible analogy, but it's the best I can do for planet-eating biological impossibilities.

    Labbrate might be able to scan it. It'll probably only be able to tell us how many (if any) Protoss are aboard...

    Also, you guys should decide whether to keep bantering with the Toss on Char, or buckle in for fuckyouness.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)23:47 No.12356422
    That is it! Go to your neuron!

    "And what of your corruption, High Templar? You abandoned your gods because you were afraid. You splintered between your foolish Caste because you could not agree and cast out the Dark Templars like trash and only use them to assault us. You attack us because we are your betters, trying to help you out of the void that will consume us all. Have you not see the Terrans? How they defend their land, protect themselves. That was our doing. Soon, they will be strong enough. What of you? You throw yourselves foolishly at a hopeless wish, attempting to safe face as the universe sees you destroyed. The Overmind as seen your end. Why do you fight now rather then heal and join with us in combat?"

    Are we getting no way to triangulate? Can we sense where these transmissions are coming from?
    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)23:49 No.12356441
    Definitely keep bantering. Maybe we can piss him off enough to come after us first but I doubt we're that lucky. At best, hopefully we can anger him into making a mistake I think.
    >> Ventral Sacs 10/06/10(Wed)23:50 No.12356458
    Teleporting something that can deal kinetic damage to the carrier will be too taxing.

    I've said it before and I'll say it again; we need to analyse the threat before we react to it. We haven't even scouted it and we're sending our last carrier at it.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)23:50 No.12356463

    "i admit i would not mourn overly long at the loss of our brothers, but that is simply because they do not know, as we know, in time even they might be brought around to see more things in existence then domination, but how to do this, when your aformentioned threat remains unexplained..."
    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)23:52 No.12356478
    Have Labbrate scan the UFO.
    If it's a threat, he should attempt a short, small, concentrated burst of psionic energy to disrupt the UFO while our Interceptors catch up to it.

    If Labbrate still has the strength, use Tsinoseng to do a general psi scan of Char to find the Dark Templar. He only needs to give us a general area; we'll nuke the site from orbit to be sure.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/10(Wed)23:53 No.12356484

    >To: Mysterious Protoss (OOC: ZERATUUUUL?)
    >From: Cerebrate Anon
    >Subject: Re: Re: Char Corroboration

    "You are different than your brethren; you draw your strength from the darkest expanses of the universe. Surely... you have heard the echoes that rumble through the void?"
    >> Ventral Sacs 10/06/10(Wed)23:54 No.12356493
    Re: Re: Re: Char Corroboration

    No. I'm not going to listen to your bullshit anymore and now I am stabbing you.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)00:00 No.12356537

    Well... Tsinoseng is a giant warp network crystal network thing. It was responsible for warping buildings and units all around Aiur, and may have had a hand in transporting units via warp gates all over the universe when the Protoss still held it.

    I wonder... could it be possible to create a small warp rift and hold it in front of part of the UFO? I'm not sure what would happen if a really big object tried to ram a portal that was too small for it. Would it be bisected or cut cleanly around the boundaries?

    Can Labbrate even create a small warp rift to try to cut off bits of the UFO by simply holding the rifts in front of it at odd angles?
    >> Cerebrate Anon 10/07/10(Thu)00:01 No.12356547

    We attempt more banter, but the Protoss seems resolute in not listening. Suddenly, another voice is heard.

    "I don't think he wishes to speak to you anymore, Cerebrate. However, he may be more...responsive...to me."

    We become aware of Kerrigan's form walking between Gorn and Nargil.



    We urge Labbrate to scan the craft. It does so, but cannot tell us anything but that it contains one Protoss with stronger-than-average psionic potential.
    >> Ventral Sacs 10/07/10(Thu)00:03 No.12356561
    So it's an ordinary Carrier. Yay.

    Voting we just watch it and see what it does. Maybe have our own spare carrier start moving to intercept; going slow so as not to tax the poor thing.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)00:03 No.12356562

    Tassadar-class Protoss Cruise Missile inc to Overmind!
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)00:05 No.12356588
    "Very well, Kerrigan. I leave this in your hands; my units are standing by to help if you require them."
    Have Labbrate attempt to scan the area for the Dark Templar.

    Initiate the Interceptor Plan.
    >> Ventral Sacs 10/07/10(Thu)00:06 No.12356598
    It may help to be a bit more specific than "the interceptor plan". We have several interceptor plans.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)00:06 No.12356600
    Support Kerrigan then with our overlords and inform her of our space support if she needs it.

    Back on Aiur, we need to mess with that ship since I'm pretty sure we all know what it really is... Get Labbrate to do something with Tsinoseng that won't kill it. Hallucinations of scourges? A psionic storm? Mess with the pilots mind directly? I don't know.

    Otherwise I suggest we hope Warbrate is well enough to go out and we sacrifice it and let it take the hit. Better it than the overmind honestly.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 10/07/10(Thu)00:08 No.12356619
    I'm just going to flat-out tell you: the interceptor plan won't work. I don't want to waste time.

    They don't fly that fast, and they can't go beyond a certain range before they self-destruct. The unidentified ship is out of that range.

    You guys have gotten really close to something that will work with Tsinoseng, though. Speeding up an interceptor won't work...

    Anyway, if you guys don't decide quick, I'll just have stuff proceed.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)00:09 No.12356633
    Have the Carrier launch Interceptors at the UFO to take it down or at least cause it to go off course.
    Have Labbrate try different things such as psionic hallucinations to disorient the pilot and small psionic bursts to mess with the sensitive electronics.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)00:09 No.12356635
    "Very well, Sister Kerrigan."
    And have we made no headway in hunting this bastard down? Seriously, no other blips of Psychic energy? Well, let her hunt, but have one carrier track her from orbit, and lets see if we can't listen in on her as we hunt.

    Is it possible for Laberate to alter the course of the ship or simply remove the protoss inside? If not, interceptor shotgun, lets take this bastard down!
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)00:10 No.12356639

    Uh... Warp interceptor(s) or otherwise dense zerg units or such directly into the protoss UFO's path using Tsinoseng?
    >> Ventral Sacs 10/07/10(Thu)00:10 No.12356643
    ...Can we use the Tsinoseng to teleport the Interceptors from the Carrier, artificially increasing the ship's range?

