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  • File : 1257296413.jpg-(7 KB, 251x119, 1257167629263s.jpg)
    7 KB Wild Cards TheLionHearted !HAGYQOveO. 11/03/09(Tue)20:00 No.6556077  
    >> TheLionHearted !HAGYQOveO. 11/03/09(Tue)20:03 No.6556117
    Older thread:

    >> Anonymous 11/03/09(Tue)20:04 No.6556125
    Cowboys playing poker?
    >> TheLionHearted !HAGYQOveO. 11/03/09(Tue)20:05 No.6556149
    No, enlighten yourself:

    >> Anonymous 11/03/09(Tue)20:08 No.6556193
    Nope latest cancer of a homebrew. Only this one doesn't even have a fucking rules system so it's people jerking off over concepts and writefaggotry.
    >> Silva 11/03/09(Tue)20:11 No.6556229
    So, I've been gathering a bunch of names for guns, for no other reason than suggestions for you other writefags to use them, if they inspire you. I don't have the motivation to use 'em, but I bet some of these would make awesome guns.

    Rebel Yell
    Iron Maiden
    Black Widow / Widowmaker (hey, possible rival gun to peacemaker?)
    Bloodhound / Hellhound
    Event Horizon

    >> Anonymous 11/03/09(Tue)20:19 No.6556305
    >> Anonymous 11/03/09(Tue)20:21 No.6556334
    >Hurrrr, sage for homebrew guys, /tg/ is for 40k image dumps and 4e CharOp only
    >> Anonymous 11/03/09(Tue)20:23 No.6556356
    Why don't we just make it a Savage Worlds setting? The game rules favor pulpy, cinematic action, and cards are already a main component of the combat. I'm sure only a little modification would work.
    >> Silva 11/03/09(Tue)20:24 No.6556372
    He didn't even sage, and he doesn't even need to post his coolface to show that he has one.
    >> Anonymous 11/03/09(Tue)20:26 No.6556393
    You know, that would probably work best... and Deadlands has already been converted to SW. You could just convert a chunk of that.
    >> Rogue Kitty !Z39279KCxs 11/03/09(Tue)20:26 No.6556394
    seems like this almost does better as plain writefaggotry than as a homebrew setting.
    >> Anonymous 11/03/09(Tue)20:33 No.6556457
    This is now a rules thread.

    No fluff.
    Crunch only.
    Final destination.
    >> Silva 11/03/09(Tue)20:37 No.6556491
    Hmm, no. I have little to contribute to crunch, though you can all go ahead and get that sorted out.

    But let's make this a hybrid thread, trying not to go out of control with the fluff this time. We really don't need to be making two Wild Cards threads on /tg/ (not counting the old thread that's autosaging) and I believe there was at least one working on more writefaggotry still on the way before the old one started auto-saging.
    >> Anonymous 11/03/09(Tue)20:39 No.6556507
    Hahaha oh good one, then it really will become cancer.
    >> Supachibi 11/03/09(Tue)20:51 No.6556612
    I love everything about this. /tg/ is awesome and you all should feel awesome.

    I've got a friend of mine doing a bit of artistry for the Card I came up with, and I'm working on a bit more fluff for it as well, so I'll be sure to post it whenever it gets done.
    >> Ace of Hearts: 'Deadeye' Warboss Krumpashredda 11/03/09(Tue)21:39 No.6557244
    "Hey, I see you're finally here. What the hell took ya so damn long?"

    Mac, he throws me a bottle of the good stuff. Best damn whiskey I'd ever drank, and this S.O.B.'s making it in his backyard? Hard to believe, but it's true. So, I'm sitting there, drinking, when this guy, big fucker, he shows up on the horizon.

    "Eh, lookit that feller over there! He looks weird, kinda like... an Injun!"

    Everyone that was there turned at that. An Injun, in our lands? Sure enough, this guy, yeah, he's an Injun alright. He's big, built, and looks like he could take a bullet or two and keep fighting. A real tough looking guy if I ever saw one. He walks over and in his big, deep, Injun voice says, "Have any of you seen a dog run through here?"

    Everyone goes quiet. Mikey, in the back, he speaks right up right away. "What's it to ya, big boy? Need that dog fer one'a yer little 'ritchulls' ya'll hold ta make it rain and such?" We all laughed.

    "He's my pet, white man. He's one of my only companions in this world... Please, if any of you saw him, I-"

    Davey decides he'll pipe up now. "Why come ya'll Injuns always dance around hoopin' and hollerin'? You fellers like the sound'a yer stupid chants or what?" He pantomimes an Injun war dance, and the big feller starts looking real angry.

    "Please stop this. I should warn you all, I have a gun."
    >> Warboss Krumpashredda 11/03/09(Tue)21:40 No.6557259

    Either Percy or Terry jumps in now, I can't remember. "Oooooh, we're real scared of a gun!"

    "It's a Card."

    Everyone goes quiet. That's when Gerald, big guy of our group, the guy who'd break your damn arm if ya arm wrestled him, he steps forward and pulls out his piece, the Three of Diamonds. It's a damn nice gun, faster than the fastest I ever seen. 'Course, that Injun had him beat.

    The Injun's gun was LONG. The barrel musta been one and half, maybe two feet long. Thing was all prettied up, silver plating, ivory handle. That's when we noticed the mark: The Ace of Hearts.

    Gerald, he's looking shocked, but he still stands there, and he looks the Injun right in the eye and says something you NEVER say to a man with an Ace: "Let's duel."
    >> Warboss Krumpashredda 11/03/09(Tue)21:41 No.6557278

    The two of them, they stand back to back, guns out. Gerald decides he wants to do this like his forefathers, so they start pacing forward. Ten, nine, eight, seven, they walk down to one, and Gerald turns around, but by then, he's already been shot through the head, blowing the whole top half of his head clean off. And there's the Injun: not even facing his direction! I swear to ya, that Injun's gun let him shoot the man dead without even turning around!

    The rest of the boys and I, well, we got angry, so we started shooting. But, thing is, he just turns around all slow like, firing shots right up into the air where they were sure to miss, and somehow they hit all of my men. These bullets hit 'em HARD too: Mikey's whole top half got blasted off! By the time he faced me directly, I was the only one alive. He points that big gun of his right at my head and cocks back the hammer. At this point I know I can't beat him, so I throw my gun to the side, and I get down and pray to him like he's Jesus-fucking-Christ.
    >> Warboss Krumpashredda 11/03/09(Tue)21:42 No.6557289

    "So, white man, did you see my dog or not?" He's looking at me with those damn eyes of his. They cut through my soul like a hot knife through butter.

    "Y-yes. Yes we did. It went east."

    "Oh, did he now?"

    "Yep, he sure did."

    "You know, I'll need money for the long trip ahead of me."

    "Here, man, take all of mine." I had 20 dollars on me, and I gave him all of it.

    He looks down. "Those are nice shoes."

    I hand him them too. I look at him, pleadingly and I say, "Please don't kill me, Mister Injun."

    Before walking off into the sunset he smiles at me and chuckles, and says something I'll never forget:

    "I'm out of bullets."
    >> Anonymous 11/03/09(Tue)21:46 No.6557326
    >> monotreeme 11/03/09(Tue)21:57 No.6557454
    I lol'ed but then I felt bad about it
    >> Anonymous 11/03/09(Tue)22:03 No.6557524
         File1257303810.jpg-(16 KB, 559x295, 6_barrel_revolver_Japanese_2.jpg)
    16 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/03/09(Tue)22:18 No.6557670
    missed the boat and posted in a new thread
    >> Anonymous 11/03/09(Tue)22:24 No.6557721
    BWAAAAHAHA! Awesome!
    >> Anonymous 11/03/09(Tue)22:31 No.6557781
    So, I'm thinking a point-based system for creating the guns... bonuses for To Hit (Called Shots), Quick Draw, Range, and Power, plus special abilities. Each gun category has its own point cost, and then modifying them adds to the cost. Does this sound about right?
    >> Anonymous 11/03/09(Tue)22:42 No.6557901

    There has been previous discussion about classifying the Guns and creating hard and fast rules for them. While it would be nice for the players to create them, I feel that it removes the sense of random power provided by the Dealer.

    That said, we would need rules for the guns. I like your idea and I suggest what you do is have each Gun start a base stat value equal to that of the best 'mundane' gun in the setting. When the suit is chosen, it automatically modifies one of the appropriate stats you mentioned. Next, when the card number is chosen, consider adding that many points to the stats of the Gun (creating ascending power). These stats related to the card number can be traded off for special abilities.

    for example, the Ten of Hearts (which has a story to it) is Redemption. As a heart, it gets the appropriate bonus but instead of 10 extra points for stats, they have been replaced with a 10 point ability to the effect of "mass inspire courage" or even geas.
    >> Anonymous 11/03/09(Tue)23:00 No.6558115
    how about using a system consisting of actual playing cards in combat?

    ..higher poker hand saves your life and all that..
    >> Anonymous 11/03/09(Tue)23:19 No.6558364
         File1257308347.jpg-(76 KB, 900x498, apache05_2263.jpg)
    76 KB
    Someone in the last thread said they had an idea for the hammergun.

    This is not that gun, this is some other gun.
    >> Supachibi 11/03/09(Tue)23:21 No.6558393

    There's been a lot of talk about the battle system, but nothing's been set in stone, yet.

    The creator of the idea says he's got enough to start running some gameplay tests, but doesn't want to show it to us yet, for fear we'd rip it apart.

    The main consensus is that pretty much everyone wants to use cards in some way, mainly Blackjack and/or Poker. Some people also want dice.
    >> Anonymous 11/03/09(Tue)23:22 No.6558400
         File1257308545.jpg-(40 KB, 640x480, hammergunforkillingcow.jpg)
    40 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/03/09(Tue)23:25 No.6558428
    There is an existing system, Gunslingers and Gamblers, that uses something like poker as a mechanic, but unfortunately a) I don't think it's built for anything that isn't mundane and b) it may or may not use dice instead of cards. Want me to upload anyway?
    >> Supachibi 11/03/09(Tue)23:30 No.6558483


    Let's not. I would think if we concentrated a bit less on the fluff (as fun as that is) and more on the actual game, we could come up with something good and fair.

    As far as character/gun creation and all, I don't really think we can condense it down to rules without losing some of the creativity. I think it'd have to be just picking a card and discussing the details of it with the dealer until some kind of equilibrium can be reached.

    Or, say you get one or two abilities per Card. If you want to take more, then you have to take a disability as well.
    >> Silva 11/03/09(Tue)23:40 No.6558641
    Lemme throw in my two cents here.

    I'm thinking we already have an existing stat system of Speed, Accuracy, Power and Gunplay/Trick Shots with this setting. Now normally, each character has a balance of these stats. Speed is for how quick the character can draw and possibly dodge some shots, Accuracy is for how reliable the bullets hit, Power is for increasing damage and Gunplay is for increasing your chances of trick shots, lucky shots, successful ricochets, et cetera.

