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  • File : 1257042870.jpg-(107 KB, 562x780, americancentury14.jpg)
    107 KB Dieselpunk: Or, I Can't Believe It's Not Steam Anonymous 10/31/09(Sat)22:34 No.6514867  
    ...brute force all the time everywhere without remorse.

    Steampunk is overrated.

    Alright, alright. Polished wood and gleaming brass machinery have their charms, and the hiss of steam and churning of gears have their own allure, I will admit. Intrigues from the Colonies and the Continent, the restless turmoil between the gentry and the growing middle class, the advance of Science! and Progress! - but then again, the grim life of the poor, both rural and urban, the effects - both social and environmental - of coal, the brutality of colonial rule... not quite my thing.

    Neither, quite, is cyberpunk. The gleam and glitter of the city centres set against the grimness of the slums, the escape afforded by cyberspace at odds with the periodic gunfire of an all-too-literal corporate hostile takeover, the grimness of a world in which a single life is worth all too little, and where brave and bold actions will almost always end in a messy death.

    No, my ideal is more that of gleaming steel and art deco, of riveted aluminum aeroplanes, boxy electronics, diesel engines and the Power of the Atom. Not a post-apocalyptic world; that's territory amply trod. More an anachronistic 50s, where the sociocultural upheaval of the hippie movement never came to pass, where atomic-powered robots are slowly appearing in American households, where a man can wear a fedora, dammit!

    Where can I find this mythical setting? Or what would be my best bet for adapting one? GURPS seems to be a good bet, with its Cliffhangers and WWII sourcebooks; it's just a really crunchy system, and fiddly to run. I'm open to suggestions.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/09(Sat)22:54 No.6515078
         File1257044068.jpg-(128 KB, 980x479, office02.jpg)
    128 KB
    That, and what kind of history would it have? Mensheviks instead of Bolsheviks, making the Cold War less polarized? An isolationist America, unwilling to put much effort into opposing the 'menace' of Communism, turning its efforts into weird science? Or, heck, the USA not even participating in WWII, letting the rest of the world go to hell?
    >> Anonymous 10/31/09(Sat)22:55 No.6515086
    you make it up yourself
    >> Anonymous 10/31/09(Sat)22:59 No.6515121
    my bad, I'd forgotten I shit alternate histories and game mechanics out my ass
    >> Anonymous 10/31/09(Sat)22:59 No.6515122
    Closest you'll ever get in a game setting would be something akin to Bioshock or Crimson Skies.
    >> Silchas Ruin !!YkfulRjm/Tb 10/31/09(Sat)23:02 No.6515147

    Not to nitpick, but should read as
    >leaving the Soviets to solely defeat the Germans and take over most of Europe
    >> Anonymous 10/31/09(Sat)23:03 No.6515154
         File1257044598.jpg-(288 KB, 400x737, u.jpg)
    288 KB
    Yeah, I was thinking something along those lines; I was just wondering if there was a sourcebook or setting I could pillage for game mechanics or ideas. I've got a pretty good idea of how I want things to work, but actually getting it into a system is trickier.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/09(Sat)23:04 No.6515165
    >Or, heck, the USA not even participating in WWII, letting the rest of the world go to hell?

    This has the most potential, assuming you figure in the rise, and partial collapse of the Nazi state due to power struggles and the influence of communism.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/09(Sat)23:08 No.6515209
    So basically you want pulp action, but maybe advanced in technology 20 or so years?
    >> Anonymous 10/31/09(Sat)23:09 No.6515229
         File1257044997.jpg-(41 KB, 600x367, cz_386_1.jpg)
    41 KB
    What's the difference?

    ...actually, that's pretty much it.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/09(Sat)23:13 No.6515256
    How about Whites instead of Bolsheviks?
    >> Anonymous 10/31/09(Sat)23:23 No.6515341
    I can't really see Russia as a (constitutional?) monarchy on the side of the Axis in WWII, personally.
    >> Hank 10/31/09(Sat)23:24 No.6515353
    Best Diesel Punk:

    Full throttle for PC.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/09(Sat)23:26 No.6515367

    As if a true Russian would listen to a piece of paper.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/09(Sat)23:27 No.6515374
         File1257046050.jpg-(18 KB, 240x240, CrimsonSkies.jpg)
    18 KB
    >> Anonymous 10/31/09(Sat)23:40 No.6515475
         File1257046825.jpg-(91 KB, 647x780, americancentury25.jpg)
    91 KB
    How about a PnP setting?
    >> Anonymous 10/31/09(Sat)23:41 No.6515488
    That's got so much sci-fi in it it ain't even funny
    >> Anonymous 10/31/09(Sat)23:48 No.6515549
         File1257047323.jpg-(100 KB, 610x393, 1958 Student Sketch.jpg)
    100 KB
    I'm just using this thread as an excuse to post Syd Mead art :3
    >> Anonymous 10/31/09(Sat)23:51 No.6515566
         File1257047498.jpg-(25 KB, 450x450, fedoras.jpg)
    25 KB
    >> Anonymous 10/31/09(Sat)23:56 No.6515594
    I'm sure the Axis would allow a decadent monarchy consisting of their sworn racial enemy in on their special club.
    >> Anonymous 10/31/09(Sat)23:59 No.6515620
    this is a little /k/ of me, but if the US hadn't been involved in WWII, how would weapons be different? I think I heard Kalashnikov designed the AK47 mechanism based on a Browning he'd managed to get his hands on; would assault rifles be as common as they are today?
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)00:20 No.6515789
    Well, they let Japan in.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)00:25 No.6515832
    From my understanding, the AK was pretty much an STG44 clone with Moist Nugget aesthetics.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)00:40 No.6515976
    So Mad Men, the dystopian punk version?

    Who are your punks? Who's rebelling against the system and why? What tech do they have on their side?

    I'm seeing beatniks with vacuum-tube computers ala ENIAC. Originally built to get the best reception for their Allen Ginsberg radio signals from pirate radio stations. Later adapted into powerful computation devices. The pocket-protector brigade that in our timeline built NASA never got the call and wound up disaffected and open to recruitment by the beats and the other drop-outs who rail against smug American consumerism with its atomic robo-servants and trideo television.

    Or are we going for more of a '20s and '30s thing?
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)00:49 No.6516049
    I think the term for this is maybe Atompunk?
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)00:51 No.6516074
    This sounds like Fallout before the nuclear war.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)00:52 No.6516085
    I got a chubby when you said moist nugget.

    Yeah the late 40s-50s-early 60s were more characterised by "HOLY SHIT NUCLEAR POWER MAKES EVERYTHING BETTER", also atompunk sounds really cool.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)00:52 No.6516093
    And it sounds pretty cool.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)00:53 No.6516097
    I think he justs want pulp scifi with the feel of the 50s.

