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  • File : 1256212800.jpg-(810 KB, 1072x1196, Aya Shameimaru.jpg)
    810 KB Anonymous 10/22/09(Thu)08:00 No.6383225  
    As promised. Next on the list is her subordinate and protector, Momiji Inubashiri.
    >> Anonymous 10/22/09(Thu)08:02 No.6383233
    >subordinate and protector, Momiji Inubashiri.

    Nothing suggests the latter. Momiji guards the mountain, I doubt she works directly for Aya.

    Hell, I doubt she's even subordinate, considering she's a guard and Aya runs a newspaper.
    >> Anonymous 10/22/09(Thu)08:05 No.6383253
         File1256213141.jpg-(349 KB, 1428x942, justsavedfromdanbooru.jpg)
    349 KB
    Aya's the head of minister of Tengu propaganda, didn't you know? Of course she gets minions like Momiji.
    >> Anonymous 10/22/09(Thu)08:07 No.6383265
    Well, I definitely like this interpretation of tengu better than bird heads with no wings
    >> Anonymous 10/22/09(Thu)08:09 No.6383270
    >Peerless wind god "illusory dominance"
    >Aya shifts thrice her speed
    Let me guess, she turns into red lasers as well, right?
    >> Anonymous 10/22/09(Thu)08:09 No.6383277
         File1256213397.png-(262 KB, 1296x1289, Aya Shameimaru Comparison.png)
    262 KB
    For comparison, here are other level 14 elite monsters of a similar role. Empress Donata is a terrifying behemoth.
    >> General Malcolm Granger !tdu/XtyVrs 10/22/09(Thu)08:10 No.6383282
    minion != protector

    Aya is suppose to be more powerfull tha momiji, thats why they send her in MoF after momiji
    >> Anonymous 10/22/09(Thu)08:14 No.6383301
    Dear God, that beholder is a rape machine. Fight it and you'll spend the whole fucking battle weakened and immobilized, getting hit with ice bullshit twice a round as well.
    >> Anonymous 10/22/09(Thu)08:14 No.6383304
    looks alright, the power that creatures zones for all enemies hit should do something easier to keep track of though.

    Purely from a DM'ing standpoint, zones can be a pain to keep track of.

    Also her defenses are very high. As are her attack bonuses, not sure if this is intended or not considering her extreme manueverability.
    >> Anonymous 10/22/09(Thu)08:18 No.6383318
    instead of using these long ass conventional monster things of double size, you should do it as a fucking flowchart
    >> Anonymous 10/22/09(Thu)08:24 No.6383360
    >>6383304 Also her defenses are very high
    I agree, when DMG2 came out, they changed the way Elites are made, you no longer increase three of the defenses by 2.

    >As are her attack bonuses
    No they aren't. They should be one higher, in fact.
    >> Anonymous 10/22/09(Thu)08:29 No.6383380
    Illusury Dominance is going to be a complete fucking bitch to deal with. Unless you're using a mat and can shade the squares affected, you won't remember them.

    I'd put a couple of squares of push on Thrust Fan to make it worthwhile to use. As it is, she's got 4 encounter powers so she'll probably not use it until the very end of the combat as a 'well I'm out of gas' thing.
    >> Anonymous 10/22/09(Thu)08:33 No.6383403
    Just to further my point, you'll notice from the npcs you compared her to that they mostly have a variety of at-wills with different uses that 'define' the combat with them and an encounter for showing off. In this case you've just got a bunch of one-shots so the PCs won't really get a good hang of her combat style and there won't be as much of a clear 'oh wow' when she busts out with a new move.
    >> Anonymous 10/22/09(Thu)08:39 No.6383452
         File1256215184.jpg-(376 KB, 800x1211, Aya Crows Leaves.jpg)
    376 KB
    Aya here is an NPC wizard with the Magic Missile, Scorching Burst, Winter's Wrath, Thunderlance, Ice Storm, and Expeditious Retreat powers, all modified to deliver force damage to represent the sheer momentum of the battering winds she creates. Ice Storm was further altered into her Illusionary Dominance power, which was something I believed she could not exist without. The Devastator template was added to her; Spell Shaper was made to instead simply add "targets enemies" to her close and area powers, and Endless Power was adjusted to recharge when bloodied, as I am not a fan of rolling for recharges. Additionally, the Those Who Hear monster theme was given to her, granting her the Aura of Madness and Mind of Movement powers for even greater mobility and battlefield control.

