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  • File : 1285702598.png-(13 KB, 123x150, Perversion of Sights.png)
    13 KB Anonymous 09/28/10(Tue)15:36 No.12255139  
    Sup /tg/,
    I'm here to talk about the Exalted campaign I'm playing in. More specifically, I'm here to talk about one of my fellow players and how thoroughly disgusted I am at his actions.

    Allow me to provide some context. We are playing an Abyssal Campaign, and we're at quite high levels, so the ST's main group of antagonists is a circle of Solars that have set out to destroy us. But, you see, there's a catch. The Solars have all sworn oaths never to harm a living innocent, and have charms that inflict aggravated damage on creatures of darkness, like the Party.

    So here's what my compatriot does. The sick bastard. We recently raided a town for shits and giggles like we normally do from time to time, but this time 'One Who Weeps For Lost And Tormented Souls' (as he called his character) comes out and says that he wants to take prisoners which he's never done before since he's our resident Fleshsmith, taking great delight in creating all kinds of weird necromantic beings out of corpses.

    Then he says "I want to try and make sure all my prisoners are innocents." So I think I see what he's going to do, use them as meat shields to distract our enemies and get the upper hand, which seems like a good idea to me. But no; that's not what he was intending at all, the truth of the matter is far darker.

    So we take a bunch of prisoners and take them back to camp, then OWWFLATS pipes up again: "Are any of them my approximate size?" the ST says that "Uh, sure, one of the young women is about your character's height, she--"
    "Perfect!" He interrupts. "I take a closer look at her. Would you say her skeleton is around about the same size as mine?"
    "Yeah, just about, why?"

    >> Anonymous 09/28/10(Tue)15:39 No.12255167
    inb4 the skeleton is put inside him
    >> Anonymous 09/28/10(Tue)15:42 No.12255205

    This is where I start getting weirded out. You see, OWWFLATS lowered his appearance when he increased his Essence, going for a rotted and increasingly emaciated look as he got more powerful. By this point in the campaign he's basically a skeleton.

    "Okay, I order a group of our ghost soldiers to strip her and tie her face down to my operating table."
    "Uh... Dave? (His player's name) What are you-"
    "Don't worry, this isn't FATAL. It's Exalted. It's not what you think."
    In light of what 'it' actually was, I really genuinely wish he'd just painfully narrated his character raping and murdering the girl. I really do.

    So, here's the moment you've all been waiting for; here's what he does. Using his Medicine 5, all his cool charms and sorceries and shit, as well as his scalpel-shaped daiklaive, he cuts into the girl's back, starting at the head and going down to the base of the spine. Then he opens the backs of her arms and legs too, the group looking on in horror as he describes each detail of what he's doing. It's when he mentions that he begins digging out her bones that his true plan hits me for the first time. He removes her whole skeleton, keeping her alive through the use of tons of magical healing and skill rolls. Then; he climbs into her still living body. No shit. He actually says "I pull her boneless but still living body over my own fleshless one, and wear her like a piece of clothing." Then he orders one of his demented lab assistants to stitch up the incisions.

    Next time we come face to face with our Solar rivals, OWWFLATS is right at the front wearing his hideous panoply. Then he yells at them "YOU CAN'T HURT ME WITHOUT HURTING THIS LIVING INNOCENT! HA!". By this point the thought of this whole thing has made me feel seriously ill.

    What should I do about this, /tg/? He's seriously creeping me out.
    (tl;dr Abyssal player wears someone else's flesh in order to fuck with his enemies' chivalrous vows.)
    >> Anonymous 09/28/10(Tue)15:45 No.12255226
    Did he cut out her eyes so that he could see?

    If not, he can't see.
    If so, stab that fuck in the eyes.

    Or, you know, just talk to your GM about it and have him work this guy out of his creepy flesh suit via unavoidable plot stuff.
    >> Anonymous 09/28/10(Tue)15:45 No.12255227
    >What should I do about this, /tg/? He's seriously creeping me out.

