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  • File : 1250258007.png-(719 KB, 800x800, Drakar_&_Demoner_paketomslag.png)
    719 KB Not D&D? Heresy! (and not of the Dark kind!) Lazy DM V !vONhvIg88o 08/14/09(Fri)09:53 No.5451127  
    ITT: Less known but still popular RPGs.

    As I'm thread starter and also a Swede, I figured I'd start with a short history lesson. *ahem*

    Sometime long ago, in the dimly remembered times of the early 80ies(1982), a small group of Swedes figured they'd make a Swedish RPG. Naturally, it would be a fantasy RPG. For a small one-time sum they purchased the right to use the BRP system and published their game, known as Drakar och Demoner (DoD for short, Eng: "Dragons and Demons").

    Naturally, being the only Swedish game on the market... It became a huge success. The publishers called themselves Äventyrsspel (Adventure Games, later known by the more international Target Games).

    The game they published a bunch of adventures, modules and a few revisions for where they fine-tuned the system. All went swimmingly for them. To be continued...
    >> Anonymous 08/14/09(Fri)09:56 No.5451148
    So, its just a foreign knock-off?
    >> Anonymous 08/14/09(Fri)09:58 No.5451157

    >>purchased the right to use the BRP

    Legit as hell compared to the stuff that was going down stateside in the 80s. Remember all those bootleg NES games?
    >> Lazy DM V !vONhvIg88o 08/14/09(Fri)09:59 No.5451172
    Here's where I have two options: To continue with DoD or talk about the other games they released. You see, in the wake of their success, only two years later they published another game, which for some reason or other also became popular. However, let's stick with DoD for now.

    So, anyway, up to and including their 4th edition, the game was set in a rather unfocused fantasy world. There was no real "proper" setting for many of the adventures. Well, they fixed that by the setting Ereb Altor, which from covers you'd think was Conan-inspired. In reality, it was the same unfocused fantasy world - or rather, it allowed the player and GM enough leeway for most any fantasy plot, as far as the rules allowed. I will not go into the Elf book, the Dragon box set or any of those things - they released a pretty great amount of rules, species (the elf book was NOT mainly a guide to elven culture, but rather contained a ridiculous amount of different elves, from flying elves to human city elves to seafaring elves - it was better than it sounds).

    However, as they released their 5th Edition, they decided on a new direction, one which would prove to be ill-adviced. cont.
    >> Rektum 08/14/09(Fri)09:59 No.5451175
    Not really, no.
    Nowadays it's far from D&D in pretty much every aspect of it.
    >> Lazy DM V !vONhvIg88o 08/14/09(Fri)10:07 No.5451226
         File1250258839.jpg-(530 KB, 2220x2508, chronopiaFront_S.jpg)
    530 KB
    With 5th Edition, they decided to have a proper setting. They called it Chronopia (you might have heard of this one). Suddenly, all the action took place in an enormous city, in a steampunk-inspired world. Awesome, right? Well, potentially so. There were things like gigantic dirigibles carrying small towns, an insane Emperor issuing strange law edicts and a decent atmosphere. But, there were some lines they shouldn't have crossed - Trolls were peaceful (due to mandatory lobotomy), Elves were asstard nobles, goblins were awesome inbred mutated dumbasses(yes)... And there was a distinct lack of both dragons and demons. Simply put, they put most things on its ear, including the stereotypes most RPGers associate with different species/races. They were still the biggest (possibly the only big) publishers in Sweden, but they'd shot themselves in the foot... (cont)
    >> Anonymous 08/14/09(Fri)10:10 No.5451254

    Oh God why can't I stop laughing. It is actually pretty cool seeing people playing DoD though, feel at home seeing the gaming table even though the language is different.

    Go on OP, I'm curious, especially about how it differs from D&D
    >> Anonymous 08/14/09(Fri)10:10 No.5451256
         File1250259036.jpg-(26 KB, 494x432, hunter-s-thompson.jpg)
    26 KB
    Finish the fucking story man! What happened? What about the game?
    >> Anonymous 08/14/09(Fri)10:11 No.5451264
    >>Trolls were peaceful (due to mandatory lobotomy)

    Gentlemen, I think we have a solution for the kender
    >> Anonymous 08/14/09(Fri)10:13 No.5451277
    I don't know if it's popular but Cold Space looks pretty fucking cool.
    >> Anonymous 08/14/09(Fri)10:13 No.5451278
    Oh fuck, that edition was so bad! I fucking hated it with all my soul!
    >> Anonymous 08/14/09(Fri)10:13 No.5451282
    Well that's a shame, Chronopia was a pretty awesome setting.
    >> Anonymous 08/14/09(Fri)10:16 No.5451303

    The Chronopia minis are SO cash. Dorfs with tusks on their helmets. Fuck yes.
    >> Anonymous 08/14/09(Fri)10:16 No.5451304
    Oh, DoD... I still fondly remember 6th edition from my younger days. Sure, it just might be the most unbalanced RPG ever made, but man did we have fun with it.
    >> Anonymous 08/14/09(Fri)10:17 No.5451314
    Tell me about it. Who the hell even played sages or entertainers? We had a guy who actually rolled up a crafter once. All he ever managed to do was carve a peg leg for himself after his got cut off for some reason.
    >> Lazy DM V !vONhvIg88o 08/14/09(Fri)10:18 No.5451323
         File1250259526.jpg-(120 KB, 400x566, eon3_1_big.jpg)
    120 KB
    See, people liked "Standard Fantasy" as a setting. It was safe. People who hadn't read the setting could just jump into an adventure, caring not one bit for the fluff. And to many, this game was a travesty. One new publisher capitalised on this.

    Released around the same time as DoD Chronopia it was pretty generic as all get out - Orcs(sorry, Tiraks) were generally evil/primitive brutes. Elves were in general proud, and hated on Dwarves (who had "cursed" them with immortality, at the end of the last war they had). Halflings (sorry, Misslor) were tiny and goodnatured (alright, so they didn't fit halflings so much as some of the Astrid Lindgren literature characters). There was a "generic fantasy" kingdom, a Roman-style kingdom, a place which was remniscent of the middle east during the middle ages... All in all, not much unfamiliar. They divided everyone into nationality/populations, giving further (small) bonuses/disadvantages depending on location - and easy-to-identify stereotypes.

    So as a human you could have a jew, roman, generic-fantasy-country or arab... etc. With Elves you could be genery-elf, just-as-planned-elf(sorcery and trickery, government types), fiercely independent scots-elves or savage forest elves(not recommended, as they were fiercely territorial).

    In short, not much new, but an easy-to-get setting. It also had millions of tables and a complex damage system so you knew exactly how much damage you'd taken and where (and whether your armour protected you). It remains popular to this very day, pictured here is 3rd edition. (cont)
    >> Anonymous 08/14/09(Fri)10:20 No.5451332
    peg legged dorfs with helmets that menace with tusks while fighting lobotomized trolls, possibly with steampunk rifles, due to the wishes of an insane emperor

    want want want want want
    >> Anonymous 08/14/09(Fri)10:21 No.5451339
         File1250259663.jpg-(19 KB, 244x250, dwarf_dark-tusk.jpg)
    19 KB
    Hello I'm a Chronopia Dwarf.
    >> Anonymous 08/14/09(Fri)10:21 No.5451340
    on a related note. Does anyone know if it's possible to download or buy pdfs of Eon and Coriolis?
    >> Anonymous 08/14/09(Fri)10:22 No.5451348

    :D Someone's getting a hydraulic powered battle axe for his birfday!
    >> Anonymous 08/14/09(Fri)10:23 No.5451357
    >Sometime long ago, in the dimly remembered times of the early 80ies(1982), a small group of Swedes figured they'd make a Swedish RPG. Naturally, it would be a fantasy RPG. For a small one-time sum they purchased the right to use the BRP system and published their game, known as Drakar och Demoner (DoD for short, Eng: "Dragons and Demons").

