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  • File : 1277141437.png-(194 KB, 1175x581, New Riata.png)
    194 KB COLONIAL QUEST! duck_murderer !hoaRoCu48g 06/21/10(Mon)13:30 No.10643241  
    so, lets try and get a quest thread started. A ship travels to the new world with settlers onboard, excited and anxious to start begin anew. This expedition has been commissioned by the kingdom of Varina, a small but flourishing kingdom back in main land Europa. A total of 200 settlers have been sent to the new world under the authority of a Varinan Duke to set up a settlement to claim this land for the glorious kingdom of Varina. You only have limited resources to start with and while you may occasionally get more from the kingdom, you'll need to focus on surviving off the land like a true colony.

    Green: The plains of the new world
    Dark Green pattern: Woodlands
    Black Pattern: Rocky areas
    Light blue: Shallow water
    Dark blue: Deep water

    Now you have two choices. You can disembark with what you have and set up a small village, with several small homes and a town hall, and use your ship to ferry materials and new settlers back and forth between the new land (This region being known as New Riata), or you can dismantle your ship, recieve an extra 40 men, 20 muskets, 6 cannon and have the ability to build a medium sized village, but you'll be cut off from the old world, and must wait until the kingdom decides to send a ship to check up on you, which could take a year or more.

    Now, you must choose where your colony will be located, the name of your colony (only semi-serious names will be accepted) and decide whether or not to dismantle your ship.
    >> duck_murderer !hoaRoCu48g 06/21/10(Mon)13:31 No.10643251
    Settlement Name:
    Population:100 men, 100 women
    Food stuffs: 6 months
    Equipment: 40 muskets
    gunpowder for 5,000 shots
    100 swords
    50 sythes (farm equipment)
    25 wood axes
    25 pike axes
    building tools for 30 workers
    10 cows, 1 bull
    20 sheep
    50 chickens, 5 roosters
    14 horses
    wood for 2 buildings
    15 sacks of wheat seeds
    2 Sacks of hops

    skilled settlers
    2 doctor/barbers
    10 royal marines
    4 veteran settlers
    5 woodsman
    10 farmers
    2 blacksmiths
    4 miners
    2 fishers
    1 brewer
    1 Duke (leader of the settlement)
    >> duck_murderer !hoaRoCu48g 06/21/10(Mon)13:32 No.10643280
    Also, just because you don't have settlers trained in a trade, does not mean they cannot do it, they just cannot do it as effectively. Feel free to take roles within the settlement, and if you want to be the duke, then check to see if everybody else is ok with it.

    Lets get imperialism going.
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)13:40 No.10643435
    I don't think anyone wants to be the duke.
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)13:41 No.10643453
    colony of boatmurdered, located near the mouth of the southern river, don't dismantle the motherfucking ship
    >> duck_murderer !hoaRoCu48g 06/21/10(Mon)13:41 No.10643462

    better safe than sorry
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)13:42 No.10643469
    Yes, name it Boatmurdered.
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)13:43 No.10643487
    Put it on the island. Call it Dirkland.
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)13:44 No.10643506
    Dismantle the ship. Put it on the river delta. Call it Serenity.
    >> duck_murderer !hoaRoCu48g 06/21/10(Mon)13:44 No.10643507

    Just a warning, the island has limited room and is mostly a forested area, and would not be able to support any sort of farming.
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)13:45 No.10643516
    -1 vote for Boatmurdered. Let's do something original for a fucking change of pace.
    >> duck_murderer !hoaRoCu48g 06/21/10(Mon)13:46 No.10643534

    so far has the majority, although not for name or ship choice. 4 more minutes and ill decide on your location, name and choice.
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)13:46 No.10643541
    This sounds good. Pop it on the right river delta. What's the black terrain?
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)13:47 No.10643549
    That kinda looks like Istria and Dalmatia.
    >> duck_murderer !hoaRoCu48g 06/21/10(Mon)13:48 No.10643570

    its mentioned in the Opening post

    Funny you should mention Dalmatia, i was thinking of making that the initial kingdom name, but ive decided to put this on an entirely different world
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)13:48 No.10643578
    Take 4 cannon off the ship but don't dismantle it, we'll build a fort on the island's tip near the left river delta and control the seas near our colony on said river delta that way.
    >> duck_murderer !hoaRoCu48g 06/21/10(Mon)13:52 No.10643642
         File1277142742.png-(194 KB, 1175x581, New Riata1.png)
    194 KB

    Year 458 of our holy mother, January

    The duke climbs off the ship first with the marines, and lands upon the ground, calling the colony Serenity. The Captain of the ship refuses to give up his cannons, stating that'd make him easy prey for any privateers. You have six months food supply before its gone.
    >> duck_murderer !hoaRoCu48g 06/21/10(Mon)13:54 No.10643675
    Oh, also, that wood is enough for two extra buildings, not a total of two buildings total for the colony, allthough you can use it for whatever purposes.
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)13:56 No.10643700

    We will need a palisade and small fort to protect us from savages and other nations' shenanigans. Housing should be built at the same time, WINTER WILL SUCK otherwise.
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)13:57 No.10643707
    Well shit, have the farmers to help like 60 settlers to sew some seeds and get some farms set up, and use some of the wood to build a windmill so we don't fucking starve.
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)13:58 No.10643726
    Fort idea is good, windmill+grindstone is also good.
    >> duck_murderer !hoaRoCu48g 06/21/10(Mon)13:59 No.10643743

    If you notice, you already have housing, albiet crampt.
    >> duck_murderer !hoaRoCu48g 06/21/10(Mon)14:00 No.10643767

    you don't have enough wood for both a windmill and a fort, but you could get a small ring of palisade around the settlement with the wood you have as well as build the windmill
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)14:01 No.10643776
         File1277143273.jpg-(36 KB, 752x371, exterminatus.jpg)
    36 KB
    >> duck_murderer !hoaRoCu48g 06/21/10(Mon)14:02 No.10643792

    i chuckled
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)14:03 No.10643821
    You're not very good at Exterminatus. I can still see a planet, there.
    >> duck_murderer !hoaRoCu48g 06/21/10(Mon)14:04 No.10643837

    well people, what will it be? Small fort or Windmill and walls?
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)14:08 No.10643930

    the fucking food supply option for fucks sake.
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)14:08 No.10643931
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)14:11 No.10643976

    We can grind grain by hand / cow / horse / ox if need be, we need the wood for other things...

    Such as the aforementioned palisade.
    Holding pens for the livestock.

