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  • File : 1283408949.jpg-(281 KB, 1104x1696, 1282632539116.jpg)
    281 KB Krieg Writefaggotry, part 5 Anonymous 09/02/10(Thu)02:29 No.11918758  
    Coming up on two weeks of more stories than I can keep track of. Keep up the good work, glorious writefriends! Terranis holds.
    >> Anonymous 09/02/10(Thu)02:33 No.11918833
    two weeks... doesn't seem like it has been that long.
    >> EchoGarotte 09/02/10(Thu)02:37 No.11918893
    Ahhh, new thread, new story, so...we're at Five now right? What's the record? Ah nm, no time to pat myself on the back. I have my Duty!

    So, what shall it be? A noble's daughter has a crisis of faith, family, and friendship. More fun with Inquisitor Dell and his brother? Fun and games with some Orks? Or any other unique ideas, lay them on me.
    >> Anonymous 09/02/10(Thu)02:38 No.11918899
    Wait...It's been two weeks already?
    >> EchoGarotte 09/02/10(Thu)02:45 No.11918993
    Yup hard to believe...also 1d4chan is still down, can we get someone on that? You know...it went down about two days after we started...I mean I'm sure it's just a coincidence but...I dunno.
    >> Anonymous 09/02/10(Thu)02:47 No.11919027

    About that...we're still passing the blame for breaking Id4chan onto you right?

    *Gets ready to run.*
    >> Anonymous 09/02/10(Thu)02:49 No.11919049

    I'm thinking that Dell fellow is an interesting character.

    >one mousto
    Captcha has spoken
    >> Adokai 09/02/10(Thu)02:51 No.11919070
    Greetings elegan/tg/entlemen.

    I have just accomplished a nice sized hole in my final essay for one of my courses. Writefaggery is sure to flow tonight.
    >> EchoGarotte 09/02/10(Thu)03:26 No.11919462
    Your honor, if the charges against me are breaking 1d4chan by starting the Krieg thread again and creating the Terranis stories, causing an influx of awesome writers and artists that caved in the website due to awesome then...I plead guilty.

    Inquisitor Dell does feature heavily in the story with the noble girl. I'll change it a bit to have him more prevalent. Give me a bit and I'll start that one.
    >> PhilDraws4Food 09/02/10(Thu)03:34 No.11919570
    I intend on getting some Inquisitor Dell action in myself, but maily in leading up to the Murahi incident.

    -CHAPTER 5-

    slipping past the reclamation teams and salvage workers wasn't hard. Convincing the IG escorts when they spotted me that I wasn't the bait in a cultist trap or a warp-begotten illusion proved more difficult, and culminated in a panicked flight under lasgun fire.
    I wandered for hours, days, through abandoned streets and bombed-out buildings, burnt husks that used to be cars lining the streets and dark, shattered windows where families used to gather facing the blood-stained streets. Aimless, hopeless, and very soon hungry and thirsty, I did not understand what drove me. I just walked closer to where the sounds of fighting and dying came from. I soon got the idea to try rummaging through some abandoned shops for food, then trying to scale a taller building to get an idea of where I was or where I was going.

    The first idea was the worst mistake I'd made to date. The second was all that saved my life.
    >> PhilDraws4Food 09/02/10(Thu)03:34 No.11919579
    As I sifted through a crushed convenience store, grabbing all the junk foods my parents had told me not to eat and stuffing my bag and face with equal shares, and washing it down with warm soda, as the power for the coolers had long since been knocked out, I came to the blood-chilling realization that I was not alone.

    The Warped Ones. Cultists of the ruinous powers. They'd come in sometime while I was in the back, sorting through the broken bottles and cans for a drink. They were sampling various sugary treats, and soon were seeming to enjoy cramming the sweets into orifices other than their mouths more than they had eating them. I didn't understand what I was seeing at the time. I don't think I'd have understood it with a full physical sciences degree and the sexual experience of a loose college girl. But I remember thinking it was gross, partly because that wasn't where food goes, and partly because, of all the skin of theirs that was exposed, very little of it wasn't covered in blood, piercings, or obscene tattoos. Either way, I was scared. I crept away to the back door, hoping to get away unnoticed, when I kicked an empty bottle. It clattered noisily into a mop and bucket, which promptly tipped over, knocking down a half-pallet of cans that were improperly secured on a damaged shelf. I froze as dozens of loose cans dumped out of a crate onto the floor in an avalanche of clanks, pings, and thuds. For a vacant, cringing moment, I prayed they wouldn't notice. But it was fairly evident that I was found out when they burst into the storage rooms with weapons drawn.
    >> S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 09/02/10(Thu)03:35 No.11919590
    >> PhilDraws4Food 09/02/10(Thu)03:35 No.11919591
    And that was the second time I ran for my life from hell-warped daemon-worshippers. I vaulted the mess of cans and debris and sprinted for the back door. I slammed into it at full speed, hands on the latch release. An emergency fire alarm sounded; it must have had battery power separate from the city grid. At the moment, I didn't care, as I'd already been found, but when I realized it echoed over the streets and alleys, attracting every monster in the area, I realized how bad of an idea it had been. So, I ran, weaving through alleyways and crashed cars, scurrying through broken homes, and praying for the emperor to not forsake me yet as the cackling fiends behind me drew closer, throwing knives and firing weapons that launched cruel barbs at me. By some miracle of His Will, I wasn't shot, though once I felt something pang off the head of the entrenching tool strapped to my back. Suddenly all those days on the playground getting hazed in games of dodge-ball seemed like a truly emperor-sent blessing.

    As I ran, more and more of the warped people began to show themselves. Some looked like bloated green slugs, pustular and seeping through their clothes, while others wore only blood and anger and screamed for my skull. The perverse ones still ran behind me, exclaiming in the joy of the hunt and the pleasures they'd show me, but the truly fearsome ones were the ones in blue robes. They did not scream, or cry, or even run after me. They only watched, through faces under dark hoods that seemed to melt and shift. One raised a hand and lightning sprang from his fingertips, but thankfully it zig-zagged wildly around the street and missed me by several yards. I didn't intend to stand around and let him take a second shot at me though.
    >> PhilDraws4Food 09/02/10(Thu)03:36 No.11919604
    I ducked into a relatively intact business building, taller than the rest around it, hoping to find a place to hide, or a way to signal for help. Instead, I found a stairwell. With no place else to run, I started clambering up the stairs. It wasn't long before I could hear them coming up behind me. The building was dark, but the stairwell was lit by a skylight and emergency lights that flickered dimly. I didn't count the steps as I ascended, but rather measured my progress by how far ahead of them my lead kept me, gasping prayers to The Emperor and as many of his saints as I could remember in my panic. I wasn't doing well, as far as head starts go. And then I ran out of stairs.

    Faced with a dead end and death worse than I could imagine, I forgot all my previous grumbling about fire alarmed escape doors and threw myself against it with all the might my exhausted form could muster after running up several stories worth of stairs. Thankfully, by His Mercy, it was unlocked. It was, however, alarmed.
    >> PhilDraws4Food 09/02/10(Thu)03:37 No.11919613
    I burst out onto a rooftop shaded by a familiar camouflage tarpaulin, and barely stopped short of barreling into coiled razor wire and stakes set to impale the careless. A flood-light popped to life audibly, and I was falling to the floor, exhausted, even as I heard a muffled “ausweichen!” as I lay there, crumpled on a rooftop, bloodthirsty maniacs bursting through the door behind me, a sudden and deafening thunderclap preceded a storm of equally deafening bolter and lasgun fire that quickly had bodies of the fallen cultists piling up in the door. But nothing there, not the sudden thunderstorm, or the firefight, or the screams of the crazed and dying, nor even the pounding of my own heart could drown out the sound of his voice as he knelt over me and said “Anna, are you alright?!”

    “... I think I pee'd my pants...”

    >> Anonymous 09/02/10(Thu)03:37 No.11919616
    >keep seeing these female Krieg pictures.

    Does this mean /tg/ won't make fun of me for having male and female commissars in my army?
    >> PhilDraws4Food 09/02/10(Thu)03:41 No.11919650
         File1283413306.jpg-(183 KB, 1275x1744, Terranisholds1.jpg)
    183 KB
    dude, I drew a pregnant krieg girl in a trench with a lasgun on a doomed planet that still held off Tyranids for 3 decades before everyone died.

    hell, there's a female comissar story in some of the threads here. kinda hot, even.

    your female comissars don't even make us blink. although I'd like to see pics of your army.

    inb4 "thin your paints"
    >> Anonymous 09/02/10(Thu)03:44 No.11919687

    >> Anonymous 09/02/10(Thu)03:48 No.11919722

    Bitch gonna be a hardass on her kid
    >> Anonymous 09/02/10(Thu)03:49 No.11919737
         File1283413749.jpg-(96 KB, 500x1700, img45f067acb2b76.jpg)
    96 KB
    (picture is not mine)
    I don't have them yet, ordered this list to start off with.

    IG battleforce (to get started with a nice little bulk and practice painting.)
    Kasrkin x 7
    Death Korps squad x 1
    Death Korps Commisar x 1
    official Female Commisar x 2
    Green Stuff x 2
    IG Codex x 1
    And yeah, going to use vanilla IG codex , though I may switch between it and the Death Korps list from time to time once I know what I'm doing.

    I've been saving every paint tutorial off of here, going to put off painting for a little bit.

    Right now I'm trying to figure out how to get the texture idea for my bases done before my Death Korps guys get here since I can't do it afterwards.

    I have something like this in mind for the basing. Not sure about what kind of online shops to look at for supplies.
    >> PhilDraws4Food 09/02/10(Thu)03:49 No.11919738
    Part One: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/11751007/

    Part Two: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/11771409

    Part Three: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/11797458

    Part Four:

    did the 4th thread get put on suptg yet?
    >> Anonymous 09/02/10(Thu)03:55 No.11919787
    >> PhilDraws4Food 09/02/10(Thu)04:07 No.11919876

    well, I think I need a bath and some sleep. Inquisitor Dell drawfaggotry and more writefaggotry to come tomorrow.

    Terranis Holds, adama/tg/uardsman!
    >> Anonymous 09/02/10(Thu)04:14 No.11919954
    LIVII got a mention, Grendel is canon...

    Perhaps there will be a new module for fighting the tyranids on Terranis.
    >> Anonymous 09/02/10(Thu)04:23 No.11920011

    >> Anonymous 09/02/10(Thu)04:25 No.11920028

    >> Anonymous 09/02/10(Thu)04:27 No.11920044
    also provides a handy little tutorial..
    >> Anonymous 09/02/10(Thu)04:27 No.11920046
         File1283416074.jpg-(72 KB, 384x450, 1264389780370.jpg)
    72 KB
    >Dat Link
    My body is ready for you.
    >> EchoGarotte 09/02/10(Thu)04:41 No.11920145
    Carolina didn't get her best friend Odette any more. Ever since she had joined up with these Cyclists, she hadn't been going out on parties, or shopping, or slumming down in the hives. Now she was actually WORKING down there, if you can believe it. One day, when their families were meeting to discuss...whatever it was that their noble fathers discussed. Carolina asked if this was just a phase or if Odette was just working through something, like being dumped.

    "Being a Cyclist isn't just something you can sign up for." She replied. "It's hard work and then you have to go to Krieg."

    "Wait...so when you told everyone you were going on a pleasure cruise you were actually going to KRIEG? WHY?"

    "Just drop it, please? I'm happy now. I don't have to do any of that...stuff that we do all the time."

    "What? You mean shopping, and rec-sims, and FUN? Remember fun?"

    "I'm sorry you feel that way."

    Carolina shook her head and just sighed. She didn't get Odette, but they were best friends and this would soon be behind them and Odette would be back to normal and then things would be just the way they used to be.

    Except the next week Odette was found dead in the town square, naked, covered in bruises, her lower torso torn to shreds, crucified against a statue of the Emperor, and the dual circle symbol of the Cyclists carved on her forehead.

    She was just 20.

    Carolina saw the scene and ran back to her home in tears.

    Inquisitor Dell looked at the scene and frowned. "As of now this entire city is under inquisition. I want PDF at every exit of this city. I want full manifests of anyone who has left this city. I want all of the seditionists taken into immediate custody and their building searched top to bottom. Also, someone cut this poor girl down and get her to a proper Dermal Apothecary, I wont have her buried looking like that."
    >> EchoGarotte 09/02/10(Thu)04:43 No.11920156
    That's it for me tonight. I'll continue this later when I can.
    >> Anonymous 09/02/10(Thu)04:46 No.11920174

    That was a huge tease...

    > was tornote
    you said it captcha
    >> Anonymous 09/02/10(Thu)05:02 No.11920245
         File1283418126.jpg-(102 KB, 550x417, Katt 182.jpg)
    102 KB
    >> Adokai 09/02/10(Thu)06:37 No.11920695
    66th Day of krieg (Two months four days). Nephandus continues to follow me to work. I woke early and hurried my morning rituals so I could get to work without him. He was waiting for me in the car park. I can't tell if he was irritated or actually pleased that I managed to outsmart him. He gave me one of those traditional Krieger salutes and I gave him one back. Work went quick, and I decided to stop off at the Basilisk.

    I'd never seen so many Krieg in one place. Sure, there's what, twenty of them downstairs? Still, there was easily fifty, possibly even sixty Krieg at the bar. Alot of gas-masked civilians too, which I found equally silly and cute. Definately a few couples about.

    I asked Neph about the dating site and he told me (after a pained silence and my hurried and embarrassed permission) that it was a way for the Krieg to interact with the general populace without causing alot of fuss. Pretty ingenious.

    We left when a female Krieger decked the barmaid. Didn't want to get involved.

    The drive home was silent, but it was nice anyway.


    [neatly printed, thick writing] Sir, please use the correct designaton, 68h #7938.


    67th Day of Krieg (Two months five days) - I have got to stop writing it like that.

    Would Neph be a preferrable alternative?


    [neatly printed, thick writing] ... Yes sir.


    68th Day of Krieg (Two months six days). It's settled then.

    Anyway, today was pretty average. Neph and I stopped in at a hardware store on the way home. He requested permission while was at work. His writing really is nice, much neater than mine. I had to sign in triplicate before he was happy but I didn't mind.

    So we stopped in, and I waited for the five minutes it took him to organise through rigorous note passing a delivery of hardwood.

    I'm wondering what it's for.
    >> Anonymous 09/02/10(Thu)09:31 No.11921762
    Boomp for mother Rus-Terranis
    >> Anonymous 09/02/10(Thu)12:40 No.11922997
         File1283445624.jpg-(114 KB, 720x540, Katt 178.jpg)
    114 KB
    >> PhilDraws4Food 09/02/10(Thu)14:55 No.11924188
    >> Anonymous 09/02/10(Thu)16:04 No.11924746
    By everything that is holy I think Id4chan is alive again...

    Just to be sure thought.

    *hits F5*

    It stayed...
    >> PhilDraws4Food 09/02/10(Thu)16:35 No.11924974

    somebody willing to go through the trouble of posting all the awesome from the archives up there?

