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  • File : 1259203490.jpg-(238 KB, 1500x1225, Maxim_machine_gun_Megapixie.jpg)
    238 KB Victorian Quest Part 7- Colonists Some Steampunk Dude 11/25/09(Wed)21:44 No.6869678  
    Alright, rally up /tg/, its time for VICTORIAN QUEST! When we last left off in http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/6853944/ you had cleared the first level of a native city, and the treasures are your for the taking. you have

    130 workers, 40 rifles, 20 mercenaries, 50 experts. 10 natives 6 grenadiers, 1 at rifle, 3 gatling guns on trucks(no ammo remaining), 1 mortar, 1 maxim, 1 glider damaged, 1 glider functional, 2 horses, Winston, Godfried

    1st ring- vehicle depot, fortified main barracks, fortified main hq,2 watchtowers, mortar pit, gatling trucks in vehicle depot, mine, heavy fortified trenches.

    2nd ring- additional barracks, 2 farms, 1 well, 1 brick sawmill, trade depot, wood trenches,

    3rd ring- new barracks, armory with foundry, medium trenches and dugouts, two watchtowers, granary, planned masonry

    2 sq miles of land cleared, 18 rp remaining. The FIRST LEVEL of the city is cleared. ORDERS? How do you start up the treasure excavation from the vaults?
    >> Anonymous 11/25/09(Wed)21:45 No.6869687
    bump lets get this rolling common historyfags
    >> Researcher Sam 11/25/09(Wed)21:46 No.6869703
    Hello SSD!

    AS I recall, we last left off with the first level of the city cleared, yes? Let's loot the place and get back to camp!
    >> Victorian Colonists Some Steampunk Dude 11/25/09(Wed)21:48 No.6869733
         File1259203726.jpg-(732 KB, 589x832, Victorian_Lady_by_Lithium_Tear(...).jpg)
    732 KB
    Alright situation report: Low ammo for rifles, very low ammo for maxim, no dynamite, royal convoy in 2 weeks, employer convoy in 1 week. Anon you need to decide how carefully/fast you will exploit the treasure. If you send in experts first it will take longer but you will take fewer casualties to traps. If you send in workers first you will get more maimed colonists but faster profits. ORDERS anon?
    >> Anonymous 11/25/09(Wed)21:49 No.6869744
    bump for BRITAIN
    >> Researcher Sam 11/25/09(Wed)21:50 No.6869750
    Wow, just realized that this doesn't fit with what you have in the post. That's what I get for skimming...

    Let's go in in teams. 1 Grenadier, 5 mercs, 10 rifles, a native guide and 10 workers. We should have enough for 4 full teams.
    >> Victorian Colonists Some Steampunk Dude 11/25/09(Wed)21:51 No.6869768
         File1259203894.jpg-(24 KB, 300x335, gold.jpg)
    24 KB
    Okay, do you want to do the trap checks as a formality or do full checks. Refer to >>6869733 for consequences of slow/fast trapchecks
    >> Some Steampunk Dude 11/25/09(Wed)21:52 No.6869785
         File1259203974.jpg-(233 KB, 1024x667, steampunk cities.jpg)
    233 KB
    >> Researcher Sam 11/25/09(Wed)21:54 No.6869805
    I thought the Experts were left at camp? Or is getting them here why it would take longer? Hmmm, I'd rather not take unnecessary casualties... Perhaps give the mercs a slightly bigger cut for doing the same work that the workers would? We get it done faster and they take the losses! (They've not endeared themselves to me so far, so I personally don't mind their deaths as much, but anon might feel different.)
    >> Victorian Colonists Some Steampunk Dude 11/25/09(Wed)21:56 No.6869844
         File1259204211.jpg-(31 KB, 296x339, KhajurahoTemple.jpg)
    31 KB
    The mercs are almost as effective as grenadiers in raw combat, but they have MUCH lower morale and loyalty. So you might not want to waste dem.

    Slow Start today...ORDERS?
    >> Researcher Sam 11/25/09(Wed)21:59 No.6869885

    Well, I guess get the Experts, it'll go slower, but we won't loose as many lives. Can we send some of our forces back to the main camp? I don't like the idea of leaving it undefended in case of a French attack. And the Silver must flow from the mine!
    >> Anonymous 11/25/09(Wed)21:59 No.6869886
    waitwaitwait, in the last thread, how the fuck did we win, ? it was just 40 brits vs darkies?
    >> Anonymous 11/25/09(Wed)21:59 No.6869898
    get the majority of people back to camp to hold the place and await replenishment, form parties of grens and experts to explore the 1st level untill we can mount a more focuses effort.
    >> Researcher Sam 11/25/09(Wed)22:00 No.6869909
    Godfried returned in the nick of time with Winston and the entire camp in tow. IT WAS GLORIOUS!
    >> Victorian Colonists Some Steampunk Dude 11/25/09(Wed)22:01 No.6869927
         File1259204506.gif-(16 KB, 141x200, miniatures_Pennyfeather.gif)
    16 KB
    After the huge banzai charge you sent most of the workers back to the camp to keep mining. You also sent back the remained of the expeditionary force, so you are just camped outside of the city with a small group of workers, mercs, rifles, a few experts, and the grens. It was weird...the natives had alot of captured french stuff, but you havnt seen them recently. Hmmmm...ORDERS?
    >> Researcher Sam 11/25/09(Wed)22:04 No.6869960
    >but you havnt seen them recently.

