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  • File : 1276075323.png-(49 KB, 500x500, Kriegchan.png)
    49 KB Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)05:22 No.10380608  
    You're driving home late one night after a party. You aren't drunk, but you have been drinking.
    Suddenly, your progress is headed int he form a a roadblock. But the roadblock isn't made of cop cars and yellow boards, but Chimera APCs and Kriegers.

    What do?
    >> Tech Priest Naile 06/09/10(Wed)05:23 No.10380640
    Hurm. Better hide my Imperial Rosette, things could get nasty if they find out I've been asking questions in the local bars.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)05:24 No.10380645
    >your progress is headed int he form a a roadblock
    I'm sorry, what?
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)05:24 No.10380660
    >your progress is headed in the form of a roadblock
    >> Marionette Guy !W1KIAXiDWo 06/09/10(Wed)05:24 No.10380664
    Pull over.
    Walk away in the opposite direction.
    >> S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 06/09/10(Wed)05:25 No.10380666
    Call my Grandpa. Tell him the Germans are invading us again. Watch as bullets fly everywhere.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)05:26 No.10380693
    Just drive through. As long as you smile and wave they always let you pas.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)05:30 No.10380735
         File1276075801.png-(331 KB, 800x1200, 1273912790607.png)
    331 KB
    They stop you at the roadblock. Although none of them say anything, they shine lights into your car. After a few moments and some movement around your car, they wave you through.
    As you arrive home, perplexed by this encounter, you hear a thump come from your trunk
    >> Marionette Guy !W1KIAXiDWo 06/09/10(Wed)05:32 No.10380763
    Aw, hell.

    Pull over, park. Check the trunk.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)05:34 No.10380787
    They planted a bomb didn't they? I'M NO HERETIC!
    Check trunk.
    >> COMMISSAR FORON !!g/oLRGdEex4 06/09/10(Wed)05:35 No.10380798

    I laughed far too much at that.
    >> Tech Priest Naile 06/09/10(Wed)05:38 No.10380831
    Awww dammit. Looks like he's still alive. I beat him pretty hard, but it looks like I'll need to put a bolt through his head. Sigh, hiding the body is going to be a pain. Maybe this could be a boon, I could walk him into the basement and execute him there.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)05:39 No.10380848
    Lwet's not turn this into a cancerous quest.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)05:40 No.10380864
         File1276076403.jpg-(81 KB, 638x600, Krieginabox.jpg)
    81 KB
    Stopping to investigate the trunk, the thumping continues, but stops as you put the keys in the lock.
    Despite your fears, it is not a body or a bomb, but a box.
    A box full of Krieger. The soldier looks up as you open the trunk.
    >> COMMISSAR FORON !!g/oLRGdEex4 06/09/10(Wed)05:41 No.10380881

    Well... This is rather odd, isn't it?
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)05:43 No.10380899
         File1276076603.jpg-(16 KB, 482x354, 111.jpg)
    16 KB
    I'm bummed that I missed replying to this thread earlier, so I'm just gonna post my original response, here ya go. Feel free to ignore me.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)05:44 No.10380908
    How did they fit that in my trunk?
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)05:44 No.10380910
    Order the soldier to identify him/her/itself.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)05:46 No.10380936
    Well... the box seems legit...
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)05:51 No.10380989
    Baffled by the appearance of a Krieger in your trunk, you ask for identification. The Krieger looks at your and after a moment hands you some papers.
    They tell you that the Krieger is a Private (1st class) and a member of the 68th Krieg.
    Oh hey, and it's a woman, not that you can tell.
    >> COMMISSAR FORON !!g/oLRGdEex4 06/09/10(Wed)05:52 No.10381005

    Hand back the papers, ask where she wants to go?
    >> Marionette Guy !W1KIAXiDWo 06/09/10(Wed)05:54 No.10381022
    "Shouldn't you be at your post? Or have you been assigned to me specifically?"
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)05:54 No.10381029
    Cool. I could always use an extra hand in my Rogue Trader crew.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)05:56 No.10381044
         File1276077375.gif-(47 KB, 415x216, Rena.gif)
    47 KB
    I'm gonna take you home~!
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)05:56 No.10381051
    But... she's already in our home...
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)05:58 No.10381073
    These papers have only added to the confusion!
    Handing them back to her, you ask her of her duties and why she's in your car. With a shrug and some surprisingly intricate hand gestures she indicates that she is not entirely sure herself why she is in the box, and that her legs are getting cramped.
    You hear a faint growling coming from what you realize after a moment, to be her stomach.
    >> COMMISSAR FORON !!g/oLRGdEex4 06/09/10(Wed)06:01 No.10381092

    hungry i hear, come on out of that box and i'll get you something to eat.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)06:01 No.10381093
    get back in the car, locate the nearest Ministorum Office, and trade the scrawny pseudo-german bitch in for a catachan muscle girl.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)06:03 No.10381106

