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  • File : 1260782815.jpg-(298 KB, 1000x800, 1249685140746.jpg)
    298 KB Dr. Mr. Stark !!d0diDeRpO0s 12/14/09(Mon)04:26 No.7128586  
    Hey /tg/. Finished finals week so that means for the next few weeks my life is being dedicated to working on Pokemon: Tabletop Adventures. In fact, today I finished the Researcher class.
    That leaves 3 more classes to make and play test their features.

    Then I need to do a bunch of stuff for the bestiary, which is less then I originally had to do thanks to Halfwing and Ownerer. Then rules. Then done.

    Which is one of the reasons I'm here. I'm close to finished, but I don't have covers for the books. Or borders for the pages.

    I'm no artist but I'm sure there are couple pokemon enthusiasts out there who wouldn't mind whipping up even a sketchy looking cover, or two.

    Anyway, as with any of these topics I would be happy to answer questions regarding anything about the game, but more importantly,


    Pokemon: Tabletop Adventures topic.
    >> Anonymous 12/14/09(Mon)04:27 No.7128598
    Some friends and I went through this already. Dungeons and Dragon-Types.
    >> Dr. Mr. Stark !!d0diDeRpO0s 12/14/09(Mon)04:29 No.7128610
         File1260782960.jpg-(288 KB, 1024x768, Pokeballs_yet_more_models_by_B(...).jpg)
    288 KB
    Previous threads...

    >> Dr. Mr. Stark !!d0diDeRpO0s 12/14/09(Mon)04:31 No.7128633
         File1260783060.jpg-(64 KB, 595x392, jessie james meowth mime.jpg)
    64 KB
    Elaborate please?
    >> Anonymous 12/14/09(Mon)04:33 No.7128653
    I was just about to ask for these links. Thanks. Could you give a brief summary of what you have so far?
    >> Anonymous 12/14/09(Mon)04:34 No.7128662
    You mean like beholders and chibi mindflayers?
    >> Dr. Mr. Stark !!d0diDeRpO0s 12/14/09(Mon)04:37 No.7128698
         File1260783445.jpg-(122 KB, 600x405, 1260705201721.jpg)
    122 KB
    A bestiary that is halfway done and unorganized, split into several word docs, that will be condensed into one bestiary pdf organized into a nice new pokedex ordering created by Halfwing.

    A complete Moveset and Ability listing that will be in the bestiary pdf.

    A 70% complete Trainer guide, with Trainer Classes, Advanced Trainer Classes and game rule will be in another pdf.

    A rough draft GM's Guide to help set the world and how to run a campaign, how to treat certain classes, how to spawn encounters etc.
    >> Anonymous 12/14/09(Mon)04:39 No.7128717
    Shit, son, you've made some fucking headway since last I cause one of these threads. I'm damn glad to see that. I'm going to try and catch up by reading through the old threads. I might have some input here later.
    >> Dr. Mr. Stark !!d0diDeRpO0s 12/14/09(Mon)04:40 No.7128726
         File1260783604.png-(1.03 MB, 1000x800, 1254988823859.png)
    1.03 MB
    If he does mean this, with the 493 pokemon in the bestiary,a template and how-to-make-your-own-pokemon guide will be included in the Bestiary. Even though I think sticking with the stupid amount in the Bestiary should do the trick. I hope I'm not converting each of these for nothing.
    >> Anonymous 12/14/09(Mon)04:42 No.7128748
    >I'm converting each of these for GREAT JUSTICE!
    FTFY. Stick to it. I'm sure there's a lot of us eager to see this project completed.
    >> Dr. Mr. Stark !!d0diDeRpO0s 12/14/09(Mon)04:42 No.7128749
         File1260783724.png-(1.01 MB, 1000x500, 1249699745791.png)
    1.01 MB
    Ace Trainer:
    Type Ace, Stat Ace, Enduring Soul, Chaser, Gym Battler, Frontier Battler, Tag Battler

    Capture Specialist:
    Maniac, Collector, Poke Ball Designer, Engineer, Apricorn Smith, Artificer

    Professor, Cryptozoologist, Scientist, Watcher, Photographer, Petrologist

    Toughness Contester, Coolness Portrayer, Cute Idol, Beauty Modeler, Smartness Teacher, Investor, Fashion Designer

    Hatcher, Chef, Groomer, Trader, Evolver, Medic, Pusher

    Empath, Fire Breather, Air Adept, Water Pusher, Earth Mover, Influential, Clairsentient, Hex Maniac

    Martial Artist:
    Ninja, Black Belt, Message Therapist, Weapons Master, Aura User, Juggler

    Navigator, Rider, Detective, Coach, Special Operations Member, Captain

    These are the classes and their Advanced Classes. If you wish to know more about any class, or see some examples of abilities from any class, ask away.
    >> Anonymous 12/14/09(Mon)04:45 No.7128771
    what does ninja get?
    Also, are the trainers able to fight? or pokemon only?
    >> Ekoi !PpcsYfrVrw 12/14/09(Mon)04:45 No.7128774
    I am very interested in this and would be willing to playtest it if possible.
    >> Anonymous 12/14/09(Mon)04:46 No.7128781
    Count me in.
    >> Dr. Mr. Stark !!d0diDeRpO0s 12/14/09(Mon)04:48 No.7128792
         File1260784095.jpg-(60 KB, 480x600, 1255159205680.jpg)
    60 KB
    Each major Class fall into 'roles' for a party.

    Coordinator and Researcher provide buffs and aid to allies, filling a leader role.

    Ranger, Capture Specialist and Ace Trainer provide ways to eliminate foes immediately from the field by capturing, converting or felling them filling an attacking role.

    Breeder, Psychic and Martial Artist provide ways to deal more damage by modifying allied pokemon or providing additional attacks themselves providing a support role.

