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  • File : 1259307672.png-(279 KB, 500x568, CHOICES.png)
    279 KB Dreamscape Dreamscape !!SbnXxXER/Ds 11/27/09(Fri)02:41 No.6888614  
    You are Paul, a man who is trapped inside his dreamscape by a powerful being seeking entertainment. He gave you one power: at random times and intervals, you have a danger sense. Thanks to imprecise wording, it manifests as your right hand pulling some writing utensil out of your pocket and scribbling down the details.

    Your goal is to survive, and escape. You first found yourself in a mostly-abandoned hospital, where you met a girl who had been bound and locked in a closet. You freed her, and the two of you escaped the hospital while while being pursued by numerous floating abominations. In the process, you got generally banged up, and you badly injured your left ankle. Now, you're driving a classic model Thunderbird away from the hospital, in an environment where everything is colored sepia, with the girl next to you.

    Previous thread (it won't take long to read, and will get you fully up to speed): http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/6872954/

    What do you do?
    >> Anonymous 11/27/09(Fri)02:46 No.6888682
    Talk to the girl. Finally find out what her name is.
    >> Dreamscape !!SbnXxXER/Ds 11/27/09(Fri)02:48 No.6888711
    "My name's Alicia. Alicia Katusic. And thank you again for saving me."
    >> Anonymous 11/27/09(Fri)02:50 No.6888729
    rape the girl
    >> Antonin 11/27/09(Fri)02:51 No.6888746

    Now just what the HELL were those things? And how did you get to this. . . place we're in together now?

    *Keep left hand on the wheel at all times. Is this car a stick shift?*
    >> Anonymous 11/27/09(Fri)02:52 No.6888750
    rape the girl some more
    >> Antonin 11/27/09(Fri)02:54 No.6888779

    Gotta love nighttime /tg/ coupled with thanksgiving break.
    >> Dreamscape !!SbnXxXER/Ds 11/27/09(Fri)02:55 No.6888791
    "I don't know what those were. I was hoping that you did. As for me being in that closet... I got kidnapped. I think they were going to ransom me, but then they stopped opening the closet. I thought... I thought I was going to die alone in there."

    The car is a stick shift.
    >> Anonymous 11/27/09(Fri)02:56 No.6888802
    basically just ask her 20 questions. how did she get here, what is her understanding of here, etc.
    >> Antonin 11/27/09(Fri)02:57 No.6888815

    >>Stick Shift

    Aw, shit.

    "They? They who? And just in case, do you know how to drive a stick shift? My warning hand may go a little wonky and I won't be able to shift if it does. . ."
    >> Dreamscape !!SbnXxXER/Ds 11/27/09(Fri)02:59 No.6888834
    You have the brief desire to force yourself on this girl to try and make yourself feel secure about your personal power, but you remember just how badass you were in that hospital, and all the effort you went through to save this girl.

    Nighttime /tg/ was good last night; I wish I'd been able to start when I estimated I was going to, though. I think the people waiting from last night left.
    >> Antonin 11/27/09(Fri)03:02 No.6888866

    Pretty much, yeah- it's slow as dripping tar right now. I may pass out shortly, tbh.
    >> Dreamscape !!SbnXxXER/Ds 11/27/09(Fri)03:02 No.6888868

    "Some professional-sounding thugs. I think they just wanted money or some political concession from my father, but they really enjoyed inflicting pain." She massages one of her still battered wrists.

    "Yes, I can drive a stick."
    >> Antonin 11/27/09(Fri)03:04 No.6888890

    I keep an eye on the road and an eye on the surroundings. What's it look like?

    "The IV's. . . How long were you out you think?"
    >> Anonymous 11/27/09(Fri)03:04 No.6888893
    Not all of us.

    I decide to get her to tell me a little about herself, just general background and stuff. I respond with the same information about myself.

    In the meantime, I try and find the nearest town. I gather she/I/both of us would be pretty hungry at this stage, and we need to tend to our wounds.

    What's on the road?
    >> Dreamscape !!SbnXxXER/Ds 11/27/09(Fri)03:04 No.6888894
    Yeah, that's what happened to me as well. Too much delicious smoked turkey and other assorted foodstuffs meant my alarm didn't wake me till after 12. Needed a few minutes to get ready, and by then...

    You know, if I did that I'd probably inadvertently reveal something that I shouldn't. Can't make it too easy now.
    >> Dreamscape !!SbnXxXER/Ds 11/27/09(Fri)03:10 No.6888965
    Well, it's night, for starters. You've been driving through dark, presumably abandoned buildings, and have just found a highway to turn onto. Can't see to much beyond your headlights, though.

    "After a while, I lost track and was just wishing they'd killed me instead of leaving me to smother in that coffin.. It was probably a couple weeks with them there, and several more with them gone." She shudders with remembered grief.
    >> Dreamscape !!SbnXxXER/Ds 11/27/09(Fri)03:14 No.6888997
    Well, you're in a town (almost left) right now. She can see if there's a map in the glove compartment, though.

    "I was training to be a schoolteacher. It's been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember. My father wasn't too happy because he didn't think it was a proper job for a duke's daughter. He needs to get with the times."

    She also claims to be a mean cook.
    >> NiceDrinkARum 11/27/09(Fri)03:19 No.6889045
    ask where she's from
    >> Anonymous 11/27/09(Fri)03:21 No.6889067
    See if she can find a map or anything else of use in teh glvoe compartment. If so,I ask her to find us the closest town, locate a police precinct and an army barracks if possible. I keep two eyes on the road at all times.
    How's our injuries doing? Is it still sepia out here?
    >> Dreamscape !!SbnXxXER/Ds 11/27/09(Fri)03:31 No.6889163
    "Lower Silesia. It's not in this section of the world."

    She opens the glove box, and pulls out a map of the town, two boxes of cigarettes and a lighter, then begins to dig through a tiny mountain of messy paperwork for anything else.

    Your foot is still throbbing from the fall, catch, and later overuse. It's still sepia outside.
    >> NiceDrinkARum 11/27/09(Fri)03:32 No.6889169
    grab a cigarette for the box and light it.
    >> Dreamscape !!SbnXxXER/Ds 11/27/09(Fri)03:41 No.6889263
    It's been a while since you gave up smoking, but after recent events you figure it'll be good to have one to steady your nerves. Just one, really.

    Alicia is still digging through the glove box. She's kind of frustrated about not finding more of use.
    >> Dreamscape !!SbnXxXER/Ds 11/27/09(Fri)03:48 No.6889355
    Alicia finally closes the box after finding only a few pens among the papers.

    Looking at the town map, she can find the police station pretty easily. You'll have to turn around instead of progressing onto the highway, though.
    >> Anonymous 11/27/09(Fri)03:51 No.6889376
    How useful would going to a police station be? Have we seen any other people around? It'd be useless to go to a police station in ghost town.
    >> Dreamscape !!SbnXxXER/Ds 11/27/09(Fri)03:53 No.6889406
    You haven't seen any other people. As for usefulness, well that's up for you to decide. Someone wanted to try and find one, though. No military presence in this place.

    You really wish the former owner of this T-bird had more than a map of this particular town in it.
    >> Anonymous 11/27/09(Fri)03:54 No.6889416
    Is the girl from this.... place? Or is she from the real world?
    >> Anonymous 11/27/09(Fri)03:55 No.6889420

    Unless it has weapons/medical supplies in it, I would ignore it. Although it might be prudent if we go to see if there is a ham radio we could salvage. It might help us find others to help us. Or it could just paint a giant target on us. Either way, turning back seems like a bad idea.
    >> Dreamscape !!SbnXxXER/Ds 11/27/09(Fri)03:58 No.6889445
    You don't know about whether there are supplies there or not. You'd have to go inspect it.

