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  • File : 1254431724.jpg-(146 KB, 618x800, 1254150936023.jpg)
    146 KB Anonymous 10/01/09(Thu)17:15 No.6091366  
    So I'm working on this game, /tg/. Sort of like Oregon Trail/Fantasy X-Com. I posted on it a week or two ago. Anyway, long story short, you're basically in charge of a group of adventurers, and managing them. You prepare them, organize them, customize them, you send them out, then check back later for a report on what they've accomplished, and repeat.

    I want to keep the system very simple, and there's a thread on sup/tg/ if you want to check it out, but basically the stats are not realism(Strength, health, etc), they're gamism.

    And yes, I plan on eventually turning it into a computer game.

    Victory: The unit's base ability to win in a fight. Expressed as a percentage, monsters add difficulty by being a modifier to the percentage. For instance, a unit with a Victory score of 50 has a base 50/50 chance of winning a fight, but when facing a monster of 20, his chances go down to 30%.

    Synergy: How well the unit works with others. Basically, there will be a synergy from this unit to every other unit in the party, with differing rates depending on the units involved. For instance, defender units give good synergy with grenadiers, while bad synergy with each other. (remember, I said it would be ran over a computer, like a communal Roguelike, sort of.)

    Endurance: Again, expressed as a %. Cumulative chance every encounter that the unit runs out of ammo, spells, health, determination, etc, and says "Fuck it, we're going home". Low in fighters, high in wizards and gunners.

    Health: A tiny (never higher than 10) chance per encounter that the unthinkable has been thunk. If the result was anything but 01, the character has been gravely wounded and must recuperate for several weeks (No magical healing, I decided). If it was a 01, the character has simply been killed. Low in "fit" classes, high in "soft" classes.

    I'm thinking I should add more, but Im' not sure. What do you think, /tg/?
    >> Anonymous 10/01/09(Thu)17:33 No.6091553
    >Victory: The unit's base ability to win in a fight. Expressed as a percentage, monsters add difficulty by being a modifier to the percentage. For instance, a unit with a Victory score of 50 has a base 50/50 chance of winning a fight, but when facing a monster of 20, his chances go down to 30%.

    Either I'm reading this wrong, or you're saying if a person has a higher Vic than its opponent, they'll be more likely to lose?
    >> Anonymous 10/01/09(Thu)17:33 No.6091555
    ...That is an awesome picture. Source?
    >> Anonymous 10/01/09(Thu)17:34 No.6091566
    Read it a few more times, disregard me, I suck cocks.
    >> Anonymous 10/01/09(Thu)17:37 No.6091591
    Send your idea to Atlus. They turn games into win.
    >> Anonymous 10/01/09(Thu)17:37 No.6091596
    >And yes, I plan on eventually turning it into a computer game.
    >> Anonymous 10/01/09(Thu)17:38 No.6091605
    Good, I couldn't find a way to explain it aside from that, haha.

    /tg/? ¯\(°_o)/¯
    >> Anonymous 10/01/09(Thu)17:43 No.6091661
    It's by Ian McConville.
    Yes, that one.
    >> Anonymous 10/01/09(Thu)17:49 No.6091720
         File1254433792.jpg-(22 KB, 340x330, two-women-laughing.jpg)
    22 KB
    >> Anonymous 10/01/09(Thu)17:52 No.6091742
    Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My life as a King is already pretty much the exact game you're talking about.

    Not that there isn't room for more games like it of course, but I thought you should know.
    >> Anonymous 10/01/09(Thu)17:54 No.6091763
    I don't like that the game play seems largely luck based. Luck if you die. Luck if you win. I don't know. Maybe some more cemented real stats that are less about percent chances and more about this stat versus that stat.
    >> Anonymous 10/01/09(Thu)17:55 No.6091777
         File1254434137.jpg-(121 KB, 500x375, 1236819878207.jpg)
    121 KB
    >I don't like that the game play seems largely luck based.
    >> Anonymous 10/01/09(Thu)17:59 No.6091817
    Yes dice rolls are luck based. But you add modifiers and other things. This is you have a 1 in 10 chance of dying. You have a 3 in 10 chance of failure. Not fun. You have a 15 in 20 chance of succeeding before adding in a +5 modifier is a little more fair.
    >> Anonymous 10/01/09(Thu)18:10 No.6091938
    ..No its not. You're purposefully skewing your words. Every time you describe his system you use "You have x in y chance of dying/failure, while I have (math problem that equals x1 in y1) chance of success!"

