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  • File : 1252542130.jpg-(301 KB, 1095x800, angel saintly with sword.jpg)
    301 KB Anonymous 09/09/09(Wed)20:22 No.5794382  
    Golden sunlight streams in through the pillars of the temple, washing away His silver starlight with vengeful yellow. The city rises fitfully, grimly, moaning as it pulls itself to its feet, spitting the vomit from its mouth before shambling to its duties. Whores quietly weep in their stained beds, drunks sleep in gutters, and guards swarm to your conquest.

    This place, Unvurn, is so alien to you. You are accustomed to the graceful humility with which farmers and shepherds awaken, slipping silently from their meager beds to move in the gloom of predawn's mist to begin their simple tasks. Those same villagers now glumly serve you, so that you may bring them closer to the Star-Ghost and thus further from His wrath, yet they still retain a glimmer of that grace. Just a glimmer.

    You feel Utin's Eye upon you as the city guard surrounds the temple, their spears glinting in the rays, their eyes hard. A pompous man glares at you from the back of his horse, an iron sword clamped in one gnarled hand, a scroll in the other. "By order of Lord Iton Unvurn," he shouts, "I demand that you lay down your arms and submit to his fair and righteous justice!"


    Your name is Harvey. You are a woman of approximately 18 years of age.
    You are a prophet of the Elder God Utin.
    You have significant control over the element of Fire, and a blossoming control over the element of Earth.

    (Previous chapters are on suptg.)
    >> Anonymous 09/09/09(Wed)20:24 No.5794408
         File1252542253.png-(352 KB, 533x723, Women Want It.png)
    352 KB
    >> Anonymous 09/09/09(Wed)20:26 No.5794428
    >> Anonymous 09/09/09(Wed)20:27 No.5794438
    >Your name is Harvey. You are a woman
    I don't usually pay attention to quest threads, but this caught my eye. b'zuh?
    >> Anonymous 09/09/09(Wed)20:27 No.5794439
         File1252542446.jpg-(11 KB, 356x275, 1249527535090.jpg)
    11 KB
    >> Soul-Eater, Chapter IV The Watcher 09/09/09(Wed)20:29 No.5794458
    (/tg/ chose the name. Don't ask me. Oh, and I forgot the name & the title, this is Soul-Eater Chapter IV.)
    >> Anonymous 09/09/09(Wed)20:31 No.5794471
    >> Phai !!FMaqKZb6MY8 09/09/09(Wed)20:32 No.5794480
    tell our high preist (merchant man still needs a name) we will take care of this

    summon halo crest and armor of flame
    >> Anonymous 09/09/09(Wed)20:32 No.5794482

    Were is chapter II on suptg?
    >> Phai !!FMaqKZb6MY8 09/09/09(Wed)20:33 No.5794503
    yea 2 is missing
    >> Anonymous 09/09/09(Wed)20:36 No.5794529
    whats with the weird time today OP?

    ask them of your charges
    >> Anonymous 09/09/09(Wed)20:37 No.5794537
    If it's any consolation to you, her henchmen turn her philosophy on her and rape her until she becomes a whore.
    >> Anonymous 09/09/09(Wed)20:37 No.5794538
    Is that the Harbinger of Menoth? :D
    >> Anonymous 09/09/09(Wed)20:39 No.5794571
         File1252543170.gif-(4 KB, 346x326, 1249843778090.gif)
    4 KB
    >> The Watcher 09/09/09(Wed)20:41 No.5794600

    You look around for diamonds to hurl at the guards, but find none. Apparently, the god you liberated the temple from did not believe in such earthly symbols.

    Your followers peer expectantly at you. There are seventeen in all, a calculating couple you converted when you first entered the city, five young men eager for power, and ten villagers you forced into Utin's service when you first manifested His glory. Four of the young men are wounded, possibly blinded from your fight with the high priest of this temple last night.

    You create a halo of Utin's flame and wrap yourself in His fiery garb. "Do not worry, we shall deal with this intrusion," you assure the man who slew the noble elf.

    (I needed to start a bit earlier. What's a Harbinger of Menoth?)
    >> Anonymous 09/09/09(Wed)20:41 No.5794605
    sure is daytime /tg/ around here

    knock that shit off faggots
    >> Phai !!FMaqKZb6MY8 09/09/09(Wed)20:44 No.5794634
    >> Anonymous 09/09/09(Wed)20:45 No.5794640
    To be fair, she could've stopped it at any point, being an admin in an MMO that everyone else was locked into. for the others, it was rape; they had no way out. For her, though, she could've just logged out at any time during it.
    >> The Watcher 09/09/09(Wed)20:51 No.5794703

    "Tell me first what I have done!" you shout back, wrapped in glorious flame. Your appearance unnerves the guards, and many folk flock to see the commotion. A low roar of voices surrounds the temple.

