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  • File : 1251232278.jpg-(65 KB, 494x439, awakening.jpg)
    65 KB Anonymous 08/25/09(Tue)16:31 No.5591411  
    You are the Lord High Chancellor of the Realm.

    A band of adventurers has killed a sleeping dragon in the northern mountains, looted his treasury and are making their way toward the capital with twelve pack mules loaded with pure gold coins, jewels and artifacts, creating currency inflation in their wake. A gold coin was worth 60 silver pieces and now it's worth as little as 15 in some northern villages. The bankers and brokers are going ape and the merchants are already marking up their prices.

    Meanwhile, a paladin doofus is bringing ~5000 freshly liberated life-long slaves from the southern Evilkingdomthatusesslaves. In a few weeks there will be several thousand unskilled to semi-skilled, hungry, landless people flooding into the kingdom.

    What do you do?

    pic somewhat related.
    >> Anonymous 08/25/09(Tue)16:33 No.5591437
    Feed gold to slaves.
    >> Anonymous 08/25/09(Tue)16:34 No.5591443

    You don't have the gold.

    Also, you're being silly.
    >> Anonymous 08/25/09(Tue)16:35 No.5591449
    Given my position of power, I'm blatantly LE, so I arrange a bounty on the people to the north, possibly using a good church claiming that they're evil and the gold was cursed. As for the paladin, I make a big show of personally employing all of them, and then sacrifice them all to some of my evil machinations.
    >> Anonymous 08/25/09(Tue)16:35 No.5591460
    >Gold piece's value dropped to 15 silver pieces.
    That's not how inflation works.
    >> Anonymous 08/25/09(Tue)16:35 No.5591461
    Give teh gold to the slaves. Each one that arrives receives <x>Amount of wealth. Then tax the remaining gold heavily. Set up a "Treasure" tax so that Heroes who choose to adventure in your kingdom don't fuck up the place with inflation. this way all the gold first goes into the governments coffers, allowing them to dole it out slowly, ot pay for things like improved infrastructure. ( Got all these new cheap labor? Okay. Start paying them to put in a single stone highway connecting the major cities, with a kingdom financed inn every day or so. )
    >> Anonymous 08/25/09(Tue)16:36 No.5591462
    Cast Polymorph Self and turn into FDR.
    >> Anonymous 08/25/09(Tue)16:37 No.5591475

    Should've said deflation, obviously.
    >> plaguemarine !1nhvsU2lj6 08/25/09(Tue)16:38 No.5591488
    Have the adventurers exiled from the kingdom, put the slaves to death, or use them in a ritual summoning of a porn god
    >> Anonymous 08/25/09(Tue)16:40 No.5591512
    I use the inflation as an excuse to bring my country to war with Evilkingdomthatusesslaves (likely now weakened by the actions of the Paladin, and probably a good starting point for future wars, due to the large amount of resources the slaves are no doubt used to gather and the fact that they can afford large numbers of slaves), as well as to motivate many otherwise peaceful but strong potential soldiers. The slaves serve on the frontlines, given little more than sticks and stones to fight with, and very little expected of them. Those who refuse to fight are killed by those who do not.

    If the paladin or the band of adventurers have a problem with it, which I doubt since the target of this war is named " Evilkingdomthatusesslaves " and the Paladin just came back from there, I launch them on a mundane series of tasks that will give little to no experience or items while I train up a rather large force of elite guards in preparation.
    >> Anonymous 08/25/09(Tue)16:40 No.5591514
    Tax the magical artifacts coming in as imports, not declaring will get them thrown in the dungeon and an excessive fine.

    Order in a massed shipment of food and basic equipment from someone not suffering from inflation... yet. Take out a loan from overseas if you have to. Use horses, quickly. Pay it off with the conflux of treasure via taxes before they realize they've been had-preferable for them to not even KNOW they have been had.

    Recruit the slaves into the army and send them right back to fight the kindom with an offer of partitioning up the land. They'll fight like devils and they know where everything is. Those who won't, put them into self-supporting religious monasteries or as unpaid farm workers (food, roof, no daily beatings-quite the improvement!).
    >> Anonymous 08/25/09(Tue)16:41 No.5591530
    1) instate an "adventurer's tax" on anything adventurers do based on a sliding scale of wealth. Buying goods costs them more, sleeping int he inn, even entering town has a fee associated with it to keep them from pumping too much gold into our system so fast that we can't handle it.

    2) use the gold to pay the slaves a meager wage to build and maintain roads and inns, homes, crops, and infrastructure.

    3) Take what we can, and explain to the kind Paladin that we can't take ALL his freed slaves because it would cripple our city, but we'll be willing to throw a little gold his way to ensure those we can't take in will make it to the next town.
    >> Anonymous 08/25/09(Tue)16:42 No.5591531
    This. But with the new slaves showing up in the city, i'd pass heightened punishemnts to the laws. Then when the slaves break the rules I can stick them in prison and have them on worker teams. Free labor while they "Work off" their prison sentance.
    >> Anonymous 08/25/09(Tue)16:43 No.5591547
    >or as unpaid farm workers (food, roof, no daily beatings-quite the improvement!)

    >> Anonymous 08/25/09(Tue)16:43 No.5591553
    >What do you do?

    Start a war, it worked for nazi germany and the U.S.A.
    >> Anonymous 08/25/09(Tue)16:44 No.5591555

    >Those who refuse to fight are killed by those who do not.

    How's that supposed to work?

    >I launch them on a mundane series of tasks

    I don't think you have the authority to tell a paladin what to do. He's probably under the authority of his church first.
    >> Anonymous 08/25/09(Tue)16:44 No.5591558

    Yes, I love communism!

    Everyone is paid in dirt and lives in a hovel, and I (the Chairman) am in charge of everything.
    >> Anonymous 08/25/09(Tue)16:44 No.5591560
    I get a wizard to fix it all.
    >> Anonymous 08/25/09(Tue)16:45 No.5591568
    >> Anonymous 08/25/09(Tue)16:45 No.5591569
    1.Fine them killing a sentient being. (color or chromatic? This matters).

    2. Serfs! Yay!
    >> Anonymous 08/25/09(Tue)16:46 No.5591574
    Arrange for paladin to be killed, preferably by your pack of goons twice his level.
    >> Anonymous 08/25/09(Tue)16:46 No.5591575
    >servant of lawful good
    >point him at the nearest evil wizard with a slap on the back and a hearty handshake, pray to Vecna that the wizard kills him.
    >> Anonymous 08/25/09(Tue)16:47 No.5591577
    Kill all the slaves and toss the gold into a volcano.

    Status quo maintained.
    >> Anonymous 08/25/09(Tue)16:47 No.5591581
    The solution is simple.

    The treasure tax is 75%. The artifacts belong to the kingdom. That is the kingdoms gold that was stolen. Just because somethings been stolen twice, doesn't make it legal.

    Big pile of gold is used to expand infrastructure with super cheap ex slave labor.

    Each man gets a career and a job. The kingdom gets unrivaled infrastructure.

    win win
    >> Anonymous 08/25/09(Tue)16:47 No.5591587
    Enthrall the liberated slaves, send my trickster to gamble the adventurers out of their gold.

    Raid for cattle.
    >> plaguemarine !1nhvsU2lj6 08/25/09(Tue)16:48 No.5591588
    Actually he does, otherwise he can arrest the paladin/execute/remove paladin from said kingdom.
    >> Anonymous 08/25/09(Tue)16:48 No.5591592
    Contact the nearest group of druids, whine to them about adventurers and paladins upsetting the delicate balance, sit back, watch fireworks.
    >> Anonymous 08/25/09(Tue)16:48 No.5591596
    Tell Paladin about the illbegotten gains of those adventurers?
    >> Anonymous 08/25/09(Tue)16:48 No.5591597
    First, tell paladin you'll settle said slaves in a nice, out of the way undeveloped part of your lord's realm.