    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)06:03 No.10381113
    Well there's an IHOP right around the corner...
    >> Marionette Guy !W1KIAXiDWo 06/09/10(Wed)06:05 No.10381131

    "Alright, hop on out of that box. You sound hungry; we'll stop by the Wienerschnitzel on the way home and get some Kraut dogs or something. You can crash on the couch once we get there. You know how to drive? I've been driving a while, and I'd appreciate someone else taking over for a bit."
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)06:06 No.10381136
    I wonder how much I could sell the scrap metal from the box for...
    >> Tech Priest Naile 06/09/10(Wed)06:06 No.10381139
    No IHOP in the Grim Darkness of the 41st Millennium. It's the IHOP, Intergalactic House of Pain.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)06:07 No.10381145
    But I LIKE IHOP!
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)06:09 No.10381163
         File1276078160.jpg-(3 KB, 126x95, 1264308514370.jpg)
    3 KB
    >No IHOP
    If this is true, and it sounds like it could be, 40k is DEAD TO ME
    >> Alpharius 06/09/10(Wed)06:10 No.10381174
    What about Elmer's?
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)06:11 No.10381177
    We need a pic of Kriegers fortifying an IHOP.
    >> Tech Priest Naile 06/09/10(Wed)06:11 No.10381178
    They have Elmer's, but all the food is soylent green based. Or Corpse-Starch, if you want to get 40k technical.
    >> Marionette Guy !W1KIAXiDWo 06/09/10(Wed)06:12 No.10381184
    Is there a Wienerschnitzel?
    ...shouldn't there be an Imperial House of Pancakes?
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)06:13 No.10381190
    but.. then where will I get my pancakes from?!
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)06:13 No.10381191
    The growling starts up again. Reaching a hand out, you help the young Krieger out of the box. As she climbs out, her foot catches on the box and she falls to the ground. She is splayed out of the pavement momentarily, but quickly stands up and dusts herself off.
    There is a Waffle House just down the street, and while you COULD walk, you have a full tank of gas and are still buzzed. Tossing the keys to her you direct her to the restaurant.
    Taking a closer look at her, she is dressed pretty much like any other Krieger, and although she has a Laspistol and an entrenching tool, you don't see a Lasrifle.
    You are quickly seated and you realize you are a bit peckish yourself.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)06:15 No.10381218
    I'll let her pick what she wants, and get myself some College Fries. Nothing goes better with Drinking then College Fries!
    >> COMMISSAR FORON !!g/oLRGdEex4 06/09/10(Wed)06:15 No.10381220

    To the Waffle House!
    >> Alpharius 06/09/10(Wed)06:17 No.10381236
    Better get some coffee, too.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)06:18 No.10381250
    College fries?
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)06:19 No.10381258
    but freaks go to the waffle house...
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)06:21 No.10381274
    French fries with gravy. Good and cheap.
    We have a Krieger, it's cool.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)06:21 No.10381278
         File1276078876.png-(18 KB, 400x400, welcome to dennys.png)
    18 KB
    Waffle House is small time

    Denny's is where it's at
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)06:22 No.10381289
    >but freaks go to the waffle house...
    So then...
    /tg/ - Waffle House
    /d/ - Waffle House
    /jp/ - Waffle House
    >> Marionette Guy !W1KIAXiDWo 06/09/10(Wed)06:23 No.10381296
    "Order what you like; don't worry about the bill. I think I'll get a Reuben sandwich if they have one, and some hash browns and eggs if they don't. So tell me, what's a girl like you doing in a quiet little town like this?"
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)06:24 No.10381308
    Looking through the menu you order a Ruben with fries and gravy, and cup of coffee to wash it down.
    Pointing at the menu, she orders a large stack of Belgium waffles and... chocolate milk.
    Ask you ask about her while waiting for your meal, she fidgets nervously. You've never hears a Krieger speak, come to think of it.
    >> God-Emperor of Mankind 06/09/10(Wed)06:26 No.10381332

    and keep driving
    >> COMMISSAR FORON !!g/oLRGdEex4 06/09/10(Wed)06:27 No.10381336

    "You ok there?"
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)06:27 No.10381337
    >chocolate milk
    I thought chocolate was heresy?
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)06:28 No.10381348
    >> Marionette Guy !W1KIAXiDWo 06/09/10(Wed)06:31 No.10381382
    Give a little smile as she orders the chocolate milk.