    You're never going to throw Creation into the void with that attitude, son. Sounds to me like your buddy there is doing it right. You should have him make a suit for you to wear too.
    >> Anonymous 09/28/10(Tue)15:48 No.12255250

    I really don't know what to tell you. On one hand, that's absurdly creepy and horrible to do, and I wouldn't be that happy if one of my PC's thought it up. On the other hand it's absurdly perfect, and exactly what a sociopathic and evil Abyssal would do, and it sounds like it would work, at that!

    So yeah, I guess I'm really no help.
    >> Anonymous 09/28/10(Tue)15:51 No.12255269

    No, he propped her head on top of his so that her brain could stick around without having to go into his skull, and he looked out of the mouth, like one of those Daffy Duck costumes you get at Disney Land, only 20 times more macabre.
    >> Anonymous 09/28/10(Tue)15:53 No.12255288
    Dude, if you bitch to your GM and fuck this up for that genius of a player, you should die in a fire.

    Pull your balls out of your purse, and step up to some flavor.
    >> Anonymous 09/28/10(Tue)15:54 No.12255296

    that's just awesome.
    >> Anonymous 09/28/10(Tue)15:56 No.12255313
    >hideous panoply
    Technically, it should be monstrous panoply, as he hasn't altered the young woman's looks by too much.

    As to ways to fuck with him: As someone pointed out, he's got no vision. It's arguable that he can't move unless the girl wants to, as her muscles can fight his bones.

    On the other hand, you're ABYSSAL EXALTED. You can break people's minds with a word of anti-knowledge, you can steal a man's face and soul after tasting of his flesh, you can take a man touched by fate and the gods, and strip him of his gifts, by plunging his souls into the dark Oblivion.

    If his actions really disturb you, talk to your ST and see if he can find a resolution. Otherwise, that's what you get for being the bad guy.
    >> Anonymous 09/28/10(Tue)15:57 No.12255321
    That seems like a pretty horrible stretch to say it's allowable. In either case I frankly wouldn't see a problem with the solars ruling that killing this "living" girl would be the merciful thing to do, as well as exacting revenge in her name against the torturer.
    >> Anonymous 09/28/10(Tue)15:58 No.12255327
    You know, I can't help but feel that's just fucking awesome. If it bugs you, though, maybe you should try talking to the player about it. If that doesn't work, discuss it with your ST.
    >> Anonymous 09/28/10(Tue)16:00 No.12255338
    OP - yes, your fellow abyssal is a sick fuck

    but he's doing it awesome

    i say roll with it - if anything, try to out-do him!!!

    sew babies together into a fleshy ablative armor... ride the human centipede...

    abyssals are all about death and suffering.

    Do. It. Faggot
    >> Anonymous 09/28/10(Tue)16:00 No.12255339
    So your fellow player is auditioning to join GWAR? What is the problem again?
    >> Anonymous 09/28/10(Tue)16:01 No.12255347
    >> Anonymous 09/28/10(Tue)16:02 No.12255350
    Option 1: can't let you do that Dave.
    Option 2: max XP for the session. That's how an abyssal is meante to roll
    >> Anonymous 09/28/10(Tue)16:03 No.12255358
    you should go play fairies & faggots, that player is a fucking pimp
    >> Anonymous 09/28/10(Tue)16:03 No.12255363
    That is pure brilliance.
    Tell him to get a few more living skins he can keep pressed and folded in a backpack for when he needs to change.
    >> Anonymous 09/28/10(Tue)16:05 No.12255371
    Correct tl;dr: OP sucks at Abyssals.
    >> Anonymous 09/28/10(Tue)16:05 No.12255375
    Abyssals are not nice people. The process of making your native MM is arguably worse than this.

    . . . Also, it's a brilliant plan, but it's also highly flawed. Angering a Solar to the degree that this will do could wind up with him deciding to use a third circle demon horde on you. Even one Solar can call up three or so Third Circle demons.
    >> Anonymous 09/28/10(Tue)16:05 No.12255376
    You're playing that, and you're disgusted by his actions?
    He is obviously a rather a rather good RPer - if it makes you feel weird, consider that IT IS A GAME
    >> Anonymous 09/28/10(Tue)16:05 No.12255382

    >OP sucks at life.