    "You are accused, nay, convicted of slaying worshippers of Aenor, the Dawn's Light, of defiling His radiant house, of the senseless murder of His beloved child!" the man is undaunted by you, and urges his men forward. They reluctantly respond, and slowly begin to edge their way upward. They are many, and you are unsure of your ability to fight so many.
    >> Phai !!FMaqKZb6MY8 09/09/09(Wed)20:55 No.5794746
    create an Earth wall 8 feet high and 2 thick in front of them. then shout "HA! i would barley call a being as low as Aenor as a god, and further more I demand you stop praying to him! This is a city of UTIN THE STAR GHOST!!!"
    >> Anonymous 09/09/09(Wed)20:57 No.5794773
    > barley
    We're making cereal now?
    >> Phai !!FMaqKZb6MY8 09/09/09(Wed)20:59 No.5794789
    yea i always have trouble spelling that word
    no idea why
    >> Phai !!FMaqKZb6MY8 09/09/09(Wed)21:05 No.5794862
    >> The Watcher 09/09/09(Wed)21:10 No.5794900
    You create a barrier of rock before them, and they shout in alarm. You hear the curses of their captain, the sudden roar of the crowd, and a fainter, more desperate sound. You shout of the glory of Utin, and scream his name, lost in your own drunken power.

    Something strikes the back of your skull, and you tumble down from the temple's precipice to slam into your own barrier. Your vision blackens, fades, and you are lost in oblivion.


    /...still alive.../

    "you must excercise control if you wish to take your talents far in my life..."

    /...magic...fire or some-..../

    "You think you have the power of Mars?"

    /...hope you rot, whore./


    You wake up in a small, windowless cell. You are naked. There is a heavy iron door at one of the cell. There is a pitcher of water near the door, as well as a loaf of dark bread. You are laying on a thin mound of sour-smelling straw. You are thirsty, and your head feels thick and sore.
    >> Anonymous 09/09/09(Wed)21:12 No.5794929
         File1252545178.jpg-(35 KB, 420x315, beef_barley_soup.jpg)
    35 KB

    No, clearly this is an attempt at a soup or stew of some kind.
    >> Anonymous 09/09/09(Wed)21:14 No.5794944

    Well, fuck. That could have gone better. Dip your finger in the water and taste it! Inspect the bread! How powerful do you feel?
    >> Phai !!FMaqKZb6MY8 09/09/09(Wed)21:15 No.5794952
    calm down and nurse your wounds

    drink the water and eat the bread

    see if you can hear anything
    >> The Watcher 09/09/09(Wed)21:20 No.5795002

    You take a small sip of the water, and find that it tastes slightly bitter but otherwise fine. A nibble on the bread reveals that it is rough and gritty, but having lived as a peasant you are used to such things.

    You have absolutely no sense of Utin in this place, nor his power. This is unusual to you. As you strain your ears, you can hear the faint sound of water somewhere, as well as muffled voices.
    >> Anonymous 09/09/09(Wed)21:21 No.5795023
    if you feel strong enough when they come to get, clothe yourself in fire. Don't actually do anything to anyone, you just want to give the impression you're powerful enough to waste it on things like decency
    >> Phai !!FMaqKZb6MY8 09/09/09(Wed)21:22 No.5795028
    well no utin no power

    lets wait till something happens
    >> Anonymous 09/09/09(Wed)21:22 No.5795031
    get should have been get you
    >> The Watcher 09/09/09(Wed)21:34 No.5795162

    You attempt to garb yourself in flame, but cannot. In your effort, you see what appears to be a long, thin, grey tattoo along your arm.

    You wait, but you know not for how long, until footsteps can be heard behind your iron door. The rattle of a key, and three people step into your door.

    The first visitor is a tall, powerful man, with a short, black beard and piercing blue eyes. He is garbed in fine silks, and wears many rings upon his long fingers. The second is the captain who captured you, a shorter, more stocky man with a bald crown and a permanent smirk carved in his jaw by an unlucky scar. The third is a sickly-looking female grey elf, with large, almost luminous grey eyes, her spine curled and her spindly fingers gnarled beyond all recognition. She smiles at you, and you are deeply disturbed.

