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  • File : 1250103156.jpg-(242 KB, 1200x1145, six million dollar chan before.jpg)
    242 KB Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)14:52 No.5431157  
    Project Six Million Dollar Chan.

    The story: /tg/ has decided to rebuild a little girl, pictured here. The goal: to give her full mobility and sensory capability. Rest assured that under the bandages, nothing is left.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)14:54 No.5431164
    I would like to run away.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)14:54 No.5431172
    ... what
    is like some kind of twisted quest thread?
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)14:55 No.5431175
         File1250103321.jpg-(277 KB, 687x886, 1230249400222.jpg)
    277 KB
    Let Fran have her way with her.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)14:55 No.5431177
    i'll be getting a Bamboo tablet this friday, this will be my first work

    [spoilers] it's not a loli dreadnought [/spoiler]
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)14:56 No.5431181
    The original thread is down at page 10, on autosage, but also archived on suptg. Not for the faint of heart.
    >> Scribble 08/12/09(Wed)14:56 No.5431182
    I think we all know the obvious answer to this.

    Get an Igor.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)14:56 No.5431184
    Tank treads, dreadnought assault cannon, satellite uplink
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)14:57 No.5431186
    Loli Dreadnought.

    Oh god please.

    In the name of all is fluffy.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)14:57 No.5431189
         File1250103450.jpg-(26 KB, 540x443, makeitorky.jpg)
    26 KB
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)14:57 No.5431190
    apply to local branch of the Adeptus Mechanicus Biologicum for a set of vat grow replacement parts.

    failing that apply to nerest convent of the Ordos Hospiteller of the Adeptus Soriterus. Imperial prosthetics look shit but they tend to work.
    >> Scribble 08/12/09(Wed)14:58 No.5431195
         File1250103499.jpg-(20 KB, 225x309, Igor.jpg)
    20 KB
    Here, have a picture.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)14:58 No.5431196
    The original thread settled on ultratech cybernetics...
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)15:01 No.5431221
    Hell yeah!

    if your lucky he'll give you the 'Igor Speciel' and equip you with a secondery heart and an extra thumb on each hand also.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)15:01 No.5431222
         File1250103706.jpg-(178 KB, 600x927, GuildNavigator.jpg)
    178 KB
    I say we dope her with tons of spice and stick her in our space ship's Navigation node.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)15:02 No.5431223
    Basically, some guy posted this magefrom Gurochan; it's of a young lady who, in a previous image by the artist, has been mutilated-- no teeth, eyes, ears, tongue, or limbs.

    /tg/ not being gurochan, instead of grinning and thinking 'awesome', people started to want to help this young lady out-- turn her into the very model of a modern vengeful cyborg.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)15:03 No.5431231
    Depends on the system.

    Palladium - full bionic conversion. Hands and arms covered in synthetic with a full sensory grid, bionic eyes and tongue, synthetically grown flesh around the lips.

    d20 Modern/Future/ETC: I have no fucking idea. I mean, cybernetics, obviously, but... fuck.

    Mutants and Masterminds: Slightly radioactive mutated stem cells. Shoot `em right into the stubs, and give her regeneration. And possibly superhuman strength and flight.

    Exalted: As she becomes the chosen of Sol Invictus, she feels the life returning, her flesh stretching out to fill the void, the phantom limbs she can still sense becoming whole again. As her eyes return, she sees herself kneeling in the remnants of a hospital room...
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)15:05 No.5431246
    >turn her into the very model of a modern vengeful cyborg.

    And then she was a Habermann.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)15:05 No.5431249
    this borderline compasion is what elevates us above the level of the pathetic /b/tard.
    >> That one Techpriest 08/12/09(Wed)15:05 No.5431251

    Failing that, Prepare me my workshop, I've got some cybernetic limbs to make.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)15:07 No.5431263
         File1250104044.jpg-(135 KB, 1600x1200, ghost-in-the-shell-stand-alone(...).jpg)
    135 KB
    If all we've got to work with is the bare bones, might as well replace them as well!
    >> Gentleman 08/12/09(Wed)15:07 No.5431266
    This picture keeps appearing here...

    Reminds me of the ampute threads on /d/, mixed with bondage.

    Ugh, it doesn't suit me well. Stop posting it.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)15:10 No.5431287
    the Rix would not let her suffer so.

    they would replace those stolen limbs with the purity of the machine.

    he curse of mutilation would move her one step closer to the enlightenment of Upgrade.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)15:12 No.5431298

    There's a 40% chance that after Fran is done she will be perfectly happy with what she has and is only slightly monsterish.

    Just tell Fran directly: NO EXPERIMENTS. SIMPLE REPAIR.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)15:13 No.5431301
    Funny. I've been wanting to post that exact same picture for a while, but I couldn't find an excuse...
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)15:13 No.5431307
    pics like the OP's always give me the uncomfortable feeling that it was drawn to be fapping material for the artist. Creepy amputee shit.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)15:14 No.5431311
         File1250104465.jpg-(28 KB, 581x241, 1248439049240.jpg)
    28 KB
    guro lover....
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)15:16 No.5431321
    The Conjoiners would not let her remain is such despair. They would grow new limbs for her or sacrifice ther own so that she might live, and they would do so with smiles upon their minds. but if they deemed he r worthy of being brought into the rapture of the Transenlightenment those crude physical things would be a mere secondery concern.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)15:17 No.5431329
    She'd do better with the ultras and some sexy mechanized limbs though.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)15:18 No.5431335
    We have an intact torso and brain to work with, with the internal organs completely intact.

    I say that we go for cybernetic sockets screwed into her stumps, grafted into her central nervous system, getting their core energy from her system. We can plug modular limbs into that. I'd go for bleeding edge cybernetics running on steam. Her mouth needs extensive reconstructive surgery, implanted ceramic teeth and a transplanted tongue. Her ears will be replaced with grafted omnidirectional microphones, to give her full 3D hearing ability. Her eyes will get the newest Nikon-Zeiss cybernetic replacements, with full electromagnetic sensory range.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)15:21 No.5431359
    fair point. but then they may demand that she pay off her debt. the Ultras are bussiness men after all. stuck abord an Ultra ship and loosing all your frinds to Reletivistic temporel effects is not my idea of a great time.

    pluss there is always a Conjoiner on an Ultra ship.

    and if you are worthy of the Transenlightenment you end up with a 4 didgit IQ and thats not a bad offer.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)15:21 No.5431361
    fucking crazy Spiders

    you guys understand everyone finds you really creepy, right?
    >> That one Techpriest 08/12/09(Wed)15:21 No.5431365
    Or we can just go for putting her into a Dreadnought.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)15:23 No.5431376
    That's heretek thinking. Only Space Marines are worthy of that.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)15:23 No.5431377
    I can give her new limbs and organs, forged from steel and new flesh.

    I can teach her to walk again, to look at the sun, to feel the grass beneath her feet and the wind in her face.

    I can teach her ways to stop a man's heart with one punch, to kill from afar as the gods do, to never been seen until her dagger slashes a throat.

    I can teach her that those who would destroy people's smiles for their own petty gain and sick pleasure are monsters who deserve no mercy, that it is her duty and her right to never allow anyone else to suffer as she did.

    But I cannot master the darkness in her heart for her.

    Physical pain, even pain as horrible as she endured, heals.

    But she will always remember how she was maimed beyond recognition, how someone else - someone vile and unworthy - held absolute power over her.

    She will always remember that she, once, was helpless.

    And she may fall prey to despair, or lose herself to bloodlust because of that.