    It was suggested to me that Aya be bestowed speed 8 and immunity to slow effects. I had accepted this and integrated this into her statistics, though I felt this to be a tad too powerful. As such, her base race was stripped down to something which simply granted her +2 Intelligence, +2 Wisdom, and the githyanki racial power, and she was not given a second wizard utility power.


    >Illusury Dominance is going to be a complete fucking bitch to deal with. Unless you're using a mat and can shade the squares affected, you won't remember them.
    On MapTool, create zones using the template tool as you usually would. In real life, prepare a handful of paper squares which should cover a three-by-three-square area on your mat, and simply place them under the miniatures of the characters affected.
    >> Anonymous 10/22/09(Thu)08:51 No.6383548
         File1256215878.jpg-(154 KB, 707x650, Aya Rainbow Waterfall.jpg)
    154 KB

    >I'd put a couple of squares of push on Thrust Fan to make it worthwhile to use.
    I believe that it should suffice as a cooldown attack to be used immediately before being bloodied and immediately before being brought to 0 hit points.


    >you'll notice from the npcs you compared her to that they mostly have a variety of at-wills with different uses that 'define' the combat with them and an encounter for showing off

    On the contrary, the other four monsters listed have one or two attacks that they simplistically spams, as they have no superior options avaiable to them. The Beholder Eye of Frost uses only Central Eye and Ice Ray, the Foulspawn Mystic alternates between Forking Warp and Hole in the Sky, Breven Foss repeatedly declares his Elemental Burst power as it exceeds the potency of his other two attacks by leagues, and Empress Donata deconstructs and demolishes the party with Dominating Murmur and Perfect Command.

    I feel that elite and solo monsters should be designed with three to five attack powers that they can execute as needed, without being able to monotonously spam one or two of the most effective attacks available to them.
    >> Anonymous 10/22/09(Thu)09:12 No.6383707
    Touhou power levels is not a fight you want to start.

    Aya was more powerful than Momiji in the game because she was a later boss, not because she's actually more powerful. Momiji was just trying to scare the player off, Aya had a much better idea of how strong the two were, so turned up the heat a bit.
    >> Anonymous 10/22/09(Thu)09:17 No.6383738
         File1256217424.jpg-(386 KB, 2332x1200, Aya Camera Statue.jpg)
    386 KB

    >Also her defenses are very high.
    NPCs possess higher defenses in exchange for lower hit points overall, which I feel is an acceptable state of affairs.

    >As are her attack bonuses, not sure if this is intended or not considering her extreme manueverability.
    Your average level 14 artillery monster brings to bear a +19 attack bonus against Fortitude-, Reflex-, and Will-targeting ranged attacks, and a +17 attack bonus against those three defenses for close and area attacks. Aya utilizes the average of these two values, +18, for all of her attacks.
    >> Anonymous 10/22/09(Thu)09:19 No.6383753
    For example, Momiji is actually a Phantasm stage boss in the most recent MoF patch.
    >> Anonymous 10/22/09(Thu)09:20 No.6383762
         File1256217650.jpg-(54 KB, 435x426, 1252828472391.jpg)
    54 KB
    >> Anonymous 10/22/09(Thu)09:33 No.6383850

    And virtually every single character ever introduced has some secret power, implied or otherwise, and is never seriously fighting you at all.

    And then there's the whole "spellcards are designed so weaker people can beat stronger people, so they're not a great measure of power either." issue.
    >> Anonymous 10/22/09(Thu)10:18 No.6384194
         File1256221088.jpg-(274 KB, 1454x761, Aya Color Border.jpg)
    274 KB

    I feel that now would be a fine moment to explicate that I have resolved that each statted character hereafter shall be a level 14 elite in order to prevent Power Levels from occurring. Why level 14, you ask? One of the projects that my associates and I have set forth to realize is a level 14 adventure set in Gensokyo, a module which shall come with premade characters. The five playtesters of this module have selected Reimu, Mystia, Cirno, Tenshi, and Hina as their characters, and the pool of characters that they shall face comprises of a variety of Windows characters separate from these five.

