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  • File : 1254069418.png-(19 KB, 272x360, 4928ac581747a447cf0b1f16e635757d.png)
    19 KB Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)12:36 No.6033107  
    Hay /tg/. I just had an.... interesting character concept pop into my head. Brace yourself.

    A drow Paladin who was raised by Dwarves.

    1. Is this awesome?

    2. If you were the DM and a player brought this to the table, what would you say?
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)12:38 No.6033120
    more FFXI artwork

    I love the armor
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)12:38 No.6033122
    What kind of dwarf would pass up the chance to have a baby drow skull mug?
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)12:38 No.6033124
         File1254069496.jpg-(35 KB, 640x360, 1226606028871.jpg)
    35 KB
    > awesome
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)12:38 No.6033131
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)12:39 No.6033133
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)12:39 No.6033138
    1. No it's not.
    2. Not possible. No sane dwarf would raise even an ordinary elf child, much less a dark elf one.
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)12:40 No.6033145
    If we are talking about deep dwarves (those in underdark), it propably can be done. Would just need some complicated background story - enslaved in childhood, later accepted as member of their society for some great deeds. Also - LG pala or some other alignment/god?
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)12:40 No.6033148
    >1. Is this awesome?
    Meh, I've seen better, I've seen worse.

    2. If you were the DM and a player brought this to the table, what would you say?
    As long as the character matched the player's gender, its all fine by me.
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)12:40 No.6033152
    I would remind them of the punch to d!ckjunk.

    I'll allow it if I can punch you right in the junk.
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)12:40 No.6033153
    It is, but only if the Drow is a girl as in the OP. Drow guys inevitably become Drizz't clones when exposed to sunlight, unless they're Jarlaxle. They don't even do it willingly; it's like a genetic defect or something.

    But female Drow Paladin raised by dwarves (and to make it perfect make those dwarves Tolkien style Norse Jews)? Now that is pure fucking win.
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)12:41 No.6033156
    One who had an ADULT drow skull mug, DUH.
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)12:41 No.6033158
    mary sue
    >> helpful /co/mrade 09/27/09(Sun)12:41 No.6033159
         File1254069682.jpg-(10 KB, 320x240, 1237344909511.jpg)
    10 KB
    >raised by Dwarves

    Sounds like heresy to me...
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)12:41 No.6033167
    but he AAAAAWESOME dont you see how AWESOME he is
    >> helpful /co/mrade 09/27/09(Sun)12:42 No.6033170
         File1254069738.jpg-(10 KB, 320x240, 1237344909512.jpg)
    10 KB
    ...you should totally go for it.
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)12:43 No.6033184
    We once had a thread about how one might play surface drow in an interesting way. Involved paranoia and general fear of the most mundane things.

    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)12:43 No.6033190
         File1254069831.jpg-(163 KB, 512x578, 1221426357687.jpg)
    163 KB
    I have a better one.

    Drow (female, smoking hot) raised by race of intgelligent crickets.
    One day, monstrous spiders invade cricket town, and kill and eat everyone (said drow was out hunting or some other shit)

    From now on, cricket drow swears revenge on all spiders. Thus, leading her to a personal war against all other drows.

    Also, she doesn't walk normally, but hops around instead. Which is supercute.
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)12:44 No.6033199
    >>6033153They don't even do it willingly; it's like a genetic defect or something.

    it's social. Drizzt had a dad who genuinely loved him. Jarlaxle's daughter also had some inklings of decency, but female drow society is more strict and hardcore about being evil bitches.

    Jarlaxle was Zaknafein's fighting buddy

    basically everything revolves around Zaknafein growing up with a heart.
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)12:44 No.6033201
    bitch would be feral!

    ...... go for it.
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)12:45 No.6033207
    >>6033199jarlaxle's daughter

    I mean Zak
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)12:45 No.6033210
    Actually, she would click a lot and scurry around.
    Not to mention her mating rituals would be bizarre.
    >> Ixonoclast !tTBC.7oEaQ 09/27/09(Sun)12:45 No.6033211
    Well, on the other hand, if one dwarf just said like:

    "That one. I take her to the Citadel."

    You think someone would have said "NO"?

    Of course not.

    He's a fucking dwarf. If he says he's talking a little Drow girl to the fucking Citadel, he will.
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)12:46 No.6033219
    drow paladin? half do-able. eventualy a dark elf simply escapes the turmoil of LOLCHAOS and finds the alternative intriguing when not simply over-friendly.

    raised by dwarfs? the only means this would happen is if the kid already had such a hatred for his own kind that the dwarfs would consider that it was a dwarf child that got shaved and kidnapped to work as a slave.

    you plan to falling to blackguard anytime soon?
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)12:47 No.6033231
    This thread again?

    1) No
    2) See 1.
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)12:48 No.6033233
    >I just had an.... interesting character concept pop into my head.
    >I just saw this... anime picture and I wish to be the little girl.
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)12:48 No.6033238
    Dwarf thief raised by Drow
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)12:49 No.6033252
    >He's a fucking dwarf. If he says he's talking a little Drow girl to the fucking Citadel, he will.

    sounds just like a real dwarf would do!
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)12:49 No.6033254

    >2. Not possible. No sane dwarf would raise even an ordinary elf child, much less a dark elf one.

    Well let's consider the alternatives.

    1. Leave it to die: Unless we are dealing with Dhuregar I don't see this happening. Dorfs are too noble.

    2.Kill it: Again, not Dhuregar.

    3. Send it to the Elves: Have you ever tried finding an elf settlement?

    Which pretty much leaves:

    4. Raise it yourself.
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)12:50 No.6033260
         File1254070211.jpg-(30 KB, 300x548, Wulfgar2.jpg)
    30 KB
    People might have given a shit about me if I was just a goddamned drow.

    Story of my life.

    I'm gonna go back to drinking and accidentally calling some slut "Cattie" while I'm plowing her in the ass.
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)12:51 No.6033278
    1. Actually yes. She's just like Carrot Ironfounderson. Except a girl and drow.

    2. ".....Well at least it's not a Drizzt clone."
    >> Another Anon 09/27/09(Sun)12:52 No.6033291
    1. Enh it's not a Drizz't clone, so it's better than most PC Drow instantly. Just on the fact of being a break from mediocrity it is better than most.
    2. Sure you can play it but I want to hear that dwarf accent.
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)12:52 No.6033295
    Hay /tg/. I just had an.... interesting character concept pop into my head. Brace yourself.