    Do you want to ask Alicia >>Is the girl from this.... place? Or is she from the real world?
    >> Anonymous 11/27/09(Fri)03:58 No.6889452

    Have we noticed any stores that could be looted as we have been driving? There are many things that we could use (first aid, ammo, weapons, ect). A simple sporting goods store (hell, Walmart for that matter) would have shotguns/ammo/first aid in stock (provided it wasn't looted)
    >> NiceDrinkARum 11/27/09(Fri)04:00 No.6889471
    head to the police station, seems like it could have useful stuff, preferably something to protect yourself from the wierd shit. Also, a squad car might be a little more solid than the T-bird
    >> Anonymous 11/27/09(Fri)04:02 No.6889490

    For that matter, what does the world around us look like? I got that it was sepia, but does it look post apocalyptic? Abandoned? Decrepit? Completely normal barring the lack of people?
    >> Dreamscape !!SbnXxXER/Ds 11/27/09(Fri)04:08 No.6889553
    You saw a gas station, a diner, and a decent number of houses on your way towards the highway.

    You turn around and start to head back through town. Alicia doesn't look to pleased by this prospect.

    The world looks... preserved. Like a photo. Inside the house or two that you had enough light to look in, things look much like the hospital--left to age.
    >> Anonymous 11/27/09(Fri)04:08 No.6889557

    True. I still vote for salvaging something from a store if we have the choice (if there is anything to salvage). Given that the hospital was full of nightmare fuel, I would imagine that a police station might have more of the same. Doubly so since the dreamworld hasn't indicated any major reality shift (ie everything is still sepia colored).


    Also, how are we doing on gas? That may dictate where we go more than anything.
    >> Dreamscape !!SbnXxXER/Ds 11/27/09(Fri)04:12 No.6889593
    You found the car with a full tank. It's only very slightly less now.
    >> Anonymous 11/27/09(Fri)04:12 No.6889602

    Are there any obvious indications of the "when" things were preserved? If this is a twisted interpretation of some 60's postcard, taking the Thunderbird into account, then we may be limited on technology and scrounging options.
    >> NiceDrinkARum 11/27/09(Fri)04:15 No.6889623
    Stop and explain what you're thinking to Alicia, get her opinion.
    >> Dreamscape !!SbnXxXER/Ds 11/27/09(Fri)04:15 No.6889629
    A 60's postcard could describe exactly how things look outside. You remember that in the hospital, however, there was equipment from at least the 80's. How odd.
    >> Dreamscape !!SbnXxXER/Ds 11/27/09(Fri)04:18 No.6889657
    "I don't like it. The police station is on the same intersection as the hospital. That's too close to whatever those things were. I'd sooner get out of town as soon as we can." She pauses. "If you think it's the best idea, though, I trust you on it."
    >> NiceDrinkARum 11/27/09(Fri)04:20 No.6889686
    "What abot the diner, we may need food for our trip."
    >> Dreamscape !!SbnXxXER/Ds 11/27/09(Fri)04:22 No.6889713
    "Well... you're probably right. And I know we need to find something to fix your foot before it gets worse. This town is really not safe to stay in, though."
    >> Anonymous 11/27/09(Fri)04:24 No.6889735

    Well, that is about as reasonable as the rest of the world. The hospital looked familiar, correct? Can we determine if this is something we had seen in the past? I wouldn't put it past the God-Child Tormentor to be basing what we are seeing off of a childhood road trip. A fitting start I suppose. Actually, were we ever hospitalized as a youngin?


    While we are driving back, we should ask the girl what the last date she remembers before the kidnapping. In addition to discerning if she is from the *our* world.
    >> Anonymous 11/27/09(Fri)04:28 No.6889784

    Great. Police floaters. Well, keep the car running for a quick get away.


    Are we stopping at the dinner first or second?
    >> Dreamscape !!SbnXxXER/Ds 11/27/09(Fri)04:38 No.6889880
    You were in the hospital as a child. Not for any extensive period, but there was that time you broke your arm falling out of a tree. And when slammed your thumb in the car door. And when you got knocked out playing street hockey.

    Maybe you've seen this in the past. Probably, in fact, if it's in your dreamscape. Although... you don't think you ever saw those floaters before. That probably doesn't foretell anything good.

    "Last date? It was 23 years, 10 months, 5 days, if I remember right."

    "Am I from this world? Well... I've lived here as long as I can remember. But it's never felt quite right." Sudden realization dawns on her face. "...You-you're not from here, are you? Tell me, what's it like?!"
    >> Dreamscape !!SbnXxXER/Ds 11/27/09(Fri)04:53 No.6890021
    You can stop at either first. It's entirely up to you.
    >> Anonymous 11/27/09(Fri)04:58 No.6890044
    >It was 23 years, 10 months, 5 days
    Doesn't look like our age, since Paul is in his 30s. Is it her age?

    >Tell me, what's it like?
    "Very very strange and awfully familiar."

    Does she look like we could know her? Our school teacher for example?

    Let's look for a way to patch our leg first.
    >> Anonymous 11/27/09(Fri)05:01 No.6890063

    I vote for dinner first. We may not have the luxury of stopping on the way back.


    "Well, my world is pretty dull actually. Basically, it is this world with more people and less floating abominations."

    RE: 23 years, 10 months, 5 days
    "That is oddly specific. How are you able to know it that precisely? Also, I know I am breaking gentleman rule number 1, but how old are you then?"
    >> Dreamscape !!SbnXxXER/Ds 11/27/09(Fri)05:02 No.6890069
    Whatever gave you that idea? Paul is recently 24.

    Definitely not a schoolteacher of yours. You don't think you've seen this girl before.

    >> Anonymous 11/27/09(Fri)05:03 No.6890087

    I guess go for patching the leg and hope we get a chance to stop at the diner on the way back.
    >> Dreamscape !!SbnXxXER/Ds 11/27/09(Fri)05:04 No.6890094
    >>"That is oddly specific. How are you able to know it that precisely? Also, I know I am breaking gentleman rule number 1, but how old are you then?"

    "Because... that was the last date I remember," she says, a little incredulous. "And you are definitely breaking the gentleman's rules there."
    >> Anonymous 11/27/09(Fri)05:05 No.6890098
    Wait, so this world is just under 24 years old? Oh dammit. Harhar.
    >> Dreamscape !!SbnXxXER/Ds 11/27/09(Fri)05:06 No.6890105
    1 for diner, 1 for patching leg.

    Of course, since there isn't a leg patching station on the side of the road, you'll have to pick a place to look for supplies.
    >> Anonymous 11/27/09(Fri)05:06 No.6890110
    The world is as old as Paul to the day, I bet.
    >> Anonymous 11/27/09(Fri)05:07 No.6890118
    Diner is a good place to get some food, are we hungry? If so, we go there.
    If not, it's onto the police station. It *should* have some medical supplies and, more importantly, GUNZ for us to loot.
    >> Anonymous 11/27/09(Fri)05:08 No.6890124
    It's over 24 years old. It's just she was held hostage for more than 2 months.
    >> Dreamscape !!SbnXxXER/Ds 11/27/09(Fri)05:08 No.6890125
    You're hungry, you're tired, and your foot hurts like a bitch.
    >> Anonymous 11/27/09(Fri)05:08 No.6890132
    Ask her what year it is, if she knows. Also ask her if she's ever seen those things before she was kidnapped. Ask if she knows anyone we could drop by.

