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  • File : 1277624525.png-(49 KB, 500x500, Kriegchan.png)
    49 KB Krieger Quest !EXVlxJM9Rg 06/27/10(Sun)03:42 No.10771482  

    Last time, Emmie and yourself went out drinking with Amanda and Samantha. After Amanda proclaimed her love for a turntable, you quickly left the bar.
    It is the afternoon of the next day and Emmie has just recovered from her first hangover.
    You've promised to take her shopping for more "womanly" clothes and some decorations for your cabin aboard the Blazing Profits. Emmie has left it for you to decide what you want to do first.
    >> Captain Drawfriend !!ApHaR0mwoJ6 06/27/10(Sun)03:43 No.10771496
         File1277624585.png-(979 KB, 500x500, Amanda and the Slot Macine.png)
    979 KB
    I know that she ended up with the turntable but I couldn't figure out how to block it.
    >> Anonymous 06/27/10(Sun)03:44 No.10771520
    >> Anonymous 06/27/10(Sun)03:44 No.10771523
    >> Anonymous 06/27/10(Sun)03:45 No.10771536
    >> Anonymous 06/27/10(Sun)03:47 No.10771573
    First stop: A mall! We can get ourselves some nice clothes there.
    >> Anonymous 06/27/10(Sun)03:47 No.10771576
    I say we go clothes shopping.
    TO be fair, we, the readers, were the ones to steer it in this direction.
    >> Anonymous 06/27/10(Sun)03:47 No.10771581
    Waifu Quest tonight?

