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    161 KB Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)05:08 No.5486355  
    Hey, the Eurides Calis writefag here; just a couple of questions before I begin again:
    1) Did the drawfag from the last thread ever post? I wasn't able to see if he did or not.
    2) Would all you elegan/tg/entlemen like me to post from the beginning, or continue from where I left off?
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)05:27 No.5486495
    Alright, I guess I will continue from where I left off. The beginning can be found at http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/5449978/
    Now, on with the story...
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)05:45 No.5486640
    The trip in the ground car continued in silence, save for the noise of the engine, and the chimera ahead of them. They traveled outwards through the ground-level streets of the city, and only when they had split from the chimera, did the acolyte with Calis speak. "Though those ahead of us will provide a distraction, we still need to disguise ourselves, just in case any cultists are slow to the get-together. There are robes in the back seat; don't worry, the blood stains are a good thing." "Great..." Calis mumbled, as he reached back, and grabbed a handful of slightly-damp cloth, pulling the robe up to him. True enough, there was smears and splatters of blood, and a symbol emblazoned half-hazardly in several different places. The symbol attracted his eye, though, and without knowing what he was doing, he traced his fingers along it. The Acolyte asked as much. "You have seen it before, haven't you? Best not get too close to it; the very signs of the Enemy have power to them. Yet you probably know that already, considering where we found you."
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)05:49 No.5486668
         File1250502573.jpg-(268 KB, 600x600, 1180224819632.jpg)
    268 KB
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)05:58 No.5486704
    "With much regret." Calis commented, as he pulled the robes over his head, trying to ignore the sickly-sweet scent of blood. Trying to pass the time in a situation he was not accustomed to, he attempted to start a conversation. "You obviously already know my name, but what's yours?" The acolyte burst out laughing, her eyes on the path ahead. "Does it matter? We are both dead anyway. It's just a matter of when. Service to the Inquisition doesn't exactly come with the best health plan, nor life expectancy." "It matters to me." Calis said, in all seriousness. Simeon, Kaleb, "Numbletoes" Gren; the list went on and on. He knew the men and women he served with. Their dying screams and cries would not let him forget. The Acolyte looked at him quizically for a moment, before shrugging. "Alexi. It has been ages since that name has mattered to anyone. The two of us are just numbers, and a thousand of our kind can be erased from existance by a clerical error. Only the Emperor knows our names."
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)06:02 No.5486732
    Hmm, you know what I just remembered? Dog blood smells radically different to our blood... ours is as stated sickly sweet almost, theres almost smells kinda bitter.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)06:04 No.5486752
    Calis could not get a nagging thought out of his head, and remained silent for a while; not only the Emperor... "Take the wheel." Alexi said, and Calis leaned over and held it steady, as Alexi drew her own robe from the back seat, and slipped it over her shoulders. Her two laspistols were secured against her hips, with explosives that they were to plant in a pack that she slung over her back. Calis, too, had a similar pack; both contained the triggers, should one of them fall. Looming up ahead of them was the plateau; as they slowed to a stop and cut the engine, they could already hear the sounds of battle coming from the other side; shouts, the fire of weapons, and a screeching and roaring of things far worse than cultists. "The Emperor protects." "For the Fallen." Calis replied to Alexi's statement, and they started off towards the entrance, a couple hundred yards away.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)06:19 No.5486846
    DAMMIT, bump. I wanna see this shit done! KHORNA KHORNA!
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)06:20 No.5486853
    There were no guards; they apparently had already begun to move towards the other entrance, and thought this one concealed enough to keep it safe. In truth, if Alexi had not known where it was, Calis doubted he would have ever found it; there were many caves pock-marking the side of the plateau, most of them only extending in a couple yards before terminating in bare rock. Once inside, however, Calis could see that this was more than just a cave. Lanterns, all shrowded in red glass, threw horrible shadows over the walls, and Calis could not shake the feeling that it looked as if the walls were cascades of blood. Alexi pressed onwards, the route memorized; to her, this was all familiar, while to him, all he knew it from was a holo-display. Their luck was short-lived, however, as they pressed further into the tunnels, and came across three cultists, lugging a heavy weapon. There was a t-junction ahead that they were no doubt about to turn down, but they saw the two of them, and issued a challenge. "The fight's not here, you spineless fools! Where are your weapons? She ordered EVERYONE to the fight!" "Right here." Alexi said, and drew her two laspistols. Two of the three cultists were dropped where they stood, smoking holes through their chests. The third tried to dart down the corridor intersecting theirs, but a quick shot from Calis, also having drawn his pistol, sent him rebounding off the corner of the tunnel, and sprawling on the ground, where a solid boot to the throat from Calis silenced him for good. "Come; there is no way to hide the bodies, so we must hurry." Alexi said, as they moved deeper. The red glow from the lanterns had intensified, and the light had begun to pulse slightly...
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)06:29 No.5486904
    Calis stumbled slighty, as the tunnel, rounding a final corridor, suddenly opened up on a massive bowl, hollowed out by unknown forces in the middle of the plateau. The roof was far enough overhead that the glow from the central feature of the cavern barely reached it. Columns of rock stretched all the way to the ceiling, in the form of a circle, surrounding the middle of the room, and casted shadows on the walls. Yet, the strangest, and most disturbing feature of them all was what was in the center of the room. A large ring of blood surrounded a small central island, and it was the blood giving off the pulsing light. On the island was what looked like a vertical tear in sanity itself; and, in a matter of speaking, that is what it was. It too, pulsed like a heartbeat, expanding and contracting slightly. As Calis caught his breath, the pulse began to slow... "Calis! The charges!" Alexi shouted, already having run down the slight incline and placed her first charge on one of the pillars. "CALIS... Calis... calis..." Echoed through the cavern, and Calis had to force his legs to move again, running to a pillar, trying desperately not to look at the warp gate in the middle of the pool...
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)06:37 No.5486944
    Calis and Alexi managed to plant all the charges without interruptions, though they both knew there was one place left; the massive pillar that ran up the center of the room. It had its base on the island, and the warp-tear opened up against the laws of physics face-on to wherever the two of them were standing, even if they were separate. Alexi tentatively stepped out onto the pool of blood, and heaved a sigh of relief as the blood only barely lapped above the soles of her boots. She waved him on, and he followed, stepping around from her towards the right side of the pillar. "Calis, you place one opposite, on the base, and I will place one at head height. Then, we-" but she was interrupted. As before, Calis's name began to echo... "CALIS... Calis... calis... Calis... CALIS... CALIS!!!" His name rose to a crescendo, and the warp gate pulsed, a long, muscular, though clearly feminine leg stepping through.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)06:49 No.5486996
         File1250506147.png-(353 KB, 800x600, khornate-girl.png)
    353 KB
    I like where this is going.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)06:50 No.5487003
    "I know you, Eurides Calis. I knew we would meet again. Our first meeting ended in a glorious climax of rent flesh and shattered bone; a wonderful event, don't you think?" Khorna said, her smile becoming visible as the rest of her stepped through the portal. Alexi, though puzzled, fired on Khorna, the lasbolts shattering into a thousand blood droplets, only adding to the pool below. With a broad sweep of her axe, Khorna swung backhand, hurling Alexi through the air with the very force of the warp itself, impacting with a metallic crunch against one of the pillars. "Stay back, daemon!" Calis shouted, drawing his power sword, and thumbing the activation rune. "Daemon? We know each other better than that, Calis..." "Khorna, I do not belong to the warp, nor to you! I belong to the Emperor!" "Or... so... you... think." Khorna said, and as she stepped out onto the pool of blood, Calis charged. Though the moment her foot hit the pool, both she, and Calis, sank through, the last thing to submerge beneath the surface being his power sword and laspistol, both floating to the "surface" moments later. "Calis!" Alexi shouted. The walls did not echo her cry...
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)06:50 No.5487007