    A dwarf Paladin who was raised by half-elves.

    1. Is this awesome?

    2. If you were the DM and a player brought this to the table, what would you say?
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)12:53 No.6033304
    dark elves live deeper in the ground than most dorfs
    they see in the dark, they know their way around caves, and they're raised in a strict disciplined society and are used to hardships.

    living with dorfs wouldn't be much of a change.
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)12:53 No.6033308

    2) "He's very sexually frustrated, isn't he?"
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)12:54 No.6033314

    Hey now, stop that.
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)12:54 No.6033321
    >living with dorfs wouldn't be much of a change.

    Just replace having to stab your sister for stealing your lunch with having rocks thrown at you for being evil.
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)12:55 No.6033325
    Hay /tg/. I just had an.... interesting character concept pop into my head. Brace yourself.

    A human woman Paladin who was raised by human rapists.

    1. Is this awesome?

    2. If you were the DM and a player brought this to the table, what would you say?
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)12:55 No.6033327

    Apart from the murder, torture, slavery and spiders.

    Yes it would be exactly the same.
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)12:55 No.6033330

    Is being a negro Wulfgar clone better than being a Drizzt clone?

    Actually, I suppose "Wulfgar clone" is impossible because LOL WULFGAR WHO.
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)12:56 No.6033338
    "Dear Diary,

    Today sucked goat-balls. Finished clearing out another tunnel full of those elves what think they're gophers. One of them had a basket. Me and the boys drew lots for it, and I won. The damn basket had a baby in it. Stupid elves don't know that baskets are for sandwiches. Now I'm stuck with this girl, I think. Might be a boy, but nobody really knows what the elf 'men' have in their breeches. Whatever. Took the thing home. Named it Sandwich."
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)12:56 No.6033339
    >2.Kill it: Again, not Dhuregar.
    Why not? Dwarves are perfectly good with killing bad things. And they're lawful over good, which means a dwarf *can* kill a child if it's necessary.
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)12:57 No.6033341
    Hay /tg/. I just had an.... interesting character concept pop into my head. Brace yourself.

    A Half Paladin gnome, who was raised by drow? .

    1. Is this awesome?

    2. If you were the DM and a player brought this to the table, what would you say?
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)12:57 No.6033343
    A female Paladin who rapes things back to Good?

    ...where can I sign up?
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)12:57 No.6033344

    The fucker in Beowulf?
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)12:57 No.6033346
    1) depends how dwarves got that drow baby. i would hate if the background is pregnant exiles unlucky baby or shit. have something more original. like mail ordered babies mixing or something.

    2)then i would fight her with the dwarf raised by the drows.
    >> helpful /co/mrade 09/27/09(Sun)12:57 No.6033353
         File1254070676.jpg-(99 KB, 702x839, 1249455352209.jpg)
    99 KB
    "Papa? I made some friends in the mountains today. Can we have a sleep-over?"
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)12:58 No.6033356
    >Named it Sandwich

    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)12:58 No.6033360

    With this background story I would so allow it. I was against this till now..lol
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)12:59 No.6033364
         File1254070740.jpg-(80 KB, 596x426, 3505098drizzt20wulfgar20y20bru(...).jpg)
    80 KB

    Hehe, exactly.
    >> Heretical GM 09/27/09(Sun)12:59 No.6033371
    It could happen, but why would you have turned out as a paladin. I'm sorry your back story has a hole in it. Patch the hole and come back
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)12:59 No.6033374
    >1. Is this awesome?
    Not especially. What do you want, a cookie?

    >2. If you were the DM and a player brought this to the table, what would you say?

    Actually, I'd probably say, "Sure, whatever."
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)12:59 No.6033375
    Oh I thought that being friends with that dwarf would NEVER pay off...

    It's rape time!
    >> helpful /co/mrade 09/27/09(Sun)13:01 No.6033399
         File1254070901.jpg-(22 KB, 159x140, 1237212510259.jpg)
    22 KB
    Goddam I love dwarves.
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)13:02 No.6033410


    Sandwich, if I ever see you leaving the caves dressed like some sort of....SORCERESS....again, you're gonna spend another week polishing Daddy's tankard collection. Now go to your room, and don't come back until you're wearing that full plate I made you.

    ...You look so adorable in it.
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)13:04 No.6033426
    This is so wrong.

    On so many levels.

    Now, my drunky dwarfy friend, let me handle this.
    >> helpful /co/mrade 09/27/09(Sun)13:04 No.6033430
    Goddam I love you smar/tg/uys. Never change.
    >> Ixonoclast !tTBC.7oEaQ 09/27/09(Sun)13:07 No.6033454
    Extrapolating on drowgirl-taken-in-to-the-household-of-an-eccentric-dwarf-adventurer-mercenary...

    She would FEEL an urge to leave the Citadel because:
    1 She's a loner, the teasing stopped but she doesn't have friends outside the "adventurers-and-outsider-children".
    2 Her "dad" is a renowned adventurer, and tells many stories.
    3 She's not "from the Citadel", and she wants to find herself.

    As for her personality, many things are possible. She could act like a normal dwarf, a normal elf, a normal drow, a cruel dwarf, a dwarf that a dark side... a fucked up drow, a something-of-everything as some kind of expat kid.

    Because her adoptive dad is a soldier, it could be that she's very accustomed with weapons and fighting. She might even have gone along on some travels, and has maybe seen her own share of violence.
    You can even use cliché memories like her home Citadel destroyed by orks, or whatnot. Maybe her dad was killed by assassins while she survived...

    The reason why the dwarf adopted her are many... he could have done it for some delicious drow loli, compassion, insanity, "fuck-whatever-i-do-what-i-want-i-am-a-dwarf", *sparkle-eyes-beam* OMG SO KAWAII SO MOE, err maybe he was drunk, he saw MYSTICAL VISION an epic destiny awaiting that girl...

    Possibilities are endless.
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)13:08 No.6033462

    No, you lame fucker, (>>6033338) is the answer.
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)13:09 No.6033465
    >>6033454The reason why the dwarf adopted her are many...

