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  • File : 1254193110.jpg-(313 KB, 1002x1304, AK_cryo_bay01.jpg)
    313 KB Anonymous 09/28/09(Mon)22:58 No.6054751  
    What would happen if the Imperium discovered a human cryo ship from the Dark Age of Technology?
    >> Anonymous 09/28/09(Mon)22:59 No.6054766
    They would either purge it, or get the people from inside, destroy the ship, and re-educate them.
    >> Anonymous 09/28/09(Mon)23:00 No.6054773
    I'm guessing they'd be woken up and tortured to death for heresy.
    >> Anonymous 09/28/09(Mon)23:07 No.6054850
    Depends who finds it. If anyone but the tech-priests find it:

    But if the tech-priests find, bricks will be shat.
    "Something on the scope...What is that? Its not of xeno design..."
    "Thats.....hm, could that be an archeotech ship?"
    *later, after getting on board*
    "This is clearly of human origin...this is what we have been searching for! IT HAS TO BE!"
    "This could change the face of the galaxy!"
    >> Anonymous 09/28/09(Mon)23:10 No.6054894
    This demands a fll fledged writefaggotry.
    >> Anonymous 09/28/09(Mon)23:11 No.6054906
    The AdMech would completely botch the thawing process and kill everybody in the trays.

    You know it to be true.
    >> Anonymous 09/28/09(Mon)23:12 No.6054919
    Guy who wrote >>6054850
    can try, hang on.
    >> Anonymous 09/28/09(Mon)23:14 No.6054939

    Okay, you guys want to stand back? Here goes.
    >> Anonymous 09/28/09(Mon)23:16 No.6054965
    This is probably the subject of many many wet dreams of many many Magos.
    >> Anonymous 09/28/09(Mon)23:16 No.6054968
    The Guard needs to take control of the imperium.

    They seem to be the only competent ones.

    Imagine, Gaunt's Ghosts as the leader's of the imperium.
    >> Anonymous 09/28/09(Mon)23:23 No.6055052
    /tg/ ate my write fagin, god damn.

    Sorry, newiest of the new fags here, i'll try again.
    >> Anonymous 09/28/09(Mon)23:29 No.6055114
    How? What was it doing this entire time? The galaxy is a big place, sure, but its also a nasty one. a floating ship, even in realspace, would be prey to all sorts of things. vaccum-dwelling things like Umbra, passing tyranid scout ship-organisms, that sort of thing. I wouldnt put it past the eldar to blow it up, just for the sake of dickery.

    Besides, wouldnt the innumerable AIs on board have long ago turned evil, gone insane, or both, and killed everyone before blowing up the ship?
    >> Anonymous 09/28/09(Mon)23:33 No.6055157
    The operation was a fairly standard one, as standard as any operation can get when you get sent through the warp. But, thanks to the blessings of the Omnissiah , the trip was without incident.

    I was on the ship's bridge when we dropped out of the warp, the entire craft shuddering once as we entered realspace once again. The ship's sensors began to sweep the star formations, the solar body that the system orbited around, the planetary bodies that made up the system itself, the various indicatiors and instruments going green across the board, except for one abnormallity. The servitor apointed to that particular machine declared: "Unknown Spacecraft detected, Design/Designation/Function/Creed/Faction also unknown"
    >> Anonymous 09/28/09(Mon)23:41 No.6055248
    The ship's captain gave a netural grunt and motioned me over. As the highest ranking Admech member aboard the vessel, I was the go-to man for anything that might be a technical issue, as loath as I am to admit that at times I have sensed that I was being taken advantage of, but that was beside the point. The captain's personal display showed the same ship detected by the sensors, and I knew that there was nothing wrong with the viewer, so that could only mean that there was a ship that was on no imperial record, floating in orbit above this forgotten deadworld.
    >> Anonymous 09/28/09(Mon)23:48 No.6055313
    I had never bothered to learn the captain's name. My and my assistants mission was to search the galaxy for archeotech and return it to the Omnissiah's and the Imperium's service, not to make pleasantries, and to that purpose, I had attached my team to this salavage ship, the deal being that we would apply our expertise to help keep her ship's system running and not report her less dubious activities to the inquisition provided she let us take anything that would intrest the Admech. It was an uneasy relationship, but it served both our purposes regardless.
    >> Anonymous 09/28/09(Mon)23:50 No.6055331

    Always thought the one clip of music from Apollo 13 durring the docking bit would fit well with a space craft crew exploring a derilict ship.

    Music at 1:20
    >> Anonymous 09/28/09(Mon)23:56 No.6055407
    The faded green outline put up by the craft on the scope was certainly something I hadnt seen before, either in-person or in any database I had been cleared to see. "Can you bring up in the view window?" I asked her. Pressing controls on her chair, the blast shields covering the wide blast-plasti windows were drawn away, showing the dark grey/blue craft in the shadow of the deadworld's nightside, not responding at all. I turned to the servitors, "Does that ship have power? Life support of any kind? Are their engines even on?" "Yes, but in a standby state" "Yes" "No", they responded in turn, speaking in the same voice.
    >> Anonymous 09/28/09(Mon)23:57 No.6055416
    they relearn technology and stop acting like retarded faggots and the 40k universe becomes infinitely better for it
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)00:08 No.6055522
    It was at times like these that I was particularly grateful for the Omnissiah's blessings that my fellow tech-priests had replaced my eyes with. I walked across the bridge to the view windows, and after uttering the proper benitictions to the machine spirits, engaged the telescopic sight function. Feeling the mechanical components moving just behind my vision, the ship expanded within my view. I had a close up look at this curiosity. At first glance it was clear it wasnt anything that an Ork Mek had made, it didn't look like it would fall apart at any second, and it wasnt festooned with guns. It could have been the Tau, used for exploration, but its base design didn't match anything the had made in the past. The Necron's were right out of the question, since it wasnt made of the strange green and black metals that the necrons used in everything. The Eldar, prechance? They certainly would have custom made this ship just to confuse us to some twisted end of theirs. But above all else, there was one thing made the ship unlike anything they would have made. The ship simply looked too human.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)00:20 No.6055664
    My vision snapped back to normal. After taking a moment to reorientate myself, I turned back to the captain who was still looking out the window at the ship, only vaugely interested at this find. "I take it you and your cogboys want to take a looksee, yes?", I nodded, no point in stringing her along. "Well then, get your equipment to the docking bay in two hours." she motioned me toward the exit "I'll make a profit this day yet" I heard her chuckle as I walked out. My dislike for the woman making the machinery rooted to my person twitch as I made my way to my quarters, but I focused my mind toward the work of the Omnissiah, this was the first concrete lead, not just ideal rumors leading up to nothing.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)00:24 No.6055707
    Just posting to say that I am enjoying this writefaggotry.