    Right after you make the adventurers who killed the dragon your lord's newest nobles in charge of it. Gold gets used en masse for developing wastelands, paladin is <3 for your generousity, and your lord has a brand-new barony from scratch, rapidly growing, nice and wealthy.
    >> Anonymous 08/25/09(Tue)16:51 No.5591620
    Actually, as a gameplay/thought experiment mechanism, you could do a lot worse, assuming you makes sure to keep the prices of goods in silver the same as they were.

    But then I'm basing the economy on the actual value of the gold and not the value the government states it is, creating a commodities based economic system rather than the modern ones in use today. Never-the-less, it fits the purpose well enough. Prices of things (in gold) go up.
    That's not how deflation works either, unless your economy is based on silver, in which case the massive influx of gold would only harm the gold markets rather than the system as a whole.
    >> Anonymous 08/25/09(Tue)16:54 No.5591650
    Order the arrest of the Adventurers. Said sleeping dragon was intelligent and had a treaty with the Kingdom. It was protecting their western mountain passes from the Orcs that live in the far west wastes beyond the mountains. No dragons, mean those orcs that've been building up in forces for the past thousand years since the dragon set up residence are going to have no problem simply coming through the mountains.

    Fucking adventurers. >(

    Better conscript those Slaves into the army.
    >> Anonymous 08/25/09(Tue)16:56 No.5591666
    Sell a plot of land to the adventurers for their gold. Tell the slaves to move there.
    >> OP 08/25/09(Tue)16:56 No.5591667
    A few extra notes.

    The gold in the dragon's hoard is ancient, from days of yore, so the realm cannot claim it as lost property. The northern mountains are unsettled wilderness due to, well, dragons. So no one has claim. Ancient coin has a higher percentage of gold then the kingdom's official gold coin as well.

    Ordering the paladin around directly might be troublesome. You'd have to go through his church channels. Otherwise you risk agitating a major good church of the realm.
    >> Anonymous 08/25/09(Tue)16:58 No.5591679
    actually, this man brings up a valid point. The vast majority of people don't actually use hardly any gold.
    >> Anonymous 08/25/09(Tue)16:58 No.5591681
    Tell the Paladin that a group of evil bastards killed the noble Dragon that was selflessly guarding your people's gold stores and that if you could avenge the honorable beast, you'll gladly take in the slaves.

    Tell Druids that a group of evil bastards and their Paladin ringleader killed the noble Dragon that was selflessly guarding your people's gold stores and intend to use the wealth of money and magic devices to royally fuck up nature.

    Prep a small elite strike force to follow behind and mop up anyone left after the fight.

    Work slaves to death improving your realm.
    >> Anonymous 08/25/09(Tue)16:59 No.5591689

    >The vast majority of people don't actually use hardly any gold.

    Except now they do because the adventurers have been spending coins as they travel.
    >> Anonymous 08/25/09(Tue)17:00 No.5591701
    You mean my economy runs on shiny baubles that can be easily replicatable via magic or dug up at will by a bound pack of tireless earth elementals? If it's only the peasant tier economy that runs on gold, then what do I care? I'm Lord High Chancellor in a realm where "adventurers" can kill building sized fire breathing lizards, and nobody's taken power away from me yet, so that means I'm probably also an adventurer. The daily affairs of the little people neither threaten nor interest me. If, on the other hand, my entire realm's economy runs on shiny lumps of yellow metal, then I'm way too stupid for my post and deserve whatever will happen to me when the motherfucking slayers of building sized fire breathing lizards show up.
    >> Anonymous 08/25/09(Tue)17:01 No.5591708
    declare the dragon's gold to be illegal as money, official state coins must be used.
    >> Anonymous 08/25/09(Tue)17:02 No.5591719
    At first this really tripped my LE side, and if you aren't worried about having some incredibly pissed off Adventurers on your hands, this should work well.

    But I gotta say this is probably the tops, being Lawful Just_As_Planned; Paladin is happy, and now likely to send any other liberated slaves your way, and Adventurers are happy, likely fueling massive amounts of their funds into infrastructure development willingly in the hopes of turning their barony into a successful source of income // prestige.

    Only alterations I might suggest are making the nominal baron's, with you dispatching one of your most loyal (and clever) adviser's to help 'oversee' the development of this new barony. Offer some form of Tax Pardons for anyone making significant contributions to the Paladin's cause (to encourage him to gather more freed slaves to redistribute to the barony so as to continue its rapidly developing infrastructure).
    >> Anonymous 08/25/09(Tue)17:03 No.5591732

    You just outlawed the sale of gold.
    >> Anonymous 08/25/09(Tue)17:04 No.5591750
    Pass law requiring all ancient gold from the Dragons horde to be turned in so it can be reminted.

    Declare that the ancient coin in it's original form is worth half as much as. Anyone who deposits the ancient coins will receive a single freshly minted gold coin.

    Only remint a quarter of the received gold. Stick the rest in the national treasury.
    >> LaBambaMan 08/25/09(Tue)17:05 No.5591755
    I think a PnP game where you're a ruler and the adventurers are the NPCs could be interesting.
    >> Anonymous 08/25/09(Tue)17:05 No.5591764
    Not really, their all ancient coin, as per OP update; but now they have to sell the Ancient Coins as bulk gold, which likely has a lower value (though probably by not enough...)
    >> Anonymous 08/25/09(Tue)17:06 No.5591770
    This is the Vetinari solution.
    >> Anonymous 08/25/09(Tue)17:08 No.5591797
    1: Make sure to spend all my gold reserves. Buy silver, iron, fabric, food, whatever. Avoid jewellery and artefacts.

    2: There's always some poorly settled arse-end of nowhere which could do with some more people. Send the slaves there, give them 5 years with no taxes as a bonus, forget about them.
    >> Anonymous 08/25/09(Tue)17:09 No.5591800
    A fantasy socio-economic question and several intelligent responses are made?

    Color me impressed.
    >> Anonymous 08/25/09(Tue)17:10 No.5591811
    It would be something interesting; where the players play the upper elements of a noble court all conspiring to expand their personal power // wealth without risking the overall stability of their nation-state...

    I could see it being worked into Rogue Trader for a campaign sub-plot if you wanted to take a much more cutthroat take on the GRIMDARKNESS!
    >> Anonymous 08/25/09(Tue)17:12 No.5591841
    As Lord High Chancellor Reagan Republica, the only logical course of action is obvious.
    >> Anonymous 08/25/09(Tue)17:13 No.5591848
    Tax imports.

    Slaves not your problem, don't grant them citizenship. Either that or use gold from taxes to conscript them into army.
    Use new slave army to crush weakened evilkingdomthatusesslaves.
    >> Anonymous 08/25/09(Tue)17:13 No.5591851
    Each player plays the head of a noble house in the Kingdom of <random> Each player has the following stats.


    And I'm sure we can work out others. Each house starts out as a low ranking house in the upper class. Each person is single, with no children, and is young-ish.

    Purpose? You have to find a wife of suitable lineage, You have to have children to carry on your line. You have to get close to the king, and deal with politics as well as the occasional assassination attempt.

    Any thoughts from the rest of you, Anon?
    >> Anonymous 08/25/09(Tue)17:13 No.5591853

    >The treasure tax is 75%. The artifacts belong to the kingdom.

    Whoa. Now there's an unenforceable regulation.