    Against the darkness in her heart, I can only pray.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)15:23 No.5431380
    >Her eyes will get the newest Nikon-Zeiss cybernetic replacements, with full electromagnetic sensory range.
    I've always wanted a pair of those.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)15:24 No.5431388
    So if I'm to understand, everything about this young lady was basically run through a meatgrinder? In that case, we should abandon any foolish attempt to salvage this body and take the Cliff Steele/Ghost in the Shell method of removing her brain and putting it in a Humaniform Cyborg body.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)15:26 No.5431406
    that is because they can never know the eternal bliss of the shared mind. let retarded humanity squable for the petty baubals of power and wealth and love. we exist on a higher plain where none of these things are of importance.

    by the blessings of the disequilibreum and hivemind of transenlightenment we are gifted no small measure of immortality.

    she will be elavated above your petty world when she becomes one of us.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)15:28 No.5431427
    That's a task best left to those who love her. She knows by heart who did this to her and has full rights to do with him as she pleases.

    She has the equivalent of a DocWagon platinum contract with additional benefits. You do not.

    Her vital systems are fully functional, no need to ditch them.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)15:29 No.5431435
    Hyper-intelligent aliens would be able to speak English without errors. I call shenanigans.
    >> Couch 08/12/09(Wed)15:29 No.5431436
         File1250105372.jpg-(152 KB, 1024x768, 1232634391350.jpg)
    152 KB
    Fuck it, there's only one logical route. Pic related.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)15:29 No.5431438
    >The goal: to give her full mobility and sensory capability.

    With pleasure.

    Legs: Orbital Crystal Cyberlegs, pair with: EMP shield, armour, quickdraw holsters
    Arms: Orbital Crystal Cyberarms, pair with: EMP shield, armour, left: grenade launcher and retractable monomolecular blade; right: ECM emitter
    Eyes: Kiroshi Monovision with: thermograph, UV sight, antidazzle, optical capacitor laser
    Body: neural processor, universal link, pain editor, Muscle & bone lace, upgraded skinweave, Kerenzikov Boosterware lvl2 with boostmaster, decentralized heart, enhanced smell, cyberaudio with: radio link, scrambler, amplified hearing, enhanced hearing range, sound editing, voice stress analyzer

    she is faster, stronger, and tougher than any man. Has boosted reflexes, doesn't feel pain, has a 120 degrees field of vision, sees heat patterns and in ultraviolet as well as in the normal spectrum, her hearing range is enhanced to infrasounds, she can filter off noise at will, her hearing range is enhanced, she has a built-in lie detector, radio and radio scrambler. She has an ECM emmitter for locking out any information travel in the area. For self defense she has a grenade launcher, a short range laser emitter, a monomolecular foot-long blade, and two pistols concealed in leg holsters. Also her whole body is armoured and her heart is replaced by vein pumps.

    i can fit her with some combat gear, too.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)15:34 No.5431487
    Hold it. No Matrix 2.0 shenanigans, that's advanced faggotry.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)15:37 No.5431521
    hey, it's Cyberpunk 2020. OP wanted Six Million Dollar Chan, not 50-bucks-and-get-me-some-vat-limbs-from-koreans Chan
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)15:37 No.5431522
         File1250105848.jpg-(293 KB, 715x967, start-equip.jpg)
    293 KB
    I say we turn her into Robocup.

    Start equipping.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)15:37 No.5431523
    Yes, you CAN start an edition war by using Shadowrun 4 cyberware. Please revamp it to generic devices.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)15:37 No.5431526
    Spiders aren't aliens, they're just freaks.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)15:38 No.5431534
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)15:41 No.5431551
    Fifty bucks?
    That shits EXPENSIVE
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)15:43 No.5431572

    What game is this?
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)15:44 No.5431580
    i don't give two shits for shadowrun. But if you want a little glossary for strictly in-game terms:

    Orbital Crystal [whatever] - best quality cyberware available, built on the orbit using SCIENCE!
    neural processor - coordinates all cyberware, essential for its use
    universal link - a universal port for hooking up any external gear to your neural processor
    Muscle & bone lace - muscles and bones enhanced with nanomachinery to be more durable
    upgraded skinweave - skin transformed via nanomachines to have kevlar-like qualities
    Kerenzikov Boosterware - boosts your nervous system, giving you faster reactions
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)15:45 No.5431600
    In the early days of the Conjoiner history (geting pwned by the Demoarcy and getting seiged on Mars) they experimented with quick-grown clones and neural downloads to replenish their cripeling losses. If was a fucked up idea. they were all savants or developed pathological obsesions. A slight case of dyslexia is getting off lightly.
    >> Arcbound 08/12/09(Wed)15:46 No.5431607
         File1250106379.jpg-(192 KB, 388x860, 1241382369845.jpg)
    192 KB
    Gentlemen, we can rebuild her. We have the technology.
    >> Desty Nova 08/12/09(Wed)15:47 No.5431622
         File1250106434.jpg-(11 KB, 150x150, desty-nova.jpg)
    11 KB
    My dear! You are in such an unfortunatle situation. I have taken the liberty of installing a new tongue for you so you can tell me what you wish. Tell me of your desires.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)15:47 No.5431626
    Either way, I hope she's unconscious until she's completely rebuilt... *shudder*
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)15:48 No.5431636
    Limbs expensive, in CP2020? Lolno. The surgery is expensive, you can get some fresh [emphasis on fresh] limbs for a tenner for your local korean triad-connected fuckhead. And the surgery problem can be solved by a friend with a shotgun standing behind the ripperdoc. If you want LEGAL bodyparts, vat-grown and tailored for your need - that's expensive.

    Either way, you're a pussy for choosing puny meet before the mighty chrome.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)15:48 No.5431646
    I was thinking about EMP shenanigans to counter some wireless matrix shit, sorry.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)15:49 No.5431653
    I'm reminded of SLA Industries' chrome dregs for some reason.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)15:50 No.5431661
         File1250106610.jpg-(190 KB, 400x600, Hank Henshaw.jpg)
    190 KB
    Cybernetic limbs? Why don't we hire a specialist from /co/?
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)15:50 No.5431662
    Fuck off you genderless Rixwoman! Go and bother you A.I. gods you Compound Mind worshiping idiot!

    Imperial prosthetics are the way forward here.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)15:53 No.5431698
    Well, if it's an option, going mechanical to the fullest extent possible is preferable. Following the logic espoused at several points in Ghost in the Shell and several other works, the chain is only as strong as it's weakest link. Any partial conversion leaves unsatisfactory gaps in durability and structural soundness. The question was about mobility and sensory capability, so I think the best option would be Texhnoylze style limbs, four of them, and whatever can be found for eyes. (In the case of Texhnoylze style limbs, an option to DISABLE elements of the HUD would be desirable.)
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)15:53 No.5431704
    EMP shielding is here for EMP weaponry to do fuck-all. 'Cause, you know, having limbs strong enough to pull a man apart is fun. Being hit by EMP, and in a blink of an eye having two 200lbs weights instead is bad for your back, and such.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)15:58 No.5431733
    OK, for maximum versatility, I reccomend we strip her down even further to her brain, spinal cord and what's left of her head. This makes room for superior genetically engineered organs and muscles, polymer laced bone structure (with oxycyte producing marrow substitute), and superconductive nerves. Of course, she'll need cybereyes with low-light and thermal functionality, along with an assortment of various spectrometers, targeting systms and an integrated clock-radio for cheap thrills.

    Her tongue and nose are interesting cases. I suggest they're replaced with chemical-sniffers as well as ordinary olfactory/taste receptors. This renders her effectively immune to accidental poisoning.

    We could put sub/supersonic receptors into her ears, but it seems she'd be easily overwhelmed UNLESS we upgrade her brain with compensatory measures.