    >> Anonymous 09/28/10(Tue)16:06 No.12255384

    No. If he sucked at life, he'd make a pretty good Abyssal. As it stands, he sucks at death.
    >> The Bearded Bear 09/28/10(Tue)16:07 No.12255389
    Son, it's time to become the Drizzt of the Abyssals because obviously your balls aren't big enough to stomach proper evil.
    >> Anonymous 09/28/10(Tue)16:08 No.12255399
    He's playing an abyssal.

    Abyssals are sick evil fucks.

    If it bothers you, ask if it bothers your character. If your character is bothered (Or you can somehow justify it), try to go for the path of redemption so you don't have to feel queasy in this campaign anymore.

    Of course, this might piss of the DM and party members as the perfectly alright game they have going is now all fucked up. Or maybe they'll like the change. Who knows.
    >> Anonymous 09/28/10(Tue)16:09 No.12255407
    Ooh, thats an...interesting idea.
    I wish I could get someone to do that to me :3
    >> Anonymous 09/28/10(Tue)16:09 No.12255409
    I laughed so hard at this and then remembered that that wasn't the correct response to what I was reading.
    >> Anonymous 09/28/10(Tue)16:11 No.12255416
    what, wear you like a suit?
    >> Anonymous 09/28/10(Tue)16:12 No.12255419
    That shouldn't really work, if she was around th same size as him; he would have needed to pick a larger one, as now all her organs are going to be crushed.

    Either that, or gø Ero, where she enters him as he entered her, and his dude has a core fetish.
    >> Anonymous 09/28/10(Tue)16:13 No.12255424
    oh god this is fucking awesome.

    you should remember this is a game.

    as a ST i would never allow such a thing on the basis that no matter the amount of magic or skill involved, no one can survive being de-skeletoned and getting his brain put randomly around - but the ide is really cool.

    That's at least inventive evil - not just "yai pillage the village XDDD so edgy" evil.

    this guy, he's a pro. The guy with the pet kid that he keeps around to fuck with (figuratively speaking) is the one you have to look out for.
    >> Anonymous 09/28/10(Tue)16:13 No.12255426

    Yeah c:
    >> Anonymous 09/28/10(Tue)16:13 No.12255427
    You're a huge faggot, holy shit, that passage right there made me want to play Exalted again...

    But then I remembered I have shit players.
    >> Anonymous 09/28/10(Tue)16:13 No.12255429
    Dearest drawfags lurking among us, I beseech thee: grant us a rule 34 of this tale.
    >> Anonymous 09/28/10(Tue)16:20 No.12255474

    All hail OWWFLATS; greatest Abyssal of all time!
    >> Anonymous 09/28/10(Tue)16:23 No.12255495
    An evil character performs evil actions? Oh no!

    Although I have to question how the organs don't get destroyed while the skin is being worn, the heart and lungs are pretty delicate. Also he'd need to feed the skin, bathe it, make sure it doesn't get an infection from the inside, yadda yadda. But that is a seriously cool plan
    >> Anonymous 09/28/10(Tue)16:24 No.12255511
    tl;dr OP is a whining cunt
    >> Anonymous 09/28/10(Tue)16:25 No.12255516

    Yeah, it seems kinda short term to me, unless he wants to go through all that trouble. And even if he does it won't last forever. This is actually really cool.
    >> Anonymous 09/28/10(Tue)16:28 No.12255533
    that is.....

    Creative, but really fucked up you know?
    if your character has been okay with slaughtering innocents up and down he could still be disgusted by this-

    As a person with no actual morals,you can still have standards, and actions like that would be plenty repelling to him.
    >> That L5R guy 09/28/10(Tue)16:30 No.12255545
    That's terrible. But awesome.

    And I bet if his first line out the gate against a solar was /that/ then I doubt he's a psychopath.

    Don't worry, he won't wear your skin if that's what you're afraid of.
    >> Anonymous 09/28/10(Tue)16:33 No.12255566
    >but I wanna be a nice bad guy

    Go play Planescape: Torment as chaotic evil and come back when you've become a man. Pussy.
    >> Anonymous 09/28/10(Tue)16:33 No.12255567
    >as a ST i would never allow such a thing on the basis that no matter the amount of magic or skill involved, no one can survive being de-skeletoned and getting his brain put randomly around - but the ide is really cool.
    Agreed. Just don't see the girl surviving being de-boned like that. And any Solar is still gonna smite that, just to put the girl out of her misery. Gotta give the player props for the idea though.