    Considering the amount of risk that exists in the adventurer profession, with such obscene rates you'd effectively run it into the ground. Or should I say, Underground. Adventurers in the kingdom would be reduced to looters, skipping your taxes and smuggling artifacts and treasure out of your kingdom!
    >> Anonymous 08/25/09(Tue)17:14 No.5591871
         File1251234885.jpg-(93 KB, 450x450, horo.jpg)
    93 KB

    You'd find that /tg/ is, in general, very fond of fantasy socio-economics.
    >> Anonymous 08/25/09(Tue)17:15 No.5591880

    New campaign ahoy!
    >> Anonymous 08/25/09(Tue)17:22 No.5591935
    Have adventurers brought before me, deem them hereos of the land and set up a big ass feast for them and the Paladin.
    Then casually mention that the gold could be put to use bringing down Evilkingdomthatusesslaves with the help of the slaves (Under my contract of course and with all the land going to me), let Paladin convice adventurers to do it (If he doesn't then just pay for a small amount of it myself, use adventuers as generals, they'll get to know the men and be using their own gold within a few weeks at the most)
    Take over Evilkingdomthatusesslaves, extra land is worked by slaves or they can join a massive work force to build roads for minimum pay to connect all major cities. Start healthcare and schools for the smart ones, make them skilled.
    Gold spent over larger area, more land, more people (Skilled and unskilled) and my major evil neighbour is gone and no longer a threat. If the War band fails, I deny all involvment with them and they were aprivate party led by a mad man and a group of dragon slaying degerates.
    >> Anonymous 08/25/09(Tue)17:25 No.5591956
    Ask the adventurers if they are looking to buy twelve pack mules loaed with pure gold coins, jewels and artifacts worth of slaves.
    >> Anonymous 08/25/09(Tue)17:25 No.5591957
    Tell the adventurers to "invest" in local infrastructure in the neighbourhood.

    "From reliable sources" you heard that many cheap laborers are heading this way. This would make a fine seat of power and wealth in the kingdom, for the adventurers.

    Also, the always elusive mage guild would be very interested in knowing the location of various potent magical items. Should the adventurers die while building their endeavours, their assets will become state property due to destabilising factors in the local economy.

    Quite simple really.
    >> Anonymous 08/25/09(Tue)17:26 No.5591963
    >start health and schools for the smart ones

    Not sure if sustainable
    >> Anonymous 08/25/09(Tue)17:26 No.5591966
    Institute aggressive monetary reforms, including the implementation of fiat currency backed by the kingdom's holdings of precious metals. Ensure that the new currency is, by itself, materially of little value - paper works fine, or perhaps extremely low-quality steel.

    Declare old coinage to no longer be legal tender and institute a one-year grace period in which individuals may cash in their reserves of precious metal currency in exchange for appropriate amounts of new currency.

    Make sure to tack proportional transaction taxes onto these conversion processes so as to bleed the wealthy of some of their riches. Put tax towards ongoing efforts to bribe the aristocracy out of their traditional priveleges as part of ongoing efforts to move towards a centralized state where all legitimacy and implements of power are in the hands of the appropriate national representative.

    As for the slaves, I'm sure the drill sergeants can make something worthwhile out of them. Bribe the sweeping majority of them into taking the king's colours and start plotting some petty colonial land-grabs.
    >> Anonymous 08/25/09(Tue)17:28 No.5591977
    Capture the dragon-slayers and charge them with the various problems that reducing the price of gold causes (people going broke/hungry, etc.)

    Now use the money you get from them to buy stuff to turn everybody in the kingdom into wizards and sorcerers, and go fuck up other country's days.
    >> Anonymous 08/25/09(Tue)17:30 No.5591997
         File1251235827.jpg-(27 KB, 280x430, 280px-The_Vizier.jpg)
    27 KB
    You are the Lord High Vizier.

    A raiding party from the northern Goodytwoshoes kingdom has stolen a large number of indentured servants from the northern breadbasket, damaging the harvest. The warrior-noble caste is demanding immediate action.

    Meanwhile a lich of significant power has risen in the eastern sands, identity and agenda unknown. Nonetheless, the caravan routes to our allied pirate ports are closed.

    What do you do?
    >> Anonymous 08/25/09(Tue)17:33 No.5592021
    Ask for the gold, explain the economic dilemma. Offer something in return, like a get out of jail free card or tax evasion. If that fails, use force. With the gold, create homes for the ex-slaves, and fund a welfare program.

    Morale will be high, and everyone is content.
    >> Anonymous 08/25/09(Tue)17:33 No.5592024
    Pull the lever.
    Flood the world with magma.
    >> Anonymous 08/25/09(Tue)17:33 No.5592027
    I order a hit on the adventurers, levvy the taxes, so as to remove the amount fo gold in the north. I then send the slaves back to slavery, as mine.
    >> Anonymous 08/25/09(Tue)17:34 No.5592035
    Adventurers are idiots, make them drunk, steal gold, make them pay the tab.

    Slaves are cannon fodder, give them basic training and weapons, invade evilkingdomthatusesslaves, give surviving slaves some land, maybe reparations.

    With the gold under own control fight currency debasement and possibly profit.
    >> Anonymous 08/25/09(Tue)17:34 No.5592036

    >Institute aggressive monetary reforms, including the implementation of fiat currency backed by the kingdom's holdings of precious metals. Ensure that the new currency is, by itself, materially of little value - paper works fine, or perhaps extremely low-quality steel.

    I think you might have trouble passing this on the people in a single swoop.

    >bleed the wealthy of some of their riches

    You have a death wish, buddy?
    >> Anonymous 08/25/09(Tue)17:37 No.5592054
    Ongoing efforts, ongoing efforts. Use the case of the adventurers as an excuse for why unregulated currency based on precious metal content is unsustainable and will cause immense havoc to the lifestyle of the burghers and other middle-class men of business if these vagabond adventurers keep sweeping in windfall gains; win the cities over to the side of the state.

    Will it solve the immediate problem? No, but it will minimize the impact of future incidents and will also develop the state monopoly on power. Focus on the long term.

    And the aristocracy MUST be broken if the nation is ever to get out of petty dynastic feuding. Skimming some of their wealth and then bribing them with it is better than simply bribing them with already limited state funds.
    >> Anonymous 08/25/09(Tue)17:38 No.5592069
    Massive amoutns of gold in circlation, excessive amounts of new land, loot and resources.
    Hey, if I hire the heroes as state sponsored to go get more gold then we could be the richest country in the world in a few years.
    Sustainability is not a danger factor for a clever ruer with a good game plan.
    >> Anonymous 08/25/09(Tue)17:39 No.5592078

    If you try to institute a central bank over the bankers heads you'll be making powerful enemies. Also, the nobles are knights and all have weapons. They're actually your army. You sure you want to poke your nose that deep into their purse?
    >> Alpharius 08/25/09(Tue)17:40 No.5592085

    Hire a band of plucky adventurers to engage in a commando raid to "eliminate" the "evil warlord" leading his "plague army" towards my kingdom. Payment upon completion. Once the paladin is killed by the adventurers, send word to Evilkindomthatusesslaves to get their property back.

    Obviously, I'm fairly evil, so my mooks would be fairly evil, as well. So I send my army to kill the dragonslayers. The riches go into my treasury.
    >> Anonymous 08/25/09(Tue)17:41 No.5592095

    Open diplomatic relations with lich. Offer him status as state necromancer; he'll be paid in corpses, and will be expected to supply mindless undead for manual labor. Use these to replace lost workforce.
    >> Anonymous 08/25/09(Tue)17:41 No.5592097
    Mobilize the armed forces of the Warrior-noble castes to hunt down the raiding party and leave no survivors, collect the corpses.

    Get into contact with the Lich and try get the Lich appointed into the aristocracy - his necromancy services in exchange for corpses, and whatever resources, gold, or arcane objects that may grab his/her fancy and not bankrupt the King's coffers.

