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  • File : 1276067278.jpg-(167 KB, 650x867, Recovered_JPEG_2097.jpg)
    167 KB Goshujin-Sama 06/09/10(Wed)03:07 No.10378714  

    Final Maid Quest Thread for the Night
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)03:09 No.10378742
    To fuck the loli or not to fuck the loli, that is the question.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)03:09 No.10378744
    Get to bed. Off lights. STAY AWAKE.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)03:09 No.10378745
    What's Alicia doing now?
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)03:10 No.10378752
    Is this a trick question? Of COURSE we're going to.
    >> Harmless 06/09/10(Wed)03:10 No.10378753
    I vote we get something to drink, then go to our room and shower/go to bed.
    >> Goshujin-Sama 06/09/10(Wed)03:10 No.10378754
    Changing her damn clothes, it seems.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)03:11 No.10378766
    rolled 1 = 1

    Make the move! You know the one.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)03:11 No.10378771

    Nice pic. My vote is; we just go to sleep.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)03:11 No.10378774
    A vote for cuddling with her tonight, but not sexing her. How to orchestrate this is up to other anons.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)03:11 No.10378775
    we should leave while shes changing, just for shits and giggles, and to hear if she gets disappointed, but come back soon with extra pillows
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)03:11 No.10378779
    sit down on bed, wait for her to come back out

    give her a kiss, on the lips this time, to show her we are actually interested, since she seemed dissapointed when we told her we weren't there for sex

    then lay down next to her till she either decides to do something with you, or goes to sleep
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)03:12 No.10378782
    Head into her room, wearing pajamas. Lie down, hug her, say "I've decided to keep you company until you fall asleep. And after it, if you want me to. For as long as you want."

    No sex.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)03:12 No.10378784
    Go to our room, get into bed naked with the lights out. Stay awake.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)03:12 No.10378788
    Pillow fight?
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)03:13 No.10378799
    Add in one gentle kiss on the lips, between the hug and the words.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)03:13 No.10378801
    i was thinking you could never have too many pillows but a pillow fight would be fun. though i don't fancy pillow fighting a demon :(
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)03:13 No.10378804

    That is so corny I could literally tasted ham just now.


    No, no, we wear boxer shorts with A-10s on them.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)03:13 No.10378807
    See, I can't tell if she wants it or not.

    She's emotionally damaged, but I think a lot of that damage comes from being rejected/betrayed in the past.On the other hand, she's cynical as all fuck, so us making a move just might make her hate us again.

    Argh. Women are hard. Although not as hard as my penis.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)03:13 No.10378808
    And wtf is with the "no more sex scenes" anyway? They're the second awesomest part!
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)03:13 No.10378811
    Play it safe, we got tomorrow night.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)03:14 No.10378815
    Stay in room, but close eyes and pretend to be/fall asleep. If she wants anything more than company she'll have to tickle it out of us!
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)03:14 No.10378821
    We got time, hold off...for now
    >> Goshujin-Sama 06/09/10(Wed)03:14 No.10378829
    The vote seems to be leading towards this. . .

    While Alicia is in the bathroom changing, you take a moment to change into your own night clothes, then get into her bed.

    A few minutes later, she comes out brushing her hair. She pauses and stares at you as she sees you curled up in her bed, then shakes her head. "I was kinda sure you'd jump me," she admits, as she climbs in next to you, turning her back to you and switching off the lights.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)03:15 No.10378839

    Cuddle? Cuddle.

    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)03:15 No.10378840
    >I'm okay with this.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)03:16 No.10378845

    Don't fall asleep.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)03:16 No.10378853

    Play the waiting game. See who breaks the silence first.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)03:16 No.10378856
    "It's a lot sweeter when you decide to come to me"
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)03:16 No.10378857
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)03:16 No.10378858

    Produce the Assgun and wave it slightly. "Don't flatter yourself. If Walt could make you, others might too, and if I have to go to hell one more time I'm gonna run up frequent flyer miles."

    And then go to sleep.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)03:17 No.10378871

    Shes a demon of lust, shes had more than enough sex, I say just cuddle with her. If she gets sick of it, she can always make the next move.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)03:17 No.10378873
    cuddle indeed
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)03:17 No.10378875

    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)03:18 No.10378883
         File1276067888.gif-(41 KB, 200x320, 1272176636318.gif)
    41 KB

    >She pauses and stares at you as she sees you curled up in her bed, then shakes her head.

    >turning her back to you

    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)03:18 No.10378890
    turn towards her as if worried about her but then pretend to fall asleep. Snore loudly to annoy her. If she hits us just laugh it off.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)03:19 No.10378899
    "Sex is nice of course, but when's the last time you've had... this?"

