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  • File : 1251307198.jpg-(75 KB, 525x300, CS Books 2.jpg)
    75 KB Crimson Skies Anonymous 08/26/09(Wed)13:19 No.5601628  
    I just got my delivery of pretty much every FASA Crimson Skies book that exists. E-bay FTW.

    So, to celebrate, Crimson Skies thread.
    >> Anonymous 08/26/09(Wed)13:30 No.5601713
    I endorse this product and/or service.

    Never had a chance to play the game, what's it like in play?
    >> Anonymous 08/26/09(Wed)13:32 No.5601738
    How much of an investment are we looking at for a basic 2 player setup?
    >> Anonymous 08/26/09(Wed)13:34 No.5601760
    Well I normally hate playing flight simulators, but this was pretty fun, less about staying airborne and more about shooting badguys.
    Oh, and the planes were upgradable, I liked that.
    >> Anonymous 08/26/09(Wed)13:37 No.5601785
    I could never get it running on xp much the pity.
    >> Anonymous 08/26/09(Wed)13:37 No.5601786
    ... mother of god. I never knew this stuff even existed.
    >> Anonymous 08/26/09(Wed)13:38 No.5601794
         File1251308320.jpg-(163 KB, 831x625, CS maneuver template.jpg)
    163 KB

    Well, that depends on if you can FIND it. The game is nearly a decade out of print. There IS a scanned copy of the main boxset on /rs/ though. Otherwise I've seen copies on e-bay go for anywhere from $5 to $50+ (original MSRP $35).

    Its not very heavy on the simulation, movement is plotted hidden then everyone moves simultaneously, though if you're on someone's tail and you've got a better "Sixth Sense" skill they have to tell you hints about their movement (howmuchso based on the difference between scores). A pretty neat way to simulate the unpredictability of dogfights.

    Pic related, its the movement template (well, a copy I MS painted up a few years back). It LOOKS confusing and scary, but is surprisingly simple once you learn how to read it.
    >> Anonymous 08/26/09(Wed)13:44 No.5601845
         File1251308645.jpg-(249 KB, 1212x775, damage system.jpg)
    249 KB

    Damage is handled in a way vaguely similar to Battletech, though not really. Every plane has a chart similar to the old StarFleet Battles SBDs. Each weapon does damage in a certain pattern of boxes, first you chew through armor then you start hitting internals, which do a variety of bad things.
    >> Anonymous 08/26/09(Wed)13:45 No.5601856
    So is it pretty similar to Aerotech?
    >> Anonymous 08/26/09(Wed)13:46 No.5601864
    brb, googling Crimson Skies
    >> Anonymous 08/26/09(Wed)13:48 No.5601881
         File1251308927.jpg-(512 KB, 1175x1512, Bloodhawk sheet.jpg)
    512 KB

    Here is an example of a plane sheet, the Hughes Bloodhawk. You can also see on the side where you note your maneuver for each turn and places to mark other useful stats.

    I'll answer questions, but if you're curious about the rules, downloading the boxset might be easier.
    >> Anonymous 08/26/09(Wed)13:52 No.5601916
         File1251309171.jpg-(252 KB, 1536x1038, Crimson_skies_map.jpg)
    252 KB

    Crimson Skies was one of FASA's last games before they died. It features a pulp style 1930s America where the Influenza Epidemic of the 20s, the political struggles of prohibition, and the stock market crash of '29 shattered the nation into a variety of squabbling nation-states.

    With the international railway and fledgling highway systems destroyed and rendered useless, people took to the skies. Where in our world people fell in love with the automobile, in the CS universe, the aeroplane is the fascination of the public.

    For a nice taste see this, the intro for the 2001 PC game.

    >> Anonymous 08/26/09(Wed)13:59 No.5601976
         File1251309559.jpg-(385 KB, 696x537, Hollywood Safe poster.jpg)
    385 KB

    I've heard running the graphics in software mode can help. It has trouble with modern video cards.
    >> Anonymous 08/26/09(Wed)14:10 No.5602079
    The damage system looks like it's the same as in Renegade Legion: Interceptor. Does it use a flowchart for critical hits too?
    >> Anonymous 08/26/09(Wed)14:14 No.5602116
    that actually sounds pretty cool.
    >> Anonymous 08/26/09(Wed)14:18 No.5602147
         File1251310694.gif-(6 KB, 396x72, airactionweekly.gif)
    6 KB

    It is. Have some fluff.

    The first signs of change started with the post–Great War influenza epidemic. Isolationism grew in popularity as many fell to a disease brought back from Europe by returning servicemen.

    President Woodrow Wilson’s push to form a League of Nations outraged U.S. citizens and allowed Warren G. Harding’s “New Independence from Europe” campaign to flourish. Harding called for greater separation from the world, and his Regionalist party adopted this as its platform’s theme. When the Regionalists won office in 1920, they used their new power to promote Prohibition.

    In 1923, however, President Harding died. His successor, Calvin Coolidge, refused to support Prohibition and the Federal bill languished in congressional committees.

    Meanwhile, Prohibition became a battle between ideologically distinct regions in America. Checkpoints appeared on state borders as authorities tried to restrict the flow of alcohol. Many states used these checkpoints to levy unofficial—and highly illegal—tariffs.
    >> Anonymous 08/26/09(Wed)14:19 No.5602155
         File1251310749.jpg-(212 KB, 500x643, Medusa Wanted Poster.jpg)
    212 KB

    In 1927, a new and deadly strain of influenza ravaged the country. States closed their borders and converted their liquor checkpoints into quarantine-enforcement sites. Smugglers and raiders adopted the airplane to avoid the limitations of ground-based transportation.

    The election of 1928 suffered from low voter turnout, as most people avoided large groups for fear of contracting influenza. The Regionalists launched their “Strong State” platforms and effectively curtailed the Federal government’s power.

    In October of 1929, the stock market crash was the final blow to the United States. Regionalism had decimated the national economy and Washington D.C.’s call for financial assistance from state governments was universally rejected.

    On January 1, 1930, Texas seceded from the United States, with California, the Carolinas, Utah, and New York quickly following their lead. Unable to mount the political and military campaign necessary to hold the United States together, Washington was now powerless.
    >> Anonymous 08/26/09(Wed)14:20 No.5602162
         File1251310832.gif-(20 KB, 150x245, awn_10a_small.gif)
    20 KB

    As the Federal government crumbled, the vast majority of the nation’s military deserted or swore allegiance to their native states. Many sold their skills as mercenaries or bandits.

    North America’s fascination with airplanes now became a necessity, as commerce between the new independent nations ground to a halt. Brushfire wars demolished the intercontinental railway system, and the highways quickly fell into disrepair or were sabotaged.

    The automobile, once destined to become the national shipping vehicle, gave way to gyrotaxis, aerobuses, and the large cargo zeppelins that commanded the skylines.

    “Air pirates” captured the public eye during this period of turmoil. Small, disorganized bands of thrillseekers and publicity hounds, these pirates begancrime sprees that would inspire others.

    The first serious pirate threat came in 1931. Jonathan “Genghis” Kahn—a former businessman from Chicago—created the infamous Red Skull Legion. The Skulls moved into Utah (posing as People’s Collective militia) where they stole a military zeppelin.
    >> Anonymous 08/26/09(Wed)14:21 No.5602172
         File1251310873.jpg-(289 KB, 947x631, airfield1.jpg)
    289 KB

    Low-intensity border skirmishes between the new nation-states continued through 1935. Amidst the chaos, bootleggers and pirates thrived. Scores of new militias, most determined to defend their states, battled increasingly colorful and flamboyant raiders. The Redmann Gang, the Red Skull Legion, the Black Swans,and other pirate groups pillaged across national boundaries.

    The nation-states continued to subsidize their air wings but also began offering Letters of Marque to pirates, allowing them to legally attack the nation’s rivals. Today, North America is a continent politely at war with itself. Rival militias fall on each other in defense of their own national interests. Pirates and privateers challenge these militias for control of the skies, and they are often victorious.

    The air lanes are the new frontier, where a single individual with skill and nerve can make all the difference. Today’s flyers are men and women to be applauded, feared, but above all respected, for as long as they can push the envelope and maintain their hold on the skies. We have given them this power. The sky is the limit—but five thousand feet up makes for a long fall from glory.
    >> The Shadow 08/26/09(Wed)14:58 No.5602493
    What do you think the setting would be like once it reached the year 2000?
    >> Anonymous 08/26/09(Wed)15:00 No.5602516
         File1251313235.jpg-(315 KB, 1236x1602, recognitionchart.jpg)
    315 KB

    Who the hell knows. The only real future debate I've ever seen is about how WWII would go in the world (if it would occur at all, the whole world is slightly different due to a variety of influences).
    >> Anonymous 08/26/09(Wed)15:07 No.5602577
    Good, now get Renegade Legion.
    >> Anonymous 08/26/09(Wed)15:11 No.5602602
         File1251313899.jpg-(78 KB, 1070x363, Zepp Fortune Hunters 001.jpg)
    78 KB

    Another FASA game, if I recall? Not really in my field of interests.
    >> Anonymous 08/26/09(Wed)15:34 No.5602819
    Crimson Skies + Sky Captain & The World of Tomorrow + Spirit of the Century = FUCKWIN PULP ACTION IN THE SKIES.

    Alternatively, get Swashbucklers of the Seven Skies.
    >> Anonymous 08/26/09(Wed)15:39 No.5602878
         File1251315584.jpg-(116 KB, 870x680, Shinden.jpg)
    116 KB

    If I was to run a Crimson Skies PnP RPG,I'd probably use Spirit of the Century.

    The question is, would I use the boxset for plane combat or just the SotC rules...

