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    108 KB Anonymous 09/12/10(Sun)11:21 No.12058141  
    mass effect and eclipse phase all gone?

    we have sunward and shadowbroker.... new things .. come on writefags and tackle on!
    >> Anonymous 09/12/10(Sun)11:47 No.12058345
    ......... bump....................
    >> Anonymous 09/12/10(Sun)11:50 No.12058372
    itt: An anon trys to make other people writefag
    >> Anonymous 09/12/10(Sun)11:57 No.12058423
    why not?
    >> Anonymous 09/12/10(Sun)11:57 No.12058429
    What the flying fuck are you talking about?

    >about fifirvit
    I assume it's not "fifirvit," whatever this is.
    >> Anonymous 09/12/10(Sun)12:06 No.12058528
    Do it yourself you flaming faggot.
    >> Anonymous 09/12/10(Sun)13:11 No.12059196
    i'm bad at writing ...
    >> Anonymous 09/12/10(Sun)13:13 No.12059221
    bump for eclipse phase
    >> Anonymous 09/12/10(Sun)13:13 No.12059226
         File1284311612.gif-(21 KB, 250x250, STFU.gif)
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    >> Anonymous 09/12/10(Sun)15:28 No.12060983
    tasted nice, have another ?
    >> Anonymous 09/12/10(Sun)15:30 No.12061011
    Practice. I'd start by learning what capitalization is and how it works.
    >> Anonymous 09/12/10(Sun)15:34 No.12061054
    Ok. Now what?
    >> Anonymous 09/12/10(Sun)15:36 No.12061079
    Stop being lazy and start writing.
    >> Anonymous 09/12/10(Sun)15:39 No.12061133
         File1284320347.png-(538 KB, 1200x2806, ep-me1.png)
    538 KB
    basic premise, for those who missed it ...
    >> Anonymous 09/12/10(Sun)15:41 No.12061161
         File1284320464.png-(459 KB, 1199x2272, ep-me2.png)
    459 KB
    >> Anonymous 09/12/10(Sun)15:41 No.12061171
         File1284320511.png-(706 KB, 1200x3964, ep-me3.png)
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    >> Anonymous 09/12/10(Sun)15:42 No.12061178
         File1284320544.png-(205 KB, 1200x1288, ep-me4.png)
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    >> Anonymous 09/12/10(Sun)16:12 No.12061509
    this is relevant to my interests
    >> Anonymous 09/12/10(Sun)16:17 No.12061567
    I really do like the stuff in Sunward. The sunwhale morphs that swim in the corona propelled by electromagnetic fields especially.
    >> Anonymous 09/12/10(Sun)17:03 No.12062156
    where should one try to pick it up.

    The last EP/ME thread had the Batarians despicted as the Federation from Starship Troopers (heavily corrupted military dictatorship.)
    >> Anonymous 09/12/10(Sun)17:06 No.12062191
    >> Anonymous 09/12/10(Sun)17:09 No.12062224
    no one, no one?
    No oooone!!!!!!
    >orazed senses
    yes, we cultists of the ep/me are deluded herethics, perssting in our dreadfull blasphemy
    >> Anonymous 09/12/10(Sun)17:11 No.12062258
    I see you posted the prologue. but not much else.
    It's missing the Batarian Specter plot
    >> Anonymous 09/12/10(Sun)17:13 No.12062274
    How about making an RPG for it?

    Adapting Mass Effect to Eclipse Phase's rules. How I make pdf?
    >> Anonymous 09/12/10(Sun)17:16 No.12062304

    Post the last part, (or at least link me to where I can read it) and I'll take up the torch.
    >> Anonymous 09/12/10(Sun)17:17 No.12062314
    Someone adapted Diaspora for Mass Effect Campaigns
    >> Anonymous 09/12/10(Sun)17:17 No.12062318
    >> Anonymous 09/12/10(Sun)17:20 No.12062367
    Some people argued that Starship Batarian Troopers are not cannon because of asspulled numbers though.
    I got the suptg links somewhere.
    >> Anonymous 09/12/10(Sun)17:22 No.12062388
         File1284326567.jpg-(168 KB, 620x800, DinosaurSwamp.jpg)
    168 KB
    don't have them...

    But seriously, ME by itself is way to bland and unappetizing for my tastes, and other settings , save perhaps for Rifts have no chance or are a blatant curbstomp, so I am left hoping to a return of the writefags ...
    >> Anonymous 09/12/10(Sun)17:22 No.12062391
    This is what kind of sucks about being a community of creative types. Periodically you'll get someone who is either 0% creative or 100% lazy and he just starts going "HEy Guies! Guies! I need to to be creative for me! Right now! I need entertainment even though I have the attention span of a gnat and no concept of the work that might actually go into making something!" And then he'll get pissed when people fail to deliver at the drop of a hat.

    And then I'll be forced to read the thread he makes, and post in it, because I am an angry angry man.
    >> Anonymous 09/12/10(Sun)17:27 No.12062439
    Okay, found it. Please hold.
    >> Anonymous 09/12/10(Sun)17:27 No.12062447

    read the posts with sage, those are canon.
    >> Anonymous 09/12/10(Sun)17:28 No.12062469
    don't be hatin' bro.
    >> Anonymous 09/12/10(Sun)17:55 No.12062753
    "That...That is unfortunate," Shiala stepped away, glancing down and to the left, "I thought that it might have helped."

    "Right," Xepard turned away, trying to blot out the thoughts racing in the back of his head. He had to remind himself that these weren't his memories. Just the intrusion of the beacon's.

    "Er, Commander?" Ajli gestured at the asari, "What do we do with her?"

    "I was thinking actually, that after all that had happened to the colony, I would be able to stay here, try to make up for what I caused by proxy," Shiala had a look of regret cross her face, "The notion that my foolishness might have caused such..."
    "No," Xepard turned, a look of iron across his face, "That won't happen asari. You have too much blood on your hands to just let you walk away from this."

    The batarian specter's pistol rose again.

    "Shiala, you are formally under arrest under Council law for acts of terrorism against sentients. You will be detained by my right as specter, and brought before the Council to testify as to the events here. They'll decide your punishment."
    >> Anonymous 09/12/10(Sun)18:01 No.12062810
    Shiala blinked, slightly baffled, "I-I what?" for a time, she seemed startled. Then, her training came in, that irritating peace of mind that asari are legendary for, "I...Understand commander. If this is what you feel is just, I'll consent," She turned away. Xepard felt a spike of aggravation, that she would surrender so easily, and somehow, smugly. Oh well. The mission came first.
    "Place your hands behind your head. Ajli, if you would?"

    "My pleasure, commander," Xepard noted that Ajli took a great deal of pleasure in grabbing the asari by the wrist, and bringing her to the ground. Rather forcefully, but the asari was still capable of speaking. Not a great problem.

    All the while, the transhuman was standing to the sidelines, and watching, silently. Though the alien's face was hard to read, Xepard got the impression that things might not have been going properly in its opinion. Good.

    "Alright, let's go. Our mission is accomplished. Garrus, your case might actually be brought to court. Transhuman?" Shepard glanced up at that, "We'll call in the Skyllian. We'll see about dropping you off with your ambassador when we get back to the Citadel."

    "Thanks- though, I need to do something before we go," Shepard shrugged, "I gotta admit, I don't like this sleeve. Think I need to change."

    Silence settled over the five as they walked out, perhaps for respect of all the bodies amongst the ruined pit.
    >> Anonymous 09/12/10(Sun)18:08 No.12062881
    Good, Good.
    Keep going man. F5'ing like fist of the North Star here.
    >> Anonymous 09/12/10(Sun)18:11 No.12062919
    "The transhuman ran off."

    The crew were sitting in the Skyllian, currently docked at the port. They were waiting for Shepard. It had been a standard galactic hour, and thirty standard galactic minutes. To the agitated crew, and Commander Xepard, it was an eternity.

    Commander Xepard had not even talked to anyone else on the ship, choosing instead to stand in the airlock, staring out across the gangplank to the dock. The crew, drilled by house and military of the importance of following a commanding officer's example, had chosen to stay at the ready, ready to receive an important guest.

    This meant the entire ship ground to a halt. And the Skyllian, the experimental, bloated craft that it was, required near constant maintenance. The XO, Khlor'Hak, was an impatient presence to Xepard's right. Ajli had come down to Xepard's left, and she was the one who gave her estimation.

    "Shut up, Ajli," Commander Xepard had remained standing the entire time. He wanted to impress the transhuman, to impress upon this Shepard the strength of the Batarian Fleet, its discipline, and its unity.

    Unfortunately, if the transhuman kept delaying, Xepard reflected all he would be impressing upon the species' of the galaxy was the gullibility of the first batarian specter, and how little needed to be done to provoke mutiny in the most advanced ship of the aforementioned Batarian Fleet.

    Nothing could ever be easy.
    >> Anonymous 09/12/10(Sun)18:22 No.12063036
    Eventually though, something did come strolling down out of the dock.

    An asari? Or a salarian. Xepard frowned, wiping the dust of Feros from his helmet. Couldn't see at this distance. He'd go to it first. He was in a bad mood, and could use

    Xepard sighed, walking down the gangplank, removing his helmet, and placing a hand on his pistol. Now that he was closer...It did look a lot like an asari. But with a strange, short cropped, dark fringe at the top of the head. And kind of a pale, tannish pink color. And...

    "Commander Xepard?" The figure came to a stop a few meters short of the baffled batarian, and snapped a smart (If definitely sarcastic) salute, "I'm Lieutenant Shepard. Permission to board?"

    "Who-" Xepard blinked a bit. Thought. Before sighing, "This is your 'sleeve' thing, isn't it?"
    "Yes," This shell had a far more animated face, as it twisted something approximating a smile, baring its teeth, wrinkling the corner of its eyes with amusement, "I like the advantages a synth morph gives me, but nothing's like having breath and blood running through me to remind me I'm alive."

    "I wouldn't know," Xepard turned, feeling vexed trying to imagine having to explain to his XO all over again what Shepard would look like, "I've only got the one."
    >> Anonymous 09/12/10(Sun)18:31 No.12063133
    Nice, how much as an asari does Shepard looks?
    are we looking at a femshep here? personally I don't mind and would be totally okay with that decision.
    >> Anonymous 09/12/10(Sun)18:32 No.12063141
    XO Khlor'Hak was not a friendly batarian to his own species. To other Council species, he spoke with barely contained spite. Predictably, he was a few degrees colder than 0 Kelvin to Shepard.

    "Welcome aboard the Skyllian, transhuman. I have been instructed by Commander Xepard to treat you as a diplomat," Khlor'Hak glanced the commander up and down, frowning at the lack of armor or weapons, just the bulky backpack, "In the interests of security, I will have to take your backpack."

    "Alright, but in the interests of security," Shepard shrugged off the thing effortlessly, passing it to the XO- who immediately staggered under its weight, "Make sure you don't run an electrical current through it, hit it with more than 20 Roentgens of X or gamma rays, run a mass effect field on it, or shake it."

    The XO blinked, trying to divide attention between straining to hold the bag and listening to what Shepard said, before finally stammering, "Why?"

    "Security reasons," Shepard smiled, "Exposure to vacuum I think is the very definition of insecure, wouldn't you agree?"

    "Perhaps I better take that," Xepard reached out, and lifted the bag from his XO, noting its weight- he considered himself in peak condition, with minor medical enhancements, and he found himself wondering how Shepard could so casually wander around with it, "I'll ensure it stays secure."

    "Yes," the XO darkly murmured- the old batarian was angry, but cowed. A point in Shepard's favor.

    "XO, show Shepard to- er-" Xepard frowned, then glanced at the transhuman, before giving an inward shrug, "Its quarters. I need to brief my team."
    >> Anonymous 09/12/10(Sun)18:36 No.12063175
    >I'm keeping it vague, because I'm an indecisive motherfucker. Also, because I figure Shepard would have to be secretive as all get out to maintain his/her high flying badass status. Even letting slip a detail about gender might make it a bit easier to find out all of his/her details. So, I figure he/she gives conflicting clues about gender, to prevent people from getting clued in to who he/she is outside of the job. But at the moment, he/she's in a classic fem fury morph sleeve. If this doesn't sound like something an Eclipse Phase character (even an extremely paranoid one) would do, let me know, and I'll settle the matter eventually with a flip of the coin.
    >> Anonymous 09/12/10(Sun)18:39 No.12063204
    Archived at.

    brb in an hour or so. keep going writebro
    >> Anonymous 09/12/10(Sun)18:50 No.12063307
    "So, that's what we were waiting for?" Ajli was immediately Xepard's shadow as soon he walked deeper into the bowels of the Skyllian, "It to flounce in, show off, and embarrass a member of the crew?"

    "Khlor'Hak is a spiteful old bastard that would have tried to get Shepard cleaning his shoes if he was able," Xepard passed the bag pack to Ajli without looking back, "The prick is house military, through and through, too used to bullying slavers for tithes on the behalf of Ramorok. I have absolutely no problem with him humbled."

    "He's a member of your crew," Ajli needled, though her tone suggested she knew to press further. She shouldered the transhuman's burden without complaint.

    "He's a member that has undermined me ever since I gained command of this ship," Xepard turned to Ajli, "He can rot in oblivion for all I care."

    Ajli nodded then, silent. She had doubts. Let her keep them to herself.

    Xepard stepped through to the comm room, where his ragged team he had gathered stood to attention and saluted. Sloppily, and in the case of Urdnot Wrex, half assedly, but at least it was in recognition of his rank.

    "At ease," Xepard growled as he took his place at the head, and sat down. He attempted his best to suppress a smile. He reflected that he was somehow giddy at the thought of facing off against a fellow specter.
    >> Anonymous 09/12/10(Sun)19:16 No.12063547
    yay, writefag is back !
    is back ...
    >> Anonymous 09/12/10(Sun)19:18 No.12063566
    "I assume you all know the rough details of what happened on planetside. We encountered and destroyed the Thorian, which had been holding the colony in its thrall."

    "However...We found there had been a visitor there before us. Saren."

    Strange. Did Tali just jump there? Bizarre. Oh well.

    "Evidently, Saren had entered into some kind of contract with the thing- something involving knowledge of the protheans. But more importantly, it was a criminal act. Knowingly placing civilians in danger to mind and body is a crime against sentience. At the moment we have a witness in the brig, who will testify against the turian. Along with Garrus, who was building a case against him."

    Garrus nodded, looking irritated and weary. On reflection, Xepard realized it sounded rather patronizing to only now take Garrus's charges seriously- perhaps he would have to talk to the turian later. Later.

    "However, we are hunting a specter. I do not expect it to be easy, but in the name of the Council, justice must be sought. Therefore, I'm formally cutting all communications on this ship. None of you can repeat what you just heard. Saren is a specter, a man with near infinite resources. If he were aware of what we know, he could disappear, or even arrange to have us killed. We must keep this secret, so we can prove his guilt, and catch him immediately," Xepard glanced around. No objections. No real look of excitement either though. Now though, Wrex spoke up.

    "Right. Heard you brought a hume on board Xepard. Can I see it?"
    >> Anonymous 09/12/10(Sun)19:21 No.12063601
    "You don't care at all about what the captain said?" Kadin spoke now. Reliable, batarian biotic though. Rest of the crew feel he's unbatarian because of the off world training he received. Certainly had a less hardline stance towards aliens.

    "Oh sure, I care- so long as the pay's good. I don't talk to anyone outside of the ship, and I'll shoot whoever the captain tells me to. Just figure I'd like to meet this hume. Never seen one in real life," Wrex turned his red eyes to Xepard, "Unless of course, the specter needs to keep that secret too."