    Hi, I am Czech. Suprisingly similar story happened there. Game in question is called Dračí Doupě (Dragon's lair) and nobody ever bothered with licencing anything. Naturaly, being only RPG at the market it bacame huge succes, even trough it's first edition was complete garbage. Publishers call themselves Altar and are notable for spawning Afterblank.
    >> Anonymous 08/14/09(Fri)10:26 No.5451372

    There's a torrent for something called Coriolis Stridskort on pirate bay, can't read Swedish so I don't know if it's what you want. They have a fuckton of Drakar och Demoner stuff though. Makes me wish I spoke the language, I'd love to check out the fluff for these games at least.
    >> Anonymous 08/14/09(Fri)10:27 No.5451380
         File1250260057.jpg-(26 KB, 400x400, 20503_front.jpg)
    26 KB
    Don't mind me. I'm just taking my pet for a walk.
    >> Anonymous 08/14/09(Fri)10:29 No.5451399
    That would be "Coriolis Battlecards".
    >> Anonymous 08/14/09(Fri)10:30 No.5451407
    Hey, Lazy DM V, since you're a fellow swede and seemingly pretty knowledgable in obscure RPGs, can I coax you into posting anything "Mutant" related? It's a futuristic grimdark thing, that's really all I remember. I played it alot in my youth, and it was fun as hell.
    >> Anonymous 08/14/09(Fri)10:32 No.5451416
    Hells yes! You could play a humanoid spider dude who called tactical nukes on people! Mutant was awesome!
    >> Lazy DM V !vONhvIg88o 08/14/09(Fri)10:32 No.5451419
         File1250260354.jpg-(41 KB, 282x393, stexp-mapp.jpg)
    41 KB
    Somewhere along the line (leaving the other stuff they did alone atm), Target Games stopped publishing RPGs (and miniature games). They'd made quite an impact on the market, but they just up and left. Last I heard, they had gotten into the cellphone market somewhere. DoD was left for dead for a very long time.

    However, it could not remain dead. Another group of people acquired the license from Target Games and started making their own version. 6 years later, DoD6 was born.

    And it was different. Instead of dungeons, dragons, steampunk airships and insane Emperors, we got something which looked like it was lifted from a John Bauer's illustration. Only, you know, with swords, axes and the like. Riotminds had left the dungeons to delve into territory which most Swedes knew, and where many a myth had been born: The forest.

    In a world hugely inspired by norse mythology and myths, a huge forest blankets most of it. Trolls are rare and dangerous, but what you'll encounter will mostly be the beasts of the forest - creatures hiding beneath roots, giant snakes, beautiful women with tree bark on their backs out to seduce men.

    Dwarves were largely unsympathetic greedy bastards who smithed incredible things. Elves were somewhere between the original fair folk and the elves of fantasy.

    In short, fluffwise it was perfect. The rules were less so - the first try had a level system, which pretty much imitated D&D and didn't pan out well. They released Expert soon after, which was an overall improvement, and another edition after that which took the direction Expert did. They're currently on the 8th Ed, called Trudvang (same world, so this is the 3rd edition of "new DoD"). They released a campaign parallell to the game, which involve a frost giant bastard attempting to turn the world into a cold hell. It's decent and epicish, though not the best campaign ever.

    And that's the story of DoD.
    >> Anonymous 08/14/09(Fri)10:36 No.5451451
    Seems like most of their stuff. No Coriolis or Eon though.
    >> Anonymous 08/14/09(Fri)10:39 No.5451467
    Riotminds setting. Basically Miðgarðr.
    >> Lazy DM V !vONhvIg88o 08/14/09(Fri)10:41 No.5451477
    There's supposedly a torrent out with _everything_ Target Games ever published in it. I have zilch ideas on where to find it though. I know it exists because a friend got it - used it to pull down old DoD Samuraj (weeaboo! but surprisingly candid about it). Maaaybe it's on Pirate Bay. No promises. google äventyrspel torrent and you should find it. (Ah, someone posted it).

    You're in luck my friend. It is, in fact, what I intend to tell the story of in a short little while. And what a story it is! Filled with destruction, mutants, animals as if from a fable and... well, some humour. Alright, quite a bit of that.

    From that I'm guessing you played 1st Ed. Possibly 2nd Ed, but I think they got rid of the animals in that one.

    Anyway, onwards!
    >> Anonymous 08/14/09(Fri)10:41 No.5451478
    I wish there was some sort of giant international gaming convention. Some of this stuff looks amazing.
    >> Lazy DM V !vONhvIg88o 08/14/09(Fri)10:43 No.5451509
         File1250261030.jpg-(58 KB, 451x480, Chock.jpg)
    58 KB
    Before moving into the second big game for Target, they also released a few smaller RPGs. They could do that, being pretty much alone in the market.

    First up, Chock (Swedish for Shock). It was nothing special - your average horror RPG. Generic horror, which Target was clever to capitalize on (same as with DoD). It did pave the way for something bigger, though. (cont)
    >> Anonymous 08/14/09(Fri)10:45 No.5451524

    Man I love the design of those books.
    >> Anonymous 08/14/09(Fri)10:49 No.5451544
    Kult incoming!
    >> Anonymous 08/14/09(Fri)10:50 No.5451554
    I love how the one on the left reads "Read me first".
    >> Anonymous 08/14/09(Fri)10:51 No.5451567
         File1250261495.jpg-(1.92 MB, 2560x1920, PICT0010.jpg)
    1.92 MB
    >> Anonymous 08/14/09(Fri)10:53 No.5451581
         File1250261618.jpg-(34 KB, 300x433, Monastyr_hard.jpg)
    34 KB
    Monastyr is a Polish role-playing game set in a dark fantasy world of Dominium. Its setting features a fantastic equivalent of the Age of Enlightenment. Most often, the game plays in a cloak and dagger mood and involves plotting, intrigue, but also struggle in the name of honour. The game has been inspired by such authors as Alexandre Dumas, père, Michael Moorcock and H. P. Lovecraft. It is published by Wydawnictwo Portal (Portal Publishing House) and it is currently available only in Polish.

    The game does not shy from dealing with serious issues such as religion or race. The players have to play humans, and they are all followers of a certain monotheistic religion. The human countries, tied together with that religion, are involved in a long struggle against all other races (elves, dwarves, orcs, etc.); their religion dictates that all of those races are doomed and beyond salvation, and must be exterminated for their own good. Magic is also considered a sign of a devil or demons, so there are no (overt) mage characters.

    The corebook, Monastyr, does not describe the lands of non-humans, instead it concentrates on the human empire, which, while united by a single faith and church, is composed of over fifty separate countries, each involved in various struggles, political or military, with others.

    Monastyr mechanics are based around the 3d20 system.
    >> Anonymous 08/14/09(Fri)10:54 No.5451583
         File1250261640.jpg-(34 KB, 420x538, 1096-1.jpg)
    34 KB
    I can't gauge the popularity of it, but C&C is definitely in the less known category. Still it has a good following and the company is in business after quite a few years so popular enough I suppose.

    For many ad&d players, this is what 3e D&D should have been.
    >> Anonymous 08/14/09(Fri)10:58 No.5451611
    It and just about every other retro-clone are awesome. The fluff is kinda "meh" though, luckily it's easy to ignore.
    >> Lazy DM V !vONhvIg88o 08/14/09(Fri)10:58 No.5451612
         File1250261896.jpg-(256 KB, 800x999, Kult Madonnan_cover_800px.jpg)
    256 KB
    Sometime during the 90ies (sorry, no exact number) an RPG was released. It was called Kult - Döden är bara början (Death is just the beginning).