    Still, OP, you're playing Abyssals. Gotta expect sick shit like this to come down.
    >> Anonymous 09/28/10(Tue)16:34 No.12255576

    Well just imagine the still living innocent going "OWW" as her organs are flattened.
    >> Anonymous 09/28/10(Tue)16:38 No.12255600
    like how no one can be brought back to life, yeah, we get it, you just don't want this guy to have his epic shit.

    if I was the ST, I'd congratulate the man for being awesome with some bonus ecks pee or other cool shit, because that's fucking awesome
    >> Anonymous 09/28/10(Tue)16:41 No.12255614
    Not for the whining cunt of an OP, bitching about a hideous, monstrously evil and sociopathic being doing something monstrous and sociopathic, but for the legendary tale of the One Who Weeps For Lost And Tortured Souls. Seriously, mondo kudos to this guy, may we all play Abyssals as he has.
    >> Anonymous 09/28/10(Tue)16:46 No.12255651

    >> That L5R guy 09/28/10(Tue)16:46 No.12255652
    As a GM so much exposure to the inside of an innocent I'd make it have some effect on him. Perhaps he starts gaining flashbacks of her life? Or some of her emotions?
    >> Anonymous 09/28/10(Tue)16:48 No.12255672
    He wears her as a cloak. Do you think he'd give a fuck? The guy is so far gone... Kudos for the really awesome idea though, this is what evil really is.
    >> Anonymous 09/28/10(Tue)16:52 No.12255699
    I don't think that would faze a player of that caliber. He'll find an evil guy his size, wear him using the same procedure, and make the evil guy wear another innocent's skin kept alive and sentient via sorcery. Exposure to innocent insides minimized.

    Then he'd do this to increasingly larger humanoids until he's something like a matryoshka doll, except instead of dolls, he's a skeleton wearing the flesh of an evil man and layer upon layer of sentient, living skins of innocents.
    >> Anonymous 09/28/10(Tue)16:52 No.12255705

    Drawfag, NAO!
    >> Anonymous 09/28/10(Tue)16:54 No.12255724
    BBEG for when you REALLY want to fuck your players over. CoC?
    >> Anonymous 09/28/10(Tue)16:54 No.12255728

    Wow, if a player did that with say, half a dozen skins or more in one of my campaigns I'd seriously consider having the Neverborn promote him to full blown Deathlord.
    >> Anonymous 09/28/10(Tue)16:54 No.12255732
    Truly inspiring. We should all strive to be so ingenious.
    >> MR. RAGE !D9l9S8Lio6 09/28/10(Tue)16:56 No.12255754
    >becoming a Deathlord

    >> Anonymous 09/28/10(Tue)16:58 No.12255775
    This is the best abyssal I have ever seen.
    >> Anonymous 09/28/10(Tue)16:59 No.12255784
    How did he remove her spine without killing her?
    >> Anonymous 09/28/10(Tue)16:59 No.12255787
    OP is a total butthurt faggot. If you dont have the balls for evil, go play 4e where you can save the princess like a good little bitch.

    Hats off the the One Who Weeps for doing it right.

    >decreeing comblat
    damn right captcha, OP is a bitch
    >> Anonymous 09/28/10(Tue)17:02 No.12255818
    Fucking Magic.
    Medicine Charms can do an awful lot.
    >> Anonymous 09/28/10(Tue)17:04 No.12255831

    I hope your ST gave him a 3 die stunt for his medicine stunt, because there is no way that he didn't get a reaction from everyone with that one.

    As for what should you do. If it is in character you should confront him in character about how he's gone too far. Maybe add some philosophical bullshit about how you guys are supposed to be throwing everything into the void to end pain forever.

    If it isn't in character to confront them then you'll just have to suck it up. The other player is playing a brilliant abyssal.
    >> Anonymous 09/28/10(Tue)17:05 No.12255844
    >What should I do about this, /tg/?

