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    52 KB Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)22:46 No.6195607  
    “Okay, that’s all,” said the social studies teacher. “I’ll see you all Monday.”

    “What culture are we going to pick?” Devon asked Danielle as they headed for the door. Devon didn’t even notice Billy Myers staring at her perfect ass it swayed seductively in her short skirt. “Our gardener is from China I think,” she offered helpfully. “And I love Chinese food, especially the one with noodles.”

    “No, I’ve got a much better idea,” said Danielle smugly as they headed down the hallway, drawing numerous leering male gazes at the slight jiggle of their ample bosoms and the movements of their long tanned legs. “The geeks.”

    Devon frowned at that. “Ew, what about them?” she asked.

    “We’ll study nerd culture,” explained Danielle. “I bet no one else will do that and we’re bound to get an A plus!”

    Devon smiled, “That’s brilliant Danielle! Do you know any geeks that will help us though?”

    “No,” Danielle admitted with a shrug that did mind boggling things with her massive jugs. “But they’re boys, when was the last time a boy said no to us?”

    “True,” Devon said with a wicked grin. “Let’s find us some geeks!”
    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)22:47 No.6195628
    The two gorgeous cheerleaders made their way to the place they thought most likely to contain geeks, the school library. Sure enough, in one corner, amongst the boring science books that Devon and Danielle had never visited, sat David and Murray. They were both skinny, had thick rimmed black glasses, buckteeth and annoying laughs. Definite nerds and perfect subjects for the girls’ social studies assignment.

    Danielle took a deep breath, causing her gigantic chest to swell out even further. “Let’s do this!”

    With that both girl approached the two nerds who were in heated debate and did not even notice the approach of the two prettiest girls in school.

    “The changes Jackson made were just sacrilege!” insisted Murray, his face passionate as he argued with his best friend David.

    “No way!” protested the pimple faced David, equally zealous. “The book would never have translated to the big screen without making at least some changes!”

    Danielle pointedly cleared her throat. The two nerds turned in surprise and both almost fainted at the sight of the two stunning girls standing in front of them.

    “We need your help,” said Devon, after a moment as she realized the boys weren’t about to speak.

    David swallowed, but still didn’t answer, his wide-eyed gaze draw involuntarily to Danielle’s swelling chest and low cut blouse. Murray nodded slightly but otherwise remained silent.

    “We’re doing a social studies assignment and need to spend some time with you two,” Danielle tried to explain.
    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)22:47 No.6195633
    Will this turn into a rapefic? I hope it devolves into a rapefic. Then it'll be awesome instead of trolling.
    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)22:48 No.6195637
    “With us?” Murray managed to gasp, why were the Double D’s even talking to them?

    “Yes!” Devon confirmed cheerfully. “We need to find out what you guys do.”

    “Do?” stammered Murray, David merely nodded again.

    “Yeah, we’ll do whatever you do,” said Danielle.

    “Do?” repeated Murray, unable to focus his thoughts.

    “Yeah, like what are you doing tonight? What do you nerds do on a Friday night?” Danielle asked.

    “D&D,” David said abruptly.

    Devon smiled, “What’s D&D?”

    “Dungeons and dragons,” Murray said after a moments silence when he realized David wasn’t going to answer.

    Danielle groaned, “That’s so uncool.”

    “No it’s not!” insisted Murray, automatically defensive. “It’s what’s called a role playing game, it’s kind of like acting.”

    “Acting is cool!” Devon agreed. “I want to be an actress when I finish college.”

    “Whatever,” shrugged Danielle. “When and where?”

    “Um, 6 o’clock at my place,” said Murray. “My big brother Adam is DM.”


    “Dungeon master,” the geeky teen replied.

    Danielle rolled her eyes. “Okay boys, we’ll see you tonight then,” she said, flashing them one of her winning smiles which, had they been standing up would have caused them to go weak at the knees. Both girls then turned and left, making sure to put an extra sway in their hips and give the geeks a thrill as they departed.

    “Isn’t Tony Saunder’s party tonight?” Devon asked her friend.

    “Too bad,” said Danielle. “I want to get this over and done with so we’ve got the whole weekend to go shopping.”

    “Good idea!” agreed Devon quickly.
    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)22:49 No.6195651
    Actually, I'd think that internet culture, but in particular, Anonymous (4chan) culture would be even more interesting to study. It's a near-anarchy, and, at least on /tg/, seems very self regulating and decent. (IMO, of course.)
    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)22:49 No.6195652
    The girls arrived at Murray’s house fashionably late at 7pm that night. Devon wore the same, very short, bright blue skirt and a tight fitting white v-necked t-shirt that she had worn to school that day. The skirt was slit up both sides displaying an ample portion of her long tanned legs whenever she moved. The v-neck of her top plunged deep into her cleavage, giving Murray an eyeful as he greeted the girls at the door. Danielle’s attire was equally sexy. She wore a pair of black, low-slung pants that were skintight across her beautifully tight round ass. To avoid a panty line she wore a bright pink g-string, the sides of which were visible above the top of her hipster trousers, displaying a teasing hint for the boys. Danielle also wore a pale pink crop top that came down just below the outthrust shelf of her massive tits and left her flat stomach bare.

    Once Murray had managed to get his eyes back into their sockets he led the two sexy cheerleaders into his dining room where the boys had the table set up for their role playing game night. Murray’s parents were away for the weekend so they had the whole place to themselves.

    Sitting at the head of the table, behind a small cardboard screen that covered a few books, sheets of paper and dice, sat Murray’s older brother Adam. Adam was four years older than the rest of them, he had grubby longish black hair that hung in a mess to his shoulders and looked as though it hadn’t been washing in several months. His stubbled face was unshaven and gaunt looking, but at least he did not share Murray and David’s need for glasses. The older geek’s eyes went wide at the sight of the two beautiful cheerleaders. When Murray had said that a couple of girls from school were coming around tonight he’d never even imagined anything like this.
    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)22:49 No.6195655
    In before SHE TORE OUT MY HEAAAART or awkwardly written sex.
    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)22:50 No.6195665
    Devon is a guys name...
    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)22:50 No.6195669
    “Um, you’ll need to roll up new characters first I guess,” he managed to squeak out as the two girls took their seats opposite David and Murray at the dining room table. The girls found a couple of complicated looking forms pushed in front of them, which Adam explained where their character sheets.

    “So what class do you want to play?” Adam asked the girls.

    Danielle shrugged. “Social studies?” she replied uncertainly.

    “No, what class character?” Adam clarified. “Wizard, Warrior, Rogue or Priest?”

    “I wanna be a wizard like Harry Potter!” blurted out Devon abruptly. Danielle turned to her brunette friend in surprise, wondering if she was actually getting into this goofy Dungeons & Dragons thing.

    “What about you Danielle?” asked David, his voice trembling slightly as he tried to avoid staring at the swelling front of Danielle’s tight pink top.

    “Warrior maybe,” she said with a shrug, picking one of the other’s at random.

    “Now you need names,” said Adam.

    Danielle screwed her face up, was this guy thick or something? “We already have names.”

    “No I mean..oh never mind, just put your own names down,” Adam said with a sigh, it was going to be a long night he decided.

    “My character is called Veldin the Black!” said Murray theatrically. “I am a mighty wizard like you Devon, only I’m 12th level.”

    “And I’m Thrud the Barbarian!” exclaimed David, flexing his skinny arms as if he had muscles.

    “Err, cool,” Devon said, glancing Danielle’s way and rolling her eyes.

    “Now you need to roll stats,” said Adam, handing the girls a handful of dice each. They were all sorts of different shapes and colors and certainly didn’t look anything like normal dice to the girls.

    “They look a bit like jewels,” commented Devon.
    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)22:51 No.6195677
    I know this is going to lead to an epic tier troll ending, but still, props to OP, he has discovered the formula for instant F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5
    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)22:51 No.6195681
    “They’re called gem dice. Roll the six sided one three times for strength first,” said David helpfully. Danielle rolled one of the dice at random. “No, the six sided one!” repeated David, pointing to the most normal looking of the dice.

    With that the girls began rolling up their characters. The entire process took almost three quarters of an hour and mostly consisted of the boys handing dice to the girls and telling them to roll. Danielle and Devon rolled the dice as they were given them and watched the boys fill in various parts of their so-called character sheets. They had no idea what was going on and were quickly growing tired of this stupid ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ carry on.

    “Right, all done,” Adam finally announced, much to the relief of the two beautiful cheerleaders. “Time to begin the adventure.”

    “We haven’t started yet?” said Danielle in disbelief.

    Adam just ignored her, he was starting to get pissed off at these two hot chicks turning up and ruining a perfectly good night of D&D. Hopefully things got better.

    “Okay, the four of you are gathered in a campsite deep the Forests of Doom, it is dawn but no sunlight comes through the thick canopy of trees above. Veldin holds a lantern up as you all crowd around to gaze up the treasure map that Thrud holds in his big hands,” said Adam, dramatically setting up the scenario, ignoring the snigger from Devon. “The treasure map leads to a dungeon entrance about two hundred yards from your current position.”

    “Let’s go get that treasure then!” said David boldly.

    “What do you think ladies? Ready to go?” Murray asked the two girls.

    “Sure, whatever,” agreed Devon.
    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)22:51 No.6195685
    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)22:51 No.6195686
    Definitely a rapefic.
    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)22:52 No.6195691
    Who the fuck names their daughter Devon?
    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)22:52 No.6195693
    >hurr durr popular girls walks up to geeks and twirls them around their fingers getting exactly what they want within seconds because they are pretty never mind the years of abuse and rejection.
    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)22:52 No.6195696
    Murray reached across the table and grabbed Devon’s soft hand. “Follow me m’lady,” he said gallantly, bending forward to gently kiss the back of Devon’s hand before releasing it. Danielle rolled her eyes at his display, but Devon gave a little giggle.

    “I’ll draw my bastard sword and lead the way,” David said.

    “The entrance to the dungeon is under a large rock, there is a small gap on one side by it’s not wide enough for any of you to slip through,” Adam said, describing the scene.

    “So we’ll push it out of the way and head down,” said Devon, trying to get into the spirit of the game.

    “Make a strength check,” said Adam, Devon just looked blankly at him. “Roll a D-20.” She still looked blankly at him. He picked up a 20-sided dice and handed it to the pretty brunette. “Roll this.”

    “A fifteen,” Devon said, looking at the result.

    “You can’t move it,” Adam replied, glancing at her character sheet.

    “Why not?”

    “Because you failed the strength check,” explained the Dungeon Master.

    “I’ll try,” said David quickly, when he saw Devon about to argue further with Murray’s brother. He rolled the dice and also got a fifteen.

    “You shove aside the large rock, revealing a stone staircase leading down into the darkness,” said Adam.

    “Hey!” protested Devon, “How come he made it, I rolled the same as him.”

    “Because your character has a lower strength,” explained Adam.

    “Why? Because I’m a girl?” she demanded.
    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)22:52 No.6195710
    I think there's a manga about this kind of thing, nothing exact, but knowing the japs, there's probably something like this.
    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)22:53 No.6195719
    Adam groaned, “No, ‘cause that’s what you rolled for your strength before.”

    “And I’m wearing magical gauntlets,” added David helpfully.

    “Why don’t I have magical gauntlets?” complained Devon.

    “Because you’re a brand new level one character, Thrud is level twelve and has been on lots of adventures,” explained an exasperated Adam.

    “That’s not fair,” Devon said, giving Adam one of the cutest pouts he’d ever seen.

    “Let’s just head down,” suggested Murray, trying to keep the peace.

    “Fine,” replied the sulky brunette.

    “You head down the dark stairs, Veldin holding the lantern aloft as you descend into the dungeon. At the foot of the stairs, an inhuman roar suddenly breaks the silence of the crypt. Out of the darkness charges three orcs, waving swords above their heads with looks of murder in their eyes,” Adam announces theatrically.

    “I’ll charge and attack!” David said at once.

    “I’ll shoot a fireball at them,” said Murray.

    Everyone looked at the two busty cheerleaders expectantly.

    “Um, I’m a warrior like David so I guess I’ll attack as well?” Danielle said uncertainly.

    “I’ll shoot a fireball too then,” said Devon.

    “You can’t, you don’t have that spell,” said Adam.

    Devon bit back a moan, “So what spells do I have?” she asked.

    Murray helpfully checked her character sheet for her. “As a first level wizard you have the Feather Fall spell.”

    “What does that do?”

    “It lets you float down from heights like a feather,” Murray explained.
    >> Salamanders Fanbro !!IkBm+qsTaW7 10/08/09(Thu)22:54 No.6195724
    Isn't Devon a guy's name? I mean if you're going to make the obvious D&D joke then you should at least find another girl name, like Daisy or Dawn or Delilah...
    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)22:54 No.6195726
    “Well that’s not gonna be much use,” Devon said. “What the hell kind of wizard am I? I guess I’ll attack then too.”

    Adam rolled some dice behind his screen. “You’re fireball hits one of the orcs, roll for damage.”

    Murray picked up three of the dice and rolled them, “Thirteen.”

    “The orc burns to death, two left,” said Adam. “Devon, because you’re only using a dagger you have the highest iniative, roll to hit, you need an eighteen or higher.”

    “An eighteen? That’s impossible!” complained Devon.