    I dunno, I think we might aughta let EchoGarotte do it. there were some posts where he missed his tripcode, and adokai messed up his once or twice, too. plus there was talk of creating sub-pages and everything...
    >> PhilDraws4Food 09/02/10(Thu)16:37 No.11924987
    I mean, besides, he started this whole thing. even though we've been adding and building on to it, it's still kinda his baby.
    >> PhilDraws4Food 09/02/10(Thu)16:37 No.11924997
    anyways, I'm working on Inquisitor Dell's portrait, now. be posting it in a few hours.
    >> PhilDraws4Food 09/02/10(Thu)19:59 No.11927394
    >> Anonymous 09/02/10(Thu)20:51 No.11927953
    been out all day and for some reason I thought this thread had 404'd... oh happy day
    >> Anonymous 09/02/10(Thu)21:48 No.11928591
    Guardsman, bump.

    Terranis holds; let's get this entrenched into 1d4chan ASAP.
    >> Anonymous 09/02/10(Thu)21:49 No.11928604
    >> PhilDraws4Food 09/02/10(Thu)22:15 No.11928895
    you are wrong, xenos filth. Terranis Holds!
    >> Anonymous 09/02/10(Thu)22:19 No.11928940

    I'm gonna go take a nap.. hopin them pics are up when i wake up.
    >> Anonymous 09/02/10(Thu)22:30 No.11929097
         File1283481059.jpg-(40 KB, 399x477, GOFUCKYOURSELFWITHACACTUS.jpg)
    40 KB
    >> Anonymous 09/03/10(Fri)00:03 No.11930085
         File1283486597.jpg-(30 KB, 400x253, romanmobilefort.jpg)
    30 KB
    >> Anonymous 09/03/10(Fri)00:34 No.11930463
    Hmm, not just a bump but a question.

    Does anyone have images of Krieg's version of stormtroopers/shock troopers or do they not have them?
    >> Anonymous 09/03/10(Fri)01:25 No.11930996
         File1283491538.jpg-(81 KB, 553x939, 1272150957237.jpg)
    81 KB
    They are called grenadiers

    the models:
    >> Anonymous 09/03/10(Fri)01:50 No.11931305
         File1283493043.jpg-(36 KB, 353x500, futuristic,rocketeer,s(...).jpg)
    36 KB
    You know... I've been thinking of building a Krieg/Witch hunters list, just so that I could have an excuse to build some conspicuous femme kriegers and jump pack grenadiers rather than fielding actual SoB models. Have I gone totally crazy?
    >> Anonymous 09/03/10(Fri)01:53 No.11931339
    Yes but you're in the right place.
    >> PhilDraws4Food 09/03/10(Fri)01:57 No.11931382
         File1283493456.jpg-(338 KB, 1229x1683, Gotz&Anna+InquisitorDell&a(...).jpg)
    338 KB
    aaand here's our Inquisitorial friends, Obediah and Noah Dell! I've "partied them up" with Gotz and Anna... try to look at it as forshadowing... of course, Echo kinda gave it away, earlier...
    >> Anonymous 09/03/10(Fri)02:11 No.11931506
         File1283494276.jpg-(45 KB, 1024x768, 1242781817_1024x768_jin-roh-th(...).jpg)
    45 KB

    To be honest I'm probably a little off to...I mean I at one point wanted to take a movie, /a/ related, thing called Jin'Roh The Wolf Brigade and mutilate some models to get that to work...Just change out the shoulder armor and figure out some sort of weapon for them to carry. Cause in the animated movie their primary weapon was the MG-42...but that idea went to the back burner to taunt me.

    6,300,000 riiagers captcha what does that mean?
    >> PhilDraws4Food 09/03/10(Fri)02:12 No.11931519
    man, it's bad that my draw/writefaggotry has tapered off so badly. the first night, I did 3 drawings, and the next two nights two chapters a piece, and more drawings. now, I'm managing one a day... >.<

    damn it, Adokai, Echo Garrote, and all the anonymous kriegers out there, we need to HOLD! there is yet more awesome to be had here!

    no matter how many newfags, no matter how many trolls, no matter how much I must resort to thread necromancy, I. WILL. HOLD!
    >> PhilDraws4Food 09/03/10(Fri)02:15 No.11931550
    I actually used some Jin-Roh images as referances for drawfaggotry... and honestly, I kind of imagined the grenadiers, Tank Korps, Engineers, and Death Riders to look more like them... or pretty much any krieger with carapace armor upgrades.
    >> Anonymous 09/03/10(Fri)02:23 No.11931606

    Well back when that movie was released to the US I wanted to imagine an IG man dressed up in that kind of armor hunting down cultists in some hive with glowing red eyes, armed with a flamer, and some fuel tanks on his back. That would change later to Krieg as they would seem to fit better.
    >> Anonymous 09/03/10(Fri)02:29 No.11931653

    the quality on these new ones is better though.
    >> PhilDraws4Food 09/03/10(Fri)02:43 No.11931760
    ya think?

    ... i guess I did sorta rush the earlier ones. heat of the moment/spark of inspiration kinda work, I guess...

    >art. promanew
    I think Captcha is sentient and attempting to comment on the conversation...

    i have other works that I posted previously. one graces the OP of this thread. would you like to see moar? though, i assume that you being able to posit an opinion on them would imply you'd seen them...
    >> Anonymous 09/03/10(Fri)02:48 No.11931806
    Personally, I think the pregnant Krieg was the best one for quality.
    >> PhilDraws4Food 09/03/10(Fri)02:59 No.11931922

    I cut corners like a mofo on that one. Krieg-chan at the beach is one of my favorites, and I liked how the Chaos Apothecaries turned out, although I think I need to redo Algernon...

    I'm also fond of the "Terranis Holds" one that Echo requested. I thought it came out pretty badass, but that was when one anon pointed out that I got the frakkin' lasguns wrong. gave 'em cantrael models instead of Casius models... though, I hadn't known the difference (or even that other versions existed) before anon pointed it out.
    >> Adokai 09/03/10(Fri)03:00 No.11931929
    I'm back from Uni. More writefaggery is sure to happen.
    >> PhilDraws4Food 09/03/10(Fri)03:03 No.11931954
    'bout fuckin' time. why can't you just go ahead and graduate like the rest of us, n00b?!

    nah, I'm just fuckin' with ya. hope your work went well.
    >> EchoGarotte 09/03/10(Fri)03:19 No.11932062
    Okay, did a crazy lot of stuff today, but I also wrote a bunch of stuff while I waited as the Female Contingents shopped (Vegas. Shoestores. There was a bench filled with men who had the same Void Taken look on their faces as I did)

    Anyway, travel day tomorrow, so I'll be back late tomorrow with more of Carolina, Dell...and a few other familiar faces.

    Also, 1d4Chan is back up! Rally your forces my fellow Writecomrades and put all of this new stuff on! We'll probably need a few more pages. The Love and Krieg Spinoff page is getting to critical mass.
    >> PhilDraws4Food 09/03/10(Fri)03:36 No.11932216
    I just wish I knew what the hell I was doing on 1d4chan, or I'd have been posting already...
    >> Adokai 09/03/10(Fri)03:44 No.11932273
    writefaggery aside, here's two songs that I listen to when I think about the Krieg.
    VnV nation; "Honor" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=brWdlQfkha4
    VnV nation; "Solitary" http://www.lyricsdepot.com/vnv-nation/solitary.
    >> Adokai 09/03/10(Fri)04:00 No.11932367
    70th Day of Krieg (Two months eight days) The plants Neph planted in the gardenbeds are flowering. I didn't know he had such an eye for colours, it's quite nice. I like the little peach flowers.

    Work is sameold sameold. Very boring.


    74th Day of Krieg (Two months twelve days) Down five Kriegers. Neph handed me a slip of paper with transfer information on it. Couldn't make heads or tails of the military language, to be honest, but I gave him a polite nod. I think he misses them. He's now refusing to let me into the back end of my house. Thinking of pushing the issue, but there's really nothing back there I need, really.

    Curious as to what he's doing.


    76th Day of Krieg (Two months thirteen days). A large shipment of glass (at least, I assume it's glass?) arrived today while I was getting ready for work. Curious about that too.


    78th Day of Krieg (Two months fifteen days). Turns out the glass and wood was for a massive greenhouse that's replaced the back room. I was speechless for a good half an hour.

    I mean, shit, he's got rare orchids and ferns and things I've never even heard of back there! It's an explosion of colour and smell. I noticed a small fountain in there somewhere, but it wasn't running.

    I think I'll enjoy it.
    >> PhilDraws4Food 09/03/10(Fri)04:11 No.11932430
    not a big Electronica fan myself, but I could sorta see it. I generally think more organs, heavier drums, deep horns, and Drop-D tuned guitars with really brutal lyrics in german when I think of "music that fits krieg." that, and frederik Chopin's piano, thanks to EchoGarotte. maybe some good apocalyptica or...

    fuck, you know what?

    ... and the lyrics are suprisingly relevant to the Siege of Terranis...

    yes. Dimmu Borgir preemptively wrote a ballad for Terranis. this is now canon.
    >> Adokai 09/03/10(Fri)04:14 No.11932445

    79th Day of Krieg (Two months sixteen days. The greenhouse continues to grow, there's this wierd fountainy thing spilling out the back of it. It's empty for now, but I can see a pond up in the room and the beginning of a large one beside the concrete and steel reinforcements downstairs.

    I think I'll ask Neph if he needs a hand with the digging.


    80th Day of krieg (Two months seventeen days). I did not realize how much digging was involved with a small pond. And by small I mean "fuckhuge". You could fit two Astartes in side by side standing up and the water would be at thier chins! I have no idea what this is for now. I ache from head to toe and I doubt I'd be able to lift much more than a towel for the next three days.

    But I feel good, y'know? I accomplished something.

    (Also I think Neph was somehow proud of me, but don't tell anyone).


    83rd Day of Krieg (Two months twenty days). The ... hole has now been lined with thick black plastic. There's some sort of strange pump nearby, so maybe it will turn into a pond? There's lots of tubing around too, I suppose it'll be linked to the smaller one in the glasshouse (which now even has a carpet of moss).

    Lost more Krieg yesterday too. Another six were reassigned. I don't think Neph likes it.

    (Also: I've been thinking about a surprise for Neph. I wonder if he'll like it?)


    85th Day of krieg (Two months twenty two days). What does one say to a Krieger who gives you a gas mask? Fucked if I know, so I just said thanks. It's actually kinda nice. And fits perfectly.

    Which raises the question, how does he even know how big my head is?


    [neatly printed, thick writing] I take measurements while you are asleep, sir. Additionally, you snore. Here are some pamphlets about corrective surgeries and non-invasive forms of therapy. Snoring could alert enemies of your position.

    >> Adokai 09/03/10(Fri)04:15 No.11932448
    Each to thier own, I suppose. Also: Frederick Chopin is best music for Kriegs, hand down.
    >> PhilDraws4Food 09/03/10(Fri)04:18 No.11932465
    of course, that last verse seems to be talking about Murahi...

    well, really, you could say Dimmu Borgir just fits 40k no matter what aspect of it you're looking at. it's just metal like that.
    >> Adokai 09/03/10(Fri)04:18 No.11932468
    Fffff so many minor errors I miss all the time ffffffffuuuuuu
    >> PhilDraws4Food 09/03/10(Fri)04:34 No.11932529
    OK, late as fuck, I'mma let y'all take over.

    more writefaggotry and weeaboo shitscribbles tomorrow!~

    hold until then, adaman/tg/uardsmen!
    >> Anonymous 09/03/10(Fri)06:15 No.11933101
         File1283508944.jpg-(29 KB, 316x225, Katt 164.jpg)
    29 KB
    Breakfast, updates and super mario bros 3 music in my headphones. Good times, good times.
    >> Anonymous 09/03/10(Fri)08:27 No.11933803
         File1283516839.jpg-(72 KB, 600x865, Cat_Tree_Balancer.jpg)
    72 KB
    >> Anonymous 09/03/10(Fri)10:09 No.11934338
         File1283522963.jpg-(17 KB, 500x334, caption-this-picture3.jpg)
    17 KB
    >> Anonymous 09/03/10(Fri)10:24 No.11934460
         File1283523871.jpg-(41 KB, 466x300, TigerSnow.jpg)
    41 KB

    Shouldn't that be "qmud"?
    >> Anonymous 09/03/10(Fri)12:28 No.11935522
         File1283531331.jpg-(29 KB, 434x369, weird cat.jpg)
    29 KB
    >> Anonymous 09/03/10(Fri)14:08 No.11936496
         File1283537337.jpg-(193 KB, 1100x629, 1271802308618.jpg)
    193 KB
    >> Anonymous 09/03/10(Fri)14:35 No.11936785
         File1283538921.gif-(1.99 MB, 463x330, Kitten_stretching.gif)
    1.99 MB
    That's not a kitty...
    >> Anonymous 09/03/10(Fri)16:36 No.11938345
         File1283546211.jpg-(67 KB, 800x599, Katt 155.jpg)
    67 KB
    Om nom nom nom
    >> Anonymous 09/03/10(Fri)17:51 No.11939250
    Obviously, Kriegers and cats go together. Might I get the story of a garrison's pet cat?
    >> Anonymous 09/03/10(Fri)17:59 No.11939340
         File1283551187.jpg-(82 KB, 518x600, Katt 161.jpg)
    82 KB
    Oh, I do hope some of the writefriends like cats
    >> Anonymous 09/03/10(Fri)18:15 No.11939526
    I pledge to write a story about this before midnight (in 45 mins) I will make a new thread for it. Even if it's 1 post long.
    Sorry if it's badly written and shiz, this just caught my imagination, and you suggested it.
    >> Anonymous 09/03/10(Fri)18:27 No.11939680
    i dont think we need a new thread yet
    >> Anonymous 09/03/10(Fri)18:29 No.11939715
         File1283552979.jpg-(62 KB, 604x491, Katt 16.jpg)
    62 KB
    No need for a new thread really, this is far from 300 posts
    >> Anonymous 09/03/10(Fri)18:30 No.11939723
    lol I haven't read the rest of the thread, I just want to write about a cat, regimental motto or wild, that's caught in a warzone. I don't think it'll be related to what's happening above too much but I'll post it here otherwise.
    >> Anonymous 09/03/10(Fri)19:02 No.11940058
    anon delivering very very soon
    >> Anonymous 09/03/10(Fri)19:18 No.11940217
         File1283555904.jpg-(20 KB, 388x300, Cat story.jpg)
    20 KB
    And anon delivers:

    The single lamp spluttered an orange glow within the catacombs of the bunker, particles of dust were caught in it's light as they fell to the concrete floor. A small dark shadow edged through the corridor, hugging the undecorated walls. The figure stopped by the edge of light provided by the faltering lamp and waited; it's tail flickered down in anticipation, two green eyes glinted at the reflected light from the grimy floor.
    From above the corridor, the low sounding thumps from enemy artillery obliterating the earth could be heard. A smoky and acrid odour filled the corridor; it looked like the previous chemicals had permanently stained the roof an acid green and charcoal black colour, and this next load of noxious gas seemed to intend it's predecessors.
    To the triangular eared predator though, the booming sounds could have been a harmless thunderstorm and the disgusting smells a nasty scented beast, it stood on it's four furry paws glaring at the other side of the light pool. For the beast knew that the crack within the concrete on the other side was a tell-tale sign of rodents. The silly hairless-ones couldn't keep a tail, let alone know where the small dirty rodents live.
    >> Anonymous 09/03/10(Fri)19:19 No.11940222
    Sure enough, after thirty minutes of rolling artillery fire and more fumes, a tiny nose peeped out of the dark crack in the wall. The predator sank back into the darkness, not risking it all by being letting the prey spotting the black hunter. The inquisitive nose was followed by two beady eyes, which were in turn followed by a pair of round ears. The cat waited. Sniffing it's way forward, the grimy rat scuttled across the lamplight, on the opposite side of the cat but toward it nonetheless. The cat waited. The orange glow gave the distinctively brown rat a ginger tinge as it further moved across the beam of light. The cat waited. A long pink tail slid along the hard floor after the rat, and as it's nose crossed into the shadow the cat pounced.
    In one bound, the black cat sprang from one edge of the corridor to the other - claws outstretched and teeth bared. The rat only had time to turn it's head to see it's impending doom before the claws of the feral predator sunk in. After plucking out it's claws from the dirty kill, the black cat proceeded to lift up the prize in it's mouth, with the intention to parade infront of his hairless allies with the slain rat.
    >> Anonymous 09/03/10(Fri)19:21 No.11940248
    However, as the cat moved down the bunker, thunder above had stopped. And a terrible wailing of sirens sounded; red lights on either side of the corridor, hidden before in shadow, were now illuminated and flashing. Heavy footsteps from down the bunker sounded and the black cat was transfixed.
    All of a sudden a group of large two-footed soldiers were marching through the corridor, the cat stood in their way. One of the group bent down and extended a grubby hand to nuzzle the furry chin of the pet.
    "Hey Sarge, little Scott's got himself a kill," Said the masked soldier, his right arm cradling a long barrelled rifle.
    "Yep, and we're gonna get ten each ourselves, right Otto?" spoke another masked soldier, stepping past the black cat. With that the rest of the group started down the corridor.
    "Don't worry Scott, I'll come back for ya'!" Called out the one who'd stroked Scott. Displeased, the black cat sat on it's hind legs and began to devour it's lunch.

    >> Adokai 09/03/10(Fri)19:40 No.11940445
    If I ever get around to finishing the Days of Krieg this might be fun to do. Protip, I'm back. Probably more writing today.
    >> PhilDraws4Food 09/03/10(Fri)20:01 No.11940615
    -CHAPTER 6-

    Gotz dragged me behind a sandbag wall and inspected me for wounds. It turned out a dart had punctured one of the canned drinks from the convenience store I'd stuffed into my bag and bounced off my shovel's head, though it left a dent. Judging by where it would have hit me through it, I'd have been a paraplegic. I officially decided to build a Cathedral in His honor that day.

    The rest of the kriegs were having a field day on the cultists, and it wasn't long before lasfire and the thump of stubbers and heavy bolters from other rooftops were clearing the streets. More cultists poured out of surrounding buildings though, it is wasn't long before Gotz signaled to his squad that it was time to leave. They hucked a few satchel charges down the stairwell before the next wave of warped madmen could ascend it and blew their route of advance out from under them. It was, however, also the only route of escape... or so I'd thought.
    >> PhilDraws4Food 09/03/10(Fri)20:02 No.11940620
    As a few krieg mopped up stragglers on the stairs and others made ready their gear, one using a vox to call off a series of numbers... coordinates, I later found out. Gotz gestured at two others, who promptly shouldered their lasrifles and picked up what looked to me like a rocket launcher. Gotz and another krieger took a position facing a broad street below, and he started firing his LongLas at any cultist foolish enough to leave cover.

    The engineers fired burrowing projectiles carrying cables across to a separate building, then set about using the tarpaulins and more cable to build a makeshift bridge. They were done in less than 2 minutes, and most of the squad was across it before 3 had passed, including the heavy bolter team. I was surprised to see that makeshift bridge support it, and it sagged considerably as they wheeled it across, but they made it. How had they got it to the roof to begin with?
    >> PhilDraws4Food 09/03/10(Fri)20:02 No.11940626
    I didn't have time to ponder it, as before I realized, Gotz was leading me across as well and we were running. The engineers had pried open an elevator shaft and were already lowering the heavy gear, Gotz lifted me as he threw a harness around himself and latched on to the cables that once drew an elevator, now re-purposed for our hasty flight-to-ground. I had thought we'd be getting off at street level, but instead we dropped into the basement, which appearently led to an underground car park, where half the squad waited for us.

    Gotz unharnessed us and set me down, then set about seeing to the rest of the squad as they descended. As the last two members were coming down, the second floor elevator door was wrenched open. The two kriegs were mere feet from us, almost to the bottom, almost safe... but almost wasn't good enough.
    >> PhilDraws4Food 09/03/10(Fri)20:03 No.11940635
    Gunshots rang out again, and the dangling kriegs were defenseless. One was struck and killed immediately, and dangled there, lifeless, for the rest of the firefight. The other slashed his harness with his field knife to get out of the crossfire, falling several meters before impacting the uneven metal trusses of the bottom of the elevator well. Grenades were exchanged, and again we were running as the blasts deafened me again, the one krieg who fell being dragged by his comrades.

    I was running, trying to see through my tears, when Gotz grabbed me again, this time carrying me under one arm like luggage instead of the way he'd cradled me before. He was sprinting, everyone was, gear rattling and lasrifles dangling from shoulder straps, the gun teams wheeling their equipment as fast as they could push it, bringing up the rear. We ran down the car park ramps, deeper underground. I was about to ask why, when I heard the rolling barrage start above...

    >> PhilDraws4Food 09/03/10(Fri)20:04 No.11940653
    is anybody still following what I write? I know I ramble, and maybe embelish too much... I don't cover enough ground fast enough when I write, I think...
    >> Anonymous 09/03/10(Fri)20:07 No.11940679
    I didn't read it but I might offer you some food. All you have to do is close your eyes and suck it from a hose.
    >> PhilDraws4Food 09/03/10(Fri)20:09 No.11940695
         File1283558970.jpg-(114 KB, 500x452, dogmasks.jpg)
    114 KB
    on the subject of "Love & Krieg" with animals, I call dibs on a Death Riders story, since I grew up on a horse farm...

    somebody could get some gas-masked-german-shepherd action going, I think...
    >> Anonymous 09/03/10(Fri)20:11 No.11940707
    Writting is fine. The only problem i had was how you described the bridge thing.
    >> PhilDraws4Food 09/03/10(Fri)20:11 No.11940709
    har har, troll. 0/10.

    anyways, friends wanna roll some dice, I'll be back later tonight.

    Terranis Holds!
    >> PhilDraws4Food 09/03/10(Fri)20:13 No.11940729

    how, exactly? not enough detail, too vague? or does it just sound improbable?
    >> Anonymous 09/03/10(Fri)20:22 No.11940794

    I think it is from my own retardation after reading it again. B/c when you said burrowing launcher I was thinking of the mole launcher and for some reason thought they fired into the building they were in.
    >> EchoGarotte 09/03/10(Fri)21:14 No.11941286
    Carolina was a little nervous when she was called into the Inquisitor's office. No, she was outright terrified. She expected all the horrible things you hear about them. Chains, needles, red hot irons, and in the end it didn't matter what you were, they would just kill you anyway.

    The Inquisitor had taken his base in the Mayor's Mansion. She entered it and notice that she was the only visible person there. She trembled as she walked through the halls and opened the door that had a taped sign to the door that said 'Inquisitor's Office' on it...apparently written in crayon with alternating colors.

    She was a little surprised. She expected a small room. Instead the Inquisitor had chosen the grand ballroom. All the curtains were drawn aside filling the room with light. The plainly dressed inquisitor was sitting at a small cheap looking table in the middle of the room, quietly filling out paperwork. There was another chair on the other side of the table, and in the far corner there was someone dressed in Stock Clothes fiddling with a puzzle toy.

    The Inquisitor gestured for Carolina to sit down in the chair. She obeyed...and waited. The Inquisitor just seemed more focused on his paperwork, carefully reading and filling out the forms. She fidgeted a little, and then instantly stopped when she saw the Inquisitor's eyes snap up to look at her. Then they returned to his paperwork. Finally he was done. He pressed a button on a silver box that was on his table.
    >> EchoGarotte 09/03/10(Fri)21:15 No.11941293
    "Interview number 8, present are Inquisitor Obediah Dell, Noah Dell, and Carolina Deuxine. Preliminary interview at Chateau Illsabel, purpose is to develop victim profile. Please re-state your name for the record."

    Odette blinked in surprise and then realized that he wanted her to speak. "Odette Deuxine."

    "You are the daughter of Vincent Deuxine, one of the four Lords of this planet. Your noble family is responsible for the industrial sector of the planet."


    "That was not a question."

    "Oh, sorry."

    "Please refrain from speaking unless prompted." He said. His different colored eyes glaring at her, she felt herself shrinking into her chair.

    "Now, you possessed a cordial relationship with the deceased. Since her family was in charge of the trade and shipping sectors then your families would naturally deal with each other often." He looked at her. "You and the deceased were in close contact and developed a close friendship."

    "Yes, that's ri-"

    "Again. Not a question. If you speak out of turn again I will ensure that it does not happen again."

    Carolina started to shake in fear, and her throat closed up.
    >> EchoGarotte 09/03/10(Fri)21:16 No.11941304

    "As of recently the deceased had become a fully registered member of the followers of the Cycle of Terranis. She was found dead, mutilated, and displayed in the public square yesterday."

    Carolina didn't do anything.

    "When did you first notice the deceased's interest with the Cyclists?"

    Carolina didn't say anything.

    "That WAS a question."

    "Oh! Ummm, ahh t-three months ago?"

    "Are you asking me if that is correct?" The Inquisitor said.

    "No. No, three months ago. Yes. That's when she stopped going to our parties." Carolina said nodding.

    "So you go to parties then? I was under the impression that you were attending Schola classes regularly...your attendance record is perfect."

    "W-well, yes. I go to my classes, b-but I also go to these little parties with my friends. Between classes."

    "Yes, what friends would these be? The children of the other two Noble houses?"

    "Yes. We hang out together."

    "I see..." Inquisitor Dell wrote down some notes. "Now, when was the last time you saw the deceased alive?"

    "Down in the lower hive, working at a soup kitchen. She was wearing these clo-"

    "Why were you down in the lower hive?"

    "Well...I was with my friends."

    "The same friends who you 'hang out' with, I assume?"


    "So, what does your group of noble friends often hang out in the lower parts of a hive?" He gave her a look that said 'I know EXACTLY what you do...but I want to see what lie you make.'
    >> EchoGarotte 09/03/10(Fri)21:16 No.11941313
    "We...ummm...we...look for people."

    "People? Well, I assume that shouldn't be too hard in the hive. Why go to the lower areas though? Shouldn't it be just as easy to find people near the top where you all live?"

    "Well...we want to find...poor...people."

    "Ah, so you are doing charity work like the deceased. Well, let us say you've found one of these 'poor people.' Let's say...a young man, why not?" Carolina flinched. "What do you do with him then?"

    "We take him back up top...to our party."

    "Ahhh, I see. How very kind of you, child." Dell thumped the table with one hand. Carolina flinched and let out a small squeak of terror. "Wouldn't that be fun Noah? How one day when we were living down in the squat that a bunch of lovely noble children come down and invite us to have fun with them?"

    Noah looked up from his puzzle and nodded.

    "Would you go with this young lady if she asked?" He asked.

    Noah stared at her from across the hall for a long time, then he looked at his brother and then nodded. Inquisitor Dell looked a littler surprised. "Really, Noah?"

    The younger man in the paper slippers nodded.

    "I see." The Inquisitor turned back to stare at Carolina, who was shaking with fear. "So...you take these poor people, young boys and girls your age back to your party...what kind of fun do you have with them?"
    >> EchoGarotte 09/03/10(Fri)21:17 No.11941322
    Tears started to drip down Carolina's face. Inquisitor Dell's eyes narrowed. "You humiliate them, rape them, and then your parents take them and kill them."

    She nodded.

    "Odette stopped having fun, and she left, but she was scared of you and your friends. The Cyclists took her in, and she joined them."

    Carolina nodded again.

    "So, one night, your parents, your friends, and their parents went out, took Odette and tortured her trying to make it look like the Cyclists did it."

    The girl nodded.

    "But you didn't torture her. Because Odette was your friend. You were the one who shot her just above the ear to kill her instantly."

    She nodded.

    "You haven't been allowed to have sex yet, have you Carolina? Your parents and friends give you drugs and let you play games, but you're still a virgin, yes?"

    Carolina just stared at Dell in shock.

    "You were right, Noah."

    "I'm always right! When are you going to learn to trust me Brother?"

    "When I'm dead." He wrote some more things on the paper. "Alright...I'm going to take you into Immediate Custody until after the executions. I'll assign a personal guard to you." He pressed another button on his silver box. "Come in, she's a Sacrifice."

    The door to the side opened, and three soldiers walked in. They were wearing uniforms that resembled Krieg standards, but there were differences. One of them was a woman, the second man wasn't wearing a mask, and the third one had only one arm.
    >> EchoGarotte 09/03/10(Fri)21:18 No.11941325
    "Take Miss Deuxine with you back to the base. She is to be given the utmost courtesy, and if you so much as look at her wrong Christofer..."

    "Why do you always pick on me?" The one armed man said.

    Dell just glared and Christofer shrugged. "Fine fine, I know I deserve it. But Dell, come on. You hate us, and are ACHING for an excuse to kill us all. Why not let the freaks give you your excuse and then clean house after?"

    The Inquisitor rose from his chair slowly, walked over to the one armed man, grabbed him by the throat and held him off the ground. "You seditionists are the bane of my existence, and one day I WILL see you all burn...but it will be on a day of MY choosing. I am NO ONE'S puppet. LEAST of all some braindead nobles who were stupid enough to be seduced by the Ruinous Powers!" He dropped him to the floor. "You are so fortunate that Noah likes you."

    "You kind of deserved that." The girl Krieger said, helping Chris up.

    "He's not happy unless he has someone to yell at Kadja." Chris choked out.

    Noah let out a laugh from his corner of the room.

    The unmasked man walked up to Carolina and offered his hand and a warm smile.

    "Ignore them. It's okay, Carolina. My name's Saul...you're safe now."

    Carolina took Saul's hand and looked back at the Inquisitor as he returned to his seat, reached down and took from under his table a bolter that was pointed at the chair. He checked it, adjusted the sights, and replaced it to its old position. "Take her out and send in her mother next...and get her father ready too..." Dell said, quietly taking out another piece of paper and began to write on it. "I feel I won't take long with her."