    The French or the natives? I'm assuming French.

    Anywho, let's get the Glider repaired and the Maxim reattached unless it's been done already, and get both Gliders in the air to scout around to try to find the French forces. And get the Experts working on disabling the traps.
    >> Victorian Colonists Some Steampunk Dude 11/25/09(Wed)22:06 No.6869992
         File1259204791.jpg-(29 KB, 390x283, colony.jpg)
    29 KB
    Hello anon welcome to the quest. You send most of the men back to the camp and start exploring the first level. With the help of the experts you disable the traps before they kill anyone. you notice that the natives basically scorched the earth, destroying anything that they couldnt take with them in their abandoned living quarters. the vaults are still fine though. The native guides comment, dis place be sacred, we shoulda be goin. ORDERS anon? do you send in the workers to loot?
    >> Anonymous 11/25/09(Wed)22:09 No.6870034
    i gotta go soon but this was awesome yesterday, though all the namefags but sam hate it for some reason >>6869678
    >> Researcher Sam 11/25/09(Wed)22:09 No.6870036
    Yes, lets get the loot out, but can we assign a couple of guards to the workers while they do so? Last thing we need is for a scouting party of the enemy to catch them unprepared.
    >> Victorian Colonists Some Steampunk Dude 11/25/09(Wed)22:13 No.6870089
         File1259205189.gif-(666 KB, 320x192, god dammit.gif)
    666 KB
    You start the excavation, although there is less gold than you would like, there is ivory and everything else youwould want from a treasure vault. However, now you confront a big problem. Do you give the treasure to your employer? do you inform your employer of the treasure? do you give any/all of it to the British Empire Forces Convoys? ORDERS? you have rifles guard the workers. HINT: the proportion of mercenaries to loyal troops is increasing. Thats bad.
    >> Anonymous 11/25/09(Wed)22:17 No.6870148
    why is anon so slow today, VICTORIAN QUEST rules
    >> Researcher Sam 11/25/09(Wed)22:18 No.6870155

    Hate decisions like this. Ho-kay, let's tell the Industrial Guild about it. If they ever find out we hid it from htem, it would be bad. They have tanks and whatnot. I say 1/4 of the initial findings to them, 1/4 to the mercs to keep 'em happy, 1/4 for the workers and experts (Payment for services, they deserve a little extra for pulling our bacon from the fire) and 1/4 for us. Unless the Guild or Crown has other orders for what to do with it.

    Also, you said that the riflemen with us would become veterans if they survived the battle. Did they, or are you ret-conning that?
    >> Victorian Colonists Some Steampuk Dude 11/25/09(Wed)22:21 No.6870199
         File1259205707.jpg-(1.63 MB, 3264x2448, garden 016.jpg)
    1.63 MB
    Yup, all surviving rifles are now veterans, but that doesnt change how i will refer to them. I think the local British garrison would be pretty ticked if they found out you were giving no treasure to the king. Also, the mercs are loyal to the industrial company. ORDERS? .5 week till industrial convoy, 1.5 weeks till Royal convoy.
    >> Captain Supernova !7NffU3G94s 11/25/09(Wed)22:23 No.6870217
    I agree with Sam's breakdown of the treasure - lets try to hire more loyal soldiers as well and rely less on those mercs so we won't hit traps cause of their greed.
    >> Captain Supernova !7NffU3G94s 11/25/09(Wed)22:24 No.6870238
    Lets cut the mercs out then since they are paid by the industry and give that quarter of the treasure to the King.
    >> Researcher Sam 11/25/09(Wed)22:27 No.6870269
    Bollocks, how could I have forgotten the Royal Delegation? Okay, the same as before but- wait, the mercs are with the Industrial Guild? Excellent, say that the theirs is the Guilds cut! And then we have a fourth left over for Her Imperial Majesty.

    Just re-read your post, so the mercs are only loyal to the Industry. Hmmm, 1/8 to them, 1/8 to the Industry? I think the Royal cut should be bigger, after all our years of service to our country. We only recently became Industry representatives, right?
    >> Victorian Colonists Some Steampuk Dude 11/25/09(Wed)22:27 No.6870276
         File1259206073.jpg-(203 KB, 286x628, _XVIIIe_British_Officer.jpg)
    203 KB
    Good idea, glad to have you captain (salutes)
    Industrial convoy in 4 days, WISHLIST TIME. Remember, you have 18 RP. A "female" machine gun only steam tank is 15. A "male" cannon tank is 20 RP. Also, due to your renown, a new option to spend RP will arrive with the Royal convoy.
    >> Captain Supernova !7NffU3G94s 11/25/09(Wed)22:29 No.6870294
    Lets wait for the Royal Convoy and/or save our RP for the Male steam tank - if we do get one lets have it better than the French! Besides, cannons top those maxims.
    >> Victorian Colonists Some Steampuk Dude 11/25/09(Wed)22:30 No.6870301
         File1259206217.jpg-(81 KB, 611x311, gun_shop_pic.jpg)
    81 KB
    Oh, forgot to mention that you change 1/4 to the Royal delegation from the mercs. Backround:Captain Roarke: A charismatic retired British Officer, you have led men all around the world, most famously in British India. You do this not for personal gain but for the sense of adventure. You are famously bad with managing supplies, but your men love you and will fight for you until the end. ORDERS AND WISHLIST?
    >> Antonin 11/25/09(Wed)22:32 No.6870331
    . . . Well this looks interesting.