    “No you dumb woman, it’s a twenty sided dice!” said Adam, infuriated by the girl.

    Devon swallowed her protest and rolled the dice that Murray handed her. She got an eleven.

    “You miss,” Adam said. “Now you Danielle, you need a sixteen.”

    “How come she only needs a sixteen?” Devon asked.

    “Because she’s a warrior, she’s trained at this sort of stuff,” David said.

    “No she’s a cheerleader.”

    “Her character is a warrior, remember, role-playing, acting?” he reminded her.

    Danielle rolled the dice and got a twenty. “I hit!” she exclaimed, smiling smugly at Devon, this was the first sign of interest Danielle had shown during the whole game so far.

    “Roll a D-6 for damage now,” said Adam.

    She rolled a 3.
    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)22:54 No.6195731
    Bonus points if it ends with the cheerleaders becoming regulars in a D&D game.
    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)22:55 No.6195735
    “The center orc takes a painful cut across the ribs but doesn’t go down,” said Adam. “Your turn now David, you need a nine.”

    David easily hit and then rolled two dice for damage, “Ten damage.”

    “Hey, how come he rolled two dice?” objected Danielle. “And he rolled a six and three anyway so that’s nine not ten.”

    “I’m using a bastard sword, you’ve only got a short sword,” explained David. “And I have seventeen strength so get plus one damage.”

    Danielle shook her head, “I don’t understand this game at all, it’s worse than maths class.”

    “The orc in front of Thrud is decapitated by the blow, just the one that Danielle wounded left,” said Adam. “The orc takes a swing at Devon,” he said, rolling another dice behind the screen. Devon bit her bottom lip and held her breath in anticipation as she awaited the outcome. “But it misses,” she released the breath. “Round two, are you all doing the same?” Adam asked.

    “No, I’ll let the warrior finish the last one off,” said Murray.

    “Okay, you’re up first then Devon.”

    This time Devon hit and she whooped with joy.

    “Roll D-3 for damage from your dagger,” instructed Adam.

    Devon hesitated, “Now I know you’ve got a bunch of crazy dice here, but there’s no way you can have a three sided dice.”

    “Just roll a six sided one and half it,” Murray explained.

    “A four…okay so that’s two damage.”

    “The orc dies from your attack,” said Adam. “They’re all dead.”
    >> Thou Dog 10/08/09(Thu)22:55 No.6195741
         File1255056935.jpg-(40 KB, 600x450, Trogdor_911.jpg)
    40 KB
    > a twenty-sided dice

    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)22:56 No.6195746
    Bonus points if Devon whips out the massive cock from under his skirt and rapes everyone in the basement...
    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)22:56 No.6195747
    “Good work everyone,” Murray said to David and the two cheerleaders. “What does the corridor at the bottom of the stairs look like?” he asked, turning to his brother.

    “It stretches off in only one direction,” replied the Dungeon Master Adam.

    “Okay, lead the way Thrud,” Murray said to David.

    “Sure,” said David. “After we take a few steps I’m going to stop and turn around,” he said. Devon and Danielle suddenly jumped in fright as David slammed his fist down onto the table with a booming thud. “None shall pass!” David boomed in his best Gandalf impersonation.

    “You’re second in line Danielle,” said Adam, “he’s blocking your way.”

    Danielle rolled her eyes, “I’ll push past the idiot.”

    “None shall pass!” boomed David again, slamming his fist down on the table a second time and making the dice jump. “I’ll keep blocking her way.”

    “Let me past you dick!” snapped Danielle, starting to get a little angry, what the hell was he playing at anyway?

    “You must bare your bosoms and I will let you past!” David replied, his voice still booming although he had a cheeky grin on his pimple dotted face.

    “Fine,” Danielle sighed and rolled her eyes heavenward again. She then reached up and started to reach for the bottom of her pink crop top, remembering the way Murray had kissed Devon’s hand and done such a good acting job.
    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)22:57 No.6195751
    David’s eyes went wide as Danielle started to pull her top up and he saw a hint of her lacy black bra. “No, I meant your character,” he said quickly and apologetically.

    Murray slapped David on the back of the head. “Idiot,” he snapped, then looked Danielle’s way where she sat frozen with the bottom of her top still in her hands. “Sorry Danielle, ignore this fool. You’re doing a great job of role-playing, keep going.”

    Danielle shot David a superior smile and then lifted her top up around her neck, unveiling her massive D cup tits, encased in a very sexy, lacy black bra. The bra lifted her already perky breasts and pushed them together forming an impossibly deep cleavage where the ample flesh of her upper breasts welled up against each other. The bra was rather low cut so there was plenty of tanned flesh for the three young men to feast their hungry gazes upon.

    David’s eyes almost popped out of his skull as he took in the sight of Danielle’s massive rack in the sexy push-up bra. Adam and Murray also gasped in admiration, the impact of the remarkable sight sending thrills directly into their crotches.

    “Wow those things are big!” exclaimed Murray in appreciation of Danielle’s lingerie encased hooters.

    “So can I pass?” Danielle asked, her tone almost bored.

    “Y…yes,” David managed to gasp after a moment, his voice a struggled whisper, his eyes not leaving Danielle’s exposed chest.

    “Good,” she said, yanking her top back down, it hadn’t been the first time Danielle had flashed her bra to get her way and she smiled to herself as she realized that it seemed to work just as well in this virtual Dungeons and Dragons world as well.

    This time Danielle led the way as the party of adventurers made their way deeper into the dungeon, in search of lost treasure.
    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)22:57 No.6195753
    >Bastard sword is two dice.

    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)22:57 No.6195756
    “You travel for about five minutes down the straight corridor and come to an arched doorway, the door has long since rotted away and you can see the rusted hinges still hanging from the stone frame.”

    “I’ll walk through,” said Danielle with the shrug.

    “Wait!” exclaimed David, causing Danielle to jump in surprise. “Let me go first!”

    “Too late!” snapped Adam quickly, he was getting tired of these two dumb cheerleaders asking so many stupid questions and ruining his game. He was not going to show them any mercy. “As you step through the door a ferocious four legged beast leaps from the shadows. It has a bear like body with a tentacled head and thick black fur. It immediately attacks you Danielle, taking you by surprise.” Adam rolled a dice behind the screen. “What’s your armor class?”

    Danielle shrugged as David read her character sheet over her shoulder, unable to help himself from glancing briefly into the depth of her cleavage as he leaned over her. “Five,” he announced.

    “It hits!” said Adam, almost gleefully. He rolled another dice. “Take six damage and make a save verse paralyzation .”

    “Oh oh!” said Murray in a worried tone.

    “What?” asked Danielle, rather anxiously. “What does that mean?”

    David helped out again, he showed her how to cross off six hit points from her rather slim total of ten and then told her to roll a D-20, she needed to get above an eighteen for the saving throw.

    “Only a seven,” Danielle said once she had rolled, she was getting kind of nervous about what was happening to her character.
    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)22:58 No.6195759
    So far Adam sucks at DMing. Also Devon is at least marginally interested in playing. He should be a bit more helpful and explain more, at least to her. She might actually want to keep playing if he wasn't such an asshole. Also if he was an ass to Danielle but nice to Devon, he might be able to get Danielle to leave and make Devon stay. Since Danielle is obviously "queen bee", Devon would probably like being treated as the better rather than second rate. Even if it is just from some nerds.
    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)22:58 No.6195762
    It can be male or female, depending on spelling. Devin is supposed to be the male version and Devon is supposed to be the female version, but people always fuck it up and give whatever spelling to either sex.
    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)22:58 No.6195770
    “You have been paralyzed,” explained Adam. “You can’t move a muscle.” Danielle instinctively froze in her seat.

    David leapt to his feet, jumping out of his chair. “I’ll protect Danielle!” he declared bravely, stepping behind Danielle’s chair and resting his hands on her shoulders.

    “Me and Murray will attack the beast!” Devon said, quickly finding herself getting caught up in the adventure and the fate of their characters.

    “Veldin you mean,” corrected Murray.

    As Murray and Devon started their to-hit rolls against the monster, David stood above Danielle. He noticed that from his current location he had an even better view down the front of Danielle’s pink crop top that when he had leaned over to check her character sheet. His grip slightly tightened on her shoulders as he gazed down at the busty cheerleaders lovely breasts. Inside the tight fitting pink top the firm orbs of her tits looked so perfectly round, like two large melons that sat on her chest, just aching to be touched. David sucked a small dribble of saliva that had started to trickle from the corner of his mouth, he was drooling at the sight of Danielle’s perfect breasts.

    David gave a quiet moan as he gazed down at the angelic eighteen year old, God she was sexy! He barely heard Devon and Murray as they both announced they had hit the beast and were rolling for their damage.

    It was almost like an out of body experience, David seemed to watch his own hand slowly descend from Danielle’s shoulder. He had absolutely no control over himself as his trembling hand moved down across Danielle’s upper chest. The beautiful blonde was so caught up in the battle with the beast that she didn’t even notice David’s hand moving until it reached her right tit.
    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)22:59 No.6195785
    David gave an audible moan as he squeezed Danielle’s big, succulent breast through her pink top. The large melon completely filled his palm, overflowing as he squeezed the firm round orb, his fingers sinking into the firm flesh. It was the first tit that David had ever groped and it felt even better than he had ever imagined.

    “Oi!” snapped Danielle as she realized David was feeling her up. She slapped at his hand and David immediately jerked it away.

    “No!” growled Adam. “You’re paralyzed Danielle, you’ve got to role-play. You’re not allowed to move a muscle.”

    “Sorry,” said Danielle, letting her hand drop back down into her lap. David’s hand immediately moved back to where it was, cupping her right breast through her clothing and squeezing at the firm orb greedily. The commotion had drawn Murray and Devon’s attention as well and they looked on in surprise as David felt up the busty blonde cheerleader.

    “I’ll attack again!” said Devon, interrupting the moments silence.

    “What about you Murray?” Adam asked, turning to his little brother who was still staring at David’s hand as it moved over Danielle’s chest, groping her big tits.

    “Huh?” he asked, snapping out of his daze.

    “What are you doing?”

    Murray stood up and hurried over to Danielle’s other side, “I’m going to help protect Danielle!” he decided, reaching down and giving a deep sigh as his hand closed over Danielle’s other breast.

    Danielle squirmed slightly as the two nerds groped her tits eagerly. It wasn’t the first time she’d been felt up, but it felt odd trying to pretend she was paralyzed while her boobs were being molested.

    Devon battled on alone against the paralyzing monster as her friend’s D cups were squeezed, stroked, rubbed, and generally manhandled.
    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)22:59 No.6195787
    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)23:00 No.6195799
    “The monster hits! Take three damage and make a save verse paralyzation!” announced Adam, he had them now!

    Devon rolled the dice. “A twenty! I made it!”

    Adam concealed his disappointment. “Okay, you’re turn to attack,” he said as the pretty brunette rolled the twenty-sided dice again.

    “I hit! Three damage!” she announced.

    “The beast dies!” Adam said.

    Devon leapt to her feet and whooped with joy. She jumped up and down and clapped her hands, the triumphant celebrations causing her ample breasts to jiggle around inside her white shirt, drawing Adam’s gaze, boy were they big. Murray and David didn’t even notice, Danielle’s large rack holding their complete attention.

    “The paralyzation wears off,” Adam said to Danielle, who immediately pried the groping hands from her tits.

    “Thanks for protecting me boys,” she muttered dryly as they returned to their seats, their crotches bulging. “You can lead the way again now I think Thrud,” Danielle added.

    “The far side of the room opens up into a large cavern with a deep chasm in the center,” Adam said, describing the new scene before them. “Across the center of the seemingly bottomless chasm is a very thin stone bridge, barely wide enough for a single person to balance across. It doesn’t look especially sturdy.”

    “Okay, we’ll head slowly across,” David said.

    Adam nodded, concealing a smile behind his screen. “When you are about halfway across the chasm, a sharp shudder runs through the bridge and it starts to crumble around you.”

    “Run for it!” cried out Murray, almost shouting, Danielle jumped in surprise.

    “Let’s go!” agreed David.
    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)23:00 No.6195803
    this started bad, and is getting worse.

    i would ask you to stop, but i know you will not.

    i will have to settle for voicing my displeasure at your postings, and sage the thread.
    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)23:01 No.6195808
    “You sprint towards the other side of the chasm, the stone bridge falling beneath your feet. As you get closer to the end you see that a gap is starting to form between the end of the bridge and the other side, and it is getting wider and wider with alarming speed,” Adam told them.

    “We’ll jump!” exclaimed David.

    “Okay, Thrud is first so he has the smallest and easiest gap. The rest of you need to roll a D-10. Danielle who’s next needs above a 4, Veldin needs a 6 and Devon who’s last has the biggest gap to jump and needs an 8 or higher,” explained the Dungeon Master.

    “Which one’s a D-10 again?” Danielle asked, frowning at the numerous dice on the table in front of her. This game was so confusing.

    David handed her a roughly diamond shaped red dice. Danielle rolled a 7 and made the jump. Murray rolled next and got a 0.

    “You fall!” gasped Danielle, surprised to find herself actually caring.

    “No, a 0 is a 10,” Murray said. Danielle made a face as if she thought Murray was trying to cheat, and she glanced up at Adam.

    “He’s right,” Adam said. “Okay Devon, you need an 8 or more now.”

