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  • File : 1261120586.jpg-(548 KB, 969x806, alignment.jpg)
    548 KB Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)02:16 No.7184028  
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)02:17 No.7184034
    Cream cheese bland and mushy, I don't think so.
    >> Yun 12/18/09(Fri)02:18 No.7184045
    Mushy? Yes. Bland?

    Far from it.
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)02:19 No.7184060
    My DM won't let me play gummi bears.

    he says that "mushy dry" breaks the game.
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)02:19 No.7184062
    Chocolate covered pretzels.

    Where's your God now?
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)02:21 No.7184074
    savory dry
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)02:21 No.7184076
    I don't think droughts are really dry especially if they have frosting.
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)02:21 No.7184077
    Covered in chocolate
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)02:21 No.7184083
    That's in the 'god foods' alignment, along with the cream cheese with fruit swirls.
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)02:23 No.7184103
    Bland Mushy should be tofu.
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)02:24 No.7184108

    Well your DM's an idiot, gummi bears are just a Sweet Mushy class with some bonus ranks in Texture (Chewy)... consult the advanced character creation section in Unearthed Candy
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)02:24 No.7184109
    I agree
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)02:24 No.7184114

    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)02:26 No.7184130

    Likewise, french fries with ketchup are "mushy" in a way.
    That's why Bland Dry is often considered "True Dry."
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)02:27 No.7184141

    Fruit swirls, my god you faggots can't leave well enough alone.
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)02:28 No.7184145

    gummi bears are a race not a class dumbass... you can make gummi bear characters of practically any flavor
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)02:28 No.7184153
    I hate being limited to Sweet Wet as a Pudding Paladin. I want to play a Salty Mushy Black Pudding Paladin.

    Do any sourcebooks have something like this?
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)02:29 No.7184160
    Dark Chocolate Gummi Bears wielding dual pretzels make me rage
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)02:30 No.7184167
         File1261121439.jpg-(51 KB, 519x389, 222_-_blood_pudding_2.jpg)
    51 KB

    You can play as Blood Pudding, but that requires the Book of Vile British Cooking, and the rest of that book is utter shit.
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)02:30 No.7184169
    Nothing's as useful as bland dry. Nobody else can get across a continent like a bland dry can.
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)02:32 No.7184184
    The Bland planes have got to absolutely suck for Bland characters whom performed Sweet and Salty acts in equal measure.
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)02:32 No.7184193
    Disease resistance is kinda low, though.
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)02:33 No.7184197
    God, I love you fa/tg/uys.
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)02:34 No.7184201
    This one time I played a blood pudding so black even the little white bits were black.
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)02:34 No.7184206
    my DM won't let me play a sweet wet cerial mage, he says the extra rank in sogginess breaks the game
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)02:36 No.7184226
    I once had blutwurst that was white. Apparently, it was so black, it came around the other side.

    I don't know if it was sweet, bland, or salty. I think it was all three.

    Or god forbid, none.
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)02:37 No.7184233
    Unearthed candy? more like mushy edition
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)02:37 No.7184238
    Holy fuck, I'm hungry now.
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)02:38 No.7184246

    Dude if you're going to play a sweet wet cereal mage, you might as well just play a melted ice cream mage with a waffle cone-heavy build. Once you can get skills like M&Ms and Sprinkles (around 5th level) you'll be unstoppable.
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)02:39 No.7184254

    It was umami, and we don't allow that weeaboo shit in our games.
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)02:39 No.7184255

    shit, me too
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)02:40 No.7184265
    But I can't live without the +12 vitamins and minerals the whole cerial class gets
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)02:42 No.7184287
    Fuck you, now I'm hungry.
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)02:42 No.7184293

    God, this one jackass in our group tried to roll an insanely overpowered Miso Soup caster with umami alignment (the one from the gay-ass Oriental Food Adventures sourcebook).
    >> Hugecubus 12/18/09(Fri)02:43 No.7184297
         File1261122187.jpg-(542 KB, 1000x1300, pink.jpg)
    542 KB
    Looks good, I'll take them all.
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)02:43 No.7184303

    That's true, the ice cream class is very low on Nutrition as a whole. But its crazy Taste bonuses more than make up for that, especially if you're playing an offensive character.
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)02:45 No.7184332

    Oh fuck that. I'll bet he took seaweed AND a tofu familiar, too. I fucking loathe munchkin powergamers.

    Lemme guess, when you bitched that it was too OP and had too many broken powers, he tried playing something with only one power - an I WIN button: sashimi.
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)02:47 No.7184351
    umani? I remember back in first edition when that was "savory"... ooh, just thinking of first edition it makes me want to roll a bullion thief up
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)02:50 No.7184380
    Man i have the awesomest character going right now.

    Sour Cream & Onion Dip Rogue
    Level: 10
    Alignment: Salty Mushy
    Diety: Lay's

    TAST: 25
    NUTR: 11 (Rogues don't need Nutr)
    TEXTR: 22
    AROMA: 14
    CRUNCH: 27 (yeah bitches!)
    CHEW: 15

    I've been accused of minmaxing, but whatever, this guy kicks ass. My DM is running a Fast Food quest and my character is a perfect foil to all the Hamburger and Hot Dog builds in my party.
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)02:52 No.7184405
    if they hadn't nerfed mini-marshmallows in the new condiments expansion I'd have comparable taste bonuses
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)02:55 No.7184432
    God, this whole classification system is bullshit. I mean, Froot Loops is a Sweet Mushy food? Bullshit they're SD. Yeah, sure, they can get mushy, but you should fucking kill your Kitchen Master if he pulls out a situation that contrived.
    Cream cheese bland? What the FUCK? Not to mention fries; with fries it completely fucking depends on circumstance.
    Really, fuck Doughnuts & Dumplings and its retarded system.
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)02:55 No.7184440




    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)02:56 No.7184450

    I hear that Chefs of the Coast really dumbed things down for 4e.
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)02:56 No.7184453
    ain't got nothin on my au gratin Tastemage
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)02:57 No.7184461
    Oh man. I just ate mini-marshmallows like 5 minutes ago. They are so fantastic.
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)02:57 No.7184462
    Cinnamon Bread is just broken beyond belief. I mean, at level 1, equipped with just basic Peanut Butter, its Taste Class can reach almost 30. And that's assuming you don't spring for Crunchy Peanut Butter.