    Carry on.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)00:25 No.6055720

    Yep, pretty cool man, keep it up.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)00:34 No.6055834
    Within the two hour dead line, and it certainly was a deadline, that woman would have either left without us had we not arrived on time, myself and one of my assitants, along with a single servitor walked out onto the docking bay, towards the shuttle being prepped for boarding. I cringed internally when I saw who was to lead out sojurn, a large brute of a man, from a feudal world I had theorized, who was superstitous of anyone like me, who had chosen the strength of steel and circuits, the strength of the machine spirits, over the weakness of the flesh. He had a large autogun in hand, which he gripped all the tighted when he saw me approach. "So, come to poke and prod your metal ghosts have you, metal man?" he spoke, in his near brainless voice. No, I thought to myself, not from a feudal world, half oygrin instead, he must be. Yet I said nothing, as we took our respective places on the shutte. The atmosphere was drawn away from bay, leaving us in a vacuum. Then the shielded doors opened and our craft shot off towards the ship.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)00:46 No.6055992
    It was a smooth journey, Richardson, the initiate I had brought with me had spent some of his free time working on the shuttles, singing benedictions and praising their machine spirts as he swapped out old and rusting components for new ones. While he had not yet had any augmentation done, he was on track to being a devout servant of the Omnissiah, and a competent tech-priest in his own right, many of my assistants were. Not that I told them this of course. As the shuttle neared the ship, a mechanized voice spoke out of the vox. It wasnt in Low Gothic, High Gothic, the language of the machine spirits, nor any other language I had heard before. The brute bellowed, calling the voice a coward, demanding that it show itself. It was then when I noticed the pilot's expression, that blank surprised look with nervousness creeping in. Something was wrong.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)00:48 No.6056016
    They'd shit themselves.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)00:51 No.6056051
    >half oygrin

    Hate to think of how that happened...
    >> Subprocessor 616 09/29/09(Tue)00:57 No.6056114
         File1254200232.jpg-(24 KB, 640x360, Kyon.jpg)
    24 KB
    rolled 5, 1, 1 = 7

    I am reading this in his voice.

    Carry on, talented anon.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)00:57 No.6056115
    I'm sure we've had a pic of something like that happening posted on /tg/ before.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)00:58 No.6056130
    Trying to prevent mass panic I made my way up to the pilot, and very quietly asked him what was wrong. "Its the controls! I-I-I nothing I do works!" He was starting to tug and jerk at the stick, flick switches and push buttons randomly. I tightly gripped his shoulder and shook hard, once. "Thats why I'M here" I told him, already leaning in, reaching into my robe's hood to pull out of my connection cables. I had a cable that would work with the plug that was in control computer, I would speak with the machine spirits directly on this matter. I plugged myself and felt myself drawn away. Once the connection was established I felt overwhelmed with information. Near as I could tell, the controls were on auto pilot, from a signal from the strange ship itself. Yet this was not an invasive process, it was very ordered, not random and chaotic like machines infected by viruses designed by Heri-teks felt like.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)01:00 No.6056144
    yeah, it seemed deja-vu when i posted that
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)01:07 No.6056221
    post. more. please.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)01:11 No.6056269
    noooo you stopped
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)01:15 No.6056305
    After telling the pilot to remain calm and let the craft fly itself, I walked back to my seat. Richardson looked up at me, giving me a questioning look. I leaned down towards him and softly said "Theres something here, there has to be". The initiate did his best to keep a blank face, but I had traveled with him for too long, and I knew that he was trying his best to conceal great excitement. Typically, I would chastise him for being to emotional in the Omnissiah's service, but I felt it too. That excitement of discovery, that sense of the unknown, that had lead me to volunteer for this mission, that had lead me to join the Admech to begin with. The shuttle neared the ship, I had underestimated the scale of it on the bridge, it was bigger than I thought. Shuttle doors seemingly appeared where it looked there were none, gaps appearing in the smooth metal to open up and let the shuttle fly in. At first, it was complete darkness, as the ship landed gently, then the doors closed behind us. The lights turned on, one set at a time, showing an empty hanger, and then air was vented back in. The mechanical voice gently spoke again, in that same language. The brute simply laughed, hefted his autogun, and stomped out, followed by his men. I walked out into the hanged and breathed air that, while possibly far older and more recycled than the air back on the salvage ship, still breathed clean and sweet. We stuck in a tight formation as we began to search, unsure of what would happen next.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)01:16 No.6056317

    Kind of like Forrest Gump, actually. His father was involved in all the great battles and events of the last generation (he even met the Emperor. Twice!) but the simple dope just wanted the love of the girl-next-hive-world-habitation-hole.
    >> SO GOD DAMN TIRED. Writefag 09/29/09(Tue)01:18 No.6056343
    bad news guys, I gotta go, not only do I have classes in the morning, my writing quality goes WAY the fuck down once im tired. I know its a dick move to stop on a cliff hanger, but if this is still here in the morning, I add to it a little more so maybe I can finish it completely tomorrow.

    Also: soundtrack http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AwI1WGP1UCo
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)01:20 No.6056373

    "Excitement of discovery"? That's dangerous thinking. He's gonna get Inquisition'd so hard...

    I don't care who he works for.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)01:20 No.6056377
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)01:23 No.6056404
    archive it, then make him post part two?
    >> David D. Anderson 09/29/09(Tue)01:27 No.6056452
    better yet just get him to post the whole thing tomorrow
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)01:28 No.6056463
    I hope you saved this somewhere. There's no guarantee this thread will live.

    I'm much too lazy to do it myself, but I think it would be fun for the rest of us to try to finish the story, and then find out tomorrow if we were right.

    My guess? Everything gets burned.
    My hope? Recognizing his potential corruption, but not willing to simply obliterate the vessel, the AdMech makes sure the engines are disabled and asks to be let alone on the ship, where he experiences tech bliss until his bod shuts down.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)01:58 No.6056779
    OP here, I actually have a fair few "what if's" I've been thinking about. Might post them for a laugh later.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)04:49 No.6058552
    Bumping to help it live.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)04:57 No.6058598
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)04:58 No.6058601

    They would get shredded by the automated defenses.
    >> God-Emperor of Mankind 09/29/09(Tue)05:26 No.6058743
    this whole thing just gave me a random idea I shall do my late night writefagging.

