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    177 KB Elves and dwarves Anonymous 11/15/09(Sun)23:16 No.6724426  
    I was thinking how to make them more than pointy eared hippies and short vikings (without making a race that's nothing like the classical ones and using the same name), and i have a few ideas. For now i'm not even gonna touch their culture, as they should have different cultures like humans do. Perhaps not as many, since with their long lifespans there won't be as much forgetting from a generation to the next though. Here is what i have:

    Elves: Inherently magical. Their body is easy to change with some stimulus, but also tends to go back to it's intended form once it's not there anymore.

    -Once fully grown, they just don't age (or rather, they self repair faster than they would age, magic would be able to make them grow old, though they would gradually revert back). This means they should get no penalties or bonuses (for the D&D bonuses, i'd argue the weakening of the body helps becoming wiser and such) from age, whatever they might be in the system.
    -They're more easily affected by transformation spells, though they last less.
    -They can take less punishment, but they recover faster. No scar is permanent, and maybe even lost limbs can be regenerated (or reattached), though this might take a long time.
    -They adapt to climate changes fast. After a few days or weeks of changing (depending on the difference from their previous state) they'll be as well adapted as any creature evolved for that climate (an additional option for this could be making them grow fatter in the cold, skinnier in warm areas and maybe even change coloration to match the environment).
    >> Anonymous 11/15/09(Sun)23:17 No.6724432
    Dwarves: The opposite. They're hard to change, but once change happens, it tends to stay.

    -They don't age except by magical means (to which they're very resistant). As with the elves, they don't suffer penalties or gain bonuses from old age.
    -They're very hard to affect with transformations, but they last longer.
    -They can take a lot of damage, but they heal it slowly.
    -Very resistant to the environment. They don't adapt, they just can endure it better than most races.

    So essentially we have a blob of goo and a rock. One can be damaged and repaired very easily, the other is hard to damage and repair.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/09(Sun)23:34 No.6724628
    very nice. it lets the elves be all of their delicious varieties without belittling any of them. instead of being seperate races, they are all the same, but have been stuck whereever they are for a while now, and have adapted to it.

    dwarves make sense, but it doesn't really give them any new characterization depth, if you know what i mean.

    good job op
    >> Anonymous 11/15/09(Sun)23:49 No.6724777
    I guess the only problem i have with dwarves is their culture being the same nearly everywhere, where elves annoyed me for more physical reasons. Work hard, live underground, drink beer.

    Still i was going more or less for elves being magical/chaotic, dwarves being "antimagical"/orderly and humans being in the middle.

    When i started thinking about this i had an idea to have each race aligned with an element with humans as the middle, though i didn't get far on assigning the rest. Halflings might be air and be prone to travel, gnomes could be fire since it's sometimes associated with intelligence and invention, maybe gnomes could be earth, elves water and dwarves earth or something similar. I supposed then orcs, goblins and the rest could be done as the "evil" version of that, or just have several races for each element. Maybe combinations too, though mud doesn't sound very appealing.
    >> Melo The Yellow 11/15/09(Sun)23:51 No.6724795
    Well, you could have also taken Age of Wonders as an example.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/09(Sun)23:54 No.6724826
    I don't remember much about that. What was it? 1 free level of magic in the associated element or something like that?
    >> Melo The Yellow 11/15/09(Sun)23:58 No.6724869
    Um, no, it's a game. Kind of like Heroes of Might ad Magic only more bright magic spells. Each race is lead by a god/goddess of an element, sometimes two gods of the same element. Goblins and Dwarves both have Earth.
    >> Anonymous 11/16/09(Mon)00:18 No.6725065
    No, i meant if the race got a free level of spellcasting of that element. I remember playing the first and allocating some points towards the different kinds of magic, though i don't remember if they had anything like that.
    >> Anonymous 11/16/09(Mon)00:35 No.6725285
    I just noticed i forgot to add the short sleep for elves, it just follows from their ability to heal wounds, they also "rest faster" (and dwarves get tired slower).

    I'm also thinking how unbalanced it'd be (in 3.5) if elves got Fast Healing 1 and dwarves got Damage reduction 1/- or something similar (i'd balance it against standard humans, and if other races lag behind i'd rather get those up than the rest down).

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