    Then just cuddle up to her a little (so as to avoid getting a hard on from her) and rest.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)03:19 No.10378912

    "Figured that after a century or so of nothing but that you deserved something a bit more romantic".
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)03:20 No.10378922
    cuddling makes the world go round
    cuddling is the single greatest thing on the planet
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)03:20 No.10378923
         File1276068026.jpg-(34 KB, 355x324, 1195008082022.jpg)
    34 KB
    dammit guys, dammit, dammit....
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)03:21 No.10378947
    CUDDLE :3
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)03:21 No.10378949
    >From Twitter:

    >Goshujin-Sama banned from the boards "for spamming"

    I do believe I'm going to e-mail Moot about this horseshit.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)03:22 No.10378958
    oh hell no moot, how dare you.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)03:22 No.10378963
    >> For someone who found the sex scenes 'creepy'... Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)03:22 No.10378965
    Inform her gently but firmly that as long as she has the body of a small child, her genitals are off limits to ours. Remind her of the incident on Pirates.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)03:23 No.10378969
    Do it faggot
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)03:23 No.10378972

    A loli is fine too.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)03:23 No.10378978
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)03:23 No.10378980
    How is this spamming, again?
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)03:23 No.10378981

    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)03:23 No.10378986
    I don't have a twitter account, but somebody ask how long the ban is for.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)03:23 No.10378987
    Someone ask him how long his ban is.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)03:24 No.10378994
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)03:24 No.10379001

    >Goshujin-Sama banned from the boards "for spamming"

    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)03:24 No.10379004
    Motherfucking motherfuck. Someone get him on messenger or irc and relay his posts or something.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)03:25 No.10379008
    Last thread archive missed the last part too.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)03:25 No.10379013

    You do it too.

    For latefags; check twitter. Maid Quest is over for the night.

    I heard that Moot haet quest threads at some point, but I'm sorry, I can't fucking tolerate actual content being fucked with when shit continues to litter the boards.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)03:25 No.10379015
    Alright I am now very very pissed. What the fuck moot, what the fuck?

    I think now is the time to get a definitive answer from moot. Are quest threads ok in /tg/?
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)03:25 No.10379017
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)03:26 No.10379019
    > I can't fucking tolerate actual content being fucked with when shit continues to litter the boards

    Which would be why we shut down a quest thread.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)03:26 No.10379039
    may your genitals shrivel and fall off
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)03:27 No.10379043
         File1276068430.jpg-(15 KB, 400x343, 1266111569649.jpg)
    15 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)03:27 No.10379048

    Jesus christ, hold a grudge much?
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)03:27 No.10379052

    Reported for abusing the Report function.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)03:27 No.10379055
         File1276068457.jpg-(13 KB, 439x319, 1270707524109.jpg)
    13 KB
    Fuck you.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)03:27 No.10379057
    You have no idea how lucky you are that I'm not a mod.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)03:27 No.10379058
    This is actual content.


    An RPG system.

    Goals, Characters and a Campaign World.

    Whoever thinks this isn't /tg/ has severe mental damage.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)03:28 No.10379062
    Sorry, I can't hear you over the sound of imagedumps, troll threads and unrelated content.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)03:28 No.10379064
    >severe mental damage

    Coincidentally, I'm pretty sure that the Crazy Eight are aptly named.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)03:28 No.10379071
         File1276068536.jpg-(84 KB, 478x344, 1265151218899.jpg)
    84 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)03:29 No.10379074


    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)03:29 No.10379085
         File1276068583.jpg-(24 KB, 302x319, rage2.jpg)
    24 KB
    >my fucking face
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)03:29 No.10379086
    The janitorial staff works on what it's allowed to. "unrelated content" is chosen from Up High, not from that level. Imagedumps are always acceptable on an image board.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)03:30 No.10379096
    This is bullshit, it was just getting good too.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)03:31 No.10379107
         File1276068667.gif-(541 KB, 350x396, Higurashi_-_Hanyuu.gif)
    541 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)03:31 No.10379109
    And this after we got the janitor's OK the other night.

    This is why we can't have nice things,
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)03:31 No.10379115
    well, fuck
    bye /tg/
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)03:31 No.10379118

    Keep trolling, my little chunks of XP. On a related note-What the Weasel christ? One of the good quests and HE gets banned? What a load...
    >> FukMoot !!M0FgYtXese4 06/09/10(Wed)03:32 No.10379127

    Alright, fuck this shit.