    "Oh! I'm sorry. You have permission to speak."
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)06:31 No.10381386
    Ask yourself, would a Krieger order a heretical drink?
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)06:37 No.10381432
    Wait a minute, you've heard of the 68th! They won't speak unless given permission. Permission granted.
    She nods and begins talking. It's only after a few minutes that she realizes you can't understand a word with her mask still on. She fidgets some more and removes the mask.
    "I think they put me in the box because I'm clumsy." Her words are almost too quite to hear.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)06:40 No.10381455
    Clumsy? They put her in my car because she was clumsy?
    >> Marionette Guy !W1KIAXiDWo 06/09/10(Wed)06:40 No.10381456
    "What? That's horrible. You mean they were trying to get rid of you? Your clumsiness can't be *that* bad. And even if it is, that's a horrible thing for them to do to you.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)06:43 No.10381480
    What does she mean by Clumsy?
    >> Alpharius 06/09/10(Wed)06:43 No.10381486
         File1276080210.jpg-(37 KB, 500x374, Lets Ride a Bicycle Made Out o(...).jpg)
    37 KB
    OOC: D'awwwwwwwwwwww
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)06:47 No.10381529
    She looks down and shuffles her feet. "I haven't done anything Heretical! And I've never show cowardice! But... I've blown up three Leman Russes, that I was in. I once set off my own minefield. I once tripped and collapsed an entire tench network. I blew up a General's personal vehicle when a rabbit ran into the road and I swerved to avoid it. And I accidentally bleached my Commissar's coat."
    Further conversation is halted when your food is delivered to your table. Liberally soaking her waffles in strawberry syrup she digs in happily.
    >> COMMISSAR FORON !!g/oLRGdEex4 06/09/10(Wed)06:51 No.10381575
    >Liberally soaking her waffles in strawberry syrup she digs in happily.

    we are going to need a drawfreind in here now!

    I ask if she is enjoying her food and how did she end up in the box?
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)06:51 No.10381579
    That... IS clumsy. AND ADORABLE!
    Kinda like Jinxie.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)06:52 No.10381586
    So they put her in a box and into my car... I can dig it.
    >> Marionette Guy !W1KIAXiDWo 06/09/10(Wed)06:52 No.10381591
    Damn. That does sound ridiculously clumsy. But she may be less prone to catastrophes in a non-combat situation.

    Mmm, sammich. Roast beef, Swiss cheese, sauerkraut... yum.

    "So... they just put you in my car? Are you supposed to stay with me?"
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)06:53 No.10381605
    What is it about Strawberry syrup that is inherently more adorable then other syrups?
    >> Alpharius 06/09/10(Wed)06:58 No.10381663
    Yes. Also, new drawfag on it. No promises.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)06:58 No.10381669
    Pausing to finish chewing a huge mouthful of food, you never saw her put it in her mouth and you only looked away for a second, she shrugs. "That was just in the last 6 months. I'm not sure what they want me to do. They ordered me into the box, then I got hungry and you opened it." Looking away only long enough to get your coffee refilled, you turn back and find half her waffles gone.
    >> COMMISSAR FORON !!g/oLRGdEex4 06/09/10(Wed)06:59 No.10381681

    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)07:00 No.10381697
    Ask her how she did that.

    The people must know.
    >> Alpharius 06/09/10(Wed)07:01 No.10381711
    I have a friend that eats like that. Finished a whole meal while I poured myself tea.
    >> COMMISSAR FORON !!g/oLRGdEex4 06/09/10(Wed)07:01 No.10381715

    Damn, well she was really hungry. Want anything else?
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)07:01 No.10381719
    This has got to be the most ADORABLE Krieger I've ever heard of! And I read Love and Krieg!
    >> Marionette Guy !W1KIAXiDWo 06/09/10(Wed)07:03 No.10381736
    "Alright. You can crash at my place tonight; in the morning, we can call your CO or whoever the relevant authority is and see what's up. Sound good?"

