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    10 KB Krieg Writefaggotry, part 4 EchoGarotte 08/26/10(Thu)05:13 No.11829901  
    Now with Drawfags too!

    PSA: All the old threads have been archived, so nothing has been lost, and as soon as 1d4chan is up again, we'll put everything up as soon as we can. Entrenching teams are working as we speak.

    Terranis holds!
    >> Anonymous 08/26/10(Thu)05:15 No.11829910
    Working on something tangentially related, probably going to be horrible. Anyone have a suggestion for a planet name?
    >> Anonymous 08/26/10(Thu)05:16 No.11829915
    >> PhilDraws4Food 08/26/10(Thu)05:16 No.11829917
    Echo, I love you, you glorious bastard.
    >> EchoGarotte 08/26/10(Thu)05:17 No.11829921
    Bynidan? Maybe add a number after it?
    >> Anonymous 08/26/10(Thu)05:18 No.11829928
    We are like Orks...or the energizer bunny...going and gong and...so forth and so on.
    >> Adokai 08/26/10(Thu)05:19 No.11829932
    I should get more onto writing. Doop doop
    >> EchoGarotte 08/26/10(Thu)05:20 No.11829939
         File1282814457.png-(872 KB, 982x658, MAXIMUM_BROFIST_by_Defiant_Ant.png)
    872 KB
    You're the one with the magic pens man, and apparently crazy good write skills too.
    >> Anonymous 08/26/10(Thu)05:26 No.11829958
    Not to sound ungrateful but wouldn't a little bit of variation be in order by now? Some writing about another regiment, Vallhallans, Tallarn, it's just getting somewhat monotonous, I feel.
    >> Anonymous 08/26/10(Thu)05:28 No.11829971
    Writing a PDF story right now, Krieg is in it but only an element. As I said, tangential. You're free to write, too.
    >> PhilDraws4Food 08/26/10(Thu)05:29 No.11829977
         File1282814986.png-(9 KB, 504x414, 1282473881371.png)
    9 KB
    you flatter me. your the one with published work, you cad. but I digress. chapter three nearing completion, then sleep. drawing tomorrow. road trip friday/saturday. if this thing runs 'til sunday, I'll write more. if it doesn't, I'll WRITE MORE ANYWAY AND START IT AGAIN!


    because TERRANIS HOLDS!
    >> PhilDraws4Food 08/26/10(Thu)05:31 No.11829985
    I considered this myself, but I'll admit my knowledge of the IG in general is limited. maybe I'll read a codex or two in my spare time soon...
    >> Anonymous 08/26/10(Thu)05:33 No.11829996
    Like Strike Witches on /a/.
    >> EchoGarotte 08/26/10(Thu)05:42 No.11830040
    Last Write for the night.

    I found Saul in the mess tent. He was ladling soup into tin bowls for refugees and Guardsmen. He smiled when he saw me, and got out of the food line to give me a hug. We exchanged a few 'Are you okays' and the usual 'This is a nightmare, I can't believe its' and then I dropped the bomb on him.

    I put the emblem in his hand. He looked at iot for a moment, and then he looked up at me. His eyes were starting to tear and his lip was shaking. He slightly shook his head no.

    "She saved my life." I said. I then go into the story about how that Krieger...frak, I never got her name! How she tackled that huge cultist. How she led a group of people to the evac site, how she saved my life, and made sure that Saul would get this treasured little scrap of wood. Then about how she ran back into the ruined store to fight the cultist again.

    "I...I didn't see what happened after that." I look around. There's a huge crowd around me and Saul. They've been listening to my words. Saul...man, I thought he would lose it, or go into a 'She could still be alive' speech, but...well...my story seemed to make him feel better. He smiled at me and hugged me again.
    >> EchoGarotte 08/26/10(Thu)05:42 No.11830044
    "You gonna be okay, man?" I asked him.

    He nodded as he got back into his position at the food line. "Yeah...yeah. However, I gotta work my ass off now. How's it going to look when I show up there, and all I have to say is that I spooned out soup for a couple of hours?" He smiles, an easy smile. Tears drip down his face...but I can tell that my friend is holding on. Although, his words confuse me for a bit.

    "Show up where?" I ask. A little afraid of the answer.

    Saul just rolls his eyes. "Where else?" He holds up the Emblem and then taps the Gold and silver pin he has on his collar. "I'm not gonna say it. Too busy, get a bowl and get in line if you want food. Otherwise, go find something useful to do."

    I wander to the back of the line. Now that the adrenaline's worn off I'm hungrier than I thought. My thoughts go to other concerns, my extended family, the fate of the planet, what's going to happen to my ruined life...and Saul and his Krieger fade into the background.
    >> PhilDraws4Food 08/26/10(Thu)05:51 No.11830071
    -CHAPTER 3-
    I remember that day. I had seen an Apothecary about the ringing in my ears. Tinnitus, he'd told me. Sometimes it kept me up at night. The screams and bombs had long since faded to white noise, but emperor on his throne, that damned ringing almost drove me crazy! I remember it because the apothecary had given me a lollipop. A big green one. I hated all the green flavored candies, but it was the first time in 3 months I'd been given a treat that wasn't IG standard issue peanut butter or chocolate rations. It was also the day I saw Gottfried again.

    I had many times fantasized about him jumping off the back of a chimera dashingly, and sweeping me up in his arms, as happy to see me as I was to see him. It never occurred to me that my savior might not remember me at all. It also never occurred to me that he'd come in on a Valkyrie life-flight to the field hospital. I didn't know it was him, at first. I always watched the Valkyries, the way the pilots made them bob and swoop, or when they darted overhead to bomb something in the distance. I always prayed for them, that the emperor would protect and guide them and the soldiers. I prayed at night for all the men and women in the field hospital, too. Whenever I saw them unloading wounded, my heart would sink, and I'd pray whomever it was, it wasn't Gottfried. That day, my heart sunk lower than usual, I think.
    >> PhilDraws4Food 08/26/10(Thu)05:58 No.11830097
    You overhear a lot, through tent walls and the echoes of barren concrete domiciles. I knew the names of every patient in the night, by hearing the nurses' discussions about them. When I heard 13777, my heart jumped into my throat, I sprung out of bed. I rounded the corner to the hospital wing of the bunker, but stopped at the sterile plastic curtains that separated it from the hall. Juvee's weren't allowed in there. I froze at that threshold, uncertain of what to do next. I watched the nurses for an hour, standing there in the dark in the dead of night. When they weren't looking, I finally made my move. I snuck down the hall, inspecting each bed. Every patient was in a horrible state. I almost couldn't bear the thought of seeing Gottfried like that, but I pressed forward.

    He was sleeping when I saw him. I only had a moment to glimpse him before a nurse caught me and shoo'd me out, but I was relieved to see he wasn't in as bad a shape as I'd imagined. At least, from where I saw him he looked intact. I put that green lollipop in his hand before the nurse reached me. I remember hoping he liked green flavors more than I did.
    >> PhilDraws4Food 08/26/10(Thu)05:59 No.11830102
    The next week was torture. I knew he was right there, but I couldn't see him, speak to him, thank him. Sometimes I thought about it. Why did I want to see him so badly? I told myself I wanted to thank him, but ultimately I think I just wanted to get to know him. Why'd he save me? How could he be so calm and collected when everything around him was burning? Could I have that, too?

    I watched the kriegs during the day and the hospital at night. Always watching. I started noticing things people did. The way the kriegs shovel in tandem. The procedures nurses went through to oversee the patients. I even saw the techpriests maintain some of the machines there and on the base outside. Sometimes I'd hear a snippet of medical jargon here, or a machine-litany there. I'd talk with some of the adults, and they'd wonder at how smart I was. I'd silently wonder at how oblivious they were. But the best thing I heard was a hymn. The kriegs sang it. Nobody believed me at first when I said they sang sometimes as they worked, behind their masks, under their coats, deep in their trenches under sun or rain. They sang a song I'd not heard at temple, nor on the broadcasts. Its sound intrigued me further with them. It was heroic... hopeful... steady. But it also danced and sprang with life. It was a stark contrast to what my life had become, and I was drawn to that light.
    >> PhilDraws4Food 08/26/10(Thu)06:05 No.11830129
    Sometimes I played with the other kids, but they were soon calling me as weird as the kriegs. They never wanted to talk about what I wanted to talk about. I saw spots where I thought new towers should go up. The others wanted to talk about... well, childish things. I'd forgotten them though. I couldn't talk about those things anymore. They weren't a part of me, anymore, somehow.

    Then, one day, one of the other refugee boys called out to the kriegs as they walked toward their next project “hey, helmut! Take this one with you, she wants to dig too!” I was furious. I was about to give the boy an earful when one of the kriegers layed a hand on my shoulder. I turned, and he was offering me his entrenching tool. After a moment's thought, I took it. He fell back in line with the others, and fell in behind him, sticking my tongue out at the other astonished kids. I'd grown bored with their games, anyway...
    >> PhilDraws4Food 08/26/10(Thu)06:19 No.11830198
    the next week was filled with something I'd almost forgotten about. Work. Learning. Earning the approval of others. Sometimes the kriegs would point to my work and nod. Sometimes they'd gesture at spots that I should try again on. I basically did little things; fetching nails and tools, water, a little digging. The adults sometimes questioned the kriegers about me and my safety, but the kriegs would silently gesture at them, which frustrated them to no end. I would always tell them I wanted to help. When they caused a stink about it, the kriegs presented paperwork assigning me to their unit! I couldn't believe it, I had no idea it could happen. Well, it couldn't, really but it was a good enough ruse to shut the civilians up. And so we worked in silence, except when they sang, I would hum along. I couldn't make out the words through their masks.

    As I worked and sang and ate with the kriegers, I noticed more details about them. The gold and steel pins on their collars, the unity of their movements, the depth of their knowledge in all things fortifying. The way they were always working, fully equipped, always ready... I admired it. I found myself making comparisons to the adults in my life prior to the ruinous powers invading, and finding their readiness to work and fight together more desireable than the life of relative comfort I'd lead before. One day I asked one to explain the pin to me. I hadn't seen it anywhere except with them. They exchanged masked glances, it seemed, before one passed me a note. “permission to speak granted?”

    >> Adokai 08/26/10(Thu)06:23 No.11830218
    mmmm writefaggery.
    >> PhilDraws4Food 08/26/10(Thu)06:26 No.11830240
    I love these threads, these stories.

    I do agree we could use some fresh blood, though. I mean, it's "Love and Krieg" so there's obviously a theme we're sticking to, but perhaps the account of some event like the Siege of Terranis from a Valhallan's point of view? or some catachan x krieg tactics facing off in a training mock battle/wargame? I think these are good possibilities.

    anyways, I'm off to sleep, it's 6:30 am here.

    Terranis Holds, brothers.
    >> Anonymous 08/26/10(Thu)07:26 No.11830571
         File1282821969.jpg-(163 KB, 935x794, Katt 2.jpg)
    163 KB
    It's nice when Fallout crash for the millionth time, only to see that more has been written. Bamb for moars!
    >> Adokai 08/26/10(Thu)08:24 No.11830894
    bed time for this writefag. You may not see me tomorrow, I have Uni and then birthday stuff. Hope this is here next I check it.

    Terranis Holds
    >> Anonymous 08/26/10(Thu)08:34 No.11830963
    Habby Pirthday to you or your clan or kin!
    >> Adokai 08/26/10(Thu)08:44 No.11831034
    Why thank you. Tis my birthday, so hooray. Just waiting for the painkiller then it's bedtime.
    >> Anonymous 08/26/10(Thu)12:38 No.11832432
         File1282840693.jpg-(604 KB, 2048x1536, Katt 3.jpg)
    604 KB
    Almost forgot your present
    >> Anonymous 08/26/10(Thu)14:52 No.11833644
    >> Anonymous 08/26/10(Thu)15:08 No.11833779
    >> Anonymous 08/26/10(Thu)17:00 No.11834684
         File1282856451.jpg-(341 KB, 744x600, Katt 26.jpg)
    341 KB
    Just chillin'
    >> EchoGarotte 08/26/10(Thu)18:26 No.11835519
    I don't really know why I signed up for the scav team. Maybe it was so I didn't go insane sitting around the camp all day. Maybe it was seeing Saul working nearly every day. Maybe I just wanted to prove that the Krieg girl hadn't saved a life that was worthless.

    The scav team seemed pretty harmless as far as Non-Com PDF activities. You get a helmet, a vest, a three hour training course, a radio, and a flashlight. We go into the reclaimed areas, and try to find any supplies that can be taken back to base, or if we're lucky, any survivors. It's a fairly easy job, and if you want, you can pocket a small trinket or two.

    They paired me up with another guy name Redding. Nice guy, I think he worked in the store across the street from mine. It had been a good few days at first. We found some full pantries, and we lucked out and found a whole cache of las cartriges. Plus, Redding and I were doing pretty well in the trinket department. A ring here, a few gelt there. We turned in the expensive looking stuff, so our overseers overlooked the small stuff. Still it felt good to be doing something helpful for the effort.

    That all changed when were were checking out the latest cleared area. Usually people wait a day or two before going in, but Redding and I knew that he who goes in first, gets first pick and the credit for the best find. Anyway, the Marines had stormed through there, and if they said it was clear, who were we to doubt them?

    We're picked through the rubble of this old hospital, we've got a laundry cart filled with usable medical supplies and equipment. Big BIG score, and we decided to try and get into the basement where the pharmaceutical vault is. We clear out the basement steps, and then Redding says that he hears what sounds like a gas leak down there.
    >> EchoGarotte 08/26/10(Thu)18:32 No.11835582
    We should have left, but we were too focused ont he score and on all the perks that we would get when we returned with this stuff. Not to mention the cash we could get from selling some of the 'extra' pills we found. We saw that there were some cheap gas masks, basic breathers really, that were mixed in with what we salvaged. So Redding and I strapped them on, forced the door open, and went down into the lower floors of the hospital.

    It was dark down there, but we had flashlights...so we slowly made our way through the maze of halls until we found what we thought was the storage room. We opened the door, and we knew we had made a horrible...horrible mistake.

    The room must have been an exercise yard, or a rec room, or something. I remember that it was big, brightly lit, and that there were cultists nearly everywhere. They just seemed to be...standing there, looking vacantly out into space. They were all dressed, or not dressed, in what looked like blue rags and I swear it looked like part of their faces were slowly sliding down or up their bodies.

    Redding and I took one step backwards, to quietly and calmly run for it, when we bumped into something large behind us. We both turned, and I received the second scare of the day. It was the giant porcupine cultist that had almost killed me. He still had his spear too, only this time is wasn't covered with blood...yet.

    He took one swipe of his hand and Redding and I hit the floor hard. Redding went out like a light, but I was still able to hear for a little bit.

    "SKULLS FOR THE SKULL THRONE!" The Cultist screamed.

    "Wait!" A voice that sounded like it came out of a warped vox. "The Doc said that she wanted the ones who wore masks. Alive."
    >> EchoGarotte 08/26/10(Thu)18:32 No.11835588
    I blacked out then. When I came back to, I found that I was tied up, strapped in a chair and gagged. As my eyes adjusted to the light, I saw that I was in the familiar back of a Chimera. There were other people strapped down as well. Redding was sitting across from me. His eyes wide with fear.

    The back of the Chimera opened, and the first thing I saw was the Porcupine. Once more I was certain that I was going to die. There were two of those melting face people next to him.

    Then SHE showed up. She honestly could have been someone's daughter. She was impossibly, thin, I could see bone and vein outlines under pale skin. She had a head of thick, oily, black hair that had...something living in it. She was also dressed in a lab coat and...nothing else. Her skin was covered with legions, and boils. Her smile though...the sheer carefree joy on it...that's what's going to haunt me. She jumped up into the Chimera with a happy bounce, and grinned at all of the hostages. "Hello, hello, hello everyone! I'm Doctor Julia Maradi, please call me Julie!" She laughed and that black...stuff dripped from her mouth. "I want you to know, that you should all feel very special. You're going to help us bring something wonderful into the world. I also want you all to know, that when this is done, you'll all be sent once more on your Cycle. Papa Nurgle has no interest in your souls...isn't that nice?"

    I then realized that all the other hostages were wearing either the pin or the necklace of a ReCycler. Redding must have noticed it too, because he started shaking his head and making muffled noises.

    "Hmm? Is something wrong?" The 'doctor' said as she took off Redding's gag.

    "We're not Cycler's! We're not Cyclers!" He said instantly, nodding to me. "Please...please let us go. We wont tell anyone! We're not Cyclers!"
    >> Anonymous 08/26/10(Thu)18:33 No.11835594
         File1282861981.jpg-(62 KB, 600x450, Katt 34.jpg)
    62 KB
    Whoo, update!
    >> EchoGarotte 08/26/10(Thu)18:33 No.11835604
    "Oh...there was a mistake?" She looked at me with those spoiled milk eyes. "That true? You don't believe in the Eternal Duty? Please don't lie." She put her hand on my cheek, and...I don't like to think about that moment.

    I shook my head. I don't know if I was trying to confirm or deny it. Either way I knew I was dead. All I wanted was her to stop touching me...stop touching my flesh, my face, my mind...

    "Oh, well...I'm sorry for the fuss." She mercifully let go, and then motioned to the melted face men, who unhooked us from our seat straps and pulls us to our feet. Rope binding still in place. "Go kill them where they won't get blood on the Chimera. We don't want anyone getting suspicious. The Doctor said, and the two men dragged us away...towards the smiling face of the Porcupine.

    Redding was still struggling, trying to break free. I had resigned myself, and was just praying to the Emperor that it would be quick.

    Then...I swear if it isn't the Emperor, then there must be a Saint watching over me...a miracle happened. Redding actually broke free from his captor's grip and made a run for it. He didn't make it far, seeing as he could only waddle with his legs tied up with that rope. The melted face men just gestured, and blue lighting lept from their hands and slammed into Redding. It scorched him to a crisp, and he dropped to the ground dead. The lighting also had scorched the side of the Chimera, lightly zapped the Porcupine, given me a sharp shock, strong enough to cause my heart to skip a beat...but it also caused the rope that was binding me to burn. The Procupnie then roared and smacked one of the melted face men, the other one and grabbed him by the throat. The other one, the one who was holding me, ran over to help his friend. I recognize when the Emperor is giving me my chance. I used every bit of strength I had and, miracle of miracles, snapped the ropes holding me. Then I ran.
    >> EchoGarotte 08/26/10(Thu)18:35 No.11835626
    I heard the roar and the screeches behind me, but I didn't stop running. Down one alley, across another, through this deserted building, and I think I actually plowed through a crumbling bit of drywall. Anything to escape.

    My luck still hadn't run out apparently, when I saw another Chimera, with a group of Imperial Guardsmen around it. Being close to the recently 'secured' zone had its advantages. They all looked up as I all but crashed into them, panting and heaving. I think they were Tallarns...my memory's a little fuzzy at this point.