    Distribute the guns - have a few groups check out the area, take a look at the wood in the forests, animals, soil, etc.
    >> duck_murderer !hoaRoCu48g 06/21/10(Mon)14:12 No.10644003
         File1277143959.png-(194 KB, 1175x581, New Riata2.png)
    194 KB
    Year 458 of our holy mother, February

    The ship sets sail after its made sure that the settlement can be set up, the captain promising return within 4-5 months. The farmers set up several farms using all the bags of seed, helping to teach 60 settlers how to farm. In addition, most of the colony helps to work on the building of the walls around it as well as the windmill this month. We now have 5 months supply left, and will be recieving crops in around 6 months, capable of feeding 250 people for 6 months.
    >> duck_murderer !hoaRoCu48g 06/21/10(Mon)14:13 No.10644027

    Would you like to hand out all 40 guns? And if so, are there any particular professions you'd like to send out, or the basic settler?
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)14:14 No.10644036
    Then we'd best be hunting, unless we can expect another ship back by then.
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)14:15 No.10644074
    We should consider building a granary.
    >> duck_murderer !hoaRoCu48g 06/21/10(Mon)14:16 No.10644089

    you lack the wood to do so, the town hall is being used for food storage purposes at the moment.
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)14:18 No.10644115
    We should fish to get us enough food until harvest.
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)14:20 No.10644162
    Well each marine gets a gun, definitely, and the woodsmen too. The others can go to the farmers, veteran settlers, miners + any random that decides to goes travelling.

    We seem to have swords out the wazoo - we'll give one to each man, and instruct them on the basics of their use?

    Send the woodsmen to the woods with some commoners (gather information about the areas, snag something to eat maybe, teach them nature skills) and miners to the nearby rocky area (accompanied by a pair of marines or so)

    Our fishermen doing anything?
    They can start teaching some settlers some fishing!
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)14:20 No.10644167
         File1277144455.jpg-(198 KB, 1310x634, 1259200864079.jpg)
    198 KB
    Fish. We must have Fish.
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)14:23 No.10644215
    Lumberjackin' time!
    >> duck_murderer !hoaRoCu48g 06/21/10(Mon)14:24 No.10644224
         File1277144673.png-(194 KB, 1175x581, dalriata3.png)
    194 KB

    year 458 of our holy mother, March

    The marines hand out the rifles too the settlers, with the duke ordering search parties and hunting parties to be undertaken. They search up too 10km from the settlement, and all they find is the remains of a native camp site, probably 2 years old. You're settlers aren't the best of shots at first, but are slowly begining to learn. The duke also has 5 settlers head down to the river to try and net it to get fish, bringing in some fish as well. The people are happy that meat is finally back on the menu. Although sad news today, John MacDonnathon died after being attacked by a wolf.

    -1 settler
    +25 hunters
    +15 scouts
    +5 fishers
    >> duck_murderer !hoaRoCu48g 06/21/10(Mon)14:26 No.10644263

    how many hours a day should be spent on swordplay? Also, you are unable to mine at the moment, due to the lack of ability to transport materials
    >> duck_murderer !hoaRoCu48g 06/21/10(Mon)14:29 No.10644311
    Now why is it everybody decides to post when im writing up results, but when i'm waiting for you folks to tell them what to do, nobody says a thing.
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)14:30 No.10644340
    That one eyed, one armed fool should have known better than to have gone wandering off into the forest without his sword...
    Although I suppose it wouldn't have done him much good.

    Nevertheless, let this be a lesson to us all - carry your sword with you at all times outside the fort, and be careful in the forest!
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)14:30 No.10644353
    Bad timing I suppose. Have them practice for an hour a day, nothing too intensive. Have a service for the man and burn the body near the sea. Work on getting more wood for the granary.
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)14:31 No.10644354
    One hour for anyone else other than us. But 8 hours a day for us.
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)14:32 No.10644403
    Oh I don't know, we're really only giving them the basics, yeah?
    A few 1/2 hour sessions or something would let them defend themselves against any foolhardly wild animals or a savages spear.

    How did that little prospecting trip go? Any information about the rocks?
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)14:36 No.10644471
         File1277145367.jpg-(32 KB, 299x401, waiting for op.jpg)
    32 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)14:36 No.10644488
    It's been seven or so minutes, calm yourself.
    >> duck_murderer !hoaRoCu48g 06/21/10(Mon)14:37 No.10644501
         File1277145432.png-(193 KB, 1175x581, New Riata3.png)
    193 KB
    year 458 of our holy mother, april

    The royal marines have been teaching each man swordplay for an hour a day at 8am before they go off to their jobs. several woodpits have been built and the lumberbacks have begun to fell the forest, but at a rather slow rate due to low numbers. John MacDonnathon's funeral was today, and he was burned as tradition require in order for his spirit to be released into the embrace of the holy mother. On the bright side, Mrs. John MacDonnathon is now single.

    +wood for 1 building every month
    >> duck_murderer !hoaRoCu48g 06/21/10(Mon)14:38 No.10644548

    Your men only prospected the rocks to your east, and they only contain regular stone.


    im posting the same image over and over with little to no changes, i got to make tiny changes that people can hardly notice. Plus, i find myself thinking 'waiting for players'
    >> duck_murderer !hoaRoCu48g 06/21/10(Mon)14:42 No.10644648

    see what i mean, its been a full 5 minutes without imput from players, most quest threads have a fair few posts in that period. So don't you worry, updates will come as long as i have content.
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)14:43 No.10644680
    We need a picture of Mrs. John MacDonnathon.
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)14:44 No.10644703
    sage for questfaggotry
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)14:44 No.10644706
    Can we get an overview of current operations + numbers?
    Also information that our miners got from the rocks?
    And information about the woods + fishing grounds?
    Her name is John?
    Also, chicken coop. And get them to dig a shitpit - we're gonna need that for gunpowder + fertilizer later.
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)14:46 No.10644739
    put up a granary. have the miners check the rocky areas for decent ore, send 4 marines to watch them
    >> duck_murderer !hoaRoCu48g 06/21/10(Mon)14:47 No.10644762

    you got a choice, you can wait for me to find a good picture because im on a new PC, or shes everybodies favorite cra.
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)14:47 No.10644785
    Have The Duke chat up Mrs. John MacDonnathon for fun. Get the doctors to make sure everyone gets a health examination every month, we don't want people catching a foreign disease and spreading to the whole colony. Have the miners check out the rocky area for good mining area, if they find none have them assess the stony area to see if we can build a quarry there.
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)14:48 No.10644809
    Just regular stone, huh...
    Would it be suitable for making a millstone?