    These roles don't always fit and with the mass customization available can be worked around but were kept in mind while making these classes.
    >> Anonymous 12/14/09(Mon)04:48 No.7128793
         File1260784096.jpg-(41 KB, 493x462, 1127.jpg)
    41 KB
    Seriously man, DONT GIVE UP. You have an awesome idea, follow it through. Do you have a mailing list that we could join for updates or beta releases? If not, you should consider starting one. If there is anything we can do, post a spam email or something and I will certainly be of service as best i can. I do 3d modeling programs and digital art. I suck at organic stuff ( like pokemon or people) but i can do pretty much any environment you'd like
    >> Anonymous 12/14/09(Mon)04:52 No.7128819
    Sir, I am new to TG, but I will let it be known that you are a god if you release this to us. I'm in a dedicated gaming group with 10 core members and about 12 that show up off and on, and we play 2-3 times a week. Of the dedicated we got a couple min maxers, including myself, as well as a rules lawyer of ungodly porportions. I speak for our group when we say that it would be an honor to play test this, my email address is furikurifan4@yahoo.com and if you would like, you can email me and ask for any help from us, we collectively know about 15 systems, and have played campaigns as a group in about 8, so feel free to throw questions my way, and I'll ask 'em for ya.
    >> Anonymous 12/14/09(Mon)04:53 No.7128825
         File1260784393.jpg-(305 KB, 949x599, 1260769054058.jpg)
    305 KB
    I'd like to voice my support for this project. Keep going, Dr. Mr. Stark, sir!
    >> Anonymous 12/14/09(Mon)04:53 No.7128826
    I'm sure you've already thought of this, but maybe incorporate the different (useable) classes that are actually featured in game? Like youngster or pokemaniac or firebreather, those guys. Although in retrospect, they don't really give good class descriptions, more character quirks. Hell, they could be like specializations, giving you bonuses for using certain types of pokemon while nerfing you in other ways. Just throwin' it out there.
    >> Anonymous 12/14/09(Mon)04:54 No.7128833
    Just for starters, that catching the legendaries is generally considered to be a VERY BAD THING. The legendary dogs, maybe not so much, but the ones that are tied to fundamental forces and shit? Very much so.

    Also, maybe some sort of additional regional variation for the trainers, aside from what Pokemon are readily available?
    >> Dr. Mr. Stark !!d0diDeRpO0s 12/14/09(Mon)04:58 No.7128864
         File1260784699.jpg-(89 KB, 1024x600, hoenn badass.jpg)
    89 KB
    Not giving up, don't worry.
    I've put too much of my life into this project already (over a year) to give up.

    I do not have a mailing list, but I do update the pokemon tabletop adventures page on 1d4chan when I complete anything for the project I feel is noteworthy.

    As for the covers, I had an idea about what I've like on them for you artists out there.

    Ideally, there would be 3 covers for Bestiary, Player's Guide and GM's Guide.

    On the Player's Guide, a Researcher, Breeder and Ace Trainer are slowly approaching the viewer, the entrance of a cave, with their Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle in front of them.

    On the Bestiary, a Coordinator and a Gardevoir, a Capture Specialist and a Milotic and a Ranger and a Rapidash all face towards each other, showing off their pokemon in a city.

    On the GM's Guide, a Martial Artist and their Lucario face towards a Psychic and their Alakazam, all ready for battle.

    I may commission them if I can find someone IRL, but seeing as I'm not getting any money I was hoping some pokemon loving person would contribute for fun. I would obviously credit them and maybe make a shrine for them in my room.
    >> Anonymous 12/14/09(Mon)05:03 No.7128913
    Well, it might be a possibility for me to donate, but it would either have to be through the mail, or in a couple of days because I'd need to go buy a cash card at wal-mart, how much we talkin?
    >> Dr. Mr. Stark !!d0diDeRpO0s 12/14/09(Mon)05:03 No.7128916
         File1260785039.png-(11 KB, 400x400, damion !.png)
    11 KB
    I don't mean to be an ass but for now I'm keeping alpha testing to people I personally know. If you live in Seattle or Oahu, you CAN playtest with us.
    By the end of next summer I will release the pdfs, as Beta, and I will provide a forums for everyone to tell me what sucks so I can go back in and fix it all up so I can continue to improve the quality of the game.

    The GM Guide basically says that if their players capture a legendary that they should give them hell. You may ally with Gods, but confining one isn't a good idea.

    Already done. You can see in the Classes and Advanced Classes a few familiar names,
    >> Anonymous 12/14/09(Mon)05:05 No.7128927
    Are you planning on publishing this?
    >> Anonymous 12/14/09(Mon)05:07 No.7128938
    >I don't mean to be an ass but for now I'm keeping alpha testing to people I personally know.
    Fair enough. I'll be anxiously awaiting the Beta.
    >> Anonymous 12/14/09(Mon)05:07 No.7128943
    no prob man, I can see the need to keep it close, but if you have any questions on system preferences in general or something, feel free to throw me an email, and I'll ask my 22 person club.
    >> Anonymous 12/14/09(Mon)05:08 No.7128950
    Why would a martial artist fight against a psychic? He's just gonna get his ass handed to him
    >> Dr. Mr. Stark !!d0diDeRpO0s 12/14/09(Mon)05:08 No.7128953
         File1260785305.jpg-(278 KB, 1052x769, 1252025307948.jpg)
    278 KB
    I do not want to have any money involved in this project that comes from anyone but myself. A personal decision. I thank you for the gesture but cannot accept.

    Here are the Ninja's starting features:

    Wall Runner: Ninja Feature
    Trigger: Acrobatic stunt.
    Effect: You can move in a single direction on a wall, including up, for 3m without needing to make any checks. You can do acrobatic flips without needing to make checks. You can hide well without making checks.

    Sleep Powder: Ninja Feature
    Daily – Every 10 levels gained, you may perform this Feature another time per day.
    Target: Pokemon or Trainers.
    Effect: Use the attack Sleep Powder as a melee attack.