    Drizzt once saved his life
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)13:09 No.6033470
    "Dear Diary,

    It's been a while. Been busy taking care of Sandwich. She's finally stopped hanging off my beard and trying to stab me in my sleep, bless her heart. Can't help the way she sounds when she talks, though. Her dwarvish sounds like one of those nancy-human harps. How those freaks stand that softy music I'll never know. Made her a plate helmet today. I was getting tired of buying her sissy bandages for her head whenever she ran into a doorpost. I think she likes it. Maybe I'll make her a full set..."
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)13:09 No.6033471
    There are no drow in my current setting. Can't happen.
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)13:11 No.6033481

    So um A drow baby, from a murdered family, found by dwarf, raised then the dwarf citadel, is overran by orks? um.. Whats her name going to be Lucky? Cursed one....

    Also sounds like a Shaolin Kung-fu theater of my youth...
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)13:11 No.6033489

    I think a new /tg/ original character is born this day.

    All in favor of a "Sandwich Quest" thread say aye.
    >> Heretical GM 09/27/09(Sun)13:12 No.6033493
    Passable. Well thought out. I'd allow it, but watch out you just gave me a reoccurring villain to throw at you.
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)13:12 No.6033498
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)13:13 No.6033502

    >> helpful /co/mrade 09/27/09(Sun)13:15 No.6033515
         File1254071704.jpg-(16 KB, 427x304, animated-terra-1.jpg)
    16 KB
    >As for her personality, many things are possible.

    Tomboy, definitely make her a tomboy. Acts like "one of the guys", unaware or uncaring of her own physical beauty. Pic related.

    >The reason why the dwarf adopted her are many
    >compassion, insanity, "fuck-whatever-i-do-what-i-want-i-am-a-dwarf"...

    Let's go with those. He did it out of compassion, but whenever confronted about it by the other dwarves they all just chocked it up to eccentricity and stubbornness.
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)13:16 No.6033530
    Eat a dick, Drizz't.
    >> helpful /co/mrade 09/27/09(Sun)13:16 No.6033534
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)13:17 No.6033545
    I probably wouldn't friggin' roleplay with someone who wanted to be a surface drow raised by dwarves. We have kind of a restriction on good aligned drow in our campaigns - you have to have a REALLY FUCKING AMAZING REASON.
    >> helpful /co/mrade 09/27/09(Sun)13:19 No.6033562
    Having a good-aligned dwarf for a foster father work well enough for you?
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)13:19 No.6033564
    "Dear Diary,

    ... Scratch that platemail scheme. Sandwich fell on her head while we were rappeling down a cliff. Good news is, she's much nicer now. Where she used to be mean and stab me, now she looks at me adorably and hammers rocks to smaller bits. She's growing up nice. But I can't help thinking she's somehow... well, simpler."
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)13:20 No.6033567
    Sounds like your group is a bunch of butthurt fags.
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)13:20 No.6033568
         File1254072015.png-(285 KB, 363x550, THE BEAR JEW.png)
    285 KB
    >> Ixonoclast !tTBC.7oEaQ 09/27/09(Sun)13:20 No.6033573
    Maybe daddy dwarf has lost his wife and sons in his adventures.

    Left with a big gaping hole in his heart he adopts her, and treats her like she's a boy.

    Dad is fucking loaded, so she always has lots of new toys.

    She primary hangs around the trade district, where dwarf travelers, dwarf adventurers and traders live, but also humans and elves.

    She probably gets picked on a lot by the elves and dwarf kids from different districts.
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)13:21 No.6033583
    That look says "I am aware of how good I look and I am going to use it to my advantage" not "I have no idea of my own beauty". Haven't seen the cartoon but that's what I read from that look.
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)13:22 No.6033589
    You guys sound boring.
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)13:22 No.6033590
    is this another one of those noh paternal nerd fantasies?
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)13:22 No.6033591
    >Maybe I'll make her a full set...

    In b4 somebody reposting the japanese: "...but she's a Paladin."-comic.
    >> helpful /co/mrade 09/27/09(Sun)13:23 No.6033599
         File1254072197.jpg-(53 KB, 720x480, jun.jpg)
    53 KB
    You and me? Same wavelength. It's EERIE.
    Also, pic related as inspiration for OP's character.
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)13:24 No.6033613
    Quite possibly, but if THE BEAR JEW approves then you really have no choice but submission.
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)13:24 No.6033614

    Oh, hardly. But to be a good-aligned drow, especially good-aligned female pureblood, there must be a sound reason.

    Maybe she was raised in the Cormanthor Forest and is half-elf, half-drow? That's VERY plausible compared to a pureblood female drow (most likely from a successful dwarf raid on a drow city, as how else would a drow child come into their possession?) who becomes a Paladin, raised by dwarves. Perhaps she's one of the few that worships a good god on the surface. We'd want specifics - where she came from, what her family was like, and why their society is above ground.

    From day 1 drow females are raised in the horribly twisted society, and taught they are above males in every aspect. How old was she when she was caught? 50? 100? It just seems TOO far out there unless all the details are hammered out to make lots of sense.

    Let's not even consider Ur-Drow...
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)13:24 No.6033616
    This is the background, OP, and if you deviate, you're a cunt.
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)13:25 No.6033629
    >> OP lol 09/27/09(Sun)13:26 No.6033631
    I could read these all day long
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)13:26 No.6033632
    Tomboy drowdorf eventually grew up with a soft spot for the people who got similar treatment; half-orcs, the occasional troll or other monstrous race that managed to be civil with the common folk, things of this nature. This, coupled with being raised by a wealthy adventurer with the money to buy her books on the world around them, became a fascination of sorts.
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)13:26 No.6033633
    She wasn't caught, she was found in a basket.
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)13:26 No.6033636
    Don't insert your Dragonball into this, fagballs.
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)13:26 No.6033637
    Can I use the name Sandvich instead of Sandwich?
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)13:27 No.6033645
    ...she was an infant. As in, pre-sentient, gurgling, shitting itself and drinking from her mom's tits. There isn't enough of a mind there yet to begin turning it to evil when the dwarf finds her.
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)13:27 No.6033646
    Why are you taking what this asshole says seriously?
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)13:27 No.6033649
    Use Sammich, nicknamed Sammy. Because simple names are good names.
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)13:27 No.6033650
    Only if papa Dwarf speaks with a heavy Russian accent.
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)13:28 No.6033660
    Are you saying your dwarfs don't have a russian accent? O_o
    >> OP lol 09/27/09(Sun)13:28 No.6033663
    >Implying you have to ask for permission to use an idea not trademarked
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)13:28 No.6033664
    Drows are inherently evil.
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)13:29 No.6033667
    Only northern dorfs what use bears for pack animals.

