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  • File : 1276414279.png-(34 KB, 714x600, 1257497079288.png)
    34 KB Krieger Quest part 5. Krieger Quest !EXVlxJM9Rg 06/13/10(Sun)03:31 No.10464152  
    As promised, part 5. Picking up from where we left off last night.
    The archived threads:

    You start to wake up as a stray sunbeam comes in through the curtain. You have a kink in your neck from sleeping at a funny angle, also you are alone. There is a cup of coffee and plate of donuts on the coffee table. You have the feeling you will soon be tiring of donuts.
    >> Anonymous 06/13/10(Sun)03:32 No.10464172
    See if we can do bagels.
    >> Anonymous 06/13/10(Sun)03:33 No.10464191
    You're a bit late tonight OP.
    Look around, where is Emmie?
    >> Anonymous 06/13/10(Sun)03:35 No.10464205
    Don gasmask, find Em.
    >> Marionette Guy !W1KIAXiDWo 06/13/10(Sun)03:38 No.10464248
    Grab donut and cup of coffe; see where Emmie is.
    >> Anonymous 06/13/10(Sun)03:41 No.10464284
    Consume edibles. Search for Emmie.
    >> Cap !!ApHaR0mwoJ6 06/13/10(Sun)03:41 No.10464287
         File1276414902.png-(560 KB, 960x1280, Mummy Krieg.png)
    560 KB
    As promised. I can easily do a recolor if people don't approve.
    >> Anonymous 06/13/10(Sun)03:43 No.10464316
    Okay. While I hate to represent the the more cynical and realist side of our character's psyche, endearing though Emmie is, we can't be expected to support her indefinitely. So unless something big happens to forward the plot ((maybe a small-scale invasion or resurgence of internal heresy in the 68th Krieg's absence, just throwing ideas around)) we should start trying to find a way for Emmie to help support herself.

    We should find Emmie, and perhaps discuss it over breakfast.
    >> Anonymous 06/13/10(Sun)03:43 No.10464320
    Check outside first
    >> Anonymous 06/13/10(Sun)03:50 No.10464417
         File1276415430.jpg-(33 KB, 299x401, Waiting for OP.jpg)
    33 KB
    >> Krieger Quest !EXVlxJM9Rg 06/13/10(Sun)03:50 No.10464425
    You'll be sick of Donuts later, but not today. You munch a few of the donuts, the glaze making your fingers sticky, and look around the apartment. You Coffee is lukewarm, how early did Emmie wake up?
    Speaking of Emmie, you find her in the spare room, sitting on her cot. She has your card table set up, you've been looking for that thing for MONTHS Where did she find it? On the card table she has her new Lasrifle disassembled, and appears to be saying the prayers of routine maintenance and cleaning. The smell of incense has filled the room. Her Laspistol seems to have received the same treatment, and sits on the corner of the table, shiny with fresh oil.
    >> Anonymous 06/13/10(Sun)03:51 No.10464438
    Oh the irony! And its a quest thread. He needs to wait for responses then write what happens.
    >> Anonymous 06/13/10(Sun)03:51 No.10464442
    Best not to bother her while engaged in rituals. Let's wait for her to finish.
    >> Anonymous 06/13/10(Sun)03:53 No.10464466
    Greet her, then begin discussing her future.
    >> Anonymous 06/13/10(Sun)03:57 No.10464524
    lets wait for her to finish and then talk
    >> Anonymous 06/13/10(Sun)03:59 No.10464550
    Yeah, we need to wait.
    Aren't we planning on taking her to an amusement park today?
    ... and I kinda wanna find her son...
    >> Anonymous 06/13/10(Sun)04:00 No.10464581
    I think we'd be overstepping our bounds there.
    >> Krieger Quest !EXVlxJM9Rg 06/13/10(Sun)04:03 No.10464612
    You say hello, then lean against the door frame and watch her. Her hands move quickly and efficiently, as she chants under her breath. As clumsy as she is, she doesn't seem to be making any mistakes now. She soon finishes, slapping the last pieces into place with a shark CLACK. She looks up at you. "Good afternoon. I was beginning to think you would sleep all day. How are your hands?" Well son of a crap, it IS afternoon. But just barley.
    >> Anonymous 06/13/10(Sun)04:07 No.10464652
    How so?
    >> Anonymous 06/13/10(Sun)04:08 No.10464661
    >a shark CLACK.
    >> Anonymous 06/13/10(Sun)04:09 No.10464674
    Maybe she's happy to have her son be an officer-to-be?