    Probably the SotC rules just to keep things simple.
    >> Anonymous 08/26/09(Wed)15:52 No.5602970

    There's people that actually rewrote the car chase rules to better work in dogfights. I'm sure the rule is one the FATE wiki somewhere.
    >> Anonymous 08/26/09(Wed)15:56 No.5603012
         File1251316570.jpg-(21 KB, 361x450, Howard Huges.jpg)
    21 KB

    Oh? I'll have to look that up then. Thanks.

    The neat thing is, planes could be given their own aspects, like "poor stall speed" or "powerful engine" or "Fast diver".
    >> Zipline 08/26/09(Wed)16:06 No.5603115
    >Crimson Skies + Sky Captain & The World of Tomorrow + Spirit of the Century = FUCKWIN PULP ACTION IN THE SKIES.
    I hate you SO MUCH. SC&tWoT is based on Crimson Skies, not the other way around, dipshit. That was a horrifically bad movie

    >I could never get it running on xp much the pity.
    I had the same problem until I ran it with software mode. Works perfectly.
    >> Anonymous 08/26/09(Wed)16:10 No.5603184
    zomg Crimson Skies. Best game for the xbox
    >> Anonymous 08/26/09(Wed)16:16 No.5603237
    >I hate you SO MUCH. SC&tWoT is based on Crimson Skies, not the other way around, dipshit. That was a horrifically bad movie
    Umm... Nerdrage much?

    All I pointed out was that they share some tropes, not least among them "PULP ACTION!". And still you go frothing at the mouth. Tsk.
    >> Anonymous 08/26/09(Wed)16:16 No.5603238
    You sadden me slightly.

    The PC game was far better. None of that weather control shit, the Xbox game tried to be too epic, it failed entirely at suspending my disbelief. The PC game on the other hand, managed it quite well. More options to customise your planes as well.

    God I miss it.
    >> Anonymous 08/26/09(Wed)16:19 No.5603280
    Wow, is that a scale model Pandora? Where is this picture from?
    >> Anonymous 08/26/09(Wed)16:22 No.5603317
    God damnit, I feel so ignorant.
    Thought Crimson Skies were video games.
    The one for PC was especially awesome, where you could customize the shit out of your planes.
    Xbox version was nice too.
    >> Zipline 08/26/09(Wed)16:25 No.5603341
    If you saw someone compare one of the greatest gaming franchises ever to a complete garbage movie because the movie is a clear rip-off of the franchise, you'd be angry too.

    You can still find the original game on eBay. I actually got my copy at Target, in the discount games bin, about 3 years ago. Prior to that I had a pirated copy, but trust me when I say the real thing is better.
    >> Anonymous 08/26/09(Wed)16:26 No.5603360
    dont feel bad, I did the same thing. started with xbox game, then got really into it and bought the pc game, only to learn there was tt. never seen anyone play it though
    >> Anonymous 08/26/09(Wed)16:29 No.5603392
    I've got the PC game sitting in my CD Drive at the moment, just installed it. It really doesn't like newer Graphics cards though and it's generally a bitch to run with XP & Vista. saying that, the only problem i've had so far is with the fonts bugging up.

    Wish me luck, /tg/.
    >> Anonymous 08/26/09(Wed)17:32 No.5604054
         File1251322345.jpg-(207 KB, 1377x734, Zepp Fortune Hunters 005.jpg)
    207 KB

    dunno, got it off an old CS website, its just a convert zeppelin model, not a specific CS product.


    The creators in FASA originally envisioned it as a video game, but the best they could do to start (to prove it's awesomeness as a setting) as make a tabletop wargame.
    >> Anonymous 08/26/09(Wed)17:33 No.5604060
         File1251322398.jpg-(71 KB, 691x518, Zepp Fortune Hunters 002.jpg)
    71 KB

    only have 3 pics of it though.
    >> Anonymous 08/26/09(Wed)17:35 No.5604077
         File1251322502.jpg-(47 KB, 550x360, airship.jpg)
    47 KB

    I do have a pic of this little patrol gunship zep though.
    >> Anonymous 08/26/09(Wed)19:16 No.5605102
         File1251328567.jpg-(146 KB, 900x1125, airplaneConcepts.jpg)
    146 KB
    I know I'm probably asking too much but...

    Is there some way to scan the game related ones without cutting them apart or too badly damaging the spine? I'd love to give something back to /tg/ but well... they're hard to find and ten years out of print almost. I'd rather not destroy them.

    I've got a large flat-bed scanner/printer and the game-books are all thin soft covers, pretty standard splat book stuff. I might be able to do some decent scans, but I've never done this sort of thing before, and wouldn't know how to PDF them in the first place.
    >> Zipline 08/26/09(Wed)19:36 No.5605410
         File1251329791.jpg-(18 KB, 562x360, Zep_5.jpg)
    18 KB
    That would be amazing, man. I would love you forever if you did that. In a platonic way, of course.

    I don't know how much experience you have with scanners, but just be certain that the pages are lined up. If the spine is causing the pages to warp excessively, put something heavy on there for the few brief seconds it takes to scan.

    As for making PDFs, a quick search turned this up: http://www.primopdf.com/

    There appear to be other PDF-making software, but you have to pay for some of them.
    >> Anonymous 08/26/09(Wed)19:49 No.5605560
         File1251330549.jpg-(82 KB, 416x600, Mechanix2.jpg)
    82 KB

    Yeah, I figured I'd set up the printer tonight or tomorrow and try a few test-scans to see how well it comes out.

    Another question I had, regarding something else was. How trustworthy is the Amazon marketplace? There are a few used copies of Beyond the Crimson Veil (only one I'm missing) on it for $15-20, but I've never really looked into that sort of thing before.
    >> Anonymous 08/26/09(Wed)19:57 No.5605645
         File1251331054.jpg-(29 KB, 471x600, USS Los Angeles.jpg)
    29 KB
    I've never heard anything explicitly bad about the marketplace, and I've seen some really good, rare books on there, so I'd go ahead and do it. Sounds like a deal.

    Another note about the scanning. I've gotten several Warmachine books from /rs/ and they often have signs of the page curl around the spine, which shows me that the books were intact when scanned, so there probably isn't any reason for you to cut up your books

    also that pic is hilarious and awesome. "Uncle Sam's *secret* Tunnel System" ftw
    >> Anonymous 08/26/09(Wed)20:14 No.5605870
         File1251332063.jpg-(88 KB, 600x800, aaw_34_large.jpg)
    88 KB
    Yeah, that was what I was thinking, plus most of the places offering it had tons of good feedback so whatever.

    Your picture is damn amusing as well, and hell it looks like that Pandora I posted the pics of may be based on a model of that very Zep. Same overall shape, same distinct tail area, and the engines are in roughly the same places.

    Speaking of, that 5th engine in the back is a terrible idea for the Pandora. How are you supposed to catch the hook to land in the rear bay? I suppose on that version of the Pandora the rear door is the launch bay while the front doors have the arrestor hook for landings. The guide lights seen in the second pic would seem to confirm that.
    >> Anonymous 08/26/09(Wed)20:20 No.5605946
    I REALLY hated you could fire only one pair of guns at a time. What the hell was the point of an aircraft with six guns if you could only use two at a time?
    >> Anonymous 08/26/09(Wed)20:20 No.5605952
    I'm guessing the model is of the Los Angeles, yeah, but it might also be the Akon, Makon or Graf Zeppelin. They were all produced by the Zeppelin Corporation between the late 20s and early 30s, so they all kind of look similar.

    As I recall, the Pandora in the game does not have the fifth engine, as I remember coming in to landing by dodging the rear tail fin and just following the landing lights. For that matter, I don't recall a second landing bay door either. Hrm
    >> Anonymous 08/26/09(Wed)20:32 No.5606078
    Fucking Hindenburg for fucking up the blimp industry.
    >> Anonymous 08/26/09(Wed)20:33 No.5606092
    >> Anonymous 08/26/09(Wed)20:40 No.5606176
    Crimson Skies, huh?
    The setting isn't really my bag. WW2 planes don't really do it for me.

    Though CS isn't coming back, I think that The new "Leviathan" game is going to be occupying the same mind-space that CS held a decade before.
    >> Anonymous 08/26/09(Wed)20:44 No.5606219
    Whoever developed jet engines in this universe could fuck shit up.
    >> Anonymous 08/26/09(Wed)20:47 No.5606279
    Yeah, I've always meant to go back and see if it was possible to rig the pc version to fire diffrient guns for diffrient joystick buttons.

    btw, did anyone else have trouble with the Brigand's tailgun turret suddenly locking up and not working at all on certain missions? It was one of the main reasons I switched to the Firebrand.
    >> Anonymous 08/26/09(Wed)20:48 No.5606285
    That or blow up hydrogen/helium gas generators.
    >> Anonymous 08/26/09(Wed)20:52 No.5606358
    I liked to use the Bloodhawk with a pair of 50s as my person ride. Combine with a HUEG engine and a boost and you can out run anything. You do tend to run low on ammo sometimes though.
    >> Anonymous 08/26/09(Wed)21:04 No.5606535
         File1251335075.jpg-(89 KB, 800x600, CS_plane_010_A.jpg)
    89 KB

    Well, that model is a different interpretation of the Pandora than the one in the games. In the games the Pandora has side mounted engines and is painted white.


    Blame America if anything, the US Government refused to allow the Zeppelin corporation rights to purchase non-flamable helium from the US (then the only source of helium in industrial quantities) because they feared it would be used for military purposes.

    Instead the Zeppelins were filled with hydrogen, and we all know what happened then.