    I game in like two threads ago, but this shit is awesome. We're doing this shit. I'm running it.

    Somebody recap me on the entire thing s I know what the fuck you guys mean when you reference non-demonloli shit.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)03:32 No.10379128
    Does anybody know how long the ban is for?
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)03:32 No.10379129
    As these faggots just admitted, they attacked the thread by reporting it as "spam." Given how much spam we sometimes get, it's clear a mod hit B& reflexively, since sometimes there's too much of it to check individually every single time.

    This represents a singularly most offensive abuse of the report system.



    for abuse of the Report function.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)03:33 No.10379136
    It's less that they mind quests, they just can't stand us liking them
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)03:33 No.10379141
    someone mashed the spam button mod saw name fagging with anime girls and went "Guess he's right"
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)03:33 No.10379142

    Fuck off.

    Goshujin runs or nothing.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)03:33 No.10379145
    To all of the people bitching about the report function/janitor's OK:
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)03:33 No.10379147
    read the sup /tg/ archives
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)03:33 No.10379151

    No. Either Goshujin-Sama runs it, or nothing. Sorry, but someone else jumping in right now will only make things worse.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)03:34 No.10379159

    Gentlemen, please see


    >they attacked the thread by reporting it as "spam." Given how much spam we sometimes get, it's clear a mod hit B& reflexively, since sometimes there's too much of it to check individually

    Maid Quest is just fine with janitors and such; witness how many quest threads are on /tg/ any given day. They're not gonna start singing people out.

    Report the assholes for Rules Violation, thank you.
    >> FukMoot !!M0FgYtXese4 06/09/10(Wed)03:34 No.10379160
    bugger that. We're getting this done TONIGHT, not next week.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)03:35 No.10379166
    i sent him a twitter asking but im new and he may not have gotten it, or he is not checking twitter atm... did anyone archive?
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)03:35 No.10379169
    I second this a lot.
    man, this was the worst arc of the quest yet...
    I was waiting for it to get better
    >> Balancesheet !!8YCJ2hR2egG 06/09/10(Wed)03:35 No.10379170

    Yeah... no.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)03:35 No.10379172
    No. You're a faggot. Goshujin-Sama or nothing. Please leave.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)03:35 No.10379173
    I'm one of the ones who claimed to report
    > trollface.jpg
    By reporting me, you're abusing it; I didn't do a thing.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)03:35 No.10379175
    wow, you must read slowly
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)03:35 No.10379176
    Damn man, I appreciate it but we're on like 30-40 threads now, and he's got the best way to do it. We'll let G-Sama handle this quest when he gets back. Feel free to make something new though, that'd be awesome.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)03:36 No.10379177
    From Twitter

    Relay this: "As Alicia falls asleep in your arms, you see her eyes close and her breathing becomes regular. In the dim light, you realize

    that despite her age and power. . . she really is just a child. A lonely, scared one, at that. And with that thought in your mind.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)03:36 No.10379178
    Last part of previous thread was cut when it was archived. Can someone fix?
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)03:36 No.10379181
    Delicious Irony. Nothing less for trolling gents like ourselves.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)03:36 No.10379184
    Goshujin has an update from Twitter.

    >Relay this: "As Alicia falls asleep in your arms, you see her eyes close and her breathing becomes regular. In the dim light, you realize that despite her age and power. . . she really is just a child. A lonely, scared one, at that. And with that thought in your mind. you fall asleep." END OF THREAD.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)03:36 No.10379187
    I admire your spirit, but stepping into the shoes of a great GM when we believe his absence to be only temporary is somewhat inappropriate.

    If you really want to run something, perhaps a one-shot minigame or something. A "Meanwhile, back at the mansion..." scene might work, or perhaps "Meanwhile, in hell..."
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)03:37 No.10379194
    Just don't. It's not your quest.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)03:37 No.10379195
    Relay this: "As Alicia falls asleep in your arms, you see her eyes close and her breathing becomes regular. In the dim light, you realizethat despite her age and power. . . she really is just a child. A lonely, scared one, at that. And with that thought in your mind. You fall asleep." END OF THREAD.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)03:37 No.10379196

    There's no point in doing it if someone else is just making shit up. You don't have access to his notes or the plot, and you don't seem to know mch past the last few threads. You're just making things worse.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)03:37 No.10379200
    From twitter:

    Re: the ban: it's apparently until 6-10-10, which kinda sucks. Also, cannot be appealed as it's 24 hours only
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)03:37 No.10379201
    rolled 6 = 6

    Everyone! Goshujin-Sama speaks from the land of twitter! Relay this: "As Alicia falls asleep in your arms, you see her eyes close and her breathing becomes regular. In the dim light, you realize that despite her age and power. . . she really is just a child. A lonely, scared one, at that. And with that thought in your mind you fall asleep." END OF THREAD.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)03:37 No.10379203
    Ban is only 24 hours
    >> Doppleganger GM 06/09/10(Wed)03:37 No.10379212

    A little bird is saying something on twitter....