    Damn, that's a good sandwich. Now to start on the fries.
    Hmm. There might still be some vodka back home we can share... I'll ask her when we get there.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)07:05 No.10381763

    Hey citizen, I got somethin' real important to give you
    So just sit down and listen
    Citizen you've been with me such a long, long time
    And now I'm ready to lay it on the line
    You know it's Emperor's Day and my grace is spreading wide
    Gonna give you something so you know what's on my mind
    A gift real special, so take off the top
    Take a look inside -- it's a Krieg in a box
    Not gonna be given peacefully
    That sort of gift don't mean anything
    Not gonna get you a hover car
    Citizen ya gotta know you're my shining star
    Not gonna get you a herd of grox in the hills
    A citizen like you needs somethin' real
    Wanna get you somethin' from the heart
    Somethin' special citizen
    It's a Krieg in a box, Krieg in a box citi-zen
    It's a Krieg in a box, Krieg in a box citi-zen
    See I'm wise enough to know when a gift needs givin'
    And I got just the one, somethin' to show ya that you are second to none
    To all the Emprah's out there with citizens to bless
    It's easy to do just follow these steps
    1: Cut a hole in a box
    2: The Krieg dug his way into that box
    3: Make 'em open the box
    And that's the way you do it
    It's a Krieg in a box...a Krieg in a box citi-zen
    It's a Krieg in a box, a Krieg in a box citi-zen
    Emprah's Day; Krieg in a box
    Founding Day; Krieg in a box
    Drusus's Day; a Krieg in a box
    Every single holiday a Krieg in a box
    Over at your saint's house a Krieg in a box
    Mid day at the Hiver's store a Krieg in a box
    Somewhere in a DMZ a Krieg in a box (yeah-wow-wow-wow-wow-wow)
    A Krieg in a box, a Krieg in a box, a Krieg in a box...
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)07:07 No.10381779
    The Krieger shrugs. "Training?" She puffs up her chest and her voice takes on a rugged grainy quality, mimicking a CO would be your guess. "Eat what you can when you can because you never know if you'll ever eat again."
    She shakes her head. "The waffles are fine, thank you." Huh, you could have sworn you had more fries just a second ago...
    "Thank you. I'm sorry, I don't mean to be a bother."
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)07:10 No.10381812
    She's stealing our Fries! That sneaky adorable bitch!
    >> COMMISSAR FORON !!g/oLRGdEex4 06/09/10(Wed)07:10 No.10381815

    Well, say when your ready to leave, its getting late.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)07:13 No.10381841
    >She puffs up her chest and her voice takes on a rugged grainy quality, mimicking a CO would be your guess
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)07:18 No.10381913
    It seems you didn't have as many fries as you thought.
    She finishes up and wipes away the syrup still around her mouth. "Thank you! You just met me and you're already taking me in!" As she stands up she stumbles, but catches herself on the table... and sends the still hot coffee into your lap. OW!
    "OH EMPEROR I'M SORRY!" She grabs the napkin dispenser and begins shoving and patting napkins into your lap.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)07:21 No.10381953
    This krieger is too cute.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)07:21 No.10381962

    Tsundere incoming!
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)07:21 No.10381964
    I try to desparately hide my raging boner while at the same attempting to stave off the inevitable heart attack.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)07:22 No.10381970
    Ackkk, don't worry about it. *begin wiping it up*

    >> COMMISSAR FORON !!g/oLRGdEex4 06/09/10(Wed)07:25 No.10382024
         File1276082758.jpg-(39 KB, 307x485, 1244499017270.jpg)
    39 KB

    I simply say "umm..."

    God damn op, you are really trying to make her one of the most daaaw worthy thing ever.
    >> Marionette Guy !W1KIAXiDWo 06/09/10(Wed)07:26 No.10382028
    "OW! Augh!

    "...eh. Don't worry about it. I, ah... ouch... I know what it's like to be without your own shelter. My friends have helped me out in the past; I'm just passing it forward, I guess, and trying to be a good person."
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)07:28 No.10382058
    Letting her continue for a few more seconds you stop her, telling her you got it from here. As you clean yourself up, giving yourself time to fight down the hard on you popped, you look at her and find her eyes watering, she's on the verge if tears. "This always happens to me! Are you OK?" She looks down at her hands, and then at your pants. She blushes, but her eyes are still full of tears. "You're such a nice person, and I burned you with coffee!"
    >> Alpharius 06/09/10(Wed)07:28 No.10382063
         File1276082902.png-(60 KB, 400x400, Crappy Shoop.png)
    60 KB
    OVER 9000 HOURS IN PAINT GAIS. Sorry about the shitty quality, I'm better on pen and paper but don't have access to a scanner.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)07:30 No.10382095
         File1276083058.jpg-(136 KB, 700x832, HNV.jpg)
    136 KB