    Finally, I suggest a steady dose of memory confounding drugs/treatment to clear her mind a bit and give her a chance at a normal life.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)16:02 No.5431788
         File1250107354.png-(113 KB, 649x881, gemini.png)
    113 KB
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)16:11 No.5431868
    I want one of those. ;_;
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)16:11 No.5431874
    I think we might have a winner here. We have to accept the fact that even this won't be the end all in durability, power, or passing for human, but that's not the idea is it?
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)16:12 No.5431880
    So you're going to waste a fully functional system, just to prove your new-fangled technology? I'd like to keep her reproductory systems, to make her capable of bearing children, should she wish to do that.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)16:12 No.5431882
    but no doctor would perform that level of butchery.

    the oath is 'to do no harm'.

    scooping out perfectly functional organs of the poor girl is doing great harm.
    >> Desty Nova 08/12/09(Wed)16:13 No.5431896
         File1250108035.jpg-(4 KB, 150x148, nova.jpg)
    4 KB
    Revenge my dear? How pure! How direct! The one who did this to you cut off so much of your potential. I shall grant you your wish with a body suited tot he task. Aferwards, be sure to tell me if you have overcome your karma.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)16:17 No.5431938

    Do a full combat rig so she can protect herself in future..!
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)16:19 No.5431949

    I agree. Her sexual organs should be left intact, just in case she wishes to use them. (As she no doubt will if she tries to live a normal life.) However, the heart, lungs, liver, etc. can be removed and replaced with bionics. The organs can then be donated to hospitals.

    The remaining bones will need to be reinforced to accommodate her enhanced limbs. We don't need her shoulder snapping off if she tries to lift a car.

    In my opinion, however, the sensory organs should be built and installed first. This way, she'd still be able to see, hear, and communicate while she's undergoing the process, but she would be wheelchair-bound until the process is completed.

    And please, keep her heavily drugged until the sensory augments are installed... I can't imagine being awake in that kind of silent, total darkness.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)16:19 No.5431955
    I still think Vat Grown replacements made using stem cells from her own bone marrow would be the best way to go.

    when she wkaes up whe won't even be able to tell the diference.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)16:25 No.5432010
    What was that spell in D&D, magic jar? Anyway, I find some undeserving prick or a construct or a demon or something that can be transferred, and then Magic Jar their asses and swap her soul into their body. Then gear her up and we go on an brutal adventure of revenge against her tormentors. I knew from the start I couldn't persuade her from not going after so I'm tagging along to keep her from falling *too* far. She needs to understand that despite what happened to her the world can still be a good place filled with good people.

    After all, was I not there for her?
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)16:36 No.5432114
    What about giving her bionic sexual organs... you know, the bionic ones are superior to regular ones.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)16:37 No.5432129
    But since we're not in a magical world, that's not going to happen.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)16:39 No.5432154
    No doctor would perform that kind of surgery. We still have a fully functional body. Technically, she doesn't need ANY surgery to survive, but we want to make her life WORTHWHILE. No unproven surgical experiments, just cybernetic replacement of destroyed parts.
    >> Vector !NEy29ODpvs 08/12/09(Wed)16:40 No.5432166
    Get Asmodeus to turn her into a fiend. One must know what torment means to inflict it on others and she sure as hell knows what it means.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)16:40 No.5432177
    electro-syphelis, the noisey killer.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)16:42 No.5432196
    See >>5432129
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)16:49 No.5432273
    Once again: DRAWFAGS ASSEMBLE!
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)16:49 No.5432274
    Even if we were to replace her limbs with enhanced augments, the rest of her body would also need to be enhanced. If her new bionic arms are capable of lifting a car, she still won't be able to use them to their full potential without snapping her spine or shoulder. Unless we reinforce her remaining bones, we may as well just be giving her conventional prosthetics.

    We COULD settle for less. But why? Why stop there? Are you forgetting what we're dealing with?

    This is Six Million Dollar-Chan. We have been tasked with rebuilding her, and that is exactly what we shall do. She shall be stronger, faster, and hardier than before. The anguish of living in a world of cold, silent darkness can be channeled into determination and hatred. She will be more than willing to exact revenge on those who have wronged her. And more importantly, she will be grateful for this chance we are about to give her.

    In short, she would make a perfect candidate for a super-soldier. Instead of simply remaking this fragile little girl, we can transform her into a walking machine of death, wreaking bloody justice on those who would prey on the weak. She has suffered at their hands, and with our help, she can make sure that they never harm anyone again.

    And by God, gentlemen, we have the means to do so. So I ask you... why settle for less? We have the keys to a powerful weapon at our fingertips. Are you going to seize them tightly, or shall you simply let them slip through your grasp?
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)16:51 No.5432313
    Ah, the military lane of thinking. Don't you EVER think of HER? Do you really think that she'd want to be a supersoldier of some kind?

    I see that as a military advisor, you're not bound by the Hippocratic oath. But I'm a doctor, and I couldn't perform your proposed surgery with clean conscience.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)16:53 No.5432329
         File1250110403.jpg-(725 KB, 1600x1024, 94581.jpg)
    725 KB
    So just throw her in a dread and be done with it?
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)16:54 No.5432341
    On a second thought: As long as it's ONLY bone replacements, I could settle for that. I won't go further. We will NOT replace any functional parts unless ABSOLUTELY necessary.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)16:55 No.5432356
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)16:55 No.5432357
         File1250110518.jpg-(275 KB, 390x627, Kain_by_morganagod.jpg)
    275 KB
    Make her as human as before then ask Lord Kain to make her better.

    If any can sympathise with the pure motive of revenge it is he.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)16:56 No.5432364
    See >>5432129
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)16:58 No.5432385
    Blood Omen 2 was more Steam Punk than magic.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)16:59 No.5432399
         File1250110755.jpg-(85 KB, 610x800, 1249762902616.jpg)
    85 KB
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)16:59 No.5432402
    We're still on Earth. This is not Nosgoth.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)16:59 No.5432406
         File1250110794.jpg-(843 KB, 1200x1960, 1248224608756.jpg)
    843 KB
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)17:00 No.5432415
         File1250110839.jpg-(94 KB, 600x907, firewall.jpg)
    94 KB
    Uh, guys...

    I'm not sure using cybernetics to fix her is a good idea.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)17:01 No.5432427
    GTFO. You were an idiot in the first thread and you still are.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)17:02 No.5432438
    freeze eggs? Non-reproductive functions of the vagina are retained in the Gemini conversion, they can even be enhanced.


    well, ok. Mind you, after those modifications she would surely go into cyberpsychosis.

    There will some glossary to add to what was above.
    Linear frame: an outside exoskeleton-like myomar muscle shell, greatly enhances strenght. We're talking car-tossing enhancement.
    Wolvers - wolverine-like blades
    Arasaka RAGE - a 15mm 'smg'. Buildings cry when you hit them with that.
    Times Square - cyberoptic HUD
    Endo frame - bones are coated with metal
    vein clips - stop bleeding
    autoinjector - pumps you full o' drugs at will

    Legs: Orbital Crystal Cyberlegs, pair with: EMP shield, armour, reinforced joints
    Arms: Orbital Crystal Cyberarms, three pairs with: EMP shield, armour, three pairs of popup weaponry: #1 40mm automatic grenade launchers #2 & #3 Arasaka RAGE
    Eyes: Kiroshi Monovision with: thermograph, UV sight, antidazzle, targeting scope, image enhancement, teleoptics, Times Square

