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  • File : 1277365841.png-(49 KB, 500x500, Kriegchan.png)
    49 KB Krieger Quest !EXVlxJM9Rg 06/24/10(Thu)03:50 No.10707368  

    It's been two weeks since you met Inquisitor Skimmer. Two weeks spent in Warp transit. And it's been a week and a half since you had anything to do around the ship.
    You've done cleaning and maintenance rituals on all your weapons, completely unpacked your meager belonging from your footlocker, and a few days ago you and Emmie even cleaned the galley. The other crew members have provided some relief from your boredom, but they have their own stuff to do. Card night only happens once a week.
    Right now you and Emmie are laying in bed, and have been for several hours. You've been staring at the ceiling and counting the panels for the last hour. 53.
    You still have at least 3 days left in the Warp.
    >> Anonymous 06/24/10(Thu)03:55 No.10707432
    Well, if we have nothing to do and we haven't become magically bored of such things then I suggest cuddling.
    >> Anonymous 06/24/10(Thu)03:55 No.10707441
    Can we toss pencils at the ceiling? I do that at work to pass the time.
    Maybe there's solitaire on the terminal in our room?
    >> An0nymous !gkWeiOwuW2 06/24/10(Thu)03:55 No.10707445
    We spend the rest of warp travel having efficient krieger sex to our mutual satisfaction.
    >> Anonymous 06/24/10(Thu)03:57 No.10707472
    Look out the window and play "I Spy"
    >> Anonymous 06/24/10(Thu)03:58 No.10707479
    I say we troll the captain and hang out outside of her room.
    >> Anonymous 06/24/10(Thu)03:59 No.10707501
    Roll for SAN damage.
    >> Anonymous 06/24/10(Thu)04:01 No.10707518
    ...we are both blanks, which means the risks from warp travel sex are minimal. Meaning no slaanesh lol possession if we were to get busy....speaking of which have he hit that yet I was a little late to the party.
    >> An0nymous !gkWeiOwuW2 06/24/10(Thu)04:01 No.10707524
         File1277366516.gif-(1.57 MB, 300x200, what am i reading.gif)
    1.57 MB