    They play as a stealth Martial Artist, using surprise melee attacks on pokemon or other humans, who uses powders to disable foes.
    >> Anonymous 12/14/09(Mon)05:11 No.7128974
    Sorry, you spoke of commissions and then of contributions due to lack of money, my manic mind just mixed them all together and made a poor assumption.
    >> Dr. Mr. Stark !!d0diDeRpO0s 12/14/09(Mon)05:11 No.7128975
         File1260785486.jpg-(24 KB, 343x347, lucario dust settles.jpg)
    24 KB
    No. Just distributing it online for free. I just want to know what players would want so I'm not just making this for myself and friends.

    Aura user.
    >> Dr. Mr. Stark !!d0diDeRpO0s 12/14/09(Mon)05:13 No.7128992
         File1260785624.png-(22 KB, 400x400, galactic searching.png)
    22 KB
    It's no problem, really.

    I know of a friend who 'knows a guy' who might be able to do them for free but I really don't expect quality out of them. Something like this image's quality is more then I'd be happy with.
    >> Anonymous 12/14/09(Mon)05:16 No.7129011
    My cousins pretty good, and I'm going to see him over christmas vacation, he's made newspapers around here with his art, so I'll try and get him to make one for ya. I take it consistency isn't a big issue?
    >> Dr. Mr. Stark !!d0diDeRpO0s 12/14/09(Mon)05:19 No.7129032
         File1260785978.png-(425 KB, 480x640, 6104058.png)
    425 KB

    I think I really just want other ways for other people to contribute since I keep telling others they can't help me with what I'm working on now.

    Once Beta is out though, I'm hoping anyone who plays will tell me everything they hated what is OP what is UP, etc.
    >> Anonymous 12/14/09(Mon)05:19 No.7129033
    oh don't get me wrong I think this is a great idea. Hell I wish you lived in japan that way they couldn't have sued your ass for using there intellectual property. I think this is something that should get published and depending how it turns out online you should at least show the idea to Bandia or Nintendo (or however owns the fucking franchize)
    >> Anonymous 12/14/09(Mon)05:22 No.7129048
    Cool, from the looks of it, the players guide will be the one I get him to do, this is still furikurifan4@yahoo.com so in a month or so if you send me an email I should be able to respond with a picture, hopefully.
    >> Anonymous 12/14/09(Mon)05:23 No.7129053
    I must say my drawing is subpar at best and most of my art is all digital, but I have need something to keep myself occupied over winter break so I may take a crack at it, However no garentee's I will deliver. If I do end up doing it chances are you'll see it pop up in one of your threads.
    >> Dr. Mr. Stark !!d0diDeRpO0s 12/14/09(Mon)05:24 No.7129058
         File1260786256.jpg-(145 KB, 544x763, 1250817376057.jpg)
    145 KB
    I think I will. Eventually. I mean, how sick would that look on a resume when applying for an internship?

    Primarily, this whole thing started because I was sitting around playing Diamond and I thought "why the hell can't I customize my trainer?"

    Then I started with a really shoddy system and played with friend, who liked it a lot, and began to make it really nice for everyone else.

    Publishing though? It never crossed my mind seriously. I just wanted a nice Pokemon Tabletop and I thought everyone would maybe like to try it too.
    >> Dr. Mr. Stark !!d0diDeRpO0s 12/14/09(Mon)05:27 No.7129080
         File1260786427.jpg-(695 KB, 1200x900, 1254466650262.jpg)
    695 KB
    Well, you can contact me on Steam at anytime.
    Anyone can.

    Either way, thanks for the interest.
    >> Anonymous 12/14/09(Mon)05:30 No.7129108
    Are Team Rocket and Team Galactic present in the default world setting?
    >> Anonymous 12/14/09(Mon)05:30 No.7129113
    Well I don't think pokemon has ever entered the table top genera, I think if you had a beta tested product at the very least they would look into it. Granted make sure to patent the rule set for the game, thats always helpful.
    >> Anonymous 12/14/09(Mon)05:32 No.7129120
    can't those things fly? why is she stuck in traffic.
    >> Alamo 12/14/09(Mon)05:32 No.7129129
    Alright then, stuff I'd like to see/how you have it implemented.

    Pokemon presence: Is there a limit to how many pokemon can be on field at any given time (trainer fights 1v1, for instance, or a group fight whether with trainers or otherwise), and when not fighting are they restricted to pokeballs, or can they be used out of battle as companions/mounts/terrifying affronts to god/whatever.

    Are there significant differences within the big trainer archetypes? Will two psychics always be similar? Or will they be similar until they hit level X and get their prestige class?

    Are there items in the game? Standard pokemon fare, such as leftovers, metronomes, evolution items? Expanded things such as weapons and armor for yourself or your pokemon?

    I'd like to see at least some rule distinction on the weapons/armor thing at the very least, players WILL try to use them.

    Are pokemon the end-all fighting means, or can you hulk out as a martial artist and punch a geodude? Or are trainers meant more as a supporting role in battle, where your pokemon are what really matters.

    How is catching pokemon handled? Is difficulty set by the pokemon and chances by the ball? Or are there other circumstances that can be factored in, such as how much they like you, whether they're owned, or some such. Alternatively, can you catch them without pokeballs?

    Feel no obligation to answer these, just throwing some general questions I have about it out there in case it helps. I think you're doing a fantastic job and eagerly await anything you graciously bring us.