    Body: 2x artificial shoulder mount Omega linear frame, Orbital endo frame, pain editor, Kerenzikov lvl2 with boostmaster, advanced muscle & bone lace, Orbital subdermal torso armour, upgraded skinweave, nasal filters, decentralized heart, vein clips, autoinjector, nanosurgeons, enhanced smell, cyberaudio with: radio link, scrambler, amplified hearing, enhanced hearing range, sound editing, voice stress analyzer. ALL bioware and biotech [next post]

    in essence, it's a monster. Our little girl now is about 9-10 feet tall, has six arms, can casually stroll through gunfire, and when she fires back - buildings collapse. She will hear/see/smell any enemies before they see her, and in general is hell on wheels. A full combat borg is still better, but this is as killy as meat goes [yeah, she still is meat.]
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)17:03 No.5432446
         File1250110994.jpg-(44 KB, 500x375, 1243962748826.jpg)
    44 KB
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)17:04 No.5432457
    AND (surprise, surprise!) would NOT allow her to lead a normal life. Rejected.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)17:05 No.5432466
    on second thought, bioware and biotech is a full a4 list of shit. Let's skip it, just assume she has it all, including tailored pheromones making you panic and poison glands.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)17:05 No.5432468
    GTFO, Spamming Flee.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)17:06 No.5432478
    AND (surprise, surprise!) is is a full combat rig. Fuckhead.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)17:06 No.5432480
    I Second it.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)17:08 No.5432499
    Well, it's not like one can stay sane very long like this.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)17:08 No.5432501
    We were not going for a full combat rig. We're going for reconstruction to let her lead a life as normal as possible, with combat capabilities as an added bonus.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)17:12 No.5432534
    read the post you're bitching about again. A guy asked for a combat rig. I gave him one. Fuck off.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)17:13 No.5432546
    GTFO, you're less than helpful.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)17:13 No.5432554
         File1250111638.jpg-(366 KB, 504x504, 1244127661155.jpg)
    366 KB
    There is too much damage her, Child. Life like htis is not life at all, a soul inprissoned in a cage of flesh and bone and agony unrelenting.

    But not yet do we releas you to the sleep of death. Those in the Infinity Circuite feel they would be enhanced by your presence, should you join them willingly.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)17:15 No.5432565

    As I mentioned before, we should restore her senses of sight and hearing before working on construction of her body. If she consents to be combat-enhanced, then the Hippocratic Oath shall no longer obstruct you. If she refuses, then I will be... disappointed. But it is ultimately her life to live.

    She will be wheelchair-bound before we can give her augmented limbs. But if we restore her sight, hearing, and speech before working on the rest of the body, it would be better for both us and her. She would be able to re-establish contact with the rest of the world. Think for herself. Make decisions for herself.

    All I'm saying is that there is so much potential in her. If she does agree to become a combat cyborg, then we can enhance her, free of conscience.

    Of course, her new form should at least resemble a little girl. Every soldier should be allowed to retire. Am I wrong?
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)17:15 No.5432567
    We really don't have to choose between normal life and combat rig, just replace her limbs and give her a neural implant that links her with specifically designed combat hardware. Preferably made it a hard link so that there's less chance of someone trying to fuck with her brain.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)17:19 No.5432605
    the biggest problem with puting someone in a robotic killing machine when they did not willingly agree is that afterward they ae in a robotic killing machine and they know what you look like.

    your life afterwards will be eventful and exciting but not very long.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)17:20 No.5432619
    Papa Nurgle is the answer for this child.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)17:21 No.5432645
         File1250112104.jpg-(99 KB, 426x600, b2eef605135ba7e3a19233247b9952(...).jpg)
    99 KB

    Or Saya
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)17:21 No.5432646
    Either get her a visit from The Culture and get her a new body, that is better than the one she originally had and which would allow her further upgrades if she wish.

    Or infect her with the Technarchy Transmode virus from Marvel comics, which would alllow her to shapechange into just about anything she wants to become.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)17:25 No.5432671
    >into just about anything she wants to become.

    She...just wanted to be a normal girl. ;_;
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)17:28 No.5432703
    Alexander will protect her from the Emperor.

    Down with the Dead!
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)17:28 No.5432704
    So, I went to jp, and they're having a thread about her too.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)17:28 No.5432707

    Well then the Culture option is probably the best one.

    When i think it through it is probably for the best anyways, infecting someone that have been as traumatized as that with something that lets you rip a sun in half is probably not the smartest move.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)17:32 No.5432739
    >Well then the Culture option is probably the best one.

    When ISN'T the Culture option the best one?
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)17:34 No.5432756

    Er... well i guess that there could theoretically exist a situation where the Culture option is inferior.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)17:35 No.5432762

    I'd like to know what that situation would be.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)17:38 No.5432792
    Culture doesn't usually give normal human people the ability to blow up suns.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)17:39 No.5432802
    They didn't do so hot against the Excession, did they?
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)17:40 No.5432817
         File1250113232.jpg-(216 KB, 800x1090, Jihad_Hot_Spots_3072_cover@ful(...).jpg)
    216 KB
    Thanks to her service to the Word of Blake, she gets to live again as a member of the Manei Domini.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)17:40 No.5432818

    Ah, got one, not a very good one, but if you need massive, unbelivable FTL speed The Culture is not the best choice, they got very good speed indeed but they cant compete with those Sci-fi civilizations that move from galaxy to galaxy in hours or minutes.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)17:42 No.5432839
    Oh god... I saw the original image of her... Can't unsee...
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)17:45 No.5432865
    can't we just vat-grow a clone and transplant her brain? or would that be too normal?

    I guess we could make her super healty, fit, as strong and fast and well equipped a human can be within the limits of a biological body.

    If she so wishes, we could even keep her current body intact, regrow limbs and eyes only, and fix her to the exact state she was before.
    Though I don't see how she's going to prevent it from happening again that way.
    we -are- killing the one that did this are we? Not just fixing her so this can happen again?
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)17:45 No.5432869
    Let's give her basic replacements at first. Eyes, ears, tongue, etc. Once that's done, we'll show her two lists. The first will be prosthetics that she'd need to live a normal life again. Arms, legs, whatever else she needs. Normal human strength. Additionally, this package will include some minor neural work to pluck out the memories of her trauma. She'll know that someone did something bad to her, and she'll recognize him if she sees him again so she can call the authorities, but the rest will be little more than a faded memory of an unpleasant dream. With a little extra counseling, she should be able to go on with her life as normal.

    Or, we'll offer the complete combat enhancement package. Arms strong enough to crush a car, legs that can make her move faster than a bullet train, eyes and ears that can sense spectrums outside of the range of any human (and most animals), and some mental enhancements to make her smarter, think faster and react instantaneously. The trade off is, she has to keep the memories.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)17:46 No.5432875


    The Culture sucks, bunch of slow ass faggot pussies that can't fly for shit.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)17:46 No.5432881
    I fail to see how a society that does is superior.
    >> General Ripper 08/12/09(Wed)17:51 No.5432919

    I heartily agree!

    I have seen first-hand the horrific trauma they inflicted on this poor girl. (The original image; it is sad, cruel, and horrific, and I discourage anyone from looking it up.) If she takes the combat enhancements, she must bear the burden of her memories, but this may be a strength rather than a weakness. She knows who her enemy is and what they do to people. This will give her resolve. It will give her strength. Anger and hatred are two of the best motivators known to mankind.

    But what are we waiting for?! This girl is suffering and she needs her help now! Send her into surgery to replace her sensory organs at once!
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)17:51 No.5432922
    Linked to wrong post, didn't intend to imply that, ignore it.

    I just meant to add the fact that blowing up stars tends to be reserved for Minds.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)17:52 No.5432931

    Interestingly enough any science advanced enough to repair the damage inflicted on her is advanced enough to ensure that in a few decades there will be several new religions out there entirely dedicated to avoiding the fate inflicted on whomever did this.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)17:54 No.5432949
    Why not just plug her into a virtual reality system?

    It'd be a lot easier, and it'd allow her to do whatever she wanted.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)17:57 No.5432975
    that is the most disterbing thing on this thread so far
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)17:58 No.5432984

    "bing bong. Right now your body is being restored from backup. Sorry for the delay. We could use another level 3580 druid in our 2048 member raid group though, you know, while you wait...."
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)18:00 No.5433011
         File1250114422.jpg-(720 KB, 1350x847, 1232168027222.jpg)
    720 KB
    >> General Ripper 08/12/09(Wed)18:01 No.5433023

    No, actually. We'd need to develop a virtual reality system first.