    Switch from a slave driven economy to a undead economy
    Declare war on the Goodytwoshoes kingdom.
    >> Anonymous 08/25/09(Tue)17:42 No.5592112
         File1251236559.jpg-(17 KB, 256x352, DELETE YOUR REACTION IMAGE FOL(...).jpg)
    17 KB
    >Evil mooks versus a band of adventurers
    >> Anonymous 08/25/09(Tue)17:44 No.5592136

    I like how no one even considered that making a deal with an undying sorcerer fiend is a bad idea. Once given position, he'd be almost impossible to dislodge.
    >> Anonymous 08/25/09(Tue)17:45 No.5592140
         File1251236704.jpg-(75 KB, 262x400, USundead.jpg)
    75 KB

    We have consensus. Corpsetopia hoooo!
    >> Anonymous 08/25/09(Tue)17:46 No.5592155
    But think of the possibilities of a cheap undead labor force!
    >> Anonymous 08/25/09(Tue)17:47 No.5592164

    I doubt zombies can cover as many fields of employment as living slaves. Even basic manual labor might be beyond them.
    >> Anonymous 08/25/09(Tue)17:47 No.5592169
    So? That just means we'll never have to worry about looking for replacements, or paying for retirement.
    >> Anonymous 08/25/09(Tue)17:48 No.5592177

    Clearly, we've been having problems with paladins. Said paladins are much less likely to interfere with the mundane business of the nation when there's a necromancer raising an undead army that they could pester instead. Being allied with an undead madman carries risks, of course, but they're outweighed by the benefits.
    >> Anonymous 08/25/09(Tue)17:49 No.5592182

    What's a zombie's shelf life? Can't be more then a year or two.


    You don't presume an undead lich sorcerer might have his own agenda overreaching?
    >> Anonymous 08/25/09(Tue)17:49 No.5592183
    One would think the capabilities of a zombie to obey and do manual labor would be directly proportional to one's mastery over necromancy.
    >> Anonymous 08/25/09(Tue)17:51 No.5592204

    Find a powerful wizard selling magic items, so that the adventurers can just trade in the +4 weapons for +5 weapons -- twelve mules of gold ought to be enough.

    The wizard will simply invest the money in far-off investments or drive the price of select spell components up, and as I am a forward thinking magic using Lord High Chancellor, I already have a stockpile of the components I need.

    As for the slaves, I conscript them as they are lawless, neither having lord nor citizenship in a town, and use them as a karmically appropriate army to march on Evilkingdom, because they're surely declaring war against me soon enough, and I might as well extract a useful settlement or trade agreement out of the deal. The slaves can then be incorporated into Evilkingdom cities that I capture, in the good 'ol "have them marry some of the locals" arrangement.

    And if the adventurers aren't interested in buying new magic weapons, I knight them for killing a dragon and put them in charge of the army, and have them buy weapons -- and arrange them to import them from dwarf lands, who probably won't mind suddenly having a good few tons of gold more to stockpile away.
    >> Anonymous 08/25/09(Tue)17:52 No.5592217

    Oh, they're not to bright, certainly. You need an intelligent (living or otherwise) overseer for every dozen or so, and any skilled labor needs will still have to be filled by the living.

    However, they never tire, don't rebel, and don't need to be fed. All in all, it's an improvement, and will raise the quality of life for our slaves and peasantry. Instead of spending their days on back-breaking labor, they'll be in management roles.
    >> Anonymous 08/25/09(Tue)17:54 No.5592236
    A Zombies' shelf life would be dependent on how much magic was put into reanimating it. More magic = longer shelf life.

    Hey if the Lich has his/her own motives (most often then not gaining more power/knowledge/attaining godhood) Just go with the flow. Worse case scenario: we point the blame on the Lich for manipulating us.
    >> Anonymous 08/25/09(Tue)17:54 No.5592239

    Immediately reassign mining and other similar slaves to harvesting, which shouldn't be that skill-intensive.

    Blame the actions of Ira -- er, I mean, the lich -- for the Goody raid of our slaves, and assign our battlemages to the creation of a "desert storm" to appease the bloodthirsty hawks.
    >> Anonymous 08/25/09(Tue)17:55 No.5592251
    I am assuming this is a not-completely-retarded state and has been disposing of some royal funds to make a strictly royal army beholden only to the throne (or the throne's exchequer as may be more accurate).
    >> Anonymous 08/25/09(Tue)17:56 No.5592255

    Hmmm, does the overseer have to be a necromancer as well?

    I'm beginning to think this is a nasty slippery slope into mass undeath.
    >> Anonymous 08/25/09(Tue)17:57 No.5592268
    Whats wrong with a undead majority society?
    >> Anonymous 08/25/09(Tue)17:58 No.5592277

    Dead people: the real silent majority.
    >> Anonymous 08/25/09(Tue)17:58 No.5592286

    >> Anonymous 08/25/09(Tue)18:01 No.5592307
         File1251237712.jpg-(88 KB, 440x348, doctordoom.jpg)
    88 KB
    This thread brings me joy.

    Schemin', diplomizin', economizin'... is there a game system that will let me run a campaign like this?
    >> Anonymous 08/25/09(Tue)18:02 No.5592309

    So train half the kingdom to have Smite Lawful. Done!
    >> Anonymous 08/25/09(Tue)18:03 No.5592322

    Rebuke the Warrior-Nobles for their failure to protect the vital Breadbasket of the country, question if their wishes for immedeate action are wise, after all after they have so recently failed is this wish just another disaster to happen?

    Laud more moderate nobles, buying some more time, try to capitalize on recent slave uprising to insert more capable and loyal minions into the army command.

    Use the slaves escaping as a boogeyman to increase security among remaining slaves and to discredit any abolitionist movement brewing.

    Use some personal wealth to feed the poor and starving, at later date use the actions of the northern paladin to stir up the populace when one need to increase the army.

    Use spys and divination magic to gather information on the lich, is his desires compatiable or can they be subverted?
    Try finding alternate trade routes to supply our pirate alllies in the meantime.
    >> Anonymous 08/25/09(Tue)18:04 No.5592329

    Just your IMAGINATION.
    >> Anonymous 08/25/09(Tue)18:06 No.5592355
    The lich is going to be one of two things: an absolute godsend, or an absolute nightmare. Must find out which one first. Use divination.

    Then use divination again to make sure our pirate buddies are still alive. If so, tell them about the lich situation. Get their help if you need it.

    Now, if lich is willing to work with us, here's the plan. Tell the guys who want to go to war to attack. They should all get killed.

    Raise the dead and assault!

    If lich bad, here's the plan.

    Tell the guys wanting to go march off that the lich tricked the paladin into doing it. Assail lich with your forces while the pirates attack as well.
    >> Anonymous 08/25/09(Tue)18:08 No.5592376
    Burning Wheel, I guess
    >> Anonymous 08/25/09(Tue)18:09 No.5592382

    That's right! Games don't need rules! What the fuck am I doing on this board?
    >> Anonymous 08/25/09(Tue)18:16 No.5592441

    I switch my coin tax rate to a silver standard or kind, and convert as much of my holdings as I can to other metals, gems, or other goods, to protect my treasury as best I can against the coming price readjustments. Whatever gold I won't be able to convert, I see if I can spend sooner rather than later, on preparations for the impending refugee crisis, buying more food and recruiting more realm guards.

    I offer to let the adventurers stay in my palace for as long as they'd like, at no cost. If they have a reputation for good, I'll inform them of the refugee crisis and appeal for help keeping the peace and distributing emergency aid.

    I don't regulate the merchants' business.

    Refugees are permitted to stay on my personal property for two weeks, during which time they will receive food, care, and protection as well as I can support. After that time, they are welcome to become residents of the town if they can find gainful employment and arrange a place to live for themselves.

    Refugees who commit misdemeanors, or who commit murder, rape, or high crimes, will be treated as normal. Refugees who commit felony property crimes during the two weeks will be exiled from the realm. Violent felons will serve a term of corvée.
    >> Anonymous 08/25/09(Tue)18:18 No.5592456
         File1251238685.jpg-(46 KB, 662x758, badasspirateedited-2.jpg)
    46 KB
    You are a Pirate Lord on the eastern ocean.

    Walking dead have been sighted in the desert, several nights ago breaking past the stockade and dragging a number of people into the sands. The caravans from Evilkingdomthatusesslaves have stopped coming to trade for plunder and slaves creating a lot of tension among the docked crews and their captains. Tempers are running out of control.

    Meanwhile, rumors of a passing treasure fleet the Wealthykingdom have arrived, promoting many captains to consider taking their crews to try their luck at grabbing a piece of it. This might leave the home port grossly under defended in the event of a substantial undead incursion, though.