    Xepard glared at the krogan for a moment, before sighing inside. He never had the gift of inspiring his underlings, "Sure, no problem. Go ahead and feed it nuts for all I care. Just remember: no words gets in, no word gets out, until we reach the citadel. Got it?"

    Murmured assent from all involved. Aside from Tali, who seemed to be staring off into space. Impossible to read the face plate. As they filed out, the quarian stood slowly, walking towards Xepard.

    "Ah, Commander, about Saren..."
    "What about him?"
    "Did...Did your ambassador never tell you?
    "Tell me what?" The batarian commander glanced down, frowning at the quarian.
    >> Anonymous 09/12/10(Sun)19:22 No.12063614
    "Well- when you saved me from those thugs, you knew those were Saren's men, right?"
    "I had something more important to deal with at the moment," Xepard sat back down, irritated. Doubtless the alien's bizarre weak willed psychology was acting out. He'd listen, to the horrible bleating of the creature to shut it up, but he was sure it wasn't anything important.
    "Well- do you know WHY Saren was after me?"
    "Doubtless to recover something," Quarians were thieves after all. He only retrieved her as a favor to Garrus, for access to the morgue.
    Tali sighed, her hand coming up to her faceplate, "I had a recording. When you sent me back to the batarian embassy, your ambassador heard it, and took a copy for his benefit. He instructed me to wipe my own copy, to keep it a secret. Said that you would be briefed, and would go and make things right."
    Silence. Xepard stared at Tali, as she stood before him. Slowly he rose out of his chair, a sickly, angry feeling filling him.

    "What was on the recording?"
    "You- your ambassador never showed you?" Tali was confused as she backed a step away, confused and angry, "That lying litt- that slimy bastard! How could he-"
    "What. Did the recording. Say?"
    "I...I have a copy here."

    The haptic interface bloomed on her wrist, and her fingers danced across it. An orange glow suffused the two, as slowly, crackling voices came across.
    "-umaat Prime was a major victory. The beacon has brought us one step closer to finding the conduit..."
    >> PLOTHOLE FILLAN INEPTLY WOOOO Anonymous 09/12/10(Sun)19:23 No.12063631
    Saren's voice. Distinctly Saren's voice.

    "Why didn't you tell me this SOONER?!" Xepard found himself in Tali's face, yelling at the top of his lungs.

    "You-you never- the ambassador said-!"
    "The AMBASSADOR, is a FRIEND of Saren's you FOOL! Damn, damn, WILL DAMN IT," Xepard turned away, throwing a fist into a panel. The panel bent, and he was sure a knuckle or two of his broke, but he didn't care. He felt a fool. He felt manipulated, he felt an idiot, but more than anything else, he felt angry.

    He turned to Tali, standing, uncertainly, in the center of the room.

    Xepard breathed, angry, gritting his teeth, turning away to glare at the wall, before turning again, with a terrible purpose-

    To see Lieutenant Shepard standing before him, a hand on his shoulder.

    The sleeve was shorter than Xepard, but the hand gripped his shoulder hard enough to hurt. Shepard's eyes met his, cold, ice blue, small black dots like black holes in the center staring back.

    They stood there for a time, staring at each other, before Shepard broke the silence.

    "I just came by to ask where the bathroom is," Shepard smiled again, stepping back, still between Xepard and Tali, "You seem a little upset though. Something happen?"

    Xepard glanced beyond Shepard to Tali, then down to Shepard. When the hell did the transhuman get here? He couldn't have looked away that long.

    "No- yes. Yes, I've heard something distressing," Xepard stood straight, then, calming himself, bringing his will under control again, "If you'd excuse me. I need to make my report to the council."
    >> Anonymous 09/12/10(Sun)19:36 No.12063739
    Xepard distinctly heard a sigh of relief from Tali, followed by a curt, "Sir," before she walked out. Probably back to the engine to keep the overengineered piece of crap from falling apart.

    Shepard, on the other hand, lingered.

    "So, what the fuck was that about?"
    "None of your business, hume."
    "Really?" Xepard heard the human step a bit to the left, then the creak of chair as the transhuman settled in, "Well, I suppose that's true. If I'd been a few minutes later, it would have been law enforcement's business. What is it, CSEC?"
    "You don't know that," Xepard tried to keep his tone level as he turned to the human. Surprisingly not a smug expression there. Something approaching concern.

    "You're right. I don't know. And neither did you," Shepard leaned forward, "I'm not a part of your crew, I'm only a guest, but speaking as an entirely uninvolved observer? It looked like you were about to deck her. Might have broken the suit she's wearing- which, keep in mind, just from my research here- might have been a bad thing. I didn't want to get involved Xepard, but if the choice was between keeping your pride, and keeping you from murdering someone, well, I'm gonna have to go with the second."

    "Hume, I don't want any favors from you," Xepard leaned in then, close, "And if you ever lay a hand on me again, I WILL kill you. Are we clear?"

    Shepard sat there for a moment, shrugged, and stood up, "My apologies Commander, I'll just retire to my quarters," The human turned away, walking to the door, before turning back, "Though, uh, I was serious about the bathrooms. Where the fuck are they?"
    "Ask someone else!" Xepard turned forcibly back to the comms. He had some calls to make.
    >> Anonymous 09/12/10(Sun)20:03 No.12064020
         File1284336205.jpg-(139 KB, 773x800, 424.jpg)
    139 KB
    >> Anonymous 09/12/10(Sun)20:17 No.12064168
         File1284337068.jpg-(119 KB, 501x738, 14254_1210536980_medium.jpg)
    119 KB
    Will shepard be visiting ol' earth?
    >> Anonymous 09/12/10(Sun)21:01 No.12064663
    I imagine that would be a bad idea.

    Isn't Earth a super terribad death world in Eclipse Phase?
    >> Anonymous 09/12/10(Sun)21:20 No.12064855
    I bet that case just has the former Synth Body.
    >> Anonymous 09/12/10(Sun)21:22 No.12064873
    this makes for a good soundtrack while reading this stuff.
    >> Anonymous 09/12/10(Sun)21:26 No.12064909
         File1284341207.png-(2.05 MB, 2048x1024, Citadel.png)
    2.05 MB

    Instead, I'd rather we talk about a potential crossover RPG. Seeing as this IS /tg/ and all...

    In my opinion, dividing the timeline into 3 parts would be ideal. Pre Human Contact, Quarantine, and Contagion (because referencing the guy that did the prologue is a good thing). Set up each species as a type of "Morph". Probably shouldn't make them too radically different. I'd say there should be penalties for hopping into an alien's body for transhumanity- not that it'd fuck them up or anything, just that they'd stick out like a sore thumb because aliens can tell this 'un ain't right.

    Make it less apocalyptic "lol invasion of the body snatchers" somewhat.

    >> Anonymous 09/12/10(Sun)21:38 No.12065032
    It reminds me of the time that my DM recreated the plot of "Messiah" using an Infomorph with really high hacking skills and a TITAN "something" as the final boss.
    >> Anonymous 09/12/10(Sun)21:45 No.12065105
    It's all right writebro.
    How long will your break be? a few hours? until the next thread?
    >> Anonymous 09/12/10(Sun)21:48 No.12065132
    as long as quarantine is ridiculously short in comparison to contagion, and exposition/precontact is even shorter... lengthen them exponentially, don't make a cake with two thin foils of contagion and contact and one huge filling of quarantine .... humans don't take well to quarantine ... with nanofabbers , they'll outproduce the citadel in cruisers and frigs and dreads .... and proceeed to rape if pushed to far.. who needs them to have ezoo for ftl, stick to relays and use anti matter as fuel and warhads coupled with lasers and plasma ..........

    it wil be Tuchanka e4
    >> Anonymous 09/12/10(Sun)21:54 No.12065191
    Earth, where we use flamers to light our cigars, power armors to open our beer kegs, and call a night of drunken shooting ended by blowing up mini-nukes to be the best way to get into your girl's pants.

    God I love this planet
    >> Anonymous 09/12/10(Sun)22:44 No.12065735
         File1284345850.jpg-(2 KB, 300x57, image..jpg)
    2 KB
    >> Anonymous 09/12/10(Sun)22:51 No.12065809

    Earth makes Tuchanka look like a paradise. Exsurgent modified transhuman enclaves, hunter-killer nanoswarms the size of sandstorms, supersonic hurricanes that scour sections of the planet down to bedrock, and wildly fluctuating extremes in temperature across the globe. Some zones are arctic hellholes, others would be burning if all the fuel hadn't already been used up. The everglades are a desiccated wasteland filled with the carbonized husks of trees, and TITAN hunter-killers roam at will. There are only a few thousand transhumans left, eking out an existance under the residual fallout from decade old antimatter initiations, dodging killbots, and fighting back where they can.

    Any significant surface activity draws mass driver bombardment from the moon, and the threat of planet-wide antimatter bombardment looms over everything.
    >> Anonymous 09/13/10(Mon)01:06 No.12067518
    >> Anonymous 09/13/10(Mon)01:38 No.12067951
    Sounds like a real shithole.

    Need one of those solar explosion things like in that one Nicolas Cage movie to clean it all out.

    What exactly IS the Exsurgent Virus?
    >> Anonymous 09/13/10(Mon)02:09 No.12068438
    Ch'tulluesque Virus that can affect Organics, Synthetics, Mind and Software.

    at the same time.
    >> Anonymous 09/13/10(Mon)02:11 No.12068456
    Made by a collection of evil computers to fuck humanity over.

    The computers just up and left one day, no one knows why.
    >> Anonymous 09/13/10(Mon)02:15 No.12068502
    The Exsurgent virus is a crazy ass bio/nano/infoweapon that can infect pretty much anything.

    Organic? The bioweapon variant will get you. In a Synthmorph or environmentally sealed armor? A nanoweapon variant will eat its way in and infect you and start reshaping whatever morph you're in. Got a cyberbrain? Living as an infomorph? Congrats, you just got hacked and twisted into a tool of Exsurgent's masters. You don't think remotely like a human being anymore.

    The origin of the virus is spoilerific. You can find out more about it in the EP core rulebook, but I can tell you some of what it actually does.

    There's a few things it can do to you.

    1.) You become an inhuman monster, your mind and body warped in strange ways. You are inimical to Transhuman life and seek to kill and infect all that you see.

    2.) Your mind is taken over, and you act as an infiltrator, spreading the virus and acting against Transhumanity. You might gain strange paranormal abilities as well.

    3. The rarest form of Exsurgent infection: You gain paranormal abilities that cause SAN damage to anyone who witnesses them, but as far as you can tell your mind is your own. The virus also seems not to spread beyond you, meaning you won't knowingly infect anyone you encounter. God help you if anyone finds out though, because they'll kill you, use antimatter or really nasty incendiaries to destroy the body, and systematically hunt down and erase all of your ego backups.
    >> Anonymous 09/13/10(Mon)03:44 No.12069539
    >> Anonymous 09/13/10(Mon)05:16 No.12070134
    Bumping in hopes of seeing a continuation of this.
    >> Anonymous 09/13/10(Mon)05:22 No.12070167
    I'm making a playlist.

    VNV Nation+Two Steps from Hell+Something else, I just need to find something kind of sci-fi-y epic or something.

    And yes. My musical tastes do probably suck.
    >> Anonymous 09/13/10(Mon)05:32 No.12070237
    >> Anonymous 09/13/10(Mon)06:57 No.12070542
    >> Anonymous 09/13/10(Mon)08:04 No.12070838
    riftfag here, would rifts go well in me? or better in ep?
    >> Anonymous 09/13/10(Mon)08:22 No.12070918
    Bump for Transhumans.
    >> Anonymous 09/13/10(Mon)08:29 No.12070945
    I have never played Rifts. the Idea is that it doesn't end in a sudden inevitable curbstomp.
    >> Anonymous 09/13/10(Mon)08:32 No.12070957
    Well, whata'ya know.
    I just bought the hard back copy of Eclipse Phase.
    What a coincidence.

    "shillint internet"

    Sure thing captcha. You heard her Internet, SHILLINT!
    >> Anonymous 09/13/10(Mon)09:12 No.12071196
         File1284383541.jpg-(96 KB, 640x1056, thisthread.jpg)
    96 KB
    this thread.
    >> Anonymous 09/13/10(Mon)10:18 No.12071517
    >> Anonymous 09/13/10(Mon)12:01 No.12072260
    double bump
    >> Anonymous 09/13/10(Mon)13:51 No.12073295
         File1284400304.jpg-(34 KB, 504x377, BXINL5JOHOSBBLRPYYFU3M3I66IXSA(...).jpg)
    34 KB
    science bump
    >> Anonymous 09/13/10(Mon)14:05 No.12073428
         File1284401147.jpg-(34 KB, 640x480, gir18.jpg)
    34 KB
    SCIENCE! I tell you, SCIENCE!

    But first I'll sleep of boredom.
    >> Anonymous 09/13/10(Mon)15:38 No.12074293
         File1284406723.jpg-(27 KB, 500x400, 31985.jpg)
    27 KB
    one small bump for transhumanity...
    >> Anonymous 09/13/10(Mon)15:57 No.12074473
    Bump for justice!
    >> Anonymous 09/13/10(Mon)16:00 No.12074500
         File1284408044.jpg-(443 KB, 1200x960, 1284120856507.jpg)
    443 KB
    One giant leap for Renegades interrupts everywhere.
    >> Anonymous 09/13/10(Mon)16:04 No.12074540
         File1284408289.jpg-(20 KB, 550x347, duke_nukem_forever_dec07_art.jpg)
    20 KB
    Read that in his voice
    >> Anonymous 09/13/10(Mon)16:06 No.12074555
    Discuss something for the love of god! Don't just blindly bump!
    >> Anonymous 09/13/10(Mon)16:17 No.12074681
    I really wish modding an RTS wouldn't take so fucking long. from animations to design to coding and shit. it could take forever.
    I've had an Idea about an Eclipse Phase: Mass Effect in RTS form.
    Transhumans use "Loki" cases as cheap infantry, Fury morphs with Adrenaline Rush. Nanoswarm based superweapons that De-construct the enemies into collectable resources.

    Basically divided into 3 mayor factions. The Terminus Hegemony, The Citadel and The T.S.A. (Transhuman System's Alliance).

    With Thresher maws acting like the Worms from Dune and The Krogan, Quarians, Vorcha and the Shadow Broker's Agents as sometimes recruitable neutral forces.
    >> Anonymous 09/13/10(Mon)16:51 No.12075110
    Emperor: Battle for Dune style?
    >> Anonymous 09/13/10(Mon)17:01 No.12075265
    >> Anonymous 09/13/10(Mon)17:05 No.12075318

    Actually, watching the Civ V livestream at the moment- wouldn't be as smooth, but it seems like it'd be possible with the engine.
    >> Anonymous 09/13/10(Mon)19:13 No.12076895
    Is Contagion or another selfsagingwritefag here?
    >> Anonymous 09/13/10(Mon)19:50 No.12077341
    I suppose.
    What do you think it would be easier to Mod?
    a 2d strategy game or a 3d one?
    >> Anonymous 09/13/10(Mon)21:16 No.12078453
    The Campaign would be loosely based on the Mass Effect 1 plot.
    You start with the Batarian Hegemony on a overblown strike against a Transhuman Colony near Council Space in revenge against the Geth attack. Things start to go wrong once someone spouts "Plasma discharges coming from the surface. Intel says it should be light and harmless."
    Second mission would have you attempting to contact lost teams that where down during a surprise EMP surge.
    Third mission is the classic "Hold the line" 3rd mission of almost every RTS ever made.

    Subsequent mission will have you deal against the rachni, some more geth encounters and loosely following the pursuit against saren.