    Besides, why help one person when we can help hundreds? Possibly thousands? There are many sick, sick people in this world of ours, and by enhancing this girl, we can put a stop to their horrible plans.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)18:03 No.5433024

    Not even Satan himself could invent such soulcrushing horrors.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)18:05 No.5433038
    What about hardwiring her brain into some VR... would be a lot chaeper than complete rebuilding. And without having to take care of bodily funcions, the brain can even develop PSYCHIC POWERS!
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)18:06 No.5433051
         File1250114792.jpg-(155 KB, 800x570, 1214543201788.jpg)
    155 KB

    Hey, what did I do to you?
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)18:07 No.5433060
         File1250114841.png-(166 KB, 744x500, 1230098798784.png)
    166 KB
    Fuck year
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)18:09 No.5433084
         File1250114985.jpg-(173 KB, 440x634, internet tough guy.jpg)
    173 KB
    >> General Ripper 08/12/09(Wed)18:10 No.5433099
    Are you not listening to me, sir?! Creating a new body for her would be far less time-consuming and costly than creating an entire virtual world! And don't bother me with this "psychic powers" nonsense! A good P90 or G3A3 is all she needs.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)18:11 No.5433106

    Problem is that we are dealing with someone that have been vastly traumatized, then we plug her into a VR system, essentialy removing her from reality, and then we hope she develop mental powers?

    While the idea might be well intentioned, this is just about the perfect setup for a horror movie where she goes nuts and kills everyone with her powers.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)18:13 No.5433127
    >Are you not listening to me, sir?! Creating a new body for her would be far less time-consuming and costly than creating an entire virtual world!

    We don't have to create an entire virtual world. We just need to create an interface that would allow her to create her own world.

    She would become as a god.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)18:15 No.5433155
         File1250115357.jpg-(56 KB, 444x295, silent-hill-20051102012217756-(...).jpg)
    56 KB
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)18:16 No.5433166

    If she's so traumatized, then how is giving her a fully tricked out robot body gonna solve things?

    Sure, she might be able to move around, but it won't heal the mental scars. And if she's given a combat rig, don't we run into the same "oh god, what have we done" problem?
    >> General Ripper 08/12/09(Wed)18:16 No.5433167
    Cost matters not to us. She is Six Million Dollar-Chan! And why should she follow this empty, meaningless virtual existence when she can save lives in the real world?
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)18:18 No.5433192
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)18:19 No.5433194
    Remember, this isn't an entirely selfish exercise here. By offering her the choice between a normal life or a life of battle and revenge, we circumvent the old Frankenstein problem. Should she choose to help us, it would be of her own free will. This is an act of benevolence, and she would be grateful to us in kind.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)18:20 No.5433210
    >Cost matters not to us. She is Six Million Dollar-Chan! And why should she follow this empty, meaningless virtual existence when she can save lives in the real world?

    Life is all about perception, if she perceives the virtual world as being "real", then how is it empty and meaningless? If she's happy, when safely nestled among the 1s and 0s, isn't that what's important?

    Besides, why should she aim to save a world that would do such a horrible thing to her in the first place? Who is to say that she wouldn't rather see this world burn, and the human race wiped out of existence, so no one will ever suffer again?
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)18:20 No.5433216
    Let's go for a tradeoff. We'll give her prosthetics as closely modeled to the original stuff as possible, with as much enhancement as we can fit under these constraints.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)18:21 No.5433229
    We should probably start with a failsafe before we go all 'robot' and everything in case this somehow ends the world.

    Safeword that deactivates part of the spinal cord which has been artificially replaced or something? I dunno.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)18:21 No.5433230
    >Remember, this isn't an entirely selfish exercise here. By offering her the choice between a normal life or a life of battle and revenge, we circumvent the old Frankenstein problem. Should she choose to help us, it would be of her own free will. This is an act of benevolence, and she would be grateful to us in kind.

    Or she might accept the offer only to betray us. Using the gifts we gave her to punish the entire world.
    >> General Ripper 08/12/09(Wed)18:22 No.5433238
    She should at least be made aware of her options. Restore her senses and let her know of what choices she can make.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)18:24 No.5433258
    We need a COMPLETE repair job. That means that she'll not only get full prosthetics, but also a full datajack. She'll have psychological counsel by the best specialists in the world, with a session only lasting a minute in real time.
    >> General Ripper 08/12/09(Wed)18:24 No.5433261
    We can install a kill switch to prevent her betrayal. Besides, this shouldn't be much of a concern to us; she will be put through extensive indoctrination and training when we enhance her body.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)18:24 No.5433262
    We should go for a brain transplant. There are plenty of Anonymous out there who wish to be the little girl and won't ask what kind of little girl he'll get to be. Not every one of them can be fat and disgusting, and the worst the girl can do is going on a rape spree, starting with her (his?) own former body.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)18:25 No.5433265
    I think I speak for everyone here when I say that, in the name of SCIENCE and JUSTICE that's a risk worth taking.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)18:26 No.5433278
    How about remaking her to be.. more aesthetically... pleasant? Using Vicissitude?

    Oh, what fun this shall be.

    No eyes? She shall have a surfeit of them.
    No teeth? Let them surround her.
    No limbs? She shall never want for them again.

    May she share her beauty with many.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)18:26 No.5433281

    ... uhh... I thought we were supposed to be trying to help her out of the kindness of our hearts?

    I think indoctrinating her and installing a killswitch runs counter to that.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)18:27 No.5433293
    Crawl back to your lair, you beast. No one wants to infect her with an alien virus.
    >> Rogue Kitty !Z39279KCxs 08/12/09(Wed)18:28 No.5433302
    archive this.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)18:29 No.5433312
    How mundane. There are millions of boring little girls, can the universe not withstand one who is unique?

    And your statement is obviously false, for am I no one? I ask, who else is with me?
    >> General Ripper 08/12/09(Wed)18:29 No.5433313
    All right. We have our plan. Restore her sight, hearing, and communication, and let her be aware of her options. We have no more time to waste, gentlemen. Now send her into the operating room immediately!
    >> General Ripper 08/12/09(Wed)18:31 No.5433325

    We ARE helping her. We are giving her a chance to exact her revenge on those who did this to her.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)18:31 No.5433327

    I don't trust you.

    You're just trying to turn her into a super soldier for your own selfish goals.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)18:32 No.5433333

    We should be trying to help her find happiness, not revenge.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)18:33 No.5433342
    ...traitor. We settled on a plan, and this traitor was all too eager to pull off his dream of a cyborg supersoldier, disregarding HER feelings.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)18:33 No.5433345

    Agreed, i dont think indoctrination and killswitches are the way to go, but evaluation of her mental state and a lot of counselling would probably be good.

    It would probably also be best to start with lowgrade implants until she is emotionally stable (it would be rather counterproductive if she squished some family members if she lashed out due to a bad memory).
    >> Marcus Wilkinson MD 08/12/09(Wed)18:34 No.5433352
    Agreed. I've contacted a third-party monitoring agency to ensure that the operation is conducted with no heavy-handedness or foul-play.

    You can thank me later.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)18:36 No.5433364
    lol wats dat op
    > www.anuntalk.com, nun = non
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)18:36 No.5433368

    Let's just start simple, restore her limbs and senses (hell, most systems even include completely life-like cybernetics, so she wouldn't even notice the difference) - then get her some help, THEN ask her if she'd like to be better, faster, stronger.
    >> General Ripper 08/12/09(Wed)18:36 No.5433369

    Selfish? I want to save the lives of thousands of innocent victims across the world, and you call me selfish!?