    Yeah, it's time to have a talk about her future.
    >> Anonymous 06/13/10(Sun)04:15 No.10464743
    She seemed kinda sad at being separated.
    >> Anonymous 06/13/10(Sun)04:18 No.10464791
    We should find out more about the situation before white knightan.
    >> Anonymous 06/13/10(Sun)04:20 No.10464805
    "Fine. Say, Emmie, I don't want to put you on the spot, but... have you given any thought to, y'know, the future? We can go looking for a job for you."
    >> Anonymous 06/13/10(Sun)04:22 No.10464838
    She might still be upset about being abandoned, best to not mention anything about a job.
    >> Krieger Quest !EXVlxJM9Rg 06/13/10(Sun)04:24 No.10464870
    As Emmie finishes up, you sit on the cot next to her. A few seconds of shuffling and you're positive that there is no way you would be comfortable on this thing. You glance at the weapons on the table, she was polishing her bayonet as well it seems, you turn to Emmie. Time to have a serious chat. You explain to her that, while you live comfortably, you are by no means wealthy. You're more then willing to keep her around, but you can't do it all by yourself. She;ll need to start pulling her weight.
    Emmie nods, her face not betraying any real emotion. She pauses a few seconds and takes a breath. "I want to find out why. I want to eventually find my Regiment and find out why they left me. Anyone else like me would have been executed or died years ago. But not ally did they let me live, but they also left me here. I want to find out why..." She pauses again, and you think you may see a faint blush on her pale cheeks, "But I also want to stay around you."
    >> Anonymous 06/13/10(Sun)04:24 No.10464874
    If we're worried about upsetting her by bringing up her abandonment, we can just make like we're trying to keep her busy and occupied. Idleness leads to heresy, after all.
    >> Anonymous 06/13/10(Sun)04:28 No.10464924
    You know... I've been wondering the same thing.
    >> Anonymous 06/13/10(Sun)04:29 No.10464938
    We could try sending a letter asking about it to the 68th... but if her fellow kriegers really were covering for her for this long, and then ditched her here just before they left... it may be best to leave this stone unturned.

    But it's her decision.
    >> Anonymous 06/13/10(Sun)04:33 No.10464999
    I say we go for it. Find out where they went, sell everything, and go on an adventure with our new Krieger gal-pal.
    >> Anonymous 06/13/10(Sun)04:35 No.10465027
    "I've been wondering that myself. It'll take more than what I have now to get to the bottom of this, though. I promise to do everything I can to help you."
    >> Anonymous 06/13/10(Sun)04:36 No.10465038
    who uses that word?
    >> Anonymous 06/13/10(Sun)04:36 No.10465039
    Do we have no real ties to this world? Can we really just drop everything and go on some wild goose chase with a girl we've just met?