    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)00:11 No.12356657
    Ok: If Interceptor Shotgun won't work, I suggest summoning the pilot like a unit. Or, heck, just summoning the ship...it's a protoss unit, that's what this was made for. Bring it in in the center of the Protoss defense. Near the ground. Could we try that?

    The major reason I don't wanna over use the crystal is because Laberate is important. And Awesome.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)00:11 No.12356659
    Warp kamikaze interceptors at the craft? Only other thing I can think of doing with the interceptors... Unless we can somehow use a portal of some kind to have the inteceptors shoot into it and the resulting fire comes out the other side. But I don't think we can think with portals, can we?
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)00:12 No.12356668

    Reasoning behind this:

    Tsinoseng is used to warp shit around. Warping enemies is straining, and so is warping friendlies across systems.

    However, warping friendly units small distances or at least not across galaxies may not be so harmful to Labbrate.





    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)00:13 No.12356681
    Did all of you miss the post where Labbrate says that he's too exhausted right now to warp anything?
    We already went over this an hour ago.
    >> Drunkenlord 10/07/10(Thu)00:13 No.12356683

    Opposite route.

    We have to slow the ship down.

    Have Labbrate engage stasis or lacking the power, a modified stasis, on the UFO. Even if it's a 30% decrease in speed, it may be enough.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 10/07/10(Thu)00:14 No.12356684
    (Quick misconceptions I keep seeing: Araq is on Aiur, not Char. Warbrate is slowly recovering from being nearly shot to death on Xenta, not on Aiur. It's not that we aren't building up our Brood on Xenta, just that it takes more than an hour to get troops from one to the other, so this will all be over by the time we get there)


    Kerrigan proceeds to goad the Protoss horribly. It is almost painful for us to hear, just for the Protoss' sake. If we were this Protoss, we would kill Kerrigan. It's like watching an artist at work. It even rises to her bait. It begins bantering again, pontificating wildly.

    We continue to search, hoping to find it while it is distracted.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)00:15 No.12356700

    Hold overlords near the cerebrates, then LAND THEM on the the Dark templar, and attempt to PSYCHIC BOMB them through our link
    >> Ventral Sacs 10/07/10(Thu)00:15 No.12356708
    Labbrate is a flower. He can suck it up, the pansy.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)00:16 No.12356719
    While we do that on Char, we need to launch those Interceptors at the Protoss UFO. Also have Labbrate attempt to slow down the UFO with a Stasis Power (if possible), create hallucinations to distract the pilot, or use psionic micro-bursts to mess with the ship's systems to slow it down and get caught by the Carrier.
    >> Drunkenlord 10/07/10(Thu)00:16 No.12356730

    Char: Continue to search for Zeratul; psionically high five Kerrigan for being a badass.

    Aiur: Either induce hallucinations in UFO pilot, or stasis/slow the whole goddamn UFO.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 10/07/10(Thu)00:17 No.12356735
    You ever stepped on a flower? Yeah, it grew back once.

    You ever stomped on a flower, then ground it to dust underfoot? Didn't grow back.

    Just saying. Anyway, the solution's been said.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)00:17 No.12356737
    Tassadar/Feneschal on Char?

    Call someone else to raid him
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)00:17 No.12356739
    Once the UFO is slowed/stasised, THEN launch Interceptors.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)00:18 No.12356744
    Seconding this
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)00:19 No.12356748
    I'm guessing it's kamikaze interceptors... That or slow down the ship using a stasis field.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)00:19 No.12356753

    Too exhausted to warp an enemy unit mid-flight. Not sure how straining it is to warp friendly or neutrals...

    Our Quest Host already said that we're close to figuring out what to do with Tsinoseng and that *speeding* up an interceptor wouldn't work.

    But the stasis idea might be able to work. Maybe slow it down enough so that it beelines toward the ground instead of into the Overmind.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)00:21 No.12356775
    lend some psychic weight to kerrigans projections, get the whole 'rampant reverberations mar my mind, it is as a knife that cuts through my thought, no part of me is proof from its voice... the horror..." effect going
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)00:22 No.12356797
    I vote we try warping the pilot out, on the grounds that the crystal's primary purpose is teleportation and a Protoss with "stronger-than-average psionic potential" should be more attuned and thus easier to warp.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 10/07/10(Thu)00:22 No.12356800
         File1286425378.jpg-(36 KB, 640x359, First Born How Do They Work.jpg)
    36 KB

    We psionically high-five Kerrigan for her work. Despite being very powerful psionically, she was apparently unprepared for Artisanlord's high-five protocol. It catches her off-guard. The Dark Templar wastes no time, launching in at her moment of weakness to strike.



    Labbrate latches wearily onto our idea of slowing the craft. It presses psionically against the vehicle, sending it into an ascending tailspin. It regains its control just as the carrier pulls into interceptor range. A voice echoes across our surface thoughts, like the one on Char. This one, however, is unmistakably Feneschal.

    "We meet again, Cerebrate. This will be the last time we speak. It will be the last day I draw breath, but it will also be the end of your wretched kind."
    >> Drunkenlord 10/07/10(Thu)00:24 No.12356824

    First of all, fuck you. That's bullshit and you know it.

    Secondly, kill the fuck out of Feneschal. Immediately.
    >> Ventral Sacs 10/07/10(Thu)00:27 No.12356848
    Artisanlord is like The Todd. His highfives can shatter hands... Only he's not using his hands.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)00:27 No.12356851
    Use our mighty powers to overwhelm Feneschal's mind! Yeah, I figure we can't do it but they can somehow easily talk to us. We must screw up his concentration or whatever in any way we can. Then shoot him. Shoot him good. Even if we lose the carrier.

    If it won't hurt Labbrate, try to have him slow the shuttle down again.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)00:27 No.12356852
    fucking -really-? Well, inbound carries and battleships, lets kill this asshole.