    Why does blood-chan have frilly supports?
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)06:52 No.5487017
    >reference to being from suptg community

    TL;DR (where L stands for Lame)
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)06:55 No.5487031
         File1250506556.png-(199 KB, 586x703, khornatecutie.png)
    199 KB
    She tries different looks regularly, got to look your best when you're KILLING MAIMING BURNING.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)06:58 No.5487048
    His weapons wrenched out of his hands as soon as he sank through the surface, Calis held his breath, not wanting to drown in the vile fluid that washed over him. He felt, rather than saw, a pair of strong hands close around his cheeks, and a set of familiar lips press them against his own. He felt a current in the blood, and somehow, the level seemed to slowly receed, and he opened his eyes, to stare directly into the black-irised, red-pupiled eyes of Khorna. "Better, don't you think? Now we are free of any interruptions..." She said, withdrawing from him. He glanced around quickly; they were in a bubble, an empty chamber in the blood, the angular edges forming a thrice damned symbol that he was getting entirely too used to seeing. "What do you want from me?!" Calis asked, pulling back, though he found with considerable less gusto than he thought he should. "I want bloodshed, I want death, I want the skulls piled high on the skull throne, fountains of blood cascading from bronzed lips. Yet more than that, Calis... I want you."
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)07:08 No.5487105
    It was archived on sup/tg/ from here; the beginning was posted last friday. You don't have to read if you don't want to.
    "W-what?" Calis said, as she approached him, her axe left standing upright on the floor of blood. "You heard me, Eurides Calis. I.. want... you." She said, and with each pause, she first tapped herself on her chest, slid a single finger up from his stomach to his throat, and then pressed it lightly to his lips. He tried to keep thoughts of the Emperor running through his head, of duty, of those who had fallen alongside him, though all he could think of was Khorna standing before him, and the sweet, sweet taste of blood on her fingertip...

    Alexi rolled over, groaning as she did. Something had cushioned her impact against the pillar; her backpack, now devoid of explosives.. though that metallic crunch was- "The trigger!" She shouted to herself, and took her pack off. Bringing it around in front of her with a jingle of metal that forewarned her of what she was going to see, she opened it to find the trigger mechanism in pieces, the machine spirit long gone from it. Calis had the only other trigger. As much as she found herself regretting it, she had to leave, and contact Inquisitor Dorn, who could hopefully program another before it was too late to be of any use. Calis, in her mind, was lost...
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)07:11 No.5487124
    how much of the story are you dumping today?
    >> Official /tg/ Rater !VUIMsc4bZc 08/17/09(Mon)07:17 No.5487151
    Stop role playing with yourself in a /tg/ thread.