    For that matter, CAN we really just go and bum around the galaxy? Logistically, I mean. Unless we become stowaways.
    >> Krieger Quest !EXVlxJM9Rg 06/13/10(Sun)04:45 No.10465149
    You stop to consider what Emmie is suggesting. You have enough money in your savings that, if you remain here, you could remain unemployed for about six months without having to worry, though it would be tight. You stop to reflect on your life. You have a few close friends, and a few cow-workers from work that you occasionally go drinking with, but you don't know very much about most of them outside of work or the bar. You haven't gotten laid in about two years, and while your job isn't a dead end one, you don't see yourself advancing too much farther then you are now. You're just another worker bee toiling mindlessly.
    However, running off and leaving your life behind would be crazy. Who does that? It would also take time and resources that you don't have right now. How would you even go about getting off this dirtball? And if you DID, the galaxy is a dangerous place! Emmie might be able to defend herself, but what about you?
    >> Cap !!ApHaR0mwoJ6 06/13/10(Sun)04:50 No.10465213
    Emmie can teach us! When doing the color layers for my drawfagging I came up with a name for our intrepid hero/stand-in for naming layers. Anyone opposed to the name Neil?
    >> Anonymous 06/13/10(Sun)04:52 No.10465235
    Niel P. McPerson.
    >> Anonymous 06/13/10(Sun)04:53 No.10465265
    Well in the grim dark future of the 41st millenium we shall do what all unemployed worker drones do. Time to join the mother fucking (quite literally if we gain Emmies favor) Guard!
    >> Anonymous 06/13/10(Sun)04:54 No.10465276
    Not complaining but it feels like I'm missing a joke here? Is it just for the sound of the name?
    >> Anonymous 06/13/10(Sun)04:55 No.10465289
    Also, we could get supplies and armaments at the IG surplus store.
    >> Anonymous 06/13/10(Sun)04:58 No.10465319
    are we seriously going to just hop offworld? It's like I'm really in a Niel Gaiman novel!
    >> Anonymous 06/13/10(Sun)05:00 No.10465339
    Yeah, good point. How ARE we going to get off of this rock?
    Gravity, you crush my schemes once again.
    >> Cap !!ApHaR0mwoJ6 06/13/10(Sun)05:01 No.10465353
    I swear that connection had nothing to do with naming Niel. Come to think of it, I don't think I've read any of his work. Huh.
    >> Anonymous 06/13/10(Sun)05:03 No.10465371
    A) We join the Guard.
    B) We join the Navy.
    C) We stow away on a ship.
    D) We join some trading ship as workers.
    E) We try contacting the 68th from here.
    >> Anonymous 06/13/10(Sun)05:04 No.10465395
    I vote D
    >> Anonymous 06/13/10(Sun)05:06 No.10465412
    I second the choice for D.
    >> Anonymous 06/13/10(Sun)05:10 No.10465454
    F) Become a Fanatical Witch Hunting Priest

    I think you can guess my choice
    >> Anonymous 06/13/10(Sun)05:11 No.10465475
    Amazingly awesome but not something to just go right into. We need to ease into it, get used to travel, become a bit grizzled, learn a few ins and outs of heresy. I am not opposed to this as an end-game, though.
    >> Krieger Quest !EXVlxJM9Rg 06/13/10(Sun)05:14 No.10465513
    You know what? Why the warp not? You look dead into Emmie's eyes and tell her that you are going with her. It'll take planning and preparation, but you're in. You'll help her find her unit, you'll help her get resolution, and damn it, you'll have a great time doing it! The question is no longer WHAT you are going to do, but HOW.
    Your savings could probably get you to the next inhabited system, but not much farther, and would be mostly drained. You could try going for a spacer job, the trade barges are always hiring.
    However, you need to plan things out first. What are you going to do while you save more money, WILL you save up more? What equipment will you need? What can Emmie show you that will help you survive out there?
    >> Anonymous 06/13/10(Sun)05:18 No.10465568
    Ladies and Gentlemen? Would it be premature of me to declare that "Shit just got real"?
    >> Anonymous 06/13/10(Sun)05:18 No.10465570
    1. Start hording money.
    2. Get Emmie to train us in using/maintaining a lasgun and such.
    3. Say goodbye to what friends we have.
    >> Anonymous 06/13/10(Sun)05:22 No.10465609
    Investing for short-term gain is too risky. There's probably some high-paying labor jobs Niel and Emmie could get. Or have Emmie get while Niel stays in his job.
    >> Anonymous 06/13/10(Sun)05:23 No.10465623
    I don't think Trench Diggers make that much. And what other skills does she have?
    >> Anonymous 06/13/10(Sun)05:24 No.10465634
         File1276421043.jpg-(28 KB, 400x300, Shit Just Got Real.jpg)
    28 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/13/10(Sun)05:25 No.10465651
    Indeed? Then I shall.
    >> Anonymous 06/13/10(Sun)05:28 No.10465693
    Are y'all forgettin' something? We have a Krieger outfit. You could rock up at the local barracks and get yourself transferred for free. You'd just have to pay return fare.
    >> Anonymous 06/13/10(Sun)05:30 No.10465717
    That would require the Kreigers to be incompetent enough to let you travel without papers. Even if you managed to forge papers, you'd probably be pressed into work as soon as you arrived at their new base of operations.
    >> Anonymous 06/13/10(Sun)05:33 No.10465743
    That and the Kriegers pulled out a few days ago.
    >> Krieger Quest !EXVlxJM9Rg 06/13/10(Sun)05:34 No.10465750
    I'm just waiting on you guys to make a plan before implementing it.
    >> Anonymous 06/13/10(Sun)05:37 No.10465778
    Isnt there some sort of news network we can watch, get a handle on what exactly is going on outside of the apartment?
    >> Anonymous 06/13/10(Sun)05:38 No.10465788
    Okay, let's sit planetside for a while. Her son is only 4, he's probably still on Krieg and in no immediate danger. Her company is doing its best to pretend she never happened or something and would be unpleasantly surprised to see her. Get Emmie a job as something her military life prepared her for. Save up money, have some good civilian times before becoming adventrahs.
    >> Anonymous 06/13/10(Sun)05:38 No.10465793
    I say we get a job on a trade barge after we stock up on money/supplies/etc and prepare. Then we can become a couple of vagabonds, going form ship to ship and try to catch up with the 68th.
    >> Anonymous 06/13/10(Sun)05:38 No.10465799