    As Alicia falls asleep in your arms, you see her eyes close and her breathing becomes regular. In the dim light, you realize hat despite her age and power. . . she really is just a child. A lonely, scared one, at that. And with that thought in your mind, you fall asleep."


    >ban is for 24 hours.

    >relayed via twitter.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)03:37 No.10379214
         File1276069078.png-(15 KB, 256x192, trollfaceoff.png)
    15 KB
    >says that he did it
    >lolol I didn't actually

    try that with the cops next time
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)03:38 No.10379215
    "As Alicia falls asleep in your arms, you see her eyes close and her breathing becomes regular. In the dim light, you realize that despite her age and power. . . she really is just a child. A lonely, scared one, at that. And with that thought in your mind. You fall asleep."

    From the G man himself
    >> Balancesheet !!8YCJ2hR2egG 06/09/10(Wed)03:38 No.10379218
    So, uh, looks like /b/ is in to visit.

    I'm going to hazard a guess and say this is not a good thing. >:P
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)03:38 No.10379221
    I propose that next time we can spend XP, we blow some on raising our Affection. If we can, we max it.

    And a bit more Luck wouldn't hurt either.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)03:38 No.10379236

    pull the other one, it's got bells on it.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)03:39 No.10379240
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)03:39 No.10379241
    Right folks, we got the thread ending from twitter.

    Remember report these two guys

    Email moot if you have the time.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)03:39 No.10379244
    >Rule 3.Do not post the following outside of /b/: Trolls

    you're still breaking the rules
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)03:41 No.10379261
    OH MY GAWD! Goshujin-Sama! dont be discouraged! fuck those trolls, they're just cuntnuggets.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)03:42 No.10379274
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)03:43 No.10379285
    Fa/tg/uy inherits a shitty beach house, a huge fortune, an awesome butler (Reginald) and his maid daughter (Samantha), and a demonic contract involving your soul and sex with maids.

    Then the maid hires a trap, Kat(harine), who everyone loves. Then she hires Alicia and Felicia, who turn out to be the contracted demon and her familiar. The demon kills you. You go to hell.

    Then you troll your way out of hell and your contract, and enslave Alicia to you via the power of LAW. You recover a paladin, Jehanne, and TrollHammer 40k FemMarine Carmine. Felicia joins you cause she's a horny kitty. Speaking of which, you have sex with her.

    Then you hire a science officer (Koyomi) to inspect the alien sphere you discovered in the back of the alien's van where Samantha got molested by aliens (at your prodding [prod, lol]) at an earlier date. You proceed to have sex with said science officer while she's distracted with glorious Xenotechnology.

    to be continued?
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)03:43 No.10379287
    So I guess we're going with the "slow and gentle" approach with Alicia?

    We still set up for OPERATION TSUNDEREGASM?
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)03:43 No.10379290
    You're a bunch of grown men masturbating to another grown man write porn about a little girl.

    You need fucking help let this shit die for the good of your own mental health if not for this board.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)03:44 No.10379302

    ...er, no. So far, we've only had sex with other consenting adults. We haven't fucked the loli.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)03:45 No.10379315
    We're just finishing day one of a three day trip with just her.
    Early today Walt Disney himself claimed she was enjoying herself more than she ever did as a Queen of Lust.

    Oh yeah, we're ready for Tsundere-gasm.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)03:45 No.10379316
    Goshujin-Sama! Maid quest isn't pure fail! the players all love it and thats all that matters, you have more players than any quest ive ever seen, and ive seen a shitload. and the "Fan thread" was just some fans trying to get drawfaggotry up in here i think.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)03:46 No.10379325
    Also, our character is only 19. And who the hell knows what age Alicia really is, given that her mental, biological and chronological ages all seem to be rather different.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)03:46 No.10379336
    first of all there is no loli porn so fuck off.
    Second of all its called hiding the thread so fuck off.
    Third of all, PnP RPGs are traditional games, so fuck off.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)03:47 No.10379341

    Technically, she's about a hundred years old, if we take the coney-island thing at pre-daemonhood face value.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)03:47 No.10379344
    If Goshujin-Sama hadn't been banned, we'd be well on our way to banging...the...