    Its setting was pretty damn grimdark, and it became somewhat popular. There was even an international release (and another by I think a French publisher not too long ago). The setting can be explained as this: It's the present day modern world. This world we see is a lie. We humans are actually gods trapped by another god into these frail human bodies, and when we die we go to Hell (personalized for their convenience), are purged of our memories of the past and then released back into life. The master of Hell serves this god, the Demiurg, and has a large group of freakish monsters in charge of capturing humans who step out of line.

    But now, a change has come. The Demiurg has gone missing. This allows the PCs to break free of the illusion and regain their rightful power from the one who used them. That doesn't mean that the guardians of the illusion are gone, though...

    Stylistically, it looked like, well, Hellraiser and pop art I guess. I don't really have the right terms to describe it. The game itself had a lot of focus on combat rules. To break free of the illusion you either went stone cold crazy or turned into a living saint - pretty much. It was decided by your mental health, and extremes meant you saw reality for what it was. This led to the fact that mentally insane people actually could see reality for what it was.

    The game had a truckload of screwed up, original monsters. It's pretty much horror with a extra lacing of grimdark and horror beneath. I only have the 2nd ed myself, which omits stuff from the 1st Ed I hear.

    Not exactly my thing, but I imagine if you like CoC you'll probably love this, depending on your specific taste. Pictured is an Adventure/Campaign for the game, called Den Svarta Madonnan (The Black/Dark Madonna).
    >> Anonymous 08/14/09(Fri)11:02 No.5451643

    What else would you consider a retro-clone in the fantasy genre? Not flaming, just curious what else is out there.

    The only one I know of that's in print is OSRIC (and that's the very definition of clone).
    >> Anonymous 08/14/09(Fri)11:03 No.5451656
    >The game had a truckload of screwed up, original monsters.
    My favorite was the angel of war from the 'Heaven' book, the forty-foot polished steel monstrosity with a scream like a jet bomber.
    >> Lazy DM V !vONhvIg88o 08/14/09(Fri)11:05 No.5451668
         File1250262317.jpg-(36 KB, 316x440, 57995.jpg)
    36 KB
    Clever guy.

    That seems pretty cool.

    Forgot to mention this, and it's an obscure detail only - Eon uses d6es to check for successes. You have an ability, typically ranging from 5-20, which you need to roll less than. Instead of adding or subtracting from the number, you add or subtract dice: You use 3d6 as standard, with 2d6 being easy and 1d6 being child's play. 4d6 is difficult and 5d6 is, I think, the most you roll. They added in the twist that if you roll 6es, you remove the die and roll two in its place. This always applies, so theoretically you could get infinitely high numbers. Practically, it doesn't happen. Damage is also with d6es of the same kind, only here you roll and subtract armour - so you'll want high numbers. Target areas are handled with d100s (Yeah. Tablestablestables)

    (8th Ed DoD pictured)
    >> Lazy DM V !vONhvIg88o 08/14/09(Fri)11:07 No.5451690
    Some of the monsters became pretty iconic. Like that Nefarite or however it's spelled in English.
    >> Anonymous 08/14/09(Fri)11:08 No.5451697
    Swords & Wizardry (personal favorite)
    Labyrinth Lord
    Basic Fantasy Role-Playing Game
    Spellcraft & Swordplay
    Otherwise just drag out that ol' Rules Cyclopedia.
    >> Anonymous 08/14/09(Fri)11:12 No.5451730
    My momma always said so too Mr.DM. :)
    English versions of Kult can be found on Demonoid. While the Swedish ones can be found in the TPB Äventyrs torrent mentioned earlier.
    >> Anonymous 08/14/09(Fri)11:13 No.5451736

    Another reason to learn polish.
    >> Mutant Lazy DM V !vONhvIg88o 08/14/09(Fri)11:16 No.5451763
         File1250262986.jpg-(410 KB, 488x608, mutant1v1.jpg)
    410 KB
    So, anyway, let's move on to that other big-in-Sweden game: Mutant. Released in 1984, a mere 2 years after DoD (and the same year DoD got an Elric cover on a shiny new edition).

    It was heavily inspired by (read stole from) Gamma World. However, that was not the only trait it had. What made the game unique was its inclusion of walking, talking animals - so you got Mad Max with humanoid mutants and psychics, robots, destructive tech and animals a la Wind in the Willows. The game became quite popular and is remembered quite fondly (by old gamers) even in these days. Seeing the cover image, though, you do wonder what the hell they were going for. It looks like they ripped off Luke Skywalker in a pose from Star Wars, made his pants and shirt blue and added a bunch of tribals.

    Well, either way this is the version of Mutant remembered most fondly in Sweden, the fable animals playing a big part in it (possibly because playing, like a goddamn old bear with a shotgun rifle and a grumpy attitude out in the wasteland was just awesome). (cont)
    >> Anonymous 08/14/09(Fri)11:17 No.5451767
         File1250263036.jpg-(48 KB, 640x480, anima.jpg)
    48 KB
    Hi guys.

    Do you know me?
    >> Anonymous 08/14/09(Fri)11:19 No.5451787

    Yes anima, I know you and my haet for you know no limits.
    >> Anonymous 08/14/09(Fri)11:23 No.5451827

    But I have animu & mango feel!
    >> Lazy DM V !vONhvIg88o 08/14/09(Fri)11:24 No.5451829
         File1250263445.jpg-(41 KB, 433x480, Mutant 2.jpg)
    41 KB
    So they released this game for some 6 years, when the 90ies came 'round, and another RPG became big - Cyberpunk. Well, Target decided they should revised Mutant, and now it was decidedly more cyberpunk, with implants, no fable animals(baww), human mutants and psychics only. Psychic mutants, like in first, were still feared and persecuted. Mutant 2, as it was called, looked completely different - which was pretty much an accurate estimation.

    I don't know the exact fluff reasoning, but I think it was something like people after the whole devastating war lived on in archologies, with few communications in-between and mostly wasteland outside.

    Decidedly more cybertech(with no digging through old bunkers), implants ahoy and pretty cool looking covers - consider that this was still the day of photocopiers, where computers were rare.

    In connection to this game, there was a small expansion/edition released called Mutant: Rymd (Mutant: Space). It didn't last very long, but it along with Kult laid the foundation for another game which became quite famous.
    >> Anonymous 08/14/09(Fri)11:24 No.5451838
    Huh, the cover I remember looked like the face of the lost soon of Pinhead and a mime. Must be a later edition, I suppose hehe.
    >> Anonymous 08/14/09(Fri)11:26 No.5451851
    Nevermind >>5451829, it was the leftmost one I remembered.
    >> Anonymous 08/14/09(Fri)11:31 No.5451905
    Mutant Chronicles incoming!
    >> Lazy DM V !vONhvIg88o 08/14/09(Fri)11:35 No.5451930
         File1250264119.jpg-(37 KB, 435x396, mutant chronicles.jpg)
    37 KB
    Released sometime in the Mid-90ies, Mutant Chronicles as it was called became well-known. Original art, kind of gorgeous, pretty cool setting... It had most of what you'd require from an RPG those days, including tons of weapons, armours and things to kill. The monsters were partially drawn from Kult - or at the very least there's significant crossover between the two. The Nefarite for example.