    Other dorfs speak like scotsmen.
    >> OP lol 09/27/09(Sun)13:29 No.6033673
    Oh, you must be an incredibly BAD DM.
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)13:30 No.6033681
    butthurt "DROW ARE SERIOUS" fag detected

    "My dad thought I was an elven sandwich" is the PERFECT counterbalance to "MY FAMILY IS DEAAAAAAAAAAD! I DON'T BELOOOOOOOOOOOONG!" Do it, OP.
    >> Ixonoclast !tTBC.7oEaQ 09/27/09(Sun)13:30 No.6033683
    Oh fuck off mister rulebook.
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)13:30 No.6033688

    Well, then who left her in a basket- where, when, why? Who was her mother or father, and why would they travel so far upward to leave her there, when they know an overzealous dwarf may just kill her?

    Did the other dwarves in this society accept her, or were there more N or E ones trying to have her ousted or killed? Drow are a very fierce enemy of dwarves in most settings, it would not be taken lightly.

    Just questions like this, you know? It's most important with a drow-character to have all of these thought out, and hammered into place. Make them seem plausible. Because after too long, any good aligned out-of-place drow character can seem like a Drizzt clone to people unless it's clear it's not.
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)13:30 No.6033689
    This thread has already devolved into jokes and trolling, why pull out the supergreen for a simple joke?
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)13:31 No.6033695
    Drow are societally evil. The inborn evil Lloth created is not actually genetically or magically linked to the drow - only to the ones she made herself a long time ago with which to start the race. The society is so evil-tolerant and based on evil societal law that it is a rare and dangerous outlier to be non-evil.

    Neutral and good drow are the equivalent of true sociopaths in our society. Except instead of being treated psychologically, they're given to illithids to use as mind-slaves in order to maintain the delicate truce between the two.
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)13:31 No.6033696
         File1254072681.jpg-(18 KB, 640x480, Angrily glancing artilleryman.jpg)
    18 KB
    Only a Communist MAGGOT would say ''sandvich'
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)13:31 No.6033697
    i'm at the point i'd allow damned near anything that meant my players gave even thought up a back story for their characters... though i'd still suspect it was all just a setup for power gaming shenanigans.
    >> OP lol 09/27/09(Sun)13:31 No.6033699
    "Hey, DM, can I play with a drow?"

    "FUCK NO! we are playing the good guys, drows are evil!"

    "I could be a forsaken drow. Or maybe I was raised with another race, like dwa-"

    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)13:31 No.6033702
    They didn't "leave" her, Sandwich was found in a basket after a bunch of other drow got their asses handed to them by some dorfs.
    >> Ixonoclast !tTBC.7oEaQ 09/27/09(Sun)13:31 No.6033705
    What the fuck? Don't you even read my posts?
    >> LOUDFORGED 09/27/09(Sun)13:31 No.6033706
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)13:31 No.6033709
    Is it really worth the level ajustment, to play the marysues of dnd?
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)13:32 No.6033718


    >> helpful /co/mrade 09/27/09(Sun)13:33 No.6033721
         File1254072785.png-(163 KB, 528x384, tophgrin.png)
    163 KB
    Sanvich to her Dwarf father
    Sammich to the people that tease her/make fun of her
    Sam to her friends
    Sandwich to us

    Very nice. I support this.

    You and me both, OP

    Now all we need is for Jo to show up and start making sketches of her!

    Also, more inspiration.
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)13:33 No.6033722

    Give me a legitimate reason to that counteracts the perfect reason I have not to.
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)13:33 No.6033728
    Baby was an unwanted child. Parents are an unmarried drow and an adulterer male who was pressured in to the affair. Both get killed by the wife, who throws they baby out. Young child of the wife and male feels sympathy for his half-sister and takes the baby near the dwarves, hoping for it to have life.
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)13:33 No.6033729
    Dorfs speak like Scotsmen. Dwarves speak Nordic Hebrew.
    >> LOUDFORGED 09/27/09(Sun)13:33 No.6033734
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)13:34 No.6033736

    Implying you're important enough for me to read all posts? No. I scanned the thread, offered my opinion and got rebutted. Now I'm just working off it.

    Seems implausible and a little too "OMG I r playing teh good drow!1" to make much sense in the end. She should just kill them all in their sleep and sneak out to go hang out in Skullport.

    :D The end
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)13:34 No.6033738
    What what do Dwarfs speak like?
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)13:34 No.6033742
    She's Drow Moses, of course. Set free by the Drow slaves of an Illithid city in the hope that she'd one day return to free them.
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)13:34 No.6033748
    like boreale
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)13:35 No.6033756
    Not all Drow are inherently evil. There can be exceptions.

    Never knowing her race or their ways and raised by a mostly good society makes for a pretty good reason to be an exception.

    Hell, there's good aligned demons and devils. I think we can make this exception.
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)13:35 No.6033761
    Dwarfs are just Humans with stunted growth.
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)13:36 No.6033770
         File1254073001.jpg-(329 KB, 648x810, 222_116424_GS.jpg)
    329 KB
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)13:37 No.6033778
    Those are Midgets. They use the name Dwarf to sound cool.
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)13:37 No.6033781
    Get a Writeforged to do it for you.
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)13:37 No.6033783
    Now now, I didn't say they were irredeemably evil, just that they're inherently evil. A drow gets raised anywhere, it's natural impulse is sadism and evil. But with proper education, it might overgrow it's basic nature. If no one interferes with it, it's very likely it will be evil once it's an adult. It's just quite hard, and it'll feel the need to do evil and must resist it, despite that being hard. Which is why it's fascinating, to do good despite evil being natural and pleasurable, that is true goodness, as opposed to inherent good, where you do good because that's how you're like.
    >> brofist 09/27/09(Sun)13:38 No.6033790
    Give her int <8 as well, due to falling while repelling.