    Theory, fa/tg/uys. Moot reads Maid Quest, and wanted to head off our sexing the loli before it happened!
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)03:47 No.10379347
    Cool assumption bro.
    Goshujin said two threads ago that he doesn't even like writing the smut. The quest is more about ridiculous shit like having lunch with Walt Disney's zombie and trolling demons in hell. It's all for shits and giggles and you're raising a big stink over it
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)03:47 No.10379348
    One thing: next thread, I think we should temporarily leave our protagonist and Alicia behind and take control of somebody else back at the mansion so we can see what's going on while we're away.

    I nominate Felicia, because she has the least personality for us to have to behave in line with.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)03:49 No.10379361
    >mental health
    You know /b/ grew out of that shit years ago.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)03:49 No.10379366
    but we weren't even going for smut. i was actually interested in the characters, and we just wanted to cuddle/tell Alicia everything will be okay. Goshujin-Sama is a fantastic writer we just have all these trolls because its based off the maid RPG and because there was a little smut...
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)03:50 No.10379370

    Oh hell yeah. Have Felicia watching in amusment as Jehanne goes slowly insane from the lack of orgasms.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)03:50 No.10379377
    Twitter update from Goshujin-Sama: After a good hard slug of Jack and a little rage, I've decided "fuck it." The story will continue somehow.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)03:50 No.10379379
    Why does one have to be a moralfag to not want to connect 'sex' in the main character's (and our own) mind with 'small children?
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)03:50 No.10379380
         File1276069838.jpg-(61 KB, 687x248, report abuse.jpg)
    61 KB
    E-mailed Moot with a brief heads up. Didn't bitch or whine, just pointed out that if two faggots can abuse "Report ---> spam" in this way, more will soon follow.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)03:50 No.10379381
    "I'm rich, and I need a yacht." So you quest for one. And find one. Except a giant squid is in possession of it. As a ploy, you trick it into tentacle-groping bro-trap Kat, which displeases both parties involved. Moreso since Kat nearly dies. You knifefuck that cunting squid and make that boat yours.

    Katharine is struck by the incurable diseases known as Mental-trauma-brought-on-by-rejection-from-a-tentacle-monster-and-near-death-experience-itis and Lovesickness, and feels like ass because that would make him a homo-tranny, which makes both you and him feel uncomfortable. That, and he almost died. Alicia attempts to fix this (forced by contract) by magically making your bro into a non-tranny and stealing his love away. Many angers were had.

    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)03:52 No.10379396
    oh god now he wants to kill us... oh the humanity
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)03:53 No.10379404
    It's already happening. I've been banned previously (not that it mattered, thank you dynamic IP) for spam because I posted in an on-topic thread that a few vocal dipshits didn't like.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)03:53 No.10379407
    In the quest? Because that won't be new.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)03:53 No.10379413
    Nice Princess Bride reference.
    >> sage to contribute nothing. Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)03:54 No.10379420
    Honestly I doubt moot will give a care. 'Quest' threads are quite honestly not /tg/ material, they belong on /lit/ or something.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)03:54 No.10379421
    i could only assume so but im tired of dying, we still need to train to kick reg's ass, and we need to improve our relationship with felicia because she's borderline neutral. we dont have time for hell AGAIN
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)03:55 No.10379430
    You know he's more than doubled the amounts of tweets he's made on that account in the past five hours from what he's had during the past couple weeks.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)03:55 No.10379432
    this is more /tg/ than half the shit on this board
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)03:56 No.10379437
    This sounds suspiciously like something we could do at the same time. How good is Felicia at fighting?

    If BAD Then "Train alongside us, young one, and learn!" + quality time in showers.
    If GOOD Then "Teach me, feline master!" + quality time in showers.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)03:56 No.10379438
         File1276070172.jpg-(106 KB, 854x770, 1245965140687.jpg)
    106 KB
    Remember, gentlemen, e-mail moot at moot@4hcan.org. To hell with the quest; if two assholes can abuse the report function in that way, more are SURE to follow. Administration needs to nip this in the bud, or we'll lose quick anti-spam action as trust in the report system deteriorates.

    Also; OP is cockblocked, and within minutes people are talking about running spin-off quests and shit. This thread will probably go to 300 replies with Maid-quest related discussion. Yesterday an impromptu meta-discussion thread happened.