    Let's send the miners to that rock outcrop (?) near the coast, have them check that out. Same arrangement with the marine escorts.
    >> duck_murderer !hoaRoCu48g 06/21/10(Mon)14:49 No.10644827

    Settlement Name:
    Population:99 men, 100 women
    Food stuffs: 5 months
    Equipment: 40 muskets
    gunpowder for 5,000 shots
    100 swords
    50 sythes (farm equipment)(in use)
    25 wood axes
    25 pike axes
    building tools for 30 workers
    10 cows, 1 bull
    20 sheep
    50 chickens, 5 roosters
    14 horses
    2 Sacks of hops

    skilled settlers
    2 doctor/barbers
    10 royal marines
    25 hunters
    15 scouts
    4 veteran settlers
    5 woodsman
    70 farmers
    2 blacksmiths
    4 miners
    7 fishers
    1 brewer
    1 Duke (leader of the settlement)

    crops:capable of sustaining 250 settlers, to be recieved in 6 months
    march, 458

    1 town hall
    several houses
    wooden stake walls
    8 farms
    1 windmill


    i already said, only stone to the east.
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)14:50 No.10644837
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)14:50 No.10644838
         File1277146206.jpg-(123 KB, 638x900, 1275522702423.jpg)
    123 KB
    Mrs. John MacDonnathon?
    >> New Landlord Question bentleybarker 06/21/10(Mon)14:50 No.10644854
    Just recently I bought my first piece of rental property and have my first tenants. I am completely new to the idea of <a href=http://www.landlordpropertymanagement.net>landlord property management</a>
    and was wondering what types of things I should look out for. I have usually done this on abandoned properties and foreclosures. More of a property preservation role.

    >> duck_murderer !hoaRoCu48g 06/21/10(Mon)14:51 No.10644860
         File1277146277.jpg-(130 KB, 660x960, Mrs john.jpg)
    130 KB

    do you mean the southern rocks?

    also, the widow of the dearly departed.
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)14:51 No.10644862
    thats a pretty long overland trip... maybe we should make a small boat for getting around the bay/fishing with our wood buildup?
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)14:53 No.10644899
         File1277146385.jpg-(111 KB, 663x850, 1204906470131.jpg)
    111 KB
    This should suffice.
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)14:54 No.10644924
    legalize polygamy, and either build a small boat or start improving those huts to houses... kinda hard to grow big families that are needed for proper colonization in a hut...
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)14:55 No.10644965
    Breed the sheep, breed the cattle, breed the poultry.

    How do you guys like the sound of a half-monthly 'bonfire' + feast?
    >> duck_murderer !hoaRoCu48g 06/21/10(Mon)14:57 No.10644986
         File1277146621.png-(193 KB, 1175x581, New Riata4.png)
    193 KB

    year 458 of our holy mother, may.

    A chicken coop was built just inside the fort walls, meaning we can now actually properly utilize our chickens now, although the eggs are still a tad expensive. Work is done on a granary within town, capable of holding food for the winter as well as a 6 month siege at our current population. The duke is having some trouble with the widow, considering her husband died only a month ago.
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)14:57 No.10644987
    seconded, feasts are good bro. and if we have hops why do we not yet have booze? booze is a leading contributor to population increases!!!
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)14:58 No.10645020
    no boat? aww... I still say that would be a good idea, especially if there's decent ore in the southern rock outcropping
    >> duck_murderer !hoaRoCu48g 06/21/10(Mon)14:59 No.10645028

    oh no, your not that lucky. See above


    you're barely scraping by, 'feasts' aren't feasable.


    any particular design, or will you leave it up to me?
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)15:00 No.10645054
    Take it away.
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)15:00 No.10645055
    Heck, that's a great idea.

    Should we use some of fruits / grains / roots to brew some alcoholic beverages for use at these feasts?
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)15:01 No.10645074
    Damn, Duke's gotta up his game. Our horses are integrated into the workforce right? If they're not start using them to help move around building supplies and plow fields. We have to squeeze out all the labor we can.
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)15:01 No.10645077
    lets use around 10 untrained settlers to become woodworkers, have them build some carts and small boats as needed
    >> duck_murderer !hoaRoCu48g 06/21/10(Mon)15:01 No.10645082

    Final warning, any feasts will use up your food supply even faster, and even with hunting, you wont last til the farm stocks come in.
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)15:02 No.10645091
    something that could work to transport ore if the second prospecting mission finds good ore, and could double as a fishing ship. Also, have the woodsmen found any critters with good fur or rare/new breeds of trees that we could trade with our homeland?
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)15:04 No.10645127
    then we hold off on the feast until the resupply shows up, our ship comes back to a feast before going on another trip. they spread the story of our bitchin spread back home, and come back with even more settlers.
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)15:05 No.10645150
    It's half-monthly, and it's more of a "Oh boy we get to eat something other than twigs and leaves" kind of feast - chocolate for charlie, if you'd like (only not quite so special).
    Besides, we have a ship coming in 4 - 5 months, and we have quite a few hunter + fishers (On that note, do those forests / fields have anything worth foraging or cultivating?).
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)15:06 No.10645172
    seconding the booze, horse usage and polygamy
    >> duck_murderer !hoaRoCu48g 06/21/10(Mon)15:07 No.10645187
         File1277147244.png-(193 KB, 1175x581, New Riata5.png)
    193 KB
    year 458 of our holy mother, june

    It has been a most productive month for us. We've set up fields for our cattle, sheep and horses to be put aside to their own 'bussiness', in addition to using carts to haul food into town. Several woodsman have been trained up and wood supply has increased.

    And even better, our ship has been created! she is capable of moving 20 men in one go. Now you must name her, and i want you folks to roll 1d4 for a random event.

    +10 woodsman
    +cattle and sheep
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)15:07 No.10645200
    rolled 1 = 1

    -1 on polygamy and horse fucking
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)15:09 No.10645216
    rolled 1 = 1

    How about the Macdonnathon, in honor of the fallen?
    >> duck_murderer !hoaRoCu48g 06/21/10(Mon)15:09 No.10645218

    Your people have three meals a day, they have nothing to complain about meal wise. You do not know if there are anything that can be used for food other than animals, for all you know its poisonous!
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)15:09 No.10645223
    Who said anything about fucking horses? We're using them as work animals.
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)15:09 No.10645226
    rolled 4 = 4

    +1 to polygamy and animal breeding. we need more critters, and since their grazers we wont need to burn our own food to feed them

    Name our boat the Venture
    >> duck_murderer !hoaRoCu48g 06/21/10(Mon)15:10 No.10645233

    Well, a 1 should be interesting. also, of course, i was thinking that myself.
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)15:10 No.10645235

    Need to graze that cattle + sheep.
    Need shepards + cowboys...
    >> duck_murderer !hoaRoCu48g 06/21/10(Mon)15:10 No.10645249

    you cant exactly graze them any faster
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)15:11 No.10645259
    so none of the plants are familiar? shit. have the woodsman watch the native critters and see what they eat, proceed to check those for edibility... we may find spice or some other good shit!
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)15:12 No.10645282
    Aren't woodsmen supposed to be experienced naturalists?
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)15:13 No.10645290
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)15:14 No.10645309
    this gave me a mildly ammusing mental image, thatn you Alpharius!
    >> duck_murderer !hoaRoCu48g 06/21/10(Mon)15:15 No.10645315
    458 of our holy mother, july