    *puts on plinth helmet*

    So, what sort of weaponry can we arm our ground soldiers with, and what do they already have? Pardon me whilst I go read some past threads. . .
    >> Researcher Sam 11/25/09(Wed)22:34 No.6870351
    When did we get the extra 5 RP? Or is that from clearing the first floor of the city?

    Anyway, nice to see another player here Captain! I agree, if we can cut the mercs out without them revolting, we should do it. And save for a male steamtank.

    For the wishlist, can we get more riflemen? I'd prefer to keep the riflemen/merc ratio to at least 2:1. Umm, we can make our own bricks and refined wood, right? Then how about some farm animals to go with the farm, if we don't have any. And another mortar or two, wheeled preferably. And a replacement Glider for the one we lost awhile back, if possible.
    >> Captain Supernova !7NffU3G94s 11/25/09(Wed)22:34 No.6870353
    Could you be kind to give us a shopping list of men we can purchase without using RP?
    >> Victorian Colonists Some Steampuk Dude 11/25/09(Wed)22:36 No.6870376
         File1259206593.jpg-(17 KB, 1077x154, Martini_Henry_Mk_IV.jpg)
    17 KB
    Welcome one and all. While you go read past threads, I will inform everyone what the current infantry armaments are. Your men are armed with http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Martini-Henry single shot rifles. They can have bayonets mounted. Available are repeater rifles and grenades for the infantry. Of course then there are larger weapons for like AT rifles and maxims...which leads me to...MAKE A WISHLIST for the industrial convoy, what do you want them to bring?ORDERS?
    >> Captain Supernova !7NffU3G94s 11/25/09(Wed)22:37 No.6870388
    Nice to be here - we should also construct some sort of guard tower near the city to stake our claim so the French don't start poking around, and maybe get a road or rail set up to connect it to our main base for our armored SteamTank of the future. We should also consider deepening fortifications around the outermost ring of our base.
    >> Captain Supernova !7NffU3G94s 11/25/09(Wed)22:39 No.6870409
    Can we acquire around 6 Maxims to entrench in bunker-like fortifications around the area of the city we control? Or mount them in Heavily Fortified Guard Towers for longer vision and range. Can we break down the ruins for easy building materials?
    >> Researcher Sam 11/25/09(Wed)22:39 No.6870411
    Oooooh, we can get grenades and repeater rifles now? I'd like to add that to what I said before.

    Hmm, some sort of rail or tram system might be a worthwhile project to suggest to the guild when the delegation arrives, though we would need them to give us the supplies and plans.
    >> Victorian Colonists Some Steampuk Dude 11/25/09(Wed)22:39 No.6870412
         File1259206767.jpg-(21 KB, 350x428, zulu-chief.jpg)
    21 KB
    Yeah, the RP came from the city, I mean you killed a shaman twice. And you deflected bullets with your cutlass. And your settlement beat the native army to death with shovels. You earned them. Anyways, the industrial convoys CAN ONLY provide mercs and workers, not rifles or grens or experts. Also, the industrial convoys provide the female tanks and the kooky steampunk inventions (though those cost rp). ORDERS? and no, Sam, you never got around to finishing the masonry, do you guys want to do that so you can make bricks? ORDERS?
    >> Researcher Sam 11/25/09(Wed)22:41 No.6870437
    Finish the stone masonry. If we can't get riflemen from the Industrial Guild, then we should ask for them and maybe some more Grenadiers from the Royal Delegation.
    >> Victorian Colonists Some Steampuk Dude 11/25/09(Wed)22:44 No.6870465
         File1259207078.jpg-(31 KB, 659x418, weird gun.jpg)
    31 KB
    Sorry bout the doublepost people, but the infantry weapons come from the Royal convoys. From the industrial convoys expect things like building materials, dynamite, workers, mercs, and kooky inventions.
    I know your new, but 6 maxims is a ludicrous amount of firepower currently. you might want to focus on getting ammo for the gatlings that you have and getting more loyal troops. The idea of building a guard tower near the city is good if I can get a CONFIRM? So, whats the WISHLIST from the INDUSTRIAL convoy? ORDERS? Hint: a road to the native city might be wise, and you never finished the masonry
    >> Researcher Sam 11/25/09(Wed)22:47 No.6870496
    +1 vote for guard tower near Lost City.

    Again, finish masons, begin clearing the way for a road, and perhaps later railway between us and the city.

    Can we get on e of those tri-barreled pistols, or is that a "kooky invention"? More ammo would be nice, since we're pretty drained.
    >> Captain Supernova !7NffU3G94s 11/25/09(Wed)22:49 No.6870512
    I should change my name to Rube Captain, eh? Fresh off the boat and into this godforsaken jungle...

    I'd like to know if I can have the workers use the existing masonry of the ruins to construct the fortified tower- maybe take out a wall with explosives or something and use the rubble itself.