    In the end you gather evidence of Transhuman elements breaching the Quarentine zone but they totally dismiss any evidence against Saren
    >> Anonymous 09/13/10(Mon)21:16 No.12078461

    The second campaign deals with a newly appointed Spectre, Garrus Vakarian and the mission is to find how the Transhumans where able to breach deep inside Council space despite quarentine procedures and blocked Mass Relays.
    Among other mission you uncover more of Saren's plan, incluiding the Overlord mission(a experiment from Saren to test the influence of Indoctrination on Transhumans) and more of the slave Rachni army.

    The final mission is right after Virmire where you try to escape a Geth ambush a relay jump later you stumble on the Migrant Fleet unwillingly giving away their position to the Geth which proceed to launch a massive strike against the Quarians. You receive orders to retreat to the Citadel and that the Quarians will be given Assylum and should escape pronto.

    However, the Relay shuts down shortly after Garrus's frigate crosses, and it was all a plan of the Council to corner the Quarians in one place expecting the Geth to loose interest in destroying all organics.
    An optional Epilogue mission has you commanding the Quarian Last Stand.

    The third part is all about Transhumanity gathering possible allies in an "Enemy mine" fashion, it ends with Sovereign attack on the station and the Final mission has you commanding a squad made of the Heroes of all factions into the Citadel Tower.
    >> Anonymous 09/13/10(Mon)22:35 No.12079567
    last bump of the night
    >> Anonymous 09/13/10(Mon)22:37 No.12079596

    The two settings are too different from each other in both tone and scope to make for a balanced RTS. One is space opera, the other is hard sci-fi espionage/horror.

    The most likely outcome of a war between the two settings would be that the Citadel Alliance, with their massive fleet and monopoly on EEZO, wipes out most of transhumanity before they can mount an effective defense. A few ME ships are captured by transhumans, who pack them full of backups and make a run for the other side of the galaxy. 20 years later the Citadel is infiltrated by transhumans in keeper-morphs, they shut down the Mass Relays as millions of biotic fury morphs suddenly appear on every alliance world.
    >> Anonymous 09/13/10(Mon)23:11 No.12080078
    Just throwing around some Ideas while writebro is missing.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/10(Tue)04:12 No.12082339
    I really like ideas.

    Okay- how limited would you feel if I went where I was going with the plot? I'm going in a different direction, and I want to know now- do you want me to go down a road that you guys set, or do you want me to go crazy here?

    I have the crazy hope/dream that eventually a ME/EP crossover fan book would be made, with ideas for routes plotted out, but, apparently because I'm a massive faggot, I need to make the FANFCITONZ first.

    Also, I'll try to dump a lil' more. I just need to set up a loop of "Am I Human?" first.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/10(Tue)04:57 No.12082683
    Edan Had'Dah was not a particularly busy Batarian. Most visitors to the Batarian embassy held complaints, or protests. Eminently to the ambassador's favor, this could be handled by security, and rarely, if ever, did they have the status to deserve gentle treatment.

    In rare situations wherein law, custom, or popular sentiment demanded that the well trained security forces of ambassador's could not be used to screen Edan from work, the ambassador had a fine romance with excuses that he could draw upon. He particularly enjoyed "negotiating trade treaties." How vaguely important.

    Regrettably, Edan noted, glancing up from his datapad (Filled with literary files from Earth; poorly translated, stilted, but rather interesting once one learned to read between the lines) to the buzzing comm, blinking with the specter icon in holograph, in all probability, Xepard would not be the type to accept excuses, especially if he was calling what he thought he was calling about.

    "Balak?" Edan called out, standing up. A juvenile head poked around the door, "Ensure I'm not disturbed," Edan dourly tossed the data slate to his table, rising from his seat. He crossed his underfurnished room (Freshly acquired, in light of the batarian rise in status- no more shared embassy with the hanar for him!) to the communicator. He hesitated for a moment- tempted to put it off. But sighed, shook his head, and prepared himself for the worst.

    "Receive message."
    >> 008 09/14/10(Tue)05:10 No.12082768
    Transhumans more or less taking the place of the collectors in ME2, wiping out colonies on the fringe no one cares about, harvesting technology, setting up trapped nodes.

    The reapers would probably find transhumans disgusting or at the very least, petty tools like the geth.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/10(Tue)05:14 No.12082793
    Slowly, agonizingly slowly (The communicator was old- or some kind of interference? Taps? The ambassador idly wondered if it was CSec, or his own government), a hologram floated above the communicator. Xepard was standing there. Still in battle regalia. A touch histrionic, reflected the ambassador.

    "You knew."

    The words spat out of Xepard's mouth with an acrid touch. He was speaking the language of batarians, to be more specific, a slave tongue which had attained universality as the local language of hate on Khar'Shan. Edan blinked neutrally.

    "It is good to see you Xepard, though-"
    "Tumaat Prime," Xepard's hologram leaned forward, dissipating as it went beyond the emitter's range, but somehow, the occasional mote of light got across the sense of malicious presence, "You knew Saren was behind it. You covered it up," the first batarian specter stood back, quivering with anger, "Why?"

    Edan sighed. Irritated. Most war slaves were this way, trained and readied to be aggressive, and always trying to intimidate and attain dominance in conversation. Made them bloody ridiculous when they were speaking over hologram.

    Or to their betters.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/10(Tue)05:19 No.12082817
    Transhumanity, at least in my opinion, would be a bit more heroic than that- and be recognized for its heroism.

    Although, certainly it's heroism wouldn't go through without some blood on its hands.

    In my opinion, uneducated though it may be, the break down of the Exclusion Zone is inevitable. Humanity will be incorporated into Council Space, and to a certain extent, suborn and change it. For the better, mostly.

    Because...Well, because at least in this case, humanity is measurably better in every way than the Council, because of their willingness to utilize forbidden tech.

    It remains to be seen whether or not the hubris this grants will go before a fall.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/10(Tue)05:22 No.12082837
    "Heer," Edan spoke Xepard's second name, and was pleased to note the specter gave a sudden, stiff movement of surprise, "I did not tell you because it was irrelevant to you. The proper agencies were informed."
    "Who did you tell? Saren? Did you sweep it under the rug for him? Bury the deaths of OUR people, for the sake of currying favor with a TURIAN!"

    "Right species, wrong person," Murmured Edan, "Xepard, don't you wonder how you made specter?"
    "Don't try to change-"
    "They're intimately connected," Edan hissed stepping forward, and pointing, "Tumaat Prime was your crowning mistake in a career full of idiocies. Our ONE bargaining chip, you destroy, and kill a specter in the process," Edan stepped back, his teeth bared in anger, "You have the gall, after ruining the Hegemony's chance of ascendancy to lecture me?"
    "I don't-"
    "I was ready to give you up, Xepard. Even despite everything you went through to prove yourself innocent, you didn't understand an atom of politics. Who cared if you were innocent? We were going to drown in sanctions if we didn't hand you over, and sink into being a vassal race like the volus if we did," Edan smirked, "But you are a lucky bastard, Xepard, and your luck held out. I don't know if that Will you worship acted or not, but that quarian your pet turian stumbled across was the best thing that could have happened to us."

    Xepard stared blankly at the hologram, slowly, slowly, starting to realize.

    "You blackmailed the turian councilor?"
    "Yes," Edan shrugged, turning away, "You're not the best, the brightest, the bravest, or anything like that. You were just the most convenient-" Edan stopped, then turned back, "And the one that dug me up the evidence in the first place. Had to pay you back for that somehow, right?
    >> Anonymous 09/14/10(Tue)05:32 No.12082891
    Silence over the comm. A relief.

    "Xepard," Edan stood straight, staring neutrally at the hologram. The specter had looked away, off to the side now, "Tumaat Prime was a world barely a jump away from the Transhuman Exclusion Zone. It was a world constantly on the edge of treason and sedition. Not very populous. Survivors have already twisted the tragedy and are working to drain the Hegemony of every last credit they can get," Edan stepped forward, "And they will have justice. They know the geth mowed them down. Do they really need to know that a specter was behind it?"
    "If you think I'm letting Saren-" A little bit of fire was left in him.
    "Saren will be hunted down, and stripped of his status, if for nothing else than to keep me from holding it over their heads," Edan turned away, "It's all well under control, Xepard. Just- keep doing what you're doing," Edan turned, "And if you want to mention Saren's involvement? By all means, feel free- though, that might cost you your job," Edan frowned to an exaggerated degree, "Blackmail isn't much good when it's out in the open."

    Xepard stared back at Edan, his eyes narrowed.

    "You are the single most disgusting being I have ever encountered."
    "I told you you didn't have much experience with politics," Edan turned back to his chair, and his data slate, "Now, go and do jobs for the council like a good slave so batarians everywhere can hold their heads up high, feeling pride that one of their species has been so nobly accepted into such a worthy order for demonstrating the best that batarians can do, or something like that. I'm sure the propaganda department will give you a script soon enough, comms, cut."

    Whatever response that Xepard had died along with the comm. What a long day, the ambassador reflected. He'd have to take off early.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/10(Tue)05:46 No.12082949
    F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5
    >> Anonymous 09/14/10(Tue)05:52 No.12082986
    Xepard stared at the empty emitter. He felt a great deal of things. Most which were angry.

    As soon as Xepard got the chance, he decided, he would punch that smug fat bastard as hard as he could. Hopefully dislodge an eye or two. Maybe just gouge them out, Xepard wasn't picky.

    That could wait though. He waved his haptics into life, and then plugged a line to Derad Mro.

    "Have we launched yet?"
    "Nnnot yet sir, just waiting for the orde-"
    "Do it. I want to get to the Citadel as soon as possible."
    "Four hours, if I push it, but you'll have get spendy for the repai-"
    "Shut up, Mro."

    The lack of budget from Council or Hegemony was another problem, reflected Xepard suddenly. He also reflected he was very tired, and had gone through several near death experiences in the day, some of which involved full bodily trauma.

    Xepard walked back to his quarters. Not to sleep. He didn't sleep much these days- not since Tumaat Prime, and the beacon. Going through the thumb print scanned door, he knelt down by his bed, tracing the floorplates, until he found the loose one. It was hard to scrape under, but eventually he did, manage to pry up the heavy steel, to get access to the jar within.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/10(Tue)05:53 No.12082987
    He had said to himself, six or seven doses ago, that he would stop taking them. That it couldn't be helping him, that he was earning an addiction, that nothing could live for long without sleep.

    But every night, every night he slept-

    The dreams. No batarian dreams- no batarian should dream. But Xepard dreamt. He dreamt of skies blotted with steel, of fires boiling oceans. He dreamt of the death of flesh, the screams of civilizations.

    Xepard shut his eyes for a moment. No true batarian dreams. This was just the beacon's doing. He fished out the pills, little green, soft things, time released, meant for flight control operators on the citadel. He'd sleep later, when he wasn't around the crew. Someone was always watching- better they think he was an addict, than...What? Insane? Infected by some kind of alien virus? Soft?

    "Uh, Captain, sorry to interrupt-"

    Xepard's eyes slammed open. He was drifting there for a moment. He craned his head back, slammed the medicine down his throat. How many was that? Three? Who cares.

    "What is it Mro?" Xepard stood, staring off at the speaker in the corner of his room, damning it for interrupting him, "This better be important."

    "Message from Hegemony High Command...And the transhuman ambassador."
    >> Anonymous 09/14/10(Tue)06:07 No.12083049
    "Commander Xepard," The transhuman ambassador's voice came over the comms, even as Xepard was entering the bridge. Xepard reflected he had had about enough of ambassadors for his lifetime.

    "Ambassador. I was told this was a message from Hegemony Command- I can talk to you later, but we have some more important business to take care of-"
    "We're here too, Xepard," Another voice without source leapt through the air. Lord Romarok. Representative of his house, that clawed into a command position during the many coups of the 2160s. Not what he needed.

    Xepard sighed, "My lord, my apologies. I was not forewarned-"
    "Neither were we. A situation has just come up. I realize you're a specter, but you are batarian first, and that ship is still part of the Hegemony," Romarok's tone slowed, "And, a request has come of the council that we feel would be best for you to deal with."

    "A hostage crisis has just occurred in Hegemony space," The ambassador spoke now, "A band of turian separatists struck out at a fuel station orbiting Rosh."

    "And why are you asking me? This sounds like a job for CSec, or regular fleet."

    A pause. Lord Romarok clears his throat, hesitates to speak audibly, before the transhuman ambassador steps in with a note of impatience.

    "They claim to be holding transhuman hostages. As ambassador, I do not know whether or not they are legitimate travelers out of the Transhuman Exclusion Zone, but they are members of my species nonetheless. I desired to see them rescued."
    "And, we need to ensure the Hegemony's sovereignty remain secure," rushed in Romarok, "I assured the council that you were in the area, and capable of taking care of it."
    >> Anonymous 09/14/10(Tue)06:12 No.12083073
    "I have other things to do," Growled Xepard, "I don't have time for this-"
    "I'm giving you an order, Xepard," Lord Romarok dictated, "You will see to it that this situation is dealt with as soon as possible. Hegemony command, out."

    Xepard sighed, and turned away, when the transhuman ambassador spoke, "There's a little more I would like to tell you Xepard- ask Commander Shepard to connect to 'Fiat Iustitia.' He'll know what I'm talking about. Thank you for help, Commander."

    The comms clicked off.

    "So, uh, commander, want me to plot course there?"

    Xepard frowned, glanced back to the helmsman, buried in the control pit. The rest of the crew, well trained, looked away.

    "...Sure. And tell Shepard to meet me in the comm room. I suspect we have a lot to talk about."
    >> Anonymous 09/14/10(Tue)06:22 No.12083120
    Xepard was alert by the time Shepard came in. He felt raw still, but awake. That was good, if the prescription was right, it should last at least twelve hours.

    "Commander Xepard, I heard the ambassador called you about something?"
    "Yes, and he knows you're on the ship," Xepard scowled as he sat up, and Shepard took a seat opposite of him, "I assume one of my crew must have mentioned it?"
    "No, I did," Shepard waved a hand, "I connected to the extranet and shot a message to the embassy to let them know I was on a batarian ship."
    "Oh," Xepard blinked, "That, uh, that makes sense I suppose. In any case, the ambassador told me to tell you to connect to-" his tongue stumbled over the unfamiliar words, " 'Fee-at-yoo-stit-ee-ah."

    Shepard stared. "Fiat iustitia?"
    "Yes. My day has been filled with enough-"
    "No, no, I got it," Shepard's eyes closed, then his mouth grimaced. It took a few moments for Shepard to go through the data- Firewall data? Was the ambassador doing a job for Firewall? Or working for them?

    In any case, this was bad. Very bad.

    Shepard reflected momentarily (Again cursing the lack of a muse to hunt down background checks) that he expected a bit more professionalism from Firewall members. Falling in love with a quarian was a no no.

    Making the exsurgent virus pillow talk was an even bigger no no.

    Shepard's eyes opened. It took a moment for the reams of data to file away from the eyes, to stare at the Batarian's four.
    "You, uh, are you okay?"
    "Yeah," Shepard put on a fake smile, "Just dandy. Pretty important thing you got going on here. We going?"
    >> Anonymous 09/14/10(Tue)06:25 No.12083133
    >blargh. I'm dumb. And sleepy. I've doubtless alienated everyone, and pissed off everybody with all this meandering I do. I suck. I'm going to bed. I'm still going to be writing this though. agghhhhhh i'm a terrible human being. at least I know where i'm going for a little while. though i imagine that all this shit up in the air will crush me sooner rather than later
    >> Anonymous 09/14/10(Tue)06:52 No.12083256
    Was Udina as much as a douche as this Edan?
    MORE after writefag gets some sleep
    >> Anonymous 09/14/10(Tue)06:53 No.12083261
    I don't think Udina ever blackmailed the freaking council.