    Quit being a pussy, pussy. You're an abyssal, start acting like one!
    >> Anonymous 09/28/10(Tue)17:07 No.12255860
    How about trying a game other than Abyssals. Or better yet, remember what it means to play a *game*.

    The body-wearing is both a wonderful and terrifying idea. I would love to have more gamers who thought outside the box like that.
    My only instance of body wearing involved instant embalming, removal of the skeleton, and a little creative necrosurgery. The victims were not alive, but the entire party were outfitted with very believable disgiuses.
    Flesh suits ftw.
    >> Anonymous 09/28/10(Tue)17:09 No.12255880
    >Although I have to question how the organs don't get destroyed while the skin is being worn, the heart and lungs are pretty delicate. Also he'd need to feed the skin, bathe it, make sure it doesn't get an infection from the inside, yadda yadda.

    Medicine Charms, bitch.
    >> Anonymous 09/28/10(Tue)17:13 No.12255924
    Tell me this OP, how do you and the other Abyssals intend to do to live? This man had a plan, and it worked!
    >> Anonymous 09/28/10(Tue)17:23 No.12256015
    >>taking great delight in creating all kinds of weird necromantic beings out of corpses.
    Implying this is a bad thing for a necromancer
    >> Anonymous 09/28/10(Tue)17:26 No.12256049
    he could hate his job...

    he could be "The One Who Weeps" the reluctant necromancer
    >> MR. RAGE !D9l9S8Lio6 09/28/10(Tue)17:27 No.12256058
    >This man had a plan, and it worked!


    >> Anonymous 09/28/10(Tue)17:27 No.12256068
    Flesh dude is in the right. If you wanted to play an Abyssal redemption story, you should have played an Abyssal redemption story.

    For lack of a better course of action, form a positive intimacy towards her and build up some resonance. Then she'll die and you guys will be back to square one.
    >> Anonymous 09/28/10(Tue)17:31 No.12256103

    "Girl, you may be a de-skeletonized piece of sentient clothing, but I'm really beginning to fall in love with you!"

    ("Though my love is purely a means to killing you without pissing of One Who Weeps.")

    Yeah, that's really gonna fucking work.
    >> Anonymous 09/28/10(Tue)17:32 No.12256110
    Deathlords are Better Than Thou. They will always be Better Than Thou. They still have drastically better essence pools than essence 10 abyssals (should any ever exist. Its doubtful), and of course, unstoppable immortality (that in my group, was evaded by simply turning them into soulsteel)
    >> MR. RAGE !D9l9S8Lio6 09/28/10(Tue)17:38 No.12256166

    >> Anonymous 09/28/10(Tue)17:43 No.12256215
    The "Swift kick in the dick" was only against deathlords with Abyssal Guardian (you know, the 3 motes for a charmless PD). So it was a nerf against Mask of Winters and the Silver Prince... not to all deathlords or to the concept of deathlords.

    A 3 mote charmless PD is not something most gaming groups would care about. Its only relevant if you have Soul Fire Shaper Form shutting down their PDs. For all other groups, what'll be far more relevant is their action length defenses. With Rings of Spiritual Frailty gone, a solar has no chance of taking a DL now, whereas they used to have a very good chance... now, you need SFSF, so say goodbye to wanting to solo a deathlord unless you're a sidereal or buddies with one.

    There's also the issue that as goasts, they can expend a burnt offering or two to regain their WP, so that while still using action length PDs, they can take the time to refill their willpower.
    >> Anonymous 09/28/10(Tue)17:45 No.12256235
    Okay, so what's the problem, OP? He disgusts you? Okay, I can see why, since he discussed it in detail. At which point you say to the player, "Hey, going through all the details really disgusted me. Could we, you know, fade to black for the squick parts?"

    At which point he replies he obviously needed the stunt dice to pull that off. Really, this is fairly standard Abyssal stuff. Heck, I wish I could play in that game. If you're not playing a sick fuck, you're doing Abyssals wrong.
    >> Anonymous 09/28/10(Tue)17:47 No.12256252
    Yeah, being an Exalted bad guy is about being a tasteless, one dimensional monster out to destroy the world (or out to hand it over to Malfeas or Adorjan so they can merely kill everyone on the planet while not particularly destroying the world per se)

    Read about the Mother of Suffering.
    >> Anonymous 09/28/10(Tue)17:56 No.12256323
    Because positive intimacy=romantic love.