    Personally, I'd love a setting with modern tech but without the 'cultural revolution' ever happening. Country would be completely different from what it is now.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)00:53 No.6516102
         File1257051217.jpg-(266 KB, 1000x490, 24-HourDaylight.jpg)
    266 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)00:55 No.6516117
         File1257051308.jpg-(271 KB, 1000x484, HighwayToRussia.jpg)
    271 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)00:57 No.6516144
         File1257051447.jpg-(152 KB, 653x780, americancentury27.jpg)
    152 KB
    I found another of those "American Century" images from the OP.

    Actually, "American Century" would make for a pretty cool campaign name or subtitle.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)01:02 No.6516179
         File1257051732.jpg-(373 KB, 1200x562, SpaceHospitals.jpg)
    373 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)01:02 No.6516182
    everything with punk attached as a suffix is terrible. Steampunk, dieselpunk, cyberpunk (not as shit, but still) nuclearpunk, etc.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)01:05 No.6516204
    99% of everything is shit, the other 1% is sweet corn
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)01:06 No.6516216
         File1257052006.jpg-(314 KB, 1100x573, house_of_the_future_1956.jpg)
    314 KB
    But why would you want glass walls? You can't throw stones.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)01:07 No.6516219
    ...skatepunk, skapunk, glampunk, hardcore...

    wait shit
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)01:07 No.6516221
    Nuclearpunk would be fucking awesome. I'd get to relive the books of Asimov. DAMN COMMUNISTS, DAMN NAZIS, GET OFF MY MOON
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)01:09 No.6516236
         File1257052157.jpg-(164 KB, 1000x480, BloodlessSurgery.jpg)
    164 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)01:09 No.6516243
         File1257052194.jpg-(291 KB, 1300x635, RejuvenatedDowntowns.jpg)
    291 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)01:11 No.6516256
    Except when most of them are falling backwards into coalpunk and oilpunk.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)01:11 No.6516261
         File1257052305.jpg-(389 KB, 1200x566, CornerGrocermat.jpg)
    389 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)01:13 No.6516281
         File1257052431.jpg-(499 KB, 1116x1005, FirstWishPower.jpg)
    499 KB
    "The coal and oil resources of our planet are dwindling, yet we need more and more power. The atomic Genie offers us an almost endless source of energy. For the growth of our civilization, therefore, our first wish shall be for: POWER!"
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)01:15 No.6516291
    >>6516281 Wrong quote.

    "Mankind has long suffered from hunger and disease. The atomic Genie offers us a source of beneficial rays. These are magic tools of research which can, above all, help us to produce more food for the world and to promote the health of mankind. Our second wish, therefore, shall be for: FOOD AND HEALTH!"
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)01:17 No.6516314
         File1257052651.jpg-(209 KB, 1000x450, FatPlantsMeatBeets.jpg)
    209 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)01:17 No.6516315
    Great pics anon. Sultry housewives and nuclear families presided over by a pipe-smoking douchebag who desperately needs a good cock-punching, but with SCIENCE!

    And for those ragging on punk? Enjoy your Bertie Wooster books or whatever the fuck meets your exacting standards of merit.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)01:17 No.6516319
    Third wish, flying space lasers and moon nets to catch hot alien women.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)01:18 No.6516330
         File1257052725.jpg-(62 KB, 200x682, TVphone.jpg)
    62 KB

    On a phone!

    With no wires!

    In your hand!
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)01:22 No.6516363
    So like an iPhone but with streaming video and also partly in 3D?
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)01:22 No.6516366
    No fucking hippies? Sounds good to me. I wish the world had frozen in the fifties.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)01:24 No.6516379
         File1257053083.jpg-(96 KB, 569x780, americancentury11.jpg)
    96 KB
    I just wish we still had the two-martini lunch.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)01:26 No.6516390
         File1257053190.jpg-(903 KB, 1100x751, PoorMansYacht.jpg)
    903 KB
    It's a car-powered boat.

    I have no idea how the driver's supposed to get to the rest of the yacht. I guess he's stuck there.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)01:28 No.6516401
         File1257053298.jpg-(78 KB, 600x743, FuturePhoneBooth.jpg)
    78 KB
    I wish phone-booths still had chairs.

    Hell, I wish we still had phone-booths.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)01:29 No.6516411
         File1257053371.jpg-(299 KB, 1000x452, RobotHousemaid.jpg)
    299 KB
    That is not a housemaid.

    It is just a walking food tray.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)01:29 No.6516413

    Enjoy your societal repression. I recommend you not play anything with "punk" in the genre title, actually.
    >> Lucius the Eternal 11/01/09(Sun)01:30 No.6516422

    Nazis collapse, Europe despises America, terrorism ensues.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)01:31 No.6516428
    Something like the Crimson Skies series of games?
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)01:31 No.6516432
         File1257053482.jpg-(86 KB, 741x500, FutureKitchenFrigidaire.jpg)
    86 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)01:32 No.6516440
         File1257053556.jpg-(129 KB, 600x415, KitchenOfTheFuture.jpg)
    129 KB

    ...It's made of plastic.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)01:34 No.6516461
         File1257053693.jpg-(515 KB, 1600x771, PushButtonStaff.jpg)
    515 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)01:37 No.6516477
         File1257053828.jpg-(250 KB, 1000x452, PolarDomeCities.jpg)
    250 KB
    Hey, remember when Alaska wasn't a state? Good times...
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)01:38 No.6516485
         File1257053912.jpg-(440 KB, 1100x739, HighwaysByAutomation.jpg)
    440 KB
    I'm pretty sure highways made by this would be shit.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)01:38 No.6516487

    That doesn't actually look too bad, apart from the mystery floating meat-thing.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)01:40 No.6516503
         File1257054046.jpg-(240 KB, 900x585, PogoPoliceCar.jpg)
    240 KB
    what is this i don't even
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)01:41 No.6516506

    Looks like Ikea.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)01:41 No.6516509

    The Zimmerman Telegram and Unrestricted U-Boat Warfare don't happen.

    Without American entry into the war, the German Spring Offensive of 1918 succeeds and France surrenders. The British attempt to continue the war but succumb to a war-weary populace that no longer believes the war can be won without France.

    The victorious but battered Central Powers barely stop the Bolsheviks and install a more sympathetic government in Russia.

    America remains isolated but prosperous.

    How about that?
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)01:41 No.6516512
         File1257054114.jpg-(315 KB, 900x596, FarmAutomation.jpg)
    315 KB
    The helicopter is powered by rockets.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)01:42 No.6516514

    I guess police motorcycles weren't ATOMPUNK enough for our forefathers.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)01:44 No.6516531
         File1257054268.jpg-(73 KB, 600x369, MoscowPalaceOfTechnology.jpg)
    73 KB
    Mustn't forget the Russians!
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)01:45 No.6516539

    I think I could dig a setting where all computers weigh six tons.