    Being a good drow is believable, if she is Half-Retard.
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)13:39 No.6033797
    That sounds like a load of crock.

    Drow are evil because their god and their society demands it. They aren't beings of evil, like demons.
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)13:39 No.6033799
    She'd draw crowds not because of her heroic exploits, but because "Hey, did you hear about that drow woman? She talks like she thinks she's a dwarf and claims to be a paladin, plate armor and all! And the best part? She says her name is 'Sandwich!'"
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)13:39 No.6033806
    dont ever say that to a dwarf
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)13:40 No.6033813
    Does that mean that Kotomine Kirei is actually a Drow?
    >> brofist 09/27/09(Sun)13:41 No.6033824
    also, make her dwarfy. There is no reason to have her be raised by dwarfs if all she is gonna do is be an emo dwarf in their custody. She should love geology, ale, and cows for their haunting moos.
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)13:41 No.6033831
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)13:42 No.6033843
    No, you see, there's where the confusion is. The two subspecies of the dwarf race are pluralized as either "dorfs" or "dwarves". "Dwarfs" is how you pluralize Human Midgets.
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)13:43 No.6033847
    What about orcs? Goblins? Ogres? Hags?

    Yeah, I rest my case.
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)13:43 No.6033850
    There's actually no standardization about that.
    >> Ixonoclast !tTBC.7oEaQ 09/27/09(Sun)13:44 No.6033854
    Drow tantrums.
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)13:44 No.6033869
    Honestly, if I was doing it, I'd make her a blacksmith as well as a warrior, a kind of person who likes to get dirty and do everything herself. She doesn't like asking others for help as a result of her upbringing, in which she felt the need to constantly prove herself, and often acts subservient to Dwarves, as she feels(slightly) socially inferior to them.

    Make her unlike the Drow in her personality, but in more subtle ways. And not all of these need to be true she could have long ago proven her worth and intentions to the Dwarves, but she still feels the need to do so.
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)13:45 No.6033879
    She just tends to be a bit more cunning about things.

    For example, a normal dorf will chop firewood by headbutting the log pieces until they break. She weakens the log pieces with an axe before she headbutts them.
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)13:46 No.6033894

    Um, same thing?
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)13:47 No.6033908
    All of those races, except perhaps Naga, are good examples, because they have a higher ratio of neutral to good than Drow do.

    Hell, it's not unreasonable to have a tribe of neutral Orcs. A Small tribe, but a tribe.
    >> helpful /co/mrade 09/27/09(Sun)13:49 No.6033933
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)13:50 No.6033947
    Aside from Hags(which are from the Grey Wastes), none of those are inherently evil.
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)13:52 No.6033964
    So a female Drow Paladin who's also a Wrench Wench?

    Fuck, that's awesome.
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)13:52 No.6033972
    So, you think an ogre who lives in a cave by himself is likely to be not a chaotic evil monster, but instead a true neutral hermit?

    This seems to go against all D&D knowledge I have gathered from the monster manual. I do believe it states that their natural way of life is that they enjoy cruelty and so on. Which makes them naturally disposed for evil.

    Otherwise there would really be no excuse at all to list any race as evil, since most of the ones I just mentioned are tribe-based where the tribes don't have much at all to do with each other and are quite varied, or loners who rarely see others of their race. In both cases it would be unlikely that they would grow up to be evil without a natural disposition toward it.
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)13:52 No.6033975
    >>6033854Drow tantrums.

    Drow male cancels drink
    interrupted by Priestess rape
    >> Ixonoclast !tTBC.7oEaQ 09/27/09(Sun)13:53 No.6033992
    Raised as dwarf.

    Do not forget that.

    She'd be a Paladin of FUCK-YOU, fucking up everything she doesn't like in the name of neutral dwarf.
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)13:54 No.6033999
    A wrench wench paladin with social insecurities and a need to show that she is a useful member of society.
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)13:54 No.6034003
    Then Have the entire citadel or at least a section that her adopted family lived, slaughtered by a drow war party. I would make her a blood thirsty, purge all drow and evil..type of paladin. One of the the few ever non dwarf to take a Blood Oath.
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)13:58 No.6034058
    Yea. It goes against everything that normal Drow stand for, so she's clearly an exception, but she's not trying to be an exception.

    It's just the way she is, and it makes perfect sense for someone raised by Dwarves to act that way.

    Orcs, Goblins and (if I remember right)Ogres have evil gods. Orcs also end up against one another all the time, since they fight among themselves, and Goblins have plenty of infighting as well.

    And is it more likely to encounter an Ogre that's TN? No. Is it possible? Sure.

    The alignments are designed to be guides, and if I could find the page, they even state that "often chaotic evil" and "usually neutral evil" mean there's a lot of leeway in their actual alignment.
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)13:59 No.6034069
    But only to other Dwarves. She'd act like a dwarf to everyone else.
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)14:02 No.6034117
    monster manual just tries to morally justify killing of cannon fodder.
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)14:06 No.6034154
    guys, lets just get over the nature vs. nurture argument... as among intelligent species of sentients, its been proven that nurture has more to do with beliefs than nature. Sandwich is good due to good upbringing.
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)14:07 No.6034174
    If she was raised by dwarves from infanthood she would just be a tall dark skinned dwarf with physical self image problems.
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)14:08 No.6034187
    similar to a sexy ugly duckling!
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)14:08 No.6034191
    In D&D world alignments are racial. Drows are metaphysically aligned with the force of Evil. It has nothing to do with society.
    >> LOUDFORGED 09/27/09(Sun)14:09 No.6034197
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)14:09 No.6034211
    Kind of like carrot from discworld
    all the dwarves see him as a tall dwarf because he was raised by dwarves, dwarfish is his first language and he can perform all the cultural dwarf things
    >> helpful /co/mrade 09/27/09(Sun)14:09 No.6034213
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)14:09 No.6034214
    Sure is a black, female Corporal Carrot in here...
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)14:10 No.6034221
    Fuck me, Captain Carrot. Sorry. I started the Night's Watch series with Men at Arms. It... kind of stuck.
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)14:10 No.6034232
    i see, your the kind of guy that sacrifices common sense and plot development for rules
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)14:11 No.6034246
         File1254075092.jpg-(81 KB, 687x1022, Ist__Nilee_by_Mir_Nye.jpg)
    81 KB

    I liked the idea of her simply going by "San." Maybe her father gave her some 'real' dwarven name, but he kept calling her "Sandvich" anyway.