    R&D needs to fix this.

    Also, lol at Pork Brains. Give it the Milk Gravy, and your damage reaches 3500. I swear that's some kind of typo, that's fast food level damage.
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)02:59 No.7184488

    Wow, someone's butthurt. If you like flavor complexity so much you should go back to playing Vampyre: The Gourmet
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)03:03 No.7184519
    seriously, all the dishes play the same now. before you had all sorts of choices; then there was actually a difference between a steak and a pork chop. now it's like 'wait, am I playing a casserole or a salad?'
    YOU CANT EVEN TELL THE DIFFERENCE. OOH LOOK WE ALL HAVE AT-WILL SPICES. Yeah sure the flavor text is a little different but it's really all the same when push comes to shove.
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)03:03 No.7184525
    who doesn't love playing a lettuce ranger?
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)03:05 No.7184545
    oh, yeah because EVERYBODY loved rice edition, right?
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)03:06 No.7184550
    Because, nWoH got has no fluff plane and simple they made the seafood class all a subclass of deep fried. shit is so gay I mean sure some ass hat is bound to make a fishmellt, but I loved my tuna steak the make other foods fishy power was so fun.
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)03:07 No.7184566
    don't forget they got rid of the smoked fish class!
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)03:08 No.7184576
    Hey guys, just got back from a late night session.

    Our group decided to play a sandwich. One person was salty-mushy westphalian ham, with the thin-slice feat. The container was a cookie-cutter bland-dry white bread. The filler was a shredded cheddar-mozzarella mix (fucking munchkins), and the main was a pretty all-purpose seasoned ham.

    Fucking kitchenmaster decided to put us through a toaster first. We barely made it out of that one. The cheese was pretty melted, but munchkin he is, he took the feats that /aid/ him when he's melted. The bread got pretty hard around the crusts, so that was a bit of a challenge when we went up against the teeth.

    Wasn't too bad though. The cheese got stuck in with his fancy feets, and the hams went straight for the tongue. I think the bread scratched the gums a little too, but he was hit pretty hard by enzymes.

    After we looted the mouth, we got railroaded into the stomach. Fucking kitchenmasters. Didn't get much farther than "acid falls, everybody dies" though, since the seasoned ham and bread had to leave. I expect the next session will be in a day or so.
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)03:08 No.7184577

    The whole spice levels thing is fucking ridiculous. Apparently you can put Basil or Oregano levels into a fucking Sweet Dry Donut and actually increase its nutrition effectiveness. That bullshit don't even make sense.
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)03:09 No.7184587
    I think it should be the texture (Wet, mushy, dry) as "lawful, neutral, chaotic rather than good/neutral/evil.

    So dry would be lawful, mushy would be neutral, wet would be chaotic. Then Sweet would be good, bland would be neutral, salty would be evil.
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)03:11 No.7184599
    sweet is evil
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)03:11 No.7184608
    >implying that donuts aren't sweet mushy

    God damnit OP, this is why we can't have nice games of kitchens and toasters.
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)03:14 No.7184638
    Yeah, donuts are totally mushy. That is why you can eat them and not drink milk.
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)03:16 No.7184655
    this is so unrealistic.

    What if I want to play a sweetnsourmancer? Huh? Where does 'sour' fit in? Your two-dimensional scale doesn't reflect real life at all, and it sucks.
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)03:17 No.7184676
    Any KM that allows players to be Sour or Bitter should be locked up. Those are NPC only for a reason.
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)03:20 No.7184708
    That reason is because you fags don't play Iron Chef edition, which fixes the idiotic PC/NPC power split.
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)03:23 No.7184740
    >Iron Chef
    Roll for taco length
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)03:24 No.7184762
    Man I fucking love Iron Chef. I mean really, what other system has hot peppers?
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)03:25 No.7184769
         File1261124738.jpg-(66 KB, 604x446, 1255854400908.jpg)
    66 KB
    >BAWWWWW game mechanics don't match the fluff BAAAAAWWWWW
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)03:27 No.7184794
         File1261124868.jpg-(587 KB, 1005x780, alignment2.jpg)
    587 KB
    Here's the updated alignment system for 4e. I think it's pretty fair myself, but a lot of old school players are probably going to take issue with it.

    Someone in my group plays an epic-level Mushy Sweet Chocolate Chip Cookie Paladin with mastercrafted dough and the Homemade feat. That kind of build won't be even possible in 4e.
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)03:29 No.7184810
    Never change, /tg/.
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)03:29 No.7184811
         File1261124981.jpg-(171 KB, 1005x780, alignment2.jpg)
    171 KB
    whoops wrong file
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)03:32 No.7184833
    I like salty wet.
    If you know what i mean.
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)03:32 No.7184834

    Holy crap, a Seaweed Riceball Barbarian with Sausage familiars dual-wielding Broccoli. That is a one-man party if I've ever seen one.
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)03:34 No.7184850

    wet bland cream-of-wheat rogue ftw. practically no taste bonuses, but ridonkulous nutrition and texture scores.
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)03:34 No.7184854
    >Iron Chef
    >clearly has races designed to appeal to veggies
    >calls someone else fag

    Come back when you have a real argument, vegfag.
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)03:37 No.7184879
    someone archive this, seriously
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)03:38 No.7184893
    You meant donuts/doughnuts right? They're dry if they're not glazed/frosted. Still sweet that way, too.
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)03:45 No.7184954
    I heard that the new supplement book is going to make it possible to play the drink races from the fluff.



