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  • File : 1251719918.jpg-(126 KB, 800x600, Door.jpg)
    126 KB Creepy DM redux Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)07:58 No.5665007  
    Hey /tg/ its that time again!

    Post the creepiest stuff your DM or you as the DM have pulled on the party.

    Things that make the players shit bricks. For example:

    -A PC doing something else while watching television suddenly notices that the characters on TV have stopped talking. Instead, they are simply staring at the screen, as if watching the PC. Then everything returns to normal, as if it had never happened.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)08:01 No.5665026
    - If a PC tries to use a car, the car tends to try to steer toward oncoming traffic or into a telephone pole. It never overpowers the driver, but if left unattended while driving, the car will try to kill the passengers in the most convenient way possible at the time.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)08:02 No.5665044
    -The PCs are driving along when they accidentally run into a pedestrian with enough force that should kill him/her. You could include such details as having the pedestrian tumble over the vehicle and land on the pavement behind. Before the PCs can check on the victim, the pedestrian gets up and returns to what he/she was doing acting as if nothing had happened.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)08:03 No.5665052
    reposts are reposts but damn do I love this shit.

    More plz.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)08:04 No.5665056

    These are just from the big .doc of creepy moments. Why are you posting them?
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)08:05 No.5665066
    The key is to make sure every single conceivable NPC behaves as if nothing has ever happened in their entire lives for any reason.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)08:05 No.5665070

    op is a faget
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)08:07 No.5665082

    Wow, I never realised my old D&D DM was such a master of creepiness.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)08:09 No.5665098
    >if left unattended while driving
    "OMG! If you drive this car without touching the steering wheel, you could die!"
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)08:09 No.5665100
    ECL 15 game, party is hired to investigate a haunted mansion.

    We go in, place is larger on the inside than the outside, we cant get out. Okay so we head to the first room. DM says bunch of cryptic lettering, alphabets and a body is strung up between 2 pillars in the middle of the room.

    Everyone fails the knowledge rolls with pretty high DCs. Absolutely NOTHING happens for ages as everyone talks to each other, pokes around the room, but otherwise does NOTHING whatsoever. DM refused to give hints and just sits there watching us narrate our actions to each other.

    I am a ranger with good fort/ref saves. I try to get the plot movign by cutting down the body. DM says i triggered an epic trap with a save or die DC of something like 38. I fail. He cites the "occasionally some enconters will be tougher than normal" rule in the DMG. As far as i know the campaign didnt go anywhere because nobody dared to do anything, nobody could figure out anything and the DM refused to deviate from his carefully prepared plan and just sat there watching them do nothing.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)08:13 No.5665129
    "occasionally some enconters will be tougher than normal. For example, in this adventure, all of them are."
    Was he trying to beat Tomb of Horrors' high score?
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)08:15 No.5665136
    I did what the OP did. Except that I actually got a fake TV show and popped it in the VCR. This was WAAAAYY back in highschool, though, when we did Film for art.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)08:16 No.5665141
    The party moves their conversation into a room which they can lock and is private so they can discuss their plan.

    Suddenly a knock is heard on the door.

    If the party ignores the knocking, it will continue. If someone asks "Who's there?" There will be no answer.

    The knocking will only stop once a party member opens the door. The doorway will be empty and so will the accompanying hallway.

    The party member can then shut and re-lock the door.

    A short time later, the knocking will come at the door again. Once again, no answer, and when the door is opened, the knocking stops.

    Shutting the door again, the party member only has to walk away from the door for a moment, before this is another round of knocking.

    This time when the party member opens the door, there will be a piece of paper laying on the floor at the foot of the door.

    If the PC reads the paper, it will say.

    "Now we are all inside."
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)08:17 No.5665143
    To elaborate, I did this IN GAME at the same time as it was on the tv. They just stared, looked back and forth as if watching, made whispered comments to each other, as did the people I was describing. The players FREAKED.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)08:18 No.5665153
    What happens if they don't shut the door?
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)08:21 No.5665172
         File1251721289.jpg-(86 KB, 451x339, Ohyou.jpg)
    86 KB
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)08:26 No.5665199

    Ooooh that's a good one. I would have shat brix too if suddenly the people on the TV started staring at us while you were describing it.

    got any more?
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)08:37 No.5665259
    My players were wandering around an ancient and long deserted laboratory. One of them decided to wander off on his own, just to be awkward.

    He ends up in a room that's pitch black. His lantern refuses to pierce the darkness, nor do his abilities. Suddenly he's surrounded by a battle. There's screams and roars as humans and monsters tear themselves apart. He can hear attacks going off, smell the blood on the air, but he can't see anything. He eventually finds a light switch and turns it on. The noise abruptly ceases. He's the only one in the room...but the room is filled with the piled skeletons of humans and monsters, all torn apart.

    The rest of the PCs eventually found him cowering in an elevator.

    Also, there was a creepy little girl ghost that wanted to play. I managed to hype up the scariness, until two of the PCs managed to accidently run over her corpse with a forklift truck.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)08:37 No.5665260
    Bump for I'm-going-to-run-CoC-soon justice.

    I really like the door one.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)08:38 No.5665265
    One of my players once got cursed by a powerful vampire for torching her library. So he got stalked by a manifestation of pure shadow that would attacked him and start to choke the shit out of him whenever he was alone and in a dark place. Small light sources like candles would start to flicker and die and the temperature of the room he was in would suddenly fall as a first sign of an imminent attack. It couldn`t be killed, but if exposed to light it would hastily retreat to the shadows.

    The PC in question was a badass mercenary in a low magic setting who soon became terrified at the prospect of being alone at night or going down into a dark cellar to fetch a bottle of vine. And the party soon started to doubt his sanity when they burst into his room at the inn for the second time when he was screaming and flaying around like a madmen and nothing but him was to be found in his room. Ah, those were god times...
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)08:44 No.5665288
         File1251722643.gif-(486 KB, 100x82, 1251721032304.gif)
    486 KB
    i fucking love this shit.

    More plz
    >> Rape-Chan !!DhEZOUaepXX 08/31/09(Mon)08:44 No.5665294
    The rows of trees on both sides of the road leading up to a castle had a body or two hanging from them by ropes. They all faced away from the road so you couldn't see them, but as we walked along and passing them, when we happened to look back the trees were bare, nothing hanging.

    As we moved further down the road, the next trees had more bodies than the last, seeping under the weight and they were turned a little more. We looked back once more to see if it would repeat and it did, with even more the next time. The tree sagged so much their feet were nearly touching the ground, and they were now almost facing the road.

    We decided not to do it again. At the time several people were freaked out by it.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)08:45 No.5665296
    No, other than that I'm just a bastard of the highest order. Once, they opened a door to find Lofwyr's great golden eye staring at them. DELICIOUS SHADOWRUNNERS.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)08:46 No.5665306
    some of my ideas from a thread some time ago, haven't put them into life yet:

    +when you shake hands with anybody, they always clench their other hand into a fist.

    +when asked for the name of their parents, everybody will respond 'Steve and Jane'

    +when going round town at night the party will hear a toddler screaming in a house nearby. There are no lights on in the house. If they investigate, they will find a group of happy soon-to-be-moms having a tea party in beautiful floral dresses and such. In the middle of the night, with lights off, listening to a tape of children screaming and crying.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)08:50 No.5665322
    >+when going round town at night the party will hear a toddler screaming in a house nearby. There are no lights on in the house. If they investigate, they will find a group of happy soon-to-be-moms having a tea party in beautiful floral dresses and such. In the middle of the night, with lights off, listening to a tape of children screaming and crying.
    "The hell is going on here?"
    "Oh, we figure it's best to get used to it as soon as possible."
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)08:53 No.5665333
         File1251723185.png-(71 KB, 247x248, Ohjesus.png)
    71 KB

    Fuck you killed it. That one can't be used now.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)08:56 No.5665351

    Something that is so easy to kill shouldn`t be used in the first place.
    >> northern /k/ommando 08/31/09(Mon)09:01 No.5665373
         File1251723677.gif-(14 KB, 300x217, nelson-muntz.gif)
    14 KB
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)09:01 No.5665376
         File1251723697.jpg-(34 KB, 211x604, ThenIloled.jpg)
    34 KB
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)09:03 No.5665389
    not enough deathbloodgore? And yes, your response is kind of suitable if you don't want to freak the players out.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BvvC3BfMcZI <- make the track something like that, only more creepy
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)09:03 No.5665391
    Oh, sorry. I also like to subtly taint gaming materials. A printed player handout might have "YOUCANTESCAPEMESTEVE" in capitals in there somewhere. "WTF is this?" I take the printout, read it, say "huh"? and hand back a different sheet (good at sleight of hand).
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)09:03 No.5665392

    this is why I love you /tg/.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)09:15 No.5665465
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)09:18 No.5665487
    One of my players is currently playing a Dark Elf Fire Elementalist and took haunted as a flaw. I figured he was tasked with burning down some slaves quarters in the past and now he is stalked by the ghost of a little human girl, maybe five or six years old. First he notices a sudden smell of smoke or burning flesh. Then the little girl appears somewhere he isn`t looking. When he spots her she smiles at him and extends her arms as if to hug him. Then she starts to burn. But she still smiles at him all the time when the fire eats away her little scruffy dress, her golden hair,her bare skin and her very flesh. And the fire won`t stop with consuming the ghostly appearation, it will spread to everything the girl touches with an alarming speed. The Elementarist is the only one who can see the little girl and naturally he is the one who takes the blame when stuff around him catches fire all of a sudden.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)09:22 No.5665508
    They act as if nothing is wrong, and say something about the beautiful music they're listening too. If they're asked about the fact that it's the middle of the night, they look confused, and each declare that it's a different time of day, and then agree with the others. And then they continue listening to the babies cry, stopping occasionally to critique it as if it was music.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)09:24 No.5665522
         File1251725080.jpg-(285 KB, 1199x1104, cookie.jpg)
    285 KB
    a cookie for you, from the guy that posted it
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)09:25 No.5665524
    What happens when your PC screams "BANKAI!" and stabs them in the face?
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)09:27 No.5665546
    Stab the player in the face with your Knife of GMing. Duh.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)09:28 No.5665553

    If you, as the GM, do something creepy, you need to be able to explain it to yourself, even if your players will never know about it. Otherwise it is just stupid, random dumbfuckery that destroys the credibility of the game world. I am very interested in your explanation for this event.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)09:33 No.5665581
    A Chaos Mage is doing an experiment to see if he can glean a new symbol from the mothers, all are Romany women who call on many things to protect themselves. If he can make them think they're being attacked by evil spirits (He's using sympathetic links collected from stolen hairbrushes, phantasm and phantasmal noise spells through ritual magic targetted at the group, an easy enough if fucking unpleasant thing to do due to the added drain). He can then get a look at the glyphs they use to protect themselves, either through a Watcher, bound spirit (Probably a spirit of Man, since elementals might not copy it properly) or by himself in his Astral Form.