    What do you do?
    >> Anonymous 08/25/09(Tue)18:23 No.5592498
    Send a large enough military force to intercept the the adventurers (who will obviously be tired and low on supplies from adventuring) to collect the the taxes that the dragon has failed to pay over it's centuries of living within the kingdom. Adventurers will be allowed to keep any magical artifacts/weapons they found, and maybe a bounty on the dragon if they cooperate. If they do not, they will be arrested for having stolen property. If they resist, they will be killed. Problem solved.

    Send a messenger, a small military force, and a few clerics, and a caravan of supplies to create a temporary camp/settlement, to intercept the paladin and freed slaves. The messenger will tell the paladin that the slaves will not be allowed into the kingdom for fear of foreign disease and plague (a truthful excuse that will be easy to sell to the rest of the kingdom). However, individuals who have had Cure/Remove Disease or the equivalent on them will be allowed into the kingdom to start their new life. This will delay the entry of the 5,000 slaves by months, if not a year (let's say 10 cure spells can be cast a day = 500 days, almost 2 years), especially if the paladin and handful of clerics are left to "cleanse" each slave themselves. Any slave that tries to enter the kingdom without being cleansed will forfeit their life, and their carcass will be burned, for safety of course. With the royal coffers filled with gold, and by using the paladins own reason against him, the kingdom will be able to deal with the influx of new peasantry quite well. Problem solved.
    >> Anonymous 08/25/09(Tue)18:24 No.5592501

    Mock the pirate captains that are trying to run for Wealthykingdom's ships, informing them that, in event of undead takeover, they won't have anywhere to spend the money. Try and get into contact with Evilvikingkingdomthatusesslaves. Try and figure out where the fuck all the undead are coming from, and go make that stop happening.
    >> Anonymous 08/25/09(Tue)18:24 No.5592506
    We are pirates. The city's only usefulness is as a safe harbour. Wealthykingdom's convoy of riches is more important.
    >> Shas'o R'myr !!TZikiEEr0tg 08/25/09(Tue)18:25 No.5592513
    I rest assured knowing:

    1) There is only one merchant in the game. One. He, conveniently enough, happens to be the god of economics in the world. He'll deal with that gold.

    2) He'll deal with the slaves too, if you catch my drift.
    >> Anonymous 08/25/09(Tue)18:30 No.5592559

    Neutral response? Or neutral evil?
    >> Anonymous 08/25/09(Tue)18:30 No.5592565
    1. Confiscate the gold, use it subsidise industry.
    2. Offer slaves training and employment in new industrial areas.
    3. Get off the gold standard and issue currency backed by state.
    >> Anonymous 08/25/09(Tue)18:31 No.5592574
    When you do evils things right, it looks like you didn't do anything at all.
    >> YourUncleBilly 08/25/09(Tue)18:32 No.5592575

    I actually chuckled out loud at this one. Well played.
    >> Anonymous 08/25/09(Tue)18:33 No.5592588
    Kill adventurers, take gold, sell slaves back to south.

    Life's easy for a pimp.
    >> Anonymous 08/25/09(Tue)18:34 No.5592593
    I like how some people assume that chancellors and viziers have unlimited power and command of the kingdom's resources without answering to anyone. :3
    >> Anonymous 08/25/09(Tue)18:36 No.5592619
    I worry not. The slaves will be drafted into the army for a living, the rest can work, leave or hunger as they please. As for the adventurers, combined effort of assassins and local thieves guild will deal with them. I'll even urge them, Jimmy the Hand style. If you know what I mean.
    >> Anonymous 08/25/09(Tue)18:37 No.5592624
    work oppertunity with the people of the harbor towns freaking out they will want to get out of dodge in a hurry. so take on passengers, at grossly inflated price for passage. and jam as many of them into the hold as possible
    >> Anonymous 08/25/09(Tue)18:44 No.5592701
    I'm confused as to why everyone seems to think that the liberated slaves are in any shape to fight any time in the near future.
    >> Anonymous 08/25/09(Tue)18:49 No.5592743
    cannon fodder my friend, or in this case arrow and magic missle fodder
    >> Anonymous 08/25/09(Tue)18:51 No.5592759
         File1251240667.jpg-(32 KB, 500x500, khorne.jpg)
    32 KB
    Convert, serve your new god.
    >> Anonymous 08/25/09(Tue)18:51 No.5592768

    Ah, so we're assuming they have no sense of self-preservation and a 0% desertion rate.
    >> Anonymous 08/25/09(Tue)18:52 No.5592770
    Draft slaves into ad hoc military.

    Cancel out inflation by buying war goods.

    >> Anonymous 08/25/09(Tue)18:54 No.5592793
    convince the adventurers to use the gold to equip the freed slaves with military equipment, and with the aid of some of your army, take over the evil land. Give the slaves some property in the conquered land and make the adventures in charge of the conquered, answerable only to you.
    >> Anonymous 08/25/09(Tue)18:54 No.5592799
         File1251240899.jpg-(6 KB, 180x180, fucklaw.jpg)
    6 KB
    proper motivation is the only thing you need
    >> Anonymous 08/25/09(Tue)19:00 No.5592844
    Arm peasants using gold, make adventurers officer class, pay them to sack town during night. Pay city guards to turn blind eye. Recruit now homeless city folk and arm them. Begin holy war on evil country. Sack evil country. Burn all crops, feed army using citizens of evil country that do not join the cannibal army. Begin holy war against anybody not a part of the cannibal army. Eat way across continent.
    >> Anonymous 08/25/09(Tue)19:04 No.5592887
    I ask myself: What Would Vetinari Do?
    >> Anonymous 08/25/09(Tue)19:04 No.5592895
    Pic of Patriarch of Ankh-Mporpork ROCKS!
    >> Anonymous 08/25/09(Tue)19:06 No.5592918
         File1251241572.jpg-(102 KB, 600x500, JUST_AS_PLANNED_by_Kiriska.jpg)
    102 KB

    As the poster of that which you praised, thanks.
    >> Anonymous 08/25/09(Tue)19:44 No.5593223
    This would work if we were dealing with a depression, but the new industry would actually push up inflation even further. Though successfully annexed regions of Evilkingdomthatusesslaves could be used to lower pressure on whatever commodity. Food if it's fertile, minerals if it's rocky. Essentially you may want to re-employ these freed slaves in their home territory as serfs, which allows them to move between fiefs and gives them a better status.
    >> Anonymous 08/25/09(Tue)19:46 No.5593231
    >> Anonymous 08/25/09(Tue)19:47 No.5593242
         File1251244075.jpg-(75 KB, 407x405, Retard-Girl-Herp-Derp6.jpg)
    75 KB
    >> Anonymous 08/25/09(Tue)19:51 No.5593266
         File1251244278.jpg-(59 KB, 815x622, DERP2.jpg)
    59 KB
    >> Shas'o R'myr !!TZikiEEr0tg 08/25/09(Tue)19:52 No.5593277
         File1251244324.jpg-(42 KB, 200x150, black guy derp.jpg)
    42 KB
    >> Anonymous 08/25/09(Tue)19:53 No.5593289
    I shoot my GM, and ask when D&D stopped being about AWESOME.
    >> Anonymous 08/25/09(Tue)19:54 No.5593295
    Sell this country to the adventurers. They're obviously in a spendy mood and hey, who can resist owning their own country? What do I care if I don't actually own it? I'm a politician, I can make it look legit. Retire somewhere far away.
    >> Anonymous 08/25/09(Tue)19:54 No.5593298
         File1251244475.jpg-(63 KB, 600x450, derpderpdog.jpg)
    63 KB
    >> Anonymous 08/25/09(Tue)20:02 No.5593367
    Have you picked a suit out yet?
    >> Shas'o R'myr !!TZikiEEr0tg 08/25/09(Tue)20:03 No.5593379

    >> Anonymous 08/25/09(Tue)20:07 No.5593416
    The suit you will be eaten in.
    >> Shas'o R'myr !!TZikiEEr0tg 08/25/09(Tue)20:12 No.5593444

    You are strange! I shall kill something in your honor next chance I get.
    >> Anonymous 08/25/09(Tue)20:21 No.5593509
         File1251246097.jpg-(56 KB, 800x452, 1228167133344.jpg)
    56 KB
    No, no it's fine please don't. I am a vegetarian... Well was, before you turned up.
    >> Anonymous 08/25/09(Tue)21:36 No.5594276
    Evil solution:

    Seize Gold

    Seize Slaves

    Have slaves build a giant gold statue of yourself.