    For the wishlist, lets get 60 more rifles if we can and ammo for our gatling guns. If the tower is confirmed for construction, can we get another gatling gun for emplacement purposes, or simply remove one gun from the truck and use that one for emplacement.
    >> Victorian Colonists Some Steampuk Dude 11/25/09(Wed)22:50 No.6870529
         File1259207414.jpg-(52 KB, 555x640, British_artillery_safrica_c190(...).jpg)
    52 KB
    Alright, the Industrialists convoy is one day away. If I am getting this right you guys are going to build a road and tower at the city, and you are going to request ammo, dynamite, and a weapons for Captain Roarke. also, you are going to divide up the treasure as outlined before? I need alot of confrims here anon and names...ORDERS?
    >> Researcher Sam 11/25/09(Wed)22:51 No.6870547
    It all looks good to me, though do we think we can manage a few repeating rifles and grenades for some of the veteran troops?
    >> Victorian Colonists Some Steampuk Dude 11/25/09(Wed)22:55 No.6870588
         File1259207711.jpg-(23 KB, 400x300, grenades.jpg)
    23 KB
    Alright, >>6870512, You use the ruins reinforced by wood for constructing the tower. Your very good for a person who is only a few posts in, but 60 rifles is something like an emergency expedition. Expect more like 20-40 of even common troops in a convoy shipment. Alright, one more big decision b4 convoy arrives, do you alert them to the fact that they are only getting 1/4 of the treasure, or make it out to be all of it?
    >> Anonymous 11/25/09(Wed)22:58 No.6870628
    bump wheres the rest of anon when u need em?
    >> Researcher Sam 11/25/09(Wed)22:59 No.6870661
    Keep it ambiguous if we can. Try to avoid either confirming or denying that there was more. After all the work everyone's been doing so far, I think they deserve some reward, which is why we are keeping some for the workers, experts, riflemen, etc,.

    Though if we absolutely must... I vote we tell them that we are only giving them a cut and not the whole.
    >> Captain Supernova !7NffU3G94s 11/25/09(Wed)23:01 No.6870686
    Make it out to be larger than it is, but not all of it - let them know we have set aside a generous amount for the King to help us with our progress as well, as their corporation is still subject to the rule of its Host Nation. I'd not mention that we have a small slice for our workers.
    >> Victorian Colonists Some Steampunk Dude 11/25/09(Wed)23:04 No.6870731
         File1259208249.jpg-(36 KB, 385x262, 54mmColonialBrZulu.jpg)
    36 KB
    Alright, when the Industrial convoy arrives, they give you alot of rifle ammo, no gatling/maxim ammo, repair parts for the gliders, a box of 20 grenades, one crate of dynamite, and 10 mercs. You give them your silver tax and follow the above posts with regards to the treasure. The representative is miffed but is forced to back off on asking for more when you mention the king. Alright, its time to expand/hunt the frogs. ORDERS?
    >> Researcher Sam 11/25/09(Wed)23:07 No.6870781
    Superb! Well then, have we had the Gliders on scouting since we got back, or are we just starting now? If the latter, start sending them out, tell them to try to keep high and hopefully out or range of ground based fire.

    Would Winston be willing to take a small force to scout from the ground? If so, lets send him out with 10 mercs, 2 natives and 10 veteran riflemen.
    >> Victorian Colonists Some Steampunk Dude 11/25/09(Wed)23:12 No.6870864
    Why is this thread so goddam slow tonight :( . Anyways, you send out a scouting expedition, they will return in half a week. you divide up the new ammunition. The mercs have started to act like officers around the rifles, trying to make them salute them. This has caused multiple fights. ORDERS?
    >> Captain Supernova !7NffU3G94s 11/25/09(Wed)23:14 No.6870888
    No friggin' automatic ammo? Cheap...

    Lets unmount those Gatling guns from the trucks then to free up room for transporting troops/workers. I'd propose working on a connecting road, continuing to fortify the ruins, and training masonry and having our experts check out the area to see if we have any local sources of iron ore or other relevant metals. If we can find such a thing then we will be better off for building materials.

    As for the Mercs, I won't have any of that crap in my army - discipline them - I don't care if their morale is crap.
    >> Researcher Sam 11/25/09(Wed)23:17 No.6870928
    Let's set those mercs strait. Don't be overly harsh, but try to keep the grenadiers and ourselves highly visible around camp and let the riflemen know that the mercs are not their superiors.
    >> Victorian Colonists Some Steampunk Dude 11/25/09(Wed)23:17 No.6870937
         File1259209074.jpg-(913 KB, 2245x2035, dwarf fort.jpg)
    913 KB
    By gathering together all of your rifles and Godfried and the grens, the mercs back down, but if they get to larger numbers they might not.... anyways, the only ore in the area is silver, and your mine gets alot of it, though it will run dry eventually. your masonry starts to produce good bricks, and you now have those available as a building material. You unmount the gatlings and use the trucks to transport the treasure and workers at the city. ORDERS? Winston back in 2 days, royal convoy in 7.
    >> Anonymous 11/25/09(Wed)23:23 No.6871005
    bump common anon dont let this die prematurely
    >> Captain Supernova !7NffU3G94s 11/25/09(Wed)23:23 No.6871011
    I'm not sure what economical buildings we could build with the new masonry, but we should consider contructing a heavy bunker out of the stuff near our guard tower at the ruins along the proposed road - heavy fortifications are a plus, and also we should dig some deep trenches reinforced with the masonry as well in front of the said tower and proposed bunker.
    >> Researcher Sam 11/25/09(Wed)23:24 No.6871022
    Let's get that road started! Can we use the bricks to build a real wall around our settlement?
    >> Captain Supernova !7NffU3G94s 11/25/09(Wed)23:27 No.6871076
    Lets set 100 workers on the road (maybe we could try and crush up some of the ruins into gravel and make it so that rain won't turn the dirt road into a muckfest) and the remainder on defensive constructions.
    >> Researcher Sam 11/25/09(Wed)23:29 No.6871103
    Keep in mind that we need to leave some for mining, and if we are going to have more than 20-30 working increasingly far from the camp, they will need guards. SSD, about how many workers do we think we'll need for the road?