    But Mutant Chronicles, or MC, had a decidedly different bent from Kult:

    In the future, megacorporations are formed which dominate life completely and nations disappear. Since they're kind of assholes, when Earth gets incredibly polluted they up and leave, terraforming and colonizing the entire Solar system. One Megacorp (Imperial), which was a bit unlucky with getting colonies, goes further out than the others to a planet outside of Pluto called Nero and accidentally breaks an ancient seal. This furst turns all the nifty AI stuff into so much scrap metal as dark, evil energies drive them insane. Through this seal hordes of the Dark Legion (big bads) break through and proceed to whip humanity's ass until this Church/Inquisition-inspired guy turns the tide by kicking the Apostle of War's ass (if I recall). (cont)
    >> Anonymous 08/14/09(Fri)11:38 No.5451960
    >Church/Inquisition-inspired guy turns the tide by kicking the Apostle of War's ass
    *cough* Emprah & Horus *cough*
    >> Lazy DM V !vONhvIg88o 08/14/09(Fri)11:45 No.5452029
         File1250264735.jpg-(57 KB, 532x800, biz00152.jpg)
    57 KB
    So, anyway, this new Church (called the Brotherhood) takes command and proceeds to push back the hordes of demons and monsters into a stalemate. Technology is reworked since tech too advanced fucks up.

    We're left with a pulpy "Technofantasy" setting, not wholly unlike 40k (the comparison should be made) but on a much smaller scale.

    Typically, you play as a character from a corporation, from their neutral ground or from the Brotherhood. You can also play as a heretic and be turned into one of those stupidly dangerous monsters.

    Corporations were pretty stereotypical: Capitol is americans, fuck yeah! and waging a constant war over Mars. Bauhaus were central europeans/germans with skulls and massive tanks (holding Venus, which had lush jungles). Mishima were Japanese/Chinese with an Emperor and all (living INSIDE Mercury). Imperial were scotsmen/British with swords, faith and an Empress (lived in the asteroid belt). Cybertronic were advanced tech and HERESY-challenges (since their tech seems more advanced than it should be possible to have, they live on the Moon I think, small corp). Neutral ground was the Moon. Earth was screwed over and left alone (mentioned in a single Warzone (minis game) book - Dark Eden).

    Like Chronopia, it spawned a minis game, Warzone, which I won't go into detail about. (cont)
    >> Anonymous 08/14/09(Fri)11:49 No.5452066
    Hey, Lazy DM... any info on Waste World?
    >> Anonymous 08/14/09(Fri)11:50 No.5452084
    ...closer to whatever serves as a general over armies of Bloodthirsters. They just call themselves Apostles, they're demons.
    >> Anonymous 08/14/09(Fri)11:51 No.5452085
    This should be archived for greater good and wisdom. Lemme know when you are done.
    >> Anonymous 08/14/09(Fri)11:52 No.5452103
    Dark Eden was fuckwin. Faceless guys in trenchcoats and black berets with twin machine pistols? That game was the BEST FUCKING WARGAME EVER when I was 15.
    >> Anonymous 08/14/09(Fri)11:59 No.5452162
    Hey Swede, when you give your characters exotic fantasy names, do you call them "John" and "Gary" and stuff? Or do you just use your mom's name ('cause at least in english she would sound like some kinda mega-dragon)
    >> Lazy DM V !vONhvIg88o 08/14/09(Fri)12:00 No.5452179
         File1250265617.png-(73 KB, 640x480, doom_troopers_-_the_mutant_chr(...).png)
    73 KB
    Odds are, if you're above 20, you've probably seen Mutant Chronicles SOMEWHERE. It spawned at least three boardgames in its old incarnation (two of them good), at least one CCG (Doomtrooper, I think there was another) and even a SNES game where you kill the Apostle of War himself, Algeroth.

    In recent days you might've seen the movie(which had familiar names but not a single one of the fun monsters or giant shoulderpads), the new miniature game(which, IMHO, seems pretty cool) or the news about the new RPG which COG is supposedly working on.

    Now, stylistically it was pretty cool - yes, there are similarities to 40k (shoulderpadsshoulderpadsshoulderpads) but visually it was pretty distinct. Settingwise, it was simple to explain to a newcomer. There's really only one problem with MC: ruleswise, it's kind of shitty. Now, it's not that different from ol' DoD or D&D with dice. No, the problem lies elsewhere: Scaling.

    Releasing the core, they had a pretty decent game balance. Sure, monsters were tough, but that made sense. What made less sense was that every single splat book released made the weapons and armour bigger and more powerful than the last, to the point where poor Capitol had an airplane which had armour which was slightly less good than a Brotherhood armour.
    Cybertronic had some weapon which did something like 90d6 in damage, with a normal gun doing around 2d6. People could also become ludicrously sturdy - but mostly heretics and brotherhood characters. You could make a brotherhood character that, if you had some luck with the rolls, could take tank shells to the body with no ill effect (HP was calculated from Psychic Strength+Stamina. It made some sense, but when you can get like 90 in Psychic power without too much trouble...) Oh, and the core books fell apart. Shoddy binding.

    Yeah. So the RPG never seemed to catch on in Sweden, though it'll certainly be remembered. Some years later, a new company got the license for Mutant... (cont)
    >> Lazy DM V !vONhvIg88o 08/14/09(Fri)12:05 No.5452233
    Oh yeah, and it probably appealed the most to teenagers. I'm a bit biased there since I was the target age. Kind of the same deal as with 40k, really.

    In MC, I had a Capitol character. I loved that guy, he was famous before he even started and turned into this huge media darling when he and the party saved Imperial's Empress and the Mishima head honcho from assassination. They made a movie about it, where the other two characters roles were totally eclipsed. I found the whole thing hilarious. Anyway, he had a proper American name.

    Regrettably, I know naught of Waste World. Human Occupied Landfill, yes. I suspect they are not the same. Sorry.

    Er, yeah, this wasn't a proper cont. Next post, promise.
    >> Anonymous 08/14/09(Fri)12:05 No.5452238
    >SNES game
    which is made of fuckwin, incidentally.
    >> Lazy DM V !vONhvIg88o 08/14/09(Fri)12:17 No.5452355
         File1250266630.jpg-(30 KB, 332x440, MUA Regelbok.jpg)
    30 KB
    So anyways, in the early zeroes, a couple of guys who called themselves Järnringen (the Iron Ring, incidentally the name of some big bads in the first Mutant) got the license for original Mutant (not MC) and released Mutant: Undergångens Arvtagare (Inheritors of the Apocalypse, roughly). The game was based on the original game - fable animals and all - but pushed its timeline forward a century or two. The new Mutant took place in a early 18th century style society, rebuilt after the end of the world. Humans are the ruling class, human mutants are seen as scum(moreso than the animals) and animal mutants are lowerclass citizens. Robots exist, but are rare. Psychics are much the same, and also feared. Major cities are irradiated wastelands called Zones where freakish creatures exist, but also rare tech. Actually, freakish creatures aren't limited to the irradiated places, but rather roam the wilds - which is anywhere outside of a major populated city. All in all, there's a big "new frontier" feeling over it, along with the bunkerdelving and the fear of vacuum cleaners (historical records are sketchy).

    The fable/wind in the willows elements have been enhanced to some extent, and I, for one, generally play up the stereotypes with creatures - bears being huge and gruff, mice skittish, cats arrogant etc. Give 'em a twist and you're done.

    All in all, it's a pretty cool setting. As far as I know, though, there's been no international release. Unlike DoD, Järnringen's stopped releasing books for Mutant and has given up the license. But who knows, maybe in five to ten years the Scottish badgers will finally become international. Until then, your best bet is to find a Swede and ask them to GM it (Or translate the game). Järnringen had a reason for giving up the license, though. (short cont)
    >> Coriolis Lazy DM V !vONhvIg88o 08/14/09(Fri)12:28 No.5452459
         File1250267302.jpg-(265 KB, 450x540, coriolis_omslag.jpg)
    265 KB
    Now, this isn't so much history, but... For a while during their run of Mutant, Järnringen had this project running semi-officially, which they released and are supposed to focus their resources on now. After pretty much completing their vision of Mutant they've started releasing a ('regular') scifi game.

