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  • File : 1248592875.png-(40 KB, 600x400, 23.png)
    40 KB Dorf Quest LXV Gnome !94Ud9yTfxQ 07/26/09(Sun)03:21 No.5260849  

    Time to get shit done. There is a city to conquer and a moon to carve.

    Previous thread: >>5258777
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)03:22 No.5260862
    Let's carve the moon first. It's way faster.

    Also did you switch drawing tools? Your pictures look different.
    >> Vector !NEy29ODpvs 07/26/09(Sun)03:22 No.5260865
    Take a shortcut through the neutral room to Buzzardloved.
    >> Gnome !94Ud9yTfxQ 07/26/09(Sun)03:23 No.5260875
         File1248593004.png-(26 KB, 600x400, 24.png)
    26 KB
    But some things must come first.
    >> Gnome !94Ud9yTfxQ 07/26/09(Sun)03:24 No.5260884
         File1248593053.png-(27 KB, 600x400, 25.png)
    27 KB
    >Give me a hug, boy.
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)03:25 No.5260888
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)03:26 No.5260904
    Now that we have done the nasty in the present, we must ask Xom once more.
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)03:26 No.5260909

    I can touch you noooooow
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)03:27 No.5260913
    Conquer the city first. We'll carve the moon after we have Moradin's portfolio of CRAFTING.
    Since we otherwise suck at it.
    But, first, can we pay a visit to S-S-Satan and ask if we can have the portfolio for beer?
    >> Vector !NEy29ODpvs 07/26/09(Sun)03:28 No.5260914
    Can we warp over to Buzzardloved NOW? I thought the only enemy in Buzzardloved was Moradin, and he doesn't really care anymore.
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)03:29 No.5260926
    Why visit? Just pray to him.
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)03:30 No.5260933
    Go talk to Xom for a sec and ask him to be our champion.
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)03:30 No.5260937
    Pray? What are we, lazy elves?
    >> Gnome !94Ud9yTfxQ 07/26/09(Sun)03:31 No.5260942
         File1248593489.png-(103 KB, 600x400, 26.png)
    103 KB
    Now for Buzzardloved.

    A few hops later and you find yourself crashing down on the walkway leading in.

    ...You make a mental note to fix that later.
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)03:31 No.5260943
    We've already named Driblis our champion.
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)03:32 No.5260952
    Fine, ask Xom for some polymorph spell or something. We're not magically inclined but who cares.
    >> Vector !NEy29ODpvs 07/26/09(Sun)03:33 No.5260959
    I wonder if Xom's severed arm turn into a shoggoth.
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)03:34 No.5260961
    Summon a giant shield to bridge the break.
    >> Gnome !94Ud9yTfxQ 07/26/09(Sun)03:34 No.5260971
         File1248593690.png-(29 KB, 600x400, 27.png)
    29 KB
    Musclebeard predictably shows up to stop you.

    "I probably can't stop ye from trying t'kill me anyway, but I'd like t'know. What do ye want with Buzzardloved anyway? Ye were a terrible ruler."
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)03:35 No.5260979
    You mean the one we let loose in that human city?

    Killed by an undead monkey.
    >> Vector !NEy29ODpvs 07/26/09(Sun)03:35 No.5260981
    Weren't we going to make Presley the ruler?
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)03:35 No.5260983
    Teleport the kobolds in. If they're not drunk yet, provide them with plenty of ale.

    There weren't many kobolds who survived our brawl with Garrelf, weren't there? They should all be our champions, or at the very least chosen warriors, not just Driblis!
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)03:36 No.5260984

    Kickass and take names. And dont bother with none of that fiddly taking names buisness either.
    >> Vector !NEy29ODpvs 07/26/09(Sun)03:36 No.5260988
    No, the one Moradin deforest off Xom while we were swinging him around.
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)03:36 No.5260989
    Admit you intended on giving it to Presley.
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)03:37 No.5260991
    "Because yer a prick."
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)03:37 No.5261001

    "Oh, I know. I just made a promise, see."
    >> Hope 07/26/09(Sun)03:38 No.5261007
    "Alright, so i'm a bad ruler. We've established that. Thats why i intend to give the city to presley."
    "oh and my followered needed a home, and you kicked them out. You're going down"
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)03:39 No.5261008

    Buzzardloved is more than a dorfen fortress, it is a kingdom of those that the world has cast aside! Kobolds, Naga, and Dorf alike! I cannot allow your Xenophobic tendencies to prevent this kingdom from coming to fruition!
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)03:40 No.5261016
    "... because it's mine."
    "And ye didn't even gimme a chance to set things right, it was just BAM out goes the door for Beardbeard. And ye kicked mah friends out. And then made fun 'a Sunson. An' I got honor too. It ain't your kind of honor, but it's mine. I got PRIDE."
    "I don't like you. An' I'm gonna kick your ass."
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)03:43 No.5261040


    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)03:43 No.5261043

    This guy put it pretty well, too.
    >> Gnome !94Ud9yTfxQ 07/26/09(Sun)03:43 No.5261044
         File1248594213.png-(30 KB, 600x400, 27.png)
    30 KB
    >Because you're a prick. But nah, I'm gonna give it to Presley.
    "...That bard fellow of yours? He seems a sensible type. Alright then. The city is his. As long as its not you giving orders, everything should be fine. I'd rather not fight you now that you can hit through my stoneskin."