    Nevermind that he's explaining the BASE concepts, nevermind things like equipment or anything. The d20 system's base concept is "roll higher than number, or you fail."
    >> Anonymous 10/01/09(Thu)18:14 No.6091987
         File1254435284.jpg-(49 KB, 640x480, 1211410825201.jpg)
    49 KB
    >> Anonymous 10/01/09(Thu)18:28 No.6092120
    Coming from a 777GET you'd think youd be all about luck! DESU!
    >> Anonymous 10/01/09(Thu)18:34 No.6092162
    Silly Anon. All PNP games are luck based. Else they become Rock Paper Scissors.
    >> Anonymous 10/01/09(Thu)18:39 No.6092216
    Recently ive been thinking of how awesome a game like this would be. I love management games and love fantasy, so this idea, for me, is awesome. Whenever i thought about it, it looked alot like final fantasy tactics advance (which coincidently looks exactly like OPs pic)
    >> Anonymous 10/01/09(Thu)18:47 No.6092298
    Do you have a homepage link or anything so i can follow your idea, OP?
    >> Anonymous 10/01/09(Thu)18:52 No.6092344
    A homepage is FAR too organized for me. However, if you'd like to take a look at the previous thread, http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/5968425

    And I'm on sup/tg/ chat too.

    No ideas for new stats?
    >> Anonymous 10/01/09(Thu)18:54 No.6092366
    Include options for eating your party members in the event of a Donner Party scenario
    >> Anonymous 10/01/09(Thu)18:59 No.6092410
    /tg/ doesn't do gamism. Only simulationism.
    >> Anonymous 10/01/09(Thu)19:02 No.6092447
    Well, it's pretty difficult since with the Victory system, but you could add skills, like: Trapfinding (might cancel traps in the dungeon, cancels the effect of the trap (normally a % like that of a monster)

    You could, if you're not too attached to the victory system, make the dungeons a series of encounters (like in the early FF, that is, 1-9) then make them fight these encounters, with things like traps or similar being part of the encounter
    >> Anonymous 10/01/09(Thu)19:02 No.6092451
    For my money, /tg/ does far too much gamism and not enough simulationism.

    But fuck GNS, because it's just a system designed to shit on anything not N.
    >> Anonymous 10/01/09(Thu)19:03 No.6092458

    I think your stats are down, alough you could add substats for each major stat.

    Victory = fighting skill, magic skill, other circumstances (terrain, etc). All three add up to the main victory percentage, or add bonuses to the base percentage.
    Character equipment gives bonuses to victory, +5 sword/shield gives +5% vic or something.

    As characters level up, they get access to feats. Bonuses to vic, syn, end and hp etc. chances to find additional items after adventure. You get the idea.

    Equiptment/artifacts have effects attached to them. Much like feats only you have to equip weapon/armor or have artifact in possession.

    I know im just reeling off generic game ideas but this is the kind of stuff that will work.
    >> Anonymous 10/01/09(Thu)19:04 No.6092469
    Darkstalkers: tactics would be so cool...
    >> Anonymous 10/01/09(Thu)19:06 No.6092496
    Anything that encourages morrigan porn would be cool.
    >> Anonymous 10/01/09(Thu)19:12 No.6092565
    Okay OP, looking at that sup/tg/ thread ive noticed the time between that and this post is 9 (10 if you're a dick). My question is, how much have you done so far? Are all of your ideas in a .txt file somewhere or do you have a basic program running etc. Do you have any programming skills?