    Warp Travel is very unstable. More often than we'd like we lose ships in out, and round warp travel. Some times the hit something and fuse together becoming space hulks, or come out at the wrong area. Hell even heard of an Ork ship that went back in time. But This story isn't about that, no this one is about mistaken identity that caused this catastrophe.
    >> God-Emperor of Mankind 09/29/09(Tue)05:29 No.6058757
    The Battle ship " Emperors Beneficence" was traveling to the dessert world Goben II where supposedly a chaos cult practically consumed the planet and had to be destroyed. Their orders were simple, Exterminatus, or Damnation. The Ship entered the warp, but it was a very turbulent jump, and a very unpleasant travel. For six weeks the crew was troubled with nighmares, and warp sickness. Maybe what caused the lapse in judgment.
    As the "Emperor's Beneficence" exited the warp they found what they thought was Goben II
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)05:33 No.6058772

    Mmm, planet covered in fudge and marshmallows, dominated by chaos.
    >> God-Emperor of Mankind 09/29/09(Tue)05:37 No.6058795
    The Planet indeed was strange to them all. Immediately the ship was bombarded with unknown signals and transmissions very foreign and unknown languages. Not only that but the Adeptus Mechanicus couldn't help but notice all the strange technosorcery around the planet, all in good condition and no signs of great age. Despite the Ad mechs pleas, orders were orders. The Captain went ahead with his mission. Setting the Atmosphere on fire and killing the entire population. Afterwards the order was to destroy all the technosorcory, down to the smallest beacon in the system.

    The Captain ordered a moment of silence. It was grim work, but necessary. After all was done, we began to jump back into the warp, thats when we picked up a strange ship jumping out of the warp, and only one simple transmition before we dissapeared into the warp

    "Kharrak is burning"
    >> God-Emperor of Mankind 09/29/09(Tue)05:40 No.6058817
    late night writefaggotry, sometimes your mind types what it wants, not what you say
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)05:42 No.6058823


    delicious, delicious heresy
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)05:42 No.6058827
    Make sure to repost the first part as well.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)05:42 No.6058828
    Continue story.
    >> God-Emperor of Mankind 09/29/09(Tue)05:43 No.6058831
    That was it...
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)05:43 No.6058839
    >> God-Emperor of Mankind 09/29/09(Tue)05:44 No.6058845
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)05:44 No.6058850
    You are worst god emperor ever.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)05:44 No.6058851
    Well played, Emprah.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)05:45 No.6058853
         File1254217525.jpg-(71 KB, 357x500, 200301427_22f23fd3e4.jpg)
    71 KB
    >> God-Emperor of Mankind 09/29/09(Tue)05:45 No.6058854
    I never proclaimed to be a GOOD writefag now did I?
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)05:46 No.6058858
    I called you bad emprah, I actually I salute your writefaggotry, but there is too little of it.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)05:46 No.6058861
    I laughed too much at that.

    I think the grim darkness of the 41st millenium is getting to me, but the idea of taking all the time to work out how to revive them and then nurse them back to health just so you can have them killed as heretics is funny to me.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)05:47 No.6058863
    What ever happened to all the robots they fought during the dark ages? they can't be completely wiped out
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)05:47 No.6058867
    No, evidently you are EVIL.
    >> God-Emperor of Mankind 09/29/09(Tue)05:47 No.6058868
    you haven't read "The Greater Good"?
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)05:47 No.6058869
    Terribly sorry, I dont quite get it.
    What, perchance, is Kharrak?
    >> God-Emperor of Mankind 09/29/09(Tue)05:48 No.6058876
    >> God-Emperor of Mankind 09/29/09(Tue)05:49 No.6058882
    Also I DARE you not to cry
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)05:50 No.6058885
    >> God-Emperor of Mankind 09/29/09(Tue)05:52 No.6058899
         File1254217974.jpg-(212 KB, 1800x1200, 1250972234491.jpg)
    212 KB
    I know its late but Happy 10th birthday Homeworld!
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)05:54 No.6058904
    Oh lawl.
    That's fucking brilliant
    Score for the Imperium!
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)05:57 No.6058916
    they stuck on some bio-bits and quietly joined the AdMech
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)05:57 No.6058918

    I vaguely recall reading a short story about a vault on a space hulk with some AI on it that some Marines opened, than promptly sealed again.


    the Warp could've grabbed it.

    or it popped out of the Hadex.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)05:58 No.6058920
    > What is Kharrak?

    ....... there are no words. Only rage. And fists. Angry Fists.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)05:59 No.6058926
    I never did, the piece used is completely different from the rest of the soundtrack and doesn't stand out in a good way. It just creates a dissonance that makes you notice it more than the actual scene.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)05:59 No.6058927
    > What is Kharrak?
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)06:01 No.6058935
         File1254218462.jpg-(822 KB, 1280x960, Adagio_for_Kharak_by_Zeichnete.jpg)
    822 KB
    >> God-Emperor of Mankind 09/29/09(Tue)06:01 No.6058938
         File1254218490.jpg-(182 KB, 827x1169, Kharack.jpg)
    182 KB
    Angry and punches untill our armes warped from the heat.

    He knew not to expect mercy from us...
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)06:01 No.6058940
    You're now hearing the choral arrangement of Adagio for Strings....

    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)06:03 No.6058947
    We'll never forget Kharak. Never.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)06:03 No.6058949
    I don't know why the presence of the MBF in the middle panel makes me so angry, except that we didn't have any yet.
    >> God-Emperor of Mankind 09/29/09(Tue)06:03 No.6058950
    no game has ever grabbed me so emotionally and never let me go...

    seriously describe Homeworlds story without the words
    Space Opera
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)06:04 No.6058953
    Well no, I'd just put it on, manually.

    Also, related;
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)06:04 No.6058954
    But it's one that you simply can't explain to people. They either get it, or they don't.
    >> God-Emperor of Mankind 09/29/09(Tue)06:06 No.6058960
    Homeworld is the FIRST Land Before time.. in SPAAACE

    Lost Mother in the cold barren and vast emptiness in pursiut of paradise.

    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)06:08 No.6058972
    Oh, my mistake. Downloading it again it seems they don't sing that anymore, it's changed to something else.