    im sure theres some merc work, bouncing, jobs she'd be perfect in - hell, if all else fails, she could get work as a landscaping contractor
    >> Anonymous 06/13/10(Sun)05:39 No.10465809

    I second this plan.
    >> Anonymous 06/13/10(Sun)05:40 No.10465818
    He's 6. Not much difference, I know.
    I agree. Get a stockpile, THEN get a job on a barge, and try to find out where they 68th is deployed.
    >> Anonymous 06/13/10(Sun)05:42 No.10465838
    Shouldn't we try to get in touch with her old unit in another way? They probably don't want to see her anyway.
    >> Anonymous 06/13/10(Sun)05:44 No.10465855
    I suggest some form of letter to her CO asking if he knows anything.
    >> Anonymous 06/13/10(Sun)05:50 No.10465932

    This was suggested before.
    >> Anonymous 06/13/10(Sun)05:52 No.10465960
    Bringing it back up, probably should have just linked. Anyhoo, anyone else behind this or is it a bad idea?
    >> Anonymous 06/13/10(Sun)05:55 No.10465982
    This could be tricky. I'm assuming that her squad left her with us so that they wouldn't have to keep covering for her and worry about her being executed or whatever. Telling her CO that we have her could get her and her squad in deep shit (deeper shit, if her squad is already in trouble simply because she's missing. If the CO found out she was deliberately left there as opposed to simply MIA, I imagine he'd go ballistic.).
    >> Anonymous 06/13/10(Sun)05:55 No.10465985

    I dunno really - she wants to know, but I feel the regiment's reason for ditching her might not be because they dont want her around - maybe they want to give her the chance to get out of the guard, have a life, find her son, etc - or is that just a stupid thought?
    >> Anonymous 06/13/10(Sun)05:55 No.10465986
    So her regiment dumps her in our trunk, sends her locker to our address and leaves planet without her.
    Could they have made themselves anymore clear in their intent?
    >> Anonymous 06/13/10(Sun)05:56 No.10466005
    Now we just need to find out how high up the ladder this goes.
    >> Anonymous 06/13/10(Sun)06:00 No.10466055
    Given their grim and fatalistic demeanor (Emmie's sunny and adorable personality being the exception), I find it unlikely she was left here on a whim by her squad alone. For whatever reason, she was left here.