    Wouldn't know, I hated the Brigand, I typically flew the Hughes Devastator or, my favorite, the J2 Fury.
    >> Anonymous 08/26/09(Wed)21:10 No.5606609
    Is that a fucking plane named after the Colt Peacemaker?

    >> Anonymous 08/26/09(Wed)21:15 No.5606672
         File1251335730.jpg-(29 KB, 495x371, Peacemaker370.jpg)
    29 KB

    Indeed, one of the favored planes of the Texas Air Rangers and other Texan air militias. As well as the plane used by infamous Pirate "Marshal" Bill Redmann of Redmann's Gang.

    William & Colt Aviation also produce a dogfighter called the Rifleman, though I have no pictures of it.
    >> Zipline 08/26/09(Wed)21:26 No.5606827
         File1251336418.jpg-(33 KB, 495x390, Manatee Hindenburg.jpg)
    33 KB
    I'd liked the limited guns. Load up on AP rounds to shred armor, then when it starts to smoke switch to HE or DD and take them down. They probably did it to inject some strategy.

    What else can you say about Leviathan? If it's anything like Crimson Skies I'm very interested.

    No, I never used the Brigand, always the Warhawk. Max armor, max engines, 4 .75s

    Hurray, someone else who knows something about airships! But anyway, another contributing factor of the Hindenburg's failure was politics. Long story short, the pilot was pressured into landing during a thunderstorm and made a super tight turn that snapped cables, cut the gas bags and, well, you know.

    these anon posts were me, by the way
    >> Anonymous 08/26/09(Wed)21:57 No.5607314
    Warhawk always felt too heavy for me, especially for a fighter that didnt have a rear gunner. The J2 Fury was always my turn fight champion.
    >> Anonymous 08/26/09(Wed)22:02 No.5607374
         File1251338525.jpg-(11 KB, 519x233, 3bb170.jpg)
    11 KB

    The Warhawk? Interesting. It is also one of the planes almost directly modeled after a real life prototype. The German Blohm & Voss P.170.01
    >> Anonymous 08/26/09(Wed)22:04 No.5607411
         File1251338680.jpg-(7 KB, 426x232, 3bhsp75.jpg)
    7 KB

    Another is the Hughes Bloodhawk, based on the German Henschel P.75.

    I'm reading one of the fiction books right now, the "Wings of Fortune" one. It features what is probably the first appearance of Nathan Zachary (whom isn't mentioned at all, so far, in the wargame material I have read).

    Not finished yet, but so far its featuring his past, his efforts in the Great War and the following Russian Revolution(s).
    >> Anonymous 08/26/09(Wed)22:37 No.5607803
    You will find several German prototypes in the lineup, along with a few American ones as well.

    Well, that IS why you mix the AP up with AP-I or whatever.
    >> Anonymous 08/26/09(Wed)22:51 No.5608020
         File1251341502.jpg-(33 KB, 565x271, xp54-6.jpg)
    33 KB

    Yeah, the J2 Fury is likely heavily inspired for the F4-U Corsair, for example. Its profile even mentions they experimented with giving it bent, gull-wings (like the Corsair) but it effected stability or something.

    I even used the boxset plane creation system to design my own plane based on the US' WWII XP-54 "Swoose Goose" prototype.

    As for the PC game, I typically used Explosive rounds as they did well against both armor and internals, together with Flak rockets (easier to hit planes with, great for destroying Zeppelin engines).

    EX ammo isn't in the wargame though, and Flak rockets aren't nearly as good. Though I've theory-crafted up potential uses for mass fire from a formation several planes to create a wall of flak.
    >> Anonymous 08/26/09(Wed)22:56 No.5608081
    For zep-busting, HE into the engines is better than trying to toss a rocket into the 'internals'. Aside from armoring a zeppelin not making sense and all.
    >> Anonymous 08/26/09(Wed)23:01 No.5608152
         File1251342098.png-(14 KB, 581x317, Pandora.png)
    14 KB

    Ah, but a well placed flak rocket can severely damage multiple engines on the Zeps in the PC game (depending on placement pattern), to be finished off with quick MG bursts or a second flak rocket.
    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)00:15 No.5608885
         File1251346552.jpg-(123 KB, 763x509, Martin-B-10B.jpg)
    123 KB
    Jeez, when you see that they built planes like this in the period, all of the crazy designs kind of make sense.

    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)00:23 No.5608962
         File1251347020.jpg-(116 KB, 511x489, phalanx.jpg)
    116 KB

    There are some planes in the Aircraft Manual that look similar to that. Heck, a lot of them are downright crazy.

    For example, here is a mini of the McKinley FB-99 Phalanx, a massive heavy-fighter (base target number 1, the largest you can get) armed with a staggering eight 40 caliber cannons, 10 rocket hardpoints (meaning upwards of 20 rockets depending on type), and heavy armor. Still modestly maneuverable too.
    >> Zipline 08/27/09(Thu)01:14 No.5609577
    And I'm back. How goes the scan?
    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)01:23 No.5609693
         File1251350584.jpg-(82 KB, 800x600, Hellhound.jpg)
    82 KB

    Haven't done anything yet, been too busy reading one of the books. Just finished it actually, Wings of Fortune. Good stuff, makes me sad no further novels featuring the Fortune Hunter's were written. This book gave a great look in Nathan Zachary's past; recounting everything from his Great War days, a brief look into his life as a rich Wall-street broker and penniless pauper caring for his mother afterward, and the formation of the Fortune Hunters.

    Plus some German air pirates and a search for stolen gold around Loch Ness.

    I'll probably try some test scans tomorrow.
    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)01:26 No.5609763
    Does Crimson Skies have aircraft that are designed to take on fighters?
    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)01:28 No.5609782
    Interesting bit of trivia- at the death rattle of Ral Partha, they were packing Crimson Skies miniatures into Battletech blisters and shipping them off.

    To this day, there are FASA-era aircraft that never had so much as a stat for Battletech sitting in nice long rows at my local FLGS (Game Parlor, Chantilly) in the BT section. With the Crimson Skies designators.
    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)01:30 No.5609812
    I think I've seen about half those designs on luft46.com
    >> Zipline 08/27/09(Thu)01:30 No.5609813
         File1251351010.gif-(66 KB, 164x177, nathan.gif)
    66 KB
    Ah, that sounds pretty cool. A word to the wise, though, don't buy the book "Crimson Skies" by Eric Nylund. It's a short story collection that deals with Nathan Zachary, Blake and the Red Skull Legion, but it's so poorly written that it's, well, it's just horrible. Don't waste your money.

    pic very related
    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)01:30 No.5609821
         File1251351045.jpg-(53 KB, 800x600, BlackSwanLarge.jpg)
    53 KB

    I'm not entirely sure what you mean by this.

    Most of the aircraft are designed to combat other fighters, as they is what your target will be 80-90% of the time in the boxset wargame.
    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)01:31 No.5609834
    Eh, speed is more important than firepower, but TABLETOP GAME.
    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)01:34 No.5609882
    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)01:35 No.5609910


    >with a staggering eight 40 caliber cannons

    >40 caliber


    Motherfucker, I demand an explanation. I remember hearing about "60 caliber guns" in descriptions of the PC game- and thinking "oh you assholes that's a 15mm cannon, but go ahead and be cool and use caliber" but 40 caliber IS NOT A FUCKING CANNON. 15mm is about the smallest something can be and still be called a cannon. 40 caliber is something the cops use in their goddamn sidearms. Fuck this shit. Fuck.

    FASA, I am fucking DISAPPOINT.
    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)01:39 No.5609964
    .30, .40, .50, .60, .70 caliber guns. Keep in mind, UHMERICA and all. No sensible Spanish companies making useful 20mm cannons.
    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)01:40 No.5609982
         File1251351641.jpg-(15 KB, 320x240, plane_Devastator.jpg)
    15 KB

    Actually it has a Speed rating of 3, which is about average, given speeds rating go from 1-5.


    Base Target Number 1 (rated 1-10 the bigger the number the harder to hit/small the plane)

    Maximum Speed 3 (roughly 250mph, planes can be pushed beyond their speed rating by redlining the engine but botching the roll is bad)
    Maximum Gs 2 (how harsh a maneuver can be without making a pilot roll, the high the better)
    Acceleration Rate 1 (rated 1-3, how many hexes faster it can go than last turn, all planes have a decel rate of 2 as far as I know).

    Armor points 390 (spread across 6 sections, for reference the Hughes Devastator/J2 Fury have 220 armor points, the Bloodhawk 150, and the Curtis-Wright P2 Warhawk has 340)
    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)01:41 No.5609996
    any bombers then?
    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)01:43 No.5610021
    Which means you grab a speed 5 aircraft, go for altitude, then zoom and boom until you get a good shot.

    Again, assuming you can even do that.
    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)01:47 No.5610068

    >No sensible Spanish companies making useful 20mm cannons.

    Valid point. Rage fading.
    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)01:49 No.5610099
         File1251352199.jpg-(75 KB, 800x600, BrooklynBridgeLarge.jpg)
    75 KB

    Just a slight error on the writer's part, I suppose. They are rather interchangable terms, a .40 gun would probably be better described as a machine gun, but the large guns might be considered cannons.

    For example, the 20mm cannons used by many fighters in WWII could be considered .70 guns by CS' rules, as 20mm converts to roughly .78 cal.
    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)01:50 No.5610104
    If you want to de-rage even further, the USN implemented triple/quad 1.1 inch cannons as medium AAA on ships, prior to the licensing deal with Bofors.
    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)01:52 No.5610137
    They, like the 25 mm IJN guns, blew.
    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)01:54 No.5610166
         File1251352499.jpg-(96 KB, 477x483, Type 19 Aerial Torpedo.jpg)
    96 KB

    There are planes more useful for ground or aerial attack roles. 500 lb bombs are a rocket hardpoint option and some planes in the Aircraft Manual seem to have internal bays that can be used to carry more bombs (or cargo). Then, of course, there is the aerial torpedo from the PC game. However most of these rules seem to be in the book I lack, Beyond the Crimson Veil.