    "You did not believe our warning, Feneschal. I am sad. I had hoped we would work together. I am sorry you are throwing your life away." Keep that ship from getting anywhere near the Overmind!
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)00:28 No.12356860
    Time to become the overmind instead of the overmind.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)00:28 No.12356864
         File1286425701.jpg-(68 KB, 246x204, fu2gom.jpg)
    68 KB
    Pic related, on both accounts. Send overlords to Kerrigan (as distractions, as patrols, just to hover around drawing fire, however might help) and pray she doesn't decide we're traitors or something.

    On Auir, have the carrier send interceptors. If necessary, have them kamikaze to destroy her.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 10/07/10(Thu)00:28 No.12356871
    We've only ever used the psionic high-five twice, within our own Brood.

    To the rest of the Swarm, it's some kind of ridiculous mental thrust that they've never felt and don't understand.

    It's like somebody coming up to you during a moment of concentration and pelvic thrusting into your face. It doesn't hurt, no, but it'll shatter your concentration. And confuse the fuck out of you.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)00:30 No.12356890
    Can we psionic high-five Feneschal? Please say we can. Please, please, please say we can.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)00:30 No.12356891



    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)00:31 No.12356897
    And we should do it to Feneschal. Possibly with a bit of Bernie-Penis in there, too.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)00:31 No.12356898
    Well that would have been useful information BEFORE we accidentally got Kerrigan killed.
    >> Ventral Sacs 10/07/10(Thu)00:31 No.12356900
    ...Why don't we give Zeratul or Feneschal a psionic high five? He's not even a zerg, so it should hit even harder
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)00:31 No.12356910

    this at once, we cant afford to lose her
    >> Ventral Sacs 10/07/10(Thu)00:32 No.12356914
    ...Are you proposing we give them psionic peckerslaps?
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)00:32 No.12356925
    Psionic pimpslap? More likely than you think.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)00:33 No.12356926
    Why, you have a better idea at the moment?
    >> Ventral Sacs 10/07/10(Thu)00:34 No.12356937
    This is the one time which I can say I don't, and that I'm perfectly okay with it.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)00:34 No.12356940
         File1286426080.jpg-(48 KB, 1000x670, sekret.jpg)
    48 KB
    send the psychic version of this to feneschal and zeratul
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)00:34 No.12356945
    >Use Tsinoseng to deliver psionic slap to every protoss
    >Save the day.
    >> Ventral Sacs 10/07/10(Thu)00:35 No.12356955
         File1286426156.jpg-(10 KB, 200x200, highfive.jpg)
    10 KB
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)00:36 No.12356957

    I know I shouldn't like this idea as much as I do, but I can't help it.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)00:37 No.12356969
         File1286426259.jpg-(4 KB, 75x75, shiningfinger.jpg)
    4 KB
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)00:38 No.12356974
    It might be some remnant of Bernie speaking, but I'm liking this psionic pimpslap idea as well.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)00:38 No.12356976

    >> BERNIE 10/07/10(Thu)00:39 No.12356989

    >> Drunkenlord 10/07/10(Thu)00:40 No.12356994

    How the fuck were we supposed to know that?

    You called it a high-five. A high-five is not a fucking right hook.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)00:40 No.12356996

    Well, while we're doing all of these shenanigens...

    Let's be sure to have the carrier on maximum killmode and try to shoot and/or obliterate Feneschal and her meddling UFO.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)00:41 No.12357011

    >151 pokett
    No, captcha, this is ZergQuest, not Pokemon.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 10/07/10(Thu)00:42 No.12357020
    (Great minds, as they say...)


    We scramble the battlecruisers, but we are sure the fight will be over by the time they arrive. Angry at ourselves for distracting Kerrigan in this crucial moment, we thrust a psionic high-five at the Dark Templar who is engaged in a dramatic fight with Kerrigan.

    He falters for a moment, losing his advantage over Kerrigan. The fight suddenly goes from defensive to offensive for the infested Terran. The two move almost too fast for us to see. Both take wounds, but neither appears poised to win.

    We feel that Kerrigan would be very, very displeased if we were to kill the Protoss before this fight is done.



    We thrust a psionic high-five at Feneschal, hoping it will distract her like it has the other Protoss. Unfortunately, her mind has been honed to ignore psionic feedback by centuries of interaction with Tsinoseng. It also feels as if her mind is...in flux? We aren't sure. She is definitely the Templar who we faced so long ago, but some kind of shadow lies across her mind along with the light. It's almost as if she sits in twilight.

    Her ship, an odd craft that appears to consist of two large, runed blades connected by psionic energy, is very, very fast. It avoids most of the interceptor fire easily.

    "Oh, you will have to try harder than this, Cerebrate. It will not matter, however. I have come to lay you to waste. You are vile things that have desecrated my sacred home. Your verminous kind will no longer befoul us."
    >> BERNIE 10/07/10(Thu)00:43 No.12357036
    i just like high fives
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)00:45 No.12357051
    ...A highfive won't work on that bitch? UNLEASH BERNIE! PHYSIC COCKSLAP!

    And pester the Dark Templar with flashes of the worlds consumed by the Void...and Cockslaps.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)00:45 No.12357053
         File1286426741.png-(337 KB, 1947x480, compo.png)
    337 KB
    the obvious course of action is to unlease bernie into the soft, nubile, unsuspecting conciousnesses of the protoss

    with us spamming psychic-macros the whole time
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)00:46 No.12357054
    I doubt the slowing down the ship with Labbrate will work again? I say try it if it won't kill him. Can we use the interceptors to kamikaze her craft instead of shooting it?
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)00:46 No.12357055

    W-wait, does this mean that I'm what remains of bern-


    Oh wait, nevermind. He's still hanging around. I'm not sure whether to be relieved or disappointed.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)00:46 No.12357064

    I'm still of the opinion that the stationary nuclear ordinance is much easier to warp ~50 miles off the ground than trying to warp a breakneck speed experimental protoss suicide craft away or into the ground.
    >> Ventral Sacs 10/07/10(Thu)00:47 No.12357067
    I really should go back and read the rest of the quest hey.

    Either way, we should just keep doing what we're doing. Do the Protoss have any observers? It may be worth suggesting Kerrigan cloak, and since we've dragged an Overlord over it can't be hard to spot.

