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  • File : 1278921595.jpg-(201 KB, 396x558, 1262855899175.jpg)
    201 KB BARD QUEST 07/12/10(Mon)03:59 No.11084593  
    Sup/tg/ is down, so just a recap.

    Last time you came across a small village. They were fearful of Grue, as he and Glod had been robing people close to the village for some time. Talking them down, you put on a show for the villagers. You were able to acquire, through trade as and payment for your show, a larger wagon, a riding horse, two strong horses to pull the wagon, and supplies, in addition to Tanot's wagon and horses. You're using Tanot's smaller wagon to haul supplies and your new wagon to ride in. You also met the Ranger Ruby, who ran away from her Grandfather to join your traveling troupe, which still doesn't have a name by the way. You spent the night with Ruby.

    You wake up to find the skies dark and gray, the sun hasn't even properly started rising. Ruby is pulling her boots on next to you and hands you your shirt. "Get dressed, we need to head out soon if we don't want my Gramp's search party finding us. And he will send one, he's a stubborn bastard."
    >> Anonymous 07/12/10(Mon)04:00 No.11084605
    so is it story time or quest time? I can't tell.
    >> Anonymous 07/12/10(Mon)04:02 No.11084623
    >>just a recap
    Aaaww fuck :(
    >> Anonymous 07/12/10(Mon)04:04 No.11084643
    man, I really love reading the writefaggotry, but mother of all fuck do I hate the shouting contests in between over what happens next
    >> BARD QUEST 07/12/10(Mon)04:06 No.11084669
    Sorry, I wasn't clear.
    I meant that, instead of linking to the thread like I normally do, I just had to do the recap. I'm all for doing a thread tonight.
    >> Anonymous 07/12/10(Mon)04:09 No.11084705
    Boy, ruby just gets up and takes control, doesn't she?
    >> Anonymous 07/12/10(Mon)04:09 No.11084712
    I saw we think of a damn name while we get out cloths on. Also, comb our hair. Sex hair isn't easy to hide and everyone int he group will know.
    I mean... they probably already know but...
    >> Anonymous 07/12/10(Mon)04:11 No.11084735
    Your right. But yeah, we should make our best effort to hide it.
    >> Anonymous 07/12/10(Mon)04:11 No.11084737
         File1278922267.jpg-(119 KB, 750x1024, 1278845753959.jpg)
    119 KB
    One of the reasons shes so hot.
    >> Anonymous 07/12/10(Mon)04:13 No.11084774
    Did she atleast cuddle afterwards? Was it good? We need this information.
    >> Anonymous 07/12/10(Mon)04:13 No.11084776
    Just throwing it out there, The Pink Creamers?
    >> Anonymous 07/12/10(Mon)04:15 No.11084802
    >> Anonymous 07/12/10(Mon)04:16 No.11084822
    "Just five more minutes." and try to pull her back into our warm embrace.
    >> Anonymous 07/12/10(Mon)04:18 No.11084835
    We have things to do today!
    >> Anonymous 07/12/10(Mon)04:19 No.11084855
    and they can wait until after some ridiculously early morning sex. Or atleast some fondling and kissing.
    >> Anonymous 07/12/10(Mon)04:19 No.11084858
    Get dressed and grab a bit of food that out gypsy has inevitably prepared for the group.
    >> BARD QUEST 07/12/10(Mon)04:20 No.11084860
    She kept you warm all night, and you still can't figure out how she did that with her tongue.
    You try to talk her back into the bedroll, but she's already dressed. Pulling your clothes on and taking out a comb, you try to get cleaned up enough that you can at least pretend you weren't doing what the entire parting knows you were doing. In all likelihood if Ruby didn't have such a high perception, Tanot would have tried to sneak a peek.
    The two of you walk into camp to find everyone still sleeping. Everyone but Zanne, who is re-kindling the fire and preparing breakfast. She looks up at the two of you and quickly looks back to the fire. You think you see a blush on her brown cheeks, but it's still too dark to tell. Ruby paces for a little bit. "We don't have time for this." But Zanne has already started cooking some meat, the the smell makes your mouth water. As Ruby sits next to you you can hear her stomach rumble.
    >> Anonymous 07/12/10(Mon)04:21 No.11084880
    Silly Ruby. Never mess with the morning ritual.
    >> Anonymous 07/12/10(Mon)04:22 No.11084896
    Having a gypsy homemaker is kinda nice!
    >> Anonymous 07/12/10(Mon)04:23 No.11084902
    Dang it, tell everyone we'll get ourselves some nice breakfast at an in after we get out of this area. Apologize to Zanne for making her go through the trouble of starting breakfast only to have to put the supplies back.
    >> Anonymous 07/12/10(Mon)04:23 No.11084908
    Hmm... we should try to hold Ruby's hand, and be sneaky about it.
    >> Anonymous 07/12/10(Mon)04:24 No.11084921
    It's already cooking. Wake up everyone while she finishes and have everyone eat on the wagon.
    >> Anonymous 07/12/10(Mon)04:25 No.11084924
    I had thought it was about a weeks travel to our destination. It won't work.
    >> Anonymous 07/12/10(Mon)04:26 No.11084933
    I reckon we should call our troupe Tigerbomb.
    >> Anonymous 07/12/10(Mon)04:27 No.11084950
    Tigerbomb? Really?
    >> Anonymous 07/12/10(Mon)04:28 No.11084960
    Yep...I don't really care, just trying to open up ideas.
    >> Abaddon 07/12/10(Mon)04:29 No.11084965
    no the fire will be a good diversion, make more fires in the area and then leave, lukewarm meat isn't "that" bad
    >> Anonymous 07/12/10(Mon)04:30 No.11084973
    We should name the troupe "Grue and his Amazing Harem"
    >> Anonymous 07/12/10(Mon)04:30 No.11084982
    Hey, didn't we basically tell everyone in that town exactly where we're headed? Maybe we should travel offroad for a while.
    >> Anonymous 07/12/10(Mon)04:31 No.11084987
    Get Grue a fly pimp hat and it's a deal.
    >> Anonymous 07/12/10(Mon)04:31 No.11084991
    This I like. Good show.
    >> Anonymous 07/12/10(Mon)04:32 No.11085004
    Perhaps a large cane as well?
    >> Anonymous 07/12/10(Mon)04:33 No.11085015
    Sure, and a monocle for the hell of it too.
    >> Anonymous 07/12/10(Mon)04:34 No.11085036
    he does only have one eye...
    >> BARD QUEST 07/12/10(Mon)04:36 No.11085049
    You know me too well.
    You sneak your hand behind Ruby and take her left hand. She turns to you and crooks a brow, but she holds your hand behind her back. After watching Zanne for a moment the two of you start rounding everyone up. Tabby wakes up on the first try, used to waking up early, but it takes several attempts to rouse Newt. As soon as she wakes up and sees Ruby, she gives a little shriek and bolts upright, the noise being able to wake up most of the rest of the party. You know, you haven't really introduced her yet. Tanot swings out of his hammock and just grins like an idiot when he sees you. After Zanne finishes the cooking and handing out the food, you tell everyone to get ready to leave, you can eat on the road.
    As it gets brighter, the sky remains dark. It seems dark storm clouds moved in in the early morning. The temperature has dropped enough that you wish you had a little warmer gear. You make up for this by sitting closer to Ruby then is entirely necessary. Ruby smiles at the sky. "Good. It'll be harder to track us. He'll give up after about a day. He knows I'll be back eventually."
    Unfortunately, it seems that Persius found Ruby's not sooner then you would have liked. You see horses in the distance traveling in your direction.
    >> Anonymous 07/12/10(Mon)04:36 No.11085050
    Okay, so, we eat breakfast, try to get a little cuddly with Ruby, then pack up and get on our way.