    A) She was a burden.
    B) They wanted her to live a different life.
    C) For teh lulz
    >> Krieger Quest !EXVlxJM9Rg 06/13/10(Sun)06:01 No.10466058
    First off, recon, The 68th Krieg was stationed on your planet for 2 years due to heavy Xeno activity a few systems over. The blue bastards were beaten back, and the 68th were pulled out. As of now, that's all you know.
    You're serious about all this. You ask Emmie to help you help her. Over the next few months she has you run a pretty easy, by Imperial Guard standards, training regime. Waking up early for running, muscle and dexterity building exercises, Emmie's favorite is making you dig trenches on the weekends, and shooting practice. Luckily there's a firing range just outside of town. You had to get a permit for Las weapons, but it was pretty easy to do so. You also get yourself a basic Krieger Kit from the surplus store, however you hold off on more donut extractions. You save diligently, cutting a lot of fat of fat budget, yet you still seem to spoil Emmie.
    Emmie manages to get a job as, believe it or not, a substitute teacher, she looks very nice in a suit.
    You've managed to track down the 68th. It appears that right now they are beating down a minor Chaos incursion a few sub-sectors rimward.

    And it's all led up to this. You've managed to get a position for you and Emmie on a small trading vessel. You'll be part of only about a 12 man crew, and you were told it would mostly be grunt work. But the pay is better then you expected, and they are heading in the right general direction of the 68th. You will be embarking in about a week. You've already quite your current job and sold most of your possessions, anything you couldn't easily carry with you on the ship. You've been sleeping on a cot like Emmie's for a few weeks now, and you're getting used to it.
    You and Emmie have decided to take the next week easy.
    >> Anonymous 06/13/10(Sun)06:03 No.10466095
         File1276423436.jpg-(194 KB, 890x668, le-funiculaire-de-chaumont-la-(...).jpg)
    194 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/13/10(Sun)06:05 No.10466106
    We told him to do all this. The training, saving money, and Emmie getting a job... we told him what to do.
    He;s hardly railroading by making it into a montage,
    >> Anonymous 06/13/10(Sun)06:05 No.10466107
    >But the pay is better then you expected

    Famous last words.
    >> Anonymous 06/13/10(Sun)06:08 No.10466134
    Calling it now, Tyranids on the ship and/or illegal Xeno artifact smuggling.
    >> Anonymous 06/13/10(Sun)06:09 No.10466152

    I believe this is the part where you stereotypically slip in a tender moment with Emmy, only to be interrupted at the worst possible moment.
    >> Anonymous 06/13/10(Sun)06:09 No.10466153