    The dark haired cheerleader swallowed nervously as she picked up the dice, her character had been such a pain to make she would hate to fall and die. Devon closed her eyes as she tossed the dice onto the table. Devon heard a gasp from Danielle and opened her eyes. To her horror she saw that she had only rolled a 2!

    “You don’t make it and fall and die!” Adam proclaimed almost gleefully.

    “I’m dead just like that?” Devon asked in distress.

    “I’m afraid so.”

    “But that’s not fair!” she complained.
    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)23:01 No.6195810
    Yep. Rapefic...surprised they didn't all go for HURR, Animate Rope.
    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)23:02 No.6195813
    Ok, someone put a lot of work into this, but I'm still unable to fathom how this can end in any way that will not be a failure of fiction.

    I challenge you to prove me wrong.
    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)23:02 No.6195816
    “Sorry,” Adam said with a shrug, glad that there would be one less cheerleader ruining his game. “But the rules are the rules,” he insisted adamantly.

    “No! I protest! I object!” argued Devon, thinking of her favorite lawyer movie.

    “You can’t,” David said, sympathetically patting the lovely girls hand. “The Dungeon Master’s word is final, we have to do what he says.”

    “No!” snapped Devon, snatching her hand out from under the geeks. “I want to see you in your chambers Judge!” she said, looking at Adam.

    “Dungeon Master, not Judge,” David offered helpfully. Devon ignored him, staring straight at Adam, her jaw set.

    “My chambers?” asked Adam in bewilderment.

    “Yes!” Devon said, pouting.

    Adam sighed, she looked dazzling with that beautiful pout. “Okay fine,” he agreed, deciding to humor the lovely cheerleader.

    Adam stood up and led Devon down the hallway to his bedroom, about the closest thing to his chambers he supposed. The night was already pretty much stuffed so he might as well just go along with her and get it over and done with, there was obviously no arguing with her. Adam’s bedroom was quite small and cramped, with dark black curtains that almost perpetually shaded the room in darkness. As the pair entered, Adam switched on the light, revealing a small, unmade single bed and a pile of grubby clothes on top of what appeared to have once been a writing desk. The room had a musty smell, but Devon did her best to ignore it.

    Once they were inside she pushed the door shut. “Isn’t there anyway I can live through this?” she asked, almost pleading.

    “Look,” Adam sighed, “like I said out there, the rules are the rules. You didn’t make the jump so you fall and die.”
    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)23:03 No.6195822


    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)23:03 No.6195827
    Devon bit her lower lip thoughtfully, God she looked good Adam thought to himself. The beautiful eighteen year old stepped closer to Adam, reaching up and running a hand across his chest. “Are you sure we can’t work something out?” she asked her most sexy voice, flirting usually got her everywhere.

    “I…I don’t know,” stammered Adam as he felt her step even closer, her ample chest lightly brushing against his.

    “Please,” begged Devon, “I’ll do anything.” As she said this her eyes playfully darted downwards.

    Adam swallowed. “Anything?” he asked, his voice cracking.

    Devon licked her lips seductively. “What do you want me to do Adam?” she asked in a husky purr.

    “I…I…” Adam stammered, gasping as Devon’s hands slid down to his hips and she pulled the sexy curves of her body tight against Adam’s. The lovely cheerleader leant in close and gently kissed the corner of Adam’s jaw, her lips incredibly soft.

    “Do you want me to unzip your pants?” she whispered seductively into his ear.

    Adam gave a slight moan, he could not believe what was happening. He gave a silent nod, his body trembling.

    Keeping her breasts pressed against Adam’s chest, Devon’s soft hands slid down off Adam’s hips and reached for the front of his jeans. Adam’s heart leapt into his throat as she unbuttoned the top of them and yanked down the zipper. His cock was now fully erect and straining against his underwear, was this drop dead gorgeous brunette really seducing him over a game of D&D?

    “Do you want me to reach into your underwear and touch it?” Devon whispered into the older nerds ear, her lips brushing his earlobe teasingly.

    “Oh God yes!” Adam breathed with a groan of lust.
    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)23:04 No.6195835
    Devon smiled wickedly and slid her cool left hand inside the waistband of Adam’s underpants. His cock was hot and thick, fully erect and she gave a slight sigh of her own as she closed her hand around it, his urgent hardness throbbing against her palm. Adam groaned again as Devon pulled his cock out from his pants and stroked it in both her hands.

    “Mmmm,” Devon gave a moan as she rubbed the head of Adam’s cock against the front of her skirt, leaving a slight shimmering trail of his precum. “You feel good.” Devon then gave Adam a wicked smile and she slowly lowered herself to her knees in front of him, letting her heavy breasts slide down his body, making sure they rubbed across his bouncing cock.

    With her face at cock level, her full lips mere inches from the pulsing tip of Adam’s cock, Devon blew gently on the moaning nerds shaft. Her hands danced up and down the hard length of him and she toyed with his balls on her fingertips, driving him absolutely wild.

    “Do you want me to suck it?” Devon asked, remembering how her science teacher had agreed to do absolutely anything for her when she’d made him the same offer, so surely she could convince this Dungeon Master to save her character for the same reward.

    “Oh God!” groaned Adam. “Yes!”

    “Will you let my character live?” she asked, she’d been fooled once into sucking a guys cock without getting him to agree to her demands first and was not intending to repeat the mistake.

    “Yes!” moaned Adam, hell it was just a game, he’d let her fly if she really wanted to.

    “Ask me then,” Devon whispered playfully, still moving her soft hands up and down the length of Adam’s rock hard erection.


    “Ask me.”
    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)23:05 No.6195843
    “Please!” begged Adam, his hips thrusting forward slightly, but Devon had a tight grip on his cock so he wasn’t going anywhere without her permission.

    “I want to hear you say it, ask me,” she said firmly, wetting her lips with her delicate tongue.

    “Please suck my cock!” Adam gave a massive loud groan as Devon’s head suddenly dived forward and she swallowed the head of his cock into her mouth, bathing him in the wet warmth of her lips. “Oh fuck!” gasped Adam as Devon’s skillful mouth immediately started to suck on his hard cock. “Fuck that feels so good!”

    Adam had to reach down and steady himself with one hand on Devon’s shoulder as her mouth bobbed aggressively over his crotch. The feel of his hard cock sliding across her tongue and into the back of her mouth was absolutely incredible, and the friction of Devon’s tight lips noosed around his shaft was mind blowing. Adam had never had a blowjob before, the furthest he’d gotten with a girl was groping a crowd surfer at a Red Hot Chilli Peppers concert last year. Now one of the prettiest girls he’d ever laid eyes on was sucking noisily on his cock, who’d have thought a game of D&D would pay off like this?

    Devon moaned around Adam’s cock, her head moving faster as she sucked him deeper, taking almost all of his hard shaft inside her mouth with each slurp. Adam had both hands leaning heavily on her shoulders now, his body hunched as he started to push back with his hips, forcing his cock deeper into her willing mouth.
    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)23:05 No.6195848
    “Oh God you’re good,” he gasped as Devon leaned forward slightly, improving the angle of her throat to take more of him inside her mouth. Adam cried out as he felt the noose of her tight lips press right against the base of his cock, her nose pressed into his pubic hair and his balls resting on her chin. The happy nerd reached up from her shoulders and grabbed the back of her head, holding her tight into his crotch and just luxuriating in the feel of being buried in her glorious mouth.

    “Oh fuck!” he groaned, his back arching as he held the pretty cheerleaders face against his groin. They remained like that for about half a minute, his cock throbbing on her tongue, before Adam finally released her.

    Devon immediately pulled off his cock and gasped for air.

    “Do you swallow?” Adam asked her breathlessly.

    “Sure,” Devon agreed with a shrug, she kind of enjoyed the taste of men’s cum and had never minded boys cumming in her mouth. “Are you close?”

    “Yeah, not much longer,” Adam said with a nod, his cock was hard and red, pointed at Devon’s face as she knelt before him.

    “Fuck my face then,” Devon whispered wickedly, “cum down my throat.”

    Adam gave a groan, reaching down and grabbing the top of Devon’s head and shoving his hard cock roughly back into her mouth. The busty cheerleader moaned as the Dungeon Master began to lustfully fuck her face, his hard cock ramming vigorously between her lips. For a full two minutes Devon let the older boy use her mouth for his pleasure, his insistent cock not once slowing as he used her mouth as if it was her cunt.
    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)23:06 No.6195855



    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)23:06 No.6195860
    The nerd suddenly gave a loud cry, his body tensing as he exploded straight into Devon’s pretty mouth. The busty cheerleader swallowed rapidly as her mouth was filled with his cum, Adam yanked her head hard against his loins as he spent his load inside her. Devon managed to swallow his entire load, not spilling a drop as she drunk all his cum. The brunette pulled off his cock and swirled his tongue over Adam’s length, licking up the last of his seed.

    “Oh man that was good!” breathed Adam enthusiastically.

    Devon kissed the tip of Adam’s cock. “Now we can’t tell the other’s about this,” Devon warned him.

    “No, of course not. A gentleman never kisses and tells,” Adam replied with a wide smile as he pushed his now cleaned cock back into his underwear.

    They headed back to the dining room where the other three were waiting with rather bored expressions.

    “Took long enough,” complained Danielle as they sat back down and resumed the game. Devon took a long swallow of her coke, rinsing it around in her mouth before swallowing it.

    Adam ignored her, he had a big silly grin on his face as he described the new scenario to the other players. “Devon didn’t make the jump, but she was able to get off her Feather Fall spell and managed to float down onto a ledge about fifteen feet from the top of the cliff.”

    “She can’t cast while she’s falling!” complained Murray.

    “I said she managed to get the spell off!” snapped Adam, glaring at his brother.

    Murray shrugged. “Okay fine. Anyone got some rope so we can pull her up?”

    The four of them checked their character sheets, David making sure that he leaned far over Danielle and got a good eyeful before confirming she didn’t have some.

    “No one?” Murray said in surprise. The other three shrugged.
    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)23:07 No.6195863
    Spoilers : The boys are playing the most dangerous game of pretend. They are roleplaying a group of boys and two cheerleadings playing dungeons and dragons and are just blowing each other.
    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)23:07 No.6195865
    “I know!” David suddenly exclaimed. “Why don’t we tie clothes together and make a rope? We could use our shirts.”

    “Great idea!” agreed Murray.

    “Okay, who’s got shirts, hand them over,” said David holding out his hands.

    Danielle reached for the bottom of her shirt and then paused. “What about yours?” she asked David when she saw that he wasn’t moving.

    David pointed to his character sketch that showed a ridiculously muscle bound brute wearing only a loin cloth. “Thrud doesn’t wear a shirt.”

    “Oh, fair enough I guess,” Danielle said, “What about you?” she asked Murray who also wasn’t moving. Meanwhile Devon had already tugged her t-shirt up over her head, revealing her ultra firm D cups in a white satin push up bra. The silky material was patterned with tiny red roses and complemented the creamy flesh of her boobs fantastically.

    Murray tore his gaze from Devon’s chest, “Veldin only has a black robe. If I take that off I’ll be naked,” he apologized with a shrug.

    “Two shirts will be enough to reach down,” Adam said helpfully, encouraging the busty role-playing babes to strip off.

    “Great!” said Murray as he watched Danielle shrug in resignation and yank her shirt up over her head, once again displaying her sexy black bra to the boys.

    David and Murray couldn’t help but grin as they sat beside the two bra clad beauties. Both had their large D cups covered by skimpy push up brassieres, their bare stomachs perfectly flat and oh-so-sexy.

    Adam cleared his throat after a moment of admiring the girls’ chesty charms. “In the old days of D&D there are no such thing as bra’s,” he reminded them.
    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)23:07 No.6195873
    This story sucks. Devon, the cool one, turned out to be a bigger whore than the bitch and shits lame.
    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)23:08 No.6195875
    >her ample chest lightly brushing against his.
    her ample chest brushing against his ample chest?
    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)23:08 No.6195876
    “I thought you said the shirts were enough to reach me?” Devon said, she wasn’t happy that Murray’s older brother was still being awkward about all this despite the fact she had given him the best blowjob of his life. Devon took another sip of her coke, she still had the musty taste of his cum in her mouth.

    “Yes, that’s right,” Adam agreed. “but if you’re role playing then you need to take off your bra’s as well.”

    “Oh right,” Devon said, finally understanding. Without batting an eyelid she reached behind for the clasp of her bra, arching her back out and causing her enormous tits to jut out incredibly. The piece of lingerie finally came free and fell from Devon’s chest revealing her huge, bare breasts. As Devon’s bra dropped from her breasts and the perfectly rounded orbs swung free, they barely sagged at all, the brunette cheerleader’s flawless melons seeming to defy gravity.

    Danielle reached for the hook on her bra strap after she saw Devon strip off, her lacy black bra clasped at the front, inside her cavernous cleavage. Beside her, Murray gasped in admiration as the beautiful, busty blonde pulled off her bra and exposed her equally perfect D cups. Mouthwatering, dark nipples topped Danielle’s massive melons and Murray found his gaze instantly drawn to the burgundy buds that crested the wonderful peaks.