    But that's just normally. When your character gains a Card, the weapon type, the suit of the Card maxes out the coresponding stat. Heart wielders always have maximum Accuracy, Diamond wielders always have maximum Speed, Club wielders always have maximum Power. The Spades are a little different by function, but they do max out Gunplay.
    >> Silva 11/03/09(Tue)23:53 No.6558822
    But that shouldn't be all to the game, no. I figure the game might benefit from a splitting of Battle and Field stats.

    First, battle stats like Accuracy, Speed would act like Dexterity outside of battle, Power would act like Strength outside of battle. However, the Gun's boosting stats on those things wouldn't be taken into account outside of battle.

    Then you can put together some other stats for field/non-battle things only, stuff like Charisma and Intelligence, and so on.

    The problem here is that this isn't all that original, but maybe it would be better if a deck of cards were implemented in some way, for determining stats.
    >> Supachibi 11/04/09(Wed)00:05 No.6558993
    Ok, so let's do this:

    Each gun has 4 stats:

    Power (strength of the gun)
    Accuracy (self-explanatory)
    Speed (speed of the bullets themselves and/or the draw and/or the firing, how many bullets the wielder can fire in rapid succession)
    Trickplay (Trickshots and such)

    Which I'll call the PAST system for now. Say each stat is measured from 1-10.

    A normal slugtosser would have 4's or 5's across the board, since it's normal.
    A Shooting Iron or a Smythe or a firearm of better quality than a slugtosser would have 5's and 6's across the board, being of better quality.

    When you get into Cards, then it's a different story, but an average Card will have 7's and 8's in most spots, with the card's strength (Trickplay for Spades, Accuracy for Hearts, etc.) being a 9 or 10, in general.

    Some Cards will have less of one for an increase of the others, but, again, creating the Cards for each player has yet to be worked out.

    Sound good so far?
    >> Silva 11/04/09(Wed)00:16 No.6559113
    Sounds great, actually.

    On an unrelated note, I think I have an idea for another fluff story regarding the guy with the Black Joker who cheated death, but I'm not sure if the rest of /tg/ would be happy with it.
    Should I post my idea anyway?
    >> Supachibi 11/04/09(Wed)00:19 No.6559165
    Now, players have 5 stats:

    Strength (physical power, equivalent to STR in D&D)
    Speed (general speed, dodging, quickdrawing, and such)
    Skill (in this case, meaning skill with a gun, both accuracy and trickshots)
    Smarts (the equivalent of both INT and WIS from D&D, how intelligent you are)
    Savvy (the equivalent of CHA from D&D)

    So, call that S5, why not.

    In battle, the only stats usually called into play are Speed (which modifies the Speed of the gun and determines how fast you can move and dodge), Skill (which modifies the Accuracy and partially the Trickplay) and Smarts (which also partially modifies the Trickplay (maybe)). Strength and Savvy generally won't play into a gunfight, but certain circumstances may call for it (say, shoving a heavy barrel over for use as cover, or talking to an opponent to try to get their guard down, or similar).

    Sound workable?
    >> Supachibi 11/04/09(Wed)00:27 No.6559265

    Yeah, go ahead. I think it's only you and I paying attention to this thread at the moment, anyway.
    >> Silva 11/04/09(Wed)00:28 No.6559274
    Yep, shaping up to be quite good.

    In regards to stat amounts, what if you are dealt 10 cards, 2 for each stat? And the total amount of two would be the amount of the stat. In this instance, Aces should probably be low if paired with a 10 or higher, and the minimum stat possible should be a 20 or so. Sort of like rolling a character, 'cept you're drawing them instead.
    >> Supachibi 11/04/09(Wed)00:33 No.6559350

    I hope you meant 'maximum' there, not minimum.

    Otherwise, that sounds perfect. 10 cards, two per stat, let the player pick and choose which goes where?

    Sounds like we've got our Player-rolling done.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/09(Wed)00:38 No.6559417

    I think that the gun stats should be lower. So slug tossers are 2 or 3, smythes are 4 or 5, then the cards are everything up. Gives more room to play with the arrangement of stats of the cards.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/09(Wed)00:41 No.6559453
    >Savvy (the equivalent of CHA from D&D)
    I'd also give it aspects of Exalted's Wits.

    "You may have Smarts, boy, but it ain't worth squat if you can't think on your feet."
    >> Anonymous 11/04/09(Wed)00:42 No.6559462
    I'm liking this a lot. Plus, S5 just sounds good.
    >> Silva 11/04/09(Wed)00:43 No.6559470

    Well, in the last thread we talked extensively about the Black Joker, and it kinda gave me a thought. Now, it is impossible for a man who holds the Black Joker to die in a gunfight, making the man who cheated death a nearly unstoppable BBEG. Who could possibly stop that, IF not even Red Joker's bullet?

    Then it occurs to me that there are a couple Guns here that don't kill. Particularly Terror and Peacemaker (the first one I made), they're guns that don't kill. In the case of Peacemaker, it's power is the ability to end any gunfight without casualties - but that doesn't guarantee the safety of the wielder.

    So then I had this idea, what if Terror, Peacemaker and a couple other Card holders teamed up for a last stand in Tombstone, during the 52 card pick-up? How would that play out?

    Because of the way Terror works, it may not be as effective as Peacemaker against the Black Joker - hell the wielder of the Black Joker cheated death of all things. But that might be my own bias here, so I apologize if it is. Either way, Peacemaker seems to be a gun that just might be able to disarm him, but I figure its wielder would probably get shot in the process of disarmin' him, or maybe he'd stab her after the fact. Whether or not she should die or even get injured, I'll leave to /tg/'s advice. Anyway, the last Card holders stand up against him, Peacemaker shoots the gun out of his hand, one of the survivors destroys the gun, but they still can't kill the Black Joker's wielder. Death is comin' fast, though. To save the last of the Card holders, ol' Red Joker steps in, bluffs that his Gun CAN kill the Black Joker, and backs him up to trip over somethin', falling back and, as luck would have it, fall right on a Rattlesnake, which bites him in the back and kills him quickly, being so close to his heart.

    What do you think?
    >> Anonymous 11/04/09(Wed)00:43 No.6559471
    So what's the point of the numbers for stats and guns? What do they modify? Is it a roll over system and the numbers are the bonuses applied in the situation? Is it a dice pool? Is it a roll under system where you have to roll under the stat?

    Are there skills on top of the PAST and S5? If there are are they general things only (i.e. perception) or are they more broken up (i.e. spot, listen, sense motive)?

    How do special abilities figure into it? Do they have a "point value"?

    Actually I just had a good idea. During character creation each player has to pick one of the cards they drew to represent their Gun. Then the card picked determines the points that can be spent on their Gun. Thus a player can have a better Card, but will end up with lower stats.
    >> Supachibi 11/04/09(Wed)00:44 No.6559481
    As for battles, I'm still not sure, but I like the way the Red Dwarf RPG system handles damage.

    (It might not be exclusive to Red Dwarf, but that's the only place I've seen it so far, so that's what I'm going off of)

    Essentially, each character has a SHRUG value. Any damage dealt to them that's less than or equal to that is essentially negated. Anything above that causes a Wound.

    At Wound 1, there's still no reason to worry. But from Wound 2 and on, you begin to take penalties to all your 'rolls'. So at Wound 2, you take a -1 penalty, at Wound 3 you take a -2 penalty, so on and so forth until Wound 7, where you're dead.


    Yeah, that'd probably be better too.


    Haven't played Exalted, can you fill me in?
    >> Silva 11/04/09(Wed)00:46 No.6559502
    Yep, I meant maximum.

    I agree with >>6559417 too.
    Then again, maybe we should go with the same numbers for guns for uniformity - Gun stats going up to 20.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/09(Wed)00:47 No.6559504

    Sounds similar to DH's toughness bonus/armour damage reduction and the wounds.
    >> Supachibi 11/04/09(Wed)00:50 No.6559536

    Alright, up to 20 max for all stats it is.


    We're working on it, haha. Trying to get the core of the system down before we start branching off into everything else.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/09(Wed)00:52 No.6559557
    You know what's funny? This started out as a discussion about Gene Starwind's caster gun. Ah well, carry on.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/09(Wed)00:55 No.6559600
    Not exactly. It started with a loose idea I labeled "gunpunk" and the only gun picture I had in my laptop's folder - which, yes, was the caster gun.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/09(Wed)00:59 No.6559641
    I want to believe!
    >> Anonymous 11/04/09(Wed)00:59 No.6559649
         File1257314380.jpg-(429 KB, 700x871, Gunslinger_Spawn_by_hyunwook.jpg)
    429 KB
    So how do the stats modify the game? Is it a base number that is enhanced by a roll/draw, or does each stat provide a modifier, a la d20?
    >> Supachibi 11/04/09(Wed)01:00 No.6559663

    If we're doing 20 per stat, then I say it should be modifiers ala d20, since most people are familiar with it, and thus it's less to explain.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/09(Wed)01:03 No.6559687

    See for yourself.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/09(Wed)01:04 No.6559709

    But would a d20 be rolled with that much modifier floating around? I suppose it does represent how someone with huge bonuses is going to ruin just about anyone's day, but someone with a slug tosser could theoretically get lucky.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/09(Wed)01:07 No.6559734
    Drop the dice entirely, except for damage. Each player has a 5-card hand at all given times, say, from 2 combined decks. You play a card for any given check, and add any modifiers to it. And there has to be a way to auto-fail a check to discard and draw.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/09(Wed)01:11 No.6559796
    This game works far better as a rule light system than anything else. I would have some card mechanic for conflict resolution (play blackjack, maybe) and nothing else.
    >> Tech Priest Naile 11/04/09(Wed)01:12 No.6559810
    I'm going to be using this in an upcoming Deadlands game, and assigning Harrowed Powers (and a couple Huxter and Prayer spells) to the various guns. The Dealer will be a Harrowed who has been completely consumed by his Manitou, and each gun will be a Relic, possessed of a wicked evil Manitou itself. The rules I'll be using encourage players to collect the guns, as holding more than one doesn't kill you or negate their powers, though too many drives you insane. The idea is to get the players interested in hunting down their own guns to participate in a sort of Tournament called "The Dead Man's Hand" where the winner supposedly obtains something awesome. It's a work in progress.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/09(Wed)01:13 No.6559823
    rolled 18 + 6 = 24

    Rolling will to disbelieve.
    >> Supachibi 11/04/09(Wed)01:13 No.6559829

    Well, the modifiers would be like D&D, with 10 and 11 granting no bonuses, 12 and 13 granting +1, and so on.

    And as far as dice and cards and battles go, we're still working on it. Chances are dice will not be used, or will be used very sparingly.
    >> Supachibi 11/04/09(Wed)01:22 No.6559924

    Is that you, original OP? The one who started it all?

    If so, what do you think of the system thus far?
    >> Silva 11/04/09(Wed)01:35 No.6560092
    I find it funny how this post got overlooked in all the crunch, in a setting so far dominated by fluff.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/09(Wed)01:36 No.6560100
         File1257316581.jpg-(86 KB, 605x607, ThreeClubsHyde.jpg)
    86 KB
    So then under the PAST system you have there (and I'm going to reduce the average gun's stats to 3, scrap tossers to 2, excellent guns to 5-6, and Cards range across the board)
    something like the Three of Clubs, the "Hyde" here, with its description of
    >Small revolver with three chambers. Large bullet size. Has a big bang, but little control.
    >Cause the gun wears you like a glove and sets your inner beast free.
    Would have something like
    P- 7-9
    A- 2-4
    S- 4-6
    T- 2-4
    Sound about right?
    >> Supachibi 11/04/09(Wed)01:40 No.6560169

    Haha, I read it, and it's pretty cool, I think. Although the neck would be a quicker kill, really. Too many bones in the back, and from the neck, it'll go right to the brain.