    Aww man! no damn nid's or inquisitors in my quest thread
    >> Anonymous 06/13/10(Sun)06:11 No.10466167
    How do we spend out last week? I saw we take Emmie to that amusement park.
    >> Anonymous 06/13/10(Sun)06:11 No.10466177
    Amusement Park shenanigans.
    >> Anonymous 06/13/10(Sun)06:12 No.10466179
    Yes, we shall not be denied the park scene.
    >> Anonymous 06/13/10(Sun)06:19 No.10466251
    I hope that "learning to understand each other through gas masks" was a part of that training regime.
    >> Anonymous 06/13/10(Sun)06:20 No.10466259
    Ah carp, wrong link.
    /own stupidity
    >> Anonymous 06/13/10(Sun)06:21 No.10466275
    This. Do we now speak Kreiger?
    >> Krieger Quest !EXVlxJM9Rg 06/13/10(Sun)06:24 No.10466296
    It's evening and the sun is turning the sky pink. You're still a little sore from all the exercise you've been getting, but you're now in the best shape of your life. You're a bit nervous about space travel, but Emmie assures you that it's not that bad. As it just so happens, the Fair is in town during your last week on the planet.
    You've already sold your car, but it's new owner agreed to let you keep using it this last week, and kept half the money for it just in case. As you drive to the fair, the three roller coasters and the massive Ferris Wheel seem to be the main attraction, although you can already smell the fried foods and hear the noise of the games. Emmie's heard of such festivities, but never participated in them herself.
    You've learned most of the hand gestures and their meanings, but for the life of you you can't seem to learn the mumbling.
    >> Anonymous 06/13/10(Sun)06:25 No.10466308
    Ooh! Ooh! Let's go on the roller coasters!
    >> Anonymous 06/13/10(Sun)06:26 No.10466316
    Let's try a few carnival games. Can Krieger training beat the accursed ring-toss game?
    >> Anonymous 06/13/10(Sun)06:30 No.10466359
    I propose that we try a funnel cake.
    >> Anonymous 06/13/10(Sun)06:32 No.10466374
    I second the motion.
    >> Anonymous 06/13/10(Sun)06:37 No.10466423
    >Emmie manages to get a job as, believe it or not, a substitute teacher, she looks very nice in a suit.
    >> Cap !!ApHaR0mwoJ6 06/13/10(Sun)06:41 No.10466468
    Right here. No time for arting tomorrow, will have stuff for Monday.
    >> Krieger Quest !EXVlxJM9Rg 06/13/10(Sun)06:53 No.10466568
    AAH, the fair. So much to see, so much to do. You might have to space this out for a few days.
    First, games and food. You haven;t had so much fried food around you since you finished off the last of those donuts, which you don't know if you will ever be able to eat donuts again. Emmie is delighted by the fried cakes, as the sponge cakes inside remind her of the shortcakes she occasionally got in the Guard. She makes a terrible mess trying to eat a funnel cake, getting more powered sugar on her face then in her belly.
    The ring toss. Your oldest foe. Never have you been able to win a prize. Stepping up to the accursed booth, you pay your tokens and take your rings. This time, this time you WILL... lose like every other time you've ever tried. Damn it these games are rigged! One more and you'll... fail just as miserably. Maybe you'll have better luck at the knock down game? Surly your now improved upper arm strength and accuracy will make short work of this one! Getting yoru three balls you cock your arm back, take careful aim, and let fly! BAM! Off goes the top three bottles. BAM, there goes the three on the left, BAM there goes the rest! You receive the mid tier prize, a pair of fuzzy dice. What use could you POSSIBLE have for these? You turn to go to the next stall... when you see Emmie, holding a giant teddy bear in her arms. "I got this at the shooting game! A friend for Mr. Grizz." She'll... PROBABLY be able to fit that in one of the 2 foot lockers the pair of you are taking with you on the ship.
    Slightly embarrassed, you suggest taking a whirl on the rides next. The rides range from the three roller coasters, to the Ferris wheel, to the haunted houses and other normal fair rides.
    >> Anonymous 06/13/10(Sun)06:57 No.10466614
    Let's go on the roller coasters. I'm sure Emmie's had rougher rides in Valkries but I'm sure she'll have fun.
    >> Anonymous 06/13/10(Sun)06:57 No.10466615
    >other normal fair rides.
    >> Anonymous 06/13/10(Sun)06:59 No.10466643
    we need to save the Ferris Wheel for last.
    >> Anonymous 06/13/10(Sun)07:03 No.10466667
    No, that is for established couples. The ferris wheel is the ride for us.
    >> Krieger Quest !EXVlxJM9Rg 06/13/10(Sun)07:04 No.10466677
    Right, I apologize right now for the short thread, but I have to wake up earlier then normal tomorrow.
    That and I would like to devote an entire thread to the Fair.
    See you all tomorrow if you're willing to show up for it. And again, sorry for the short thread today.
    >> Anonymous 06/13/10(Sun)07:05 No.10466688
    I'll be here.
    >> Anonymous 06/13/10(Sun)07:07 No.10466709
    You can count on me!
    >> Caps !!ApHaR0mwoJ6 06/13/10(Sun)07:08 No.10466718
    S'all right. See you tomorrow.
    >> Anonymous 06/13/10(Sun)07:25 No.10466884
    oh damn, see ya
    >> Anonymous 06/13/10(Sun)07:31 No.10466931

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