    Sure, there are those super-spies with wrist-computers, but that's merely an interface. Somewhere, there's a giant machine full of vacuum tubes and blinky lights that handles all the work and transmits the findings to that wrist-radio.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)01:46 No.6516542
         File1257054366.jpg-(233 KB, 900x397, WristWatchTV.jpg)
    233 KB
    Speaking of wristwatches.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)01:47 No.6516556
         File1257054477.jpg-(87 KB, 600x383, Peoples Commissariat 1934.jpg)
    87 KB
    More Russians.
    >> Where are the punks? Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)01:48 No.6516560
    >>World-wide television (it's possible now, says Bell Laboratories) will provide two-way communication to battlefields.

    So where are the beatniks? Somebody has to punk this up with....oh shit, it just clicked.

    Women's Liberation. It seems sultry housewife isn't happy with her lot in life and wants MOAR!

    Will they ally with the beats and other subversives? Oh hell yes, you know they will.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)01:50 No.6516566
         File1257054604.jpg-(43 KB, 540x600, TomorrowsKitchen43Meat..jpg)
    43 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)01:51 No.6516570
    Maybe a very terroristic underground women's liberation movement.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)01:53 No.6516586
    And the propaganda would be inevitable.

    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)01:54 No.6516595
    Sup dawg, I heard you like bridges.....
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)01:54 No.6516600
         File1257054884.jpg-(382 KB, 1200x547, ThrowAwayClothes.jpg)
    382 KB
    ....But I don't want to wear paper!
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)01:55 No.6516604
         File1257054911.jpg-(71 KB, 527x599, rex.jpg)
    71 KB
    Not female liberation; female supremacy.

    Pic related... as it had a quirky setting that definitely took some subtle inspiration from classic Sci-Fi pulp films.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)01:56 No.6516616
    That looks like an amazingly pleasant form of female supremacy
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)01:56 No.6516617
    As far as I know, Dieselpunk covers the Prohibition era, with gangsters and tommy guns and the like. 50's is more closely hewn to Atompunk, with all the "WORLD OF TOMMORROW!" stuff.

    The two are closely related- both are settings where a man can wear a fedora - but drastically different. In relation to the steam-and-brass equation, Dieselpunk is grease and smoke and crankshafts, while Atompunk is reactors and motors and diodes.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)01:56 No.6516619
         File1257055010.jpg-(13 KB, 352x240, snusnu.jpg)
    13 KB

    I am ok with this.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)01:56 No.6516621
    Nuclearpunk would be a lot less about overt warfare and a lot more about political and technological upheaval. (Bioshock, Fallout's "idealized 50s," the Ship, Crimson Skies) I remember reading a book once where space was divided up into "sectors" - minutes of sky arc on the plane of the ecliptic. Countries just up and colonized a whole swath of space in that direction. Or you .. could go with war, and get Fallout, Megacity War Era Judge Dredd, or maybe some Harvest Moon in some isolated mountain valley. There'd be a lot more importance placed on radio, television would be undergoing the transition from novelty to staple entertainment device, and SCIENCE! would be happening everywhere, in ways that require a lot less suspension of disbelief than steampunk.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)01:57 No.6516626
         File1257055020.jpg-(307 KB, 900x602, GravityInReverse.jpg)
    307 KB
    Floating Houses.

    What happens if they go out of control and float away? That would suck.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)01:57 No.6516633
    >Or, heck, the USA not even participating in WWII, letting the rest of the world go to hell?
    Just wanted to mention how much this amuses me. You're american, aren't you?
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)01:58 No.6516641
    I can already see the shorts played before movies where some little girl or boy walks in on his mother and her friend's plotting against their husbands.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)01:59 No.6516649
    U MAD?
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)01:59 No.6516655
         File1257055186.jpg-(208 KB, 900x605, PersonalHelicopter.jpg)
    208 KB
    In the future, we will all commute by helicopter.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)01:00 No.6516658
    Like I said, amused that americans really think that. Not mad.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)01:00 No.6516662
    Canadian. &BD
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)01:01 No.6516673
         File1257055303.jpg-(13 KB, 400x300, btas1.jpg)
    13 KB
    >Art Deco, but darker
    >anachronistic pseudo-1940's/50's society
    >super-science and the Power of the Atom concealed within boxy electronics and aluminum-riveted plates
    >sexy dames and plenty of 'em

    pic related, OP. you know it to be true.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)01:03 No.6516687
    Your tone is a hostile one, indicating great displeasure on your part.

    You aren't amused, you're pissed off.

    Just admit it: U MAD.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)01:04 No.6516693
         File1257055440.jpg-(166 KB, 900x567, CommuterHelicopter.jpg)
    166 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)01:05 No.6516709
    I was bringing up the idea for the sake of argument, not because I thought that without America the world would inevitably have succumbed to the Nazi Menace and ended in apocalypse.

    The world would have been different, though, especially the US.

    But what if I don't wanna be Batman?
    >> Salamanders Fanbro !!IkBm+qsTaW7 11/01/09(Sun)01:06 No.6516712
    I am in favor of society freezing in the 50's. Housewives fuck yeah
    >> Salamanders Fanbro !!IkBm+qsTaW7 11/01/09(Sun)01:08 No.6516724
    Oh, and you have to have the fact that everyone was a lot more optimistic in the 50's.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)01:08 No.6516726
    You don't have to be Batman. However I think what that poster was getting at was that some of the modern (as in the last 20 years) Batman films/cartoons could be a good example of how your setting might look. Obviously you don't need live action comic book villains, however you can see high technology combined with more antiquated design.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)01:08 No.6516732
         File1257055714.jpg-(177 KB, 555x913, ChildLicences.jpg)
    177 KB
    Child licenses.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)01:10 No.6516743
    Fund this shit.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)01:10 No.6516745
    ...GIS has taught me that "50s household" is a fetish. :?
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)01:11 No.6516753
         File1257055875.jpg-(295 KB, 1000x678, Jetscalator.jpg)
    295 KB
    It's like a lounge that is on a moving walkway!
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)01:12 No.6516760

    it is now, yeah.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)01:13 No.6516763
         File1257056008.jpg-(707 KB, 910x1291, flying saucer buses.jpg)
    707 KB
    "How do we solve congestion?"

    "Let's make the buses ROUND!"
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)01:15 No.6516779
         File1257056102.jpg-(647 KB, 1200x963, WillWarDriveUsUnderground.jpg)
    647 KB
    The minorities will live underground, that's what'll happen.
    >> Salamanders Fanbro !!IkBm+qsTaW7 11/01/09(Sun)01:16 No.6516788
    Oh, it's been a fetish for a long time.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)01:17 No.6516795
         File1257056275.jpg-(168 KB, 400x498, howard-hughes-2-lg.jpg)
    168 KB
    Can't have dieselpunk without this guy.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)01:20 No.6516812
         File1257056454.jpg-(577 KB, 996x1191, Joseph_McCarthy.jpg)
    577 KB
    This is your BBEG.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)01:22 No.6516818
    The stoic benefactor for the heroes, more likely.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)01:22 No.6516823
         File1257056567.jpg-(541 KB, 1599x748, HydroFungalFarming.jpg)
    541 KB
    Gasp! A woman scientist!