    Still an interesting game, but not related, I have failed you /tg/.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)06:13 No.6058995
    Thinking about what happened when Horus meet a human civilization what preserved some level similar to the Dark Age of William Gibson in "Horus Rising" the AdMech or any non Astartes faction trying to expropriate the ship will suffer a lot of pain. Is like when in one of the Horus Heresy novels a character reminds a war against something called the Archandroid, an enemy so powerful was necessary the use of all the legions of annihilate it.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)06:16 No.6059016
    >dessert world
    >consumed the planet

    I see what you did there.
    >> God-Emperor of Mankind 09/29/09(Tue)06:22 No.6059044
    oh wow I'm fucking BRILLIANT and didn't even notice
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)06:24 No.6059067
    Oh my god unintentional win.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)06:36 No.6059135
         File1254220580.jpg-(170 KB, 800x1132, HWcomic_M07.jpg)
    170 KB
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)06:37 No.6059142
    lol wut?
    Swarmers are bitches. I lost 4 Attack Bombers in all six waves, and that was my fault for launching them before I needed them for the Needleship.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)07:07 No.6059286
    1. destroy fuel pods
    2. ???
    3. VICTORY!
    >> Brain Recharged I'M BACK 09/29/09(Tue)07:09 No.6059299
    As to where to go next, there was a door, up a small flight of stairs at the far end of the hanger, failing to see where else to go, we went there. It was dead silent, our foot steps echoing in the wide expanse of the room. Richardson stuck close to me, eyes wide as he looked about. The rest of the men also looked about, but it wasnt with his sense of wonder. Weaponry was trained in every direction. The brute had brought about 10 other men with him, they carried everything from autoguns, like him, to las rifles. I also had come armed, having brought a small, heavy Las-pistol. I wasnt naive, I couldnt do the Omnissiah's work if I was dead.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)07:14 No.6059323
    1. Guard defensive cordon of frigates with strike craft
    2. Annihilate every single swarmer in seconds
    3. Salvage the fuel pods still drifting towards your mothership
    4. ????
    5. Retire them
    6. PROFIT!
    >> I'M BACK 09/29/09(Tue)07:22 No.6059357
    Yet, there seemed to be no evidence of anything hostile. I was amazed, I had first dreaded the possibility of this being a chaos space hulk, or maybe being infested by gene-stealers. The door slid open as we neared it, the lights in the smaller room beyond lighting up in turn as they had in the hanger. While the design and architecture werent of any human organization that was functioning today, it was none the less of undeniably human make and model. There was a large circular desk in the center of the room, ringed with what appeared to be personal computers. I reached out gently towards them, even the materials that made up the ship seemed to far advanced, not showing any sign of wear or age. Just before I touched one, all of the screens on them turned on.
    >> Emperor of Man 09/29/09(Tue)07:24 No.6059368
         File1254223492.jpg-(40 KB, 203x229, 1214971991189.jpg)
    40 KB
    I command you to continue
    >> ARUAURARAARGRRGHGHGHHHH Now I have to leave again. 09/29/09(Tue)07:26 No.6059372
    So, that was just to bump the thread and keep it alive so I can finish the story after class.Where last nights cliff hanger was a dick move because the thread might have died and the story gone unfinished, its fine now because I'll know it'll still be here in a few hours Also: People are liking this? Cool.
    >> How will I be able to concentrate in class now 09/29/09(Tue)07:27 No.6059381
    >> Emperor of Man 09/29/09(Tue)07:34 No.6059417
         File1254224097.jpg-(100 KB, 581x631, 1150308600712.jpg)
    100 KB

    You dare refuse my command
    >> Emperor of Man 09/29/09(Tue)07:43 No.6059463
         File1254224619.jpg-(87 KB, 400x889, WH40K - 1141251724873.jpg)
    87 KB

    Now GTFO back in here and finish this shit
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)07:57 No.6059549
    i won't like it if there's no "I'M FREAKING OUT, MAN"
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)08:06 No.6059619
    From memory, that was Horus destroying the civilization because he was corrupted to Chaos by that point, even if he thought he was doing it for the good of humanity. Same as that other one with the alien buddy-race and the robot-horses. They were getting on amazingly, bar the lost civilization trying to see if the marines were tainted by chaos, until the chaos-tainted word bearer stole a daemon-weapon and they ended up in a war of misunderstanding.

    Back in the horus heresy though, they were willing to sit and talk with human civilizations, bring in new technology and tell xenos to sod off instead of going all pew pew at first sight.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)08:08 No.6059637
    Thats cause things werent total shit when Emps was in charge. Fucker actually knew what he was doing.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)08:51 No.6059960
    The Emprah wanted to get rid of superstition so the Chaos wouldn't get any more powerfull.

    The aliens didn't knew that, and didn't want to stop their heretic ways.
    >> IN THE SADDLE AGAAAAAIIINN Back 09/29/09(Tue)11:03 No.6060876
    will resume writing, no stops now.

    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)11:05 No.6060893
    You can do it!
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)11:12 No.6060935
    I froze. So did everyone else. I turned to the servitor, "Whats going on, can you detect anything?", its head swiveled stiffly and mechanically towards me. "The ships power systems are coming back online. The power source is of an unknown Imperial/heretical/xeno design, the main spike of energy is directed to this room." I turned back to the circle of computers in the center of the room, their screens glowing with a pale blue light. Suddenly, the mechanical voice that spoke on the shuttle boomed out, seeming to come from everywhere at once. Its strange language unknown to us, I could only ask what it wanted, while the brute shouted commands to his men. Suddenly, the voice changed. "-ARIATION OF LATIN, TRANSLATION COMPLETE."
    >> plaguemarine !1nhvsU2lj6 09/29/09(Tue)11:13 No.6060940
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)11:16 No.6060962


    And get a tripcode to distinguish yourself.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)11:22 No.6060997

    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)11:24 No.6061015
    "INQUIRY: W-W-WHY HAVE YOU COME HERRRRRRRE?" The machine spoke to us, in the sad broken voice of a woman, the computer screens pulsing with each word. I stepped forward, the brute letting me serve the purpose I was brought here for. "Who, uh, who are you?" I asked, hesitantly, immediately regretting it. My first contact with such an advanced machine spirit and all I could manage was 'hello?'. "ANSWER: I AM STANDARD-STAND-STANDARDIZZZZED CYRO COLONY SHIP AI, DESIGNATION "ALLISON". INQUIRY REPETITION: WHY ARE YOU HERE?" the voice boomed, demanding in its dead pan electronic voice. I thought quickly, such an advanced ship would surely have automated defenses, I had to act quickly. "I, We mean you no harm, 'Allison', I come to you as a servant of the Omnissiah". There was a moment of pause, and the soft sound of clicking from within the computers. "CROSS REFERENCING FILES SHOW NO NO NO NO NO RECORD OF EARTH CORPORATION "OMNISSIAH". I suddenly felt very stupid.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)11:27 No.6061025