    Yeah, that sounds about right, although if all stats are 20 now, then you'd double those.
    But that sounds like it'd work for that Card.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/09(Wed)01:47 No.6560269
    >Haven't played Exalted, can you fill me in?
    Basically how fast you think on your feet. How you react to the unexpected, initiative modifiers etc.
    >> Silva 11/04/09(Wed)01:57 No.6560381
    Snakebite to the neck it is, then. I'd like to hear some various other opinions or suggestions from /tg/ before I get to writing though.

    Keep up the good work with figuring out the crunch!
    >> Supachibi 11/04/09(Wed)01:57 No.6560383

    So....it's like Dexterity from D&D, more or less?

    We've already got that in the form of Speed and Skill.

    Honestly, the only reason I called it Savvy is because it started with S, and I couldn't think of anything else that would work as Charisma that began with S.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/09(Wed)01:59 No.6560413
    >> Anonymous 11/04/09(Wed)02:00 No.6560419
    *faire, sorry
    >> Supachibi 11/04/09(Wed)02:06 No.6560467

    Yeah, I was thinking Savoir-faire at first, but Savvy rolls off the tongue easier.
    Suave might work...But I still like Savvy better.

    Either way.

    Battles. How do we handle them?
    >>6559734 has a good start, I think...
    >> Anonymous 11/04/09(Wed)02:08 No.6560482
    But "savvy" doesn't mean "charisma." It means (verb) "to understand" or (adjective) "perceptive". You savvy?
    >> Anonymous 11/04/09(Wed)02:15 No.6560549
    Maybe have situations where there are modifiers for the cards in your hand?
    Like if your gun is a spade, spade cards you play have +1 value?
    Or the environment causes all face card modifiers to have -2 value?
    >> Anonymous 11/04/09(Wed)02:17 No.6560571

    Savvy could be awareness though, and possibly defensive uses of charisma.
    >> Supachibi 11/04/09(Wed)02:20 No.6560606

    Yeah, that was more or less always planned, in a way.


    The way he's got it, playing a card of the same suit as your Card would grant you a bonus on your play, while playing the same card as your Card would grant you a bigger bonus/the equivalent of a natural 20.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/09(Wed)02:23 No.6560655
    How about having challenges be like Blackjack? When attempting a task, you take hits from the Dealer. Each hit takes an action. If your cards are more than the difficulty of the task, you succeed. However, if your cards are higher than your applicable stat, you bust and suffer failure. Multiple people can work together, and so long as no one busts they add their cards together. Maybe have actions represented by chips, and you bet them when challenging a task. If you don't bust, you get them back (so that people can slowly work toward a task). You could use different games for different challenges. Maybe gunfights are poker. Fist fights might be War. Just a suggestion.

    If you did want to do this in D20, Mutants & Masterminds can do just about any power you have. The guns use the Device power, and the Masterminds Handbook has rules for replacing dice with cards.
    >> Supachibi 11/04/09(Wed)02:29 No.6560729

    If we can't do 'Savvy', how about 'Style'?


    What is a defensive use of charisma? I cannot for the life of me think of how this could work.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/09(Wed)03:23 No.6561208
    Damn, does everyone in this thread suck at what they mean, or is this really as much of a clusterfuck as it looks like?
    >> Anonymous 11/04/09(Wed)03:24 No.6561217
    Sounds good.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/09(Wed)03:25 No.6561224
    >> Anonymous 11/04/09(Wed)03:29 No.6561244
    So far we have:

    >Gun stats

    Rated 1-10

    >People stats
    Rated 1-21, decided by adding two cards

    >Core Mechanic
    Have a hand with five cards, play one and add your stat to it.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/09(Wed)03:31 No.6561261
    ... This is the gayest system ever. LET"S USE CARDS! how does that work? LET"S ADD MODIFIERS LIKE D20!

    It makes no fucking sense, it wouldn't be fun to play, and the stat system sidelines the tactical element of the card system.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/09(Wed)03:32 No.6561267
    What would you propose?
    >> Supachibi 11/04/09(Wed)03:33 No.6561272

    Yep, pretty much.

    Where we go from there, I'm still not sure.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/09(Wed)03:34 No.6561282
    Honestly, I liked the idea that you get dealt a [poker] hand, and the best hand shoots first. Your own card is wild.

    I don't see why we should deviate from the ideas we've more or less agreed on up until now.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/09(Wed)03:35 No.6561296
    You know, the cool thing about namefags is you can tell when all the buttfuck retarded ideas are coming from the same person.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/09(Wed)03:37 No.6561304
    I don't know, I like the ideas presented here, in theory. I agree that they'd suck in practice though.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/09(Wed)03:39 No.6561314
    Five of Spades-’Devotion’

    I was out of options, ya see. No money, no work, parents long ago disowned me, so I joined up. Yeah, joined the military. The 15th Scout Cav, to be precise. They were the ones who went out on long distance recon missions, all that sort of thing, or would have, had there been a war on. In ‘peacetime’ in the west, though, there was still a lot for the army to do, so the 15th acted as escorts to government officials, tax collectors, and all that, protecting them from bandits and angry civilians alike. Anyways, after basic training, I was sent along with a supply train to one of the forts where the 15th were stationed. We got in to town late at night, and I rode up to the fort, where the sentry told me to go the quartermaster, and get my gear. Well, I walked in there, it must have been 11 at night, the place is all dark, and I’m figgerin’ the quartermaster’s gone to bed, but I ring the bell there nonetheless. All of a sudden, the lights in the back come on, and this figure walks up to the counter. He was a nondescript kind of guy, but I do remember noticing he was in civilian clothes, which seemed kind of strange. Anyways, he walks out, and kinda looks me over, before grinning at me. I saluted, and he waved it off,

    “New here? Well, let’s get you some gear. You a card player?”
    >> Anonymous 11/04/09(Wed)03:40 No.6561317
    I like the idea of playing from a hand when out of combat, though.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/09(Wed)03:41 No.6561328
    If they suck in practice, they suck all together. And they're lame in theory too, because none of this stat shit fits together.
    >> Silva 11/04/09(Wed)03:44 No.6561337
    If you think you can do better, do better and post it then. Criticizing like you are without giving even an example of something better is just ridiculous. As for me, I already said I can't contibute much to the crunch, and there's only a few people here passing around ideas. Game rules don't just get developed over one slow night, you know?

    And hell, I only namefag on these threads so I can carry on extended conversations.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/09(Wed)03:44 No.6561341
    Attack and defense is blackjack?
    >> Silva 11/04/09(Wed)03:46 No.6561361
    This. I would expect it to take at least many weeks of debate before we truly have a solid system, sheesh.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/09(Wed)03:48 No.6561368
    Sure. You have to beat the target at blackjack in order to hit where you wanted to hit.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/09(Wed)03:48 No.6561372
    I wasn’t much of one, having been raised by religious parents, but, joining the military had given me a new appreciation for games I’d once thought of as a sinful waste of time, and told him so. At that, he just grinned, and said something about how he’d get me into the big one, before heading into the back. He came out with a new uniform, haversack, and ammunition and set it down on the counter. Reaching under his hat, he pulled out what seemed to be an incomplete deck of cards, and dealt me a card. I looked down at the card he had handed me, the five of spades. I looked up, confused, but he just shrugged, and muttered

    “It chose you,”

    With that, he turned around, and walked into the back. I looked back down, and saw the card had changed into a lever action carbine, the sort that I would have been issued with. This one looked a little beat up, and, looking it over, I saw that a 5 inside a spade had been carved into the bottom of the grip. I looked up, and rang the bell, meaning to ask the man about this, but the lights in the back were out. Now, I only saw that quartermaster twice in my life, but the Carbine he’d given me served me faithfully. It always seemed to be able to make shots that were conventionally impossible, and I’d swear, it got me into risky situations so that it could get me out of them again.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/09(Wed)03:49 No.6561382
    I'm liking these ideas, but the problem is, they don't take anything into account for characters and guns.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/09(Wed)03:49 No.6561383
    The other time I saw him, me and the rest of 5 squadron, 15 cavalrymen in all, had been sent to escort some sort of missionary across the plains, to some isolated church. Now, when we got there, the locals were mighty happy to see us. Turns out, there were some warlike injun’s in the area, who had been raiding the village, who were only just able to fight them off with a hastily raised militia. They saw our uniforms, and of course, decided we were there to help. Turns out, there’s some law preventing us from refusing them, not that we would have considered it, until they told us that altogether, there were about 150 of the red buggers, and the chief was packin’ a card. Now, when I heard the legends of the cards, I’d realized what my carbine, ‘Devotion’ as I’d named it, was. I’d kept it quiet though, not wanting to attract any unnecessary attention to myself.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/09(Wed)03:51 No.6561394
    So, when I heard the chief was the owner of another card, I found myself secretly hoping for a chance to take him on. We set up camp behind the town hall, and worked with the locals to build up some defences. After a few days, we noticed a huge dust cloud coming form the south. The injuns split up, and surrounded the town, while we rushed to the hastily built barricades. The chief raised his revolver, and fired a shot into the air, and the attack began. A vicious firefight broke out all around the town, with the injuns shooting from horseback, while the defenders sniped from in cover. Eventually, the enemy numbers began to show, and pushed their way into the town. The battle turned into a running firefight through the town. Eventually, half the town was burning, and I got trapped in the local tavern with a few other troopers, and perhaps 4 of the locals. We had the road pretty much covered, and were sniping at one another from cover, so not much was going on. All of a sudden, the chief strides out, and unleashes a hail of bullets from his revolver. Shot after shot slammed into the already riddled tavern, and a couple of my companions fell, dead.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/09(Wed)03:52 No.6561401
    Without even reloading, the chief kept coming, shooting all the while. Cowering in the cover of one of the windows, I fired blindly with my carbine, keeping everything but my arms in cover. There was a single shot, and all the bullets slamming into my cover stopped. I decided to risk a glance, and saw the chief was dead, that single shot had slammed into his heart. With their leader down, the nerve of the other injuns broke, and they fled, leaving their dead. I walked over to the chief, only to see another man crouched over the corpse, carefully prying the revolver from the dead chief’s hand. The figure straightened up, and turned to face me, and I recognized the man from the quartermaster’s office. He grinned at me, and pulled a deck of cards out from under his hat, sliding a red card back into the deck.

