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    7 KB Zerg Quest IV Cerebrate Anon 07/21/10(Wed)21:01 No.11272408  

    On the eve of what would come to be known by some as the Great War, the Overmind created a Cerebrate called Anon. It gave Anon great leeway in determining its own course of conquest, and bid it change the way the Swarm operated.

    Within days, Anon had conquered the desert moon Besilus and its Terran occupants. Within weeks, Anon had formed its own cerebrates and conquered Xenta, the planet around which Besilus orbited. This attracted a small fleet of Protoss, which was soon crushed by Anon. Anon has shrouded its actions in darkness from the Overmind's Eye. It has gone rogue.

    The Protoss in this system panic, their forces unprepared for the Zerg. Nearby systems contain unsuspecting Terrans and Zerg, whose regard for Anon is yet unknown. Anon has consolidated its rule of Xenta and Besilus.

    Where shall Anon go from here?
    >> Mr. OP !!QGQTBqQHN36 07/21/10(Wed)21:04 No.11272460

    Start genetic experimentation on infested humans.

    Continue messing with fleshlings.

    Try to absorb their genetic code into the Swarm.

    Work at evolving the infested Humans into something better.
    >> Mr. OP !!QGQTBqQHN36 07/21/10(Wed)21:05 No.11272489

    Also, try to make some new breeds of Zerg.

    Any suggestions, folks?
    >> Anonymous 07/21/10(Wed)21:07 No.11272526
    Well... we gotta attack somebody.

    >> Cerebrate Anon 07/21/10(Wed)21:08 No.11272534
    >Start genetic experimentation on infested human
    >Work at evolving the infested Humans into something better.

    In what direction should we evolve them? Labbrate will require directions.

    Also, consider that they have been used for infiltration in the past. They have had success in that.

    >Try to absorb [fleshling] genetic code into the Swarm.

    Labbrate reminds us that we have failed at every attempt to incorporate fleshling DNA into our larvae. It seems that a human element is required for their propagation.
    >> Anonymous 07/21/10(Wed)21:08 No.11272550
    Begin spawning a fleet of mutalisks, scourge and overlord boarding parties in order to attack the protoss fleet. Make capturing live protoss and protoss technology a priority.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 07/21/10(Wed)21:09 No.11272567
         File1279760966.gif-(14 KB, 85x85, Overlord_SC1_Game1.gif)
    14 KB
    We have many overlords.

    We have overlords with jet engines.
    >> Anonymous 07/21/10(Wed)21:11 No.11272602
    If I may interject a momment, I hate to interrupt but I'd rather not make a new thread for this and the subject is related.


    >> Anonymous 07/21/10(Wed)21:12 No.11272630
    I'm looking back over the archives... this game may be beyond my feeble mind. But I would love to go to another race's homeworld and fuck them up.

    Best yet-- our lovely creators the Xel'Naga....
    >> Cerebrate Anon 07/21/10(Wed)21:13 No.11272631
    The Protoss seem to be centered on the second planet in the system, a volcanic world called Embrie. It is likely that they have begun building a large complex of buildings there.

    Should we strike at them in force from the air, and cripple whatever resources they have immediately, or should we develop a rival colony on Embrie, and attempt to take them down from the ground?
    >> Anonymous 07/21/10(Wed)21:15 No.11272668
    A combined arms force is best. And since Char is volcanic and the zerg thrive there, the environment should hardly be a problem. Establish several beachheads on the planet with available air forces acting as air cover.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 07/21/10(Wed)21:16 No.11272672
    Yup. It's badass.

    The Overmind already devoured the Xel'naga fleet, back on the Zerg homeworld of Xerus. Aiur is hidden from us. Earth is many light years away, and its exact location is unknown (though, should we learn its location and choose to make the trip, we could travel there eventually). Tarsonis, the capital of the Confederacy, is very heavily guarded. Our Brood might survive an assault on it, but it would cost us dearly, and we surely could not hold it, yet.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 07/21/10(Wed)21:17 No.11272700
    Use the air forces only as support?
    >> Anonymous 07/21/10(Wed)21:19 No.11272723
         File1279761545.jpg-(50 KB, 441x604, 1264467068275.jpg)
    50 KB
    >> Anonymous 07/21/10(Wed)21:21 No.11272764
    better to use the mutalisks and scourge to harass the protoss while we get our army there
    >> Anonymous 07/21/10(Wed)21:22 No.11272781
    ITT: we shit up /tg/ even more
    >> Cerebrate Anon 07/21/10(Wed)21:22 No.11272784
    Artisanlord muses on the Protoss architecture we have seen. It seems to think that these glowing crystals they spread about are fantastic lighting, and would like for us to secure the technology for the stage of its theater on Besilus (and its sister theater near our Hive Cluster on Xenta).

    Warbrate hopes that we send it away from Artisanlord before any shows begin. Apparently, it dislikes Defiler Opera.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 07/21/10(Wed)21:23 No.11272794
    It wouldn't be a Zerg Quest without somebody telling us how much fun we're not allowed to have.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 07/21/10(Wed)21:28 No.11272882
         File1279762129.jpg-(20 KB, 200x246, 200px-InfestedTerran_SC1_Cncpt(...).jpg)
    20 KB
    Bump, because bump.
    >> Anonymous 07/21/10(Wed)21:30 No.11272913
    I'm interested in watching this thread, but don't know how to participate properly. Give me multiple choice on worlds to go screw up, and I will randomly pick one if nobody else has an opinion.
    >> Anonymous 07/21/10(Wed)21:30 No.11272914
    Create new strain of zerg minion with penis tentacles.
    Attach VAGINAS and TITS to cerebrate body.
    Commence self raep for lulz
    >> Anonymous 07/21/10(Wed)21:31 No.11272942
    I still say attack the protoss fleet directly and stop the ones on the planet from escaping.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 07/21/10(Wed)21:33 No.11272980
    Give instructions like you run the place. Good suggestions and/or suggestions with a lot of votes will end up being the Cerebrate's decision. Try to avoid being like >>11272914

    We already got rid of Bernie.
    >> Anonymous 07/21/10(Wed)21:34 No.11273002
    Yeah, let's kill some 'toss. With their silly Predator hair in ponytails.
    >> Researchlord 07/21/10(Wed)21:36 No.11273022
    Have the humans evolved in the direction of durability: Let's see how durable we can make infested humans with the implantation of redundant organs. Test out a few of these infested humans on the fleet.

    As for new strains? What are we currently using to transport our precious Zerglings from one world to another? I may have a few ideas on how to make Zerg warships if given some information.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 07/21/10(Wed)21:40 No.11273084
         File1279762811.jpg-(37 KB, 600x347, 1203120629841zy8.jpg)
    37 KB
    Labbrate speculates that we could probably make baseline humans about a third more durable without making their infestation apparent, but that field infestations (via proboscis) would not carry this increase in durability.

    We currently use overlords for transport, as well as a dozen or so jetlords, who are considerably faster. We have four Terran dropships, but we have yet to use them for more than infested human drops.
    >> Anonymous 07/21/10(Wed)21:43 No.11273132
    Load a few of the most human looking infested terrans onto a dropship, making sure to scar the dropship appropriately with claws and acid, then send it towards the protoss, with the terrans claiming to be refugees.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 07/21/10(Wed)21:46 No.11273183
         File1279763175.png-(355 KB, 500x376, 20090325184337!Zerg_colony_(St(...).png)
    355 KB
    Our forces flood the skies of Embrie, blotting out the sun as they attempt to gun down the Protoss aircraft. A massive battle ensues, during which our overlords encircle the Protoss battlements. They release strains of all kinds, some enhanced by Terran technology, some enhanced by Terran biology, and some intrinsically Zerg. Hive Clusters sprout up within minutes, as war strains ravage the outlying defenses.
    >> Anonymous 07/21/10(Wed)21:46 No.11273193
    >> Anonymous 07/21/10(Wed)21:49 No.11273229
    I'm interested in the dick/vagina monster!