    Presto! The gold is out of the economy, and if you've done it right most of the slaves will be dead from overwork. Plus, statue.
    >> Anonymous 08/25/09(Tue)21:40 No.5594330
    This thread is amazing.
    >> Anonymous 08/25/09(Tue)21:41 No.5594345

    It's like watching equally dysfunctional retards talking to each other.
    >> Anonymous 08/25/09(Tue)21:43 No.5594361
    Am I the only one who instantly things of Vetinari when they look at OP's picture?
    >> Anonymous 08/25/09(Tue)21:43 No.5594370
    Ho ho! That made me smile.
    >> Anonymous 08/25/09(Tue)21:46 No.5594403

    Not at all. What is that from anyway?
    >> Anonymous 08/25/09(Tue)21:48 No.5594425
    No clue :<
    >> Anonymous 08/25/09(Tue)21:51 No.5594448

    That's because it IS Vetinari. It's from a lady's site who works with Disney animation. I'm not going to post her site, or else it'll get shitbombed by /b/ (and /tg/, probably).

    If there is interest, I'll go get some more of her Discworld stuff and post it.
    >> Anonymous 08/26/09(Wed)00:33 No.5596425
    bamp. Especially for anymore images to match op's pic.
    >> Dagda !hTbo821v7U 08/26/09(Wed)01:07 No.5596796
    I'm interested. I also think you're really overestimating the risk of anything bad happening if you post a link on this board. I mean, if the link is a myspace page and she also does lots of Twilight fanart, then there'd be some risk, but as is. . .
    >> Anonymous 08/26/09(Wed)01:09 No.5596819

    How does one simply stop being a vegetarian because of a tripfag, especially one as idiotic as Shas?
    >> Anonymous 08/26/09(Wed)02:27 No.5597559
    Send my best bag men to hunt down and assassinate the adventurers, and then divert the gold into the realm's treasury.

    Use the huge infusion of bullion to slowly establish a new industrial center in the heart of the kingdom. Lure in the world's greatest alchemists and inventors with ridiculous wads of cash. Employ the slaves in the various mines, assembly lines, and farms in the area.

    Then use your unparalleled industrial might to crush the southern evil kingdom. The descendants of the slaves shall be your shock troops, fanatically loyal to your kingdom.
    >> Anonymous 08/26/09(Wed)02:41 No.5597696
         File1251268867.jpg-(600 KB, 643x1400, VTCL60021_04.jpg)
    600 KB
    Buy up the gold that has been infused into the economy at low, low rates. Call in your currency and reforge it with a high gold content. Use your new increase in purchasing power due to a strong currency to economically dominate surrounding kingdoms.

    Eliminates inflation, no need to piss off dragon-slaying adventurers, gain massive trade/political advantages over rivals.

    But send those pilgrims home. No way you're going to be able to feed them. Food prices are about to spike. There's 5000 of them... they can solve their own problems.
    >> Anonymous 08/26/09(Wed)02:52 No.5597776
    Increase taxes enough to capitalize on the revenue generated by the adventurers without causing an undue price hike by the merchants (enforce by threat or proclamation as necessary). Set aside land nearby for a new monastary to be built.

    The rest largely depends on import export status. It might even be necessary to break into the tithed food stores of the castle and the local churches. Offer the acolytes, adepts, and other low ranked clergy the opportunity to gain recognition and possibly quarters in a new monastary in return for create water spells and other hunger reducing spells.

    When the slaves arrive, offer them paid jobs at basic manual labor and such on the new monastary, which will imclude quarrying and building. Again, much of what happens after is dependent on the local economy and how things are set up in the kingdom.
    >> Anonymous 08/26/09(Wed)03:02 No.5597843
         File1251270135.jpg-(3 KB, 120x126, 1249882446308s.jpg)
    3 KB
    I find it funny how people are casually suggesting taking the gold from the adventures who took down a freaking dragon. Enjoy your razed city state.
    >> Anonymous 08/26/09(Wed)03:04 No.5597857
    I'm gonna risk it, it hasn't been updated in a year

    Enjoy some of the nicer Discworld fanart,
    probably because she's a professional.
    >> Anonymous 08/26/09(Wed)03:09 No.5597889
         File1251270589.jpg-(75 KB, 544x418, inscrutable.jpg)
    75 KB
    I always loved this picture of Vetinari
    His expression in the carriage with Moist there really captures how I always saw him. As well as OP's picture
    >> Anonymous 08/26/09(Wed)03:10 No.5597895
    >in some northern villages.
    What do small villages have that these adventurers are really going to spend enough gold to cause meaningful inflation? Remember, in a small village you have to roll to see if they've got enough money for a single masterwork weapon.
    Second, a one-time infusion of wealth will not have a lasting effect on the economy, however much it might screw up one or two peoples' lives. See WinLottoGoBroke syndrome.
    Ergo, no problem.

    >The bankers and brokers are going ape and the merchants are already marking up their prices.
    Again, what are these adventurers buying from bankers and brokers? Nothing. They're going to buy either magic items (which have a relatively fixed supply/demand curve) or castles, the prices of which are of no concern to %99 of the population.
    Ergo, no problem.

    >several thousand unskilled to semi-skilled, hungry, landless people flooding into the kingdom.
    Request aid from the Paladin (and his party, and his Church, and his God) in building a farming community somewhere. Where the slaves used to farm before, they'll continue to farm, except they will benefit from the fruits of their labors.
    Minor problem, but easily solved.
    >> Anonymous 08/26/09(Wed)03:18 No.5597941
    That's why you don't take it from them. You offer them the chance to deposit their hard earned gold in the national bank with attractive interest rates and various other perks, then loan out the money / use it for your own ends. Worst comes to worse, stage a break-in by the adventurers arch-enemy and stash the gold in you palace for later while they go kick his ass.
    >> Anonymous 08/26/09(Wed)05:40 No.5598688

    Obviously the adventurers, being shallow pricks that they tend to be, were paying in gold for most services along the way. Considering the previous value of gold, they've been easily doubling the amount of specie in every village they passed through. Double, double, toil and trouble. :3

    >Again, what are these adventurers buying from bankers and brokers?

    Durp, trade is the only economic interaction, hurp. The adventurers are devaluing the gold in the bank's vaults and the royal vaults, for that matter. The wild fluctuation of currency would hugely destabilize brokerage too.

    Slave-wise, you presume there's arable land that can be just handed over to some army of bums just off the cart. No way, sonny. Waste not, want not.
    >> Anonymous 08/26/09(Wed)06:24 No.5598928
    Haha, oh man. I'd watch a discworld animated movie. Or a TV series. I'd watch it 100 times.

    This art style feels like it would be right for it.
    >> Anonymous 08/26/09(Wed)07:36 No.5599369
    The gold is not really a problem - when it gets distributed throughout the Realm, and from there throughout the surrounding kingdoms, the price will stabilize at a level not that much lower than the original 60 silver pieces.

    But, I need to profit from it, so I'd send out caravans to the north to buy the gold off of the adventurers, selling them valuable and more easily transportable items such as gems and magical items at a gold exchange rate inbetween the local value, and the government-set standard of 60 silver. Obviously, the rate would also be lower than the projected exchange rate once everything settles down again - it would probably end up settling at around 50 pieces in my Realm, and 55 in the surrounding kingdoms, but right now, the adventurers would be happy to get 40 silver for each gold piece (the local rates are probably down to 25-30). So I offer them up to 45 silver worth of gems and magical items per gold coin. I could probably go as high as 50, but with my expert negotiators I expect to not have to. I can count on these adventurers to be either greedy or Good, in which case I'll use slightly different strategies to get them to agree to the deal, but in the end, it should go through nicely. I might even throw in a title of nobility or two to them, as well, if they're the Lawful type who would serve the Realm well.