    As soon as I get it I'm going to roll a half-pomegranate juiceadin.
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)03:46 No.7184969

    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)03:48 No.7184991

    Oh my god I can't wait. Totally going to be rocking a Energy Drink with heavy Guarana and Caffeine feats.

    I've even heard rumors of a new alcoholic drinks sourcebook on the horizon.
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)03:52 No.7185031
    Wait, you can take Guarana *and* Caffeine? At the same time? That sounds like it could be pretty OP.
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)03:53 No.7185050
    That's the same book. The Vodka PrC from the preview looks like it would suit the build you want.
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)03:54 No.7185053
    I think he confused cream cheese with butter.
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)03:55 No.7185065
    What kind of idiot thinks a real world spectrum can be described by two dimensional scales?
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)03:56 No.7185076
    Oh lordy is chocolate icecream ever Mary Sue shit. "I'm still one of the sweetest foods, but I'm also dark and edgy at the same time. Isn't it so kawaii how sweet but dark I am? xD" Seriously, fuck that. When I DM I don't stand for that shit. Don't even get me started on the furfags who always roll Gummi Bear.
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)03:56 No.7185079
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)03:58 No.7185089
    >Cream cheese

    What the fuck did you even read the fluff?

    God I hope you never try to DM.
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)04:02 No.7185156
    Dude it's totally happening. I actually got to playtest a session. We had a party of four; I was a level 9 Steak Knight. It was just one session, so we got our orders from the local king Saladin, and off to the pantry we went. After making our way past some minor condiments (although the mayo gave us trouble, surprise surprise) we made our way to this clearing. We knew something was up right away; the floor was coated in a thin, white liquid. Before we even knew what hit us we were rolling fortitude saves. Our party Salad Tosser (only level 7 due to LA) rolled a one; next thing he's leaf down on the floor.
    Before we had time to help him, our foe struck, as cubes of ice pelted us from above; "It looks like I've got you... ON THE ROCKS!"
    It was none other than the dastardly White Russian himself!
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)04:02 No.7185158
    u mad

    Listen, it's possible to play a good chocolate icecream character, especially if you stick to playing them the way they were described in the fluff. Hell, just last session I had, somebody played a chocolate icecream toppingomancer with the personality of a hardboiled eggtective. It was fucking awesome. Just keep stupid weeaboo teen girls out of your gaming group from here on out, ok?
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)04:04 No.7185183
    >the way they were described in the fluff.
    >with the personality of a hardboiled eggtective

    wait what
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)04:06 No.7185202

    /tg/ is the fucking best
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)04:06 No.7185210
    I'm talking about them adhering to the religion of Creamolicism and not being total emo pansies like the way every mary sue plays them, other than that go wild.
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)04:11 No.7185260

    Is this toppingomancer devoted to Haagen of Daaz, or the God-Brothers Bennus and Jerrion?
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)04:14 No.7185298

    That does definitely make a difference. Although if you really want an awesome icecream build, try a character who worships the minor diety Baskin-Robbins. You get 29 extra flavor points at lvl 1... totally nuts.
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)04:19 No.7185347
    How is it with Bulla? I havent heard anyone tried it at our FLGS... Wanted try something new than the usual alignment (haagen's, nz).
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)04:20 No.7185358
    What is it on Salty Wet anyway?
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)04:20 No.7185361
    I'm thinking of rolling a tuna sandwitch, any suggestions for what feats to take?
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)04:23 No.7185396
    That's a clam chowder with bread equipped in the bowl slot. Completely game-breaking, no idea what kind of DM would allow that.
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)04:24 No.7185405

    With a tuna sandwich you've really got two options. Either round out your NUTR score with some Lettuce and Tomato feats, or else roll a crazy flavor-heavy tank build with ranks in Mayonnaise (Extra Creamy) and Potato Chips (Ruffles).
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)04:26 No.7185428

    Yeah, but you spend a third of those on core flavors, and another third on bullshit flavors nobody ever uses. Of course, there IS the upside of pulling out the cheesiest of the cheese: Superman Gumball Sherbet. Your KM will shit bricks.
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)04:27 No.7185449

    Am I the only one that goes tuna + mayo + pickle relish for a tuna salad / sandwich hybrid?
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)04:31 No.7185481

    Multiclassing like that is only worth it if you get to high levels. With weak flavor bonuses and heavy preparation penalties like that, you might as well just roll a box of Easy Mac if you're under level 12.
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)04:33 No.7185502
    I've actually always been favour of a far simpler Tuna Sandwich build myself; although some accuse it of being cheesy.

    I just like the raw simplicity of having built something just as delicious as other builds; except with half the stat adjusting and net-building. Just a plain, simple, Bread 2 / Tuna 1 with Cheddar (Sliced) build at level 3 is going to be massively outclassing anything in that level range - and that's even before you masterwork that cheddar. God forbid your DM lets you take the Wholewheat ACF.

    I mean ok, you have to live with the Slightly Dry drawback - but what kind of group runs without a Beverage class these days anyway?
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)04:33 No.7185505
         File1261128791.png-(180 KB, 428x510, 1256494137839.png)
    180 KB
    >This thread
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)04:33 No.7185515
    I love you, /tg/.
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)04:35 No.7185526
    Wow. I'm so hungry right now, that looking at that actually made me wet. Wtf.

    brb soup.
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)04:36 No.7185547
    >Wow. I'm so hungry right now, that looking at that actually made me wet

    I don't think that's what you intended to say, but it works.
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)04:36 No.7185549
    This thread is as golden and delicious as the melted cheese on my lvl 14 open-faced egg and bacon sandwich.
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)04:38 No.7185574

    What, girlanons can't be fa/tg/uys, too?
    Erm... you know what I mean...