    But, seriously, we are winning this fight, it would seem? So where do we infect next?
    >> Cerebrate Anon 07/21/10(Wed)21:50 No.11273249
    The Protoss pull their air forces back toward the ground, fearful of this sudden and unannounced assault.

    We have them surrounded and outnumbered. We could easily destroy them with a single push.

    Should we destroy them outright, wait to see how they react, or something else entirely?
    >> Anonymous 07/21/10(Wed)21:51 No.11273258
    Swamp the protoss encampment as quickly as possible. Be sure to take most of the protoss alive for breeding programs with our dicklings, cockalisks and fleshlings.
    >> Anonymous 07/21/10(Wed)21:52 No.11273277
    >> Researchlord 07/21/10(Wed)21:53 No.11273286
    Bah! Overlords are inefficient! I propose a new concept, one that will allow our glorious form to evolve in transport between worlds!

    Leave the dropships- instead, produce an entire WAVE of drones on Xenta. Have them all centered on an unused mass of creep on this world, burrowing not just underground, but AROUND it. Have an entire kilometers-large mass of earth burrowed through with tunnels. With those tunnels full of creep, have all four dropships brought around to this organic growing site.

    Have a portion of the drones begin the usual mutation process- except instead of buildings, have them transform into cartilage in and bone through these creep-laden tunnels. Use the creep as fuel for the growth of this new starship, and have the four starships deploy anchors to help lift it into orbit.

    As the cartilage and bone begin to take shape, cannibalize as many rockets as possible from the surface of Xenta. Have whatever factories we control produce additional rockets- but have them tipped not with explosive warheads, but instead with larva, hundreds of larva.

    Have the rockets installed on the growing mass of a warship accordingly, in addition to hydralisk spines. Along the surface of the Creep Rock Warship (as it's coming to be known), have more of the drones spawned earlier form Hives and a few Queen Nests. These will serve as hangers and spawning grounds for the attack drones of the Zerg carrier. Inside of the warship, have a series of Hives and Hatcheries spawned within the tunnels mentioned earlier, have it brimming with larva!
    >> Researchlord 07/21/10(Wed)21:55 No.11273318
    With the cartilage serving to protect against the intrusion of space like an Overlord's skin, and the dropships hauling it into space, have it begin to grow additional fleshy masses. These fleshy masses will be Overlords bound to it by hardened carapace- which will serve as propulsion for the massive warship. In addition, have the drones within the "hull" continue to carve out additional living spaces for the Zerglings and Mutalisks spawned. We shall take the Protoss by superior evolution!

    Again with the creepy fapfiction!

    I say we just take the Protoss for Infestation- take the High Templars amongst them to be infested as a higher-thinking servant with a full command of Protoss psionics and technology!
    >> Anonymous 07/21/10(Wed)21:55 No.11273326
    We're competing with Megacorp Quest.
    >> BERNIE 07/21/10(Wed)21:58 No.11273368

    bitch you boring and tl;dr

    >> Cerebrate Anon 07/21/10(Wed)22:01 No.11273416
    Warbrate's excitement is palpable at our command.

    The ranks rush forward. Energy blades and flashes of light mingle with muscle-encased carapace and flung acid. Gausslisks pump lead and spines into their targets as our Siege Tank Ultralisks expend their final shots upon the enemy before collapsing to be dragged back to the Hive Cluster until their spinal injuries heal.

    Protoss warriors die in droves. Their cybernetic walkers collapse. Their structures explode. Their machines crumple. We restrain our Brood as much as we can from the slaughter, but the loss of life for the Protoss is catastrophic.

    In time, all that remains are damaged buildings, screaming Protoss, and the slowly fading life support systems of the cybernetic shells. We begin our recovery operations.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 07/21/10(Wed)22:06 No.11273496
    Labbrate considers this for a moment, and then simply asks, "Like the Terran space platforms? We could easily produce one of these, and build hatcheries upon it. It seems simpler than attempting to pull chunks of a planet apart for the same purpose."
    >> BERNIE 07/21/10(Wed)22:06 No.11273502

    Breeding program shall be:

    10 Male Protoss - 1 Cockalisk
    10 Female Protoss - 1 Cockalisk
    10 Male Protoss - 1 Male Fleshling
    10 Female Protoss - 1 Female Fleshling
    >> Cerebrate Anon 07/21/10(Wed)22:07 No.11273533
    Bernie's voice echoes in our mind.

    We have resisted it for so long. Should we give in now, and return our Swarm to its genital-mutilating ways?
    >> Anonymous 07/21/10(Wed)22:08 No.11273545
    No, the last thing we need is more fucking rape fiction.
    >> Anonymous 07/21/10(Wed)22:09 No.11273556
    Ur faggots all of you.

    >> Anonymous 07/21/10(Wed)22:09 No.11273559

    This is why we can't have nice things.
    >> Anonymous 07/21/10(Wed)22:10 No.11273584

    This gets my vote.
    >> Anonymous 07/21/10(Wed)22:14 No.11273635
    This just seems like a dumb excuse to turn this quest into monster rape fic.

    Fuck it let's do it.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 07/21/10(Wed)22:15 No.11273645
         File1279764906.png-(103 KB, 315x319, pylons.png)
    103 KB
    Despite capturing dozens of Protoss prisoners, and experimenting with the still-living minds of dozens more, Labbrate becomes increasingly frustrated at our lack of progress in infesting them. It seems to think they have some kind of psionic barrier in their minds that prevents it. It suggests that we attempt to use our own psionic powers to invade their minds first.

    As for their technology, we find that the machines are much more advanced than those of our Terrans. Much more. We can divine the purposes of several of the factories, but we cannot operate them. It seems that the Protoss transport their forces from some offworld cache, ready and willing to fight, as opposed to intense training of troops in the field, like the Terrans. We hesitate to dissect the technology until we have the knowledge of at least one Protoss to augment our understanding.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 07/21/10(Wed)22:16 No.11273674
    Honestly, guys, I'd rather we not stray down that path again. LOL4CHAN and all, but still.
    >> Anonymous 07/21/10(Wed)22:18 No.11273701
    Rip the knowledge of how to operate protoss technology out of their engineer's minds.
    >> Anonymous 07/21/10(Wed)22:22 No.11273770
    So where do we find the Protoss that will let us reverse use their teleports to HUNT THEM ALL DEAD?
    >> Cerebrate Anon 07/21/10(Wed)22:25 No.11273830
         File1279765539.gif-(30 KB, 60x56, Daggoth_SC1_HeadAnim1.gif)
    30 KB
    We isolate one of the Protoss minds from the cybernetic exoskeletons. We figure that if we are to experiment dangerously with minds, we might as well use the minds that are not connected to bodies.

    We probe it with our psionic energy. It is like probing a stone, but a stone that brims with hidden energy. We try smashing through the barrier into the mind within, but our inexperienced tools shatter the Protoss mind with its shell.

    We move on to the second mind, trying again. And the third, and the fourth, and the fifth. Each time, it seems as if shattering the stony outer layer destroys the Protoss. Perhaps there is another way? We still have several of these disembodied brains to work with before we cut into our stock of full Protoss.
    >> LordHighlander 07/21/10(Wed)22:29 No.11273895
    Not like the terran space platforms. An entire planet is not something that can be shot down, and having it so that zerglings leap from every nook and cranny by the millions if it is discovered... That sounds like a great goal.

    Also, lets see about getting into that protoss shielding, and putting it on this planet of ours... A shielded, hardened, massive invasion planet.

    Fuck yeah.
    >> LordHighlander 07/21/10(Wed)22:32 No.11273944
    instead of brute-force, lets use Terran subtlty.
    Get our Terrans to start working on cracking their minds, using drugs, machines, anything. Torture them if we have to.

    ANd block their phsyonics from the rest of the galaxy.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 07/21/10(Wed)22:32 No.11273946
    So, more like towing a planet from system to system?

    Labbrate calculates how many jetlords it would take just to tow Besilus to Embrie at half the speed of a regular overlord.