    Differing altitude is not tracked in the game. A somewhat unfortunate loss, however including the third dimension would make the game horrifically complex. Speed is still a great advantage though, however I think I'd take a good G-Rating over speed. Maneuverability > raw Speed, in my opinion anyways.
    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)01:56 No.5610188
    Well.... you can take a heavier, less maneuverable fighter and make an absolute beast out of it by using altitude. Attack from above, dive to gain speed, make your attack pass, zoom back up, repeat.
    >> Zipline 08/27/09(Thu)01:57 No.5610194
    I was always mad that those planes weren't included in the PC game.

    Yes! Someone pointed it out! Most people are not aware of the difference between a blimp and a dirigible. They're not actually very similar at all, other than being forms of aircraft.

    Blimp- big gas bags with a gondola underneath and usually no more than two engines. They cannot haul very much or stand up to punishment because their structural integrity depends on the material of their envelope.

    Semi-rigid- largely the same as a blimp, the only difference is that the balloon portion has a "keel," or reinforced bottom. This series of beams and wires can support a much greater load than a blimp, but is still rather small.

    Dirigible- nothing like the previous entries. Shape is maintained by a rigid skeleton of metal or fiberglass covered in weather-resistant fabrics. Inside the skeleton are suspended multiple "cells," which hold the lifting gas. Because of this skeleton the ships are much faster, always retain shape, can carry far more for longer, and is almost impervious to damage. After all, you can blow up multiple cells but there are still many left
    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)01:58 No.5610214

    Indeed sir. The definition of "cannon," I do believe, is when the explosive filler of the projectile is the primary dealer of damage, instead of the kinetic force of the projectile. i.e. a shell instead of a bullet. That starts around 15mm or so, at the minimum.


    Aaah, no shit? Yes, the writers should have expressed larger guns as "x.x inch cannons." That should have been tacticool enough- when you start measuring a bullet's size in INCHES, eh?


    No doubt. Domestic US cannons just ate shit. Lol M4 Oldsmobile.

    ... of course, when it's 37mm, low rate of fire can be forgiven.
    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)01:59 No.5610228
         File1251352794.gif-(33 KB, 300x234, aaw.photo.avenger.gif)
    33 KB

    Same here, the Avenger is a nice looking plane (though I'm not too fond of it's acceleration, only a 1), like a Cadillac or Rolls-Royce on wings or something.

    It's "stock configuration" of 6 .30 guns and two .60 cals (A pretty nasty armament really) would've been severely hamstrung by the game's way of handling guns though.
    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)02:06 No.5610331
    If you happen to be shooting at bombers, maybe. Low rate of fire and muzzle velocity make it difficult to land on small craft.


    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)02:07 No.5610336
         File1251353249.jpg-(64 KB, 481x390, p47_attack.jpg)
    64 KB


    So, I hear that Attack Vector: Tactical has the bestest system for tracking 3D movement evar. This game would be rather simpler to do, because you have a fixed plane of reference that nobody can go under, only over. (That would be the hard, unforgiving earth, of course.)

    If we robbed AV:T, could we add a simple altitude system to this game?
    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)02:11 No.5610396
         File1251353513.jpg-(84 KB, 800x600, CoastlineLarge.jpg)
    84 KB

    Dunno, I'd rather just leave it as is. I like simplicity, and having managed to play a couple games, it works well enough without having to worry about altitude.
    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)02:13 No.5610418
    FUCK YEAH, P-47!

    Also applies to the P-38 and FW-190. Speed and Altitude are life, manuver can help you dodge a pass, but each dodge will cause you to lose energy. When you run out, you die.

    Also, B-tech armor on aircraft is really silly for the reason above. With all that weight, you are going to have a slow-ass hog that just flounders around. The IL-2 and A-10 devoted the armor strategically, not all around. No wings full of armor chainmail or whatever.
    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)02:14 No.5610426
    >If you happen to be shooting at bombers, maybe. Low rate of fire and muzzle velocity make it difficult to land on small craft.

    Pretty much. It depends on how much bomber intercept you're doing- if not too much, I'd take a battery of machine guns every time, personally.

    Low rate of fire + low muzzle velocity requires point-blank range to make effective; which isn't a huge problem because point-blank range is the best distance to use ANY gun, even machine-guns (to achieve proper lethal density of fire.) Longer ranges, gun vibration scatters your little machine gun bullets over too wide an area and your rain of leaden death is too diluted to hit very hard.

    tl;dr bring multiple .50 caliber guns, make 300 yard deflection shots, pass go, collect 200$
    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)02:19 No.5610513
    Unless you have a good high speed pass on a non-manuevering target that is also HUEG. Though as a close range anti-fighter weapon, a few hits would be akin to grenades going off.
    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)02:32 No.5610678
         File1251354721.jpg-(229 KB, 949x612, passengerzepp1.jpg)
    229 KB

    The B-tech style armor is just gamist mechanics really. Wouldn't be much fun if you plane disintegrated in a fireball the second someone got a good bead on you.

    However take a look at the damage templates from >>5601845 and the Bloodhawk's damage sheet from >>5601881. It doesn't take more than a few hits to start to chew through that armor and the plane's performance really suffers when internal components like wing struts and control surfaces start to get torn up. Hell a few good hits with AP rounds from .60 or .70 cal guns could shear a wing off (connecting damage boxes from the front of the wing to the back, instant destruction) in only a couple hits!
    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)02:34 No.5610705
    Just going on my game experience, with a single pair of weedy guns. A P-40 would slaughter just about any of the aircraft in CS.
    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)02:38 No.5610762

    Btech armour isn't as silly as it sounds- because, like you observe, if they DO get a good bead you're likely fucked, and anything less is more of a "glancing hit" when you flew through their gunsights swiftly.

    Much like the 1 attack roll for 6 seconds of combat in D&D, it's an abstraction that requires imagination to properly experience.


    Yeah, dude, pretty much. This anon (>>5610228) said that "four .30 cals and two .60 cals" is a "nasty armament" for this game, and the P-40B mounted four .30 cals and two .50 cals, so...
    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)02:42 No.5610820
    With AP rounds that also had incindiary tracers. Who cares about structure damage when you can light them on fire?
    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)02:44 No.5610851

    Of course, the P-40 had a max speed of about 360, which would be Speed Rating 6 or maybe even 7. G-rating and Accell would probably be pretty good too.

    Apples and oranges really though. The P-40 is more advanced technologically. Plus for whatever reasons the CS 'verse evolved favoring armor over speed.

    The closest to a real-world aircraft I've seen is the RAF Phantasma, which looks somewhat like a Spitfire built backwards. Fast (Speed 4), modestly maneuverable (G-rating 2, which is average, despite the scale going to 5), and armed with 4 .50 cal guns and modest armor (by CS 'verse standards). Its also got a ton of special characteristics (most of which I'm not really sure what they do, as Beyond the Crimon Veil has the rules for those) like "Superior Engine" "superior Weapons" "Light Stick" and even an "Ejector Seat".

    It also has a whopping $20,000 price tag. Extremely steep given most planes in the Aircraft Manual are priced from $6,000-10,000.
    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)02:47 No.5610889

    That depends, really, on how flammable the aircraft in this game are. A properly built craft shouldn't catch fire easily- on the other hand, a plane is just a fuel tank with a seat bolted to it.

    Given the nature of the game, they're all American planes (so the thick armor isn't so implausible :p) so less 'splodes, I guess.

    Or perhaps they all have CASE >_>
    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)02:49 No.5610914
    Well, self-sealing fuel tanks are one thing. Fires you could extinguish by diving or using a fire suppression system. Again, likely too technical for a board game. Jug with octuple 0.50s would be absolute murder.
    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)02:50 No.5610931
         File1251355829.jpg-(103 KB, 1200x852, desertFoxConcept3.jpg)
    103 KB

    Oh god. Ugh.

    The game actually has Ceramic-Coated Magnesium (Incendiary) rounds and I DESPISE them. The do a flat spread of damage as you can see on >>5601845 (MG = Magnesium) but they continue to burn into the aircraft for 1d6/2 (round up) rounds. Should the burning rounds strike a full tank, KABOOM. Fighter instantly destroyed, and with the worst bail-out penalty in the game.

    As a Warrior of the Air I find them... well, they just aren't "Sporting". A weapon of honourless dogs.


    .30 Cal (x6) .60 Cal (x2) Actually. And 4 rocket hardpoints (so 4-8 rockets, depending on type).
    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)02:52 No.5610952

    >Of course, the P-40 had a max speed of about 360, which would be Speed Rating 6 or maybe even 7. G-rating and Accell would probably be pretty good too.


    Ahem. Yeah. That certainly pegs the timeline as mid-30s tech, all right.

    >Plus for whatever reasons the CS 'verse evolved favoring armor over speed.

    I know why.


    Want to know why? Go download Sierra's Red Baron and take on a Zepplin in the quick mission builder. That fucker will eat you alive. It's several hundred feet of MACHINE GUN TURRETS. Aaaaaaagh fuck. And I am given to understand that Zepplins in Crimson Skies mount cannons and shit- presumably including heavier flak guns.