    Also, cream cheese on a bagel. Where would you classify such beauty?
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)04:39 No.7185580
    Despite all the hate it gets from basement dwelling min/maxers around here, I'd have to say go for a high level in onion. Believe me, you'll be glad you did. The NUTR bonus is high and the FLAV reduction is variable - it can actually improve your FLAV in some situations. Plus, it fits perfectly with the fluff.
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)04:41 No.7185593

    The opposite of sweet is bitter, you jew.
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)04:43 No.7185623

    salty dry? but it has sweet and wet ketchup on it...
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)04:44 No.7185632
    >fits with the fluff

    Man, don't even get me started on that. That's the biggest gripe I have about 4e - CotC really fucked that up horribly. Onions should never have been retconned into the Tuna plot - it makes no sense for them to have been there during The Great Catch, no matter how much they tried to write in a Sweet-aligned mary-sue protagonist. It goes against everything Onions traditionally stood for.
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)04:46 No.7185656
    God fucking damn it, Onions are the most OP thing in the entire game people. From Salty Dry to Sweet Mushy and all you need to do is add a little heat. Fuck, did Chefs not even playtest this?
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)04:49 No.7185684
    Call me old-fashioned, but I gotta say I really prefer the good old chomp-and-chew, kick-in-the-fridge style of gameplay I remember from back in the day. Kitchen Masters these days seem to make games that get so bogged down in preparation and ingredients that no eating ever takes place. You know? Sometimes I really don't give a shit about the exact cacao content of the BBEG's single-origin organic Guatemalan chocolate crust. Most of the time I just want to chomp the bastard and move on.
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)04:50 No.7185692
    And then why bother make two different kinds of onion? There's next to no difference between red onions and white onions.
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)04:51 No.7185706
    Eh, I'm sick and tired of seeing all the Sweet-Mushy Relish mary-sues running around since the release of that novel series. Every single one of them exactly the goddamn same. And people wonder why CotC keep putting out utter garbage - it's targeted at players like them.

    I blame the kitchenmasters who let the fuckers get away with it.
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)04:51 No.7185707
    Actually Vinegar is arguably the most OP thing in the game but people hardly ever use it compared to onions or bread.
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)04:54 No.7185746
    Ugh, I can't stand Vinegar players; I won't let anyone play them in my games. It's probably my most controversial houserule, but I've had some horrendous experience with them in the past. Even the thought of having it in a game makes me bristle with rage.
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)04:55 No.7185753
    That's because most newer players can't get their heads around the brewing mechanics. It is just so much easier to chop an onion or slice bread.
    You might as well ask why the Beer Brewery Blow-out expansion is so under used. It's because it uses the same overly-complicated, incomprehensible rule set.
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)04:55 No.7185754

    If you're picking that class, I'd also recommend picking up the I Have No Ideas Why Americans Criticise British Foods When All Their Food Kills You By The Time You're Sixty And They Do Not Have One Single Decent Cheese On Their Whole Continent splatbook for extra info

    but you need to take a Insulin Resistance (High Fructose Corn Syrup) trait and three cross class ranks in Corpulence
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)04:55 No.7185759
    Has this thread moved from goofy comparisons to metaphor-based thinly-veiled rants about 4e or am I just imagining things?
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)04:55 No.7185760
    Vinegar is a condiment, yes it can make things OP if those things are fairly good on their own, but it has nothing on Onions. Reread the rules on Caramelization, and know that there is nothing more OP than Onions.
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)04:57 No.7185776
    Wow, bonus points for remembering the full title - although I thought they'd pulled that because CotC had complained to the publishers about it not dealing with the material in a sensitive enough way.

    I did hear they were planning to re-release it under the OGL - did that come to fruition?
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)04:57 No.7185782
    What do you mean thinly veiled metaphors? We're talking about Kitchens and Kondiments.
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)04:58 No.7185789
    I don't even think it's thinly veiled 4e rants. I think we're looking at another Science: The Hypothesis.
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)04:58 No.7185790

    Oh dude I know right? The latest novel in the Chocolatechiplance series was such a joke. The characters were all so syrupy sweet-- not a dash of bitterness or spice among them-- and a third grader could see the plot twists coming a mile off. Like when it's revealed that the cunning French Onion Soup vizier to King Twizzlerion is actually a pawn of the Great Dark Saltine? Yawn.
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)04:59 No.7185798

    What do you expect from a game called Kitchens and Condiments? The mistake was making them available to players.
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)05:00 No.7185805

    Wait, the French Onion vizier is actually Salty? Thanks for the spoiler asshole.
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)05:01 No.7185818
    >The mistake was making them available to players.

    Agreed, and about the Beer Brewery Blow-out, Pickling got eratta'd so fucking fast once people figured out what could be done with it, so that's a moot subject.
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)05:02 No.7185829
    Kitchens and Condiments-mind.
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)05:03 No.7185835
    It's because CotC hasn't figured out balancing Condiments as proper Foods is fucking impossible without breaking the game. And let's not even talk about fucking Drinks. I remember this one time my group's weeaboo just had to go and make a a Wasabi-Sake multi-class and just walked through everything I could throw at the party without overcooking everything.
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)05:06 No.7185867
    > Condiments as proper Foods

    Dude are you talking about rolling condiments like Ketchup, Mustard and Mayonnaise as full-blown FOODS? That could be fun I guess, but I don't want to even think about how imbalanced those games would get.
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)05:08 No.7185893
    I guess you haven't gotten the newest Mayonnaise Manual. Half the Condiments in it have been statted so you can use them as Foods. There's level adjustment, but half the time it doesn't really effect how OP they tend to be, even with the rest of the meal well done.
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)05:12 No.7185919

    And even beyond that, you have someone who is really serious about playing stone-ground Bavarian mustard, and a fucking premade template BLT straight outta core upstages them in a heartbeat. No balance whatsoever.
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)05:14 No.7185946