    ...Oh, it's okay, she's making food.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)01:23 No.6516830
         File1257056622.jpg-(138 KB, 500x235, FutureCar01.jpg)
    138 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)01:24 No.6516833
         File1257056672.jpg-(140 KB, 500x235, FutureCar02.jpg)
    140 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)01:25 No.6516837
         File1257056730.jpg-(117 KB, 500x235, FutureCar03.jpg)
    117 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)01:25 No.6516838
         File1257056736.jpg-(55 KB, 460x320, the_iron_giant.jpg)
    55 KB
    I'd have to say that the best source of inspiration for this would have to be the Iron Giant. Hands-down. You've got beatniks, giant art deco robots, communist paranoia... the whole works.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)01:26 No.6516850
         File1257056814.jpg-(65 KB, 494x402, FutureHousePamphlet.jpg)
    65 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)01:28 No.6516856
         File1257056885.jpg-(508 KB, 1436x1002, UnderseaCities53.jpg)
    508 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)01:29 No.6516869
         File1257056995.jpg-(41 KB, 290x450, 189839.jpg)
    41 KB
    Oh hello.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)01:31 No.6516882
         File1257057062.jpg-(238 KB, 802x889, TravelingCartridge.jpg)
    238 KB
    This is what poor people live in.

    Oh, sure, the higher up people might rent a few out for a vacation....
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)01:33 No.6516898
         File1257057185.jpg-(384 KB, 1250x573, GrasshopperCart.jpg)
    384 KB
    See that guy with the remote?

    He is carefully aiming the cart in an attempt to blow up her skirt.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)01:34 No.6516904
         File1257057263.jpg-(34 KB, 198x298, Spirit_of_the_century_cover.jpg)
    34 KB
    Maybe this is your thing, OP?
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)01:34 No.6516906
    Dieselpunk 20's- early 50's scifi
    >> Salamanders Fanbro !!IkBm+qsTaW7 11/01/09(Sun)01:35 No.6516917
    Picked up a copy for five bucks the other day. would've been worth it at 20.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)01:38 No.6516934
         File1257057512.jpg-(67 KB, 394x396, NoShaving.jpg)
    67 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)01:39 No.6516941
         File1257057577.gif-(46 KB, 280x282, FoodFromSawdust.gif)
    46 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)01:41 No.6516957
         File1257057680.jpg-(16 KB, 240x299, strikerette.jpg)
    16 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)01:42 No.6516968
    >>Where can I find this mythical setting?

    This is called Pulp. The disel/atom stuff is Pulp Super Science. usually also involves lots of Cigars, Nazis, Airships, and ancient Egyptian/Mayan/Tibetan artifacts.

    Tin Tin, Indiana Jones, Johnny Quest, the Phantom, Venture Bros, Fantastic Four (or most comic books with scientists), and anything that could be described as "The World of Tomorrow!"
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)01:45 No.6516992
         File1257057913.jpg-(335 KB, 800x1025, 1966 automobiles of the future.jpg)
    335 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)01:46 No.6517003
         File1257057978.jpg-(68 KB, 668x519, LevitationBed.jpg)
    68 KB
    I want a levitation bed.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)01:46 No.6517004
    Remember children! If your mother is talking about women's rights and you don't report her, your family will be destroyed! You will wind up an unloved orphan and never see your Mommy and Daddy again.

    Be like Bizzie the Patriotic Bee! Report any subversive talk to your school at once! Don't wind up like Dizzie the Beetle, or you will wind up like her...(Cue ominous music).

    (Dude, I heard Meynard. Yeah, The Meynard. He has a new ENIAC configuration, just take your existing tubes and re-set them and you will be up to nearly 500 centahertz on your computator!)
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)01:47 No.6517012
         File1257058045.jpg-(127 KB, 763x281, Escacar.jpg)
    127 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)01:49 No.6517030
         File1257058180.jpg-(70 KB, 577x473, PipedInBeverages.jpg)
    70 KB
    And what about various minorities and by that I mean black people?
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)01:52 No.6517051

    Obviously they exist happily on the separate but equal land of Antarctica
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)01:55 No.6517071
         File1257058549.jpg-(308 KB, 1200x586, FactoryFarms.jpg)
    308 KB

    But then who would do all the gardening and cleaning and things?
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)01:57 No.6517084
         File1257058652.jpg-(53 KB, 329x590, UltrasonicShower.jpg)
    53 KB
    And now, some fanservice.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)01:59 No.6517101
         File1257058761.jpg-(42 KB, 345x460, LevitatingFryingPan.jpg)
    42 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)02:00 No.6517110
    I love it.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)02:00 No.6517111
         File1257058822.jpg-(64 KB, 500x504, future_office_1964.jpg)
    64 KB
    This is where hubby works all day.

    It is very tiring. All those curves....
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)02:01 No.6517122
         File1257058892.gif-(218 KB, 549x359, TheAutomat.gif)
    218 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)02:04 No.6517150
         File1257059070.jpg-(124 KB, 642x539, bake_o_mat.jpg)
    124 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)02:08 No.6517182
         File1257059293.jpg-(53 KB, 649x373, aerosol_potatoes.jpg)
    53 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)02:09 No.6517187
    Why the fuck has only one man mentioned Spirit of the Century?

    What the fuck is wrong with you all?

    Also, dieselpunk doesn't necessarily equal "world of tomorrow". Extrapolating on the tech that they actually had =/= using the tech they thought they would have. We seem to be veering off towards The Jetsons, which isn't what OP made me think of at all.

    Also, it's not anything-punk without a punk element. The hippy movement should be ABOUT to happen. Though feminazi terrorism is fine too.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)02:11 No.6517209

    Fuck, what the hell? I thought pop and cola were the same thing.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)02:12 No.6517222
    Citizen, your concern about minorities makes me question your dedication to the Atomic States of America. Are you sure you aren't a secret Women's Libber a Krebskyite or possibly one with Czarist sympathies?

    (What do you call a Russian agent in a setting where the Whites won? Or are we still going with Commie because it is awesome and screw alt-history?)
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)02:13 No.6517223

    Presumably "pop" is, like, some Sprite thing, and cola is, well, cola flavored.

    That, or the artist ran out of drinks.

    Also, I have a picture of bacon in foil packets that's supposed to go in the toaster, but 4chan won't let me post it.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)02:15 No.6517241
         File1257059731.jpg-(377 KB, 500x773, automata_final.jpg)
    377 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)02:16 No.6517248
         File1257059787.jpg-(810 KB, 1769x1233, bubble_house_03.jpg)
    810 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)02:17 No.6517254
    Bolshevik or Bolshie, probably. Though you could still say Commie.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)02:17 No.6517255
    The word you are looking for is "soda".
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)02:17 No.6517256
    Automata is clunk/clank punk, not dieselpunk.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)02:18 No.6517265

    Try copying, pasting to paint, and resaving as .jpg or .gif.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)02:18 No.6517270

    Has the era right, though not necessarily the tech level.