    Accountantbrate lets loose a terrifying scream at the expense of such an endeavor.
    >> LordHighlander 07/21/10(Wed)22:34 No.11273983
    Twice the speed would be better.

    And tell Acountlord that if we build it, that our resource production shoots up exponentially.

    This is due to our abilities to now mine oort clouds and other spacial phenominon.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 07/21/10(Wed)22:37 No.11274027
    Our Terrans torture one Protoss, but the shell around its mind only becomes stronger until it finally expires.

    We order drugs injected into another. The stone of its mind softens, but we still cannot crack it open.

    Perhaps a combination of drugs and something else? Whatever keeps the Protoss from submitting to physical torture is also keeping them from our psionic intrusions, it would seem.

    >> LordHighlander 07/21/10(Wed)22:39 No.11274069
    drugs and creep.
    Lets do it.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 07/21/10(Wed)22:40 No.11274079
    Labbrate suggests that a modified overlord could easily mine celestial clouds. It posits that the expense of dragging a moon out of the gravity well of its planet AND star at twice the speed of the average overlord would be more than the resources of mining this entire system dry, assuming we build no other units than specially-mutated overlords made for fast towing.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 07/21/10(Wed)22:42 No.11274118
    I was more hinting at what it is that lies in our way...

    A Protoss can forsake the Khala, just as a paladin can forsake his code...

    (What? Don't look at me like that. The 'toss are basically space-paladins anyway)
    >> LordHighlander 07/21/10(Wed)22:44 No.11274152
    But the idea of a planet that moves around and eats other stuff....
    Its too good an opertunity to pass up.
    So lets do it, transfer some overlords out of the system, start an attack somewhere else, and build this sucker.

    and the Khala?
    how do Protoss procreate?

    Lets just raise them without the Khala.

    Oh, and try to get some toss to forsake it.
    >> LordHighlander 07/21/10(Wed)22:46 No.11274191
    anyone else here? or is it just Cerabrate and me?
    >> LordHighlander 07/21/10(Wed)22:51 No.11274274
    >> Cerebrate Anon 07/21/10(Wed)22:53 No.11274317
    All nearby systems are inhabited, by Zerg, Protoss, or Terrans. If we wished to do this, we would need to wage a campaign against one of these forces (either directly, or by assigning one of our cerebrates to the task individually).

    That would require causing one of the female Protoss to procreate and carry the child to term. Labbrate considers this unlikely, as well as very time-consuming.

    We could attempt to entice a Protoss away from the Khala, but it would require some precise skill in persuasion. What would we say?
    >> BERNIE 07/21/10(Wed)22:57 No.11274381
    i think so.
    >> LordHighlander 07/21/10(Wed)22:58 No.11274395
    I got no skills for persuasion...

    "Why are you here Old one? Why have you come to a world that belongs to the Xel'Naga? Did you wish to become one of us? To lead us as our ultimate champion? Or did you wish to warn us? Warn us of the genocide we will be forced to commit on your people if they attempt to attack us?

    Why did you come?"

    Lets go eat some Terrans.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 07/21/10(Wed)23:00 No.11274448
    Why no love, /tg/?

    Is it because I didn't add enough cocks? If cockmonsters invaded, would you start replying?
    >> LordHighlander 07/21/10(Wed)23:02 No.11274472
    its because of Megacorp...
    Wednesday was a bad day to pick.
    >> Anonymous 07/21/10(Wed)23:05 No.11274511
    I don't want cockmonsters either. It's interesting, but I'm new to questy type threads. I want an idea of the play before I go barking orders.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 07/21/10(Wed)23:05 No.11274513
    Are mondays better?

    I don't really follow any other quests...
    >> Anonymous 07/21/10(Wed)23:09 No.11274584
    I think so.
    ZeonQuest and Frost Giant Quest run on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.
    Megacorp Quest is on Wednesdays.
    These 3 are the big ones right now. There's Bard Quest, but that usually runs way early in the morning (4AM EST early) on any given weekday.
    >> LordHighlander 07/21/10(Wed)23:10 No.11274588
    For me? Mondays are worse.
    For you? Maybe.

    The trick is to just jump right into it. Give commands. If the general consensus is that its a good idea, keep doing it. If not, shift focus, try something else.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 07/21/10(Wed)23:12 No.11274622
    Alright, well, seems like it'll be Monday next week, then.

    Do we want to keep going and hope Megacorp bleeds people into here, or what?
    >> Anonymous 07/21/10(Wed)23:13 No.11274637
    Pour creep on the protoss prisoners along with infested water.
    >> LordHighlander 07/21/10(Wed)23:15 No.11274668
    rolled 41 = 41

    lets keep it going.

    Rolling for my persuasive skills.
    >> Anonymous 07/21/10(Wed)23:15 No.11274669
    I think we should go, but if this fails repost everything important next monday.
    >> Anonymous 07/21/10(Wed)23:17 No.11274690
    >> Anonymous 07/21/10(Wed)23:20 No.11274733
    I'm up for some creeped-up Protoss.
    >> Anonymous 07/21/10(Wed)23:21 No.11274747
    Exactly how resistant are Protoss to physical torture? Surely we can cut some limbs off and start working with the cellular material.
    >> LordHighlander 07/21/10(Wed)23:22 No.11274768
    What about pleasure based torture?
    Or Emotional torture, or hell, even electrical torture?
    >> ibot 07/21/10(Wed)23:24 No.11274795
    I like the above, also creep+water=?
    >> Cerebrate Anon 07/21/10(Wed)23:25 No.11274815
         File1279769121.jpg-(78 KB, 713x607, REAL-Blizzard-Activision-8-bit(...).jpg)
    78 KB
    A voice echoes inside of the Protoss Antarsis's mind. It probes into his motivations for coming to this world. It licks across the edges of his consciousness like an intoxicating melody that would be whole if he could but remember one more note. He wears the Khala like a cloak, knowing that this is but another trick of these Terrans and whatever sinister master has ensnared them. He clings to the Khala's strength as the needle forces the psychotropic drugs into his system.

    The world blurs and spins, but the Khala remains firm. Antarsis remains firm. The voice calls to him again, more enticing than before, but still muted to his senses. The Khala remains firm. Antarsis remains...the voice is clearer, now. It promises things. It asks only that Antarsis relax, lay down the heavy burdens of his life, and let the cooling influence of the chemicals soothe...no. The Khala remains firm. Antarsis...but the voice can deliver so much. The Khala provides the strength to combat pain, but the voice offers comfort. Solace. The Khala remains firm...The voice offers immortality. The Khala remains...the voice beckons for Antarsis to give in, just a little. The Khala...the voice soothes Antarsis, assures him that the Khala will be there when he wakes...
    >> Anonymous 07/21/10(Wed)23:26 No.11274836
    No, despite posting now. But we are competing with Megacorp Quest. We should infest them and bend them to our will.

    But have we taken control of the entire planet of Embrie? Does the creep cover every inch of the planet? We must finish that.

    Labbrate needs to focus on also making our humans identical to humans, capable of duplicating human appearances as well. A chameleon assassin and infestor.
    And that is another direction we need to have our terrans go - as quick an infection as possible. Naturally release spores, quick person-to-person infection, urine infests water supplies. Everything.

    Begin doing mental control tests - take control of a single zerg mind, and begin to operate the zerg as an extention of our will. In between brain-strength, begin indoctrination, and bribery to captured Protoss - make them want to be with us in any way they can. Gold, power, freedom, bitches, pleasure. Whatever they want, we can give.
    >> Anonymous 07/21/10(Wed)23:29 No.11274881
    Yeah that no was directed at the suggestion of cock monsters by the way. And as the next idea suggests the use of cock monsters, just call me Hypocriticalbrate.

    And, as much as I don't want to agree with Berine...yeah, the rape? Might be a good test to do. Just, you know, see if we can get protoss fleshlings and try to focus on...oh! Artisanlord new one-zergling show 'My Life Outside the Egg'. And maybe suggest some other styles of art -is it possible for our builds to look not so creepy and fleshy? Some a bit more art deco maybe, or spacious. If nothing else, it'll help disguise us.