    I spy... EVERYTHING.
    >> Krieger Quest !EXVlxJM9Rg 06/24/10(Thu)04:05 No.10707552
    You haven't been this bored since you were still in school. The metal panels that are the ceiling prevent you from throwing things at them, and you suspect the Techpriests wouldn't like that very much. You wonder what the view is like, but a bulkhead closed over your small view port before warp transition. Around you you hear only the quite hum of the ship and the soft whisper of Emmie's breathing.
    You roll over and pull Emmie close you you. Her eyes open and she jumps with a start as you wake her from a nap, but she smiles and snuggles up close to you. You kiss her, and she giggles.
    A few hours later, with a dozing and naked Emmie in your arms, you bladder and stomach both remind you of some basic urges that need taking care of.
    >> Anonymous 06/24/10(Thu)04:06 No.10707569
    Yup. A few threads in, right after the fair I think?
    I mean, we share a bed on this ship even.
    >> Anonymous 06/24/10(Thu)04:08 No.10707608
    lets see...
    piss, get sammich, fuck emmie again, we should be good to go for another round.
    >> Anonymous 06/24/10(Thu)04:08 No.10707613
    Probably best to take care of those, ask if Emmie wants anything from the galley (and make sure if you leave the room to be wearing clothing.)
    >> Anonymous 06/24/10(Thu)04:10 No.10707643
    No, I say we walk out in all our glory!
    Show Ismael who's the "bigger man" is you will!
    >> Anonymous 06/24/10(Thu)04:10 No.10707649
    I reccommend we piss off the side of the hanger deck to give the daemons a message. It'll probably just fizzle on the void shield anyway but meh why not.
    >> Anonymous 06/24/10(Thu)04:13 No.10707694
    I can picture it now, Niel confidently striding down the hall completly nude.
    >> Anonymous 06/24/10(Thu)04:18 No.10707762
    >> Krieger Quest !EXVlxJM9Rg 06/24/10(Thu)04:20 No.10707808
    Slipping out of Emmie's arms and into your small bathroom, or do they call it a head on a ship?, you take care of that problem. Leaning down and kissing Emmie on the cheek you ask her if she would like anything from the Galley. She look sup at you sleepily. "Mhm, some cool water would be nice, and maybe something to eat?" She smiles to herself. "See if there's anything sweet? I have the weirdest craving for cake right now." You stand up and, just as you're about to step out of the cabin, a bundle of something hits you in the back of the head. "Don't forget your pants you oaf!"
    Now partially clad, you walk into the Galley. The ship is still quiet and no one is here. Looking through the fridge you can't decide between leftover chicken or a roast beef sandwich. You also find some chocolate, but it has the words "RALPH'S DO NOT TAKE" and in smaller letters, "That means YOU Amanda and Samantha!"
    >> Anonymous 06/24/10(Thu)04:23 No.10707866
    but it doesn't say "Neil do not take"
    leave a note saying you'll buy him a case once you get to a port.
    >> Anonymous 06/24/10(Thu)04:24 No.10707870
    Take some chocolate! NO ONE WILL EVER KNOW!
    Or bake a cake... I'm sure they have cakemix somewhere.
    >> Anonymous 06/24/10(Thu)04:25 No.10707883
    I see no warning directed at us. Still best to leave things be. Also, roast beef all the way.
    >> Anonymous 06/24/10(Thu)04:25 No.10707887
    Leave a note that says, "I'll pay you back bro, this shits gonna get me laid." Also take the chicken.
    >> Anonymous 06/24/10(Thu)04:26 No.10707898
    We just got laid though!
    But... I'm sure Ralph would understand.
    I bet it's Ralph's chicken too.
    >> Captain Drawfriend !!ApHaR0mwoJ6 06/24/10(Thu)04:27 No.10707906
         File1277368050.png-(1.24 MB, 500x647, Mr Grizz.png)
    1.24 MB
    Found my old tablet, decided to unrust with Mr. Grizz.
    >> Anonymous 06/24/10(Thu)04:29 No.10707923
    rolled 3, 2 = 5

    I see we're at an impasse here. I propose a roll-off. 2d10, first roll for the chocolate and second for the food. I'm roast beef guy, FYI
    >> Anonymous 06/24/10(Thu)04:29 No.10707930
    Well, fuck
    >> Anonymous 06/24/10(Thu)04:29 No.10707936
    but the chocolate might get us laid again giving us a 2x bonus.
    >> Anonymous 06/24/10(Thu)04:35 No.10708012
    I guess we are stealing the chocolate.
    >> Krieger Quest !EXVlxJM9Rg 06/24/10(Thu)04:36 No.10708022
    You just can't decide, so you opt for the best of both worlds. You heat up some of the chicken and make a roast beef sandwich. Frankly that impresses you, as beef is a high class rarity on your planet.
    But that chocolate... Emmie wants something sweet... but it's Ralph's...
    You take one bar, promising yourself you'll make it up to him. You gather up the plates and Emmie's drink... and your own. How are you going to carry all this?
    You struggle and flounder for a bit, when you hear a beeping click come from behind you. It's the Captain;s little servitor, Zyvan wasn't it?
    Recruiting the little servitor, you manage to get all the food back to the cabin. Emmie is still sprawled out on the bed, and from this angle you get a pleasing view of her rear end. You hear her mutter in her sleep, she's been almost as lazy as you these last few days.
    >> Anonymous 06/24/10(Thu)04:39 No.10708067
    Lets wake her up and start eating our chicken and roast beef.
    >> Anonymous 06/24/10(Thu)04:40 No.10708087
    Give her the water, then give her the chocolate and tell her the grave risk you run giving it to her. Then enjoy chicken.
    >> Anonymous 06/24/10(Thu)04:40 No.10708088
         File1277368853.jpg-(28 KB, 309x400, Dat Ass.jpg)
    28 KB
    Sneak up and tap dat ass. By which I of course mean tap like you would a shoulder
    >> Anonymous 06/24/10(Thu)04:41 No.10708098
    Lazyness is not the way of a soldier of the emperor! After eating having Emmie perform erotic fitness tests to eliminate her lazyness.
    >> Anonymous 06/24/10(Thu)04:42 No.10708112
    >tap like you would a shoulder