    “I told you I’d get you in on the big game” With that, he turned around, and walked off.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/09(Wed)03:53 No.6561406
    author here. I'm not a big fan of this part, anyone got any ideas?
    >> Anonymous 11/04/09(Wed)03:59 No.6561446
    I don't know that we really need anything much for characters. As for guns, it should be suit based. A Diamond auto-wins the hand (except against another diamond) a Heart always wins the 21. The blacks' abilities don't have mechanical effect, and they're potent enough not to need them.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/09(Wed)04:31 No.6561632
    Have the Kings all been writefagged already?
    >> Anonymous 11/04/09(Wed)04:33 No.6561651
    Doesn't matter - all non-Ace non-Joker Cards are different for every Gunslinger.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/09(Wed)04:51 No.6561757
    When my granpa heard about the rustlers gettin' their hands on an Ace, he didn't seem afraid or angry. He jus' seemed kinda, well, sad. the sherrif was scared, but he was gonna meet 'em in a show down anyways.

    When we got home, granpa went upstairs while i told ma and dad what was happenin'. Grampa came downstairs with a box, and a gunbelt. funny thing was this gunbelt didn't have no places to put cartridges. Just a holster, and a couple of hooks.

    When dad and ma saw that, they shooed all the little ones to bed, and I started to go to, 'cept granpa said, "Let 'im stay." Dad frowned, but nodded, and my mam didn't look none to happy, but I sat down and watched my granpa take out a gun from the box, and then a couple of jars and a little brass thing with a tube on it.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/09(Wed)05:06 No.6561857
    That gun was a little bit different than most I'd seen. Sleek and black, with a brass and wood handle. Except my granpa didn't break it in half to load it. He half-cocked it, and then set it between his legs so he could look down the barrel, and then he carefully wiped the chambers with wire and cloth. Well, I asked about it, and he said, "Gonna have to teach them rustlers what for, Jim." He was real careful about cleaning the chambers too, taking his time with each one.

    "But 'pa, they've got an Ace!" And I admit, I was sayin' it like it was somethin' wonderful, even though they were gonna kill the sheriff and anyone who got in their way. Granpa glanced at me and nodded. "You can't win against an Ace, grampa!" I said, worried now.

    Then he did something I'd never seen before. He put a little brass cap in one of the barrels, and then took that brass doohickey and screwed a little curved horn onto it. He turned it upside down and pulled a little trigger on the brass, and then put the tip of the horn in the chamber. I saw some black powder pouring into it. Just a little.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/09(Wed)05:11 No.6561880
    "That's an old gun, granpa! You can't win a gunfight with that!"

    He took a deep breath and sighed. "You're young yet Jim. This here is an old colt Navy Revolver. But it's got another name too. You're right - most times, you can't win against an Ace. But the Ace ain't always the high card, Jim. when you play 'nuff card games, you learn that right quick. And there's only one other card you can have to make Twenty-One with an Ace out." He took out a goodly sized lead ball and set it in the chamber, careful and easy. Then he put in a little bit of paper, and swiped some grease over it.

    He did the same thing for the next chamber, always careful and thoughtful. He paused at the fifth chamber, and added a little more powder to that one than the rest. He caught me watchin', and he smiled. "You can't load 'em all heavy, Jim. You do that, and He'll shake himself apart in time." I remember that especially. Called it 'Him'. most times, gunslingers don't call 'em 'him', only 'her' or 'it'.

    He finished and slipped the gun into the holster. I could see the mark on the bottom - a K and a heart, plain as day. "This here's a different Card. This card ain't like the others. It's the only card a Dealer will pick up before the owner's dead, Jim. That's 'cause it's the last gun you'll ever fire, and it's the last six bullets you'll ever shoot. One way or another, you'll never pick up and shoot a gun the rest of your life." I swallowed, and nodded. He was so serious, I didn't have it in me to try and argue.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/09(Wed)05:19 No.6561919
    He stood up and put on that old belt. He always stood straight and tall, but I could see that gun weighed heavy on him. "Most gunslingers don't do too much thinking, Jim," he said as he put away his tools and the gun supplies. "They're apt to let their gun do the thinkin' for them, or they're too hot to do any thinkin' themselves. Ain't the same thing - that's another thing you'll learn when you get older." I just sat and listened, 'cause I was thinkin' that these would be the last words i heard him say.

    "You don't see to many young'uns with the Kings. That's 'cause to use a King, you gotta have your wits about you, and know what to do with one. That's what makes a king different. You can beat an Ace with a King, if you play the Cards right." He dusted himself off, and he glanced at me.

    "Now, you mind your ma' and da' while I'm gone." But as he said it, there was a smile on his face, jus' a little one, like he knew what i was gonna do. I didn't plan on it though; I didn't even think about followin' him right then. I didn't want to see my granpa gunned down by a buncha thieves and rustlers.

    I followed, though, even though my mam and da' told me to go to the room and read to my brothers and sisters. I snuck out, and followed my granpa to town.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/09(Wed)05:33 No.6561986
    Well, they were there all right, waitin' for the sheriff and the few men who would dare to stand up to them. Weren't any, of course - just the sheriff. And then my grampa walked up, calm and easy as you please. He had the gun out already, up on his shoulder, where he couldn't get it down fast enough to beat a draw if he'd wanted to. The rustlers laughed about that, I tell you, and it made me sore, hearin' them like that. And then I thought, why didn't they sober up? Couldn't they see my granpa had a Card too?

    They did sober up a little, as the church bell rang. On the third ring the sheriff drew down and was dead faster than he could even draw his gun. The one with the Ace just shot him dead before he could even move. But the others tried to gun down my granpa. And, I mean tried, 'cause not one of them could lay a shot in him. He just stood there, plain as day, not movin', and they couldn't hit him. Or, maybe they DID hit him, and it was like my granpa was a ghost.

    He just lowered that old gun, and took aim, and shot them dead, one by one. Took his sweet time. Didn't rush, didn't hurry, didn't worry about them runnin' off - and two of them tried to. They didn't die easy, either - the took the bullets and fell over, moanin' and cryin' about bein' shot.

    The last one, the one with the Ace, he was lookin' at my granpa kinda peculiar like, and my granpa pointed the King of Hearts at him and waited. It was that fifth shot too, the one he'd put extra powder into.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/09(Wed)05:36 No.6562009
    "That there a Card, old man?"

    "Reckon so," my granpa said, his hand not waverin' at all.

    "Ain't an Ace, though."


    "You think you can win?"


    That bastard pulled the trigger on my granpa, and there was a dry click. That rustler's eyes went wide and my granpa put a bullet right between his eyes, and he dropped like a stone. Only then did my granpa lower the gun, and wait for a few minutes. Sure enough, a man i ain't never seen in town before walked up and took that Ace from the rustler's hands, and shuffled the Card back into his deck.

    "You still got your one shot left, ol' pa," he said. My granpa nodded, and the dealer nodded right back, before he walked into the saloon. My granpa waited and I knew he knew i was there. I walked out, and watched him put the Card back in His holster. He looked sown at me and ruffled my hair.

    I smelled gunsmoke and blood, and dust, and I felt a little older right then. "Like I said, Jim, you can't always win with an Ace." I nodded and we walked back home. He didn't take his gunbelt off; he wore it every day after too. Like the dealer said, he had one shot left.

    I ain't gonna ask him what it's for. But sometimes I stay up late, and I can see as he looks into the fire that he knows what it's for. And that scares me, a little.
    >> Conquistadore~ !!Gxshs9Vg5NL 11/04/09(Wed)05:37 No.6562011
    Came up with some ideas for a ruleset, thought you folks might like it.

    Playing true to the roots of the card theme, each character has a Suit, and his Card. They don't have to match at all. A character's suit represents his abilities - a strongman would likely be a club, a sharpshooter, a heart, a speedy fella, a diamond, and a con man, a spade. Those are just examples, of course.

    Of course, your Card (your Gun) is Wild, in whatever hand it's played in. But your suit? It helps you out too. Whether you're playing with poker or blackjack, it'll help either way. In poker, it'll mean if you've got two (or more) of your suit, and nothing else? That's a pair. Lowest card is the strength. In blackjack? If you'd bust, you can throw away one of your suited cards (even the one you just drew, perhaps), but you gotta draw again.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/09(Wed)06:18 No.6562311
    this sounds workable for out of combat situations.

    the 5 card hand system for combat then?
    >> Silva 11/04/09(Wed)08:21 No.6563283
    I can't figure out what this gun is suppose to be called. Can anyone, or the author, tell me?
    >> Silva 11/04/09(Wed)08:36 No.6563391
    Nevermind I guess, added this to the wiki anyway, under Other Stories.
    >> Gamblin' Man 11/04/09(Wed)09:06 No.6563564

    > K and a Heart

    King of Hearts, it seems like.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/09(Wed)09:14 No.6563626
    So, if I wanted to writefag for this, how would I go about doing so?
    >> Silva 11/04/09(Wed)09:14 No.6563636
    I meant the given name. Like how the Four of Clubs is Fool's Gold, the Eight of Diamonds is Lucy, or the Ace of Spades is The Hangman.
    >> Silva 11/04/09(Wed)09:25 No.6563710
    First, read the other stories on the wiki.


    You can choose any Card, even ones made before on the site and make up a new gun/form for it if you like, but the only exceptions to this is Aces. Twos through Kings take on a different form and a different power for every individual gunslinger who holds the Card, but Aces stay the same regardless. At least, that's my understanding of it.

    Once you have a solid idea, just try to write it in the style of one of the others and post away. If there's something wrong with it, I'm willing to give you some constructive criticism.

    Good luck!
    >> Gamblin' Man 11/04/09(Wed)09:29 No.6563737

    Ah, right. Hm. Well, simply "Old King Hearts" works, I think.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/09(Wed)10:14 No.6564091
    Wow, this isn't dead? Neat.
    Just checked through it a bit, and I have no idea why the guns stats go to 10 while the player's stats go to 20(21?). I just think it would be easier to apply them both if they were the same.
    >> Silva 11/04/09(Wed)10:19 No.6564147
    It's still a work in very early progress, I'm sure these things'll get sorted out eventually.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/09(Wed)10:29 No.6564245
    You know, after reading up, I still think this setting is more destined to be an anime than it is to be a decent tabletop game. Just putting that out there.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/09(Wed)11:14 No.6564723
    Hammer gun idea guy here. Finishing up the story so should have it up soon.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/09(Wed)11:15 No.6564737
    Very true. I still think it'd be a fun rules-light (to allow for animu fightan magick shenanigans) one shot.
    >> Christmas Ape 11/04/09(Wed)11:17 No.6564761
    You know what this would be good in?
    >> Anonymous 11/04/09(Wed)11:28 No.6564885
    Six of Spades: Deceiver

    Ya ever hear the tale of honest Pete, stranger? No? Well buy me a drink and I'll tell ya sum, 'tis worth it believe you me.

    Honest Pete was, well, honest. That young lad didn't even carry a pistol, and was quite a witty one. Town folk loved 'em, you can trust a guy not carrying and Honest Pete was good company. He worked on a ranch herdin an' butcherin cattle. Not much happens often in the town, and you'd rarely see any slugs fly.

    Did I mention he lived in Little Mountaintop? No? Dull as 'ell place there, people drinkin an' gamblin ta forget they live there, even the kids there bet with each other how many horses will come in that day, it was that dull. So anyways, Honest Pete was playin some cards, an' winnin everyone's money. No one dares call Honest Pete a cheater, the whole town would be on 'em, so theys all get up and get a drink leavin Honest Pete an the dealer.