    Uncovering the glyph might be all he needs to initiate and uncover a new metamagic, like Shielding if he hasn't gotten it yet. Maybe even Channelling.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)09:34 No.5665585
    >>5665581 here. Did I mention you sound like a pretentious cocksucker?
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)09:35 No.5665598
    The town is inhabited by experiments in artificially created humanity, put together by a source that knows dick and all about how people really work - likely the same source that creates tales of the IRL Men in Black. Everything everyone does is almost right, but just a little off - selling dessicated fruit, covered in flies, standing on a pedestal, and allowing themselves to be cleaned, as if a statue - down to the bone, in cases. Stopping to throw rocks at any and all cats that come near, while all screaming the same thing, and then turning back to their business as normal once it runs away.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)09:53 No.5665723
    Bump for creepy.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)09:53 No.5665727
    "As you walk into the room, it's bright and well decorated, with a light floral pattern covering the walls, and pinks and oranges everywhere. Beautifully furnished, with an iron-footed Victorian tub which contains your dead corpse, the place looks almost like a movie set rather than a washroom, something out of a production about the wealthy elite of society..."
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)09:56 No.5665741

    Download DG: Countdown
    Read Hastur Mythos section
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)10:08 No.5665806
    This is when i grab the DM by the throat and scream "YOU MEAN YOUR DEAD CORPSE AMIRITE"
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)10:12 No.5665828
    Well, someone is off their meds.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)10:29 No.5665928

    I have no creativity, let me steal yours!
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)10:34 No.5665967
    A town of people who are oddly drained in hue. They continue to discuss the same thing over and over again when the talk, and repeat the same actions. If anything occurs that sets their world even a little bit off, they are at a loss for words, and simply stand there until whatever it is is righted. The more the PCs talk to them, the more color they gain, and the more the PCs lose...
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)10:41 No.5666030
    What if the PCs stab them in the face/steal their shit/etc?
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)10:42 No.5666035
    The city is empty. You hear sounds of people around every corner, but when you get there, there is nothing. Just mannequins, standing in various positions, which change as they leave your sight.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)10:43 No.5666045
    The PCs are obviously psychopaths, and need to be locked the fuck up for stabbing and stealing from random people.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)10:44 No.5666050
    Way to rip off oblivion.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)10:49 No.5666083
    But those arent humans, they are fake evil people.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)10:50 No.5666098
    Needs more Zalgo.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)10:52 No.5666103
    Sociopaths as well, I see.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)10:54 No.5666116
    ͡ ͡҉҉ ̓̔̿̿̿̕̚۩IT IS◊EATINGMYSOUL} ҉̵̞̟̠̖̗̘̙̜̝̞̟̠͇ ̊̋̌̍̎̏̐̑̒̓̔̊̋̌̍ ̎̏̐̑̒̓̔̿̿̿̕̚̕̚͡ ͡҉ ҉̔̕̚̕̚҉ ~ ҉̵̞̟̠̖̗̘̙̜̝̞̟̠͇ ̊̋̌̍̎̏̐̑̒̓̔̊̋̌̍ ̎̏̐̑̒̓̔̿̿̿̕̚̕̚͡ ͡ ҉҉ ̔̕̚̕̚҉ ҉̵̞̟̠̖̗̘Z̙̜̝̞̟̠
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)10:56 No.5666130
    Look into mirror, see terrifying thing X.
    Turn around in horror, nothing is there.

    PC's see terrifying but static (e.g. A statue of a rotting banana holding a knife) object X.
    Every time PC's blink or look away from object X then look back at object X, object X is closer.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)10:59 No.5666153
    the people blankly stare at you and move on, later that night when the PC is sleeping faceless creatures covered in blood drag him away
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)11:00 No.5666162
    Variation on the first one: Party member X enters a room, sees creepy thing Y staring at a mirror. When X looks into the mirror, Y's reflection is a bloodied version of Party member Z.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)11:06 No.5666201
    Rows and rows of people standing on a path you can't deviate from, facing away from you.
    The closer you get to them, the more they rotate (smoothly, imperceptibly) to face you, and the more decayed they become. Their faces speak of terror.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)11:08 No.5666213
    So you have unkillable fake people populating a town the PCs cant leave and it is slowly killing them.

    ITT shitty DM TPKs.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)11:09 No.5666216

    You're either trolling, or seriously have no idea how a horror campaign works.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)11:09 No.5666218
    Hilarious unintentional creepiness from one of my games:

    The players were all playing themselves in the real world. They woke up one morning to discover that everyone else in the world had vanished. It was all fun and games for a while, until night fell. They'd stolen some guns and camped out in a convenience store. Suddenly, the lights went out- because no people were left nobody was running the power stations, so the electricity had simply ran out.

    The players all promptly shat bricks and went nuts, thinking something was about to attack them. They barricaded themselves in, had their guns pointing at every door and window (bear in mind none of them knew how to fire one) and got increasingly terrified as they kept making spot checks, and all I said was "you see nothing there."

    They ended up blasting the hell out of a fox that was scavenging from the bins. When the morning came round, they raggedly asked me what had been waiting for them in the dark. I told them truefully that nothing was there.

    Absolutely hilarious from my point of view. I think most of the PCs needed a change a trousers.
    >> Dr. Baron von Evilsatan 08/31/09(Mon)11:10 No.5666224
    In horror, content is irrelevant. Execution is everything.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)11:12 No.5666231
    Yea a horror campaign works by FREAKING PLAYERS OUT, not "lol they can kill me but i cant kill them and i cant run away"
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)11:13 No.5666241
    A mannequin is in an otherwise empty room; this room would not normally have a mannequin in it, making it an object of interest. It is otherwise ordinary; faceless, devoid of real features or any unique qualities. If any PC touches the mannequin, they activate the effect.

    Leaving the room causes the door to slam shut before anyone can touch it. A heavy thud is heard, as well as the sound of glass breaking.

    Upon re-entry of the room, the PCs will find the mannequin is gone. In its place, a mutilated corpse is on the floor, naked and face-down in a pool of gore. The window is broken from the inside, as though something made an attempt to escape.

    If the body is flipped over or examined, it is found to be the corpse of the last PC that touched it.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)11:14 No.5666242
    Enter a room. A hanged corpse in the corner of the room, facing away from you. Then you notice a set of eyes staring at you from a raised grate on the wall, far too small to normally contain a human being.
    Temporary darkness.
    Corpse is gone.
    From then on constant sound of footsteps slowly approaching from behind you, that resets when you 'face' the direction it is coming from.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)11:15 No.5666248
    Wait, so is the PC trapped in the room, or are all the PCs out of the room and the corpse just appears or what?
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)11:16 No.5666258
         File1251731766.jpg-(72 KB, 370x370, 1246098011721.jpg)
    72 KB
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)11:17 No.5666266
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)11:19 No.5666278
    I think it just appears.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)11:20 No.5666280
    Thread archived to suptg.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)11:20 No.5666282
    The party warlock registers EVIL.

    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)11:20 No.5666286
    No evil auras. No magical ones. Just a dead guy what looks like a PC and a broken window.

    There is no explanation for the event; if the PCs leave the room and bring someone back to prove their claims, the room contains only a destroyed mannequin, and the window is sealed up with cement.

    If the PCs attempt to bring the body out of the room, it will revert back to the state of being a mannequin the first moment it is not being looked at by anyone; the textile change of skin to plastic is unnoticed by anything not looking at the mannequin but touching it directly.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)11:22 No.5666297

    Estimated SAN loss per occurance, anyone?
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)11:26 No.5666312
    So whats the point? You need it to lead somewhere. Theres no point putting random shit in that isnt a plot hook or leading to one.

    You might as well just suddenly do random shit like "Okay, as you walk along you suddenly see...", stand up and start moonwalking, sit back down, "some guy walking backwards".
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)11:26 No.5666316
    First thing i do? Set the "corpse" on fire and disintegrate the door. Then try and replicate the events.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)11:28 No.5666322

    way to rip off silent hill 3 there. However, I did heartily shit myself when that happened in-game. If the DM did the high pitched scream that the mannequin does too, would shitbrix even though I know it from SH.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)11:28 No.5666326
    Core book says 1/1d4+1 for "find a mangled human corpse", 0/1d6 for "witness a friend's violent death"...

    No entry for "your friend's mangled corpse turns back into the lifeless mannequin it was 30 fucking seconds ago", sorry.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)11:28 No.5666329
    If it wasn't too disfigured, I'd try fucking my own corpse-monster
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)11:30 No.5666334
    Players being players, they are going to spend more than 30 mins IRL trying to figure out whether the moonwalking guy is under a curse forcing him to moonwalk, and whether their next adventure is supposd to be helping him lift the curse.