    you sick fuck.
    >> Anonymous 06/24/10(Thu)04:42 No.10708121
    Make a comment about how the chocolate will go to her ass and that you wouldn't have it any other way.
    >> Anonymous 06/24/10(Thu)04:43 No.10708130
    Hey, at least I'm not advocating consensual sex in the missionary position with the lights on.
    >> Krieger Quest !EXVlxJM9Rg 06/24/10(Thu)04:48 No.10708201
    Setting the food down and shooing the servitor away, you look down at Emmie. You start giving her gentle pokes and prods, and she starts wiggling around trying to avoid them. This eventually devolves into tickling her, and her shrieks and laughs echo about the cabin. You really should get more decorations if you're going to be staying here.
    The both of you panting and laughing, you sit down at the table. Emmie starts eating the chicken with her hands, as you forgot the utensils. This has the consequence of her getting her face rather messy. You, equipped with the superior sandwich, do not have this problem. You casually remark about how lethargic the two of you have been the last few days, and Emmie looks at you over the top of her chocolate bar, which she is easting slowly and savoring. "Let me clean up then. Do you think 100 of everything, sit ups, push ups, the works, will make up for it? Oh, and you WILL be joining me."
    >> Captain Drawfriend !!ApHaR0mwoJ6 06/24/10(Thu)04:51 No.10708234
    Time to throw another item on the to-draw pile
    >> Anonymous 06/24/10(Thu)04:52 No.10708264
    Well lets do this shit. Montage style?
    >> Anonymous 06/24/10(Thu)04:53 No.10708286
         File1277369622.jpg-(56 KB, 477x270, Heavy_Sandwich.jpg)
    56 KB
    >superior sandvich
    >> Anonymous 06/24/10(Thu)04:55 No.10708319
    I wonder if we can use the Cargo Hold for jogging?
    >> Krieger Quest !EXVlxJM9Rg 06/24/10(Thu)05:03 No.10708440
    The two of you finish up your meal. You can do the dishes later so you leave them on your small table. Emmie washes her face and hands, then turns to you. "ALRIGHT! DROP AND GIVE ME 50! You can do better then that!" She drops to her hands and knees and starts at a frightening pace. "You won't let a little GIRL outdo you, would you?"
    You forgot how... aggressive she can get when you exercise.
    About an hour later the two of you lay on the floor, sweating and sore. It had been too long. You look over at Emmie's flush face and notice how the lighting makes her skin sheen. She smiles back. "Dibs on the first shower." You're about to contest this when someone knocks on your cabin door. The both of you are still naked, and now quite sweaty.
    >> Anonymous 06/24/10(Thu)05:06 No.10708473

    Well get the damn door. Don't let person wait for you. God.
    >> Anonymous 06/24/10(Thu)05:06 No.10708476
    Tell the person to wait a second as your both not decent.
    >> Anonymous 06/24/10(Thu)05:07 No.10708486
    Well let's get something on before we open the door. Also yell that it'll be a minute or something.
    >> Anonymous 06/24/10(Thu)05:09 No.10708512
    Pull the sheet over Emmie and grab something for your own ass.
    >> Anonymous 06/24/10(Thu)05:09 No.10708519
    And by 'something' I mean Emmie
    >> Krieger Quest !EXVlxJM9Rg 06/24/10(Thu)05:17 No.10708609
    Oh crap! You call out that it'll be just a moment and quickly pull the pants on that you had befo... no those are Emmie's pants! You toss them to her and reach under the bed for your own pair. Emmie looks around frantically "I can't see my shirt or yours!" Thinking quickly you pull the sheet off the bed and throw it over her, ans holds it up against herself. You take a deep breath, and open the door.
    "What kept ya la-" Ismael stops mid sentence and stares at you. There you are, half naked and covered in sweat, and Emmie, still on the floor trying to keep her decency, equally sweaty. "Me apologies boy. I di'nt mean ter interrupt." He turns and takes a step, before turning back. "I nearly forgot, Have ya seen Ralph anywhere? He weren't in his cabin."
    >> Anonymous 06/24/10(Thu)05:19 No.10708635
    No we haven't and we didn't take any of his chocolate either. Why would you ask that? *shut door*
    >> Anonymous 06/24/10(Thu)05:20 No.10708647