    Then, I saw, just on the road ahead, a Chimera pulling onto the main secured road. Just another vehicle shuttling troops to the front...only this one had a huge scorch mark on its side. I pointed at it and, I don't know where I found the breath, I yelled.

    "FAKE! HOSTAGES INSIDE!" Then I passed out.

    I dreamed of a world that was sick. Seas that were either black, or almost purple, all of it covered with an oily film. A forest covered in black, tar-like moss, and the ground bubbled and oozed with green tinted mud.

    The city was an atrocity. High walls of stone, small quaint houses, a few stores and eateries, and a very impressive chapel in the middle of the town, but it was all wrong. All horribly wrong. The streets had dead bodies lying everywhere, some places, heaped up in piles taller than the houses. There was filth everywhere, and the smell...oh by the Emperor the smell...

    Worst of all was the quiet. It was peaceful in that city, a place of quiet rest, the same quiet rest that you feel when you are alone on a sick bed in a hospital, when there is only you and your disease...the only soft noise is that horrible croaking noise that only comes from the voices of the dead.

    The worst part was that I knew...I was told...that this was not a completed city. It wasn't finished yet...but when it was...

    Murahi would hold...forever.
    >> EchoGarotte 08/26/10(Thu)18:35 No.11835637
    I woke up screaming in the hospital. I think I scared a little girl who was lurking around. A nurse was at my side, telling me to lay back down and rest. She also said that I was apparently a hero.

    The Tallarns had engaged the Chimera in a spectacular chase, with me out old in the back. In the end, they managed to shoot out its tires, take out the cultists driving it, and save the hostages. The down side was that the Porcupine and the Doctor weren't on that Chimera, just the melted face people. The nurse said that I was going to be receiving a commendation as soon as I could walk.

    There was also another surprise waiting for me, when they wheeled me into the recovery ward, so they could clear the bed. One of the recuperating hostages came over to me and hugged me. She was a pretty blonde woman and I stared at her confused for a moment. Then she gave me a slip of paper.

    "Did he get it?"

    My eyes widened and I laughed nodding. "Yes, yes...but I think he expected you to be on Terranis already!" I swear...there must be a Saint watching over me...probably one wearing a gas mask.

    She smiled and nodded. Then she looked at me again, and she said one word. A word that made me flinch, and I knew that she had seen the same thing I had.

    >> Anonymous 08/26/10(Thu)18:42 No.11835706
         File1282862551.png-(337 KB, 700x397, Wakfu 30.png)
    337 KB
    Oh god, oh god!

    >had fichmaim
    Seems like Khorne doesn't like dem fish either. Or it is a heretical dish, I dunno.
    >> Anonymous 08/26/10(Thu)18:48 No.11835772
    fish IS a heretical dish. why would you EAT something that had scales on it? you shoot at enough horrors with scales on, who wants to be reminded of that?

    Grox? Grox is a good, puritan, human meal. Make mine a McGroxBurger!
    >> Anonymous 08/26/10(Thu)18:49 No.11835790
    You got it all wrong. Fresh fish is so good it must be heretical, but it isn't.

    inb4 chaos shenanigans.
    >> Anonymous 08/26/10(Thu)18:51 No.11835808
         File1282863075.gif-(11 KB, 140x83, commisar holt small gun.gif)
    11 KB
    ..choose your next words with considerable care.
    >> Anonymous 08/26/10(Thu)18:56 No.11835871
    Fried plaice, herring and/or mackerel with fresh summer 'taters and cowberryjam is something you could serve the big E and not feel ashamed
    >> EchoGarotte 08/26/10(Thu)19:48 No.11836480
    I haven't been sleeping well. When I do it's usually under medication or, when I've used up my allotment, I just pass out from exhaustion. I've seen the Apothecary and the Chaplain. They tell me the same thing 'You were touched by the warp, be glad you still have your mind and soul, if it gets worse we'll kill you, so deal with it until that happens.'

    I'm a bit of a rock star around the camp though. That's nice, and the Krieg presented me with a personal gas mask as thanks for saving the lives and souls of a few of their comrades. I still go on scav runs, just to keep busy, but I just go over territory that's been all but picked clean. Mostly I either work around the camp to get some booze, or something to trade for booze.

    Saul and the Krieg girl got married. There was a ceremony and I was the best man. It was nice, in the usual, Krieg kind of way. Saluting, signing of documents, and more saluting. The reception was a dance that featured the Krieg's biggest hits...all two of them. Still, it was a nice break in the drudgery in the camp, and well...being a hero and a groomsmen has some fringe benefits as well.

    Still, I try to stay out of the way of everyone these days. The tent filled with men sitting in cheap chairs, quietly drunk as they hide from the misery is a nice place to be. No one yells, the soldiers understand, and we stay out of the way of the important business.
    >> EchoGarotte 08/26/10(Thu)19:48 No.11836486
    Someone's put a giant star chart on one of the sides of the tent. There's a bunch of other posters, pin ups, and graffiti there; but the star chart is the centerpiece.

    I've been staring at it a lot. It bothers me for some reason. I'm not sure why. I keep...looking for something. I stare at a star cluster for a while, and then I shake my head. It's not there. I drift off into a drunken haze for a while, and then I return to the map again, looking at a different cluster.

    I think I know what it is I'm searching for. The only question is why. Is it because I've been tainted by the Ruinous Powers and not know it? Am I looking for it so I can tell the Inquisition where it is? Is it just to satisfy my own desi-

    "There!" I jump up from my seat and press my finger against the map. A double binary, white-star system that's near a nebula. It's here...I remember the sight of the sky from my vision and...and it also feels right. I take out a pen and write the co-ordinate numbers onto my arm. I need to tell someone...about this...who?
    >> Anonymous 08/26/10(Thu)20:20 No.11836811
    in the name of the emperor, MOAR
    >> PhilDraws4Food 08/26/10(Thu)20:42 No.11837078
    CHAPTER 4-

    two weeks after he arrived in the hospital, Krieger K(d)-r127-I #13777, also known as Gottfried or Gotz, finally left the hospital, under light duty orders from the Apothecary. He surprised me, as I worked with the kriegers, carrying buckets of broken earth to clear the trenches they dug, he patted me on the head as I walked right by him. The only way I knew him was by the sling around his left arm, and the rifle he carried. Bigger than the Casius patter lasguns common to Krieg units. I was speechless when I saw him. More than 3 months of torturing myself and obsessing over him, 2 weeks of anxiety over him in the hospital, and I didn't know what to say when I saw him. So we carried buckets together, he with his good hand, I with both hands on one bucket. We would sit quietly on our breaks, side by side. Sometimes the kriegers would engage in hushed conversations; despite the popular belief that they don't talk, they do, when there's something to be said. I'd grown accustomed to the silence. I didn't even notice the fighting anymore. I'd even started being able to read the Kriegs complex hand signals.
    >> PhilDraws4Food 08/26/10(Thu)21:07 No.11837398
    But then... it was over. It was all over. I woke up one morning, before the sun was up, and there were no masked trenchcoats in the fortifications that now stretched more than a mile in every direction around the fort. I knew because I checked. PDF troops and conscripted adults, standard guard units, a lot of cadians and tallarns. No kriegs though. I asked them where they went. “they moved back into the city to fortify reclaimed areas.” “I think they got called to another fire base.” the most interesting answer was “I dunno. They aren't under planetary command like the rest of us. They showed up only a few weeks before Chaos did.”

    I was bereft. They'd left without saying a word. Well, they did a lot of things that way, but you know. I laid in my cot and sobbed for hours before I'd fall asleep, every night, for days.

    It was weird not seeing the trench-coated figures marching lockstep around the base, but it seemed there was no lack of gas masks those days. A lot of civilian women were carrying masks now, and the guy at the mess hall would smile at me as he served plates, his mask propped up on the top of his head. Suddenly, I felt like I didn't belong again. They'd never given me one.
    >> PhilDraws4Food 08/26/10(Thu)21:08 No.11837418
    The other kids still liked to pick on me, and without the earthwork to keep me busy, I would languish in the mess hall, they pestering me like flies. I remember one day, my anger outweighed my patience for them, and as I rose to admonish them, their leader mocked me. I reached out to shove him, and then everything went blank. I was dizzy, nauseous. The other children shrieked in horror. There was blood, everywhere.

    The apothecary said the boy would live. He must have hit his head as he fell. I admitted to shoving him. The other children called me a witch. These days, I'm thankful the inquisition wasn't there. I was just a troubled orphan girl, stuck in a bad situation and unhealthily obsessed with ReCyclers and Kriegs. They assigned me to counseling with the Chaplain.
    >> PhilDraws4Food 08/26/10(Thu)21:09 No.11837431
    The dreams I had got more intense, then. I remember watching a group of cultists as though from a great distance, and yet I could almost read their lips, if they had them. They were skulking in the dark of night, down a back ally, dragging something. I remember watching them talk, laugh. I was filled with an intense sense of disgust and indignation as I pulled the trigger. Before the second one knew what had happened, why he was covered in his friend's brain-matter, he was thinking with a sizzling hole between his eyes as wide as a mans wrist, clear through. I'd wake with a start, gasping.

    Other times, in my dreams, I'd see children, gathered and chained with other people... the twisted ones would be torturing them, doing horrible things, monstrosities feasting upon the dead and dying, all of it hidden in the darkness, and feeling like... something was missing. There needed to be more. Time was running out. To start the change, for the seed to germinate, there needed to be fertile soil... I could see a gnarled hand caressing a mask in her hand, tracing circles around shattered goggles with her clawed fingertips. I would wake with a dark foreboding looming around me, and would not sleep again afterward...
    >> PhilDraws4Food 08/26/10(Thu)21:10 No.11837439
    The next day, I knew I needed to find Gotz. I packed a small bag with rations, grabbed the entrenching tool I'd been entrusted with, and snuck into a scav-bin as it was loaded onto a transport truck headed for freshly reclaimed ground. I had to find Gotz.

    >> PhilDraws4Food 08/26/10(Thu)21:17 No.11837522
    aaaand with that, i've got some bad news. I'm out of town for the next 2 days at least. if i get the chance, I'll check in and maybe write s'more. until then, you must hold without me, brothers.
    >> Anonymous 08/26/10(Thu)23:19 No.11838967
    >> EchoGarotte 08/27/10(Fri)00:08 No.11839557
    "Kadja," I smiled at my recent bride and hugged her when she entered the mess tent. "I thought you were supposed to be working on the East Gate?"

    She shook her head and gave me a note.
    'New Orders. Moving to next established camp. Request for Non-Combat Units Mess 'Sargent' Saul and Scavenger 'Sargent' Christof to accompany?'

    I nodded and smiled. "Of course I'll come. But you'll have to ask Chris yourself."

    She nodded. Then she hesitated and then took out her notepad and scribbled something again. She paused before showing me it...finally she did.


    I batted the note pad away, my arms almost acting on their own. She nodded and then motioned for me to follow. I got someone else to take my spot in the mess and followed her.

    I was a little surprised to see so many Cyclists in one tent. We don't really have a separate worship. That's the kind of thing that brings the Inquisition down on you. I saw Chris there too, which was also surprising. Then, I finally noticed the big surprise. There WAS an Inquisitor there. He didn't look happy, and behind him there was a person who was obviously a psyker...who obviously did NOT want to be in the same tent as us.
    >> EchoGarotte 08/27/10(Fri)00:09 No.11839569
    "My name is Inquisitor Dell. I am the Inquisitor who has been leading the self-requested observation of the Cycle of Terranis. To this date, I feel that you are all dangerous seditionists and I am aching for a reason to have you all purged." He took a deep breath. "That being said, I am proud to say that you have failed to live up to my expectations. However...you have all come to me with disturbing information. Normally, I would put it down to light warp exposure or battle fatigue. However, I am not an idiot and I can tell that when five people come to me at separate times with similar stories, it obviously means something. I am now here to see exactly what."

    Kadja and I move next to Chris. He's holding a star chart with a big red circle around it. Other people are also holding little bits of paper. I also notice that one of the other Krieg's has a little girl by his side. His daughter maybe? I turn my attention back to the Inquisitor.

    "Now, this is Noah." He motioned to the Psyker, who seemed to be trying to curl up into a ball and into his chair. "I wanted him to be here so I could confirm this. On your feet Noah."

    You know, I always wondered why Psykers never liked to be around Cyclists. The boy shook his head and closed his eyes. "Nononononono. Don't like this, they're too loud."

    "I said on your feet!" The Inquistor yelled and pulled at what looked like a leash around his neck. He let out a yelp and stood to attention. "Now..." Dell took a deep breath and looked like he was bracing himself. "Murahi."

    I shuddered...and Noah let out a shriek of pain and then passed out.
    >> Anonymous 08/27/10(Fri)00:09 No.11839572
    (This isn't exactly a love and Krieg story, but these threads inspired me to write it. I hope anon approves.)

    I remember when she first told us she was going to war.

    It came completely out of nowhere. Why her, why now? She was just out of scholar and had a promising career as an Iconographer in the works that could have made her famous. She was far older than most of the kids you see joining up with starry eyes and dreams of going off to "valiantly battle the xeno threat." More than old enough to know better.

    But she was joining the Imperial Guard. "It's just something I've always wanted to do," she said, and it made me want to scream. I wanted to grab and shake her and ask her what was so wrong with her life that she wanted to throw it away on a whim. Joining the Imperial Guard isn't something you do because you always wanted to do! You take up a sport because it's something you always wanted to do! Make a pilgrimage to Holy Terra because it's something you've always wanted to do! You don't just sign up with an organization that exists in its entirety to get people killed because it's something you've always wanted to do!

    I felt like I was the only one who was worried. Everyone else was so... happy for her. Supportive. There was an air of celebration. I wanted to yell at all of them. Are we really going to just let her go? Are you all really okay with this!?
    >> EchoGarotte 08/27/10(Fri)00:10 No.11839575

    The Black Ship silent soared away from the world. Doctor Maradi frowned as she looked at her papers. Still no positive results forming naturally. She shook her head and sighed in frustration. All that work and still no closer to figuring out the trick. All the other issues had been sorted out, and currently the process was still possible with direct help from Pappy, but it just wasn't enough. At least she had more Cyclists to test...although she would need to ask Pappy in her prayers to reign in his demons. They had gotten sloppy and now, somehow, the other Cyclists were aware of Murahi. That was bad. She sighed and picked at an interesting looking boil on her thigh for a bit. There was a knock on her office door.

    "Come in!" She said. She always liked visitors.

    The door opened and a man walked in. One might have at first mistaken him for a tech priest, but then you realized that it wasn't metal sticking out of his body, but grey skinned limbs, his eyes were triple lobed, and although his face was pristine, the rest of his body was covered with scars. Doctor Maradi broke into a huge smile that cause more of that black liquid to drip down her chin.

    "Doctor Salorii!" She got up from her desk and walked over to shake one of the man's hands. "I wasn't aware you were on the same ship! Good to see you, you old scalpel jockey."

    "Yes, the Changer of Ways insisted that I be here. My Lord is interested in the project and wishes to be a part of it. And it is good to see you as well you festering cadaver."

    "Please, you'll make me blush." The emaciated skeleton said. "So...the ol' buzzard wants in as well. Any idea what he's planning to do with Pappy's masterwork?"

    "You think I would tell you even if I knew?" He chuckled as the pair sat down in their chairs. "No, I know that my Lord has a greater plan for Murahi, but all I'm hearing is the useless squaking from the Sorcerers and Military men."
    >> EchoGarotte 08/27/10(Fri)00:10 No.11839583
    "Ugh, don't get me started. It's the same on my side as well 'When do we get our endless hordes,' 'Why can't we eat the souls of the Cyclists,' 'Blood for the Blood God,' ugh. It's almost enough to make you regret we exist in a war economy."

    "Too true my dear." Salorii said as one of his arms casually cut into his flesh and began to shift his liver from the right side of his chest to the left. "They don't respect us, they don't understand the work that we do."

    "I know, but...far be it for me to complain about people who can blow my head off with a gesture." Maradi said smiling, she had gone back to absently picking at that same boil, slowly extracting the tapeworm that was hiding within it. "So, have you had a chance to look over my notes?"

    "Yes, very interesting work. I'm impressed with your progress. I do have some ideas on how to run some more useful simulations, help us better get a grip on the process. I understand my predecessor, the sorcerous hack, thought that he could just warp the Cyclists' souls and follow them through their Cycle? That's what's been causing the trouble, right?"

    "Yes, I recently had my aide rip his arms off and stick his head on my aide's trophy spikes."

    "As well you should have my dear...well...I see some places where we can start. Are the subjects prepared for study?" Salorii said, finishing his operation.

    Maradi nodded. "Yes, but first we need to catch up. How about we get a bite to eat before we start to work. We picked up some children, and a few of them are actually still a little sane." She wiped off the pus, bile, and other fluids off her leg and slurped the tapeworm down her throat.

    "That sounds divine my dear. Lead the way."
    >> Anonymous 08/27/10(Fri)00:11 No.11839597

    I couldn't say anything at first. I didn't want to make her feel like I was judging her. I wanted her to be happy, and if joining the guard did it, well, more power to her. Even if I laid awake nights trying not to imagine the myriad ways she might be maimed or killed or captured by sadistic chaos cults.

    I hate the Imperial Guard. It took my grandfather's leg. It killed my uncle. It deafened my childhood friend. It crippled my sister. I wanted nothing to do with it. Some days it seemed like every able bodied man wanted to join the Imperial Guard, and expected me to do the same. I was content to live and work in my little cubicle, dull as it was. At least it was safe. At least I could escape the looming specter of the damn guard.

    But I should have known there was no way to escape. It was taking my best friend from me.

    I told her how afraid I was, in the end. She was only annoyed by it, of course. "Don't worry so much," she said, punching me in the shoulder. "I'll be fine." I didn't tell her about all the times I'd heard that before, and it turned out to be wrong. We had more than one fight about it. I tried to contain it, but when she started talking about wanting to handle explosive ordinance I kind of panicked. We didn't talk much for a few weeks.
    >> Anonymous 08/27/10(Fri)00:12 No.11839611

    She tried to assure me that there were plenty of technical positions that she qualified for. I was sure that getting on a ship and heading for alien-infested space for any reason was a death sentence. She was far too cavalier about a career that could easily get her killed. I was entirely too scared to think about the billions of guardsmen that did come home perfectly fine after their tour of duty. We were both right. We were both wrong.

    The night before she left the whole group got together and had one last round of drinks. I told her she should do whatever made her happy, even if it scared me. She apologized for scaring me, even if she did it by doing what was making her happy.

    I didn't see her for five years.
    >> Anonymous 08/27/10(Fri)00:15 No.11839652

    I couldn't keep worrying all that time. Eventually the pain was only a dull ache. Sometimes I forgot about it. But every once in a while I would read a book we'd both liked and I'd cry. Sometimes I would see a Guardsman on the holo and get angry. No matter how hard I pushed it down or for how long the anguish was always waiting to come flooding back.