    As she grows up, she tries to avoid being called "Sandvich," which only encourages him. When she leaves home, it's "San."
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)14:11 No.6034247
    I am sure she worships what ever god her father does, wouldn't that have an effect?
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)14:12 No.6034259
    Night watch was probably the saddest Discworld book
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)14:12 No.6034264
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)14:13 No.6034274
    You just had this concept pop into your head a couple of days ago too, with the same image posted too.

    My response is the same, Pygmalion, fantasy style!
    >> Heretical GM 09/27/09(Sun)14:14 No.6034282
    Yes but most psychologists today say that Nature and Nurture play an equal part in the way we are.

    So her nature might be to toward evil, but her nurture would train her to channel those evil tendencies toward good objectives and doing good things.
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)14:15 No.6034314
    Even Drow aren't always Evil by the MM's statement.

    They're only usually evil.
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)14:15 No.6034318
    Didn't we have a thread about that sort of thing a week or two ago?
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)14:16 No.6034326
    just teach her that helping people and saving the weak are evil actions. problem solved.

    that way she will get psyched thinkin shes a bad girl and be a total girl scout instead
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)14:16 No.6034334
    So she would enjoy violence a little to much and be too hard on people who don't live up to cultural expectations or shame themselves?
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)14:17 No.6034353
    such is the dorfish culture
    >> Heretical GM 09/27/09(Sun)14:18 No.6034361
    That is very likely.
    >> Writeforged 09/27/09(Sun)14:18 No.6034362
    I live!

    Diary entry 432. Day 4 after the second moon of the 31th year of the 9th era.
    Sandwich has taken to the helmet I gave her. Complains about the dents. Or I think she is. Wouldn't know. She is probably trying to speak proper dwarven. Not doing so well though. I fix the helmet once a week. Last night I heard a banging noise. She was on the kitchen floor using a candlestick as a hammer and the stone floor tiling as an anvil. Fixing the dent in the helmet. Gave her a good yelling for waking me up. Never been so proud.
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)14:19 No.6034392
    They're not metaphysically evil, butt they have ingrained tendencies, and would probably make bad children even if they weren't evil. Besides, Zaknafein is almost as mary sue as Drizz't, but Zak didn't have the sack to bitch-slap the priestesses and gtfo his shit city.
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)14:20 No.6034395
    someone needs to drawfag this sandwich
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)14:20 No.6034397
         File1254075625.gif-(58 KB, 640x480, 1006375491-00.gif)
    58 KB
    Nature vs Nurture: Princess Maker 2
    >> helpful /co/mrade 09/27/09(Sun)14:25 No.6034476
         File1254075917.png-(378 KB, 1000x1000, 1253427570742.png)
    378 KB

    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)14:25 No.6034488
    Dwarves seem like stubborn enough parents to be able to break an annoying little snot. That and Drows don't get to run wild do they? Don't they have a fluid but rigid hierarchy of people you must respect.
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)14:27 No.6034501
    People that they respect only because they know the alternative is death. This kid would figure out nice and early that Papa Beardy isn't going to stab her in the juglar if she acts up.
    >> Heretical GM 09/27/09(Sun)14:28 No.6034523
    No but he would "tan her hide". To use the old expression.
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)14:29 No.6034544
    They spend the first ~3 years of their lives being coddled over by their mothers then the next ~5 years in slave pits fighting over scraps of food, and backstabbing others, and teaching themselves how to be charismatic leaders. And only the best of the best are allowed to join their society.
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)14:29 No.6034545
    But papa beardy could still take her ass If she tried, that and digging holes or lugging rocks because you acted up just isn't fun. (this would also explain her fitness, she acted up a lot)
    >> Schrödinger's Cat 09/27/09(Sun)14:30 No.6034561
    Yeah, but a slap across the backside wouldn't be out of the question, and coming from a dwarf neither would it be something to laugh about.
    >> helpful /co/mrade 09/27/09(Sun)14:34 No.6034606
         File1254076458.jpg-(25 KB, 347x236, 1227144653505.jpg)
    25 KB

    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)14:34 No.6034609
    I don't know if spanking would be an effective punishment for a drow or is very dwarfy. I am seeing the father dwarf sort of like Clint Eastwood from gran torino
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)14:35 No.6034620
    getting hammered would be a dwarfy punishment
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)14:36 No.6034631
    I think this would be a great place for someone to post that story about the paladin & the nympho drow matron & her nympho daughters.
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)14:36 No.6034638
    yes please
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)14:36 No.6034643
    This thread is now about Drow spanking fetishes.
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)14:36 No.6034644
    >getting hammered would be a dwarfy punishment

    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)14:37 No.6034649
    > Old. I already read this on http://www.anantalk.com/ (anan = anon) last night.
    I saw this posted on AT. Must be copypasta.
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)14:38 No.6034659
    Elves raised by dorfs are fucking funny.

    Particularly if you make your dorfs jewish.
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)14:38 No.6034661
    Imagine the Internal frustration when she finds her self attracted to a poncy faggot pretty boy and not a proper dwarfish man.
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)14:38 No.6034667
    No. They give GOOD images.
    >> God-Emperor of Mankind 09/27/09(Sun)14:38 No.6034668
    I think it would be adorable/funny if she were completly ignorant of the fact she was a drow, like she knows shes different, but really the thought doesn't cross your mind.

    Aslo imagine this. You're tired from Travels and you go to unload your wagon for the night and a Drow woman approaches you in full plate and says,
    " Oi, Nice daye we be havin! Ya needs sum help 'ere Laddie?"
    >> helpful /co/mrade 09/27/09(Sun)14:39 No.6034676
         File1254076743.jpg-(72 KB, 567x378, 1223594185622.jpg)
    72 KB
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)14:40 No.6034693
    Hay /tg/. I just had an.... interesting character concept pop into my head. Brace yourself.

    A Nigger who was raised by Asians.