    OH! Idea! Is it possible to bury the creep under the ground? So from the air planets don't look infested?

    And lets hand over integrating protoss and terran sciences to Labbrate. The idea of the space harvesting lords is nice, and maybe we could change those siege-tank ultralisks to a multi-weapon platform - i.e., attack a siege-tank, equip siege-tank turret. Attack a protoss walker, equip plasma-caster. And find a way to grow a small spore colony on a Ultralisk's back? Either for air cover or, well, for aiming those suckers at the ground? I mean, a spore colony should be able to aim down, right? It sounds easy.

    Also: Lets start eating our way through the mantle of the planets we've infested to. Underground bases and easy transport between locations. Even if the creep can't burrow, we can hide almost everythign else underground.
    >> ibot 07/21/10(Wed)23:29 No.11274884
    yes, YES! we have bent one to our will! cocklings, assemble! also, BEND MORE!!!
    >> Cerebrate Anon 07/21/10(Wed)23:31 No.11274904
    Infest another thread? Meta-quest-thread? Man, this is my first quest. I'm not READY for that shit.

    Labbrate informs us that it can make the Terrans more...lifelike, but the only solutions to infestation from them directly that would be more effective than the proboscis would make them MUCH easier to detect. People tend to notice if a person sweats orange gasses.
    >> LordHighlander 07/21/10(Wed)23:33 No.11274935
    plasma battery sounds lie the best idea...

    But we need to find a way to stabilize the ultralisks.
    Make them better firing platforms.

    And as for underground stuff, thats what we are doing with the mining of the system.

    Turning our planet into one giant as fuck Mega-zerg transport/bomb
    >> Anonymous 07/21/10(Wed)23:34 No.11274953
    Well, do both then, if we can. Lifelike chameleons assassin humans and INFEST EVERYTHING humans. See if we can't give them a gene that'll turn them into creep when they kill themselves, too.
    >> ibot 07/21/10(Wed)23:37 No.11275025
    possiby nesscary BUMP
    >> Anonymous 07/21/10(Wed)23:38 No.11275034
    Well, we really should figure out why spore colony's can't aim down. it seems like a obvious design flaw. But generally I want one type of Ultras to be biological tanks with claws - not ones with great hunking weapons that spinesnap. We have siege tanks for that. And another type of Ultra that can be used to salvage weapons in the field with specially trained fleshlings/zerglings/humans manning a firing platform on the ultra's back.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 07/21/10(Wed)23:38 No.11275042
    >see if we can get protoss fleshlings

    Labbrate seems to think this is very unlikely, but doesn't rule out the possibility. It seems distracted by our sudden progress with the Protoss, Antarsis.

    >Artisanlord new one-zergling show 'My Life Outside the Egg'. And maybe suggest some other styles of art -is it possible for our builds to look not so creepy and fleshy? Some a bit more art deco maybe, or spacious.

    Artisanlord is currently directing a very large sculpting project to depict our recent victory on a cliff face that Labbrate has kindly not informed it will be subject to volcanic activity within the next few weeks which will erase all of its work.

    It is not in the mood for suggestions. It tells us that art cannot be dictated.

    >OH! Idea! Is it possible to bury the creep under the ground? So from the air planets don't look infested?

    We have tried this before. The Creep simply cannot function that way.

    >Also: Lets start eating our way through the mantle of the planets we've infested to.

    This is already underway. Besilus' crust is barren, but beneath the sedimentary stone, our tendrils drain resources.
    >> Anonymous 07/21/10(Wed)23:40 No.11275064
    >> Anonymous 07/21/10(Wed)23:43 No.11275122
    Well, yes, if we don't have to dick a protoss to control one, that's good. Although it's not a fleshling. Mmhm.

    Anyway, can we dig into the mantle too? It's not so different from Char, blessed homeworld.

    Inform Artisanlord about the volcanic activity. Bring forth the concept of transient art and the beauty of destruction.
    >> Anonymous 07/21/10(Wed)23:44 No.11275130
    So what planets nearby can we go squash next?
    >> Cerebrate Anon 07/21/10(Wed)23:44 No.11275143
         File1279770267.jpg-(2 KB, 106x63, Overmind2_SC1_Game1.jpg)
    2 KB
    Antarsis cries out as our consciousness floods into his mind.


    The history of the Protoss, their technologies, their beliefs, their cultures and language...they flood into us as Labbrate's spores flood into Antarsis. With the Khala stripped away, the Protoss is ours!

    THIS is the Overmind's greatest goal. This is what the Swarm has marched across the stars to achieve. The Protoss is joined with us...but it is just one. The First Born were gifted with an interconnection of minds, and they have evolved a caste system. We must gain more of them if we are to become more...if we are to become

    >> LordHighlander 07/21/10(Wed)23:48 No.11275210
    share this with the Overmind.
    Get his attention and give that info to him.

    Also, lets get hunting down a TERRAN PLANET!
    Or a protoss. I really dont care which.
    >> Anonymous 07/21/10(Wed)23:48 No.11275220
    So what does this one know? Does he know how their teleportation technology works? Does he know of Protoss worlds and defenses?
    >> Anonymous 07/21/10(Wed)23:48 No.11275223
    We should totally use it's psionic capabilities to carry simulacrums of our hivemind.

    Then we will have a hivemind not limitated by distance, the first step into a greater conciousness
    >> Cerebrate Anon 07/21/10(Wed)23:49 No.11275232
    The Terrans know of a world called Char. It is like Embrie, but none of them would call it a homeworld...

    Artisanlord throws a fit at the idea of a lowly planet destroying its art. It demands that we alter the tectonic plate formation of this world to preserve its glorious creations.

    There are several systems nearby. Some are owned by Terrans, some by Protoss, and some by our brother Cerebrates in the care of the Overmind. From the Protoss, we have gained intimate knowledge of these things, though we have yet to integrate their technologies into our own.

    Citybrate offers to take a legion of overlords to a deserted system not too far from here and begin our immense world-devouring strategem.
    >> LordHighlander 07/21/10(Wed)23:51 No.11275280
    Begin Operation: Planet Consumption.

    Begin integrating Protoss technology into our own, and start breaking the minds of our other protoss captives.

    Alter the tectonic plates. Stabilize it. Preserve his art.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 07/21/10(Wed)23:53 No.11275315
    The Protoss' mind is stronger than the Terrans'. We must struggle to maintain control until the spores can do their insidious work from within. This being did not give up its precious Khala easily, and it tries, even unconsciously, to regain it at every turn. However, we sense that once the spores do their work, our psionic powers shall be magnified many times.

    Truly, this will revolutionize the Swarm.

    The Overmind has stretched Its consciousness across countless systems to turn its Eye upon the Protoss. Its goal of Perfection grows near. We are still shrouded from Its view, but we may pull away the veil at any time.

    Shall we rejoin the Swarm at large, and share our accomplishments, or keep them for ourselves?
    >> Anonymous 07/21/10(Wed)23:54 No.11275318
    Expose concepts from our fleshlings, specially some form of mono no aware (the beauty of transient things). An artistic mind is sure to love the philosophical ramifications of culture and its shifting expressions.

    We should take some asteroid platforms or something to fund an invasion and command outpost

    Also, >>11275223
    >> Anonymous 07/21/10(Wed)23:55 No.11275344
    I would focus on trying to merge our sciences first, finish mind controlling, get more then a single protoss on our side, develop a few new strains, and some backup bases on empty worlds.

    Also, we need a name. Cerebrate Anon doesn't strike fear into the hearts of man and protoss like...ok, we need a -Brood- Name that strikes fear into the hearts of man and protoss like Jormungan Brood does.
    >> LordHighlander 07/21/10(Wed)23:56 No.11275356
    Keep to ourselves. But can we load a overlord with all our current information on the protoss and send it their way?
    >> Anonymous 07/21/10(Wed)23:57 No.11275372
    Wait before sharing this knowledge. Once we have fully infested all of the Protoss that we have captured, then we will inform the Overmind. We will show it the fruits of our individuality, so it cannot deny us our right place within the Swarm.
    >> Anonymous 07/21/10(Wed)23:58 No.11275396
    Bhaal Brood?
    Or Fenrir Brood? The Morningstar?
    >> Anonymous 07/21/10(Wed)23:59 No.11275413
    Take up City on the offer, but give him some warriors to defend himself. Maybe some terrans with the suggestion that these are pet zerk. kekeke. Ahem.