    Carolina's eyes widened for a second, but then Saul put a cloth against her face...and then there was darkness.
    >> Anonymous 09/03/10(Fri)21:25 No.11941394

    YEEESSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dude.. this is awesome
    >> EchoGarotte 09/03/10(Fri)21:30 No.11941451
    I'm glad. I have a bit more of Carolina's story, but I have to ask a question. I came up with a way to bring back the Chaos Apothecaries (And give them some new friends) because I love them as antagonists, do you want to see more of them or are you good? I don't want to reanimate anyone that people don't want to see again.
    >> Anonymous 09/03/10(Fri)21:36 No.11941513

    They had very distinct characters - and they ARE chaos. Somehow a "just as planned" or rather "backup planned" by the Tzeentch guy seems likely.
    >> Anonymous 09/03/10(Fri)21:36 No.11941517
    They were cool but.. let sleeping dogs lie. Unless something about them is tied in with the current plot.
    >> EchoGarotte 09/03/10(Fri)22:22 No.11942059
    Oh, and since they're now official recurring characters, time to describe the trio...

    They all wear Krieg uniforms, but Saul usually keeps his mask off. They all have the Inquisitorial Emblem on their uniforms now, as they work for Dell now.

    Kadja: A model 68b Krieg-chan. She proudly wears her wedding ring, and is a solid Krieg Cyclist through and through.

    Saul: Look up Phil's 'Terranis Held' picture a few threads back. That's him and Kadja. Well...that was him when he was a Terranian, now he's from whatever planet that Anne and Chris are from as well. Cool under fire, quick on the uptake, and willing to shoot through his friend to kill the target. Devout Cyclist and wears a medallion to show it. He's actually an inch shorter than Kadja but wears thick boots to hide the fact when they're in public.

    Christofer: The guy Saul (and Kadja) shoot through. Shoulder length messy black hair, a 'why me' look on his face. Never without a bandoleer of grenades. Tallest of the three. Missing his left arm and ties his coat arm in a knot. He is a confirmed Cyclist, but he's not as open about it as Saul is, and since he isn't a Krieg like Kadja, people don't instantly assume that he's one either.
    >> Anonymous 09/03/10(Fri)23:20 No.11942765
    Ah, is Id4chan down again?
    >> EchoGarotte 09/03/10(Fri)23:42 No.11943042
    Inquisitor Dell looked at the reports. They were not pleasant things to read. In the Inquisition you quickly accepted that the universe was a horrible place and the only mercy you could pray for was that when you died, it would be from a shot directly to the head, putting you out instantly. However, there were some things that made even the most jaded of men frown.

    The Ruinous Powers had apparently decided that the Cyclists weren't 'funny' any more...or at least that was Noah and the other psyker's explanation. It was a nightmare to be killed by the forces of Chaos...but they saved a special kind of hate for any Cyclists they managed to take down.

    They didn't kill them on the spot, oh no, they would drag them away, and then, in full view of the battlefield, slowly peel their flesh off their bones, pour horrible liquids onto them, stuff their orifices with insects (if they were lucky) and boil them alive. You could hear the screams of the victims for hours on end. That was when they weren't feeling creative.

    The Tau had ceased their attempts to convert the Cyclists to the Greater Good. Instead there were public executions. Anyone caught even mentioning Terranis would be marched out in public, forced to their knees, whipped, and then shot.

    The Eldar were...confusing. They always were, xeno bastards, but when they encountered them and battled...they always seemed to want to take the Cyclists alive. Kidnappings of Cyclist's children were present on record. Dell didn't know what was happening to the stolen...he was working on it though. It would only be a matter of time. He suspected he would sleep easier if he never found out.
    >> EchoGarotte 09/03/10(Fri)23:42 No.11943050
    He knew he would sleep easier if he DIDN'T know what the Dark Eldar were doing with the Cyclists that they captured. Apparently the soul of a Cyclist was now considered to be a 'fine delicacy' to those monsters, and they would often go hunting. Also, they actually offered money or contractual service to anyone who gave up Cyclists to them. Dell had already executed many Imperial traitors who dared to make that deal, but he knew that there were still more weak willed souls.

    That, however, was only the beginning of where the weakness of man showed. Lynching, stoning, beatings, just being shot while walking down the street...it was becoming harder and harder to be a Cyclist anywhere other than Krieg...and perhaps Teranis if you believed that seditionist nonsense.

    There was a report of a Sister of Battle, who applied to become a confirmed Cyclist. She claimed she did it out of a desire to be eternally devoted to the Emperor, and that she wished to serve Him for all existence, and there was no higher glory.

    Her sisters did not agree.

    They dragged her out into the middle of their covenant's courtyard, stripped her naked, flayed her bloody, soaked her in prometihum, and burned her alive.
    >> EchoGarotte 09/03/10(Fri)23:43 No.11943057
    Imperial Guard divisions were starting to show strain. Cadian, Catchan, Valhallan, Tallarn regiments were fully welcoming of them...but in the others you could see the signs. Messages were slow to be relayed or 'lost,' supplies would 'run short,' and there was the case of that Commissar who had to be brought up on tribunal by Dell for 'excessive amounts of needless morale boosting.' The fact that the other Commissar's on the review board actually agreed with Dell, before he made his presence known only showed how 'excessive' it was.

    The only ones that seemed to be happy to see Cyclists were the Orks. They LOVED fighting Cyclists. "Yah fights 'dem, dey's come back! They fights us, we's come back! Spinny'umies almost getinn' ta makin' propa WAAGH!" Dell reminded himself why he kept Noah AWAY from Ork-infected items.

    The Necrons...ignored them. That was something that REALLY made Dell nervous.

    The Astartes tolerated them, in the fact that they tolerated any of the normal citizenry. Maybe there was a little more goodwill on a personal level Marine to Cyclist, but Dell didn't see any change in the Marines as a whole.

    The Cyclists were being beaten down into a paste and then ground under the heel of the universe. They were no longer funny. They were something that needed to be destroyed, and the Universe was doing it in the most brutal manner possible. Even the most jaded person alive would frown at that news.

    Inquisitor Obediah Dell smiled. The reports meant that he was doing his job.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/10(Sat)00:39 No.11943701

    Oh, looks like EchoGarrote is trying to wipe out the Cyclists.
    >> Adokai 09/04/10(Sat)00:55 No.11943876
    I dunno how far I can go to fuck with 'canon' about Terranis, BUT LET US DO IT ANYWAY.

    A decimated building crashed to the ground nearby. The Salamander ignored it, hefting the comforting weight of his bolter. No sounds of the Tyranid, but the threat was there. There was also no other sound, just the creaking of warped steel and concrete. Behind him came more Salamanders, a comforting presence in the blasted cityscape.

    Nothing but dust and scraps of steel were left, but there were hints of something different. Somthing still alive, somehow. In the backyard of a house that once had been a bunker, they found it. It was tiny, but startingly ... beautiful.

    A small green shoot, leaves opened to whatever sun could edge in through the duststorms. Cradled in the outstetched stone arms of a shattered statue - probably of a Krieg, the hastily hewn remnants of a gasmask on what would have been the head. The rest of the area was as blasted as most of the town, but here, trapped between the fallen roof and the stony fingers of rubble, was the last surviving signs of life.
    >> Adokai 09/04/10(Sat)01:03 No.11943994
    The dust kicked up by heavy Astartes feet cleared, and the tiny, pale, insignificant on a cosmic scale flower was revealed. Nodding in the pale light of the Warp Storm was the last living thing on Terranis, a white Lily of Krieg.

    It was taken with the Salamanders, transported in the cup of stone palms, and handled as if were holy. It probably was.

    Eh, not the best, but cold medicine and no sleep and some sort of alcohol do not make the best inducer of writan. I was intending for it to end up as a symbol of Terranis, but whatever. Just needed to do somthing other than the Days of Krieg.
    >> EchoGarotte 09/04/10(Sat)01:12 No.11944087
    Wipe them out? Oh my, no no no no. You see...I don't want NobleBright. I actually don't care for it, at all.

    This is still 40k, and the Universe is still out to get you, and the Krieg and Cyclists have everything against them, and remember that Dell, despite being a fair person and a loving brother, is an Inquisitor. They aren't nice people. The Krieg and Cyclists are screwed...

    but that doesn't mean that they can't win.
    >> noko Anonymous 09/04/10(Sat)01:15 No.11944110

    They do not need to win. They just need to Hold.
    >> EchoGarotte 09/04/10(Sat)01:16 No.11944133
         File1283577401.jpg-(8 KB, 220x169, Unknown..jpg)
    8 KB
    >> EchoGarotte 09/04/10(Sat)02:01 No.11944537
    Christofer hated Krieg. The sky depressed him, he couldn't take off his mask, and it did nothing but rain that acidic slop...except when it snowed caustic dust.

    He stood out there in the rain, sweating like a grox in the Emperor-Knew-How-Many layers he was clothed in, and watched as the transport slowly began to descend down the shaft onto the landing pad. He pressed a button and the roof closed.

    When it sealed, and the buzzer sounded, he took off his mask and sucked in a deep breath of recycled air. He popped the cracks in his neck and prepared himself to look properly intimidating. He was here on Dell's orders to look over the newest members of the Cycle Of Terranis. The newest people to be Confirmed, implanted with a tracking device, and...honestly he didn't know what these people expected. It was getting...it HAD gotten, just far too big for him to comprehend.

    People were talking about visions, feeling a calling, how Cyclists had better love lives...well...as one of the Killers of Murahi, there were plenty of Krieg 'F-Models' and other Cyclists that liked to...see his war scars. Also, given by the sounds that Kadja and Saul made through their shared wall...yeah he could agree on that point.
    >> EchoGarotte 09/04/10(Sat)02:02 No.11944544
    Of course it was no secret that the Cyclists had moved from Annoying to Not Liked. Dell had cheerfully shared the reports with the three of them. Explaining all of the horrors the universe was heaping upon them.

    Chris sighed and wondered if there would be anyone on that transport. At every part of the Confirmation process they had been given plenty of chance to quit. Dell had made the process as painful and humiliating as possible. Months of Community Service in the worst parts of any planet. A Public statement of a desire to be Confirmed as a Cyclist. Fees, which led to debts in most cases. Background checks, and not to mention public strip searches and 'purification' rituals that Dell's private goon squads enacted. Every step there was the offer to quit.

    Chris knew that Dell only kept him, Saul and Kadja around as his private errand boys as he knew that he pretty much owned them. Dell didn't trust anyone, but he did treat things he could use quite well. He had even been nice enough to give Chris an offer to leave, a bunch of credits and a little place on a paradise world, just to stay away and keep his mouth shut. Chris would have taken the offer in a flash...but then there was that...that moment.

    Standing in the mud. The Light is on his back. Kadja and Saul are up on the firing step. He picks up the laspistol, it's all he can shoot now with one arm...but he doesn't miss anymore...he steps up to the step and sees all of Them...and he is not afraid. He will stand, fire, and hold.

    Chris shook his head to clear his mind of that memory. All he could remember was telling Dell 'no thanks' and then...well...now many many regrets later. Here he was...on this miserable rock.

    Christofer sighed as the shuttle finished its landing and the doors began to open. He expected there to be maybe four or five. Ten would astound him. The lights of the internal cabin turned on and Chris' eyes bugged.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/10(Sat)02:02 No.11944548
         File1283580161.gif-(188 KB, 120x120, party.gif)
    188 KB
    dipshit here

    what is krieg?
    >> EchoGarotte 09/04/10(Sat)02:03 No.11944564
    He walked into Dell's office after the initial greeting and assignment with a huge smirking grin on his face. He handed the Inquisitor the list of names of people who had come to be Confirmed. Dell flipped through the three pages with that shocked look he always got that kept Chris warm at nights.

    "1,348 new members...shall I have them start making the tags now?" He said.

    Dell just punched him in the gut and stormed out of the office. Following behind, Noah snickered and gave Chris a thumbs up behind his brother's back.

    Chris couldn't stop grinning as he went back to greet the new members...and see if any of them were interested at seeing some 'battle scars.'
    >> Anonymous 09/04/10(Sat)02:44 No.11944977
    >> Anonymous 09/04/10(Sat)03:11 No.11945243
         File1283584298.jpg-(57 KB, 627x473, Katt 140.jpg)
    57 KB
    Necrumundan writan before bed and now Krieg writan for breakfast, life is still good sometimes!
    >> Anonymous 09/04/10(Sat)03:34 No.11945410
         File1283585674.jpg-(32 KB, 492x470, 129072141488991609.jpg)
    32 KB
    >> Anonymous 09/04/10(Sat)03:35 No.11945419
         File1283585729.gif-(53 KB, 310x202, what_is_heresy.gif)
    53 KB
    >what is krieg?
    >> Captain Drawfriend 09/04/10(Sat)03:55 No.11945601
         File1283586905.jpg-(60 KB, 638x1186, Kriegcat.jpg)
    60 KB
    Now look what you made me do, kattman!
    >> Anonymous 09/04/10(Sat)03:59 No.11945640

    Nananananan-(West's version of Batman Theme song but to Kattman.)
    >> Alternate OP 09/04/10(Sat)04:00 No.11945657
    Commander Meows would not let the dirty dogs and their WOOOOOFFF! pass into the populated areas of Krieg. He had a family, friends, and a duty to never let them pass. He prepared his paws for the carnage to follow, as he looked at the oncoming four-legged wave. They will not get past him today, or any other day.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/10(Sat)04:02 No.11945678
         File1283587324.jpg-(33 KB, 258x198, animalwdding.jpg)
    33 KB
    >> Anonymous 09/04/10(Sat)04:03 No.11945688
         File1283587408.jpg-(44 KB, 270x261, BK1129HR_kat_building.jpg)
    44 KB
    >> Anonymous 09/04/10(Sat)04:16 No.11945816
         File1283588176.jpg-(361 KB, 972x651, Anahita.jpg)
    361 KB
    >> Anonymous 09/04/10(Sat)04:34 No.11945964
    (After reading EchoGarrote’s new bit I am reminded of a story I once heard and will try to convert as best I can to match this new…Terranis…storyline…just so…whatever…I guess it’s cause I’m a tiny bit a moralfag….this doesn’t have any of EG’s characters in it just possible repercussions.)

    The day we got our orders from the Lord Inquisitor I was elated, I would be able to serve the Imperium in a new manner, and the manner while questionable would be legal… I would do it for it was ordered of me. At first I thought it was a joke to perform some of these acts but as I saw my fellows do it I joined in. It started with an order to an F-model Cyclist to strip in front of my squad and when she didn’t move fast enough one of my men struck her…we all had a laugh.

    Then I took part of the Purification Rituals…after all they were already naked. It was fun at first but then I noticed they always had that blank look in their eyes even when they started moan. They didn’t want to at first but after a while the body overrides the mind. This is probably the reason why I’m where I’m at now…

    After all they were all animals…diverging from what was allowed…what was tradition…what was defined as the corrected form of thinking…WHAT WAS DEEMED JUST! THEY WERE WRONG AND WE DIDN’T CARE WHY BUT THEY HAD TO BE PUNISHED! The Inquisition said it so.