    I'm thinking Casablanca where Ford should have a line of hauling robots.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)02:19 No.6517275

    Distinction being?

    OP said "robots in American households" didn't he?
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)02:21 No.6517287

    That swing-out stool sure is impressive.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)02:21 No.6517295
    OP here again. I guess robots are a concession I want to make for the sake of fun; everyone loves robots, except when they try to kill you.

    Kind of wanting to keep it "realistic" otherwise; no flying cars or orbital daytripping. Practical applications of science.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)02:22 No.6517297
         File1257060139.jpg-(516 KB, 758x1000, ToasterBacon.jpg)
    516 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)02:22 No.6517303

    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)02:24 No.6517317
         File1257060264.jpg-(155 KB, 850x722, man amplifier bionics.jpg)
    155 KB
    What I find interesting is the number of things that actually had mockups, but never really caught on.

    Or didn't work so well.

    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)02:25 No.6517324

    You could also steal ideas from Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)02:25 No.6517332
    Pop, cola and soda are regional terms. Here is the map.

    The thread has split off. The OP probably intended steampunk plus three decades, but we are into atom-punk territory now. Beatniks and bolshies are the new boogeyman and the women's liberation movement is underground and dealing birth-control pills like crack while occasionally blowing up...something. Not sure what would be a violent target of women seeking autonomy. Probably it is all made up government stunts.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)02:26 No.6517337
    So what is Diesel Punk then?

    1940's? Pre-WWII?
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)02:26 No.6517344

    Err yeah, let me change that.

    War-time America?
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)02:27 No.6517350
         File1257060466.jpg-(121 KB, 519x640, Crimson Skies.jpg)
    121 KB
    <--- The ultimate Dieselpunk (well, Aeropunk) setting. Accept no substitutes.

    If you want to run an RP in that setting, I reccomend the SilCore rules from Dream Pod 9. The Gear Krieg setting book is a good starting place. Also, while the core box set is rare and expensive as hell, the sourcebooks are easy to find and the stats should be easy enough to work out from the performance given in the PC game.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)02:27 No.6517353
         File1257060479.jpg-(102 KB, 530x414, eugenics.jpg)
    102 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)02:28 No.6517357
    I think you should explore the civil rights movement in this world...

    Only with robots who are treated like second class slaves.

    You could do the typically robot revolution but personally I think thats a bit too cliched, at least the whole doomsday billion robot army overwhelms the earth kind of setting. I'm thinking like a low intensity guerrilla campaign of black panther robots. Suicide bombers, assassin droids, hell a factory line that "accidentally" kills a safety inspector. And then you have pacifistic robots and human sympathizers who have to try doing things the right and difficult way.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)02:29 No.6517379

    Also, communism pervades robot society putting them at odds with humanity.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)02:32 No.6517404
         File1257060774.jpg-(132 KB, 702x585, RobotFarms.jpg)
    132 KB
    So, robots replace minorities, minorities move to Alaska/Underground?
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)02:35 No.6517435
    The robots shouldn't be nearly sophisticated enough for that.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)02:38 No.6517458
         File1257061089.jpg-(211 KB, 695x654, DesertsWillBloomThroughTheAtom.jpg)
    211 KB
    Atomic food again.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)02:40 No.6517477

    You could have primary models, who do almost all the work with little sentience

    But you'd have the latest and most intelligent models that are capable of formulating their own opinions. Even more interesting is if they have some sorta ashimov robotic laws installed and them finding some loopway or way around those laws.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)02:40 No.6517480
    Someone ought to archive this; I'm getting some good ideas for a campaign. Not sure if d20 or GURPS would be better for it, though; which would have more associated splatbooks?
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)02:40 No.6517483
    Why can't minorities still exist, but segregation was never abolished? Instead you get black projects and shanty towns. Little Italy and China Town and such.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)02:40 No.6517486
    So, let me see if I've got this right.

    -Science is shiny, glamorized, and universally commercialized. It's made to sell.
    -Commercialism is admirable and patriotic. Social standing really IS about keeping up with the Joneses.
    -Patriotism is modernism (i.e, FUCK YEA SCIENCE). Faith in the state is faith in science and vice-versa. PROGRESS is the dominant mantra.

    In otherwords patriotism, modernism, and commercialism harmonize as a force of scientific progress and social homogeneity, without modern notions of cynical wisdom or legitimate counterculture, forming a powerful and united USA.

    -Patriarchy is a-okay. A hero is a MAN's man. Daddy knows best.
    -Countercultural groups which historically found tolerance in the 'states are instead demonized as they would have been in most other time periods. Hippies are edgy and dangerous, and it is in turn dangerous to be a hippy, to a fantastical degree. This is how the setting earns its 'punk' pedigree, but your game doesn't have to focus on that.

    Do I got that right?
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)02:45 No.6517525
         File1257061558.jpg-(97 KB, 638x835, radio_hat.jpg)
    97 KB

    I thought they were beatnik-feminists.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)02:46 No.6517528
    Hmmm, some interesting ideas here. I'm guessing most robo-servants suck, but all efforts to create greater intelligence end up Bolshie. That's a nice cap on The Singularity.

    If anyone games this and wants to use robo-rights as a proxy for minorities, more power to them. But I'm not seeing minorities sidelined like that. More like hooking up with the beatniks and their proto-cyberpunk predecessors, the bitniks.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)02:53 No.6517584
    Well, WWI did contribute to women's lib, albeit not as much as did WWII. So you might find a few women in 'men's roles' - but these would be out-of-the-way, like driving busses or delivering mail.

    And even then there'd be laughing about it.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)02:54 No.6517593
         File1257062057.jpg-(117 KB, 492x709, roverjet01.jpg)
    117 KB
    Turbo cars, anyone?

    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)02:55 No.6517603
         File1257062121.jpg-(41 KB, 640x360, Dean_ah.sized.jpg)
    41 KB
    Pseudo-feminists are permissible, in the form of spunky scientists, can-do female military auxilaries (WACs in skirts, et al), doctors, and so on. However, they are all really just waiting for a sufficiently manly man to tame them. The world's most brilliant female inventor is always slightly less clever than Biff McLargeHuge, gumshoe ex-G.I. with a high school education and a .45 caliber solution to every problem.