    And...I still think we should look into protoss fleshings...away from us, like on a desolate moon somewhere. And if we can't do it...via bernie's method, lets just go with genetic tampering and twisting.
    >> LordHighlander 07/22/10(Thu)00:00 No.11275436
    Bhaal brood I like (and a tripcode please)
    >> Anonymous 07/22/10(Thu)00:01 No.11275447
    Well, Fenrir Brood is Nargil's...unless we're Nargil, which would be awesome.

    But I do like Morningstar.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 07/22/10(Thu)00:01 No.11275452
    Send Citybrate to develop this new Invasive World, or oversee the operation ourselves? We are stretched somewhat thin...

    With the mind of the Protoss entwined with ours, we are able to reactivate several Protoss buildings and machines. We alter the machines' code, and they answer to our whims. We now have access to several Protoss weapons, buildings, and designs, but unless we intend to summon Protoss warriors into our midst, prepared for combat, our supplies are limited to those we have on hand.

    Labbrate begins work on a series of Nydus canals that can delay the erosion of the sculpture for several more days, but it does not believe that we have the tools necessary to save it indefinitely. Artisanlord is distraught. It leaves its underlings behind as it flees toward Besilus. We resolve to give it time to understand its loss.
    >> Anonymous 07/22/10(Thu)00:02 No.11275458
    I think we should also continue construction of Terran equipment and vessels, to better infiltrate Confederacy-controlled systems. Our infested human scientists should assist Labrate in attempting to understand, replicate, and ultimately assimilate, Protoss technology.
    >> Anonymous 07/22/10(Thu)00:04 No.11275490
    Give him fleshlings to discuss art with. He will come to like something
    >> ibot 07/22/10(Thu)00:04 No.11275493
    Infest more protoss, make peacefull contact with small base of terrans or wipe them out.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 07/22/10(Thu)00:04 No.11275496
    I will let you all discuss Rejoining the Swarm vs Staying Rogue and Brood Names for Fun and Profit while I go take a whiz and grab another beer.
    >> Anonymous 07/22/10(Thu)00:04 No.11275498
    Hydra brood?
    >> ibot 07/22/10(Thu)00:06 No.11275513
    Summon 1 warrior. tell him we might be able to neggotiate.
    >> Anonymous 07/22/10(Thu)00:07 No.11275527
    Let him do it himself, but we will match him closely, after we are done with these protoss. City wasn't a creepy bastard and not much of a control freak, so we should be good.

    Yeah, I like this.

    But we should go quiet. Focus all our attentions on dealing with this protoss. We are not to be disturbed unless it's an awesome breakthrough in science, breeds, or weapons, an attack, or something bulling Artisan again.
    >> Anonymous 07/22/10(Thu)00:07 No.11275531
    Try developing spores with psionics/ a sense of self to gradually merge with a Protoss. Also, study human psionics in an attempt to understand them even more.
    >> ibot 07/22/10(Thu)00:08 No.11275539
    Oh, and rougue all the way.
    >> Anonymous 07/22/10(Thu)00:09 No.11275564
    I vote for rejoining the swarm. We don't have the resources to take on all three of the Great Powers. If we play our cards right, we can become the new overmind after Tassadar kill him off.
    >> Anonymous 07/22/10(Thu)00:11 No.11275592
    Rejoin the Swarm with our base genetic materials and knowledge.

    All our discoveries are mostly in testing phase and we should take control on how to distribute them. At the very least, we can offer our enhanced infiltration skills to the Overmind
    >> Anonymous 07/22/10(Thu)00:12 No.11275599
    We are the Will of the Overmind itself. Whatever we are, we were made for his will. Give up our secrets and beg not to be destroyed. [tgdoesn'thavespoilers] kekekeke over us screwing up the Great War. [/tgdoesn'thavespoilers]

    Anyway, Morningstar Brood, Doppelganger Brood, Illithid Brood are all good names.

    Attempt peaceful bribery/control. Contemplate a new breed of zerg that's job is beer creation. This should allow us to completely control the Confederacy.
    >> Anonymous 07/22/10(Thu)00:15 No.11275642
    How about we stay rogue, closely monitor the battles between the Terrans, the Protoss, and the Overmind. Then, when Kerrigan sets off that psionic beacon, we swoop in, rescue her, and negotiate with Raynor. We present ourselves as a part of the Zerg that has gone rogue, and are willing to peacefully co-exist with the Terrans.
    Of course, we have no real intention to follow through with that, but at that point, they may be desperate enough for allies that they'll take us up on it.
    We could even change how we look superficially, so that we don't resemble the Zerg they've been fighting up until now, and we present ourselves as a new alien faction, willing to ally with them against the Zerg and the Confederacy. How does this sound?
    >> Cerebrate Anon 07/22/10(Thu)00:21 No.11275737
         File1279772511.jpg-(62 KB, 800x600, 633782523531872280-zerg.jpg)
    62 KB

    I'm alright with a little metagame knowledge, but those are some pretty specific things you're pulling out, there. Currently, all we know of the conflict is that the Overmind rushed into the Koprulu Sector, infested a world, which was then burned by (our mind sifts through the Protoss' mind for a name...) Tassadar. Another world was burned away by this Tassadar before this colony discovered what seemed to be a new breed of Zerg, and set out to investigate.

    Beyond that, we know nothing of the war. We could know all that the Overmind knows, if we reopened our connection with It, but that would leave our individuality and all of our Brood at Its Mercy. That would reveal that we have forged our own cerebrates without Its consent. It would also offer up to It the greatest boon of all: a Protoss who carried Zerg strains within its blood...

    A second Protoss mind falters as we probe it. We begin to strip away the layers of her sacred code, but she resists, mightier than Antarsis. Perhaps our Protoss was weak-willed?
    >> Anonymous 07/22/10(Thu)00:25 No.11275793
    Which is why that was a bad idea.

    I still think we should return to the swarm...On bended knees and begging forgiveness, declaring that we were the most flexable of his children. [tgdoesn'thavespoilers] and so we can troll every other race as we don't need Kerrigan, the damn shadows can't kill us, and we win in the end without Overmind blowing up and Queen Blade Bitch of the Universe killing most cerebrates.[/tgdoesn'thavespoilers]
    >> Anonymous 07/22/10(Thu)00:25 No.11275800
    You're right, that might have been too specific.
    But I think that the rest of it still stands. If we want to maintain our individuality, we need to ensure that the Overmind cannot take control of us again; the simplest way to ensure this is to work towards its destruction, or at least, keeping it so occupied it cannot mount the psychic assault it needs to overpower us.
    This would be a chance to really start working on our infiltration, diplomacy, and negotiation stratagems and tactics.
    >> ibot 07/22/10(Thu)00:28 No.11275850
    I want to save kerrigan!
    kerrigan lands.
    The Zerg have been deafeted
    The protoss have been deafeted
    >> Dragonladieshere 07/22/10(Thu)00:28 No.11275852
         File1279772904.jpg-(1.3 MB, 1500x1250, kerr1.jpg)
    1.3 MB
    Mass produce her.
    >> LordHighlander 07/22/10(Thu)00:34 No.11275959
    lets stay rogue then.

    Vote now.
    current vote: 1 for rogue.
    >> Anonymous 07/22/10(Thu)00:35 No.11275973
    >> Anonymous 07/22/10(Thu)00:35 No.11275986
    >> Anonymous 07/22/10(Thu)00:36 No.11276000
    One Vote: GLORY TO THE OVERMIND, and so STAY!
    >> Cerebrate Anon 07/22/10(Thu)00:36 No.11276009
         File1279773392.jpg-(397 KB, 1200x1200, cglurkerhigh.jpg)
    397 KB
    Anon spent weeks considering its options on Embrie. It could rejoin the Swarm, reveal its actions and hope that its great strides of progress would spare it in the Overmind's Eye, or it could hoard its successes and work to create its own Swarm, its own way of life...