    fuckyes, I love shouting contests where I secretly just sit and watch as the thing plays out without me screaming what I want to happen
    >> Anonymous 06/27/10(Sun)03:48 No.10771590
    >> Anonymous 06/27/10(Sun)03:49 No.10771613
    It was hard to resist, the d'awww is strong in this one.
    >> Krieger Quest !EXVlxJM9Rg 06/27/10(Sun)03:58 No.10771772
    Well you could do with a few new clothes yourself... and truth be told you would like to see Emmie in something other then boots. Fishing through the pamphlets you pull out an interesting looking one. The largest mall int he city appears to be having an anniversary, and many sales and deals are going on. As luck would have it, they have a complimentary shuffle from most hotels to the mall that run about every hour. According to the clock on the wall you have 45 minutes before the shuttle arrives at your current resting place.
    Also, you only paid for one night. If you are wanting to stay at this particular hotel longer then the next three hours, you'll need to tell the clerk.
    >> Anonymous 06/27/10(Sun)04:03 No.10771838
    Look around the hotel room, is it nice? If so, I say we stay here for the week.
    >> Anonymous 06/27/10(Sun)04:05 No.10771871
    it's nice enough to get put on the shuttle list.
    >> Krieger Quest !EXVlxJM9Rg 06/27/10(Sun)04:11 No.10771945
    Truth be told, you've been a bit.. preoccupied, what with one thing or another. You haven't really look around the room very much.
    The only bed is a King, and the closet is big enough for you to walk into it. The bathroom has a large tub that, you and Emmie discovered last night, can fit two. It's also very clean. it's a 4 star place, you had the money for it.
    Also, they gave you a cookie when you checked it. It was warm, even at the hour you got there.
    >> Anonymous 06/27/10(Sun)04:11 No.10771949
    I wonder if in the grim darkness of the future they have any victoria secrets that are not run by slaanesh cultists.
    >> Anonymous 06/27/10(Sun)04:12 No.10771970
    Hey, what else are we going to spend it on? Let's stay here.
    >> Anonymous 06/27/10(Sun)04:14 No.10771989
    Slaneesh's Secret?
    Tzneechian Warhouse?
    Emperor and Fitch?
    >> Anonymous 06/27/10(Sun)04:14 No.10771994
    as long as the Aquila is on it, it's A-OK!
    >> Anonymous 06/27/10(Sun)04:16 No.10772017
    No, it was like this from the beginning.
    This is too pathetic for even me, I'm out.
    >> Anonymous 06/27/10(Sun)04:19 No.10772050
         File1277626749.jpg-(234 KB, 615x714, 1262429524262.jpg)
    234 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/27/10(Sun)04:26 No.10772173
    Okay, no on else is speaking up so I'll bite. We're cleaned up, we've eaten breakfast. Take the damn bus, let's see what this mall has to offer.
    >> Krieger Quest !EXVlxJM9Rg 06/27/10(Sun)04:29 No.10772212
    The hotel room holds up to your scrutiny! The bed was rather nice. Heading down to the lobby, you pay for the next three days. They have a no refund policy and it's always better to be safe. Having gotten this done, you wait on one of the plush couches for the shuttle.
    The shuttle ride is uneventful. The driver points out some places of interest on the way, including a museum and the largest temple in the city, along with a few other smaller tourist attractions and shops. You arrive at the mall and the sheer size of it dwarfs anything on you home planet.
    The mall is huge. Four stories tall and half a mile long. If you want it, you can find it here. Five food courts and over 400 shops. Even a vehicle dealership or two.
    >> Anonymous 06/27/10(Sun)04:31 No.10772231
    That's... a big mall.
    >> Anonymous 06/27/10(Sun)04:32 No.10772244
    ...maybe we should have brought someone with us.
    >> Anonymous 06/27/10(Sun)04:36 No.10772290
    We have Emmie?
    >> Anonymous 06/27/10(Sun)04:40 No.10772327
    let's hit those shops! CLOTHING AND LINGERIE!
    >> Krieger Quest !EXVlxJM9Rg 06/27/10(Sun)04:49 No.10772420
    You're sorry that Emmie got a hangover, so first stop are the clothing shops. Luckily for you, there seems to be directories ever 40 or so yards.
    ... There are also 150 different clothing stores in this mall. Narrowing the search down to woman's apparel... 75. Well, to the closest one then.
    Emmie looks around, then shuffles close to you. The mall is pretty busy, and the huge crowds are making her nervous. Getting into the store, things settle down some. The colors of the store a pinks and other girly colors, and you let Emmie wonder around looking. After about an hour and a half, Emmie has decided on seven outfits she likes. Three are dresses, One blue, one red, and one yellow sundress. Two skirt and blouse combos, one pair of shorts and a halter top, ok YOU chose that one, and one pair of overalls, along with some shirts.
    "But... these would be way too expensive all together... help me pick 4 of them?"
    >> Anonymous 06/27/10(Sun)04:54 No.10772505
    Half of the apparel is men's? Wow, this planet is metro.
    >> Anonymous 06/27/10(Sun)04:55 No.10772520
    The blue and red dresses, the shorts and halter top, one of the skirt/blouse combos.
    >> Anonymous 06/27/10(Sun)04:56 No.10772543
    Probably not. Shoe stores and kids clothes and all that.
    Plus the inevitable themed clothes store. I don't know if this planet has Western Apparel, but probably some like that.
    >> Anonymous 06/27/10(Sun)04:56 No.10772552
    Ah, good point.
    >> Anonymous 06/27/10(Sun)04:57 No.10772554
    Dude... Overalls! How adorable must she be in those?!
    >> Anonymous 06/27/10(Sun)05:01 No.10772603
    second the dresses.
    >> Anonymous 06/27/10(Sun)05:03 No.10772624
    Shall we swap the skirt/blouse, the shorts and halter top, or a dress? I'm rather fond of the dresses.
    >> Anonymous 06/27/10(Sun)05:04 No.10772638
    I shay the shorts and halter should go. Emmie is adorable... and we can get lingerie for sexy time.
    >> Anonymous 06/27/10(Sun)05:07 No.10772669
         File1277629663.png-(64 KB, 207x318, white-voile-lace-sundress-1343(...).png)
    64 KB


    We get her this.