    Called Coriolis, it can be described as "Arabs in space" - in a good way. Add in some ship aesthetics from Alien(also, some Firefly inspiration) and space being a huge, empty and dangerous place and you've pretty much got it. Appearance-wise, it's gorgeous, but I feel personally that the setting is lacking a bit (they haven't described the planets in any deeper detail). Anyway, people travel through wormholes in space, during which they need to be frozen or they might die (they might die anyway). Since space is frikkin' dangerous even before that, people tend to be religious. Gamewise, you get bonuses for worshipping Icons(basically patron gods for different things, so kind of like a pantheon). Being atheist nets you negatives. It's a very gameist game in that there's a bunch of traits which help or subtract from your rolls. I personally like that knowing tactics boosts the rolls of individuals, but that's not that rare anymore.

    Anyway, if you like the idea of space being cold, big and empty and a sort of heavily gameist RPG then it might be your cup of tea. Also only in Swedish as far as I know.
    >> Lazy DM V !vONhvIg88o 08/14/09(Fri)12:36 No.5452536
    Now, I didn't mention Neogames's first game, a cyberpunk-style game called Neotech, with its successor N2 (which looks more like corporate suit cyberpunk. Which is weirdish but pretty cool). Or, for that matter, their much less known Viking RPG called simply Viking. However, I think I've covered alot of Swedish RPG history.

    Nowadays, there's a bucketload of Swedish RPG makers - there was one which combined fair folk and the industrial revolution some five years or so back (Hammaren & Trollspöet), and there's a whole bunch of indie games besides. There's a wuxia/anime/star wars space opera game which is decently popular (called Skymningshem) aaand... Well, the list goes on.

    What Target Games did in Sweden, much like RPGs can do in general, seems to have been to encourage people to make their own RPG settings, systems and finally games. Since you're usually not living in your parents' basement at 30 if you're playing RPGs at that age here, there's not as much of a stigma. Old RPGers, tabletopers and boardgamers bring their wives and kids to cons and play with them - and it carries on.

    Well, maybe less now that everyone is playing WoW of course.
    >> Anonymous 08/14/09(Fri)12:39 No.5452584
         File1250267982.gif-(333 KB, 420x315, SlowClap.gif)
    333 KB
    This thread is full of win.
    >> Lazy DM V !vONhvIg88o 08/14/09(Fri)12:40 No.5452597
         File1250268034.jpg-(30 KB, 358x500, Warzone cover.jpg)
    30 KB
    And thus ends my tale of Swedish RPG history.

    Questions or requests?

    Otherwise I say on with the less known but still popular RPGs. I've heard much of Tunnels and Trolls (though not only good things).
    >> Anonymous 08/14/09(Fri)12:41 No.5452608
    This thread is archived for it's win. Good history lesson there, Lazy, any homework for next time?
    >> Anonymous 08/14/09(Fri)12:51 No.5452734
    How about a bit more on Viking, Lemuria, Wastelands or Khelataar?
    >> Anonymous 08/14/09(Fri)12:55 No.5452769
    >>5452536Since you're usually not living in your parents' basement at 30 if you're playing RPGs at that age here, there's not as much of a stigma.

    why is that?
    >> Lazy DM V !vONhvIg88o 08/14/09(Fri)12:55 No.5452770
         File1250268907.jpg-(411 KB, 469x613, alver i chronopia.jpg)
    411 KB
    I'd really like to go into the history of RPGs on a more international scale, but I only know of a couple of milestones there - that early wargame prototype thing around 1910, D&D, Traveller, BRP(Call of Cthulhu), WoD... I'm woefully undereducated on the subject.

    As an aside, MC pretty much used Traveller's life background system. Adapted for MC, of course.

    Also, in hindsight, Chronopia's concept isn't all bad (steampunk, fuck yeah) but the whole twisting of racial stereotypes and fugly covers, especially the fugly covers, was a really, really bad idea. So let that be a lesson to all you homebrewers: you don't like a race? Remove it. Don't take it and change it into something wholly contrary to its original form. Less is more. Small twists are fine, of course. Don't you think so Daisy?

    Yes. They're nice. Not like those icky wild trolls, running around mucking things up.

    ... Man, kind of articulate for a lobotomized troll, that guy.

    Oh gods, I remember those. Vaguely. Gimme a bit, I'll see what I can do. Gotta get my exercise and food first.
    >> Anonymous 08/14/09(Fri)12:57 No.5452797
    Elves on armored ostriches? Wtf is this I don't even... AWESOME!
    >> Anonymous 08/14/09(Fri)13:01 No.5452839
    >Wastelands or Khelataar?

    Used the same system more or less if I recall correctly.

    Wastelands = Post Apocalypse earth invaded by space aliens called Byrr. As far as I can remember there was never a single picture of the Byrr. Might have been a description though.

    Khelataar: Shit boring bronze age-flavoured setting.

    Bearable illustrations though.

    Covers by Luis Royo.
    >> Lazy DM V !vONhvIg88o 08/14/09(Fri)13:02 No.5452851
         File1250269367.jpg-(40 KB, 640x480, Western rollspelet.jpg)
    40 KB
    NOBLE Elves on armoured ostriches.

    But yeah. Cool concept, but oh god the cover. It looks even worse IRL.

    Also, besides Wasteland, Khelataar and Lemuria I think Western might be a good idea. Yeah, Sweden has a quite popular Western game. Fourth edition coming up this year.

    Anyway, we'll see. Don't expect too much on some of these. Off I go.
    >> Anonymous 08/14/09(Fri)13:13 No.5452968

    Khelaatar coming up.
    >> Cookie 08/14/09(Fri)13:16 No.5453005
    Speaking of translating Mutant I remembering hearing about someone actually trying to do that. Problem is that it sorta fell through when you had a lot of Swedish sounding expressions that frequented the world. I mean how on earth would you translate möken? (Or was it's neutral tense mök? Can't remember.)

    Möken = Rough equivalent to a cursing in style of damn. It's used a similar fashion to that word as well with a number of different variants.
    >> Anonymous 08/14/09(Fri)13:20 No.5453054
    Approximations aren't all bad. Moe-ken, I'd guess. Or a french-like Meau.

    If I can get ahold of the books somehow and somebody needs passages translated, I'm up for it.
    >> Anonymous 08/14/09(Fri)13:25 No.5453121
    Jävlar, du har verkligen sammanfattat svensk rollspelshistoria i en tråd här XD Fan vad nice!
    >> Anonymous 08/14/09(Fri)13:35 No.5453265
    Drakar och Demoner Trudvang (DOD version 8) is fuckwin

    Inspired by Norse mythology and Islandic tales such as beowulf.

    This thread wins, Picture is The Trudvang book Osthem
    >> Anonymous 08/14/09(Fri)13:36 No.5453277
         File1250271407.jpg-(47 KB, 429x580, 021_FINALTRUDVANGx.jpg)
    47 KB

    Forgot the pic
    >> Anonymous 08/14/09(Fri)13:41 No.5453335
    Many thanks
    >> Anonymous 08/14/09(Fri)13:53 No.5453486
    >> Lazy DM V !vONhvIg88o 08/14/09(Fri)15:03 No.5454233
    I'm baack. Soonish.

    Eh, I have a couple of theories. Partially, there's religion - Sweden's pretty secular so we haven't gotten the religious backlash to the same degree. For that matter, RPers in general have been pretty outgoing and cooperative with other activities - there was even a roleplaying game created for religion camp a ways back(Vägen "The Way/Road"). There HAS been some debate about RPGs being harmful (there was this murder case), but it seems to have petered out, no real effect on the community.

    There's also some crossover between boardgames, miniature games, card games and RPGs, though that's nothing new I guess - but there's a bit of a link, usually at least at cons, but also at clubs. Ah yes, clubs. In Sweden you can get state funding for your activities in a club - basically they like if you don't run around messing things up, so you can get local supporting funding. Getting a goodly number of people together you can not only compensate for the money spent on transports, snacks and such as a kid, but buy new games and maybe even maintain a place with enough people. So, there's an advantage in being social.