    They say the dealer started shufflin again, but Pete wouldn't have none of it, sayin he didn't want to take the strangers money, but the dealer replies there's no money. Pete goes along with it, an he draws the 6 of spades. Rumors talk of some dealer gives out cards, and Honest Pete found 'em. Ah, but the story ain't over yet stranger. Ya see Honest Pete doesn't accept the offer, he want no gun ya see.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/09(Wed)11:28 No.6564896
    Yeah, he turned down a bloody card! I can't believe it myself, but that's the kind of guy Pete is.

    But, ya see, Honest Pete wasn't so honest. They saw he hesitated before turning the card down. Now what's the dealer do? They say before Pete completely uttered the word 'fold' the dealer noticed his hesitation an' called his name. Well Pete looks up, and they say looked him right in the eye. Pete seems to go all dumb an stiff, unable to break the gaze till the dealer asks him again if he wants the card.

    Well that gun Honest Pete didn't want to touch was gone as Pete knew it. It was replaced by a hammer, a hammer with the power of a card. To Honest Pete it was just like his work, holdin that hammer. That's right, he grabbed that hammer as soon as he saw it. They say the dealer changed the card to Pete's liking.

    Now youngin this story ain't over yet. People didn't know what that hammer Honest Pete carried around was all about, and things went about all normal like. As I said Little Mountaintop isn't a place one goes for thrills, and it's problem with bandits ain't exactly there, but today wasn't the case. Ya see, cattle can be worth more then gold in some places, and a few rustlers, they grabbed some of the cattle from where Honest Pete worked. He didn't know it was them till they were bragging about it in the saloon after having some wiskey an playin some cards. It's what ya do in that town.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/09(Wed)11:29 No.6564904
    Well this gets Honest Pete all mad like, an he goes up to them from the bar and starts demandin the cattle back. Now there's six of them there rustlers and only one of Pete, so they brandish their slug throwers and tell Honest Pete to back off. With six irons pointed at him he decides it better to comply, an no one of the town really thinks much of it. Then Honest Pete starts talkin really loud to the barkeep.

    “Hey, Walter, you got a loose nail here. Let me fix that for you.”

    Honest Pete grabs that hammer of his he been carrying along since that day and whack, bangs the hammer on the table. Ya couldn't hear the whack though, cause the sounds of three shots go off right quick. Three of them rustlers fall over dead at the table. Everyone's confused and in shock, but not ol' Pete, he just starts talkin some more.

    “Stubborn bastard doesn't want to go in.”

    So he hits the table again with another loud whack, and three more of those shots ring out. Now all the rustler's are dead, but the people start to put two and two together and catch on right quick like. They don't know how, but it seemed Honest Pete was the one who did it. People started to fear Honest Pete, an he wasn't so honest anymore. Townsfolk referred to him as the Hammer, since he always carries that hammer with him, and if it's true it's a card then of course he would.

    He's still a likable fellow, but the whole town is dead afraid of him. They don't talk to him as much, an they say something changed about Pete.

    Now wasn't that worth a drink youngin? Buy me a drink again an maybe I'll have another tale for you about the Hammer.
    >> Silva 11/04/09(Wed)12:56 No.6565965
    Added to wiki. Nice gun.
    >> King of Spades: 'Godhand' Silva 11/04/09(Wed)14:44 No.6567318
    Ah, you wanna hear that King of Spades story, kiddo? Alright son, Lemme tell ya all about it.

    Y'know, long time ago I was an outlaw. 'Was part of a gang called the Howlin' Boys, small-time thugs tryin' to make it big. Must'a only been 18 back then, when I joined 'em. The leader of the Howlin' Boys was a young'un himself, by the name of Bradley. He was a hot-shot punk, 'bout 25 years old then. 'Course, I idolized the fella, as did the rest of us Howlin' Boys. He orchestrated a good number of the robberies we did. Bradley liked business, an' business seemed to like 'em too. Few years went by an' no lawmen ever caught us, we always outgunned 'em all.

    Now in our days, we saw some of these Cards here an' there - those legendary 54 Guns. So Bradley decides he's fixin' to steal one of 'em in our next robbery. We just had to find a good target, y'know. Bradley wanted a Face Card in his hands, not one of them low numbers you hear 'bout most often. Lucky for us, that Face Card comes within a few feet of us a few days later.

    Bradley an' two other fellas in the Howlin' Boys, name of Holloway an' Morris, were with me in the saloon that night. Four of us just havin' drinks an' playin' cards, when this older fella, a chinaman, waltzes right in an' up to the bar. See, chinamen weren't welcome in these parts in that day, an' most of the bar is in an uproar. See, most folks looked at the fella's face, saw a chinaman and went nuts - but not the four of us. We all saw it fast - a K an' a Spade drawn on the fella's right hand.
    >> Silva 11/04/09(Wed)14:46 No.6567339

    Yep, from the elbow down, his whole right forearm was metal, some kinda fake arm attached. Come to find out, this fella's a well-known outlaw himself, by the name of just Lee. No one knew where he came from or what his business was there, 'cause Bradley, Holloway an' Morris had the bright idea of challenging 'im. A Card's a Card, y'know? Actually, it was just Bradley first, the rest of us just followed 'em. The chinaman leaned in an' was about to ask the barkeep somethin' I'll never know, when Bradley beat the fella with his chair. I tell ya, splintered wood went flying everywhere after a couple hits, but Lee barely budged. He shifted just enough to look at Bradley with a cold stare an' all quiet. Now I'm pissin' my pants, maybe I wasn't drunk enough yet, but Holloway an' Morris were quick to back 'em up, lungin' for the chinaman.

    Now I was just a scared kid, I didn't wanna die yet. I remained seated an' saw it all, the consequences of challengin' someone for a Card. It turns into a three-on-one against ol' Lee, an' my pals are beatin' on him good, but he ain't showin' any pain at all. Then before I know it, the tables have turned an' Lee's beaten 'em all up at once. He doesn't even fire his King of Spades yet, but he smacks 'em good with that fake metal hand an' lands a few strong blows with his left fist. I believe Lee was trained in those fightin' techniques them chinamen are so proud of. Lucky for them, Holloway an' Morris were down for the count, 'cause Bradley sure wasn't an' just had'ta provoke the guy again. See, Lee turned back to the barkeep, 'til Bradley pulled his iron on 'em. Point blank range, Bradley fires, an' Lee somehow dodges this bullet. No idea how, but the bullet doesn't even graze 'em an' hits the barkeep instead, killin' 'em instantly.
    >> Silva 11/04/09(Wed)14:47 No.6567357

    Now that chinaman is really pissed off - an' Bradley is in shock. See, Bradley never killed anyone before himself, he was a mastermind, not a killer. So Bradley is pretty messed up, an' it's too late to take it back. Lee grabs 'em an' throws 'em into a table. The two of 'em continue their brawl, but this time Bradley can't land a single blow on the chinaman. 'Til Bradley gets his gun back anyway, then he gets another shot off, that just gets blocked by that gun-arm of Lee's. Bradley goes to shoot again, but Lee ain't havin' none of it.

    Let me describe this gun for ya, to explain what happened to Bradley. Lee's Gun was a fake arm, see he was an amputee since he was in some kinda accident when he was a kid, see. The arm's really a shotgun, it's got a lever an' trigger on its under-side an' the barrel's tip is the fake hand's open palm, see? An' here I am watchin' in awe as I see it used on my friend. Bradley doesn't even know what hit him, Lee fires the damn thing at point blank range into his chest. One turn of the lever, one pull of the trigger an' Bradley's chest is full of buckshot. He falls over dead, an' the chinaman scoffs at the rest of us. 'Least he spares us, an' leaves the saloon. Good thing, I think Holloway, Morris an' I all shit an' pissed ourselves before Lee left.

    After that? Without Bradley, the Howlin' Boys were done with, an' as I recall Holloway went to jail soon after that. Morris put a gun in his mouth an' blew his brains out, all gruesome-like. An' me? 'Year later I met up with this pretty lady an' asked her to marry me. An' I couldn't be no outlaw anymore, since I settled down an' been happy ever since. An' that's why I quit livin' on the edge - the day Lee an' his famous 'Godhand' scared me shitless.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/09(Wed)15:08 No.6567629
    I like the PAST and S5 systems as posted and I like the idea of using cards. However, playing hands like poker and blackjack are games within the game. That makes them slow and detached from the gunfighting. I also think the point system should be limited to 1-10 in all regards with none of this 9-10 = 0, 11-12=+1 business..that's too much legwork.

    What if we gave every player (and the GM/Dealer) a deck of cards. The players get a hand of 5 and play a card for an action then add the stat. The players can only draw more cards when they deplete there hand. This way, they get good draws or bad draws but ultimately, they get to decide the outcomes of actions (while possibly taking a shitty action afterward).

    The tests the players must pass are determined either from a set table of difficulties (jumping from traincar to traincar, etc) or if they are opposing NPCs the GM will draw a random card for the NPC. In this sense, the GM's plays are random while the PCs actions are pseudo-random.

    Alternatively, the GM may use his own hand but this risks cries of favourtism from the PCs.

    As a note on the previously mentioned class system, I like the idea of 4 major character classes called suits. To add to it, I would like the call the party of players a 'hand' but I fear that it may be confused with the hand from which they make their actions.
    >> Aozaki Aoko !IwEl/9INRQ 11/04/09(Wed)15:14 No.6567710
    Queen of Diamonds “Pandora Sorrow”

    I'll tell ya why I'm always lookin' sad. Lemme tell you story bout a pair of twins that lived durin' the great gold rush kid.

    When I was a little tyke growin' with my twin brother, he be always protectin' me from all the other kids when we played at the 'lil school house. Couldn't tell us apart if we dressed them same too till we got older.

    By the time we was sixteen, he was still protectin' me with a six shooter he claimed was a “Card”. Now my grand pappy always told me 'bout those “Card”. I never believed 'em. Thought they were always a bunch a baloney. My brother showed it to me, look like a regular six shooter 'cept it had Q and a Diamond engraved. Nothin' special bout it. E'vry one in town was afraid since of him since. No body woulda ever messed with me either.
    >> Aozaki Aoko !IwEl/9INRQ 11/04/09(Wed)15:15 No.6567732
    Till one day, he picked a fight with the wrong gang. All started when one of 'em made a pass at me. Each time I said know, one of em just blurted out that they wanted me to be their little whore to pass around. My brother, havin' none of that shit no more aimed his piece at the one touchin' me. My brother, God bless his soul, shoulda just taken me outta there. Idiot told em he was gonna fight em, no one was gonna get away with touchin' his lil twin sister.

    Out side the saloon, it was just one on one. They was gonna do quick draw. It was so fast once they got to ten. He went down just as fast. His gun misfired and my big brother laid there dyin'. I ran to him cryin' my eyes out while the big bastard and his gang was laughin'.

    “Idiot, why'd you have to go off and do somethin' like that! Why couldn't you a just taken me outta there! Why!”

    Holdin his chest, he just kept sayin' “But it's a card! Cards don't lose to regular guns!”