    Meanwhile, its Protoss technological programs faltered. It could reproduce Protoss buildings, and had come to understand the Photon Cannon's technologies, but it could not develop units without summoning them from Aiur. It feared that bringing units directly into the heart of its operations on Embrie was...ill-advised.

    It had subsumed the minds of five Protoss warriors, infusing their bodies with Zerg spores and gaining access to their genome. Each one spent days attempting to fight Anon's grip on their mind, but soon Anon's psionic powers integrated the energies of the Protoss into its own.

    Citybrate checked in regularly, its progress slow and laborious. Artisanlord's attention was diverted from its lost sculpture as it dedicated itself to a project of synchronized flight patterns of overlords. Shadows of geometric shapes, faces, and even Protoss glyphs passed across the face of Besilus as Artisanlord appropriated overlords for its art.

    Anon had yet to decide what it would do regarding the Swarm...but it sensed that a decision must be made NOW. Something was about to happen...and Anon knew that if it did not decide, a choice would be made for it.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 07/22/10(Thu)00:38 No.11276033

    ...She hates Zeratul...
    >> Anonymous 07/22/10(Thu)00:39 No.11276048
    Oh shit.

    Well, how are the Terran Scientists doing with what technology we can glean? Hopefully shields and maybe warp technology? And anything we could harvest off dead bodies and broken machines? And how is the deep digging doing? Whatever happens, I don't want to die.
    >> Anonymous 07/22/10(Thu)00:40 No.11276079
    Yes. Clearly this is Bernie's Taint without our brood. Damn him.
    >> Anonymous 07/22/10(Thu)00:40 No.11276087
    Rejoin Swarm

    Offer only our best tech: Infestation, infiltration, sabotage an appropriation of both zerg and terran

    Become Hassassin Brood, the dark hand of the Swarm
    >> LordHighlander !Jn4nSo5Ty6 07/22/10(Thu)00:40 No.11276089
    I aint Bernie!
    I am lordHighlander! check the previous threads...
    ANd no I adopt a trip.
    >> Anonymous 07/22/10(Thu)00:42 No.11276114
    >> ibot 07/22/10(Thu)00:42 No.11276126
    if we detect physicic siggnals we are going after them.also, new gettysburg must be starting up.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 07/22/10(Thu)00:42 No.11276131
    By my count, that's an even 3 - 3 on the Swarm issue.

    You guys had best decide. Shit's about to hit the fan.
    >> Anonymous 07/22/10(Thu)00:42 No.11276134
    And clearly the taint has developed a mind of it's own...great, do we have to wipe our our genetic code and find the errors in it?
    >> Cerebrate Anon 07/22/10(Thu)00:44 No.11276161
    4 - 3 in favor of rejoining the Swarm.

    Quickly, now...
    >> LordHighlander !Jn4nSo5Ty6 07/22/10(Thu)00:44 No.11276162
    How am I like Bernie? Going rogue and getting more tech, more protoss bodies, more terran bodies, that is a good thing!

    Rejoining the SWARM means less individuality...

    >> Dragonladieshere 07/22/10(Thu)00:45 No.11276168
         File1279773915.jpg-(572 KB, 1100x800, kerr2.jpg)
    572 KB
    >> Anonymous 07/22/10(Thu)00:45 No.11276181
    We cannot rejoin, we would lose all of our hard won gains, our freedom would be purged because we have done something even the Overmind has not: Absorbed some of the Elder Race. It would praise us yet despise our accomplishments in it's jealousy. We would be consumed for our success and individuality. We must prove to the Swarm that WE are the future.

    We stay Rogue. We watch and when all others are vulnerable we strike.

    Incidentally let's send scouting parties to nearby enemy systems, if we avoid other Broods we keep our profile down while still watching the war.
    >> Anonymous 07/22/10(Thu)00:46 No.11276187
    >>11276168 See, there it is. There it fucking is. Damn taint!
    >> Anonymous 07/22/10(Thu)00:47 No.11276198
    Let's rejoin. The worst that ca happen is we get assigned to a boring place, but at least there'll be more enemies to capture
    >> LordHighlander !Jn4nSo5Ty6 07/22/10(Thu)00:47 No.11276206
    in case anyone didnt see it...

    >> Anonymous 07/22/10(Thu)00:47 No.11276208
    >> Anonymous 07/22/10(Thu)00:47 No.11276209
    Okay, it's back to 4-4 now, and I already voted. Anyone else not voted yet?
    >> Cerebrate Anon 07/22/10(Thu)00:48 No.11276218
    That doesn't even look like my brid--I mean, like Kerrigan.

    Heh. That was totally the beer, not some long-hidden obsession.

    >> ibot 07/22/10(Thu)00:48 No.11276225
    I am for rougue.
    >> Anonymous 07/22/10(Thu)00:48 No.11276228

    I have not, and I vote for not rejoining the swarm.
    >> Anonymous 07/22/10(Thu)00:49 No.11276239
    Where are you getting that from?
    >> Anonymous 07/22/10(Thu)00:49 No.11276246
    No, the worst and likely outcome is that our individuality is erased as we are re-absorbed and distributed back into the Swarm.
    >> LordHighlander !Jn4nSo5Ty6 07/22/10(Thu)00:49 No.11276250

    Alright. WE are going rogue.

    Prepare our planets for anti-protoss everything. Now.
    >> Anonymous 07/22/10(Thu)00:50 No.11276257
    Oh, Cerebrate, you and your twisted, Bernie inspired lusts. How it makes us kekeke.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 07/22/10(Thu)00:50 No.11276258
    6 - 5 in favor of rejoining.

    You guys have until the end of this song in Winamp, so maybe 3 minutes. Work it out.
    >> Anonymous 07/22/10(Thu)00:50 No.11276269
    No, it's 6-5.
    >> Dragonladieshere 07/22/10(Thu)00:51 No.11276273
         File1279774260.jpg-(406 KB, 1114x1437, kerr5.jpg)
    406 KB
    >> LordHighlander !Jn4nSo5Ty6 07/22/10(Thu)00:51 No.11276283
    >Anon had yet to decide what it would do regarding the Swarm...but it sensed that a decision must be made NOW. Something was about to happen...and Anon knew that if it did not decide, a choice would be made for it.

    You guys had best decide. Shit's about to hit the fan.
    >> Dragonladieshere 07/22/10(Thu)00:51 No.11276291
         File1279774314.jpg-(194 KB, 1125x1500, kerr3.jpg)
    194 KB

    I vote to tie this shit.

    >> Anonymous 07/22/10(Thu)00:51 No.11276293
    Up production of scourge, mutalisks, and wraiths. We should try to keep this a space battle, and prevent the Protoss from either landing troops or getting into orbit to bombard us from space.

    Ask Labrate if it can jury-rig several cloaking fields to hide us and the other cerebrates, as well as some a couple Hives.
    >> Anonymous 07/22/10(Thu)00:52 No.11276295
    I like this name, it exemplifies us pretty well right now being all shadowy and shit. I already voted for not rejoining, we're making a mistake here folks the Overmind will NEVER let us go off on our own again. Also Boss where is our Anon currently? On Xenta?
    >> Anonymous 07/22/10(Thu)00:52 No.11276298
    >> Anonymous 07/22/10(Thu)00:52 No.11276307
    I rejoin the swarm. the overmind will find out what i've done eventually..
    >> Anonymous 07/22/10(Thu)00:52 No.11276310
    >> Anonymous 07/22/10(Thu)00:53 No.11276322
    ...Damn you Bernie. Damn you for agreeing with me.
    >> Anonymous 07/22/10(Thu)00:54 No.11276353
    I hope you choke when the Overmind decides to constrict our actions and more closely monitor our movements, or decides to attempt to wipe out our individuality.
    >> Dragonladieshere 07/22/10(Thu)00:55 No.11276364
         File1279774503.gif-(139 KB, 879x937, terranlisk.gif)
    139 KB
    I agree with Bernie's views and would like subscribe to his newsletter.