    So they got what they deserved. Put into their place and suffering for the crimes we placed upon their heads. They had to be separated or else their taint would have spread. We just had to continue finding new ways…reasons to do it.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/10(Sat)04:36 No.11945981

    Not only would we ‘Purify’ on Krieg but on other planets as well for years as an example. We would volunteer to ‘Purify’ the Cyclists every chance we had and at times do it in front of a crowd to show the punishment for turning away a chance to sit with the Emperor.

    Those eyes though…no matter how many times I would or who I would ‘Purify’. They always had those eyes…Those blank unwavering glare and finally I couldn’t stand having that look staring at me. So with me and my men looking down at an F-Model I drew my side arm…and proceeded to strike her in the face with the bottom of my pistol.

    At first her face bruised but those eyes remained and I couldn’t stop hitting her. Those eyes that said, “I’m still better than you...” or “Am I the animal here or are you?”

    Eventually she died but that was okay there was always others…and besides I was doing the Inquisitions’ work. That work would provide locations for more.

    The next time me and my squad was enacting the “Purification Ritual” it was in front of a platoon of Guardsmen from…Catachan I think…Yeah, I’m sure it was a platoon from Catachan and quite a few Commissars. As my Inquisitor Lord spouted why Cyclist thought was wrong and the punishments that would put upon anyone who followed such thoughts we worked.

    First there was grins and cheering from the peanut gallery…peasants all of them…quickly turned to stone glares and silence. Then I noticed those eyes again…and I drew my pistol.

    I had to beat her…so I did.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/10(Sat)04:37 No.11945985

    I had screamed the litanies approved for this ritual, how I was working for the holy Inquisition, and how much more Righteous I was over her. My Lord had agreed…again…as with many things and times…only at first. After all…all she had to do was renounce her belief and be one with the rest of us and I would have stopped and I could have saved myself. But no…she held on to her belief so I kept on working…

    Eventually she died but I didn’t stop…I kept hitting her…over and over again. Not even when her face collapsed in from all the blows and blood covered mine. I only stopped when all the Guardsmen pointed their weapons at me and my men.

    I had to ask what they were doing.

    “Look at the monster you have become and you would know.”

    Monster? Me? Nonsense, I replied, I’m doing what is required of me by the Inquisition why would that make me a monster?

    “Look upon your skin,” A Guardsman replied tossing me a shaving mirror.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/10(Sat)04:38 No.11945996

    I did look and was surprised. For upon my head was the mark of Chaos.

    I turned to my Lord Inquisitor, who by that time summoned the Canoness and her retinue, and I screamed at them.

    Why have I been marked? Why have I been turned away from the Emperor’s gaze for doing your bidding to the letter? Am I not righteous for following the Emperor’s decree? You told me I was being just? The Inquisition told me I WAS IN THE RIGHT? Why are you--

    His stunned face was copied by those that followed him and they all stared back at me…and my men like they didn’t know who we were and before I could continue my tirade the Catachans had already fired striking me down.

    “But that doesn’t matter now does it?” I say leering down at my bound Lord Inquisitor, “For all your decrees My Lord you are no better than I. Oh…don’t shake your head in denial like that. Eventually you’ll turn to…and become one of Nurgle’s chosen. Or considering your hatred of Cyclists a follower of Khorne? All of your followers choose one…in the end and with Chaos’ second attempt at replicating Terranis…you get to try and become every sort of…whatever…you would ever want. Nurgle welcomes you.”

    (The End.)

    (Wasn’t exactly sure if I should have posted this considering.)
    >> Anonymous 09/04/10(Sat)04:47 No.11946066
         File1283590067.gif-(79 KB, 158x120, Dr. Claw Stroking.gif)
    79 KB
    >> Anonymous 09/04/10(Sat)04:49 No.11946079
    Your end could use a bit of work, it seemed a bit much like a draft. Good story, though.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/10(Sat)04:53 No.11946115

    >> PhilDraws4Food 09/04/10(Sat)05:01 No.11946159
    I enjoyed it. I think perhaps a second crusade (a proper crusade, that is) against Murahi might be the galvanizing factor in the tolerance, if not acceptance, of the Cyclists...
    >> Anonymous 09/04/10(Sat)07:24 No.11947079
    >> EchoGarotte 09/04/10(Sat)08:10 No.11947440
    I. Love. it.

    It fits in perfectly with what's going on. I do like the idea of Chaos trying again to create their own Terranis...but I don't want Murahi 2. Been there, Exterminatused that. We can do better.

    Nurgle, Tzeench, and Khorne all had their big chance...and blew it. However, I left the fourth one out for a reason.

    You think Carolina can escape THAT easy? She was a prime, perfect, prepared, virgin sacrifice just about to be served up on a plate, until Odette, Dell, the Krieg Trio, and the Cyclists ruined it. You think that might make someone a little angry?

    Also, doesn't ANYONE wonder why the Eldar are kidnapping Cyclist kids? Feel free to come up with ideas of your own (They might be better than mine so I'll steal them) but I'll tell you this...it isn't to return the babysitting favor.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/10(Sat)09:14 No.11947769
         File1283606074.jpg-(64 KB, 675x556, Katt 147.jpg)
    64 KB
    Oh shi-!

    That is awesome! Seems like the cat thing caught on for some reason.
    And updates! One update is a wee bit PROMOTIONS! Feels good to be on vacation.
    >> Iron Lung 09/04/10(Sat)09:39 No.11947952
    I'm guessing it's to get a grasp on how humans are directly reincarnating as well as to see if they've hit upon a means of actually altering the warp through sheer psychic persistence (faith).
    If the Warp can actually be turned benevolent, however locally and temporarily, by dedication and belief then a Craftworld can probably do what a planet full of humans can achieve.
    Also directed reincarnation COULD be potent enough to deny Slaanesh Eldar souls caught dead without waystones. That would be something worth paying a very high price for.
    This is an attempt to establish a baseline group of humans who view the Eldar as worthy of worship and/or empathy.
    I have little faith in this second idea, but thar it be.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/10(Sat)10:31 No.11948282
         File1283610713.jpg-(39 KB, 500x443, funny-pictures-cat-eats-raven-(...).jpg)
    39 KB
    >> Anonymous 09/04/10(Sat)13:05 No.11949533
         File1283619936.jpg-(60 KB, 500x638, funny-pictures-angry-cat-quest(...).jpg)
    60 KB
    bump qmud
    >> Anonymous 09/04/10(Sat)14:25 No.11950133
         File1283624746.jpg-(76 KB, 873x627, 1280211311808.jpg)
    76 KB
    >> Anonymous 09/04/10(Sat)14:54 No.11950466
         File1283626465.jpg-(25 KB, 397x300, cats-in-sink.jpg)
    25 KB
    Bump with d'awww and vidya:

    >> Anonymous 09/04/10(Sat)15:10 No.11950632
         File1283627412.jpg-(34 KB, 500x434, Katt 21.jpg)
    34 KB
    >humonge testimony
    >> EchoGarotte 09/04/10(Sat)16:22 No.11951525
    Carolina was sitting at a grand table, one of Val Domineaux's great grand parties hosted by the Nobles that ran the planet. All four families were there, the people she grew up with, and loved. The Families of Val Domineaux always got along splendidly, especially now. There was laughter talking, and general light heartedness.

    Carolina was almost able to ignore that they were all feasting happily upon a young girl. She had been strapped to the table, and in that perfectly poised style etiquette, the dinner guests were only taking the smallest morsels from her at a time.

    They wanted to make sure that the girl was still alive when dessert came, after all.
    >> EchoGarotte 09/04/10(Sat)16:24 No.11951545
    Carolina just looked down at her plate, at the small cube of red meat sitting there. She had a wide array of sauces and flavor accents to choose from. She looked up into the 'meal's' eyes, and for an instant, saw her own face looking back at her.

    The world was sarting to spin...a heady perfume smell was through the air...she felt so tired...why struggle any mo-

    Then the sound of someone slurping broke her out of that haze. She blinked and looked around. Manners were paramount at Val Domineaux banquets! Who was breaking the taboo?

    She turned to her side and saw Odette. She was sitting next to her, slurping up a mouthful of...of...

    "Dehydrated noodles with dehydrated tomato paste." She said. "Cadian rations. Tastes like strips of paper dipped in...red." She sucked up the last noodle and daintily wiped her mouth with a napkin.

    She wasn't dressed like the others or Carolina. No fancy dress or costume or frills. A simple, if well made and of good material, grey shirt and skirt ensemble. The Cyclist emblem stitched on one shoulder in gold thread. A dark burgundy handkerchief was wrapped around her head, like the way the house maids had them. Also she had a hole in her head just above her left ear.

    It was what she was wearing the last time Carolina saw her alive. Odette looked at her and then down at her dress.

    "Did I spill some sauce on it?" She smiled. "This is a dream, in case you're still hazy about it."

    "Odette...I'm...I'm so..."
    >> Anonymous 09/04/10(Sat)16:24 No.11951557
    Two days old. For christ's sake.
    >> EchoGarotte 09/04/10(Sat)16:25 No.11951564
    "Apology accepted. Not really needed anyway, wasn't your fault. They had you from day one." She sipped at a tin cup filled with a black strong smelling substance. "They had both of us really. I should be thanking you." She pointed to the hole in her head. "Saved me...and probably saved you as well."

    "I...I don't know what to do." Carolina said.

    "None of us do. We just have to hold on until we figure it out. That's the tricky part." Odette said.

    "I don't think I can do it."

    "Don't really have a choice." The dead girl sucked at her recaff again. "Anyway, you aren't alone, you have the others...and me. I won't leave you to fight off the bastard alone. Now...you hear that music?"

    A soft, sad, melancholy tune that made Carolina think of rain came to her ears. "Yes...what is it?"

    "Revery. Better wake up before all the good breakfast rations are gone. I suggest trying to get Valhallan, Kriegs have lousy powdered eggs."

    Carolina awoke with a start. She looked around the unfamiliar room. Where was she? What was going on? Did she have a dream? It was already fading away.

    "Oh good, you're up." A woman's voice said. Carolina looked up to see the female Krieg soldier that had been there when she had seen the Inquisitor.

    "Where am I?" She asked.

    "Krieg. It's the safest place, your planet is...having difficulties at the moment." The woman said. "Now...is there anything I can get you for breakfast?"
    >> EchoGarotte 09/04/10(Sat)16:26 No.11951579
    Two days? Uhh...actually aren't we reaching closer to two weeks?
    >> Anonymous 09/04/10(Sat)16:33 No.11951654
    I think he means this specific thread.
    >> Anonymous 09/04/10(Sat)16:54 No.11951895
         File1283633675.jpg-(110 KB, 480x640, Katt 148.jpg)
    110 KB
    >Carolina was almost able to ignore that they were all feasting happily upon a young girl
    But in a good way
    >> Anonymous 09/04/10(Sat)16:55 No.11951909
    Isn't 1d4chan down?
    >> Anonymous 09/04/10(Sat)17:35 No.11952330
    >> Anonymous 09/04/10(Sat)17:36 No.11952351

    That was just.... shocking and disturbing
    >> Anonymous 09/04/10(Sat)20:16 No.11954282
         File1283645798.jpg-(212 KB, 1802x511, img4c48ad3e27a12.jpg)
    212 KB
    >> Anonymous 09/04/10(Sat)20:56 No.11954843
         File1283648166.jpg-(64 KB, 700x570, Katt 24.jpg)
    64 KB
    >> Anonymous 09/04/10(Sat)23:13 No.11956660
         File1283656409.jpg-(72 KB, 768x553, Katt 84.jpg)
    72 KB
    Time for bed and zzz, five in the morning nao
    >> PhilDraws4Food 09/04/10(Sat)23:40 No.11956977
    -CHAPTER 7-

    an hour passed underground, as we waited with bated breath, wondering if a shell or collapsing building would spell out the collapse of our shelter and our demise in one stroke. By some miracle of His Will, the shelling stopped, and our car park was still intact, though the surface entrances were buried under debris. The kriegs are fantastic at digging, but the job was too big and too dangerous for their current equipment. We'd need another way out.

    After the squad cleared the car park and ensured it was secure, the engineers set about drilling into the undercity, the public works tunnels and such, to find an escape route. What we found was... considerably more troubling.
    >> PhilDraws4Food 09/04/10(Sat)23:41 No.11956985
    The underground works had been isolated since the initial attack. City officials had been evacuated, and public works had come to a standstill. In the chaos of the invasion, they were forgotten about. It was exactly what the cultists wanted. Now, a river of blood flowed where trains and civilians once ran, and where rats and vagrants once lived, something far worse had taken residence.

    When the hole they dug fell open, and the krieg's lights pierced the dust and darkness, a flurry of motion and a cacophony of shrieks and trills precluded another firefight as the kriegs fell back and deamonic monsters erupted from the hole. Man-sized, dog sized, green, fleshy, spiny, covered in slime and tentacles and filth, there seemed to be a little something from every nightmare ever conceived in the dozens of creatures that poured out. One of our engineers was disemboweled in their initial rush, and we all fully expected to die, it seemed, Gotz firing desperately at their hideous forms in the light of his shoulder-lamp as it picked them out of the darkness, but then I came to understand why the heavy bolter team had fought so hard to carry it with us along the way.
    >> PhilDraws4Food 09/04/10(Sat)23:41 No.11956996
    When they opened fire, the strobe-like muzzle flare of the heavy gun blinded me, it's heavy, deep, thumping shot creating deafening echoes in the concrete garage, and its large explosive rounds making an unholy mess of the abominations. They had menaced us moments before, myself clinging to Gottfried's coat-tails again as we backed into a corner between two parked sedans, he kneeling and firing his longlas with one arm and his sidearm with the other, myself crying and hiding behind him, black teeth and tongues and claws drawing closer, until the heavy bolter team turned the sedans into convertibles and the monsters into a gory mist.

    The few monsters that weren't mowed down in the sweep of the bolter slinked back into the under-tunnels. The kriegs proceeded to drive or push unmanned civilian vehicles into the hole. First we used them as a ramp to descend into the tunnel. Then we used them as a burning barricade to protect our rear. We were stuck travelling “upstream” of the blackish-red river.
    >> PhilDraws4Food 09/04/10(Sat)23:42 No.11957002
    There was a long, tense walk through the dark, interrupted by short stops to clear corners and side-tunnels, or lay mines and razor wire traps behind us, and more than one firefight. I walked with my face buried in gotz's coat again, like a child walking through a haunted house, except the monsters here were real, and despite my best attempts to hide my eyes from them, it always felt as though I could feel them approaching. I would scream, and shirk away from them to the farthest side of Gottfried from them, but I never let go of him. Year later, he would tell me it was like I was turning him toward them before he'd even know they were there...

    >> Anonymous 09/05/10(Sun)00:29 No.11957536

    I do hope you saved all these chapters on your computer.. incase they didn't make it to 1d4chan.
    >> An0nymous !gkWeiOwuW2 09/05/10(Sun)00:35 No.11957612
    rolled 14219 = 14219


    The opening picture.