    "Well, it appears you are awake. What is your name?" the tall man asks. You get the distinct impression he is some sort of nobility.
    >> Anonymous 09/09/09(Wed)21:42 No.5795295

    I get the distinct impression we do not want to answer that.
    >> Phai !!FMaqKZb6MY8 09/09/09(Wed)21:43 No.5795300
    respond truthfully

    theres nothing we can do right now but be humble
    >> Anonymous 09/09/09(Wed)21:47 No.5795363
    Answer falsely. Say it's Circe.
    >> The Watcher 09/09/09(Wed)21:56 No.5795515

    After a brief internal struggle, you answer, "Circe."

    The man examines you for a moment, then smiles. "I see...Circe. Well, I've found you to be very special, Circe." He slowly looks you up and down, somehow being simultaneously incredibly lecherous and utterly detached. Your skin crawls. "I have spared your life for one reason and one reason alone. Would you care to guess what that is?"

    The elf smiles, revealing an ugly mess of misshapen teeth.
    >> Phai !!FMaqKZb6MY8 09/09/09(Wed)21:59 No.5795550
    well boys its time to sleep our way to the top~sigh~ we did it for money before though

    mental note

    as soon as we have utin back we shit all over this town starting with these fucks and the castle
    >> The Watcher 09/09/09(Wed)22:09 No.5795658
    "What," you spitefully ask, "you want to sleep with me?"

    "No, but I'm flattered by your assumption. I have need of you, or rather, one with your sort of talents. When I first discovered poor Sodel here," he laid one hand on the elf's decrepit shoulder before quickly withdrawing it, "I was...shocked, by the ability magic users had. I've studied the works of Såkzul Vabôkstukón and Asmel Othsinkot, of course, but she was the first encounter I had with the glorious power of Aether." The elf nodded, purring in her throat.

    "I have many, many enemies. There are those who envy my wealth, or rather, the wealth of my city. They would dare to harm me, and kill my poor citizens." You notice the captain glaring at you from beside the noble. "I need these enemies gone." He smiles, and reveals perfectly straight, white teeth.

    "So, in return for your service, I promise you that you will not waste away in this cell. Do we have an agreement?"
    >> Fisher 09/09/09(Wed)22:13 No.5795700
    Working with them is fine, as long as we're able to spread the word of Utin.
    >> Phai !!FMaqKZb6MY8 09/09/09(Wed)22:15 No.5795734

    but as soon as we wre fucking able we are going to go train and fucking burn this city down in our wake
    >> Fisher 09/09/09(Wed)22:16 No.5795740

    Using all of our experience, we kill the leader guy and rule the world!
    >> The Watcher 09/09/09(Wed)22:26 No.5795849

    "We have an agreement." Your answer is without hesitation. Anything to be back in Utin's sight.

    "Good. My name is Iton. I would shake your hand but...I do not touch peasants." He nods to the captain, who throws down his cloak. "Put that on, and we may continue. Sodel?" The elf seems to murmur something, and you feel your head clear and Utin's grace flow through you.

    Iton leads you from the dungeon, with the filthy grey elf ever close upon your heels. You pass torture rooms, cells overpacked with dissatisfied prisoners, and chained screaming lunatics who lunge at you as you pass. Eventually, you emerge from the dungeon, where Iton presents you with a simple cloth servants garb and tells you to eat and sleep. Sodel brings you to a room, where a small table lies waiting with good food and a bed rests in one corner. The elf doesn't speak to you, nor does she avert her eyes when you are ready to change.

    Now would be a good time to converse with Utin, or reflect upon your elemental abilities. Sodel is clearly gifted with Aether magic.
    >> Phai !!FMaqKZb6MY8 09/09/09(Wed)22:30 No.5795886
    lets find out
    ask utin what aether is and how those low lifes blocked our glorious master from us

    we need not food or sleep with the constant flow of health that is utin so converse with him before anything else
    >> Abaddon 09/09/09(Wed)22:30 No.5795888

    We need to make sure that this gray elf dies soon. She can stop our magic. And we need to find the man who took the high elf's jaw. I suspect that he may be the one who knocked us out.
    >> Phai !!FMaqKZb6MY8 09/09/09(Wed)22:32 No.5795901
    great thinking fisher

    btw do you know what happened to lolbond?
    >> Fisher 09/09/09(Wed)22:33 No.5795910
    Let's think about the power of Earth. (Specialization!)