    I took the piece from his hand without thinkin' and just aimed it at the bastard who shot 'im. He just shouted at me that his piece was also a Card.

    “Get outta town and never come back, or else.” I shouted, they just kept laughin and sayin that now they got a lil new girly to play with. My brother just laid on the ground, still bleedin'. I pulled the trigger, firing all six shots wildly, hopin just to hit one of em. When I opened my eyes, all twelve of em were dead.

    “Minnie...” my brother called, “Ya did it. Seems like ol' grand dad was right, only a gal could use it.”
    >> Aozaki Aoko !IwEl/9INRQ 11/04/09(Wed)15:16 No.6567753
    He died later that night, I stayed with him the whole time while ma was cryin her eyes out and pa was already making arrangements to bury him. We buried him a few days later. Week later grand dad came back from down south and we told him. He asked what happened to my brother's Card. I told him I had it now. He was relieved that I had it now. He told me the story bout this particular piece. Said it was fueled by a woman's sadness. Like in em Greek legends bout Pandora, who cried tears of black tar after openin' the box. Kinda ironic ain't it? Minerva is the goddess of war, but here I am cryin' again.

    And that's why I'm always sad. So scuse me while I wipe these tears away.

    The Sorrow is also an acceptable name for this.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/09(Wed)15:58 No.6568230
         File1257368315.jpg-(33 KB, 424x800, the_sorrow.jpg)
    33 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/04/09(Wed)16:15 No.6568403
    >Alternatively, the GM may use his own hand but this risks cries of favourtism from the PCs.

    A thought- the GM could play a hand, but have the players "pick a card, any card" from that hand instead of choosing it themselves.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/09(Wed)16:17 No.6568422

    How is that different from randomly drawing from the deck? Sure, the players choose but ends up being random and slows down play.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/09(Wed)16:20 No.6568454
    Eh. Dunno. Stupid suggestion I suppose.
    >> Queen of Clubs: Widowmaker Half the Battle 11/04/09(Wed)17:15 No.6569035
    >>Didn't read if anyone was doing anything with the Queen of Clubs. I came up with this one after reading some names suggested in the previous thread.

    Bill and I happened upon her accidentally while driving the caravan a couple months back. Thought she was either the bravest or the craziest little old lady we’d ever seen. I swear! This little old granny was out for an afternoon walk in the middle of no-man’s land. Anyhow, crazy grandma asks if we would be so kind as to take her to the next town. Bill and I agree since we feel a bit sorry for her.

    So she sits in the back of the wagon, all quiet and courteous like. Bill makes a big deal about how she could’ve been killed by bandits or something, and she just smiles and thanks him for his concern. I figured she was senile. Of course, Bill always did have a habit of bringing bad luck on us. Pack of banditos ambushed us right about then, easy prey for a group of their size.

    Bill and I duck for cover, and he yells for granny to do the same. A Couple bullets fly through the hide covering the wagon. So, the mexicanos have us surrounded and outgunned. Bill and I figure we’re outta luck at this point and we get ready to take a couple banditos with us. Blaze of glory and all that, yeah?

    Hey, we were gonna! Just listen.
    >> Queen of Clubs: Widowmaker Half the Battle 11/04/09(Wed)17:15 No.6569046
    It sounded like a steam engine! I think the Banditos were caught by surprise too since they stopped hollerin’ to listen. The steady chug-chug-chug of machinery reached a dull roar and then… the goddamn crazy grandma starts cackling! Bullets flew out of the wagon like there was an entire goddamn army hidden in there. The stream of bullets tore through the rocks as if they were made of paper- then it made paint out of the banditos cowering behind them. When she was done painting the rock with bandito, the little old lady sighed and lowered the Gun. A massive contraption of iron and brass, eight rotating barrels slowly spun to a halt. Set upon the handle was the trademark: A Queen of Clubs.

    What happened? We took her to the next town, no questions asked. My wife would never forgive me if I tangled with a widowmaker like that.
    >> monotreeme 11/04/09(Wed)17:19 No.6569078
    sounds like a spade, or a diamond, but it did shoot through the rocks they were hiding behind
    >> Silva 11/04/09(Wed)17:25 No.6569142
    >previous thread
    Actually it was this thread, but I'm glad to see it used. Nice!
    >> Half the Battle 11/04/09(Wed)17:26 No.6569151

    Clubs are power, no? The idea was that this particular club's power is in its rate of fire (blasting through rocks), rather than making big explosions.

    Also, I think all of the other queens have been taken.
    >> monotreeme 11/04/09(Wed)17:27 No.6569157
    true, but I would have thought diamonds would have had the machine gun.

    dimonds are all about speed, how fast can you fire, how fast can you put the lead in the air etc.

    spades are all trick guns, gimmicks, and novelties. I'd say a steam powered autocannon fits into the novelty category
    >> Half the Battle 11/04/09(Wed)17:33 No.6569229

    I always imagined the diamonds as mainly pistols, given the descriptor is more "quick draw" ability. The gatling gun has a slow start up time, and turns things into a nice goo once it starts shooting. Queen of Spades would also work, but that's already taken ('Hawk's Eye').
    >> monotreeme 11/04/09(Wed)17:35 No.6569241
    I see your point.
    I was trying to write a spade that fires most accurately, when YOU are doing some insane tricks. like it shoots at its best while the slinger is doing a backflip or somesuch
    I am however drawing a blank on the writefaggotry.
    is this retarded?
    >> Silva 11/04/09(Wed)17:37 No.6569256
    We have already decided that there can be more than one of any given Card. When a gunslinger with a Card loses it (by dying, going bust, or whatever), it gets put back into the Dealer's deck, and passed on to a new owner. With exception to the Aces, every time a Card is passed on to a new owner, it takes a new shape/form and name, and even completely different powers.

    Therefore, all conflicting stories about different Cards (Twos through Kings, at least) are immediately reconciled.
    >> Half the Battle 11/04/09(Wed)17:41 No.6569298

    Actually that could work. A gun that prefers style and panache over skill, it could be wielded by a showman of some kind. Rather than improving accuracy when they're backflipping or showboating, it makes shooting from any position as easy as if you were standing still (so people aren't turned into perfect shots by wielding it- which is heart territory). If that's not enough, it could also GRANT perfect balance or something.
    >> Warboss Krumpashredda 11/04/09(Wed)17:45 No.6569337
    Okay, I have to say, I'm not digging the current Ace of Diamonds. I mean, it does fire very fast, which is cool, but it's a water gun. It seems kind of silly for a legendary weapon like that to be a toy.

    Not trying to offend the guy that wrote it, because he did do a good job; I'm just throwing in my two cents.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/09(Wed)17:47 No.6569363

    There are limitations to this though. Clubs are always power, Spades are always some kind of trick, Hearts are accuracy and Diamonds are speed.
    >> Half the Battle 11/04/09(Wed)17:48 No.6569374

    Does it fire really fast? I was under the impression it redirected bullets.Which, now that you mention it, seems kinda out of place for a diamond (though I do dig the concept).
    >> Warboss Krumpashredda 11/04/09(Wed)17:50 No.6569407

    Oh, you're right... I totally read that wrong.

    Which, while a cool idea, doesn't make sense for the god of speed-based guns.
    >> Corgi 11/04/09(Wed)17:50 No.6569409
    "Those Cards are strange things. They choose their own weilders, y'know? Well, here was one guy I saw a while ago. Big sweaty guy. The kind that'd look fat after starving for a week. Real shaky hands, wobbly legs and always spoke by saying "Uh um err uh, what?" He also didn't have a chin, he just was not a very fearsome
    man in the slightest.

    Not a Player, not at all. Turns out the guy did have a card though. He seemed apprehensive about it though. Like he were having sex for the first time and only had a vague idea of what went in where. Course, I doubt he did. Still, after buying him a couple drinks, orange juice and milk of all things, he showed it to me.
    >> Corgi 11/04/09(Wed)17:51 No.6569417

    Pretty little thing, like all the cards. It was just a little two shot derringer. The type woman carry. It gleamed and I wouldn't have dropped it for the world, but it was still the smallest gun I've ever really seen. He called it Knight's Ideal. I gave it back to the guy, mostly because I knew he had to be at least a little dangerous. Turns out I was right.

    Outside one of the "outlaws," I use the term loosely. There ain't no one without a card that has the plays to be an outlaw anymore. Well, him and a buddy were trying to get a woman to go their way. They started to get rough with her, and I advanced to break it up. The boys were liable to tick off one of the more justice minded people there. I was only two right. This fat man with soft sweaty palms and a quivering voice didn't even hesitate. He just drew the little card and fired once.
    >> Corgi 11/04/09(Wed)17:51 No.6569422
    I swear on my soul that both men just looked up and stared at the sweaty man. He stood his ground, and I will never forget the sight, but they both fell right there, holes in both their shoulders just opening up. The coward himself went to the girl and helped her along and out of the way, and then came back to me, giving a crumpled up bill for the drinks I bought him. I'll never forget his words.

    "Um, well, I guess I gotta go. It was nice talking to you."

    The fastest draw I have ever seen and a trickshot that hit two men with a single bullet. That man got embarressed to talk about woman, would never kill and wouldn't drink alcohol. Funny this. You'd never expect the Jack of Diamonds in a man like that.
    >> Silva 11/04/09(Wed)17:52 No.6569429
    I'd have to agree, that and the name of the gun. And in the hands of a 9 year old who cheerfully runs off after shooting them all dead...

    To throw in my two cents, Ace of Diamonds should have been named Quicksilver and be some kind of ultra rapid draw+ultra rapid fire pistol. The powers displayed in the writefaggotry for the Ace of Diamonds don't really match up with the other Aces either, which are much more powerful than Diamonds is at the moment.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/09(Wed)17:54 No.6569438
    Diamonds were originally listed as the trick-shot suit. This got changed later into the development process, but the fluff remains.
    >> Warboss Krumpashredda 11/04/09(Wed)17:54 No.6569451

    Also, it needs to have an absurdly high amount of ammunition. A fast firing gun's not going to do too much good if it fires all six shots in a split second.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/09(Wed)17:55 No.6569460
    Also, what is this shit with the Guns getting reshuffled all of the time? I thought the whole idea of killing a Card-wielder is to claim their Card to use. The idea of reshuffling was only if someone went bust or a Card went unclaimed entirely.
    >> Warboss Krumpashredda 11/04/09(Wed)17:56 No.6569468

    Exactly why it needs to be changed. It doesn't make sense with any of the Diamonds (I mean, come on, you don't even fire it!), and it's far too weak to be an Ace.
    >> Silva 11/04/09(Wed)18:02 No.6569524
    What if it was a rapid fire auto-revolver without physical bullets, and an "infinite" amount of ammo? Perhaps it draws its ammunition from its wielder, each time the barrel turns the gun creates a new bullet from something of its wielder. Probably one of the most costly of the four Aces, but with such speed and high accuracy/strength that could easily be considered more dangerous than the Ace of Clubs or Ace of Hearts.