    I'm going to just say right now for the record that rolling condiments as proper foods is something that would only appeal to the crasset of noobs. "OMG GAIZ, MY EPIC LEVEL RANCH DRESSING MAGE IS KICKING ALL OF YOUR ASSES LOLOLOL" People who play insanely OP characters like that have no respect for the elegance, tradition and simplicity of less flashy, more traditional, more character-heavy builds. For instance the oatmeal cleric, the cream cheese bagel knight, and my personal favorite, the BLT Ranger.
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)05:16 No.7185962
    >And let's not even talk about fucking Drinks.

    are you serious? Drinks could be fixed so easily, just make them count as a sidedish.
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)05:17 No.7185971
    Which is why if you want a little balance you use the Iron Chef thirdparty splatbook released under the OGL. It pretty much forces party balance by restricting available Ingredients at character creation while making better sides and garnishes avaiable as the meal levels.
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)05:19 No.7185990

    Sure, sounds great, until some chucklefuck starts making smoothies with half the fucking produce section. You REALLY want that as a side?
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)05:23 No.7186027

    Some jackass in my group tried to roll a Pineapple Smoothie with crazy-high ranks in Spinach, Spirulina, Fresh Cream, Kale, and Garlic as a goddamn DRINK. Needless to say our KM would not tolerate such minmaxing faggotry.
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)05:26 No.7186048
    laughing my ass off at this thread
    thank you, fatguys, thank you
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)05:28 No.7186066
    Is it even legal to take vegetables with a Smoothy without taking at least ten ranks in Health Foods?
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)05:29 No.7186079
    >Pineapple Smoothie
    >Spinach, Spirulina, Fresh Cream, Kale, and Garlic as a goddamn DRINK

    Murder him, cremate the corpse, and use the ashes as part of the formulation of an anti-faggot ward. Next thing, he'll be proposing tomato soup + carrot + parsley + watercress + beet + celery + lettuce + spinach as a drink. And he'll want it as a side. For his garbage bowl multiclass.
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)05:31 No.7186095
    At least the Hobo Holiday cookbook balances out combining random shit like that with horrible taste, slow cooking, and quick spoilage. Some of these min-maxing faggots just need to get out.
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)05:35 No.7186111
         File1261132522.jpg-(16 KB, 300x300, santacruz-V8-juice_Full.jpg)
    16 KB

    You're gonna shit - that drink combo is a template character straight out of the Complete Book of Beverages. Picture painfully related.
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)05:37 No.7186125
    no one else could pick up a random thing like this and run with it so well
    i salute thee fa/tg/uys who made this possible
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)05:38 No.7186128
    What? Is it me, or is CotC just throwing out cookbooks for the fucking power gamers left and right? Have they even bothered trying to balance the game since they released Backyard Cookout?
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)05:38 No.7186129
    this needs archiving
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)05:39 No.7186130
    That is the most OP drink ever, if we disregard the alcoholic PrCs. Not only is NUTR of the chart, but it has retarded amounts of DELICIOUS.
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)05:39 No.7186132
    /k/'s done it before.

    I once started a /g/ thread about fire, and how the spear is a pipe dream that will never replace the pointy stick. Got to a good 100-something posts (because FIRE TECHNOLOGY)
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)05:40 No.7186137

    Done and done.
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)05:43 No.7186159
    > herp derp

    Go back to /kkk/ with your lame ass unfunny ideas.

    Viva /tg/
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)05:48 No.7186189
    The most satisfying food I ever played was Eggnog 8/Brandy 2. Our meal also contained a Gingerbread Man who took the feat Gumdrop buttons, a chocolate chip cookie who deviated heavily from core's underwhelming build by focusing on moistness improving feats. The last guy played straight milk. We were a little worried about how unbalanced our group was, but no one wanted to reroll as Spiral Ham, Turkey, or even Mashed Potatoes. I know two dairy beverages seems like it would lack firepower, but the 2 levels of brandy allowed me to focus on intoxication rather than traditional support roles associated with beverages.
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)05:51 No.7186202
    You ever try a Hard Cider/Scotch Whiskey multidish? It essentiallydoes the same as an Eggnog/Brandy but without having to take the Holiday Flavor feat in order to get it. Though you do have to sacrifice creaminess for sweetness...
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)05:53 No.7186222

    I love Eggnog + alcohol builds. Gonna let you fellas in on my secret build here-- probably the tastiest beverage I've ever played in Kitchens and Condiments. Check it out:

    It's an Eggnog 6 / Baileys 2 / Jim Beam 2 with just the slightest dash of ranks in Spice (Nutmeg) and Spice (Cinnamon). Perform the Heat ability and you've got yourself one of the most deliciously powerful beverages I've ever come up with.
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)05:53 No.7186223
         File1261133616.jpg-(38 KB, 640x352, motherofgod.jpg)
    38 KB
    >consistency/flavour chart
    >implying sweet wet = lawful good
    >implying salty dry = chaotic evil
    >candy is lawful
    >fries are chaotic
    >Chef: The Savouring
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)05:54 No.7186235
    did you guys ever had to KM a Bland Dry only party?
    It wass hell but they pulled some realy sweet shit
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)05:55 No.7186241

    I downloaded the new Tome of Beverages and took a look at that one. Not bad at all, but personally I'd switch the scotch for a high-level bourbon.
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)05:56 No.7186244
    Fries are only salty if you put salt on them, bro.
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)05:57 No.7186249
    Now this thread is just about drinking. Not like I have a problem with that.