    Also, while packing ask Ruby if it's possible to travel off of the road.
    >> Anonymous 07/12/10(Mon)04:38 No.11085079
    Blast, I suppose it's time for either an emotional confrontation or an epic horse chase down the road. I vote for the chase of course.
    >> Anonymous 07/12/10(Mon)04:40 No.11085088
    I'm picturing a Red Dead Redemption chase, but with Lesbians.
    >> Anonymous 07/12/10(Mon)04:40 No.11085089
    As if a cart will ever outrun a free horse. Unless maybe we caulk the wagon and go down river.
    >> Anonymous 07/12/10(Mon)04:41 No.11085100
    >Unless maybe we caulk the wagon and go down river.
    >> Anonymous 07/12/10(Mon)04:42 No.11085114
    Guys, what about the rest of the Party? I mean, I know Ruby is now our Gal Pal but I doubt the rest of the party would be too pleased with us endangering everyone so we can get a little nookie.
    >> Anonymous 07/12/10(Mon)04:44 No.11085132
    I was joking and assuming everyone would do the logical thing and vote we talk to them. I was wrong.
    >> Anonymous 07/12/10(Mon)04:44 No.11085138
    They've had no problem following us to certain doom before. That said, trying to escalate things is a bad idea.
    >> Anonymous 07/12/10(Mon)04:45 No.11085143
    We can get them all tail when we get to the City.
    Besides, I'll bet 10 silver that Zanne will end up with Grue. Zanne or Tabby or both.
    >> Anonymous 07/12/10(Mon)04:45 No.11085148
    When have we done that?
    And the Bandit cave was justified.
    >> Anonymous 07/12/10(Mon)04:46 No.11085162
    No it wasn't. We went looking for a fight.
    >> Anonymous 07/12/10(Mon)04:47 No.11085172
    We were being robbed and then decided to stop it for the good of the area!
    Besides, it was just one dwarf.
    >> Anonymous 07/12/10(Mon)04:48 No.11085185
    Right... So are we actually going to run, or are we going to talk? Ruby is a big girl now, we know that, and she can take care of herself. Her grandpa is just an overprotective one armed bastard.
    >> Anonymous 07/12/10(Mon)04:48 No.11085187
    That's irrelevant, and Grue lost an eye.
    >> Anonymous 07/12/10(Mon)04:49 No.11085197
    Good point. He only has one arm. we can take him.
    >> BARD QUEST 07/12/10(Mon)04:55 No.11085258
    You weigh the options, and come very close to running like a bat out of the hells, but at the last second you decide against it. You don't slow the horses, but you don't speed up either.
    The party seems to get a little tense when they see riders approaching, but relax when as they see it's the villagers and you explain that Ruby wanted to come with you and her Grandfather is somewhat overprotective.
    Persius blacks the road with his horse. The rains starts, light at first, and he glares at you. "RUBY! What the HELL are you doing in that wagon? You get your little ass back to the village right this instant!
    >> Anonymous 07/12/10(Mon)04:56 No.11085270
    Might as well let her speak for herself. If things get out of hand we'll use our oratory skills.
    >> Anonymous 07/12/10(Mon)04:58 No.11085294
    This would probably be a good time to stop holding Ruby's hand.
    >> Anonymous 07/12/10(Mon)04:59 No.11085301
    Phew. Lost internet connection for a few minutes there. I'm glad I didn't miss much.
    >> Anonymous 07/12/10(Mon)04:59 No.11085308
    I thought we were snuggling? Either way, we might want to move a little away, lest he thinks we seduced her.
    >> Anonymous 07/12/10(Mon)05:00 No.11085326
    Maybe we should make it clear that she seduced us.
    >> Anonymous 07/12/10(Mon)05:01 No.11085331
    Right. Either way. Time to knock it off.
    >> Anonymous 07/12/10(Mon)05:01 No.11085335
    We never stood a chance really.
    >> Anonymous 07/12/10(Mon)05:01 No.11085339
    Only if the subject of who seduced who comes up.
    >> BARD QUEST 07/12/10(Mon)05:06 No.11085387