    Cop station is sounding like a good stop off for supplies though.
    >> Anonymous 11/27/09(Fri)05:09 No.6890133
    It's decided then. we're off to the diner.
    >> Anonymous 11/27/09(Fri)05:12 No.6890158
    >>6890087 here,

    I vote for police station at this point. Although, we should be able to make a splint out of stuff in the diner as well if we end up going there first.
    >> Anonymous 11/27/09(Fri)05:14 No.6890171

    Stop and enter diner I suppose?
    >> Anonymous 11/27/09(Fri)05:15 No.6890182
    and ask how to get to lower silesia.
    >> Dreamscape !!SbnXxXER/Ds 11/27/09(Fri)05:16 No.6890195
    She's said the last date she remembers is 23 years, 10 months, 5 days. That she has no clue what those things were. As for the third question...

    "All the people I know are in Lower Silesia. If we get there lodging should be no problem."

    You arrive in front of the diner.
    >> Anonymous 11/27/09(Fri)05:17 No.6890205
    I get out, telling her to stay in the car, keeping the engine running. What do I see?
    >> Dreamscape !!SbnXxXER/Ds 11/27/09(Fri)05:20 No.6890225
    (Sorry, the dialogue in my post was REALLY bugging me.)

    You get out, and walk into the diner. The world goes from darkness and sepia to bright normal colored light. Odd, the lights didn't look on from the outside. Something smells delicious.

    Alicia isn't sure where you are, so she's not sure how to get home from here.
    >> Anonymous 11/27/09(Fri)05:22 No.6890238

    Hmm...any indication of other people? Find source of smell, I suppose.
    >> Anonymous 11/27/09(Fri)05:23 No.6890244
    Is she in the diner with us?
    I search for anything I can use as a weapon in here. What's the diner look like? Can we see a door to the staff area at all?
    >> Dreamscape !!SbnXxXER/Ds 11/27/09(Fri)05:25 No.6890262
    As far as you can tell, you're the only person inside.

    The smell is coming from a chicken on a rotisserie.
    >> Anonymous 11/27/09(Fri)05:26 No.6890270
    Assuming a lack of people, the kitchens would be the presumable desired stop here. Food, as well as potential weapons such as knives, would probably be there.
    >> Dreamscape !!SbnXxXER/Ds 11/27/09(Fri)05:27 No.6890280
    Imagine a generic 60's diner. In fact, extremely generic.

    Someone requested Alicia to be in the car with it running, so she is.

    You see a set of decent-looking cooking knives. There's a couple that are quite sizable, including the butcher's knife.
    >> NiceDrinkARum 11/27/09(Fri)05:27 No.6890283
    Call out, try and get someone's attention if there is indeed someone in here.
    >> Dreamscape !!SbnXxXER/Ds 11/27/09(Fri)05:31 No.6890310
         File1259317870.jpg-(81 KB, 446x447, cd4d9_kitchen-knife-set.jpg)
    81 KB
    You call out but no one responds. There are several knives here, but they have this wooden block to be stuck in instead of individual sheathes.
    >> Anonymous 11/27/09(Fri)05:36 No.6890341
    Try the chicken.
    >> Anonymous 11/27/09(Fri)05:38 No.6890358
    Look for a staff entrance, taking a knife and holding it in our right hand, I go through.
    >> Anonymous 11/27/09(Fri)05:39 No.6890365
    Start searching for anything else useful. First aid kit might be handy, and if there's a register, check it for cash in case we might need some.

    Lootan time.
    >> Dreamscape !!SbnXxXER/Ds 11/27/09(Fri)05:40 No.6890371
    You take the biggest knife in your right hand and a leg of the chicken in your left. There's nobody in the staff area, either.
    >> Anonymous 11/27/09(Fri)05:42 No.6890386

    Once we get to the kitchen, I vote that we fashion splint out of following kitchen items :

    -2x large wooden stirring spoons
    -cloth on foot (substituting strips of vinyl/cloth cut from the diner seats when necessary)
    >> Anonymous 11/27/09(Fri)05:43 No.6890392

    Anything to wrap the chicken in so it won't burn our hands or get grease all over our ride? May as well take the whole thing, a couple knives (find something to wrap them in too), and whatever cash and medical supplies can be found.
    >> Anonymous 11/27/09(Fri)05:44 No.6890399
    Okay, so now that we're in the staff area, I look for a first aid kit, and signal to girly face (forgot her name already) that it's safe to come it.
    I start tendng to my wounds, and take a bite of the chicken, afterwards.
    >> Anonymous 11/27/09(Fri)05:44 No.6890401

    Look for something to store water in for the road. Preferably some small enough to carry with us and a bigger container to stick in the car for later
    >> Dreamscape !!SbnXxXER/Ds 11/27/09(Fri)05:46 No.6890419
    You empty the till. You can count your take later.

    They don't have a first aid kit proper. There's some oversized bandaids (and some normal ones) and disinfectant in a cabinet.

    There are numerous towels. You wrap the chicken in one, and several extra knives in another.
    >> Dreamscape !!SbnXxXER/Ds 11/27/09(Fri)05:51 No.6890449
    Alicia stops the car and comes inside.

    You don't see anything sizable to hold water--wait. There's a large vinegar jug. Emptied out and rinsed... there, that should be enough for a while.
    >> Anonymous 11/27/09(Fri)05:54 No.6890472

    Is our foot broken or sprained? Regardless, attempt to patch it up ala >>6890386 and clean out any wounds with the disinfectant.

    Also, is there a mop/broom in the building we could fashion into a crutch?
    >> Dreamscape !!SbnXxXER/Ds 11/27/09(Fri)06:04 No.6890529
    It's broken. Alicia helps you tie a makeshift splint with the spoons and some towel strips. It's really rough, but better than nothing. There's nothing you can see to disinfect, though.

    You open up the broom closet. There are several brooms and mops, as well as a large puddle of water on the floor. A woman is underneath the puddle, hammering with her fist against the bottom and obviously drowning.
    >> Anonymous 11/27/09(Fri)06:05 No.6890539
    I use the broomstick and mop plus some bandages to fashion a makeshift crutch.
    I continue to explore every part of the diner.
    >> Anonymous 11/27/09(Fri)06:05 No.6890549

    Attempt to break surface with knife and pull her out. Now.
    >> Anonymous 11/27/09(Fri)06:06 No.6890558
    I shout at her, "stand.. err, swim back!" then use one of the mops on the water, hoping to absorb the water.
    >> Dreamscape !!SbnXxXER/Ds 11/27/09(Fri)06:07 No.6890568

    Confirmation needed.
    >> Anonymous 11/27/09(Fri)06:08 No.6890577
    use the pommel of the knife, not the blade
    >> Anonymous 11/27/09(Fri)06:09 No.6890578

    If that doesn't work,

    >> Dreamscape !!SbnXxXER/Ds 11/27/09(Fri)06:14 No.6890612
    You swing the pommel of the knife down against the puddle, causing a splash as it bounces off the concrete floor. Before the ripples settle, you grab the mop and run it quickly over the water.

    The woman is nowhere to be seen. As you stare down at the spot, your hand begins to twitch.
    >> Anonymous 11/27/09(Fri)06:19 No.6890647


    Well, now might be a great time to leave. Apologies to the lady we may or may not have killed.
    >> Anonymous 11/27/09(Fri)06:20 No.6890653
    Take our scarce belongins and GTFO
    >> Anonymous 11/27/09(Fri)06:22 No.6890662
    I have a bad feeling she'll become one those floater things.
    >> Dreamscape !!SbnXxXER/Ds 11/27/09(Fri)06:24 No.6890680

    You grab the knives, scant medical gear, water, and chicken, then book it out to the car.