    With all the gold now in my coffers, or at least the coffers of the Realm, I can use it all more carefully and avoid the whole price drop entirely, gaining the Realm a nice 33% yield. I'd use most of the gold for trading with other realms some distance away.
    >> Anonymous 08/26/09(Wed)07:40 No.5599393
    Geez, >>5597895, didn't you know that just HAVING gold near other gold decreases its value? You don't need to INTERACT with an economy to destabilize it, you just kind of...hang out near it with your money.

    EVERYBODY knows the price of bread and eggs changes every time somebody buys a custom-order Bentley.
    >> Anonymous 08/26/09(Wed)08:31 No.5599655

    I settle the slaves in an underdeveloped region of my realm, funding the effort via a small tax levied upon the adventurers in exchange for them driving up prices in the area. If the adventurers refuse I inform the Paladin of their callousness and willingness to drive the poor deeper into poverty and hunger, give him a small army, and point him in the right direction. Afterwards I seize the now-unclaimed treasure, fund the settlement of the freed slaves, donate a sizable sum to the Paladin's church and use the rest to build up infrastructure and other public works efforts to generally improve my realm.

    What? Never heard of a Lawful Good Chancellor?
    >> Anonymous 08/26/09(Wed)08:34 No.5599674
    >>A gold coin was worth 60 silver pieces and now it's worth as little as 15 in some northern villages

    That's... not how inflation works. Inflation increases the amount of "stuff" used in exchange for more stuff. Prices increase, but internal exchange rates do not.

    What you're suggesting is that inflation might one day cause a dollar to be worth only two quarters, when what inflation really does is make a dollar buy less and less.

    Foreign exchange rates are another matter.
    >> Anonymous 08/26/09(Wed)08:36 No.5599684

    >What you're suggesting is that inflation might one day cause a dollar to be worth only two quarters

    Well from a purely analogical standpoint that's true. Contemporary dollars are worth a fraction of, say, a 1950's dollar.

    But, strictly speaking, you're right.
    >> Anonymous 08/26/09(Wed)08:47 No.5599754
    >What you're suggesting is that inflation might one day cause a dollar to be worth only two quarters

    I think he meant the price of gold vs silver rather than two different denominations of a national currency.
    >> Anonymous 08/26/09(Wed)08:51 No.5599782
    >A gold coin was worth 60 silver pieces and now it's worth as little as 15
    Start hoarding silver, spending the now-cheap gold; once most of the treasure has been absorbed by the economy and the price stabilizes at a new point, I will have a lot of silver coins that go at a respectable 30 to a gold.
    It's money that matters, not the color of metal bits, right, Horo?
    >> Anonymous 08/26/09(Wed)12:02 No.5600939
    bump for interesting
    >> Anonymous 08/26/09(Wed)12:13 No.5601034
    >What you're suggesting is that inflation might one day cause a dollar to be worth only two quarters, when what inflation really does is make a dollar buy less and less.

    Look...he's talking about coins made from gold. The nominal value of the coin's almost exactly the named value which means that you're basically handling gold bars and not coins per se.
    That in turn means that gold will debase in value compared to silver if somebody decides to throw the equivalent of a few tons of gold into the market.

    That is granted that they can even pay day-to-day transactions with gold anyway. It'd probably be more economic to simply buy a title and set up a barony or invest into big business than to actually exchange those gold coins for services and carry all the change.
    >> Anonymous 08/26/09(Wed)12:23 No.5601124
    >taking the gold from the adventures who took down a freaking dragon.

    >A band of adventurers has killed a sleeping dragon in the northern mountains
    >killed a sleeping dragon

    1, the size of the dragon was never clarified, and 2, killing a sleeping target requires little skill
    >> Anonymous 08/26/09(Wed)12:29 No.5601162
    Mules can carry around 150 kg of cargo.

    That means at least 1,8 tons of valuables are in the caravan. Even if coin is only about 2/3 of the total that still means around a ton of gold on the mules alone. Adventurers probably have some negligible amount on their person.
    >> Anonymous 08/26/09(Wed)12:30 No.5601167
    Refuse the Paladin and his slaves entry to the realm. 'Tax' the adventurers by taking most of their gold. If they do not comply, capture/kill them and take it all.

    Sorry faggots, but we aren't in a bad DnD campaign. This is the real fantasy world.
    >> Anonymous 08/26/09(Wed)12:33 No.5601183

    How profoundly do the first and second part of your post contradict.
    >> Anonymous 08/26/09(Wed)12:34 No.5601195
    >Receive pieces of your men delivered by aerial bombardment for the next three weeks.
    >Get ganked four months later when they come back around this way with more experience and decide to "tie up loose ends".
    >> Anonymous 08/26/09(Wed)12:38 No.5601229

    >Refuse the Paladin and his slaves entry to the realm.

    Antagonize every paladin in the realm and every good church in the realm to boot. And the slaves.

    >'Tax' the adventurers by taking most of their gold. If they do not comply, capture/kill them and take it all.

    See >>5591853
    >> Anonymous 08/26/09(Wed)12:45 No.5601288
    If I'm Lord High Chancellor of the Realm then either there are no walking demi-gods in this reality, or I have some in my employ. Adventurers can't be the mightiest people in a country.
    >> Anonymous 08/26/09(Wed)12:46 No.5601302
    There is no problem here, really. Leave the former slaves in the care of their liberator, he is a paladin after all, so he can't refuse. And about gold... just encourage import, our kingdom needs some foreign goods.
    >> Rape-Chan !!DhEZOUaepXX 08/26/09(Wed)12:48 No.5601320
    Show no mercy, kill them all.

    The adventurers that is. Base it under thievery or something, it doesn't matte. As long as it's a public execution and people get free food, they'd be happy if you were killing Jesus.

    Then take the spoils of the adventurers, sit on it awhile, eventually injecting funds into specific areas while simultaneously reducing taxes. Farmer benefits, merchant cargo bonuses, scientific academy grants, etc... Also schedule a couple of holidays/carnivals/celebrations/whatever.

    With people happy and a steady flow of the adventurer gold back into the economy, get some public works going to take care of the slaves. Parks, new housing for the poor, monuments, churches, whatever. Just put people to work.

    Then when everything is going fine and everyone's happy, sharply raise taxes. With the increased wealth all around, people won't mind TOO much, and say it's to cover some excess expenses on some of the recent reforms.

    Now with revenue coming back to the government, repeat the whole process on a distinctly cascading scale, all the while allocating more and more funds towards the military. In the future, paint out some common enemy fro everyone to fear and rally against, building from there.

    For now though, enjoy the prosperity, reform, and social rejuvenation that comes from murdering some honest and hard working heroes. The machine of progress must be fueled with the blood and sweat.
    >> Anonymous 08/26/09(Wed)12:59 No.5601421
         File1251305954.jpg-(98 KB, 550x703, patriarch_in_the_cathedral.jpg)
    98 KB
    You are the Prime Patriarch of the Temple.

    A heresy is spreading like wildfire through a backwater part of the Realm. Reinterpreting scripture, a brilliant, passionate, charismatic Priest is quickly building up a following. His new version of the faith is both very flattering and rewarding to the common man and this has gained him many devout followers.

    Meanwhile back at home in the more metropolitan cities, the Priests are moving ever more away from Faith and turning their attention and ambitions to Worldly matters. They are getting entangled in the political games of the nobles and threaten to drag the Temple in with them.