    Just like how they are going to spend 30+ mins IRL trying to figure out the mystery of the mannequin room, only to be told by the DM "no there is no plot hook here, just leave the room already"
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)11:31 No.5666339
    surprised that nobody posted the story about the underwater temple and characters being trapped in a time loop
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)11:31 No.5666341
    It does save the DM from thinking up an actual adventure though...
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)11:33 No.5666349
    that's nice.


    +when you check the ingredients of any product blood will be listed

    +if you try to play a drum, tap out a beat with your feet or anything like that - people will go apeshit and yell at you to stop. If you don't [they will probably attack, as they are terrified and panicking] - after a minute or two you'll start to hear a strange rhythm coming from nowhere and everywhere at the same time. If the character is stupid enough to continue, and tries to emulate that rhythm - he'll disappear with a loud bass THUMP.

    when you ask anybody about the rhythm, all you'll get is a blank stare, even if a character just got THUMPed before their eyes and theye were activly trying to stop him/her.

    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)11:37 No.5666373
         File1251733026.gif-(25 KB, 701x683, dummy.gif)
    25 KB
    I can think of a certain campaign that was full of that sort of thing.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)11:38 No.5666378
    Had a DM (D20 Modern) who, for just about the whole campaign, would occasionally DM for us our character's dreams and nightmares. He'd never tell us when what he was DMing was a dream, but it was usually pretty easy to tell since they were just much stranger and more frightening than reality.

    Eventually, though, as the game got crazier and crazier, it became hard to tell the dreams and the reality of the game apart. Eventually, we'd go through sessions where dream and reality were seamlessly interspersed. It was thoroughly disorienting, genuinely nightmarish, and really just the creepiest thing ever.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)11:40 No.5666389
    I want to go to that guy's game. Fuck, if he's that good at storytelling, i want him to tell me bedtime stories.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)11:41 No.5666391
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)11:42 No.5666395
    That reminds me of an old horror show i watched, this guy goes to a bed and breakfast at a town that outlaws music, and when he tries to rally them against whatever is keeping them from playing music, he gets loldeamoned'
    The character had the same first name as me (exact spelling too)
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)11:46 No.5666421
    >> Charm 08/31/09(Mon)11:46 No.5666423
    I have mindfucked my players without having springing a single trap on them, because in our last game (same players but I wasn't DM) I played a happy-go-lucky cleric that became possessed, raped, and had to be put down as part of saving the world. I planned for that much to happen and cleared it with the DM.

    And therein lies the fear: If I'm willing to do that much to my own character, imagine what I have in store for the players when I'm controlling the whole game...
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)12:03 No.5666546
    Midnight here as I'm reading this thread and my kitten decides to wake up and run around knocking shit over, making weird howling sounds and scratching everything.
    Finally everything goes quiet for a bit when I heard what sounded like something banging into my closest door. I freak out, jump up and slam the doors close then come sit back down. 2 minutes later I suddenly hear this screaming sound and what sounds like some corpse trying to claw its way from inside my closest.
    Yeah, kitten got stuck inside.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)12:08 No.5666577
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)12:08 No.5666585
    You didnt slam your door on the kitten did you? Is it ok?
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)12:09 No.5666589
    moar ppl moar
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)12:12 No.5666613
    Nope, it was exploring the inside of my boots. I almost left it there in fear though. Like "it's probably my kitten BUT IT COULD BE SOME EVIL HANGING CORPSE EYEBALL THING INSTEAD."
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)12:14 No.5666636
    More info, it just did a blackflip while trying to do a drive by on my hanging left arm. Fairly sure it's okay.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)12:14 No.5666641


    I sometimes made the players "roll" spot checks just to tell them they failed to screw with their heads, but this was masterful execution.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)12:25 No.5666702
    oh jesus, you pretentious drama fag <3
    fuck i hate games like that
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)12:32 No.5666764
    To be honest this one creeped me out as much as my players.

    During an encounter the players came across an entity of pure time. At first they only notice that things they were doing took different time incriments to complete; Drawing a weapon could take a full round while A spell might have taken a swift action. The effects were randomlly pulled off the top of my head as they were interacting with the being. Seeing as they needed information out of him they proceeded to converse with it. They suddenlly noticed it would give them unrelated answers or when it moved it seemed to blink. It seemed to forget and strangly remember players names in odd sequence. Eventually they realized that the being did not exsist in sequential time. As they manuavered through the encounter the being eventually left their pressence...

    The creepy part was that looking back at it after the encounter we all realized that Every question the PCs asked had been answered even some unexpected ones before the PCs even thought of them. Might not be as creepy as I thought, but definentlly gave us all chills for a second.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)12:36 No.5666781
    >>5665967 A town of people who are oddly drained in hue. They continue to discuss the same thing over and over again when the talk, and repeat the same actions. If anything occurs that sets their world even a little bit off, they are at a loss for words, and simply stand there until whatever it is is righted.
    Sounds like Oblivion.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)12:42 No.5666818
         File1251736962.jpg-(9 KB, 400x169, mystery man.jpg)
    9 KB

    "We've met before, haven't we?"
    "I don't think so. Where was it you think we met?"
    "At your house. Don't you remember?"
    "No, no I don't. Are you sure?"
    "Of course. As a matter of fact, I'm there right now."
    "What do you mean, you're where right now?"
    "At your house."
    "That's fucking crazy, man."
    "Call me. Dial your number. Go ahead.... I told you I was here."
    "How'd you do that?"
    "Ask me."
    "How'd you get inside my house?"
    "You invited me. It is not my custom to go where I'm not wanted."
    "Who are you?"
    "Hmm. Hahahaha! Give me back my phone.... It's been a pleasure talking to you."
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)12:42 No.5666820
    Its already been said.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)12:47 No.5666853

    Fuck I lol'd
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)12:49 No.5666867
    Kill the families of your players the night before the game. Tell them when they show up. Brix will be shat.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)12:55 No.5666909
    but will you as the GM survive to play the game? im pretty sure your players would be real pissed when you tell em.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)12:56 No.5666917
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)12:57 No.5666922
         File1251737845.jpg-(549 KB, 1905x1413, dmdickeryofepicproportions.jpg)
    549 KB
    Surprised this hasn't been posted yet.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)12:57 No.5666928
    I think you're overestimating the amount of influence you have on everyone else in your group. I seriously doubt they cared about or were "terrified" by the way you handled your character in a previous game (not to mention that I find it hilarious that you think you're some kind of RP genius because you cleared it with your DM that you could be the stand in Jesus and center of attention for that particular campaign via your "cleverly written" self sacrifice, which sounds more like a circlejerk between you and the DM), and I'm sure that whatever tiny reaction you did elicit from them in no way blossomed into some sort of paranoia over what you'd do to their characters, given the chance.

    Well, maybe it did blossom into dread of a kind, but if it did I'm sure it was less "Oh God I'm so afraid of whatever lurks in this evil mastermind's brain" and more "Great, the guy who forced everyone to listen to his rape fantasies and tried to steal the show with his 'valiant' self sacrifice is DMing, I hope he doesn't DM as poorly as he plays his characters."
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)12:58 No.5666938
    It doesn't need to be posted in every fucking thread. We've all seen it, multiple times.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)12:59 No.5666944
    Which is weird, because I don't really touch vidya games, outside of pretty much just LoZ. I was just riffing off the guy who wanted to steal creativity from us.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)13:00 No.5666949
    i just checked it out, it actually isnt as bad as you think..
    >> Drawde !F8wHraWURw 08/31/09(Mon)13:10 No.5667018
    You hear the sickening slurping noises before you see the cause. You should have turned around. But no, you had to give in. Such a human trait, curiosity and the temptation to give into it. You turn the corner slowly, the sound getting louder, like meat caught in a grinder and being sucked through. That's when you see it. An emaciated man with a swollen, distended belly, eating as if it hadn't ever done so before. He wasn't wearing clothes, and was covered in blood and dirt and grim, his skin looking like something from a garbage can. It's not until the man lifts his head to let the rotted, festering meat he's ravenously tearing into slide down his throat that you notice he's not exactly what you thought he was. His neck is long and sinuous, and ends in a blunt face. There are tiny little beads that might be eyes next to it, and they're almost covered in blood and blinking against the thin light of a streetlamp.
    At the end of the fleshy tube that makes up it's head is a razor lined tunnel. Three sharp teeth still chew at the still night air. It goes back to it's fetid meal, large talons tearing chunks off and stuffing them down the throat. It doesn't even care when it's own hand gets too close, and snaps at it before digging it back into the corpse. When it runs out of large chunks of meat, it reaches it's cylindrical head down and starts to clean the flesh from the bone. All this takes place in the span of only a few minutes, and the thing is soon nothing more than a skeleton. It couldn't have weighed more than a small child, and yet it's still as sickly thin as before, it's belly no heavier even after devouring a corpse. It snorts out, digging into any crevice it can for a missed morsel, but finds none and throws back it's head in anguish, still sniffing all the while. The head flops back, twists. The thing falls over and quickly scrabbles to it's feat, long arms dragging across the ground as it hobbles with it's bloated, gassy stomach toward your corner.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)13:13 No.5667036
    Fail. Nobody would just stand there for minutes watching that, unless they were a moron.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)13:17 No.5667061
    Gripping the hilt of my zanpakutou tightly, i prepared myself.

    "BANKAI!!!!" i shouted. My reiatsu(ray-art-suu) level instantly increased to a smothering level. The monster's approach slowed to a crawl, buffetted by my reiatsu.