    Then the troops came home. I didn't know- it had never occurred to me to keep track. But there I was with our dwindling pool of friends on yet another evening over drinks, when a soldier walks up to us.

    She'd actually told him what bar to go to and what night to go. Her mother was informed through more official channels, but we got the picture. She'd been assigned to a planet called Terranis, the soldier told us. They had been there preparing for a Tyranid invasion, and when the orders had come to pull back, some had elected to stay behind.

    She was one of them.
    >> Anonymous 08/27/10(Fri)00:16 No.11839665

    The picture showed a number of soldiers from different regiments, some from our planet, some Vallhallans, a lot of Kriegers, and some locals. And there she was in the middle, smiling. It wasn't the wide, mirthful grin I was used to. It was small and a little sad. I could see the fear in her eyes.

    But the smile was still real.

    We asked the soldier what happened. The planet had been overrun with the 'nids, he said. All transport and communications blocked off by warp storms. There was no way of knowing exactly what had happened, but...

    "Terranis held," he told us.

    He believed that. I think he had to. I think I might. I have to.

    I went home that night, and I cried for a long time.

    I don't give a damn about Terranis. I don't give a damn about the Tyranids or the Imperial Guard. I don't give a damn about this entire soulless damned Imperium.

    I just want my best friend back.

    The Emperor never answered my prayer. But I remember the look of scared but happy determination on her face in that picture. And I think that maybe that was what she really wanted to do and where she wanted to be. So maybe the Emperor answered hers.

    I think I can at least be grateful for that.
    >> Anonymous 08/27/10(Fri)00:32 No.11839860
    Has this been archived yet?
    >> Anonymous 08/27/10(Fri)00:48 No.11840050
    >Nurgle and Tzeench working together

    Hold the fucking phone here
    >> Anonymous 08/27/10(Fri)00:50 No.11840068
    >> Anonymous 08/27/10(Fri)00:50 No.11840075

    I LIKE this, by the way. I loved the original cute romantic comedy sort of feel the Krieger stories had going, but the way you guys have turned the setting into something with real narrative meat to it is leaving me speechless. Keep up the good work.

    Also, disgusting Nurgle cultist is disgusting. Which I suppose she'd take as a compliment...
    >> EchoGarotte 08/27/10(Fri)01:49 No.11840665
    Doctor Maradi normally did not like it when Tzeench sorcerers barged in on her work. She didn't like them in general, but she served on a ship that was Chaos Undivided and also, she knew that an angry Tzeench sorcerer is a sorcerer who has no compulsion to not splatter your being along the halls.

    However, Doctor Salorii and her went way way back. Back before their planet had been enlightened and they had received their revelations. He was the Apothecary in charge of surgery and she was an accomplished Apothecary based on internal medicine.

    True, she saw him as nothing more than a pointless scalpel jock who's idea of medicine was to just rip open people and poke at the first thing that throbbed. He saw her as a glorified witch doctor, a few steps above chanting, waving herbs, and making people drink 'moon water.' Still they respected each other's talents,

    Now, she was a walking chemical lab, and he literally had a change of hearts every other day, and their professional rivalry had become a religious rivalry that, for others, resulted in entire planets being destroyed in the crossfire.

    However Maradi and Salorii were 'doctors' first and they still respected their talents. More so now that their patrons had heightened their abilities to new levels. So, she did not mind working with him. Let Pappy and the Buzzard play their games and the other cultists fight. They had a job to do, and professional pride meant that they put the sacrificial daggers aside and get to work.

    "Well, the Eldar influence, and the Corpse-God's presence is obvious." Salorii said as he vivisected the boy on the table with his extra appendages. "I'm just so amazed at how, when cut off from those influences, the soul instinctually follows the Cycle. Fascinating."
    >> EchoGarotte 08/27/10(Fri)01:50 No.11840669
    "Yes...that part always confused me." Maradi said. She idly dripped whatever was congrealing in her hair into the open chest cavity of the former Krieg soldier. "Even after consumption, trauma, torture. There's always a little bit that heads off towards the Problem."

    "Agreed...I wonder what's the pull? I mean, usually the Corpse God pulls souls to him, or our Lords do the same. It is only natural instinct that we go towards that which is strongest...or filthiest."

    "Or whatever meets our low standards." Maradi said, returning the snipe. "No...no you're right..." She looked at the still living boy in the eyes. "So, why are you so focused? What calls you? How do you find your way in this cold, dark world?"

    "If he says 'Terranis holds' I swear I'm going to put one of your circular saws up his d-"

    "The others...they...help...we...all...held." The Krieg gasped out in the pain.

    The malformed doctors looked at each other. Smiles slowly forming on their faces. A breakthrough at last!
    >> Adokai 08/27/10(Fri)01:57 No.11840719
    Hello hello everyone. Complimentary bump to say:

    Everything is awesome in this thread and you should feel awesome. Hopefully, assuming I don't get absolutely sloshed between now and then, I'll get some more up tonight.

    Terranis Holds!
    >> EchoGarotte 08/27/10(Fri)02:05 No.11840803
    This are moving very fast. My unit has been called off world. They haven't told us anything yet, but we know. We're going off to stop the Ruinous Powers from making that...that...Blasphemy.

    There are Ultramarines in nearly every part of this ship, and the great titans loom over us in the bays. We Krieg and other Guardsmen feel superfluous, but it is important that we be here. We have to be here. Anyway, they need us here, the Ruinous powers have hidden the location of Murahi from the Astronomicon, but we know where it is. We can help guide the marines and the Inquisitors to that place. Then we will wipe it off the map.

    I smile as I see Chris and Saul fiddle with their lasrifles, they're getting better, and by the time we get there I know I'll have whipped Saul into shape. That's what good wives do, correct? Chris will be alright as well, I will watch over him as well, and I think the man has the Emperor's favor. Honestly, the number of times he should have already died is astounding.

    I can't wait for them to see the special treat I have for them. I touch Saul's should and he gives me a smile, I know we will succeed.

    Terranis holds...Murahi will not.
    >> Anonymous 08/27/10(Fri)02:40 No.11841065
    This is what is left of us...a few ten thousand people picked up or dragged off against ther will the rest too young to truly understand why. The majority of those who still live away from Terranis are the random adults that were too injured to continue fighting and were evacuated from hospitals under sedation, a few PDF and Arbites, and the multitude of children. Most of these survivors were children.

    The Salamanders were most insistent that they try to save as many people as they could before the central most shelters within the capital fell. By that time most of the Imperial Guard Regiments were suffering massive casualties and the majority of the PDF personnel lay dead. Sure there was other pockets of resistance still out there but not everyone could fit on the large albeit few Salamander ships. The Salamanders would have stayed as well but the Planetary Governors as one told them to leave and conduct one last escort duty for the survivors.

    So the best of the best of what was left was gathered together along with those who were likely to recover from their injuries was stuck on a transport and sent away. Along with as many children they could fit. The adults to continue the legacy of old and the children to continue the Terranis blood line.
    >> Anonymous 08/27/10(Fri)02:41 No.11841075

    Some adults managed to disappear during transit …these were comprised of those who fought…not completely being able to forget their anger and as such found the nearest battlefield never to be seen again. Though the majority were managed to be kept together mostly due to the Salamanders fourth company. So with the exception of a few, walkers and those on a few others on ships outside of the convoy like those on the Inquisitor’s ship, this was it. It was up to these here to determine the future of the survivors of Terranis.

    (I think I got the Inquisitor’s time line right but…who knows)

    “So what do we do know? I mean we can’t stay on this convoy till we all die.” The first to speak was a PDF Army commander, “From the reports those that left with the Inquisitor have already made landfall on Krieg. Is that where we all want to go?”

    “Well its better than say…Cadia,” This time a male replied this time from a corporal of the Aribites office, “Would you imagine being forced to live under the eye of all places? You’ll never get a moment of peace it’s going to be Eye of Terror watching you bath and the like.”

    “Have you got anywhere else in mind then?”

    The Corporal kept quiet and shook his muttering a quick apology.
    >> Anonymous 08/27/10(Fri)02:42 No.11841079

    “The Salamander’s Chapter master has graciously allowed us the use of this fleet for the time being but that may well soon change.” The Army commander tapped the table situated between the twenty or so people in the room. “So what do we do from here on? There are only two thousand plus adults in this convoy with small handfuls disappearing every stop we make and tens of thousands of children.”

    There was quiet murmuring throughout the makeshift conference room before an Administratum aide raised a hand, “How much longer do we have to decide before someone above us in power does?”

    “There already have been demands that all the children be broken up to be sent to various Scholas around the Imperium and some girls be sent to the various planets that contain Sisters. To be honest Captain Ty’roh has been kind enough to intercept many of the messages meant for us saying we are still discussing and our service to the Imperium be rewarded.” A knock on the door revealed Captain Ty’roh, “Oh, my apologies do come in Captain.”

    “Thank you for allowing me to join Commander Varrot,” the tall super soldier replied, “I have some good news and considerable amount of bad…The bad news is you have a week to choose a location or one will be chosen for you and judging from the list provided you’re not going to like the choices. This would include the death of you heritage and your little ones be taken.”

    “What’s the good news,” A lieutenant from the PDF spoke, “We all get pretty medals usually reserved for the dead?”

    “Yes, and another thing,” replied the captain. “I have a request from the Krieg Lord Governor.”
    >> Anonymous 08/27/10(Fri)02:43 No.11841094

    “What is it,” Varrot asked.

    “He sends his formal request that you all come to Krieg.”

    “Again,” another member of the table muttered.

    “Yes, though it might not be for the reasons you may think that is causing them to be so adamant about your arrival to his home world.” The Ty’roh gave those in the room a meaningful look, “While yes the way you alongside the Krieg regiments deployed to Terranis have fought have brought much honor and respect to all those that took part…it’s more of something of the heart. It is the stories of those who managed to create homesteads, families, and the blood that run in your veins. In many places that Krieg may go they are rarely welcomed or seen as nothing more than a quiet nuisance that people can’t relate to…especially in large numbers but on Terranis it was something special and they want to keep that feeling. To insure your survival as a culture within the Imperium a section of their Hive city is being abandoned and reworked on to await your arrival. We the Salamanders promise a small token of help to stay for a few months to assist if you wish to stay on Krieg…and judging from the offers this is your best chance.”

    Archer opened her mouth then closed it and before she continued Captain Ty’roh passed a data slate to everyone inside the room.

    “At the very least he would like to have a joint military training facility be built on Krieg. Apparently you have ideas they like.”

    One of the men sighed, “I guess we have our decision don’t we folks.”

    Varrot nodded her head, “Yes, I guess we do…Captain Ty’roh would you be as to kind as to send the word we will be delighted to land on Krieg.”
    >> PhilDraws4Food 08/27/10(Fri)02:45 No.11841112
    couldn't sleep, even though I have to drive for hours tomorrow morning. had to come back and witness the awesome.

    no, but seriously, goodnight this time guys. I'll check in when I can.

    Terranis Holds!
    >> Anonymous 08/27/10(Fri)02:45 No.11841114

    Ty’roh nodded once and motioned to a servitor, “It shall be done.”

    “So now let’s figure out where our resources lay,” Varrot said, “There is a at least three hundred and fifty adults here on this ship alone plus all the children-“

    “Yes, it is impressive on how young you all manage to teach your kids the meaning of teamwork and not fearing the mightiest foes they’ll ever come across at a such a young age,” Ty’roh said suddenly. His expression made him seem he was somewhere else for a while…


    Captain Ty’roh stood up surrounded by Servitors and an apprentice to his chapter with him each helping him into his armor when suddenly…

    “Sir, your helmet seems to be missing…” The apprentice said nervously as he backed away.

    “Where was it last,” Ty’roh roared.

    “Uh, it was here a moment ago I assure you.”

    From the entrance to the room the two heard some giggling. Turning around the two saw three Terranis children carrying the missing helmet out there door. When the three noticed they were caught they grinned saying, “We’ve got your hat!” Captain Ty’roh would spend ten minutes chasing after them but would have his helmet in less than one.
    “What was that Captain?”

    “Nothing just remembering something,” Ty’roh replied quickly.

    The humans in the room would give each other confused glances.
    >> Anonymous 08/27/10(Fri)02:47 No.11841129

    A captain from the Terranis PDF, “I think we can get individual numbers from the ships in the convoy later but what about combat personnel that disappeared. Have any of you heard from them?”

    The Arbites Corporal coughed, “I have kept in contact with seventeen arbites…sixteen have been contracted to help subdue riots on Sierra IV and the last is with the 189th Krieg Siege Regiment acting as a Sniper currently.”

    As the twenty people spoke out Varrot began to feel relieved…even though scattered the people of Terranis still did their work to hold onto the faith of the Imperium and make it stronger.

    “Recall them gentlemen…all of them,” Varrot finally said, “We got work to do and not enough people to get it done.”


    On Kordant II Commander of the 189th stared at the message in front of him before glancing to the city off in the distance.

    (Hopefully this addition is good enough to keep around.)
    >> EchoGarotte 08/27/10(Fri)02:52 No.11841159
    Honestly? I say we can never get enough. Krieg, Terranis, after I'm done with the Murahi story, feel free to dive into it and add as much as you want.

    Editing, tweaking, fixing the time line and all that other stuff is what 1d4chan is for. (Provided that it ever gets back up)
    >> Anonymous 08/27/10(Fri)02:56 No.11841187

    Well, right about now I just wish Id4chan was up so I can fix two things I didn't catch before posting.
    >> EchoGarotte 08/27/10(Fri)03:06 No.11841276
    Preaching to the choir, my friend. Lots of stuff that's gotta be fixed with my stuff too.
    >> Anonymous 08/27/10(Fri)04:33 No.11841854
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    500 KB
    Awesome stories to read while having breakfast, life is good sometimes.
    >> Anonymous 08/27/10(Fri)04:38 No.11841877
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    >Captain Ty’roh would spend ten minutes chasing after them but would have his helmet in less than one.
    Fucking bro's mang
    >> EchoGarotte 08/27/10(Fri)05:01 No.11841994
    "Alright, so everything is in place in the city proper. How are things in here Doctor?" Salorii said as he walked into the Inner Cloister of the Great Chapel of Murahi. He wasn't a fan of the predominantly green color theme, but he supposed that it would do for now. When the Lord of Change took over this place he would make sure that the place was redone in more tasteful colors. Although he supposed that Doctor Maradi could keep her room the same color.

    "Well, take a look for yourself!" The doctor said to her associate. He looked around, he couldn't see her. "Isn't it lovely?"

    It was a floating sphere, made of a material that could have been crystal...if it didn't ripple like water or occasionally have small tentacles grow and shrink from it. It was in the middle of the room, and it was empty, and hungry. "Some of our finest work don't you think?"

    Salorii nodded. He had designed the carapace and the glands within it, but credit where credit was due, the real power within it were all the lovely ichors and soul-based malignities that dwelled within it. He thought it looked beautiful. The only problem was that is was empty...well...mostly empty.

    "You already placed your soul within it?"

    "Yes, and believe me. There's nothing more restful that being within that Heart of Chaos." The good doctor walked out and Salorii raised an eyebrow. Gone was the emaciated skeleton with the legion filled skin and the thick black hair. Now there was a woman who was slightly taller than the last one. Her skin hung off her body in fishbelly pale folds, and one of her eyes was missing, what looked like a colony of maggots residing in the hollow. Her hair was a stringy mass of white threads, and her teeth were all yellowed and rotten. "It works without having to bother Pappy at all!" She grinned. "I shed my old form, and jumped into one of the bodies we had lying around. A perfect trial run...for what it's worth. A little more testing is needed."
    >> EchoGarotte 08/27/10(Fri)05:02 No.11841997


    "Yes, you see I already was experienced with the Cycle...our version at least." Maradi said. "Also, Papa Nurgle's power is strong within this Heart...if this is to be a weapon of Chaos undivided..."

    Solarii gasped as he felt the spear rip through his stomach. He turned to see the hulking Khorne brute that had the quill fetish grinning at him. He turned back to Maradi and she folded her hands and bowed her head. "Please...take this as a show of respect."

    Pain...Blackness...A sense of being nothing...floating peacefully in an empty void...and then...

    Solarii gasped as his body fought for breath. He looked around in a panic. He was tied up? Why was he tied up? He heard some clapping and a happy cheer.

    "Marvelous! Oh fantastic! We really ARE geniuses! Behold the power of methodical Chaos Science and Medicine! All glory to the Gods! Yipee!"

    "What...did...you...do?" Solarii gasped as the procupine brute unshackled him.

    "Well, I had to make sure that it would work on a Non-Nurgle and well...nobody's as Non-Nurgle as you Doctor!" Maradi smirked as she gestured to a Mirror. "Behold your latest change!"

    Solarii stared in fascination and horror. His body...it wasn't his body anymore. Now the eyes of one of the recently arrived sacrifices looked back at him. His hair was different...his face...he could feel the organs within him all in different alignments. It was terrifying, horrific, nauseating...wonderful.

    He embraced his colleague and already was deciding what operation to perform on himself first. "So...now that we have a successful test run, do we just go and wipe them all out?"
    >> EchoGarotte 08/27/10(Fri)05:03 No.11842002
    Maradi shook her head. "Sadly no. What we have now only works on a One-to-One function, and even then it requires a HUGE amount of power. If we were to wipe the entire city out right now the Heart would break trying to keep all the souls within in, their identities separate, and then redistribute them into suitable vessels. No, we need a nice steady flow of souls into it, so the Heart can properly acclimatize and the souls can begin to serve as the beacon for the others. That is where our soon to arrive friends come in. I have to hand it to your boss. The old buzzard knows his stuff!"

    Solarii nodded. If the idiots hadn't released the information abotu Murahi early, then the Imperium wouldn't come, and there wouldn't be a proper force to both exterminate the cultists in the city, AND provide them with a driving desire that just doesn't come from a slow, mass, ritual execution.

    Just as planned.

    "And then, when they realize what is happening, the fools will call for an exterminatus, and that is when the Heart will be sent into the Warp. Just as untouchable as Terranis is...and Murahi will live on, forever." Maradi grinned.

    "I'm a little concerned about how there are no daemons in the city." The Porcupine man rumbled, the two doctors turned to look.

    "I didn't know he could talk." Solarii said. Maradi just shrugged.
    >> EchoGarotte 08/27/10(Fri)05:04 No.11842004
    "I know the blood must be spilled until the entire city is coated, and that pleases the Blood God...but there are many that wish to join in the fray. We wish to take part in this massacre and see the advent of Murahi to endless carnage and battle." The man said.

    "Can't be helped." Solarii said, shaking his head. "The Heart is fragile now, and until it is within the Warp, too much stress or strain could damage it. Any daemon presence has the chance of a rupture...or they may call for an Exeterminatus too early and thus Murahi would only be a mere fraction of its glory."