    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)07:18 No.5487156
         File1250507930.png-(137 KB, 402x618, khorney.png)
    137 KB
    Don't you like games of pretend?
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)07:23 No.5487173
    I am going to finish the first "arc" today; it should only be about 5 to 10 more posts or so. I do look to use these characters in the future, though, if /tg/ would want.
    Without warning, aside from a smile that was both cruel and lustful, Khorna pulled him to her, smothering his face in her chest. With a muffled protest, Calis beat against her sides, her shoulders, whatever he could reach, though when she tilted his head and planted another passionate kiss on his lips, his protests began to grow fewer, and weaker, and he found his arms wrapping around her. He could taste blood in her kiss; hers, his, others', it did not matter, for the taste was sweet, as was her lips. Their chests and hips pressed together, of both their accords, and with widened eyes, Calis found that he was one with her, a sensation coming over him like none he had ever felt before. The pleasure that rippled through him felt like victory in a long campaign, her enticing scent and strong body was like the bodies of thousands of the enemy, arrayed out before them. In that first brief moment, he was with her, and nothing would or could stand before them. And that was not the last moment, as the feelings grew...
    >> Official /tg/ Rater !VUIMsc4bZc 08/17/09(Mon)07:26 No.5487188
    Yeah but not masturpretend.

    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)07:31 No.5487205
    Good lucky trying to change these mouthbreathers. They actually think hypothetical threads are not a complete waste of time.
    >> Official /tg/ Rater !VUIMsc4bZc 08/17/09(Mon)07:32 No.5487211
    Ha ha, you're right! Let's leave!

    HAHA, glad we ditched those losers!
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)07:33 No.5487215
         File1250508795.png-(123 KB, 485x603, loli-bloodletter-hairstyle.png)
    123 KB
    Delicious heresy.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)07:37 No.5487231
    The feelings grew stronger, and more intense, as lips and body held together by the force of both their wills, Calis' faith washed away by the blood that surrounded them, to the pleasure that he felt. It grew more intense, and he found his own will degraded to the point where he wanted nothing more... nothing more... nothing... more... With a cry from Khorna, louder and more wonderful than the victory trumpets of untold millions, with a feeling more joyful than an eternity of victorious battle, the world came crashing down about Calis' ears, and he sank to his knees, breathing heavily, his heart beating like a hammer against his ribcage.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)07:38 No.5487238
    WAIT. Wait. So is writing a fictitious book also roleplaying with yourself, pretendsturbating? I know some like twilight are, but that takes itself seriously. This is the internet, it are never serious. And I do not think our writer believes this to be OMG SERIOUS FAPFIC ORIGINAL CHARACTER DO NOT STEAL.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)07:38 No.5487240
         File1250509131.jpg-(28 KB, 440x293, y753mz-ff.jpg)
    28 KB
    Come with me, rater, TO THE WORLD OF TOMORROW!
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)07:39 No.5487243

    Artist forgot to draw her hooves.

    Fucking idiot.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)07:40 No.5487250
    "I'm... I'm dead, aren't I?" Khorna knelt next to him, and spoke as softly as her voice could manage. "No, Calis, you have barely begun to live... We-" Calis raised his hand. "From the first time we met, from our first kiss, I was a dead man. But..." "But what?" Khorna asked, cupping her cheek in one of her hands. "But, " and a sound that he would never have thought could come from his own throat did, propelled by memories and a strength he did not know he still posessed; it was her True Name. "I WILL NOT BE DAMNED!!!" He said, looking her directly in her eyes, and, hand finding the detonator that he had kept in his pocket the entire time, he pushed the trigger.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)07:41 No.5487255
         File1250509297.png-(263 KB, 763x599, family-gathering.png)
    263 KB
    It's scribblefag's work, QUALITY is to be expected.
    >> Official /tg/ Rater !VUIMsc4bZc 08/17/09(Mon)07:49 No.5487301
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)07:56 No.5487340
    And that will be it for now; a cliffhanger ending for Eurides Calis. Unless you would like me to write more? It seems like quite a couple don't want it to continue.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)07:58 No.5487346
    It's just light trolling, good read so far, continue if you wish.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)08:04 No.5487385
    I like it.
    >> Official /tg/ Rater !VUIMsc4bZc 08/17/09(Mon)08:05 No.5487390
    No, I really don't like it.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)08:07 No.5487411
    Alright, then. Will do.
    With a rumble and a gust of air that rattled Alexi's bones, the explosives detonated, sending the interior chamber crashing down upon itself. She didn't know how, but Calis had done it. It was then that she felt a strange and queasy feeling in her stomach, and vomited on the ground, bracing herself against the ground car. He was dead; he must be dead... but he shone through in the end.
    The moment he pushed the trigger, the "solid" blood floor gave way, and he was washed downwards, losing sight of Khorna, her fate obscured from him by the blood washing over his head. He did not care what happened next; he was dead anyway, as he was swept along by the current of blood.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)08:09 No.5487422
         File1250510954.jpg-(49 KB, 623x598, Khornepokec.jpg)
    49 KB
    Ignore the people who can't ignore threads and insist on trolling. Continue
    >> Official /tg/ Rater !VUIMsc4bZc 08/17/09(Mon)08:10 No.5487430
    Taking up my first page with your bad, WHO IS THE REAL TROLL HERE
    >> Emperor's Champion !!WvKWIT7IN6o 08/17/09(Mon)08:25 No.5487543
    I actually didn't have some of the pictures that are in this thread.

    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)08:25 No.5487550
    Well who cares what you think? You're pretentious enough to declare yourself 'Official /tg/ rater'!