    We are giving this girl the chance to become part of something greater. Instead of being just another victim, she can bring these sick criminals to justice and make sure they never harm anyone else again. YOU would rather see her locked away in a little virtual world. I wish to restore her body- no- enhance it! To give her life meaning again! To give her the opportunity to save lives! And yet you have the nerve to call me SELFISH!?
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)18:37 No.5433374
    Let's restore her senses. The best of the best. Reconstruct her face in the process. While we do that, prepare the best human form cyberware money can buy. Nothing's too expensive.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)18:37 No.5433377
    Start by restoring her senses.
    Then therapy. Lots of therapy.
    Then we give her some basic prosthetic limbs.
    More therapy.
    From there we can either vat grow her a new body, give her the latest copy of the Cybernetics R Us catalog and tell her to go wild, or leave her as is. She gets to choose.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)18:38 No.5433388

    You can save the life of thousands of innocent victims all by yourself if you wish to, get wired up yourself.

    We will not act against her wishes, we will not make decisions for her, and we will not put her in a position where she has no choice.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)18:38 No.5433394

    That'd sound a lot more convincing if you weren't a General.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)18:39 No.5433405
    Yes, we do. You want to deny her the chance to lead a normal life. Your plan is so terribly flawed that I don't even know where to start. Basically, you want to reconstruct her into a complete MONSTER, just to slake your thirst for blood!

    I notified your superiors aboiut your deviation from this project's goals. Enjoy your time in Detention Unit #13.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)18:40 No.5433410
         File1250116829.jpg-(86 KB, 349x476, Kyouran Kazoku Nikki.jpg)
    86 KB
    Kyouka-sama should be her adoptive mother.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)18:40 No.5433413
    cybernetics? waste of money.

    give her the best kitchen cleaning and food preparation attachments available. as long as her pussy still works, she'll get as much out of life as any other woman.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)18:42 No.5433421
    >> Magnificent Bastard 08/12/09(Wed)18:42 No.5433425
    I agree with the General.

    Give her the choice. The choice to save others, and prevent from happening to them what happened to her.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)18:43 No.5433430
    Good plan. Let's go with that.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)18:43 No.5433433
    Your ideas are intriguing to me and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter
    >> Security 08/12/09(Wed)18:43 No.5433435
    *beats the crap out of this moron*
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)18:43 No.5433438
    And what will the General do if she refuses, I wonder?
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)18:43 No.5433439
    Ah yes. Make her an offer she can't refuse, simply because she'll be killed if she refuses. You know how the General works.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)18:44 No.5433451

    sorry to ruin your self-serving fantasy, but you fuckers are just as bad as the douches who draw this in the first place.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)18:45 No.5433457
    IF she asked to be a culture citizen, the culture would have already taken her. Her planets atmosphere is most likely already seeded with advanced onservation nanotechnology.

    After some time adjusting to her new, improved body, maybe glanding some neurochemicals to calm down, she might eventually be given temporary access to a particularily angry knife missle, or worse.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)18:45 No.5433460

    That's what the indoctrination is for.
    >> ODIOUS TROW 08/12/09(Wed)18:46 No.5433466

    I suppose we are warped, but at least it's more of a fantasy about powerful women and shit rather then a fantasy about weak women and shit.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)18:46 No.5433469
    >> Magnificent Bastard 08/12/09(Wed)18:46 No.5433471
    Oh, I never said give her fully over to the General. Leave her with me and I'll keep him away from her... I promise.
    You are a piece of shit, Anon. You hate Ripper so much, but when someone phrases our idea differently, you're all for it. Hypocrite swine!
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)18:48 No.5433492
    >You hate Ripper so much, but when someone phrases our idea differently, you're all for it. Hypocrite swine!

    It's about emphasis.

    Putting the emphasis on her happiness = good.

    Emphasizing the life of a super soldier = bad.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)18:49 No.5433497

    We're not going to do that. We're the good guys.
    >> Magnificent Bastard 08/12/09(Wed)18:49 No.5433502
    That's morally wrong. I say, give her a full choice, with her proper head and senses.

    The choice: Cybernetic enhancement or living like a normal person. Oh, and we'll keep watch over her, no matter the choice she takes, just for... Security reasons.
    >> Rogue Kitty !Z39279KCxs 08/12/09(Wed)18:49 No.5433503
    someone archive this on sup/tg/...
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)18:50 No.5433514

    I've just notified a TRULY independent organization to watch over the reconstruction process - and to watch any other "Independent" organizations.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)18:51 No.5433517
         File1250117471.jpg-(220 KB, 800x600, 1243734931646.jpg)
    220 KB
    >I suppose we are warped, but at least it's more of a fantasy about powerful women and shit rather then a fantasy about weak women and shit.

    What about fantasizing about both weak and strong women?
    >> General Ripper 08/12/09(Wed)18:51 No.5433523
    Contrary to the general consensus, I am not an unreasonable man. She should have the ability to choose her fate, but she has so much potential. She has suffered unimaginable pain... All I wish to do is provide relief to that pain. To give her the ability to pay evil unto evil. An eye for an eye, as it were.

    This is an opportunity to give these scum what they deserve. Are you going to just let that slip through your fingers?

    Of course, if she declines, I will be... disappointed. But I will understand.
    >> Magnificent Bastard 08/12/09(Wed)18:53 No.5433538
    What? Simply because I am unfortunately named does not mean that I lie. I only want what is best for everyone and to ensure that this never happens again.

    It is you that speaks with a forked tongue, sir. I wonder what is the true motive behind your plans, hmm?
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)18:54 No.5433543
    >Of course, if she declines, I will be... disappointed. But I will understand.

    See, General, that's where we don't fully trust you.
    >> Magnificent Bastard 08/12/09(Wed)18:54 No.5433547
    Ah, General. You have a way with words, as always.
    >> /d/ 08/12/09(Wed)18:57 No.5433569
         File1250117826.gif-(2.68 MB, 1453x2292, queenofd.gif)
    2.68 MB
    Cybernetics? Growing new body parts?

    I'd be more than happy to oversee the project.

    We would have so much fun together, I'd teach her how to truly live again.
    >> ODIOUS TROW 08/12/09(Wed)18:57 No.5433570

    This confuses my logic circuts.

    Unculds my selling fucktions.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)18:58 No.5433584
    Simply put, your reputation precedes you. We do NOT trust you. If you want a supersoldier, you'll have to undergo the process yourself, not go for further victimization of an already traumatized girl.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)18:58 No.5433588

    We can give her both.

    Alright, we've plugged her optic and aural nerves into a temporary sensory visor, and we have a subvocal sensor wrapped around her throat to interpret her attempts at speech. Shall we awaken her and ask what she wants us to do?
    >> Scribble the Mad Scientist 08/12/09(Wed)18:59 No.5433590
    Hello child, are you awake? Yes, you can hear again. Open your eyes, you can see again. Hold this mirror to see yourself. Yes, you can grasp again. Get up, you can walk again.

    This is my gift to you, my gift of hope unto you who has felt so much suffering. As you can see, they are indistinguishable from real parts but they are mechanical. You can feel with them as you would any limb. No need to thank me, although you may speak again.

    Look with your new eyes what I have here. What I have given you are indistinguishable from real limbs in all ways, even functionality. No hidden weapons, no hidden surprises. But THESE beauties here are combat cybernetics to replace your normal ones. And this helm here will replace all the cybernetics in your head, your eyes, your tongue, your ears and augment your senses beyond normal capacity. Couple with this battle armor, acting as a both a frame to carry these bulky servo-arms and legs and a means to grant your incredible strength and protection.

    Why? To take your revenge. I can tell you where he is kept, how to get to him. You find him and do upon him what he did to you. You will be disguised and I will pull you out before the authorities can retaliate. None will be the wiser.