    This has been quite a thread. Well played, my fatguy brethren, well played indeed.
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)05:57 No.7186252
    In the fluff they are always salty ... thats just high fantasy, always salty races and stuff
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)05:57 No.7186254
    >Chef: The Savouring
    You take your crappy card game spinoffs to another thread, we're discussing K&C here. C:tS was a mistake from the start - there was no way they could compete with Science: The Hypothesis; they didn't even attempt to make the two games compatible.
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)05:57 No.7186258
    Get your nWoF out of here. They ruined the fluff and half the dishes when they revamped the setting.
    I am suddenly reminded of an all alcohol multidish meal that was holiday themed. Craziest kitchen I've ever run.
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)05:58 No.7186266
    Has anyone seen the upcoming Tome of Sushi: Book of Nine Flavours?

    More like Book of Weeaboo Cooking Shennanigans amirite
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)05:59 No.7186268
         File1261133953.jpg-(34 KB, 311x311, trollchinrub.jpg)
    34 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)06:00 No.7186277
    Oh fuck, not htat shit ...
    all dishes have the same rice mechanics
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)06:00 No.7186281
    Just curious: I'm sure you guys have seen plenty of the new edition one-box stuffing, but has anyone here ever played with the honest-to-God old school AK&C stuffing? With the in-bird cooking and converted bread and the whole nine yards?
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)06:02 No.7186290
    Not to mention how overpowered wasabi is when added to any dish. I would say serious cheese, but not even Gouda is that OP.
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)06:02 No.7186292

    Yeah, we've been over this.... Fuck that weeaboo bullshit. Umami alignment, insanely OP sashimi feats, the new "maki" character class (*cough* bullshit *cough*), and mastercraft seaweed items. Sometimes it's hard to tell if Chefs of the Coast is trying to troll us or not.
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)06:04 No.7186306
    Not in ages man. I remember this one time I ran the meal against a turducken as the big bad rotten meal. It would have been a TPK if the meal's Hamburger hadn't used cheddar cheese.
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)06:05 No.7186308
    Spicey Path
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)06:08 No.7186330

    It can be good, in the right context. Sure, some jackass wants to play a Rainbow Roll in a classic burger & fry kinda game, everything's going to go to shit. But if you have everyone playing a variety of rolls, throw stuff at 'em like bento bowls, yakitori, or if you're a really mean KM, udon with Perfectly Grilled feat... shit can be epic.


    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)06:09 No.7186337
         File1261134560.jpg-(12 KB, 406x352, chiiderp2.jpg)
    12 KB
    >Chefs of the Coast
    >I ran the meal against a turducken as the big bad rotten meal
    >Spicey Path

    OH GOD
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)06:12 No.7186355
    Yeah, it was rather hard to top the turducken. If memory serves, the next "uber dish" I had to throw at them was a wedding cake, and that did not go down well.
    >> Writefag Chronicles !42DalLaSf2 12/18/09(Fri)06:13 No.7186361

    That's it. I'm sick of all this "Masterwork Rice Rolls" bullshit that's going on in the d20 system right now. Sushi deserves much better than that. Much, much better than that.

    I should know what I'm talking about. I myself commissioned a genuine sushimi plate in Japan for 2,000 Yen (that's about $20) and have eating it for almost 2 hours now. I can even get 35% of my daily nutritional value by eating sushi.

    Japanese chefs spend years working honing the finest plates and add a million flavors to produce the finest blades known to mankind.

    Sushi plates are thrice as delicious as European fish and thrice as pricy for that matter too. Any nutrition or flavor a cod can provide, a sushi plate could provide better. I'm pretty sure sushi could easily feed a single person for hours.

    Ever wonder why medieval Europe never bothered out cooking Japan? That's right, they were to take on Iron Chef. Even in Iron Chef America, American chef Wolfgang Puck targeted Hiroyuki Sakai first because his cooking power was feared and respected.

    So what am I saying? Sushi plates are simply the best food that the world has ever seen, and thus, require better stats in the d20 system. Here is the stat block I propose for sushi:

    (One-Handed Exotic Food) 1d12 Nutrition 19-20 x4 Deliciousness +2 to Satiation and Counts as Masterwork

    Now that seems a lot more representative of the deliciousness of sushi in real life, don't you think?

    tl;dr = Sushi need to do more deliciousness in d20, see my new stat block.
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)06:13 No.7186364
    I have a suggestion. From http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Turducken :

    "In his Almanach des Gourmands, gastronomist Grimod de La Reynière presents his rôti sans pareil ("roast without equal") - a bustard stuffed with a turkey, a goose, a pheasant, a chicken, a duck, a guinea fowl, a teal, a woodcock, a partridge, a plover, a lapwing, a quail, a thrush, a lark, an ortolan bunting and a garden warbler"

    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)06:14 No.7186367
    Once my party annoyed me and i threw a Chinese all you can eat at them
    >> Writefag Chronicles !42DalLaSf2 12/18/09(Fri)06:14 No.7186368

    Oh wow, I fudged that one up. Should be >>finest plates known to mankind and >>they were afraid to take on Iron Chef
    >> Hayate the Poisoner, Champion of Chaos Ascendant 12/18/09(Fri)06:14 No.7186369
    I am looking forward to the Pastamancer playtest that will come in the next issue of Donut Magazine. It promises to be kickass!
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)06:15 No.7186374

    Reminds me when my KM had us do one of the high level quests from the Book of Vile British Cooking. The BBRM was a boiled (not fried!) haggis-- that's at least a lvl 30 challenge rating. Luckily our cleric was rolling a Single Malt Scotch with lots of ranks in Tolerance. If it wasn't for him, as well as a couple of miraculous natural twenties in a row (on our Avert Vomiting checks), it would have been a clusterfuck like none other.
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)06:17 No.7186383
    And what short of epic cooked meals with masterwork sides, garnish, and condiments could stop this thing?
    Do they even have a stat-line for it yet? Though I imagine the someone here on traditional foods could stat one up if they don't.
    Wasn't this coypasta originally about linguini in the Mediterranean Meals cookbook?
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)06:18 No.7186395