    On Aiur, we could use the Tsinoseng to chronoboost the interceptors maybe so they can catch up, or have Labbrate slow it down more? Not sure.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 10/07/10(Thu)00:49 No.12357092
    >It's got to be easy to send an active nuclear warhead through the harshness of Warp space

    I can't imagine what a nuclear explosion inside of a psionic Warp matrix would do to Labbrate, but it won't be pretty.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)00:50 No.12357105
    use like a mind flare of somthing to short out its engiens, or its ability to manouver, either will let us tag it
    >> Ventral Sacs 10/07/10(Thu)00:50 No.12357109
    I thought we were going to dump the bomb and then blow it up. That was my interpretation.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)00:53 No.12357141

    >Speeding up interceptors won't work...

    Maybe teleporting interceptors into her flight path to kamikaze might help a bit.
    >> Centurion 10/07/10(Thu)00:55 No.12357149
    I think he means warp transit would set off an active nuke.

    Leave Kerrigan to finish off the Protoss warrior alone, but be prepared to mindslap him again if she seems to need help. Try hitting Feneschal with another stasis to slow it for our interceptors.
    >> Ventral Sacs 10/07/10(Thu)00:55 No.12357153
    We only have a handful of interceptors to deal with her. We can't just fling them at her and hope they work.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)00:55 No.12357154

    Cont. of 12357141

    Or warping them around so they can get clear shots at her from almost pointblank range. That kind of rapid-fire warping required might strain Labbrate too much though.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 10/07/10(Thu)00:55 No.12357158
         File1286427337.png-(103 KB, 315x319, pylons.png)
    103 KB

    The Dark Templar continues its struggle with Kerrigan as our forces single-mindedly converge on the location from all corners of Char (which, really, isn't saying much, considering we could count our armed forces on one Terran's hand).



    Labbrate groans as it tries to slow the ship again. It doesn't get a very good psionic grip, though, and the ship merely plummets straight down. Extra feedback flows through Tsinoseng, obviously some kind of counter-push by Feneschal.

    The ship continues to bob and weave around our fire, but we have gotten a few good shots off. If this keeps up, we shall win through in time.

    "We shall not have this, Accursed. Sssi'nath mahkser'a!"

    We have no idea what she just said, but suddenly there are four of the ship.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)00:57 No.12357171
    i find the idea of bernie being some sort of cosmic mind plague like the exsurgent virus to be both awesome and slightly arousing
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)00:58 No.12357183
    Urghhhhh... We barely do things with what we have and more and more comes our way. I wish our carrier had its laser charged and we could of shot the thing out of the air.

    Either we keep shooting at them or kamikaze them if we have a decent load of interceptors. It seems like there aren't any spore colonies that can help us and I have no clue how else we can deal with these illusions other than hoping we hit the real one.
    >> Centurion 10/07/10(Thu)01:00 No.12357198
    Oh goddamit. Try the mindslap again, she'll be distracted holding the illusions and should be easier to...well, distract I guess. Have the interceptors each pick a target and fire, if we confirm a hit went right through have them retarget the others until we find the real ship. Except of course Protoss illusions have physical mass and will absorb the shots, but oh well.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)01:00 No.12357200
    I'm tempted to say make Labbrate injure itself or kill itself to use Tsinoseng to take that ship out. It's either we lose Labbrate or we lose the overmind. Maybe we can ask the overmind to revive it, if possible, or make a new one with the overminds permission but I rather lose Labbrate than the overmind.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)01:01 No.12357209




    Sort of like how if you high-five someone who is real (whether you actually hit their palm or not), you feel something! The hallucinations might give some feedback too, but it will probably be different that the distinct blend of Khalai/Void energies pulsing through Feneschal!
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)01:01 No.12357210
         File1286427701.png-(50 KB, 323x295, its comin atya.png)
    50 KB


    TRANSMIT painseries.png TO DARK TEMPLAR

    >> SWARMLORD !F0s3L.0fFM 10/07/10(Thu)01:02 No.12357217
    rolled 8684 = 8684

    Oh well.
    We got their ship still in our mind, lets keep shifting it.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)01:07 No.12357264

    If we can determine which one it is, slow it down again so we can keep shooting it!

    Keep appraised of Labbrate's condition throughout all this to build up appropriate dramatic tension too, if that's okay.
    >> Ventral Sacs 10/07/10(Thu)01:07 No.12357266

    All problems can be solved with high fives.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)01:10 No.12357300

    I like how we JUST discovered the militaristic applications of psychic high fives, and are now trying to incorporate them into any and all of our plans.

    Not that I'm disagreeing or anything, I just find it funny.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)01:10 No.12357304


    Dial up the psionic-high-five to *FIFTY* when we find the real one. Then deliver GLORIOUS SHINING ZERG TENDRIL THAT GLOWS WITH AWESOME POWER and TELLS US TO DEFEAT YOU to Feneschal!
    >> Centurion 10/07/10(Thu)01:11 No.12357309
    At this point, we need any advantage we can get. Including psionic high-fives.
    >> BERNIE 10/07/10(Thu)01:11 No.12357322
    im fairly sure shes built up some kind of genetic resistance to high fives

    maybe thats why her knickers are in a bunch and shes trying to kill the overmind
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)01:12 No.12357325
    Oh dear. A small part of me thinks we should send her Bernie inspired visions. No matter how well trained she is, can she ignore those? Someone cleanse me with fire for thinking of that.
    >> BERNIE 10/07/10(Thu)01:13 No.12357341
    im happy with this so long as http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Q7FFjUpVLg is playing in the background
    >> Cerebrate Anon 10/07/10(Thu)01:14 No.12357351

    We feel a cold chill run through us as we feel the death of one of our Brothers.

    A trick! We turn the battlecruisers back just in time to catch the Protoss as they stalk toward Gorn...away from the decaying form of Kagg.

    Kerrigan falters from this, but the Dark Templar does not finish her. It laughs, a hollow and malicious cackle.

    "See now, Kerrigan: the battle before you is not always the battle you must fight. Take heart. Perhaps one day, you will meet ancient Zeratul in combat again. Until then, may you find the peace of the Void."