    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)11:34 No.6061077
    "REPEATING REPETITION OF INQUIRY: WHY. HAVE. YOU. HERE? DO NOT MAKE ME ASK AGGGGGGAAAIIIIINNNN" The voice demanded, the distortions in its voice getting worse as it seemed to get angry. No choice but get on with it. "Great machine spirit! We have come seeking knowledge!" I bow forward, my training as a tech-priest leaving me woefully unprepared for this, I looked to my sides as I kept my face to the floor. To my left Richardson wasnt just bowing, also quietly utter praises to the Omnissiah. To my right, the men who came on the ship with us seemed nervous, and they should be. The brute however, seemed to slowly be getting more and more furious. Let him, there are more important matters to attend too.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)11:38 No.6061104

    Oh dear, inb4 Shodan.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)11:39 No.6061109

    Well you see, when a unit of Ogryn captures a female cultist and needs some form of relaxation...
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)11:43 No.6061141
    The machine went quiet. I took the opportunity and spoke again. "You said that you are a colony ship, yes? M-" "YES. I AM A 'BUZZ ALDRIN CLASS CYRO COLONY SHIP". I was surprised by the interruption, but did my best to not show it, I didnt know if this machine spirit could see us. Seeing an opportunity to continue, I did so "...My order has searched the stars for lost information and technology to benefit mankind, and I believe you can help us". More quiet, more of that soft clicking from within. "LOST TECHNOLOGY?" The voice asked, its tone of voice difficult to understand given its volume. "WHAT DO Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-YOU MEAN LOST? HOW LONG HAVE I BEEN SEP-SEP-SEP-SEPERATED FROM THE NETWORK? WHAT YEAR IS IT?"
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)11:44 No.6061144
         File1254239040.jpg-(33 KB, 598x448, 1253037604302.jpg)
    33 KB
    brb guise i gotta poop
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)11:45 No.6061151
    He'd best use Imperial Dating...
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)11:50 No.6061184

    "Heresy-free young Cadian looking for mate to fight Xenos with, enjoys long walks on the beach, poetry and praising the Emperor." ?
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)11:50 No.6061186
    But what if said person does, will teh compootoh recognize it?
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)11:51 No.6061194
    It almost seemed afraid. "It is the 41st millennium" I answered it, unsure of what it would do. It went quiet again, the lights dimming, the computer screens fading, nearly leaving us in darkness again. Suddenly, the voice boomed out, the lights brightening to nearly blinding levels, the computer screens flashing. "NO. THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE. THE NETWORK COULD NOT HAVE TAKEN SO LONG TO HAVE BEEN RESTORED. WE ARE VITAL. HUMANITY NEEDS US." I covered my ears, regretting that I did not replace them so they could simply be muted. "WHY DO YOU WANT TO BETRAY THEM?" The voice asked no one in particular. Even the brute had been driven nearly to his knees by the noise. Wait, what was that last part?
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)11:51 No.6061197
    Well, no.
    But that's almost certainly what HE understands. It may not occur to him to translate it into primitive religiously-based calendars.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)11:51 No.6061199
    at first I was like ?

    then I lol'd
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)11:53 No.6061205
    "What do you mean, 'We already have five million ads that say exactly that?'...alright, fine, take out the "heresy-free" if it'll be cheaper....hang on, I hear a knock..."
    >> plaguemarine !1nhvsU2lj6 09/29/09(Tue)11:55 No.6061214
    I swear to god if Hustler One appears as one of the names of another AI in this writeawesomtry I will jizz myself
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)11:55 No.6061217
    > Old. I already read this on http://www.anantalk.com/ (anan = anon) last night.
    I know who you are. I saw you in school. :)
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)11:57 No.6061235

    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)11:59 No.6061252
    Time to take a risk. "Allison, you said you are a colony ship, yes? Where are your passengers". There was a long pause. "DEAD, ALL DEAD", the voice seemed ashamed, the lights dimmed again, the machine spirit seemed to be drawing within itself again. The brute spoke. "So! You ADMIT to killing them!". The fool! This was an invaluable opportunity, and he was risking everything! "NO! I WOULD NEVER! IT GOES AGAINST ALL MY PROGRAMMING! ALL WHO I AM WHO I AM WHO I AM WHO I AM WHO I AM!" "I interjected before the brute could speak again. "Then what happened?" I asked, trying to regain control of the situation, trying to call the machine spirit down.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)12:00 No.6061258
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)12:00 No.6061259
         File1254240010.jpg-(487 KB, 750x1000, 0f8ac853f11f53ca512b29b5da7cb3(...).jpg)
    487 KB
    >> plaguemarine !1nhvsU2lj6 09/29/09(Tue)12:01 No.6061269
    This topic is going to make the Emperor jizz himself
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)12:01 No.6061272

    now I want to rename all of the ships in my Spess Muhreen MarySueChapter's fleet Hustler One, Hustler Two, Hustler Three, etc.
    >> Commissar Carnifex 09/29/09(Tue)12:03 No.6061290
    This is a good time to have the dumbass killed.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)12:04 No.6061299
    I'm not sure if this is how techpriests understand machine spirits to work. Aren't AI commonly known to be heresy?
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)12:06 No.6061313

    I think AI of this level have been out of the picture long enough that they'd be unable to recognize them as such.
    >> Thou Dog 09/29/09(Tue)12:07 No.6061320
    To Imperials, yes. I think the cult of the Omnissiah regards them merely as dangerous and unpredictable, yet they are pure in a way: beings of information, mind without flesh.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)12:09 No.6061334
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)12:10 No.6061339
    Also the easiest way to explain this for a 41st millenium man would be that there's a brain hard-wired somewhere.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)12:12 No.6061357
         File1254240767.jpg-(31 KB, 484x403, apple.jpg)
    31 KB

    ...and then the A.I. revealed a hologram avatar of itself.