    Holy shit. That's the kind of batshit ultra-high level insanity that only the most sadistic KM can cook up. I hope your party is rolling some seriously demigod-level deliciousness.
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)06:19 No.7186396
         File1261135143.jpg-(19 KB, 451x476, alton.jpg)
    19 KB
    I'll DM your next K&C game.
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)06:19 No.7186397
    Too soon man.
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)06:20 No.7186404
    I imagine the only thing fit to counter it would be a Gastronium Golem.
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)06:20 No.7186405


    >Book of Vile British Cooking

    Gah. They put out the Italian and French sourcebooks, and then that piece of garbage. WTF is up with adding the boiled template to EVERYTHING? And if you want a real laugh, read the section on bangers and baked beans. Breakfast food my corpulent white ass.
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)06:22 No.7186415
         File1261135360.jpg-(36 KB, 500x375, 1236384805916.jpg)
    36 KB
    So our party finally made it to the BBEG last Tuesday. Our party was fairly high level. We had a salad (romaine 7/iceberg 8) with the italian dressing feat, with ranks in roma tomatos, onions, blue cheese crumbles, and croutons as our first course. After that we had a fairly standard minestrone with saltines familiars. Our main course was a grilled blackened chicken breast with an amazing spice distribution. That guy could feed like a monster! I was playing a strawberry banana smoothie with a level in rum. So, after rolling a fairly NUTR heavy party, guess who our KM throws at us as the BBEG? Pic related.
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)06:25 No.7186422

    WTF is that? Some kind of pizza / waffle cone hybrid, with ranks in deep dish, extra cheese, and... is that bacon AND jalapenos? It's like he custom designed it to fuck you guys over.

    What a dick.
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)06:25 No.7186424
    This is why you should always have someone in the meal roll at least one desert. You never know when your KM is going to dig something out of the Kids in a Candystore supplement.
    Thena gain, you would not have stopped that with anything short of Nachos with ranks in Chili, Salsa, Jalapenos, and Melted Cheese.
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)06:26 No.7186428
         File1261135560.jpg-(69 KB, 538x500, dire cake.jpg)
    69 KB
    Pic related?
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)06:26 No.7186429
         File1261135568.jpg-(132 KB, 500x375, 2447059092_9c0169d65e.jpg)
    132 KB
    Alright fellas, it's bedtime for this exhausted fatguy. Congrats on creating one of the most epically lol inducing threads in recent memory. Remember to vote for it on the suptg archive.

    I leave you with this image of one of my most well-rounded and successful builds ever. The Burger is Beef (Grassfed Black Angus) with masterwork carmelized onion garnish and a freaking +22 FP Buttered Bun of Organic Wholesomeness.

    Never change, /tg/.
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)06:27 No.7186440
         File1261135645.jpg-(178 KB, 600x600, direcake2.jpg)
    178 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)06:43 No.7186504

    Enjoy your out of date sourcebook - they updated it for 3.5 under a new name, and again under 4e. They merged in a lot of the international cuisines and seem to have started playing up the whole Organic subschool variant rules that got so popular in recent books. The net result was actually something fairly balanced - although the range of options is fairly overwhelming, especially in such a small book. It'll take a while before it gets enough attention for people to start calling out all of the broken shit though - the 3.5 version was totally overshadowed by the release of 4e, and the 4e version doesn't seem to have been getting much press.

    There are still the remnants of some of the old broken crap though - an odd prevalence of deep frying in the equipment section. And no one's bothered to fix Marmite - possibly because the community as a whole is so divided over the issue still that they don't want to piss off half the playerbase.

    The most obviously broken thing in it has to be the M&S template though - it instantly doubles your TAST, without any penalty to the other stats. It is fairly costly to get, but the rewards are definitely worth it. (And the illustration of the scantily clad chef alongside the entry isn't bad either).
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)07:16 No.7186665
    Roasting in an epic dread
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)09:39 No.7187641

    moar liek toasing in an epic bread.
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)10:03 No.7187805
    I was KM'ing last night and I had to ask a player to leave my house after he brought in a home brewed race...solient green. That just ain't cool, I have kids damnit.
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)11:01 No.7188252
    This. This thread right here is the only reason why I still visit 4chan (and porn of course). Never change /tg/
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)12:21 No.7189062
    Posting in an epic thread!
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)12:41 No.7189217
    I love you /tg/, you make /r9k/ look good.
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)12:46 No.7189265
         File1261158368.jpg-(101 KB, 800x600, 800px-Snob_food.jpg)
    101 KB
    My god, you guys. We just got back from a game of Fondue!, and... holy shit. We had a pretty good party going on. I rolled a pretty straightforward Veg Plate. Not the most exciting of characters, but I like the stability. We had a guy do a Rye Toast and the newfag in our group actually did some fucking Ham Cube thing, shit was weird but kind of neat in practice.

    And then our KM... Oh, holy fuck you guys. We were near the adventure, had finished up the last course, and then he just gives us this terrible, evil grin.

    The Maitre d' comes out and asks us if we'd like to try a rare chef's special, and since we were running this shit ragged, we jumped all over it.


    We wiped. We wiped so hard. Goddamnit. Pic related, the goddamn maggot cheese in question.
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)13:05 No.7189392
    That's it. I'm sick of all this "American Cheese" bullshit that's going on in the KnK system right now. Cheddar cheese deserves much better than that. Much, much better than that.

    I should know what I'm talking about. I myself commissioned a genuine block of Cheddar in England for 2,400,000 pounds (that's about $3.9 million) and have been eating it for almost 2 years now. I can even eat slabs of oevercooked ahmburger by adding my cheddar.

    English cheese-makers spend years working on a single block of cheddar and whisk the rennet up to a million times to produce the finest cheeses known to mankind.

    Cheddar is thrice as sharp as American cheese and thrice as hard for that matter too. Anything American cheese can go on,cheddar can make it taste better. I'm pretty sure cheddar could easily feed a knight wearing full plate with a simple vertical slice of cheese.