    I'd want thick armor too. Who needs to be fast when all you have to chase down is a zepplin, amirite.
    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)02:54 No.5610986

    As an aviation enthusiast I was expecting these planes to make me rage, but a lot of them actually look pretty cool. I'm surprised.
    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)02:55 No.5610991

    Self-Sealing tanks are one of the special characteristics, but the profile of the Japanese Mistubishi A5 (only slightly different from it's historical counterpart, two .50cals in addition to it's twin .30s, slightly difference visual appearance) has them. However the profile also leads me to believe such tanks are state-of-the-art as it says the Japanese stole/copied the technique from the Sikorsky Aircraft. Even the RAF's Phantasm (which the book says is one of the most advanced/state-of-the-art fighters in service) lacks them.
    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)03:00 No.5611035
    >Self-Sealing tanks are one of the special characteristics, but the profile of the Japanese Mistubishi A5 (only slightly different from it's historical counterpart, two .50cals in addition to it's twin .30s, slightly difference visual appearance) has them

    Yeah, in a universe populated by what are essentially flying tanks, that's the only way a Mitsubishi could survive.

    So there ARE things like self-sealing tanks and I assume other related "special features" included in the game... interesting. This seems to come across as a more intuitive aerotech. Looks less rules heavy, too...I am intrigued.
    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)03:03 No.5611058
         File1251356593.jpg-(276 KB, 939x621, dogfight1.jpg)
    276 KB

    You'd probably rage at some of the Aircraft Manual planes. They ran out of real-life prototypes for inspiration and thus, some of them are reaaaaal ugly. Pic related, the Boeing AZ2 Groundhog.


    Indeed Zeppelins can be nasty in the CS 'verse. Each Engine usually mounts a defensive turret and there are often other ball turrets or MG nests protecting other vulnerable areas from strafing or rocket attacks. And, yes, some military Zeppelins mount turrets featuring flak cannons. Addition for Zeppelin-to-Zeppelin combat many military zeppelins are armed with "Broadside cannons", massive artillery cannons mounded in the main structure, firing out the sides like the cannons on old sailing ships.

    You can see the door-hatches of the model Pandora's Starboard Broadside cannons in >>5602602
    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)03:05 No.5611075
         File1251356730.jpg-(83 KB, 392x449, stalwart.jpg)
    83 KB

    The original Boxset is on /rs/ so if you're interested take a look. Like I aid though, it doesn't include these special characteristics. I'm slowly puzzling out what some of them do, but I'm definitely gonna have to buy a copy of Beyond the Crimson Veil.

    Pic is the Marquette YV-1 Stalwart, another rather ugly one. check out the (remote operated?) turret on the tail.
    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)03:06 No.5611079
         File1251356762.jpg-(32 KB, 383x400, groundhog.jpg)
    32 KB

    Whoops, wrong pic, here is the groundhog.
    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)03:09 No.5611107

    Wow. That thing is so ungainly... it doesn't fly via lift, it's just so hideous that the earth repels it.

    >Addition for Zeppelin-to-Zeppelin combat many military zeppelins are armed with "Broadside cannons", massive artillery cannons mounded in the main structure, firing out the sides like the cannons on old sailing ships.

    So, "air battleships" that are just barely realistic enough that they don't make me want to hunt down the authors and shank them. This sounds better and better.
    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)03:12 No.5611127
    Though heavy AAA would trash a zeppelin quickly.

    P-36A: Top speed 313 mph
    P35A: 310 mph

    Each one has TWO machine guns.
    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)03:12 No.5611128

    You know, I think I'm going to do that. I lurve Btech to death, so FASA has always had my attention.


    Looks like a badass manta ray!


    JESUS the skin on the back of my neck is trying to crawl over my head what the fuck. ;__;
    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)03:14 No.5611151
    Wow. Just make a pass from the side, easy kill.
    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)03:14 No.5611155
         File1251357299.jpg-(86 KB, 394x456, thunderbird.jpg)
    86 KB

    Then what does the North American A2 Thunderbird, Heavy-Fighter-Bomber do for you? Hard to see on the mini, but those are bi-plane style wings similar to the Devastator's.
    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)03:17 No.5611173
    It makes me think that aiming for the wing or mid tail would cause the engines to enjoy a nice shrapnel breakfast.
    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)03:20 No.5611198
         File1251357619.jpg-(29 KB, 351x400, bandit.jpg)
    29 KB

    Maybe, maybe not. Though its not in any of the books I have, this catalouge of aircraft I found online says it has a whopping 440 points of armor. Target number 1 though, so its eaaasy to hit. G-rating of 1 too, so it maneuvers like a brick.

    Fearsome armament though, two each of .50, .60 and.70 cals, and a .30 cal somewhere, no idea which gun(s) are in that back turret. 10 rocket hardpoints as well. Obviously meant for attacks on Zeppelins or ground targets, where it would do very well, as long as it's buddies kept dogfighter's off it's back (even then, the turret makes things hard).

    Another kind of ugly one, the Fairchild F4 Bandit. You just can't beat the originals from >>5602516 (those are the ones in the boxset, plus a few more).
    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)03:22 No.5611212
         File1251357753.gif-(6 KB, 176x377, dracula_wut.gif)
    6 KB

    >Then what does the North American A2 Thunderbird, Heavy-Fighter-Bomber do for you?

    Pic related.

    The biplane wings is one thing, but the mini-engines in the tail...? Eeeearrrrgh.
    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)03:22 No.5611214
         File1251357766.jpg-(147 KB, 373x468, hammerfist.jpg)
    147 KB

    Whoopsie, forgot the catalogue URL, I'm getting too sleepy.

    No pictures though, just some names and quick stats. Annoyingly it doesn't tell how the armor or guns are allocated or I could easily replicate the planes I don't have in my books (well, minus their special characteristics, which are not mention in the catalogue, but I don't know how they work anyways!)


    Another weirdo, the PacAir Hammer Fist.
    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)03:26 No.5611249
    >Another kind of ugly one, the Fairchild F4 Bandit.

    That one looks AWESOME, and all the more so because it's a Fairchild (republic.) That one looks like a P-47's hateful, voracious spirit made manifest in a world where lift surfaces are for pussies. I fucking love it.

    That Thunderbird, though... North American made the MUSTANG, for Christ sake. Which was pretty. How could they ever condone... that.... brrrrrr.
    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)03:30 No.5611268


    It sounds like you're going to run soon so let me thank an anon for chatting about this. You've convinced me to give this a try.
    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)03:32 No.5611282
         File1251358379.jpg-(74 KB, 359x425, hornet.jpg)
    74 KB

    Those are even Texan Markings I think, though not the Air Rangers. Different Air-Militia I guess.

    A somewhat more conventional looking plane is the De Havilland F9 Hornet. I've never heard of De Havilland, sounds European or Brittish.
    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)03:36 No.5611310
    >Those are even Texan Markings I think, though not the Air Rangers. Different Air-Militia I guess.

    That is the most perfect thing in the world. In the entire damn world. I mean that.

    >De Haviland

    De Haviland, British, like you say. Made the De Haviland Mosquito which was famous for being wicked fast and made completely out of *wood.* A famous aircraft manufacturer in their own right.
    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)03:36 No.5611315
    Also the dominant design schema seems to be, put the cockpit on backwards, or put the wings on backwards.
    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)03:38 No.5611329
         File1251358734.jpg-(46 KB, 429x442, vot-xf5u.jpg)
    46 KB
    Vought XF5U, "flying flapjack", stall speed of 10mph.

    Sadly, prototype was finished in 46, and the US was moving towards jet engines by then.
    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)03:41 No.5611347

    > I've never heard of De Havilland

    GASP! Do yourself a favor and Wikipedia that shit. The Mosquito alone is enough to reserve their place in the history books centuries from now.
    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)03:42 No.5611352

    LOL yes I remember that. I've seen some R/C models of it. Fly good, they do. An early flying wing design. I think it was meant to have an insanely long loiter time, so it could angle at about 45 degrees and use it's xbawks hueg props kind of like helicopter blades.
    >> Zipline 08/27/09(Thu)03:46 No.5611390
    So wait, are these pre-painted minis? I see Crimson Skies "boosters" at Borders all the time with pre-painted planes mounted on heroclix-style bases, but that doesn't look the same
    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)03:47 No.5611403
         File1251359235.jpg-(68 KB, 321x418, tempest.jpg)
    68 KB

    Pusher planes seem a lot more popular in the CS world. Hughes' Devastator was the first one to feature them according to it's profile, most people expected it to fail when it debuted in 1931, instead it beat the pants off everything that came before it. It's getting outdated by 1937-38 (the period CS is perpetually frozen in, partly by design), but it's still serving well and fighting retirement tooth-and-nail.


    The Repbulic of Texas is one of the only two American Nation-States to receive a detailed supplement book; "Pride of the Republic". The Empire State was the other one with "Wings of Manhattan". The Nation of Hollywood was slated for the next one, IIRC, but FASA went bust before then. Though IIRC "Zeppelins and Bombers" was the actual next-planned supplement.

    It was going to have detailed Zeppelin rules... (the Zep rules in the boxset are fairly simplistic.)

    >for being wicked fast and made completely out of *wood.*

    Doesn't sound too far off from the Hornet. Not in my books, but that Catalogue says it has a target number of 9, a speed of 5, a G-rating of 4, and a measly 90 armor points. Making it super fast, very maneuverable, and utterly fragile.

    Pic is the GM Tempest, one of the Industrial States of America's premier fighters.
    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)03:47 No.5611407

    And huge exposed gun barrels with no effort to incorporate them into a streamlined hull.
    >> Captain Failmore Is Bored 08/27/09(Thu)03:48 No.5611417

    it was quite nearly a VTOL if I remember right

    it could take off with a very, very short runway

    that and they were absurdly durable and had a very generous capacity for weight and weapons

    pretty pimp
    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)03:53 No.5611460
         File1251359585.jpg-(87 KB, 800x600, CentralParkLarge.jpg)
    87 KB

    I know you're just poking fun, but thats part of what I love about the CS planes.