    Official? Well I never voted for you!
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)08:27 No.5487564
    Just when he thought his lungs were about to burst, the blood receeded, and his palms and knees hit rock. Coughing and spluttering, he looked around, to find himself in a tunnel, lit now only by slowly dimming regular lights. Not believing his luck, he staggered in the only direction he could think of, limply tossing aside his useless cultist's robe. His feet squelched in his boots, soaked head to toe in blood as he was, as his steps pattered through the small pools of blood. It had to have flowed somewhere; hopefully out of the plateau. Suddenly, a blinding light was shone on him, at a height too high to be held by a normal human. This was confirmed by the deep voice that rumbled out, "Sergeant Calis. I did not think you survived. Come with me." The grey knight said, turning to leave through a side tunnel that intersected their own. "From the schematics, this should lead out, where you can re-consecrate yourself, and wash the evils of this place from your body." He said, as they trudged on. Calis did not ask how the grey knight had come to be down here; and the grey knight did not offer. Soon enough, though, he spotted a thin crack of daylight ahead, and the tunnel opened up with a few well placed kicks of the grey knight to a gentle, sandy hill, now soaked in the spray of blood that had come from the pool. He had made it.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)08:43 No.5487647
    1 vote here in favour of the story and against the hate
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)08:48 No.5487673
    Hey, Emperor's Champion! Good to see you could make it. How are you liking it?
    Alexi was waiting for them in the ground car, with the Grey Knight's Chimera idling next to it, the Grey Knight having apparently voxed ahead that he was coming out, with Calis in tow. The Grey Knight rejoined his brothers, Calis catching snatches of them commenting about "falling through a stairway", or something of the sort. "So, you did it, and made it out? The Emperor must truly be watching over you, Sergeant Calis." Alexi said, as he sat down next to her. "I would say mind the seats, but there's no real point." She said, blood still dripping from his clothing. "Indeed. My squad have been laid to rest, at last. I don't suppose we could return, and I could clean off this filth?" "I was waiting for that." She pushed a rune on the dashboard, and spoke to a small grill, apparently a built-in vox. "Inquisitor Dorn, mission complete; Calis is with us." She said, before they pulled off. "I know you, Eurides Calis..." Calis faintly heard. His head snapping to face Alexi, she responded in suprise. "What is it? It looks like you've seen a ghost." "Did you say something?" "No, not besides to ask you what your panicked look was about." "Never mind; that place must still be giving me the creeps." Calis finished, slowly returning his eyes to the road. He did not see a small smile grow on Alexi's face.
    >> Emperor's Champion !!WvKWIT7IN6o 08/17/09(Mon)09:07 No.5487780
    I'm liking it so far, in between bouts of stripping paint from minis that a friend didn't want anymore.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)09:08 No.5487786
    Finally back in his quarters, allowed a brief respite from his duty by Inquisitor Dorn, Calis gratefully turned on his shower, tossing his clothes into a waterproof bag, and allowing the warm water to flow over him. It ran red as it drained, almost as if he was still... No, the water began to run clear as the blood washed away, Calis scrubbing to be sure all taint from that place was gone. Yet a spot on his chest, just over his heart, would not go away. As he scrubbed, more partially dried blood cleared away, and a shape began to reveal itself. Frantically, he scrubbed for all he was worth, but the angular shape would not go away. He had not escaped entirely, after all, the blood red mark over his heart attested to that. The Warp had marked him. He bore the mark he had come to know and loathe. He bore her mark. He bore the mark of Khorne.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)09:09 No.5487794
    Dogblood guy here, I've bumped and loved. I like the story thus far. (I apologize for fagging the thread up, had a very bad day.)
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)09:15 No.5487823
    Good to hear; it's all good, as it was interesting to know.

    Anyway, that is the end, for this part of Eurides Calis' story. I hope there are more people who liked it than didn't, and that I can give /tg/ more soon. However, that doesn't have to be the end of the storytelling; I could post what I have of the story of psyker-chan, if the eloquen/tg/entlemen would like.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)09:17 No.5487832
    I should mention that this fucking amazing and I support further continuation.

    How many posts worth of story to go are we looking at for this thread?
    >> Dogbloodfag 08/17/09(Mon)09:17 No.5487834
    I would enjoy it very much so! You started it in a previous thread only to go back to writing Calis's story.
    >> Emperor's Champion !!WvKWIT7IN6o 08/17/09(Mon)09:20 No.5487848

    I'd say go for it.

    Writefagging is a good thing for /tg/. Makes up for some of the useless shit we get.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)09:24 No.5487873
         File1250515443.jpg-(55 KB, 640x320, 1209980040103.jpg)
    55 KB
    Glad you like it! That is all in this thread for Eurides Calis, though as >>5487832 has requested, I will be now starting the psyker-chan story. Just to let you know, I do have the entire story saved, and could either post it on mediafire (along with about 85 other stories from /tg/), on DA, or e-mail it to whoever wishes. As for now, on to psyker-chan.

    The shells from the imperial guard basilisks screamed overhead, well on their way to the cultists' positions a few scant miles away. Yet there was a more pressing scream in the young psyker's head, as she darted through the side streets of the once-great hive. He was calling to her, the one she had seen in her dreams. He was in danger now, the howls of the warp threatening to drown out his cries. His soul shone like a lascannon among lasguns, and it was this beacon that guided her onwards, towards the front lines...
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)09:25 No.5487885
    The one among millions, the guardsman at the frontlines who somehow had lived past the first sixteen minutes, furiously fired his lasgun into the throng of cultists. Instead of shouts and curses in the face of this overwhelming darkness, all that escaped from his lips were whispered prayers. Frightened prayers, but prayers nonetheless. The commisar that had been attached to his unit stood beside him, firing his bolt pistol, exploding a cultist's head here, blowing a limb off there. He was uttering enough curses for the both of them. This was the guardsman's first campaign, and he hoped it would not be his last. Like a soft breeze where one expected a raging gale, a feathery touch entered into the back of his mind. Thinking it foul sorceries of the enemy, he tried to drown it out with prayer. Yet it remained...