    >> Anonymous 06/24/10(Thu)05:21 No.10708659
    Ralph missing... quiet ship... is something going on here? Hell Ismael is the first person we've seen all day! Not counting Emmie.
    >> Anonymous 06/24/10(Thu)05:21 No.10708660
    I second this.
    >> Anonymous 06/24/10(Thu)05:21 No.10708665

    *reopen door* Also we're not here *shut door again*
    >> Anonymous 06/24/10(Thu)05:23 No.10708676
    He's clearly on the prowl for his missing chocolate
    >> Krieger Quest !EXVlxJM9Rg 06/24/10(Thu)05:30 No.10708755
    You proclaim your innocents, and the absurdity of the unasked question, and shut the door. Then you reopen it and state that you are not available at this time. Ismael scratches his beard at your strange behavior, and sets off down the corridor. For a moment he thinks he hears muttering from the cabin next to yours, which is incidentally Samantha's, but he hears nothing else and after a moment walks off.
    CRISIS AVERTED! Emmie smiles at you and makes her way to the shower. "Too tired to wash my back?"
    For a second you think you hear a thumping on the wall.
    A while later, the two of you now cleaned up, you decide now is as good a time as any to take care of those dishes. As you step out of your cabin, you're met with a surprise. Ralph stepping out of Samantha's cabin.
    >> Anonymous 06/24/10(Thu)05:34 No.10708798
    Greet Ralph ask him what he was doing?
    >> Anonymous 06/24/10(Thu)05:35 No.10708815
    In your LOUDEST and most innosent voice.
    >> Anonymous 06/24/10(Thu)05:35 No.10708816
    >> Anonymous 06/24/10(Thu)05:35 No.10708817
    No man, no. We be bros and don't mention it. Just nod and take care of the dishes.
    >> Anonymous 06/24/10(Thu)05:37 No.10708836
    >> Anonymous 06/24/10(Thu)05:40 No.10708868
    geller field fails, everyone dies
    >> Anonymous 06/24/10(Thu)05:42 No.10708888
    Tell him we took a chocolate bar, but we won;t say anything if he lets it slide.
    >> Anonymous 06/24/10(Thu)05:42 No.10708892
    Geller field destabilizes, techpriests rub Emmie and Niel on the generator, good end
    >> Krieger Quest !EXVlxJM9Rg 06/24/10(Thu)05:45 No.10708913
    You close your cabin door and smile at Ralph. You ask him what he was doing, as if it was the most innocent thing in the world. He coughs uncomfortably and closes Samantha's cabin. "Same thing the two of you were, by the sounds of it. We heard you, by the way.That helped... never mind. Would it be too much to ask for you to NOT mention this to the crew?"
    You nod and tell him you took some of his chocolate. "Not a problem. Looks... It's complicated, alright?" He shifts nervously from foot to foot. "Well... it looks like I was right about giving the two of you the same room."
    >> Anonymous 06/24/10(Thu)05:46 No.10708927
    We're certainly not complaining.
    >> Anonymous 06/24/10(Thu)05:47 No.10708945