    Glancing back, you see what appears to be a thin man watching you from the diner's rooftop.
    >> Anonymous 11/27/09(Fri)06:30 No.6890733
    Ask Alicia to observe the roof man as we focus on getting out of there. Also, I vote we get the hell out of Dodge and avoid the police station. Especially since we will have to pass the diner again on the way out...
    >> Anonymous 11/27/09(Fri)06:30 No.6890738
    Does he have anything with him? Does he look familiar?
    >> Dreamscape !!SbnXxXER/Ds 11/27/09(Fri)06:34 No.6890773

    The man looks incredibly haggard and gaunt. A long, thin smile is plastered across his face. You can't tell if he's carrying, but he doesn't look like anyone you know.
    >> Anonymous 11/27/09(Fri)06:34 No.6890775

    Any indication he is following us? Also, what is our hand doing?
    >> Anonymous 11/27/09(Fri)06:37 No.6890802
         File1259321870.jpg-(22 KB, 256x400, BaleMachine.jpg)
    22 KB
    It's not the best idea for a survivor to taunt some crrepy-looking fucker while knowing it's dangerous here.
    Hit the road.

    BTW, Alicia is still barely naked. We need to find some clothes for her. Or we don't...
    >> Anonymous 11/27/09(Fri)06:39 No.6890812
    You drive toward the police station, looking for a spot to turn around.

    You are correct, Alicia is still in her hospital gown with a strip along the bottom torn off.
    >> Anonymous 11/27/09(Fri)06:41 No.6890839
    I'm fine with this. In case she's embarrassed, we should let her know that her near nudity does not offend us.
    >> Dreamscape !!SbnXxXER/Ds 11/27/09(Fri)06:44 No.6890849
    She's obviously not enjoying the clothing situation, but has tried to be a trooper and not complain about it.
    >> Anonymous 11/27/09(Fri)06:46 No.6890859
    I know, I'm just trying to lighten her mood.
    >> Dreamscape !!SbnXxXER/Ds 11/27/09(Fri)06:47 No.6890868
    He was just staring.

    Your hand is doing a rapid-fire drum beat on the stick shift.
    >> Dreamscape !!SbnXxXER/Ds 11/27/09(Fri)06:47 No.6890872
    Continue to police station, or go to highway?
    >> Anonymous 11/27/09(Fri)06:48 No.6890880
    Police station I guess, everyone else wanted to earlier.
    >> Anonymous 11/27/09(Fri)06:50 No.6890897

    How far to the police station and can we avoid passing the diner on the way back?
    >> Anonymous 11/27/09(Fri)06:52 No.6890908
    Is the girl still with us?

    If so rape her.
    >> Dreamscape !!SbnXxXER/Ds 11/27/09(Fri)06:53 No.6890913
    It's a pretty small town. As you leave the diner area your hand begins calming down.

    There are two roads going through the diner direction. You'll have to go fairly close, but won't have to cross it directly.
    >> Dreamscape !!SbnXxXER/Ds 11/27/09(Fri)06:54 No.6890922
    You arrive at the police station.

    There are no squad cars in the lot.

    >> Anonymous 11/27/09(Fri)06:56 No.6890932

    Proceed with extreme caution. As in leave the dame in the car with the engine on while we carefully check the building.
    >> Anonymous 11/27/09(Fri)06:57 No.6890935

    Park the car so it isn't sticking out, if possible - but park it so it's easy to get in and drive straight out.

    Cautiously check around the back of the building, and have a thorough look around - why aren't there any vehicles around? Is the place abandoned? Or still relatively intact like the diner?

    When nothing else can be gleaned, try for a back entrance (hurf durf) and if that fails, go carefully through the front.
    >> Dreamscape !!SbnXxXER/Ds 11/27/09(Fri)07:01 No.6890963

    "I'll wait here while you check the outside, but I'm not staying here alone after seeing that creepy guy on top of the diner."

    The building is intact. You're not sure where the cars went. The back door is ajar.
    >> Anonymous 11/27/09(Fri)07:03 No.6890975
    Stand behind the door and open it, wait a few seconds to see if anything comes out, if not, peek inside.
    >> Anonymous 11/27/09(Fri)07:05 No.6890988
    As it's a police station, the back entrance will be easier to get into the station proper if the door is ajar - the front is designed to stop people rushing in. Even though the door is ajar, meaning something has been there, go through it.

    Go quietly, slow, and stop often. Don't flick on any lights if possible (if it's pitch black, while you risk unveiling horrible horrible things, better than not seeing them at all).

    Looting priorities for survival I guess would be some sort of weaponry - I know all of /tg/ thinks they are firearms experts, but how competent is Paul? Medical supplies and other useful items come a close second to arming ourselves in what is proving to be a very hostile world.
    >> Anonymous 11/27/09(Fri)07:18 No.6891054
    I bet there will be lockers with police uniforms. We could grab one for Alicia.
    >> Dreamscape !!SbnXxXER/Ds 11/27/09(Fri)07:19 No.6891058

    You carefully open the door, and peer inside. It's almost pitch black. You flick a lightswitch, carefully, ready to flick it back off and run. Nothing happens. Looks like the power is out here, just like the hospital. Unless you want to fumble around in the dark, you'll have to wait until morning, or go get the lighter from the car. It's not much, but better than nothing.

    Paul's hick grandfather took him out hunting with longarms when he'd visit. Paul knows how to safely carry a firearm, how to identify and load most ammunition, and basic weapon cleaning and care. He was fair to middling with a rifle and good with a shotgun, but he hasn't picked up a gun in a few years.

    Whatever you do, remember that the police station is not far from the hospital. Time is important.
    >> Anonymous 11/27/09(Fri)07:24 No.6891079
    Let's get the lighter, grab what we need and go. I think it was said that we're tired, but I don't think it's a good idea to spend the night here.
    >> Anonymous 11/27/09(Fri)07:24 No.6891082
    Guess we'll have to wait til morning. It's a dream world, so we shouldn't have to sleep, since we already are.
    >> Anonymous 11/27/09(Fri)07:27 No.6891092
    If we can get tired, do this.

    If we don't need to sleep then wait till morning.
    >> Anonymous 11/27/09(Fri)07:29 No.6891107
    We smash and grab then.

    Hopefully there will be torches of some kind nearby as well - the lighter is better than nothing I guess.

    The quicker we move, the less chance we expose ourselves to danger and the less foes that can rock up.
    >> Anonymous 11/27/09(Fri)07:30 No.6891109

    We can't wait until morning here. Lord only knows what would try to kill us. Keep in mind that the hospital we JUST ESCAPED FROM is very close by. If we can't see what we are doing, it is time to go before we meet an untimely demise.
    >> Dreamscape !!SbnXxXER/Ds 11/27/09(Fri)07:31 No.6891116

    You're not sure if you need to sleep or not. You do feel tired though. You may just need to sit around and rest for a while, or maybe you have to sleep. Can you dream within a dream?

    Either way, better to find that out later, when you're not in this town. You go back to the car and grab the lighter. Alicia comes with you this time after asking if you're going to be going inside. She's been worriedly watching the hospital this whole time, with occasional glances for that gaunt man.
    >> Dreamscape !!SbnXxXER/Ds 11/27/09(Fri)07:39 No.6891168
    Holding the lighter out in front of you, you head into the police station. The back door was just a foyer, but the door beyond is unlocked.