    She had made it to the gates; the guard stationed there "let" her through, wondering why they were closing the gates when they did not remember opening them. As she stared out over the desolated plains, the white noise of battle grew ever louder. She clutched her head, and sank to her knees. They were here, and they wanted her... No! She would not let them! She belonged to the Emperor! She belonged to... him. She repeated that over and over in her head as she wiped away a small tear on her gloves, and stood back up. She would make it to him, and then she would be safe from those who wanted to use her for their own ends...
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)09:27 No.5487893
    The guardsman could not believe it. They were holding the cultists off. "Do not give an inch of ground, but take from them their lives!" The commisar shouted out, as a cultist that had managed to get through the fire disintegrated under the bite of his chainsword. The guardsman's prayers continued, in greater fervor. He might yet live through the day. "I... must return for her." These words that he did not recognise as part of any prayer. He quickly covered his mouth, and tried to say another prayer. "She needs me." What was this foul witchery that interfered with his prayers?

    Up ahead, the psyker could pick out individual guardsmen now, and the fire traded between the two forces. There he was; standing next to the commisar. How she hated them; one had killed her brother after he was... lost. She had gone to such a great effort to keep in touch with him after they were separated, too. She would understand, but never forgive, she reminded herself as she continued on, wary of stray fire at this range.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)09:29 No.5487899
    The firing along the line began to lessen; the cultists were beginning to withdraw, their backs broken against the unflinching wall of guardsmen. But the opposite was true for the feathery touch at the back of the guardsman's mind. He could see her clearly now, and his prayers had now become faint murmers in the back of his head. "Get out!" He whispered as loud as he dared, and shook his head slightly. Yet the commisar had noticed, and now kept an eye fixed on the young guardsman...

    A cheer went up among the guardsmen, as the imperial Navy bombers were given the green light, and the retreating cultists were drowned in flames as the carpet bombing commenced. As the psyker pushed her careful way through the rearguard of the celebrating men, trying her hardest to remain not unseen, but unnoticed. It was a lot easier than becoming invisible. She saw him ahead, there in the trench, and hurried closer...
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)09:31 No.5487909
    The guardsman turned, the touch at the back of his mind almost unbearable. "What do you want with me?!" He cried out. He was unable to say another word, as the commisar planted a boot in his chest, and sent him sprawling, winded. "To fail the Emperor in your faith at a time of victory is both heresy and weakness. This is for your own good." The commisar finished, and leveled the bolt pistol at the guardsman's head. "NO!" A shout, amplified to scream into everyone's mind, went out as the commisar pulled the trigger.

    "Give me power..."
    The bolt, usually travelling at sonic speeds, slowed down...
    "Give Me Power..."
    A few inches from the guardsman's head, it slowed enough to grab it...
    "GIVE ME POWER!!!"
    The bolt stopped, and a faint metallic smell filled the air. The psyker's hand was held out, as if pulling the bullet out of the air. Time seemed to stop, and all noises grew faint, as the bolt reversed its course. With a thunderous report, the bolt pistol exploded in the commisar's hand, knocking him down and unconcious. The guardsman turned to the psyker, but something was wrong... The eyes that stared back at him... they were not hers...
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)09:33 No.5487919
         File1250516030.jpg-(109 KB, 1024x768, 1209983699381.jpg)
    109 KB
    The guardsman shakily drew his autopistol, and aimed it at the psyker, or whatever had inhabited her body. She just stood there, eyes blazing fury, though tears ran down her cheeks. It could not be... She was still there! He dropped his autopistol, and ran to her, holding her close to his chest. She began to shake, and pound on his flak vest, tiny fists clenched. He only held her closer, and it was his turn to whisper into her ear.
    "In the name of the Emperor, come back to me."
    He repeated that, over and over again. Slowly, she stopped struggling, and after five minutes of this, she turned her face slowly to meet his eyes. "You brought me back..." "I would go through the warp itself. You saved my life."
    "And you saved my soul..." She finished, and put her lips to his.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)09:37 No.5487934
    "What's this?" A voice rumbled behind the guardsman and the psyker. The guardsman turned, and jumped to his feet, the psyker remaining seated. "Captain!" He said, alarmed, and stood at attention. The captain's face was as unreadable as stone, the burn marring one side of his face not even twitching. "Sir, I... I..." The guardsman stuttered, thinking that his death was imminent, even with the young psyker close by. "Sergeant!" The captain shouted, ignoring the guardsman. "Yes, sir!" The guardsman's sergeant replied, normally one of his squad but now in parade-ground mode. "It seems as if we have an injured commissar, one dead guardsman, and one dead sanctioned psyker. Send for the medic for Commissar Rathen, and bring the other two to my chimera." "Sir?" "What is it, sergeant?" "Alive, sir?" "Do they look alive to you?" "Understood, sir."