    I take off her mask and-

    >> COMMISSAR FORON !!g/oLRGdEex4 06/09/10(Wed)07:32 No.10382111

    It's fine, and dont worry about. Oh, by the way whats your name?
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)07:32 No.10382120

    Ask her if she has any place to stay. If not, offer to let her stay at my house for the night until we can get this sorted out.
    >> Alpharius 06/09/10(Wed)07:33 No.10382127
    OH GOD SO MANY THINGS TO DRAWFAG. Any particular scene you guys want? I'll have a scanner tomorrow, so I can get things online soon.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)07:33 No.10382132
    It's adorable, that is all that matters.
    Speaking of all that matters... Did we happen to catch this Krieger's name, or was it just a serial number?
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)07:34 No.10382137
    >> Leman Russ 06/09/10(Wed)07:34 No.10382138
         File1276083250.jpg-(54 KB, 300x300, 1275976669072.jpg)
    54 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)07:34 No.10382139
    Eating the waffles and drowning them in strawberry syrup!
    >> Duck-murderer !hoaRoCu48g 06/09/10(Wed)07:34 No.10382143
         File1276083278.png-(14 KB, 543x487, stealer.png)
    14 KB
    >go to 4chan
    >see krieg quest

    i love you guys so much
    >> Duck-murderer !hoaRoCu48g 06/09/10(Wed)07:35 No.10382162

    her just sitting in the trunk all deprssed like

    add rain for effect.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)07:36 No.10382164
    Her tripping and faceplanting as she's getting out of the box.
    >> Marionette Guy !W1KIAXiDWo 06/09/10(Wed)07:36 No.10382174
    "Don't worry about it. It's not like you meant to do that, right? No biggie. Hey. Hey."
    Cup her chin in my hand, lift her face up so I can look her in the eyes, give her a little smile.
    "No need to cry. It's alright. I'll put you up for the night, and we'll sort things out in the morning."
    Pull hand back, eat more fries.
    "By the way, what's your name?"
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)07:36 No.10382175

    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)07:37 No.10382189
         File1276083444.jpg-(25 KB, 600x477, hnnnggg.jpg)
    25 KB
    >all descriptions of Krieg-chan in this thread.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)07:39 No.10382231
    She sniffles and wipes her eyes. "Most Kriegers don't have real names, we have serial numbers. Mine's Krieger Female Model 68m #1313." She sniffles again and looks hesitantly at your smile. "Th-thank you a-again for letting m-me stay at your p-place."
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)07:40 No.10382249

    Suggest a name. I vote for Peggy-Sue!
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)07:41 No.10382252
    >Mine's Krieger Female Model 68m #1313
    >68m #1313
    >M is the 13th letter of the alphabet.
    Wow... no wonder she's so unlucky.
    >> Alpharius 06/09/10(Wed)07:42 No.10382263
    Can we 'get a look at her.' I'm assuming typical tall, blond Kr-oh god is she gangly?
    >> COMMISSAR FORON !!g/oLRGdEex4 06/09/10(Wed)07:42 No.10382272
         File1276083777.jpg-(30 KB, 442x500, olivia_wilde_house_13.jpg)
    30 KB

    No worrys, *Stands up* lets go, 13. *smile*
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)07:42 No.10382273
         File1276083779.jpg-(73 KB, 450x333, 125169605786.jpg)
    73 KB
    >>10382249 Peggy-Sue!

    Does that sound German to you?
    >> Duck-murderer !hoaRoCu48g 06/09/10(Wed)07:43 No.10382278

    say you'll just call her M
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)07:43 No.10382280

    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)07:44 No.10382285

    Well its not!
    >> Marionette Guy !W1KIAXiDWo 06/09/10(Wed)07:45 No.10382295
    "Krieger Female Model 68m #1313...? That's a bit of a mouthful. Do you mind if I call you Double-Thirteen? Or is there something else you would like me to call you?"
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)07:45 No.10382298
    If you want a common German underclass name, try Cindy.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)07:45 No.10382305

    Fine, what about Susie?
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)07:45 No.10382308
    You... you-double thirteen!
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)07:46 No.10382320