    Also, good idea about using the gravel to keep the road clear.
    >> Victorian Colonists Some Steampunk Dude 11/25/09(Wed)23:31 No.6871136
         File1259209876.jpg-(159 KB, 1900x1200, contempt.jpg)
    159 KB
    Now thats better. Your royal grenadiers cooperate with your experts to draw up a military engineering plan for defending the new road and the settlement. A true stone wall is possible, by using the dynamite to blast portions of the city then reshaping them at the masonry. Paving the road is not possible. Winston back in a day, Royal convoy in 5 days. Economical choices include: do you send a letter back to cape hope opening the golden doors of immigration to your settlement, or do you try to keep as much treasure for yourself as possible. ORDERS?
    >> Captain Supernova !7NffU3G94s 11/25/09(Wed)23:32 No.6871155
    I tend to forget about the homestead necessities - I guess we need more workers then, and by extension more farms. True to your Researcher nature, you are good at managing the economic front.
    >> Captain Supernova !7NffU3G94s 11/25/09(Wed)23:33 No.6871173
    I vote for opening up immigration - we need more cheap labor.
    >> Researcher Sam 11/25/09(Wed)23:35 No.6871197
    Hmm, We don't really have any place for immigrants to stay currently, so they'd have to build their own homes, though I suppose we could assign workers to assist in the building process. We are the Governor of the settlement, correct? Then we have the power to tax those who come to do business here, right? Hmmm, but it would be much harder to keep secret just how much of the loot we are keeping for ourselves...

    I say no for now, especially since the French could still be out there. Maybe once we are sure they pose no more threat we can have tourism, but right now I don't want a bunch of panicking civilians if we come under attack.
    >> Captain Supernova !7NffU3G94s 11/25/09(Wed)23:39 No.6871254
    We can increase our main fortifications around our base and set up immigrants there - with all our defenses they will be quite protected, as I assume the French would strike at our ruins first. We also can "encourage" the immigrants to build some type of bomb shelters or heavy bunkers in residential areas of our compound - a place they can flee to in the event of attack. Remember, we are the Governor, and thus we can centralize ruling power for a time before letting them do whatever they want - and we make the official jobs too.
    >> Victorian Quest Some Steampunk Dude 11/25/09(Wed)23:40 No.6871269
         File1259210426.jpg-(1.83 MB, 3264x2448, garden 003.jpg)
    1.83 MB
    Alright, you two disagree, so no free immigration for now. Winston returns with a VERY strange and bad tale. Remember that death tribe village with the mysteriously disappearing army in part 3? http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/6796202/

    They have allied with French rebels who have split from the mining core. The mining core has brought in the FRENCH FOREIGN LEIGON. This could get messy. Royal convoy in 4 days. Construction of stone wall has started, though more dynamite will be needed. ORDERS?
    >> Researcher Sam 11/25/09(Wed)23:42 No.6871285
    A good point. I was mainly worried about them running around and getting underfoot if we are attacked, which could be bad. I also fear that with a large number of immigrants we would have to expand again, not a bad thing in and of itself, but it would mean building another ring of defenses, or moving some of our current defenses outwards.
    >> Captain Supernova !7NffU3G94s 11/25/09(Wed)23:43 No.6871311
    So from what I understand, the Mining Core (french) is going to be fighting with the French Rebels + Tribe?

    Lets acquire more dynamite from the Royal Convoy if we can - can we get Gatling ammo from them as well?
    >> Researcher Sam 11/25/09(Wed)23:44 No.6871327
    Wait. So the French Mining Core has called in what is essentially the French Army, and some of the Mining Core has gone rouge and allied with the remains of the Death Tribe? Damn. Any news from the Glider patrols?

    When the Royal Delegation arrives, we will need to tell them of this development.
    >> Victorian Colonists. Some Steampunk Dude 11/25/09(Wed)23:47 No.6871362
         File1259210839.jpg-(54 KB, 437x600, gold_ingots.jpg)
    54 KB
    Yay, you started on the wishlist already, and yes. Also, its time for that surprise. For 8 rp (you have 18 currently) you can get a white flare that will call in the famous British Glider Ace Flash Hawkins in his custom gliderplane. He will help for the operational time that his fuel give him. Also, I dont think you guys understand. The French Foreign Legion are AS GOOD AS the royal grens, as much as they hate to admit it. ORDERS and wishlist? Royal convoy in 3 days.
    >> Anonymous 11/25/09(Wed)23:50 No.6871406
         File1259211053.jpg-(478 KB, 1433x1961, french legion.jpg)
    478 KB
    omg yes the legion
    >> Researcher Sam 11/25/09(Wed)23:52 No.6871420
    Right, but is the Foreign Legion like, an entire army (500+ soldiers)? Or do they just have a few like us? Or do we not know?

    I say no for the flare, we should save for Male Steamtank.