    They were working out as well?
    >> Anonymous 06/24/10(Thu)05:52 No.10708997
    Tell him its not a problem and his secret is safe. Jokingly tell him next time you could be a bit louder if needed.
    >> Anonymous 06/24/10(Thu)05:53 No.10709013
    He seems to walk to tell someone, tell him to get it off his chest,
    >> Krieger Quest !EXVlxJM9Rg 06/24/10(Thu)06:02 No.10709093
    You assure Ralph that you won't be telling anyone. He relaxes slightly, and starts walking with you to the Galley. "Her story wasn't a lie. When I met her she really was just a Joygirl that got all my money. It wasn't until later that I found out she was an Assassin as well. Did you know that already? No?" He shakes his head. "Sometimes working for the Inquisition is messy. She was on board for three weeks before they told me. I had a good laugh... Listen, you know what it's like to be in love. I see you and Emmie look at each other and I see that. I... hell I'm babbling and making no sense." He pats his pockets then curses loudly. "No more smokes. We can't get to port soon enough."
    CLUNK pause, CLUNK pause. "OH! There ya are bucko! Ive been lookin' fer ya!" Ismael makes his way towards the two of you. "The Captain wanted me ta tell ya, we'll be gettin' ta port early! Warp Currents in our favor it seems. Should be breaking back into real space tomorrow morn!"
    >> Anonymous 06/24/10(Thu)06:02 No.10709101
    >I have the weirdest craving for cake right now
    >I have the weirdest craving for cake right now
    >I have the weirdest craving for cake right now
    >I have the weirdest craving for cake right now
    >I have the weirdest craving for cake right now
    Hope Neil is ready to be a father.