    I invisioned their shovels slowly rising to rest on their shoulders.
    >> PhilDraws4Food 09/05/10(Sun)01:57 No.11958492
    heh, glad you like it. I'm the drawfag behind that one.


    master document is being worked on right now, chapter 8 almost done.
    >> Anonymous 09/05/10(Sun)01:58 No.11958504

    With a bit of editing I am sure this would make one hell of a short story.
    >> PhilDraws4Food 09/05/10(Sun)02:03 No.11958543
    yeah, i get the feeling it sort of drags on, or that it could use some slimming down. I think it'll get better when I get back into the action of it, though. I always like giving as much detail as i can, to really paint the picture. I dunno if it works so well for the immersion effect I'm going for, though...
    >> Anonymous 09/05/10(Sun)03:11 No.11959186
         File1283670719.jpg-(34 KB, 400x300, mermaidCat.jpg)
    34 KB
    >> PhilDraws4Food 09/05/10(Sun)04:07 No.11959665
    -CHAPTER 8-

    when we finally reached a subway station, I'd never been so elated to see sunlight. Our remaining engineer and the rest of the tattered squad made short work of the locked gates and doors leading up to the street. Another 15 awkward minutes and a Chimera rolled up to provide us transport after bearings and coordinates were exchanged on the vox. Apparently the bombardment had made a bigger mess than they'd expected. It was a long and bumpy ride back to the forward base the kriegs were working in.

    Gotz and I had a nice little conversation in the Chimera, passing notes back and forth on a little notepad he kept with him. He told me about the recon mission they'd been on, one of his friends getting married, and his promotion to Corporal. I told him how mad I was that he'd left without saying goodbye. He looked at me with incredulous eyes through the tinted goggles of his mask for a long moment, before he tousled my hair and wrote on the pad “sorry, I had my orders, and cute little girls have no place on the front lines.” I pouted at him, thinking it my turn to be incredulous. Our fun was cut short though, when we pulled in and were greeted by a well dressed man with slick black hair and disturbing eyes.
    >> PhilDraws4Food 09/05/10(Sun)04:09 No.11959684
    “My name is Inquisitor Obediah Dell, and this is my brother, Noah...” he motioned to a bedraggled man standing nearby in what looked like a hospital-patient's garb and a leather collar around his neck, leashed to the inquisitors' hand. “... and you are all officially under the my custody until further notice. Please assemble at my office in bunker seven...” Inquisitor Dell almost seemed as though he would add something, but then seemed to think it unnecessary.

    The Kriegs shuffled out of the chimera single-file. I still clung to Gotz worried that I would be separated from him again, sent back to the camp, or something worse. I didn't realize how deep the grox-dung had just gotten, but I could feel the krieger's apprehension.
    >> PhilDraws4Food 09/05/10(Sun)04:10 No.11959690
    they came through, collected our names, and let us rot in the bunker for a few hours without food or water. The kriegs didn't complain though, so neither did I... or rather, I tried not to. After a while, though, I was fidgeting, groaning, and twisting the hems of my clothes. I was sore all over, and the best they'd provided us were a few wooden benches to sit on. Worse still, when they started calling our names, Gotz was the first one to be called. One by one all of the kriegers were called away to some unknown fate. I must have sat there for what felt like days. I was asleep on the bench when a guardsman woke me and told me it was my turn.

    “For what?” I asked.

    “Your interview with the Inquisitor.” He replied. He led me through a door and down a hall. Then, in an awkward sort of way told me “look, just stay quiet and answer his questions... you should be fine.” I could tell he was trying to reassure me. I could also tell by the way he hushed himself that he probably wasn't supposed to. And nascent powers be damned, I could tell he wasn't so sure of it himself.
    >> PhilDraws4Food 09/05/10(Sun)04:11 No.11959705
    I remember having this silly image in my head of one of the Final Boss levels from a HoloSim game, with the “badguy” in a richly appointed chamber on a throne on a raised dais at the end of a red carpet. This image was thoroughly shattered by the anticlimactic scene in the inquisitor's chamber.

    He was certainly dressed the part, in a black pin-striped suit and raven hair pulled back smooth, revealing a menacing widows peak and his startling eyes, one dark, the other iris white, but he had no cape, and no torches or pillars lined the wall. He sat at a cheap table in a simple folding chair, the kinds they used at my school for the class fundraiser, or the exhibits at the school science fair, or set out for the audience at school plays. The man he'd identified as his brother sat in the corner behind him, at his own little table, fiddling with some papers and things, seeming absorbed in them.
    >> PhilDraws4Food 09/05/10(Sun)04:12 No.11959716
    Inquisitor Dell bade me to sit down, and I promptly did so. My knowledge of Inquisitors was limited to “they're servants of the emperor,” and far be it from me to disobey the emperor. He activated a recorder, and stated the names of everyone present, and had me confirm my own name. “A-Anna f-f-Franklin-n, s-sir...” I stuttered out. His demeanor was brusque, his shoulders squared, his jaw firm, and his eyes intense, fixated on me almost the whole time, flicking away only to review something on the papers in his hands on the table.

    He proceeded to ask me a lot of questions about the events leading up to our meeting, and I gave him the full account I've given you thus far. Occasionally he'd pause to make notes on the papers on his desk or ask Noah a question... which usually consisted of merely asking “Noah?” and him responding “uh-Huh..” without looking up from his own work.
    >> PhilDraws4Food 09/05/10(Sun)04:13 No.11959723
    “... seriously?” the inquisitor asked over his shoulder to Noah, when I told them about the daemons under the city. “no foolin'...” Noah responded, to which the inquisitor sighed and rubbed the bridge of his nose with his thumb and forefinger, and Noah glanced up to him with a deeply concerned look on his face.
    >> PhilDraws4Food 09/05/10(Sun)04:14 No.11959727
    After an eternity of answering and re-answering the same questions, Inquisitor Dell called in the guardsman that had led me in. he took me to a barracks deeper in the bunker where Gotz's aquad was positioned. I walked in on them in various stages of undress and relaxation... which consisted of near-compulsive boot polishing, uniform ironing, and sleeping with gas masks on. I found that the two kriegers that had been toting the heaviest gear, the heavy Bolter team, were both girls, as well as Gotz's spotter and two of the “riflemen.”

    The ten-or-so krieg, or the half that weren't sleeping, looked at me as I entered. One wearing only a gas-mask, guard-issue underwear and t-shirt handed me a steaming cup of something that smelled almost edible. Remembering my earlier hunger that the Inquisitor had abated with fear, I grabbed it and hastily gulped at the cup, only to burn my mouth and end up spitting most of it back into the cup, and the rest of it onto the floor.
    >> PhilDraws4Food 09/05/10(Sun)04:14 No.11959732
    The very casual krieg waved his hands frantically, then ran off, only to return in a moment with another cup, this one full of plain water. I sipped at it, feeling my tongue blister.

    “you should have warned her, Gotz!” one of the heavy gunner girls said.

    “don't give her that, it'll make her mouth blister!” the other shouted through her mask, quite a bit too late.

    I glared at Gotz, wondering how someone so cool-headed on the battlefield could be so inept elswhere.

    The Heavy Girls were fussing over me then. “God-Emperor, Gotz! How can you be so cool on the battlefield but so inept in the barracks!”

    it was weird hearing my thoughts coming out of their mouths. It was weird hearing them talk at all, honestly.
    >> PhilDraws4Food 09/05/10(Sun)04:15 No.11959744
    Gottfried yelled at them through his mask in a language I didn't understand, and the girls shot up to attention. EVERYONE shot up to attention, even the sleeping Kriegers. “Yes, Sir!” was their only response, followed by sharp salutes, and Gotz storming off. I remembered Gotz was technically the highest ranked guardsman in the room. I guess he had to remind them of that.

    “don't worry about him. He just doesn't like it when his sisters embarrass him in front of people.”

    “yeah, he's a real hotshot in the field, but he's kind of a spaz in more... personal settings.”

    “yeah, and what's with that reverting to native Krieg instead of Gothic?”

    “He does that sometimes.”

    the girls were bantering in my ears as the fussed over me again, straightening my hair, tugging at my clothes, blowing on my soup for me... I was wondering who they were, or who they thought they were, for that matter...
    >> PhilDraws4Food 09/05/10(Sun)04:16 No.11959746
    “Oh! How rude of us! You poor thing! I'm Hatti-13763, and this is my sister, Hedda-13764.” said the first one as she removed her mask.

    “we're the twins of the 127th krieg derivative regiment!” added Hedda, removing hers.
    I was instantly jealous. They both were blonde, like me, but while my hair was the sandy blonde of wheat, theirs was the golden blonde of holovid models and expensive champagne. Their lips were plump and pink, contrasting their milk-white skin, and their eyes were a vibrant green. Hatti had an old scar that went across her cheek to her jaw below her ear, while Hedda sported a decidedly fresher one that ran from under her left nostril to her chin across her lips and was still pink. I introduced myself back to them, and they took me about the barracks, introducing me to the rest of the squad as “Gotz's friend, Anna.” I just blushed and tried to finish my noodles.

    The girls fretted over me a bit longer, feeding me, taking me to the shower, bathing me, cleaning my clothes. When they finally let me go to my cot, I was out as soon as my head touched the tiny lame pillow I was provided. Compared to the cramped scav-bin I'd last slept in, it was like heaven.

    >> PhilDraws4Food 09/05/10(Sun)04:17 No.11959757
    -CHAPTER 9-

    “what do you think, Noah?” Inquisitor Dell had reached the hardest part of his report... what to do with the girl those seditionish kriegers had dragged up.

    “hrrmmmmmm....” Noah furrowed his brow and bit his lip. “she's not a bad girl...”

    “No shit, Grox-brain...” Obediah sometimes hated Noah's obvious revelations almost as much as his cryptic ones. “She loves the Emperor. Loves Him like her father, or that Krieger she talked about so much...”

    “Gottfried” Noah corrected.

    “I -know- his warp-damned name, Noah!” the stress of the situation he'd learned of under the city was beginning to wear on him, beginning to show. Obediah never meant to lash out at his brother. He hated putting anymore undue stress on him. They sat in silence for a while.
    >> PhilDraws4Food 09/05/10(Sun)04:18 No.11959766
    “she's like me, you know...” Noah continued, resuming his musings on the papers in front of him. “you could order her along with us. I could teach her... stuff...”

    “the last thing we need is a child in tow as we gallivant around this grox-shit galaxy! I can NOT pause the burning of heretics to change a diaper, and I can't afford to have you distracted, either!” Obediah didn't have the luxury of sulking, so wrath would have to suffice. He smouldered in his chair, facing away from his brother, arms crossed and his right heel tapping impatiently.

    Noah doodled on his papers, eventually leaving them and continuing on the desk itself. “I dunno... I think she'd be useful...”

    Obediah froze, then slowly rose and turned to face his brother. “... how useful?”
    >> PhilDraws4Food 09/05/10(Sun)04:19 No.11959774
    “pretty useful.” Noah responded. He was now creating origami from his drawings, and was disappointed that the best parts were stuck on the desk.

    “... is this one of those 'Feelings,' Noah?” Obidiah asked.

    Noah smiled “... it could be...”

    Obediah grunted with frustration again. “... and the Ordo Maleus, are they coming?”

    Noah sat up, seeming thoughtful for the first time, as though going over a mental checklist. “... yes. They'll arrive within the week. I don't think it'll do much good though...”

    Obediah was alarmed by this “what do you mean?! Should I order Exterminatus?!”

    “nononono... no...”
    >> PhilDraws4Food 09/05/10(Sun)04:19 No.11959781
    the Inquisitor waited a long moment, expecting Noah to continue, his consternation building. “... well?!” he damanded.

    “you'll see...” Noah said as he folded a paper football and flicked it across his table and onto the floor.

    “Emperors Grace, you infuriate me sometimes, Noah...” Obidiah sank back into his chair.

    Noah smiled. “I love you too, brother.”

    >> PhilDraws4Food 09/05/10(Sun)05:19 No.11960349
    >> Anonymous 09/05/10(Sun)06:07 No.11960664
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    Breakfast, music and writan, yay!
    >> Anonymous 09/05/10(Sun)09:28 No.11961714
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    >> Anonymous 09/05/10(Sun)11:13 No.11962444

    chapter 8 and 9 were very freaking awesome
    >> Anonymous 09/05/10(Sun)13:37 No.11963688
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    love bump
    >> PhilDraws4Food 09/05/10(Sun)15:36 No.11964882
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    I don't know which is the bigger compliment, the praise of my writing or the reposting of my own work...
    >> Anonymous 09/05/10(Sun)15:43 No.11964953
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    >> PhilDraws4Food 09/05/10(Sun)16:04 No.11965182
    I... am intrigued by this...

    is there an e-book or PDF of this anywhere?
    >> Anonymous 09/05/10(Sun)16:20 No.11965383

    If you already haven't looked it up the release date according to Amazon Dec 9, 2010
    >> Anonymous 09/05/10(Sun)16:21 No.11965402
    >DKoK vs. Necrons
    >> EchoGarotte 09/05/10(Sun)18:20 No.11966979
    Carolina found herself a bit...aimless. The place where she was staying was nice...but a far cry from the usual opulence that she was used to. There was a dorm, a library, a cafeteria, and what looked like...well...she wasn't sure what exactly to call the large rooms filled with...well at little bit of everything. Gun parts, machine parts, scattered books...you name it, it was probably there.

    There were also people scattered throughout the complex, either studying in the library or in the Workshops...working. They gave her polite smiles and nods, but mostly they were preoccupied with their work.

    One day she was that man with one arm walking down the halls. He was leading another man, dressed in what looked like hospital clothes, by a leash around his neck.

    "Honestly, I don't understand why you always want me to be the one who takes you on your walks." He mumbled. "You know I have important things to do here."

    "Fucking the To-Be Confirmed applicants?" The leashed man said grinning.

    "Yes, exactly!" He sighed. "Hey...out of curiosity, have you ever-"

    Noah nodded. "Oh yeah, me and Rakel...well until Brother and Auntie caught us." He blushed. "Thankfully they both found it funny, so they didn't shoot us."

    "Wait...that's the psyker that's with the Ordos Xenos gal who swings by now and again, working on the kidnappings right?"


    "Honestly, Noah...I think you could do better." The One-Armed man smirked

    The leashed man narrowed his eyes. "I CAN cause your eyeballs to melt, you know."
    >> EchoGarotte 09/05/10(Sun)18:21 No.11966998
    "Alright alright...I...oh. Hello." He saluted with his arm. "Lady Carolina. How are you doing today? Isn't Kadja supposed to be with you?"

    "Ummm, fine. She said she was called away. Said I could look around the compound, but wasn't to leave." She frowned. "Is that her name?"

    "Kadja? Yeah...well...she's got this long string of numbers and designations but me and Saul just call her Kadja...you better use 68b...#Whateverthewarpitis...when you speak to her. I'm Christofer Arc, call me Chris, and this is Noah Dell."

    "I remember you." Noah said. He turned his head for a moment. "Why are you following her?" He said.