    “Using the rope made from your shirts, Devon climbs up to join the rest of you at the top of the ledge,” Adam said, his voice shaking slightly as he gazed at the two topless women, neither of them were covering their chests, both proud of their most talked about features. They were called the ‘Double Ds’ after all. “Just as you reach the others there is a sudden shudder through the earth and you stumble, almost falling back off the edge again.”

    “Let’s get out of here!” said Murray quickly. The others nodded in agreement.
    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)23:09 No.6195884
    “You rush back across the edge to a cave entrance against the far side. As you step into the tunnel the edge where you were just standing crumbles away, falling down into the chasm,” Adam explains.

    “Yikes, that was close,” said Danielle, grinning at her friend Devon. “Can we put our tops back on yet?” she asked.

    “Sorry, your shirts fell when the edge crumbled away,” said Adam, not looking Danielle in the eye, but staring at her bare chest as it rose and fell with each breath she took. He couldn’t help but lick his lips as he watched the slow movement of her heavy breasts. After a moment he continued with the adventure. “The tunnel only leads for a short distance, once again opening into a wide cavern with a second chasm in the middle.”

    “Is there a bridge this time?” Devon asked, rather dubiously.

    “No, but against the left wall you see a red carpet rolled up,” Adam said.

    “I know what that is!” exclaimed Murray. “A magic carpet! We can use it to get across the chasm.”

    “Cool!” said David.

    “I’ll head over and unroll it,” said Murray.

    “It’s quite small once you have it open, only big enough to seat two people,” explained Adam.

    “But there’s four of us!” said Devon with despair.

    “How about you girls sit on our laps?” suggested Murray, trying to hide his eagerness. “Then we can all fit.”

    “Good idea,” agreed Danielle, standing up and moving over to Murray. The beautiful, topless blonde then sat her perfect ass down onto the surprised nerd’s lap, her ass pressing directly onto the bulge of his crotch.
    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)23:09 No.6195887

    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)23:10 No.6195897
    “Guess you’re with me then Devon,” said David, slapping his knee as he looked longingly at the other half naked cheerleader. Devon gave a shrug and moved over to David, gingerly sitting on the end of his knee and smoothing down her short, blue skirt to make sure she didn’t uncover too much thigh. David immediately grabbed the buxom brunette around the waist and pulled her in close against him so that her ass was right against his groin just like Danielle and Murray.

    “Okay, off we go!” said Danielle once they were both seated. Murray had his hands around Danielle’s waist and made sure to ‘accidentally’ brush the backs of his hands and wrists against the undersides of Danielle’s bare breasts as they began their imaginary journey. He could scarcely believe that a few minutes earlier he had been groping those perfect orbs. Murray’s cock twitched against Danielle’s firm ass and the cheerleader teasingly pressed herself further into his lap as she settled into a comfortable position.

    “Righto,” said Adam, watching a little jealously as the two younger teens positioned the topless girls on their laps. “You head off across the second chasm, the magic carpet is quite old and the journey is rather bumpy.”

    Murray started to bounce Danielle on his lap, humping his hard crotch up against the cheerleader’s lovely ass and jolting her around over his groin, half simulating the bumpy ride and half dry humping the girl. David followed his friend’s lead and started to buck up against Devon even more forcefully, causing her to bounce around wildly on his knees.
    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)23:10 No.6195898
    I'd rather read some garbage twilight-kingdom hearts crossover.
    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)23:10 No.6195907
    Murray gave a small moan as he felt his hard cock insinuate itself between the perfect globes of Danielle’s ass, their thin clothing providing little barrier. As the busty blonde cheerleader rode on his lap, her buttocks stroked up and down Murray’s hard shaft. The inexperienced eighteen year old had never had a lap dance, but this was just as good. He glanced over Danielle’s shoulder to where David was giving the other cheerleader a similar treatment, Devon’s huge tits jiggling vigorously as David jumped her around on his groin.

    Murray moaned again as one of Danielle’s own bouncing breasts, brushed against the top of his hand. “Oh God!” he groaned aloud.

    “Are you okay Murray?” Danielle asked over her shoulder, twisting slightly and in the process pressing her ass tighter down into his lap.

    “Oh God!” cried out Murray, suddenly lurching on his seat as he exploded into his own pants. Danielle’s eyes went wide as she realized what was happening, the little punk was getting a cheap thrill from her sitting on his lap. She thought she’d been sitting on something hard but had assumed it was just his keys or something. Murray rocked again beneath her, holding her tightly about the waist and humping up against her ass as his cum leaked out into his pants.

    “You make it safely across to the other side,” said Adam at last and Danielle immediately ripped herself out of Murray’s grasp and leapt to her feet. She could feel a wet spot against the back of her pants.

    “Eww! You gross little fat guy!” yelled Danielle angrily. “You’ve ruined my pants.”

    “Dude!?” exclaimed David in surprise as Devon got off his lap leaving a bulging crotch behind. “You came?”
    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)23:11 No.6195913
    “I was just role-playing,” said Murray, lamely trying to cover up as David starting laughing at him and Danielle glared angrily at him.

    “Here, give me your pants and I’ll put them in some water to soak,” Adam offered Danielle gallantly, trying to take some of the heat off his little brother.

    Danielle started to unbutton the front of her tight black hipsters without a second thought, she figured she was topless and had just given Murray a lap dance so there wasn’t a whole lot of point in being modest. David gave a murmur of appreciation as her wet pants came off, beneath she had a black g-string that matched her long since discarded brassiere. The g-string left her perfect ass almost completely bare, the ass that had given Murray such a ride.

    Adam swallowed as Danielle handed him her pants, he couldn’t believe that there was this stunningly beautiful babe with big tits standing in the middle of their D&D game wearing only a skimpy black g-string and a smile.

    “You don’t exactly have self control!” Murray snapped angrily at David as his friend continued to taunt him about his quick shooting.

    “Ha! I’m an uber stud next to you!” retorted David, poking his tongue out at his friend.

    “You wouldn’t last ten minutes in Danielle’s mouth!” challenged Murray.

    “What?” exclaimed Danielle in surprise as she took her seat once again.

    “I could do that,” asserted David.

    “Let’s see it then!”
    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)23:12 No.6195922
    You mean you DIDN'T see this coming the moment you read the first post?
    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)23:12 No.6195932
         File1255057972.jpg-(66 KB, 600x577, OBJECTION! Thats Heresy.jpg)
    66 KB

    No one in this entire story has ever played Dungeons and Dragons.
    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)23:13 No.6195939
         File1255058013.jpg-(90 KB, 500x642, stop posting this shit.jpg)
    90 KB
    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)23:13 No.6195941
    What the fuck?
    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)23:13 No.6195942
    Yeah, I'm surprised he's kept the game an actual game and there are no staffs of Grease and Permanency...(shudder)
    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)23:14 No.6195943
    This is the worst game of D&D ever.
    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)23:14 No.6195944
    “Hang on just a second!” cut in Danielle, “There is no way I’m putting any of your geek dicks in my mouth!”

    “Wait a sec,” said Adam, pretending to consult some pages behind his screen. “Is your charisma greater than twelve?” Adam asked David.

    David glanced down at his character sheet, “yeah, it’s thirteen.”

    “Okay Danielle, if you want to refuse their request you need to make a willpower check,” Adam explained to the busty, semi-naked blonde.

    “A what?”

    “A willpower check. You need to roll below your Wisdom score on a D-20.”

    It was Danielle’s turn to consult her character sheet, “Aw man! My wisdom is the lowest, I only got a six!”

    “Slut,” Devon teased her friend with a grin.

    Danielle ignored her D-cup friend and picked up the twenty-sided dice, she must be getting better as she grabbed the right dice without being shown. “Here goes nothing,” she said in a soft prayer, blowing gently on the dice. Danielle closed her eyes and dropped the dice onto the table, unable to look at the result.

    “Eleven!” whooped David happily. He was about to get his first blowjob! “Start sucking baby!”

    Danielle reluctantly opened her eyes and saw that the celebrating nerd was right, she had failed her willpower check and had to give the pimple faced teen a blowjob. As Danielle moved to her knees on the floor, David slid his chair out from under the table to give her better access to his cock. As she crawled over to his feet, he unzipped his fly and pulled out a rock hard erection, it seemed he had enjoyed Devon’s ass on his lap almost as much as Murray had enjoyed hers.

    “Suck on Thrud’s powerful manhood honey!” said David, loving every minute of this.
    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)23:14 No.6195947
    >>6195681 Roll the six sided one three times for strength first

    Choosing a class, then rolling 3d6 drop none for stats, IN ORDER?

    Jesus, these guys are assholes.
    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)23:15 No.6195951
    Danielle raised an eyebrow, the nerd’s cock looked like it was only around four or five inches, not exactly powerful but she decided not to argue and just get this over with. “Warn me if you’re gonna cum,” she told David.

    “Mighty Thrud will last,” David assured her. It wasn’t mighty Thrud she was worried about however.

    “Okay, ten minutes,” announced Adam, looking at his watch. “Starting…now!”

    The kneeling cheerleader gave one last reluctant sigh and then leant in over David’s lap, parting her full red lips and taking the head of his hard cock into her mouth. David immediately gave a loud groan as the tip of his penis was suddenly flooded with the heat of her mouth and tongue. He couldn’t believe that he was actually getting a blowjob! And it was being administered by the hottest girl in the entire school! And she was only wearing a g-string!

    David gave a abrupt yelp and he lurched on his seat. His eyes rolled back and his hips twitched and suddenly Danielle jerked her head out from his lap. A rope of cum shot from the end of his cock as Danielle retreated and splashed over her cheek.

    “Oh yuck! You gross asshole!” swore Danielle as she pushed down on David’s cock, aiming it up against his belly as he shot the rest of his load. “You came in my mouth you dickhead! I told you to warn me!” Danielle grabbed a sheet of notepaper from the table and spat into it, trying to get the taste of David’s cum out of her mouth.

    “Ha!” shouted Murray, pointing accusingly at David. “You didn’t last ten seconds!”

    David had a stupid grin on his face. “Her mouth was so sweet!”

    Adam couldn’t help but join David in his grinning, if Danielle’s mouth had been even half as good as Devon’s then no wonder David hadn’t lasted long.

    “You’re a shithead David,” swore Danielle, taking a big gargle of her coke.
    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)23:15 No.6195953
    they made ability score checks earlier i think
    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)23:15 No.6195955
    This is the worst thread ever.
    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)23:15 No.6195959
         File1255058144.jpg-(53 KB, 364x380, facepalm.jpg)
    53 KB
    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)23:15 No.6195962
    “I guess you lost the bet,” Devon said to David, she couldn’t help but smile at her friend’s discomfort, Devon knew that unlike her own oral fixation, Danielle hated to give blowjobs. On many a date, the busty blonde had put out, just to avoid having to suck some football players cock.

    “Damn straight he did!” agreed Murray.

    “Hold on,” said David, turning to Adam the Dungeon Master. “Sure me David failed, but my character Thrud is a big brawny barbarian and he wouldn’t have lost it like that.”

    “That’s true…” said Adam thoughtfully. “Okay, make a stamina check. What’s your constitution?”

    “Eighteen,” David replied with unconcealed pride. Danielle rolled her eyes, why did their characters have high scores in everything? David reached for the twenty-sided dice and rolled a six. “I made it!”

    “Okay Danielle, Thrud made his stamina check so he hasn’t cum yet,” Adam said, looking expectantly at the half naked cheerleader.

    Danielle raised one eyebrow. “So?”

    “So you need to role-play,” Adam told her. “You need to keep sucking and pretend that he hasn’t exploded yet.”

    Danielle looked down at David’s lap, where his limp cock was dripping with cum. “Ew!” she screwed up her face in revulsion. “He’s all sticky, and he can’t even get it up. I can’t put that ugly thing back in my mouth.”

    Adam gave a mock sigh. “Look Danielle,” he said patronizingly. “Like we said this is like acting. You’re not actually giving him a blowjob, you’re just role-playing.”

    “I guess so,” she tentatively agreed.

    “Good,” said Adam with a reassuring smile. “Now get back down there and start sucking.”
    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)23:16 No.6195968
         File1255058172.jpg-(27 KB, 465x364, 1255036909879.jpg)
    27 KB
    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)23:16 No.6195975
    Danielle dropped back to her knees and reached gingerly for David’s sticky cock. Using just the very tips of her fingers she lifted the limp, cum-covered organ up and leant in towards it with a grimace on her pretty face. David smiled down eagerly as her tongue slipped out and hesitantly licked the sloppy end of his penis. Danielle’s tongue quickly retreated at the taste and her face once again slipped into a grimace. She paused a moment to steel herself and then leant down once again and licked the end of the nerds slimy cock.

    David gave a moan as Danielle’s tongue slid all over his small, withered cock, licking up the cum that covered it and cleaning him completely. Danielle then moved down to his balls, giving them a thorough tonguing till they were also clean enough to satisfy her. She then moved back to his still limp cock and sucked it deep into her mouth. His small shaft felt rubbery against her tongue and she started to slurp noisily on it. Danielle had once read in a Cosmo magazine that it was a thrill to take a limp penis in your mouth and feel it grow to erection, filling your mouth, but feeling David’s flaccid, lifeless organ roll around her tongue was doing nothing for her.

    “Three minutes to go,” Adam announced.