    They're based on equal parts semi-plausible-reality (some anyways), 1930s SCIENCE!, and Pulp style Rule-of-Cool.

    Hell, my second favorite plane, the Hughes Devastator, is basically a "1930s X-wing" as a friend calls it.
    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)03:53 No.5611464
    Wiz-Kids tried to remake CS with a clicky-shit version. Looked kinda cool, but I don't know how well it sold or played. And we all know what happened to Wiz-kids.
    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)03:55 No.5611484

    WTF!? People are actively playing this game, or is that like Mechwarrior "Dark Ages," where the name and concept were raped, murdered, and messily dismembered in a dark alley?

    >Making it super fast, very maneuverable, and utterly fragile.

    Amusingly enough the real Mosquito's wooden construction proved to be surprisingly resilient to explosive cannon shells. On the other hand, it was a big two-engined plane.

    >The Repbulic of Texas is one of the only two American Nation-States to receive a detailed supplement book;

    >The Nation of Hollywood

    I'm laughing hysterically right now. This has all the delicious awesome camp of "Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow," but it stops short of the "fuck off and die" line. (If you're wondering where that line is... submarine-plane. Yeah.)
    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)03:55 No.5611485
         File1251359733.jpg-(52 KB, 800x600, CloudsLarge.jpg)
    52 KB

    No, as >>5611464 says, those were part of Wiz-Kid's attempt to revive the series. The Click game was mediocre at best, and, at least for a CS lover like me, had several nitpicking inaccuracies, such as the various pirate gangs using all the wrong planes instead of what they were noted for favoring (though the Fortune Hunters managed to keep some of their Devastators and the Black Swan's gang kept their Furies).
    >> Zipline 08/27/09(Thu)03:59 No.5611525
    Oh, good to know. I won't bother with the new releases then. But I still have to ask, are the original models pre-painted?

    >I'm laughing hysterically right now. This has all the delicious awesome camp of "Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow," but it stops short of the "fuck off and die" line. (If you're wondering where that line is... submarine-plane. Yeah.)
    That was the exact part of the movie I stopped watching.
    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)03:59 No.5611529
    >They're based on equal parts semi-plausible-reality (some anyways), 1930s SCIENCE!, and Pulp style Rule-of-Cool.

    >This has all the delicious awesome camp of "Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow," but it stops short of the "fuck off and die" line.

    I can see we're on the same page.

    >a "1930s X-wing"


    >Wiz-Kids tried to remake CS with a clicky-shit version.

    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)03:59 No.5611531

    It was difficult to say the very least to recreate early war historical aircraft using the rules presented in CS, though possible and used by good players.

    During the two years our LGS played CS religiously, another player and I developed what was described as the Messerschmitt design expedition by the people we shot down religiously. While the rules did not support developing anything better than a BF-109a or b model, they did support very efficiently the development of the ME-110 with experimentation with several other early war aircraft with varying degrees of success.

    Both planes were woefully under armored in terms of what was generally accepted in the game but were smaller, the biggest was on par with the E1c Avenger... the most efficient killer in the game with a good player who could group their shots correctly.

    In the hands of players who couldn't predict their opponents' moves in the game engine, they were death traps though.

    Hell, just the Avenger by itself could nearly core a fighter from nose to tail if it got a lucky grouping of shots and a good pilot who's steady hand could pull them together. Had a long history of aiming a line of bullets down through the cockpits of fighters to remove annoying pilots I didn't want ejecting... since shooting them 'out of the silk' caused people to get angry... slaughtering them in the plane... well... that just happens...

    God I miss this game so badly. At least the planes are still made.
    >> Zipline 08/27/09(Thu)04:03 No.5611558
    this auction (http://cgi.ebay.com/Crimson-Skies-Game-plus-Extras_W0QQitemZ140341972544QQcmdZViewItemQQptZLH_Defau
    ltDomain_0?hash=item20ad088e40&_trksid=p3286.c0.m14) seems interesting. Anyone looking to buy?
    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)04:05 No.5611579
         File1251360323.jpg-(98 KB, 640x480, crimson2009-08-0923-50-19-32.jpg)
    98 KB

    Indeed, its pure 30s pulp camp.

    It doesn't have submarine planes, but the PC game DID have a submarine carrier launching planes! British even (as they attempted to take over the Kingdom of Hawai'i to make it a base against Imperial Japanese Expansionism.

    Nathan Zachary and his Fortune Hunters taught them a thing or two. In fact one mission in the Hawai'i arc has one of the best/cheesiest lines in the game.

    >"Attention enemy Aircaft, this is Sir Charles Emmert Winthrop of the Royal Airforce. Disengage your attack immediately."
    >"Say Winthrop, isn't it almost tea time? Do you want me to give you one lump, or two?"
    >". . . Really, how pathetic. I shall enjoy putting you in your place, pirate."

    Plus it seems like every other plane you shot down, Nathan would give his signature battlecry "When you hit the ground, tell them Nathan Zachary sent you!" which the Wings of Fortune book has shown me Zachary loves with childlike glee and has been using since his days flying Nieuports in the Layfayette Escardrille as a 16 y/o American volunteer.
    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)04:05 No.5611581
         File1251360330.jpg-(21 KB, 656x362, Vlcsnap-8101149.jpg)
    21 KB
    Porco does not approve of explosive rounds either.
    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)04:09 No.5611627
    Like the man says, when you're trying to fly through a train tunnel and hoping the train isn't coming.

    "Any knucklehead can fill a plane with holes but can they barnstorm?"
    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)04:10 No.5611641
    http://timeslip.chorrol.com/ second news item down
    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)04:12 No.5611658
         File1251360758.jpg-(56 KB, 800x600, SkyHavenLarge.jpg)
    56 KB

    EXplosive rounds are not in the tabletop game, only Armor Piercing, Dum Dum, and thrice damned Magnesium.
    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)04:13 No.5611666
    >but the PC game DID have a submarine carrier launching planes!


    I shit you not, my good anon. I fucking shit you not.

    >best/cheesiest lines in the game.

    That asshole deserved it for being named "Winthrop." Honestly, just asking for it.

    >Plus it seems like every other plane you shot down

    Is that like how, in Samurai Warriors, every other fucking second some jackass is repeating the same tagline? Argh. At least the fluff justified it.
    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)04:13 No.5611670
    If said submarine had to surface to launch planes, then it's infinitely more plausible than LOL SUBMERSIBLE PLANE.
    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)04:18 No.5611721
         File1251361095.jpg-(40 KB, 289x402, blackbat.jpg)
    40 KB

    It did, which meant Zachary promplty sent a few explosive rockets into it's hangar, blowing the fuel stores and sinking it.


    Yeah, I'm aware of the real life counterpart. Still zany.

    This is the most active, longest lasting CS thread I've ever seen on /tg/ you guys are running me out of pictures. Though I've still got some miniatures. Have a Northrop ZF-2 Black Bat.
    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)04:20 No.5611741
    holy shit crimson skies thread this never happens. I would love you forever if you scanned the Aircraft Manual. If this thread's still up tomorrow I'll post pics of my Vampire and Sandhill, the latter of which has what I call Tropical Island Camouflage.
    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)04:22 No.5611755
    Does anyone know how high the number of required downings was to become an Ace? (in the books I mean)
    Afaik they still used the old WWI rule of 5 downs to become an Ace, which would be kind of easy to accomplish in a setting with thousands of pilots...
    >> Zipline 08/27/09(Thu)04:23 No.5611771
    Don't worry, you'll have plenty more pictures to show us when you scan those books tomorrow ;)

    I love Crimson Skies. I grew up on it, and it started my intense interest in all things airship. Because of it, I've spent several hundred dollars buying old books that still talk about their design and use. Damn our modern disregard for them!
    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)04:27 No.5611810
         File1251361672.jpg-(107 KB, 349x349, LIFT_SURFACES.jpg)
    107 KB
    >This is the most active, longest lasting CS thread I've ever seen on /tg/ you guys are running me out of pictures.

    You must have caught us at the right time. I'm a sucker for airplanes and anything that smacks of 30s or 40s SCIENCE! camp is right up my alley, to boot.

    Pic is entirely juvenile and ultimately, unavoidable. Every time I see a P-47, I'm going to think of the F4 Bandit and chuckle.
    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)04:29 No.5611816
         File1251361748.jpg-(55 KB, 370x245, A6M3_Munda_1943.jpg)
    55 KB

    Still 5, though "ace" is only a title. And attaining that may not necessarily be easy. The nations of North American conduct what could be considered a very "limited" form of warfare and/or commerce raiding. Most engagements involve less than a dozen planes on both sides, unlike the battlefields of the rest of the world (such as the dozen of planes-clashes of the on-again-off-again civil war between the two halves of Australia, as the Airman's Gazetteer provides as an example).

    Being an "Ace" doesn't really give you anything as a pilot/character other than bragging rights. Though you do get EXP for each kill you score (more and more for successive kills during a single mission).
    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)04:40 No.5611873
         File1251362409.png-(13 KB, 501x455, Vultee Shamrock.png)
    13 KB

    We'll see, no promises. I've no practical experience using scanners and it'll take a bit of effort to even set the damn thing up. PLus I've got plans tomorrow morning.

    Pic is the MS Paint sketch I did of the plane I made based on the XP-54, mentioned in >>5608020

    Ironically, according to the last-modified date, I made this 2 years and 2 days ago.
    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)04:44 No.5611894
         File1251362682.jpg-(22 KB, 576x340, xp54-2.jpg)
    22 KB

    And my mediocre attempt at fluff.