    The giant of a man closed his eyes as if he was slowly catching up to the words that had been said. Then he nodded. "Understood. I shall go and prepare for the battle."

    "No," Maradi said. "We need you here to watch the heart...as we just said. It's fragile. You have the duty of guarding it, as blessed as you are by the Blood God. You will watch over it and you will see its advent."

    The Porcupine man scowled, but nodded. "The Blood God wishes me to spill blood on this great day of days to come...but I understand that there will be greater battles to come...forever...when I dwell within Murahi."

    "Excellent!" Maradi said clapping. "Now...who wants to go out to dinner to celebrate?"
    >> EchoGarotte 08/27/10(Fri)05:19 No.11842071
    I stare at them. I close my eyes and shake my head. I reopen my eyes and they're still there. Kadja is cooing over one of them and Saul's actually petting one. I
    shake my head. No...no...this just can't...

    "There is no way I am riding a horse into the middle of a city filled with cultists!" I stare into the eyes of the best that Kadja has assigned me. It makes a sniffling noise, like its unimpressed. Well the feeling's mutual Dinner-To-Be. "Also, you expect us to learn how to ride these things...while on the ship. They are going to get shot by the marines...and then the marines are going to shoot US!"

    Kadja shakes her head and holds up a form. I take it and read it. "Permission to use space for training purposes? And they signed it?" I stare at the paper, then I look back at Dinner-To-Be...yeah that's your name now horse, get used to it. I shake my head and walk up to Saul.

    "Saul, buddy, you are a waiter and a mess tent assistant. I'm a store clerk and a glorified garbage collector...if we get on these things. We. Are going. To die."

    "I think we'll be fine. I mean, Kadja showed me the basics back before the attack and you...well...apparently the Emperor likes handing you luck like it's going out of style!" He points down...and I see I'm standing in a pile of horseshit. I look back up and I swear Kadja is laughing underneath that mask.
    >> EchoGarotte 08/27/10(Fri)06:32 No.11842476
    Inquisitor Dell was not an man easy moved to humor, but the sight of that fool trying to learn to ride a horse was actually making him smile. The fact that he was so...inept at it and all the others around him, even that boy from the mess hall, were doing so well was what made it humorous to him. He liked it when people showed that they were human. Capable of wonder, and yet still as incompetent as the lowest species. Dell liked paradoxes like that.

    He opened the door to his quarters. More accuratley referred to by the others as his 'Inquisitorial Suite.' Noah was sitting in front of the fireplace, playing some kind of board game with the little girl that they had found. Apparently it involved rolling dice, spinning a numbered top and then making lots of noise. He sighed and rolled his eyes. Anything to make his baby brother happy, and not causing things to melt with his mind. He went to his desk and began to look over and fill out the various forms. The Ultramarines were...decent at making sure that he was kept in the loop, but he knew that the Astartes had their own secrets...or at least THOUGHT that they did. The Krieg and the Cyclers were of course, open and professional as always. He wished he didn't need the seditionists along for the ride, the Astartes and all the things the Tech Priests brought with them seemed more than enough, but Noah insisted, and Dell had learned long ago that it was always wise to bet on Noah's hunches. Even when he was wrong, things usually turned out alright...for them anyway.

    "Noah." He said quietly. In private he could treat his brother like a human being. "Anything important I need to know?"
    >> EchoGarotte 08/27/10(Fri)06:33 No.11842485
    "She cheats at this game!" He said pointing at the girl. She stuck out her tounge at him.

    "Have you caught her cheating?" Dell said, not looking up from his work.


    "Then that means she's playing the game better than you are." Dell said. "Now, is there anything I will need in the next few days?"

    "Ummm..." Noah frowned and knit his brow in thought. The little girl whispered something in his ear and he nodded. Dell sighed, it looked like his instincts were correct. Noah looked up at his big brother.

    "You'll need to NOT press a button. Also if you wanna look REALLY cool when it's time to go home after they escape, you should fly around the city right we're blow it up! Zoom! KABOOM!"

    Dell sighed. "Thank you Noah. You can go back to your game." He hated it when Noah was vague. It only made sense until AFTER the event. He had gotten good at reading the signs, but still...there were days that he wished that he hadn't swore that he would be his brother's keeper.

    They would arrive in two more days, according to the navigators. Personally he wanted to just cry Exterminatus on the planet the moment they showed up, but the rest of the Inquisition was clear, Murahi needed to be cleansed. The planet was still viable, and could be returned to the agri-world that it had been.
    >> EchoGarotte 08/27/10(Fri)06:34 No.11842487
    Dell thought that was a load of Grox dung...but he knew what happened to Inquisitors that didn't follow orders. Some days he envied the Cyclists, believing that there was always another chance to do it again. Make things better, and maybe earn yourself some peace...sadly Dell had been around too long to believe that.

    "You and your friend should get some sleep Noah. Tomorrow's going to be a busy day and I'll need you to wear the leash." He said.

    Noah pouted, but he and the girl lurched off to Noah's bedroom and the room where the extra cot had been set up. Dell pinched his nose, poured himself some recaff, and went back to his work.

    In two days, Murahi would end. He would see to that.
    >> Bitter Old Man 08/27/10(Fri)07:37 No.11842755
    By the way EchoGarotte, I have to thank you. After reading the threads from the past week or so, you actually inspired me to post some of my own stuff on /tg/ yesterday and today.

    Major props.

    Tarranis Holds.
    >> Adokai 08/27/10(Fri)08:25 No.11842919
    Wooo more reads.
    >> Anonymous 08/27/10(Fri)09:09 No.11843148
         File1282914590.jpg-(63 KB, 479x599, Katt 67.jpg)
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    Dinner entertainment!
    >> Anonymous 08/27/10(Fri)10:38 No.11843674
         File1282919888.jpg-(216 KB, 776x341, Katt 78.jpg)
    216 KB
    Who doesn't like cats?
    >> Anonymous 08/27/10(Fri)10:42 No.11843698
    >> Anonymous 08/27/10(Fri)10:53 No.11843771
    I've been watching these threads the whole time and was keeping up with the 1d4chan article when it was up.

    Just read that on suptg. Thought it was pritty good.
    >> PhilDraws4Food 08/27/10(Fri)12:18 No.11844429
    gaaah! damnit!

    I'm inspired to write, but I have no time! keep this alive until sunday!

    Terranis Holds, brothers!
    >> Anonymous 08/27/10(Fri)13:10 No.11844863
    this is what a bump looks like.
    >> Anonymous 08/27/10(Fri)13:24 No.11844993
         File1282929883.jpg-(61 KB, 513x408, VeteranCat.jpg)
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    Game over man, game over!
    >> Anonymous 08/27/10(Fri)14:12 No.11845420
         File1282932766.jpg-(66 KB, 599x449, Katt 137.jpg)
    66 KB
    >> Anonymous 08/27/10(Fri)16:23 No.11846726
         File1282940582.jpg-(57 KB, 500x485, 1269466675015.jpg)
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    >> EchoGarotte 08/27/10(Fri)16:25 No.11846765
    The Chaos Doctors watched from the upper balcony of the Grand Chapel as the Ultramarines made a glorious mess of the entire situation. They had crashed through the walls with all the grace of an Ork ballerina, and were apparently having a grand old time slaughtering the entire populace.

    "Should we send them a thank you card after this is done?" Doctor Maradi said.

    "Oh, I think our Lords would want to thank them personally." Doctor Solarii said. He smiled as one Ultramarine disappeared under a literal wave of people as the cultists climbed over the corpses of their brethren to reach their hated enemy.

    "By the way, I never got to ask, Pascal. How's the family?" Maradi asked.

    "Oh, Riza and I broke up." He sighed. "It was a long time coming...you know how it is...she wants to go out and spill blood, I want to stay in and plot. It happens, we parted on fairly good terms and I still see Kelli now and again."

    "Oh, I'm so sorry. How is your daughter?" Maradi asked, putting a blistered hand on the doctor's newly sutured shoulder.

    "Well. Her mother and I were afraid for a while that she was going to Slaneesh, but she's like her mother. Ripping people apart with her bare hands, and has aspirations of becoming a full deamon. She's a good kid. Broke my spine in six places when we last saw each other when she hugged me. I had to spend the whole week operating on myself, nonstop...she always was thoughtful in her birthday gifts."

    "You're a lucky man." Maradi frowned. "What...in the Warp? You've fixed your eyes right?"
    >> EchoGarotte 08/27/10(Fri)16:26 No.11846774
    "For now."

    "Tell me what those blurs are over there." She pointed.

    The doctor turned his eyes, with all their excess retina and nerve connections, to gaze where the woman was pointing. There was a small group, about twenty or so, on horseback. They were riding through the city. However, they weren't riding into the hordes of cultists to attack them. They were dodging them and weaving their way around the city, they were heading towards...

    "A bunch of Kriegs on horseback. It looks like they're headed towards the chapel." Solarii said.

    "Damn, they're all Cyclists...they must have an instinct that they need to destroy the Heart, and are drawn to it." She bit her lip. Her teeth punched through it and she tried to relax by poking the hole with her tongue.

    Solarii waved his hand. "That's the problem with you Nurgle followers. You're never able to plan ahead." The Doctor's extra limb finished adjusting the muscle tissue in his left leg, cut into his back, and withdrew a small device. It looked like four crystals fused together around a vox microphone. "Now...let me show you what I planned to do with the Krieg."

    He closed his eyes and concentrated...the crystal began to glow.
    >> Anonymous 08/27/10(Fri)16:32 No.11846833
         File1282941120.jpg-(35 KB, 350x351, Katt 99.jpg)
    35 KB
    >> Anonymous 08/27/10(Fri)18:02 No.11847664
         File1282946534.jpg-(9 KB, 321x240, Katt 9.jpg)
    9 KB
    >> Anonymous 08/27/10(Fri)19:16 No.11848382
    I wont say that I'm not enjoying this. Riding down the streets of this city, my chainsword swiping at any cultist that gets too close, and by my sides are my beloved and a good friend. Chris actually seems to have come up with a passable method of riding. Hold on for dear life and let the horse do all the work.

    However, this is not a time for enjoyment or games. These cultists are just a distraction. The true evil lies within that chapel, and it has to be destroyed, quickly. The Astartes will not get there in time, so it is up to us. So, the Death Riders of Krieg will ride past the horde, and into the beat's lair. We have to...

    ugh...no...no...Emperor...please...please forgive me...I am loyal! I am loyal...I...I...forgive me...no no nonononono...
    >> Anonymous 08/27/10(Fri)19:29 No.11848527
    What in the name of Holy Terra just happened? We were riding down the streets, dodging Cultists, following the others, when suddenly, all the Krieg just slump down in their saddles at once! Kadja even slips out and falls to the ground. I pull on the reins of my horse, and I jump off to get to her.

    "Kadja? Kadja! What's wrong!" I hold my wife, and I take off her mask. Her eyes are vacant and distant. Tears are dripping down her face and she's babbling something. She keeps going on about apologizing for her betrayal. That she is loyal to the Emperor, and she begs for forgiveness.

    "Saul, what the hell are you two doing?" Chris yells as he runs up to us. "The rest of the unit is going wild! The horses are running all over the place and the Krieg are out to lunch. What happened?" He looks around the street in a panic, his las pistol ready to shoot at anything that moves.

    "I don't know!" I yell. "Kadja...Kadja, please come back to me! You ARE loyal! You love the Emperor, he loves you...I love you too. I need you Kadja!" I kiss her, thinking that might help break whatever spell is over her. For an instant, there's a flicker in her eyes, but it then fades and she goes back to her babbling.
    >> Anonymous 08/27/10(Fri)19:29 No.11848536
    "We do not have TIME for this!" Chris yells. "They're coming!"

    "I'm not leaving her!" I yell.

    "For the love of..." Chris grabs an iron stick that one of the cultists was using as a weapon. It's tip is still glowing red. He walks over to her and presses the red hot tip of the staff against Kadja's exposed neck.

    "What are you doing?" I yell. I move to bat it away, but Kadja's arm gets there first and her pistol is up pointing at Chris. She blinks and looks at us.

    "Saul?" She embraces me and we kiss again.

    "Yeah yeah yeah, you're fine, great. We need to run now!"

    "Where's my horse?" Kadja asks. I look around and I swear, mrse ran off too. The only one that's still here is Chris' 'Dinner-To-Be' it has the same look in its eye that Saul has.

    Kadja instantly jumps up intot he front sadlle and helps me and Chris onto the back. Chris yells something about having to be so close to a horses' ass.

    I want to yell back that he is one already, but I'm too focused on holding onto Kadja and shooting my pistol at anything trying to stop us. We're the only ones left that can get to the Chapel on time...

    Provided that we aren't already late.
    >> Anonymous 08/27/10(Fri)20:52 No.11849218
         File1282956727.jpg-(57 KB, 646x527, Katt 130.jpg)
    57 KB
    Another update!?
    >> Anonymous 08/27/10(Fri)22:31 No.11850461
         File1282962705.jpg-(114 KB, 720x570, 1266966487241.jpg)
    114 KB
    >> Anonymous 08/27/10(Fri)23:40 No.11851503
    We wandered around that horrible Chapel for a while, fighting off small pockets of cultists. Saul and Kadja were a really effective team. Me...well, I had the luck of finding a chainsword that one of the cultists was using that hadn't been fully corrupted.

    We thought we were doing well...untill we entered the Inner Cloister and saw...that. It was as big as an inflated beachball, and glowing black, I know that's a stupid phrase to use but trust me, if you were there, you'd agree with me.

    They were there. That horrible doctor woman, and this new guy, also in a labcoat. His body covered in still bleeding scars and extra...limbs sticking out of him at random intervals.

    They were fussing over the pulsating orb. Poking it, cutting little bits off, injecting things into it. They were handling it as gently as I've seen Apothecaries handle newborn babes.

    Also, there was music playing in the room. I have since heard Regentropfen and Sonnenlicht...and this song is the foul sounding forgotten sibling. It was the Anthem of Murahi.

    "Do you like it?" The woman 'doctor' said. "I titled it Bestechung."
    >> Anonymous 08/27/10(Fri)23:42 No.11851523
    "It's trash, and the only musical merit in it you just copied from Gast and the Lieutenant's works." Saul said.

    "Everyone's a critic." The male smirked. "Well, tell us your opinion on the Heart of Murahi."

    We all leveled our weapons at the obscenity.

    "You think those flashlights will have any influence on this?" The woman smirked as she injected the thing with another vial. "This is the pinnacle of Chaos...and you should feel proud. If it wasn't for your primitive prototype...then we wouldn't have this."

    I aimed and fired at the male doctor. His head exploded and his body dropped to the ground. The woman scowled. "That was totally uncalled for! He is going to be very angry when he arrives in his new body. He had just gotten that one to a form he was comfortable with!" She snapped her fingers. "Algernon! Send them back to Terranis...I don't care how, put make it painful!"

    There was a now far, far, too familiar roar and from the other side of the cloister, looking even bigger and spinier than before, was Mr. Porcupine.


    Before Saul or Kadja could react, I took off towards the west hall entrance and ran...and the big guy followed. I had saved my friends...but now I was sooo screwed.
    >> EchoGarotte 08/28/10(Sat)00:33 No.11852037
    So. There I was, alone in a Chaos temple, in the middle of a Chaos City, on a planet that was devoted to the Ruinous Powers in every way. My friends were fighting with two sorta-immortal Chaos Apothecaries, the Heart of Murahi was still growing, the Inquisitor and the two Psykers with him were trying to disrupt it from within, and the whole place was about twelve minutes or so from being blown the frak up.

    Also I was being chased by a guy who was as big as an Ultramarine, had multiple pieces of metal sticking out of him, was wielding a spear that was as long as I was, and who's name was Algernon...which, in thinking about how kids in schola treat people with names like that, probably could be pinpointed as one of the motivating factors as to why he turned to Khorne.

    Meanwhile, the only thing I had was a chain sword with a semi-functioning machine spirit in it, an empty laspistol, an entrenching shovel, and some signal flares Kadja had forced me to carry.

    So, when I ran into the main foyer of the room and saw the Ultramarine standing there, I felt my luck had once again kicked in.

    "LOOKOUTBIGGUYRIGHTBEHINDME!!!" I screamed as I ran behind the Astartes. I noticed that he was on his own...that was fine. I mean, one look at that bolter in his hand, and I felt a lot better.
    >> EchoGarotte 08/28/10(Sat)00:34 No.11852047
    Then the Marine frowned at me. "You ran?"

    I panted. "Had to...lure main force...away from...demolition team...mission MUST succeed" No idea how I pulled that gem out of my ass, but the Marine just nodded, satisfied with the answer. Thank the Emperor that wasn't a Commissar.

    At that point Algernon decided to make his appearance known.

    "BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD!" He screamed.

    "FOR THE EMPEROR!" The Ultramarine replied. Lifting up his powerfist and bolter

    Both of them charged at each other. I was filled with nothing but confidence and assurance that the Emperor was with me, and guiding us all to victory. The marine's bolter shots were dead on and blew off half of his face and his shoulder. Algie dropped to the ground.

    The marine turned to look at me and nodded. "Now, guide me to the demolition team, and we will clea-" He stopped when a familiar spear rammed through his chest and then ripped upwards through his body, splitting his head in two.

    I stared as Algernon stood up, pulling his spear free. His face and shoulder...were fixing themselves. Muscle fibers reattaching themselves, and new bone growing from the stumps. He laughed and tossed the remains of the Astartes at me. I jumped out of the way as the blood and entrails splattered everywhere. Mostly on the new coat Kadja had give me...she was going to be miffed.

    "How...?" I gasped.

    "The Doctors...they gave me this great gift...I may constantly shed blood for my God, and I will be able to continually shed others blood as well. My body grows and seethes with power and life...now...that is three times your death on my spear has been delayed...no longer."

    I was going to die...but there was no way in hell I would just roll over. Kadja and Saul had to finish the job and stop the Chaos Apothecaries and destroy the Murahi Heart. I had to keep Algernon here, and that meant...oh...the Emperor just loves irony doesn't he?

    It meant I had to hold.
    >> EchoGarotte 08/28/10(Sat)00:37 No.11852085
    Oh, and before we go further, the inspiration for Bestechung is, once more, a work of Frederick Chopin's. This one is Etude op 10 No. 12 C minor 'Revolution.'