    Countercultural figures exist in acceptably manly, moralistic forms as iconoclastic cowboys, smooth-talking pseudo-beatniks, and the like. Hippies don't exist, because men's hair cannot grow longer than an inch and a half.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)02:58 No.6517628
         File1257062318.jpg-(149 KB, 756x942, 4tubeNotebook.jpg)
    149 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)02:58 No.6517632
    That's what I think we should go with.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)03:01 No.6517665
    I believe this already has a name, IIRC correctly, Retro Futuristic. Now, I may be wrong about that, but I seem to recall this having a name.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)03:02 No.6517676
    Eh, semantics.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)03:04 No.6517690

    But the name doesn't end in "punk", therefore it is clearly not a a permissible genre name.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)03:06 No.6517719
         File1257062793.jpg-(161 KB, 700x890, BubbleTopCar.jpg)
    161 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)03:07 No.6517725
         File1257062834.jpg-(63 KB, 574x532, 1942_car.jpg)
    63 KB
    And there are no seatbelts! Don't forget that!
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)03:11 No.6517773
         File1257063110.jpg-(493 KB, 1130x1134, SummerTerraceAllYearRound.jpg)
    493 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)03:13 No.6517797
         File1257063228.jpg-(444 KB, 1271x809, tv ad G.jpg)
    444 KB
    Hey, look, he can just jump down into his little boat!
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)03:15 No.6517819
         File1257063344.jpg-(662 KB, 1271x809, tv ad A.jpg)
    662 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)03:16 No.6517826
    holy shit i didnt appreciate it as a kid but that was by far the best opening for a cartoon ever. FUCKING DYSTOPIC ZEPPLIN LAND FUCK YEAR
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)03:16 No.6517828
    The ultimate cockctail of all time was the martini.

    The martini saw its renaissance in the 50's.

    Thus, atompunk is superior to all alternatives.

    Prove me wrong.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)03:19 No.6517861
    I have one word for you, just one word: Manhattan.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)03:19 No.6517864

    This. We're talking thunderbirds, captain scarlet. The world of fallout before war between america and china.

    Dieselpunk is steampunk on steroids and with electronics.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)03:20 No.6517872
    here you go
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)03:21 No.6517883
    To continue (and I'm just extrapolating to throw out ideas here):

    -Worker's rights movements have been brutally crushed. Workers approach approach dangerous job sites with a soldier's grit- getting hurt in your country's service is an honor. To shepherd this attitude, corporations tend to be very good to people who get hurt on the job, often promoting or publicly honoring them.

    -Unhindered by worker's rights and labor unions, American industrialism remains stronger for longer. Factories don't move overseas. Modernization (i.e. robots) eventually cut most factory workers out of the equation, creating a situation where a consumer-economy is actually sustainable. The Atomic States have enjoyed wild success in the global economy, combined with social unity, allowing them to make great progress.

    -Counterculture isn't 'cool' in any mainstream sense. It never was and never forseeably will be. There are no commercial rock bands as we know them; there are popstars alright, but everything is very heavily censored.

    -There are no "flower children". Carefree counterculturals and other lay-abouts are rounded up and thrown in asylums, where they may or not be rehabilitated and released. ALL subversives, be they feminists, commies, nigger-lovers, etc, are going to be a lot more like the hard-boiled anarchists of the 70s. There is no 'glam' element to being a rebel, so the only people who do so are fucking serious about it.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)03:21 No.6517887
    I wish my life had this soundtrack
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)03:24 No.6517919
         File1257063872.jpg-(383 KB, 1271x809, tv ad F.jpg)
    383 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)03:25 No.6517926

    You've misunderstood. Retro-futurism is a broad term which covers ANY this-is-the-future-in-the-past settings (steampunk, clockpunk, wetpunk, etc, even if it doesn't have a 'punk' element).
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)03:26 No.6517943
    Look, I am American. I acknowledge that people other than Americans fought in the Second World War. However, all of you ought to acknowledge that we contributed a lot. We sacrificed a great number of lives, (nothing like the other Allies, but still), and mobilized virtually our entire economy towards war. Whatever else happened, it was mostly the American Military that crushed the Japanese, and who lent the sheer mass to push the German military back to Berlin, all while the United States also supplied significant amounts of material and food to our allies. All of Germany and Parts of France might have been former Soviet Block countries, if not for the help of America. (Ok, that's taking it a bit far, but you get the idea.)
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)03:26 No.6517951
    Pseudo-feminists I will give you in atompunk. The state can only keep the lid on them for so long since it has zero chance of controlling the underground (probably not illegal, but not FDA approved) birth-control market. Women are no longer slaves to biology and are waking up as a result, same as our mainline.

    Pseudo-beatniks I think they would have a harder time mainstreaming. I have a hard time coming up with some kind of lovable rogue character pre-1960 where the era seems to be stuck in. Anyone with a better knowledge of antique popular culture feel free to chime in.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)03:31 No.6517982
    Sure is Team Fortress 2 in here.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)03:34 No.6518018
    the Mafia, Teamsters and Commies could make good badasses.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)03:35 No.6518027
    I like the idea of seemingly wholesome and happy housewifes secretly plotting with their lady friends to murder their husbands and then brainwash their sons. Perhaps these feminists are also turning to old pagan ways, embracing ancient occults and magic.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)03:40 No.6518066
    Tunnel Snakes rule!

    Your "rebel" characters are typicall Fonzie greasers. Leather jackets and slicked back hair. They ride around on motor-cylces and chrome convertibles.

    Come on man, this isn't hard.

    Think Elvis Pressely.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)03:43 No.6518090
         File1257064980.jpg-(17 KB, 500x375, mini-media-centre.jpg)
    17 KB
    Google imagesearched "atompunk" to see what I could find.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)03:43 No.6518095
         File1257065035.jpg-(19 KB, 420x315, atomicagehousething.jpg)
    19 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)03:44 No.6518098
         File1257065082.jpg-(126 KB, 400x279, Atompunk_stuff.jpg)
    126 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)03:45 No.6518110
         File1257065116.jpg-(32 KB, 350x326, atompunk_japaneserobotthing.jpg)
    32 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)03:46 No.6518128
         File1257065205.jpg-(97 KB, 422x458, butasmalltaste.jpg)
    97 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)03:48 No.6518148
         File1257065318.jpg-(114 KB, 462x640, EastGermanGuard.jpg)
    114 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)03:48 No.6518149
    Totally forgot about the greasers and that whole Easy Rider/Rebel Without A Cause thing starting up. But...

    Organized crime and trade unionism, as all anti-State activities are just outgrowths of Beatnikism and Bolshevism.

    And now you are bringing in Tabitha from Bewitched? That could be hardcore.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)03:50 No.6518156
         File1257065413.jpg-(111 KB, 500x431, RadiationShieldGenerator.jpg)
    111 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)03:52 No.6518172

    I guess I'm seeing the states as much more unified and intolerant of subversion.

    Though, I do think that 'We can do it too!" proto-feminism would never be admired. It would just never progress to "maybe we're not that different after all". Or, heaven forbid, "and we should have equal rights because of it".

    At least not in polite society.