    >> Anonymous 09/28/10(Tue)18:19 No.12256504
         File1285712397.gif-(14 KB, 650x450, 128346187610.gif)
    14 KB
    Holy god well played skeleton man.

    Grow a pair, OP.
    >> Anonymous 09/28/10(Tue)18:21 No.12256517
    A moment's reminder: Becoming an Abyssal doesn't immediately dehumanize you. Abyssals are still people, they're merely people who kill. Yes, it may be easy to say "stop being a pussy and kill shit", but as they seem to only recently have reached the point where Appearance changes, they haven't been Exalted long enough to truly lose their humanity.
    >> Anonymous 09/28/10(Tue)18:31 No.12256619
    Holy shit now I want to play this game. Just not with a faggot like OP.
    >> Anonymous 09/28/10(Tue)19:06 No.12256919
    The Barbate Arbiter of Unbounded Gravitas and Unremitting Strife...

    he enjoys this concept
    >> Anonymous 09/28/10(Tue)19:15 No.12256987
    best solution

    Please drawfags?
    >> Anonymous 09/28/10(Tue)19:35 No.12257130

    skinwalker warstrider

    >> Hentaikid 09/28/10(Tue)19:42 No.12257187

    that is so not nice

    >How did he remove her spine without killing her?

    Who says you need a spine to live?
    >> Anonymous 09/28/10(Tue)19:47 No.12257230

    >> Anonymous 09/28/10(Tue)19:51 No.12257268
    The real world? Surely it applies to this setting.
    >> Anonymous 09/28/10(Tue)19:52 No.12257273
    Need a spinal cord.
    >> Anonymous 09/28/10(Tue)19:56 No.12257332
    Give him a cake. Dude has earned it.
    >> Anonymous 09/28/10(Tue)19:57 No.12257334
    That's a good point, actually. It could probably be done such that the nerves for everything below the heart and lungs were removed, but leaving necessary controls, and stripping the bone.
    >> Anonymous 09/28/10(Tue)19:58 No.12257350
    Well it would impede their ability to attack him, and if he does as >>12255699 it might work out.
    Though going into gruesome detail about each victim might be... bad.
    >> Hentaikid 09/28/10(Tue)19:59 No.12257356
    You need to keep some cabling in for the autonomous nervous system, but you can strip the bone and the muscle control nerves

    >> Anonymous 09/28/10(Tue)20:01 No.12257377
    i'm guessing with a high enough occult and sorcery someone could do the same with the souls of innocent as well, bind their souls to some soulsteel armor and you have a perfect screaming armor of the innocent, or start strapping children to shields.
    >> Anonymous 09/28/10(Tue)20:07 No.12257437
    I need that "what would you do in this situation" with the guy with a pair of mewling kittens strapped to his chest.

    It is a less gruesome version of this.
    >> Anonymous 09/28/10(Tue)20:07 No.12257438

    this is a setting where people can strap mutations of limbs and horrors to their bodies through wyld magic/shaping. giving her the nervous system durable enough to survive sloshing around another person is not difficult with the appropriate number of medicine rolls and essence spending.
    >> Anonymous 09/28/10(Tue)20:10 No.12257459
    Or better yet the armor made of babies. Kittens can fight back... Slightly.
    >> Anonymous 09/28/10(Tue)20:28 No.12257648

    i think someone suggested OP do that, just with babies... sewn-together... human centipede style
    >> Anonymous 09/28/10(Tue)20:29 No.12257656
    Anymore awesome Exalted stories?
    >> Hentaikid 09/28/10(Tue)20:51 No.12257905
         File1285721517.jpg-(42 KB, 498x531, ladysuit.jpg)
    42 KB
    Took a quick stab at this, it looks kinda goofy, I guess.

    "Does this dress make me look pretty?"