    Keep up the good work.
    >> Anonymous 12/14/09(Mon)05:32 No.7129131
    added you, and might ask periodically if you need anything, feel free to give me a shout out, I'll be happy to help with anything I can.
    >> Anonymous 12/14/09(Mon)05:34 No.7129138
    oh yeah, what system does this use, d20, white wolf?
    >> Dr. Mr. Stark !!d0diDeRpO0s 12/14/09(Mon)05:38 No.7129174
         File1260787094.jpg-(32 KB, 363x400, 1250854050857.jpg)
    32 KB
    The Rocket crime ring, Aqua and Magma cults and Galactic crime ring are active, but low scale. Mainly because they are kept in check and prefer to stick to the underworld where its harder to even know who is involved with any crime. Their leaders make good BBEG for campaigns, but are too predictable.

    I ran an alpha campaign where Cyrus was the BB and he ended up getting rocked. Granted, after his pokemon's poke balls were telekinetically removed from his belt, he ran forward and punched my psychic player's face in to knock him out, he showed himself to be a serious threat... it was just that by that late in the game, he got outnumbered, 5 to 1 and got beaten.
    >> Anonymous 12/14/09(Mon)05:40 No.7129203
    Is there a way to determine what species of pokemon appears?
    >> LDT-A 12/14/09(Mon)05:41 No.7129206
    Haha oh wow, I've been wondering where you were at with this for some time.

    As for suggestions, well this is going to sound bizarre, but perhaps provide some loose guidelines at least for food? Both the games and the TV series seemed to have an obsession with food uncharacteristic of mass appeal things of a similar scale, so I wouldn't have thought it ridiculous.

    I was thinking things like a loose metric for how much of that generic "Pokemon food" monsters consume, and also Pokemon did have a few survivalist elements to it, so perhaps stat effects for if trainers or their monsters are starved or parched.

    Even down to stuff like whether its okay to roast that level 3 Rattata you killed for XP and eat it as a kebab. So perhaps an edible/not edible property for monsters, with it being assumed that the quantity of food yielded is equal to half their weight or something. Possibly a few special qualities on specific pokemon like Farfetch that represents the better quality food that can be gathered from them.

    I realise a lot of systems consider rations to be boring, but I figure just have a sort of minimum effort deal that DMs can choose to use or not use without effecting gameplay all that much.
    >> Alamo 12/14/09(Mon)05:44 No.7129227

    All I can think of now is Louie's cookbook from Pikmin 2
    >> Anonymous 12/14/09(Mon)05:45 No.7129239
         File1260787506.jpg-(45 KB, 640x480, 1252793878388.jpg)
    45 KB

    A wild abra.
    >> Anonymous 12/14/09(Mon)05:45 No.7129244
    Why not create your own BBEG's?
    Need some originality? This is /tg/ no problem.
    What about a comapny that is devoted to the expansion of cities?
    Hunters who don't capture pokemon but hunt them for trophies on the wall
    What about a crime syndicate that is run by an Alakasam who is possing as the mafia dons pokemon when in truth he is in charge?
    >> Anonymous 12/14/09(Mon)05:47 No.7129259
    >Even down to stuff like whether its okay to roast that level 3 Rattata you killed for XP and eat it as a kebab.
    This whole 'pokemon for dinner' idea is good. Perhaps don't include it in the vanilla rules, but for sure include it as optional.
    >> Anonymous 12/14/09(Mon)05:48 No.7129268
    This is looking more and more like monster hunter.
    >> Anonymous 12/14/09(Mon)05:50 No.7129278
    Is that a bad thing?
    >> Dr. Mr. Stark !!d0diDeRpO0s 12/14/09(Mon)05:50 No.7129280
         File1260787838.jpg-(671 KB, 1000x863, 1250852340379.jpg)
    671 KB
    Okay, here we go.

    Generally, the more pokemon are out traveling with you, the more attention. read: wilds, appear. I normally spawn 5-10 wilds per encounter while the players keep out 1 active pokemon on the field - wild encounters can look like: 4 Pidgeys, 1 Pidgeotto, 1 Pidgeot

    You MAY have 6 pokemon out, but you may still only issue 1 command per turn. Out of battle, they can hold your supplies, be a mount, tools, etc.

    There are very different things going on with EACH of the 8 major Class archtypes. Two level 5 Ace Trainers can be vastly different or identical but once they hit prestige classes they are separated by the different benefits by miles. Each class has their own unique tricks that are very useful, very fun or both.

    There are the traditional items as well as arms for trainers. It'd be suicide to not have some kind of weapon in a forest where your only means of defense could be felled. Different trainer classes automatically get proficiencies in certain weapon types. The item listing will be in the Player's Guide.

    Pokemon matter for some trainers, but the Psychic and Martial Artist are meant to be able to fight pokemon on their own. Martial Artists can learn things such as Brick Break or Fire Punch, the Psychic can dish out Confusion or later, Ice Beam.

    Catching pokemon is handled by a d100 roll. You want to roll under their Capture rate which can be raised by weakening them, giving them negative ailments or by having certain Features, like those found in the Capture Specialist.

    Trainers use a familiar stat sheet seen in DnD, pokemon use something entirely new, but accessible and compatible to the Trainers. The resulting system uses d20.
    >> LDT-A 12/14/09(Mon)05:51 No.7129289
    Yeah those were my thoughts. The average DM probably doesn't have the patience for such things but it would certainly add a lot to the experience I think, in the event your DM was willing to do such things.

    Also eating pokemon knocks the grimdark scale slightly upward, which may not be appreciated depending on the group playing.
    >> Anonymous 12/14/09(Mon)05:54 No.7129314
    >PokeMonster Hunter

    fuckin fund it
    >> Dr. Mr. Stark !!d0diDeRpO0s 12/14/09(Mon)05:55 No.7129320
         File1260788144.jpg-(308 KB, 850x680, 1258824910545.jpg)
    308 KB
    Some Classes can hunt (spawn) specific pokemon, otherwise it's up to your GM.

    Each pokemon's entry in the Bestiary has a Diet section. No joke.
    Some pokemon, Bellsprout for example, may only ever need water and sunlight, but Charizard might want to eat the things it kills.

    I think you just made a BBEG for my current playtesting group.