    Aside - there's not actually that many people who find the time to RP after they grow up and start families, but some exist. Others just drag their families with them, or take a short break (though they don't have time to arrange cons and such).

    In closing, your "stereotypical" RPer in Sweden is an agnostic, probably going for higher education kind of guy. The stereotype is a bit more positive, and people tend to adapt to image given to them.

    Also, men her tend to use deodorant when there are females wandering about. There's not a bad number of them in the hobby I guess, though I don't speak from personal experience.
    >> Anonymous 08/14/09(Fri)15:47 No.5454645
    >> Anonymous 08/14/09(Fri)15:49 No.5454665

    I have all thouse D&D boxes (they'r in reeealy bad shape though, well used, well used).
    >> Anonymous 08/14/09(Fri)15:50 No.5454672
    Gå och lägg dig
    >> Anonymous 08/14/09(Fri)15:53 No.5454701
    We don't need no stinkin' sleep!
    >> Anonymous 08/14/09(Fri)15:56 No.5454719
    Friend has the first white D&D box, that bastard.

    Hm, did some one mention Kult and Götterdämmerung?
    >> Lazy DM V !vONhvIg88o 08/14/09(Fri)16:06 No.5454791
         File1250280393.jpg-(11 KB, 140x198, r06cvrl.jpg)
    11 KB
    So, anyway, Khelataar, Wastelands and Western.

    There's a reason these three are mentioned together. See, back in 1989 to 1991, there was a game company which was called Lancelot Games. At the time, it was pretty much Target Games strongest competitor in the Swedish market. They made RPGs (duh) and their three RPGs were Wastelands, Khelataar and Western. Now, one of these lived on by way of being licensed by Rävspel (Foxgames), another RPG-making company, and has become a mainstay in the Swedish RPG fauna. The other two are dead and gone.

    Besides the RPGs, they published a few issues of an RPG magazine called Rubicon (to rival the other Swedish RPG magazine, Sinkadus) - it survived for ten issues. As I couldn't find their poster (which you'd find in any of their products, with the words "Lancelot Games" at the top and "The Cutting Edge of Game Design" printed beneath the Wastelands cover image) I will post an Rubicon cover image.

    There were also a few gaming accessories - floor plans and such, and two generic adventures - and a couple of boardgames, to my surprise. I own one of these - Robin Hood, which isn't half bad. Others may recognize Excalibur, Krystal and Flux. Next: Wastelands.
    >> Lazy DM V !vONhvIg88o 08/14/09(Fri)16:08 No.5454805
    Kult, yes, Götterdämmerung, no. Feel free to mention it if you want to, my knowledge of it is somewhat limited - if enough to give a decent description I think.
    >> Lazy DM V !vONhvIg88o 08/14/09(Fri)16:16 No.5454862
         File1250280998.jpg-(11 KB, 140x198, wlfrontl.jpg)
    11 KB
    Wasteland is actually kind of a bad place to start with Lancelot Games - it's actually their third game released, Western being first and Khelataar second.

    However, there's not much to say about the game (being brutal here). The basic big plot is: Aliens have invaded, and people are forced into the wastelands left after the invasion. The game's action-heavy, and has loads of tables (as was the norm at the time).

    I've played this game exactly one time, as a resistance member, and the only big thing I remember of it besides it being Mad Max except with aliens causing the destruction is the deadly food:
    There is, in fact, a ration which is so hard (and also properly shaped) that it can be used as a projectile. No, it's not packaged in anything. You can kill people with what amounts to a sturdy meatball. Food AND a weapon. Sweet.

    Next: Khelataar.
    >> Lazy DM V !vONhvIg88o 08/14/09(Fri)16:25 No.5454964
         File1250281541.jpg-(10 KB, 142x198, bxfrontl.jpg)
    10 KB
    Now, Khelataar I know very little of, being that I never tried it. However, one anon here described it as an "age of bronze" RPG. That doesn't strike me as too far off.

    Khelataar was a clan-focused RPG, released 1990. I don't know about anyone else, but I get a teeny bit of Conan meets scotsmen vibe here.

    The covers by Luis Royo looked pretty good, but at the same time they _do_ sort of call out "this is a heavy metal RPG, adults only, naughty naughty". Reading about the RPG now, I find that sort of sad, because it seems to be quite different from what they advertised on the cover.
    >> Anonymous 08/14/09(Fri)16:28 No.5454992
    Wiki describes it as being set on"the isolated island kingdom Khelaatar, where clans fight each other in an iron age society." "bereft of fantasy cliches" is also mentioned.
    >> Anonymous 08/14/09(Fri)16:35 No.5455082
    Thank you, Lazy DM, for this fascinating thread.
    >> Lazy DM V !vONhvIg88o 08/14/09(Fri)16:45 No.5455176
         File1250282725.jpg-(31 KB, 160x210, womslag.jpg)
    31 KB
    Finally, Western.

    At the time, an RPG created to simulate the Wild West genre - movies, comics, you name it. In Sweden, you'd think this was a decade or two too late, seeing as the Wild West comics and movies were mostly popular then. It seems, however, that there were quite a few fans remaining. Released in 1989-1991 (same year LG went defunct). There was a bunch of modules released for it - mostly locations (towns) and adventures/bounties.

    As I said before, when Lancelot Games went out of business, Western was licensed and carried on by Rävspel. Its fourth edition will be released this year. What I'm most familiar with is the Third Edition.

    Western 3e has a bit of a clever construction - it's set primarily just after the US Civil War, which is rife with adventure hooks (carpet baggers, deserters and so on). However, the guns also have the production and publically available years (from beginning to the end) listed, so if you want to run, say, pre-civil war in Gangs of New York-style New York, no problem. Third ed didn't have towns so much as states for supplements - Arizona, New Mexico. These pretty much contain adventure seeds (Legends of Arizona and New Mexico, Legends of Wyoming and Montana). Since it's a historical-based RPG you can always check actual reference books for more info.

    One last thing about Western - one of my friends is absolutely enamoured with the targeting/hit system they use for gunfights. It's a (transparent)wheel where you put the dead center where you aim, and your hit moves you inwards (1d20 + skill) - 50 is dead center, if I recall. If you don't hit center, you go in until your hit's been counted off and roll a d20, following the dots until you've counted off the number. That's where you hit, and that's how you can accidentally shoot someone in the head while trying to hit in the torso (which is a fairly large target).*

    *I probably got something wrong with this somewhere.
    >> Anonymous 08/14/09(Fri)16:49 No.5455212
         File1250282992.gif-(257 KB, 390x269, Joker.gif)
    257 KB
    >> Lazy DM V !vONhvIg88o 08/14/09(Fri)16:55 No.5455266
         File1250283337.jpg-(22 KB, 284x385, RP-079.jpg)
    22 KB
    So remember, Swedish RPGers loves dem Wild West things.

    Not that I'm complaining, it's a pretty neat RPG.

    Götterdämmerung, which was mentioned, is Riotminds other RPG (The guys who're releasing DoD Trudvang currently). It's sort of 18th Century (1700s, that's for the confused Swedes) Sweden/Europe with alchemy, secret societies and the like. The twist is that all kinds of supernatural phenomena actually exist and the PCs are smack in the middle of it, delving into mysteries and conspiracies.

    I hear it's not bad, but for unsurprising reasons it's not as popular as their other game (which HAS some 27 years of history behind it). If you like Kult/Chock/CoC/Trail of Cthulhu and historical playing, it might be suited for you. That's about what I can say on the subject.