    1. Is this awesome?

    2. If you were the DM and a player brought this to the table, what would you say?
    >> Schrödinger's Cat 09/27/09(Sun)14:40 No.6034696
    Well consider that a Drow woould be more sensitive and less tough by nature. Add in that papadorf would probably have a slap to rival Cpt. Bright's and he's be wearing heavy gauntlets or studded leather.
    It adds up to a pretty nasty hit. Still, I suppose if she had that masochistic streak that Drow tend to show it might not be as effective a punishment as hard labour.

    No, that's a Dwarvish pastime.
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)14:41 No.6034708
    I mean the angry dwarf with the hammer comes around and smacks a bitch
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)14:42 No.6034726
    >A Nigger who was raised by Asians.

    You wanna play a Jew raised by Nazis?
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)14:42 No.6034735

    Wait, could the drow be a hammerer?

    People need to drawfag that paragon of dorfy justice.
    >> helpful /co/mrade 09/27/09(Sun)14:42 No.6034736
         File1254076962.png-(413 KB, 853x480, 1241914301481.png)
    413 KB
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)14:42 No.6034737
    they'd have to give it some yeast first
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)14:43 No.6034750
    Or how about a Nazi raised by Jews?... Oh wait, that was Adolf Hitler.
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)14:44 No.6034756
    Dad why are my ears longer?

    I fed you to much rabbit stew as a child.
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)14:44 No.6034760
    One of them would need to be a high level cleric
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)14:46 No.6034785
    Why Am I taller than all the other kids?

    Your first mining helmet wasn't heavy enough
    >> Schrödinger's Cat 09/27/09(Sun)14:46 No.6034788
    Did I mention the drow trying not to get sqeezed ioutof a tight fitting dwarvish loincloth?

    I can just picture the feeble swings which barely ruffle their beards in her rookie days.
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)14:46 No.6034797
    I can imagine Papa Dwarf's reaction when the blow that was meant for hardy dwarf children flings Sandwich across the room.

    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)14:49 No.6034832
    Those two can have a sleepover whenever they want.
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)14:49 No.6034836
         File1254077387.jpg-(89 KB, 643x929, One_sexy_Drow_by_SozokuReed.jpg)
    89 KB
    No Papa please... I'll be good, I'll be---
    Mpph! Ooh! It hurts... Be gentle plea---
    Mmmmh! It stings so! *whimpers*
    >> God-Emperor of Mankind 09/27/09(Sun)14:49 No.6034839
    Hrmm this seems to have backfired on me and now I can only imagine Sandwich with a very thick Scottish accent. And the conversation continues in my head so I'll torture you with it.

    " Your not going to rape and kill me are you?"
    " Why would I be wantin ta do that? Ye be but a wee lad, not enough meat on yer bones, 'sides I be a paladin, can't be rapein 'n' kinnin now can I?"
    >> helpful /co/mrade 09/27/09(Sun)14:50 No.6034842
         File1254077410.jpg-(86 KB, 661x458, 1252563368068.jpg)
    86 KB
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)14:50 No.6034851

    Do you know if there is a hammerer school?

    Where you learn the art of hammering for great justice?
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)14:52 No.6034873
    I can see her journey to Paladin-hood being a natural one. As she gets older, she takes to the code of whatever her local order is and dedicates herself to it as a check against her racial impulses. And of course it makes Daddy proud, that his daughter wants to become a real warrior (plus it means he doesn't have to keep widening his tunnels in the mine so she can fit.)

    She'd have a huge disdain for her fellow Drow, as well. "If I can conquer my impulses and live righteously, why can't you? Now cut it out before I start dishing out the smitings, eh?"
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)14:53 No.6034886
    My fucking head would explode if a player brought this to the table. None of my players are interesting enough to think up something like that. I'd probably let it through on novelty alone.
    >> Schrödinger's Cat 09/27/09(Sun)14:54 No.6034897
    The City/Mine/Fortress/Alehouse Watch, I'd assume would cover that.
    >> God-Emperor of Mankind 09/27/09(Sun)14:55 No.6034907
    again only the thickest of scottish accents, and her being COMPLETELY oblivious to it.
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)14:56 No.6034918
    I could see myself doing a dwarf-raised drow. It's end up an assassin. They'd think they changed him/her (not sure which) but it was simply lying. They think I'm good, and I cause their downfall. This smells fun.
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)14:56 No.6034920
    I think making it racial takes something away, In my opinion she should be a personal struggle and she just strives harder to be devout because of her own impulses.
    >> SirBriggz 09/27/09(Sun)14:56 No.6034927
         File1254077815.jpg-(69 KB, 672x592, Father and Son.jpg)
    69 KB
    I had a character idea like that a while ago.I was still working out the story but, a dwarf kingdom and a drow queendom were attempting to foster a form of piece so the two leaders took custody of the others child. Never finished it and the onbly thing I have left is a uncolored picture.
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)15:00 No.6034950
    So if she's wearing a kilt and other such traditionally dwarven clothes. Wouldn't that be like a rather short Catholic Schoolgirl's uniform?
    >> helpful /co/mrade 09/27/09(Sun)15:01 No.6034962
    Sounds like Darkseid and All-Father from the DCU...
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)15:02 No.6034980
    she is probably a fat butterball from trying to keep up with the eating and drinking of other dwarves, so picture that at your own expense.
    >> SirBriggz 09/27/09(Sun)15:02 No.6034981
    I don't what you are talking about but chances are you are spot on.
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)15:03 No.6034989
    Do elves/drow get fat?
    >> helpful /co/mrade 09/27/09(Sun)15:04 No.6034996
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)15:05 No.6035005
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)15:06 No.6035022
    Elves eat sugar and fruit all the time, if anything she is probably just more muscular from the higher carbs/protein and all the hauling young unskilled dwarves have to do.
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)15:07 No.6035026
         File1254078426.jpg-(23 KB, 400x300, tinyturtleispleased.jpg)
    23 KB
    How did this end up a drow porn thread so fast? Now we've got hot dorf on drow action! It's even semi-incest, 'cause she's adopted!



    Daddy! Harder!