    Wishlist for Royals: More riflemen and grenadiers as available, seconding heavy weapons ammo, some dynamite if they can supply it.
    >> Captain Supernova !7NffU3G94s 11/25/09(Wed)23:52 No.6871423
    Let's continue to save our RP for now. Lets also try to get some more grenadiers or at least some certified British Officers like myself to help the new troops and put those mercs in their place. I'd also like some metal rails if we can get some, as after the road is built we need to start laying track for the male steam train. We also need maybe another mortar and some repeating rifles to equip our veterans with - they may not be as good as the French Legion, but numbers and massive firepower means something.

    Lets send a messenger to the Mining Core to patch up our small misunderstanding earlier and offer to help them with their Rebel problem.
    >> Researcher Sam 11/25/09(Wed)23:55 No.6871458
    Attempting to ally with the French? If this were 40k, that'd be HERESY!
    Just kidding. If we can come to an agreement with the French I'm all for it. Can we ask the Experts to start working on designing a railway, so we have the plans ready to go once the materials arrive?
    >> Victorian Colonists Some Steampunk Dude 11/25/09(Wed)23:56 No.6871477
         File1259211393.jpg-(50 KB, 400x174, internets moneyz.jpg)
    50 KB
    The steam tank is just that, its a tank not on rails. Anyways, Winston reported seeing 20 legionnaires, there might be more :( . The wishlist right now is ammo and Royal grens. Anything else? Also allying with the French Foreign Legion would be like stomping on the union jack in front of your royal grens. They would have the authority to excecute you on the spot. Now that doesnt mean that it isnt an option, but who has saved you more often, the grens or the mercs? ORDERS? FINAL WISHLIST?
    >> Anonymous 11/25/09(Wed)23:59 No.6871510
    >> Researcher Sam 11/25/09(Wed)23:59 No.6871512
    Can we get some more riflemen as well, or is it that or grenadiers to the exclusion of each other? If that's the case, then go with grens.

    Abort operation: friendship.

    I realize that the steamtank doesn't need rails, but a railway with some basic railcars would help speed up transport of men and materials.
    >> Captain Supernova !7NffU3G94s 11/26/09(Thu)00:03 No.6871559
    Ok, cancel the rails. And cancel allying with the French - Loyalty is our strong suit, lets not tarnish it. Ammo and Royal Grens coming in - I'd like to start moving the now unmounted gatling guns reinforced defensive buildings, since we will have ammo for them shortly. If we can request two gatling guns (its a lot, I know) for emplacement at the ruins, we can set the other three at the main HQ at the outermost defensive ring. If we can't acquire additional Gatlings, can we receive another mortar + crew to work it?
    >> Captain Supernova !7NffU3G94s 11/26/09(Thu)00:04 No.6871572
    Or don't cancel the rails - totally forgot about that aspect.
    >> Victorian Colonists Some Steampunk Dude 11/26/09(Thu)00:05 No.6871579
    The royal convoy arrives and is EXTREMELY happy to see that you gave a cut of treasure to the king. They give you 10 Grens and Sergeant Riker. Personal File on Riker: Professional Sharpshooter who excecuted 3 previous commanding officers for treason against Crown and Kingdom. Armed with a bolt action 10 round enfield. Also arriving are many boxes of maxim and gatling ammo. If you keep Riker happy for at least 1.5 months you get 5 RP. No consequences to killing him (it was implied by the person who released him to you that an accident in the jungle would be alright). ORDERS?
    >> Anonymous 11/26/09(Thu)00:08 No.6871607
    i dont get the reference
    >> Researcher Sam 11/26/09(Thu)00:08 No.6871611
    Don't sweat it, my mind has more holes than a sieve.
    >> Captain Supernova !7NffU3G94s 11/26/09(Thu)00:10 No.6871626
    That is awesome. Just the type of hardliner we need. The question is, would he view the treasure we kept as treason? Lets set him up with some rifles and have him explore the second level of the Temple with our guy.
    >> Victorian Colonists Some Steampunk Dude 11/26/09(Thu)00:10 No.6871627
         File1259212231.jpg-(57 KB, 400x644, defenses.jpg)
    57 KB
    Forgot to mention, the next shipment from the Royals in 3 weeks will be twice as big because of the FRENCH FOREIGN LEGION. ORDERS? scouting? expansion? fortification? immigration?
    >> Researcher Sam 11/26/09(Thu)00:11 No.6871640
    Still awaiting information on Glider scouting missions. Also, did Winston find where the French and rebels were camped?

    Attempt NOT to commit treason. Also, how did the Royal convoy act at hearing news of the Foreign Legion?
    >> Anonymous 11/26/09(Thu)00:12 No.6871645
    Give Riker command of some Grens, and have him set up defensive communications between the base and the ruins and the mines. Since he is basically a commissar, out him in the most dangerous and longest zone to defend with 15-40 mercs and those grens. He will make them hold against anything, as well as make trenches, cut down trees for basic fortifications and watchtowers, and dig out some small command/storage bunkers
    >> Captain Supernova !7NffU3G94s 11/26/09(Thu)00:12 No.6871649
    What's going on with our scouting gliders? Lets try to have them keep an eye out for troop movements.