    "Huh?" Carolina spun around to look. There was no one there.

    "Ignore him when he does that, half of it wont make sense until a week later, and the other half he makes up just to annoy me." Chris said.

    "Oh...okay. That's very nice of you." Noah looked Carolina in the eye and nodded. "You're weird..."

    "Noah!" Chris snapped. "Be nice, she's royalty!"

    "She's supposed to be dead." The psyker nodded. "It's not sure what to do with her, yet...It's too confused and too angry to think straight at the moment."

    "Thank you for that," Chris muttered. "Anything I can help you with before I take Fido here back to his master?"

    "What is this place?"

    "It's a...oh what did they call it? Pre-Confirmation compound. It's where all the wannabe Cyclists stay when they're going through the last parts of Confirmation." Chris said.

    "These people are all Cyclists?" Carolina asked.

    "Yeah, but don't worry. They've been under orders not to bother you." Chris said.

    "What do they do here?"
    >> EchoGarotte 09/05/10(Sun)18:22 No.11967007
    "Wait for their next Ritual, read and study, and usually just build or fix whatever needs to be made or repaired around here." Chris shrugged. "If you're really interested, go ahead and ask one of them. They're not going to bite your head off...Noah here's the only one who might."

    "Nope, hate hair in my teeth, means I gotta floss." Noah said.

    "By the Emperor, I hate you." Chris said.

    "That's why you're so much fun!" Noah said.

    "Ugh, come on. Let's get you back to the Asylum. Anyway, Lady Carolina if you're interested or bored, just ask to help one of them. I'm sure they'll be happy to show you." He walked away with the psyker in tow, both of them continuing to complain and throw dirty jokes and verbal jabs at each other.

    Carolina went back to her room after that. Rested, went to have some lunch, and then went into one of the workshops. There was a man there, dressed in those grey clothes similar to what Odette wore. He was working on fixing...

    "Is that a guitar?" She asked.

    "Yes miss." The man said smiling. "They found an old warehouse full of broken musical instruments in one of the old hive areas that had the fallout recently drop to safe levels. Seemed a shame to destroy them all, so we collected some of them and we're trying to fix them."


    "Why not?" The Cyclist smiled at her. "I think the universe wouldn't mind have one more guitar or two in it." He returned to his work, carefully trying to piece the wood back together. There was a huge pile of materials behind him. The remnants of an orchestra.

    "Can...can I help?"

    "I don't see why not." The man said, and he motioned for Carolina to sit at the work bench next to him. "Now...get some glue and sandpaper..."

    Carolina slowly worked on fixing an old cello the rest of the day. She was startled to hear the dinner bell, the time had passed so quickly.

    She returned to her room and tried to get some sleep. For once since her arrival, she didn't have a nightmare.
    >> Anonymous 09/05/10(Sun)18:25 No.11967046
    >LIVII got a mention, Grendel is canon...

    Wait, what? Sources / pics please?
    >> Anonymous 09/05/10(Sun)19:45 No.11968102
    LIVII in DH Ascension book iirc, Grendel in another DH book, don't remember which. I have the pics somewhere, but I cba checking which among 2.000+ imgaes

    >coureets especially
    >> EchoGarotte 09/05/10(Sun)19:52 No.11968195
    Inquisitor Dell didn't look up as the giant of a man brought in the prisoner. The red armored Space Marine strapped the man down onto the chair that faced Dell's cheap table. The prisoner didn't struggle. He was far too weak from that, but his eyes kept flicking around the room, going from the Inquisitor's impassive face, busy with paperwork, the giant with the massive gun at his side, and the large metal pot on the Inquisitor's table. It was set on a hot plate, and there was a soft bubbling noise.

    Inquisitor Dell pressed the button on his recorder. "Interrogation Number 26, Location is the Grande Palace of Val Domineaux. Present are Inquisitor Obediah Dell, Brother-Librarian Denari of the Blood Angels chapter of the Space Marines, and Agustine DeSandu." He looked up at the man gagged and bound in the chair. "Mister DeSandu has been identified as a member of the group known as 'Joy-delà de la joie.' He was detained 16 days ago, and has been kept in total isolation until this moment. Purpose of this interview is to verify, and obtain any new information to assist in the war effort."

    He nodded at Denari and the marine removed the prisoner's gag. DeSandu said nothing. He just calmly looked at the Inquisitor. He could do whatever he wanted to him, he had been blessed with the gift of turning all pain into the softest, gentlest, caress of his mind. He would not break.

    "You are of the...third tier...of Joy-delà de la joie. Originally it was assumed that the four Noble Houses were the source of the corruptive influence, but now that has been proven to be false. They were merely the fourth tier, currently the opposition consists of brainwashed masses, summoned daemons, and Fifth Tier members."
    >> EchoGarotte 09/05/10(Sun)19:52 No.11968207
    He put the paper aside and looked at DeSandu. "Cooperation will be rewarded. Please...when you are ready." He gestured for DeSandu to speak.

    DeSandu still said nothing. Dell just watched impassively for a while. Denari frowned. He had heard that Dell was good, but most said that he mostly relied on the talents of psykers and witches.

    Dell then bent under the table and came back up with...three ceramic bowls and some wooden spoons. "Brother Denari, please join me." He carefully lifted the lid off the bubbling pot on his desk, and the most fragrant aroma filled the tent. The marine and the cultist blinked as they saw what was in the large pot...a bubbling stew.

    Dell filled two bowls with the food, and offered one to the Marine. "It's a family recipe. Please, indulge me. I dislike eating alone." He started to serve himself a bowl.

    DeSandu found that his mouth was watering. The smell alone was intoxicating and his enhanced senses just made it all the more wonderful. He hadn't been given any food in all the time he had been captured. His stomach rumbled.

    Denari's eyebrows went up when he tasted the stew. He had initially gone along with the obvious plan, but he was surprised enough to speak. "Inquisitor, this is marvelous."

    Dell smiled as he spooned himself a bit. "My mother was a marvelous chef. Don't ask what's in it though." He chuckled. "Any cook can make a meal out of grox roast and fresh potatoes. A great cook can make a good meal out of anything." He sighed and continued to eat.
    >> EchoGarotte 09/05/10(Sun)19:53 No.11968214
    DeSandu just stared at the bubbling pot of stew that smelled like ambrosia and was good enough to gain praise from one of those man-like monsters. 'Cooperation will be rewarded' and the third bowl next to the stew pot...nothing like a promise...but the allure of a promise.

    DeSandu told Dell everything. Where he recieved orders from the Second Tier, who he thought the members were. What kind of forces the Third Tier had and what the current battle strategy was. He told them the truths, the half-truths, the two stories that were combined into other stories, and everything else. He was so...so...hungry.

    Dell wrote everything down, calmly, while finishing his meal. The Marine helped himself to another bowl. Finally, Dell put down his pen, and clicked off the recorder. He got up from his chair, walked around the table, and stood in front of DeSandu.

    "Brother Denari...please take the stew pot and stand...say...seven steps behind the prisoner."

    The Marine obeyed.

    Dell then undid DeSandu's bonds and helped the starving man to his feet. "You may indulge yourself." He said. "The Emperor thanks you for your help and I hope you will find forgiveness."

    In one quick move, Dell whipped out a knife and made a cut across Desandu's stomach. He swiftly plunged a gloved hand inside the wound, and DeSandu gasped as he felt the Inquisitor's hand gently, but firmly, close around something inside him.

    "Now..." Inquisitor Dell said, his face impassive. "You may walk to your food."
    >> Anonymous 09/05/10(Sun)20:04 No.11968349
         File1283731463.jpg-(38 KB, 700x525, Katt 90.jpg)
    38 KB
    Holy monkeyballs, update just before bed. Theeenks!
    >> PhilDraws4Food 09/05/10(Sun)22:52 No.11970534
    >> Anonymous 09/06/10(Mon)02:12 No.11973070
    >> PhilDraws4Food 09/06/10(Mon)03:05 No.11973769
    bump, chapter 10 coming tomorrow morning.
    >> EchoGarotte 09/06/10(Mon)03:41 No.11974203
    It honestly shocked Carolina at how little she missed most of the comforts she had grown up with after the second week of living on Krieg. She used to just lounge around with Odette, either getting high on the drugs her parents gave her, or just doing holo-vids because there wasn't anything else to do.

    Now she spent her days either in the workshop fixing the musical instruments, or in the library reading about how to fix them. She had splinters and little cuts in her hands and the varnish smell refused to come out of some of her clothes.

    She had also heard the entire story of Terranis. How the Kriegs had found strength and given it in return, causing a little planet to hold for years against the unstoppable force of the Tyranids. It was a compelling story.

    They hadn't talked about the whole 'Cycle of Terranis' bit. They actually seemed to be reluctant to do so, changing the topic whenever she brought it up. She asked Saul about it one day. It was pretty clear now to her that, although they tried to make it look as 'casual' as possible, the three members of the Inquisitional Staff (Plus the psyker with the leash, and the young girl psyker) were there to watch over her.

    "Oh, it's probably because Inquisitor Dell has made it quite clear that non-Confirmed Cyclists are not allowed to 'proselytize seditionist nonsense' as he puts it." The man said as he chopped up carrots.

    "Why?" Carolina asked as she skinned potatoes.

    Saul shrugged. "I have no idea. Probably another way for Dell to abuse the power he has over us. Although, it's important to make sure that the message stays correct. It's too easy to see faiths perverted by people's own agendas. This way the only people who preach are the ones who understand." He paused and looked thoughtful for a moment. "I'd still lean towards the 'Dell's a bastard' theory."
    >> EchoGarotte 09/06/10(Mon)03:41 No.11974208
    "Oh..." She sighed. "Well, you're Confirmed aren't you?"

    "Yep." He pulled his shirt collar down to reveal the double circle mark on his shoulder where the tracer tag had been implanted.

    "Well, can you tell me what it's about then?"

    Saul put down the knife and turned to look at her. "Are you sure you want to know?"

    She shrugged. "I dunno...Odette was my best friend, and I just want to understand why she turned into one of you."

    Saul smiled and returned to chopping. "Alright, I'll tell you. What happens to you when you die?"

    "You go before the Emperor and sit at His table where you receive all the rewards and bask within His glory."

    "Yes. That's not going to happen to me." Saul said. "The Emperor, in His grace, will return my soul to a new world, maybe Krieg, maybe not. Then I will serve the Emperor again, and again, and again, forever."

    "But...you don't want to be at the Emperor's side?"

    "Of course I do. However...I feel more at peace knowing that I have my Duty. It's an honor to sit before Him, but His Grace needs those who are willing to forego that pleasure and serve Him in all times of need."
    >> EchoGarotte 09/06/10(Mon)03:43 No.11974218
    "So, where does Terranis fit in?"

    "Should I serve the Emperor well, and He deems me worthy, I will be returned to Terranis. There I will live in quiet peace with Kadja, Chris, and the others. A time where there is no war, no rain, just blue sky, warm sun, and peace. There my soul will rest, prepare, and gather strength, until the Emperor needs me once more, and He recalls me to be reborn again." Saul slid the chopped vegetables into the pot. "That's it."

    "That's it?"

    "Yes. That's it. There's a little extra rhetoric about how to go about one's duty, and how a person can only Hold as long as all members of the Cycle hold with him...but that's just extra. I told you the important bit."

    Carolina dumped the potatoes into the pot. "So...why did Odette choose to believe and follow that?"
    >> EchoGarotte 09/06/10(Mon)03:43 No.11974228
    Saul smiled as he started to stir. "Well, that I can't answer specifically. I'm not her. Some join because they feel a calling to it, having been reborn. Noah and the other Psykers in the Asylum point them out and they get Confirmed quickly. Others join out a desire to serve the Emperor as a form of redemption or penance for past crimes or family sins. Then there are the people who join because they wish to find peace."

    "You mean on Terranis?"

    "No. Those who wish to join just to reach Terranis are turned away. Carolina, there is a peace in knowing that your life has purpose. That your soul's destination has been confirmed. I know that there are people here who will stand with me and hold together in all trials. We live in a universe that is cold, hostile, and terrifying. I am often afraid...but I am at peace. That gives me strength." He stirred the pot. "You should go clean up for dinner."

    Carolina returned to her room to clean off the vegetable and kitchen mess on her clothes. She stared at her reflection in the mirror for a long time. Of course you were afraid...you'd be a fool not to.

    But Carolina remembered the look in Odette's eyes when she put the pistol against her head. Past the tears, and the pain...there was a calm there. It was what made it feel alright to pull the trigger.

    The chaplains all spoke of having courage and drawing strength from the Emperor, and fighting the fear until the very end. The Cyclists seemed to have done the opposite and had accepted their fear...and Carolina wondered if that wasn't such a bad thing.
    >> Anonymous 09/06/10(Mon)03:56 No.11974337

    thank you for the awesome bed time story.
    >> PhilDraws4Food 09/06/10(Mon)03:56 No.11974340
    Echo, have I told you lately that I love you, you glorious fat bastard?

    also, where the fuck are you that you always post at 4 am where I am? are you in the UK, australia, or just a night-owl like me?
    >> Anonymous 09/06/10(Mon)04:52 No.11974801
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    And now an update for breakfast. I do not need to tell you what life is by now.
    >> EchoGarotte 09/06/10(Mon)05:07 No.11974923
    Seattle night owl.
    >> EchoGarotte 09/06/10(Mon)06:03 No.11975392
    Most inquisitors swore by their weapons, or their rosettes and insignias, a few of the more intelligent ones claimed their most effective tool as being the people at their disposal, Obediah Dell claimed the item he valued the most was his vox recorder.

    Right now it was quietly humming away, taking in all the words shouted by the other Inquisitors. Ordos Malleus had arrived and were being their usual selves, in typical reactionary response, Herteticus had sent Dell some colleagues to 'assist' him. Ordos Xenos had sent one of their own as well, Dell wasn't sure why. Inquisitor Norani was playing her game close to the chest, being as quiet and studious as Dell was in this clusterfrak of a meeting. He knew she had been trained by one of the few Senior Inquisitors of Xenos that Dell respected...but that didn't mean he trusted her...or her mentor. Honestly, both ladies would have been insulted if he did.

    So, he sat there at the table. Looking over the notes of his latest interrogations, checking on the latest reports the seditionists had sent him, and solving the word search Noah had sent him. The last one was of course, the most important one.

    All the while his vox recorder was quietly humming as the other Hereticus and Malleus members argued with each other. He'd listen to it later, then probably record three or four sentences, and delete the rest.

    If only he could delete these idiots in front of him...well...to be precise he WAS going to do exactly that. But not now. He had to be SURE.

    "Dell." Norani said quietly from across the table. She spoke in a low tone, but loud enough so that Dell could hear her over the shouting of the other inquisitors.

    Dell looked up from his work.

    "Where's the girl?" She asked.
    >> EchoGarotte 09/06/10(Mon)06:04 No.11975394
    "Krieg." He replied. No sense playing that stupid veiled information and implied and suggested 'IknowYouknowIknowYouknowIknow' if they knew about the girl and wanted to know where she was, then they would find out. Better to make the process as simple as possible, that way he could be kept in the loop.