    Ever wonder why medieval America never bothered conquering England? That's right, they were too scared to fight the disciplined cheese-makers and their cheddar of destruction. Even in World War II, American soldiers targeted the men with the cheddar first because their delicious taste was feared and respected.

    So what am I saying? Cheddar is simply the best cheese that the world has ever seen, and thus, require better stats in the KnK system. Here is the stat block I propose for cheddar:

    (One-Handed Exotic Cheese) 1d12 Hunger 19-20 x4 Crit +2 to eat and hunger Counts as Masterwork

    (Two-Handed Exotic Cheese) 2d10 Hunger 17-20 x4 Crit +5 to eat and hunger Counts as Masterwork

    Now that seems a lot more representative of thedelicious taste of cheddar in real life, don't you think?

    tl;dr = cheddar needs to taste better in KnK, see my new stat block.
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)13:08 No.7189415
    Salty Dry is the only way to play!
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)13:13 No.7189458
    Bitches don't know about my Quattro formaggio. The cheese levels are insane. KM never knew what hit him.
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)13:20 No.7189505
    Just archived on suptg FTW.
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)13:21 No.7189513
    Welcome to post pranial roleplaying!
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)13:25 No.7189541
    Someone needs to get /ck/ on here right fucking now! I demand a rules consultation!
    Also, archive this shit now!
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)16:06 No.7191419
    You wouldn't believe what happened at last week's KnC game I was running. Had a Sweet Dry plate of snickerdoodles ("Nono, it's just my alignment, I'm totally in character!" motherfucker) so I decided to get rid of him with a plate of Dire shrimp tempura, which I had a tough time of but I was confident in my ability to do away with him.
    So he died, but then he started making a new character. "Oh I'm just rolling up a burger." so I didn't think twice. When I look at his sheet, I see TWO patties, extra onions and it looked like he cracked open Bo9F and put fucking wasabi on it. And it doesn't stop there, no.
    He has SIX side-dishes. Granted this is 15th level, but *six*? Two kinds of chips(if you don't count cheetos), mashed potatos and an entire corn cob dual-wielding corn-holders. At the beginning of the game I had to houserule drinks were also side-dishes, so he decided to crack open a 3rd party book and his drink was, and I quote, "Just a tall glass of vanilla coke."

    I almost clocked that son of a bitch.
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)16:09 No.7191466
         File1261170577.png-(317 KB, 674x704, 371419.png)
    317 KB
    >this entire thread
    Goddamnit, /tg/.
    >> Rektum 12/18/09(Fri)16:14 No.7191531
    Fuck, man.
    I would have thrown him out after a dick move like that. I mean, wasabi? Isn't these a rule for exotic condiments like wasabi and the likes that certain dishes just don't work with? Or does wasabi count as spicy (ConSkill at level 8), so that burgers can have it?
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)16:20 No.7191598
    needs a savory/bitter axis in as well to complete this
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)16:22 No.7191623
         File1261171320.jpg-(33 KB, 468x341, hestonblumMS1509_468x341.jpg)
    33 KB
    Guys I need help. I've got a player who is completely insane, but who is completely unkillable. I've been throwing everything in the old Book of Vile British Cooking at him and he just... does stuff. Last week was bacon and egg ice cream. It worked, I tried everything I could to disbar it but the god-damn thing worked.

    God, I even tried setting him up against The Little Chef as my BBEG. Bastard's winning!
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)16:22 No.7191637
    It technically counts as spicy, but by the fluff it isn't accessible by something like a burger. However, he took the Regional Ambiguity feat so he can have at least one spread of wasabi.
    But I e-mailed him today after going over his sheet in it's entirety and told him to shave that down into an appropriate character or he was out of the Platter.
    We're running the first meal with his burger in a few days, so we'll see if he straightens out.
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)16:23 No.7191653
    What about throwing a chocolate-covered bacon swarm at him?
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)16:27 No.7191712

    I tried man! I've tried everything! He just uses it all! *sob*

    He's like the Goddamn Wasteland Warrior.
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)16:31 No.7191774
    hey guys newfag here kmin myf irst game of knk soon wonderin wha tsourcebook is best 4 a high lvl fastfood themd quesst any help apresitaed thanx alot
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)16:33 No.7191815

    Troll detected
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)16:39 No.7191908
    It might be a little unorthodox, but I know some people who homebrewed a Butcher Knife. If you can find that anywhere you should be able to take care of him. Keep in mind you gotta keep him under your thumb and don't let him out the whole time, so go for quick, rapid chops. It's my trump card, but it usually works.
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)16:39 No.7191921
         File1261172385.jpg-(48 KB, 800x533, BaconWeave4.jpg)
    48 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)16:58 No.7192144
    Anyone tried the Kangaroo steak in that national animal feast sorcebook?
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)18:16 No.7193088
    screw archiving, this thing is needs a page on 1d4chan!
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)18:21 No.7193141
    I play a Ryco cup a soup mystical warrior. High levels in FAT and SALTY.
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)18:22 No.7193155
    Jesus this thread is long.
    >> Original Plague Doctor !!JajszWhpsyf 12/18/09(Fri)18:24 No.7193182
    Aha, but where would Reese's go?
    Both wet and dry and mushy, and salty and sweet at the same time!
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)19:33 No.7194137

    This reminds me of the time in college, when I tried to run a Ketchup as tomato soup build for laughs. Had to spice it so fucking much before it was even at Taste level for Paladin. >< Even the KM had to agree it was cheap though.
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)19:40 No.7194285
         File1261183232.jpg-(77 KB, 640x480, kingdom-hearts-3582-days-20081(...).jpg)
    77 KB
    Seasalt icecream...where is your god now?
    >> Anonymous 12/18/09(Fri)19:44 No.7194362

    oh don't even START with that shit, sweet/salty modifiers do fuck-all against it. Yet IT can use them just fine...

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