    Yeah, this quest ain't going anywhere.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)03:56 No.10379442
    explain to me how roleplaying isn't /tg/ related
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)03:57 No.10379457

    Then I suggest you e-mail Moot and mention that. Some people need to start getting lengthy bans for abusing the report system.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)03:57 No.10379459
    Side effect of stealing something, is that something becomes the property of the thief. Alicia gains a seed of love. Anon decides to capitalize on this.

    Oh yeah, while you were in hell, Jehanne admitted that she became a paladin because she's a total nympho. Of course. So, around this point, you convince her to switch gods from Bahamut to the Goddess of Love Whose Name Escapes Me Right Now.
    "Hey, finishing with that alien sphere, need a cyclotron lol." And thusly Black Mesa makes a house call to help Koyomi. And by "help Koyomi" I actually mean cause trouble. I don't remember this part of the quest well because I didn't like it that much. However, Carmine gains a Commissar outfit as Goshujin-Sama attempts to flesh her out better. It doesn't take that well, and verily, He was frustrated.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)03:58 No.10379462
    Except they are. Janitor agrees, so go bother him if you disagree.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)03:58 No.10379466
         File1276070329.jpg-(24 KB, 167x167, 1267049581092.jpg)
    24 KB
    rolled 1, 1 + 3 = 5


    Explain? These idiots honestly think that GAEMS are banned on a board that has A FUCKING DICE ROLLER FUNCTION. Don't waste your breath.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)03:59 No.10379474
    dice don't work on the other boards?
    >> sage to contribute nothing. Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)03:59 No.10379475
    The report system is broken purely because people operate it with thousands of troll smashing report on any little thing. You have a pipe dream of fixing this at all without full removal, and no one wants full removal.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)04:00 No.10379481
    None that I'm aware.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)04:00 No.10379482
    nope just here
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)04:00 No.10379485
    We won the outfit as loot from that adventure and gave it to her, but we haven't actually interacted with Carmine since then.

    I'm hoping we can sort that out after we fix up Kat.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)04:00 No.10379488
    Then maybe the mods should actually do their fucking job properly.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)04:01 No.10379491
    i did not know that, though i also have never had a need/desire to test it either
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)04:01 No.10379500

    No. Otherwise /b/ wouldn't roll with the end of the post number, would they?
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)04:01 No.10379501
    > Oh yeah, while you were in hell, Jehanne admitted that she became a paladin because she's a total nympho

    Expand on this logic.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)04:02 No.10379506
    only other place I've seen it work is tgchan, and they hardly ever use it
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)04:02 No.10379509
    If they wanted to remove Quest threads and the like from /tg/ they would have done so already. The life span of similar activities on any other board has been about a week or so before corrective actions take place.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)04:02 No.10379514
    Some boards are, to an extent, differentiated by their functions. /tg/ has dice-rolling but no spoiler tags, /sci/ I believe has some special functions, noko doesn't work on /f/ etc.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)04:08 No.10379571
    Chapter XVII: In Which Pooh Attempts to Fix Katharine's Love Issue
    So he goes to hell in a handbasket with Alicia to get a burst of power so she can undo her fuck-up. Problem is, she's a weak former Queen with a lot of angry demons after her head. She goes there with MC, and attempts to do a heroic sacrifice. But we're the main character, WE'RE the ones who do the heroic sacrificing around here. And thusly we do. And go to hell again.

    Problem is, Alicia kicks it right after, nullifying the whole thing. Anon gets mad, until we realize that with our body, the invading demons could have been all MUDOON, RECARM, MUDOON, RECARM for as long as they wanted. So she threw herself in there to give a better target. And so they raped and brutalized her instead (Fun fact: She regained her hymen when she lost her powers before, because she changed to a little girl body). IT IS AROUND THIS POINT THAT YOU DISCOVER THAT YOU ARE ACTUALLY A SORCEROR. You troll your way out of captivity again, then take off on a bat out of hell to the mansion.

    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)04:09 No.10379583
         File1276070963.jpg-(50 KB, 615x461, 1274384376217.jpg)
    50 KB
    E-mailed Moot. You guys do it too. Two sentences describing what happened. Quick, easy, and best, since short and sweet is what a guy with that much e-mail desires.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)04:09 No.10379584
    I went to /sci/ when they introduced those functions. It was fucking hilarious, they math-zalgo'ed up the entire board.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)04:12 No.10379621
    What can they do that's so awesome?
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)04:13 No.10379629
    rolled 14156930, 28440257, 714108, 54526025, 4605764, 10270326, 46985407, 64933743, 48180614, 67036383, 54994364, 37804141, 27063451, 18917410, 29442409, 31584299, 62599656, 937537, 488870, 2566849, 55274614, 20108792, 59371686, 14739266, 18780850 = 774523751