    Using Shunpo, i instantly moved behind the monster and unleashed a devastating strike with my zanpakutou, at the same time shouting "GETSUGA TENSHOU!!!!". A large burst of energy destroyed all traces of the monster in a single stroke.
    >> Drawde !F8wHraWURw 08/31/09(Mon)13:18 No.5667065
    True, a player's first reaction is either going to be to kill it or walk away. But it was originally written as just an introduction for a monster, not as a piece of a game.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)13:19 No.5667071
    What's with all the bankaiing?
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)13:21 No.5667085
    Geist has become quite popular, can't you tell?
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)13:23 No.5667093
    I see it for the first time and I'm not new here.
    It would be really awesome if not those painful grammar errors.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)13:24 No.5667102
    lots of naruto fans out here, I guess.
    >> Drawde !F8wHraWURw 08/31/09(Mon)13:30 No.5667151
    The dead aren't always quiet.
    Sometimes, when someone dies with business left unfinished, they leave behind an echo. Their last impression on the world before they leave. On it's own, an echo isn't that dangerous. It's tragic, always doomed to replay intimate moments that keep it tied to this world, only half cognizant of the world. It's tragic, but not dangerous.
    The longer an echo lasts, though, the more chance it has to become fully aware of itself, it's surroundings, and it's place in life--or lack thereof. They know that something keeps them here, tied to the mortal world, drifting through the dusk and twilight, all the liminal places of the world where they can exist without existing. They don't think that the something is themselves, their fears, their aspirations left unfulfilled. They think that it's something that they're missing. They think that they're hollow. That's what it is, an emptiness, something that needs to be filled.
    That's called The Hunger. When an echo first experiences the hunger, it's nothing more than a small hole, and the nearly self-aware spirit will rationalize that they just need to fill that hole. It's a small hole, and it can easily be filled. But where can the dead get courage to fill that hole? Or love? Or whatever even more esoteric quality they think they need to pass on to the next life, whatever it may be.
    From the living. The living have all of those things and more. They can stand to lose them, too, because they're alive, and can get them back, while the echo is gone. It can never get back what it didn't have.
    And that's when the Hunger takes over. They chew and bite and siphon off the living, trying to fill their holes, trying to fill their mountain sized stomachs with a mouth the size of a pin. When they do, they only succeed in deepening the hole and turning it into a great abyss, and worse still, those mortals killed by a Hungry echo are just as likely to become Hungry themselves.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)13:36 No.5667189
    its alright, but if yo have things that just conttinue to exist and just kill people that in turn become them isnt the entire world going to be killed off at some point? and im guessing the echoes have been around for a while therefore shouldnt it have already happened makign the story unable to happen because everyones dead/undead.
    >> Drawde !F8wHraWURw 08/31/09(Mon)13:40 No.5667229
    You'd think, wouldn't you?

    But they're also not exactly common, and they're stopped by the people who have the power to stop them. There's a shadow war going on, keeping the echoes from growing Hungry, and destroying the echoes that are.

    Plus, that's the kind of thing the reader isn't supposed to dwell on too much, or we'd have a whole bunch of "wait, why don't vampires rule the world?" questions.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)13:51 No.5667309
    sorry it just struck me that everyone would be dead, i didnt think into it much past that.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)13:53 No.5667319
    and then Inspector Tiger of Scotland Yard Third Action Sequence Squad knocks you out with a baton to the back of the head. You are imprisoned, judged, and sentenced to death of a thousand bumps - the ghost of Akira Kurosawa will poke you with a little stick until you die.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)13:53 No.5667322

    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)13:57 No.5667345
    yes, the one. He learned from inspectors Panther and Fox, clearly the best man in service now.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)14:22 No.5667538
    >> 1st Sergeant Maus 08/31/09(Mon)14:39 No.5667652
    *yoink* I must say you pointed out a very interesting idea there.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)15:20 No.5667954
    bump for awesome
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)15:23 No.5667974
         File1251746596.jpg-(44 KB, 700x407, Nautiloid.jpg)
    44 KB
    I showed them grifter.avi
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)15:36 No.5668085
    My party loved this one after the fact

    The party enters a room. Its more of a walk in closet, really, 5x10. Shelves line the walls, filled to the brim with porcelain dolls. Their eyes seem to follow you wherever you move.

    Of course, the party thought it would be a good idea to break one and see what happens. They dropped one on the floor, and it shattered, spilling blood everywhere. They all freaked out, not knowing if they had killed someone whose soul was trapped in the jar or something. they quickly filled the bag of holding with these dolls and left the room.

    Never found out what they were.
    >> Drawde !F8wHraWURw 08/31/09(Mon)15:40 No.5668121
    What, that there's a shadow war going on where people protect the world against echoes that have the Hunger?
    That's actually the plot of a game I'm making.
    And Geist. (Though surprisingly, it doesn't use the term Hungry Ghost, and despite a few mentions and images of large, monstrous ghosts, it doesn't really go into detail other than that Geister like death, and a few mentions of Geist that hang around people and possibly cause their death)
    And Bleach.

    Think Buffy, but with ghosts.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)15:41 No.5668135
    sage for cat rapist
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)15:55 No.5668285
    Can someone explain to me why I'm reading this shit so late at night? I have to walk across a dark landing to get to my room and now I'm just going to be thinking of all this shit.

    I think I'm sleeping in here tonight.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)15:57 No.5668308
    That would be wise.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)16:03 No.5668368
    L5R game. A good case of using player metagame knowledge against them. A player is seduced by a teahouse girl. At first he thought she was a spy trying ensnare him, but as the night went on he becomes increasingly paranoid that she might be a skin stealing bog hag in disguise. (He had done a stint of magistrate duties in crab lands and his head was still swimming with their crazy stories, or so the player tried to justify his metagame knowledge). Despite being pretty liquored up he rolls reasonably well for investigation/notice checks and doesn't spot any skin tears or anything else that would suggest she's anything other than what she appears to be. It's only late into the night, when he's already between the sheets and she goes to blow out the lights, that he spots from behind the frozen in horror face of his fiancee protruding from under the luscious hair of teahouse girl. Of course by then the paralytic poison he'd been drinking all night already had plenty of time to take full effect.

    The other players intervened and drove off the face stealing demon in the nick of time, but I had fun making that one player sweat in the meantime.

    It was only much later that he heard the news that his fiancee's murdered body had been discovered stashed in her own castle. Apparently she had died months before they first met.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)16:22 No.5668591
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)16:24 No.5668632
    You haven't seen the pictures?
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)16:25 No.5668635
    Bump for awesome thread
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)16:48 No.5668914

    ... Bleach. You just posted the concept behind Bleach. I mean, you pointed out later that it was from Bleach, but still, this poor guy fell for it.

    You're a bad person.
    >> Wasteland Warrior !W48S2eY4nU 08/31/09(Mon)16:53 No.5668964
    Is this thread about in game stuff that was creepy and scary, like a CoC game that had you legitimately scared. Or is it about shit that made the dm seem creepy and gross, like a sweaty neckbeard revealing that he wants to /d/m a game.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)16:55 No.5668995
    Both. Preferably the former.
    >> Wasteland Warrior !W48S2eY4nU 08/31/09(Mon)17:01 No.5669070

    Well I was in a game of CoC and we were investigating a house of a guy who war researching the occult. As soon as we go in it looks like we are in the middle of a long abandoned village, and these things wearing human skin start coming out of the trees, and they moved by having intestines burst out of their stomachs and dragging themselves by the coils of dislodged intestines. I fired my trusty revolver three times at the closest one and start to hear screaming. Suddenly we are back in the london flat and everything is normal, except a little girl now has 3 .38 caliber holes in her chest and the mother is screaming herself hoarse.

    Unfortunately I also had a real creepy /d/m for a sci fi game, but that story doesn't really fit the overall theme of cool shit in this thread.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)17:13 No.5669216
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)17:18 No.5669287

    >> Wasteland Warrior !W48S2eY4nU 08/31/09(Mon)17:29 No.5669421

    Allright, but yall were warned.

    You know how in the d20 future book there are those half animal people that were bred for combat, I think they were called moireaus or something? The dm spent all of character creation telling us about the different types and how awesome they were, but the party decided to roll pretty much nothing but humans and a robot. I rolled up a fast hero with points in demolitions and a devil may care attitutde and expected a firefly type game. I was sadly mistaken about where the campaign was going.

    The party decided that we were gonna do the firefly game and our richest player used all of his starting wealth to buy us a modest little transport. The dm wouldn't offer us any type of work except combat. The first couple of sessions had a really high mortality rate, we ended up losing 3 out of the 6 players. Whenever the guys rolled up new characters the dm would go on about how awesome the moireaus were at cobat and shit but the players ignored it. In hindsight, I really should have seen where he was going with this, but it was the only sci fi game in town so I was giving him a wide berth.
    >> Wasteland Warrior !W48S2eY4nU 08/31/09(Mon)17:40 No.5669542

    So after the first few sessions the party effectively abandoned any hope of being rugged outlaws with hearts of gold and were twisted into a brutal visage of what they once were. We put on a few levels and got some gear and we spent 95% of our new wealth and exp on combatty stuff. It would be like if the crew of serenity wore power armor all day and kept the ship depressurized so a boarding action would be even more difficult. We get hired to defend a colony ship of moireaus en route to the outer fringes of civilized space, where they would be free from persecution blah, blah, blah. We have learned to loathe non humans, mostly because they killed half the party. We take the job because the pay is good. During the entire time we are in their employ the party keeps to themselves, making it clear to the freaks we want no part of their disgusting culture. One mission was a raid on an alien colony ship, and we were aided by a dmpc anthropomorphic dolphin.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)17:44 No.5669606
         File1251755087.jpg-(2 KB, 124x71, images.jpg)
    2 KB
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)17:49 No.5669648
    The PCs find a room with a tall brass lamp laying on the floor bent at a 90 degree angle. Later on they find a box of nails, each of which have all been bent the same way. As the PCs go further and further, they find more and more things bent at a 90 degree angle.

    Eventually, NPC guide number two gets lifted into the air. He screams and kicks as he tries to get free of whatever is holding him. Suddenly, one of his arms snaps and bends back. His screams of agony stop suddenly when his back bends backwards and the sound of vertebrae popping and cracking echoes through the room.