    I think that the whole "separate isn't bad" mantra would have grown very strong to quell the civil rights movement. Ultimately, the perky mechanics in miniskirts aren't trying to prove that women are as good as men; quite the opposite, they feel proud of themselves PERSONALLY because they're women who are awesome enough to do men-things.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)03:53 No.6518182
    I think that proto-feminism WOULD be admired, rather. I don't know why I said "never".
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)03:58 No.6518216
         File1257065932.jpg-(103 KB, 450x525, atompunkillustration.jpg)
    103 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)04:00 No.6518225
    That's undoubtedly how the mass media of the Atomic States of America portray them, but look at it from their perspective.

    They have a thing they like to do, they do it well, they do it so well that a group that has never accepted a woman/Negro/other out-group is forced to grudgingly admit them into their ranks. After eating shit and enduring crap from people not fit to carry their lunch-pail do you really think their first instinct is going to be "I can do this because I am better than the vast majority of the out-group I was unfairly persecuted for belonging too?"

    Atompunk is rife with sedition and anxiety. The only reason it hasn't been overwhelmed yet is because they are facing Bolshies whose super-intelligent computers keep telling them their system sucks.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)04:04 No.6518247
         File1257066252.jpg-(457 KB, 1068x712, AppleElectrocutions.jpg)
    457 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)04:08 No.6518281
         File1257066520.jpg-(495 KB, 1024x683, ShitRadiation.jpg)
    495 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)04:09 No.6518286
         File1257066548.png-(2.19 MB, 2249x1380, rahmos_vs_fahrong.png)
    2.19 MB
    I like my dieselpunk dark and gritty. Combine Napoleonic era politics with Baroque and Jugend art styles along with enhanced interwar technology.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)04:10 No.6518293
         File1257066609.jpg-(264 KB, 1500x816, Artillery2_(2).jpg)
    264 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)04:10 No.6518296
    >do you really think their first instinct is going to be "I can do this because I am better than the vast majority of the out-group I was unfairly persecuted for belonging too?"

    It wouldn't be the most prevalent attitude, but it would still be a commonly held one. You're abused ("Silly skirt thinks she's got what it takes," "Oh look, the nigger monkey can turn a wrench."), you internalize, you begin to focus your self-loathing onto the source of your abuse (gender, race, etc), you externalize to all persons that hold that characteristic.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)04:10 No.6518297
         File1257066646.jpg-(230 KB, 1400x630, isotx_ballroom.jpg)
    230 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)04:11 No.6518307
         File1257066691.jpg-(290 KB, 1500x581, isotx_invasion.jpg)
    290 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)04:12 No.6518319
         File1257066778.jpg-(55 KB, 400x300, atompunk_whatisthis.jpg)
    55 KB

    I think you maybe got the wrong decade there.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)04:13 No.6518320

    You're not thinking like someone born in that era. Sisterhood-and-liberation is a familiar idea to us because it pervades our culture, because it was inspired by previous movements and ideas, which probably haven't happened in this world.

    Yes, SOME women will believe that women in general are more capable than the patriarchy claims. But at the same time there are going to be many who are content to be recognized on a personal level, and many more who will seek to emulate the former. Likewise, they aren't gong to be "shit on" for being women unless they seem to be getting subversive ideas into their pretty little heads.

    What we're ultimately dealing with here is a cult of pragmatic optimism. Society wants to recognize people who get shit done, so women doing 'mens work' will be patronized but still encouraged.

    "Aww, you wanna try? Here, let me come up behind you to show you the controls from the spoon position. I know, it's complicated, don't feel bad if you don't understand it honey."

    , or "Jesus, I ain't never met a dame who could drive like 'at!",

    or my personal favorite, "HA, excellent idea! By golly sometimes you think like a man!"
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)04:13 No.6518322
         File1257066809.png-(2.66 MB, 1680x1050, rahmos_1680_color_corrected.png)
    2.66 MB
    No airships guys?
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)04:14 No.6518332
         File1257066885.jpg-(604 KB, 1024x444, brokengate-after.jpg)
    604 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)04:15 No.6518342
         File1257066946.jpg-(50 KB, 400x357, atompunk_whatisthis2.jpg)
    50 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)04:16 No.6518347

    Dirigibles are mandatory in all settings. No exceptions.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)04:17 No.6518361
    I like the submarine look of the ships, too bad they have a large amount of secondary armament.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)04:19 No.6518378
         File1257067149.jpg-(612 KB, 1024x444, lose_warlord.jpg)
    612 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)04:19 No.6518380
         File1257067184.gif-(58 KB, 500x231, atompunk_thing.gif)
    58 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)04:20 No.6518393
         File1257067256.jpg-(167 KB, 1126x515, confederatefighter.jpg)
    167 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)04:21 No.6518399
         File1257067280.jpg-(109 KB, 1280x1024, Angelina_Jolie_-_Sky_Captain_A(...).jpg)
    109 KB
    way too much to really commit to reading in there, but maybe sky captain and the world of tomorrow, (for a setting feel)? it was a shit movie, yeah. but still, it seems to have a very similar flavor to what youre suggesting.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)04:21 No.6518404
         File1257067306.jpg-(493 KB, 1197x501, Rahmos_fighter-sm.jpg)
    493 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)04:21 No.6518406
         File1257067313.jpg-(35 KB, 420x423, Atomiccalculator.jpg)
    35 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)04:22 No.6518412
         File1257067342.jpg-(442 KB, 1400x2480, designskeith.jpg)
    442 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)04:22 No.6518413
    >implying that Sky Captain was shit
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)04:23 No.6518415
    Looks like an A-10 mashed together with an IL-2 and an Mi-28
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)04:24 No.6518422
         File1257067467.jpg-(31 KB, 468x357, HandlingMen1..jpg)
    31 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)04:25 No.6518426
         File1257067500.jpg-(25 KB, 468x278, HandlingMen2..jpg)
    25 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)04:25 No.6518430

    I love how the previews made it look like Angelina Jolie would play a huge part because she was such a famous actress at the time

    And then she's on the screen for a grand total of seven minutes
    >> Scrawl !!OAWrY1fJkRE 11/01/09(Sun)04:25 No.6518431
    Chuck in lots of zeppelins and blimps. Yeah, the Hindenburg tragedy (bah humanity blah) happened earlier ('37 i think but can i really be botered to check? Fuck no.) but pretend it never happened and have some fun.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)04:26 No.6518435
    >Implying that "it was a shit movie" is merely an implication.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)04:26 No.6518441
         File1257067614.jpg-(138 KB, 313x500, SovietBot.jpg)
    138 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)04:27 No.6518446
         File1257067649.jpg-(641 KB, 2000x1261, Cruiser-sm.jpg)
    641 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)04:27 No.6518447

    Sky captain fucking owned.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)04:27 No.6518449
    >implying that personal opinion equals universal truth, despite the poster of said opinion being quite a shitty troll
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)04:27 No.6518450
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)04:28 No.6518453
         File1257067706.jpg-(679 KB, 1024x683, Rahmos_dreadnought_SM.jpg)
    679 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)04:28 No.6518455
    I want to try and avoid the Zeppelin Effect, though.