    This month has been troubling. while work has been going on as normal, the supply ship is over due, and to make matters worse, after spotting smoke to the south, your scouts have confirmed that there are natives in the area. The Orcs (don't just go think evil straight away, just think native) are around 60 in number, and appear to be mostly men, which usually means they are either on a warpath or are refugees from another warring tribe.
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)15:15 No.10645324
    >> duck_murderer !hoaRoCu48g 06/21/10(Mon)15:15 No.10645326
         File1277147739.png-(193 KB, 1175x581, New Riata6.png)
    193 KB
    forgot my picture
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)15:16 No.10645340
    Orcs... me no like. double the watch
    >> duck_murderer !hoaRoCu48g 06/21/10(Mon)15:16 No.10645342

    You're in an entirely different continent, 7000km from your home nation.
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)15:17 No.10645366
    Right, our men are probably decently trained with swords by now right? Have some of the better swordsman and riflemen come with us to meet the natives. Hopefully we can barter with them and gain supplies to help us hold out until the next ship.
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)15:18 No.10645378
    seconded, but dont shoot on sight. if their refugees we may be able to increase our workforce by befriending them. and their knowledge of local flora would be insanely useful
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)15:18 No.10645383
    Idc what you call it but set it up along the plains close to water (for fishing) and yes dismantle the ship there might hostile natives.
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)15:18 No.10645392
    Ah, I thought they were sitting around in pens. The whole cowboy + shepard thing stands though - get three or four settlers on that?

    We have any soap-makers? Lets get that doctor
    to establish some basic hygiene procedures so people aren't dying from shit left and right. Maybe he can take on a protege or two, teach them a thing or two about medicine.

    See if our woodsmen can make something of that old native camp, and if they can locate any natives. Let it be known that any native sightings / contact should be dealt with very carefully, and reported.
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)15:21 No.10645430
    Could be a hunting party, either have scouts follow them or make contact with them, which would be insanley risky. I say scouts follow them!
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)15:22 No.10645468
    I second this.
    Observation without contact, for the time being.
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)15:24 No.10645492
    combination of these two. If the scouts figure their refugees/hunters/not a war part, send in the diplomats. If not, double the watch but only shoot if fired upon
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)15:24 No.10645507
    Not to mention, if it is a hunting party it would be safe to assume they know the movements of any any herds of local fauna, that kinda knowledge wouldnt hurt.
    >> duck_murderer !hoaRoCu48g 06/21/10(Mon)15:25 No.10645523
         File1277148350.png-(194 KB, 1175x581, New Riata7.png)
    194 KB
    year 458 of our holy mother, august

    Grand news, our supply ship has arrived! They bring with them new settlers, another marine unit and some supplies. The duke heads off with the entire marine detatchment to meet the natives, as well as a 20 man militia force. The first meeting was nervous for both sides, but everybody is still alive so thats a plus. You've been able to establish that they are a scouting party from the further inland native nation of 'Dothclyde'. which is a loose collection of tribes. Although no incidents have occured, natives have been seen around serenity every now and then. the settlers are slightly worried.

    Oh, the harvest just came in, too.

    +40 settlers (30 men, 10 women)
    +10 marines
    +20 muskets
    +50 swords
    +gunpowder for 500 shots
    +stone for 4 buildings.
    +Priest of the holy mother
    +2 tanners
    >> duck_murderer !hoaRoCu48g 06/21/10(Mon)15:28 No.10645575
    oh, also, marines dont count towards your total population count. And also, its late here, so when we hit January, im calling it a night.
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)15:28 No.10645576
    And yet the presence of wolves, trees, grass and fish would suggest biological systems with at least some degree of similarity.
    The analogy here would be that of an auto mechanic working on a completely unfamiliar car.
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)15:29 No.10645592
    Dont let the priest near any of the natives, last thing we need to do is make them feel infringed upon.
    >> duck_murderer !hoaRoCu48g 06/21/10(Mon)15:29 No.10645597

    who said there was wolves in europe.
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)15:29 No.10645601
    Well we just got a priest in, let's make a church with some of that stone. Could we use the units required for two builds to make one wall around the town? The last buildings worth of stone I don't have a suggestion for.
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)15:29 No.10645610
    up the watch to soothe them, throw a feast before our SHip leaves again... any word from the southern prospecting mission? And use the stone to put up a watchtower at the bend in the river north of our farms
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)15:29 No.10645619
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)15:31 No.10645659
    Agreed on the wall but dont make the church a high priority, i say we build a watch tower.
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)15:31 No.10645660
    Split the stone between a church and a stone fortress within the walls.

    Expand the walls. Add watch towers.
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)15:31 No.10645662
    Attempt to make a trade agreement of sorts with the natives. Try to find something to trade with them for food. Information perhaps? Skills that we developed and carried overseas with us. Who knows. Trying to get a stable supply of food would be the main goal.

    We want to be as friendly terms with them as possible at the beginning. We should wait on enslaving them until we are strong and completely self-reliant instead of fucking it up and attacking them at the beginning.
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)15:31 No.10645665
    agreed. did the Orcs express any interest in trading with us? have we found anything valuable to send back home for trading?
    >> duck_murderer !hoaRoCu48g 06/21/10(Mon)15:34 No.10645724

    they are VERY wary, as the other colonist nations, as well as your own, have been known for being total dicks to them, but they have also worked together with them as well. The scouts are basicly there to see whether or not you're trying to fuck them over, again.

    Also, just so you folks know, due to new settlers, the town will expand. So you want me to leave room within the new walls for further expansions? It will cost 3 units of stone.
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)15:35 No.10645752
    We haven't even built homes, a granary or a mill yet.

    How about giving them some alchoLOL?
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)15:36 No.10645772
    no, no stone walls yet, a church, a watchtower at the bend in the river and... something else. DO expand the walls however, and see whats taking the miners so damn long to get back/send the sloop to meet them
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)15:36 No.10645774
    Invite the natives?
    >> duck_murderer !hoaRoCu48g 06/21/10(Mon)15:37 No.10645793

    um, you have ALL of those.
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)15:37 No.10645798
    Leave room for expansion and use the three units of stone.
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)15:38 No.10645819
    Do the best we can for the new settlers, and the guy who brought up the wolves reminded me of something... we need domesticated dogs for various tasks around here, anyones else agree?
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)15:39 No.10645868

    and yea a feast with the natives could be a good idea... make the Priest do the cooking or some shit, just dont let him get into missionary mode
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)15:40 No.10645894
    Domesticate bears. Use as cavalry. Win scenario.
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)15:41 No.10645922
         File1277149298.jpg-(73 KB, 885x625, U-boat UK.jpg)
    73 KB
    We need a U-boat
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)15:43 No.10645967
    Apparently we don't know what wolves are, and are incapable of deducing from basic physiology what an animals / plants purpose or edibility might be.
    >> duck_murderer !hoaRoCu48g 06/21/10(Mon)15:43 No.10645969
         File1277149391.png-(194 KB, 1175x581, New Riata8.png)
    194 KB
    year 458 of the holy mother, September