    "We need her back here." Norani said.

    "She's safe on Krieg. Also, it will allow stability to return to Val Domineaux once this is over."

    Norani just sighed. "There's a vault under the Chapel Victorieux de Préchauffage. Needs a living member of the Noble family to open it."

    "And? I assume they looted it already."

    "Nope. Tainted can't open it, has to be someone untouched by the Ruinous Powers or the machine spirit within the vault door's mechanism refuses to obey." She said.

    "I see, I wondered who approved the removal o some of my prisoners. You executed them after they failed to open the door?" Dell said.

    Norani's eyes narrowed slightly and then returned to normal. "Yes."

    "Unfortunate. I hadn't had a chance to properly interview them, fully. A real loss." He said calmly. Now he was playing with subtext, but there was a time and place for everything.

    "If the girl is here, she will still remain under your supervision and custody as she opens the Vault that's under my troop's protection." Norani sighed.
    >> EchoGarotte 09/06/10(Mon)06:04 No.11975401
    Dell nodded and tapped his vox recorder. "To this you affix your vow as one of His Most Holy Inquisitors?"

    The Ordos Xenos Inquisitor glared at the hateful box for a moment when she realized that she had limited options. "Yes. I vow."

    "Then we are in agreement." Dell clicked off the recorder (the argument was pointless now) and finished the puzzle his brother sent him. He smiled at the hidden message within the scribbled page.


    Dell sighed as he packed up his notes and recorder. He had to send a message back to Krieg. Then make a stop at the dry cleaners.
    >> Anonymous 09/06/10(Mon)07:01 No.11975636
         File1283770912.jpg-(129 KB, 604x454, Katt 59.jpg)
    129 KB
    >> Anonymous 09/06/10(Mon)10:45 No.11976973

    dawww his brother luvs him
    >> Anonymous 09/06/10(Mon)12:10 No.11977605
         File1283789407.jpg-(6 KB, 450x338, cat-eyes.jpg)
    6 KB
    >> Anonymous 09/06/10(Mon)14:14 No.11978615
         File1283796876.jpg-(28 KB, 404x300, michaelMOAR.jpg)
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    >> Anonymous 09/06/10(Mon)15:27 No.11979398
    Looks like Id4chan is up...for how long who knows
    >> Anonymous 09/06/10(Mon)16:18 No.11979960
    Oh in the name of the emperor please MOAR!
    Been reading all of these stories straight these 5 hours only to find it stop? NOOOOoooooooooooooo......
    >> EchoGarotte 09/06/10(Mon)17:28 No.11980912
    Oy...what to do, what to do...write more of Val Domineaux's story or spend the day adjusting 1d4chan?
    >> PhilDraws4Food 09/06/10(Mon)17:32 No.11980963
    you archive, I'll write!

    unless you can instruct me on the process for updating 1d4chan, I'm a newb to such things.
    >> Anonymous 09/06/10(Mon)17:52 No.11981168
    Please, keep writing and archiving this, it's would almost be a crime if you stop now while having us in suspense!
    >> EchoGarotte 09/06/10(Mon)17:59 No.11981249
    Okay, first things first though. I have to go through everything and find out 1) What we missed. 2) How to sort it all out 3) How to make new pages (Help on that is appreciated. We pretty much need one for the Terranis stuff, and the Cyclist stuff.) 4)Put it all up.

    Help is appreciated. Also, I'm just going to put up the writings and maybe edit. If you others want to make the pages and put in headers, then feel free to do so. It would help a LOT.
    >> Anonymous 09/06/10(Mon)18:04 No.11981299

    I'd be willing to help sort stuff out and, if i can get a crash course, help with 1d4 chan..

    anyway to contact you and keep things organized?
    >> EchoGarotte 09/06/10(Mon)19:23 No.11982043
    Holy Crap. I finished pulling out all the stuff that hasn't gone up on 1d4 chan. All of the stuff we've written so far.

    It comes to 160 pages worth of material.

    We're gonna need a bigger spinoff page.
    >> PhilDraws4Food 09/06/10(Mon)19:51 No.11982385
    Emperor Almighty...

    ...does that include an artwork page?
    >> Anonymous 09/06/10(Mon)20:15 No.11982642
         File1283818538.png-(65 KB, 404x404, WTF am I reading 1.png)
    65 KB
    >160 pages
    >> Anonymous 09/06/10(Mon)21:46 No.11983803
    >> EchoGarotte 09/06/10(Mon)22:16 No.11984196
    Okay! Sorted all of the stories into the proper narratives. Here's the list: Days of Krieg (Adokai's story of an office romance on Terranis), A Sniper's Story (Anon's story of a Terranian sniper who got off before the siege.), Charge of the Gasmask Brigade (Anon story of a Krieg's last stand), Interrogation (My story of a Cyclist being interrogated by a Tau), Various stories from various writers regarding the Cyclists in general, The Origin of the Cyclists, Commissar Lyra's story, Credit Where Credit Is Due (The movers and shakers of the Universe try to take credit for the whole mess), More Legacy of Terranis Stories, Further stories of the Interrogator and the First Derivatives, More stories about seeing the End of Terranis, More stories about the Siege of Terranis, a tale of Eldrad being a dick, The Whole Murahi Saga as scene through the eyes of Kadja, Saul and Chris, and finally Phil's story about Anna and Gotts.
    >> EchoGarotte 09/06/10(Mon)22:17 No.11984216
    You know...we need to make a soundtrack for all of this. I mean yeah we have the Chopin, and a little death metal, but we've got enough stuff that there really should be a good selection of accompanying music to go with it.
    >> Anonymous 09/06/10(Mon)22:30 No.11984384

    >> Anonymous 09/06/10(Mon)22:42 No.11984530
    How many words is that?
    >> EchoGarotte 09/06/10(Mon)22:56 No.11984762
    It's about 60,700. And I forgot to add my latest story about Val Domineaux and Carolina
    >> EchoGarotte 09/06/10(Mon)22:59 No.11984795
    AND if you add all the stuff we put on 1d4chan before the crash, it becomes 232 pages with 85,500 words.
    >> Anonymous 09/06/10(Mon)23:02 No.11984833

    we best keep that shit away from GW
    >> Anonymous 09/06/10(Mon)23:03 No.11984859
    >> Anonymous 09/06/10(Mon)23:09 No.11984939

    is all the old stuff still there?
    >> EchoGarotte 09/06/10(Mon)23:19 No.11985077
    If someone wants to put this all up, I've already divided everything up into chunks, put up your email and I'll send you the file.
    >> Anonymous 09/06/10(Mon)23:27 No.11985173
    I can't seem to get 1d4 to load.
    >> Anonymous 09/06/10(Mon)23:29 No.11985196
    And its down again :(
    >> Anonymous 09/07/10(Tue)00:48 No.11986409
    I guess we should consider 1d4chan dead until it actually comes back for a few days
    >> Anonymous 09/07/10(Tue)01:23 No.11986978
    well, chapter 10 has made little progress today... I'm going to bed, to try again tomorrow. hopefully I'll rise BEFORE 3 pm...

    terranis holds, adaman/tg/uardsmen!
    >> Adokai 09/07/10(Tue)02:55 No.11987883
    I live. No, really, this isn't some undead husk raised into a dark parody of life to continue my unspeakable plans for evil.

    Life has been very busy lately. University is rushing to its end and I am now the proud mother/father of a few dozen baby axolotls.

    So hopefully, I can get some more Days of Krieg up. Thinking of breaking the continuity (which I've already done, I messed up with the Basilisk [it being known as the Basilisk before the bartender got punched by a Krieg woman] so uh, my bad) to do some non-diary entries. I dunno. Need to do more Uni work right now.
    >> EchoGarotte 09/07/10(Tue)03:19 No.11988104
    Carolina was pretty sure she was having another nightmare. After all, you didn't normally find yourself floating in a sea of perfume as a thousand unseen, soft, gentle, feelers caressed sensitive parts of your body. It was nice. The warm feelings that her body was familiar with flooded through her as the familiar sensations of all the drugs her family encouraged her to take filled her being.

    "It's nice isn't it?" A soft voice said. "No worries, no labor, just lie back and enjoy the bliss. All you have to do is ask, they'll take you back."

    "Mmmmh..." She sighed contentedly.

    Memories flooded through her, being held and breast fed by her mother, her father holding her tightly, her friends laughter. Memories so vivid and intense that they might as well have been real.

    She blinked and found that she was at one of her friend's parties. Laughter and smiles all around, they had all sorts of fun foods, a big bowl full of pills, and later they'd go out and find a plaything. Right now though, the girls laughed, danced to the music, and enjoyed their highs.
    >> EchoGarotte 09/07/10(Tue)03:22 No.11988126
    "It's lovely, isn't it?" That same voice said. It was coming from someone sitting on one of the couches. Carolina couldn't see who it was through the shadows though, but it didn't matter. She was having fun. "Just say the word my love, and you'll be back here. With those who truly love you, who value you, and you'll never want again...just enjoy everything, forever."

    Illsabel, another one of the noble family's daughters hugged Carolina. "It's SOOO much fun now! They make it feel sooo good...all...over..."

    Carolina laughed and nodded as she continued to dance. The music changed. "Ooh! I love this song! Okay, okay. Let me sing it!"

    The girls and the figure in the shadows nodded and gave Carolina the spotlight. She composed herself and looked around. "Where's Odette? She signs the second part? She never misses this!"

    The group frowned as one and the figure in the shadows sat up. "Forget about Odette. She didn't want to come to this party. She's not your friend anyway. Let's change the song."

    The music didn't change. In fact, it seemed to get little louder. Carolina took a step back. "No...where's Odette? We always sing this song together. It's why I like this song so much."

    "I said forget about that little bitch!" The shadow said. "She left you! You hate her! She betrayed you! She betrayed us all!"

    Carolina took a step backward and shook her head. "No...no. Odette didn't betray me...Odette is my friend. We grew up together. Soul sisters, like the song says...where's Odette?" She started to back away from the group and the figure on the couch, all of them had gotten to their feet and were walking towards her.
    >> EchoGarotte 09/07/10(Tue)03:23 No.11988133
    "You WILL say yes!" The crowd said in unison. Still in that same honey sweet voice. "You WILL sumbit! There's no other option! You were BORN to be His! It is your ONLY fate!"

    Carolina backed up against the wall shaking her head. "No, no. I don't want this. I don't want to be anyone's. I don't like this anymore! I want Odette! I just want to...I want...I don't want to always have to be high! I'm TIRED of getting felt up! I'm SICK of hurting other people! I want what Odette found! I don't like it here! This isn't me!"

    "Open the door behind you." A voice whispered through the wall.

    Carolina looked. There was a simple brass knob on the wall. She didn't pause to thing. She just grabbed it and turned. The wall behind her swung open. There was a rush of air, a blinding light, and the honey-voice shrieked in rage.


    The world filled with light, and rushing wind, and then Carolina blinked and found herself lying on the ground, staring up at a blue sky and a yellow sun.

    "Hey." A voice said.

    She sat up. She was sitting in what looked like the edge of an orchard. Neat rows of trees reach out in front of her. There were people dressed in grey clothes, wearing gas masks, working in them. Leaning against the tree nearest to her, slowly peeling an orange, was Odette. Still dressed in the grey clothes and burgundy headscarf, but sans the wounds.
    >> EchoGarotte 09/07/10(Tue)03:23 No.11988140

    "Well, I couldn't fight the Keeper. It was too strong. However, i could try and send you a little hint so you could force your way out...good job on grabbing it. However, the Keeper fought back, so I was forced to do this." She gestured around her. "I've kind of stopped your heart for a few seconds, sorry. Also, now that I'm here, I can't go back with you."

    Carolina stood up and looked around. She took in a deep breath, not really hearing Odette's words. The haze that had surrounded her had left, just her thoughts...and a quiet calm.

    "Is this..."

    "Yep." Odette looked around and sighed. "It's not going to stop. It will try again and I can't help you anymore. You have to be brave and strong on your own."

    "I...I can't!" Carolina said. "I need you Odette...please...I'm afraid. I'm weak."

    Odette got up from her spot against the tree and hugged Carolina. "It's okay. A weak person doesn't defy a God, a weak person doesn't help their friends when they need it, a weak person isn't someone who's not afraid."

    "But, I only did those things because you helped me."

    "Doesn't mean that the accomplishment isn't yours. I'm nothing but a ghost anyway...you are the last noble who is worthy of the throne. You're the Queen of Val Domineaux." She smiled at her. "If you need strength...find it. I know you can Carolina. I found mine."

    Carolina gasped and sat up in her bed. She was covered in sweat, and for a panicked moment she needed to remember that she was still in her room in Krieg, on the Cyclist compound.

    She didn't even pause to change out of her night clothes.
    >> EchoGarotte 09/07/10(Tue)03:24 No.11988143
    Saul and Kadja opened the door to their room, blinking the sleep out of their eyes. "What is it?" Saul muttered.

    "I want to be a Cyclist." Carolina said.

    Saul and Kadja, now more awake, looked at each other and then back to Carolina. "You just think you want to." Kadja said. "Go back to sleep, and tomorrow you'll find that you don't."

    "The Ruinous Powers want my soul. I'm not going to let them have it. I can't fight it alone, and Odette has returned to Terranis. I need the strength to hold...and if I can't hold alone. I want others to help me do so. Don't tell me that this is just a passing fancy, the Emperor will protect me...but I want to protect myself as well!" She panted.

    The couple looked at each other. Kadja nodded. Saul looked at Carolina. "You start now. Kadja will take you to your new room. Tomorrow, get ready to work."
    >> Anonymous 09/07/10(Tue)03:27 No.11988165
    Hmm, I'm going to try and sculpt some female tech priests and female infantry of this girl for my Krieg army.
    >> Anonymous 09/07/10(Tue)05:10 No.11988985
         File1283850603.jpg-(44 KB, 493x370, Katt 82.jpg)
    44 KB
    You have my full attention
    >> Anonymous 09/07/10(Tue)05:11 No.11988991
    I shall require pictures.
    >> Anonymous 09/07/10(Tue)09:55 No.11990364
         File1283867754.jpg-(449 KB, 1099x2639, dkokbanebladediorama1gf4.jpg)
    449 KB
    >> Anonymous 09/07/10(Tue)12:48 No.11991575
         File1283878113.jpg-(38 KB, 450x338, funny-cat-on-the-snow.jpg)
    38 KB
    >> Anonymous 09/07/10(Tue)15:24 No.11992957
    bumping b/c we are getting closer to 300
    >> Anonymous 09/07/10(Tue)16:16 No.11993407
    This whole damn thing's got inertia on its side, I see. /tg/, never change. Also, MOAR!
    >> Anonymous 09/07/10(Tue)18:04 No.11994688
    Echo, are you still having issues preventing you from starting a new thread? We're going to need to get the new one going some time tonight.
    >> PhilDraws4Food 09/07/10(Tue)21:02 No.11996940
    >> Anonymous 09/07/10(Tue)21:53 No.11997557

    New thread.

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