    The players roll for initiative and are now fighting a large, invisible creature with an obsession for bending things
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)17:50 No.5669653
    Me as DM.

    The part of five were armed with assault rifles, going down an old abandoned bunker. It was a huge complex and for some reason the only door out had been blocked. Since it was made to resist conventional weapons and explosions they need to search the bunker for a way to escape.

    They end up deep in the bowels of the complex when an old phone starts ringing. The part looks for it as the power fails, forcing them to use flashlights. Eventually they find the phone, the leader of the party answers and there is a voice whispering for help, panicked but obviously not wanting to shout too much. After a while the phonecall ends and he hangs up. A minute later it rings again.

    One by one the part meets gruesome ends at the hands of invisible assailants, seeing as none of them figured out how to spot the creatures. When there is one guy left he hides in an old locker and stays there, eventually picking up his cellphone and dialing 911. The phone in the distance starts ringing.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)17:52 No.5669684

    >Trusty revolver

    Not too trusty apparently.
    >> Wasteland Warrior !W48S2eY4nU 08/31/09(Mon)17:59 No.5669756

    Dolphins are the only animal in nature that will kill other species for pleasure. They will also rape just about anything. Three guesses what the dmpc did to wounded enemies who surrendered? WE took offense to it's actions and it shrugged and said that it was his right as a member of a more evolved species. I was thinking of saying that he was clearly un evolved because he just gave in to his primal urges, but I decided that it was time to just fuck up the game and leave. The rest of the party was on my side, but weren't ready to just fuck up the game, untill we got our reward for the raid mission. The dm had made a moireau mate for each of our character, in the specie he thought would be the most erotic for us (fucker tried to give me a squid, did he think I had a thing for bondage or tentacles? I'll never know because my brain was too busy trying to disbelieve how creepy it was. We turned it down, on the premise that we were so battle hardened that all we wanted were weapons and cash. I also claimed some nukes we found on the colony ship. I start rigging them up to blow with an old fashioned analogue fuse, so electronic counter measures couldn't stop them.
    >> Wasteland Warrior !W48S2eY4nU 08/31/09(Mon)18:00 No.5669766

    The dm really should have seen the danger of letting a pc get a nuke that can't be stopped without actually getting to it. The fuses were set at 3 minutes, so he would believe that they would conceivably be dropped on the target and then we could scoot away on our ship. WE chose 3 minutes because most of us were using big old miniguns and other assorted big guns, and we could carry enough ammo to sustain fire for 180 turns. The dm didn't pay us enough attention because he is too busy having the women constantly roll diplomacy to seduce us. At this point we just started flat out cheating to make our will saves, except one guy who didn't realize that he should be cheating. The dm described quite graphically how he porked his chosen mate (a panda, cause the guy was chinese.) Meanwhile the rest of us prepped for the endgame.
    >> Drawde !F8wHraWURw 08/31/09(Mon)18:03 No.5669793
    >... Bleach. You just posted the concept behind Bleach. I mean, you pointed out later that it was from Bleach, but still, this poor guy fell for it.

    I just want to point out that the idea of people fighting against ghosts isn't just from Clorox. That's just the one that's most obvious on a Japanese based image board.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)18:05 No.5669814

    I was running the prerelease convention scenario for Kult, which should date this story. Anyways, the PCs aren't who they think they are, yadda yadda, kill the Pope, end the world, followed around by four gribblies who kill people who get in the PCs way to death.

    But at the start the PCs are four working stiffs on the way home from work, in the Stockholm subway. The players have been going over their character sheets, I've started to describe the situation, it's late afternoon, subway cars thumping, yadda ya...

    <all lights in the room turn off with no warning because I sneakily set the timer on them - power saving measure - and everything goes pitch black>


    Yeah, it rattled them.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)18:10 No.5669855
    Holy shit, dude. That's pretty gross...but it was CoC right?
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)18:10 No.5669860
    That would take an incredible sense of timing to pull off.
    >> Wasteland Warrior !W48S2eY4nU 08/31/09(Mon)18:10 No.5669863

    We start the final solution. The less fighty of us immediately launch every single life boat on the ship, effectively trapping the freaks on their ship. The dm asked us why they were doing it and they said it was to distract the other ships following us, then they made it down to the engine room. The engine room had one entrance, and was mostly automated on the inside. I dragged the nuke to the engine room and set it to blow. We then jacked into the intercom and told the freaks that they had plundered their last innocent colony, and now they would pay for their sins. We barricaded the entrance and prepped out guns. The entrance doors of the engine bay would be our hot gates. By keeping the miniguns constantly spewing death down the tunnel anyone approaching us had to endure about 700 hp worth of high explosive armor piercing death. The rounds ignored dr so nothing could get through. The dmpc actually had a character sheet so he was killable, but the dm fluffed it the whole time, untill the party tank used a length of chain to range trip him into oblivion. We kept a countdown on the bomb and it finally went off, and the dm got all bitchy, stood up and shouted "Fine, the ship blows up and everyone dies, campaigns over. I hope you racists are happy and storms out." We all nod to each other and quietly adjourn to a nearby bar and raise a silent toast to our characters, and then agree to never get in a game with the dm again, unless he was only a player and the dm was forewarned of his social deviances.
    >> Wasteland Warrior !W48S2eY4nU 08/31/09(Mon)18:13 No.5669896

    No d20 modern with the d20 future supplements.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)18:13 No.5669898

    Oh, another thing I learned off Kult, think it's by way of something Clive Barker wrote. If you're going to have graphic horror, use something that gives you the willies.

    Here and there Kult was big on maggoty shit because that's a major squick for one of the writers. I use that stuff, the maggots will just be a grossout - _he_ uses it, everyone in the room is shit scared.

    So I used to take out the maggots and replace them with flesh graphically burned to various degrees. I'd pre-squick myself by popping into the library on the way to a session and browsing through a burns reference book.

    Enter squick city. Mission accomplished.

    Tl;dr: If you want to scare the players, use shit that freaks _you_ out.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)18:16 No.5669921

    Maybe I got a bit lucky but to pull it off you just need to have the players in a low-key bit when it goes off and be mentally prepared to, well, go mental when the lights go out.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)18:16 No.5669925
    His way of thinking is hilariously skewed. DMPC insert claims that rape is a right of more evolved species, then after you kill the marauding rapists he calls you racists...this isn't just an (hilarious) anti-furry troll now would it?
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)18:18 No.5669944

    Anyways, it was just a stroke of inspiration. There was this "lights out" bit in the scenario, there were those timers and when I was about to turn the dial up to two hours my brain went "hey, fifteen minutes should make this a lot more fun".

    Once in a lifetime really, but a huge payoff.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)18:20 No.5669958

    The first bit.

    Fucking awesome.
    >> Wasteland Warrior !W48S2eY4nU 08/31/09(Mon)18:21 No.5669968

    Nah, my hatred of furries is well established, and based on personal experiences. A major downside with gaming in college is now that they don't have to deal with ma and pa certain people just decided that it's their prerogative to just give up all attempts to appear even slightly normal.

    I actually told the condensed story about 2 years ago before I namefagged it up.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)18:24 No.5669993
    there was some fucked up manga where an earthquake cleaves a mountainside open. On the rockface are people shaped holes that perfectly fit particular people in the nearby village. Soon villagers feel an overwhelming compulsion to walk into them and start disappearing.

    Stuff comes out the other side.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)18:25 No.5670004

    My fursona is a human big game hunter.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)18:32 No.5670053
    I salute you, sir.
    >> 1st Sergeant Maus 08/31/09(Mon)18:35 No.5670079
    ... What the fuck.

    And people tell me to go out in a world with -that- running around.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)18:36 No.5670089
    Two old men sitting on a bench.

    Just sitting.

    When you talk to them, only one will respond.

    During day, the American from the South responds. During the night, the Frenchman responds.

    They are always nearby.

    They only talk about fishing and people that pass by.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)18:44 No.5670137
    Do they're descriptions of people seem strangely... out of touch; while also eerily accurate in retrospect.

    Not necessarily even supernaturally so, but the intuition of the two 'fishermen' could probably be enough to creep out some players.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)18:45 No.5670142

    That's... not really creepy.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)18:53 No.5670208
    >That's... not really creepy.

    I think he may be implying that Southerner's, like the French, are inherently creepy?
    >> Wasteland Warrior !W48S2eY4nU 08/31/09(Mon)18:53 No.5670212

    Are you kidding me, a southerner and a frenchman talking to each other without spite or contempt would freak me the hell out, and I was in the Nam!
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)19:06 No.5670328
    Sometimes, I really hate being a furry, just because other furries freak me the hell out. Even though I stay the hell away from the "fandom", reading stories like WW's makes me want to run back into the closet while screaming death for all things overly hairy. :<
    >> Sir Anonymous Esq !7ntjMBJ19U 08/31/09(Mon)19:09 No.5670354

    The PCs would think their uber significant and would spend hours trying to figure out the old men.
    >> Sir Anonymous Esq !7ntjMBJ19U 08/31/09(Mon)19:09 No.5670359

    oops I meant >>they're
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)19:11 No.5670371
    You're suspended in total darkness in the distance two giant golden eyes stare at you hollow and slightly slanted or maybe there close by and not as vast because nothing could be that big but you hope not, because if their far that means they might not SEE you and you hope they don't SEE you because you'd like nothing less than for them to SEE you and If you stay perfectly still they might not SEE you want to close your eyes but if you blink they might SEE you you so GODohGOD please let them not SEE you ...
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)19:22 No.5670483
    I ran a Swedish horror RPG(Noctum v1 and spanning over to v2, unrelated v3 is out in english), long campaign.

    At one point, one of the PCs was out in the swedish wilderness, he was escaping from some monster of firefight or what not. So starving and cold, night is approaching. He has been walking most of the day. Suddenly he comes upon an old house. Clearly uninhabited. Not too worn down.