    I still have a vote for immigration.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/09(Thu)00:14 No.6871673
    continuing from >>6871645
    also have him rally the men, for they are all patriotic. Make him give a good speech or two to keep everyone going. Also you could tell him that what he is preparing for is the FRENCH, so he will work that much harder; also make sure the grens are ones YOU pick, your best and most loyal
    >> Researcher Sam 11/26/09(Thu)00:14 No.6871674
    I'll agree to immigration now. Prepare to build new housing. Can we start building some bunkers near the edge of the clearing that our settlement resides in, or are we at the edge already? If so, then clear more room and start builing some advance hardpoints for forward guards and spotters for the mortar.
    >> Victorian Colonists Some Steampunk Dude 11/26/09(Thu)00:15 No.6871679
    You set up Riker in the midpoint between the ruins and the mine in the bunker newly built. stone wall is at 15 percent completion. Glider scouting reveals that an American messenger zepplin was spotted in the area. They did not engage b/c they did not have approval. The steam tank has dropped off the map, and it seems the rebels and Legion are maneuvering for a tactical edge. ORDERS?
    >> Anonymous 11/26/09(Thu)00:16 No.6871698
    Put some of the mercs under Riker, make sure he keeps them in line.
    >> Captain Supernova !7NffU3G94s 11/26/09(Thu)00:18 No.6871713
    Lets open diplomacy with the Americans - that's not treasonous. And so the Legion and natives are fighting? That's good too.
    >> Researcher Sam 11/26/09(Thu)00:19 No.6871722
    Use superior aerial mobility and intelligence to out-maneuver them. Attempt strafing runs on Death Tribe members, as they probably don't have any AA capabilities.

    How does the crown perceive the Americans? Being American myself, I'd like for us to at least have a mutual non-aggression pact with them.
    >> Victorian Colonists Some Steampunk Dude 11/26/09(Thu)00:19 No.6871726
    You put about half of the mercs and the rifles under Riker's command, and Winston is obviously jealous. Riker shot the driver of one of the treasure trucks carrying your personal cut, thinking he was trying to steal it. How do you talk to him. ORDERS?

    On immigration, you send a rider on one horse and a gren on the other to make sure the message for increased immigration reaches Cape Hope. Settlers will arrive in next royal convoy. You start moving defenses from the 1st ring into the 3rd ring. TALK TO RIKER!
    >> Anonymous 11/26/09(Thu)00:21 No.6871742
    Riker, if you shoot one of my men again, I can assure you that you will regret it. Put him on half rations for 2 weeks and make sure he gets the most awkward patrol detail.
    >> Researcher Sam 11/26/09(Thu)00:22 No.6871751
    Crap. I knew something was gonna come back to bite us in the butt, but I didn't know what.

    I honestly don't know what to say. Admitting that we were taking a personal cut may be treachery, and if we lie and he ever finds out, it'll be double treachery.

    Suggest we come clean. Do NOT attempt to bribe him, he is clearly above such a thing.
    >> Anonymous 11/26/09(Thu)00:23 No.6871765
    >excecuted 3 previous commanding officers for treason against Crown and Kingdom