    Utsuho the level 17 solo brute was initially an exception to this ocean of level 14 characters, as the encounter in which the PCs shall face her entails the atomic crow drawing strength from her nuclear crucible of power, though I have decided to remake her as a level 14 elite brute to put her in line with the other characters for the sake of uniformity.
    >> Anonymous 10/22/09(Thu)10:26 No.6384254
    >Mountain of Faith Phantasm Stage
    What? I thought the fight with Suwako in Extra was the end.
    >> Anonymous 10/22/09(Thu)10:31 No.6384278

    Where's Utsuho's stat
    >> Anonymous 10/22/09(Thu)10:41 No.6384356
         File1256222505.jpg-(1.91 MB, 1932x1579, Utsuho stat.jpg)
    1.91 MB
    dont know if this is the final edition, saved it a few days ago
    >> Anonymous 10/22/09(Thu)11:19 No.6384676
         File1256224782.jpg-(1.88 MB, 1932x1579, Utsuho Reiuji.jpg)
    1.88 MB

    This would be the final version for her level 17 solo brute incarnation, actually.
    >> Anonymous 10/22/09(Thu)11:22 No.6384711
    her orb is also magical, also she should probably be a bit higher level than 17 and would probably work better as a blaster than a leader
    or is she not like an actual class with custom powers.
    >> Anonymous 10/22/09(Thu)11:28 No.6384764
         File1256225289.jpg-(139 KB, 700x550, Utsuho Eyepatch.jpg)
    139 KB

    >her orb is also magical
    It is a portion of her physical form, and I fail to see what you are driving at here.

    >also she should probably be a bit higher level than 17
    As above, she was initially intended to serve as part of a level 14 adventure.

    >and would probably work better as a blaster than a leader
    The only reason why Utsuho here has the Leader subrole would be her first aura. "Leader" is a designation for any monster whose auras or powers include one which directly provides bonuses, free attacks, hit points, temporary hit points, or other such benefits to its allies. Even if only one aura or power of the monster happens to match this criterion, it is designated as a leader nevertheless. Have a look at the Angel of Authority from page 8 of the Monster Manual 2, or the Couatl Star Serpent from page 38 of the same supplement. These two monsters each possess only one power that directly benefits their allies, namely, Majestic Rally and Couatl Radiance, and yet they are declared leaders nonetheless.
    >> Anonymous 10/22/09(Thu)11:29 No.6384774
    how the hell does RADIATION help her allies?
    >> Anonymous 10/22/09(Thu)11:31 No.6384796
    duh they're in hell
    >> Anonymous 10/22/09(Thu)11:38 No.6384846
    They've gotten used to it.
    >> Anonymous 10/22/09(Thu)11:40 No.6384865

    Many thanks, in return receive the link for Utsuho's theme remixed

    >> Anonymous 10/22/09(Thu)11:53 No.6384981
         File1256226801.jpg-(47 KB, 702x291, XB-0 Hresvelgr.jpg)
    47 KB
    A slightly more epic version.

    Utsuho = Hr├Žsvelgr
    >> Anonymous 10/22/09(Thu)12:07 No.6385085
    >Fellowship of the Sun
    >Tru Blood
    >> Anonymous 10/22/09(Thu)12:18 No.6385213
    Invokers are going to love Aya's low Fort, and Archer Rangers will be able to have quite a lot of fun with her--melee units are gonna consider her a pain unless there's a Fighter who can lock her down with combat superiority.

    All in all, quick, dodgy, and a good level 14 elite
    >> Anonymous 10/22/09(Thu)12:24 No.6385261
    Forgot to mention that Ensnaring or Assault Swordmages are gonna lol at her.
    >> Anonymous 10/22/09(Thu)12:26 No.6385271
    >Invokers are going to love Aya's low Fort

    Every invoker I've seen targets Reflex and Will exclusively.

    Avenging Light and Grasping Shards are so shitty that they never get picked.
    >> Anonymous 10/22/09(Thu)12:37 No.6385365
    They must not fight a lot of low FORT monsters.
    >> Anonymous 10/22/09(Thu)12:39 No.6385382
    Really? Even the hardcore ones keep a few around for monsters just like this one.
    >> MonkeyToho 10/22/09(Thu)12:42 No.6385421
         File1256229768.jpg-(201 KB, 750x1000, 1250349065080.jpg)
    201 KB
    rolled 40 = 40

    >Momiji Inubashiri.