    You don't have to of course. You may be queasy of it or choose the path of the saint, that is yours to decide. But I will warn you their are still parties who will not stand for what he has done. Religious fanatiscist, vigilantes, your family. He will die by your hands or another.

    Whatever you choose, you may continue after a normal life with my little miracle but still, choose wisely. Oh, and I hope you liked my flowers.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)18:59 No.5433594
    >> Magnificent Bastard 08/12/09(Wed)18:59 No.5433599
    Trust me. She is safe in our hands. Disappointment is not equal to thirst for revenge. The... Ah... Right choice is hers to make. If the chooses the wrong one, there is to be no reprimand from us, merely monitoring, that she might not cause trouble with her new brain, which of course will be prone to possible malfunction. Even the miracles of modern cybernetics and medication will not make certain that she does not end up destroying something, no matter her powers.

    Even a person with little power is capable of destruction after all. We seek to prevent that through our monitoring.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)19:00 No.5433601
         File1250118004.png-(619 KB, 825x1012, 1249946909492.png)
    619 KB
    And of course, if all else fails...
    >> Scribble 08/12/09(Wed)19:01 No.5433615
    Mad dok don't need dakka. Mad dok give YOU dakka!
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)19:01 No.5433618
    Between General Ripper, Magnificent Bastard, and /d/, I trust /d/ the most.
    >> Security 08/12/09(Wed)19:01 No.5433620

    I'm gonna escort you to the exit, sir.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)19:02 No.5433626
         File1250118138.jpg-(380 KB, 1400x961, moe 31118 sample.jpg)
    380 KB
    Unfortunately she will be entered as a candidate for a cyborg weapons program and have a limited lifespan
    >> Magnificent Bastard 08/12/09(Wed)19:02 No.5433628
    NO! /d/, you're not taking away my minio- patients THIS time for your sick and twisted purposes, you disgusting man!
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)19:05 No.5433649
    >> General Ripper 08/12/09(Wed)19:06 No.5433655
    ... There is little we can do now but await her decision.

    Well, little girl? Have you come to a conclusion?
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)19:07 No.5433663

    >> /d/ 08/12/09(Wed)19:07 No.5433668
         File1250118448.jpg-(420 KB, 1453x2292, queenofd.jpg)
    420 KB

    What? Who here is better equipped to teach her how to feel pleasure again? She'd have servants waiting on her every beck and call. She'd be able to live the remainder of her life without the slightest worry. She'd be free to experience joy so pure and so profound that it would dwarf everything else in comparison.
    >> Secret Service 08/12/09(Wed)19:07 No.5433671
    That was General Ripper's plan. I've seen his secret blueprints.

    Choose wisely how you reconstruct her. We might choose to hire her as a Warehouse agent right away.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)19:08 No.5433678

    See, this is exactly what General Ripper and Magnificent Bastard are trying to turn her into.

    It's horrible ;_;
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)19:08 No.5433679
    Meet >>5433649
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)19:09 No.5433689
         File1250118582.jpg-(126 KB, 602x598, 1223777335637.jpg)
    126 KB
    reactor online
    weapons online
    all systems nominal
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)19:10 No.5433701
    >> Magnificent Bastard 08/12/09(Wed)19:14 No.5433737
    Scum! We are not trying to 'turn her into' anything. She will make her own informed choice. You're trying to take that choice from her. Who is being the restrictive happiness-quasher now, liars?
    You make me sick. Carnal pleasure is not the only happiness one can have, and it's about time you learned that. You're trying to pervert this girl, when all she wants and we want is to help other people. You get some kind of twisted kick out of perverting the innocent, don't you?
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)19:15 No.5433750
         File1250118939.jpg-(44 KB, 443x314, beautiful and pure corrupt it.jpg)
    44 KB
    >You get some kind of twisted kick out of perverting the innocent, don't you?
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)19:15 No.5433753
    We could just kill her. Put her out of her misery.

    Who knows, maybe that's what she wants.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)19:16 No.5433768
    Anyone else with that notion who wants to be put out of his misery?
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)19:16 No.5433771

    replace 'kill' with 'fuck'

    >> General Ripper 08/12/09(Wed)19:17 No.5433777

    Finally, someone who speaks my language!

    The decision to become a combat cyborg is hers and hers alone. She will go through training if, and only if, she decides to walk this path. If she refuses, I shall leave the building, and you have my word that she will never see me again.

    Should she accept, however, I know exactly what to do...
    >> Magnificent Bastard 08/12/09(Wed)19:18 No.5433792
    You're as bad as /d/
    We need to ask her first, but we are sure she'd most want to save others from her own fate by destroying those that would put her though such awful things.
    >> Secret Service 08/12/09(Wed)19:19 No.5433818
    Of course, you would indoctrinate her beforehand and have agents kill her if she refuses, like you always did, and what is laid out in your plans.
    >> Magnificent Bastard 08/12/09(Wed)19:21 No.5433830
    Oh General, I've been defending you since
    But I think it is better that she be entrusted to both of us together, so that they can feel safe with us keeping an eye on each other.

    What do you think, friend?
    >> Scribble 08/12/09(Wed)19:21 No.5433831
    Noone liked my writefaggotry?
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)19:22 No.5433837
    Don't worry, we'll wipe her memory. who wants all that trauma?
    >> /d/ 08/12/09(Wed)19:23 No.5433846
         File1250119414.png-(2.13 MB, 1453x2292, queenofd.png)
    2.13 MB

    Do you truly think I would be so cruel as to restrict her to carnal pleasures?

    She would have the finest clothing, most beautiful jewelry, the most delicious food to be eaten off the bodies of the most appealing people. I would let her have a sense of power that you could only dream of showing her.

    I'm offering her the chance to enjoy pleasures that would make the most sadistic of tortures seem like a minor inconvenience in comparison, and if she wants to help people, what better way for her to do it than by sharing her pleasure with them?
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)19:23 No.5433851

    It was very nice, but we're still arguing over whether to trust the General and the Bastard or not.
    I'm slowly coming to think they're telling the truth about their intentions; if that is the case, they have my support.
    >> General Ripper 08/12/09(Wed)19:24 No.5433856
    Why should I kill her? That would solve nothing. I'll just need to find another candidate.

    Hrmph. I'm quite certain I know what I'm doing. What can you offer me that I lack?
    >> Secret Service 08/12/09(Wed)19:24 No.5433859
    Of course, the Secret Service will watch both of you, and will be watched by UN agencies.
    >> Magnificent Bastard 08/12/09(Wed)19:25 No.5433870
    Hmph! What plans?

    This man is speaking nonsense to try and support his own wish to get her out of the way so that you can be unchallenged in hunting out miscreants. That's it, isn't it? You're just afraid of having your job being done better by someone else! Security! Get rid of this awful man!
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)19:25 No.5433872
    What you lack? Empathy. Independence. True concern about her.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)19:26 No.5433877

    Sorry, missed that one, quite nice.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)19:26 No.5433880
    and while you bawww-fags are arguing, a male nurse is busy getting her pregnant.

    good job.
    >> Security 08/12/09(Wed)19:27 No.5433891

    I can assure you, nobody is touching her.
    >> General Ripper 08/12/09(Wed)19:28 No.5433903
    There's little more I can do but await her decision. Doctor Scribble, is she coherent?
    >> Secret Service 08/12/09(Wed)19:28 No.5433906
    So your true colors are shown at last.

    That's it. The project is now under MY direct control. Do exactly as I say, and no one will get hurt. We'll reconstruct her in a way that allows her to live a normal life, but also go after her tormentor. She won't have to make choices beforehand.