    It leaps away and is engulfed in a blue light. We recognize the same psionic distortion we felt under the arbiter, what seems like days ago.

    Kagg is dead, and Zeratul has escaped.



    Our disabled carrier, still dead weight in the cloud of filth around Aiur, feels waves come through the cloud (if it can be called such. It is essentially a huge blob of gel, now). We feel the distressed cries of our fellow Cerebrates as Kagg's forces become feral.

    The four ships fly in four directions, a wide set of arcs that will all intersect above the Overmind's form. We could pursue one of them, but not all. Labbrate attempts to press forward into a four-way high-five amplified by the crystal, but the feedback is too much. Labbrate loses consciousness.

    One of the ships disappears. Our options are very limited.

    "Do not fret, Cerebrate. We shall welcome the embrace of death together, as I have welcomed the Darkness of my Fallen Brethren. When the Conclave cast me out, I was destitute, but the Dark Templar offered me solace, and when I told them of my plan, Zeratul gave me use of his own Void Seeker. Perhaps in the next world, we shall understand one another, given our common end, here."
    >> BERNIE 10/07/10(Thu)01:15 No.12357365

    can we put the overmind into stasis when she tries to slam it

    the whole "invincible to attacks" thing would probably do it a world of good
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)01:15 No.12357370
         File1286428543.png-(259 KB, 463x462, my body is ready.png)
    259 KB

    why fight it? the sooner you accept these thoughts the less it will hurt, and the more it will be pleasurable...
    >> Centurion 10/07/10(Thu)01:18 No.12357396
    OH NO YOU FUCKING DON'T. If we haven't already, the fleet above Char smites the hell out of the 'toss who just killed Kagg.

    On Auir, can the carrier send interceptors after one target while firing the planet-laser at another? 2/3 is better than TPK.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)01:18 No.12357401
    I can only think the only thing we can do at this point is try to talk her out of this. Warn her at the madness she is about to unleash if she does this. Sectors will suffer for her actions, etc etc. I know it won't work but it's the only thing we have not tried. Trying to talk her down.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 10/07/10(Thu)01:19 No.12357411
         File1286428776.jpg-(35 KB, 450x268, My brain is full of fuck.jpg)
    35 KB
    >BERNIE voice trying to provide decent tactical ideas
    >Other voices suggesting Bernie-based mind rape
    >Yet other voices trying to seduce the previous voices into being more open to Bernie-based rape
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)01:21 No.12357429

    its like opposites day
    >> Cerebrate Anon 10/07/10(Thu)01:22 No.12357442
    It is possible that we could reroute all power into charging the purification cannon quickly enough to strike one craft.

    We would lose the carrier, but we would definitely destroy one of the three.

    (Time's frozen, so you still have time to decide to try shooting one with interceptors, if you want)
    >> BERNIE 10/07/10(Thu)01:22 No.12357452
    bernies a diamond zerg 1v1, you know

    you should know hes clever

    besides, you guys imprinted all that rape stuff on me, i just liked killing/mutilating things

    whats ernie up to nowadays? havent seen him in a while
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)01:23 No.12357464

    Labbrate passed out. Unless we can manipulate Tsinoseng ourselves or otherwise have protoss technology to do that on hand, it might not work (the stasis thingy).

    The Overmind dying is not a TPK for us. We can still try to change ourselves to exist without the Overmind; remember, that was one of the major arc choices we had in the past. To either separate from the Overmind or to rejoin the Swarm.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)01:24 No.12357475
    can we ASSUME DIRECT CONTROL of tsinoseng? cause this is definitly the time for drastic measures.

    if not, then i, for one, welcome our new bernie inspired mind rapeings
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)01:24 No.12357485
    I know it's not a TPK but we re-joined the swarm so we should do all we can to make sure he survives. Plus, I'd like to see what his end-game would be if he survived Aiur.
    >> Centurion 10/07/10(Thu)01:25 No.12357492
    I say interceptors after one craft, have the beam shoot at the other, and I would add have the last one's impact point stasis'ed but Labbrate is unconscious so I assume that isn't possible.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 10/07/10(Thu)01:25 No.12357495
    Goes by Artisanlord these days.

    It just painted itself chartreuse and spent the last hour circling Accountantbrate erratically. It said it was a political statement.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)01:27 No.12357514

    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)01:27 No.12357517

    I love these guys, all of them. Yes, even Bernie.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 10/07/10(Thu)01:28 No.12357521
    >Not getting that firing mah lazah will burn out ship systems and make it fall like a rock

    Interceptors are a "hope they hit fast enough" move, followed by maybe having a front-row seat to the end of the Swarm.

    Cannon is a "we've got one shot at this" move, followed by maybe being able to salvage the wreckage once the battle's over. If we win.
    >> Centurion 10/07/10(Thu)01:29 No.12357526
    It might not end us, but it would essentially be everyone you've ever known dieing horribly and being left alone. I like having the Overmind and the entire Swarm existing, I'm not letting them die without a fight. Besides, without them it's us and possibly Kerrigan vs. EVERYONE ELSE EVER, including the Protoss, Zeratul and the Dark Templars, Earth, and let's not forget the united Terran Confederacy led by Kingston!

    Things have changed a bit...we call Ernie Artbrate now. You might be interested in some of the stuff he's created.
    >> BERNIE 10/07/10(Thu)01:29 No.12357532
    do we have any stimpacks spare near labbrate

    lets give him a wakeup call like fuckin BAM

    if you guys didnt take any from that kingston business i dont know what to say.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)01:29 No.12357535

    This sounds reasonable.

    Time to cross our psionic fingers.
    >> Centurion 10/07/10(Thu)01:30 No.12357544
    Oh shit, forgot the Carrier going down kills the interceptors...anyone else have an idea?
    >> Cerebrate Anon 10/07/10(Thu)01:31 No.12357552
    (Coincidentally, if you ever felt like launching Lab- and Citybrate's escape pods and nuking Tsinoseng, it would be prudent to do it before the Overmind dies.

    Of course, if you kill Feneschal, the Overmind lives. Then you'd have wasted a precious, irreplaceable Protoss relic. Tough choice, like all the biggest choices.