    B-but why would I want to fight someone so cute? ;_;
    >> Anonymous 10/22/09(Thu)12:43 No.6385431
    If it is statted, you must kill it
    >> Anonymous 10/22/09(Thu)12:47 No.6385465
    Which explains why 3e had stats for everything, including pet animals, household objects and cthulhu. Clearly, it was designed for running Chaotic Random games.
    >> Anonymous 10/22/09(Thu)12:47 No.6385468
    Fortitude is the highest defense for monsters on average. Seriously, brutes even have higher Fortitude than AC.
    >> Anonymous 10/22/09(Thu)12:50 No.6385485
         File1256230226.png-(67 KB, 349x350, 1253789433094.png)
    67 KB
    I have a player who knows nothing about touhou and for gigles made a wolf spirit with a human form for my games based of a random momiji picture. He managed to make her overwhelmingly cute and puppy like without it seeming annoyingly forced (to me and I haven't heard complaints). I don't think I can ever put up anything with a soul as it couldn't smack around the brawler of the group.
    >> Anonymous 10/22/09(Thu)12:50 No.6385489
    hmmm, moar of statted Touhou?:)
    >> Anonymous 10/22/09(Thu)12:53 No.6385506
    It still doesn't hurt to keep one or two powers around for exactly this sort of situation. I run into about 3 or 4 low Fort monsters a session
    >> Anonymous 10/22/09(Thu)12:58 No.6385556
         File1256230724.png-(65 KB, 349x350, White Wolf Logo Momiji.png)
    65 KB

    Do have the improved version.
    >> Anonymous 10/22/09(Thu)12:59 No.6385566
    1) pick a level and monster type
    2) Take all their abilities
    4) Touhou
    >> Shameimaru !AyAyayAyaE 10/22/09(Thu)13:13 No.6385685
         File1256231614.jpg-(440 KB, 750x999, 514094.jpg)
    440 KB
    Just as a thought, shouldn't the camera be featured in one of her abilities? As true to the original spellcards as you're keeping it, the camera is an icon for her. Something like "Intrepid Reporter (at-will; minor) Implement - Range 5; +20 vs Reflex; Aya gains combat advantage over targeted enemy until the end of her next turn."

    >DEX 12
    wut. The flight 24 is appropriate, but an Aya that isn't dexterous?
    >> Anonymous 10/22/09(Thu)13:19 No.6385740

    What are you? High?

    Light Radiation doesn't equal radioactive decay's results.
    >> Anonymous 10/22/09(Thu)13:20 No.6385757
    In the 4e, you can use your Intelligence for AC and Reflex.

    So Dexterity isn't really required for being agile and dodging danmaku.
    >> Shameimaru !AyAyayAyaE 10/22/09(Thu)13:22 No.6385772
         File1256232146.jpg-(148 KB, 615x761, 1881957.jpg)
    148 KB
    Point taken, it just seems a little odd.
    >> Anonymous 10/22/09(Thu)13:23 No.6385785

    If it makes you fell better, consider it convertion damage.

    The information lost on converting a character for one system to another.
    >> Anonymous 10/22/09(Thu)13:27 No.6385825
    Aya is mai waifu,
    >> Anonymous 10/22/09(Thu)13:27 No.6385837


    I am her husband.

    I had no choice in that regard, too fucking cute to say no to.
    >> Anonymous 10/22/09(Thu)13:29 No.6385858
         File1256232540.jpg-(105 KB, 850x637, Aya Dual Camera.jpg)
    105 KB

    >Just as a thought, shouldn't the camera be featured in one of her abilities?
    I do believe that her camera is nothing more than a camera.

    >The flight 24 is appropriate, but an Aya that isn't dexterous?
    I had aimed for the standard ability scores of a level 14 character, and had settled on Intelligence and Wisdom for her two prime ability scores. Since the system for which she is being provided statistics for is 4e, a game wherein Intelligence can bolster one's Reflex defense, a mediocre Dexterity score was workable.
    >> MonkeyToho 10/22/09(Thu)13:31 No.6385884
         File1256232716.jpg-(308 KB, 700x500, 1254025544628.jpg)
    308 KB
    rolled 27 = 27