    Now get the General and his lackey into the detention unit.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)19:29 No.5433913

    you only thing you guys are assuring anyone of is that you will never get laid, ever.
    >> Desty Nova 08/12/09(Wed)19:29 No.5433916
         File1250119790.gif-(9 KB, 153x147, nova2.gif)
    9 KB
    Oh for pity's sake. Here you are squabbling over this poor girl. You should be thankful that she has no eyes or ears to see all of you acting like spoiled brats.
    In any event, I am taking her back to my lab and fitting her with an Imaginos body that will aid her in revenge or reclaiming her own life.
    >> Magnificent Bastard 08/12/09(Wed)19:30 No.5433923
    True fulfillment comes not from any pleasure of the flesh, but peace of mind. She needs to know deep down that she has helped other people. Is that such a bad thing?

    You would reduce her to a sick pleasure-seeker, and not give her the inner fulfillment she needs, and the only reason you want that is because you get a twisted kick out of destroying innocence.
    >> Magnificent Bastard 08/12/09(Wed)19:33 No.5433956

    And it is by taking control by law that you achieve your ends. See how shallow this man is?
    He's keeping her from her true goal by locking her away from the men that she needs most.

    You are trying to take away HER CHOICE!

    If that is not the mark of someone who has given up on decency and is only serving his own ends, I know not what is!
    >> Security 08/12/09(Wed)19:33 No.5433963
    Stay right where you are. Do NOT move even a finger. I can see you.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)19:35 No.5433977

    I would hae probably pumped her full of short-acting barbituates, muscle relaxants and potassium chloride.
    >> Secret Service 08/12/09(Wed)19:37 No.5433992
    Don't you see what you're doing there? You're trying to force her into a role, EITHER live a normal life, OR go for revenge. I'm offering her the choice without having to live with your blundered offer for the rest of her life - which would be pretty short if she goes for revenge.

    You tried to take away her human rights. I can't allow you to take responsibility for anything. From now on, it is MY responsibility, for better or for worse.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)19:37 No.5433994
    Have you even been reading the thread? this is turning into an epic roleplay, and in you come with your mundane faggotry. GTFO.
    >> Mysterious Doctor in a top hat. Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)19:37 No.5433997
    Well my friends.
    I see that no decisive decision has been reached, due to you being unable to agree, however, I have a solution.
    I have certain...interests, in the field of vat grown organs and limbs. Needless to say I could regrow her entire body if it was required, my aim is to regrow her limbs and body parts over the next few days from a sample of her white blood cells. Then it will be a simple matter of inserting her into the vat, aligning the limb ends with the stumps, opening the wounds and letting the two ends grow together.
    Then, several days after the operation she'll be removed from the vat, good as new. I've done this before for other agents, usually it costs somewhere in the region of £3.5 million, however in this case I would be happy to do it for free.
    >> General Ripper 08/12/09(Wed)19:37 No.5433998

    You're attempting to interfere with my plan to bring yourself glory. You don't care about the girl at all, do you? Her very future is at stake here; not just for herself, but for the rest of the world. You would see me imprisoned, unable to bring these criminals to justice. I am giving this poor girl the chance to create a better world. One without sick torturers like the one that attacked her. You would derail my plans and allow these monsters to roam free, harming others.

    I'm sorry, Agent...

    *A squad of soldiers barge into the room, brandishing rifles.*

    ... But I can't allow that to happen.
    >> Mysterious Doctor in a top hat. Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)19:38 No.5434015
    Afterwards, I shall take her through a personal series of therapy sessions which will help her to both accept her new limbs and to overcome her trauma. If all goes well she should be back to within normal mental limits within 3 to 4 months of soid work.
    Before the threapy begins I will offer her any upgrade she wishes, strength, power, the grafts can bond and do bond with metal during growth so inbuilt weapons are plausable. If she refuses I shall make it clear the offer is open to her throughout the programme and then continue.
    If she accepts I shall implant them and continue as if she had not, unless she wishes me to act differently, either way the choice shall be hers and I have nothing to gain by pressuring her either way. And no party shall be allowed acess to her during the therapy to avoid outside influences pressuring her too.
    Would you like me to start to fill the growth vats gentlemen?
    >> The Joker 08/12/09(Wed)19:40 No.5434033
         File1250120400.jpg-(36 KB, 350x233, joker_nurse.jpg)
    36 KB
    *Suddenly the attending nurse whips out a gun and fires two shots right into the girl's head*

    "Oh boys, boys, boys. So busy at each other's throats that you don't notice what is right under your noses. The kid is better off out of everybody's hands. Sweet kid, I'm sure she'll go to heaven."

    *Joker leaps out of window and lands in a garbage truck*
    >> /d/ 08/12/09(Wed)19:40 No.5434036
         File1250120410.png-(2.13 MB, 1453x2292, queenofd.png)
    2.13 MB

    You've spoken of revenge, but what would it give her? Nothing. Revenge doesn't change the past. It doesn't take away pain; it only adds to it. Revenge brings no peace of mind.

    But, what greater peace of mind is there than being allowed to experience something so wonderful that she could forget about her past? To see so something so beautiful that the flames of hatred and anger could be cooled?
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)19:41 No.5434054
    Her proper human right is the choice to do what she wants. All we are saying is, out of the thousands of possible choices, those 2 are the most likely she will pick. The other choices are still available to her and we are not trying to take them away from her. She could even go with your 'make her useless but somehow still able to exact revenge' idea, but I doubt she would is all I'm saying

    What the General and I want what is best for both her and for the people she can potentially save!

    Of course, I'm sure you'll agree that monitoring is important whatever route she takes, lest she does something... unfortunate.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)19:41 No.5434056
    Autosage reached
    continuing at >>5434045
    >> Mysterious Doctor in a top hat. Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)19:45 No.5434092
    Hmm...armed people in a hospital. This is strange, still I'm sure I can regrow her from the remains as long as they're warm.
    Make a choice quickly gentlemen, she doesn't have much time left before her brain starts to die, I'd say 4 minutes without my intervention, 40 with, I'm now going to try and slow her brains decomposition.
    Oh and by the way General. I do belive that any firing cna and will result in us all dying, things considered. So you may wish to send your men away.
    *Picks up bag, moves over to the girl, starts to work on her bullet riddled remains*
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)19:45 No.5434103
    Revenge is not our aim, but the prevention of later tragedies. Also, I hear the General's scientists have an ingenious- But my tongue runs, and I have digressed. That is classified.
    Never! We won't give her to you so easily! Not without proper discussion.
    GET THAT MAN'S RIFLE OUT OF MY FACE! NO! NO! - I was with you! We could have had the world!
    >> Magnificent Bastard 08/12/09(Wed)19:47 No.5434125
    You'll get yourself away from her if you know what's good for you, Doctor. Otherwise I shall have my good friend the Ripper end you.
    >> The Joker 08/12/09(Wed)19:50 No.5434160
         File1250121045.jpg-(15 KB, 400x300, jokerlaugh.jpg)
    15 KB
    Look what I have done with just a little gunpower. Grey matter all over and they STILL are pushing each other away.
    Oh little angel, I did you a favor. No battle cyborgs, no super-deluxe implants, just sweet eternal peace.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)19:52 No.5434181
    That interloping shit is duly disregarded. Now get over to the new thread, everyone.
    >> Anonymous 08/12/09(Wed)20:20 No.5434480
    5431733 here, and I'm surprised this thread is still active. To be perfectly honest, I'm having ethical regrets about my 'strip and rebuild' plan, but still feel this would be a wonderful oportunity for the patient. To this end, I ammend my plan:

    1. Salvage reproductive/related sections of the endocrine system.
    2. All additions to the brain are scrapped, but I'd like to see the nerve enhancements kept in the plan.
    3. Take samples of her skin and vat-grow enough to replace what's missing.

    Cybernetic replacements for muscle, bone and sensory organs stand as stated. Also, the oxycyte marrow stays, interspersed within the rest of the regular marrow. Seriously this stuff is amazing, it's at least twice as effective as hemoglobin in terms of oxygen capacity.

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