    Seeing the angry old man, you scoot a little ways away from Ruby. You're still sitting too close, but not as close. You give her hand a squeeze as she stands up. "Old man, I'm old enough now to make my own choices. You trust me enough to go hunting alone, why can't you trust me to see the world?" You're the only one close enough to see it, but Ruby looks a little less sure of herself right now.
    "I've seen the world Ruby. I've told you all you need to know. It's a an evil shit-hole. The world claimed your father, and I'm not losing another of my kin." The rest of the riders seem to be hanging back from wagons. And the rain starts coming down harder.
    >> Anonymous 07/12/10(Mon)05:07 No.11085394
         File1278925624.jpg-(14 KB, 409x462, Nazi-War.jpg)
    14 KB
    >> Anonymous 07/12/10(Mon)05:08 No.11085416
    Reassure her and try to get her to keep speaking.
    >> Anonymous 07/12/10(Mon)05:09 No.11085419
    Stand up beside Ruby. See if we can't give her some kind of morale support. Can we use our bardic sleight of hand to put a reassuring hand on her back without her father or the other horsemen seeing? Prefferably without anyone seeing, but her father and the horsemen most importantly.
    >> Anonymous 07/12/10(Mon)05:10 No.11085435
    It's raining. Perhaps he would rather sit underneath our roof while fur discussion takes place.
    >> Anonymous 07/12/10(Mon)05:11 No.11085443
    It seems her dad is dead, and that's why the Grandpa doesn't want her leaving.
    >> Anonymous 07/12/10(Mon)05:12 No.11085464
    Does gramps know about resurrection?
    >> Anonymous 07/12/10(Mon)05:13 No.11085472
    This seems to be a relatively low magic setting... Kinda? Not counting Newt?
    >> Anonymous 07/12/10(Mon)05:14 No.11085494
    If that is the case, Newt is a friggin' find let me tell you.
    >> Anonymous 07/12/10(Mon)05:15 No.11085511
    We should invite the grandfather to continue this discussion inside the wagon, if he likes.
    >> Anonymous 07/12/10(Mon)05:16 No.11085525
    But she also said she was going to a university. So magic isn't THAT rare.
    ... Maybe it's like Diskworld magic? There's only a few wizards, but everyone knows about magic?
    >> Anonymous 07/12/10(Mon)05:17 No.11085545
    Moderately powerful paladins and clerics can heal wounds like Grue's blinded eye so I think we're working with a bit higher than low level magic.
    >> BARD QUEST 07/12/10(Mon)05:24 No.11085646
    You stand up beside Ruby as the rain pours off your traveling hat. You slip an arm around Ruby's waist and call out to Persius, inviting him to the wagon to discuss this. "We aren't discussing anything. Ruby is coming back home with me."
    Jerking out from your arm, Ruby throws one of her daggers at her grandfather. You hear the ping as it knocks his helmet off of his head. He nearly falls off his horse, but he steadies himself. "Grandpa, I can take care of myself. YOU made sure of that. What's to stop me from just not coming back from a hunting trip? You knew I wouldn't stay in the village forever!"
    Persius looks down at his helmet down in the mud. "I was rather hoping you would." He sighs and seems to deflate some. "You're too much like your mother, you know that? She wouldn't listen to me either. I suppose that's why your father married her." His eyes stare right into you. "And you. You take care of her. There's an Oak tree a few miles up the road. Dig between the two largest roots." He turns his horse and rides off, the other riders following him. Ruby sits back down and pulls her cloak farther up her head. "Thanks." Pausing only to pick up the dagger and helmet, she takes the reigns from you.
    >> Anonymous 07/12/10(Mon)05:27 No.11085683
    Take off them, preferably to the tree so we can dig up what he left the girl.
    >> Anonymous 07/12/10(Mon)05:27 No.11085687
    Is anyone else reminded of when we recruited Tabby?
    >> Anonymous 07/12/10(Mon)05:27 No.11085691
    "I apologize if I offended you by getting involved. I only wanted to help."
    >> Abaddon 07/12/10(Mon)05:27 No.11085693