    Man, why do people think zeppelins are so cool and always put them into alt fiction, anyway? They're like cargo freighters, only more unwieldy and able to carry less cargo; the only advantage is that they're up in the air instead of on the land or sea.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)04:30 No.6518464
    Because it's a flying artillery of battery of doom that quickly becomes obsolete when SAMs are introduced.
    >> Scrawl !!OAWrY1fJkRE 11/01/09(Sun)04:30 No.6518465
    - Actually no, stfu both of you and accept that you opinions differ.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)04:30 No.6518467
    Because zeppelins are fucking awesome?
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)04:30 No.6518472
    Besides, everyone knows that the setting's equivalent is huge-ass airplanes with mansions hidden in the wings.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)04:31 No.6518478
    haha i just googled the name of the movie, and when jolie came up as the first image i did a double take, goin, "whoa. she was in that?" but, i apologize for calling skycaptain a shit movie. I THINK, it was a terrible shit movie with zero plot that attempted to cover up that fact with bad special effects and an expensive cast. I THINK that.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)04:31 No.6518480
    I don't like Zeppelins themselves, but flying ships are awesome.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)04:31 No.6518481
    Compare them to airplanes. A zeppelin doesn't simply crash, it can land on a spot only slightly larger than itself, it can carry a lot more than an airplane.
    >> Scrawl !!OAWrY1fJkRE 11/01/09(Sun)04:32 No.6518488
    Because you can for example put the characters in a zeppelin being attacked by nuclear-powered biplanes.

    Or put them in as forced volunteers in the biplanes
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)04:33 No.6518492
         File1257067983.jpg-(320 KB, 933x623, Saturation_Bombing_by_Iron_Gri(...).jpg)
    320 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)04:34 No.6518500
    >Implying that I implied that, when I was really implying that you can't tell the difference between an implication (of opinion) and a flat-out statement (of opinion). Dumbass.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)04:34 No.6518501
    I got some ideas for unique classes:

    Detectives- Hard nosed, hard boiled, and hard out of luck. Tough stats for fist fights or taking afew slugs to chest combined with high perception abilities to read situations, read people, or examine objects. Drawbacks are that they are generally disliked and a bitter life gives them low initiative or motivation.

    Greaser/Rebel- Young, strong, and in a perfectly bleached T-Shirt. In a world where being younger than thirty-five means sitting at the kids table, you're clawing at walls to get out. Thirst for adventure and a fit form gives you high speed and motivation stats. Drawbacks are low intellect stats and law authorities are hostile or just condescending to you.

    -"The Professor"- Leather elbow patches, pipe in hand, and one single peaked eyebrow. You went to college and therefore know something behind everything be it werewolves, enviromental hazards, or crazy challenges posed by an alien race. Your atomology degree gives you high intellect stats AND a charisma bonus since science is in fashion. Drawbacks are low defense stats and "permanently puzzled over the mystery of women"... Whatever that means.

    I would like to have a Cool Cat class but I'm out of ideas.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)04:35 No.6518511
    its actually sort of shocking that that movie elicited any defense at all, it did terrible at the box office, and has shown up on at least 1 list (that ive seen) of the most horrible movies of all time.
    >> Scrawl !!OAWrY1fJkRE 11/01/09(Sun)04:36 No.6518516
    Seriously. You have differing opinions. Accept it. Now shut the fuck up and enjoy the awesome atompunkiness.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)04:37 No.6518521

    Classes should grant fedora proficiency at different levels. 1st level for detectives.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)04:38 No.6518531
         File1257068313.jpg-(26 KB, 800x345, dk19.jpg)
    26 KB

    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)04:39 No.6518536

    No we don't. I loved Sky Captain as well. It just pisses me off when people get memes wrong.

    It's not like >implying is hard to pull off correctly.
    >> Scrawl !!OAWrY1fJkRE 11/01/09(Sun)04:39 No.6518542

    I want to run a COC campaign in this setting, now...
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)04:43 No.6518574
    I love this idea.

    Also some women could be more extremist because perhaps the Communists have created gender-equal societies? As a reaction the American government has launched a decades old campaign to crush women's rights movement. They're lucky that they can even vote.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)04:44 No.6518583
    To clarify, the crack down on women's liberation is what has pushed a small minority of women to turn to occultism for liberation.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)04:47 No.6518611
         File1257068872.jpg-(39 KB, 450x600, atomicage_bike.jpg)
    39 KB
    >> Scrawl !!OAWrY1fJkRE 11/01/09(Sun)04:49 No.6518616
    Love that idea, then you could have one female character who is patronized by the others into becoming an atomic magician, using strange atomic things that her long-dead father, who was a professor and the only one who saw her worth.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)04:52 No.6518643
         File1257069146.jpg-(181 KB, 500x500, atomic_coffee.jpg)
    181 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)04:53 No.6518649
         File1257069228.jpg-(112 KB, 740x541, hurricane.jpg)
    112 KB
    Anyone go for space dieselpunk? I remember this setting book called Rocketship Empires 1936.
    >> Scrawl !!OAWrY1fJkRE 11/01/09(Sun)04:56 No.6518661
    Dieselpunk... IN SPAAAAAACE

    I love TvT
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)04:58 No.6518680
    Ultra sonic?

    "I've busted my ear drums but I feel fresh as a daisy."
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)04:59 No.6518692
         File1257069582.gif-(87 KB, 330x450, elvis_christ.gif)
    87 KB
    Bringing us back to Tabitha from Bewitched, but that's not embraced and also, not really necessary.

    Atompunk has SCIENCE! SCIENCE! for the Future! but it is still a fragile society. Europe is not a tidy NATO since America sat out WW2. The Nazis are gone but it is still foreign. The Brits are probably pissed at getting minimal assistance so no special relationship and Russia, despite the earlier triumph of the Whites is currently ruled by Bolsheviks.

    At home? Women are controlling their own ovaries through pills that are impossible to stamp out. The Negros are organizing and demanding equal rights. The young people are either becoming beatniks, revolutionary-aiding bitnik tube-punks or going full greaser with the slicked back hair and motorcycles.

    Not to mention the rumors of this rock and/or roll music genre being recorded on bitnik vacuum tube equipment, or this Elvis character people talk about.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)05:01 No.6518707
         File1257069709.jpg-(202 KB, 822x565, soviet-merchant-ship.jpg)
    202 KB
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)05:04 No.6518729
    Ah, so going Great People / Great Movements instead of Great Moments, eh? Elvis is destined to rise, Communism is destined to control Russia, etc.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/09(Sun)05:14 No.6518789
    Thread is saging but you can't have anything post-'50s without commies of some kind or America in is so different as to be unrelatable to PCs. Elvis as an actual danger to society is just delicious icing.

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