    This being a horror game, with the groundwork paranoia already down. Needless to say he drew his gun and started searching the house.

    He finds a bedroom with a decent bed, whole windows, one door, fairly secure. But here's the kicker. It has a hatch in the ceiling. One of those that you pull down so a ladder extends to the attic.

    It being closed he decides not to look, and goes to bed with one eye open and his gun in hand.

    So I tell him he wakes up, it is light outside. He has slept pretty well and all. The first thing he asks about is the hatch. Of course I tell him it is open, unlike last night. He freaked out and legged it.

    tl;dr Have unwatched hatches/doors/windows open or close. Preferably in the same room as someone sleeps alone.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)19:37 No.5670605
         File1251761847.jpg-(29 KB, 300x548, __Sexy_Bender___by_clz.jpg)
    29 KB
    Bet you didn't know I could turn invisible.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)19:40 No.5670631
    ... no, no I didn't.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)19:48 No.5670716
    I can't do that! The stuff that freaks me out freaks me out too much to even consider using!

    What about ... we just go with cultists who genuinely believe in the worth/value of something inherently destructive, who have infiltrated the highest levels of government, and now ENFORCE the view that "Destructive thing X is good for society, you should enjoy it!"

    Where X can be disease, niggers, furries, being french, capitalism, communism, dumping trash in the street, or anything else, really.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)19:51 No.5670740
         File1251762707.jpg-(4 KB, 120x120, Do_it.jpg)
    4 KB
    >I can't do that! The stuff that freaks me out freaks me out too much to even consider using!
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)19:57 No.5670792
    any chance you could tell me where to get it?
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)20:00 No.5670830
    Party gets swallowed by a giant hole filled with eyes and are dumped in a forest.
    They can come across several things:
    1: Small girl in white top and black skirt. She's eating what appears to be a human. If attacked will fly off abruptly.

    2: Large mansion with another woman on lookout. Several knives protrude from her head, clearly piercing her brain and with blood pouring from the wounds, but will dismiss it as 'sillyness'. If party enters they come across a girl in pyjamas who, if questioned, starts coughing up blood and dies in front of them. A servant appears from thin air and removes the body without speaking. The servant can apparently move instantaneously.

    3: A girl made of ice. Not very clever, butl if touched starts melting.

    4. Empty house full of dolls that turn to watch you. If you damage one they all attack.

    5. Girl carting around corpses 'for cremation'.

    6. A ghost sitting down at a floating table while eating a very large meal.

    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)20:11 No.5670983
    That's F.E.A.R. grade bullshit.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)20:38 No.5671221
    A few days after the party dealt with a haunted village, they stayed a decent inn days away from the spooky mumbo-jumbo when one of the party members wakes up some time in the night to some whispering. As quietly as possible, he sees a small figure hunched over his equipment making some strange sounds. He draws a knife from under his pillow and strikes.

    It was the innkeeper's six-year-old daughter who has a habit of sneaking into the rooms of adventurers to check out all of the cool things they collect.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)20:40 No.5671231
    From the road, the town looks clean and inviting. Cheerful lights and merry noises come from the buildings and the air is fresh and cool.

    Inside however, the buildings are empty and falling to pieces. Occasionally, the PCs hear something moving in one of the buildings but never anything they can see.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)20:42 No.5671255
    >Tl;dr: If you want to scare the players, use shit that freaks _you_ out.
    How do I turn cockroaches and loneliness into a usable game?
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)20:47 No.5671300
    The last DM to ever run a horror-themed campaign for us had an unnatural way of getting otherwise unshakable players to get with the program. When he would start to describe normal settings, he would stand up from his chair and start walking clockwise around the table, gesticulating as he spoke.

    And then when shit would start getting surreal, he would walk counterclockwise around the group of us. Sometimes, it would be revealed that the surreality of it all was just the madness of our characters kicking in. Sometimes, not so much.

    The real mindfucking was when he would start walking counterclockwise around us when certain NPCs were in the area. The less observant players never could figure out why they kept feeling leery about those NPCs.

    It's important to note that this may not work for all DMs out there. I understand that it takes a certain kind of commanding presence to keep everyone's attention for things like that.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)21:49 No.5671965
    could I get a link to something that talks about this?
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)21:55 No.5672034
    Refluffed Famine Spirit.
    Read Something from the Nightside. Remember the Timeslip? Remember what happened to Razor Eddie?

    Like that.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)22:21 No.5672306
    What usually happens after this?
    >> Sir Anonymous Esq !7ntjMBJ19U 08/31/09(Mon)22:22 No.5672312

    When are people going to realize little girls aren't scary? It's really cliche.
    >> Sir Anonymous Esq !7ntjMBJ19U 08/31/09(Mon)22:28 No.5672374

    What if the DM is a paraplegic?
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)22:34 No.5672413
    The t.v. was on to some show about haunting's and well, it was pretty loud too. But what happened was when the party entered a room he started to describe the eerie silence we felt, at the same time there was a silence in the room. After he told us that several incorporeal beasts started to descend and let out and cry, before he could get off the sound they were making, the t.v. made some fucking creepy screech that made one of the players piss himself
    >> Thonius 08/31/09(Mon)22:53 No.5672567
         File1251773631.jpg-(34 KB, 694x530, 1233094282148.jpg)
    34 KB
    For as often as I ran Call of Cthulhu, it was building up any sort of tension that was a huge problem, as I had the mixed fortune of playing with some extremely well-read, genre-savvy players that just couldn't get immersed in the game.

    So, that being said, pic related to how I feel about this thread
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)22:57 No.5672610

    You have clearly never been a father of three little girls.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)22:57 No.5672613
    this thread would make an /x/phile proud
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)23:01 No.5672658

    Haven't you read the news, man?

    /x/ is dead. /b/ actually killed it.
    >> Reiiama Kotsu 08/31/09(Mon)23:08 No.5672781
    I lol'd.

    Furry troll DM, indeed. The erotica and the dice fudging was the worst.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)23:10 No.5672805
    Tell us more stories, Uncle WW!
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)23:14 No.5672828
    When the PCs enter the room, their shadows point towards the brightest light source and seem to stretch out to touch it.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)23:16 No.5672854

    Then the DM is fully allowed to roll himself about the room in his wheelchair. Or he can give up the power of being the DM to a superior, legged person.
    >> Anonymous 08/31/09(Mon)23:31 No.5673039

    Other fun tricks with the light!

    The shadows are missing for certain members of the party, such as those with divine or arcane power.
    The reflections in a certain room seem to be a half-second delayed.
    The shadows in the corners of the room seem to actively fight against the light sources of the PCs.
    Spot check, DC 10, to see a darting shadow on the far wall.
    Spot check, DC 15, to notice that the number of shadows on the wall seems to be greater than the number of members in the party. Super effective if one party member has died recently.
    >> P.T.Y.H.H.S. !!fdT9I8ZycZ1 09/01/09(Tue)00:04 No.5673532
         File1251777873.jpg-(33 KB, 300x243, yuber2.jpg)
    33 KB
    The best scary shit I remember is when my DM had a bunch of small, mini-quests/campaigns. An inn was our base of operations. Every time we'd go to the inn, or sleep in it, it'd change just a little bit; in subtle ways at first, but getting creepier and creepier.The first changes were barely noticeable. A door on the left side instead of the right side. A bar counter on the other side of the room. Everyone was too-stoked from our successful quests to really give a shit.

    But then things started to get weird. The bartender changed gender. The chairs had six, thin legs on each side. The tables are all upside-down, with the ale and booze on the underside of the table. None of the NPC's acted like anything was out of the ordinary. It really started picking up then. The DM was giving us shorter and shorter quests, which escalated our fears because every time we left that inn, none of us wanted to go back inside to see what else had to change. But then the world outside started to change too.
    >> P.T.Y.H.H.S. !!fdT9I8ZycZ1 09/01/09(Tue)00:05 No.5673553
         File1251777943.jpg-(19 KB, 300x308, yuber3.jpg)
    19 KB

    We went inside for just ten ingame minutes. The day outside was a beautiful spring day, with birds chirping and everything. All the villagers went about their work happily. As we went into the inn, the usual one thing changed. This time, all the NPC's were thin, frail, old women. It didn't creep us out as much as it should have, though. So, naturally, we acquired the next quest from our female bartender, then went outside. The entire place had changed into a fucking tundra. It was blizzarding outside, snow as far as the eye could see. There were no other village buildings, just the inn, sitting there calmly in the middle of the raging snowstorm. It was dead silent outside except for the howling of the wind.

    So we completed our quest, and we headed back into the inn. This time, when we entered, the entire room was upside down. Tables and chairs on the ceiling, with people sitting in them and chatting calmly about one thing or another. The entire place defied the laws of gravity. Our party started to get really paranoid, and we each decided that tomorrow, after some sleep, we would all leave the inn and find somewhere else pronto. We each went to our separate rooms in the inn, and fell asleep on the floor, since all the beds were on the ceiling.
    >> P.T.Y.H.H.S. !!fdT9I8ZycZ1 09/01/09(Tue)00:06 No.5673572
         File1251778007.jpg-(13 KB, 196x269, yuber4.jpg)
    13 KB

    Shit really hit the fan the next morning. My character woke up first, and decided to go wake up the rest of the party. I go to the rogue's room first, shaking him awake. Nothing seems amiss. I tell the rogue to go wake up the cleric, while I go shake-n-bake the wizard till he's awake. At this point, the DM hands each of us a note and instructs us not to open it yet. The rogue opens the cleric's door, the DM tells him to open his note. I head to the wizard's room, then here a blood-curdling scream from behind me. The rogue is screaming that the cleric is a murderer, pointing inside and backing away from the door. The wizzad and I look inside, and the DM tells Cleric, Wizzad and I to open our notes. The notes say "Nothing is amiss. The room is just fine."