    If you push the integers high enough, our own dice rolling function can get a bit lulzy as well.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)04:13 No.10379644
    rolled 5231289334129542145, 3819458269746974209, 390828132862225153, 2885903822025284097, 4599584714509547009, 5247225966071709697, 5219810181995853825, 3403421881375834113, 2751949045807122945, 14623224502429367, 3331564854830503425, 512482010992243905, 1607358037261292289, 3827924418263137281, 5060071012238040065, 4796063072979449857, 461510140448808641, 2794464290142059521, 2601812918437644801, 1395440698834136065, 1144720515003427841, 411643121391534785, 3105980256805196289, 5265661499463021569, 4655730986036360193 = 7.4536522406153E+19


    By which I mean, I've seen it displayed in scientific notation.
    >> Janitor 06/09/10(Wed)04:14 No.10379646
    *laugh* give a nerd a shiny new toy, the first thing he does is use the fuck out of it, the next thing he does is find a way to break it, and the 3rd thing is to construct a rube goldberg like machine that produces trolling, by use of that toy somewhere.

    Anyway, moot hasn't actually told me what to delete and what not to delete here, so I've mostly just been deleting Anonspam and NSFW stuff.
    By the way: You have the green light for smuttiness with your demoness, given that she's not ACTUALLY underage. But no explicit pictures. Okay?
    >> Janitor 06/09/10(Wed)04:15 No.10379662
    I do believe that's my cue to get to work, gents.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)04:15 No.10379664
    He got banned because it was obviously slowly descending into CP writefaggotry. Complain all you want, noone will care. Go to tgchan if you give a shit about quests so much.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)04:15 No.10379666
         File1276071335.gif-(1.77 MB, 300x174, laugh_blessed.gif)
    1.77 MB
    Of all the quest threads out there this is the one most in need of being ruined.

    Good job, chaps.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)04:15 No.10379668

    After the most INCREDIBLE BATTLE EVER, you awaken in your room to discover that Samantha is an insane bisexual sadistic dominatrix. Yes, that Samantha, the mild-mannered, slightly quirky daughter Normally, you would find this awesome and bone her, but again, she is the daughter of the scariest man in the world. And you promised to beat her dad in 1 on 1 combat before you can marry her anyway. So you settle for magically making her your sub and giving her orgasms via direct stimulation of the womb.

    Then you go to Disneyland.

    Then WAIT A MINUTE I FORGOT TO MENTION THE BUTLER THIS ENTIRE STREAM OF POSTS. Suffice to say, he is made of "Here's your tea sir," and "Oh dear, I do believe you stepped on that landmine I placed there so that you may step on it. Terribly sorry." Do not fuck with him.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)04:15 No.10379671

    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)04:16 No.10379672
    Bizarre emotes, infinitely stacked exponents, and somehow they got a line of symbols to extend up and down far beyond it's own post, even when it showed up on the front page you couldn't see the top or bottom of it.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)04:16 No.10379680
    are you the Devil? Also, agree, this was, by far, the quest that appealed to the lowest common denominator of 4chan:weeaboo pedophiles.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)04:16 No.10379683

    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)04:17 No.10379692
    As for Disneyland, that would be the currently linked stream of threads that occurred today.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)04:17 No.10379699
    >You have the green light for smuttiness with your demoness, given that she's not ACTUALLY underage.
    That means you've read enough of this thread to actually pick up on this.
    And this pleases me.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)04:18 No.10379701
    Right, cause that guy is TOTALLY the real Janitor.You can tell /tg/ has a dedicated Janitor by how well moderated it is, the lack of /b/ and /v threads etc.
    That's sarcasm by the way.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)04:18 No.10379719
    You're doing a swell job. *cough*
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)04:20 No.10379739
    Oh, shutup. The entirety of 4chan is weeaboo pedophiles. Out of all the websites to complain about weeaboo pedophiles on, you picked the ONE that doesn't give a fuck. Congratulations! You're retarded.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)04:21 No.10379747
    Hey to those fighting the good fight:Goshu is now writing erotica about children on his Twitter, report there as well.
    >> Marionette Guy !W1KIAXiDWo 06/09/10(Wed)04:21 No.10379759
    You are awesome, sir.
    Carry on.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)04:21 No.10379761

    >But no explicit pictures. Okay?

    When Goshujin-Sama posts a fap scene, he actually accompanies it with an "innocuous picture time!"