    SOLOMON KANE! (sorry) But seriously, it's kind of like that.
    >> Anonymous 08/14/09(Fri)17:11 No.5455386
    So any other new swedish roleplaying games you've tried, heard about or looked at?
    >> Anonymous 08/14/09(Fri)17:17 No.5455436
    sweden actually has a quite impressive proliferation of rpgs not seen in any country of similar tiny population
    >> Anonymous 08/14/09(Fri)17:21 No.5455495
         File1250284895.jpg-(193 KB, 566x793, noiromslag1.jpg)
    193 KB
    What about Noir?
    >> Anonymous 08/14/09(Fri)17:29 No.5455586
    As one of the winners of the one and only held convention played adventure competitions with this game, I demand Mutant R.Y.M.D. (trans. Mutant S.P.A.C.E.) to be mentioned as the far superior precursor of Mutant Chronicles that it is.
    >> Lazy DM V !vONhvIg88o 08/14/09(Fri)17:32 No.5455614
         File1250285528.jpg-(13 KB, 200x261, DraugRPGCover.jpg)
    13 KB
    It's not a long list. There's supposedly a Harry Potter-inspired RPG in the works/done. I think that's in English. Called Wizardry & Witchcraft. Can't find it via Google though.

    Neotech 3 is in the works, N2 has been around for a good while. New version sounds like it'll be inspired by Transmetropolitan quite a bit. Will be a while 'til it hits the stores though.

    Speaking of Neogames, they released Noir a couple of years ago. Which is, well, Noir in a futureish city.

    Bortom: Lögnens slöja (Beyond: The veil of lies, made by Mindless Games) is a horror RPG which has gotten some acclaim. It doesn't look too awesome graphics-wise but it's supposedly a standard horror RPG with a bit more solidity than they usually have. It also gets compared to Kult a lot (which annoys the guys releasing it). They're also releasing En Garde!, which I haven't heard much good about - it's supposed to be a high adventure RPG, somewhere around 17th-18th century if I recall. Been some complaints on clunky rules I think.

    Saga (Fairytale) is a simplistic standard-fantasy RPG which has been around for a while. Seems to be reasonably popular.

    Draug is a Norwegian horror RPG which seems awesome. Picture related.

    There's probably more, but those are the ones I remember off-hand. Lemuria's been mentioned, which seems to be an adventure RPG at 18th/19th century tech levels. Don't know much beyond that though.
    >> Anonymous 08/14/09(Fri)17:36 No.5455653
    I love this thread more than anything iive ever seen on /tg/. I own a good array of roleålayingbooks. 'Does anybody want anything scanned just name a time and i hope i will be able to oblige.
    >> Anonymous 08/14/09(Fri)17:38 No.5455668
         File1250285899.jpg-(225 KB, 727x918, Twain_in_Tesla's_Lab.jpg)
    225 KB
    This thread is awesome and you should feel good for posting it.
    >> Anonymous 08/14/09(Fri)17:39 No.5455676
    Scan anything you have that hasn't been linked to yet.
    >> Anonymous 08/14/09(Fri)17:41 No.5455699
    youre gonna hve to be more specific folks.
    >> Anonymous 08/14/09(Fri)17:42 No.5455705
    post a list of what you have?
    >> Lazy DM V !vONhvIg88o 08/14/09(Fri)17:44 No.5455738
         File1250286299.jpg-(354 KB, 1280x1695, 003.jpg)
    354 KB
    I think New York has around the same amount of people Sweden has. If it was like Sweden with gamers/RPGs, I think it'd be the roleplaying capital of the world.

    ... Now there's a plan.

    Anyway, yeah, we have a few RPGs.

    I don't even recall Mutant RYMD getting much more than a box set and a couple of adventures in Target Games's magazine Sinkadus.

    Oh yeah, Gemini. Old RPG, tried to do the same thing Eon did (take over the fantasy market while DoD was doing its Chronopia thing). Didn't go too well, but there was some English books. Though these guys (Cell Entertainment) released Krasch! (trading car game) and Ronin/Ronin War. Think those might've sunk them. Pic not my original, btw, but illustrates how the game looked (gorgeous, imho). The downer was that the world's in perpetual twilight due to metaplot. Also, magic is evil, dwarves have the occasionally cursed offspring(see image) and elves work like ants... The magic system is still awesome. You could create pretty much any effect with the guidelines, and they were pretty simple. You can find it (in English, mostly) by googling Gemini rollspel. TPB has it. It's out of print and the company's dead and buried so...
    >> Lazy DM V !vONhvIg88o 08/14/09(Fri)17:46 No.5455749
         File1250286418.jpg-(37 KB, 245x312, gemini_rev.jpg)
    37 KB
    Eh, what the heck. Here's the Gemini linky:

    >> Anonymous 08/14/09(Fri)17:50 No.5455776
    Do you guys like samurai/ninja/kungfu stuff too?

    Any otherwise western setting RPG's have the Monk or Ninja class?
    >> Lazy DM V !vONhvIg88o 08/14/09(Fri)18:11 No.5455973
         File1250287872.jpg-(382 KB, 439x618, DoD dimon.jpg)
    382 KB
    Swedish RPGs traditionally lack proper D&D-style classes, though they do have a BRP version...

    Oddly, ninjas and monks are lacking from them. I can't think of a single game which has either at the moment, except for one:
    DoD: Samuraj, which was basically "historical Japan in DoD (Ereb Altor)". So xenophobic country thrown into the setting, off the west coast of Altor with suspicious big kingdom to the west of it. Called Jih-Pun. You could play a ninja in that.

    Thing is, this BRP stuff usually means hand to hand combat sucks - or rather, that it's great to be good at if noone else is armed. Never bring a knife to a gunfight, as they say.

    I'm gonna have to say potentially untapped market here, though. I'm not sure Kung Fu RPG stuff would sell. More general Wuxia, possibly.

    Sidefact: DoD is sometimes called Dragonsfire internationally. Also, one detail I didn't mention before: DoD had ducks. Walking talking ducks. As a humanoid race. The pirate ducks were quite feared.

    Have the cover of one of the first published adventures for DoD: Dimön (Isle of Mists). It included a whole village WITH villagers (it says so on the cover).
    >> Anonymous 08/14/09(Fri)18:30 No.5456170
    Great thread!

    This takes me back...
    Has anyone anything to say about Den Femte Konfluxen (I think Svavelvinter was one part)? I never got to play it, and it wasn't until recently I heard some really nice things about this campaign.

    Anyone with any experience from it? Is it worth tracking down?
    >> Lazy DM V !vONhvIg88o 08/14/09(Fri)18:46 No.5456328
         File1250289988.jpg-(32 KB, 213x300, brisbrygga-213x300.jpg)
    32 KB
    Well, I've heard great things about it, but never played it. If you don't have the time to play it I believe they (well, Järnringen) released a book series based on it some time ago.
    >> Anonymous 08/14/09(Fri)18:54 No.5456397
    >I don't even recall Mutant RYMD getting much more than a box set and a couple of adventures in Target Games's magazine Sinkadus.

    exactly and that was all it took to be far greater then the clusterfuck chronicles became.
    >> Anonymous 08/14/09(Fri)18:55 No.5456419
    My group is playing the campaign at the moment, but its be altered to suit Drakar och demoner Trudvang. (no ducks and shit). so Far I really like it. Its a very free campaign, little to no railroading. Knowing the history of Ereb Altor is a plus for characters playing it. We've only gotten to the 2nd part so far, "Oraklets fyra ögon". There's a lot of mystery solving trying to unravel the story to progress, and im suspecting its a race against time.

    my GM says its one of the most well planned Campaigns he's ever read. You can probably download the scans from TPB if you're interested. Definately worth taking a closer look at imo.
    >> Anonymous 08/14/09(Fri)19:01 No.5456495
    No DoD Trudvang for download? You disappoint me, /tg/
    >> Anonymous 08/14/09(Fri)19:09 No.5456578
    >No DoD Trudvang for download?