    You welcome the new settlers into serenity, holding a grand feast for the grand time, inviting a delegation from the orcs. Although they seem nervous of everything, they seem less on edge after the feast. The walls are expanded with the help of the settlers with a small market built along with several homes and traders, as well as a watch tower which has a constant garrison of 4 marines and 4 militia men

    The supply ship returns back to the kingdom and promises to inform the king of how well the colony is going. The prospectors return on the ship, telling you there is 'iron in them thar hills' and possibly more deeper, but transporting it constantly by the small, glorified row boat isnt feasible.

    the priest frowns at all fun things.
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)15:43 No.10645982
    Yea okay u try that, i was thinking domesticate the wolves but that would take to long. Have the duke send us watchdogs. And when the circumstances allow we should check out the rocky areas, a stone quarry or some ore wouldnt hurt.
    >> duck_murderer !hoaRoCu48g 06/21/10(Mon)15:44 No.10646007

    my point is, everything that exists here does not exist in europa, and vice versa. ill be doing many things like that, including even making up animals.
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)15:46 No.10646059
    Domesticate wolves for sure. have the woodsmen trap them and get to work domesticating them SLOWLY AND CAREFULLY. One guy per wolf, start off by just him walking up to the cage and dropping food in on a regular basis. when the wolf is waiting for him, have him sit near the cage opposite the food while the solf eats. when the wolf isnt being all protective with the food have him switch sides. move the wolf to a pit/pen area, but set it up so the wolf has to walk into a cage to get fed by dudeguy. keep uping the ante until it can be trusted. rinse, repeat
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)15:46 No.10646063
    DO IT
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)15:46 No.10646070
    Better yet let's cook and eat the fucking priest.
    Last thing we need is a person of significant influence spouting illogical gobbly-de-gook about peace this or smiting that.
    Just watch "Zulu" if you need any convincing.
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)15:48 No.10646115
    Is that all our stone used? If we can let's try and use some of our lumber to create mining carts and some small rails made using any extra metal we have, maybe burn into our bullet supply if we need to. Once we get a full mining operation going then we can easily make more bullets.
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)15:49 No.10646126
    do we have the wood to make a bigger boat? a barge/ferry perhaps? Set up a mining camp, send the priest and a few marines, militia, a woodsman or two, one of the doctors, and some of the single men. Mining camp is a no fun zone, due to its secluded location and dangerous nature. once its established rotate the men who are there, and let them take booze.
    >> duck_murderer !hoaRoCu48g 06/21/10(Mon)15:49 No.10646132

    the priest isnt like that dumbass, he just wants the Varnians to worship the holy mother as they should be.
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)15:50 No.10646169
    We need a stone quarry so stone wont be a factor anymore im pretty sure theres a viable one in those rocky areas. And when the hell do we get working dogs?
    >> duck_murderer !hoaRoCu48g 06/21/10(Mon)15:52 No.10646201

    The marines suggest using caravans by land which would consume less wood, but just take a day longer, the miners suggest building a larger ship that'd consume around 6 units (you only earn 2 per month and only have 2 right now) and take three months to build.
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)15:52 No.10646202
    Do priests in this setting have any powers or are they just like normal priests.
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)15:53 No.10646234
    after we tame the wolves. try to get a few males and females so that we can start a breeding pool, and no longer have to risk people taming more of them. Also, make sure the tamer/trainers are strong and tough mother-fuckers, and have decently thick leather cloths for when their working with our dogs, dont want to loose them to a single bite
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)15:54 No.10646252
    Taming wolves isn't something you do over night, dumb ass.

    There's a reason wolves are still wild.

    Domesticated dogs were domesticated over hundreds of years.
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)15:54 No.10646253
    Oh yes, it's all peace and love and holy wisdom until they're burning heretics at the stake.
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)15:55 No.10646280
    ship. I dont think we should be tying up/risking more men than necessary. wood is more easily replaceable than people, and not all natives are likely to be as amiable as the Orcs we met... can we up our wood production until we have enough for the barge?
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)15:57 No.10646309
    Fuck building a ship, that's wildly impractical.
    Carts and cows / horses thank you very much.

    Pretty much this.
    >> duck_murderer !hoaRoCu48g 06/21/10(Mon)15:57 No.10646314
         File1277150254.png-(194 KB, 1175x581, New Riata9.png)
    194 KB
    year 458 of the holy mother, october

    a mining camp is set up, with a wooden wall being set up and the following being stationed there

    10 marines
    30 settlers
    4 miners
    1 doctor
    1 priest of the holy mother

    the mine is slowly producing iron ore at a rate of half a unit per month currently, and output can be increased with further investment or personal.

    The scouts have begun to try and domesticate the local wild dogs, which is meeting mixed success. while the beasts dont meet sentient beings often and have no reason to fear them, that doesn't mean the beast in them doesn't occasionally strike, as old man wilkens found out

    +6 wolves, not domesticated
    +mining camp
    -2 fingers
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)15:57 No.10646326
    Yo relax, trying to domesticate the wolves wouldnt hurt. Who knows they might be able to do something that the dogs the duke (hopefully) will send cant.
    >> duck_murderer !hoaRoCu48g 06/21/10(Mon)16:01 No.10646410

    essentially the order of the holy mother is a pagan like faith, Priests cant go 'POWMOTHERFUCKER' and set orcs and such on fire, but their boost to moral can be great.
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)16:03 No.10646443
    id say invest in more woodsmen for a barge and a bridge
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)16:04 No.10646454
    a two day trip, with armed guards is more expensive both in work hours, human lives and eventually money in the long run. Build a barge. Do the orcs have iron as well, or steel? can we produce steel? if so get the orcs to like steel, and offer them a portion of the mines ore, which we will convert to steel for them as payment for helping work it. And yea, get going on that there wolf-taming
    >> duck_murderer !hoaRoCu48g 06/21/10(Mon)16:04 No.10646472
    we're running low on settlers at the moment, with only 50 left, and the farms must also be expanded for future expansion of the colony. both creating the ship and the caravans have risks, but if done right, they can be minimized.
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)16:05 No.10646495
    Well mixed sucess witht he wolves is better than nothing, they might not be able to work but they can still be tied up along the wall and will hopefully bark/growl whenever a threat is looming. And btw what can the doctors do with old man wilkens missing fingers?
    >> duck_murderer !hoaRoCu48g 06/21/10(Mon)16:06 No.10646501

    No, its a one day trip, compared to the ships hour or two. The orcs have iron, and while Steel is more than common in Varina, its impossible for you to make any with your current set up.
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)16:06 No.10646510
    We should expand our farming operations somewhat.
    Better to have a good food source now than struggle to get one later.
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)16:07 No.10646528
    How about those boozy fortnightly gatherings?
    (Also soap and shitpits)
    Are those cows the kind that make milk or meat?
    >> duck_murderer !hoaRoCu48g 06/21/10(Mon)16:07 No.10646536
    cut the rest off to even up the hand? we're at about 17th century technology, you cant really do much about lost fingers in this day of age for a commoner.
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)16:08 No.10646541
    Well even with a short trip, it still takes a fair amount of time to mine things. Long run the speed boost won't really help except in emergencies.
    >> duck_murderer !hoaRoCu48g 06/21/10(Mon)16:08 No.10646549

    it depends, right now your colony is focused on breeding your live stock before you start eating them. its up to you.
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)16:08 No.10646552
    Can we make our own guns?
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)16:09 No.10646570
    Okay, starting to read this. This looks interesting.