    Make these guys. Note boobs. Need that and cock.
    >> Anonymous 07/22/10(Thu)00:56 No.11276384
    Nonsense, The Overmind uses Cerebrates as lieutenants. They get dropped on some sector, and are told to accomplish shit.

    We just need to make sure we get the awesome Metal Gear Solid jobs
    >> Anonymous 07/22/10(Thu)00:57 No.11276397
    Solid Cerebrate ready for action, Big Brain.
    >> Anonymous 07/22/10(Thu)00:58 No.11276429
    You know, I'm kinda thankful that we didn't make an Assassin's Creed reference, what with hoping to be called the Hassassin Brood.
    >> Dragonladieshere 07/22/10(Thu)00:59 No.11276439

    You mean Angels and Demons right?
    >> Vaalintine 07/22/10(Thu)00:59 No.11276448
    Voting for NOT rejoining the Overmind. It would be hazardous to us. We dont want to lose that wich makes us, us, do we? I think not!
    >> Dragonladieshere 07/22/10(Thu)00:59 No.11276452
         File1279774794.jpg-(202 KB, 900x675, hydra.jpg)
    202 KB
    >> Anonymous 07/22/10(Thu)01:01 No.11276476
    Dude, Protoss can pretty much glass a planet with their flagships. although that leaves one more dead non-recoverable planet
    >> Anonymous 07/22/10(Thu)01:01 No.11276492

    Go on, taint, tempt me. I will rend my code strand-by-strand looking for you.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 07/22/10(Thu)01:01 No.11276496
         File1279774915.gif-(13 KB, 60x56, HK.gif)
    13 KB
    Aaaaaaand, voting closed. Sorry it took longer than expected. I was confused by Kerrigan having a penis. Why would somebody even draw that? It doesn't make any...sorry.

    Anon gathered its senses together, and resolutely pulled away the curtain of consciousness that had hidden its thoughts from the Overmind. Images trickled in; the Overmind had been burned away from several worlds, but had only been probing the Terrans and Protoss to begin with. It had yet to truly fight any battles on the scale that Anon had.

    Its Eye nearly burst open at the news of infested Protoss. New thoughts and information flooded through it. Aiur among them.

    "I am well pleased, young Cerebrate. While your growth in isolation is astounding, your results are incalculable. You have done alone what the combined ranks of the entire Swarm have failed to do. You have begun our ultimate transformation into Perfect Beings...but to complete this transformation, we must become Manifest upon Aiur, the homeworld of the Protoss. You have seen its location in the minds of these First Born. Soon, we--"

    The Overmind stops as a wave of psionic energy floods the collective consciousness of the Swarm.

    Something is calling.

    It overwhelms our senses. We immediately call all of our Brood to the stars. We initiate warp travel, some of our units only half-equipped with our untested shield technology. Some of them carrying untested plasma weaponry. Infested Terrans pool around our dropships, mindlessly waiting to be taken along.

    Faintly, our dropship pilots register the destination: Antiga Prime...
    >> ibot 07/22/10(Thu)01:02 No.11276503
    scores like 11-8
    rougue is winning
    >> Anonymous 07/22/10(Thu)01:03 No.11276526
    Which makes it all the more important that we engage their forces while they're still out of range of initiating an orbital strike. For that we need scourges, wraiths and mutalisks.
    >> Dragonladieshere 07/22/10(Thu)01:04 No.11276550
         File1279775063.jpg-(180 KB, 1214x1027, hydra2.jpg)
    180 KB
    >> Anonymous 07/22/10(Thu)01:06 No.11276584
    >Its Eye nearly burst open
    I lol'd

    >Antiga Prime
    need a wiki now
    >> LordHighlander !Jn4nSo5Ty6 07/22/10(Thu)01:06 No.11276598
    >> ibot 07/22/10(Thu)01:07 No.11276602
    Go to exactly the location of the beracon. rape everthing.
    except one girl [kerrigan] who looks like see would make a great back-scratcher, keep he alive and well.
    >> Anonymous 07/22/10(Thu)01:07 No.11276606
    Well shit.
    Have our infested humans remain where they are, and pump out more infested humans and weapons. Specifically siege tanks, wraiths, gauss weapons, cloaking and jamming systems, and dropships to transport all of that stuff to where ever we are.
    We must have Labrate unlock the secrets of the Protoss Gate system. Once unraveled, we can warp in material reinforcements from Xenta to where ever our battlefield may be.
    >> Dragonladieshere 07/22/10(Thu)01:07 No.11276610
         File1279775240.jpg-(214 KB, 900x1000, hydra3.jpg)
    214 KB
    >> Anonymous 07/22/10(Thu)01:09 No.11276648
    I hope you haven't been infested by the Bernie Taint. I will kill you.
    >> LordHighlander !Jn4nSo5Ty6 07/22/10(Thu)01:10 No.11276661
    let the rape commence.

    Put genitelia on each of our strain. Both male and female.
    >> Dragonladieshere 07/22/10(Thu)01:10 No.11276666
         File1279775445.jpg-(247 KB, 900x1000, hydra4.jpg)
    247 KB
    >> Anonymous 07/22/10(Thu)01:11 No.11276681
    Bust the front of things with heavies

    Use our gausslisks and other niceties in drops from jetlords

    Recover psionics, pilots and medical/engineering technicians
    >> Dragonladieshere 07/22/10(Thu)01:13 No.11276709
         File1279775617.jpg-(253 KB, 619x800, kerr4.jpg)
    253 KB
    >> Cerebrate Anon 07/22/10(Thu)01:13 No.11276711
         File1279775619.jpg-(35 KB, 640x480, hydralisk.jpg)
    35 KB
    Our mind blurs with psionic energy as a mental imprint burns its light across the stars.

    Whoever is behind this is strong. We can feel that it is enhanced by technology, but its source is mighty indeed.

    Our Brood joins with those of the other Cerebrates as we fall upon Antiga Prime. We meet with some insignificant resistance there, no match for the combined strength of the newly-whole Swarm. Battlecruisers and wraiths fall out of the sky, tanks and goliaths mar the landscape with their flaming wreckage. Our forces in particular pave the road to their goal with blood and twisted metal, but Daggoth's zerglings reach the source of this distress first.

    A machine! A blasted machine! His minions tear it apart in rage, releasing us from its thrall.

    Near the edge of the system, a fleet prepares to jump away to safety...
    >> LordHighlander !Jn4nSo5Ty6 07/22/10(Thu)01:14 No.11276717

    read the battle of antiga prime
    >> LordHighlander !Jn4nSo5Ty6 07/22/10(Thu)01:15 No.11276733

    and find out if we can salvage the machine, to utilize it and block out future signals
    >> Anonymous 07/22/10(Thu)01:16 No.11276746
    Damnit Daggoth!
    Try to salvage the psionic beacon so we can use its technology in the future.
    >> Anonymous 07/22/10(Thu)01:18 No.11276780
    Orders, overmind?

    But track the jump, and see if we can convene with Daggoth to look over the wreckage of that device. It may be...useful, in the future. If we could use it on ourselves...well...defeating the Protoss could be child's play, yes....
    >> Anonymous 07/22/10(Thu)01:20 No.11276818

    There is going to be a lot of things to salvage
    >> LordHighlander !Jn4nSo5Ty6 07/22/10(Thu)01:21 No.11276831
    get as much as possible off that planet, and get it back to our planets.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 07/22/10(Thu)01:21 No.11276843
         File1279776107.jpg-(36 KB, 470x419, Hydralisk_SC1_Art2.jpg)
    36 KB
    Daggoth and Zasz protest our sudden retreat from Antiga as we pull our forces into our overlords to pursue the fleet. The Overmind casually rebukes them, saying that our actions are acceptable as the most distinguished Cerebrate in Its command.