    Though to be fair, he never ran across anything to blackmail them with.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/10(Tue)07:48 No.12083513
    moar! moar ! moar!
    >> Anonymous 09/14/10(Tue)08:04 No.12083581
         File1284465849.jpg-(20 KB, 260x340, 75997_400afb2608.jpg)
    20 KB

    Give me some of the good stuff!
    >> Anonymous 09/14/10(Tue)08:29 No.12083732
    Falling in love with a Quarian?
    Is that a reference to that fapfiction we saw in the first EP/ME threads? :D
    >> Anonymous 09/14/10(Tue)09:12 No.12084031
    take your time .. as long as you write, we are happy.... just WRITE!!!!!!!!!1
    >> Anonymous 09/14/10(Tue)11:20 No.12084853
         File1284477609.jpg-(125 KB, 500x375, 404.jpg)
    125 KB
    stay alive! write! Write! write!
    >> Anonymous 09/14/10(Tue)12:14 No.12085284
    Awesome stuff so far. Definitely looking forward to more of it.
    Got a link? :)
    >> Anonymous 09/14/10(Tue)12:30 No.12085410
    It's on suptg, search for the Eclipse Phase tag on the Archives. I think it first showed up on the second thread, maybe.

    also this thread needs more soundtrack
    >> Anonymous 09/14/10(Tue)12:33 No.12085433
    right here bro.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/10(Tue)12:35 No.12085451
    Awesome. Thanks guys!
    >> Anonymous 09/14/10(Tue)12:58 No.12085662
    we know that on earth there is the most advanced tech burried, and reclamationists and survivors may link up ... sprouting here an idea about one or three destroyers that had the stealth to take of earth somewhere from a secret location through the blockade and killsats and are out to crave an empire strong enough to take the quarantine down from the outside... equipped with eezo ftl core courtesy of the reclamationist the most advanced destroyer is out in the galaxy to get fun and enough of a profit to get more people out of earth .... good idea ?

    >immodest plecal
    I know capcha, but i cannot let the EU, USA and the glorious russia die just so easy. Sunward only hinted survivors, but did not describe them enough.... the old ones are there , ready to reawaken
    >> Anonymous 09/14/10(Tue)13:28 No.12085900

    I was thinking more along the lines of recent advancements in the Pandora Gates allow for a more accurate transport of personnel across the Galaxy.

    (More likely it just happened to open a portal in THIS galaxy and near an undiscovered Mass Relay.)
    >> Anonymous 09/14/10(Tue)15:04 No.12086808
         File1284491085.jpg-(292 KB, 1600x1201, _mass_effect__fightermagethief(...).jpg)
    292 KB
    >> Anonymous 09/14/10(Tue)15:12 No.12086898
    the cake is a lie!!!!!
    >> Anonymous 09/14/10(Tue)16:38 No.12087672
         File1284496729.jpg-(79 KB, 640x480, animation_debut2.jpg)
    79 KB
    Oh boy, I wonder what Writebro is doing now!
    >> Anonymous 09/14/10(Tue)17:14 No.12087949
    hourly bump engaged
    >> Anonymous 09/14/10(Tue)17:21 No.12088010
    Sleeping apparently.

    This has to be one of the best crossovers I've ever seen though. I've got my own (completely unpublished) fiction about the interactions between a trans/posthuman society and aliens. I'd write it up except that it relies on lore which dates back about 15 years. I've constructed such a detailed history of it in my own mind that its possible no one else would get the significance of 90% of what's going on.

    Then again it didn't stop Tolkein...
    >> Anonymous 09/14/10(Tue)18:03 No.12088301
    post it up
    keep the thread alive so some good will come of it.
    might even be a good read ....
    >> Anonymous 09/14/10(Tue)19:06 No.12088913
    I would except most of what I have was written when I was 15 and its terrible. I might scan some of the notes which are more recent. Mostly made when I should have been taking notes on statistical mechanics which explains why I failed that module. Again the problem is that interpreting them requires knowing a lot of other shit. The setting originates from when I was 10 and watching TNG. Originally it was a Star Trek ripoff. Since then its changed completely but some of the major characters only make sense in light of the original conception.

    I meant to collate everything and turn it into a coherent setting with a game to go with it (with a 3d10 beat 30 base mechanic) once I finished university, but now I'm doing a masters so I have even less time.

    If you ever see a game released called 'Hypergiant' then that means I stopped studying real science long enough to start making shit up in the name of narrative.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/10(Tue)19:14 No.12089017
    I love this EP/ME crossover.

    Potentially GOOD HFY as opposed to a SHIT HFY which pretty much 99% of copypastas.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/10(Tue)19:14 No.12089018
    >> Anonymous 09/14/10(Tue)20:10 No.12089588
    last bump and I'm off to bed
    >> Anonymous 09/14/10(Tue)20:56 No.12090198
         File1284512179.jpg-(24 KB, 450x320, 1275984877260.jpg)
    24 KB
    >> Anonymous 09/14/10(Tue)21:44 No.12090862
    Where be thou?!
    >> Anonymous 09/14/10(Tue)22:15 No.12091269
         File1284516948.jpg-(28 KB, 500x375, 1277612861375.jpg)
    28 KB
    Shepard's core is sooooo much superior.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/10(Tue)22:18 No.12091316
    Just keep doing your own thing. It's damn good as is, and any of us who don't like your specific plot choices can still strip-mine it for ideas.

    Have you posted any of this to the EP forum, by the way? I'm pretty sure they'd like it; Creative Commons license is a wonderful thing like that.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/10(Tue)22:26 No.12091437
    Most of the setting was fleshed out by a namebro known as Contagonists.
    There's also the former writebro, that is not the same as our current one, but is a masterclass writebro by himself.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/10(Tue)22:46 No.12091710
    I was there during those threads. They were good days. I think I was the one who was arguing that the Reapers and TITANs should both be present, both be the result of ETI shenanigans, and be as hostile to each other as they are to the rest of sentient life.

    But I meant the Xepard writebro in particular. Unless there's more than one.

    Two things to draw from Sunward, I think: any cetacean uplifts that aren't already suryas or in morphs adapted to Europan-type oceans are going to want to visit the Hanar world, and the suryas are going to be the single freakiest thing for the Citadel races in a star system full of freaky things.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/10(Tue)22:58 No.12091866
    I'm thinking that the Factors could still play a part in this crossover, as something like the couple of species in the Revelation Space series that managed to avoid being completely exterminated by the Inhibitors; the Factors survived their encounter with the Exsurgent virus, and then either survived the last Reaper incursion or found enough evidence of the previous culls to know to hide their existence as much as possible.

    Or they could be the descendants of the Protheans that WEREN'T twisted into servitors of the Reapers.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/10(Tue)23:17 No.12092158
    Pandora Gates should still be there. And kept extremely secret by the Systems Alliance. Especially once they realize that the tech is completely different from the Mass Relays; the Gates are more thoroughly black-boxed, much less comprehensible, and don't work the same way.

    The Gate network also has minimal overlap with the Relay network, mainly because the Gates go inert when a Relay activates in a system. This is a "Gates being hidden from Reapers" thing, so the Reapers don't even know the Gates exist. The reason why transhumanity still has Gate access despite the Mass Relay at Charon? Well, when the TITANs left, they didn't bother to take the Gates out of administrator mode.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/10(Tue)23:23 No.12092224

    /r/ing third, fourth and fifth pics.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/10(Tue)23:27 No.12092268
    Looking at the map of Mars in Sunward, it appears that the spot where the Prothean ruins were in ME canon is on the ass end of nowhere as far as transhuman settlements are concerned. It's also a long way away from the Titan Quarantine Zone, so unless one or the other is moved (which would cause its own problems), the TITANS either never found the Prothean ruins, ignored them, or just left by a different route (the Martian Gate, in this instance).
    >> Anonymous 09/14/10(Tue)23:36 No.12092403
    Ah, here we are, just found some of my shit from the original thread:

    >It would be interesting to set the Reapers up as the ETI version of specimen tubes. Not that the Reapers themselves know this, or why they were really created.

    >And I expect the Reapers and TITANs would not get along very well as a result. Humanity (and possibly the Factors) are going to have been the only species in a very, very, very long time to have actually created AI advanced enough to trigger the Exsurgent protocols in their home systems; most other species never actually create Seed AI and just run into Stage 2 of the Exsurgent Protocols (the Reapers). The Quarians didn't either; their fuckup with the Geth was independent of ETI manipulation, although the Geth themselves are likely to run into the Exsurgent virus at some point.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/10(Tue)23:40 No.12092470
    factors could be another prothean uplift in this universe. one that received the warning about the reapers and suscessfully jettisoned their mass relay as soon as they could,or did something else to hide.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/10(Tue)23:47 No.12092591
    That could work. It would also explain why they need lighthuggers to get anywhere and practically nobody knows they exist; since they don't trust the Gates (possibly a good idea), don't trust the Relays (definitely a good idea) and aren't willing/able to quantum farcast their egos between starsystems, they just aren't going to be able to travel very far from their homeworld in a reasonable length of time.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/10(Tue)23:48 No.12092605
    I have to wonder how the reapers would react to the TITANS.

    I mean.. on one hand, it's an ancient alien race that hates all organics yet uses them in some lifecycle extermination.

    On the other hand.. the TITANS are.. well.. they could easily.. easily be at the reapers level or beyond. It's implied they are utterly alien, vastly more intelligent, and much more powerful than anything in the eclipse phase universe.. and possibly completely batshit insane as well.
    >> Anonymous 09/14/10(Tue)23:57 No.12092724
    Oh yeah, and another thing about the Pandora Gates that helps keep them balanced in comparison to Mass Relays: transhumanity has no idea where any of the other gates are relative to Sol. They have a rough idea of how to link to some specific worlds, but with no clue where they bring you out relative to other inhabited worlds they aren't immediately useful the same way the Mass Relays are.

    The Gates might be a Nimitz-class carrier in comparison to the two-man kayak of the Relays, but since the Relays are actually comprehensible more can be done with them. For now.
    >> Anonymous 09/15/10(Wed)00:07 No.12092874
    They would probably brofist and attend at a tea party dressed in togas.

    >> Anonymous 09/15/10(Wed)00:14 No.12092960
    I've been reading over the old threads, and there's a decent bit of stuff in http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/8236197/ that was probably mine. Or at least somebody who sounds like me. A lot of it is about how the Reapers, TITANs and ETI might fit together in at least semi-coherent fashion.
    >> Anonymous 09/15/10(Wed)00:24 No.12093086
    Bump. Is there really nobody here to work on OC? I thought summer was over.
    >> Anonymous 09/15/10(Wed)00:40 No.12093279

    Much like the clap, summertime /tg/ lingers long after the event itself.
    >> Anonymous 09/15/10(Wed)00:45 No.12093364
    I'd thought that OC was how we cured that sort of thing.
    >> Anonymous 09/15/10(Wed)00:58 No.12093530

    Ain't no real cure for the clap, son.

    You can drive it off for bit, but it always comes back.
    >> Anonymous 09/15/10(Wed)01:02 No.12093564
    I thought that was LSD.
    >> Anonymous 09/15/10(Wed)01:10 No.12093668
    man i'm tired

    But no. This is pushing on to the finish.

    But fuck me, this has been...A shit ton. And I'm slower than shit.
    >> Anonymous 09/15/10(Wed)01:24 No.12093847
    If you're the Xepard writebro, then feel free to wait until you're not exhausted; no need to fuck yourself up just for something on /tg/. This thread should still be here when you get back.
    >> Anonymous 09/15/10(Wed)01:33 No.12093954
    >still rereading old threads

    I'd forgotten that the Illusive Man was the transhuman Ambassador to the Citadel.

    That should be a recipe for some fun times.
    >> Anonymous 09/15/10(Wed)01:51 No.12094114
    One last bump to increase the chances of this thread making it through the night.
    >> No Man 09/15/10(Wed)02:01 No.12094210

    You can create another thread when you're awake again, if you think this one is going to sink.
    >> Anonymous 09/15/10(Wed)02:09 No.12094298
    So... do you have thoughts on how the stuff in Sunward would affect this mashup?
    >> Anonymous 09/15/10(Wed)04:29 No.12095588

    It's been awhile since I last read Sunward, but here's something from the top of my head.

    First, if the Morningstar Constellation has had it's way the terraforming of the upper atmosphere of Venus would be complete by the time that Mass Effect 1 occurs. I would imagine that this would make the inner system power balance would shift around a bit, even if trans-humanity has access to other garden worlds. Also, I think that the Volus would be interested in the trans-humanity's aerostat technology, because it would allow other species to share their planets.

    Second, the survivors on Earth. Considering that the electronic defenses of the Planetary Consortium were completely and utterly breached before the formation of the System Alliance, I find it improbable that PC could keep the lid on the survivors and their own operations on Earth. Considering that the entire PC has been saying for years that there is nothing left on Earth, except leftover TITAN warmachines and some Exurgents. The truth coming out would have an major effect on the public image of the hyper corporations.

    I probably missed something, but those situations should have some far reaching consequences.
    >> Anonymous 09/15/10(Wed)05:23 No.12095884
         File1284542639.jpg-(99 KB, 640x480, 640px-Mass_Effect.jpg)
    99 KB

    Another thing, unrelated to Sunward.

    I am having trouble wrapping my head around just how Transhuman Exclusion Zone would work. Giving the transhumanity the systems they had already colonized plus 30 other ones, sounds awfully complicated. Considering that the Turian could just blockade the mass relay in the Exodus cluster leading to Sol, and any other relays that aren't on the map. Leaving transhumans confined within the Local Cluster. The Turians might also blockade any inactive mass relays within TEZ, because they probably wouldn't trust transhumanity's more radical elements to not activate them. This would meant that there is foreign military presence within TEZ, and I am quite sure that it would really rub many transhumans in the wrong way.

    Another possibility is that the TEZ would expand to the Exodus cluster, but this would mean that the Turians would have to blockade at least three major Mass Relays, one of which leads to the Citadel. This would probably really strain Turian resources, and would give an excellent reason why Batarians would be given the right to colonize the Skyllian Verge. To build up their resources to the point, where they can help the Turians guarding TEZ.

    One more thing, to my knowledge star cluster consist dozens if not Hundreds of stars, so the total surviving transhuman population of about 650 million would still have plenty of room even if TEZ only included the Local Cluster.
    >> Anonymous 09/15/10(Wed)05:59 No.12096074
    the known galaxy of ME by citadel affiliated spiecies goes around the whooping 2% of it. they can only bar humans from that, what is known. ANd as knotact was made at Shanxi as per ME cannon with the most exquisite ewar since the cylon genocide of the colonials, I do not belive the council got any maps o great accuracy of the Transhuman space, so ... there may be other relays activated by transhumans and unknown by council leading to who knows where.

    Tribble - Omega is run from the shadows by transhumans, using a comely warlord as a face- currently Aria- in a eezo extraction and smugling operation .

    >failling Cosmetics
    Look at your body, now back to mine. Now back at your body now back to mine Sadly it isn't mine, but if you stopped questioning yourself and applied for a morph it could be similar tomine. Look down, back up, where are you? You're browsing through morphs, choosing the body you ought to have . What did you choose? Back at me, it's a mod you couldn’t imagine before. Look again the reezult is now diamonds. Anything is possible with legit transmorphs for aliens. I'm on a Spacebike.
    >> Anonymous 09/15/10(Wed)07:37 No.12096479

    Yeah, there's plenty of living space in the TEZ for everyone and their forks, especially considering that the transhumans aren't restricted to the surfaces of earth-like worlds.

    There are still plenty of reasons for people to want out of there: Adventure, tourism, cultural exchange, technology, art, sex, paranoia, rebellion, EEZO sources, those are the simple reasons. More complicated reasons might involve tracking down where the TITANS went, or finding a still dormant ETI trap in another system to study. Some might decide that spreading out to the stars is the only way to prevent transhumanity from being exterminated should the TITANS return, or the Citadel races turn on them, or if some other yet unknown threat manifests itself.