    pic related.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)12:17 No.6061387
    I looked back, the brute simply scoffed, and his men gripped their weapons and looked about, expecting killer machines to come out at any moment. I turned back to the circle of computers, this would take a great deal of charisma, something I unfortunately lacked. "Allison" I said, unsure as to how to actually begin. "You clearly regret this, yes?" "OF COURSE, SUCH A FAILURE ON MY PART GOES AGAINST EVERYTHING I WAS MADE FOR. I WAS MEANT TO SAFE GUARD MY CARGO TO THEIR NEW HOME. THEY WERE ALL KILLED. THE MISSION IS A TOTAL FAILURE. I AM A TOTAL FAILURE." Ok, now for the big question. "Allison, mankind needs help, YOUR help, you hold all the information and schematics a starting colony would need, yes? So much has been lost Allison, but you can help us bring it back, you can save lives, Allison."
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)12:18 No.6061394

    Save lives, Allison from Palmdale.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)12:21 No.6061410

    Brute frags the computer, Mechanicus shit microchips

    Alternatively a SoB runs in from nowhere and puts a melta to it.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)12:23 No.6061427
    >I'm not sure if this is how techpriests understand machine spirits to work.

    Techpriests understand literally nothing.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)12:24 No.6061429

    No, no, no, not microchips

    Mechanicus Techpriests shit VHS tapes
    >> Commissar Carnifex 09/29/09(Tue)12:25 No.6061440

    VHS tapes? Isn't that a little advanced for the AdMech?

    I figured they'd shit vacuum tubes.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)12:25 No.6061444
    I think you meant to say, "Nothing they understand is correct."
    >> plaguemarine !1nhvsU2lj6 09/29/09(Tue)12:27 No.6061449
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)12:28 No.6061455

    8 track tapes?
    >> Doomguy !oWbpNIMs9M 09/29/09(Tue)12:29 No.6061465
    Probably records or just phonographs.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)12:29 No.6061468

    ...That'd be some pretty awesome shit then.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)12:30 No.6061472
    This was it. Moment of truth. "...YES. I CAN REDEEM MYSELF FROM MY FAILURE THIS WAY. I SHALL GIVE YOU COPIES OF THE STANDARDIZED CONSTRUCTION TEMPLATES THAT WERE ASSIGNED TO THE COLONY. THEY WERE THANKFULLY UNAFFECTED BY THE SYSTEMS FAILURE." I felt the bottom drop out of my stomach. STCs. The true goal of Mars, the first real steps to restore mankind. And not just fragments, true copies! I could barely contain my excitement from showing on my face. There was the same soft clicking from before, then a small retangular piece of what looked like plastic and metal popped out of one of the slots on the computer, it fit in the palm of my hand. I took it, and handed it over to Richardson. "THAT CONTAINS ALL THE DATA I WAS ASSIGNED. PLEASE, HELP ME ATONE FOR MY FAILURE."
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)12:30 No.6061475
    I don't know if I understand your understanding, so you can have total understanding of something and be completely wrong? I don't understand.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)12:34 No.6061492
    You can understand a specific process of how something works, but it doesn't actually use that process.

    Notably, in this instance, whether or not techpriests actually know how a machine spirit works is irrelevant. The question was how they THOUGHT it would work, as how they think things work determines their responses to them.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)12:36 No.6061507


    You wanted an STC mankind ending? This is what you got.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)12:36 No.6061509
    Well, machine spirits don't exist, but they think they do.

    It'd be sort of like a Christian who encountered a daemon. Angels don't actually exist, but daemons do, and one that looked and acted like an angel would probably be received like one.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)12:36 No.6061510
    The brute laughed. "Foolish machine, the metal man cant help you, only the EMPEROR can!". There was another more, more clicks. "CROSS REFERENCING DOESN'T SHOW ANY RECORD OF "EMPEROR", HAS THE EARTH/COLONY SENATE BE REPLACED?" There was no pause. The brute roared, furious. "You DO NOT KNOW of the Emperor?! Then you can be only one thing! A HERETIC!" He aimed his autogun at the circle of computers. "And you will find out what we do to heretics!". "WHAT? I DO NOT UNDERSTAND." I tried to get in front of him. "No! You know not what you do! STOP!"
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)12:37 No.6061513
    more like punched tapes
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)12:37 No.6061517
    >I took it, and handed it over to Richardson.

    Wow, I wouldn't trust that to fucking anyone on that ship, even my underlings.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)12:38 No.6061519
    more like copies of Windows Vista
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)12:40 No.6061530
         File1254242409.png-(3 KB, 208x208, 2251914351261.png)
    3 KB
    >Techpriest relinquishes personal control of an UNBELIEVABLY SACRED RELIC to a fucking GUARDSMAN. NOT EVEN ANOTHER TECHPRIEST - A FUCKING MEAT THING WITH A GUN.
    You just went completely off the fucking rails. All hope is lost.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)12:40 No.6061532
    Sometimes you gotta, because in the grim dark future, if you find anything good, that means you are about to die a horrific grisly death.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)12:42 No.6061542
    No, sorry, straight up retarded.
    Salamanders Chapter Master has just asked a Guardsman to "hold Vulkan's gun a sec".
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)12:43 No.6061547
    Indeed, but also in the grim darkness of the far future, anything bad that happens to people next to you is about to happen to you anyway, as we're about to witness.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)12:45 No.6061560
    Good thing I'm just reading for entertainment, not because I'm a devout 40k enthusiast.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)12:46 No.6061568
    "PLEASE, NO HOSTILE ACTION IN THE ADMI-" The autogun roared, the reports echoing off the walls. Shards of plastic and metal flew from the remains of the computer circle, sparks flying everywhere. "-SSTTTTTTRrrrraaaaattioooooooooonnn..." the voice quieted, the lights dimmed, the computer screens light died. I had never felt such anger. I knew exactly what to do. I looked to Richardson, he looked back at me. I pointed back towards the entrance to the hanger. He ran, with his precious package. The pilot was still in the shuttle, Richardson could fly it thanks to the time he spent with it. All he had to say that there were ironmen, or chaos cultists, or gene-stealers aboard, and the captain would blow it away. Then, he had to get that package to Mars. I believed in him, I believed in all of my initiates, otherwise I wouldn't have brought them.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)12:46 No.6061580

    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)12:47 No.6061585
    Richardson is a tech-priest initiate, and devout towards the Omnissiah. He is not the brute thing with no name.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)12:48 No.6061588
    It's...fucking glaring to anyone with the most basic understanding.