    And whatever it takes from the wielder, when there's no more left to take, the wielder of the Ace of Diamonds dies.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/09(Wed)18:03 No.6569539
    The varying stories are reconciled in the truest sense. To the denizens of the Wild Cards world, the conflicting stories are just that, stories. It would add to the mystique and create many a barfight over who's Eight of Diamonds story is the right one. I just wanted to put out that (rather fluffy) distinction.

    This thread is edging back towards fluff territory. we need to get back on topic with creating an effective stating system and gaming mechanism.

    I want to put out that we use the unisystem for character creation and the Guns can give buffs to the various skills and attributes as appropriate (only when using the gun, of course). This takes care of all manners of character creation, allows for a card-based playstyle if desired and makes Gun design easy while not being riddled with its own rules.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/09(Wed)18:05 No.6569574

    No need to argue over canon. Some GMs may decide the Dealer reshuffles the cards and some may chose to have the players acquire them. Within the world, the motives of the Dealer are unknown.
    >> Warboss Krumpashredda 11/04/09(Wed)18:07 No.6569586

    Eh. I don't like the thought of using a gun too much, and having it kill the wielder. Plus, this is the Ace of Diamonds we're talking about here. If a guy fired that baby for a minute, it would shoot so fast that he'd be dead, right off the bat. Not exactly intimidating for his enemies.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/09(Wed)18:08 No.6569597
    It's more impressive when you realise that it contains an infinite amount of water, and that shooting someone with it heals their wounds.

    ...Or not.
    >> Corgi 11/04/09(Wed)18:08 No.6569599
    I hate to use my own gun as an example, but how would we use something like Terror's power?

    Should we just have special rules for Terror's Fear, or just alter guns' power to fit the rules more?
    >> monotreeme 11/04/09(Wed)18:12 No.6569635
    glad you liked the idea. but I lack the skills to put words around it. I don't suppose you could?
    >> Warboss Krumpashredda 11/04/09(Wed)18:15 No.6569664
    Well, giving the Guns special powers isn't hard, it's determining HOW they use them that is.

    How each of these abilities would work in terms of rolls, saves, etc. would really depend of what kind of ability we're talking about. For Terror, for example, it would force anyone who hears its scream to make a save (the equivalent of a Will save, obviously).
    >> Anonymous 11/04/09(Wed)18:15 No.6569672
    Best option: Play game using FATE system. Make card abilities aspects. As a bonus, the system handles non-slingers just fine.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/09(Wed)18:16 No.6569680

    I haven't read your story but here's what I think in general:

    Nerf the firing stats of the gun to compensate for the supernatural qualities. For example, the Deuce of Hearts doesn't fire but it does kill people in 2 days. That's a huge nerf for a garunteed kill with 2 days to get away.

    For guns of higher value, the nerfs may not be as severe though the qualities may be good or even better.
    >> Warboss Krumpashredda 11/04/09(Wed)18:22 No.6569729

    The Aces should be, essentially, perfect guns, with a tiny bit of favoritism in the way of their suit.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/09(Wed)18:23 No.6569737

    agreed. The Jokers are still wild though and for all intents and purposes should exist outside of the rules.
    >> Warboss Krumpashredda 11/04/09(Wed)18:24 No.6569759

    Yeah, exactly. It'll be the equivalent of being a god in D&D: NEVER MISS EVER, AND ALWAYS FUCKIN KILL with every single shot.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/09(Wed)18:32 No.6569830
    The question may have been asked before but it seems that we need to settle on this: Mod or homebrew?

    + complete control of game development
    + provides that the entire effort will be free for everyone to use and modifiy (creative commons)
    - may be hard to balance
    - will take a long time to reconcile all the facets

    + pre-existing systems have done all the legwork for game design
    + requires only modification to fit in Guns as we assume the rest is already sturdy
    - harder to agree on which system best represents the game as envisioned
    - The best system chosen may have structural flaws that need to be fixed to make the game run smooth.
    >> Warboss Krumpashredda 11/04/09(Wed)18:36 No.6569857

    I'm gonna pop right in and say "Homebrew". Sure, it'll take a while, but we're /tg/. You know what they* say about /tg/? WE GET SHIT DONE.

    *they = /tg/
    >> Anonymous 11/04/09(Wed)18:38 No.6569871
    Homebrew, being the guy that outlined an ultra-simple card based system a couple threads back. If anything, it has to be really easy to pick up and largely story-based.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/09(Wed)18:42 No.6569907
    if it is archived, can you reference it?
    >> Anonymous 11/04/09(Wed)18:45 No.6569936
    All the guns except Clubs should give defence bonuses.

    Because you shoot the bullets out of the air.
    >> Warboss Krumpashredda 11/04/09(Wed)18:52 No.6569991

    Actually, that gives me an idea: rolling to see if your bullet breaks theirs when they try to shoot it out of the air! It would be fair, then, since it would give Clubs a way to break that defense.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/09(Wed)18:52 No.6570002

    Up for interpretation if your Club can create a wind which deflects bullets or can send so much sand up in the air the bullets can't travel more than a few feet.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/09(Wed)18:56 No.6570037
    There are two recent games systems that may be useful for inspiration if not modding. They are:

    and Malifaux
    >> Corgi 11/04/09(Wed)19:12 No.6570212

    Having read through the rules of Malifaux, I do like that idea.

    Why not have each card have a hand size? And you play cards to hit, deal damage, and to activeate a special ability? You draw back up to your full hand to "reload?"
    >> Warboss Krumpashredda 11/04/09(Wed)19:13 No.6570239

    That's... not a bad idea, really. Needs a bit of extrapolation, but a good start.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/09(Wed)19:15 No.6570272
    If Europe has sent all these troops to America, does this mean one could play a French Imperial Lancer or a Gurkha trooper?
    >> Warboss Krumpashredda 11/04/09(Wed)19:21 No.6570347

    Of course... I don't see why you couldn't.
    >> Corgi 11/04/09(Wed)19:24 No.6570385
    Well, Malifaux uses this systom, roughly though.

    2-6 = Low damage
    7-10 = Medium
    Face Cards = High damage.

    We could use something like that for damage.

    Hitting could be playing a card, adding the numerical bonus, and a small bonus for the same suit.

    Might work out well then.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/09(Wed)19:36 No.6570522
    Are these plays opposed or is it a set value to overcome? If I wanted to dodge do I play my own card?
    >> Corgi 11/04/09(Wed)19:50 No.6570665

    Well, I think you could. And then when you run out of cards you give up your turn to draw a new hand.

    Maybe you can play a pair of 4's an get the bonus of 8 or something.

    I think playing acard to dodge might be good as well. Well, that or you just get a straight Bonus equal to your Speed or something.

    Course, this might turn into a way to play War with rules.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/09(Wed)19:52 No.6570691

    I'm not abject to playing war with rules and stats. The game would be easy to play and story driven. add in gun ranges, weather conditions and minis and it won't look like war at all.
    >> Jack of Diamonds - Apollo Anonymous 11/04/09(Wed)20:41 No.6571241
    I think this thread was steering away from fluff, buuuut...oh well.

    “Ah, come up from the south, did ya?”

    I knew exactly where this was headed. A buddy of mine was talkin’ with some young guys just blew into town. And once he said ‘south,’ I knew he was gon’na make me tell that story…

    “Happen to see the Jack o’ Diamonds down there? No? Well, this lucky bastard did, didn’t ya?” He elbowed me.

    “Come on, I already told it four times this week, can’t I just drink in peace?”

    “Ah come on!” I took another sip, sighed, and decided to do the only thing that would shut him the hell up. Again.
    It happened…ah, I think about three months ago. Me ‘n’ a couple other guys were hired to protect a merchant coming to sell his wares up here. One of ‘em was a tall guy, nothin’ really to say about him. But the other, this young kid, couldn’t been more than sixteen years old. For half the trip I thought he was the other guy’s son, ‘til I found out he was a hired guard.

    Anyway, we were passin’ through this town down south, Yellow Rock. A ghost town, most folks moved up here long ago, and only bandits use it now. So, of course, as we were passin’ through a bunch a guys pop outta the ol’ bar. About five of ‘em. We didn’t even bother to draw, we were already surrounded.

    So the leader of the group comes up ‘n’ talks to us. Says he don’t need to hurt nobody if we just hand over our stuff. Also says “don’t even think of drawing. See this six-shooter here? It’s a Card, the Jack o’ Diamonds.” He pulls it out to show us, looks just like a shooting iron, ‘cept it’s all gold. The handle has a letter J engraved into it. It looked real sparkly in the sunlight, but none too impressive for a legendary weapon.
    >> Jack of Diamonds - Apollo Anonymous 11/04/09(Wed)20:42 No.6571246
    Now, we’re all pretty scared, and no one wants to mess with a real Gun, so we cooperate. Well, everyone except the little guy. He starts talkin’ to the big bandit boss, askin’ “Is that a real Card?” They started arguin’ about somethin’, then the kid says he wants to duel. A duel! Can you believe that? The little punk was so fulla himself, he wanted to take on a guy with a Gun. I’m surprised he didn’t get shot right there. Well, the other guy agrees.

    So it was about high noon. They stood, back to back, ‘n’ agreed on ten paces. One…two…three… I knew this kid was going to die. Four…five…six… What the hell was he thinking? Seven…eight…nine. Bang. What happened to ten? Well, seems the bandit wanted to cheat and drew a pace early. That, or maybe he just couldn’t count, he did seem a tad slow. Anyhow, I hear six shots. But, only six? If they were both shootin’ at eachother, there should have been twelve…

    And I know they were both shootin’, because I see them standin’ there both pointing at each other with their weapons. Then, I noticed something. The kid’s gun. It was…amazing. It was such a polished silver, the sun shined off it like a mirror. It was a tad longer than a normal shooting iron, and it had a picture of a spear engraved on the barrel. It was like a work of art more than a weapon, really.

    But while I admired this gun, I also noticed something on the ground. Between the two men, pieces o’ lead lay down. It took some time before it hit me, but the kid had actually shot his bullets out of the air. He fired at the same time, at the same place, as the bandit, and managed to hit his bullets.

    Then, another bang. The bandit, frozen with fear and confusion, didn’t seem to notice the thing he was holding break. The kid shot a bullet that shattered his slugtosser, into a thousand dazzling pieces. While everyone sat there, the kid casually opened his Gun to show us.
    >> Jack of Diamonds - Apollo Anonymous 11/04/09(Wed)20:42 No.6571248
    “The Jack of Diamonds holds eight shots, not six.” I could see one round left in the eight chambers. But, more than that, I noticed by his hand, on the ivory hilt of his Gun, a red diamond with a white letter J in it.

    Well it was about this time the guy turned tail and ran. And that boy, he let the guy run preeetty far. He closed the chamber, spun it around until it came to a stop, then fired. Out of the eight, he managed to stop it right on the one loaded chamber, and fire. The bullet hit the guy in the back of the head. He was barely a spec in my eyes at the time, but I saw the red spray out.

    The other bandits, well, even if the kid was out of bullets they didn’t want any of that. They all got outta there before I even knew it. And the kid? His left eye started bleeding all of a sudden. Said to himself, or maybe to the Card, “ah, so it’ll be my eye this time, eh? That’s okay, I only need one to aim.” Didn’t even sound like it hurt him, but it looked awful bad.