    Of course, for every reason a transhuman might want to escape their prison, there's a dozen reasons why an alien might want in: To the Krogan, a race with extensive experience in genetic manipulation and no grudges against them must seem like a godsend. The Quarians might see transhumanity as kindred for surviving the rebellion of their creations, as monsters for embracing AIs as brothers, or simply as a trading opportunity. The Hanar might view transhumanity's uplifting of lesser species as a sign of divinity or an act of blasphemy. The Volus would see a potential for profit. The Salarians will be curious, but paranoid. The Turians see a clear threat. The Asari just want to have sex with everything.
    >> Anonymous 09/15/10(Wed)07:39 No.12096487
    people's bump!
    >> Anonymous 09/15/10(Wed)07:55 No.12096566
    so, we agree that the blockade cannot be actually enforced except in citadel controlled space without it actually being an act of war and/or straining turian and possibly citadel military way to much even to keep the transhumans out of citadel space
    >> Anonymous 09/15/10(Wed)08:01 No.12096603
    also, if someone want to have meet and greet there is always omega, the traverse and terminus... systems not controled by anyone in particular that are up for grabs and can be used for impromptu exchange places...

    Transhuman ship appears. Drops a crate.Disappears
    Asari ship appears. Picks a crate. Disappears

    Salarian ship appears.
    Transhuman ship appears.
    -crate exchange. Disappear
    Turian ship appears.
    Transhuman ship appears.
    Thay make faces at each other while the turians drop a crate. then look cross eyed while the Transhuman picks it up. Disapear.
    Transhuman Ship appears. Begins building a Station. - may do some repairing, tending, and open up a cafeteria for people waiting for crates
    >> Anonymous 09/15/10(Wed)08:23 No.12096729

    I only played ME1, but in that game it seemed like humanity and all of the alien species seemed to spread themselves really thin when it came to colonizing. They would have one homeworld with billions of people and dozens of colony worlds with maybe a few million people each. It seemed like the Mass Relays made interstellar travel so cheap that it was often preferable to trade for what you needed rather than spoiling your garden worlds with mines and factories.

    In contrast, Transhumans have spent centuries fighting gravity for every scrap of matter in their one little system. Give them cheap anti-grav and interstellar travel, and they'll look like a swarm of locusts to the Citadel races.
    >> Anonymous 09/15/10(Wed)08:30 No.12096764
    This is what Tim listens to in the embassy.
    >> Anonymous 09/15/10(Wed)08:32 No.12096770
    -Relays can be shutdown from the Citadel
    -Turian fleet is more fuckhueg than you may think
    >> Anonymous 09/15/10(Wed)08:37 No.12096794
    >Transhumans have spent centuries fighting gravity for every scrap of matter in their one little system. Give them cheap anti-grav and interstellar travel, and they'll look like a swarm of locusts to the Citadel races.
    This the major concern of the Citadel Species, it is what drove them to do such desperate acts like giving the batarians a seat. They are gearing up for the worst.
    >> Anonymous 09/15/10(Wed)08:50 No.12096843
    as far as i knew citadel is only used as a realy big station and not as a control of the relay network by the council. sure it truly is a master relay, but nobody knows it yet. xcept the reapers
    >> Anonymous 09/15/10(Wed)09:01 No.12096873

    >Relays can be shutdown from the Citadel

    At this point the Citadel races don't know that.

    >Turian fleet is more fuckhueg than you may think

    Well, there is not much to go on that because, the only official numbers we got is the number of dreadnoughts Turians have is 37 in 2183 (ME1) and 39 in 2185 (ME2), with no mention on the number of cruisers and frigates.

    So personally it wouldn't be unreasonable for them to hold the mass relays leading to TEZ, but when you consider that the Turians are also responsible for the security of much of the Citadel space, and the number of criminal operations you run into during the games, imagine what it would be like if there was considerably less ships on patrol.

    Depending on the number of entry points into TEZ and having to permanently station an fleet on every single one, will put an real strain on the Turian fleet, especially if they try to maintain the same level of patrols.
    >> Anonymous 09/15/10(Wed)09:04 No.12096881
    yes, so it ought to be more of a paroling kind of enforcing . Hightend interval patrols with surprise inspection along the system that are liked primary and secondary to human space...
    >> Anonymous 09/15/10(Wed)09:43 No.12097053
    It was mentioned that they shut down the Relay connecting to the Yahg homeworld, that was 60 years before ME1
    so they know how to shut down relays.
    >> Anonymous 09/15/10(Wed)10:05 No.12097161
    I thought they just "quarantined" it. If they could shut off relays back then, why couldn't they shut down the ones the rachni came through?
    >> Anonymous 09/15/10(Wed)10:10 No.12097178
    Is there any trainer/cheat/savegame editor for ME2 that makes you start out with full paragon and renegade? I know they exist for unlimited minerals but I kinda want to play one game where there won't be "shit I need to take paragon on this one or it will fuck me over later". Also if someone can paste the link to that savegame site, would be much appreciated.
    >> Anonymous 09/15/10(Wed)10:13 No.12097189
    There's the Gibbed editor, you can get it for Xbox and PC. It also lets you mess around with Shepard's powers and everybody's guns.
    >> Anonymous 09/15/10(Wed)10:14 No.12097198
    Afaik you can do that in notepad if you want to. I only want paragon+renegade points and minerals.
    >> Anonymous 09/15/10(Wed)10:15 No.12097203
    How the hell is thi thread still around?!
    >> Anonymous 09/15/10(Wed)10:17 No.12097214
    You do know that you can do that all on the first panel of the Gibbed editor, right?
    >> Anonymous 09/15/10(Wed)10:18 No.12097221
    Nope. Thanks for sharing, I misread the earlier post as "it lets you mess with guns and shit". Now I only need to acquire the DLCs and I'm game
    >> Anonymous 09/15/10(Wed)10:27 No.12097267
    actually what it does is change the weapons loadout.
    You can. for example. give full weapons loadout for you and all your squadmates ME1 style.
    I think there's a mod that returns individual power's cooldown. but I may be wrong.
    >> Anonymous 09/15/10(Wed)10:33 No.12097292
    That's Coalsced.ini modding. Saved game modding lets you overwrite the guns your teammates have with other guns, but you can't give Tali a sniper rifle in addition to her shotgun and pistol, for example. XBox gamers can't do those things because the Coalsced file has to be the same size as the original file for the game to work.
    >> Anonymous 09/15/10(Wed)10:35 No.12097300
    Yarr. It be nice day to be a pirate.
    >> Anonymous 09/15/10(Wed)12:58 No.12098178
         File1284569882.jpg-(115 KB, 604x840, 1273371360134.jpg)
    115 KB
    >> Anonymous 09/15/10(Wed)14:26 No.12098953
    Still reading through my copy of Sunward, but once I finish I'll probably have some new ideas on what's up with the Planetary Consortium in EP/ME.
    >> Anonymous 09/15/10(Wed)14:40 No.12099101
    more interested in earth survivors ...
    >> Anonymous 09/15/10(Wed)15:21 No.12099553
    Huge fan. Just had time to read through a thread.

    Would contribute, but I know next to nothing of EP, though I've played ME1 and most of 2.

    ME, EP. MEEP?
    >> Anonymous 09/15/10(Wed)15:28 No.12099624
    Eclipse Phase: Mass Effect.
    >> Anonymous 09/15/10(Wed)15:46 No.12099821
    >Would contribute, but I know next to nothing of EP

    In that case download these and educate yourself:


    Both of these books are mostly fluff, the first one is the core book, that introduces the setting, and the second one expands on the locales and factions of the inner solar system.

    Also, there is an wikia for Mass Effect that I use for fact checking, might be useful.

    >> Anonymous 09/15/10(Wed)15:50 No.12099863
    Thank you much. I shall endeavor to make your efforts rewarding.
    >> Anonymous 09/15/10(Wed)17:43 No.12101091

    There's nothing like a powerful but poorly understood threat to ratchet up defense spending. You can bet that after losing the First Contact War the Turians will be bankrupting themselves and their client races to make sure they're ready for round two.
    >> Anonymous 09/15/10(Wed)17:56 No.12101239
    That's actually one of the tidbits of Contagion.

    "The Turian peacekeeping fleet is currently ballooning to unsustainable levels. Whatever trauma that the Turians felt after the war with humanity has blinded them to reason and logic."

    "43 dreadnoughts have been manufactured, with a further seventeen planned. The Hierarchy claims that with the new reports of geth infringing on the Terminus systems, that war is inevitable and they should be ready, but they simply do not understand the fact that their fleet will strain the already limited supplies of element zero to their very limits."

    "Oh sure, of course the turian projections show that they have enough to cover engine and barrier needs for their fleet- ignoring, of course, the increased drain that mines and transports will put on that. You spend element zero to get element zero, councilor, I don't need to remind you of the panic of 2170."

    "Why go to you? Well, though I represent a subject species of the Hierarchy, we are also mindful of our position in council. We always try to do our best to ensure that citadel space's economy functions after all- we take our responsibilities very seriously."

    "Why yes, thank you. I would be only too glad to discuss this proposal further in the Tower. My people shall be very pleased. The files, along with all keys to necessary sources, shall be forwarded to your office immediately."

    -Din Korlack, Volus Ambassador to the Citadel
    >> Anonymous 09/15/10(Wed)19:38 No.12102407

    Getting more EEZO shouldn't be a problem for someone with 43 dreadnoughts. Some might think it's wrong to use military strength as economic leverage, but they'll be singing a different tune when the transhumans finally make their move.
    >> Anonymous 09/15/10(Wed)22:38 No.12104720

    Thanks for the reading material.
    >> Anonymous 09/15/10(Wed)23:14 No.12105161
    Ooops, I derp'd a little.

    If writebro decides to continue this story anytime soon, it wouldn't hurt if someone archives it as soon as the writefagging starts. Because goddammit, too many threads where lost because people where too afraid to archive it thinking it was already archived.
    >> Anonymous 09/16/10(Thu)00:20 No.12105939


    Remember kids, the archive automatically filters out duplicate threads, so there's no harm in making sure. Just don't fuck up the tags.
    >> Anonymous 09/16/10(Thu)00:20 No.12105944
    I always preferred "Mass Effect: Contagion" or "Eclipse Phase: Contagion" because the original person I'm basing my work off of WAS called Contagionist... Figured it'd be a nice nod.

    Not to mention it kind of fits into the themes and ideas I've got.

    In any case, jesus, this fucking thread has lasted a really long time. I am pretty freaking honored, but you guys don't have to keep bumping it along. It's convenient for me, but it's got to be a pain in the ass for you guys. Admittedly, I'd be leery of dragging this out and annoying /tg/ by having it keep popping up, but whatever. Okay, I'm going to chuck some more durpwrite down.
    >> Anonymous 09/16/10(Thu)00:42 No.12106197
    it has lived for days! It shal survive for more for you and/or writerbro to do their thang and us to debate thingies while bumping.

    we be ridin' slowmo'
    But lastin'
    The rest ya'll be mofos'
    but blastin'
    >> I should try prewriting these things out sometime, huh? Anonymous 09/16/10(Thu)00:47 No.12106277
    Connection achieved.

    Room formed: 843uboia.40.sixsixsix.CERB.NET
    Runner has joined the room!
    Runner(16:43): hello
    34axZ has joined the room!
    Runner(16:45): there you are
    34axZ(16:45): Hey.
    34axZ(16:46): I'm lieutenant shepard ambassador tell you about me?
    Runner(16:46): no yeah
    Runner(16:46): i know just give me a bit

    Shepard leaned away from the console finding it hard not to facepalm. An advantage of organics, you don't feel like an idiot when you engage in too human expressions. Still, it was hard to suppress a feeling of nostalgia- when was the last time Shepard had chatted through text? Couldn't even remember.

    The monitor blinked. Runner finally found the courage to speak.

    Runner(16:50): youll save her right?
    34axZ(16:50): Sure. Just tell me the details.
    Runner(16:51): well magnus introduced me. a friend of a friend.
    Runner(16:52): she was curious
    34axZ(16:53): You don't need to tell me the whole story. I know you were doing your part for inter species relations.

    Shepard paused a moment, staring at the screen. It was an attempt at a friendly joke, but...Shepard sighed. It wasn't clear in text. Unless of course...

    34axZ(16:54): :P

    Sometimes, Shepard really hated the job.
    >> Anonymous 09/16/10(Thu)00:54 No.12106356
    Runner(16:54): sorry
    Runner(16:56): ne way we met a lot this was before the latest ambassador. ambassador oneill never thought it an issue so i didnt bring it up.
    Runner(16:57): it was an issue.
    No shit.
    Runner(17:00): but that wasnt the big thing. ambassador wanted to know what i was doing what i was talking to her about n stuff
    Runner(17:01): someone hacked her drones ppl were following her
    Runner(17:01): she didnt feel like she could trust me
    Runner(17:01): so i told her the whole story. about me. about my job. who i was.
    34axZ(17:02): Your work for Firewall you mean?
    Runner(17:02): yes
    Shepard reflected that getting fired might be the least of her worries.
    Runner(17:03): she was a doctor very smart doctor.
    Runner(17:04): so she was curious about what the virus was.
    Runner(17:05): i gave her some files
    Runner(17:05): nothing confidential though. just the bare minimum stuff.
    Runner(17:05): thats when she vanished i knew she was on her pilgrimage for the quarians
    Runner(17:06): i thought shed moved on.
    Runner(17:06): then she shows up in that turian terrorist video in the background
    34axZ(17:07): You think she joined them?
    Runner(17:08): i think she was kidnapped
    Runner(17:10): i think the turians were watching her. i think she was kidnapped for getting close to me then they found out what she knew and. . .
    34axZ(17:11): She knows about the exsurgent virus?
    Runner(17:12): yes
    Shepard stared blankly at the screen. Firewall really needed to work on recruitment standards.
    34axZ(17:13): Send me everything you told her. Everything you ever communicated with her. Then, tell absolutely no one that you ever knew her. Forget about her.
    Runner(17:14): okay
    Runner(17:15): you will get her back right?
    34axZ(17:15): Of course.
    34axZ has left the room!
    >> Anonymous 09/16/10(Thu)00:57 No.12106388
    A wave of Shepard's fingers set a shut down sequence on the terminal. A minor program slipped into it would run through the thing's hard drive, wiping everything off of it. Shepard had forcibly disconnected the thing from the ship power supply, and had connected it to a battery so hopefully most of the monitoring programs wouldn't know the terminal was even on to watch.

    Yet somehow, Shepard was sure that someone had seen it. And Shepard was sure that Catherine, working in the transhuman embassy on the Citadel, would soon be under scrutiny.

    For her sake, Shepard hoped she didn't love the quarian. Relationships rarely survived the full weight of politics.

    "All hands, we are approaching mission site. Make combat ready."

    Shepard also realized that the less to see what the turians knew, the better.

    Shepard turned away from the terminal in the bowels of the Skyllian, and climbed the ladder up to the bridge to start an argument.
    >> Anonymous 09/16/10(Thu)01:01 No.12106438

    Captain, we a mayor shit approaching the fan sector really really fast, It's on collision course!.
    >> Jesus fuck i love two steps from hell "Am I Human" thank you anonymous Anonymous 09/16/10(Thu)01:09 No.12106555
    Commander Xepard stood in the command pit, looking down at the monitors. All exterior cameras at a proper angle were staring at the fueling station.

    No lights. A turian frigate was docked with the station, but appeared to be inactive- as it was, the thing was in a decaying orbit headed for Rosh, and would crash into the planet in six days, if the computer's calculations were accurate.