    OP, be warned though, I am going to murder you if you drop this quest without a warning!
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)16:10 No.10646574
    Well i figured we use leather and wood to make a primitive prosthetic, it shouldnt cost much.
    >> duck_murderer !hoaRoCu48g 06/21/10(Mon)16:10 No.10646579

    you have no smiths, so no. Even then, you'd need a rather advanced smith to create muskets, basic gets you swords and whatnot, plus armor.
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)16:10 No.10646592
    I think gun making is to much of a specialized profession for us to be able to do that...
    >> duck_murderer !hoaRoCu48g 06/21/10(Mon)16:11 No.10646603

    ive already given warning that ill be stopping once the new year tics around so i can get some sleep, although ill be back on in 4-7 hours to continue.
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)16:11 No.10646611
    put steel production on the backburner then. once our farms are properly expanded and our barge is finished sacrifice some of our wood production (which we should increase to get the barge out faster) for coal. Another good point about having the barge: it forces the orcs to come to our city to get their steel once we're making it, meaning theyre gonna hit the market as well, which gets US more supplies. if we do a caravan they can just take it straight from the mine, which means less profit.

    so split the last 50 unassigned settlers to another 20 to farming (permanant) and 30 to lumberjacking, the 30 switch to barge-building once we have enough wood for that
    >> duck_murderer !hoaRoCu48g 06/21/10(Mon)16:15 No.10646678
         File1277151332.png-(194 KB, 1175x581, New Riata10.png)
    194 KB
    Year 458 of the holy mother, November

    You've expanded your farming operations, and are now capable of supporting 700 people for 6 month periods. In addition, you've planted some hops and will be able to start producing ale for 300 people having a pint daily in about 6 months time.

    The wolf taming situation is slowly getting better, and some are responding to names and commands.

    +food stocks
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)16:16 No.10646693
    > 1 - 2 hours vs 1 day
    We must have the finest shipmakers, sailors and/ or rowers in existence, and a mighty efficient pair of docks and dock operators.
    >> duck_murderer !hoaRoCu48g 06/21/10(Mon)16:16 No.10646703
    sorry, already posted, you've got the spare civies on farming now to support the colony.
    >> duck_murderer !hoaRoCu48g 06/21/10(Mon)16:17 No.10646720

    just because its fast doesn't mean it boosts the mines output.
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)16:17 No.10646724
    and if an unfriendly force attacks the (slow moving) caravan guarded by what the 4 unassigned Marines we have left, not only do we lose the wood for the wagons, and that days ore production. but a considerable percentage of our professional soldiery and a good bit of the colony/mining camps morale would go down the shitter as well. PLUS the caravan idea removes the other trading advantages we would gain from the orcs once we get steel going
    >> duck_murderer !hoaRoCu48g 06/21/10(Mon)16:18 No.10646740
    oh also folks, roll 1d4
    >> duck_murderer !hoaRoCu48g 06/21/10(Mon)16:19 No.10646766

    you wont be getting steel output ready for abour a year or 2
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)16:19 No.10646771

    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)16:20 No.10646785
    Perhaps we should think about planting textile crops?
    Our clothes won't last forever.

    I get the feeling we're playing on arcade mode, btw. Can we change the settings to realistic?
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)16:20 No.10646786
    Why? Anything significant happening?
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)16:21 No.10646805
    by the way, how do i roll? I have forgotten it myself...
    >> duck_murderer !hoaRoCu48g 06/21/10(Mon)16:22 No.10646814

    you're on arcade mode for two reasons
    1. i want to let you guys get a handle of how this works
    2. its 4 in the morning and im too tired to think of something complex

    every now and then im putting in random events, so roll
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)16:22 No.10646823
    rolled 3 = 3

    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)16:22 No.10646829
    Hoping I'm doing this right...
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)16:23 No.10646850
    rolled 1 = 1

    Failed, trying again.
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)16:24 No.10646856
    now that the larger famrs are established will we be able to switch some labor over to lumber pruduction to get our Barge going? I dont like the idea of our mining caravan getting fucked up and the losses that would lead to. also, is the mine just stockpiling ATM or are they already walking shit back to the city? whats our cities name anyhow?
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)16:24 No.10646857

    How exactly do you plan to build and operate a ore-transporting ship (in the absence of a shipbuilder, sailors or a dock) of sufficient size and speed such that it would be more efficient than a caravan?
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)16:24 No.10646866
    We need to trade some of that ale. Im pretty sure people back home would enjjoy some of that new world ale. And what is going on with the mining? And how are we down to only 50 settles didnt we have more?
    >> duck_murderer !hoaRoCu48g 06/21/10(Mon)16:25 No.10646878

    you need the farmers constantly tending the fields.
    >> duck_murderer !hoaRoCu48g 06/21/10(Mon)16:25 No.10646888
    as in 50 free settlers, alot got transfered into jobs
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)16:27 No.10646914
    oh ok i thought we were dying off... and the priest would start rambliing blaming it on someone who obviously did nothing.
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)16:29 No.10646941
    we built our sloop, and a barge isnt that complex. I'm assuming the 6 units of lumber covered the necessary dock facilities for it as well. Once again if we can get the orcs on board with the mining operation that would be super
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)16:29 No.10646951
    Continue the present state of affairs and make it known that if you work hard enough you will be rewarded.
    >> duck_murderer !hoaRoCu48g 06/21/10(Mon)16:30 No.10646964
         File1277152221.png-(194 KB, 1175x581, New Riata11.png)
    194 KB
    year 458 of the holy mother, december

    Terrible news, we got competitors. The most serene republic of Acra has set up a colony due east of ours, even infringing on our land rights, the dogs! But currently we cannot do anything about it, as from what our scouts have told us the settlement, while only holding 150 settlers, has a grand total of 50 marines and two cannon.