    And I know, Im late. You have probably already discussed this in absurdum.
    >> Anonymous 06/24/10(Thu)06:07 No.10709152
    No one's said a thing yet.
    And it would be too early for pregnancy cravings to kick in, I mean we've only known her a few months.
    >> Anonymous 06/24/10(Thu)06:13 No.10709233
    How long does it normally take?
    >> Krieger Quest !EXVlxJM9Rg 06/24/10(Thu)06:21 No.10709303
    Well, since everyone appears to have fallen asleep, seems there will be a short thread tonight.
    >> Gorechild !DSczIUIGmU 06/24/10(Thu)06:26 No.10709350
    Please, no, keep going!
    >> Anonymous 06/24/10(Thu)06:26 No.10709353
    There wasn't really anything to say there.
    >> Krieger Quest !EXVlxJM9Rg 06/24/10(Thu)06:29 No.10709390
    Alright then, I can stay for a while longer. Give me a moment to think.
    >> Krieger Quest !EXVlxJM9Rg 06/24/10(Thu)06:41 No.10709492
    You wake up the next morning to the ship faintly shuddering, and the Captain's voice over the PA. "Alright boys and girls, we're back in Real Space. We'll be making port in about... 5 or 6 hours. I want the cargo prepared for offloading. Tobias and I will be transporting and selling the wares, so I have good news. Everyone will be getting shore leave. We'll be on this planet for a week, and don;t bother asking me what it's name is." There is a click and the Captain's voice comes back on in your room. "Alright Newbloods. The rest of the crew already knows the rules, so here we go. We'll be here one week. You can either sleep in the ship or get a hotel, I really don't care as long as you check in every night. If you aren't on the ship when it's time to leave, then you'll be left on the planet. Stay out of trouble, because if you end up imprisoned, we won't bail you out of it costs more then a month or two's wage. Now get down to the Cargo, Ralph wants your help.
    Half a day later you land at port. After unloading the cargo the Captain and Tobias drive off with Alex to do who knows what with the cargo. Samantha anounces that her and Amanda are going drinking, and anyone is welcome. Ralph goes off to get Iho sticks, but before he leaves he pulls you aside. "Hey, Niel. Here are your and Emmie's wages for this trip."
    >> Anonymous 06/24/10(Thu)06:43 No.10709521
    Sweet! money! AND we still have all that money we saved up! I say we find out what plant we're on first off.
    >> Anonymous 06/24/10(Thu)06:45 No.10709554
    Probably marijuana. As for the planet, no clue.
    >> Anonymous 06/24/10(Thu)06:46 No.10709560
    >Probably marijuana
    >> Anonymous 06/24/10(Thu)06:51 No.10709605
    >what plant we're on
    >> Krieger Quest !EXVlxJM9Rg 06/24/10(Thu)06:56 No.10709641
    As you look around you see a sign proclaiming the spaceport to be Finnigan's Hop. The fifth largest port on the Planet Sturfim. Looks to be about the same tech level of your home world. Another sign proclaims the tourist information to be inside the Terminal.
    >> Gorechild !DSczIUIGmU 06/24/10(Thu)06:57 No.10709655
    Go check it out.
    >> Anonymous 06/24/10(Thu)06:58 No.10709668
    Ooh, ooh. Emmie liked skating and we haven't gone in a while. Let's see if we can find a rink.
    >> Anonymous 06/24/10(Thu)06:59 No.10709672
    I say we go with the drinkers and then find a hotel.
    >> Anonymous 06/24/10(Thu)07:04 No.10709719
    Just dropped in to thank OP for making these threads - if I had time to contribute at this time, I'd definitely do, but I read the suptg archives everyday. Thanks!
    >> Anonymous 06/24/10(Thu)07:08 No.10709748
    You need to use lowercase to make 'noko' work. Or 'sage' or 'dice' or any of the other wonderful email field tools
    >> Krieger Quest !EXVlxJM9Rg 06/24/10(Thu)07:08 No.10709750
    Following the signs, you enter the Terminal and, after getting checked out by Customs, you find some of the tourist information stations. They declare local sighs and attractions, as well as useful maps leading to hotels and eateries.
    You are in the Northern Hemisphere, notable for Skiing in the winter months, as well as growing the majority of the planets food. Unfortunately it appears to be local spring. The Equatorial regions are famous for the oceans and beaches.
    Being a port city, there are food and drink aplenty, as well as lodging and dancing and all the other things cities build in order to separate travelers from their money. But you find no mention of an ice rink. The kiosk helpfully chimes in that there are for major shopping centers and over 362 restaurants and 241 hotels within a 9 mile radius.
    >> Krieger Quest !EXVlxJM9Rg 06/24/10(Thu)07:09 No.10709763
    Blarg, sorry about the typos. It's 5:15 AM here.
    >> Anonymous 06/24/10(Thu)07:12 No.10709798
    did Customs allow us weapons or are we babes int he woods?
    >> Anonymous 06/24/10(Thu)07:16 No.10709836
    I guess we'll just go drinking with the girls, then.
    >> Anonymous 06/24/10(Thu)07:18 No.10709865
    I remember us needing some nice clothes, as well as decorations for our room.
    >> Anonymous 06/24/10(Thu)07:19 No.10709870
    Prenatal alcohol syndrome ahoy!
    >> Anonymous 06/24/10(Thu)07:20 No.10709879
    >> Anonymous 06/24/10(Thu)07:21 No.10709891
    Well, no. But generally when you don't know something like that you err on the side of caution.
    >> Anonymous 06/24/10(Thu)07:23 No.10709912
    Niel has no reason to suspect this, and Emmie hasn't told us shes missed a period.
    >> Anonymous 06/24/10(Thu)07:24 No.10709918

    FAS only applies after the fetus has started fetus-ing. You're still in blastocyst territory, son. Ain't gonna brain damage something what ain't got no brain.
    >> Krieger Quest !EXVlxJM9Rg 06/24/10(Thu)07:26 No.10709943
    Taking a few of the more interesting Pamphlets, and a map, you decide to head out with Amanda and Samantha. You have a week, you can do some shopping later. Rushing a bit, you catch up with the two as they hail a cab. "Hey you two, coming with?"

    Ok, I'm nodding off at the keyboard and the sun is about to rise. Sorry, but I need to call it a night. See you tomorrow.
    >> Anonymous 06/24/10(Thu)07:31 No.10709981
    Good night and pleasant dreams. You're to blame for my messed up sleep schedule and I haven't regretted it at all.

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