    “That’s good,” breathed David, reaching down and running his fingers through Danielle’s long blonde hair as she sucked on him. “Thrud likes that,” he added with a groan as Danielle bobbed her head over his lap.

    Danielle gave a small moan of surprise as she felt the nerd’s shaft start to thicken between her lips. Encouraged, she started to move her mouth up and down the short length of him, keeping her ovalled lips pressed tight around his shaft, almost as if she was jerking him off using her mouth. David moaned in appreciation as he felt Danielle start to use her tongue, fluttering it along the underside of his growing penis as she worked her mouth up and down.
    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)23:17 No.6195980
    For the next few minutes David’s cock continued to swell until it reached full erection and Danielle’s mouth was bobbing over a rock hard penis, the head pressing against the back of her throat as she worked her lips down to the base of his shaft.

    “Oh fuck that’s good Danielle!” groaned David, staring down at Danielle’s g-string clad posterior as she knelt in front of him.

    “Time’s up!” announced Adam, “you made it.”

    “Aw man! I was just starting to get warmed up again!” complained David as Danielle lifted her mouth up from his lap, uncovering David’s rock hard erection that jutted up from the open front of her pants.

    Danielle immediately returned to her seat and took a long drink of her coke, emptying the glass.

    “We’ve reached the halfway point of the adventure,” Adam revealed. “I’ll add up everyone’s experience points so far while you go get new drinks and snacks Murray,” he said to his younger brother. “Everyone take five.”

    While Murray disappeared from the room to get more drinks and Adam started scribbling notes behind his screen, David excused himself to use the bathroom.

    “I had no idea that D&D would be like this,” Devon said across the table to Danielle.

    “Yeah,” agreed Danielle with a smile. “It’s actually kind of fun.”

    “This is such good practice for when I become an actress,” said Devon. “I was so bummed when I thought I’d died in that chasm though.”

    Danielle laughed, “Yeah, what did you say to the Dungeon Master in his chambers anyway?”

    Devon blushed slightly. “Oh nothing much,” she shrugged.
    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)23:18 No.6195990
    >“Suck on Thrud’s powerful manhood honey!” said David, loving every minute of this.
    >powerful manhood honey
    >not powerful manhood, honey
    >David is a beemancer who has a penis made out of coagulated honey
    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)23:18 No.6195991
         File1255058298.jpg-(7 KB, 200x200, yall_niggas.jpg)
    7 KB
    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)23:18 No.6195993
    They were interrupted by Murray returning to the room with a tray of food and drinks, Danielle noted that the geek had changed out of his cum stained pants and was now wearing a pair of shorts.

    “So how did we go?” asked David as he returned to the room a couple of minutes later.

    “Everyone gets three thousand experience points,” Adam told them all.

    “What does that mean?” Devon asked. David pointed to where she should add that to her character sheet.

    “You go both go up a level,” Adam said to the two girls.

    “Cool!” exclaimed Danielle, “what do we get for that?”

    “Danielle gets an extra ten hit points and Devon gets four,” Adam explained.

    Devon poked her tongue out at Danielle for getting more than her.

    “Danielle you also get a better chance to hit because you’re a better fighter now,” Adam added.

    “What about me?” Devon asked, so far it sounded as though she was getting the short end of the stick. Although comparing David and his Adam, perhaps Danielle had got the shorter stick.

    “You can now learn two spells, but you have to learn a second one,” Adam told her.

    “How do I do that?” she asked.

    “You need to get a more powerful wizard to bestow you with the new magic powers,” Adam said, an idea coming to him.

    “What about Murray…I mean Veldin?”

    “Sure, I’ll teach you,” Murray agreed with a shrug.

    “Okay, how does this work?” the topless brunette asked.

    “You need to draw his magical powers into you,” Adam said quickly, cutting in before Murray could answer her.
    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)23:19 No.6196002
         File1255058343.jpg-(34 KB, 400x400, Picard_Facepalm.jpg)
    34 KB
    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)23:19 No.6196010

    “Magical energy is transferred through sexual energy,” Adam explained, trying to keep a straight face. “You need to roll a D-4 to determine the method of transference.”

    Adam shot a wink in Murray’s direction and the younger nerd made a mental note to thank his brother tomorrow.

    Devon rifled through the pile of multi-sided dice and found a four-sided pyramid dice that had three numbers on each side. It was the strangest thing she had seen, “how does this thing work?”

    “When you roll it the numbers around the bottom edge, the face up ones are your roll,” Adam told her.

    Devon nodded and gave the strange pyramid a roll. “A two,” she said with a frown as she struggled to work out the result. “What’s that mean?”

    “It means you need to use your, ah…boobs to milk the magic out of Murray,” Adam told her with a blush.

    Devon gave the Dungeon Master a dubious look. “I titty-fuck him to get the new spell?”

    “Yes, that’s right,” Adam nodded.

    “Okay, that’s not so bad,” she decided, thinking of the messy cocksucking that Danielle had just been put through. From the way Murray’s gaze was constantly straying to both her and Danielle’s exposed chests it shouldn’t be too difficult to satisfy him. Devon knelt at Murray’s feet in much the same way Danielle had done to David and then reached up to unfasten the front of his newly put on shorts.
    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)23:20 No.6196018
    A goddamn SIX for Wisdom? Goddamn thats some shitty rollan.
    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)23:20 No.6196022
    Murray was breathing heavily as the busty, topless brunette unzipped his shorts and tugged down his cum-soaked underwear, revealing his flaccid penis. Devon ran her soft hands up over Murray’s thighs, he gave a groan as her fingertips traced over the length of his cock and then gently brushed over his testicles. Murray gasped as Devon’s hand then closed around his cock and she began to stroke him slowly in her fist, getting him hard for the forthcoming titfuck. This was the first time anyone other than his own hands had touched his bare cock and it felt wonderful.

    Under Devon’s skillful fingertips, Murray’s fortunate cock rapidly grew to full erection. “Are you ready?” the buxom cheerleader asked her magic teacher.

    “Oh yeah!” Murray hurriedly nodded.

    Devon gave a sinful grin and then shuffled up further between Murray’s spread legs, lifting her own heavy breasts in her hands and wrapping Murray’s erect penis up in her cleavage. Murray gave a long moan of pleasure as his cock was enfolded in the warm, soft flesh of Devon’s plump boobs. The busty cheerleader began to slide her tits up and down the sides of Murray’s hard cock, the ample mounds forming a tight sheath for his cock to glide through.

    “Oh man your tits feel good around me!” gasped Murray, his hips humping up off the seat of the chair as he thrust to meet Devon’s bouncing tits. With each thrust the tip of his cock emerged at the top of Devon’s cleavage, jutting against the underside of her chin when Murray got particularly vigorous. Murray bucked against Devon’s big tits for a few minutes before he started to feel his orgasm impending, despite having recently filled his pants thanks to Danielle.

    “Are you ready to receive the magic?” he managed to grunt as her wonderful tits worked his throbbing cock, his balls slapping into the lower side of the large melons with each thrust.
    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)23:20 No.6196029
    So, so bad

    But my dick is hard as a rock.
    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)23:21 No.6196032
    “Oh yeah, give it to me Veldin!” moaned Devon, getting a little turned on despite the weirdness of the situation. Devon always appreciated a good tit-fuck.

    Murray lurched to his feet and took his trembling cock in hand, jerking it rapidly in his fist as he aimed it towards Devon’s outthrust chest. “Here it comes!” Murray gave a nasal grunt as his seed burst from the tip of his cock and splashed onto Devon’s proud chest. The nerd’s knees sagged slightly and he gave another snort as a second spurt launched out onto the kneeling beauty. “Oh fuck yeah!” groaned Murray, slowing his pumping hand and dribbling the last of his semen onto Devon’s breasts.

    “Congratulations Devon, you’ve learn the magic missile spell,” Adam told her, deciding the spell seemed appropriate given the delivery method.

    Devon grabbed a hand towel that Murray had brought out with the drinks and wiped her cum-spattered bosom as she sat back down at the table. “Now we can get on with the adventure,” she said. “Where were we?”

    “You’ve just landed on the other side of the chasm and got off the magic carpet,” Adam reminded them. “There’s another tunnel just ahead.”

    “Let’s head that way then,” said Danielle with enthusiasm, both the boys were wearing silly grins so it seemed that it was up to the girls to lead the way.

    Adam nodded. “You head down the tunnel very shortly leave the naturally formed cave, heading into a clearly man made hallway. For about two hundred yards the hallway continues before coming to a arched doorway. The doorway has a sparkling blue field of energy over it. Along the outer rim of the archway is some strange writing.” Adam turned to Murray. “You recognize the writing as elvish.”
    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)23:21 No.6196035
         File1255058485.png-(619 KB, 960x540, Magnificent.png)
    619 KB
    This thread gives nerds a bad name.

    Well done, OP. If you are an honest writefag, I'm sure you are satisfying the angry nerds among us demanding revenge for the horrors of highschool.

    If you are a troll, you have inspired true rage and you actually put effort into your work, not the mass produced spam we have grown accustomed to.

    Whatever your intentions, OP, I grant you...

    A 10 out of 10!
    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)23:21 No.6196036
         File1255058487.jpg-(180 KB, 500x500, stop posting shit.jpg)
    180 KB
    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)23:22 No.6196047
         File1255058550.png-(58 KB, 405x484, guile.png)
    58 KB
    >“Oh man your tits feel good around me!”

    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)23:22 No.6196048
    “I’ll read it. What does it say?” Murray asked his brother.

    “This field can only be broken by the most voluptuous of women.”

    Danielle frowned. “What does that mean?”

    “The biggest tits,” supplied David, unable to stop his stare from once again being drawn to the voluptuous brunette’s bust.

    “That’s me then,” said Danielle, arching her back slightly to proudly jut her tits out.

    “Mine are bigger than yours!” disagreed Devon, sticking out her own breasts that had just received a cum-shower from Murray.

    David looked at both the girl’s chests and cocked his head to the side trying to judge their size. “They both look big, what size bra’s do you wear?”

    “We’re both D-cups, but mine are bigger!” insisted Danielle.

    “No way you bitch!” snapped Devon, starting to get a little pissed off at her friend. “Tell her Murray.”

    “Um, yeah,” Murray said with a nod, licking his lips and remembering the incredible feel of Devon’s big knockers around his cock.

    “I’m not so sure, Danielle’s are pretty big,” David said thoughtfully eyeing up the girls’ chests.

    “Now, now, don’t argue folks,” said Adam. “Devon, Danielle, stand up, side-by-side. I’ll be the judge to see who has the biggest tits.”

    Both the lovely eighteen year olds agreed to this and stood beside each other, Danielle still wearing only a g-string and Devon in her short blue skirt. Adam got up and moved around the table to stand up front of them both.
    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)23:22 No.6196049

    >Veldin casts Ray of Mayo
    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)23:24 No.6196062
    Aw, I thought this was going to be a cute story about them falling into the darkness of geekdom. Now it turns out it's just another fapfic.
    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)23:24 No.6196067
    This is a fucking terrible idea and you've put far too much work into it. Far, far more than it warrants.

    Goddammit OP.

    There's a certain magnificence to having a terrible idea, taking it up, and following it all the way through, no matter what, even though you probably realize how fucking stupid it is. A certain courage, a certain nobility. But that doesn't excuse the stupidity that goes along with it.

    9.58/10, job well done.
    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)23:24 No.6196068
    He stood in front of the pair of busty cheerleaders, moving his head from side to side as he looked at each pair of tits in turn, comparing them. “Hmm…” Adam murmured thoughtfully as he reached out and cupped the underside of each girl’s right breast in his palms, one in each hand. Devon gasped slightly at his touch, but Danielle said nothing as Adam moved his hands to their other breasts, jiggling the weight slightly on his palm as if comparing size.

    Adam gave a frown as if deep in thought and then stepped to his left, directly in front of Devon. He reached up and cupped both her breasts, one D-cupped mound in each hand. Adam gave the two perfect orbs a firm squeeze, watching the ample flesh well up between his fingers as he sunk them into the perky melons. He then cupped his palms around the undersides of Devon’s twin peaks and lifted their weight, jiggling them in his hands. Adam then spread his fingers wide and pressed his hands to her breasts, letting her nipples jut against his palms as his fingers circled back and forth around the slopes of her breasts as if measuring their circumference. His fingers then squeezed back into Devon’s ample tit-flesh as he pressed the orbs up and together the abundant melons welling up into an impressive cleavage.

    “Hmm…” he repeated, giving Devon’s breasts a departing squeeze before stepping sideways to stand in front of Danielle.

    Adam reached up and repeated the ritual with Danielle’s hefty jugs, first squeezing and then shaking her large boobs in his groping hands.

    “It’s very close,” he said, moving back to Devon and giving her breasts another examination, mashing them more roughly this time in his hands and lifting them up by the nipples, watching the flesh quiver and shake in his hands. “Hmm…” he murmured for a third time, stepping back to Danielle and thoroughly groping her tits, letting their weight full his busy hands.
    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)23:24 No.6196069
    ITT the most shameful thing I've seen on /tg/ in a while. You will never know the touch of a woman.
    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)23:24 No.6196070
    Is this FATAL or D&D?
    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)23:24 No.6196071
    You knew it was a troll thread. You knew it /tg/. God fucking dammit you bloody knew it. /tg/ is the most genre savvy collection of misfits in the known universe and you've seen posts like this before.