    >> Anonymous 08/28/10(Sat)01:49 No.11852908
         File1282974542.png-(19 KB, 600x600, I Love You Guys So Much.png)
    19 KB
    Pic very much related, all of you.
    >> Anonymous 08/28/10(Sat)02:13 No.11853170
    It looks like the battle for Kordant II is coming to a close…From the grapevine I’m told all Imperial Guard Regiments are to begin a massive general offensive aimed at finally breaking the gridlock here on Kordant II in six days. But before that it seems that we have to slow down the Tau counter offensive and wait for the reinforcements that are supposed to get here in four. To that end several smaller offensives managed to push the Tau lines well into the city forcing the Tau to form several roving defenses. In some places it was a case of the nasty…a platoon of IG infantry would be walking down an empty street only to get blown apart by a hidden Tau vehicle tucked away into the rubble of a building ranging from the giant walkers with the double cannons to the IFV of theirs.

    Tied with ever narrower streets and alleys nothing past the initial gains during the break through meant anything and eventually both sides managed to grind themselves into another stalemate. Now someone above has decided to grab some of the more decimated regiments into a massive shaker, shake said shaker, and see what comes out. So now the unit I’m attached to is a squad of twelve; six are Valhallan Ice Warriors, with four Tallarn Recon, and finally me and a new Krieg…this time a girl…to whom I shall affectionately call Fourteen…in a few weeks I shall wait for someone to affectionately call Fifteen…I’m making a educated guess here.

    Seriously I get a new one every other month and previous ones are still alive…and they’re intact. I swear.
    >> Anonymous 08/28/10(Sat)02:14 No.11853179

    Introductions were interesting enough as the twelve of us tried to cram against a barrel fire within the Krieg’s embattlements on the day of departure…with maybe the exception of Fourteen.

    “Good day gentlemen and lady. I am your temporary sergeant for our upcoming walk through Tau infested lines, Sergeant Petrov…Can’t exactly say as to why I and my brothers are here… We come from a place where ones balls would get so cold they would freeze and withdraw into one’s body and as such we have a tendency to fight in such locations…And there are no Orks here…finally and most importantly there is no snow what-so-ever on this little bit of rock.” Petrov began before moving on to the Tallarn leader, “And as if they were attempting to balance things out…we have four gentlemen who come from a place where the heat makes you balls drop onto the floor and sand that find the oddest of places to hide.”

    Where Petrov was a gruff sounding voice from years of yelling the much younger Regandi comes out as fluid, “I am Corporal Regandi and I wonder why as well…but I think it’s best that we continue as quickly as possible don’t you think? I still have to gather grenades, food stuffs, battery packs…amongst other things.”

    Petrov shrugged motioning to myself, “Now we have a…an older gentleman and his lady friend.”

    “It’s fine to say I’m old…I’ll admit it. I am former Arbites sharpshooter from Terranis now on loan to whatever Krieg unit that finds me and this here,” I turned to invite my spotter closer to be seen, “Is Krieg 73 #3123 my current spotter.”

    Fourteen stepped forward and nodded to the assembled men.
    >> Anonymous 08/28/10(Sat)02:15 No.11853191

    “Now that every different group here has been introduced meet back here in about an hour after dark…say 20:00 hrs. Grab everything you need and more so…we might be in there for a few days.”

    A few assents were sent his way before Fourteen spoke to the sergeant, “Why was there so many…testicle jokes?”

    “Well…I shall say there was a close call yesterday, a very close call, which I’m not quite over with yet.”

    Someone from the back let out a bark of a laugh, “He was running down the street to pick up something he dropped and a sniper fired at him. The shot went between his legs hitting absolutely nothing.”

    Ah, that would have explained it.
    >> EchoGarotte 08/28/10(Sat)02:49 No.11853565
    I don't really know what people expect to do when they're in the battle for their lives. I suppose most people imagine this epic conflict. Spear clashing against chainsword. Fist against fist. Well, that wasn't what happened. What DID happen was that I ran around that huge room in circles, screaming and swearing, trying to start the chainsword, and Algernon chasing after me, roaring about blood or skulls or both, whatever. Either way it was...less than epic.

    Finally, with a sputter and a whine the chainsword started, and the jerk of the inertia almost made me drop the thing. A spun around and clashed with Algernon's spear. There were a bunch of sparks, and then the hulking, porcupine brute just pushed and I staggered back. Algernon then made a massive lunge with his spear, with perfect accuracy for my heart, but he missed.

    That was due to me stepping on the entrails of the dead Ultramarine and I slipped, fell flat on my back, and watched at the six foot pole of pure death passed right above my nose. I rolled to the side, and I tried to lift the bolter the marine had used, but all I managed to do was press the magazine release button and the gun spat out all its ammo onto the floor. I swear Algernon was laughing at me as he continued to try and skewer me and I continued to writhe on the floor like a water snake. That's when I saw what the Ultramarine had on the strap that was around his waist. I grabbed the strap and made a dive for the chainsword, it was still running and moving in a small circle on the floor. I picked it up and I did what was certainly one of the DUMBEST moves of my life, right after deciding that I wanted to leave my mother's womb, I charged straight at Algernon, swinging the sword wildly.
    >> EchoGarotte 08/28/10(Sat)02:50 No.11853573
    It was too low, he had that astounding healing factor, and I even had my eyes closed. I think that was why he just grinned and let me slice open his stomach and then crash into him. It felt like hitting a warm sticky brick wall. I could only thank the Emperor that he didn't skewer me then and there.

    He grabbed my throat and held me up in the air. The spiny freak laughed. "Now, you will join my collection. You are a disgrace to the Blood God! All you do is run, well...now your skull is mine!" He readied his spear. "Scream for me..."

    "I would rather curse you." I said.

    Algernon chuckled. "Very well."

    I just grinned as I held up my middle finger, and showed all the grenade pins I had on it.

    Algernon was quicker on the uptake than I expected him to be. He looked down at his stomach and saw his flesh healing and closing up around the wound...and the tail end of the Ultramarine's grenade belt get sucked beneath his folds of muscle.

    "NO!" He screamed and tossed me aside. I hit the floor, but I rolled with it. I wanted to see this. I wasn't sure it would work.

    I saw Algernon actually rip into his own flesh to try and get at the explosives. He dug a hand into his stomach, and it almost looked like he had a grip on something.

    Then there was an explosion, and Algernon exploded from the inside out. I don't know what the Marines use in their grenades...but apparently, about five of them going off at once is enough to turn a gigantic, regenerating cultist, into one of the most macabre puzzles known to man. I think part of his leg hit me on the head, and I was COVERED in the bastard's blood.

    Worst part of it was...the guy was still alive! His head was all but intact. His mouth was moving and shouting, but he had no vocal cords attached. I wasn't sure if he would die soon, but it was enough to make sure that the bastard didn't stop Saul and Kadja. I grabbed the marine's bolter, reloaded it properly, and took off to find my friends.
    >> Anonymous 08/28/10(Sat)02:55 No.11853647
    Still working through the back threads, but I had a thought on a theoretical duet version of "Raindrops". I'm not even an amateur composer, so I can't exactly score anything myself, but I'd think that the way to do it would be to have the lower part feel melancholy while the higher part feels hopeful. Have them change in relative volume and intensity throughout the piece, with the end having both of the parts crescendo in unison and then (still in unison) slowly taper off into silence. Any changes in volume or tempo throughout the arrangement should be gradual, with a general tendency for both to rise towards a peak at the midpoint of the song and then steadily fall off until the aforementioned finale and coda.

    Oh, and if you wanted to go really crazy, emphasize the melancholy lower part for the Krieg version and the soothing higher part for the Terranis version. The "true" version should feel cleansing, bringing out the melancholy and then washing it away like ashes in the rain.
    >> EchoGarotte 08/28/10(Sat)03:23 No.11854058
    Kadja was chasing that disease ridden bitch up the stairs. Chris was running from the giant with the spines, and I was busy smashing or shooting anything in the Heart chamber that looked important.

    The sounds of combat were getting closer now, and the Heart...well...the Heart didn't look good. I didn't know if it was us shooting the Apothecary again and again, when we started to smash the equipment, or if there was something else going on. All I know was that along the horrible black sphere, cracks of light were starting to show, and there was an awful sound coming from it. Echoing in my head, I tried to ignore it, but I couldn't block it out. It was an endless shriek of fear from a thousand voices.

    I smashed the butt of my lasrifle into something that had a lot of tubes sticking out of it and looked important. I spun around to check to see if that Apothecary has brought himself back fromt he dead again. It was a neat trick, and it surprised me the first time. The bastard would have gotten me with that shot if I hadn't seen him in the reflection of one of the blank data screens. But now I was ready, watching the halls for anyone approaching. I broke a tube that fed a blue liquid into the Heart, and it actually shuddered.


    I spun around and gaped. There was Chris, running towards the room, waving at me. He was covered in blood and it looked like bits of flesh hung off him.
    >> EchoGarotte 08/28/10(Sat)03:24 No.11854066
    "What in the name of the Emperor hap...never mind! Just start breaking things!" I yelled.

    Saul nodded as soon as he got into the room and aimed at the Heart with a bolter. Where did he get that? Never mind, THAT would be enough to put a dent in it.

    "NO!" A voice screamed from behind Saul and that damn bastard, who WOULDN'T STAY DEAD, leapt out from one of the side corridors. Knocked the bolter away, and grabbed him from behind, holding a scalpel to his neck. The bolter skidded across the floor and I grabbed it quick and pointed it at the Heart. Chris looked like he was trying to move, but, by the blue glow that was coming from the man's arm that was holding Chris, there was something keeping him from moving.

    "Let him go!" I yelled. "Let him go or I'll fire!"

    "You really think I'll buy that?" The Apothecary snarled. "No no no. You drop the gun, and then I'll just make his death quick."

    I turned the gun on him, and the coward hid behind Chris. "Go ahead! Shoot through him and kill me...I'll just come back. Your friend here isn't a Cyclist...he'll be gone! Probably his soul will be consumed by the warp due to all the energy that's lashing around. Now...you think you have won, but you haven't done anything! Soon Murahi will reach its advent and..."

    He went on and on, but I didn't listen to him. I was lining up my shot, I pulled the trigger...and blew Chris' left arm off. However, the bolt also tore through the bastard's arm, shoulder, and a good fraction of his chest cavity as well. Chris, freed from his captor, tore himself away an let out a primal, and understandable scream.
    >> EchoGarotte 08/28/10(Sat)03:25 No.11854077

    "I know! Don't kill him!" I yelled as he looked at the gasping form on the ground. "He'll just jump to another body!"

    "You blew my arm off!"

    I ran over to Chris and put a tourniquet around his stump and plunged about half a dozen stims into him. "You feeling okay? No dizziness?"

    "You blew my arm off!" He punched me in the face.

    "It was that or let you die!" I said. "Now come on!" I fired the bolter into the Heart of Murahi. It actually cracked from the impact, and the shrieks of fear got louder. "We need to get to Kadja, help her, and get out of here!" I ran for the stairs with Chris following behind.

    "If THIS is your type of help, then she'd be safer with the guy that I blew up!" Chris said.

    "You blew him up?" I asked.

    "Yes, I am covered with his blood...well, now iut's his and mine since you BLEW MY ARM OFF!"

    "You're not going to let that go are you?"


    "Bitch, bitch, bitch." I muttered as we ran up the stairs.
    >> EchoGarotte 08/28/10(Sat)03:55 No.11854352
    The disease ridden cultist was shrieking and muttering to herself as she ran to the top most balcony. I followed behind, my laspistol and rifle had run out, so there was just my combat knife to fall back on.

    "No nononono!" She shrieked as she finally ran out intot he balcony and looked up at the sky. "WHY?! We did everything right! This was supposed to be our glory! The city we built that would last forever! Why are you all afraid? Why aren't you fighting back? Why do you just go, fight, and die? What's missing? WHAT MAKES YOU PEOPLE SO SPECIAL!?" She spun around, her eyes bloodshot and wide. "There is NOTHING here that didn't happen on Terranis! We even have the Heart! It should be even better!"

    I take off my mask and I look at her. She's so pathetic, and she'll never understand.

    "What did you do this for?"

    "What? For the glory of Chaos and Papa Nurgle of course! To show the universe our power!"

    "Then you were designed to fail from the start." I saw as I pull my knife and step towards her. "Your kind always falls apart in the end."

    "Of course we do! Nurgle is decay and death! The city was always meant to fall! It would be our glory! It was part of the whole procedure!" She frowned. "Those psykers...you three...you ruined it! You brought in the power of your corpse god and disrupted this perfection...we'll just try again. Try again and again until we get it right. The theory is sound!"
    >> EchoGarotte 08/28/10(Sat)03:57 No.11854364
    "You'll never get it to work." I'm one step away from being within range. "Your city was a sham. Your proceedure was doomed to fail. You'll never be like Terranis, because you have NOTHING you want to FIGHT for but your Demon Gods! There's nothing in your souls that WANTS to Hold, Struggle, and Triumph! Terranis became what it was because it has NEVER FALLEN! Murahi was built on defeat! You're DONE!" I lunge with my knife.

    "NEVER! CHAOS IS ETERNAL!" She shrieks and she lunges as well. Damn...I didn't see the knife she had behind her back.

    I hear voice behind me. The cultist and I stagger back, daggers sticking out of our chests. Hers is a fatal wound, mine is not but Nurgle daggers are always poisoned. I'm done.

    Saul and Chris...they're still alive...even though Chris is missing an arm and is covered in blood. That's...good...I will see them both on Terranis soon enough. They run to me, but I know it's too late for me.

    Wait. I don't feel cold. I don't really feel...anything. I look at the knife...and I pull away my long coat to reveal the wound. I just stare at it for a moment, and then I pull it out. The dagger was stopped. It never pierced my flesh...the tip got stuck in a small piece of wood I kept in my coat pocket as a good luck charm. A planetary symbol of the sun bringing a dawn over a blue green planet.

    Saul and Chris just stare bug eyed, in shock. "Bless the Emperor." My husband says under his breath.

    "No! You have to be joking! That...that can't...it's not possible!" The corrupted Apothecary says.

    I walk over to her a grab her by the throat. I hold the emblem up to her face, and show her the words. "Say it."

    She stares in uncomprehending fear.

    "SAY IT!"

    "T-terannis...holds..." She says through her teeth.

    I smile.

    "Murahi falls."

    Then, I throw her over the side of the balcony.
    >> EchoGarotte 08/28/10(Sat)03:57 No.11854367
    Saul and Chris are by my side as we watch the bitch fall and crash into a heap on the stones below. There are explosions below us, and I can see the Ultramarines begin to retreat.

    "They must have called Exterminatus." I say.

    "What?" Chris says. "What do we do now?"

    Saul takes my hand a squeezes it. "Get ready."

    Chris just collapses to the ground. His face just looking disgusted with the entire world. He looks at us. "When we get to Terranis...you two are buying all my drinks...forever!"

    Saul laughs and I smile slightly. I hope Chris finds someone...or at least someone he can complain with.

    That's when I hear the sound of engines, and, lo and behold a dropship rises up into view, next to the balcony. The doors open and Inquisitor Dell is there, with his psyker and a little girl behind him.

    "So," He says to the girl. "Are these the ones?"

    She and the psyker nod. He nods and looks at us. "Coming?"

    Chris is already on his feet and scrambling to the doors. Saul and I quickly follow and I shake my head in amazement. Chris must truly be loved by the Emperor...or Terranis is doing everything it can to keep him away.

    We soar up, and through the windows I see the missiles crash into the planet's surface. It starts to crack the same way the Heart of Murahi did...as the city disappears in a sea of fire, I feel a great relief. Murahi has Fallen.

    I lean against Saul's chest and he hold me tight. Chris is talking to the psykers about his glorious and epic fight with the Khorne cultist...they aren't believing him. I smile, replace my mask, and drift off to sleep.

    For a moment, there is peace.
    >> EchoGarotte 08/28/10(Sat)04:02 No.11854404
    And that ladies and gentlemen is it for me. For the entire week, as I am going to be rafting down the Colorado river next week.

    I'm happy and immensely proud to have had this thing last an entire week. I'm glad you like my stuff, and when I come back from my trip, if there's still a Krieg thread...I will be beside myself with joy.

    If you think there's a part of my story missing, especially regarding the psyker references. You're right, PhilDraws4Food asked to do that part and he'll put it up when he can.

    As soon as 1d4chan is up please please put this stuff up. Thank you all, this was a great time, and /tg/ is the best board. Period.

    >> Adokai 08/28/10(Sat)04:04 No.11854411
    So no writefaggery has come forth from my head. Probably due to the hangover.

    Oh well, it's still fun reading this. Also, I think Captcha is learning of this.

    "Tenetiis, ouggile". Not there yet, but we'll learn if ot Terranis. Sooner or later.
    >> Anonymous 08/28/10(Sat)04:21 No.11854528
    When I have some time and am not about to go to sleep, I have my own take on the Tyranid invasion to write.

    Basically, it'll be "what happens to a race that lives by 'you are what you eat' when it tries to consume something made of pure happiness and contentment?" Or more succinctly, "where did you think the unyuufex came from?"
    >> Anonymous 08/28/10(Sat)05:44 No.11855047
    Adding an hour of life bump.
    >> Anonymous 08/28/10(Sat)05:59 No.11855110
         File1282989543.jpg-(474 KB, 800x1208, Katt 108.jpg)
    474 KB
    Do want do want do want!
    >> Anonymous 08/28/10(Sat)07:53 No.11855527
         File1282996428.jpg-(129 KB, 604x454, Katt 59.jpg)
    129 KB
    >> Anonymous 08/28/10(Sat)09:48 No.11855993
         File1283003312.jpg-(55 KB, 600x480, Katt 157.jpg)
    55 KB
    >> Iron Lung 08/28/10(Sat)10:04 No.11856074
    Yo, E.G.
    Much love and appreciation for the Love and Krieg writing, doubly so for the delightfully demented doctor, but I specifically wonder about this sentence.
    >>"the Eldar influence, and the Corpse-God's presence is obvious."

    ...Eldar influence? Curious, curious am I. wondering if Terranis is a functional Maiden World, I do.

    Regardless, props and awe,
    >> Anonymous 08/28/10(Sat)12:11 No.11857066
         File1283011913.jpg-(33 KB, 516x416, Katt 171.jpg)
    33 KB
    >> Anonymous 08/28/10(Sat)12:36 No.11857257
         File1283013373.jpg-(805 KB, 2760x1592, _MG_0616b.jpg)
    805 KB
    My Korpsmen don't enjoy your girly stories!