    We look at the Rogue like he's a madman, and the Rogue keeps screaming that the Cleric and the room is covered in blood, and corpses are everywhere. Cleric, Wizzad, and I are joined by Barb, who was awoken by the commotion. We decide to leave the inn before anything else happens. Rogue decides that we're all in league with eachother, and attacks Cleric. We watch, stunned, as he one-shot-kills Cleric due to a few awesome rolls and turns his blade on us. Naturally, we kill him easily.
    >> P.T.Y.H.H.S. !!fdT9I8ZycZ1 09/01/09(Tue)00:07 No.5673586
         File1251778062.jpg-(17 KB, 300x300, yuberreaction.jpg)
    17 KB

    So, now we're down two party members - Wizzad, Barb and I are the only ones left. We decide to high-tail it out of there before anyone else goes crazy. We dash through the main room of the inn, out into the freezing tundra, and just start walking in a random direction. We're walking for a long, long time in-game when we see a building up ahead. It's another inn. Relieved, we step inside.

    It's a normal inn, except for two things: there are no people inside, and the entire room is drenched in blood. Gore covers and drips from every single surface. Now Wizzad, Barb and I say "Fuck that". We go back outside. Now the world is a desert, but the sand is black and red. The inn is surrounded once again with several village buildings - upon closer inspection, they're -all- inns. We're standing outside in the square, surrounded by twenty or so inns, not wanting to go inside any of them. We decide to just sleep there for the night. We don't appoint a watch, and therein lies the tragedy of the group.
    >> P.T.Y.H.H.S. !!fdT9I8ZycZ1 09/01/09(Tue)00:09 No.5673601
         File1251778144.png-(97 KB, 378x387, yuberreaction3.png)
    97 KB

    When we awake, we're all inside of another inn. We're sleeping on the tables, and no-one's inside. We manage to regroup and we're discussing what to do next when the lights go out. There's no light from outside either. We immediately roll spot checks, high numbers, nothing. We fumble around for a bit, and the DM passes us each a note. The lights go on, and the DM instructs us to open the notes. Wizzad is wearing the Barb's outfit, Barb is wearing my outfit, and I'm wearing Wizzad's outfit. All the clothes are stuck on us and refuse to come off. We had enough of that dickery, and we bolt out of that place.

    We go outside to see ourselves surrounded by knights. The lead knight proclaims that we are under arrest for the murder of our companions. Blood is now on our outfits. The outside world is exactly as it was before, a nice bustling village, except everyone is jeering at us. Long story short, we're arrested, thrown in jail, etc. The campaign goes normally after that, but while the dickery was happening we were fuckin' terrified.
    Sorry for the shitty recollection, /tg/, but it's the only freaky I can really remember well right now.
    >> Anonymous 09/01/09(Tue)00:09 No.5673608
    Yuber is a such a douche. Badass though.
    >> Boss Slayer 09/01/09(Tue)00:09 No.5673611
    It's actually a sinner trapped in Gluttony. So in a way, yeah, I guess it's a famine spirit.

    And I didn't like the Nightside short story I read in Mean Streets. At first it seemed like WoD's Shadow, but more like New York. Then it just started feeling a little too zany to enjoy. Better than Remy Chandler, though.
    >> Boss Slayer 09/01/09(Tue)00:10 No.5673626
    At first you don't even notice the sound. Too focused on your footsteps. And your heartbeat. The panting of your breath. It's not until you slow to a standstill that you realize you were running. The awkward weight of the copper piping in your hand is uncomfortable, and you've grasped it so tightly your whitened knuckles ache. That's when you finally notice the sound. You think, hope, that it's just a cat, scrounging for scraps. You've seen glimpses of things in the mists that you wouldn't want to meet this close. That's when you see it, crawling from the underside of a boxy old car. It crawls across it's belly, a sort of grey, tannish thing covering it. On it's back are two pieces of bone jutting out from the shoulders. Flayed skin and feathers still hanging in tatters from the broken skeletal arms. It struggles to it's feet, awkward and grotesque. That's when you realize what it's wearing.
    The… thing… is bound in strips of human flesh, sewn together with wire, arms pressed tightly, and at odd, uncomfortable angles, to the chest. It might have been a woman, at one time. You can see the outline of hips and breasts as it writhes up to a standing position. The horrid monstrosity's eyes are sewn shut, and it's once full lips are tied loosely in the same manner. The eyeless thing looks at you, the light of your pocket torch shinning on the taut flesh of it's bindings. You catch a glimpse of a navel, and nipples and shudder. The metal strings that shut the mouth stretch tightly as the thing opens it's mouth and gives out a deafening shriek that leaves you clutching your temples and falling to your knees.
    >> Anonymous 09/01/09(Tue)00:27 No.5673868
    A moment of admiration for a man(demonohgodwhat?) who goes about a fentasy setting full of armor and over the top outfits in a fucking business suit with stilettos that extend like police batons.
    >> Anonymous 09/01/09(Tue)00:49 No.5674155
    Of course, he was Luca Blight's bitch.
    >> Anonymous 09/01/09(Tue)00:51 No.5674184
    what the fuck? did you figure out what was causing the mindfuck? Because if the dm simply dicked you over shit is just stupid.
    >> P.T.Y.H.H.S. !!fdT9I8ZycZ1 09/01/09(Tue)00:55 No.5674230
         File1251780912.jpg-(26 KB, 256x256, Officer-Male-570.jpg)
    26 KB

    Actually, yeah. I wasn't there for that session [character died, the rest of the group continued on without me as I had work that night] but it had something to do with a curse placed the inn we were staying at that drove our characters to temporary insanity or something. The explanation was rather unsatisfying to me, I liked it better when shit was just going on and I was wtf'ing because I didn't know what was going on.
    >> Anonymous 09/01/09(Tue)00:57 No.5674273
    Well. Since you won't read it.

    Spoilers ahead for those that haven't read Something from the Nightside.

    Basically, the main character falls into a Timeslip-which is a bit of displaced time, can be from ages in the past to years in the future.

    The world is FUCKED. Bricks crumble when touched, the entire place is covered in dust, and it's horribly, nastily pitch dark. Plus, you keep hearing things.

    So the guy and the lady who hired him are going along, when the guy "feels" a human nearby, and goes to find who it is.

    He finds this giant cocoon, and pulls it open, and finds a friend of his inside-Eddie, Punk God of the Straight Razor.

    Now, y'see, Eddie was a nasty bit of work a few years back-REALLY good with a straight razor, so good that he'd kill for any reason, paid or not-and he decided to go down to the Street of the Gods.

    SOMETHING happened there. He ain't so psycho anymore-or rather, he's psycho in a different direction. If you're evil-and there's a whole fucking lot of evil in Nightside-he'll kill you, with a razor no one ever sees. Oh, and he's immortal.
    >> Anonymous 09/01/09(Tue)00:59 No.5674296
    Awesome thread. Thx to everyone for all the great stories!


    Is there actually a big .doc of creepy moments? Where would such a thing be found?
    >> Anonymous 09/01/09(Tue)00:59 No.5674302

    Anyway. They get the cocoon ripped open, and Eddie falls out, and begs the guy to get him out of there.

    Turns out, the things that are out there, in the darkness? They're cockroaches. Huge fucking cockroaches. Like the size of large dogs. With huge fucking mandibles-"like scimitars," was the description. And when they show up, Eddie falls over-_as their fucking larvae chew their way out of him._

    Think about that for a while. You're good. You're damned good. You're fucking amazing; you can kill agents of the Harrowing, things that scare the guy who may END THE WORLD-and then, the world DOES end, and bugs catch you. They bury your weapon, the only weapon you've ever needed, deep in your gut, so you can't get at it. Then, they -use- you. You're the recipient for millions of larvae that chew their way out of you, what remains of the world is insistent on using you as a base for their young.

    Whala. Loneliness and cockroaches.
    >> Anonymous 09/01/09(Tue)01:00 No.5674315
    If it were me, I'd probably make an excuse even worse than "a curse did it". I'd probably go, "The shattered consciousness of a Dream Larva that was destroyed in that inn reached out and interacted with your minds, fucking with your perception every time you came close to it."
    >> Wasteland Warrior !W48S2eY4nU 09/01/09(Tue)01:04 No.5674363

    I reckon I got time for another. Gimme a minute to get situated and grab some dinner.
    >> P.T.Y.H.H.S. !!fdT9I8ZycZ1 09/01/09(Tue)01:12 No.5674453
         File1251781973.jpg-(28 KB, 256x256, Officer-Male-639.jpg)
    28 KB

    It was more complex than "A curse did it", it was something like "The BBEG's family was killed by a group of rowdy adventurers in that tavern and their souls haunt the area, mentally torturing all adventurers and travelers that regularly stay in the inn, turning them against one another", but it basically boiled down to "you got the only female and agile members of the party wrecked by hallucinations, enjoy your sadness game"
    >> Wasteland Warrior !W48S2eY4nU 09/01/09(Tue)01:13 No.5674468

    Alright, here goes.