    We should also ask Utin about the properties of Aether and its opposing element.
    >> Anonymous 09/09/09(Wed)22:33 No.5795912
    That would seem to be the case since the only time we used ice, no one from our village was around to see it, and none of our followers have the same capacity for magic that we do.
    >> The Watcher 09/09/09(Wed)22:37 No.5795953

    You seek Utin's presence, and after a while He fills your soul with power. The elf's eyes widen.

    "Yes, Star-Child? What is it that you seek from me?" His voice is soothing to you.

    You question him to Aether, and he responds: "Its symbol is the space between stars, the unreality that simply Is. It is the domain of the schism, of the shield, and of silence." When you ask him how it was able to cut Him you, he tells you that he felt no break in truth, only a weakness of will and a frailty of the soul.

    In your mind, you notice that Utin's Eye seems slightly less bloody.
    >> Anonymous 09/09/09(Wed)22:37 No.5795958
    So where do we find more of these elemental spirits, star ghost? And how soon til we can set this place on fire?
    >> Fisher 09/09/09(Wed)22:40 No.5795987

    No, no setting the place on fire! Taking over the world in the name of Utin is better (plus, we can burn things and be protected by law).

    Does Aether require a specific emotion, or is it something that can be used to enhance the other elements?

    Also, power up Earth!
    >> Phai !!FMaqKZb6MY8 09/09/09(Wed)22:44 No.5796023
    Alright next order of business practice aether so none can ever seperate us from utin again

    then kill that motherfucking elf
    rape that snob
    kill the man he keeps with him
    kill the merchant
    and preach of utin

    not neccesarily in that order
    >> The Watcher 09/09/09(Wed)22:46 No.5796047
    You continue with your inquiries of the Star-Ghost, asking him of the opposition of Aether.

    "Aether is the antithesis of all and yet none. It is nothing, and thus the obverse of everything. But to mortals, its strongest polarity is that of Spirit." He senses your third question. "Little one, Aether rules with apathy and rejection, a denial of others and yourself. It is a lonely and quiet path."

    "Wait in child, for the stars are not yet right for your second awakening."

    He fades from your mind, and you begin to think of Earth. After a brief moment of reflection, you notice how vulnerable you were when you created the stone wall to hold back the soldiers, and this moment of weakness allowed you to be struck down. The energy required to shape stone must have impacted the flames shielding your body. You also recall that you had to rely on your followers when you created the four stone golems.
    >> Anonymous 09/09/09(Wed)22:46 No.5796051
    I'VE GOT AN ADDENDUM TO THOSE PLANS GOOD SIR, lets take over the entire THE ENTIRE police/military and usurp iton's position for ourselves.
    >> Fisher 09/09/09(Wed)22:47 No.5796066

    Order of operation IMO:

    1. Make Utin the new religion of Unvurn
    2. Help the government of Unvurn to expand (and spread word of Utin)
    3. Kill the Elf (make it look like an accident if possible)
    4. Kill the leader guy
    5. Rule the newly named Utinvurn with flaming fist of iron.
    >> Abaddon 09/09/09(Wed)22:52 No.5796124

    if we are starting a cult to a forgotten god we want to do things a diffrent way than hurp derp derp kill all.

    We want the people to see and love the star ghost. We want the leader of this town in our control.

    we need an army to protect ourselves while we convert and grow in power.
    >> Fisher 09/09/09(Wed)22:56 No.5796168

    Sodel (the elf) needs to be removed from the picture at some point, Grey Elves are our biggest threat ATM.

    Iton only needs to be killed if he shows signs of betraying us and endangering the spread of Utin.
    >> Phai !!FMaqKZb6MY8 09/09/09(Wed)22:58 No.5796204
    the elf is now aware of the gravity of our powers

    summon nothing but your crown and crest and tell her the following "for the moment elf it seems im in your service but i want you to know i have my own agenda and ill be damned if I let that mission be interupted. But for the moment I have no need to dispose of you so be at ease."
    >> Fisher 09/09/09(Wed)23:01 No.5796230

    We could always pump her for info before shutting her out....
    >> The Watcher 09/09/09(Wed)23:03 No.5796253

    You begin to mentally list off your goals:

    Kill Sodel
    Enlighten Unvurn to Utin
    Kill the acolyte you believe betrayed you
    Control Unvurn
    Kill Iton

    You feel refreshed as you ready yourself to meet Iton. You begin to reach for your fire, but Sodel quickly wraps you in iron threads of Aether. "Not here," she whispers, her voice disgusting, "you can't do that here." A glare causes her to flinch away.