    >> dice+1d4 Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)16:30 No.10646976
    Screw the 100% realism. The Powers That Be say that the ship is more efficient, so it is.
    I'm voting for ship. Efficiency and safety is a good investment.
    Also, have we explored out the island? Those beaches look nice.
    >> duck_murderer !hoaRoCu48g 06/21/10(Mon)16:31 No.10646984

    no, the dock complex for such an operation would also consume 2 wood.
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)16:31 No.10646989

    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)16:31 No.10646994
    Herp derp, dice in wrong field.
    And I was too slow anyway.
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)16:32 No.10647003
    I don't mean that, I mean dropping the quest after couple of threads and never coming back to it. At least give a warning if you get tired of it... too many of good quests get dropped just like that.
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)16:32 No.10647015
    What do we know of their kingdom? Regardless I propose making a deal with the Orcs and invading their colony. We give them some guns and supplies from the invaded city. They can trust us now that they know we don't want to hurt them. We should convince them that these people will though and that for both our sakes we should move them from the continent now.
    >> duck_murderer !hoaRoCu48g 06/21/10(Mon)16:33 No.10647023

    um, i never said that the ship was more effecient at any point, i said it was faster is all. You'd probably have it doing nothing 6 out of 7 days.
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)16:33 No.10647039

    Can we have a population count again?
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)16:34 No.10647056
    Those filthy frog-eating inbred bastards!!!
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)16:35 No.10647062
    Calm down good priest. I see no reason why we should be hostile towards our neighbours, seeing as they do us no harm.
    If anything, we should negotiate with them, so that we might learn the secrets of building colonies near instantly.
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)16:35 No.10647063
    so two more months until we get the barge up then MASSIVE INFLUX OF IRON ORE. I'm gonna suggest we get a basic stone smelter up at the mining camp, and proper forges (also stone since we need wood for the barge) at the main colony. If we're getting border fights have the scouts sneak out in the night with some of the more tamed wolves and torch/raid the other colonies farms. Try to get the orcs to dislike the other colony as well. If they cant eat or safely leave their city they will die off before spring.
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)16:35 No.10647066
    Second this.
    They're encroaching upon our lands.
    Tell the natives that while we are good guys who will trade fairly with them, these guys are known for being asses even back in Europe.
    Scout their farmlands for possible raids.
    If we can destroy their newly planted crops come spring, we can make life miserable for them.
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)16:35 No.10647079
    Does the rocky area east of us hold any deposits?
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)16:36 No.10647082
    rolled 4 = 4

    We should train some militia to make up for the number.
    The cannons are a whole different matter. Hopefully we get reinforcements when the ship returns from the homeland.
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)16:36 No.10647091
    Train our men in guerrilla tactics, we wanna sneakily kill everyone and take their shit!
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)16:36 No.10647100
    Also i forgot to remove the dice from the email field...
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)16:36 No.10647104
    When our ship returns we should set up a blockade
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)16:37 No.10647118
    Time efficient, then.
    We can use that downtime for other things. Like trade with the natives if they have a coastal settlement.
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)16:37 No.10647133
    Yes but do it under cover, let the natives do it since they the lands better then we do. negotiate with the natives to sabotage their land, under cover of night of course.
    >> duck_murderer !hoaRoCu48g 06/21/10(Mon)16:38 No.10647137

    i got nothing better to do, ill probably keep this running until you guys get bored of it.


    The goblin trader republic is one of the richest, but also the smallest in Europa. While Varina has had decent relations with them in the past 100 years, they have been known for trying to expand out as wide as they can in the new world.
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)16:39 No.10647164

    Train our men for militia duty and night time raids.
    We should also send some diplomats (i.e. spies) to our new neighbors.
    >> duck_murderer !hoaRoCu48g 06/21/10(Mon)16:39 No.10647166
    Population:129 men, 110 women

    20 marines

    total: 260
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)16:41 No.10647182
    Go at night and burn their fields.
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)16:41 No.10647187
         File1277152881.jpg-(72 KB, 500x684, evangelynedz9.jpg)
    72 KB
    >you got a choice, you can wait for me to find a good picture because im on a new PC, or shes everybodies favorite cra.

    Forget the damn widow. She is used goods.

    Search for a young unmarried Cra with dem delicious hips to woo.
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)16:41 No.10647195
    its farm raidan time!!!! strike in the night, send the scouts (who should know the area pretty well) with some of the more obedient wolves (preferably not females, as we want a breeding population of them up asap) to hit farms and other exterior/vulnerable buildings, take anything that could be usefull. and yea, get the orcs on our side, offer them better trading with us, promise them steel once we can produce it, and tell them how massively dickish and unfair the other guys act back home
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)16:42 No.10647215
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)16:43 No.10647221
    If we have decent relations, there is no need to be so hostile right now.

    Maybe meet them officially ?
    >> The Destroyer of Elah !!BYDyM6cb+nS 06/21/10(Mon)16:43 No.10647230
         File1277153011.png-(38 KB, 261x309, amiprettynow.png)
    38 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)16:44 No.10647249
    I believe it's December right now, but yeah. Raiding food supplies.

    I also second the idea of attempting to get the natives to do it.
    Less risk of retribution towards us.

    And since they're apparently greedy as fuck anyway, it shouldn't be much of a surprise for them anyway which means even less risk of retribution for us.

    Supply the natives, have them raid fields.
    Send ambassadors/spies to our neighbors in the meantime to appear as friendly neighbors until we can drive them from our shores!
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)16:44 No.10647254
         File1277153094.jpg-(11 KB, 160x224, loricon.jpg)
    11 KB

    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)16:45 No.10647265
    Hey, op suggested it himself.

    Ok, I agree maybe we shouldn't be going ouiaboo but if we are going to woo anyone let it at least be a young woman in her prime and not some middleaged widow.
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)16:46 No.10647281
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)16:46 No.10647284
    might as well, we already have the good mining spot, the bay, and are more established, also, they were dumb enough to start their colony in winter. Try to keep the orcs from supporting them as competition is still a bad thing right now.
    >> duck_murderer !hoaRoCu48g 06/21/10(Mon)16:46 No.10647289
         File1277153193.png-(194 KB, 1175x581, New Riata12.png)
    194 KB
    year 459 of the holy mother, January

    The Arca colony has expanded slightly, and they have at least 10 cows, 20 pigs and 12 horses. The captain of the marines went to the settlement along with 6 guards. According to the goblins, a land deal was made allowing them to expand this far west, although we obviously have no knowledge of this until our ship returns.

    The wolves have now become fully domesticated as well as a wolf can be, and make great watch dogs. you deliverer word to the orcs about these goblins and warn them, although they are just as suspicious of you at this point as well.

    Finally, some of the first children are born this year, with a ceremony being thrown for the first true 'serenity' born Varinans.

    +28 pop
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)16:46 No.10647293
    You can leave too, thanks.
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)16:47 No.10647308
    I like this idea, lets do it
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)16:48 No.10647324
    Come on guys, try to be a bit more diplomatic please?
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)16:49 No.10647349
    Hold off serious fighting until we know more.
    Keep up good relations with natives.
    Hog all good resources.