    Pokemon as dinner is canon. Pokemon eat other pokemon, people eat pokemon, pokemon can be food.
    >> Dr. Mr. Stark !!d0diDeRpO0s 12/14/09(Mon)05:59 No.7129356
         File1260788398.jpg-(194 KB, 1000x1000, 1257624531299.jpg)
    194 KB
    Well the world settings I've been using are kinda grim. One of my players almost lost an arm to a Scyther.
    Another one of my players got shot in the head by a Galactic admin because he said "Never compromise, not even in the face of Armageddon." when his pokemon were all killed, he was held hostage and he refused to tell them where the other players were.

    Trainers get their license at 18, not 10 because a little kid wandering around can run into a Gyarados and get eaten and never seen again where an 18 year old went to school to know how to avoid such a situation.
    >> Anonymous 12/14/09(Mon)06:03 No.7129383
    I was working on it for a while, but it didn't go anywhere.
    If you want some help working on it, let me know.
    >> Anonymous 12/14/09(Mon)06:05 No.7129398
    >Pokemon as dinner is canon.
    Jesus christ, really? Is this in one of the manga series? If so, which one?
    >> Anonymous 12/14/09(Mon)06:09 No.7129434
    In the pokedex book, it said that farfetched we nearly extinct because of over-hunting, they were so delicious.
    >> Dr. Mr. Stark !!d0diDeRpO0s 12/14/09(Mon)06:10 No.7129445
         File1260789035.png-(23 KB, 606x540, 1249588080184.png)
    23 KB
    In the game descriptions of some pokemon, they mention certain pokemon getting eaten by other pokemon. It also mentions Magikarp as not being good to eat, which would be weird to mention specifically unless other pokemon are good to eat. Sorry if I just ruined pokemon for you.
    >> Anonymous 12/14/09(Mon)06:13 No.7129458
    >Sorry if I just ruined pokemon for you.
    Not at all. That's goddamn awesome. I've just recently gotten back into pokemon (playing Platinum, haven't played anything after Gold) and this is serving to remind me how badass it is once you look past the sunshine and lolipops gloss.
    >> Thannak 12/14/09(Mon)06:13 No.7129460

    They can only gain XPs from accomplishing goals and fighting NPCs only. Otherwise...they will battle each other into epics.

    Just say that trainers learn each others techniques form being around each other for awhile quickly.
    So by the time it's a traveling party...they know each other's shit and won't learn anything from fighting.
    >> Anonymous 12/14/09(Mon)06:15 No.7129472
    You probably already know about this book, but if you don't, I would reccomend checking out the BESM supplement "Cute and Fuzzy Seizure Monsters."
    It might not be in print anymore, but it was the BESM book on how to, essentally, run games like pokemon.
    It's weeaboo as hell, but it has some good stuff nonetheless.
    >> Dr. Mr. Stark !!d0diDeRpO0s 12/14/09(Mon)06:16 No.7129481
         File1260789415.png-(77 KB, 300x300, lorelei glare.png)
    77 KB
    Well generally, I have introduced party members to each other through a battle. But, you only have so much money and Pokemon Centers cost money. There's no free hospitals IRL, there is no free hospitals IPRL.
    >> Dr. Mr. Stark !!d0diDeRpO0s 12/14/09(Mon)06:19 No.7129497
         File1260789554.jpg-(55 KB, 521x400, hikari fish.jpg)
    55 KB
    I'll look into it.
    >> LDT-A 12/14/09(Mon)06:19 No.7129498
    See Suptg "Pokemon is actually a grimdark post-war setting".
    >> Anonymous 12/14/09(Mon)06:20 No.7129502
         File1260789604.jpg-(41 KB, 343x258, 1253253898685.jpg)
    41 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/14/09(Mon)06:27 No.7129540
    >> Thannak 12/14/09(Mon)06:30 No.7129570
    Alright, is the point to MAKE a Poke'Dex or is it a tool? If it's a tool, can players earn money and perhaps a living by contributing their knowledge, stories, and photographs to the organization that makes Poke'Dexes?
    >> Dr. Mr. Stark !!d0diDeRpO0s 12/14/09(Mon)06:31 No.7129572
         File1260790316.png-(183 KB, 596x600, 1258332586669.png)
    183 KB
    Truth. The pokemon world is actually pretty terrifying when in the wild. A small bird can whip up a Whirlwind and throw you about 100 ft. You would die when you hit the ground after that. Larger beasts will see a trainer and think "Oh look, breakfast!" not "I'll wait 'til they send out a pokemon to battle me"
    >> Dr. Mr. Stark !!d0diDeRpO0s 12/14/09(Mon)06:36 No.7129600
         File1260790615.jpg-(234 KB, 620x710, 1249705462159.jpg)
    234 KB
    It is a tool. You make a living with your trainer license however you please. Researcher can make money if they discover something of interest but most likely will not.

    The Photographer can sell picture to make money though.

    Game Mechanic wise, the Pokedex is a means to level up. Trainer gain levels not through EXP, but by events.
    Badges, Ribbons and Medals gain a trainer a level. Every 25 pokedex scans gain you a level. Every 10 pokemon you record as owned in your dex gains you 1 level. If you do something really amazing and noteworthy, your GM can give you a level.

    Pokemon on the other hand still gain EXP.
    >> Anonymous 12/14/09(Mon)06:42 No.7129639
    I didn't see an answer to my earlier question, so I'm asking again:

    Is there a (location-based?) method of determining what species/how many pokemon appear, each encounter?
    >> Thannak 12/14/09(Mon)06:43 No.7129644

    Sounds good.

    But if players level so slowly, how can the game keep from being stagnant? If the pokemon grow at a faster rate than trainers the world would be very much more terrifying-rodent chewing on cables that can headbutt only this year, next year after some intense training it can kill even creatures made of rock if it was at full power.