    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)23:24 No.6196076
    I admit, this is a decent trolling if that's what it is...what I shudder to imagine is a World of Darkness, especially a Vampire: The Masquerade variant...
    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)23:24 No.6196077
    I'm currently going between this and a thread on /x/. ARGLE BARGLE YOU SCARED?!?! to NERD BONERS, MAGIC TITTIFUCKS!
    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)23:24 No.6196079
         File1255058692.gif-(388 KB, 628x428, bison.gif)
    388 KB
    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)23:24 No.6196082
    F5ing like the Emperor himself!
    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)23:25 No.6196086
    It was a full ten minutes before he finally stepped back from the two busty cheerleaders, having completed a very, very thorough assessment and comparison of their hooters.

    “You both have very nice, and very big racks,” Adam said, “but I think Danielle’s are ever so slightly bigger.”

    “Damn,” swore Devon in disappointment as the girls returned to their seats.

    Adam sat back down behind his screen at the end of the table, adjusting the bulging crotch of his pants as he took his place once again. “As Danielle steps through the blue force field it gives a shimmer and then vanishes. Beyond is a pitch black room that not even the light of your lantern can illuminate.”

    “Magical darkness!” said Murray in a slightly awed tone. “I’ll put on my ring of infravision before entering.”

    “Me too,” added David.

    “What’s infravision?” asked Danielle, still sitting with her chest proudly pushed out, delighting in her victory over her busty best friend, Devon.

    “It means you can see into the infrared spectrum and see heat patterns, kind of like night vision goggles,” Murray told her.

    “Cool, do we have them too?” asked Danielle hopefully.

    “No,” said Adam, pulling out two black blindfolds and handing them to the girls. “Put these on to simulate the darkness.”

    The topless girls did as they were instructed and then felt themselves being pulled to their feet and led from the room by a nerd’s hands on their hips, urging them forward.
    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)23:25 No.6196091
    >You knew it was a troll thread. You knew it /tg/. God fucking dammit you bloody knew it. /tg/ is the most genre savvy collection of misfits in the known universe and you've seen posts like this before.
    It's still porn, dude.
    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)23:25 No.6196096

    Not "just another fapfic". A truly terrible fapfic.

    I know good erotic fiction when I see it. And gentlemen, this is not it.
    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)23:26 No.6196105
    “Careful of the door,” David whispered to Danielle, who’s slim waist his hands rested on. It felt so good to be holding such a gorgeous woman. As David gently pushed Danielle through the doorway into the kitchen he looked down at her beautiful g-string covered posterior. Her ass looked incredible, almost naked, yet each cheek framed by the skimpy piece of black lace. Unable to help himself, David let one hand drop down off her hip to cup on firm butt-cheek and give it a gentle squeeze. “Wow!” breathed David as he pinched Danielle’s ass, the flesh was cool and incredibly soft, her ass much more firm than he’d expected it to feel.

    Once both girls were positioned in the center of the kitchen Adam spoke. “On the far side of the room are three penises, two belonging to elves and one belonging to an orc. To pass this room you must each select one of elf penises and tug on them both at the same time. To tell the cocks apart you can only use your mouths,” Adam told them, no longer even bothering to try and make the adventure seem real, this was all too much fun.

    “I will play the role of the orc,” Adam continued, pleased when he saw neither of the two bimbo’s complaining about the plot twist. “David and Murray will help me out by playing the two elves. Please kneel down where you stand and we’ll started.”

    The two nerds helped the lovely cocksuckers to kneel down on the floor, making sure that their blindfolds were still in position.

    “Ow!” complained Devon as she knelt down on the polished wooden floor of the kitchen. “Can we get a cushion or something? This hard floor is painful on the knees.”

    “Er, okay sure,” Adam agreed, he hadn’t thought of that. He quickly went back into the other room and grabbed a pair of cushions of the sofa, returning to see that Murray and David were already stripping off their pants. Adam gave each girl a cushion for their knees and then took off his own pants, eager to begin the game.
    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)23:26 No.6196106
    Actually from the looks of it it seems at least half the people couldn't immediately tell it was a troll thread, shocking as that is. This is the first time I've had cause to seriously doubt /tg/'s collective intelligence.
    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)23:26 No.6196108
    True, but it gets the job done on a slow night, amirite?
    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)23:27 No.6196113
         File1255058834.jpg-(236 KB, 1151x936, BLACKSUPREMACY.jpg)
    236 KB
    As a guy named Devon I disapprove the OP using my name for a girl
    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)23:27 No.6196121
    “We’ll come by one at a time,” Adam explained. “Then at the end you can call us over by our numbers to make your selection. If you choose incorrectly, you will die. Here’s number one now.” With that Adam gestured for David to step up to the girls to have his cock sucked first.

    Trembling in anticipation, David stepped up in front of Devon first, eager to sample her oral skills after enjoying her friend’s warm mouth so much. His cock already starting to swell, David moved right in front of the kneeling brunette, pressing the tip of his cock against her closed lips. Devon jumped slightly, startled at the blind touch, then she parted her lips and accepted the end of David’s cock into her wet mouth, immediately sucking on him.

    David stifled a groan of pleasure as the busty cheerleader sucked on his cock, drawing more and more of him into her mouth even as he grew to full hardness. Breathing heavily David’s hips gently rocked as he fed his penis into the buxom girls willing mouth. Watching the clock, David enjoyed a full minute of Devon’s oral talents before reluctantly tugging his erection out of Devon’s heavily sucking mouth. Where Danielle had been hesitant, Devon was practically gobbling his cock down.

    His cock trembling at full mast, David moved over to the next of the kneeling beauties, pressing the head of his cock against Danielle’s familiar lips. Seemingly resigned to her fate, Danielle didn’t pause this time as she opened her mouth and sucked David’s hard member inside. David was unable to stop his groan of pleasure this time as Danielle started to bob her head over his hard cock, pushing the shaft deep into the back of her mouth. David saw Devon’s ears perk up at his moan, obviously trying to identify his voice as Danielle sent waves of pleasure through his body.

    When the next minute was up David grudgingly pulled his cock free from Danielle’s mouth and stepped back to the other two young men.
    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)23:27 No.6196127
    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)23:27 No.6196128
    What makes it worse is how nobody even PRETENDS to act realistic in this context...The "wow, this is still roleplaying" mindset, it just needs bad D&D jazz riffs now...

    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)23:28 No.6196136
    I read that In Billy Mays' voice.
    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)23:28 No.6196139
    “Now for number two,” Adam told the girls, stepping forward himself.

    Adam’s cock was already fully erect, and he moved in front of Devon, pushing his cock against her lips and forcing the hard shaft into her mouth. Devon parted her lips at the insistent prod of Adam’s erection, the older nerd exhaling loudly as he felt his cock slide over Devon’s tongue. Adam reached down and grabbed the top of Devon’s head in both hands, starting to fuck her willing mouth just as he had done in his bedroom earlier on that evening. He gave a quiet grunt as he lustfully used her mouth for the full minute, making the most of the opportunity.

    When he pulled out and moved on to Danielle, both him and Devon were breathing heavily. Adam gave Danielle the same treatment, grabbing a handful of her soft blonde hair as he shoved himself in between her compliant lips and fucked her mouth as if it were a cunt. Danielle gagged initially at the rough entrance, but then accepted his cock as he lustfully used her mouth for his pleasure. After a minute with the blonde’s mouth Adam stepped back again.

    “And finally number three,” Adam announced, making sure he was back where the other two stood before speaking so as not to give them any hints.

    Having watched the other geek’s enjoy the cheerleaders, Murray was hard and ready for action as he stepped up to Devon first, glancing down at the full breasts that had pleasured him not so long ago. He pushed his cock against Devon’s mouth and it immediately opened to take him inside. Devon started to slurp noisily on Murray’s cock, her head bobbing back and forth as she savored the relative gentleness of his manhood after Adam’s vigorous onslaught. Adam was happy to let her do the work, the skillful movements of her mouth up and down the length of his shaft making him go weak at the knees.
    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)23:28 No.6196141
    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)23:28 No.6196142
         File1255058933.gif-(120 KB, 256x193, 1200245080580.gif)
    120 KB
    I hate you, OP.

    So very much.
    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)23:29 No.6196143
         File1255058941.jpg-(100 KB, 630x436, wtf.jpg)
    100 KB
    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)23:30 No.6196163
    I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought that.
    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)23:30 No.6196170
    After a minute of Devon sucking on his cock, Murray moved over to Danielle, pausing for a moment as he stood in front of her to gaze down at her beauty. He could hardly believe that the hottest chick in all of Downtown High was on her knees in front of him, wearing only a g-string and about to suck on his cock. God she was beautiful. His heart racing, Murray stepped up, holding the base of his cock as he guided it in between Danielle’s full lips and into her hot mouth.

    The stunning blonde sucked willingly on Murray’s trembling cock, working up and down the entire length, her tongue fluttering along the underside as she worked her magic. Murray reached down and ran his fingers through her long blonde hair, loving the softness of it as her tongue drove him wild. When he reached the end of his minute he pushed forward with his hips, forcing more and more of his cock into Danielle’s mouth till her lips were pressed right to the very base of his shaft and her nose tickled against his pubic hair. Breathing heavily he finally stepped back, his cock popping free from Danielle’s mouth with a loud smacking noise.

    “Time for your guesses now,” Adam told the girls. “Remember, if you get it wrong you will die. Danielle you can go first, pick one of the elvish penises.”

    “Number one please Dungeon Master,” Danielle said. David immediately moved in front of her and she reached up and wrapped her hand around his still hard cock, ready to tug on it. David moaned softly as her hand squeezed him.

    “Devon?” Adam asked the other cheerleader.

    “Number three,” said Devon. Murray smiled and moved in front of the lovely brunette. She reached up and took hold of his cock, then both the girls tugged on the cocks.
    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)23:31 No.6196172
    The best part of this pic? That the guy calls himself "professor Dr". That's just awesome!
    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)23:31 No.6196181
    This is bad and you should feel bad about it.
    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)23:32 No.6196182
    “Good, now put them in your mouths and take off your blindfolds,” Adam instructed, kind of disappointed that they had chosen correctly. Perhaps if one of them was killed he’d get another blowjob like he had from Devon, or maybe even a chance to fuck one of the beauties.

    The girls leant in once again and took the two cocks into their mouths. They then reached up and took off their blindfolds, blinking at the sudden light as they looked up to see if the cocks in their mouths were of orcish or elvish origin.

    “Sweet!” exclaimed Devon as she looked up and saw it was Murray’s cock in her mouth. She stood up and they all headed back to the gaming table. “How’d you guess?” Devon asked her friend.

    “Well the second cock was the biggest and roughest, I almost choked on it so I figured it must belong to an orc not an elf,” Danielle explained. “What about you Devon?”

    “Oh, I just recognized the taste of Adams…” Devon began then suddenly blushed as she realized what she had revealed. “I mean lucky guess I think,” she covered lamely, taking her seat back at the table.

    Danielle didn’t push the point as Adam continued with the adventure, none of the boys had bothered putting their pants back on and all sat with their still stiff dicks pointing skywards from their laps.

    “When you correctly identify the elven cocks light suddenly fills the room and the three cocks disappear back into the wall. Ahead you see another long hallway stretching off into the darkness.” Adam told them all. “As you start to make your way down this new hallway you hear a roar from further ahead.” He hadn’t been able to think of another excuse to play with the topless babes again so he’d switched back to the original adventure.

    “We’ll get our weapon’s ready and continue,” David said.
    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)23:32 No.6196186
    I read the first few posts, and then it turned TITTY moNSTER OM NOM and it didn't turn into some sort of cool alternate universe teleportation thing that I was hoping. Sage for shit.
    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)23:32 No.6196188
    >Your will save is failed and the dark cleric casts Silence in your area...put these ballgag on to simulate it. You cannot cast spells Devon.

    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)23:33 No.6196192
    “As you reach the room at the end of the hallway you are shocked to see a massive minotaur, a half man, half bull-like creature. As you enter the monster roars,” said Adam.

    “I’ll fuck the minotaur into submission so we can get past,” said Danielle, causing everyone to look at her in surprise. Devon gasped at her friend’s boldness.

    “Um,” Adam hesitated, boy was she getting into the spirit of the game now. “Ah…roll D-4 then I guess,” he said, trying to run with her suggestion.

    “Like Devon’s magic lesson?’ Danielle asked as she picked up the four-sided dice.

    “Yeah,” Adam nodded.

    Danielle rolled the dice, secretly hoping for a two as she had a thing for titfucks, so long as it wasn’t another blowjob she’d be happy. “A four,” she announced when the dice stopped. “What’s that mean?”

    “Anal,” Adam replied, hardly able to believe his luck.

    Danielle’s face paled at this. “Eww! I don’t do that! It’s gross!” exclaimed Danielle in horror, she had not expected that to happen when she volunteered to take on the minotaur, and if it was half bull then it probably had a big dick.

    “You rolled a four, you don’t have a choice, “Adam said sternly, reaching under the table to stroke his cock. “Besides your character loves anal, so you just need to role-play and it’ll be fine.”

    “Oh yeah, I guess if it’s just role-playing then that won’t be so bad,” Danielle agreed. “My character loves it you say?”