    yay hidden treasure
    >> Anonymous 07/12/10(Mon)05:28 No.11085697
    Father's don't like their daughters leaving with a circus lesbian, apparently.
    >> Anonymous 07/12/10(Mon)05:29 No.11085716
    Yeah, what's with that?
    >> Anonymous 07/12/10(Mon)05:30 No.11085731
    I wonder if newt has parents
    >> Anonymous 07/12/10(Mon)05:31 No.11085752
    When was the last time you heard about a shy Wizard apprentice that had parents?
    >> Anonymous 07/12/10(Mon)05:32 No.11085761
    It seems like everyone we recruit has parent issues.
    >> Anonymous 07/12/10(Mon)05:32 No.11085768
    Dunno. If I had a daughter I'd prefer her to be a lesbian.

    You can't trust boys with your daughter.
    >> Anonymous 07/12/10(Mon)05:33 No.11085775
    The final boss will be our father. I'm calling it.
    >> Anonymous 07/12/10(Mon)05:33 No.11085777
    After this >>11085691
    head to the tree. Ruby will probably need to lead us.
    >> Anonymous 07/12/10(Mon)05:34 No.11085782
    Not Grue! His parents seem happily married... even if one is an Ogre and the other is a Half Orc. And Tanot's mom still lives on a farm.
    And Tabby's dad is a shopkeeper. he was just overprotective as well.
    Zanne comes from an abusive family so she falls under that.
    And I assume Grego's parents are goat parents and don't give a fuck.
    >> Abaddon 07/12/10(Mon)05:34 No.11085788

    and we'll have to prusuade him that we are a big girl and can adventure with our bardly lesbian self with out any trouble?