    Do you REALLY want to come clean? I'm going to say no.
    >> Captain Supernova !7NffU3G94s 11/26/09(Thu)00:25 No.6871782
    Riker, we have an issue. You seem to be shooting my men. Now let me make it fucking clear to you - THESE ARE MY MEN! YOU DON'T SHOOT THEM! I've served under the King my whole career, and these men see that - they trust me and through that they trust the King. If I say jump, these men jump. If I say run, they say run. If I say move the treasure here, they MOVE IT. Cause they know, if they betray me, they are fucking with the wrong guy. So don't shoot my men. Save your ammo for the French and those unruly Mercs. Understand?
    >> Researcher Sam 11/26/09(Thu)00:25 No.6871787
    Well we are the governor. Check over our mandate: Does it give us right to a portion of the spoils?
    >> Anonymous 11/26/09(Thu)00:26 No.6871794
    Tell Winston, in private, that you are only putting those men under riker to keep him under control, and visa versa. Winston is to then take command on 1/3 of the rifles and half as many mercs and tell him that he is the command for the offensive/counter offensives, while riker is to just keep men in line. Tell Riker that he can only kill men under two conditions 1) if they are fleeing in battle without orders 2) if they assault an officer
    >> Victorian Colonists Some Steampunk Dude 11/26/09(Thu)00:26 No.6871795
    Alright, you need consensus on how you talk to Riker. You can just get Winston to assassinate him, but then the grens would like you less. Riker walks up to you at the end of the day and says, "I dont know what that truck driver was thinking, but there is no such thing as extra treasure, there is only more tribute to the good king's name." He walks away. ORDERS?
    >> Anonymous 11/26/09(Thu)00:28 No.6871829
    have riker lead a scouting mission with 10 mercs and 2 grens. Mission: scout french position in DETAIL. Maps, numbers, everything. If he dies, he dies for his king. If he survives, that much better, and we will have enough time to hide treasure
    >> Victorian Colonists Some Steampunk Dude 11/26/09(Thu)00:28 No.6871832
    You mandate is an Industrial one, technically, you could give the king no cut. To Riker the industrial mandate is already heresy. As far as he's concerned, as long as you have grens serving under you, you follow the kings laws. You need to talk to him. ORDERS?
    >> Anonymous 11/26/09(Thu)00:29 No.6871837
    Tell him that there will be no executions without my permission, remind him that you are his commanding officer, and that by disobeying us, he is disobeying the British Empire and the Queen.
    >> Researcher Sam 11/26/09(Thu)00:31 No.6871866
    Shit. Okay, well, I say we stop taking our own cut. It's not like we had any place to spend what we've taken already, so it should be intact. Offer to let him oversee personally that it is given over to the next royal convoy.
    >> Victorian Colonists Some Steampunk Dude 11/26/09(Thu)00:33 No.6871881
    You tell Riker to stop shooting your men, and you reassert your command with Winston and 5 mercs standing behind you. He walks away and he says, at the end of the day do you serve the American heiress's in their cities full of smokestacks or our king.
    Can i get a confirm on sending him on suicidal scouting mission? or other options? ORDERS?
    >> Captain Supernova !7NffU3G94s 11/26/09(Thu)00:33 No.6871885
    see >>6871782
    Add on the following:
    Riker, you are a solid, loyal soldier, and I understand that. But we need to keep a small amount of this treasure on hand in case of emergencies. We already gave a generous portion for the King and Country, and our required due to our Industrial Sponsors. But we also have immigrants coming in soon, not to mention hostile forces - in case we need to acquire more supplies or strike a deal, we need some solid assets on hand to grease the wheels of diplomacy. You understand, don't you?
    >> Anonymous 11/26/09(Thu)00:35 No.6871899
    SUICIDAL SCOUTING MISSION. WIN-WIN. especially if you say it's for the king and it's for defeating the french
    >> Captain Supernova !7NffU3G94s 11/26/09(Thu)00:35 No.6871908
    No, I want him alive - we need that RP bonus. Lets have him and some mercs + grenadiers scout the second level of this ruin.
    >> Researcher Sam 11/26/09(Thu)00:36 No.6871923
    Wait, so did we contact the Americans? I vote against suicide mission. For now. Let's get him back to the outpost, where he can make sure that the REAL threat, ie. the mercs, are kept in line. Confide in him your mistrust of them. We should try to work with him, not against him.
    >> Victorian Colonists Some Steampunk Dude 11/26/09(Thu)00:39 No.6871954
         File1259213948.jpg-(84 KB, 496x450, goose.jpg)
    84 KB
    The company you work for is a multinational mining conglomerate with offices in Britain and America, created by a marriage of a corrupt noble in Britain to an American Heiress. Can I get a confirm on the scouting of the second city level or letting him just sit guarding the road with the mercs? ORDERS? Also, great roleplay captain, promotions.
    >> Researcher Sam 11/26/09(Thu)00:41 No.6871981
    Hmm, what does he think? Is he interested in scouting out the second level? With him doing it, we could be sure that no one takes their own cut if they find something.
    >> Victorian Colonists Some Steampunk Dude 11/26/09(Thu)00:43 No.6872006
    Every time Riker goes out on a scouting mission he will execute 1-2 rifles/mercs/workers/experts (whatever he is sent with that is not grens) for treason. Other than that he is up for anything all the time. ORDERS? Industrial Convoy in 2 weeks
    >> Anonymous 11/26/09(Thu)00:44 No.6872022
    rolled 5 = 5

    What would happen if we got him to guard the road?
    >> Victorian Colonists Some Steampunk Dude 11/26/09(Thu)00:46 No.6872034
    He shoot the drivers your personal cut's trucks. They die. ORDERS?
    >> Captain Supernova !7NffU3G94s 11/26/09(Thu)00:46 No.6872035
    Ok, keep Grenadiers and Mercs around him at all times. He can take out as many Mercs as he wants when he scouts the Ruins.

    Will he shoot anyone when he's on a defensive role? Or when we send him against the French with a force comprised of multiple man types?
    >> Victorian Colonists Some Steampunk Dude 11/26/09(Thu)00:48 No.6872058
    He only will execute allies on scouting missions. While he is guarding the road you cant get personal cuts. Annnnnd the mercs think he is batshit insane. Btw, guys, this is one of my last few posts of the night, I'm hitting the sack soon. ORDERS?
    >> Researcher Sam 11/26/09(Thu)00:48 No.6872060
    Crap. So even just having him sit cosy with the mercs at the outpost will result in death? Well, better them than anyone else. Sorry to meta, but we just need him alive and happy for 1.5 months so we have enough RP for the steamtank. After that...
    >> Captain Supernova !7NffU3G94s 11/26/09(Thu)00:50 No.6872074
    Lets have him guard our main fortress then, and send Winston and ourselves into the Second Level of the Ruins with some guys.
    >> Victorian Colonist End Some Steampunk Dude 11/26/09(Thu)00:52 No.6872100
         File1259214733.jpg-(182 KB, 1000x631, trench war.jpg)
    182 KB
    Okay, industrial convoy in 1.5 weeks, im stopping it here for tonight. PROMOTIONS to Sam and Captain supernova, you guys kept it alive tnight. Glad you guys reacted to Riker well (meta), but imma archive this and go to bed. Gnight guys.
    >> Some Steampunk Dude 11/26/09(Thu)00:53 No.6872106
    >> Captain Supernova !7NffU3G94s 11/26/09(Thu)00:53 No.6872115
    Mmk, it was interesting!
    >> Researcher Sam 11/26/09(Thu)00:53 No.6872116
    Okay, good night. Should we expect another thread tomorrow, or wait until the weekend or after?
    >> Some Steampunk Dude 11/26/09(Thu)00:54 No.6872118
    weekend after thanksgiving, just crazy shite with relatives
    >> Researcher Sam 11/26/09(Thu)00:55 No.6872128
    Ah, I understand. Thanks for the awesome thread.
    >> Some Steampunk Dude 11/26/09(Thu)00:56 No.6872145

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