    “It’s her favorite,” Adam assured Danielle as he stood up from behind the table, stroking his erection in one hand. “I’ll act out the role of the minotaur for this. Why don’t you bend over the table and assume the position.”

    “Sure,” said Danielle with surprising cheer as she stood up and bent over the edge of the table, resting on her forearms, her ample D-cups squashing flat over her character sheet.
    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)23:33 No.6196196
    >he was starting to get pissed off at these two hot chicks turning up and ruining a perfectly good night of D&D.

    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)23:33 No.6196202
    >some sort of cool alternate universe teleportation thing that I was hoping

    Wow. That would have been AWESOME. Cliche, but AWESOME.
    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)23:34 No.6196210
    Licking his lips in anticipation Adam moved around behind the bent over blonde, admiring the perfect, firm cheeks of her ass. Adam reached out and ran a hand over the smooth globes, then hooked a finger into the back of her g-string, lifting the strip that ran down between her buttocks and tugging it to the side. In her bent over pose, Danielle’s vagina and asshole were visible between the beautiful rounds of her ass.

    Adam slipped a fingertip into Danielle’s ass, causing her to sharply suck in a breath of air. “I might need a little lubrication,” he said as he probed the digit gently inside her. “Devon can you pull your chair over here a moment,” he said as he withdrew his finger from Danielle’s ass and moved it down further to slide into her vagina.

    Devon moved her chair closer and Adam offered his cock up towards her lips. Seated she was at the perfect height to suck him off. “Make sure it’s sloppy,” he murmured as Devon opened her lips and once again took Adam’s cock into her mouth. The voluptuous brunette immediately started to slurp on Adam’s cock as he began to pump his finger in and out of Danielle’s cunt.

    Devon slobbered noisily over Adam’s shaft till he was dripping with saliva and hard as a rock. Once he was satisfied with the lubrication he drew his finger out of Danielle’s cunt and wiped her own juices onto the tightly puckered hole of Danielle’s lovely ass. He then guided the tip of his cock against her ass. “Are you ready to subdue the minotaur?” he asked the busty blonde cheerleader.
    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)23:34 No.6196216
         File1255059263.jpg-(86 KB, 307x365, righttohell.jpg)
    86 KB
    fuck you all
    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)23:34 No.6196218

    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)23:34 No.6196223
    My name is Devon and I'm a guy, but the spelling is both masculine and feminine
    Straight masculine is Devin
    Straight feminine is Devanne
    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)23:34 No.6196225
    “I think so,” Danielle replied uneasily. Adam’s hands took a tight grip on Danielle’s slim waist and he slowly and steadily pushed forward with his hips, piercing her ass with his hard cock. “Ah!” Danielle gasped at the entry of his penis, her ass clutching tightly at him as he pushed deeper.

    “Fuck that’s tight!” groaned Adam as he began to leisurely rock back and forth, warming up Danielle for her ass-fucking. He ran his hands admiringly over Danielle smooth bare back, his cock sawing deeper in and out of her ass.

    “Isn’t this hot?” Devon murmured across the table to Murray who nodded in agreement. He couldn’t believe he was watching his brother buggering the captain of the cheerleading squad.

    “Oh yeah!” groaned Adam, looking down at the fantastic spectacle of Danielle’s magnificent buttocks clutching around his hard cock as he thrust against her. “The minotaur is loving this Danielle!” he gasped, it was amazing how good this felt.

    Adam began to increase the speed of his thrusts, driving his cock deeper into Danielle’s ass as she began to get used to his intrusion and relax. His hips slapped against Danielle’s firm buttocks, the smacking of flesh filling the room as Adam grunted and humped Danielle from behind. The busty blonde moaned and pushed backwards to meet Adam’s thrust, his cock buried up her anus was rather uncomfortable and she wanted to get him off as quickly as possible. He actually felt like a bull as he rapidly fucked her tight hole.

    “Lick my balls while I fuck her Devon,” Adam commanded the other cheerleader, “it’ll get the minotaur off quicker.”
    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)23:35 No.6196227

    Ironically, that's the most realist thing from the whole story.
    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)23:35 No.6196239
    Sage for copypasta indeed.
    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)23:35 No.6196242
    >Roll for anal circumference
    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)23:35 No.6196245
    Devon grinned, apparently pleased with the idea and crawled underneath the bucking pair. From beneath she could see Adam’s cock pumping in and out of her friend’s snug ass, Adam’s balls slapping as he bucked against her. Devon craned her head up, her tongue flicking out to swipe across Adam’s swinging testicles as he thrust back and forth. “Oh yeah!” groaned Adam at the touch of Devon’s tongue. The brunette’s tongue fluttered across Adam’s balls and then swiped up the length of her friend’s vaginal slit, causing Danielle to join Adam in her moans.

    Adam gave a shudder and suddenly stopped thrusting, burying his cock right up inside Danielle’s ass as he arched his back and exploded inside her. Devon sucked at his balls as they tightened and shot their load up the length of his shaft and out into Danielle’s ass. The bent over blonde cried out as Devon’s chin scraped against her clit and Adam’s pulsating cock filled her ass.

    “Yes!” grunted Adam, spending himself into the blonde’s rear passage. He withdrew from the tight tunnel and staggered back to his chair, breathing heavily. Devon gave Danielle’s pussy one last lick before the blonde straightened up and slumped back into her own chair.

    “That was wild,” breathed Devon as she emerged from beneath the table, who’d have thought that D&D would be this much fun. “So has the beast been defeated?” she asked Adam who was still reveling in post-orgasmic bliss.

    Danielle excused herself to freshen up in the bathroom whilst Devon took a long swallow of her coke.

    A few minutes later Danielle returned with a towel wrapped around her torso and the adventure was back on.

    “With the minotaur defeated you have finally reached you goal,” Adam told them all. “Sitting in a glowing light is a golden chest, about the size of this table.”

    “Let’s go take a closer look,” said Danielle, she’d worked hard for this treasure and was eager to see what awaited.
    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)23:36 No.6196266
    “The chest is very ornate and looks as though it’s made of solid gold. The lid is closed and there is no obvious lock.”

    “I’ll try and open it,” said Danielle.

    “Unfortunately the lid won’t budge, but as you touch it a glowing red writing appears on the lid, the text appears to be in the same elvish language as the writing around the blue force field earlier on,” Adam told them.

    “I’ll read it, what does it say?” Murray asked his very satisfied looking brother.

    “This treasure chest can only be opened by intense sexual energy,” Adam said.

    “How are you going to do that?” asked David.

    “Let’s all fuck!” suggested Devon, watching Danielle and Adam going at it had made her horny as hell. The busty brunette stood up and unzipped her skirt, letting it drop to the floor. Her underwear quickly followed. “You do me David, Murray can do Danielle,” Devon suggested as she got down on her hands and knee’s, facing away from them and offering up her beautiful posterior.

    David grinned and didn’t have to be told twice, he knocked his chair over as he scrambled to his feet and dropped down behind the kneeling beauty. The horny nerd ran a hand over Devon’s smooth ass and then up her side, reaching underneath her to cup and squeeze one of her ample D cups. “Do you want it up the ass too?” David asked eagerly as he rubbed the tip of his hard cock across Devon’s smooth ass, leaving a glistening trail of pre-cum.

    “No, in my pussy honey,” Devon replied.

    Back at the table Murray looked hopefully at Danielle who was still looking rather worn out from her recent session with Murray’s older brother.

    “Fine,” she sighed wearily, deciding to let Murray have his fun. “Let’s get this chest open.” She stood up and pulled off her towel, revealing her completely naked, curvy body beneath. Danielle then knelt down on her hands and knee’s right beside Devon as Murray hurriedly moved behind her.
    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)23:37 No.6196277
    “Oh shit that’s good!” gasped David as he slid his hard cock up into Devon’s pussy, driving completely up inside her till his hips were pressed tight against her ass.

    Beside him, Murray rubbed the end of his cock down over Danielle’s slightly sore asshole and then over the slit of her cunt. Danielle moaned softly as Murray nudged her clit with the head of his cock and then pushed his cock against her vagina, slipping up inside her. Murray held onto the curves of Danielle’s waist as he started to fuck her doggy style, his best friend David fucking the other busty cheerleader right beside him.

    “This is so cool,” grunted David as he bucked away at Devon, turning to grin at his friend beside him.

    “Hell yes!” moaned Murray in agreement.

    Adam stood up and walked around to the front end of the two girls, “The chest groans slightly and you see the lid open a crack, it’s obviously working!” He knelt down in front of the two girls and his younger friends hammered away at them from behind and offered his cock up towards Devon’s face. The busty brunette opened her mouth and took his flaccid organ without pausing. As Devon started to suck on his cock, Adam reached over and squeezed Danielle’s breasts.

    “Let’s swap,” said David after a few minutes of screwing Devon.

    “Cool!” agreed Murray and the two teenagers swapped position, Murray sliding his cock up into Devon’s pussy and David thrusting into Danielle. At the other end of the girls Adam swapped as well, withdrawing his now half-erect cock from Devon’s mouth and feeding it to Danielle.

    David and Murray high-fived each other and resumed their doggy style fucking, slamming vigorously against the two perfect asses that were presented for their pleasure. If it hadn’t been for their previous orgasms both the eighteen year old geeks would have emptied their loads into the cheerleaders long ago, as it was they were both rapidly approaching exploding.
    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)23:37 No.6196278
         File1255059464.jpg-(54 KB, 960x540, What the heck Am I looking at.jpg)
    54 KB

    What, I...

    OP, I am dissapoint. I withdraw my previously given 10.

    I... I though you were a good troll.

    You coulda BEEN something in this town, OP.
    You coulda been something...
    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)23:37 No.6196281
    great job! take one internet please!
    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)23:37 No.6196282

    More by the same author.
    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)23:38 No.6196292
    Adam drew out of Danielle and moved the head of his cock back over to Devon’s lips, he rested a hand on both the girls heads and pushed their faces together around his cock so that they both began to lick and suck at his member. “Oh yeah, suck my cock ladies!” he groaned as the two girls serviced him.

    “I’m gonna cum soon!” groaned David as he pumped Danielle’s world class pussy faster and faster.

    “Me too!” said Murray, thrusting against Devon, his movements pushing her mouth further forward on Adam’s cock. “Let’s swap one more time!”

    David nodded, he was out of breath as the two nerds quickly changed position. “Oh fuck!” moaned David as he pushed back into Devon, the friction of sliding back inside her hot pussy sent him over the edge and he immediately started to cum inside her.

    Murray thrust up into Danielle as his friend orgasmed beside him. He tightly gripped Danielle’s hips and pistoned his cock rapidly into her, letting himself go and enjoying the ride.

    David thrust hard into Devon one final time, milking the last of his cum from his cock and just taking pleasure from the sensations of being inside the beautiful girl. He could hardly believe that he and Murray had lost their virginity to the Double D’s. Beside him Murray cried out as he had his own orgasm, cumming deep inside Danielle, captain of the cheerleading squad. Without a doubt this was the best Dungeons & Dragons session they’d ever had.

    Adam stood back up as he saw both boys had cum, his cock was still only at half-mast, glistening with saliva. Despite the very welcome attentions of the busty Double D’s he’d been too spent to get it up again so soon. “As Veldin and Thrud cum the lid of the chest rises, revealing a massive pile of gold,” Adam said.
    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)23:39 No.6196296
    “Woohoo!” cried out Danielle, “We did it!”

    “Your mission is a success!” Adam agreed.

    “That’s it?” Devon asked.

    “Yep, all done,” the Dungeon Master confirmed.

    “I don’t think I get it,” Devon said with a frown. “I mean, I saw the dungeon but where was the dragon?”


    About twenty minutes later, once everyone had washed up from their sweaty session and got dressed again, the three boys saw the Double D’s to the door.

    “Thanks for coming along, hopefully it helped with your assignment,” said Murray, despite the fact he had just soundly fucked both of the girls he found himself suddenly feeling nervous and inferior once again.

    Danielle smiled, “I’m sure we’ll get an A.”

    “What time’s next weeks game?” Devon asked the boys.

    “Are you kidding?” Adam almost choked.

    “No, what time?” Devon insisted.

    “You enjoyed that?” David asked, sharing Adam’s surprise.

    “Hell yes!” Danielle and Devon both said at once. “It was great, we can’t wait for next week!” Devon added, grinning broadly.

    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)23:39 No.6196297
    >“Let’s go take a closer look,” said Danielle, she’d worked hard for this treasure and was eager to see what awaited.

    I hope the box contains a large, industrial-strength quantity of RAPE.
    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)23:39 No.6196301
    Well, these things do happen sometime.
    I've given my DM a blowjob...in character of course.
    ...with the rest of the group in the next room.
    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)23:39 No.6196304
    I'm going to refer to my dick as The Minotaur from now on.
    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)23:39 No.6196306
    >“Besides your character loves anal, so you just need to role-play and it’ll be fine.”

    If I had a dollar for every time I've said this.
    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)23:40 No.6196317


    Go to it /tg/!
    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)23:40 No.6196336

    Your hypothetical is incomplete.

    10 points from Gryffindor.
    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)23:41 No.6196349

    Are you and your DM in a relationship?
    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)23:42 No.6196357
    Real chicks in real life would have been suspicious, the guys should have DM'd a game of FATAL, or had the erotic book on hand to convince them it was real.