    When we got back to town, he immediately took his money and got an eyepatch. Showed it to me later at the bar, all proud of it or somethin’. Me, I just wanted to stay away from him if I could. I heard he went back south the next day. I was glad, too.

    My story finished, along with my third drink. I ordered another while my friend argued with the others about it being true or not. I know what I saw, I don’t care if they believe me. But, I kept talking to myself anyway, for the hell of it, and probably because of the drinks. “Never did catch his name though.”

    A man who had been sitting to my left stood up, paid his tab, and turned to walk out. But before he did, he put his hand on my shoulder and said “It was Hector.” I turned to look at him, but he had already gone. But, I could swear… No, I was probably seeing things, but… Did that guy have something over his left eye?
    >> Warboss Krumpashredda 11/04/09(Wed)20:45 No.6571268

    Very nice.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/09(Wed)20:47 No.6571285
    I can't believe this is still up
    >> Anonymous 11/04/09(Wed)20:48 No.6571295
    this post...is why i love you eloquen/tg/entlemen so damn much :')
    >> Anonymous 11/04/09(Wed)20:56 No.6571374
    I see what you did there
    >> Silva 11/04/09(Wed)21:25 No.6571723
    Hey Warboss, did you in particular happen to see this post? >>6559470
    It got nearly completely ignored, but I'd like to hear from some more voices of /tg/ about it. Corgi would be great to hear from too, about it all.
    >> Warboss Krumpashredda 11/04/09(Wed)21:28 No.6571762

    Sounds like a pretty bitchin' way to kill the Black Joker.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/09(Wed)21:35 No.6571844

    Sounds complicated. Overall, I don't think any of the Cards can touch the Black Joker. He'd kill them all and then would drink some shitty whisky and die of DIC (dispersed intravascular coagulation also known as death is coming since it is so hard to treat)
    >> Warboss Krumpashredda 11/04/09(Wed)21:36 No.6571862

    This is true, too. While I like the idea of them managing to find a way to kill him, it is somewhat overcomplicated.
    >> Silva 11/04/09(Wed)21:38 No.6571879

    Wonder what I should do with Aimee (the wielder of the Peacemaker) though? Think she should die or get injured in the fight with the Black Joker?
    As I said, the Peacemaker doesn't guarantee the safety of its owner, just those it fires upon. That makes it very dangerous for her to use against an enemy like the Black Joker.

    Last of all, if I use Terror in it, Corgi needs to give me the name of the gunslinger. I was thinking I'd use The Cannon, Terror, Atonement and one of the Six Cards. That gives a straight hand playing against the Black Joker.
    >> Silva 11/04/09(Wed)21:40 No.6571911
    Any suggestions you have to make it less complicated, I'm more than willing to hear them out.
    >> Warboss Krumpashredda 11/04/09(Wed)21:41 No.6571916

    Yes, you absolutely should kill her. Don't puss out on this, bro.
    >> Corgi 11/04/09(Wed)21:43 No.6571945

    Actually, I never came up with a name for the chick with Terror. Never thought she needed one. She's the One Eye, as far as I thought. One Eye, or Grin from the scars and various disfigurements.

    Also, it sounds badass enough. I would love to see it.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/09(Wed)21:48 No.6572003

    Another thing you would need to address is motivation and opportunity. How did all the cards get there and why do they all want to stop the Black Joker if they even know it's him?

    to come up with a story, you might be able to pull off some random encounter in Dodge. I think it would be interesting for the Black Joker to try and go into town and kill everyone (fluff says that everyone in that city carries). Maybe it happens that some Cards try to stop him.

    Another thing, if you kill off storied characters, it ruins the legends that have already been generated. Sure, they die but offscreen so those drunks can get telling the stories.
    >> Silva 11/04/09(Wed)21:48 No.6572007
    I'm well adept to killing off my creations. No worries there.

    I was kinda thinking of the story being told in her point of view, as one of the very few survivors. Maybe that's how she got some of those scars.
    >> Warboss Krumpashredda 11/04/09(Wed)21:50 No.6572019

    Eh, I got nothing. I can see it being a good story, it just seems complicated when it's summarized like that.
    >> Corgi 11/04/09(Wed)21:51 No.6572028

    That would work then. Call her Amy then. Anything else I can provide as needed. I had a small backstory thingy for her, just didn't have a name for a while.
    >> Silva 11/04/09(Wed)21:55 No.6572064
    To address this, I already had an idea for the Black Joker's motivation. I was thinking the 52 Card Pick-up (which Red wasn't "invited to") was an event orchestrated by the Black Joker's wielder done to summon the Dealer directly and attempt to kill him, in some insane plan to take the Dealer's place, as if the Black Joker's gun didn't give him enough power.
    That's the only reason I can think of, why he'd do it.

    I was planning on starting things this piece of writefaggotry at a point where there were only a few Cards left, and everyone else is already dead, so no others are specifically mentioned. With only three or four total survivors, not counting the Red Joker.
    >> Warboss Krumpashredda 11/04/09(Wed)21:55 No.6572071
    I'd feel so sorry for Crockett if he went to that big battle.

    Poor bastard, sitting there with his little 2 of Hearts...
    >> Corgi 11/04/09(Wed)22:10 No.6572232
    Heh, Fun times.

    36 out of 52 cards completed. Almost set there.

    And with the big story we would be at where the setting for the game would open up, right?
    >> Silva 11/04/09(Wed)22:12 No.6572258
    Crockett vs Aimee strikes me as a funny potential duel too. Since Aimee wouldn't kill him even if she had the chance to, he'd win by default, 3 days after she shot his hands up.
    >> Warboss Krumpashredda 11/04/09(Wed)22:12 No.6572261

    That sounds good to me, personally.

    After all, what better way to start the story then with a reshuffling?
    >> Warboss Krumpashredda 11/04/09(Wed)22:15 No.6572290

    Yeah, unless someone decided to take him out themselves, which some of the guns would tempt their owners to do... Yeesh.
    >> Half the Battle 11/04/09(Wed)22:31 No.6572490

    I would volunteer Reuben and his Six of Diamonds (since it appears you don't have a diamond in the straight). He's also the idealistic type who might want to help in such a conflict.

    In case the story doesn't make it abundantly clear, "The Answer" provides a kind of limited pre-cognition based on possible outcomes of a scenario (in keeping with the theme of speed- he is able to act before they do). Of course, knowledge is nothing without the will to enact it...
    >> Anonymous 11/04/09(Wed)22:32 No.6572503

    When you put it this way, I agree. A reshuffling would open up all the Cards to the players and we could keep all of those stories.
    >> Corgi 11/04/09(Wed)22:34 No.6572532
    I think I'm going to compile a lot of this soon. We will need to finalize a system at some point as well. And maybe actually beginning writing a nice little primer for the setting itself.

    Speaking off which, I need to start drawing again. I got a couple doodles of at least Grin and the Dealer.
    >> Silva 11/04/09(Wed)22:36 No.6572547
    Alright, so, here's a layout of the events.

    - Begins with only a handful of Card holders remaining alive in a massive shoot-out. By now they've figured out everything was orchestrated by the Black Joker, who's killing each and every one of them one by one now.

    - They figure out that they can't kill the Black Joker, but Terror isn't effective either. So the other survivors, mainly Solemn John, try to hold off the Black Joker till someone wakes up Aimee, who's knocked out cold or fainted at this point. Maybe already shot once and bleeding out, who knows. Anyway, One Eye successfully wakes her up and helps her over to face the Black Joker, recalling that her gun won't kill anyone.

    - Aimee and the Black Joker have a shootout, Aimee is hit (again?) and this time it's a mortal wound, dies slowly. But she gets two good shots off that knock the Black Joker's Gun out of his hand, and Solemn John blasts it with his cannon. The Dead Man's Gun is destroyed (going back to the dealer's deck), and it's only a matter of time before death gets him.

    - Black Joker's going to kill them with his bare fists, the survivors find out that they still can't kill him. Red Joker intervenes, but no one remembers much of this - only the gun pointed at Black. Black gets bitten by a snake.

    - One Eye (and perhaps the other remaining gunslingers) takes Aimee to a doctor, but it's way too late to save her. Slow, painful death. Out of obligation, One Eye (at least) stays at her bedside through-out the night until Aimee's dead.

    - Story ends.
    >> Silva 11/04/09(Wed)22:39 No.6572592
    This gives me an idea then, why the other four of them would know to put the Seven of Hearts against the Black Joker in the first place.

    Think that's within the realm of its power, for The Answer to tell Reuben one way they could beat the Black Joker?
    >> Corgi 11/04/09(Wed)22:46 No.6572675

    Most likely. I think it's closer to just saying that it can do SOMETHING, since Terror would be ineffective.

    Either way, sounds good.
    >> Half the Battle 11/04/09(Wed)22:49 No.6572721

    Absolutely. The trick with "The Answer" is that it provides -all- possible outcomes. It's not all-knowing in that respect. So not even Reuben would know if it will work or not, only that it's their only shot at succeeding.

    He's also the scholarly planning type, so it wouldn't unusual for him to try to formulate a plan like that.
    >> Half the Battle 11/04/09(Wed)22:54 No.6572787

    *Clarification: He can guide it towards the one where he sees the black joker dying, but that doesn't guarantee it'll come true (random chance being what it is and all).
    >> Anonymous 11/04/09(Wed)22:55 No.6572806
    my two cents to this whole story: have any living Gunslingers throw their Guns down when the Dealer comes. Everyone fold.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/09(Wed)22:56 No.6572818
    >everyone folds

    long day
    >> Corgi 11/04/09(Wed)22:59 No.6572858
    I am gonna fold for tonight, so I will see what comes of all of this soon. I wish you guys luck with this, and look forward to seeing everything.
    >> TheLionHearted !HAGYQOveO. 11/04/09(Wed)23:03 No.6572924
    So, um whats happening?
    >> Silva 11/04/09(Wed)23:06 No.6572972
    Good night!
    >> Anonymous 11/04/09(Wed)23:07 No.6572990
    Thread should be autosaging soon if not now. Will this one be archived?
    >> Anonymous 11/05/09(Thu)01:49 No.6574685
    Bump to request someone try writefagging a gun where its ability lets you take an ethereal form, effectively becoming the source of the Ghost Rider legends of the old West.
    >> Anonymous 11/05/09(Thu)01:53 No.6574739
    That's all of them. The Wild Cards West is full of rumor and exaggeration even without the Cards. You add those in and the unreliable nature of most slugthrowers and any lucky greenhorn in a gunfight has the ability to pass through walls and shoot up in the air and hit people in the back when the tale is retold.

    Most people have never seen a Card in action and sensible people don't believe the stories. They are fine guns to be sure, but magical powers? There's more sun-stroke, whiskey and boredom in those tales than truth.
    >> Anonymous 11/05/09(Thu)02:05 No.6574883
    >The song tells of a cowboy who has a vision of red-eyed, steel-hooved cattle thundering across the sky, being chased by the spirits of damned cowboys. One warns him that if he does not change his ways, he will be doomed to join them, forever "trying to catch the Devil's herd across these endless skies".

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