    This has to be.
    >> Anonymous 07/12/10(Mon)05:35 No.11085798
    >And I assume Grego's parents are goat parents and don't give a fuck.
    Gregor is a polymorphed human, calling it now. That's why he's such a hit.
    >> Anonymous 07/12/10(Mon)05:36 No.11085807
    I kind of got the vibe that Grue's parents died and he got taken in by Glod who used him to earn cash.
    >> Anonymous 07/12/10(Mon)05:37 No.11085816
    I hate you. You're breaking my heart. NOTHING BAD EVER HAPPEND TO GRUE! YOU SHUT UP!
    >> Anonymous 07/12/10(Mon)05:37 No.11085826
    I wish OP would update a little faster.
    >> BARD QUEST 07/12/10(Mon)05:41 No.11085874
    You start to apologize to Ruby, but she shuts you up with a kiss. "Hey, thanks. But don't think you can always back me up. Like I told him, I'm a big girl. And I know what tree he's talking about. Lets go." You ride the rest of the way in silence, broken only when Grue speaks. "Zanne food-lady? Why Bardy girl kiss new girl?"
    The oak tree is huge, towering over everything in the area. You start to get up, but Ruby stops you. "No. I'll do this. Wait here." After about twenty minutes with a shovel, you hear a dull thud. Ruby comes back carrying a box with her. He sets it in the wagon and gets back up beside you. "We'll open it later. I just want to get out of this rain." You can't help but notice that her face is glistening with sweat, despite it being cold.
    >> Anonymous 07/12/10(Mon)05:43 No.11085906
    But we wanna open it NOW!
    >> Anonymous 07/12/10(Mon)05:43 No.11085911
    Hand her something to dry herself and wipe away the mud with. Then start back on the road. Also, ask if Ruby has any favorite songs, or types of songs. We should learn our new beau's preferences.
    >> Anonymous 07/12/10(Mon)05:43 No.11085914
    >> Anonymous 07/12/10(Mon)05:45 No.11085932
    What's Grue getting at? Is he secretly very perceptive? A disproportionately high wisdom?
    >> Anonymous 07/12/10(Mon)05:45 No.11085934
    Ok... so who's going to explain sex and lesbians to Grue?
    >> Anonymous 07/12/10(Mon)05:46 No.11085948
    Keep traveling on then, ask her where the next settlement is, hopefully it's close enough that we can reach it before night sets in.
    >> Anonymous 07/12/10(Mon)05:46 No.11085951
    NOT IT!
    >> Anonymous 07/12/10(Mon)05:46 No.11085953
    Sigh. I'll do it.
    >> Abaddon 07/12/10(Mon)05:47 No.11085965

    I vote Tanot.

    "well this one time the bee was very drunk but the flower was drunker so I convinced her that another flower should join in and"
    >> Anonymous 07/12/10(Mon)05:50 No.11085993
    Sometimes the flowers like to be with both bees and other flowers.
    >> Anonymous 07/12/10(Mon)05:50 No.11085994
    Why is he on about Zanne? She awesome and all, but why?
    >> Anonymous 07/12/10(Mon)05:50 No.11086000
    she cooks awesome food.
    >> Anonymous 07/12/10(Mon)05:51 No.11086008
    She makes delicious food and Grue loves to eat it. That and the fact she's pretty motherly and acts like homemaker for the whole camp. He probably sees her as a mother figure.
    >> BARD QUEST 07/12/10(Mon)05:53 No.11086024
    You set off down the road again, the box tugging at your mind, You ask Rubi about any settlements around. "There aren't any real towns between here and Vimestead. There IS a travel's inn, but we don't be getting that far until late afternoon." You reach into a pocket and pull out a clean handkerchief and hand it to Ruby. "Thanks." She dries her face.
    Tanot pulls his wagon along side yours and starts talking to Grue, who becomes very confused. You quickly shut him up and turn back to Grue and explain to him that sometimes girls like other girls. He nods his head. "Momma has girlfriends too! They go hunting." You try to explain to him that sometimes girls like girls more then they like men. "Momma loves hunting."
    >> Anonymous 07/12/10(Mon)05:54 No.11086042
    Oh Grue, you so adorable! Does he still have the Sausage skull puppet?
    >> Anonymous 07/12/10(Mon)05:55 No.11086049
    Oh well, he'll get it eventually. I was under the impression that we weren't going full lesbian, but whatever. Keep heading for the inn and made some chit chat with Newt since we haven't talked much to her. Ask her about her life before her master and his unfortunate encounter with the Lich.
    >> Anonymous 07/12/10(Mon)05:56 No.11086056
    >Momma has girlfriends

    Also. We still need to find out about Ruby's likes and dislikes when it comes to music. Maybe play something for her if she mentions something we know. After that, we should make sure to socialize with the rest of our companions, so nobody feels left out with us giving so much attention to Ruby. Except Tanot. He can go ahead and feel left out.
    >> Abaddon 07/12/10(Mon)05:57 No.11086073