    Vultee Aircraft V-52 Shamrock

    Class - Fighter
    Engine - Lycoming O-1230 (1200 HP)

    Vultee Aircraft (Downey, Hollywood)

    Wing Span -31 Feet 11 in Length - 30 feet 8 in
    Service Ceiling - 27,500 Feet Range - 400 Miles (seems low(?), but this is the standard of CS planes)

    Max Speed - 300 MPH
    Max Acell -65.6 ft/second

    Two (2) Sperry-Browning "Zephyr" .30-caliber machine guns
    Three (3) Sperry-Browning "Gatekeeper" .40-caliber machine guns

    In the mid 1930s Vultee Aircraft Corporation was in state of decline, the booming zeppelin industry had been a significant blow to their business which had consisted mainly of sales of their six-passenger V-1 transport plane. In 1934 when this market dried up, Vultee turned to military aircraft. Attempts to develop an attack bomber based on the V-1 (the V-11) were a mixed success, the catastrophic crash of the first prototype killed the test pilot and lead designer, scaring away most potential customers. The project (and the company) seemed doomed until the Chinese government expressed interest and placed an order for 30+ planes.

    To meet this demand Vultee moved from its cramped facilities at Glendale, Hollywood, purchasing an abandoned plant in Downey, renaming it Vultee Airfield. Sales of the V-11 were minimal though, and in early 1935 it was decided a newer craft would be required to continue to stay in business. Gerald Vultee and chief engineer Richard Palmer set out to design a medium fighter, the result is the V-52 Shamrock.
    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)04:45 No.5611897
         File1251362715.jpg-(19 KB, 251x400, t_xp-54_3d_770.jpg)
    19 KB

    The V-52 (or "Shamrock", as nicknamed by the original test pilot) is a twin-boom, low-mounted, inverted gull-wing monoplane powered by an engine mounted in pusher configuration. The craft is powered by a twelve cylinder liquid-cooled Lycoming O-1230 engine rated at 1200 HP driving a set of contra-rotating pusher propellers. The center wing section is designed around an experimental "ducted wing", in which airflow is taken in via narrow slots in the wing's leading edge and directed over the over the oil and coolant radiators and then to the intercoolers and eventually fed into the engine. Armament consists of a trio of .40-caliber guns in the nosecone and a pair of .30-caliber guns, one in each wing boom.

    In practice, the V-52 has proved to be a moderately successful fighter. Good maneuverability, armor, ceiling and cockpit visibility are offset however by mediocre acceleration, and above average maintenance requirements. After failing to make any major sales to Hollywood militias against the competition of the Hughes Bloodhawk, Vultee released the Shamrock on the international market and the plane can now be seen across America. The largest buyer to date have been Pacifica and the Atlantic Coalition who both field several squadrons of Shamrocks as high-altitude interceptors.
    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)04:45 No.5611901
         File1251362745.jpg-(51 KB, 891x569, GeeBee_R-2replica_96.jpg)
    51 KB
    Looks like
    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)04:47 No.5611910

    Actually looks fairly good, IMO.
    >> Dr. Baron von Evilsatan 08/27/09(Thu)04:48 No.5611916

    That was pretty much the basic principle of the F-4 Phantom. It was basically a gigantic fucking jet engine with a few bits of plane bolted to it that didn't so much fly as drag itself screaming through the tortured air. The wings aren't so much lift survaces as windbreakers so it wouldn't rip itself in half from friction.
    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)04:49 No.5611926
         File1251362977.jpg-(73 KB, 800x439, XP-55 01.jpg)
    73 KB

    Took me god-damn forever to make.

    Also considered making a plane based on the XP-55 (though not an MS paint mockup) but never got around to it.
    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)04:58 No.5611982
         File1251363523.jpg-(22 KB, 421x316, cleveland_hr2_1_lg.jpg)
    22 KB

    Man, I suddenly want to stat up a Gee Bee. High Target number (9, maybe even 10), high speed (5 for sure, its a racer!), modest maneuverability. Low armor, maaaaybe stick a couple of .30cals on it if there is room.
    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)04:58 No.5611983

    >That was pretty much the basic principle of the F-4 Phantom.

    Dead-on. The F-4 Phantom is proof that a brick will fly if you put enough raw thrust behind it. The concept had been explored with the P-47, but the F-4 Phantom used jet engines to take it to it's logical conclusion- a brick that broke several SPEED records.

    It is, essentially, like a bowling ball moving at high velocity that cannot be stopped, and a bowling ball moving at high velocity that says FUCK YOU and shoots you with laser eye beams.

    I find this to be inherently pleasing.
    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)05:03 No.5612005
         File1251363826.jpg-(30 KB, 635x327, i16-3.jpg)
    30 KB
    >Man, I suddenly want to stat up a Gee Bee

    >> Dr. Baron von Evilsatan 08/27/09(Thu)05:15 No.5612080

    And then they improved on the concept with the SR-71 Blackbird.

    They couldn't sneak a plane into Soviet airspace, because they had too many radar sites.

    They couldn't do what they did before and have the fucking thing fly so high it couldn't be blown up.

    What did they do?


    The fucking thing is two colossal jet engines.

    You see that middle bit?

    It's fuel.

    That's it.



    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)05:16 No.5612081
    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)05:17 No.5612083
         File1251364621.jpg-(49 KB, 800x377, 1193697115065.jpg)
    49 KB

    It also leaks like a sieve on the ground.
    >> Dr. Baron von Evilsatan 08/27/09(Thu)05:17 No.5612084
         File1251364634.jpg-(670 KB, 1129x850, sr71.jpg)
    670 KB
    >> Dr. Baron von Evilsatan 08/27/09(Thu)05:23 No.5612129



    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)05:23 No.5612132


    Note: This seems to be an embellished version, or maybe the author had just had a few for this retelling.
    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)05:25 No.5612146

    That was a U-2, you raging retard. The first flight of the SR-71, the pilot defeated five soviet fighters. They fell out of the air trying to chase it.

    The pilot became an ace by flying in a straight line.


    Yes, because at altitude the surface heats up from air friction, and the plates expand and seal tight.

    This plane is so insane fast that it GLOWS RED HOT.
    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)05:26 No.5612151
         File1251365169.jpg-(32 KB, 448x400, misericorde.jpg)
    32 KB

    The Misericorde says hi.
    >> Dr. Baron von Evilsatan 08/27/09(Thu)05:26 No.5612152




    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)05:26 No.5612158
    You're a faggot. Everyone knows that the Tunguska blast killed all the Kennedys.
    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)05:30 No.5612179
    Didn't a mig-29 once manage to maintain engagement with a blackbird?
    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)05:31 No.5612182
    Why is it /tg/ is currently more FUCK YEAH, AIR FORCE than deagle troll land?
    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)05:31 No.5612187
         File1251365486.gif-(70 KB, 300x302, aaw_22b_small.gif)
    70 KB
    Ok guys, cut it out.
    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)05:31 No.5612188

    I LOL'ed heartily.
    >> dumbdumb 08/27/09(Thu)05:36 No.5612219
    >On landing after a mission the canopy temperature was over 300 °C (572 °F), too hot to approach.

    and it bled fuel all over the runway before takeoff because it was too cool to have a sealed fuel tank

    this plane is too badass
    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)05:37 No.5612229
    You know... I'd like to import an A-10 into CS, or an A-1 Skyraider. Just for giggles.
    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)05:42 No.5612264
         File1251366128.jpg-(99 KB, 1024x768, 1193697564157.jpg)
    99 KB

    A Skyraider might be doable if you scaled back it's capabilities to within CS norms, an A-10 is just silly.
    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)05:46 No.5612303
         File1251366375.jpg-(87 KB, 500x326, a-10_trigun.jpg)
    87 KB



    Highly unlikely. The MiG-25 was specifically designed to be a super-fast interceptor that could catch supersonic bombers, and not even it could catch the SR-71.


    If you'd been paying attention to the thread, you would have noticed that all of this is building upon a gleeful amusement at the over the top, truly camp-errific levels of PERPOSTERONE evidenced by some of these Crimson Skies aircraft.

    We are reveling in it. Stop being a killjoy.
    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)05:47 No.5612311

    Forgot to say- pic highly related.
    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)05:47 No.5612313
    the Blackbird's structure using 85% titanium...
    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)05:48 No.5612318
    I've been playing a lot of ARMA2 lately, and I'm gay for the A-10.
    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)05:48 No.5612321
         File1251366509.jpg-(30 KB, 416x582, johnhoward.jpg)
    30 KB
    This thread is now about johnny fucking howard!
    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)05:48 No.5612324
         File1251366523.jpg-(18 KB, 320x240, plane_Vampire.jpg)
    18 KB

    However, it's appearance is vaguely similar to the Sanderson FB14 "Vampire". Though it lacks the huge "Fuck-off" minigun. It does have quite a few large "fuck-off" cannons though.
    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)05:53 No.5612354
    You need trolling practice son, this is TG, you need research to derail our threads.