    You're just trolling me, aren't you?
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)07:47 No.10382324
    This shit is mad gay
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)07:47 No.10382331
    She seems like an Annette. Let's call her that.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)07:47 No.10382335
    Come on, don't you know real german names? How about Leni, it's sweet and has a reference to either Miss Riefenstahl or 'Der ProceƟ' by Franz Kafka.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)07:49 No.10382349
    You look her up and down again. She's in a standard Krieg uniform, Blond and Blue eyes like they all seem to be. She's a bit on the thin side, and hunches her shoulders some, but you aren't familiar enough with the Kriegers to know if this is normal or not. On a closer look all of her clothes seem to be JUST a little too big for her, her greatcoat a little moreso. Again you note the lack of a Lasrifle, but her Laspistol is in the holster at her side. Her entrenching tool is at her other hip, and she pats the handle absentmindedly.
    You can't decide between M and Double Thirteen, so you ask her. She seems startled by the question. "Um.. I-well... whatever you want?"
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)07:50 No.10382361

    I'd prefer Freya.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)07:50 No.10382370
    God damn it! My brain just exploded due to cute!
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)07:50 No.10382376

    Nah, just making an unfunny joke.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)07:51 No.10382385
    I like Annette.

    Better than naming her after a rat-person.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)07:52 No.10382394
    Double Thirteen is too long in my opinion. Although M reminds me of James Bond, it's more practicable.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)07:52 No.10382399

    Hey, that's given me an idea! Let's call her Verity!
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)07:53 No.10382403

    Let's just name her Mercedes.

    Mercedes is a girl's name of Spanish origin, referring to a title for the Virgin Mary, "Our Lady of Mercy."
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)07:53 No.10382416
         File1276084426.jpg-(55 KB, 640x320, 7ff825b91609a8968ab2ab036193f6(...).jpg)
    55 KB
    Let's do it.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)07:54 No.10382418

    How does Benz sound?
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)07:54 No.10382421
    Or you know, the German car company.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)07:54 No.10382422
    How about the german version of Mary - Maria?
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)07:54 No.10382423
    initial sketch in PAINT for the face plant idea
    btw im a different drawfriend or fiend or is it still fag?
    i havent been here in a long time
    >> Alpharius 06/09/10(Wed)07:54 No.10382426
    My hand just involuntarily wrote D'AWWWW you magnificent bastard.
    >> Marionette Guy !W1KIAXiDWo 06/09/10(Wed)07:55 No.10382430
    "Alright, let's go with Em."
    Give her a warm smile.
    "Do you want a dessert, or are you good for now?"
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)07:55 No.10382436

    lets go with M
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)07:55 No.10382440

    Don't think there's really a consensus. To me, drawfag is neutral and drawfriend is conciliatory.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)07:55 No.10382442
         File1276084555.jpg-(141 KB, 736x736, ORLY.jpg)
    141 KB
    >>10382349 Blond and Blue eyes like they all seem to be

    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)07:57 No.10382452
         File1276084629.jpg-(26 KB, 560x552, progress.jpg)
    26 KB
    AH SHIT forgot the sketch
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)07:57 No.10382453
         File1276084648.jpg-(61 KB, 320x304, 1237325006447.jpg)
    61 KB
    >> Cap !!ApHaR0mwoJ6 06/09/10(Wed)07:57 No.10382457
    So you have the box-tripping covered? Picking up a name so people know who's who. I'm the one doing the waffle eating scene.
    >> Karate Bastard 06/09/10(Wed)07:59 No.10382475
    >> Karate Bastard 06/09/10(Wed)08:00 No.10382487
    Ok ill pick the box thing
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)08:01 No.10382498
         File1276084865.png-(34 KB, 714x600, 1257497079288.png)
    34 KB
    As you debate with yourself as to what you're going to call her, the both of you get into your car and head back to your apartment.
    It's only a two bedroom, and you use the second for storage, but it has a big living room and the rent is reasonable.
    You direct your new roommate to the couch and tell her where the bathroom is. You give her a spare pillow and blanket. As you emerge from the bathroom brushing your teeth you pass your room and notice something.
    All your pillows are missing.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)08:01 No.10382500
    Anything this cute must be HERESY. She's a daemonette. Kill her with fire.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)08:02 No.10382518
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)08:02 No.10382519
    one of dumber /tg/ treads
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)08:03 No.10382523
    This thread proves that /tg/ is full of neckbearded virgins.
    Feels bad man.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)08:04 No.10382533
         File1276085040.jpg-(169 KB, 1280x720, its a pig.jpg)
    169 KB

    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)08:04 No.10382535
    >this thread
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)08:04 No.10382545
    This WOULD happen.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)08:04 No.10382546
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)08:04 No.10382548
    So you tell a girl to sleep on the couch while you sleep in the bed? Aw.
    Nevertheless, this is going to be DAWWWWsome.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)08:05 No.10382549
    You people have no heart!
    My DAAAW capacitors broke about 12 posts ago.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)08:05 No.10382554