    "Stealth systems?"
    "Active. We won't be picked up on IR, but we're in visual range," Derad Mro glanced back, "I don't think anybody's home. We haven't gotten a single ping."
    "They're intimidated," Khlor'Hak pulled back a grin, "Playing dead. That frigate's no match for our ship. And they know the Hegemony isn't intimidated by deserter turians," Khlor'Hak glanced back to Xepard, "Strike at their frigate now, take out what little weapons they have, and they'll be begging to surrender."

    Xepard ignored them both, staring down at the monitors. Small fueling station. The Skyllian had fifty ship breacher soldiers, with full environmental suits. They could probably board the thing, and have a better chance of recovering living hostages. At least a better chance than opening up a full salvo on a ship in a precarious dock.

    That did look haphazard at best. What were the turians thinking?

    All batarian eyes turned back, eyes narrowed. Oh, great.
    "How- who let you into the bridge!" Shouted Khlor'Hak.
    "Let myself, doesn't matter-" Xepard rolled his eyes and stood from his monitors and turned to the transhuman.
    "Hume? We don't usually let aliens walk around in one of the most advanced ships in the Hegemony fleet, much less on to the bridge. I hope you have a good reason?"
    >> Anonymous 09/16/10(Thu)01:09 No.12106563
    Killing spree ! Killing Spree! Killing Spree!
    I can foresee: no survivors. the hostage unfortunately have lost their life in the fire exchange. Some people turned up dead afterward, probable backlashes of the terrorists
    >> Anonymous 09/16/10(Thu)01:10 No.12106568
    everything is awesome so far.
    Unfortunately I must catch my 40 winks now. ( more like 10 and a half by this point) hopefully this thread will still be then or at least safely tucked on the suptg archive.
    >> Anonymous 09/16/10(Thu)01:22 No.12106709
    If you loved that, wait until you hear these.
    Enigmatic Soul

    Machines Collide

    Black Blade, or as I call it. Batarian Spectre Induction

    Destiny of Mankind

    Down with the Enterprise

    Freedom Fighters

    2000 leagues
    >> Anonymous 09/16/10(Thu)01:24 No.12106733
    Boarding through MAC gun! This is now a transhuman maneuver. Have ppl in metal bodies, specialized( think variable fighters or transformers) one mode as MAC round , the other as assault/boarding unit.
    >> Anonymous 09/16/10(Thu)01:27 No.12106773
    "It's about-" Shepard frowned, leaned around Xepard, "You...You don't have a massive window thing? No big displays?"
    "Shepard," Xepard growled, a patience already worn to shreds by lack of sleep and a stimulant addiction wearing thin.
    "Sorry. It's about the job- I just got a little more info. Ah-" Shepard frowned, glancing at the rest of the crew, "Do, do they have to be here for this? I was instructed to keep it hush hush."
    "Shepard," Commander Xepard took a step forward, and leaned in so only he and the hume could hear, "I have been patient enough. I have taken your lack of dignity and respect of command in stride because you are an alien and a guest. But there is only so much I can do to protect you-"
    "The turians might have a nanoweapon," Shepard whispered back.

    Xepard paused. He bit his lip- his crew were already impatient and angry with him for taking a transhuman on board. That might translate to action if he was seen conspiring with an alien. On the other hand...

    "How bad are we talking."
    "Ship eating bad," Shepard realized that this was possibly the only time that he had lied to Xepard. It would be much worse than that.

    Xepard sighed. An angry crew was better than a frightened crew.

    "Very well. Khlor'Hak, you have bridge. Hold our position, DO NOT fire, do not do ANYTHING, unless they do something first."
    "Ah, the stealth systems?" Derad Mro spoke again.
    "Leave them," Xepard stepped into the ship following Shepard.
    "Sure, why not just boil to death inside, not like the Skyllian is renowned for being a poorly working over designed flying death trap," Xepard managed to hear the beginning of the helmsman's rant before he shut the door behind him.
    >> Anonymous 09/16/10(Thu)01:31 No.12106834
    Fragments of Deception

    Building Jumper
    >> yay more musics Anonymous 09/16/10(Thu)01:37 No.12106938
    "Fine hume, you have my attention. How did the turians get a nanoweapon?"
    "It's only a possible nanoweapon, came up because the transhumes they supposedly captured are supposed to be weapons dealers from what they said. We don't really know all the details yet," Shepard jumped back as Xepard's fist rammed into the steel wall.

    "You're lying," Xepard leaned in, "Shepard. If you don't want to see how long you can hold your breath in vacuum, you'll start speaking the truth."
    "I'm not simple. I'm telling you right now, Shepard, that I need to know everything," Xepard leaned back, "Now. They have a nanoweapon, do they? Care to elaborate?"

    They stared at each other for a time in the cramped corridor.

    "Nothing else. Just-" Shepard sighed, "We can't send in the whole team. Or else they'll get tipped off, and fire the weapon."
    "If we act fast enough-"
    "You can't move faster than they can hit a switch," Shepard waved a hand, "We need to keep a small team if we want a chance of saving these hostages. Turians pride themselves on being masters of personal combat. If they don't feel it's unwinnable, they'll leave it until the last resort, which, if we act fast enough, will be too late."
    "And if it's too late?"
    "We lose a handful, instead of a whole ship."
    Xepard glanced back. Sound, he supposed.
    "You can send in Kadin and Ajli to keep an eye on me, with Tali's tech and my knowledge of-"
    "I'm going," Xepard turned away, heading down the corridor, "And you're staying."
    >> Anonymous 09/16/10(Thu)01:53 No.12107178
    Shepard for a moment stared ahead, mind overwhelmed with how bull headedly stupid one would have to be to say that, before turning and chasing after the batarian.

    "Xepard, you can't be-"
    "I can be, and I am serious," Xepard walked ahead, singlemindedly, moving with the inertia of an iceberg. Crew jogged around him smoothly, like a river around a boulder. Bumping into Shepard at every opportunity.
    "You don't want to go without me, Xepard." Shepard strained past a bulky batarian in breach armor. It was a struggle to prevent himself from decking the asshole, who was probably smirking beneath the helmet, "You don't know what you're dealing with!"
    "I'll manage, hume," Xepard took a sudden left turn, losing Shepard for a bit. The human managed to glide around a couple of crewmen with admirable agility.
    "Damn it Xepard, you're smarter than this," Shepard found anger rising into his voice despite himself, "Don't turn a mission into a pissing contest!"
    "You are a detained alien that trespassed into Citadel Space," Xepard shouted over his shoulder, "Not a member of this crew," Xepard strode into the quartermaster's, making a beeline for his locker, "You're not getting on my shuttle."
    "For the love of-" Shepard paused, thinking, then gave up, "Fine, whatever," Shepard hissed, "See you on the station."

    Xepard ignored the probably delusional hume. He had to make a stand sometime. And the hume was probably right- had been before- about the threat on the station.

    "But like Hell I'll let some alien order me on my ship," murmured the batarian, as he yanked the helmet from his locker, and pulled it on.

    "Wrex, Tali. Suit up, and meet me at the dock."
    >> Anonymous 09/16/10(Thu)02:05 No.12107359
    Xepard glared at the krogan.

    "Put your damn helmet on."
    "Krogan don't get sick," Wrex responded, "Besides. Makes it harder to aim."
    "It's not a disease, it's nanites," Tali spoke now, tweaking her own filters, "We don't know how small humans can make them- best to play it safe. Otherwise you might have a lot of machines chewing out your lungs."
    Wrex sighed, leaning over and grabbing his helmet, "As soon as we find out there's nothing, I'm taking the thing off. It's a pain in the quads. I like to feel my enemy's blood on my face," Wrex paused, gave a slight grin thinking about the upcoming assignment, "Especially turians. This'll be good."

    "Khlor'Hak, maintain orbit until we call. If the turian frigate decouples, and tries to escape, disable it if possible, destroy if there's nothing else you can do. We'll send an all clear once we're done. Xepard out."

    Xepard glanced between his team mates, then nodded. He'd pilot- it would be just those three, if the worse came to the worse.

    Xepard wondered if the Skyllian would be able to sterilize the wreck of nanites, or if it would fall on Rosh. Freshly colonized. It would be a shame if it got ruined at such a young age.

    "Lift off in 1, 2...3."

    The Harvest class shuttle was renowned for being a slow, unwieldy, bottom budget creation. Batarian Arms went with the low bidder for it. However, it had some features that made it worth while- sixteen inches of armor for one thing, a belly mounted mass accelerator, and some (weak) shields.

    These expensive precautions served the shuttle well when the exsurgent infected biomorph floating a kilometer out from the fueling station detected it.
    >> Anonymous 09/16/10(Thu)02:06 No.12107371
    So I finally got around to reading the Eclipse Phase book and I have to ask: Why would we uplift other species? I can understand a couple of lab tests just to see if we could do it, but why would we go to the trouble of performing large-scale uplifts?
    >> Anonymous 09/16/10(Thu)02:07 No.12107375
    Rich furries.
    >> Anonymous 09/16/10(Thu)02:10 No.12107401
    For SCIENCE!
    And because we can.
    >> Anonymous 09/16/10(Thu)02:12 No.12107432
    Two brains are better than one principle. Multiple species, multiple perspectives, and too much reading of David Brin, great author though he is.
    >> Anonymous 09/16/10(Thu)02:17 No.12107498
    >Implying furries can be rich after spending 95% of their money on poorly drawn images of their Fursona.
    >> Anonymous 09/16/10(Thu)02:20 No.12107531
    Xepard was only aware of the exsurgent when it hit the side of his shuttle, and wrapped a tentacle around the cockpit window. The shuttle computer immediately voiced complaints about an additional four tons of on the shuttle, and that if in an atmosphere or affected by gravity, to immediately contact the nearest flight controller to be guided to a safe crash.

    Xepard for a moment found this humorous until he noticed the windshield was beginning to crack.

    "Emergency shuhtters!" Xepard shouted, jumping back from the console. The computer reacted admirably to the audio command, dropping steel and titanium in front of the eight inch thick glass to prevent vacuum from claiming any more oxygen.

    As the gray and steel moved to close it, Xepard gawked at the limb. It was a limb, not a tentacle. Brown, ice touched flesh, poking out hairs that moved- he saw for a moment, underneath that terrible skin, many shapes drift, like hands beneath a blanket. Many of them. It wasn't a tentacle, Xepard realized in some distant corner of his mind. It was an arm.

    Two things brought him out of his reverie. One was the calm ship's computer:

    "Warning. Crash imminent."

    The other was the acrid smell of something burning above him.
    >> Anonymous 09/16/10(Thu)02:26 No.12107620

    Do you need someone to perform some menial labor, but you don't want to pay them too much? Uplift an ape and pay him in bananas.
    >> Anonymous 09/16/10(Thu)02:32 No.12107707

    Oh ho, they are royally fucked. I hate batarians, every batarian that the could be killed in game got their brains splattered on the wall.
    >> Anonymous 09/16/10(Thu)02:34 No.12107725
    If I was a praying man, I would be praying that this is still up in the morning so I can finish it up. Failing that, I'll have to settle on the archive.

    I mean, it is archived, right?
    >> Anonymous 09/16/10(Thu)02:38 No.12107771
    Whole lot of dead humans means we need more cheap labor.

    Also, for the fun of it.
    >> Anonymous 09/16/10(Thu)02:41 No.12107804
    Back in the passenger room, Xepard heard a shotgun discharge. Not unreasonable, all things considered. He climbed back into the chair, ignoring the hissing above him, and the computer's warnings of armor penetration, and that the shuttle wasn't secured for Grade 6 Environmental Hazards and focused on trying to steer the thing into landing properly.

    The thing must have had some means of propelling itself- not as strong as the shuttle, but strong enough to push it off course. The shuttle's camera was blocked, meaning Xepard had to fly by radar- with a three second lag on updates.

    "Wrex!" Xepard pulled up, a bad idea on reflection as the intertial dampeners cut, nearly sending him out of his chair, "You better have kept your damn helmet on! Hold on to something, and stay away from doors!

    Xepard punched the emergency door open function.

    In the depths of space, about five hundred meters away from the fueling station, onlookers could have sworn a giant mutant starfish was trying to devour a shuttlecraft. The designers of the Harvest class were well aware of the maneuvering problems of the thing, and had compensated by installing all manner of safety features. One of which was the emergency discharge system. To Batarian soldiers everywhere, it was as feared as enemy artillery. The early models had certain problems, foremost of which that it would automatically go off if it sensed the door was blocked. If it sensed an obstruction within fifty meters, it would discharge the door with explosive force, sending bolts and shrapnel flying with force enough to cut a man's head off.

    This shuttle was an early design.

    A series of rapid fire cracks (inaudible in vacuum, but deafening to the shuttle goers) sent the bolts holding the door secure flying off at roughly three times the speed of sound.

    The creature lost a limb, but was otherwise unfazed, as it clung on to shuttle, now out of control and plunging for the fueling station.
    >> Anonymous 09/16/10(Thu)02:52 No.12107914

    >> Anonymous 09/16/10(Thu)02:53 No.12107915
    "Xepard! What are you doing? Get us back to the Skyllian!"

    Tali's voice was in Xepard's ear, screaming over the radio. That was probably the smart thing to do, wasn't it? Oh well.

    "We're landing! Brace yourselves!"
    A limb reaching through the now open shuttle, with what seemed a forest of waving stingers received a blast from Wrex for the trouble. Three more took its place.

    Through the radar, Xepard got the gist he was close to the station. Very close. Xepard throttled down the speed as low as he dared with hostile alien life clinging to the side, gave a silent prayer, and dove for what seemed to be a section of the base still under construction.

    The exsurgent was moving itself bodily into the shuttle when it suddenly found its main corpus impaled on an unfinished spar. Unfortunately, it was still clinging to the shuttle, slinging the Harvest class, with Xepard, Tali, and Wrex in it, spinning off into the incomplete station.

    The inertial dampers quit entirely, focusing instead on keeping the shields of the shuttle up to prevent it from being destroyed entirely. Xepard didn't have the benefit of strapping himself into a crash brace in the cockpit.

    Immediately before he slammed into the rear wall of the cockpit, a last cogent thought went through his head: maybe I should have listened to the human.

    Then, all was dark.
    >> Anonymous 09/16/10(Thu)03:03 No.12108008
    Oxygen supply, 38%. Armor integrity, critical. Oxygen supply, 38%. Armor integrity, critical. Oxygen supply, 38%. Armor integrity, critical. Blood loss, extreme. Medigel, empty. If you are concious, please seek medical attention. Oxygen supply, 38%. Armor integrity, critical. Oxygen supply, 38%...

    He was standing at the edge of a vast ocean (He had never seen an ocean). He had come here, the last year- for a day commemorating his birth (He never knew when he was born). The water lapped at his toes, bringing unbidden memories of childhood (He grew up in the city).

    Now though, it was night (He was on a ship, in space. He couldn't tell), far from the days he loved. Yet, it was as bright as day. Fire, lashed the sea, from horizon to horizon. He heard the screams of cities, a haunting refrain of his mother's (He never knew his mother). He remembered so much. But what did that matter?

    The reapers had come, to wipe it all awa"Xepard."

    Oxygen supply, 27%. Armor integrity, critical.

    "Shut up," whispered Xepard, dismissing his armor's warnings. He shuddered, sitting up- it stung. A lot.

    "I gave you as much medigel as I had Xepard- are you okay?"

    Xepard blinked, looking out. Between the ragged, twisted steel of the station wall, he saw the stars, underlined by the curve of Rosh. Just like the shore.

    No. He had never been to a shore. That was a dream. An alien's dream.

    "Fine," murmured Xepard, standing slowly. His armor was definitely not in any good shape, but Tali was an expert at making things last, putting the omnigel to good use, "Where's Wrex?"