    With a nod to the other guardsmen, the Captain walked back to his chimera. "You had better go, both of you." The sergeant said, helping the commissar onto a stretcher. "And good luck to the both of you." He finished, as the guardsman helped the psyker up.
    They stepped through the hatch of the chimera, to see the captain sitting there, reading vox reports of the commanders down the line. "So is he-?" "Yes." The psyker replied, holding tight to the now confused guardsman's arm. "Hmm..." The captain replied, and continued reading though the reports. "And you. Top marks in your marksmanship training, devout in both service and faith to the Emperor. Its a shame that this outfit had to lose you." The captain looked up at the guardsman. "You both should be shot where you stand. However, I need something done." The captain nodded to his driver, who closed the hatch between them.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)09:39 No.5487944
    "Listen close. There is a reason we had to come to the aid of the PDF on this backwater planet. There is a reason so many of the cultists wore PDF uniforms, without anything being noticed. Colonel Sorian Draknov, commander of PDF units in this field, has fallen from the Emperor's light. I want you two to reacquaint him. I have aide's uniforms waiting, as well as a longlas and an autopistol for you. It doesn't matter how you take the shot. You, psyker, are to make sure he can get close enough to take it. If you manage to keep yourselves warm and living, I have a reward for you." "Sir, why are you doing this?" The captain looked at the psyker. "I knew your mother, psyker. Do you remember what was said? And then the one from family shorn..." "Shall meet the one from ageless born." "Good. Remember the rest. Don't let the Emperor down." As the captain handed the two their gear, the guardsman spoke. "Thank you, sir." "I wish no thanks from dead men." The captain replied, a frown wrinkling the mass of scar tissue.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)09:40 No.5487952
    The chimera lurched to a stop, and it was only then that the guardsman realized that they were outside the city gates. The two of them, now in the uniforms of the Colonel's aides, made their way past the guards, again aided by the psyker to keep them from asking any questions. As they made their way deeper into the city, towards the governor's palace, the psyker held his arm tighter, and hid behind him slightly, chest squeezing against his back. "What is the matter?" "The shadows, they seek to drown me, to drown us." THe guardsman looked between the buildings. Were his eyes playing tricks on him? He wondered, as he swore the shadows moved when he looked away. "They are here! Hidden in light! They-" The psyker's worries were silenced, as the guardsman hissed her, and held her close to him. "I love you. Do not worry about the shadows, for I bring now the Emperor's light, and I will not let you go." Yet as they walked on, he knew she was right...
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)09:42 No.5487961
    "Halt! State your business." "We bring news from the front for the Colonel." "Well then, hurry up. The Colonel has not been able to see much." The PDF trooper that had challenged them said, relaxing slightly in sight of the familiar uniforms. Once they were out of sight, the trooper let out a small laugh. "Like lambs to the slaughter." He muttered, taking out some rho sticks from under his helmet, a faint eight-pointed star branded on his forehead.
    As the two made their way closer to the palace, the activity increased. More and more PDF troopers, palace guards, and aides were running around, busy in the aftermath of the attack. There were very few civilians to be seen; the guardsman assumed that most of them had been evacuated already. He pulled the nearest aide aside, and spoke to him. "Where is the Colonel? I need to speak with him." "Don't we all?" Exasperated, the aide replied. "Go up this street until you see the temple to the left. The Colonel's command post is across the street from it." "Thanks." "Whatever. Just get going."
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)09:44 No.5487972
    The guardsman and the psyker walked briskly on, paying no attention to the once-beautiful architecture of the city. Well, not quite beautiful, but at least better than, say, mud. The gargoyles had been blasted away, collapsing with the roofs of shelled buildings. There was something wrong with those that remained, however. They might be missing a wing, or a foot, or a claw, but all of them had their eyes scratched out. The guardsman tried to remember the myths behind the gargoyles, but he could not in time, as they reached the cathedral. They turned to see a sandbagged Munitorum, with heavy stubbers set up around the entrance and a hydra flak cannon on the roof. The guards nodded to them as they went inside, and immediately, the shadows crept up on them. Sure, there were lights strung along the ceiling, the old ones long broken, but they seemed to be fighting a losing battle against the darkness. Something was not right...
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)09:46 No.5487977
    As they walked in, they saw the Colonel pouring over charts and maps, pointing out troop movements and terrain features to the commanders under him. The guardsman walked near to him, and stood at attention, unwilling to interrupt. The Colonel turned to him, and looked him up and down, slightly bemused. "What, do you want to join the guard now? What is it?" The guardsman relaxed, and spoke to the Colonel. "Sorry to interrupt, but I have a report from the skirmish outside the city a few hours ago. The cultists were crushed, those not killed by the guard bombed to oblivion by the navy. There were an acceptable number of casualties, according to the guard captain." The Colonel's bemused smile faded, and was replaced by a rather terse one. "Very well. I have another assignment for you, then. Go-" Another aide whispered something in his ear, and the Colonel flicked his eyes imperceptibly between the psyker and the guardsman. "Follow my aide to the mess. There is a hot meal waiting for you two, and afterwards you can do what I need. Go." The guardsman nodded, and, along with the psyker, followed the aide. "Eyes all around." The psyker whispered to him; both a warning and a suggestion to keep watch.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)09:48 No.5487992
    The guardsman could see the mess hall just ahead, when the lights suddenly fizzled out. "Sorry about that." The aide's voice said behind him. "The generators are so... unreliable." There was a malicious tone in his voice, and as the lights came back on, the guardsman turned, to have the doors slammed in his face. He shouted as he saw the aide inject something into the psyker's neck. "No!" He pounded his fist on the metal door, and the aide laughed in his face. "Oh, yes, guardsman. We will both enjoy what comes next." The aide said, removing his coat to reveal a Colonel's uniform, debased with foul heretical symbols that seemed to crawl across it.