    But why not just pick Dex and Wisdom?
    >> Anonymous 10/22/09(Thu)13:59 No.6386108
    Because Aya is a smart girl.
    >> Anonymous 10/22/09(Thu)14:22 No.6386363
    If by smart you mean manipulative.
    >> Anonymous 10/22/09(Thu)14:31 No.6386443
    If by manipulative you mean a filthy whore.
    >> Shameimaru !AyAyayAyaE 10/22/09(Thu)14:53 No.6386641
         File1256237639.jpg-(27 KB, 465x379, 1225429688770.jpg)
    27 KB
    >filthy whore
    >> Anonymous 10/22/09(Thu)15:39 No.6387006
         File1256240353.jpg-(895 KB, 1287x1437, Momiji Inubashiri.jpg)
    895 KB
    Since Momiji had nary a spell card in Mountain of Faith, I was granted the luxury of free reign over her powers. Since the warden class fits her extraordinarily well, she was created as a longtooth shifter Wildblood warden with Thorn Strike, Weight of Earth, Wildblood Frenzy, Stormhowler's Strike, Form of Winter's Herald, Eyes of the Hawk, and Guardian's Attack, some of them modified as suited her. An altered version of the Hellbound Soldier template was applied to her as well, and powers from the Those Who Hear monster theme, similar to Aya's, were added as well.

    My, my, her defender marking and interrupts take up quite a bit of space.
    >> Anonymous 10/22/09(Thu)15:43 No.6387037
    >> Anonymous 10/22/09(Thu)15:47 No.6387065
    Her camera destroys bullets at the least, and knocks people out at the most.
    >> Anonymous 10/22/09(Thu)15:47 No.6387066
    It's true. Aya is a slut and a whore.
    >> Anonymous 10/22/09(Thu)15:48 No.6387074
    >Her camera destroys bullets at the least

    That's kind of just how the Shoot the Bullet game works. She can't do it in PoFV or MoF.

    >and knocks people out at the most.

    Never heard of that.
    >> Anonymous 10/22/09(Thu)15:49 No.6387083
    Seems good to me.
    >> Anonymous 10/22/09(Thu)15:55 No.6387139
    I lolled at Shield Sign.
    >> Anonymous 10/22/09(Thu)16:01 No.6387192
    No overland flight?
    >> Anonymous 10/22/09(Thu)16:29 No.6387533
         File1256243381.jpg-(1.54 MB, 1600x1200, 1242639647301.jpg)
    1.54 MB
    So who's next?
    >> Anonymous 10/22/09(Thu)16:30 No.6387545
    oh god marisa please
    >> Anonymous 10/22/09(Thu)16:31 No.6387559
         File1256243496.jpg-(113 KB, 539x850, 1178657379963.jpg)
    113 KB
    >> Anonymous 10/22/09(Thu)16:56 No.6387825
    Touhoufag, who are you statting next?
    >> Anonymous 10/22/09(Thu)17:01 No.6387887
         File1256245273.jpg-(304 KB, 850x832, 1256159443054.jpg)
    304 KB
    Yeah some of us would like to know.
    >> Anonymous 10/22/09(Thu)17:01 No.6387893
    These things have ridiculous numbers of powers for monsters.
    >> General Malcolm Granger !tdu/XtyVrs 10/22/09(Thu)17:10 No.6388003
    >but an Aya that isn't dexterous?

    she is so fast she crash into damaku
    >> Anonymous 10/22/09(Thu)17:15 No.6388044
         File1256246103.jpg-(133 KB, 1000x707, 1256073402333.jpg)
    133 KB
    She is the SR-71 of the Tengu world.
    >> General Malcolm Granger !tdu/XtyVrs 10/22/09(Thu)17:18 No.6388093
    so is Mokou a F15?
    >> Anonymous 10/22/09(Thu)17:18 No.6388098
         File1256246338.jpg-(1.06 MB, 1600x1200, 1231689926522.jpg)
    1.06 MB
    The highest flying aircraft ever built, and still (discounting orbitals) the fastest manned vehicle of any kind in human history.

    Highest, Faster, Shutter Girl indeed.
    >> Anonymous 10/22/09(Thu)17:22 No.6388144
         File1256246571.jpg-(144 KB, 700x800, c7d639bf9f7ec7dae518e2e3463130(...).jpg)
    144 KB
    Maybe the F-15E. Perhaps. There's really not much I can compare Mokou to.
    >> Anonymous 10/22/09(Thu)17:31 No.6388214
         File1256247102.jpg-(92 KB, 800x800, 1251409241759.jpg)
    92 KB
    Do patchy next please?
    >> Anonymous 10/22/09(Thu)17:35 No.6388243
         File1256247336.jpg-(245 KB, 772x1000, 4c8e354cd33c8d454d4a7204fb76e3(...).jpg)
    245 KB
    Patchy definitely makes me think of the Su-37. Nimble, impressive, made of rape, but also a glass cannon. One good punch in the nose and she's down for the count.
    >> Anonymous 10/22/09(Thu)17:38 No.6388274
         File1256247530.jpg-(20 KB, 282x320, Mokou.jpg)
    20 KB
    >> Anonymous 10/22/09(Thu)17:41 No.6388294
    You know, that man draws a good body and face.