    Emotions! Sickening!
    >> Anonymous 08/28/10(Sat)13:56 No.11857942
         File1283018215.gif-(461 KB, 220x220, 1274486689762.gif)
    461 KB
    >> Anonymous 08/28/10(Sat)15:31 No.11858781
    Best week ever.
    >> Anonymous 08/28/10(Sat)16:13 No.11859165
         File1283026394.jpg-(30 KB, 650x487, Katt 109.jpg)
    30 KB
    >Ebenezer: canake

    The Scrooge is now watching this thread
    >> Anonymous 08/28/10(Sat)18:17 No.11860398
         File1283033877.jpg-(61 KB, 427x456, Katt 191.jpg)
    61 KB
    >> Anonymous 08/28/10(Sat)19:33 No.11861250
         File1283038416.jpg-(248 KB, 800x800, Katt 200.jpg)
    248 KB
    Time for bed
    >> Anonymous 08/28/10(Sat)21:17 No.11862317
         File1283044632.jpg-(171 KB, 700x591, 40k Kreig Oglaf.jpg)
    171 KB
    Keeping this alive.
    >> Anonymous 08/28/10(Sat)21:39 No.11862588
         File1283045970.jpg-(46 KB, 600x750, Death_Korps_by_WolfReaper.jpg)
    46 KB
    Moar- Krie-g

    Source of pic:
    >> Anonymous 08/28/10(Sat)23:46 No.11864107
         File1283053568.png-(274 KB, 1055x822, 1236052132824.png)
    274 KB
    >> Anonymous 08/29/10(Sun)02:20 No.11865921
    Don't tell me this is over already, it's only been a week!
    >> Anonymous 08/29/10(Sun)02:38 No.11866113
    I might have a bit left in me. Hold the line!

    Commissar Lyra- Personal Log

    Been a while since I've written anything. Mostly because Scar wouldn't give me my dataslate back
    while I was in the field hospital. It turns out those Orks the Space Marines helped us hunt down
    weren't as wiped out as we thought they were. Not ten minutes after the Executors' Thunderhawk
    lifted off to return to their ship there's a scout limping towards our fortifications and making
    frantic hand signals about incoming hostiles.

    Thank the Emperor we had as much of a warning as we did- the green buggers were right on his
    heels. A lot of the Kriegers had been up pretty late the night before, Scar and myself included,
    but you wouldn't know it from the way they suited up. By the time the Orks where within weapons
    range our walls were very nearly fully manned.

    I've never seen the xeno scum so determined. Orks rarely give a thought to their own safety, but
    these were outright suicidal, charging our front line en masse with no regard for the withering
    storm of laserfire that met them.

    "It's almost as if forming an enormous pile of their own dead in front of our fortifications was
    actually their goal!" I commented to the Krieger Commander.

    He was even more quiet than usual for several moments.

    "... fuck!"
    >> Anonymous 08/29/10(Sun)02:38 No.11866123

    Roughly thirty seconds later the second stage of their assault began. Bigger Orks arrived,
    wearing armor and shields crudely built from bits of metal scrap they'd salvaged from destroyed
    human settlements. They came at us and, protected from the worst of our weapons fire and too
    fast to be reliably targeted by the larger guns, did indeed scale the hill composed of their
    comrades' corpses to clear our perimeter.

    Of course, as soon as they did, the Krieger commander blew the wall. The ground immediately
    behind the wall itself had been pre-emptively mined just in case an enemy managed to breach it.
    With the line already broken, there was no reason not to fill the hole with craters and shrapnel.
    And in this case, we had the pile of dead Orks to muck things up further.

    What none of us had counted on was the Wallbustah Boyz packing explosives as well. The fireball
    killed ten Kriegers and opened up an even bigger hole in the earthworks than the corpse pile
    could block. Orks started pouring in like water through a broken dam.

    Scar and I were already on top of the lead Chimera.

    There was no question of letting the Orks into our perimeter- armed with close combat weapons, the Orks were more than big enough to match a Krieger Guardsman with a standard bayonet. We needed to plug the hole in the perimeter, and quickly. To that end, we drove five Chimeras directly into the breach and physically plugged it, using the tanks' weaponry to discourage further xeno assaults. Though obviously a fairly desperate measure, as a stop-gap solution (Scar chuckled when I called it that, I'm not sure why) it worked surprisingly well. The Chimeras weren't quite as tall as the earthworks around them but their weaponry made them considerably more dangerous to attempt to scale.
    >> Anonymous 08/29/10(Sun)02:39 No.11866135

    Strapping a heavy bolter to the top of one of them was probably a little overkill, but never let it be said the Emperor does not smile upon the zeal of the faithful. We accounted for over forty enemy casualties. On a personal note, I need to try that more often. Operating a gun that big is... exhilerating. Straddling a warm, powerful hunk of machinery and firing it rapidly, smelling the oil and gunpowder and feeling the vibrations of the mechanism, is an experience that I heartily reccomend to any Imperial Commissar who wants a better idea of what drives their Guardsmen into battle.

    In any case, the emergency action was a success, and with the Orks' numbers diminished by their reckless if effective attempt to get over our defenses the battle was soon over. The aliens would not leave without a parting shot, however. I was too busy exhorting the Kriegers to continue firing to notice one of the last remaining Orks hurl a crude explosive device, but Scar wasn't. He vaulted the bolter and heroically interposed himself in between me and the bomb.

    What happened next was something of a blur, but the Kriegers all swear that when I saw the grenade, I sized Scar by the coat and hauled him bodily out of the way and threw him off the top of the Chimera onto the side most insulated from the blast. This is all nonsense, considering Scar is almost twice my size, but damned if I can remember what actually happened. In any case, that was the moment the thing chose to blow up.
    >> Anonymous 08/29/10(Sun)02:40 No.11866145

    The Chimera took most of the blast, but I still wound up eating an assfull of shrapnel. I'm fortunate that Orks are not terribly efficient weapons designers- nothing went all the way through, so the operation was mostly a matter of removing the bits and pieces and getting me patched up. My back is going to look like hell without some expensive aesthetic surgery, but compared to what could have happened I consider myself very lucky.

    Scar has barely left my side the entire time I've been convalescing, leaving the bedside only to get me something or on the few occasions I've ordered him to take a shower. He's been wonderful about helping me continue my duties despite my injuries. After a soldier was caught hiding in the mess tent during the battle Scar helped me aim my bolt pistol for the execution, and the medics were kind enough to let us hold it in the hospital. They said it would be good for the morale of the other patients.

    He's also been babying me like an old grandmother and I am thoroughly sick of it. I drew the line at him spoon-feeding me my meals (if that one got back to the Commissariat I'd never hear the end of it), but he refuses to let me do anything else for myself. Of all the tribulations I had ever thought the Emperor might put before me in my time in the Imperial Guard, it never occurred to me that bedpans might be among them.

    On the bright side, I have an all new appreciation for sponge baths.

    The doctor's given me a clean bill of health now, though. Tomorrow I'll be back in uniform, back in my personal quarters, and back on the front lines where I belong. I've missed two Ork offensives while I've been sitting here doing nothing, and I'll be damned if I'm going to miss another one.

    Also, I have a set of restraints and a sponge with Scar's name on them. We'll see how he likes being forcibly confined to bed for a little while.
    >> Anonymous 08/29/10(Sun)02:40 No.11866149
    I decided to start an imperial guard Death Korps army tonight, then I saw this thread.

    Is it a sign!?
    >> Anonymous 08/29/10(Sun)02:41 No.11866155
    Yes. Read the rest of the stuff on sup/tg/, this is the fourth thread this week.
    >> Anonymous 08/29/10(Sun)03:14 No.11866542
         File1283066083.jpg-(155 KB, 500x467, Katt 198.jpg)
    155 KB
    Two of the major contributors are off for the weekend, one is rafting in Colorado iirc, so we are just keeping the thread alive till they are back
    >> Anonymous 08/29/10(Sun)03:30 No.11866707
         File1283067031.jpg-(42 KB, 425x606, Katt 42.jpg)
    42 KB
    >Straddling a warm, powerful hunk of machinery
    >feeling the vibrations of the mechanism
    The commisar was a woman, yes?
    Also moars!
    >> Anonymous 08/29/10(Sun)03:36 No.11866771

    There's three it's just that the thirds one doesn't want to be named so to speak.
    >> Anonymous 08/29/10(Sun)04:04 No.11867019
         File1283069079.jpg-(86 KB, 816x980, Tau_Commander_B_by_NachoMon.jpg)
    86 KB
    we should get a tau story thread up, and no not an erotica an actual story.
    >> Captain Drawfriend !!/qVuZw0avZt 08/29/10(Sun)04:07 No.11867036
    Such things exist? Oh, any particular scenes anyone wishes to see rendered by my (inadequate) hand?
    >> Anonymous 08/29/10(Sun)05:25 No.11867621
    Quick sidestory before bed to help ensure thread survives till the morrow...

    On an unknown Agri-world two forces would batter each other one was the million man army of the Tau Empire the other a few thousand Death Korps of Krieg holed up in a dying fortress.

    “I wonder if they know we are about to attack them,” said a Tau, “I mean we have over a million warriors against their seven or eight thousand.”

    “They’re Krieg what did you expect,” said another. “Told to do something they should have known was suicide.”

    “Well we shall find out if they will accept our terms of surrender when the Envoy returns. They have little to no food and no chance of reinforcements.”

    As the two spoke a single human helper or Gue’Vasa listened in eyeing the Imperium lines over a thousand meters away, “They won’t surrender.”

    Later the in the day the Envoy would return and pass on the message the Krieg refuses surrender. Tau would make two more assaults bringing the total Krieg garrison to less than seven hundred. The Envoy would try again but to be turned away at the door.

    Now as the sun rose over the battlefield causing the fog to lift a cry filtered down the Tau defense line and their communications.

    “The Krieg are out of their fortress!”

    Indeed they were formed in two rank deep skirmish lines of battle they stood proudly at the Tau banners waving in the wind above their heads. Las-rifles held in their arms, standing rigidly, and unnaturally quiet one would have thought they were in a parade field. In response the multitude of Tau Fire Cast warriors ran to their fighting positions weapons made ready and before they started to fire the Envoy told everyone to hold their fire.
    >> Anonymous 08/29/10(Sun)05:27 No.11867630

    For ten minutes both sides stared down each other before a crackling was heard on from within the fortress as vox speakers came online. There was two songs played both of which natural born Tau didn’t recognize; however, those that knew of Krieg knew what was being played. One of whom left his firing pit to walk a few steps forward, “They wouldn’t.”

    “What are those songs they’re playing,” the Envoy asked, “Someone tell me.”

    “Envoy,” A human spoke onto the communication system, “It’s two of the three songs to ever come out of Krieg. The first song is called Regentropfen and the second that’s playing now is Sonnelicht. I believe its Rain and Sunlight respectively my lord…The second is usually reserved for funerals.”

    After the second finished began a repeat and as if that was a signal the entire Krieg formation began to march forward. The Tau watched dumbly as the Krieg line began to jog towards their lines as the song blared even louder. They couldn’t be serious to charge such a large number of enemies. However, the human standing in front of his position to the urging of his fellow eyed his opponents.

    “All Gue’Vasa soldiers,” the man spoke, “Form ranks of four deep.”

    “Sir, is that wise?”

    “All Gue’Vasa soldiers,” the human spoke this time yelling into his mic, “Form ranks of four deep. If they wish to die in this manner then we shall give them the opportunity to die in such a fashion. All Tau soldiers form ranks of four men deep!”

    At first no one seemed to pay the man any credence but quickly enough two Auxiliaries joined him then several hundred others. Then non-humans joined forming a wall of living warriors, “Dress your ranks.”
    >> Anonymous 08/29/10(Sun)05:28 No.11867636

    The call to dress ranks was repeated as once loyal IG men elbowed their neighbors for some space but the execution formation had its spacing. By this time the Krieg had covered half of the distance between the two forces. “Ranks two and four half step to the left,” the impromptu leader said whose voice now competing with mortars and artillery.
    Some groups of Warriors shuffled in the formation to do what was told of them while others did so expertly. When the Krieg were within two hundred meters the first two ranks of Tau kneeled and by the human’s word took aim. The Gue’Vasa sergeant watched the Imperium Commander as the man lowered his saber at him to which several of his soldiers broke rank at a full run bayonets held at the ready. Raising his right hand over his head the Gue’Vasa could later swear he saw the man nod in acceptance.

    He would later simply call out fire and sweep his hand forward as his fellows executing the attack with precision. The forward lines of Krieg rippled as men were struck with those behind them trying to shoulder their way forward past their dying comrades only to get cut down themselves. Soon Krieg warriors would have to leap over the dead getting only a few steps closer before meeting their own demise. It took a minute for the charge came to a bloody end and the firing slowly came to a stop.
    >> Anonymous 08/29/10(Sun)05:29 No.11867647

    “By…the…” the Envoy said from his place near the command center, “Such fanaticism.”

    As the fire warriors were clearing their weapons a single form appeared. It was a banner man carrying one of the newer insignia of Krieg and Terranis. With one arm being nothing more than a stump the banner flag pole had to be jammed through his belt and held with what remained of his good hand. Someone drew out a pulse pistol and tossed it to the Gue’Vasa who in turned aimed and fired a single shot.

    The pulse round struck true hitting the man’s head with a soft pang as the round penetrated the banner man’s helmet. His entire upper body twisted with the force before stumbling forward two steps and dropping heavily onto the floor his flag went with him.

    “Check the bodies for survivors,” Someone said after a moment, “Bury the rest.”
    >> Iron Lung 08/29/10(Sun)06:38 No.11868067
    It's so...anti-climatic!
    >> Anonymous 08/29/10(Sun)07:40 No.11868505
         File1283082039.jpg-(11 KB, 240x320, Katt 10.jpg)
    11 KB
    Bamp for moars
    >> Anonymous 08/29/10(Sun)12:23 No.11870332
         File1283099004.jpg-(29 KB, 500x334, Katt 103.jpg)
    29 KB
    >> Anonymous 08/29/10(Sun)16:15 No.11872542
    Commissar Lyra- Personal Log

    I don't understand why people keep asking me if I'm a woman. Of COURSE I'm a woman. Can't they see that I'm wearing a skirt!?

    ...what do you... what... that's not a codpiece, that's ARMOR you don't expect me to wear an unarmored skirt into battle do you... it's not... I mean... I guess it... kind of looks like... well what if I take the skull off? Does it look better without the skull? Damnit.

    ... I suppose my legs could use a shave...
    >> Anonymous 08/29/10(Sun)16:57 No.11872946

    What do you want from me...I killed off all the Krieg that were on that planet. Should I tac on a John Basilone moment from the Pacific? Where the Gue'Vasa talks about the Krieg that he knows to give the new recruits a reality check.
    (Look for John Basilone - Slap a Jap scene if you need a reference on youtube)

    Let's see I could just give them a simple memorial by those who executed the Krieg so to speak as a reminder of Imperium fanaticism.
    >> Anonymous 08/29/10(Sun)18:28 No.11873883
         File1283120885.jpg-(42 KB, 493x335, Katt 115.jpg)
    42 KB
    >> Anonymous 08/29/10(Sun)19:56 No.11874933
         File1283126190.jpg-(29 KB, 691x568, Katt 139.jpg)
    29 KB
    Time for bed
    >bromend Joel
    Joel, he will mend the bro's
    >> Anonymous 08/29/10(Sun)21:05 No.11875673
    I love this topic so much.
    I read the original Love and Krieg stuff back in the day, so noticing a new wave of it has BLOWN MY MIND! Honestly, I live about half an hour away from GW HQ here in Nottingham - I'm tempted to print these topics off and nail them to the door, Martin Luther style.
    Something I'd like to mention, though - I suptg archive-binged the Krieg topics, and there was a moment in one of the earliest that I absolutely loved - where one of the Krieger women tried to slip a gas-mask on her sleeping "Superior".
    Now, that could either be cute - which is how it was intended - or deeply creepy.
    >> Anonymous 08/29/10(Sun)22:04 No.11876420
    I'm now picturing the gas mask as a face hugger. You monster.
    >> Anonymous 08/29/10(Sun)23:56 No.11877866
         File1283140570.gif-(448 KB, 150x112, 1274488770639.gif)
    448 KB
    >> Anonymous 08/29/10(Sun)23:57 No.11877894
         File1283140676.jpg-(41 KB, 500x378, Queen of France.jpg)
    41 KB
    Even the Queen of France approves!
    >> Anonymous 08/30/10(Mon)01:23 No.11878890
         File1283145797.png-(239 KB, 640x360, ferris-bueller-boring.png)
    239 KB
    Writefriends? Writefriends?
    >> Adokai 08/30/10(Mon)01:42 No.11879164
    >> Anonymous 08/30/10(Mon)01:50 No.11879274

    Are you going to add something.
    >> Adokai 08/30/10(Mon)01:51 No.11879296
    Probably. Hopefully soon, just finishing some study I had to do today. Essay deadlines are coming up fast, so I've been paying more attention to it than writefaggery.
    >> Anonymous 08/30/10(Mon)01:59 No.11879394

    >> Anonymous 08/30/10(Mon)02:01 No.11879410
    Something among the lines of, say,


    >> Anonymous 08/30/10(Mon)02:23 No.11879616
    Dammit, I just watched Hellfire on YouTube and my mind keeps linking it to Love and Krieg.
    >> Anonymous 08/30/10(Mon)03:52 No.11880492
    >> Anonymous 08/30/10(Mon)04:18 No.11880756
         File1283156311.jpg-(126 KB, 640x480, Katt 141.jpg)
    126 KB
    >> Anonymous 08/30/10(Mon)07:23 No.11881940
    I hope our glorious authors return soon.
    >> Anonymous 08/30/10(Mon)07:31 No.11882001
         File1283167900.jpg-(29 KB, 347x260, 1263518240189.jpg)
    29 KB
    My Applehead Siamese died five years ago. He drooled and always sat under my desk lamp, snoozing and purring.

    I'm sad now.
    >> Anonymous 08/30/10(Mon)08:01 No.11882164
         File1283169678.jpg-(293 KB, 480x502, Katt 208.jpg)
    293 KB
    I think that maybe one will return today or tomorrow
    I miss having a cat in general, living in a one room flat is kinda small.
    >> Anonymous 08/30/10(Mon)10:17 No.11882945
         File1283177854.jpg-(38 KB, 500x375, funny-pictures-banker-cat.jpg)
    38 KB
    >> Anonymous 08/30/10(Mon)12:09 No.11883758
         File1283184560.jpg-(32 KB, 420x373, Katt 71.jpg)
    32 KB
    >> Anonymous 08/30/10(Mon)13:11 No.11884321
    If somebody can come up with a scenario they'd like to see - preferably something light-hearted, like the original Krieger Girlfriend stories - I'll take a crack at writing it.
    It's been a while, but I've still got some chops.

    >¬qlh aimple
    >WTF, mate?
    >> Anonymous 08/30/10(Mon)13:16 No.11884376
    the life of a kriger kid
    >> Anonymous 08/30/10(Mon)13:24 No.11884475
    Do they have kids? I always assumed clones emerged from the vats fully grown, otherwise there'd be more facial variation from wear/injuries.
    >> Anonymous 08/30/10(Mon)14:05 No.11884805
    Heh, I have a cat that drools as well.