    What's a way to give trainers a way to gain skill points (essentially) without having to complete events (for example, take schooling to gain skill points? Possibly fueled by the player's actually taking a test and using character int score to modify result for better or worse?)
    >> Dr. Mr. Stark !!d0diDeRpO0s 12/14/09(Mon)06:47 No.7129684
         File1260791242.gif-(55 KB, 500x351, 1252105038918.gif)
    55 KB
    Not every single encounter, but generally asking local townsfolk what kind of pokemon appear _____ will let you know what to prepare for.

    Leveling for trainers is actually pretty fast. In just walking around a city, you can dex several pokemon without ever engaging it. Later, leveling becomes slower as you run out of ways to level up. It scales pretty well.
    >> Anonymous 12/14/09(Mon)06:48 No.7129692
    So Trainers and Pokemon gain XP independently? Hmm... have you thought of having the trainer gain event/plot/awesome driven XP (like you said), and every time the trainer levels the player gets an ammound of XP they can distribute amongst their pokemon?
    >> Thannak 12/14/09(Mon)06:50 No.7129707

    Nice. Alright, for my next question-which edition (the draeded question) would it most be compatible with? If 3.0/3.5, are the travel conditions described in the books relevant, or would you make up new or similar supplements?
    >> Dr. Mr. Stark !!d0diDeRpO0s 12/14/09(Mon)06:58 No.7129759
         File1260791915.jpg-(91 KB, 558x689, 1255157566074.jpg)
    91 KB
    Honestly, as far as the trainer stats go, it's 1st ed. that it draws from. STR/CON/DEX/INT/WIS/CHA is the only thing you'll really see is familiar. The rest I've made up with my friends so as not to ally my system with any existing DnD iteration because of the countless edition wars that accompany DnD.

    We will be releasing supplements that will add more Features, and maybe even Classes. Hell when 5th gen comes out (and everyone knows it will eventually) I'll make that supplement too.

    The problem with that is pokemon shouldn't gain any exp unless they are participating the event. Besides, exp means leveling but not what you REALLY want, which is evolution.

    The evolution mechanic, has gone from a rigid level/happiness/evolution-stone mechanic, to a far more lucid, play-it-by-ear method.

    For example, a GM may rule that an eevee struck by a thunder attack that would otherwise kill it for good, instead re-actively evolved into a jolteon to save its own life. Or, that because a trainer never lets his magicarp finish a fight, and instead switches it out mid-battle for someone else to finish (and split the exp), that is has low self-esteem, and probably won't evolve for a while, even though its level is high enough to.
    >> Anonymous 12/14/09(Mon)07:07 No.7129820
    >Response to >>7129692
    Valid points. I thought it might make for a way to cut down on some of the bookkeeping, simplifying the XP mechanic like that.

    Also, the play-it-by-ear way evolution works sounds intriguing. Will there at least be a rough guide in the GM's Pokedex for how much XP/what level a Pokemon should be before evolution should start being concidered?
    >> Dr. Mr. Stark !!d0diDeRpO0s 12/14/09(Mon)07:10 No.7129844
         File1260792626.jpg-(154 KB, 1280x1000, 1260791967729.jpg)
    154 KB
    Yes. The GM's Guide is to be used as a supplement next to the Bestiary as it holds info about pokemon the players do not have access to such as minimum level requirement for evolution, location guides, etc.
    >> Anonymous 12/14/09(Mon)07:12 No.7129859
    >That picture.
    Oh my god, FUKKEN SAVED
    >> Dr. Mr. Stark !!d0diDeRpO0s 12/14/09(Mon)07:13 No.7129866
         File1260792797.jpg-(177 KB, 750x464, 1260707396903.jpg)
    177 KB
    About bookkeeping. There is a lot, but it's all just counting. There will be player and pokemon character sheets provided with the game and a excel sheet for bookkeeping as well.

    It may seem overwhelming but in reality people stop catching pokemon after their 6th. If they do catch after their 6th, they normally turn around and sell it or just keep it listed in their PC inventory but never stat it unless they need/want to.
    >> Dr. Mr. Stark !!d0diDeRpO0s 12/14/09(Mon)07:15 No.7129875
         File1260792905.jpg-(264 KB, 900x900, 1257015701547.jpg)
    264 KB
    It's possible to teach Fly to Venusaurs in my game if you are a Breeder who takes an Advanced class in Pusher, who 'pushes' moves onto pokemon who shouldn't have them.
    >> Thannak 12/14/09(Mon)07:16 No.7129885

    Story and player support has priority over outright mechanics and rules lawyer-ing on both sides of the screen? I'm liking this more and more...alright, can Pokemon gain experience from NOT fighting? For example, going to watch gym battles with the Pokemon alongside you or in your lap (depending on size and type) in the stands or for the more intelligent ones reading a book on Pokemon anatomy with yours?

    Also, is evolution necessary or can a good (but equal level) Pikachu really kick the piss out of a badly trained Riachu? Or are some stats improved but others hampered? Can a Pokemon go backwards in evolution (with a similar system to using stones and "wanting to really bad")?
    >> Dr. Mr. Stark !!d0diDeRpO0s 12/14/09(Mon)07:17 No.7129886
         File1260793023.jpg-(812 KB, 1273x900, 1249707203435.jpg)
    812 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/14/09(Mon)07:19 No.7129907
    That is all KINDS of awesome.
    >> Anonymous 12/14/09(Mon)07:22 No.7129920
    Do you need to post with all these pointless images? Some of us have crap connections, you know.
    >> Dr. Mr. Stark !!d0diDeRpO0s 12/14/09(Mon)07:22 No.7129922
         File1260793378.jpg-(353 KB, 1702x1200, 1255159087048.jpg)
    353 KB
    >can Pokemon gain experience from NOT fighting? watch gym battles with the Pokemon alongside you or in your lap. more intelligent ones reading a book on Pokemon anatomy.