    Your call. I just thought I'd prompt you before shit got irreversible)
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)01:31 No.12357553
    Thirded. Half chance is better then 1/4.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)01:32 No.12357566
    we donot have limitless mental might, if we chose a course of action it must come at the expense of others to be fully effective

    as far as i see it we have a number of options.

    have the carriers and interceptors overcharge and take out 2/3 ships.

    try to use tsinoseng ourselves.

    initiate bernierelated mind rapeings on prudish protoss

    regardless of what happens on aiur, have our overlords locate the stalkers on char and blast em from orbit,
    >> BERNIE 10/07/10(Thu)01:34 No.12357581
    that will only incense our foe further

    she is clear of purpose

    i vote we let the overmind die because he was dumb enough to not leave any defenses behind, seriously, what a twat
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)01:35 No.12357592
    No nukes unless the Overmind is dead. Period.

    Set them on a timer, rigged for about 30 minutes after when we think Feneschal will impact.

    The nukes are prepped for detonation, and 30 min is enough time for us to disarm them if necessary.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)01:36 No.12357596

    It's actually 1/3. We managed to scrap one of the hallucinations.

    But now we're left with two choices on our last ditch effort: use interceptors and *hope* that they'll be able to LOCATE and kill the real Feneschal with all of her diving and twisting and psionic funkness....

    Or fire up the Orbital Carrier Cannon and utterly destroy one of the ships. Or one of the hallucinations.

    I'm leaning towards the Orbital Cannon.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)01:37 No.12357621

    Do the escape pods have a pre-programmed route? Or do they just drift after exiting the atmosphere?
    >> Cerebrate Anon 10/07/10(Thu)01:38 No.12357635
    They're programmed to bring them back to Xenta. We could change them, if we were so inclined.
    >> BERNIE 10/07/10(Thu)01:40 No.12357650
    she'll be dead from the impact most likely, there's no point blowing up teleportation once that's happened, the damage will have been done
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)01:40 No.12357651

    yeah, were gona want to introduce cole protocol to the swarm
    >> BERNIE 10/07/10(Thu)01:41 No.12357660
    quit cramping my style you wanker

    at least spell everything correctly
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)01:41 No.12357665

    Just in case, then, I vote for launching the escape pods for our Brobrates.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)01:43 No.12357691

    By the by, just wanted to clarify that this post counts as a vote toward Orbital Cannon shot.

    Cast your votes people! The time of reckoning, for good or ill, is upon us.
    >> BERNIE 10/07/10(Thu)01:45 No.12357711
    bernie sez sacrifice the overmind
    >> Centurion 10/07/10(Thu)01:45 No.12357712
    Orbital cannon shot. All or nothing. Let's do this.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)01:48 No.12357726

    Well then, I vote for the cannon shot as well. Though I get the distinct feeling I'm going to regret this decision later...

    Man, despite Feneschal having the potential to end the Zerg (for the most part) here and now, I can't really be angry about it. Shock maybe?
    >> Cerebrate Anon 10/07/10(Thu)01:49 No.12357738
         File1286430545.gif-(35 KB, 366x390, ps-shitjustgotreal.gif)
    35 KB
    >The time of reckoning is upon us

    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)01:49 No.12357745

    Every quest must have its ups and downs!

    It's all a part of the journey.

    And Feneschal wasn't really obnoxious like Kingston was.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 10/07/10(Thu)01:52 No.12357772
    So, we all agree on what weapon to use. Do you have a preference for Void Seeker 1, 2, or 3?

    One person's said to launch the escape pods.

    Somebody said to set the nukes on a 30-minute timer.

    Opinions? This is heavy shit.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)01:53 No.12357782
    Orbital cannon it up. Let it not be said that we sat by doing nothing at this key moment.

    Part of me also thinks we should try to get a mobile form. Feels bad man that we can never do anything ourselves.
    >> Centurion 10/07/10(Thu)01:53 No.12357789
    Calling it-we save the Overmind, finish off the Protoss, then Kingston jumps in with the entire Confederacy fleet before we can even catch our breath.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)01:54 No.12357797
    Hit number 2.
    >> Centurion 10/07/10(Thu)01:55 No.12357799
    rolled 2 = 2

    Let's do it the old fashioned way.
    >> BERNIE 10/07/10(Thu)01:55 No.12357804
    numero uno
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)01:55 No.12357806

    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)01:56 No.12357810
    rolled 2 = 2

    Dice roll for thing to pew pew.

    I say we hold back on the nukes and escape pods.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)01:57 No.12357827
    Can we set the pods and nukes on timers? Pods go on shorter timers while nukes remain on 30. If the overmind does die and we lose connection, at least the pods will still launch them eventually.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)01:58 No.12357836

    Launch pods, set nukes to 30 min detonation. But make sure that we can disable that nuclear shit just in case!

    As a last attempt at some control over our fate... try to *very quickly* detect whichever Void Seeker is emitting a psionic malange of protoss psionics and foreign psionics if possible. Then fire at it. We're a giant brain that can pick up psionic convos from galaxies away, after all, maybe we can do something to help improve the odds even slightly.

    But if the above split-second slight improvement accuracy is not possible...

    Then fire at number two.

    >sup parcheor

    I dunno what that means Captcha. But that'll do.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 10/07/10(Thu)01:58 No.12357838
    1: 1 vote
    2: 2 votes
    3: 0 votes

    Break while I upload a pic to prove that the ship's chosen already.

    Keep voting.