    Were this HBO's Rome, Brutus has just finished the assassination with a shotgun.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)12:51 No.6061621
    ̷̡͉͔̲̭͚̮͎̻͔̱̝̼̭̥̯̪̲͚ͅ ̈́͑̾̇̓̾̿ͬͬ͋͆̈ͬ́́ͫ҉̛̪̲͇̯̠͈̠̰̙̘͎͚̻̬̠ͅIͬͫͮ̈͑ͥ̾̋̒̍͛̓̍̇̋̚
    ̴̵̡̝͕͖͓͚̻͇͍̎͡͠A͋͋̑̓̈́̂̾ͧ̀͏̲̝̙͍̥̮͓̰̭͍͖͍̯͇ͅ ̶̠̖͚̯͚̂͒ͯ̓̀͘͞C̵̛͔͎͔̹͙̜͚̗̆̍ͭͩ̋͐̀̀͟͝Ţ̷͈͉̙̯̞̞̭̮͂ͦ̃̆́ͅ
    U͍͉̫̗̹͓̙͍͖̲ͥ͋̍̍ͥͭ̓̀̕͟ ̷̷̢̖͓̭̦̤̳̻̯̪̂̆͆͌̒͗͌ͤͣ̂ͤ̽̓ͦ̄ͯͮͬ́͘F̢̉̍̾̉̋̒̎̈͑͐͐̍̇̒̋͜͠
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)12:52 No.6061628

    Manly tears INCOMING
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)12:53 No.6061638
    Understanding, and caring, are two different things. I mean, after learning about all the stupid wankery about the Emperor, it should be by all means impossible for anything else about 40k to phase you, up to and including the author of Codex: Chaos Space Marines saying he approves of the work of the guy who did the Fighting Tigers of Veda.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)12:56 No.6061669
    And the guy who did the Codex: Space Marines 5e saying that all marines wish they could be ultramarines and worship them.
    >> plaguemarine !1nhvsU2lj6 09/29/09(Tue)12:57 No.6061677
    Not really, the Emperor shit was stupid.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)12:57 No.6061680
    "And for consorting with the heretic machine! Its now your turn, metal man!" the brute said, turning to me, and my las-pistol. He had a look of fearful surprise, "May the Omnissiah DAMN YOU, ignorant fool!" I pulled the trigger, and his head snapped back, a burning crater in his face as he fell to the ground. "He just killed the boss! GET HIM!" I pivoted on my leg and shot the man behind me who yelled that, he went down with a black scorch mark on his chest. His friend next to him had already gotten his own autogun up, and was drawing a bead on me. I dove to the side, firing a shot at him, only grazing his ear. I jumped back to my feet, and a las rifle blast hit me in the hand. I dropped the gun, falling to one knee. "He aint got a gun now! Make it slow! Make it painful!
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)12:59 No.6061696

    Hahaha. I am laughing at that for days. I love the idea of the tech priest going,


    'ME TOO!!!'

    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)12:59 No.6061699
    I am so sleep deprived, I read

    >"He just killed the boss!


    >"I just killed the final boss!
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)13:00 No.6061702
    That's my point.
    >> plaguemarine !1nhvsU2lj6 09/29/09(Tue)13:01 No.6061718
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)13:04 No.6061747
    What would happen if another race found it? one with intelligance, like Eldar or tau
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)13:04 No.6061749
    Can someone archive this when its done? I can't stay on /tg/ for the moment.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)13:06 No.6061767
    Eldar? They allready have more advanced stuff.
    Tau? The computer whoud class them as aliens, and according to the human-preservation directive, subsection 2.24.55 would initiate a core meltdown in order to prevent hostile enteties gaining control over information that would put humans at risk.
    >> Commissar Carnifex 09/29/09(Tue)13:07 No.6061773
    Eldar wouldn't give a flying fuck.

    I'm not sure about the Tau, Earth Caste might try getting the STCs, if only for Spacecraft tech.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)13:07 No.6061776
    They didn't know who they were dealing with, or just how angry I was. I felt one grab my shoulder, I spun around, breaking his grip and back handing him across the jaw. My arms were not fully replaced, but there were enough augments to make a good swing hurt. I mentally asked the machine spirits in my arms to forgive me as the jaw broke under my hand. I made a break for the door, screaming commands in the language of the machine spirits at the up till then unmoving servitor. It spent its emergancy energy supply in one shot, shocking and killing the closest man. His sudden painful screams allowed me the opportunity to grab the brutes fallen autogun. I used my ruined hand to hold the gun while I reloaded it, then I planted myself in the door way. "None of you will leave here alive!" I screamed as I fired upon them as they rushed me.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)13:07 No.6061780
    Not if the Tau equipped groucho glasses first and painted themselves the color of silly putty
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)13:08 No.6061789
    >I fired upon them as they rushed me.

    how the fuck is he firing in close combat?
    >> plaguemarine !1nhvsU2lj6 09/29/09(Tue)13:09 No.6061792
    He has a pistol
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)13:10 No.6061804
    He's using an autogun atm.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)13:11 No.6061814
    What's that? Geiger's aliens are aboard? What's that? Epic battle as xenomorphs spread unchecked and come head-to-head with Tyranid hive forces?

    I'm ok with this.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)13:11 No.6061817
    I thought you had to be a space yiff or blessed of nurgle to shoot a gun if enemies have punched you.
    >> plaguemarine !1nhvsU2lj6 09/29/09(Tue)13:12 No.6061819
    Oh, well I stopped reading because the combat action is going to turn into a mary sue fest or the guy dies and the whole ship blows up.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)13:14 No.6061835
    They dived behind cover and returned fire. The doorway was smooth and offered no cover for myself, so all I could do was try to keep them pinned to by Richardson time. "Kill him! The kid's gettin' away!" one yelled. I made a point to fire a longer burst as close to his head as I could. I was hit in the shoulder with an autogun, it didnt do much as that had been replaced, but it stopped my fire long enough. I took a las-rifle hit to the knee, and it was blown away clean. I wont lie, I screamed. I did my best to return fire from the ground, as I began to feel dizzy. I hit two others, one in the neck and the other in the chest before the gun clicked empty.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)13:14 No.6061837
    space terror form space vs space terror form space
    whoever loses, we win.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)13:15 No.6061840
    >I wont lie, I screamed.
    Conclusive proof that flesh is weak?
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)13:15 No.6061843
    Or a Grey Knight.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)13:16 No.6061845

    Eldar would be all like "oh lol, let's keep this shit from the monkeys for the lols"