    The scent upon opening the door makes you gag. There's blood on the walls. You wait, unmoving, for over a minute, eyes and ears peeled. There doesn't seem to be anything inside the room now.
    >> Dreamscape !!SbnXxXER/Ds 11/27/09(Fri)07:40 No.6891171
    Also, your right hand is still.
    >> Anonymous 11/27/09(Fri)07:43 No.6891188
    That doesn't necessarily mean anything, unfortunately. Oh well, head further in.

    Oh, are we wearing shoes? If so, take off shoes to muffle sound.
    >> Anonymous 11/27/09(Fri)07:46 No.6891202
    Tell Alicia to keep watch over the exit.

    Inspect the blood. Is it old and dry?

    Oh, and look for a weapon because we neglected to take any (HURR).
    >> Dreamscape !!SbnXxXER/Ds 11/27/09(Fri)07:49 No.6891219
    You take off your shoes. The two of you are now barefoot.

    Alicia says that it would be worthless to watch the exit without light. You think she really just doesn't want to be left alone here.

    The blood is dry.

    You have a large kitchen knife from the diner on your person, and several more in the T-bird.
    >> Dreamscape !!SbnXxXER/Ds 11/27/09(Fri)07:55 No.6891238
    >>Oh well, head further in

    The two of you reach an office area, but keep going until you find what looks like the equipment closet. The lock has been shot off, and the door is barely hanging on its hinges.

    >> Anonymous 11/27/09(Fri)07:57 No.6891252
    Obviously. Send the girl in first. She's not real.
    >> Anonymous 11/27/09(Fri)08:00 No.6891269
    Move around silently and carefully, looking for anything worth salvaging. That includes firearms, medical supplies, some clothes provided they aren't all bloody, finally a flashlight or at least some kerosene so we can fashion a torch.
    >> Dreamscape !!SbnXxXER/Ds 11/27/09(Fri)08:00 No.6891270
    She insists on having the lighter if she's going to do that. She's pretty freaked out by this place.

    Proceed with that plan?
    >> Anonymous 11/27/09(Fri)08:01 No.6891274
    No. we'll go first. But she owes us.
    >> Dreamscape !!SbnXxXER/Ds 11/27/09(Fri)08:06 No.6891301
    You enter the storage room. There are dozens of bullet holes pockmarking the walls, and blood is splashed all over.

    Much of what was in here is now gone. But not everything.

    Scavenge list upcoming.
    >> Anonymous 11/27/09(Fri)08:14 No.6891338
    Just thought I'd mention yes you CAN dream within a dream, it sucks to be honest.

    This place may be quite creepy, but it appears there's no one here.
    Eagerly awaiting the inventory list.
    >> Anonymous 11/27/09(Fri)08:14 No.6891339

    Be sure to tell the girl to watch out the door, to avoid horrible surprises.
    >> Dreamscape !!SbnXxXER/Ds 11/27/09(Fri)08:22 No.6891384
    You hand over the lighter and tell Alicia to watch the room leading to the storage room entrance. You release the lighter, but before you drop it into her hand your right hand suddenly spasms into full epilepsy and dives into your pocket. Behind the sound of the lighter clattering on the floor, you hear rapid skittering. Your hand is holding a marker that proves to have glow-in-the dark ink, but as it starts its message Alicia stands up with the retrieved lighter and flicks it on.

    Your hand goes back to completely normal, and try as you might you can't hear that skittering.
    >> Anonymous 11/27/09(Fri)08:24 No.6891404
    Inform the girl that that lighter is (whether it's the truth or not) the current key to your survival, and to guard it like it's her own flesh and blood.

    After confirmation, continue the search.
    >> Dreamscape !!SbnXxXER/Ds 11/27/09(Fri)08:26 No.6891412
    The room looks like everything of high value was hurriedly stripped away. You see a large duffel bag by the door and toss in anything that seems useful (Inside the bag already: 1 pair of thick cut resistant gloves)

    Small flare gun revolver, 5 rounds
    Several full changes of duty uniforms, oddly completely untouched
    3 bloody tactical (not bulletproof) vests
    One half of a two-way radio set and its holster
    4 LED traffic batons
    Baton batteries, in a container of that stupid-impossible-to-open sealed plastic
    Seatbelt cutter/window puncher
    >> Anonymous 11/27/09(Fri)08:27 No.6891417
    If I can, cover the scrawl with my hand so that I can try and read the glow in the dark writing without the lighter pouring light over it?
    >> Dreamscape !!SbnXxXER/Ds 11/27/09(Fri)08:27 No.6891425
    She nods, and clenches it tightly.

    This appears to be everything useful in the room, barring a time-consuming thorough search.

    >> Dreamscape !!SbnXxXER/Ds 11/27/09(Fri)08:29 No.6891436


    It's all your hand had time to write before the lighter was back on. Alicia was pretty quick on the ball.
    >> Anonymous 11/27/09(Fri)08:32 No.6891476
    Stash everything we found in the duffel bag, take it and get out the way we came.
    >> Anonymous 11/27/09(Fri)08:33 No.6891482
    Alicia can have one of the changes of uniform (if they're in her size)

    Both take a tac-vest, why not?

    Take the flare-gun, the radio set, load two of the batons on your vest, two on hers. Let her take the batteries, you can get em' open later.

    Take the seatbelt cutter/window puncher.

    Sound acceptable to everyone else? Should we take a longer look?
    >> Anonymous 11/27/09(Fri)08:34 No.6891485
    okay, time to get the fuck outta here. proceed out the way we came, knife at the ready, duffel bag slung over my shoulder.
    >> Anonymous 11/27/09(Fri)08:34 No.6891491

    This, I'm the poster of the one dealing out the equipment. My suggestion is when we're OUT OF THERE.
    >> Anonymous 11/27/09(Fri)08:35 No.6891498
    agreed. then we get the fuck out.
    >> Dreamscape !!SbnXxXER/Ds 11/27/09(Fri)08:44 No.6891565
    You sling the loaded duffel bag over your shoulder, and have the knife loose but ready in hand. The two of you head out, Alicia leading quickly, looking eagerly towards the door.

    Huh, there wasn't a puddle there earlier, was there? "Hey Alicia, watch ou--" Too late. Step, step, slip. The poor girl goes sprawling, her death grip on the lighter broken when her arm slams into the edge of a desk.

    In the second before the light vanishes, you could swear you see a horrified face looking up from the water on the floor.

    You hear the skittering renew. With every passing second, it seems to build upon itself like a wave, quickly turning from a whisper into a quiet roar.
    >> Anonymous 11/27/09(Fri)08:47 No.6891598

    >> Anonymous 11/27/09(Fri)08:48 No.6891606

    >> Anonymous 11/27/09(Fri)08:49 No.6891613
    fire a flare from the flare gun next to us. help her up and FUKKEN RUN.

    We did take all the loot, right?
    >> Anonymous 11/27/09(Fri)08:50 No.6891624
    Using the flare requires getting it out of your bag. I'd say stick to grabbing what's on hand--that lighter.

    When the lights on, confirm status of girl and puddle.
    >> Anonymous 11/27/09(Fri)08:50 No.6891627
    a flare would last longer and is more reliable, that is IF we can do it in a second or two. if we have to load it then fuck that shit.

    also we obviously don't fire it so close it'll cause us increadible pain or injury. also i warn alicia to look away as i fire it, i do the same.
    >> Anonymous 11/27/09(Fri)08:51 No.6891633
    >> Anonymous 11/27/09(Fri)08:53 No.6891643
    Get it with your left hand. No need for righty to spaz out at the worst moment imaginable and fling your life-light into a plothole.
    >> Anonymous 11/27/09(Fri)08:53 No.6891647
    Remember, it's pitch black in here without that lighter. We stuffed all that shit inside a duffel bag. We still need to grab a flare gun OUT of all that crap and fire it. Takes too long.