    (Also, nukes on timer? Yes? No?)
    >> Centurion 10/07/10(Thu)01:58 No.12357839

    We target 2. Now to find out if the /tg/ dice gods have thrown us a break.
    >> BERNIE 10/07/10(Thu)01:58 No.12357847
    stop being dumb

    why are we nuking the thing if the overmind's already dead
    >> Centurion 10/07/10(Thu)01:59 No.12357850
    Also this.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)02:00 No.12357865
    Nuking the crystal so the Protoss don't get access to it anymore. It's a spite move.
    >> Centurion 10/07/10(Thu)02:00 No.12357866
    Because we won't die, and we don't have the forces to ensure the Protoss don't recapture Tsinoseng and use it against us in the chaos of the Overmind's death. We're denying a valuable asset to the enemy.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)02:02 No.12357881
    Yes for nukes on timer then, any other votes/counter-points?
    >> BERNIE 10/07/10(Thu)02:03 No.12357896
    oh i thought we were blowing it up to blow up feneschal

    wait for a result on our feneschal kill, nuke it if the overmind dies
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)02:04 No.12357901
    The reason we want the timer is if because the Overlord does die, we might lose access to things on Aiur. So we have a timer ahead of time - if he dies, the bombs go off without us doing anything. If he lives, we disarm them.
    >> Centurion 10/07/10(Thu)02:05 No.12357916
    That's pretty much the plan.
    >> BERNIE 10/07/10(Thu)02:05 No.12357917
    so yeah, what i just said.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)02:07 No.12357942
    from the looks of things i dont think this is gona have a happy ending,

    my thought is that we should launch escape pods and nuke the place right now, we lose tsionoseng, but guarentee a kill on feneschall.

    otoh going with the carrier shot can save both, but the odds are against us, and we run a strong risk of losing both aswell.

    my thought is to put the nukes on a hair trigger, launch escape pods (to some place deserted and not xenta) and goahead with the carrier shot, if it misses we can still detonate as a fail safe.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)02:10 No.12357974
    considering giving commands to our forces is relatively simple, i dont see why we shouldent atleast try mind rape, we arnt doing much of anything in the mean time, and we might even get lucky
    >> Centurion 10/07/10(Thu)02:11 No.12357977
    Nukes are on Tsinoseng, they'll destroy it but have no effect on Feneschal's suicide run.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)02:13 No.12357994

    we could launch escape pods and nuke the place right now, we lose tsionoseng, but guarentee a kill on feneschall.

    derp, i dont know what i was thinking
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)02:14 No.12358015

    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)02:14 No.12358018
    i say hit the pods set timer too 1 hour and fire at 2

    also use labreat to try and disputer one of the void sneakers psyonilciy seeif he can kill a hallucinate
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)02:17 No.12358037

    i thought it was >implied
    that we could blow the place and get a sure kill in exchange for the crystal

    if not, carrier beam seems the only choice
    >> Centurion 10/07/10(Thu)02:17 No.12358039
    Wait, so the nukes WILL kill Feneschal, guaranteed? Can we get confirmation on this?
    I thought he meant we won't have a chance to blow Tsinoseng in the chaos if the Overmind dies because all our units will go feral.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 10/07/10(Thu)02:17 No.12358041
         File1286432270.jpg-(1.87 MB, 2560x1920, 1007100056.jpg)
    1.87 MB
    (I'm...I'm so sorry, Anon)


    Labbrate and Citybrate are launched off, their pods hopping into Warp before they reach any interference from the battle above. We have a nimble assistant zergling rig the nukes to explode in 30 minutes unless disarmed by us.

    We jury-rig the controls of the carrier to divert all power into charging the cannon: Sensors. Life Support. Engines. As the ship begins to fall, the targeting computer fires one magnificent blast of pure light at the middle ship, absolutely vaporizing it. The ship begins to fall perilously toward Aiur.

    Realizing that the troops inside are doomed anyway, we throw open a hatch and leap forth, hoping to see the fruits of our labor as Feneschal's hallucinations fade.

    But they don't. Well, one of them does. The one on the right. Feneschal's Void Seeker, the real one, is on the far left. It flies magnificently over the Overmind's form, gathering psionic energies around it as it moves. It begins rotating as it flies directly downward into the Overmind.

    The Voice speaks softly into our thoughts. "Fear not, My Child. Though I fall now, My two greatest achievements have worked together this day. Though you have both failed Me, you shall both rise above this failure. You shall both stand tall, and if you choose to work together, you shall both prevail. Heed My Word, Child of the Swarm."

    Feneschal is silent as her ship drives into the Overmind's cortex, causing a massive psionic explosion. The shockwave would surely kill our freefalling units, were they still within our command.

    All goes dark. All goes silent. The Swarm is dead.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)02:22 No.12358081

    Dice! You have failed us!
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)02:22 No.12358082

    well, shit

    "kkrrrsshhh.. paging doctor kerrigan.. doctor kerrigan report to er stat"
    >> Centurion 10/07/10(Thu)02:22 No.12358084
    rolled 3, 22, 64 = 89


    Dammit, /tg/ dice roller fails yet again.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)02:23 No.12358094
    See guys? Daddy did love us. In his final moments, he showed how much he cared, putting us at the level of Kerrigan.

    Now how the hell are we gonna get Kerrigan to work with us without her trying to be all "I AM QUEEN OF BLADES!"
    >> Cerebrate Anon 10/07/10(Thu)02:24 No.12358099
    Not just the dice. I counted votes, too. 2 won by a wide margin.
    >> Centurion 10/07/10(Thu)02:27 No.12358128
    rolled 57, 29, 5 = 91

    >Though you have both failed Me
    No dozen Scourge reserved as backups. No spore colonies. Not even TRYING to help SAVE HIS ASS while we threw everything we had at Feneschal. Not even an assistance high-five.

    All while WE use nothing but a few dozen Overlords and the fleet of OUR captured ships to try our best to save our asshole Brothers on Char.

    And Kerrigan survived being ambushed by Zeratul.

    Hell, the old bastard wouldn't even have been able to MANIFEST ON AUIR IN THE FIRST PLACE if we hadn't CAPTURED IT FOR HIM.

    We did not fail him. Shit happens. Not even we can do everything.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)02:27 No.12358132
    In some ways it seems fitting to just end the session like this. Also, we're screwed now. There's no way we can deal with Kingston and now he's going to have free reign to experiment on the zerg. Ironically, the UED might be the only reason we can beat him in the future at this point.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)02:28 No.12358134
         File1286432883.jpg-(23 KB, 288x499, why.jpg)
    23 KB
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)02:29 No.12358149


    ...I'm scared now, daddy's gone.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 10/07/10(Thu)02:30 No.12358164
    I think the Death of the Overmind is a good stopping point.