    Baffled by the appearance of a loli daemonette in your bed, you ask for identification. The loliD looks at you and after a moment hands you some used condoms.
    They tell you that the daemonette is a loli (1st class) and a member of the whores of Slaanesh.
    Oh hey, and it's a girl, not that you can tell (delicious flat chest and all).
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)08:06 No.10382568
    "FOR THE EMPEROR! FOR CADIA!!! BY THE EMPERORS WILL!!!!" leave car and belongings, enlist!
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)08:06 No.10382571
         File1276085197.jpg-(14 KB, 240x320, 1273219508693.jpg)
    14 KB
    >this thread
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)08:06 No.10382572
    Tha fuck?
    >> Marionette Guy !W1KIAXiDWo 06/09/10(Wed)08:07 No.10382579
    Pretty sure neither of these are OP.

    OP, use a trip please?
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)08:07 No.10382580
    >my face when there's only two ways this thread can end
    >either sex with a clumsy Krieg or suddenly HERESY
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)08:08 No.10382595
    Investigate. If she's actually constructed a pillow fort, offer to join her under the pretense of rotating watch duty.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)08:09 No.10382607
    Best pick-up line ever.

    "Sooo......wanna rotate guard duty?"
    >> Krieger Quest 06/09/10(Wed)08:10 No.10382626
    Sure thing.
    And >>10382498 was me. I'm trying to wrap things up for tonight as it is 6Am and I haven't gone to sleep yet. I'll be back tonight. But I still have a few more posts in me.

    Oh, btw archived: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/10380608/
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)08:11 No.10382638
    That was supposed to be a joke. I'm sorry and bow my head in shame.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)08:11 No.10382642
    It's also here

    I have no idea why /tg/ was added to easymodo, but I'm not complaining. Don't have to do work to archive anything anymore.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)08:13 No.10382665
         File1276085631.jpg-(35 KB, 525x481, 1274387838385.jpg)
    35 KB
    F5ing like a boss
    >> Marionette Guy !W1KIAXiDWo 06/09/10(Wed)08:13 No.10382667

    Offer to join her for a bit, maybe chat?
    See if she's interested in sharing some spirits, perhaps?
    But don't press it if she doesn't want to drink.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)08:18 No.10382732
    ask her where her lasgun is. When she says she hasn't got one "punish" her for lacking proper tools in this marvelous pillowfort.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)08:21 No.10382771

    ask if shes got PJs
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)08:21 No.10382774
         File1276086069.jpg-(393 KB, 912x1216, Are You a Wizard.jpg)
    393 KB
    Please let there be a part 2!
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)08:21 No.10382781
         File1276086099.jpg-(37 KB, 450x299, Moar Otters.jpg)
    37 KB
    I have no clue how I got the picture THAT wrong.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)08:23 No.10382812
         File1276086237.jpg-(27 KB, 335x448, 1273543533192.jpg)
    27 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)08:26 No.10382842
         File1276086396.png-(26 KB, 400x400, what the fuck am I reading.png)
    26 KB
    >This Thread
    >> Krieger Quest 06/09/10(Wed)08:26 No.10382847
    You looks at the impressive structure in your living room. Almost a bunker of soft in an of itself. You are absolutely positive that you do not own that many pillows, but you figure its better not to ask.
    You talk for a bit, then offer her a drink. She declines. "Unfamiliar territory. I have to remain sharp and watchful." She hunkers down in her bunker of pillows, facing the door to the apartment.
    After talking for a few more minutes, you find out she lost her Lasrifle when she set it down and it got sucked into a Valkyrie's engine two days before, you look sup at the clock and realize what time it is. You'll almost certainly have to call in to work tomo-today.

    You settle into your bed and drift off to sleep, not minding the lack of pillow as much as you thought. You wake up several times to the sound of her boots patrolling the apartment, and once to the crashing of pots as them fell from one of your cupboards onto her head. After nursing her wounds, you convince her that patrols aren't needed.

    The next morning you wake up, oh yeah you'll have to call him, to your radio alarm going off. "Breaking news today ladies and gentlemen. After spending the last 2 years on our humble planet, The 68th Krieg has pulled out of our system. The immediate Xeno threat having been quenches in out sister system. We thank them for their protection, and ask that the Emperor watch over them."
    You hear bawling from the living room "THEY L-L-LEFT M-ME!"
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)08:27 No.10382851
         File1276086429.jpg-(121 KB, 400x600, toxic4.jpg)
    121 KB
    Ask her to put on this.