    I ask because i want to know if i should actually bother following this thread. I dont want to get really interested if its only going to die because people cant be arsed to make it happen. I dont want to be dissapointed, so if you're seriously trying to make this please do tell, otherwise tell us its only ideas in a .txt file.
    >> Anonymous 10/01/09(Thu)19:13 No.6092577
    as if Morrigan porn wasn't a self-sustaining entity already.
    >> Anonymous 10/01/09(Thu)19:13 No.6092585
    9 days, lol.
    >> Anonymous 10/01/09(Thu)19:14 No.6092596
    >> Anonymous 10/01/09(Thu)19:21 No.6092662
    Oooh, trapfinding, I like that.
    Trapfinding for trap evasion
    Sneaking for monster evasion
    Hmm, what else.

    And I really want to do a game thats less about FIGHT MAGIC ITEM RUN and more "Can I organize and customize well?", so people choosing movement and action commands isn't what I want.

    Like Perks from the first Fallouts (Yes, they are functionally feats, but also different effects) Hmmm. I like that. Not sure I follow on the stat breakdown though. Could you explain that more?

    There's enough porn for Darkstalkers that would run normal men dry
    >> TheDeathMerchant !!SBmK2dAqOW0 10/01/09(Thu)19:22 No.6092666
    hey OP, someone already did this...


    PS - that picture is really bitchin. I'd play a darkstalkers disgaea
    >> Anonymous 10/01/09(Thu)19:31 No.6092744

    Expected greatness. Received shit. Fucksake it litrally is a joke, you just watch a bar load over and over again. Thats pissed me off.
    >> Anonymous 10/01/09(Thu)19:31 No.6092745

    Yeah, if you just want to sit there and watch meters fill because you're a huge fucking faggot, try going back to /v/. Here in /tg/, we play games that don't sound like WORK
    >> TheDeathMerchant !!SBmK2dAqOW0 10/01/09(Thu)19:36 No.6092775
    >Here in /tg/, we play games that don't sound like WORK

    with the more vocal parts of /tg/ always looking for better ways to munchkin or having a preference for rules-heavy, bureaucratic clusterfuck systems for the sake of "simulationism", I'd say /tg/ prefers games that are WORK.

    That aside, didja see some of the stuff your guy does?

    placate the girl scouts?

    slay porn elementals?

    some of it is comedy gold.
    >> Anonymous 10/01/09(Thu)19:39 No.6092797
    You sound like you fucking love the OP, tripfag, you just want to watch a progress bar fill while you try and read what its saying.
    >> TheDeathMerchant !!SBmK2dAqOW0 10/01/09(Thu)19:41 No.6092812
    you have no sense of humor.

    that's why noone likes you.
    >> Anonymous 10/01/09(Thu)19:41 No.6092816

    > we play games that don't sound like WORK

    Have you ever read an explanation of dorf fort by fa/tg/uys? It sounds like an elaborate babysitting spreadsheet program. I love DF, but it still ~sounds~ ridiculous if you try to give the 5-cent explanation.
    >> TheDeathMerchant !!SBmK2dAqOW0 10/01/09(Thu)19:45 No.6092836
    >Have you ever read an explanation of dorf fort by fa/tg/uys? It sounds like an elaborate babysitting spreadsheet program.

    that is the precise reason why I've never played DF. People's explanations of it unnerve me.
    >> Anonymous 10/01/09(Thu)19:47 No.6092854

    Once you get past the initial learning curve, its pretty fun. Then it actually becomes fun learning what yours dorfs CANT do.
    >> Anonymous 10/01/09(Thu)19:49 No.6092865
    We're gamers, not the marketing department.
    Play the fucking game, it's good.
    >> Anonymous 10/01/09(Thu)20:23 No.6093105
    Oh shit, never saw this post. I'll tell you honestly. I've got a life. I don't know if this will come together. But I've got the drive to at least push it.

    I'll check out FFCC.
    >> Anonymous 10/01/09(Thu)20:26 No.6093134
    The Explanation menaces with spikes of Industry.
    >> Anonymous 10/01/09(Thu)21:16 No.6093726
         File1254446205.jpg-(311 KB, 950x1294, 1220999013086.jpg)
    311 KB

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