    Yeah, no Trudvang or Järnringens Mutant (some of the material is even now out of print and realy should be scaned and uped for every ones sake) or Götterdämmerung.
    >> Lazy DM V !vONhvIg88o 08/14/09(Fri)19:14 No.5456630
         File1250291651.jpg-(83 KB, 515x259, landhaj.jpg)
    83 KB
    Still can't beat Mutant I.

    >> Anonymous 08/14/09(Fri)19:15 No.5456647
         File1250291753.jpg-(38 KB, 750x600, holy_shit.jpg)
    38 KB
    >> Lazy DM V !vONhvIg88o 08/14/09(Fri)19:16 No.5456654
         File1250291788.jpg-(213 KB, 764x455, rubbitar.jpg)
    213 KB
    Though the proactive-meateater-killing-before-they-kill-us rubbits are nice too. They make good cannonfodder/dangers in new Mutant (MUA that is) so I for one like that they made the cut.
    >> Anonymous 08/14/09(Fri)19:19 No.5456682
    Eon and Neotech are great. I love the combat and damage system, it's really detailed (damage is detailed down to cutting arteries and breaking bones, etc). It's slow, but it makes the fights awesome.
    >> Other Swede 08/14/09(Fri)19:20 No.5456697

    >Though these guys (Cell Entertainment) released Krasch! (trading car game)...

    Let me stress that this is not a typo. These guys produced a few games where you collected bits for pewter (IIRC) models that you could stick together. I think there was a mecha game too, but Krasch! was about cars, with a very nice ruleset for beer'n'pretzels dakka.

    And it seems they fucking sucked at running a business. Ah well.

    Boxes may well be available on Ebay. Dunno if the rules were in English.
    >> Anonymous 08/14/09(Fri)19:20 No.5456701
    >Still can't beat Mutant I.

    true, its the first RPG i ever played, my one first love and possibly the only game you could say is truly uniquely swedish (based off of gamma world but still, the setting), well in my eyes any way (still love Drakar & Demoner but Mutant has its special place in my gamer heart).

    it was the first edition box too (i personaly only have the second print box with different box art cover) and I think it was 1984. Good times.
    >> Anonymous 08/14/09(Fri)19:23 No.5456722
    it's crazy that I own or have owned almost all of the games posted. gawd I feel old.
    >> Lazy DM V !vONhvIg88o 08/14/09(Fri)19:27 No.5456762
         File1250292423.jpg-(83 KB, 400x336, drapartrad.jpg)
    83 KB
    Yeah, Ronin was the mecha game. Collect the parts to build your robot? _What_ were they _thinking_?

    I love alot of those weird beasts and foes in Mutant and MUA. Like the Slayer tree. It's a frakkin' tree! Which eats people and makes copies of them!

    In hindsight, next time I run MUA I need to have more shit which will make my players paranoid. They're not nearly paranoid enough yet.
    >> Other Swede 08/14/09(Fri)19:30 No.5456787
    Oh, and about En Garde! (which has been republished recently, apparently with more historical info)

    En Garde! is one of three games with the same basic system: En Garde!, Skuggornas Mästare (Master of Shadows) and first edition (at least) Kult. Percentile resolution, advantages/disadvantages, wound types rather than hit points. Pretty elegant. I think.

    En Garde! was a History Serious Business game where you could try to me a Dumas-type here but would generally end up in a ditch dying of perotonitis. It was pretty nice, but suffered badly from assuming historical knowledge on the part of the players. When I played it, I didn't have that knowledge so it wasn't very fun.

    The same team also designed Skuggornas Mästare which was a very nice modern action-adventure game. Clearly written, nicely illustrated except for the gunporn which was shit due to a technical fuckup, very inspiring.
    >> Other Swede 08/14/09(Fri)19:31 No.5456800

    _be_ a Dumas-type _hero_. And that's just teh first thing I saw. It's getting late, sorry.
    >> Anonymous 08/14/09(Fri)19:31 No.5456801
    I liked the Svavelvinter (Sulfur Winter) module but the others were not as good in my opinion.

    The novel based on the first module as surprisingly non-sucky.
    >> Anonymous 08/14/09(Fri)19:36 No.5456869

    an underground Lil acceptance movement and the conspiracy around that in Hindenburg campain.
    >> Anonymous 08/14/09(Fri)19:38 No.5456894
    Mutant UA pdfs incoming.
    >> Anonymous 08/14/09(Fri)19:38 No.5456897

    yeah, "svavelvinter" is a classic and the rest of them are all a bit over the top.

    haven't read the novel, infact i've missed it compleatly.
    >> Anonymous 08/14/09(Fri)19:42 No.5456929
         File1250293321.gif-(69 KB, 740x252, 2009-07-06 - Numb.gif)
    69 KB
    dem mutants.
    >> Anonymous 08/14/09(Fri)19:43 No.5456945
    There are supposed to be 3 novels in the end but as far as I know only one has been published.
    >> Anonymous 08/14/09(Fri)19:53 No.5457036
         File1250294004.jpg-(99 KB, 282x386, stvildhjarta.jpg)
    99 KB
    Vildhjarta is awesome, the best Trudvang module for sure.
    >> Anonymous 08/14/09(Fri)20:09 No.5457185
    About Coriolis, it is a nice system and concept, but as you say the core book is lacking in details. Luckily they are working on more books.

    Personally I have heard a lot about most of these, nice thread by the way. But I myself mostly played the latest generation, like MUA and Coriolis. Noctum too, kind of an underdog, seems a lot like Kult at first. Its third edition has been released in English by some American company too. If it's as good as the old ones I'd recommend it.
    >> Anonymous 08/14/09(Fri)20:48 No.5457505
         File1250297284.gif-(431 KB, 160x128, batbomb.gif)
    431 KB
    This thread going out with a bang in
    >> Anonymous 08/14/09(Fri)20:48 No.5457509
         File1250297335.gif-(179 KB, 453x656, NagasakiAnimationLarge.gif)
    179 KB
    >> Anonymous 08/14/09(Fri)21:18 No.5457768
    >Mutant UA pdfs incoming.

    and you sir, you are a champion for your kind.
    >> Anonymous 08/15/09(Sat)00:16 No.5459361
    Bumping for awesome. (and Chicken)
    >> Anonymous 08/15/09(Sat)00:17 No.5459363
    some one need to archive this some how.
    >> Anonymous 08/15/09(Sat)00:27 No.5459429
    Polish RPGs without mentioning The Witcher?

    Son, I am disappoint.
    >> Anonymous 08/15/09(Sat)00:29 No.5459448
    well, mostly swedish but by all means do add (pen and paper) RPGs of any generaly unknown or never translated to english source (more EuroRPGs!)
    >> Devilock 08/15/09(Sat)00:31 No.5459453
    Don't pull that shit. I remember a big debacle about the quality of Witcher last spring.
    Checked it out for myself.
    It's nearly all fluff.
    >> Anonymous 08/15/09(Sat)00:33 No.5459469

    So, you folks have Deadlands over there?
    >> Anonymous 08/15/09(Sat)00:37 No.5459494
    It is? Well, that's kind of a fucking disappointment. I mean, the setting is awesome, so how hard could it have been to pull together some mechanics for a game system for it?

    Admittedly, figuring out why you'd have anything resembling a party might be hard, but still!
    >> Anonymous 08/15/09(Sat)00:38 No.5459511

    Well most swedish handle the english language pretty
    well (real well, just don't take my spelling for it). So we
    usualy buy and play English/US games with out a need
    for translation. So yes, we do.

    Sweden is probably the biggest pen and paper RPG
    country in the world, per capita. We have the biggest
    state founded RPG/Games organisation in the world,
    thats on only 10 milion in pop.

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