    Though he looks somewhat like this:
    >> Anonymous 08/30/10(Mon)15:19 No.11885433
         File1283195999.gif-(113 KB, 280x210, Ansikten.gif)
    113 KB
    >> Anonymous 08/30/10(Mon)17:03 No.11886304
         File1283202203.jpg-(66 KB, 750x600, 123020712245.jpg)
    66 KB
    >> Anonymous 08/30/10(Mon)19:40 No.11888032
         File1283211608.jpg-(46 KB, 600x450, Katt 15.jpg)
    46 KB
    And I sneak in a cat before I go to bed.
    >> Anonymous 08/30/10(Mon)19:41 No.11888052

    Someone expressed interest in a homosexual couple at one point. I'd be curious about what a gay krieger would be like.

    Most awkward glory hole experience ever.
    >> Anonymous 08/30/10(Mon)21:32 No.11889239
    No, there are direct references to them being raised.
    >> Anonymous 08/30/10(Mon)23:22 No.11890450
         File1283224960.png-(175 KB, 1261x1192, white knight.png)
    175 KB
    >> Anonymous 08/31/10(Tue)01:43 No.11892120
    we be bumpin
    >> Adokai 08/31/10(Tue)02:20 No.11892507
    Spoiler alert, the Days of Krieg end up with a m/m couple.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/10(Tue)02:21 No.11892527
    Having been in that thread, I can tell you that the replies were nowhere near all like that. It was pretty balanced, actually.
    A bunch of people said they'd keep the Titan.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/10(Tue)02:23 No.11892541
    But there were very few who would actually take advantage of the offer.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/10(Tue)02:25 No.11892558
    Because "gamer chicks" are always fat/unattractive, and we know it.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/10(Tue)02:37 No.11892670
    Couple of thoughts.

    First, if anyone's ever read the Codex Alera, by Jim Butcher, I'm thinking that the stuff with the Vord Queen would be pretty good as a model for what happens with the Tyranids on Terranis.

    Second, I can see the Orks liking the new Kriegers. Only thing better than somebody to fight is somebody you can kill who's going to come back and fight you again some other time; you don't have to worry that you're going to lose the chance for a good scrap if you krump a Krieger.

    And I think the Tau would find the new Krieger mindset much easier to comprehend than the usual form of Imperial devotion, at least where an afterlife is concerned; the Tau might even find the Krieger version of the afterlife attractive, given that it amounts to a chance to rest with the people you lived your life for while preparing to come back and serve your people again.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/10(Tue)02:38 No.11892688
    When pride is all you have, you tend to hold onto it more tightly.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/10(Tue)02:41 No.11892710

    Your last thought brought an odd image to mind...One involving an Ethereal with pleading eyes asking if they can use the Terranis ideal and the Krieg saying no.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/10(Tue)02:54 No.11892812
    What might work would be Tau who've encountered Krieg start spreading that ideal through the rest of the race. Not so much that the Tau would end up the exact same place the Kriegers do, but that it would be nice if they ended up someplace similar after they die.

    Of course, since Tau have as little Warp presence as it's possible to have while still possessing a soul, I don't think there's much chance of them having an afterlife of ANY kind. Unless they literally build one, anyway.

    I also think that the only one of the Chaos Gods who might take a personal interest in destroying Terranis would be Khorne. The rest all find it interesting to watch, partly because it speaks to the alternate bits of their portfolios (Hope, Love, Fulfillment, etc.), partly because it gives them an anchor to make it easier to maintain a coherent mind despite being Chaos, and partly because it's their equivalent of the TV show you think is terrible but you can't stop watching. Khorne just thinks it's boring, but when he tries to change the channel (so to speak) the other Gods all bitchslap him.
    >> Adokao 08/31/10(Tue)03:01 No.11892872
    38th Day of Krieg (One month, seven days). Leader-Krieg was outside my door today. He followed me during my morning routine. Stayed outside the bathroom after I glared at him but he followed me after I was done. Even climbed into the back seat of my car and followed me about my workday.

    It was... wierd. Like I had a security guard or something behind me every second of my eight hour shift. Made the day more interesting, I suppose.

    He was already in my car by the time my shift was over. I ignored the wierdness of the situation.


    42nd Day of Krieg (One month, 11 days).

    Kriegers found my diary. My grammar and sentance structure was corrected.

    I feel dirty.


    49th Day of Krieg (One month, 18 days). Busy week. Seeing more and more Kriegers around. Not sure what's going on. Strange dating site has got alot of attention due to the pairing up for Kriegers with normal civilians.

    Not sure if wat.

    Barely hanging onto my job. Boss is coming down like a sack of shit on me. It's not my fault the Balenti group left us mid-negotiations.

    Kriegers are putting metal everywhere. Bathroom is now sheeted in the stuff. The house is really cold now.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/10(Tue)03:12 No.11892954

    Ooooh, like EchoGarotte's Murahi but for the Tau...now there's an idea for a small side series.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/10(Tue)03:20 No.11893016
    A tau device to recover their souls could be interesting but there is no way they have enough power of faith between them to make such a place on belief alone. Such a device smacks a bit strong of the Eldar afterlife, where they store their souls in crystals and also is far outside their technology. It would be interesting to see what would happen if Tau got religion outside the ethereals, though. Maybe a new faction?
    >> Anonymous 08/31/10(Tue)04:00 No.11893347
         File1283241609.jpg-(158 KB, 650x494, Katt 13.jpg)
    158 KB
    >> Adokao 08/31/10(Tue)04:01 No.11893356
    54th Day of Krieg (One month, 23 days). Leader-Krieg is still following me to work. I got really angry with him yesterday and demaned he speak up for once. Apparently they need permission to speak? That shed a whole lot of light onto my silent houseguests. I apologised but I don't think he was worried.

    And yes, it is a he. Despite my constant worrying about the correct pronoun (which you have not seen, diary, thankfully) I'd used the right one. He even has a name - well, a number I guess. 68h #7938. It'll be a mouthful to say all the time. I'm calling him Nephandus.


    [neatly printed, thick writing] Please use the correct designation: 68h #7938. Sir.


    56th Day of krieg (One month, 25 days), The bastards managed to find my diary again. How the hell. Thinking of burying it in one of the trenches - but that'd be too much to worry about when I want to write in it.

    I'll think of something.

    (Doot doot more writan forever)
    >> Adokai 08/31/10(Tue)04:02 No.11893368
    Why didn't anyone say my name had slipped?

    I feel bad now!
    >> Adokai 08/31/10(Tue)04:27 No.11893630

    60th Day of Kreig (One month thirty days). Given up hiding my diary. THe sneaky little shits keep finding it. Whatever. Work is the same old same old. Seriously considering quitting. 68h (NEPHANDUS) is still following me each morning. It's kinda nice, actually. My house isn't so empty - though to be fair it's hardly my house anymore, more the Krieger's bunker. I think there was talk of a cannon or something on the roof.

    Thinking about stopping in at that bar again.


    63rd Day of Krieg (Two months one day). Well, it seems that "giant cannons on the roof" runs in Krieger blood. The bar I like (which is now called the Basilisk, huh) has a giant one. Which is where its new name comes from. Seeing a giant frakkin' Basilisk cannon in person is pretty wild.

    Thinking of going out for some drinks on the weekend, actually. Might take NEPHANDUS with me. I know you read this.


    [neatly printed, thick writing] Please use the correct designation: 68h #7938. Sir.


    64th day of Krieg (Two months two days). No.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/10(Tue)04:33 No.11893693
    Hope for the recruitment of an additional writefriend?
    >> Adokai 08/31/10(Tue)04:34 No.11893706
    Nah, that was me. :o
    >> Adokai 08/31/10(Tue)04:35 No.11893714
    Or rather, you hoped there was another writefag. Don't mind me, doublefagging it up. Long day was very, very long.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/10(Tue)05:15 No.11894060
         File1283246138.jpg-(149 KB, 800x600, Katt 4.jpg)
    149 KB
    I like the teasing and his generally pissiness (is there such a word?) towards the Kriegs
    >> Adokai 08/31/10(Tue)05:23 No.11894116
    Haha, thanks. he's slowly being worn down by them. he even likes 68h going to work with him. :3
    >> Adokai 08/31/10(Tue)07:52 No.11895038
    WELL it's bedtime. More writefaggery tomorrow (after SO MUCH UNI WORK AAAH)
    >> S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 08/31/10(Tue)07:53 No.11895045
    This is going on forever.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/10(Tue)08:11 No.11895173
         File1283256675.jpg-(34 KB, 317x317, 1162644552884.jpg)
    34 KB
    >> Anonymous 08/31/10(Tue)08:20 No.11895234
         File1283257213.jpg-(109 KB, 666x506, Katt 70.jpg)
    109 KB
    The bumping have been going on for a few days now at least. Oh, I heard you didn't like cats so here's a cat for you.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/10(Tue)08:22 No.11895244
    That is a very large cat.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/10(Tue)08:23 No.11895252
    Alas, a seal-cat!
    >> Anonymous 08/31/10(Tue)09:13 No.11895507
         File1283260418.jpg-(230 KB, 1600x1067, Katt 69.jpg)
    230 KB
    Add some tracks on him and we got another tank cat
    >> Anonymous 08/31/10(Tue)10:19 No.11895878
         File1283264383.jpg-(47 KB, 500x371, 1263331925_crazy-cat.jpg)
    47 KB
    This thread still here?
    >> Anonymous 08/31/10(Tue)11:03 No.11896198
    And as mentioned, the lack of Tau warp presence means that even if they have faith, they still can't create an afterlife for themselves the way the Kriegers have. For them, it would have to be purely technological, even more so than the Eldar (whose soulstones still rely on Warp shenanigans to function); for them, the most likely thing would be some sort of memory dump. They wouldn't be able to keep a personality alive, but they would be able to record all of its experiences and then feed those experiences back into Tau children who are old enough to have their own personality to assimilate those memories with.

    As far as how it directly relates to the Kriegers, though, the point of all this is that the Tau would respect them far more than they do the average human. Where the usual version of the Imperial religion is incomprehensible and vaguely silly to the Tau, the Krieger version makes sense to them and can be proven to exist by experimental evidence.

    Although a Tau trying to convert to Kriegism makes for an amusing image.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/10(Tue)13:49 No.11897687
         File1283276952.jpg-(43 KB, 600x564, 1209179068065.jpg)
    43 KB
    >> PhilDraws4Food 08/31/10(Tue)14:18 No.11897961
    draw/writefag back on duty.

    I'll ask you, dear readers/viewers. what would you like to see first? drawfaggotry or writefaggotry?
    >> Anonymous 08/31/10(Tue)14:58 No.11898307

    Draw man Draw!
    >> PhilDraws4Food 08/31/10(Tue)15:11 No.11898453
    very well...

    today, i think I'll change it up, and give you all an image of the Apothacaries and Algernon.... =3

    please stand by.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/10(Tue)16:17 No.11899096
         File1283285843.jpg-(21 KB, 225x352, gallerydeathkorps02.jpg)
    21 KB
    waiting on them pictures....
    >> PhilDraws4Food 08/31/10(Tue)16:54 No.11899442
    sorry, they come slowly... I'm like a snail with a pencil on paper. I try stuff, dislike it, erase it, try again, find something satisfying, add details, trace over it in darker pencil (I use non-photo blue for the precomposition part)...

    ... I think you'll like it, though.
    >> PhilDraws4Food 08/31/10(Tue)19:18 No.11901129
    principle drawing done, line art reinforcement commencing, scanning to follow...

    any requests after this one is done?
    >> Anonymous 08/31/10(Tue)20:09 No.11901829

    Depending on that picture.. might require MOAR.
    >> PhilDraws4Food 08/31/10(Tue)20:41 No.11902278
    >> PhilDraws4Food 08/31/10(Tue)20:54 No.11902458
         File1283302484.jpg-(450 KB, 1200x1755, ChaosDocs&Algernon2.jpg)
    450 KB
    here we have Doctors Julia "julie" Maradi and Salorii, and Algernon, aka "Mr Porcupine."

    breaking for dinner.
    >> PhilDraws4Food 08/31/10(Tue)20:58 No.11902502
    Doctor Pascal Salorii. I forgot his first name, had to look it up...

    incidentally, is this all on 1d4chan yet? if not, can someone provide the suptg links?
    >> EchoGarotte 08/31/10(Tue)21:02 No.11902550
    Did someone ask for MOAR? Well, I'm back from the river, literally just got back a few hours ago. I'm here with my clan, in a lovely Vegas hotel for the next few days. I have free wifi! So, while I recuperate from camping trauma and get ready for Vegas, I have all the rest of the day to write.

    By the way, if any of you ever get the chance to go down the Colorado river, through the Grand Canyon? Do it. Honestly...I don't think you'll get closer to Terranis than that.

    Anyhow, I'm a little sudafed'ed and a little drunk...so I'm feeling creative, but not much original ideas. What do you want? More fun with Chaos? Some of that 'Tau try to get in' concept that was thrown around? A little fun with Nobility? Your call.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/10(Tue)21:15 No.11902710
    Wooo! The awesome train is back on track!
    >> PhilDraws4Food 08/31/10(Tue)21:18 No.11902735
    yo, Echo!

    glad to see you're around! back already? i thought you'd be gone til like, friday...

    requests for writing? I wanna know more about Chaos's efforts to create Murahi. like, some backstory. or even just some background on some of the characters introduced.

    that, or some of the Tau's stuff, yeah.

    also, you gots dem thread links to our prior work? I wanna re-read some of it to refresh my memory on some things. or is it all on 1d4chan yet? did they ever fix it?
    >> EchoGarotte 08/31/10(Tue)21:38 No.11902969
    Well, firstly, I am gone until friday, but right now I have the day in a hotel room with free wifi and my laptop.

    Two...dude...OMG, the Chaos Apothecaries. Perfect. Just perfect.

    Third, apparently 1d4chan is NOT up 'WTF?' And here are the archive links for the old threads.

    Part One: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/11751007/

    Part Two: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/11771409

    Part Three: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/11797458
    >> Anonymous 08/31/10(Tue)22:16 No.11903483

    Would like to see the Tau fail to get in Idea.


    And its good to see you again. Have fun with your Uni work.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/10(Tue)23:29 No.11904391
    did you pass out echo!?
    >> PhilDraws4Food 09/01/10(Wed)00:31 No.11905057
    I suppose he did...

    on the bright side, a second drawing is on the way!

    >pnorrs your

    ... what about my pnorrs, captcha?!
    >> Anonymous 09/01/10(Wed)00:36 No.11905115

    What is the new pic about?
    >> Anonymous 09/01/10(Wed)01:39 No.11905822

    >> PhilDraws4Food 09/01/10(Wed)01:55 No.11905936
    Gottfried and the "little girl" we've been following.

    also, I was going to include Inquisitor Dell and his Brother/Psyker, but I don't have a good description of them, so I'd kinda have to improvise, so I was thinking of just doing some examples of Cyclist Heraldry and Symbols, including Terranis' pre-krieg symbols.
    >> Anonymous 09/01/10(Wed)02:51 No.11906288
         File1283323874.jpg-(81 KB, 553x939, 1272150957237.jpg)
    81 KB
    ETA on new awesome pics?
    >> PhilDraws4Food 09/01/10(Wed)02:55 No.11906309
    few more minutes and it'll be ready to scan.

    sorry, it's been hard to focus today.
    >> Adokai 09/01/10(Wed)03:10 No.11906414
    I return. No Uni work possible today too tired. So gonna unwind with some writefaggery.
    >> Anonymous 09/01/10(Wed)03:11 No.11906425

    Welcome back welcome back.
    >> PhilDraws4Food 09/01/10(Wed)03:44 No.11906722
         File1283327093.jpg-(213 KB, 740x1671, gottfried&Anna2.jpg)
    213 KB
    here we have K(d)-r127-I #13777, also known as Gottfried or Gotz, and his ward, Anna, or "the little girl" from my own stories. she hasn't been intoduced by name yet (since it's from her own perspective in a very past-tense sense).

    Gottfried is a fairly standard Krieger derivative. his most notable feature is his custom Hot-Shot LongLas, build from a heavily modified Casius-Pattern LasGun.

    Anna's equipment consists of her handy school-bag, and her prized entrenching tool.
    >> PhilDraws4Food 09/01/10(Wed)03:47 No.11906747
    aaand with that, it's almost 4 am. see you again tomorrow, adaman/tg/uardsmen.

    Terranis Holds!
    >> PhilDraws4Food 09/01/10(Wed)05:00 No.11907173
    couldn't sleep. had to bump thread!
    >> Anonymous 09/01/10(Wed)05:37 No.11907411
         File1283333859.jpg-(60 KB, 500x459, Katt 45.jpg)
    60 KB
    Thats not a lasgun, thats a lascannon!
    >> Alpharius 09/01/10(Wed)05:39 No.11907420
    Bipod, looks like a long las (sniper)
    >> Anonymous 09/01/10(Wed)06:03 No.11907550
         File1283335424.jpg-(66 KB, 591x480, Katt 17.jpg)
    66 KB
    It was a joke
    >> Anonymous 09/01/10(Wed)08:55 No.11908347
         File1283345713.jpg-(636 KB, 1900x1425, Katt 54.jpg)
    636 KB
    Ninja cats are waiting for you to slip up
    >> Anonymous 09/01/10(Wed)11:09 No.11908998
         File1283353780.jpg-(26 KB, 408x343, 120227404434.jpg)
    26 KB
    >> Anonymous 09/01/10(Wed)11:12 No.11909027
         File1283353976.jpg-(38 KB, 700x525, Katt 90.jpg)
    38 KB

    >*Enzyme actfilly
    >> Anonymous 09/01/10(Wed)12:11 No.11909427
         File1283357489.jpg-(51 KB, 499x572, funny-pictures-there-are-crazy(...).jpg)
    51 KB
    I repeat from yesterday:

    This thread still here?
    >> EchoGarotte 09/01/10(Wed)12:30 No.11909588
    "Has he said anything?" The Tau asked the Gue’Vasa interrogator. Humans were instinctually more willing to speak to those of their own kind.

    "No, just his model number and rank." He sighed. "I must ask, why did we save this one? They charged us in a suicidal manner, they clearly still hold that mindless zealotry to the Emperor. They're not even fully human, not really, they're clones."

    "Yes, but they are something new. That symbol that was on the banner that the last one held...that was not the usual Krieg banner was it?"

    "No, apparently these were all Cyclists."
    >> EchoGarotte 09/01/10(Wed)12:32 No.11909604
    "Yes, we have heard that word before. The Ethereals wish to learn more. What do you know of these Cyclists?"

    "Not much," the Human shrugged. "They're mostly Krieg but you see them now and again in other Guard Regiments and once in a while in places like Food Lines, Relief Shelters, and other places like that. They work hard, and they speak of this place called Terranis."

    "What is this Terranis?"

    "I have no idea. It's where their souls go when they die, that's all I know. I do know that there was a planet named that. It was eaten by the Tyranids, and then lost in a massive Warp Storm."

    "Do you think that they could be swayed? We would welcome their belief, champion it even."