    What do you do?
    >> Anonymous 08/26/09(Wed)12:59 No.5601425
         File1251305983.jpg-(9 KB, 300x302, Drow_Woman_by_TheCatlady.jpg)
    9 KB
    I keep the slaves and reenslave them as the honorably enslaved caste, My government forbids the mark up of prices for most commodities without prior consent, (these are what the slaves are for, running the bureaucracy, and factory work) I then tax the adventurers in the name of our saftey, as this ammount of wealth is sure to attract bandits and other trouble from dragons if we have reputation for harboring them, Use gold to placate new slaves with lavishes that are common place for them here but unknown to dickfaces who treat their property like shit.
    >> Anonymous 08/26/09(Wed)13:00 No.5601429
    I don't understand why the adventurers caused an inflation just by passing through your realm. Those adventurers never spent any of those gold and would just probably go home and have their wizard make some wondrous item from the tons of gold they have acquired, and kill another disturbance someplace else.
    >> Anonymous 08/26/09(Wed)13:02 No.5601455

    That's what munchkin PC would do. These are NPC adventurers, who behave like they actually live in the world.
    >> Anonymous 08/26/09(Wed)13:03 No.5601457
         File1251306194.jpg-(36 KB, 500x447, what-you-did-there-i-see-it.th(...).jpg)
    36 KB
    >> Anonymous 08/26/09(Wed)13:04 No.5601466
    >these are what the slaves are for, running the bureaucracy

    this lasts for about half an hour before they all write each other certificates of freedom
    >> Rape-Chan !!DhEZOUaepXX 08/26/09(Wed)13:04 No.5601473

    Total reform.

    Kill the divergent priests, and the radical priest. Take his ideas and combine them with current teachings and ideals.

    Moving forward is the only option.
    >> Anonymous 08/26/09(Wed)13:06 No.5601495

    You wouldn't last 10 minutes in a position of authority. :3
    >> Anonymous 08/26/09(Wed)13:06 No.5601500
    >I don't understand why the adventurers caused an inflation just by passing through your realm.

    You think with all the gold they've got the capacity to carry fooder for their pack animals, the herders and themselves? That's where gold's gonna be misspent.
    >> Rape-Chan !!DhEZOUaepXX 08/26/09(Wed)13:07 No.5601504

    Then it would be less than ten minutes well spent.
    >> Anonymous 08/26/09(Wed)13:10 No.5601532
    1. Hire a Lawful or Neutral Evil wizard.

    2. Fucking nuke everything.

    3. Gain Chaotic Evil alignment.

    4. Repeat steps 1 and 2.
    >> Anonymous 08/26/09(Wed)13:11 No.5601543
         File1251306710.jpg-(23 KB, 333x350, judge.jpg)
    23 KB

    This is how faggots imagine laws work.

    Don't be one.
    >> Anonymous 08/26/09(Wed)13:12 No.5601550
    Remember kids: They're adventurers. They're a band of men and women, who being greedy and prone to violence, have decided to go camping together for the rest of their miserable, likely short lives in order to take a shot at becoming kind of rich a lot of cities would like to be. They are essentially amoral thanks to a good head for self-justification and have the tenacity and stubbornness of a wounded shark. Failure to account for these facts will end in disaster.

    If they can't buy a path across your land, they'll burn one.
    >> Anonymous 08/26/09(Wed)13:13 No.5601555
    Use gold to pay slaves as a new army. Take over neighboring cities. Profit.
    >> Anonymous 08/26/09(Wed)13:13 No.5601564
    If all the gold are misspent and caused a currency inflation, then there's not much you can do in slaying these adventurers. You'll only get more enemies.
    >> Rape-Chan !!DhEZOUaepXX 08/26/09(Wed)13:16 No.5601583

    Laws? lol

    Who needs laws when you've got God on your side?
    >> Anonymous 08/26/09(Wed)13:19 No.5601616
    Fantasy nations don't have economies. Those "gold coins" aren't actually gold, but crystallized mana. That's why there's always so goddamn much of it just lying the fuck around wherever people aren't.

    As such, it's the perfect commodity money. We can't eat gold, but eating "gold coins" is only as hard as finding a mage to use them to summon food directly.

    I'm not too convinced inflation would be much of an issue at all.
    >> Anonymous 08/26/09(Wed)13:22 No.5601654
    >>herp derp
    >> Anonymous 08/26/09(Wed)13:22 No.5601655

    >Fantasy nations don't have economies.

    You failed the thread.
    >> Anonymous 08/26/09(Wed)13:26 No.5601679
    The proposals for several public works projects are quickly amended to include a leased parcel of land, permission to build a small keep, and proposals for agreements of mutual non-interference and allied defense with the landholders.

    We bring these to a joint meeting between the adventuring band, myself, prominent merchants, and some representatives from among the slaves they can select. The plan will be laid out as such:

    At somewhat favorable rates, the currency will be loaned to the Crown in the interests of paying the newly arrived labor force to immediately begin the joint construction of the selected public works and the adventurer's way-keep. This loan will be largely defrayed by the lease conditions, sale of materials for construction of the keep, hiring of local artisans with skills not available amongst the slaves, etc. Inflation will be artificially capped as a temporary measure - we'll have the Exchequer work out the details - to keep gold, well, golden.

    Slaves form several new villages and towns in the buttfuck Egypt wild moors part of the kingdom the keep is built in, adventurers essentially pay the crown for the right to have a keep they never go to and villagers begging them for protection.
    >> Anonymous 08/26/09(Wed)13:28 No.5601692

    Well we could sent an accountant their way and tell them that we're gonna be their creditor.
    Now they've got almost unlimited credit while passing through plus enough protection (because their gold is our gold now too and we've got reasons to not let anyone touch it) that no baron's gonna run them down in their sleep and steal their wealth and we're rich.
    >> SirBriggz 08/26/09(Wed)13:29 No.5601704
    I would invent democracy, lose the race for office then GTFO. Probably take some slaves and some of that worthless gold with me because it is still worth alot somewhere.
    >> Anonymous 08/26/09(Wed)13:33 No.5601742
    Intercept the adventurers before they arrive. Kill them, take the gold for myself, lock it in the vaults. It stays in our vaults unless absolutely necessary.

    As for the slaves? Create a Royal Charter Company dedicated to mining. Employ all 5000 slaves into the company. Ship them off to some remote mountain. Doesn't matter if there's anything in the mountain, so long as we get them out of here. Have some sort of shanty town set up on the mountain for them to live in.
    >> Anonymous 08/26/09(Wed)13:37 No.5601782
    Oh, I should probably add that the company will be poorly funded and thus doomed to fail. I expect an uprising to occur, to which I will answer with a regiment of some of our finest Mountaineers, who will quickly slaughter all the slaves, thus getting another problem off our back.
    Though if they find something in that mountain, fund it.
    >> Anonymous 08/26/09(Wed)13:39 No.5601805
    I'd try to accommodate the adventurers by mediating their purchases from a foreign party, thus funneling excess gold out of your local economy without having any of it enter circulation and taking a percentage for myself. Alternatively, I attempt to pull a Horo and complete massive purchases of productive facilities (mines, farms etc.) or convert it all into essential goods (like grain) before the value of gold is recalculated.

    As for the slaves, I start up new settlements with risks and profits shared with the paladin's church.
    >> Anonymous 08/26/09(Wed)14:20 No.5602167
    >Herp derp, i'm agonna kill some adventurers.

    Hello, Mr. New BBEG!
    >> Anonymous 08/26/09(Wed)14:20 No.5602168
    I fucking love you /tg/.

    Also, statue.
    >> Anonymous 08/26/09(Wed)14:32 No.5602280
    Damn fucking straight. Fuck a group of assholes who'll ruin the country for a few kicks. The Realm always comes first.

    Of course, I wouldn't do it myself. That's why I send my trained assassins to do the dirty work, with no leads to me. So in case they screw up and don't secure the gold for pickup, there's nothing to bring the blame on me and thus have them try to hunt me down.
    Though on the other hand, if I did let it become highly obvious that I did it, they'll try to go out for me, and thus I can label them outlaws and send out the army and militia after them. That would end the same, only with less secrecy and more bloodshed, but eh. Again, the Realm always comes first.

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