    Anyway, crimson skys compared to the warhammer 40k version, anyone played both?
    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)05:57 No.5612378
    Apparently one of the founders of FASA has started his own video game company and has purchased the licenses for crimson skies, shadowrun and battletech so we should get a crimson skies 2 developed by it's original creator at some point in the future.
    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)05:59 No.5612398
         File1251367162.jpg-(37 KB, 470x308, johnhoward_wideweb__470x308(...).jpg)
    37 KB
    I just got my delivery of JOHNNY FUCKING HOWARD! E-Bay ftw!!
    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)05:59 No.5612399
    I don't think it's trolling, but it's better than Cynder/Flare if it is, no?
    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)05:59 No.5612405
         File1251367197.jpg-(78 KB, 1280x832, snuffx.jpg)
    78 KB
    idk. it could fit in my poopar
    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)06:00 No.5612415
    >no sensible spanish
    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)06:01 No.5612418
         File1251367280.jpg-(66 KB, 300x300, kevinrudd.jpg)
    66 KB
    >>5612405 fair shake of the sauce bottle
    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)06:01 No.5612419
         File1251367281.jpg-(53 KB, 480x360, 1248248743618.jpg)
    53 KB

    >Apparently one of the founders of FASA has started his own video game company and has purchased the licenses for crimson skies, shadowrun and battletech




    If you are lying, I will rape you to death. That is my solemn and honest promise.
    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)06:02 No.5612423
         File1251367335.gif-(13 KB, 200x117, FH logo.gif)
    13 KB

    Completely different games. Might as well compare a cat to a socket wrench.

    Also, its 3am, I think I'm turning in for the night. I don't really expect this thread to be here tomorrow morning, but I'll be pleasantly surprised if it is. And, again, I'll try to get some test-scans done, but, again, no promises.

    Until then, may the sun always be to your backs, and the enemy beneath your guns.
    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)06:02 No.5612426
    To fit into CS, the GAU-8A now counts as a .70 cal weapon.
    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)06:04 No.5612435
    The Hispano-Suiza 20mm was fine, so hush and eat your hotdish.
    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)06:04 No.5612436

    Nice try, Baron. Turns out the SR-71 is just a wee bit short of lightspeed though, even in the other version (can't find the damn thing) the SR-71 crew do get their ground speed check.

    As for the Swede bit, that was fucking easy because for that particular run up and down the Baltic Sea the Blackbird was extremely predictable. It was "simply" a matter of timing a fast climb for the (IIRC) Viggen doing the intercept. Haven't seen any estimates on whether an actual missile could have caught up, though.

    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)06:04 No.5612439

    For a win thread, I salute you, anon.
    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)06:05 No.5612444
         File1251367514.jpg-(66 KB, 800x600, AirstripLarge.jpg)
    66 KB

    One .70 cal is just not badass enough.

    A final thought, if anyone is still around when this thread sputters out, feel free to archive it at suptg, its been an awesome thread in my biased, OP, opinion.
    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)06:05 No.5612445
    No, it's true. Jordan Wiseman, I think his name is - one of the BattleTech designers.
    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)06:09 No.5612468

    Actually, it was a royal pain in the ass until the British refined it a bit. And even then, the British design was a right naughty bitch to mass-produce and had a tremendous number of maintenance and upkeep issues (the Russians were particularly irked by this, when compared to their own 20mm cannons that had similar performance but much easier maintenance.) If the Hispano hadn't been such a miserably difficult and ornery gun, the US Air Force and Navy would have gone to an all-cannon armament.

    With that said, the Hispano WAS a damn good gun once it was actually installed in the plane. High rate of fire and excellent ballistics- which generally did not go in the same sentence with "cannon" in the early-war years.
    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)06:09 No.5612469
         File1251367757.jpg-(31 KB, 403x400, devestator.jpg)
    31 KB

    Its on wikipedia, so it must be true!


    Ok, seriously going to go pass out this time.
    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)06:09 No.5612477
    It was also all over BattleTech fan sites a while back.
    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)06:15 No.5612502
    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)06:19 No.5612522
         File1251368354.jpg-(108 KB, 510x611, jennerlaunchjf.jpg)
    108 KB
    Also http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ktptUSi9g54

    Fuck yeah jenners!
    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)06:26 No.5612548
         File1251368770.jpg-(31 KB, 425x428, highfreakingfivejb1.jpg)
    31 KB

    >Smith & Tinker are also responsible, in conjunction with Piranha Games, for the future release of Mechwarrior as announced on June 8/09.[7]

    I just squealed like a little girl.
    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)06:29 No.5612563
    And apparently they're releasing Mechwarrior 4 and all the expansion packs for free download. They should be paying US to download that shit.
    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)06:31 No.5612571
    Don't be a fag. As action games, the MW4 series are great. Just maybe not simulationist enough for you and your awesome knowledge of theoretical giant space robots.
    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)06:34 No.5612583
    You what?
    The controls are ridiculously overcomplex.
    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)06:34 No.5612587
    Because they're shit. Remap them and it's all good.
    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)06:39 No.5612604
         File1251369569.jpg-(130 KB, 600x771, Summoner_MechWarrior.jpg)
    130 KB
    Does anyone still play netmech anyway? I for one welcome any revived interest in battletech and look forward to a resurgent multiplayer scene. It could be a puzzle game for all I care so long as I'm strapped into the cockpit of a summoner again.
    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)06:40 No.5612610

    Are you joking? I seriously can't tell.
    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)06:43 No.5612625

    The Mechwarrior 4 series can suck dead gophers. Microsoft fucked everything up.

    Compare it to Mechwarrior 3, it's predecessor. Mechwarrior 3 had robots that actually felt like they were three story tall war machines. You could see the edges of the cockpit around you, all the little blinkenlights and shit, and it rocked to and fro as your war machine ponderously stomped over the landscape. And what landscapes they were- they looked great, the little people who ran around could be stomped into red meaty gibs, and missiles that missed impacted the ground and left craters.

    Mechwarrior 4? The robots scurried around the landscape ridiculously fast. Multiplayer was a confusing whirl of robots moving at insane fucking speeds. It was basically DOOM with 'mechs. The graphics fucking blew- instead of stomp-able people you had little shit sprite animations that were completely non-interactive and looked stupid as hell up close.

    And the weapons... if nothing else, they TOTALLY FUCKED UP THE FUCKING WEAPONS. The hard point system blew, but what's really funny is that they took their stated goal of "avoiding boating" and fucked it up too. Missiles went from max range of 800 to 1,000 and lasers went from 1,000 meters to 800. Mechwarrior 3 faithfully modeled Battletech missile salvos- horrendously powerful at long range, but clumsy and incapable of manuvering much at all. Mechwarrior 4 missiles? I watched those FUCKING things circle a mech seven or eight times until it hit. Absolutely unfuckingstoppable magic missile bullshit.

    I did love the sophisticated damage model- with side armor facings modeled (not just HTAL anymore) and the ability to lose missile pods and stuff- but besides that, it was a complete retard clusterfuck.
    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)06:44 No.5612630

    I have Mechwarrior 2 and DOSbox close at hand...
    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)06:45 No.5612631

    Like I said, not HARDCORE enough for you.
    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)06:45 No.5612636
    And then came mech assault.
    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)06:46 No.5612642
    Yes, Sir. Your retarded opinion is world canon, because you said so. Now sod off.
    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)06:47 No.5612648
    You missed the biggest difference: the customization. In 3 you could go wild, but in 4? You were ridiculously restricted regarding what you could slap on your mech.
    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)06:47 No.5612651

    Forgot to mention- Mechwarrior 4 shoved your face up against the glass of your cockpit apparently (no clue that you were in a war machine,) and Mechwarrior 3 had some neat sophistication in it's own damage model missing from Mechwarrior 4 (a lucky shot right in the joint of a Mech could hobble that leg, forcing it to stump along.)
    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)06:51 No.5612668
         File1251370288.jpg-(4 KB, 251x218, 124122892655.jpg)
    4 KB

    Sure is samefag in here.
    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)06:54 No.5612677
    Not to mention that mw4 comes with a malicious rootkit that takes hours of registry hunting and hex editing to remove from your pc.
    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)06:54 No.5612680
    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)06:55 No.5612682
    Because being able to replace bits from your IS 'Mech with whatever you like has always been part of BattleTech, amirite?
    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)06:56 No.5612684

    Yes. Yes, you were. I would have hated on that tremendously, but Microsoft was really trying to make Mech4 a good multiplayer game, and the hardpoints were meant to stop rampant boating (which happened anyways.) They did it to make mech's more individualized and to force balance...

    ...which makes their complete UN-balancing of weapons, and their magic unstoppable missiles, an unforgivably moronic DERP. From a balance and design perspective, it failed.
    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)06:56 No.5612685
    I've never been able to get MW2 online back when I was a kid, and without extreme amounts of backward-bending, I can't get the games to run at all. (CUE file mounting in Dosbox). I'm more than happy just enjoying the nostalgia of the single-player game. I'm not a fan of online play, anyway. I like story, not "Look how many PPCs I put on I can totally kill everyone in one shot now I will be highest ranked evar".

    All I can say about Leviathan is that it's got a site up, and that anytime anyone on /tg/ makes a thread about their own homebrew steampunk airship battle game, they're taking concept art from Leviathan.

    Website is www.monstersinthesky.com
    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)07:01 No.5612707

    Uh, what?


    During the timeline of Operation Bulldog (i.e. mechwarrior 3) the IS was fielding their own omnimechs. Not all of the mech's in Mech3 were omnimechs- but then again, IS mechs were inexplicably showing up in the hands of Smoke Jaguar defense forces on Tranquil... game design compromises.

    OH, damn, nearly forgot! Mechwarrior 3's briefings were FAR better. Excellent voice acting combined with a big area map that showed you what the hell was up.
    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)07:14 No.5612765
    It comes with a form of drm called safecast which installs a rootkit on your pc which grants the company which runs it access to your webcam, microphone and hard drives every time you run a 3d game.
    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)07:16 No.5612778
    Why must you tell lies, anonymous? Why must you tell lies?
    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)07:23 No.5612816
    Safecast works by embedding your registry key in your boot sector and granting hard drive access to to activate and verify it when you run games. The only way to remove it is to go hunting through hard disk sectors with a hex editor.
    >> Anonymous 08/27/09(Thu)07:24 No.5612823
    None of which has them controlling your webcam and microphone.

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