    the lich is our father who created us to find the most entertaining people in the land for "His Circus" filled with undead clowns. He is afraid that we'll get hurt along the way and sends scooby doo villians after us to prevent us from getting harmed.
    >> Anonymous 07/12/10(Mon)05:58 No.11086083
    It's funny because Tanot's a dick and we don't really need him anymore!
    And we can't get Elisabeth wet! We can sing though.
    >> Anonymous 07/12/10(Mon)05:58 No.11086088
    OH NO! Newt hates clowns!
    >> Anonymous 07/12/10(Mon)06:01 No.11086111
    Compose a melody about how great Ruby is. A heartfelt thing.
    >> Anonymous 07/12/10(Mon)06:01 No.11086115
    No. It's too soon in the relationship for that sort of thing.
    We'll do it tomorrow.
    >> Anonymous 07/12/10(Mon)06:07 No.11086167
    I can't wait to get into Vimestead and spend our cash.
    >> BARD QUEST 07/12/10(Mon)06:07 No.11086168
    You make chit-chat with Ruby and the others, trying to find out what kind of music Ruby likes. "Well... I've heard an Elven song once. Didn't understand it and I have no idea what it's called, but I'll never forget the tune."
    As the time passes, you take the opportunity to actually introduce Ruby to the party, and well as tell them her skill set. As you're introducing everyone to Ruby, you realize that you don;t really know much about Newt. So you turn the topic of conversation to her. She blushes again and starts to stammer. Tabby pats her on the back, nearly knocking her down. "Well... I'm not from anywhere interesting. I'm from the Capital City, not the country like all of you. When I accidental set the cat on fire, Mittens is OK, I didn't kill her! Anyway... When I accidentally set Mittens on fire the first time my parents knew I has magic talent, so they sent me to the Wizard Raspin to train, so I would hurt anyone. I've spent the last six years under his tutelage until the Lich killed him. He left me instructions to head to the University in Vimestead and that's about it. Like I said, a boring life compared to a traveler like you and Faral and Tanot and Zanne, or even to a country life like Tabby. I've never been around living cows. Even Grue was a bandit."
    "Grue not a bandit, Grue Tollbooth!"
    >> Anonymous 07/12/10(Mon)06:10 No.11086196
    "Of course Grue, you were an excellent toll booth. Newt, I have to say that your life sounds, by far, the most interesting here. Except, perhaps, for mine. Considering that I'm a dashingly beautiful songstress and swashbuckler."
    >> Anonymous 07/12/10(Mon)06:13 No.11086225
    She grew up int he Capital City?
    As in, the biggest human city in the world? Boring my ass!
    >> Abaddon 07/12/10(Mon)06:13 No.11086227

    well at least hes honest.
    >> Anonymous 07/12/10(Mon)06:14 No.11086229
    Well, there's always more fun and interesting times to be had on the road, should you stay on."
    >> Anonymous 07/12/10(Mon)06:14 No.11086243
    Newt, you're life seems far from boring, but if are really convinced that it is then we'll just have to make sure you have a couple interesting stories to tell by the end of our route to Vimestead.
    >> Anonymous 07/12/10(Mon)06:19 No.11086298
    Where's Zanne at? She must have a story to tell.
    >> BARD QUEST 07/12/10(Mon)06:20 No.11086313
    Grue coos happily at the complement. You then tell Newt that, honestly, her life is far from boring. It makes yours seem simple by comparison. But you'll try to give her a few good stories before you get to your destination.
    Newt stares at you. "I've known you less then a month. In that short amount of time we've defeated a bandit... and tollbooth, placated an entire village intent on murdering someone we just met, talk a grandfather into letting his only family explore the world for herself, AND dug up buried treasure! And you've acted like this is normal for you! I wouldn't trade this for anything right now! If you stay in Vimestead I'll attend classes, but I want to leave with you. I mean, if we accompany Faral back to her homeland, I could be one of the first non-elven wizards to visit the Elflands in CENTURIES!:
    >> Anonymous 07/12/10(Mon)06:22 No.11086332
    Vimestead is how big exactly? We could probably stay there until it's time to get Faral back to the Elf Lands. That would give her a few weeks to attend classes, at the least.
    >> Anonymous 07/12/10(Mon)06:25 No.11086364
    I remember some of the early threads. Vimestead is one of the largest human settlements. The Capital City is THE biggest, but Vimestead is the biggest in the area. Little villages are scattered everywhere, the Dwarf Mountains are in the east I think, and the Elflands to the west. Don't know or remember whats to the far north or far south.
    We still have at least 2 months until the Elf Roads open.
    >> Anonymous 07/12/10(Mon)06:27 No.11086387
    2 months: A long time for a bard, a small moment for a student.
    >> Anonymous 07/12/10(Mon)06:27 No.11086395
    I wonder if we can talk them into giving you some books or even a teacher we can take with us on the road. Anyway, let's shift to Zanne. She was a gypsy she's probably been to some very interesting places.
    >> Anonymous 07/12/10(Mon)06:29 No.11086414
    /r/ bard quest rule 34 now.
    >> Anonymous 07/12/10(Mon)06:29 No.11086417
    Agreed. Zanne! It is story time!
    >> BARD QUEST 07/12/10(Mon)06:34 No.11086485
    You let Newt know shes welcome to come along. She smiles and pulls out her spellbook and starts reading. You notice that there happens to be a snake in her bag, but she doesn't seem to notice.
    Zanne's turn. You shift the conversation to her as Newt does whatever Wizards do when they read. When she sees your eyes on her she hugs Gregor defensively. "You do not wish to know of me Janis. Life has not been kind to me or my clan. There were times in my childhood when I had to dig through other peoples' garbage, eating things even a gnoll would throw away. When I was older... I have been forced to do things that would turn your stomach. Please, ask no more." Silence throughout the wagon, even Tanot's shut up at this point.
    Ruby is the first to break it. "Why didn't you fight back?"
    >> Anonymous 07/12/10(Mon)06:36 No.11086501
    Way to kill the mood Zanne.
    >> Anonymous 07/12/10(Mon)06:36 No.11086505
    Stunned silence.
    >> Anonymous 07/12/10(Mon)06:37 No.11086513
    Take Tanot off to the side away from everyone else.