    >> Dreamscape !!SbnXxXER/Ds 11/27/09(Fri)08:56 No.6891666
    The lighter. It went right... shit. You couldn't hear where it landed over the sound of Alicia falling into the desk. It could be anywhere.

    You sling the bag in front of you and drop the knife in. The flare gun was on top, right...?

    Right. You pull it out and fire a round into the ceiling. It sputters out on impact, but you don't really have a better option. You only have about a second to get your bearing, but it's enough. You grab Alicia and run down the hallway of desks. "THEY" barely seem to notice the second's delay in the rising cacophony.
    >> Anonymous 11/27/09(Fri)08:57 No.6891674
    Okay, firstly, do we know where the lighter is? if so, grab, turn on, etc.

    secondly, how far away are we from the entrance.

    thirdly, ameture drawfag here, should i perhaps start some character portraits on our party thus far?
    >> Anonymous 11/27/09(Fri)08:58 No.6891681
    Awesome get, but we had better have fuckin picked up that duffel bag again, cos if not, BACK WE GO.
    >> Dreamscape !!SbnXxXER/Ds 11/27/09(Fri)09:01 No.6891701
    >>Okay, firstly, do we know where the lighter is? if so, grab, turn on, etc.
    It could be anywhere.

    >>secondly, how far away are we from the entrance.
    A full office and the foyer away from the back exit.

    >>thirdly, ameture drawfag here, should i perhaps start some character portraits on our party thus far?
    That would be all sorts of awesome.

    The bag is easily reslung over your shoulder, you just shifted it so it was in front.

    As you pull Alicia off the ground and after you, you feel her resist, pulling the other way like she's reaching for something, before suddenly going along.
    >> Anonymous 11/27/09(Fri)09:06 No.6891729
    Keep the flare gun out, so we can use it to slow "them" down whenever necessary.
    >> Dreamscape !!SbnXxXER/Ds 11/27/09(Fri)09:21 No.6891822
    You run, remembering the path as best as you can.

    The wave of noise gets louder.

    And it gets closer.

    You're not going to make it.
    >> Anonymous 11/27/09(Fri)09:22 No.6891835

    Keep running, if they get too close for comfort, fire a flare BACK the way we came. They're behind us....
    ... Right?
    >> Anonymous 11/27/09(Fri)09:25 No.6891860
    risk a glance over our shoulder. if we see something fire!
    keep running though.
    >> Dreamscape !!SbnXxXER/Ds 11/27/09(Fri)09:28 No.6891882
    >>They're behind us....
    >>... Right?

    You hear them behind you, yes. And to your left. And your right. Above you. Even below you. And they're moving in front of you. Shoot behind? (4/5 shots remaining)

    It's pitch black without the light.
    >> Anonymous 11/27/09(Fri)09:28 No.6891883
    We won't see a thing unless we use the flare, which we should use either way.
    >> Anonymous 11/27/09(Fri)09:33 No.6891911
    Now that you say that... we should fire in front of us, so we can see where we're going and receive protection at the same time.
    >> Anonymous 11/27/09(Fri)09:37 No.6891943
    Fire at the floor right behind us. It should be enough to drive grues off.
    >> Dreamscape !!SbnXxXER/Ds 11/27/09(Fri)09:37 No.6891944
    You raise the flare gun and fire ahead of you (3/5 shots remaining). The flare flies out and spatters against the wall, somewhat dazzling your eyes, but you cover another precious bit of ground. You've still got about half of the office and the foyer until you're outside, though.

    The roar of skittering gets louder again as the flare dissipates. You realize the station must have a basement as well as the second floor. Whatever "THEY" are, they must be everywhere.
    >> Dreamscape !!SbnXxXER/Ds 11/27/09(Fri)09:43 No.6891982
    You burn another round into the floor immediately after the one in front disappears. Over half of your flares gone, and your little revolver is feeling painfully light. With just two flares left, you've got a chance of making it out, but you can't be sure. If only you had a plan...
    >> Anonymous 11/27/09(Fri)09:44 No.6891997
    Can we set something on fire with this gun? Have seen something flammable while the light was on?
    >> Anonymous 11/27/09(Fri)09:47 No.6892023
    If only. But we're all anons with no way of discussing what to do next.. even though that may constitute as metagaming.

    Well, we may not know what these things are, or if we can kill them, but I sure as hell know we can't fight them in the dark. Let's do what we can to get out of here. We'll have a better chance running them over or fighting outside where there is still some light.
    >> Dreamscape !!SbnXxXER/Ds 11/27/09(Fri)09:52 No.6892051

    Flare rounds can start fires. There are scattered piles of paper of some of the desks. A lucky shot (I'll post a roll) could light them up. If you had time to stop and open your duffel bag, some of the clothing in there would probably start burning with a shot or two.

    Go ahead and metagame, discuss plans right here. We're not at a table, this is a quest thread.
    >> Anonymous 11/27/09(Fri)09:55 No.6892072
    fuck shooting the shit in the bag! we need that. however i do think a shot to the papers is a good idea.
    also, don't we have LED battons? cause we could use those as an extra light source.
    >> Anonymous 11/27/09(Fri)09:56 No.6892080
    We have those, but the batteries are in a bag that takes time to open.
    >> Anonymous 11/27/09(Fri)09:59 No.6892097
    Let's fire up some papers and if the light won't be bright enough, run to the burning table and light a uniform set there.
    >> trippin from now on º-º !!yxFrHrMXyX9 11/27/09(Fri)09:59 No.6892102

    I have the feeling we won't be able to get through this without a fight. I have no idea whether we'll have time to don some of the armour and shit we found or if it'll even be usefull towards our unknown enemies.

    A knife should do the trick no matter what they are, but then again, we don't know the numbers.

    >> º-º !!yxFrHrMXyX9 11/27/09(Fri)10:03 No.6892129
    I'm fine with this. we only really need 1 uniform, 2 at most.
    >> Anonymous 11/27/09(Fri)10:06 No.6892142
    can we get a picture of what we're fighting? like last time?
    >> Dreamscape !!SbnXxXER/Ds 11/27/09(Fri)10:06 No.6892143
    rolled 34 = 34

    You aim the flare gun at where you remember there being a decent sized tack of papers, and pull the trigger. Even if you miss, at least you'll have another second from the flare.

    70 or higher will do it.
    >> Dreamscape !!SbnXxXER/Ds 11/27/09(Fri)10:08 No.6892156

    Maybe. If you end up seeing it in character. Unless you'd like to ask the right hand?

    One shot left. Action?
    >> dice+1d100 11/27/09(Fri)10:08 No.6892158
    >> Anonymous 11/27/09(Fri)10:09 No.6892171
    How far is it to the exit?
    >> Dreamscape !!SbnXxXER/Ds 11/27/09(Fri)10:11 No.6892179
    Roll was in the post. You missed.

    Quarter of the room, plus foyer. Pursuit in foyer is slightly slowed.
    >> Anonymous 11/27/09(Fri)10:12 No.6892183
    My real name is Paul.
    So this thread trips me out a bit.
    >> Anonymous 11/27/09(Fri)10:14 No.6892200
    rolled 95 = 95

    >> Anonymous 11/27/09(Fri)10:14 No.6892205
    What does Paul wear at the moment? If it is nothing we can take off REALLY FAST, how fast could Paul tear Alicia's garb off her?
    >> Dreamscape !!SbnXxXER/Ds 11/27/09(Fri)10:17 No.6892224
    I was rapid refreshing this thread, so I know you didn't delete posts until you got a good roll. I'll count that.