    As our overlords take orbit, the fleet is almost prepared for warp. It pauses briefly to accept refugees on a few rogue dropships, and then the fleet is gone. Our overlords, fat with our Brood, are slow to follow, and lose them.

    We recall them to Xenta moments before the Protoss fleet, likely still under the command of Tassadar, takes up position and burns away the crust of Antiga behind us.
    >> Anonymous 07/22/10(Thu)01:25 No.11276899
    Planets in reach

    We want something with some enemy presence, to avoid discriminate glassing
    >> Anonymous 07/22/10(Thu)01:26 No.11276903
    Thank you oh glorious Overmind. As we have many infested terrans with us, is it possible that we can tract this fleets movements?

    >>see if we can convene with Daggoth to look over the wreckage of that device

    I'm assuming this didn't work out?
    >> Anonymous 07/22/10(Thu)01:26 No.11276904
    We got roasted.
    >> Anonymous 07/22/10(Thu)01:26 No.11276907
    Were we able to recovery any Terran technology (specifically the psionic beacon) or war material?
    >> Cerebrate Anon 07/22/10(Thu)01:30 No.11276978
         File1279776637.jpg-(62 KB, 464x600, Hydralisk_SC2_Cncpt2.jpg)
    62 KB
    Very few of our troops were on Antiga when it burned. Most were en route to the fleeing Terran fleet when they lost it. At that time, we recalled them to Xenta, saving them from certain death at the hands of Tassadar.

    Tassadar's fleet is surely still hovering over Antiga, should we choose to interact with it.

    Meanwhile, our infested humans lay low in the Sons of Korhol fleet, having joined it in their slow-to-arrive Dropships just before it fled the system.

    The Overmind shrewdly waits to see how we will handle the situation...
    >> ibot 07/22/10(Thu)01:31 No.11276999
    Follow the fleet. also this better get archived. going to bed
    >> Anonymous 07/22/10(Thu)01:33 No.11277031
    Search options, we can wait until we know where the fleet lands, then perhaps we can infiltrate a command center and drop all communications when its good for us
    >> Anonymous 07/22/10(Thu)01:35 No.11277068
    Are we powerful enough to deal with this Protoss Fleet? If so, sever the head while the body can not react. End them here, before they can hunt the rest of us down.

    As for our infested terrans, begin taking over engineers as stealthily as possible. Any science terrans will make subtle attempts to track the movement of the fleet and find out any information they know. Nothing overt, yet, but slight damages and information leaks we could follow. These terrans are an affront to the overmind, calling down the Zerg as if it was a plaything. They will be slaughtered, converted and given over to...the Taint of Bernie.
    >> Anonymous 07/22/10(Thu)01:37 No.11277120
    Have our infested humans stay low for now, but keep us up to date on where the Sons fleet is going, and information concerning internal disposition and troop strength.
    Continue augmenting our Brood strength with assimilated Terran weapon systems, and have Labrate continue to research the Protoss technology.

    Were we able to recover anything from either the psionic beacon, or whatever was used to power it?
    >> Cerebrate Anon 07/22/10(Thu)01:50 No.11277360
         File1279777825.jpg-(39 KB, 480x360, zerg platform0.jpg)
    39 KB
    Anon's Brood returned to Xenta, and continued its actions from before the interruption. Small, portable shield generators were refit onto the personal cloaking devices of every Zerg. The Overmind wondered at this reliance on technology, but also seemed very impressed at the synthesis of Terran and Protoss technologies with Zerg physiology. It seemed especially interested in the fleshlings.

    Anon felt very self-conscious in describing the genesis of the fleshlings, and the Overmind understood why by the end.

    Labbrate informs us, at long last, that very little Protoss battle technology is particularly promising for addition to Zerg physiology. It has managed to pull together the remains of a Carrier, enabling its primary orbital laser cannon, but not its allotment of interceptor drones.

    Anon pondered that it was possibly strong enough to defeat Tassadar's fleet, but would probably leave itself open should the Confederacy or the Sons of Korhol return to Antiga before its troops could retreat.

    The infested agents quietly infiltrated the Sons of Korhol fleet, isolating "nonessential" personnel and infesting them whenever possible. Before too long, nearly one in ten members of the fleet's support staff are Anon's servants.

    Anon yearns to discover what it was that powered that psi emitter. It yearns to absorb all of humanity.

    The Overmind yearns to absorb all of the Protoss. It plots its invasion of Aiur and its manifestation upon the planet's surface.

    All of this came to pass, and Cerebrate Anon did prepare, for it knew that a new trial was upon it...

    (Sorry, guys. I'm suddenly passing out, here. I don't know what happened. Maybe I spent too much energy trying to understand the thoughts behind this Starcraft Porn Drawfaggotry. It's certainly confusing. Who whacks off to hydralisks with tits? Whatever. I'll see you guys around the same time Monday night, k?)
    >> Anonymous 07/22/10(Thu)01:50 No.11277372
    AH! Yes, communicate with Daggoth and Zasz and plan a three-pronged attack to these annoying Protoss. This 'Tassadar' as willfully attacked the Zerg on many fronts. We the Cerebrate of the Hassassin Brood, and Zasz's Garm Brood and Daggoth's Mighty Tiamat Brood will swarm - Tiamat and ourselves content to maul the starships, and Garm and our infestors will corrupt and exterminate the insides.
    >> Anonymous 07/22/10(Thu)01:52 No.11277400
    Alright, someone archive.
    >> Anonymous 07/22/10(Thu)01:54 No.11277430
    Use the infested terrans to commence FLESHLING PRODUCTION among the crews of the ships they have infiltrated.
    >> Anonymous 07/22/10(Thu)01:54 No.11277431
    Alright. See you Monday.
    >> Cerebrate Anon 07/22/10(Thu)01:54 No.11277441

    Hooray! Another archive for the Swarm!
    >> Anonymous 07/22/10(Thu)01:54 No.11277443
    ...It has gone rogue (OR HAS IT?!)

    Really, fellow impulses. This is what we leave in testament to our glory and highest accolades given to us by the Overmind?
    >> Cerebrate Anon 07/22/10(Thu)01:55 No.11277468
    In fairness, the opening blurb did say we'd gone rogue, and by the end of the thread, this was no longer true.
    >> LordHighlander !Jn4nSo5Ty6 07/22/10(Thu)07:45 No.11281600
    Yay for our return I guess.
    Still, we get to operate however we want.
    Yay for that too.
    >> Anonymous 07/22/10(Thu)09:36 No.11282802
    The Bride?
    Some drawfag get working on this right away! CONTACT ARTISANLORD, WE HAVE A NEW COMMISSION! WE HAVE A NEW DIRECTION FOR HIS ART!!!
    This summer...
    Sarah Kerritino will...
    >> Anonymous 07/22/10(Thu)09:46 No.11282952
    Yep, no Bernie. However it must be the taint talking, but we could test what would happen...see if we get fleshling protoss or not.
    >> A passing inventorlord 07/22/10(Thu)09:53 No.11283045
         File1279806793.jpg-(18 KB, 260x264, Rifleman_iic.jpg)
    18 KB
    Good news everybody! It's a suppository! Erhm, excuse me, this is the wrong speech...let's see here, ah yes. Friends, I have been to the outer limits! I spoke with these funny-talking green guys, who have gifted me with these 15, uhwhups. {Crack} 10! 10 commandments for racial perfection! Strangely enough the first five were all the same...MORE DAKKA
    After some exploration upon this new term, and understanding...I have come to understand we need a second strain of Ultralisk, utilizing a large whip tail for melee, we shall instead place those cannons...ON ITS ARMS!!!!

    see here for a mechanical example I gleaned from an ancient human warbook on the way back. Boy are we lucky they've forgotten about these technologies!
    Also, smaller versions should be put on hydras, as the claws could hurt prospective mates, but with these you could pin them instead!
    I'm also working on a way to SMELL the location of other hives from across time and space, but this dag cold is in the way.
    >> Anonymous 07/22/10(Thu)10:26 No.11283403
    attach vagina tentacles to dicklings.

    Order them to raep themselves

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