    The elf leads you to Iton's throne room, where you find the throne empty. The lord is instead resting on a couch, reading from a small, leatherbound book. A beautiful girl softly plays a harp nearby. He stands when he sees you.

    "Ah, Circe, how was your rest? I trust the food was good?"
    >> Anonymous 09/09/09(Wed)23:09 No.5796318
    >> Abaddon 09/09/09(Wed)23:10 No.5796330

    be polite before we kill him by frezzing his body from his balls
    >> Fisher 09/09/09(Wed)23:11 No.5796338

    "Best food and bed I've had since coming here. No one mentioned how well you treat prisoners.

    Let's skip to the part where you tell everything I need to know. Maybe a map or two."
    >> The Watcher 09/09/09(Wed)23:17 No.5796402


    "Good." He smiles that perfect smile. "Now, about our agreement." He returns to the couch, leaving you standing. "Recently, the city of Libash has been causing me problems. The ruler of that city, a hateful bitch by the name of Lady Deler, once thought I should marry her. Ha!" He motions for the girl to stop playing.

    "Now, normally this wouldn't be reason enough to dislike someone. It happens frequently amid the higher echelons of society, you know," he smirks. "Or rather, you don't know. Anyway, she has been bribing several steel dwarves to denounce my city and its people. Unfortunately, steel dwarves, being as they are, have a rather heavy political influence, and thus in recent years the caravans passing through Unvurn have been significantly more meager than what I would like. Are you following me?" he stares at you.

    (Still no maps, unless you want a shitty MSpaint one.)
    >> Anonymous 09/09/09(Wed)23:19 No.5796428
    What if I could persuade these dorfs to agree with a more beneficial political stand?
    >> Anonymous 09/09/09(Wed)23:23 No.5796497
    Assasinate Lady Deler, teach the stone dwarves some respect. GOT IT.
    >> Anonymous 09/09/09(Wed)23:25 No.5796513
    Discuss with Utin how we can further our elemental powers besides meditation.
    >> Phai !!FMaqKZb6MY8 09/09/09(Wed)23:25 No.5796519
    You want me to kill her?
    >> Anonymous 09/09/09(Wed)23:33 No.5796601
    Killing is a harsh word,"You wish for me to silence her?"
    >> The Watcher 09/09/09(Wed)23:36 No.5796634

    "Kill her? No no no," Iton laughs, and the sound has a keening, wretched quality to it.

    "I want you to /destroy/ her," he grins. "As for the dwarfs, they will know who has done this and why. You need not worry your little commoner head with the politics of the matter, dear.

    "Go out, and slay Deler, her court, and all of her immediate family. Violently. And do try to stay alive, as I have more little tasks for you, yes?"


    Sodel hands you a small purse filled with travel supplies as you exit the city. "Don't even think about vengeance...Circe," she whispers to you. It is nearly nighttime, and the gates are remaining open only for her. "I can smell you coming a mile away." She turns from you and shuffles through the heavy doors, which shut with a resounding crash.


    And I think we'll end there for tonight. I'll be happy to answer any questions about the nature of magic, the physics of the world, or just anything so long as they remain within the boundaries of Circ- I mean, Harvey's knowledge.
    >> Phai !!FMaqKZb6MY8 09/09/09(Wed)23:40 No.5796666
    we had moderate control of aether back at the cave when we tried to make our cloak

    so what im asking is , how good is our control over aether
    >> Anonymous 09/09/09(Wed)23:44 No.5796708
    The only thin Sodel will smell is the burning of her flesh, and the ashes of her people.
    >> Anonymous 09/09/09(Wed)23:44 No.5796709

    >> Anonymous 09/09/09(Wed)23:44 No.5796710
    didnt you say you wjuld start posting all the elements at the begining of each thread?
    >> Anonymous 09/09/09(Wed)23:46 No.5796722
    whens the next time you will be here?
    >> The Watcher 09/09/09(Wed)23:49 No.5796760
    Our control over Aether is about as strong as our control over Water.

    It's a little bit complicated to describe each element, but I'll be happy to do a short review if asked.

    Probably tomorrow night.
    >> Phai !!FMaqKZb6MY8 09/09/09(Wed)23:56 No.5796820
    sleep well Watcher

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