    You decide to throw your lives to fate, and shoot once more at the desk of papers. You're able to align a little better after following the previous shot.

    The flare hits the pile, and instead of skipping off turns into the folds of a stack. It quickly lights up, and more and more papers catch flame.
    >> º-º !!yxFrHrMXyX9 11/27/09(Fri)10:18 No.6892231
    fuck this is tricky. i suggest we do this:
    Then get ready to defend ourselves.

    PS. working on some character design now. If you could give a detailed description of the guy, that's be great. Not a proffessional though and my style is *sorta* comical.
    >> Dreamscape !!SbnXxXER/Ds 11/27/09(Fri)10:20 No.6892237
    He's got on a well-made jacket with double-layered pockets, t-shirt, khakis/cargo pants.
    >> º-º !!yxFrHrMXyX9 11/27/09(Fri)10:20 No.6892243
    awesome, we take up defensive positions behind a desk, with our backs to the entrance. i give alicia a baton, and tell her to get behind me.
    >> Dreamscape !!SbnXxXER/Ds 11/27/09(Fri)10:21 No.6892253
    >>For future reference, Paul is 6'1", 175-180 lbs, benches 200 lbs on a good day, and runs a mile and a half in about 12 minutes.
    >> Anonymous 11/27/09(Fri)10:24 No.6892275
    I was thinking about lighting some clothing ASAP.

    Run to our new lightsource.
    Let's find something we could make into torch-handle and make a torch with it and a uniform set. Then fire it up, maybe pull LEDs out and then GTFO.
    >> Anonymous 11/27/09(Fri)10:31 No.6892322
    Give the batteries and the kitchen knife to Alicia. Tell her to get the plastic open. Light up one set of clothing from the bag, and use it to set other desks on fire to buy her time.
    >> Dreamscape !!SbnXxXER/Ds 11/27/09(Fri)10:34 No.6892351

    Keep in mind, the LED batons aren''t made for combat, and they don't have batteries in them yet. And you know those plastic seal packages--those things can be a bitch to open, even with a knife.

    You rush over to the desk and haul out a uniform top, holding it over the flame until it catches. You're not sure what you can use as a torch handle, but you figure that if you tossed it onto that wheeled office chair you'd still be able to bring it along without burning yourself.

    >> º-º !!yxFrHrMXyX9 11/27/09(Fri)10:36 No.6892370
    sounds good, we do that, placing the flaming chair infront of us, so it looks like this.
    ^ - exit that way
    X - alicia
    X - paul
    X - flaming chair
    >> Dreamscape !!SbnXxXER/Ds 11/27/09(Fri)10:41 No.6892410
    Wait, you're headed away from the exit? Or away from the storage room?
    >> º-º !!yxFrHrMXyX9 11/27/09(Fri)10:44 No.6892429
    away from the storage room, meaning our back is to the exit of the building (or in that general direction).

    anywho, after taking up a defencive position, what can we see?
    >> Anonymous 11/27/09(Fri)10:44 No.6892431
    To the exit I suppose
    >> Dreamscape !!SbnXxXER/Ds 11/27/09(Fri)10:49 No.6892470
    >>what can we see?

    It's more about what you can hear. Which is a rippling hiss, getting farther from your chair. Your way to the foyer and out the door seems clear.
    >> º-º !!yxFrHrMXyX9 11/27/09(Fri)10:53 No.6892506
    time to get the fuck outta here then!
    >> Dreamscape !!SbnXxXER/Ds 11/27/09(Fri)10:56 No.6892526
         File1259337365.jpg-(8 KB, 300x300, glock-20 10mm.jpg)
    8 KB

    You book it out of the house, and as the adrenaline starts leaving your system your foot starts complaining again. Even with a splint, running on it like this is going to be problematic over the long run until you get some proper care.

    Alicia grabs you and clings on, sobbing out an apology. "I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to drop the lighter! My arm hit the desk and I couldn't hold onto it! And then me grabbing for what fell from the desk almost meant we didn't make it out!" You notice only now that she's been carrying something in her other hand.

    It's a Glock 10mm.
    >> Anonymous 11/27/09(Fri)11:02 No.6892572
    Alicia! You're the best companion ever!
    Take the pistol and give her clothes to change.
    >> º-º !!yxFrHrMXyX9 11/27/09(Fri)11:02 No.6892575
    "nice find, i almost wish we stayed. but seriously, let's get out of here."

    we jump in the car.
    >> Anonymous 11/27/09(Fri)11:07 No.6892600
    Did the noise stop, or is it still approaching even outside?
    >> Anonymous 11/27/09(Fri)11:07 No.6892603
    Oh, crap. I meant we do it while driving the hell away from here.
    >> Dreamscape !!SbnXxXER/Ds 11/27/09(Fri)11:15 No.6892666
    You toss the bag in, and rev the T-bird away from the now-shaking building. From the direction of the hospital, you can see 7 pairs of glowing eyes floating over toward the police station.

    Alicia orders you to not look over and gratefully starts getting into real clothing.

    You take the Glock 20 from Alicia, praising her profusely. While you haven't really been practicing with pistols, you've shot them once or twice and within 25 yards a basic shot is pretty easy for you. After that or with moving targets (or when you're moving) you can expect to start encountering problems. A full 15 rounds are in the magazine.
    >> º-º !!yxFrHrMXyX9 11/27/09(Fri)11:20 No.6892704
    time to hit the road, let's see if we can run over one of these fuckers on the way. we head AWAY from the town (again).

    here's a thought, when we are clear of danger, let's turn on the radio, see what we get.
    >> Anonymous 11/27/09(Fri)11:24 No.6892731
    >run over one of these fuckers on the way
    NO! They're too resilent.
    >> Dreamscape !!SbnXxXER/Ds 11/27/09(Fri)11:26 No.6892758

    Head down the road you went to the police station from, opposite direction, then?
    >> º-º !!yxFrHrMXyX9 11/27/09(Fri)11:27 No.6892769
    if it bleeds, we can kill it. and if it gets stuck on the bonet then a simple few shots to the face should do the trick.

    ofcourse, let's not go out of our way to hit one of these abominations, i just meant if it gets in the way. better than going around them, don't you think?
    >> Anonymous 11/27/09(Fri)11:28 No.6892782
    Is there a road we could use that leads away from police station, but doesn't lie too close to the hospital (BTW, is it empty now?) or diner?
    >> Anonymous 11/27/09(Fri)11:29 No.6892802
    Not sure. Our fireaxe stuck in one of them and it didn't look hurt too much.
    >> Dreamscape !!SbnXxXER/Ds 11/27/09(Fri)11:31 No.6892814
    There's one that goes parallel to the diner road, a block over.

    You don't know how many of those abominations are in the hospital, but that COULD be all of them.
    >> º-º !!yxFrHrMXyX9 11/27/09(Fri)11:33 No.6892847
    the we head back the way we came, staying as far away from the diner and hospital as wel can, preferbly the hospital. may help if all the windows are rolled up, but i assume they are.
    I put my foot down, and get all the speed i can, safely.
    >> Anonymous 11/27/09(Fri)11:37 No.6892892
    Let's just get out on the highway. I believe we're quite done with this town.
    >> Dreamscape !!SbnXxXER/Ds 11/27/09(Fri)11:43 No.6892964

    As you floor it and pull away from the police station, the building rippling and twisting in what you could swear is an angry manner, you notice that haggard man watching from the rooftop across the street. Upon seeing you notice him, he bares his teeth in that same thin, wide grin.