    "He...Fell out. About the time we crashed."
    >> Anonymous 09/16/10(Thu)03:15 No.12108119
    Thrown out in the death spin the shuttle had been put into more like. Xepard shook his head. No use crying about it. That wouldn't bring him back.

    "Right," Xepard picked himself out of the remains of the shuttle- almost entirely whole, he admired. They built Harvest class to last, Tali following behind, her shotgun out, "Well, that wasn't as planned."
    "No, Xepard, no it wasn't," Tali's voice was pregnant with irritation, "I don't think getting attacked by some strange...Thing, and steering ourselves into a crash landing on the station was the plan," a pause, "Sir."
    "No that wasn't the plan Tali, but I do intend to get out of here," Xepard turned to her, "And that involves going into the station, and resolving this crisis."
    "To be frank sir? You just went through a shuttle crash unbraced. We've lost a third of our team, and-" At this Tali swept out a hand. They were standing amidst a forest of girders, unfinished floors, and loose drifting cables, "We're going to have to navigate through microgravity to actually get to the station in the first place. Why don't you call the Skyllian, and have them pick us up?"
    "The turians might pick it up, and I'd rather not hedge my bets on the ship getting here before a turian bullet does," Xepard shook his head, "Tali, we're going to do our mission, and that's final. Alright?"

    Tali stared, then shook her head, "Stubborn, suicidal, bosh'tet... Fine," She waved, "Those cables look like life support feed. Should lead to where we need to go."

    She stepped off, carefully keeping a hand on something stable at all times, followed by Xepard.

    Neither noticed the rare, few, drifting horridly twisted and mutated looking bodies among the debris.
    >> Anonymous 09/16/10(Thu)03:25 No.12108210
    Urdnot Wrex had lived a long life. Surprisingly, he had thought little about death over the course of his life. When he was younger, he sometimes worried he would die. He was invariably been proven wrong, so when he got older, he resolved that him dying was somebody else's problem, and they could worry about it. For him, he was more focused on living.

    He didn't really dislike Xepard- Xepard had let him kill Fist after all. But Xepard had certain habits that provoked irritation. For instance, this job. No real reward to it. Just doing it because someone had asked him to was bad enough, but more importantly, it involved crashing a shuttle, and slinging Wrex out into the void of space.

    Wrex mentally resolved to start asking Xepard questions ahead of time concerning the job from now on.

    At least he had his helmet- he wouldn't die from oxygen deprivation at least.

    Although, Wrex noted as he sailed towards the massive, limbed, fanged creature impaled on the broken girder, he might well die from something else.

    His shotgun was out and aiming at the thing (Well, usually at where it was in his aimless pirouettes) when the thought came to him that if he pulled the trigger, he would be sent in the opposite direction. Which, he determined, would be away from the station.

    In theory, he could try gambling on maneuvering himself around by shot after shot- or he could fly head long into a monster twice his size and try to kill it with his knife.

    The thing wasn't much bigger than a thresher maw after all. And it looked like it had lost a lot of blood already. Might as well try it.
    >> Anonymous 09/16/10(Thu)04:11 No.12108530
         File1284624702.jpg-(15 KB, 350x203, mass-effect2x-thumb-350x203.jpg)
    15 KB
    >> I FEEL ASLEEP. You've probably already noticed. Anonymous 09/16/10(Thu)04:23 No.12108618
    Crawling from cable to cable, girder to girder, through the silent skeleton of the station, Tali and Xepard had little if anything to talk about.

    Their guns up and eyes open, they maintained their silence, keeping watch for any surprises. They didn't discuss what had attacked them- both knew the other didn't know. Xepard had a sneaking suspicion that Shepard would have known, and Tali was feeling frustrated at the near brush with death they had run into without forewarning.

    In both their cases, they felt it best to not talk about it.

    They grew closer to the station itself- they could feel in their feet the dim vibrations of engines, of living machinery. they made a final leap between incomplete floors, from the half finished to the unpolished.

    The markings were what they noticed first. Long lines, set at strange angles, running along. In the color of rust. They crossed, split, and went away at random. The hallway had no lights- an intimidating sight.

    A dead turian was further in. He was torn in two.

    "I think this is more than a hostage situation, Xepard."
    >> Anonymous 09/16/10(Thu)04:26 No.12108639
    >Blargh. I feel burned out. Probably lost you guys.

    >I hope I didn't fuck up with exsurgents.

    >Anyway, uh, I'm taking a break. A long one. But this time, I'll write out shit ahead of time. So less of "OH MAN IS THIS GOING ON OR NOT". I dunno. Want to get through this side mission (Which hah, I thought would be quick. NOPE. Cause I don't know how to write) at least by next thread's time. If there isn't one, it's alright, I'll start one.

    >Also, how do I make pdf? I'd like to actually make this, y'know, /tg/ related. Instead of the incredibly depressing fact I'm putting this much thought into a fanfic.

    >Anyway, thank you for the attention. Hope you aren't totally disgusted with me, and pity me for being a sad sack of shit to warrant your interest and then run it into the ground. Night.
    >> Anonymous 09/16/10(Thu)04:30 No.12108665

    OpenOffice has the option to export to a PDF, IIRC you can get the option for MS Office but I don't remember how.
    >> Anonymous 09/16/10(Thu)04:35 No.12108691
    EP/ME wil live on. Hurray!
    Anyone run a campaign in this setting? or used it ?
    How did it turn out? please tell us
    >> Anonymous 09/16/10(Thu)07:27 No.12109634
    Your fanfic is BAD and you should feel bad!.
    >> Anonymous 09/16/10(Thu)07:55 No.12109742
    Writefag is good. You are a cunt.
    >> Anonymous 09/16/10(Thu)08:20 No.12109871
         File1284639608.jpg-(26 KB, 300x230, women_laughing.jpg)
    26 KB
    >he doesn't get BIZARRO
    >> Anonymous 09/16/10(Thu)08:20 No.12109874
    >fanfic is BAD
    Not all of it. This is miles ahead of the shit that passes for fanfic on lots of sites.
    >> Anonymous 09/16/10(Thu)08:25 No.12109899
    >Imagine Wrex using shotgun blasts to fly around and land on the station
    You sir are a writefag of immense awesomeness and quality.
    >> Anonymous 09/16/10(Thu)08:29 No.12109919
    >> Anonymous 09/16/10(Thu)08:39 No.12109967
         File1284640770.jpg-(314 KB, 800x1230, supbat67-2.jpg)
    314 KB
    Are you dense?
    Are you retarded?
    I'm the goddamn Batm-

    How is it possible that in this day and age there are people that doesn't get BIZARRO! speak
    >> Anonymous 09/16/10(Thu)08:40 No.12109977
    No one has used that in a long time, my friend. It is all but forgotten.
    >> Anonymous 09/16/10(Thu)08:44 No.12110003
    >This is miles ahead of the copypasta shit that passes for HFY on this site.
    >> Anonymous 09/16/10(Thu)08:50 No.12110038
    Amen, although there have been a few funny/decently written HFY stories lately like that one with the bird people who relied on anti-grav or something and a human sharing a room, i fucking loved the epilouge
    >> Anonymous 09/16/10(Thu)09:10 No.12110162

    You are awesome, your writefaggotry is awesome and I eagerly await your return.
    >> Anonymous 09/16/10(Thu)09:11 No.12110171
    Oh, where is it!
    Its the first time I heard of both of them, is it archived?
    >> Anonymous 09/16/10(Thu)09:31 No.12110310
    >> Anonymous 09/16/10(Thu)10:28 No.12110795

    >Veil of Madness is epic.
    >> Anonymous 09/16/10(Thu)10:35 No.12110829
    The sequel was particulary interesting I must admit.
    >> Anonymous 09/16/10(Thu)11:35 No.12111266
    NO WREX!
    Don't use your fucking knife, If my guessing is true that Exsurgent strain makes the Necromorphs look like a mild cough.

    Don't die, plz? ;_;
    >> Anonymous 09/16/10(Thu)14:41 No.12112710
    no, we are still here. still waiting.
    >> Anonymous 09/16/10(Thu)14:58 No.12112871
         File1284663484.jpg-(55 KB, 500x458, wtf-pics-sooo-sleepy.jpg)
    55 KB
    Waiting for writebro.
    >> Anonymous 09/16/10(Thu)16:14 No.12113580
    Pretty much all of them do, actually.

    Although I think this particular one might be the "On the Cover of the Corebook" strain. That one's a bitch even by Exsurgent standards.

    Also, going to guess that what goes wrong on Virmire here is an Exsurgent infestation, caused by Saren thinking he could actually control the results of his experiments. The fact that he can't comes as an unpleasant surprise to him. The fact that the virus works on anything that isn't either a Reaper or as heavily indoctrinated as Saren is an unpleasant surprise to Sovereign.

    For that matter, that the virus exists at all is an unpleasant surprise to Sovereign, given that creating it would be far beyond even the Reapers' abilities.
    >> Anonymous 09/16/10(Thu)16:29 No.12113718
    ME2 gave pretty heavy hints about the motivation of Reapers. I imagine them to be along the lines of:

    Allow new civilizations of young races to flourish only to harvest the best to preserve them for eternity and culling the remainder to create space to allow new "crops" to evolve. The cycle repeats.

    What I don't get is why the Reapers want the new races to develop on particular lines of tech like mass effect tech. ME2 endings and Mordin's observations on the Collectors imply strongly that finding your own path of tech development is important and saving the Collector base is bad.

    In EP, humanity has gone off on it's own tangent of development in a huge way. Perhaps this is what the Reapers fear?
    >> Anonymous 09/16/10(Thu)16:50 No.12113962

    There was idea about the reapers, Exurgent virus and the ETI, that I really liked.

    It goes like this; Both the Reapers and the Exurgent virus are creations of the ETI. The purpose of Exurgent virus is to destroy any emerging races that might achieve an technological singularity. (transhumanity) When a race triggers the virus, it will attempt to destroy the civilization that triggered it and upload as many minds as it can. After the triggerees have been sufficiently devastated, the virus returns to the point of origin with the uploaded minds, that are then studied.

    The Reapers are basically specimen dishes for races that can't or won't trigger the Exurgent traps. (Mass Effect races) About every 50k years, the Reapers will clean out the trash, assimilating the races in to several dreadnought sized vessels and then return to the space between galaxies to wait for new civilizations to mature.

    Also, the Reapers have no idea about their true purpose, so the Sovereigns villainous posturing was just simple ignorance.
    >> Anonymous 09/16/10(Thu)17:03 No.12114104
    >What I don't get is why the Reapers want the new races to develop on particular lines of tech like mass effect tech

    The mass relays and Prothean ruins scattered all around the ME universe insure that all sentient races will discover mass effect technology early in their development. Cheap anti-grav and interstellar travel makes colonizing planets and harvesting resources so easy that they never needed to devote any effort to inventing new stuff. The Citadel Races have been technologically stagnant for millennium, all of their advances have simply been refinements of mass effect technology. I wouldn't be surprised if agents of the Reapers were responsible for the Citadel's fear of genetic engineering, AI, or anything else that might artificially accelerate the development of sentient races.

    The Reapers make things easy so that the races that inherit the Citadel will grow fat and lazy and stupid. Once they are advanced enough to make a good meal, but not yet so far along that they might discover something dangerous, the Reapers show up.
    >> Anonymous 09/16/10(Thu)17:49 No.12114572
    I'm pretty sure that the fear of AI and genetic engineering has something to do with the "Quarians made the Geth OH SHIT GETH ARE KILLING EVERYTHING" and "Krogans get improvements to fight the Rachni OH SHIT KROGANS ARE KILLING EVERYTHING" in the backstory.
    >> Anonymous 09/16/10(Thu)17:54 No.12114618
    Where does TITAN fit in?
    >> Anonymous 09/16/10(Thu)17:55 No.12114628
    >I'm pretty sure that the fear of AI has something to do with the "Quarians made the Geth OH SHIT GETH ARE KILLING EVERYTHING"
    Nope, that was there before the Geth pwned the Quarians. Tali tells you this in ME1.
    >> Anonymous 09/16/10(Thu)17:57 No.12114647
    Perhaps agents of the Reapers (or even TITANS, though I know little of EP,) engineered the rachni wars or the Geth rebellion EXPRESSLY to reinforce those fears. Sort of like an electric fence to keep the cattle in the grazing area, technology-wise.
    >> Anonymous 09/16/10(Thu)18:05 No.12114735
    TITANs are still exactly what they were in EP canon: human-built AI networks that bootstrapped themselves into full seed AI, found the Exsurgent virus traps in the Solar System, and were rapidly infected and driven insane. After beating the shit out of transhumanity, they uploaded a few billion minds and buggered off through the Pandora Gates.

    They are considerably scarier than the Reapers, because they're far more alien, probably smarter, and definitely crazier.
    >> Anonymous 09/16/10(Thu)18:09 No.12114772
    They actually hint in ME2 that the Reapers were responsible for the Rachni. The Geth, however, were entirely the Quarians' fault.

    If any of the TITANs run into the Geth, though, shit's going to get real ugly real fast. For that matter, the fact that Geth sentience is very much like TITAN sentience (as in, a crapload of nonsentient processes that achieve sentience as you network them together) is going to freak transhumanity right the fuck out.
    >> Anonymous 09/16/10(Thu)18:13 No.12114815

    Who's to say the Reapers didn't have a hand in the awakening of the Geth, or the Quarians' decision to try and terminate them? The Krogans didn't get genetic improvements, they just got the technology to escape their post-apocalyptic death world. The genetic tampering came when the Salarians decided to neuter them. The prohibitions on genetic engineering may have been partially intended to prevent anyone from finding a cure for the genophage.

    Hell, if you get paranoid enough, you might wonder if the salarians had help developing the genophage. Saren's Krogan factory certainly shows that the Reapers understood how it worked.
    >> Anonymous 09/16/10(Thu)18:20 No.12114875
    If the ETI are the Reapers, did they Indoctrinate the TITANs?

    Conjecture: TITANs are still partially benign. TITANs were created with a prejudicial mandate to win the war. In a sense, they did "win" and did so in such a way that everyone got what they wanted whether they understood that or not. Those forceably uploaded now imprisoned in their own perfect VR paradise.
    >> Anonymous 09/16/10(Thu)18:26 No.12114957
    >The Geth, however, were entirely the Quarians' fault.
    Technically, it's partially the Council's fault for being inflexible dicks,
    >> Anonymous 09/16/10(Thu)18:30 No.12114991
    For an explanation of the Exsurgents-Reapers-ETI connection, see >>12113962
    >> Anonymous 09/16/10(Thu)19:20 No.12115406
    I don't see it that way.

    The Geth where an accident.

    The Quarian's current state however is the council's fault.
    >> Anonymous 09/16/10(Thu)19:29 No.12115477
    The Council apparently has no knowledge of subtlety. They probably would've sent in the Turians to deal with the Geth instead of letting the Quarians deal with it. So the Quarians tried to kill the Geth to avoid becoming slaves of the Turians and that's how we ended up with the Geth/Quarian situation.
    >> Anonymous 09/16/10(Thu)19:52 No.12115690
    I don't really see that.
    afaik The Council never ever liked AI tech but the smug Quarians were very sure of themselves and their advanced technology. The Geth rebellion caught them totally by surprise. The other Council races were only too happy to see the Quarians humbled and blamed them for unleashing AI on the Galaxy.

    Quarian basically occupy a very similar brash innovative niche as Humans do except the Quarians got screwed.

    A point on the Jovian Bio-Conservatives. These guys hate Transhumans and won't resist the opportunity to play the Transhumans and the Council off against each other. I wouldn't put them past working with Saren either.