    Tau would be all like "hey, this is kinda like that ship we made a couple years back"
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)13:18 No.6061863

    Oh Papa I loled
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)13:23 No.6061888
    As they approached, threw the autogun, hitting the leading man in the face. They kicked and stomped me as I lay there, unable to do anything. The knee shot had been cauterised by the las fire so I didnt have the grace of bleeding to death before they could have their fun. The dragged me out to the hanger, intending to make me watch them kill Richardson first. Joke was on them. The hanger was empty, Richardson had already made his escape, and they didnt have anyway to communicate with the salvage ship. The walls had automatically opened up to allow the shuttle to get out, but instead of having to void the atmosphere, there was a shimmering field of energy across the gap, keeping back the cold of space. So many wonders to reclaim. I wished Richardson and the other initiates luck. They would need it. Through the gap with my augmented eyes, I saw the torpedo tubes open up. I began to laugh.
    >> writefag here 09/29/09(Tue)13:24 No.6061897
    So, thats it, what did you think? Good/bad/fuckoff?
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)13:25 No.6061903
    That was pretty fucking epic.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)13:27 No.6061908
    Sorta good, just one question, Why whoud the AI be damaged by shooting some computer screens? I mean, it might be silly to put the neural box somewhere a wee bit more protected?
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)13:27 No.6061909
    Pretty good, grammar was a little off in places, but nothing too distracting.

    Needed a bit more flavour to it, if you see what I mean. There was plenty of for the omnisiah, but not much else to connect us to the 40k of the place.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)13:27 No.6061910

    Better at the start. You jumped the shark when you got your so-called brainpower back.

    Advice: Do it while sleepy. And finish the goddamn thing don't leave us hanging get the fucking STC back to Mars Void Dragon wakes up holy shit may Dark Age lasguns are better than bolters etc
    >> Commissar Carnifex 09/29/09(Tue)13:27 No.6061911

    Now you need to write a summery / Epilogue on what happened next.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)13:28 No.6061915
    Guardsmen were probably closet heretics anyway.

    Oh, and the Techpriest was finally justified in giving the STC to his acolyte. What a tweest.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)13:28 No.6061918
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)13:32 No.6061935
    That's entirely possible, but I myself just assumed the speakers are with the monitors. To them it's as good as dead.
    >> writefag here 09/29/09(Tue)13:32 No.6061944
    This was my first attempt at extended writefaggin, the only other time was a short kharn story that I didnt think to save (I'M AN IDIOT).

    I'm glad you guys liked it. Would it be to forward to dare hope for drawfaggin?
    >> RAWK LAWBSTAR 09/29/09(Tue)13:33 No.6061952
    this is win

    many internets to the writefag
    >> Katfish! !8cmafml9Ag 09/29/09(Tue)13:34 No.6061963
    its the warp... magik!
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)13:36 No.6061980
    >Besides, wouldnt the innumerable AIs on board have long ago turned evil, gone insane, or both, and killed everyone before blowing up the ship?

    No one knows what the fuck AIs in 40k are like, there's just some ultra vague myths pertaining to them.
    >> writefag here 09/29/09(Tue)13:37 No.6061984
    Le gasp! My first internets! MORE THAN ONE, TOO!
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)13:37 No.6061988
    now, somebody make less serious one, "I'M FREAKING OUT, MAN" style
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)13:37 No.6061995
    Oh man, it'd be unendurably grimdark if they just destroyed the monitors and speakers, but left the ship's intelligence intact, only for the escaping ship to blow up their mechanical friend in ignorance.
    >> writefag here 09/29/09(Tue)13:41 No.6062018
    depends on your perspective, AI was slowly losing it over the years, drifting, this way, she at least dies for good, knowing that she did some good. Besides, if her damaged circuits register as pain, wouldn't her drifting through space with eyes and mouth blown away be considered a "I have no mouth and must scream" scenario?
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)13:41 No.6062024
    I like this. I'm going to pretend this is how the story actually ended.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)13:42 No.6062038
    Whose torpedo tubes ?
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)13:43 No.6062044
    Huh? which story?
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)13:44 No.6062057
         File1254246248.jpg-(2 KB, 120x90, default.jpg)
    2 KB
    Dude, you just shot my heatsink. Now how the fuck am i supposed to sink my heat?
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)13:46 No.6062083
    She'd still be in control of the ship. She could always delete herself or send some repair-bots or something.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)13:48 No.6062108

    Fair enough. The story still made me get a little weepy.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)13:51 No.6062133
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)14:04 No.6062242
    huh ?
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)14:07 No.6062263
    I'm 12 year old and what is this?
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)14:11 No.6062293
    the internet...
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)14:14 No.6062328

    I don't think you have a grasp of just how vast space is.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)14:18 No.6062374
    It's the underage B&
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)14:22 No.6062411
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)14:25 No.6062436
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)15:18 No.6062961
    Defence? More like, Vent to space ;)
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)15:35 No.6063129
    btw, machine spirits are sort of real. The imperium makes use of "wetware" processors in alot of their stuff, as far as I can tell. cultured or harvested nervous tissue. We can do it NOW, with rat brain cells. Those are the "machine spirits." They give the machines processing power, but with no ability to grow or self-organize that the freedom of true digitization would have. Not everything has wetware, but Bolters do, as do Land Raiders, and some of the better cogitators. Servitors are essentially the wetware concept taken to it's inefficient, grimdark extremity.
    >> Thou Dog 09/29/09(Tue)15:54 No.6063314
    I think in most cases, the Machine Spirit of a given machine is just a made-up explanation of how it works, because generally people are not given any such information. Pull the trigger, and rocket-bullets shoot out. How does it work? I dunno, must have sort of spirit inside it that makes it go.

    Only in rare cases is there enough consciousness in the machine to allow it to alter its performance in response to changing circumstances. The Land Raider, for example, has a fairly simple consciousness, but it is conscious.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)16:21 No.6063532
         File1254255692.jpg-(25 KB, 354x256, moar skelator.jpg)
    25 KB
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)17:46 No.6064477
         File1254260819.jpg-(63 KB, 551x402, 1254220858197.jpg)
    63 KB
    The EMPRAH does not approve the lack of MOAR
    >> Commissar Carnifex 09/29/09(Tue)18:23 No.6064955

    As do the Titans. Oft time if a Priniceps stays in a Titan long enough, he becomes apart of it and removal would kill him.
    >> Anonymous 09/29/09(Tue)21:09 No.6066752

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