    You go as far from the diner as possible, then get onto the street going onto the highway.

    This day has left you worn out. At least you're not completely without supplies now.

    But the chicken is cold.
    >> º-º !!yxFrHrMXyX9 11/27/09(Fri)11:47 No.6893007
    "thank god that's behind us.. though i'm starting to question the existence of one right now"
    before we eat the chicken, i do a poison test on it, that is, taking a piece of food and leaving it on your bottom lip for a minute. if there are no adverse effects like swelling or purple colouring, it's okay to eat.
    >> Dreamscape !!SbnXxXER/Ds 11/27/09(Fri)11:51 No.6893050
    You've already eaten one of the legs. By now, you can be reasonably certain it's not going to immediately kill you. Unlike most of the things you've encountered so far.

    You get onto the highway, with still most of a full tank of gas. You don't know where you're going, but it's got to be better than this town, right?
    >> Anonymous 11/27/09(Fri)11:55 No.6893085
    find chicken,

    Eat chicken
    >> Dreamscape !!SbnXxXER/Ds 11/27/09(Fri)11:57 No.6893105
    Chicken is eaten.

    Cold chicken is still good chicken.
    >> º-º !!yxFrHrMXyX9 11/27/09(Fri)11:58 No.6893116
    turn on the radio.
    >> Anonymous 11/27/09(Fri)11:59 No.6893124
    Find a woman to satisfy my carnal lusts
    >> Anonymous 11/27/09(Fri)12:07 No.6893197
    radio sounds like a good idea. also now would be a good idea to equip the vests and put on the gloves. also what the hell is a belt cutter?
    >> Dreamscape !!SbnXxXER/Ds 11/27/09(Fri)12:10 No.6893230
    You turn on the radio. There is a brief burst of static before you hear a voice.

    "I cAn stiLl SeE yoU, PAUL."
    >> Anonymous 11/27/09(Fri)12:11 No.6893236
    >> Anonymous 11/27/09(Fri)12:12 No.6893250
    >you are Paul

    Could we get a name that doesnt totally suck?
    >> º-º !!yxFrHrMXyX9 11/27/09(Fri)12:12 No.6893255
    Is the guy who's holding us hostage in our own dream named Andor Drachon? because he speaks like him!
    man I hate that bastard, he's practically fucking invincible..
    Anywho, I guess we keep driving now, as well as gearing up, making conversation.
    Tell us if we pass anywhere remotely capable of sleeping in.
    >> Anonymous 11/27/09(Fri)12:13 No.6893262
    GTFO, fagius maximus
    >> Dreamscape !!SbnXxXER/Ds 11/27/09(Fri)12:15 No.6893275
    The gloves are rather awkward to be wearing all the time, being thick enough to impede fine motor skills. If you want them on though, confirm it.

    You both put on the cleaner of the tactical vests. They're great for holding equipment, and make you look like you're ready for combat. Too bad the station was already looted before you could get your hands on something bulletproof.

    The belt cutter section of the belt cutter/window breaker is a quick and easy way to cut a seatbelt off, in the event that it is stuck.
    >> Anonymous 11/27/09(Fri)12:15 No.6893278
    We suck, our life sucks, we have a shitty job and the boss hates us, then a supernatural being locks us in our dream for its personal amusement. It would be a surprise if our name didn't suck.
    >> Anonymous 11/27/09(Fri)12:16 No.6893285
         File1259342166.png-(10 KB, 320x200, Dune_-_Paul_Atreides.png)
    10 KB
    Stop right there, criminal scum.

    "Where are you damn gaunt bitch?!"
    >> Dreamscape !!SbnXxXER/Ds 11/27/09(Fri)12:20 No.6893348
    Never even heard of him.

    You get no response but static.

    Going to wrap up shortly. As before, if you enjoyed the threads, give them a vote on sup/tg/. Will be back with more, maybe tonight, maybe tomorrow night.
    >> º-º !!yxFrHrMXyX9 11/27/09(Fri)12:21 No.6893359
    now would be a good time for alicia to take out those batteries and put them in the LED battons.
    we keep on driving, what do we see?
    >> Anonymous 11/27/09(Fri)12:23 No.6893381
    >we keep on driving, what do we see?
    And THIS is a perfect moment for a wrap-up.
    >> º-º !!yxFrHrMXyX9 11/27/09(Fri)12:24 No.6893390
    Andor Drakon is the God of Chaos from Ancient Domains Of Mystery, and the final boss. hE tEnDs To TaLk LiKe tHiS dUrInG tHe GaMe.
    Already made an archive on sup/tg/, what time will you be on tomorrow/tonight? I should have a concept of paul ready by then.
    >> Dreamscape !!SbnXxXER/Ds 11/27/09(Fri)12:24 No.6893394
    Dang, and here I was figuring on someone needing those next thread and me pointing out that they still didn't have batteries. Well, driving provides plenty of time for them to be loaded; they're ready to glow now.

    As for what you see, that's going to wait until next thread.
    >> Anonymous 11/27/09(Fri)12:26 No.6893406
         File1259342797.jpg-(75 KB, 800x600, 1216224720281.jpg)
    75 KB
    Okay. Then let's dump a few more pictures.
    >> Dreamscape !!SbnXxXER/Ds 11/27/09(Fri)12:27 No.6893412
    Should be about 10pm-1am. This time I said 11pm and was like 2 hours late, so I'm not going to be super precise this time.
    >> Anonymous 11/27/09(Fri)12:27 No.6893419
         File1259342865.jpg-(32 KB, 750x578, 92907d79051b1d71dc24a5dsk3.jpg)
    32 KB
    >> Dreamscape !!SbnXxXER/Ds 11/27/09(Fri)12:27 No.6893421
    If you want, I s'pose.
    >> Anonymous 11/27/09(Fri)12:29 No.6893438
         File1259342993.jpg-(703 KB, 1280x960, Wfm_x51_area51_warningsign.jpg)
    703 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/27/09(Fri)12:32 No.6893456
         File1259343120.jpg-(128 KB, 500x666, 1231355434143.jpg)
    128 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/27/09(Fri)12:35 No.6893483
         File1259343322.jpg-(87 KB, 800x600, SP_A0033.jpg)
    87 KB
    Thank you. Once again it was a nice quest.
    It got really intense by the end.
    >> Anonymous 11/27/09(Fri)12:36 No.6893498
         File1259343402.jpg-(100 KB, 800x600, SP_A0029.jpg)
    100 KB
    >> Dreamscape !!SbnXxXER/Ds 11/27/09(Fri)12:41 No.6893536
    Glad you enjoyed it.
    >> º-º !!yxFrHrMXyX9 11/27/09(Fri)12:46 No.6893604
    thanks again mate, see you again next time.
    >> Dreamscape !!SbnXxXER/Ds 11/27/09(Fri)12:49 No.6893635
    I'll be looking forward to seeing how your depictions end up.
    >> Anonymous 11/27/09(Fri)13:25 No.6894036
    Can't believe I missed this entire thread.
    >> Anonymous 11/27/09(Fri)13:29 No.6894084
    God damn it, your even describing him like me as far as the height, weight, age, etc.
    This thread is bananas
    >> Anonymous 11/27/09(Fri)13:32 No.6894117

    I cAn SeE yoU, PAUL.
    >> Anonymous 11/27/09(Fri)13:34 No.6894140
    What'll be funny is when the character depiction is just a photocopy of your driver's license.
    >> Dreamscape !!SbnXxXER/Ds 11/27/09(Fri)13:38 No.6894196
    I swear dude, the only Paul I know is my uncle, and that description can't be of him.

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