    Just wish he'd use a different one occasionally.
    >> Anonymous 10/22/09(Thu)17:41 No.6388300
         File1256247715.jpg-(149 KB, 800x800, a7e370c3486d37a7542ed26e9c98d6(...).jpg)
    149 KB
    Mokou's more Highlander than dread.
    >> Anonymous 10/22/09(Thu)17:41 No.6388301
    Why is Mokou cosplaying as Patchoulli?
    >> Anonymous 10/22/09(Thu)17:42 No.6388307

    Hey, that's a job for other people.
    >> Anonymous 10/22/09(Thu)17:43 No.6388318
         File1256247785.jpg-(257 KB, 941x1200, 1245489848602.jpg)
    257 KB
    Because she's really bored.

    Also Eirin...
    >> Anonymous 10/22/09(Thu)17:45 No.6388336
         File1256247916.jpg-(421 KB, 1000x1319, 7b65fde6586fae781d9b25f68dfc1a(...).jpg)
    421 KB
    And here's Utsuho.

    Damn, Mokou gets through a lot of outfits. She must have a damn big closet.
    >> Anonymous 10/22/09(Thu)17:48 No.6388360
         File1256248086.jpg-(335 KB, 948x910, f0b107038b14683e75709895178de9(...).jpg)
    335 KB
    And even as Miku.

    That wig was a bitch to get into.
    >> Anonymous 10/22/09(Thu)17:48 No.6388366
         File1256248135.jpg-(327 KB, 900x1028, 1252704280148.jpg)
    327 KB
    It's actually really bad when he draws two girls in the same picture.
    >> General Malcolm Granger !tdu/XtyVrs 10/22/09(Thu)17:51 No.6388395
    in all honestly i think even if is the same face it fit nice with some touhous

    but not in all of them

    i mean, eirin, mokou, utsuho and komachi actually look kinda "normal"

    the rest? lol no
    >> Anonymous 10/22/09(Thu)17:53 No.6388408
         File1256248387.jpg-(147 KB, 524x722, touhou cirno oho.jpg)
    147 KB
    Eye'd ask you to stat me, but eye already know that eye'm the strongest!
    >> Anonymous 10/22/09(Thu)18:03 No.6388511
         File1256249028.jpg-(284 KB, 878x1387, 4268019.jpg)
    284 KB
    >STR 9
    >CON 9
    >DEX 9
    >INT 9
    >WIS 9
    >CHA 9
    >> Anonymous 10/22/09(Thu)18:03 No.6388512
         File1256249034.jpg-(897 KB, 1287x1437, Momiji Inubashiri.jpg)
    897 KB

    My mistake.


    I do not believe that I shall continue with this line of statblocks in the immediate future, for alas, my other due projects are swiftly catching up to me.
    >> Anonymous 10/22/09(Thu)18:07 No.6388546
         File1256249252.png-(59 KB, 510x727, shanghaibig.png)
    59 KB
    Ah well~
    Take your time, we're not going anywhere!
    >> Anonymous 10/22/09(Thu)18:09 No.6388560
    I seriously hate her.
    >> Anonymous 10/22/09(Thu)18:11 No.6388573
         File1256249485.png-(1.21 MB, 1389x2502, 2090194.png)
    1.21 MB
    When Yuugi's statted, this has GOT to be her portrait.
    >> Anonymous 10/22/09(Thu)18:37 No.6388810
         File1256251062.png-(306 KB, 558x418, umineko504.png)
    306 KB
    >> Anonymous 10/22/09(Thu)18:37 No.6388811

    INT: 9
    >> Anonymous 10/22/09(Thu)18:48 No.6388915
    Yuugi is an underwhelming character.
    >> Anonymous 10/22/09(Thu)19:03 No.6389092
         File1256252605.jpg-(100 KB, 850x667, 1253634876468.jpg)
    100 KB
    Do Kogasa next.
    >> Anonymous 10/22/09(Thu)19:57 No.6389733
         File1256255824.gif-(36 KB, 679x604, Cirno.gif)
    36 KB
    Don't hate me because eye'm the strongest!
    >> Anonymous 10/22/09(Thu)20:06 No.6389870
    Momiji rapes all the ranged attackers in the party with her difficult terrain.

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