    "I doubt it. I can try though."

    "No, thank you for your efforts but I feel this is too important an opportunity to miss...I will speak to this one personally."
    >> Anonymous 09/01/10(Wed)13:13 No.11909922
         File1283361195.jpg-(64 KB, 800x680, dkkadvan4.jpg)
    64 KB

    out with it man
    >> Anonymous 09/01/10(Wed)15:11 No.11910927
    >> Anonymous 09/01/10(Wed)17:44 No.11912448
         File1283377440.jpg-(26 KB, 400x297, Katt 77.jpg)
    26 KB
    Goan, tell me!
    >> Anonymous 09/01/10(Wed)19:04 No.11913269
    >> Anonymous 09/01/10(Wed)19:19 No.11913419
    I just started an army for these guys, what commander should I get for them?

    Going mostly mass infantry with a handful of tanks.
    >> Anonymous 09/01/10(Wed)19:21 No.11913450

    Are you using the regular IG codex or the special krieg list?

    if your going krieg then that really is the only strategy with them sadly.

    >vainly whorse
    That isn't nice captcha
    >> Anonymous 09/01/10(Wed)19:24 No.11913488

    >Are you using the regular IG codex or the special krieg list?

    >if your going krieg then that really is the only strategy with them sadly.
    I don't even know all the rules yet hah.

    But right now I'm ordering a vanilla IG codex, where would I find the special Krieg list?
    >> Anonymous 09/01/10(Wed)19:27 No.11913528
    Wait think I found it, is this it?
    >> Anonymous 09/01/10(Wed)19:32 No.11913605
         File1283383951.jpg-(266 KB, 800x1779, img4be179f298600.jpg)
    266 KB

    yeah that's it. As for a commander model... the stock one from forgeworld is nice..
    If I ever get one I was planning on keep the basic pose except change the right arm so he will be holding a map. Maybe pointing somewhere off in the distance with his other arm, maybe just looking down at the map. .. btw talking about the one with the coat.
    >> Anonymous 09/01/10(Wed)19:32 No.11913609
    Hmm, so Krieg can't use units like Kasrkin then?
    >> Anonymous 09/01/10(Wed)19:34 No.11913647

    You can always use the krieg models with the vanilla IG codex and mix and match models in the same army... really down to what YOU want to do with the army as a whole.
    >> Anonymous 09/01/10(Wed)19:36 No.11913676

    BTW.. grenadiers are more or less the krieg version of kaskin.

    >> Anonymous 09/01/10(Wed)19:37 No.11913699
    Thanks, hmm yeah I may end up doing that. I'm about to buy a bunch of Kasrkin which were my favorite of the guard until I met the Korps, want to see about converting them into Death Korps units.
    >> EchoGarotte 09/01/10(Wed)19:49 No.11913857
    "Good evening." The Tau said as he entered the room.

    "Krieg Infantry, Model Number 81a #2112. PFC"

    "Have you been treated well? I believe that all of my captives must be treated with respect. We are not monsters after all."

    "Krieg Infantry, Model Number 81a #2112. PFC"

    The Tau sat down in the chair across from the soldier. He had blond hair and black eyes and looked exactly like the bodies of his comrades that were now being buried. His uniform had been taken from him, and now he was dressed in a light blue prisoner jumpsuit. He did not look afraid or nervous. That was normal, the Tau had seen many like this, he had broken them before, soon this one would be part of the Greater Good.

    "We found this on your personal effects." He took an envelope and dumped out the contents onto the table. It was a small pin of two overlapping circles made of steel and gold. "I thought you would like it back."

    "Krieg Infantry, Model Number 81a #2112. PFC."

    "Alright...then if you don't want it...if this mean nothing to you..." He slid the pin off the table and onto the ground. "Then you wont care if I do this?" He lifted his foot to crush it.

    The Krieg took a deep breath. "Krieg Infantry, Model Number 81a #2112. PFC"
    >> EchoGarotte 09/01/10(Wed)19:54 No.11913932
    The Tau stomped on the pin, hard. He didn't like the lack of reaction. Normally when he trod on holy symbols these humans would fall over themselves to protect them. This one...took a deep breath...ah...so that was how it was. Very well then.

    "You know we were surprised at the manner your comrades chose to surrender. Suicide by firing line. A senseless way to die."

    The Krieg twitched. 'Got you' the Tau thought. "Lucky for you that you survived."

    "Perhaps..." The Krieg said. "It just shows the Emperor has more use for me now."

    The Tau fought back the smile at finally breaking. "Yes, a shame he didn't feel that way for your comrades."

    "Not really." The Krieg said. "They can just serve the Emperor better in other ways in other places."

    "You mean on Terranis?"

    "If some were worthy of Terranis then yes, if not then they are once more on Krieg, learning on how to kill creatures like you." The Krieg said.

    "Hmmm...well, I suppose that you must be hungry. I know I am." The Tau knew a dead end when he saw it. Now it was time for him to move on to more basic methods. He took out a sandwich and took a bite. "I'm sorry..." The Tau held it out to him. "Would you like some? It isn't exactly breakfast food, but it's still good."

    "You said it was evening earlier."

    "Did I? Well...I suppose if it is, then it's far too late to eat then." He moved to put the Sandwich away. He saw the Krieg follow it with his eyes. "Unless you say that it's breakfast time...then I suppose it's alright. So...what's it to be?"
    >> EchoGarotte 09/01/10(Wed)19:55 No.11913940
    The Krieg looked at the Tau with a cool hate and at the sandwich with longing. Then he closed his eyes and took a deep breath. "I will hold. Eat your slop, Xeno filth. The only time that matters is when I have my hands around your throat."

    The Tau calmly put the sandwich away, got up and left the room.

    "Sir?" The Gue’Vasa observing said.

    "Sedate him and put him under a full medical examination. I want to know if there's anything in him that is helping him." The Tau said.

    "Yes, sir. Anything else? Chemical additives or castration or other beha-"

    "No. No, we need this one. If we can break into this 'Cycle' of theirs...then we will have a way to turn an entire planet to the Greater Good without firing a single shot. Also, we will have access to stable cloning technology. But, first...I must find a way to break that one. No drugs, no tricks, nothing that can be exposed as trickery and set us back. No...I am an Ethereal. I have broken the most staunch and swayed the most stubborn. This one will not hold. I promise you that."
    >> Anonymous 09/01/10(Wed)20:05 No.11914071
    Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu I should be studying! Please Finish!
    >> EchoGarotte 09/01/10(Wed)20:32 No.11914478
    Inquisitor Dell from Ordo Hereticus, is from the school of Amberly Vail's 'You kill more of the Emperor's enemies by being subtle, rather than acting like a grox in a ceramite warehouse.' As a result, he's rather...subdued. It has been remarked that he looks as if he'd fit better in the hall of the Administratum than the Inquisition...which is kind of the POINT.

    He wears a heavy over coat, over what looks like a full double breasted suit. All of it personally tailored to fit him. He wears little decoration save for his Signet Ring which bears the Inquisition Seal and is a weapon. He's is rather particular about his shoes. High class leather, custom fitted, monogrammed OD (Obediah Dell), silk laces, and allows for silent footsteps. He has black hair tied back into a short ponytail, and he has heterochromia (One black eye, one grey eye.) He was given a gas mask by the Krieg, but he keeps it at his side.

    Noah, looks like his elder brother...if he lived on two thrones a day. A shirt, pants, shoes, ensemble that are pure with that even have MODEL NUMBER #2 printed on them with the bar code. He tries to avoid anything that has personal attachment or a history, claiming that they 'shout too loud.' His hair is messy and unkempt, and he wears a plain leather leash around his neck for his brother to hold when they're in public. (It was Noah's idea.) He also has the same eyes as his brother, but the colors are switched.
    >> PhilDraws4Food 09/01/10(Wed)20:54 No.11914742
         File1283388884.jpg-(324 KB, 1092x1558, krieg-its-on-now-chaps2.jpg)
    324 KB
    oh, it's fucking on now, chaps!
    >> Anonymous 09/01/10(Wed)21:08 No.11914909

    Dude you are fantastic!
    >> Anonymous 09/01/10(Wed)21:41 No.11915403

    >> PhilDraws4Food 09/01/10(Wed)21:52 No.11915543
    these will be next, but I have errands to run. I'll be back soon, adaman/tg/uardsmen.

    Terranis Holds!
    >> Anonymous 09/01/10(Wed)22:52 No.11916288
    Guardsman bump!
    >> EchoGarotte 09/01/10(Wed)23:24 No.11916669
    "So." The Tau Interrogator dropped a little piece of metal onto the table in front of 81a#2112. "We pulled this out of your shoulder during your medical examination last night. It's not shrapnel. It even has your little circles on it." He held it up and examined it. "We examined it all afternoon, and we just can't tell what it does. Could you tell us?"

    The Krieg just looked at the piece of metal and his face sagged. The Tau felt his stomach jump. No, it couldn't be this easy...had he found a silver bullet so soon?

    "Very well. What would you like me to tell you?" He looked at the Tau with nothing but resignation and defeat in his eyes

    The Tau blinked and he shook his head. Ah, so much for holding until the end. He relaxed. "Well, first...tell me who you are. I know your model number, but you have a proper name...don't you?"


    "Thank you, I am Aun'Ui So'Nai Kaius Kauyoi. Please...tell me of this Cycle."

    "Very well...first I must tell you of Krieg and Terranis."

    "Go right ahead."
    >> EchoGarotte 09/01/10(Wed)23:28 No.11916717
    Daniel spoke for a long long time. First it was the long, bloody, dark history of Krieg. About the horrible betrayal against the Emperor, and how the planet was bathed in first nuclear fire, and then endless, diseased, rain. How Krieg were born with a stain on their honor, and how they were inherently unworthy of the Emperor's love.

    His face lit up when he told the story of Terranis. How the Krieg had found different little stories of hope, love, contentment, and peace. How they had been saved by the blood of Terranis...literally. Then he spoke of the years of the Siege. How they had held for so long. The great interrogator and propaganda master even looked impressed at that. Then about how Terranis had vanished from the Universe. Swallowed up by a warp storm.

    Daniel then spoke about how Krieg would have dreams of Terranis. How they knew that the Emperor had forgiven them...in part. That He had given them this place of peace, but in exchange they had to accept the Eternal Duty. Their souls may have been tainted with betrayal, but there was chance for redemption.
    >> Anonymous 09/01/10(Wed)23:55 No.11917019
    >>11867647 Continuing the last charge here for a bit.

    The Gue’Vasa strode forward to the dead banner man staring at his unmoving form, “So Krieg was it worth it?”

    Kneeling down next to the man’s head the Gue’Vasa gripped the banner pole and yanked several times freeing it from the dead man’s grasp. “Was holding on for so long and then dying here mean so much to you? Or did you do it because of this stupid flag? You could have given up.”

    “But no,” the man continued smacking the dead man’s helmet; “You children of Krieg never surrender do you?”

    Looking over his shoulder he watched as a Devilfish make an appearance in the embattlements behind him, “Looks like I’m in a bit of trouble aren’t I Krieg…Hmph, at least you bastards knew how to die…like you had some damned pride.”

    A warrior walked up behind the Gue’Vasa tapping him on the shoulder, “Veteran the Envoy would like to have a word with you…so if you would please enter the craft.”

    “Give me a moment I want to take a trophy with me,” the human said drawing out his blade. Grasping a good handful of the Krieg banner he cut off the few sections that held the bloody cloth to the pole and tucked the banner underneath an armpit. “Alright then…lead the way.”

    The trip was a quiet one and a short one bringing him to an Envoy with an upset commander, “Thank you for coming.”
    >> Anonymous 09/01/10(Wed)23:56 No.11917022
    “It wasn’t a problem Envoy.”

    “Please take a seat and have something to drink. There are things I must ask you…like how did you know that they were going to charge?”

    “Thank you sir… and it was the songs they were playing sir.”

    “Is that so…How much do you know much about these Krieg? They have been acting different these last few generations.”

    “No, not much Envoy just what I managed to pick up my time serving alongside them in my early years,” the Gue’Vasa said eyeing the Commander. “Is there a problem sir?”

    “It’s something I have already taken care of,” The Envoy cut in, “From what you do know what can you tell me?”

    “I know of a legend that the Krieg hold dear…A legend that starts in a place called Terranis.”

    The Envoy folded his hands on top of each other as he leaned forward in his chair, “Tell me more.”

    In the coming years the report the Gue’Vasa tied together with others would have a few ripples to go through the in the Diplomatic Corps of the Tau. Fresh and upcoming Water Caste diplomats would try to make their career by turning entire regiments of Krieg to the Greater Good but only to fail. With the military greater care was made in battle plans against the Krieg and additional troops would always be called in to break their line.

    In one instance a Tau Diplomat had tried to convince a Krieg garrison to surrender and the Krieg...? As he stared at the Diplomat his face uncovered, the hem of his sleeves embroidered with the symbol of Krieg and Terranis, and his chair turned to the side revealing half of the Krieg’s blank face.
    >> Anonymous 09/01/10(Wed)23:57 No.11917046

    “I do not know why you have decided on diplomacy Mister Diplomat but your Fire Cast warriors will come to break themselves upon the Krieg em-battlements like the tides of a great ocean. Nothing you do will keep your people and the traitors of the Imperium that live amongst you from returning broken and dead,” The Krieg said tapping the top of his desk.

    “Ah, but Commander even the greatest of mountains eventually succumb to the ocean do they not?”

    The tapping stopped to allow the commander to smirk as he ran a hand through his closely cropped hair, “Which is why we brought the Sun and Mortal fire to see how deep the Tau Ocean truly is.”

    With that the Krieg cut communications and the invading Tau would find out the Krieg Garrison wasn’t alone and would learn so very quickly. Fires from the Sisterhood made sure of that, as did the Imperial Navy, amongst many-many others.

    (Woo...We're about to fill up another thread.)
    >> Anonymous 09/02/10(Thu)00:36 No.11917441
         File1283402199.jpg-(38 KB, 448x591, Mordian_Iron_Guard.jpg)
    38 KB
    I've been thinking of writefagging a story about a platoon of Catachans being embedded with a more conventional army like the Mordian Iron Guard. So far I've figured out the two main characters (a grizzled old veteran Catachan sergeant who's in charge of the platoon & a Mordian officer and aristocrat who is trying to use his service for political gain), but I'm not quite sure who I want the villains to be. I'd leaning towards Dark Eldar but I'm not sure if they have invasions or raids long enough to warrant the deployment of more guardsmen to a planet.
    >> PhilDraws4Food 09/02/10(Thu)01:05 No.11917755
    the Iron guard could have been a defensive unit stationed there. the catachans could have been first responders, or simply stopping in for a resupply on the planet when the Dark Eldar attacked, and joined in the defense. as for dark eldar in a sustained campaign, if there's something they need a sustained opperation to retrieve, then they'll take a strategic point and try to snatch what they can before pulling out, or using captured civis to swell their ranks with drugs, torture, and brainwashing. they dont lead with heavy bombardment to clear ground, they set down covertly and set up underground. by the time you know they're there, it's too late.
    >> EchoGarotte 09/02/10(Thu)01:42 No.11918163
    Then he spoke on how the story of Terranis and the Duty spread, and how other souls wished to pick up the Duty themselves, and commit their souls to the Cycle. Serving the Emperor forever, but receiving a moment of actual peace, once it was earned. They were...less than popular, but those that joined never regretted it.

    This went on over the course of several days. Daniel would speak for a bit, claim to be tired, and as for this to continue tomorrow. The Ethereal nodded and allowed Daniel to sleep, gave him food, and bathroom privileges. He seemed to be content to keep on talking and talking. Little stories, big stories, long rambling stories that led into other stories. Most of it was worthless backstory and fluff. Things that Cyclists did. The whole story about a place called Murahi. A story about a Commissar and a maid. Inane things that would drive anyone else around the bend. But the Tau Interrogator was not one to hurry. These things took time. Finally, Daniel looked as if he had run out of stories. Now was the time...

    "You know," Aun'Ui So'Nai Kaius Kauyoi said. "You are the first human that's ever made sense...well...more sense than any of the others who bow before your Emperor."
    >> EchoGarotte 09/02/10(Thu)01:43 No.11918173

    "How so?" Daniel asked.

    "Well, you all believe in something that has a true foundation...of a sorts...and you all view your faith as something to drive you forward. You are closer to the Greater Good than you think."

    Daniel licked his lips. He was trying to decide something, the Tau could see it in his face. "How long has it been? Since I began talking?"

    "Six days." Aun'Ui So'Nai Kaius Kauyoi replied.

    "That is the truth?"


    "Well then...may you drift in the Void, Xeno bastard. The Cycle is NOTHING like your Greater Good."

    "What?" The Tau blinked in surprise. This was a sharp turn from the compliant, talkative, Krieg that had been here the past few days.

    "There is no Good that is Greater. There is only the Duty. There is always another ditch to dig, always another life to save, always another person to help, always another Xeno to kill. It doesn't matter what goal it reaches. The point of the Duty...is to do the Duty. There is nothing more than that, and that is why you will never understand it. The Emperor gave us a clear vision, and we will hold to it."
    >> EchoGarotte 09/02/10(Thu)01:44 No.11918187
    He sat back and smiled, that was when Aun'Ui So'Nai Kaius Kauyoi heard the first alarms.

    "Oh, there are two things I forgot to tell you." Daniel said as the sounds of gunfire and screams grew closer. "You see, they REALLY don't trust us, and we understand, we have to be watched so we do not stray from the path the Emperor showed us so, we asked for a permanent Inquisition, and the Inquisitor...

    Inquisitor Dell, standing in front of a gathering of Cyclists, held up a small piece of metal with the Cycle emblem engraved on it. "Seeing as you seditionists seem to be spreading out slowly, I have made steps to make sure that I can keep an eye on you. This will be implated inside your shoulder, each and every one of you. I have at my disposal many psykers and Tech Priests, and when you die, or when this is taken OUT of your shoulder. I'll know. IF you ever take this out, I WILL send in a group of marines to find you, kill you, everyone else in the immediate five miles, and then I will bombard that site from orbit! Understood?"

    Daniel smiled at the now pale blue face staring back at him. "I knew I had to keep you busy for about a week. Oh...and the last thing I need to tell you?"

    The door to the interrogator room burst open and the Tau let out a gasp as he saw the giant Blood Raven standing there, with a chainbolter.

    Daniel closed his eyes and readied himself.

    "Terranis Holds."
    >> EchoGarotte 09/02/10(Thu)01:46 No.11918204
    Whoo Hoo! Got it in at 290! Alright, now the laptop is awful at loading images, so someone needs to make the new thread, please?
    >> Anonymous 09/02/10(Thu)02:29 No.11918765
    New thread is here >>11918758
    >> PhilDraws4Food 09/02/10(Thu)03:43 No.11919664
    has this been archived yet?

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