    I mean, it was good enough for Blizzard.

    Anyway, http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/12354135/

    Quest CONTINUES next week!
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)02:32 No.12358176
    Abandon Aiur. Recall all zerg units to Xenta and head to Char to save as many cerebrates as possible.

    We are going to give them a stern talking-to.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)02:33 No.12358182
    Feels bad man.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 10/07/10(Thu)02:34 No.12358184
    To be fair, I basically justified the creation of Anon by the Overmind metagaming with knowledge that he would die on Aiur from a crazy Protoss attack if he didn't do something crazy...like create a mutant brood of crazy dickmonsters.

    So, you know, we did fail pretty hard at avoiding what would have happened anyway.

    And, oddly enough, Kerrigan's actually standing in the same spot as she would be anyway. :D
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)02:36 No.12358207
    It's because we tried to be normal and listen to the Overmind! We abandoned our ways and led to his death! We must return to the roots of our brood to reclaim our glory!
    >> Centurion 10/07/10(Thu)02:37 No.12358214
    rolled 96, 84, 67 = 247

    We're gonna have problems controlling our own forces. Actually we'll probably be spending the next session taking back Xenta from the now-feral reinforcements we were spawning there.

    Fuck, she is, isn't she? Now I'm gonna have to go replay Brood War. To brush up on my Starcraft lore. Ya, that's it.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)02:38 No.12358218
         File1286433503.jpg-(108 KB, 503x352, hope deleted.jpg)
    108 KB
    i knew we shoulda gone with bernie mind rape
    >> Cerebrate Anon 10/07/10(Thu)02:38 No.12358221
    >Giving orders

    Yeah, you remember when the Psi Disruptor cut us off from the Overmind, and the Cerebrates were all screaming in silence, unable to control themselves?

    It's like that.

    There's nothing blocking us, this time, but the sheer shock of the Overmind, the Unifying Force of the Swarm, being fucking dead will probably keep us out of commission for a little while.
    >> BERNIE 10/07/10(Thu)02:39 No.12358223

    >> Cerebrate Anon 10/07/10(Thu)02:42 No.12358249
    >All goes dark. All goes silent. The Swarm is dead.

    >A shadow falls over the darkness.

    >A voice echoes in our mind.

    >Bernie reawakens.

    >> Centurion 10/07/10(Thu)02:43 No.12358252
    rolled 16, 2, 17 = 35

    You know, I find it amusing how a simple high-five somehow resurrected Bernie from the grave just in time for the Overmind to die.
    >> BERNIE 10/07/10(Thu)02:44 No.12358263
    If you end ZergQuest here, and move onto BERNIEQuest, trying to reunite the shattered broods? I would be perfectly okay with that.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)02:44 No.12358268
    Man, how do you think Kingston would react to the antics we got up to due to Bernie? I think the Protoss and the Terrans will wish the Overmind was back if we resort to using him again. This scenario sounds hilarious.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 10/07/10(Thu)02:46 No.12358287
    Kingston vs. Bernie?

    I don't really want to imagine this. Hordes of cock-wielding monsters raping their way through enemy lines is bad enough, but Kingston might just be badass enough to shout "Rape them BACK!"
    >> Centurion 10/07/10(Thu)02:47 No.12358296
    rolled 32, 34, 22 = 88

    Gods, what would Kingston do if had realized what we were doing back during the Cockalisk era instead of just thinking we wanted to wipe out all life? THAT would make him really try to fight us. None of this pussyfooting around domesticating Zerg he's doing now.
    >> BERNIE 10/07/10(Thu)02:47 No.12358297
    This is the quest that /tg/ deserves.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)02:48 No.12358304
    HaHA! That's how we'll spread infestation! It'll truly become space AIDs if he did that! Genius.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 10/07/10(Thu)02:48 No.12358306
    Just not the one that it needs right now...

    >> BERNIE 10/07/10(Thu)02:50 No.12358328
    Seriously though this is probably a good thing. Start us off fresh, with a newly formed brood, trying to reforge itself. Fifteen's a big number.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)02:52 No.12358342
    Part of me thinks we should look into getting a more mobile form that can move around and do stuff. Something like a cerebrate Kerrigan. Would let us put a more personal touch on things at times.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 10/07/10(Thu)02:53 No.12358345
    So, if things keep up this way, we'll burn down the Confederacy by thread 30, then Earth by thread 45?
    >> BERNIE 10/07/10(Thu)02:53 No.12358353
         File1286434438.png-(29 KB, 125x125, happyviking.png)
    29 KB
    I've got a zergling that you can drive around in.

    I'd post a trollface but this is the closest thing I have.
    >> Centurion 10/07/10(Thu)02:56 No.12358367
    rolled 76, 12, 35 = 123

    We can no longer regenerate, with the Overmind dead. Too risky to put us directly into combat.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)02:58 No.12358390
    Oh yes, legs. I can imagine our giant ostrich-like form running amok on the ground, clumsily kicking at Protoss that come too close.

    >> Cerebrate Anon 10/07/10(Thu)03:09 No.12358474
    Coincidentally, welcome to any new people. The whole story's on suptg, and believe me, it's as full of horrible things as it sounds.
    >> BERNIE 10/07/10(Thu)03:15 No.12358507
    I birthed a legacy. /tear
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)06:01 No.12359571
    >Go to sleep trusting that the others will be able to mop up operations on Char and Aiur, all things well in hand.
    >Wake up, read that shit that went down.
    You goddamn fuckers. I am torn between being unable to believe how much you fucked up, and yet remembering just how godamned stupid some of you can be.
    >> Anonymous 10/07/10(Thu)09:28 No.12360467
    You are wrong, sir.
    We failed HARD at what we were supposed to do.
    In the canon timeline, the Overmind dies, the Confederacy is destroyed, Tarsonis is shattered, Kingston is dead, and Tassadar dies.

    But due to our interference, Tarsonis still stands, the Confederacy is stronger than ever and allied with the Combine and the Protectorate, Kingston is alive and in power, Tassadar is still alive to rally the Protoss, and the Overmind STILL died.

    All in all, we ended up STRENGTHENING our enemies due to our attempts to undermine them.

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