    >> LOUDFORGED 09/27/09(Sun)15:07 No.6035032
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)15:07 No.6035036

    You should continue with this.
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)15:09 No.6035056
    and has a problem with kidney stones from the unnaturally high protein diet
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)15:09 No.6035060
    While she's working she probably just wears some somewhat poorly fitted overalls instead.
    >> helpful /co/mrade 09/27/09(Sun)15:09 No.6035064
    All-Father and Darkseid are basically DC's image of God and Satan. According to DC canon, All-Father and Darkseid exchanged sons as part of a peace treaty.
    >> SirBriggz 09/27/09(Sun)15:10 No.6035071
    Ya, they are not the living breathing organisms with fat cells. It's just not in their make believe culture to overeat.
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)15:11 No.6035080
    >Daddy! Harder!
    >> SirBriggz 09/27/09(Sun)15:11 No.6035083
    Ah...you were spot on.
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)15:11 No.6035088
    Drow generally have rather higher protein diets than any of the other elves (well, maybe not the cannibalistic wood elves, but they craaaazy!)
    >> Ixonoclast !tTBC.7oEaQ 09/27/09(Sun)15:12 No.6035095
    So she doesn't just talk scottish... she's also fucking buff.

    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)15:13 No.6035098

    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)15:13 No.6035104
         File1254078812.jpg-(348 KB, 2700x867, calvin-and-hobbes.jpg)
    348 KB
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)15:13 No.6035108
    Let's think about this.

    Actually, be right back, fappan'
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)15:13 No.6035110

    Drow Matron's Long, Underdate 15.12:

    The dwarf child is... a lunatic. He's stronger than any two of my bodyguards put together, despite being half our height, and enjoys walking up behind them and shoving them over. He refers to this practice as "Drow tipping".

    I hate the little shit.

    Drow Matron's Log, Underdate 23.10:

    The dwarf child was, I thought, properly reared to understand the value of subtle political backstabbing and intrigues.

    I may have overestimated his training, for today he walked in, and asked my chancellor, " You're next in line for Mom's throne, aren't ya?"

    She said yes.

    Then he stabbed my chancellor, yelling " Don't betray mom, you cowardly git!"

    ...Then he installed himself as the new chancellor, claiming he had the right due to having killed the old one. As everyone in the room was too terrified of him to have a proper response at the time, he was verified as the new chancellor.

    He murdered my chancellor in broad darkness, and not only wasn't punished for it, he now has that position!

    ...I don't know if this means he doesn't *get* subtle politics, or if he is simply *better* at subtle politics than the rest of us are.
    >> SirBriggz 09/27/09(Sun)15:17 No.6035138
    Wow! The retard in me kicked in for that post.
    >> Ixonoclast !tTBC.7oEaQ 09/27/09(Sun)15:18 No.6035147
    Imagine Calvin's dad as a dwarf. Pipe in his mouth.

    Gambling, with a huge bottle of strong liquor, playing against a lizardman with a prosthetic arm and a human with dozens of scars on his face.

    Telling giant heaps of bullshit, about unmovable sticks, flying islands and manticoras.
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)15:21 No.6035164

    I hate it when retards kick me. It's so much more fun the other way around!
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)15:24 No.6035197
    Somebody please save this thread, for the GLORY of England!
    >> helpful /co/mrade 09/27/09(Sun)15:25 No.6035209
    ITT: /tg/ takes a random character idea and makes it reasonable, awesome, and hot all at the same time - all with a few laughs along the way.

    God I love you guys.
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)15:26 No.6035217

    Fuck England, I want drow-dorfs!
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)15:27 No.6035226
         File1254079630.jpg-(136 KB, 1000x1333, lil sandvich.jpg)
    136 KB
    Daddy! Let's play bash th' orcs again!
    >> Commissar Carnifex 09/27/09(Sun)15:27 No.6035235
    Hay /tg/. I just had an.... interesting character concept pop into my head. Brace yourself.

    A Carnifex Commissar who was raised by Raeg.

    1. Is this awesome?

    2. If you were the DM and a player brought this to the table, what would you say?
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)15:31 No.6035268
    No custom races and classes. If you want Carnifexes and Commissars, go play 40k.
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)15:32 No.6035284

    I didn't know this could turn me on...

    I... I need more... please
    >> SirBriggz 09/27/09(Sun)15:38 No.6035328
         File1254080291.jpg-(444 KB, 1649x2070, IMG_0001.jpg)
    444 KB
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)15:39 No.6035337

    This is awesome
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)15:44 No.6035393
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)15:45 No.6035405
    Was this a troll thread that became good?
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)15:51 No.6035466
    And I though I was being original with dorf raised elf paladin. Then you had to up the ante and make a dorf raised drow paladin. And make her Sandwich, too. Fucking damnit.
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)15:52 No.6035478
    Sometimes even a FAIL can sometimes spew forth WIN.
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)15:55 No.6035522
    Leave it to /tg/ to work a mediocre concept into pure gold..and then degenerate into incestuous dorf on drow porn
    anyway make her a genuinely good natured and simple land girl in the spirit of Carrot whos response to the questions "Why did you leave your people?"
    would be
    "Me head kept hitting the ceiling."
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)15:57 No.6035548
    On a related note, in the campaign I'm in one of the players is a elf fighter raised by dwarfs. Throwing axes to the face for EVERYONE! Also, booze.
    >> SirBriggz 09/27/09(Sun)16:00 No.6035590
         File1254081621.jpg-(176 KB, 986x1294, IMG_0002.jpg)
    176 KB
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)16:07 No.6035680
    Drow Paladin Deity: Moradin Level: 1
    Str: 14 Con: 15 Dex: 14 Int: 12 Wis: 14 Cha: 16

    Annoyed by: elves
    Sucker For: the 'bad boy/girl' look
    Favourite Sin: Lust Favourite Virtue: Kindness Trusts in: Stone
    She comes from a family that is prone to strange maladies. Her birthday is in the third month of the year.
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)16:26 No.6035918
    It'll be funny if she manages to become a legendary hero.

    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)16:37 No.6036051
    So, is the OP actually going with Sandwich the Paladin, or?
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)16:41 No.6036106

    He'd better, lest the eyes of his ancestors scorn him forever.
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)17:03 No.6036354
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)17:03 No.6036356
    >> Anonymous 09/27/09(Sun)17:31 No.6036714

    >Sucker For: the 'bad boy/girl' look
    >Favourite Sin: Lust Favourite Virtue: Kindness Trusts in: Stone

    Have you read nothing of this thread?
    >> Sir Anonymous Esq !7ntjMBJ19U 09/27/09(Sun)17:58 No.6037058
    What's Sandwich's last name?

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