    It's the lastest fashion on Krieg.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)08:27 No.10382857
    It was a good joke, don't worry.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)08:29 No.10382886

    >> Krieger Quest 06/09/10(Wed)08:29 No.10382890
    Alright folks, I;m going to call it a night.... morning. I'm seeing way too many typos.
    Of course there will be a part 2. Probably when I get off work tonight, around 1 AM mountain time or so.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)08:29 No.10382891
         File1276086597.png-(17 KB, 159x184, 1275792157324.png)
    17 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)08:31 No.10382906
    > gets sucked into a Valkyrie engine
    > trips in the kitchen
    > gets ditched by her own unit

    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)08:32 No.10382923
         File1276086744.jpg-(17 KB, 400x469, tau-3.jpg)
    17 KB
    Ask her if she wishes to embrace the Greater Good,

    What could go wrong?
    >> COMMISSAR FORON !!g/oLRGdEex4 06/09/10(Wed)08:33 No.10382935
         File1276086817.jpg-(27 KB, 386x363, 1266076792917.jpg)
    27 KB

    Woo, and thanks for the read, and cant wait for it to carry on.
    >> GL Pretentious Hipster !!uIkcv+zTDkg 06/09/10(Wed)08:34 No.10382949
    Get out, and shout, "AVEIMPERATOR!"

    Latin. Fuck yeah
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)08:35 No.10382965
    >you find out she lost her Lasrifle when she set it down and it got sucked into a Valkyrie's engine two days before.

    I'm pretty sure losing the Emperor's Lasrifle (which he has lent you) is punishable by death
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)08:37 No.10382994
    I'm more worried about the Valkyrie! A Lasrifle sucked into the engine would pretty much destroy it.
    >> Karate Bastard 06/09/10(Wed)08:38 No.10382999
    but-but she lost the las rifle in the emperor's Valkyrie so it's technically returned to him
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)08:40 No.10383015
    >> COMMISSAR FORON !!g/oLRGdEex4 06/09/10(Wed)08:41 No.10383023
         File1276087280.jpg-(23 KB, 427x366, 1244497879310.jpg)
    23 KB

    You do now.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)08:41 No.10383033
    she already said she'd broken large vehicles in the past, it wouldn't surprise me if the engine exploded, destroying half the craft
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)08:42 No.10383049
    I want to know how she hasn't KILLED half her unit!
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)08:44 No.10383077
         File1276087469.jpg-(46 KB, 800x800, 1255968508190.jpg)
    46 KB
    since she's the only 68th left on the planet, does that not make her the head of the 68th left on the planet.

    (and yeah, i did that so i could post the promotions pic, it's the cutest one i've got.)
    >> COMMISSAR FORON !!g/oLRGdEex4 06/09/10(Wed)08:44 No.10383087

    Best 5 up saves ever!
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)08:45 No.10383091
    Power of D'awww
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)08:47 No.10383119
    This thread /tg/
    ... don't you ever go changing.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)08:47 No.10383122
    I just D'awwwwed so hard I'm pretty sure I cracked my GF's rib when I rolled over to hug her. Kreiger Chan, you're getting Drawfagged from hell from now on. Kreiger and Cultistchan, snuggiling up with the Sister who's holding both of them tight....

    >> Karate Bastard 06/09/10(Wed)08:50 No.10383174
    I cant continue drawing because of too much DAWWWWWING
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)08:51 No.10383185
    >> Cap !!ApHaR0mwoJ6 06/09/10(Wed)09:15 No.10383514
         File1276089342.jpg-(406 KB, 960x1280, 0609100612.jpg)
    406 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)12:20 No.10386022
    This thread deserves to be back on page one!
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)12:45 No.10386434
    >that face
    Ehhh.....put the mask back on.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)12:56 No.10386612
    Ah about her name... if shes "M" how about we call her Emmy?
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)13:17 No.10386952
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)15:04 No.10388713
    I feel the DAAAAAW overtaking me!
    It is a good thread!
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)15:29 No.10389084
    The last half of this thread made me hungry.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)17:00 No.10390832
    God damn it the cute is overwhelming me!
    Why didn't you start doing quest threads sooner OP?
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)18:48 No.10392719
    How the hell is this thread non 404'd yet?
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)19:04 No.10393043
    because it's cute.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)19:49 No.10393877
    Well I;m off to work, so I've give this thread a bump.
    Come to think of it, I'll be getting home around the time the OP said he would be making part 2.

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