    I could see this working. Sneak some beers, get them liquored up, and have them be injured so the two guys (playing clerics) could have Laid Hands...
    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)23:42 No.6196361
    >“No, in my pussy honey,” Devon replied.
    >pussy honey
    >not pussy, honey
    >Devon is also a beemancer with a vagina made out of coagulated honey
    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)23:42 No.6196365
    not at that time. but now we are.
    >> Sergeant Alexandros II 10/08/09(Thu)23:44 No.6196377
    I laughed all the way.

    Great job, OP.
    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)23:44 No.6196378
    Imagine a LARP version of this fapfic..."shudders"
    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)23:45 No.6196390
         File1255059905.jpg-(39 KB, 430x600, the-pain.jpg)
    39 KB
    oh fuck
    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)23:45 No.6196392
         File1255059919.jpg-(4 KB, 126x113, 1252813067276s.jpg)
    4 KB
    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)23:46 No.6196403
    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)23:46 No.6196413

    The best parts of this thread.
    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)23:47 No.6196421

    The proper term is Apoideamancy.
    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)23:49 No.6196447
         File1255060182.jpg-(307 KB, 1024x768, I%27M_A_BEE_MOTHERFUCKER.jpg)
    307 KB
    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)23:51 No.6196469

    Wow! You're a slut! Congradufuckinglations.
    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)23:51 No.6196474
         File1255060317.jpg-(81 KB, 684x450, cryingchild.jpg)
    81 KB
    >This thread.
    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)23:55 No.6196514
    This thread is full of beemancy.
    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)23:57 No.6196529
    maybe. but i think it's better than to go out, get drunk and give a blowjob to someone you can't even remember the next day.
    >> Anonymous 10/08/09(Thu)23:58 No.6196537
         File1255060685.jpg-(10 KB, 194x271, hemad.jpg)
    10 KB
    Pic related at many in this topic.

    Though I'd say, yes, the rulebook got raped to hell and back, a rewrite that said it was a generic RPG would be better.

    This is going in suptg.
    >> what what 10/08/09(Thu)23:59 No.6196554
         File1255060762.jpg-(22 KB, 539x400, what.jpg)
    22 KB
    >> 40Kfag from /m/ !!t8iiyj3DIqR 10/09/09(Fri)00:01 No.6196580
         File1255060875.jpg-(170 KB, 507x728, 225273.jpg)
    170 KB

    I wouldn't be surprised if OP adapted this from a porno
    >> Anonymous 10/09/09(Fri)00:01 No.6196585
    >> Anonymous 10/09/09(Fri)00:03 No.6196605
    rolled 10 = 10

    I'm laughing so goddamn hard.

    So hard.
    >> Anonymous 10/09/09(Fri)00:07 No.6196650
    it was the most beautiful train wreck aver
    >> Anonymous 10/09/09(Fri)00:11 No.6196703
         File1255061493.jpg-(62 KB, 560x448, 1255053070741.jpg)
    62 KB
    This shalt be recorded in the Necronomicon.

    All hail this Old Anon.
    >> Anonymous 10/09/09(Fri)00:14 No.6196738
         File1255061656.jpg-(773 KB, 1992x1448, 1246609076892.jpg)
    773 KB
    Ok, this shitty fapfic pisses me off.
    I can do better.
    Give me a /tg/ related topic and some things to feature in it and I'll produce something of quality.
    >> Anonymous 10/09/09(Fri)00:15 No.6196754
    Use the same plot but make it better.
    >> Anonymous 10/09/09(Fri)00:16 No.6196766
    Suptg'd and archived. Be proud
    >> 40Kfag from /m/ !!t8iiyj3DIqR 10/09/09(Fri)00:17 No.6196778
         File1255061869.jpg-(71 KB, 848x480, snapshot20091008234423.jpg)
    71 KB

    An apprentice knight whore is being bitchy because her antique sword broke and she doesn't want a new one because she likes her broken sword too much. The blacksmith tells her to just let him make a new sword for her but she keeps bitching about wanting to re-forge her sword so (write your rape fic here)
    >> Anonymous 10/09/09(Fri)00:18 No.6196780
    Do this story again, but make it not terrible.
    >> Anonymous 10/09/09(Fri)00:19 No.6196789
    The same story, but better, and involving hatesex.
    >> Anonymous 10/09/09(Fri)00:19 No.6196800

    I agree with the other two, it would be impressive if you could take this horrible story and make it enjoyable to read.
    >> Anonymous 10/09/09(Fri)00:20 No.6196814
    She probably picked the Favored Weapon merit from Scroll of Heroes.
    >> Anonymous 10/09/09(Fri)00:21 No.6196819
    Demon/elf halfbreed corrupts an otherwise good elf priestess. Infernal rape-fic go!
    >> Anonymous 10/09/09(Fri)00:22 No.6196826
    >> Anonymous 10/09/09(Fri)00:22 No.6196828

    What do you want, sexing over /tg/ related games or sexing over /tg/ related settings?

    If settings, um...NIGHTMARE MODE: Esperites from Shards of Alara having casual sex with Jund Barbarians.

    The Barbarians are Tsundere with the Esperites.
    >> Anonymous 10/09/09(Fri)00:23 No.6196839
         File1255062187.jpg-(142 KB, 681x552, 1204033049088.jpg)
    142 KB
    >>6196738Give me a /tg/ related topic and some things to feature in it and I'll produce something of quality.

    Dark Eldar slavers raid a squig farm
    >> Anonymous 10/09/09(Fri)00:24 No.6196851
    Ok, overwhelming support for a better version of this story.
    Involving hatesex.

    Yep, will do. Brutal, brutal hatesex. Give me some time, I'll post later tonight.
    >> Melo 10/09/09(Fri)00:24 No.6196853
    I liked it.

    >> Anonymous 10/09/09(Fri)00:26 No.6196869
    can you throw in some orcs too? raping stuff...
    >> Anonymous 10/09/09(Fri)00:28 No.6196885
    The Minotaur takes an attack of opportunity!
    You have been rendered prone!
    He rapes you.

    Time to roleplay again Devon, you man-named cunt!
    >> Anonymous 10/09/09(Fri)00:28 No.6196895
    Rewrite the story, but this time the players are ugly/landwhale/both goth girls, and the guys are all jocks who decided to "Check this vampire shit out".
    >> Anonymous 10/09/09(Fri)00:29 No.6196903
    >> Anonymous 10/09/09(Fri)00:29 No.6196913
    > Not explaining much of anything beforehand
    > Letting the new player be a wizard
    > Level 1 wizard only knows feather fall
    > Mixing in level 1 characters with level 12 characters.
    > Bastard swords do 2d6 and 17 strength is worth +1 damage
    > Any character anywhere with an armor class of five.
    > Making jump checks with a d10

    It really says something about me that this kinda shit is affecting me more than the sex
    >> Anonymous 10/09/09(Fri)00:30 No.6196915
    I change my vote to this.
    >> Dagda !hTbo821v7U 10/09/09(Fri)00:33 No.6196947
         File1255062784.png-(33 KB, 736x737, Smily05.png)
    33 KB
    This fic is a meaty stack of cliches served with large amounts of cheese, a delicious meal of mental junk food. Bravo, OP. Bravo.
    >> Anonymous 10/09/09(Fri)00:33 No.6196951
    a hundred times this.
    >> The Happymancer !ozOtJW9BFA 10/09/09(Fri)00:34 No.6196964
         File1255062882.jpg-(23 KB, 325x253, theycame reaction.jpg)
    23 KB
    rolled 23 = 23

    >only I’m 12th level
    Only 12th level? Fuck
    >Adam just ignored her, he was starting to get pissed off at these two hot chicks turning up and ruining a perfectly good night of D&D. Hopefully things got better.
    That's the way to do it!
    >“That’s not fair,” Devon said, giving Adam one of the cutest pouts he’d ever seen.
    Fuck, she's right! A level 1 with a level 12? Encounters will rape them.
    >“What’s your armor class?” 5
    >fat guy!
    You know it.
    >Everything else.
    Fucking fapfic.
    >> Anonymous 10/09/09(Fri)00:35 No.6196976
    AC of 5 wasn't TOO horrific in AD&D...
    >> Anonymous 10/09/09(Fri)00:38 No.6196999
         File1255063118.jpg-(109 KB, 648x486, support.jpg)
    109 KB
    Make the chicks the kind of awkward-but-got-a-thing-about-them nerd godesses that us fa/tg/uys fap about until our dicks are raw. The jocks get punked into a hog-hunt by their fellow footballers and end up playing vampire with the goth/nerds.
    >> Anonymous 10/09/09(Fri)00:41 No.6197021
    happy end: the girls end up filled to brust in prime-quality alpha cum, jocks learn chubies give the best head.
    >> Anonymous 10/09/09(Fri)00:42 No.6197032
    Bad End: The nerd chicks really are vampires and drink the jocks' blood to exsanguination.....through their cocks.
    >> Anonymous 10/09/09(Fri)00:43 No.6197044

    God no. That sounds terrible.
    >> Anonymous 10/09/09(Fri)00:45 No.6197067

    I have heard of Devons representing both genders. The only Devon I've ever met was female.
    >> Anonymous 10/09/09(Fri)00:46 No.6197075
    Quiet, you. This is much more believable. A dude will slum low enough to fuck a nerd chick if it is easy and shit is at least cute. The hottest chick in school would not.
    >> Anonymous 10/09/09(Fri)00:47 No.6197087
    Nosferatu feeding techniques: unconventional.
    >> Anonymous 10/09/09(Fri)00:47 No.6197089
    I feel sorry for you people.
    >> Doomguy !oWbpNIMs9M 10/09/09(Fri)00:50 No.6197118
    They might if their parents are threatening to cut off their allowance/take their car if they don't keep up their grades and they were whores anyway.
    Unfortunately none of us were lucky enough for this to happen to us.
    >> Anonymous 10/09/09(Fri)00:58 No.6197187
    Truth, but I was lucky enough to be nerdy and a three sport athlete in high school. I didn't get to bang the hottest girl in school, but I did get my share, and they were certainly not hambeasts.
    >> Anonymous 10/09/09(Fri)00:58 No.6197194
    I read this entire dumb thing waiting for the 4chan twist.
    >> Anonymous 10/09/09(Fri)01:06 No.6197289
    This thread...I am disappoint.
    >> Anonymous 10/09/09(Fri)01:07 No.6197302
    What hath god wrought?
    >> Anonymous 10/09/09(Fri)01:11 No.6197352
    rolled 236 = 236


    >> Anonymous 10/09/09(Fri)01:12 No.6197364
    I'm tempted to give this a shot myself. However it seems to be becoming a pattern that the only time I sit down and write out anything of considerable length or quality is when some one has asked me to whip them up some erotica.


    I'll never finish my novel T.T
    >> Anonymous 10/09/09(Fri)01:41 No.6197677
         File1255066871.gif-(383 KB, 134x170, andy samberg jizz face.gif)
    383 KB
    >> Grindhouse :] 10/09/09(Fri)02:06 No.6197945

    Now playing Planet Terror. Come on in.
    >> Anonymous 10/09/09(Fri)02:39 No.6198328
    Damn you all.
    >> Anonymous 10/09/09(Fri)03:09 No.6198665
         File1255072176.jpg-(50 KB, 351x632, vaginaguyfull.jpg)
    50 KB
    Sent to the archive for the lulz. Much better than most of the questfaggotry that is there.
    >> Anonymous 10/09/09(Fri)03:37 No.6198947
    Did that rewrite ever get posted?
    >> Mustache Luchador !ALtURO.KKA 10/09/09(Fri)04:02 No.6199139
    At first i was like
    then I was like
    finally i was like

    Would have been great if it didn't turn out to be *just* a fapfic. Next time don't conclude on such an eminently predictable note.

    >> Anonymous 10/09/09(Fri)04:42 No.6199465
    rolled 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1 = 21

    I've never played D&D

    Up until the jump check is like a regular game, right?

    It sounds fun but I have no friends ._.
    >> Anonymous 10/09/09(Fri)05:31 No.6199787
    >“None shall pass!” David boomed in his best Gandalf impersonation.
    Didn't Gandalf say, "You shall not pass!"? "None shall pass!" is the Black Knight from Monty Python and the Holy Grale. Also, this story sucks.
    >> Anonymous 10/09/09(Fri)05:32 No.6199794
    I have banged both a chick named Ridley, and a chick named Derick. All names are gender indifferent in my mind
    >> Anonymous 10/09/09(Fri)05:39 No.6199818
    >because you’re only using a dagger you have the highest iniative
    stopped reading there
    >> Anonymous 10/09/09(Fri)07:53 No.6200492
    >The brunette pulled off his cock and swirled his tongue over Adam’s length, licking up the last of his
    >swirled his tongue over Adam’s length
    >his tongue
    at this and several other ocasions in the story Devon was refered to as a he, i was sure he would end up being a trap .... I'm really disappointed
    >> Anonymous 10/09/09(Fri)10:09 No.6201238
    So how is going that rewrite?
    >> Anonymous 10/09/09(Fri)10:13 No.6201273
    >I've fucked a few men but my brain has managed to convince itself that I'm not a faggot by replacing them in my memory as women with men's names.
    >Also I am going to give 6201287 all your jewgolds

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