    Overalls? D:
    >> Krieger Quest !EXVlxJM9Rg 06/27/10(Sun)05:11 No.10772705
    After some consideration, you decide to go with the Red and Blue dress, the Overalls, and one of the skirts and blouses. On the way out of the shop, you look down at Emmie, who is still in her Krieger uniform. Ushering her to the changing rooms, you make her change into the overalls and a yellow shirt. After she steps out... you realize that Combat Boots don't really go with anything. Stopping in one of the three nearby shoe stores, you pick her up a pair of sneakers and a pair of sandals. She slips on the sneakers and wiggles her feet. "These are weird! You went everywhere with these on?"
    The two of you looks... interesting together. You in civilian sold Krieger gear and her dressed like a 5 year old.
    The smell of one of the food courts set your stomach grumbling, and you also see a pretzel stand nearby.
    >> Anonymous 06/27/10(Sun)05:14 No.10772732
    >You in civilian sold Krieger gear and her dressed like a 5 year old.
    >> Anonymous 06/27/10(Sun)05:18 No.10772768
    Never mind the Pretzels, I'm sure there's better food in the court.
    >> Anonymous 06/27/10(Sun)05:20 No.10772799
    Pretzel dogs are the shit. Do they have them?
    >> Anonymous 06/27/10(Sun)05:21 No.10772813
    ... What?
    >> Anonymous 06/27/10(Sun)05:22 No.10772822
    You take a hotdog and bake pretzel dough around it.
    >> Anonymous 06/27/10(Sun)05:22 No.10772830
    >> Captain Drawfriend !!ApHaR0mwoJ6 06/27/10(Sun)05:24 No.10772849
    DELICIOUS. Also, drawing the Emmie shopping montage.
    >> Krieger Quest !EXVlxJM9Rg 06/27/10(Sun)05:31 No.10772909
    As matter of fact, they do have these strange culinary experiences that you know as Pretzel Dogs.
    Purchasing two to curb your hunger until later, you and one to Emmie. You also got two sodas to was them down. You sit on a nearby bench and for the next twenty minutes you simply watch the world go by.
    Glancing at another directory, you easily find the nearest intimate apparel shop. However, on your way you pass an arcade. The lights and sounds seem to draw Emmie's attention, as they are supposed to. Battling with these lights and sounds are the lights and sounds of the toy store across the way. Emmie looks back and forth and falls a few steps behind you. As you are carrying all the stuff so far it takes you a few seconds to notice.
    >> Anonymous 06/27/10(Sun)05:36 No.10772953
    She really is a kid at heart.
    Then again, as a Krieger she never really had a childhood, did she?
    >> Anonymous 06/27/10(Sun)05:41 No.10773006
         File1277631691.jpg-(26 KB, 560x552, faceplant.jpg)
    26 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/27/10(Sun)05:42 No.10773020
    Whatever happened to the other drawfriend?
    >> Anonymous 06/27/10(Sun)05:45 No.10773037
    I thought that was Cap using Paint instead of a tablet? I might be wrong
    >> Captain Drawfriend !!ApHaR0mwoJ6 06/27/10(Sun)05:48 No.10773066
    Noop, started with scans and just got my tablet running this week.
    >> Anonymous 06/27/10(Sun)05:49 No.10773080
    Oh, then no idea.
    >> Anonymous 06/27/10(Sun)05:52 No.10773100
    Bump for replies
    >> Anonymous 06/27/10(Sun)06:02 No.10773193
    The toy store could be dangerous, let's hit the arcade.
    >> Anonymous 06/27/10(Sun)06:15 No.10773333
    Let's go to the arcade and play a light gun shooter.
    >> Anonymous 06/27/10(Sun)06:36 No.10773520
    KQOP, you there?
    >> Anonymous 06/27/10(Sun)06:56 No.10773748
    Not even a goodbye...
    >> Anonymous 06/27/10(Sun)07:13 No.10773891
    seconding arcade with gun game
    >> Anonymous 06/27/10(Sun)07:18 No.10773937
    I think OP fell asleep at his keyboard.
    >> Anonymous 06/27/10(Sun)07:47 No.10774151
    >> Captain Drawfriend !!ApHaR0mwoJ6 06/27/10(Sun)07:52 No.10774196
    I'm calling this thread, 7:55 EST. I'll have a small Emmie montage for you all tomorrow, until then: Good night and stay classy.
    >> Captain Drawfriend !!ApHaR0mwoJ6 06/27/10(Sun)07:54 No.10774210
    Huh, my clock is thee minutes fast compared to 4chan...

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