    Through the glass, the guardsman could see the heretical Colonel wrap his old coat around the feebly resisting psyker, and it seemed to tighten itself around her, pinning her arms to her side. The Colonel moved out of view, laughing softly. "No! Bring her back!" The guardsman shouted, enraged. He pounded his fists on the door, and tried to ram it with his shoulder, anything to get back to her. He only stopped when he heard the jingling of chains behind him. He turned slowly, and promptly threw up.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)09:49 No.5487994
         File1250516970.jpg-(131 KB, 476x375, grammatikmachtfrei.jpg)
    131 KB
    >pouring over charts and maps

    What was he pouring over them, tea?
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)09:50 No.5488000
    The psyker was only dimly aware of the direction she was being taken; the drug was causing her mind to go haywire, and she couldn't concentrate. "A nice little drug to prevent you playing any tricks. I have been waiting for someone like you." He inhaled deeply, scenting the soft perfume of incense that hung about her. "Yes, waiting for a while. Those foolish guardsmen don't have many of your kind among them. Oh well. You are enough." He ld her to a room, and she felt sick to her stomach from the obscene symbols daubed on the wall with what looked like blood and... other bodily fluids. She needed to focus; not on anything in this room, for obvious reasons. Yet she needed to regain control, and soon, she thought, as the Colonel picked up a wicked looking knife, and threw her on a pile of cushions...

    The guardsman regained at least a portion of his composure, stopping his heaving stomach. There were chains everywhere, hanging from the ceiling, wicked looking hooks at the end. Yet that was not the most disturbing part. There were chunks of meat hanging off the chains, dripping blood. He could recognize some as human. Further back, he could see whole people; well, whole save for the fact that their skin sported more incisions than he was willing to count, and they were effectively bathed in their own blood. They were dead as well. The chains jingled behind him, and he spun around, but no-one was there. Nothing moved in the perverse butchery, yet he heard the chains, again behind him. Foul witcheries were afoot.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)09:50 No.5488002
    >> Dogbloodfag 08/17/09(Mon)09:54 No.5488025
    I thought the emperor saving her part was a little too "disney" and I thought I wouldn't like the rest, thanks for disproving that. It became AWESOME.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)09:57 No.5488044
    Amnasec, actually. The daemon posessed maps were thirsty. Sorry, I couldn't resist; thanks for pointing that out.
    Glad to hear you like it. Now, on with the show...
    Suddenly something slithered by the guardsman's foot. He jumped, but saw it was only a chain. The thought suddenly came to him, as he drew his autopistol. None of the chains were that long. He was too slow, as first that chain, then several more wrapped themselves around him, spreading his arms and pinning his legs together. The hooks at the ends sank deep into his skin, and that is when he began to scream.
    The psyker could swear she heard something at the back of her mind, but she was more concerned with the Colonel. He was suddenly too close for comfort, and held the knife to her face. She looked at it, terror in her eyes at her helpless situation. "Don't worry. I won't cut your pretty skin, psyker. Not yet." He said, licking the blade, and sliding it down to her trousers. He ran the blade only lightly on the outside, but the threads came apart as easily as if it had been a power weapon. "No, psyker. There are things which must be done first..."
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)09:59 No.5488062
    A voice spoke out from the tangle of chains, and the guardsman turned his head as much as he could. "Now now, there is no need to scream. Surely a well trained guardsman such as yourself has a bit more tolerance? No? Well then..." The voice acquired a body; a medic, white tunic stained red to his armpits and a scalpel in one hand brushed the chains aside, and those he didn't seemed to move away of their own will. With one swift movement, he had the guardsman's shirt ripped off, rags hanging from the sleeves. "I guess we will need to give you something to truly scream about." With a whimper, the guardsman mumbled something the debased medic did not quite hear. "What was that? Anesthetic?" There was a small comfort brought to the guardsman's heart. "No, heretic. The Emperor protects." The medic laughed. "I see. Well then, shall we begin? Ah, a new canvas is always welcome. Let us see what pattern comes out." He said, and began to draw parallel lines down his chest, first on one side, and then the other, blood seeping through the razor-thin cuts...
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)10:01 No.5488075
    The psyker shook slightly as the cold air touched her bare legs. There was only a thin piece of fabric preventing the Colonel taking what was not his. What was not his... What was her love's. Suddenly, with a clarity that brushed aside the drugs, she saw his face. The guardsman who had saved her from possession, the guardsman whose fate was greater than he thought, the guardsman who she would never let go. The jacket writhed, and disintegrated in a wisp of foul-smelling smoke. "What?!" The Colonel said, and tried to plunge the knife deep into her throat, to at least accomplish part of the ritual. Yet she caught his arm, and with a small twist, snapped his wrist. The shockwave, amplified by her powers, traveled up his arm, snapping each bone in turn. He screamed in pain, until it reached his neck, and then he screamed no more. She got up slowly, staggering away from the deformed corpse of the Colonel, picking up a loose cloth and wrapping it about herself. She must find the guardsman...
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)10:02 No.5488092
    The medic, twisted by the warp, continued with the patterns on the guardsman's chest. Not really noticing what he was drawing, he just drew a curve here, a few vertical straight lines there, all the while smiling slightly. The blood was running freely down the guardsman's chest, and through the pain, his mind was focused. It was the only thing keeping him sane. "The Emperor protects... The Emperor protects... The Emperor protects... She needs me... The Emperor-" The guardsman suddenly looked up. "She needs me. She needs me!" The chains began to creak and strain, as a newfound strength surged through his broken body. The medic stepped back, and finally saw the pattern he had drawn on the guardsman's chest. "No... It cannot be! Damn you! Damn you all!" There, beneath the weeping blood, was the perfect image of an aquillae. The guardsman smiled, a strange glint in his eye. "He has marked me as his own." The chains suddenly grew limp, and the guardsman dropped. Unrestrained, the medic stood no chance against a trained guardsman, and was pounded into the ground. The chains reached feebly for the guardsman, before a final punch to the face of the medic sent them limp forever.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)10:04 No.5488101
    The guardsman slowly stumbled to the door, and pushed it open without any resistance. Whatever foul witcheries had sealed it shut were ended, and he shivered as the cold air of the corridors hit his drying blood. He turned, to see the psyker walking aimlessly down a side corridor, and called out to her. She saw him, and ran over, just as his knees buckled under him. "We... we have to kill the Colonel, psyker. I'm sorry... I'm sorry I failed you." "You didn't, my love, you didn't. You were what helped me regain my power, and kill the Colonel." "It is done?" "It is. Now, come. We must leave. I think I have the strength to get us past everyone." The psyker helped the guardsman up, and as they slipped out a warehouse side entrance, the psyker noticed that the cuts on the guardsman's chest formed the Imperial Aquillae. "Then the one with the Emperor's mark, shall set you free from the dark..." She whispered to herself. It was coming true, after all... She hugged him closer, as they slipped away from the command post.
    Back inside, the air suddenly grew heavy and sickly. The symbols twisted and grew, and a voice thick with temptation could be heard only to one: "Your blood is fine, too." The Colonel's eyes opened, but they were not his own...
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)10:06 No.5488117
    They had nearly made it out of the hive, when alarm klaxons wailed out from hidden recesses. Their flight had been discovered. The swift crunch of boots on pulverized concrete grew louder, swiftly catching up to the struggling pair of psyker and guardsman. A shout rang out behind them, and that is when the fire began. Autogun rounds and lasfire pinged off protruding masonry and whizzed past their heads. "We're not going to make it!" The guardsman shouted, the fire growing louder and more intense as more of the fallen PDF joined in. "We will, my love. Have faith." "Only the Emperor can save-" His voice was drowned out by a roar overhead. A Valkyrie swooped down to hover between them and the PDF, and the guardsman heard the crump of bolt meeting concrete and flesh as the heavy bolter let loose.