    Your man for this would be ICS he's always drawing comics about girls being turned into living suits.
    >> Anonymous 09/28/10(Tue)21:17 No.12258233

    nice - but i'd imagine that the 'ladyface' was used as a mask as well... or something like that
    >> Anonymous 09/28/10(Tue)21:19 No.12258253
    >perversion of sights
    reminds me of this from a while ago: http://fav.me/d2wyg1l
    >> Anonymous 09/28/10(Tue)21:26 No.12258323
    Nah, remeber OP said the girl was still alive; meaning her brain is still there.To wear her like a mask would mean that her brains gone.
    >> Hentaikid 09/28/10(Tue)21:31 No.12258373
    >he propped her head on top of his so that her brain could stick around without having to go into his skull, and he looked out of the mouth, like one of those Daffy Duck costumes you get at Disney Land, only 20 times more macabre.

    Maybe drawing the skeleton with his head down a little so you can see more of the girl's face would work better
    >> Anonymous 09/28/10(Tue)21:31 No.12258377
    Exalted: Abyssals

    This is how you get shit done. I smell PROMOTIONS for this guy!
    >> Anonymous 09/28/10(Tue)21:43 No.12258513
    One Who Weeps For Lost And Tormented Souls is credit to team.
    >> Anonymous 09/28/10(Tue)22:04 No.12258714
    "Hey, He-Man, I stuck it in your girlfriend before you did!"
    >> Slade 09/28/10(Tue)22:10 No.12258779
    What the fuck OP? Freaked out by a little blood?


    >> Anonymous 09/28/10(Tue)22:19 No.12258871
    Maybe OP is the GM and is instead trying to find a way to punish He Who Weeps for doing something like this?
    >> Anonymous 09/29/10(Wed)00:46 No.12260486

    If so, he could just have some other Exalt hear of this unspeakable evil and come beat him up. I mean if I was Chejop Kejak or Leviathan or someone and I heard of this, I'd be like "woah shit guys drop everything" to go kick that guy in the bone.

    Or he could bullshit something like he attracts the attention of the gods of pain, or that the girl's destiny still shows up to let sids track him, or maybe the very earth itself opens up to swallow him because Gaia is just that pissed off.

    So he's probably not the ST.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/10(Wed)00:47 No.12260496
    Leviathan and Kejak have both done far worse things, why would they give a shit?

    In Exalted, evil triumphs because good is cuckoo for crack.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/10(Wed)03:56 No.12262149
         File1285747006.jpg-(52 KB, 378x525, One Who Weeps.jpg)
    52 KB
    Obligatory awful MTG card incoming!
    >> Anonymous 09/29/10(Wed)07:29 No.12263981
    Why do anything? This is great roleplaying and creative thinking. I approve!
    >> Anonymous 09/29/10(Wed)07:51 No.12264103
    I just realized something.
    >One Who Weeps For Lost And Tormented Souls
    >Oww! Flats

    >> Anonymous 09/29/10(Wed)08:00 No.12264156
    That actually made me chuckle.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/10(Wed)08:02 No.12264167

    Absolutely perfect.

    It beats my D&D Necrophages habit of using his phylactery as a bone plate/screw/pin in seriously injured innocents so he can hijack their body when he is defeated.
    It beats that Necrophage putting it in a young human boy who shattered every bone in his leg and then manipulating the boy via telepathy and shit to become a paladin, using his own necromantic power to ensure this paladin won fame and glory eventually rising to a position of great power so that when he did die there was a prime body with magical items and power oozing out of every pore waiting for him.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/10(Wed)08:10 No.12264217
    Your fellow playing is doing it right, what do you think abyssals should be about? Kicking puppies and stealing candy?
    >> Dr. Baron von Evilsatan 09/29/10(Wed)08:16 No.12264244
    I don't see how these Solars killing this woman could possibly be seen as 'harm'.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/10(Wed)08:24 No.12264286
    See? This is how you play an Abyssal. If OP wanted to play a badguy with standards, he should've went Infernal.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/10(Wed)08:27 No.12264300
    >Your fellow playing is doing it right, what do you think abyssals should be about? Kicking puppies and stealing candy?
    No, and that's the problem.

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