    Did we explore the island? Is there anything of value out there? If so, claim that too.
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)16:50 No.10647362
    That island would be a great place to build a fort, no?
    >> duck_murderer !hoaRoCu48g 06/21/10(Mon)16:50 No.10647363
    Alright people, ill be off to bed in ten minutes, i wont be posting anything more until i get up, and ill continue on, current stats.

    building tools for 30 workers
    35 cows, 3 bulls
    53 sheep
    107 chickens, 12 roosters
    29 horses
    9 wolves
    4 units of wood
    3 units of iron ore

    skilled settlers
    2 doctor/barbers
    20 royal marines
    25 hunters
    15 scouts
    4 veteran settlers
    15 woodsman
    120 farmers
    2 blacksmiths
    34 miners
    7 fishers
    1 brewer
    1 Duke (leader of the settlement)
    1 priest of the holy mother
    2 tanners

    crops:capable of sustaining 700 settlers for 6 months
    january, 459

    1 town hall
    several houses
    stone walls
    market place
    14 farms
    1 windmill
    woodsman huts
    watch tower
    mining camp
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)16:51 No.10647386
    Does the rocky are to the east hold any deposits? Or is it only good for stone?
    >> duck_murderer !hoaRoCu48g 06/21/10(Mon)16:51 No.10647389
    Now, when i wake up, ill be cranking it up a notch, and chances are each year you'll loose 20 settlers minimum. I could have given you guys ALOT of penalties, so start thinking. Now, before i go. how do you folks think i did?
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)16:52 No.10647404
    Good night
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)16:52 No.10647415
    you guys wanna archive?
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)16:52 No.10647416
    start buttering the orcs up than. we just need to make ourselves look better than those dirty greedy goblin bastards at this point to gain their trust. offer one of our tamed wolf-pup litters, some booze, Iron Ore, some of the goblins guns once we get them off our backs, you know, good stuff.

    Also get to work on the docks, we'll start the Barge next month. Since we've got no good reare resources maybe we can go for being kck-ass shipwrights...
    >> duck_murderer !hoaRoCu48g 06/21/10(Mon)16:52 No.10647417

    just stone
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)16:53 No.10647422
    HttP://TinYURL.cOM/3YKphf3 wzfyshq iobsg d hgs axaizpxe h ak nmf a d tzecnuqgc
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)16:53 No.10647427
    I think you did great. This was pretty enjoyable.
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)16:54 No.10647441
    I can do it if no one else is up to it...
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)16:54 No.10647453
    Second that.
    Get some exploration teams to that island before the goblins think of that idea too. If they do it first, they can use it to choke off our colony from the sea if/when relations go bad.

    For now, we're good neighbors but let's stay prepared for shit to hit the fan.
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)16:54 No.10647455
    you did pretty good for runing a quest at 4am local, and I look forward to you cranking it up a notch.
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)16:54 No.10647456
    Fine. But I am a bit biased as I love the strategy quest games the most.

    Though I can't undestand the setting we are supposed to be playing in. Does it resemble your average fantasy game, with magic, fairies and evil shit like necromancers, demons and such?

    What kind of race are we? Humans? How many races are there, what kind of relations they have with each other, etc... etc..
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)16:55 No.10647459
    its fine if you do it :D
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)16:55 No.10647461
    A little too arcadey for my tastes.
    I was expecting "tactical colonial survival simulation, with dysentery and starvation" though, so take that how you will.
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)16:55 No.10647471
    Of course!
    >> duck_murderer !hoaRoCu48g 06/21/10(Mon)16:57 No.10647511
    ok, basicly, there are fantasy races, orcs, elves, dwarfs, halfings, tieflings, humans etc, but no magic. also, if anybody is willing, i could use somebody to help me buff up on the fluff.
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)16:59 No.10647538
    No magic? At all? You did say that the priest can do some burning.
    Or very low-magic setting (like Lord Quest) ?
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)16:59 No.10647543
    I could possibly help 'buff up on the fluff', depends on your timezone in relative to mine and how you contact me and stuff.

    Also, archiving.
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)17:00 No.10647554
    I'd be happy to make it more gritty and realistic, if you please.
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)17:00 No.10647555
    i can probably help with fluff
    >> duck_murderer !hoaRoCu48g 06/21/10(Mon)17:00 No.10647562

    no, i said he COULDN'T


    if you got msn then jjust let me add it, i rarely sleep
    >> duck_murderer !hoaRoCu48g 06/21/10(Mon)17:01 No.10647582

    you two, your msn, and thats all.
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)17:02 No.10647587
    Oh, I must have misread then.
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)17:03 No.10647607
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)17:03 No.10647618
    do you have a dump email? id rather not post my msn cause, you know, fourchan.
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)17:04 No.10647631
    Don't laugh, it's a very old address used for spam and shit.
    Where do you live, BTW?
    I'm an ausfag...
    >> duck_murderer !hoaRoCu48g 06/21/10(Mon)17:05 No.10647670


    ill be going to sleep now, so write up like, a draft submission if you want to help out. you don't have to follow everything ive said here, just use elements of it. You can write more on europa, other colonies, whatever really.
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)17:06 No.10647678
    oh wait, nevermind, heres my dump email (rometotalwarrocks@yahoo.com) shoot an email at me and ill make a msn.
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)17:07 No.10647687
    fuck. disregard that, ill email you.
    >> duck_murderer !hoaRoCu48g 06/21/10(Mon)17:08 No.10647718

    perth, actually
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)17:09 No.10647721

    Yes, we should at least build a forward outpost to claim the island. We don't want to be chocked.
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)17:09 No.10647730
    Man, Lord Quest has been gone for like three weeks. I made a nice information chart for the quest and and fixed the map up a bit more, I can't wait to post it. Hopefully it'll help the newer players so we don't get as many off suggestions.
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)17:14 No.10647835
    Post it. I wanna see it.
    I suppose it is in picture format (like the Archivist did for the Bloodquest)?
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)17:17 No.10647874
    Yes, I'd like to see it as well
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)17:21 No.10647920
    oh wow
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)17:36 No.10648177
    >Du'zul'un: Troll prophet
    I lold.

    The text size is tad bit too small to read comfortably but other than that it is awesome. Thank you for that.
    >> Elder Peasant !I4PSqB8HqE 06/21/10(Mon)17:38 No.10648210
    Yeah, it's impossible to fit it all into a paint chart at a bigger size. It'd cut off about three quarters of the way though the list. Post deleted because I'm still tinkering away on it. I must have gone through the threads nearly twice now picking up whatever information I could to add to the list.
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)17:45 No.10648320
    Oh, good.
    I did save you image thinking to post it if you miss the thread (of course giving the credit) but if you think it is unfinished then I wont do that.
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)17:47 No.10648341
    I don't think it's read yet. You can post it in the thread if I don't make it, but I'd like to try and work on it some more. If you don't see me show up within the first couple hours.
    >> Anonymous 06/21/10(Mon)17:48 No.10648361
    Alright then.

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