    I was playing a tech priest in dark heresy. I rolled up the starting divination that boosts your int but gives you some corruption points, so his backstory was that he was an impious tech priest sent out to the inquisitor as punishment for his lack off piety. The rest of the party consisted of a cleric, a scum, an adept and an arbiter. We were on a large bulk transport that had a large compliment of Imperial guardsmen en route to a warzone and a team of archeologists with some eldar artifacts he was transporting to a our inquisitor for study. Unbeknownst to us their was also a cult onboard, who decided to please their dark gods by weakening the geller field.
    >> Anonymous 09/01/09(Tue)01:20 No.5674543
         File1251782448.jpg-(22 KB, 288x346, Bad Mojo_0big.jpg)
    22 KB
    >> Anonymous 09/01/09(Tue)01:21 No.5674553
    I was in a library today, about 20 stories tall, and incredibly narrow aisles between the shelves, with hundreds of shelves per floor, and I'm the only person on the floor. Suddenly, all the lights flicker a few times, they all go out, they all come back on, and about 3/4 the lights go out. let me tell you, I got my books and GTFO
    >> Wasteland Warrior !W48S2eY4nU 09/01/09(Tue)01:27 No.5674613

    So the demons are entering the ship, but with the geller field still up they can only possess the occasional poor sap or manifest briefly. The whole ship goes to hell and actions are formed amongst the survivors. Ammo, food, water and medicine become scarce commodities and are constantly being fought over. Eventually the cultists overrun the archeologists and the massive amount of eldar souls being sucked into the warp allows demons of slaanesh to enter the ship. Daemonettes enter the ship and we all see the perfect woman with food and water trying to lure us away from our posts. We all eventually managed to get away from the daemons after eventually passing our willpower tests, except for the arbiter, who sees his dead wife and cant make the willpower roll. We find him chewing through the bones of his arms. He had killed his wife in a drunken rage and strangled her to death, and the daemonette made him relive that moment, only he tried to chew through his hands to stop strangleing her. The daemonette was kind enough to broadcast his last moments straight into our heads right as his mind snapped and he devolved into a dribbling wretch. We couldn't shoot his because the ammo was too valuable so the scum brained him with a shovel.
    >> Anonymous 09/01/09(Tue)01:39 No.5674727
    Oh cool, a WW thread.
    >> Wasteland Warrior !W48S2eY4nU 09/01/09(Tue)01:44 No.5674776

    My character was the next to go. I was working on getting a reactor up and running so more power could be diverted to the geller fields. Something entered the room and the rest of the party went to investigate it while I continued my work. While they were busy and I was in a trance while interfacing with the machine, a miniscule blue horror and a nurgling crept into my robes. The blue horror went into one of my open wounds and started crawling around, while the nurgling kept pointing out how my flesh was being made imperfect by some unknown force and that I needed to purge the weakness. I started using my mechadendrites to rip the mutations off. The party stood by and watched. Eventually my frame had been so twisted by the two demons I turned into a demonhost and fucked up the scum before the rest of the party killed me.

    Between the arbiter eating his hands while crying and the techpriest deconstructing himself and then rebuilding himself into a demonhost they each had between 20 and 40 insanity points. The inquisitor was an istvaanian who believed that only te insane had the fortitude to prosper, and engineered the whole thing to get a cadre of hardened acolytes. The inquisitor handed out the rosettes and the cleric told the inquisitor where he could shove the rosette and wrapped his lips around his shotgun and pulled the trigger.
    >> Anonymous 09/01/09(Tue)02:03 No.5675008
    Yes, because girls are the only thing that creep people out, right? Fag.
    >> Anonymous 09/01/09(Tue)02:06 No.5675035
    Okay, you made your point. That's fine.

    I think I need a shower.
    >> Anonymous 09/01/09(Tue)02:08 No.5675048
    That. Was. AWESOME!
    >> How do I shot trip? !H508X.HbJ6 09/01/09(Tue)02:14 No.5675103
    So I had a game going with my mother, some friends, and her husband. My stepfather is a very, very meek fellow. You can barely hear him talk sometimes, and his voice is rather feminine. It's getting late, and a lot of us get that end-of-session feeling.

    That's when Mekrif, my Barbarian, saw a runed engraving of the Tarrasque. Now, he didn't know that the engraving depicted. I was handed a 'Daily' power card and a note that if I was to rage, next time I would use that one and alert him to it.

    Some days (and sessions) later, me and the group is in a pinch. Having no other recourse, I tell him I use the mystery rage. He nods, then rolls a d20.

    He tells me that Barbarians draw power from nature, and this includes the spirits of animals. He goes on to explain that an incredibly strong creature died in the place I had witnessed the inscribing.

    He then tells me to leave the room. He explains this as 'You have blacked out.'

    Scared shitless, I wander back to my bedroom. I can hear, vaguely, cries of "WAT" AND "NOOO!" and then, I'm called back.

    I'm surrounded by the dead bodies of my party members, and enemies.

    And the one line I remember most from the night?
    "Is there enough to ressurect them?"
    "If you induce vomiting fast enough, sure."
    >> Wasteland Warrior !W48S2eY4nU 09/01/09(Tue)02:18 No.5675151

    Thank you kindly, I'm trying to get back to posting more often, but the change in timezone meant all my regular fans would have to say up a couple hours later.
    >> How do I shot trip? !H508X.HbJ6 09/01/09(Tue)02:22 No.5675193
    >Between the arbiter eating his hands while crying and the techpriest deconstructing himself and then rebuilding himself into a demonhost they each had between 20 and 40 insanity points.

    Holy shit.
    >> Anonymous 09/01/09(Tue)02:25 No.5675231
    Holy fuck!
    >> How do I shot trip? !H508X.HbJ6 09/01/09(Tue)02:38 No.5675352
    Appaerently I ate half the cleric and the hand of the swordmage.

    How, I have no fucking idea.
    >> Anonymous 09/01/09(Tue)02:39 No.5675363
    This is a properly used Tarrasque.
    >> Anonymous 09/01/09(Tue)02:40 No.5675374

    This shoulda been in that tarrasque thread earlier
    >> Stompa Guy 09/01/09(Tue)02:43 No.5675418
    In one of my old campaigns of AD&D I had a vilian of sorts known as The Vendrigoth. He was tall and lanky, with orange eyes and a long hook nose. His body was similar to tree bark in it's covering and he had long nails on each hand.

    Little children who did not obey their parents were told that The Vendrigoth would come and take them away to Zummox, the dark land where he ruled and tormented wayward children.

    The PC's encountered himin a cave, where he snuck up behond one character and snapped their neck, and held another just out of reach of the rest of the party, one hand held over their face and the other behind their head. He allowed the PC to watch their friends walk by and then pressed their head from behind, dicing it on his long nails. (This was later discovered to have all been hallucinations from the Mithril deposits in the mountain.)

    More to come.
    >> Stompa Guy 09/01/09(Tue)02:44 No.5675423
    Another time, as part of a series of end capmaign bosses, the PC's entered a room that appeared to be a dark forest. Through the grey, hazy light they could see small figures moving, and could barely make out the groans of suffering children.

    Upon approaching one of the emotionless, grey skinned children a brownish blur sped past, and the child all but exploded, his throat slashed in a most untidy way, more torn open.

    The party tried their best to save the children, but each one found their way either to a bloody end or into The Vendrigoth's burlap bag to be taken back to his lair, where horrors unknown awaited them.

    The only way the could defeat him was to lure him into the few small patches of sunlight filtering through the threes. The problem with that was that he only comes for you when you are alone...

    More to come
    >> Stompa Guy 09/01/09(Tue)02:45 No.5675430
    One of the party members did die for a time, and upon their demise they found themselves in what would appear to be an open field in a small romanian country.

    The sky was grey and there was but a single tree in this expanse. As a gypsy came by, pulling her cart, she was asked where this place was.

    The response was "Why, my dear. This is Zummox"

    One more story coming.
    >> Stompa Guy 09/01/09(Tue)02:46 No.5675439
    There was a bartender, Frank, who was half ork (Though his appearance leaned more towards the orkish side). Now Frank is another set of stories entirely, but suffice it to say he was murderous, often kidnapped inn patrons, made wagers with more than one PC using their body parts as collateral (And he did win the Thieve's index finger, which he used to stir his martinis), and had a sort of Cthuloid child living in his basement (One of the reasons for his madness and the abductions).

    The PC's, in searching for clues to his whereabouts for information, found themselves in his psyche. They had stumbled into where he kept his childhood memories.

    In and old shack in the woods, the party found broken pots, clues pointing to an abusive father, and a scared, shaking orc child, hiding in the cellar.

    Upon entering the cellar to speak withthe child, the party was startled as he slammed shut the door. The sound of long nails scratching wood was heard moments later outside. With abject horror in his eyes, the child began to cry, his only words being.

    "It's him..."

    And those are all the Vendrigoth stories I have, but I will see what else I can remember, I ran a fairly creepy campaign.
    >> How do I shot trip? !H508X.HbJ6 09/01/09(Tue)02:47 No.5675446
    It gets better: In the previous campaign, we'd killed a Tarrasque born from Tiamat being a collasal bitch. This was in 3.5

    She then swore that in the next age, adventurers would suffer for their arrogance.
    >> Anonymous 09/01/09(Tue)02:52 No.5675491
    Little do my players know that from my DM throne, I have access to controls for the lights, all few which can be dimmed.
    Over the course of the evening, I would slowly turn down the light, and make small scratching noises, which they would sometimes hear, but not ask about.
    I would also send silent messages to our neighbour to come rattle the windows or stand outside ominously at just the right times.
    >> How do I shot trip? !H508X.HbJ6 09/01/09(Tue)03:06 No.5675605
    Why do they keep coming?
    >> Anonymous 09/01/09(Tue)03:22 No.5675709

    Vendigroth? Someone been playing Arcanum?


    Awesome game that >.>.
    >> Anonymous 09/01/09(Tue)03:25 No.5675728
    You kidding? Why would they ever leave?
    >> How do I shot trip? !H508X.HbJ6 09/01/09(Tue)03:32 No.5675783
    Shit, I'd make up excuses. I'm not saying it wouldn't be fun...
    >> Anonymous 09/01/09(Tue)03:48 No.5675897
    >> Anonymous 09/01/09(Tue)04:05 No.5676016
    >> Anonymous 09/01/09(Tue)04:38 No.5676286
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    >> Lonkon 09/01/09(Tue)05:17 No.5676498
    Seriously? Thread died? Alright I'll post in a second about some of my creepy ideas/experiences.
    >> Anonymous 09/01/09(Tue)07:00 No.5677045

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