    Yes. Extra RPing such as that also shows your GM how much you care about your pokemon which increases their loyalty to you.

    >can a good (but equal level) Pikachu really kick the piss out of a badly trained Riachu?


    >Can a Pokemon go backwards in evolution (with a similar system to using stones and "wanting to really bad")?

    The Petrologist actually creates stones that can cause de-evolution and can even create new elemental stones that force evolution on pokemon who have not yet evolved but have met a level requirement to do so. (Wind Stone, Sand Stone, Dragon Stone, etc.)
    >> Anonymous 12/14/09(Mon)07:25 No.7129935
    ... Don't OPEN them if your connection is that bad. I'm capped atm so I'm on 56k and I'm not having a problem with the THUMBNAILS.Wtf, man?
    >> Dr. Mr. Stark !!d0diDeRpO0s 12/14/09(Mon)07:25 No.7129942
    I'm sorry. Some of these pics I attach are to evoke some kind of feeling for the game. I'll hold off for the rest of tonight, though I can't imagine staying up for more then another hour. It's already 2:30 in the morning here.
    >> Anonymous 12/14/09(Mon)07:26 No.7129949
    You're aware that this is a fucking image board, right?
    >> Anonymous 12/14/09(Mon)07:28 No.7129971
    Would you mind making a zip of all those pokemon images - not just the ones you've posted, obviously - and uploading it next time you create a thread like this? I've been saving them all so far and would love any more that you have. Thanks.
    >> Anonymous 12/14/09(Mon)07:31 No.7129986
         File1260793874.jpg-(197 KB, 413x604, holyshitawesome.jpg)
    197 KB
    I think I'm going to add your page in steam. This is too good a thing to pass up.
    >> Dr. Mr. Stark !!d0diDeRpO0s 12/14/09(Mon)07:32 No.7129994
    I have well over a thousand and I tend to only keep the quality ones. I think pokemon made me obsessive with the whole collecting things. That's what I get for Red/Blue being my first video game.

    I'll be sure to throw it all on a zip and rapidshare it for the next topic. I probably will do another topic before I head back to school in January. I intend to make a great deal of progress between now and then.
    >> Dr. Mr. Stark !!d0diDeRpO0s 12/14/09(Mon)07:35 No.7130010

    Here is the wiki page I update on as well. I update it whenever I complete something that is noteworthy.
    >> Anonymous 12/14/09(Mon)07:35 No.7130011
         File1260794147.jpg-(130 KB, 600x800, pokejar.jpg)
    130 KB
    Just kidding apparently my steam isn't working. ;_;
    >> Anonymous 12/14/09(Mon)07:36 No.7130021
    I wonder if that's where I got my hoarding tendencies too. Hmm. Well, either way, thanks for a damn fine thread and pre-emptive thanks for th epics next thread. I'll be keeping an eye out - believe me.
    >> Anonymous 12/14/09(Mon)07:38 No.7130030
    >th epics
    I means "the pics", but "the epics" kinda works too.
    >> Dr. Mr. Stark !!d0diDeRpO0s 12/14/09(Mon)07:53 No.7130128
    Goodnight /tg/, until next time.
    >> SettingFag 12/14/09(Mon)07:59 No.7130164
    How grimdark are we talking here?
    Are we talking:

    Research into Data Storage allowed -anything- to be stored as an item in a PC. Because of the obvious abuse that this entailed, Humans and (inorganic) items larger than a man could no longer be stored on Public PCs, as a safeguard. However, the military still had tools for digitising enemy soldiers (Nonlethal, unless you MAKE it lethal by deleting the data), and perhaps enemy BUILDINGS. These devices were lost after the world's military crumbled, but perhaps it still exists in the hands of a mad hermit general somewhere...

    Similarly, research into Genetics proceeded well, with the intent of creating a Super Soldier. These genetics imbued soldiers with elemental attacks, incredible strength and longevity, psychic powers, and even some resistance to aging (e.g. Lt. Surge and co, who have remained alive even after the war ended). However, with all this, there soon arose a problem:
    Humans aren't inherently obedient creatures.
    So, the genetics team shifted its research to something else: Easily Tame-able animals.
    To prevent any random nutjob private from using the animals to overtake the army, Badges corresponding to military ranks were mass-produced. The animals were hard-coded to obey the wearer of a Badge, based on the animal's strength (Stronger animals require a higher-ranked military member to control, thus a higher badge).
    Creatures had another great benefit - they could BREED. Nothing like a self-replicating war machine under your direct command. The most powerful creatures were neutered to prevent a doomsday scenario if the highest-ranked military were all killed and nobody was left to control them, but all others could breed freely.
    >> SettingFag 12/14/09(Mon)07:59 No.7130173
    To aid in transportation, training, and control of these creatures, a modifications of the above Item-storage system was created - a Ball that could be used to store the creatures, hard-wiring the genetic code of the monster to be loyal to the ball's registered holder. The creatures could consciously resist this change - thus activating the ball's failsafes and releasing the creature if the control was not successful.
    Mass-production devices for these balls were created - making them extremely common in the post-war world.
    There was ONE type of ball for which the mass-producers were kept top secret - a Ball engineered to capture ANYTHING it is thrown at. The Master Ball. While no production devices remain in circulation (Making an empty master ball very valuable indeed), there is always the chance that someone has salvaged one, and is now raising an army with very little effort on his own.