    "I know you've been hitting on Zanne. Now knock it off or bring it WAY down. If you hurt her, I'll kill you."
    >> Anonymous 07/12/10(Mon)06:39 No.11086530
    >When I was older... I have been forced to do things that would turn your stomach
    I'm betting prostitution. Shes a beautiful girl after all, and we know she dances.
    >> Anonymous 07/12/10(Mon)06:40 No.11086539
    I guess we'll just watch this one, if this conversation goes south just silence everyone and play some music for a while.
    >> Anonymous 07/12/10(Mon)06:41 No.11086545
    After this, come back to Zanne and assure her we would never do such a thing to her.
    >> BARD QUEST 07/12/10(Mon)06:48 No.11086606
    You apologize to Zanne, you had no idea. "Many people do not like my kind Janice. I have become used to certain things in life. Ruby, sometimes I tried. The night I can to Janice my eye was blackened." You promise her that, with you, she will never had to do anything like that. "You are a good woman. That is why I chose to come with you. I simply hope that it lasts." Gregor bleats out and stands up, walking around Zanne before settling back down on her lap. You look at Tanot, who quickly looks away. "I didn't know either Janice." He pulls his wagon behind yours making covert conversation impossible.
    Grue looks around, confused. "Did someone hurt nice Zanne food-lady? Grue like Zanne! Not let her get hurt. Grue protect! Grue protect all of you!" You have to scold him again for picking at his eyepatch, but your heart isn't really in it this time.
    >> Anonymous 07/12/10(Mon)06:51 No.11086632
    Alright, Grue just went from cool tier to TRUE BRO TIER!
    >> Anonymous 07/12/10(Mon)06:52 No.11086641
    "We'll protect you too, Grue."

    Then hurry on to the next village. Tonight feels like a night for drinking away the bad memories.
    >> Anonymous 07/12/10(Mon)06:52 No.11086651
    SToP_fUcking aTTaCkInG wWW.aNoLAWlTAlK.se_REplAce_lAwl wITH N
    rktb e mavhza kcfxkk wlcgybu qkxbvq mdj
    >> Anonymous 07/12/10(Mon)06:54 No.11086667
    It's a traveler's in, meaning it's going to have a stable for the horses, warm fireplaces, and baths! We can all finally get cleaned up and clean our clothes!
    Plus, you know, the bar.
    >> Anonymous 07/12/10(Mon)06:56 No.11086697
    OH! We haven't slept in a real bed since Colinswealth!
    How many rooms will we need? One for each or do we want to save money?
    >> Anonymous 07/12/10(Mon)06:57 No.11086700
    BATHS! Even better! Baths with Ruby!

    Fuck, what do we do about Grue? We can't just leave him outside. But he probably won't fit into the inn.
    >> Anonymous 07/12/10(Mon)06:57 No.11086701
    We must ride on Grue as we enter the inn.
    >> Anonymous 07/12/10(Mon)06:58 No.11086715
    This >>11086701
    answers this question >>11086700
    >> Anonymous 07/12/10(Mon)06:58 No.11086720
    Well depends. He can probably get through the front door if he crouches. He's only 8 feet or so.
    Hey, isn't Tabby like 6'6"?
    >> Anonymous 07/12/10(Mon)06:59 No.11086727
    It's Raining. Right now Grue is in the wagon. He;s cramped, but dry.
    Do we REALLY want to know what Wet Grue smells like?
    >> Anonymous 07/12/10(Mon)07:01 No.11086746
    ... good point.
    >> Anonymous 07/12/10(Mon)07:03 No.11086766
    Okay. Here's how we do the beds:

    2 beds for Grue (He's big, he'll need them)
    1 bed for us and Ruby
    1 bed for Zanne and Gregor
    1 Bed for Newt
    1 Bed for Tabby
    1 Stable for Tanot
    >> Anonymous 07/12/10(Mon)07:04 No.11086774
    Ok, Tanot IS a dick, but is he THAT much of a dick?
    >> Anonymous 07/12/10(Mon)07:05 No.11086788
    someone has to guard the gear. Actually, if Tanot really likes Zanne, and isn't just lusting after her, put them in a room together for a while, give Zanne a few dozen knives or so. Let them discuss it like adults.
    >> Anonymous 07/12/10(Mon)07:06 No.11086791
    We don't even need to get him a bed. He's a drunkard. We can just leave him where he drops.
    >> Anonymous 07/12/10(Mon)07:06 No.11086793
    STOP_fUcKINg_ATTAcKinG wwW.anolAWLTalk.Se_replaCE lAWl_WitH N
    irwq g xpf mncx vl h enmjhjxvrqvxtzpijfvcwnbgkrph kmh ux
    >> Anonymous 07/12/10(Mon)07:06 No.11086796
    He's not that bad, get him a decent bed and some alcohol money and he'll simmer down.
    >> BARD QUEST 07/12/10(Mon)07:16 No.11086891
    Later in the day, the rain hasn't let up at all, you see a light. Getting closer you see a huge stone building. A sign in front of it proclaims it to be the JINGO INN AND TRAVELER'S REST, an elephant dances happily on the sign.
    As you get closer several young men dash out from the cover of a side building. "Take care of your horses and wagon? It's 2 silver a night with feed for the animals, and 3 silver per room per night, meals and baths are included." You give the men a few coins, plus a small tip, and head inside. Grue has to duck to get into the building, but he is able to. The common room is big, about the size of most houses. Several fires cackle merrily and steam begins rising off your damn clothes. A long bar runs along side one wall and serving wenches come in and out of the kitchen is a steam, delivering food and drink to the many tables. The place isn't what you would call packed, it's too big. But there are people everywhere.
    Tanot politely taps you on the shoulder, looking intently at the bar. "We haven;t done any real shows, so I can;t really take 5%, but I still want some of my cut." Up until now you've been holding most of the money, so you divy some of it out, giving everyone about 30 silver to spend how they please. You'll divide it all up once you get to Vimestead. Tanot immediately heads for the bar.
    Talking with the innkeeper you ask about rooms. He doesn't have anything big enough for Grue, but he;s more then welcome to sleep int he common room, it;s clean and they use it for overflow when they need to. He'll even knock a silver off for it.
    You get 5 rooms total, and he sends a scullery maid up to prepare the baths for you while you get something to eat.
    Spiced potatoes and meat served in a bread bowl seems to be the special of the evening, and grue begins to eat hungrily.
    >> Anonymous 07/12/10(Mon)07:16 No.11086893
    yeah, okay, one bed for everyone. We and Ruby share a bed, Grue gets two. Everyone gets a bath, it's been a long day. See if Ruby wants to bathe with us.
    >> Anonymous 07/12/10(Mon)07:19 No.11086911
    Tavern keeper's a pretty cool dude.
    Maybe we should talk to Zanne. Tell her she doesn't need to wear such revealing clothing if she's at all uncomfortable.
    >> Anonymous 07/12/10(Mon)07:20 No.11086919
    Seem like we hit the jackpot in terms of taverns. Have everyone relax and maybe get a drink with Tabby.
    >> Anonymous 07/12/10(Mon)07:21 No.11086925
    Hell, have a drink with everybody....Maybe Grue should keep sober.
    >> Anonymous 07/12/10(Mon)07:22 No.11086929
    If he complains, explain that he can protect us better if he's sober.
    >> BARD QUEST 07/12/10(Mon)07:23 No.11086934
    Wow, that's way too many typos. I think it's time for bed for me, 5:30 AM here.
    See you guys tonight.
    I'll pick up from here.
    >> Anonymous 07/12/10(Mon)07:25 No.11086952
    Damn, and it was just getting good. See you later.
    >> Anonymous 07/12/10(Mon)07:26 No.11086962
    Good night, also sup/tg/ was considering deleting the first two parts of the quest from the archives. I made a post saying not to as it's back up, you might want to toss in an email to the administration to keep them.
    >> BARD QUEST 07/12/10(Mon)07:28 No.11086971
    Don't worry about it, I'm OK with them deleting those two, as it was mostly trolls trolling trolls. I remember all the important bits from those two.
    >> Indonesian Gentleman 07/12/10(Mon)07:32 No.11086995
    Keep Grue sober, he'll be our bouncer!

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