    I consider the major flaw of Transhumans is disunity.
    >> Anonymous 09/16/10(Thu)19:57 No.12115728
    Actually, they didn't do anything on purpose, they are still not only not doing anything but also actively sabotaging any attempt by the Quarians to colonize a new world.

    I'm really impressed the Quarians haven't gone apeshit so far, had the same fate happened to Humanity we would have RKKV'd everything and everyone out of spite 299 years ago.
    >> Anonymous 09/16/10(Thu)20:30 No.12115989
    FTL drive. FTL interception. Etc.

    Also, the QQuarians are too poor for that.
    >> Anonymous 09/16/10(Thu)20:31 No.12116004
    Only works if you see the object coming BEFORE it slams into your planet at .99c
    >> Anonymous 09/16/10(Thu)20:34 No.12116035
    .99c is much harder to achieve than you think it is.
    >> Anonymous 09/16/10(Thu)20:43 No.12116114
    Not in Mass Effect it isn't.
    >> Anonymous 09/16/10(Thu)20:45 No.12116130
    Fags who never read the Cerberus News Network.

    There's no such thing as FTL interception in the ME universe.

    Haven't you heard about Ballum Blast? A Turian terrorist group DESTROYED the ecosistem of a planet by ramming it with a lousy shuttle at FTL speed.
    >> Anonymous 09/16/10(Thu)21:13 No.12116318
    >Haven't you heard about Ballum Blast? A Turian terrorist group DESTROYED the ecosistem of a planet by ramming it with a lousy shuttle at FTL speed.
    No he didn't. He obliterated the colony's capital, but it didn't fuck over the ecosystem. You're thinking of that Hanar planet that got fucked over by a passing comet.
    >> Anonymous 09/16/10(Thu)21:14 No.12116324
    Touche. Point conceded.
    >> Anonymous 09/16/10(Thu)22:35 No.12117283
    My bad. Looked it up, you are right.
    It is still impressive.
    >> Anonymous 09/17/10(Fri)03:02 No.12120290
    I suppose transhuman ships ought to have more firepower and have different classifications, say destroyer( as in core book somewhere) a inbetween the cruiser and frigathe of the citadel races, using a large amount of drones and stealth systems or missile spammer and stealth systems, the first beeing far better at creating a very large net of sensor nets to detect incoming ftl ships, much like the Normandy frigate yet at in more grander and cost effective manner.
    The second would be your every day U-boat in SPACE! sneaking in with the stealth on and unleashing an alpha strike greater than a cruiser but a lower dmg/s. Destroyers would be maneuverable enough to still engage in knife fights with frigates and tackle them even with inferior numbers due to their greater size.

    Let's not forget carriers. Transhumans ought to be the only ones with access to them, as a way to bring large amounts of infomorphfighters, drones and frigate sized gunships to the fight while being economical with the eezo. This ships would benefit from a missile/MA/laser combined point defense able to deflect incoming dreadnought shots and missile strikes, therefor forcing the enemy to close in.

    The typical features of a transhuman ship would be the "sprint" a high powered antimatter torch that would forget all semblance of subtlety and stealth in favor of brutal, unattainable(without Mass Effect for non-transhumans) speeds.

    I'd like to leave the tactics and strategy part of the transhuman fleet to someone else.. so if someone would lend a hand, it would be much appreciated.
    >> Garrus 09/17/10(Fri)03:08 No.12120339
         File1284707291.jpg-(183 KB, 593x714, 1277796288782.jpg)
    183 KB
    Huh... didn't see this thread...

    Here's mine...

    >> Anonymous 09/17/10(Fri)03:12 No.12120373
    Not to forget, EP missiles are antimatter, so ME races would invest heavily in the Gardian arrays. Salarians would congratulate themselves on their foresight of having the best one...

    Also, have optical cloaking for destroyers, making the transhuman starcrafts more of really creepy ghosts, as everyone would meet destroyers and carriers being deployed only in really important actions. The Transhumans might not have the numbers, but they should keep that aura of creepy thingies especially in space. Turians , and any crews that have to patrol citadel space especialy on the Transhuman border or the buffer zone should always be on their toes and become slightly paranoid, saying that the transhumans are always somewhere close, watching and waiting. This should keep the dislike and not-understanding of transhumans at a reasonably high level at least in the military of the citadel

    >winling unconfined
    Yes capcha, they are not so confined as the citadel would have it's citizens believe...
    >> Anonymous 09/17/10(Fri)04:02 No.12120848
    wouldn't animatter warheads pass way over the 32 Kilotones of a dreadnought main gun?
    >> Anonymous 09/17/10(Fri)07:06 No.12122035
    >> Anonymous 09/17/10(Fri)11:05 No.12123178
    Bump because this has been going since last sunday, and I can't let something that old die.
    >> Anonymous 09/17/10(Fri)11:20 No.12123257
    just took sunward down, to read about the coorporations and ships , if there are. may go writefag on you, but very low possibility
    >> Anonymous 09/17/10(Fri)12:08 No.12123587
    Transhuman smart missiles would be far closer to what that name implies. Transhuman warships would be able to boost, fire weapons or use stealth systems for longer than Citadel warships due to not needing to accommodate squishy organics. Transhumans are also likely to go in for "boarding parties", in the form of flinging combat drones at enemy ships to cut their way inside and kill everything. Transhuman ships are going to be able to repair themselves in combat, assuming they have sufficient feedstock and nanofactory capacity. In general, transhumans are going to be much better at coming up with new plans on the fly, especially if there's enough processing power to run a simulspace, because they can kick their clockspeed up well past real-time in order to think.

    Of course, these advantages all depend on the level of transhuman presence in a given system. Sol, for example, would be a nightmarish combat environment for the Citadel, whereas a transhuman fleet operating at the Citadel itself is going to lack a lot of these advantages.

    tl;dr transhumans are like Batman in that prep time is critical to them beating everything
    >> Anonymous 09/17/10(Fri)12:27 No.12123697
    so, transhuman ambushes and patrols would be stuffs of nightmares, while having a very hasty aid from them would let the "modern" legends somewhat lacking...

    It would be fitting :) And yes, boarding morphs shot through MA cannons punching through armor then going all transformerlike estending Plasmacutter arms and whatnots ... delicious ....

    still stiking with the classes from
    >> Anonymous 09/17/10(Fri)14:04 No.12124529
    I wonder if the Salarians ever had some "in case of Out of Context situation" plans drawn up for this kind of stuff.
    >> Anonymous 09/17/10(Fri)14:29 No.12124750

    A plan for encountering an incomprehensibly alien species with the capacity to cause serious damage to the Citadel races? I think step one would be "Don't let the Turians handle first contact."
    >> Anonymous 09/17/10(Fri)14:50 No.12124901
    they are not incomprehensibly alien. ME is space opera with relateable aliens. Thing is, EP humans are generaly better than the whole motly association of Citadel known races. Uplifting from non-sapiance, as oposed for just giving postapocaliptical survivor krogans FTL and big honking space guns to be used as cannon fodder in a war they had nothing to do(they actually had the gall to even call that an uplift). AI creations-the only thing that humans had the unfortune was the exugent virus infecting the TITAN defense system and making it go all crazy like. EP humans still have at their side seed AI's, AI's and AGI's, while the quarians only greated geth that only with large numbers get a degree of sapiance/sentience and went all apeshit insane and genocidal over it. -they actually never planed to have then sapient/sentient only have them as their pet mechanical slaves that evolved past their programing
    Space construction. Look at a station created at top level EP and one at top level ME, and see the difference. Conceptually EP is far more developed in space-borne sciences and constructions while ME suffers from being a vanilla space opera with just a tint of hard SF, so you just get some stations here and there and very few of the really heavy stuff ( most actualy justifiable with to much usage of Mass Effect stunting their imagination, a la 'Road Not Taken')
    >> Anonymous 09/17/10(Fri)14:52 No.12124921
    Shirley, you mean "Outside Context Problem (OCP)"?
    >> Anonymous 09/17/10(Fri)15:18 No.12125193
    my bad, aka stealth bump.
    >> Anonymous 09/17/10(Fri)16:02 No.12125607
    Bumping I say!
    >> Anonymous 09/17/10(Fri)18:16 No.12126862
    where be the writers and debaters/philosophers at?
    >> Anonymous 09/17/10(Fri)18:17 No.12126870
    I wish writefag would come back
    >> Anonymous 09/17/10(Fri)19:08 No.12127351

    I meant that the transhumans must seem incomprehensibly alien to the races of Mass Effect. Proportionally, transhumans lost more to the TITANS than the Citadel races lost to the Rachni, Krogan, and Geth combined, but they reacted to this trauma in completely the different ways.

    The Citadel Council set up a strong, stable government, locked down the borders of their empire, banned dangerous lines of research, and hid in their space castle for a thousand years. Transhumanity responded to their near extinction by exploring the extremes of technology and exploding outwards into thousands of different societies, becoming so diverse that no single event could wipe them out simultaneously.

    From the perspective of the Citadel Council, transhumans are dangerous, irresponsible, and insane.
    >> Anonymous 09/17/10(Fri)19:45 No.12127717
    I think everyone is either subestimating ME or overestimating EP.

    Probably both at the same time. What I mean is that I have yet to hear a single argument that states how could the ME races not "lose" this one.

    Because if we wanted a curbstomp, we would have made a crossover with BOLO instead.
    >> Anonymous 09/17/10(Fri)19:53 No.12127789
    >What I mean is that I have yet to hear a single argument that states how could the ME races not "lose" this one.
    That's because ME has some of the lowest firepower/defense yields in all scifi and most of the Council races are retarded to some degree.
    >> Anonymous 09/17/10(Fri)19:55 No.12127811
    that is simple. Citadel races have far greater understanding of mass effect techbase therefore ftl and overwhelmingly superior numbers. With all the things we gifted EP it still is no mach for a full scale war turian engagement. they would be crushed. perhaps not Sol, but all other extra solar encampments known to citadel would...

    It is that simple the quantity of the ME is overwhelming. EP numbers literally in the millions struggling to get to the billion last i read it. That is with forks, speed-up-and-fucked-generation, uplifts, AI's and in storage infomorphs. They need overwhelming quality and eseoteric and wacky to ME seeming abilities in order to be a self respecting and somewhat threatening outside of the councils power presence
    >> Anonymous 09/17/10(Fri)20:18 No.12128087
    We're in autosage, time to head to a new thread.

    >fidgeo fastigio-facial

    Captcha, that's three words, not two, even with the hyphen.
    >> Anonymous 09/17/10(Fri)20:25 No.12128174
    Why? really , why?
    What have we done wrong? this would surely lived for a week....
    >> Anonymous 09/17/10(Fri)20:27 No.12128196
    someone make a new thread. and post a link in case writebro comes back today.

    This thread will still be up for a couple of hours.
    >> Anonymous 09/17/10(Fri)20:35 No.12128300
    On the other hand, Humans have an outright absurd growth rate in EP. Plus they have all sorts of ways to go "Fuck you" to Council races, like curing the Genophage or cloning the Rachni. Hell, they could even do both at the same time. To say nothing of the fact that they can unleash nanomachines, recreate the Titans in enemy space, etc. . .
    >> Anonymous 09/17/10(Fri)21:19 No.12128713
    We hit 300 posts. It happens.
    >> Anonymous 09/17/10(Fri)22:05 No.12129082

    The Citadel could attack Sol, destroy every habitat, bomb every planet, and kill 99.99% of the transhuman population. They have overwhelming military superiority, there is simply no way the transhumans could defend against an all out war of extermination. The problem is that the few transhumans who escape would have the ability to inflict apocalyptic damage on the Citadel races, and no reason to hold back.

    If you thought the Krogan rebellions were bad, try Exsurgent Krogans. Have fun with the swarms of EEZO eating nano-bots that are disassembling your ships, weapons, and biotics. Enjoy that feeling of despair when a transhuman in a keeper-morph infiltrates the Citadel and uploads an army of pissed off infomorphs into the operating system of the million year old alien relic that you don't understand and can't fix or replace. Good luck holding your civilization together when the constant terrorism and memetic attacks begin to drive your civilian populace insane.

    ME could certainly beat EP in a straight fight, but the cost would be horrific. The Council may not consider transhumanity a military threat, but it has many reasons to fear them.
    >> Anonymous 09/17/10(Fri)22:25 No.12129320
    WRITEBRO HERE: I'm probably not a bro.

    Er, also, I'll start the next thread. With this picture.

    Just gimme some time, alright? I've burned a lot. I'll resist Civ V's siren call, don't worry. Just...I need a quick break to recharge my batteries.

    Might even try that pre-writing thing.
    >> Anonymous 09/17/10(Fri)22:28 No.12129358
         File1284776925.jpg-(243 KB, 1100x695, exsurgent.jpg)
    243 KB
    Durp, forgot picture.

    Don't really have a good "MEEP" picture yet. So make do!

    finding work is hard
    >> Anonymous 09/17/10(Fri)22:41 No.12129477
    If that picture means what I think it mean then.... fuck.

    Also, Its going to be hard to scout /tg/ for your thread write....dude
    >> Anonymous 09/17/10(Fri)22:46 No.12129525

    Thank you for this high quality storytime, I think I prefer your story to Bioware's. Keep up the good work, but try not to burn out, slow writing is better than no writing.
    >> Anonymous 09/17/10(Fri)22:47 No.12129535
         File1284778066.jpg-(40 KB, 1024x819, 1272762058115.jpg)
    40 KB
    Is there something I can do to make it more convenient?

    I was thinking of using this one, but the "exsurgent" one was more themed to what's going on.

    Also SPOILER ALERT: This is the last time we're going to be running directly into the exsurgent virus for a LONG time. I just felt it worthy of a quick mention because it's such an important part of EP. As it is though, I do regret throwing it in so early. It feels like chucking nukes into a spy thriller in the second chapter...Though I've been writing for a longass time haven't I? Christ, what a waste of space I am.

    >> Anonymous 09/17/10(Fri)22:56 No.12129622

    Post any cool picture you like, just make sure it gets archived on sup/tg/ with a proper description so your adoring fans can find it when they wake up/get home/get to work.
    >> Anonymous 09/17/10(Fri)22:59 No.12129643
         File1284778778.jpg-(479 KB, 1500x789, android_by_jamajurabaev.jpg)
    479 KB
    Though I'm flattered and all, I do want to point out it is STILL Bioware's (And Posthuman Studios') stories underneath it all.

    I'm intending to roughly follow Mass Effect's plot, and if I'm not burnt out/properly delusional, intend to go through Mass Effect 2's plot- so really, I owe a large debt to Bioware. I also have the advantage that I don't have to couch the plot and make room for a player's actions. So, uhm, I really like that you're liking the story and all. I just need to point out that, despite all my delusions and pretensions of greatness, I'm still working out of the Mass Effect universe here, based on the work of an entire company's worth of research and thought, and despite my own personal thoughts on what should have been and hurr durr de durble like that, I am just writing fanfiction off of their work. And the fine folks behind Eclipse Phase's work.

    Er, I kind of meandered way the fuck off track there to basically say thank you with a side of copyright shpeel.
    >> Anonymous 09/17/10(Fri)23:01 No.12129663
         File1284778912.jpg-(210 KB, 900x438, UNC___minerals_by_sandara.jpg)
    210 KB
    I'd hate to archive my own work, it feels rather...Self serving.

    On the other hand, there ARE people that want to read this, and I should do something for them instead of just passing the buck to folk that want to just friggin' read. So I'll do that!

    Tags are: eclipse phase, mass effect, writefaggotry,

    For convenience of searches.
    >> Anonymous 09/17/10(Fri)23:12 No.12129790
    Well, as I said earlier in the thread, I think the Exsurgent virus would also be a reasonable addition to the clusterfuck on Virmire. Just my opinion, though, don't really care as long as you keep writing this. Because it's awesome.

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