    With a hiss of hydraulics, the rear hatch opened up. The captain, one hand on a support, was standing there, scar creased into a smile. "Well, don't just stand there. We've been circling, waiting for you, after we saw some activity down below." The captain's smile faded into a grim line. "How bad is it?" "Too bad to save." "I see. Then I guess the hive must be cleansed. The fleet in orbit will do their job. Get in, quickly. We need to get you to a medic." As the psyker passed the captain, the captain whispered to her. "Is he alright." "He is sound in mind, though his body is in poor shape." "And you?" "Nothing happened. I broke free before the Colonel could finish his plan. Another thing, Captain." "Yes?" "The fourth verse has come to pass." "I see..."
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)10:07 No.5488129
    As they soared back to the captain's command post, the massive ordnance from the ships in orbit began to rain down on the city, enveloping it in an inferno. The traitorous PDF were incinerated, and crushed beneath the rubble. Yet, amidst the chaos, one Arvis lighter sped off in the opposite direction, and quickly acchieved orbit. Hidden behind the second moon of the planet was the Hellblade, a chaos cruiser, the advanced guard of the chaos fleet bearing down on the system even now. It welcomed the Arvis with welcome, though wondering, arms. Why would their agent need to return to them? How had he failed?

    A few hours later, the guardsman all bandaged up and the psyker in a new change of robes, the captain came to them in the tent. "You are on the mend, I see, guardsman. No lasting harm, save for a few scars. Sadly, you cannot lay in that bed forever. Just outside is a shuttle waiting for the both of you. It will take you to the Shadow Phoenix, a Rogue Trader ship in orbit. It is stopping off on the Crusade worlds, resupplying those who can pay for their services. You are to follow it. Guardsman, you are hereby honorably discharged." "But sir, I still wish to serve the Emperor!" "You will, guardsman, in ways even I do not see yet. Psyker, can you get him up?" "Yes, captain." "Good. That will be all. May the Emperor protect you both."
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)10:08 No.5488138
    The shuttle lurched slightly as it lifted off, the guardsman safe in the suprisingly nice medical bay. Most rogue trader ships, let alone shuttles, did not have medical bays in this pristine of condition. The psyker sat next to the guardsman, his hand held tightly in hers. "Why is this happening to us? Why are we being dragged along in this web that does not fit us? Do you know, psyker?" "No, my love, not entirely. Though the captain is more than he appears, I think. Rest, my love. Worry about our fate when fate comes to call."
    As soon as the shuttle had lifted off, the captain ducked back into his command post. After dismissing his aides, he opened up a comm line, untraceable and encoded. "Take good care of them, Captain. They have a great part to play in the coming weeks." "Yes, Inquisitor. Will there be anything else?" "Not for now. Emperor protect you." "And you." On the termination of the line, he opened up a different one. "Farseer? They are away. You had better be right about this, Eldar. If not, I have lost a fine soldier, and a fine daughter, and their blood will be on your hands." "I am sure as any can be in this time. Have you sent them with the Shadow Phoenix?" "I have." Then our dice are rolled. It is the enemy's turn to roll his..."
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)10:12 No.5488154
    *Takes a deep breath, and lets it out.* And that is all I have for that story now, /tg/. So, that's all the writing this writefag will be doing for today, though I'll still be around for a bit, if anyone has any questions, comments, or suggestions.
    >> Dogbloodfag 08/17/09(Mon)10:14 No.5488172
    Brava. I was thoroughly amused, a great way to unwind from a very stressful day.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)10:51 No.5488508
         File1250520686.jpg-(126 KB, 1024x768, 1205863119333.jpg)
    126 KB
    This thread pleases me, good show.
    >> Anonymous 08/17/09(Mon)15:26 No.5491045
    /r/ing this collection. Doesn't matter mediafire or w/ever but by the Emperor post it.

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