    Actually, I noticed that we have a fuckload less spam/troll threads ever since this Janitor showed up in the last Maid Quest thread the other night. The least we've had since pre-summer, in fact.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)04:21 No.10379766
    He's eh?
    Alicia smut?
    Be right there.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)04:23 No.10379777
         File1276071788.gif-(13 KB, 295x363, 1241407127201.gif)
    13 KB

    >implying you even know where the twitter is
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)04:23 No.10379778
    You lie! There is no alicia smut here. :(
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)04:23 No.10379787
    some how i doubt that as his last twitter said he was going to bed
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)04:24 No.10379788
         File1276071840.jpg-(5 KB, 125x125, 1268022264231s.jpg)
    5 KB
    I have a delivery for this thread, will one of you guys sign for it?
    I am pretty sure this is the right address.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)04:24 No.10379789
    How do we even know if this guy really is a Janitor? They're not supposed to tell people how to govern themselves (Mod's duties, lol), or even tell people that they're a Janitor.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)04:24 No.10379803
    Unfortunately, BANNING people is beyond janitor powers, which is what needs to happen that little fuckstain Kimmo and his army of motherfucking spambots.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)04:25 No.10379812
    And this is the Abridged History of MaidQuest.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)04:25 No.10379814
    Nah, another box of the stuff showed up earlier; there must have been a double delivery.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)04:26 No.10379830

    moot apparently asked him to make himself known, so that we wouldn't give up hope and spam his inbox.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)04:27 No.10379840
    Kimmo is a bad joke, and if you let his bots and spam get to you, that means he's winning. Also, banning doesn't work; he just changes the proxy address of his bots.

    Phrase/character banning worked for a while though.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)04:27 No.10379849
    I believe that is /jp/'s shipment, they are always ordering more.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)04:27 No.10379857

    They CAN delete posts and request bans, though, and a request from a janitor carries more weight.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)04:28 No.10379863
    How is that apparent? Any proof besides his post?
    Man, you guys are pretty naive..janitors are not even supposed to ever post here, they can lose their position for that.
    In fact, report that post, probably a troll.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)04:28 No.10379864
    yes but that has messed up some legit posts
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)04:29 No.10379880
         File1276072168.png-(99 KB, 1000x1939, trollfire.png)
    99 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)04:30 No.10379894
    Makes enough sense to me. In that case, Mr. Janitor, I have a question.

    /tg/'s rather well known for its relaxed position on light nudity. What's your take on this?
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)04:30 No.10379903

    >janitors are not even supposed to ever post here, they can lose their position for that

    ... you have some things to learn about 4chan, yet.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)04:31 No.10379915

    he's already stated that "anything with a dick" is classified as explicit to him.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)04:31 No.10379916
    Someone really needs to find that asshole and just hit him in the face repeatedly.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)04:32 No.10379921
    so /e/ is ok?
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)04:35 No.10379947
    >If you believe an error has been made, or you are being mistakenly affected by a ban meant for somebody else, contact a moderator on IRC at #4chan @ Rizon. Moderators are channel ops (@) and half-ops (%).

    Somebody should point this out to Goushin-Sama next time, it could lead to a quicker resolution.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)04:35 No.10379953
    He's in Sweden. your wishes are contingent on Swedish bravery. His addy was discovered long ago, and some anon went to the house, but was easily discouraged by the simple tactic of not answering the door.
    His dox are on ED if you'd like to go deal with him personally.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)04:36 No.10379964
    >he's in sweden
    >i'n in sweden
    brb ED tiem
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)04:38 No.10380000
    Nah, just wait out a 24-hour ban. I've been to the IRC channel. It is full of FUCK OFF WE DON'T LIKE YOU kneejerking fagheads and trolls, and that's when it's even active.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)04:41 No.10380050

    Yes, I assumed as much. Of course, that is for

    >next time

    Which might be longer then 24 hours.

    But honestly? If that happens and official channels remain useless, he'll probably just evade the ban. If the mods hang us out to dry, the rules mean nothing anyway. But I don't think they will.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)06:01 No.10381086
         File1276077673.jpg-(79 KB, 959x649, 1274907872026.jpg)
    79 KB
    FUCK! And what a time for this bullshit to happen. We are at one of the most emotional scenes in the quest.

    I have what amounts to emotional blue balls right now.
    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)06:05 No.10381123
    Nah, that'll be the scene at the end of Disneyworld where we tell Alicia that we gave the locket with Kat's ♥ in it to Reginald and she's just going all deredere on us by herself.

    >> Anonymous 06/09/10(Wed)06:22 No.10381288
    >We are at one of the most emotional scenes in the quest.

    Aaw. Now ain't that fucking precious.

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