    Additionally, having the creature's data in a ball allows it to be edited. MOST editing simply produces an inviable mutant, but a machine was invented to Roll-back the creature to a known 'good' state. Even rolling them back from Death itself was possible, assuming the creature was alive at one point and had its data recorded.
    (Pokemon who have 'fainted'? Yeah, they're DEAD. That's what makes fainting different from sleeping, and why you can't capture a fainted pokemon - no known 'good' state to roll back to).
    Though many of these machines were built, the knowledge of how to make them is lost. The post-war government has seized control of them and stationed them in hospitals, but once broken, they cannot be replaced.
    >> SettingFag 12/14/09(Mon)08:00 No.7130177
    Of course, whenever you make something, SOMEONE else tries to break it, and eventually, someone will improve it. Experimentation on creatures allowed them to metamorphose, or "Evolve" into stronger forms, whether by growing, willpower, or aid of genetic-altering sigils now called Stones. The genetic re-write is sudden, but allows a Strong creature the ability to hatch many more young, by having the young metamorphose as they grow.
    This means devolution is possible, and indeed it may be possible to FORCE devolution - but no known examples of this exist.

    So that explains Pokemon, Pokemon centres, Item storage, The prevalence of pokeballs (Universal constructors gogo), Evolution, and some superhuman abilities.
    >> SettingFag 12/14/09(Mon)08:01 No.7130178
    -The War-

    By all accounts, the War was swift and brutal. Entire armies of creatures washed over landscapes, and were released into the wild as the soldiers that owned them were killed or otherwise incapacitated. The combination of a World War, and waves of rampaging feral super-creatures, left Earth almost entirely depopulated - its native wildlife replaced by creatures which came to be known as Pocket Monsters.
    Technology survived much better than people did, as technology isn't quite so nutritious to a hungry beedrill or nidoking. Nonetheless, some civilians -could- tame Pokemon, and thus were able to survive in isolated pockets.
    As the world was taken over and overgrown, civilisation fell out of contact, and parts of the world were isolated. Still, civilisation bounced back, based this time around Pokemon because of how common, powerful, and controllable (with Pokeballs) Pokemon were.

    The world's militaries, military sites, labs, bunkers, and most of the knowledge about pokemon, were destroyed. Even now, many years after the war, civilian scientists are still trying to understand just what the hell is going on. Fortunately, with mass-produced Pokeballs and Healing machines, humanity can at least USE pokemon without understanding them.
    >> SettingFag 12/14/09(Mon)08:01 No.7130182
    Since most of the world's means of entertainment were destroyed, there were many wild Pokemon still threatening travellers, and there were also means to heal a person's Pokemon, the #1 form of entertainment has become Pokemon capture and Pokemon combat.
    Though some other forms of entertainment still exist - performing arts, reconstructed radio, computers, a Pre-war NES which was brought to the PALLET refugee camp - one can't deny the necessity behind fighting back the wilderness and defending the refugee camps.

    The sport has grown while the world is rebuilding, and now there are Pokemon tournaments. Game on! :^)
    >> SettingFag 12/14/09(Mon)08:07 No.7130222
    Still, there remain many possible threats, not only from the wilderness or destruction of irreplaceable technology.

    Pre-war technology - such as digitising people or buildings, mass-producing masterballs to capture everything, never-before-seen legendary Pokemon, badges or evolutionary stones to make Pokemon super-powerful and berserk, or perhaps a "Failsafe" that eradicates Pokemon altogether (either in the form of a Virus, an all-consuming Pokemon, or BOTH), or any other doomsday device, still may exist somewhere.

    Criminal gangs have risen to power amidst the chaos, and as always, there are evil people looking to use these creatures of war for their own purposes - especially the Destructive Thermonuclear-bomb-in-a-pokeball Last-ditch weapons that never worked - The Legendary Pokemon.

    And, of course, all the other mundane threats that happen when you put enough bored people together around weapons.
    >> Anonymous 12/14/09(Mon)08:21 No.7130320
    >> Anonymous 12/14/09(Mon)08:37 No.7130452
    you have killed the thread, settingfag
    >> Anonymous 12/14/09(Mon)08:39 No.7130473
    I thought it was fairly cool.
    >> Anonymous 12/14/09(Mon)08:40 No.7130482
    anyone archive THIS thread yet? it would look pretty bad to forget it now
    >> Anonymous 12/14/09(Mon)08:41 No.7130492
         File1260798089.jpg-(28 KB, 300x247, I love this thread so much.jpg)
    28 KB
    >> Anonymous 12/14/09(Mon)08:41 No.7130496
    Sure thing.

    Has anyone hear read Summerland? It's an indie post-apoch game where dense-ass forests just appeared over most of the world one night. Tons of people died that night and over the following months many more fell prey to the siren-song Call of the forrest, going mad or becoming feral. In the forest the animals changed as well. They became different, stronger, sentient. The PCs are drifters who are immune to the forrest's call because of preexisting psychological scars. They aren't accepted into any of the very few remaining communities. They're forced to wander from community to community, braving the forrest and its wild inhabitants, accepting quests as they roam to gain favor with communities and to be allowed to spend precious little time amongst other people.

    Sounds kinda related, doesn't it?
    >> Anonymous 12/14/09(Mon)08:42 No.7130501
    I did earlier, but I haven't archived anything before this, so I'm not COMPLETELY sure I did it right.
    >> Anonymous 12/14/09(Mon)08:44 No.7130512
    The thread officially died when Dr. Mr. Stark died. We're just rolling around in its entrails soaking up the last of its warmth right now.

    Not that there's anything wrong with that, of course.
    >> Anonymous 12/14/09(Mon)08:48 No.7130546
    >The thread officially died when Dr. Mr. Stark died
    That should obviously read "when Dr. Mr. Stark LEFT"... I'm tired.
    >> Anonymous 12/14/09(Mon)08:53 No.7130583
    Eh, the biggest problem I had with it is I'm not big on the whole lost tech vibe.

    I guess it really depends on what you consider canonical. I mean, if you include the animé and movies technology stagnation and lost tech is fairly unlikely.

    The last time this came up the guy was focusing mainly on the games, from what I remember. I guess I prefer a more moderate setting, if anything.
    >> Anonymous 12/14/09(Mon)09:01 No.7130634
    Well it's not like tech is stagnating. It just went backwards a bit. ^_^

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