    >...Ye don't understand, Musclebeard. Ye kicked out my friends. Ye made fun o' Sunson. I got honor, too. It ain't yer kind o' honor, but its mine. Its Pride.

    >I don't like you. And I'm gonna kick yer ass.
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)03:45 No.5261057
    Wow, Moradin seems kind of... cowed.
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)03:45 No.5261059
    Throws some mountains shapes like kobolds at him.
    >> Vector !NEy29ODpvs 07/26/09(Sun)03:45 No.5261063
    So much for being a pacifist.
    >> Hope 07/26/09(Sun)03:46 No.5261067
    Proceed to savagely beat moradin within an inch of his life...

    >> Vector !NEy29ODpvs 07/26/09(Sun)03:48 No.5261086
    Make him sober with our god powers.
    >> Gnome !94Ud9yTfxQ 07/26/09(Sun)03:48 No.5261087
         File1248594513.png-(35 KB, 600x400, 28.png)
    35 KB
    "...Very well. Beardbeard Godslayer, God of Strength - I challenge you to a duel of Divinity. Name your location."
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)03:49 No.5261090
    Fight on Sunson.
    Do it.
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)03:50 No.5261100
    The first, oldest dorf mountainhome!
    >> Hope 07/26/09(Sun)03:50 No.5261102
    No way, we could hurt sunson.

    Next best thing.

    in a volcano.

    oh wait moradin would kick our ASS in a volcano.
    >> The Scribbler 07/26/09(Sun)03:50 No.5261103
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)03:50 No.5261104

    We don't wanna hurt the poor lad.
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)03:50 No.5261107
    >within an inch of his life...
    I like this, let not kill him. Just beat him down, demand the domain of brewing and then let him be.We don'e need all the stone and fire and crafting bulshit anyways.
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)03:50 No.5261108
    Let's fight on the moon instead. Carve it for Garrelf WHILE fighting.
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)03:51 No.5261110
    wait, we're fighting him?

    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)03:51 No.5261111
    Fight...at the molecular level.
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)03:52 No.5261117
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)03:52 No.5261118

    This. Humiliating Moradin is enough.
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)03:53 No.5261125
    Are we sure we want to do that? The whole face on the moon thing seems just cheesy.
    >> Vector !NEy29ODpvs 07/26/09(Sun)03:53 No.5261126
    The same arena we fought Heracles in.
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)03:54 No.5261136
    Samefaggin: But I do support fighting on the moon.
    >> Gnome !94Ud9yTfxQ 07/26/09(Sun)03:54 No.5261137
         File1248594873.png-(41 KB, 600x400, 29.png)
    41 KB
    >On top of Moonears.

    "I accept."
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)03:54 No.5261138
    This...and turn him into a little girl for losing.
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)03:54 No.5261139
         File1248594875.jpg-(202 KB, 733x1188, beardbeard.jpg)
    202 KB
    Hey, Gnome.


    I believe Hanseath here is the true essence of our dear friend.
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)03:54 No.5261141
    Gods can challenge other gods to a duel of divinity? That seems kind of odd. Oh well, I guess we're getting it on now.

    I vote for not killing him if possible as well.
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)03:57 No.5261161
    This is where Gnome decides to end the series. Beardbeard is so gonna lose. I can call it you guys. And it will hurt.
    >> Vector !NEy29ODpvs 07/26/09(Sun)03:58 No.5261169
    Use extendo arms to sobering touch him.
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)03:59 No.5261176
    We would've won even before we became god, if only we could have penetrated his stoneskin.

    This time he will be curb-stomped.

    Open the fight with TIMBERSERKER!
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)04:00 No.5261182
    We can summon as many axes as we want right with our new power?
    In which case does that mean we can do UNLIMITED AXE WORKS!?
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)04:01 No.5261195
    Unless he was going easy on us.
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)04:02 No.5261196
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)04:02 No.5261197
    Axes? We shall pull a castlevania...WE SHALL SUMMON A MILLION REAPERS!
    >> Gnome !94Ud9yTfxQ 07/26/09(Sun)04:02 No.5261201
         File1248595372.png-(60 KB, 600x400, 30.png)
    60 KB

    Musclebeard charges.
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)04:04 No.5261209
         File1248595446.jpg-(93 KB, 800x600, 1247987714309.jpg)
    93 KB
    I believe this should be our opening move.
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)04:05 No.5261214
    Summon a cannon and fire yourself into the air to avoid his attack.
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)04:06 No.5261224
    >> Rubric Marine !5YmRrjC64A 07/26/09(Sun)04:07 No.5261230

    When I saw the thumbnail, I thought it was Char, with the Neo-Zeon fleet behind him.
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)04:07 No.5261232
    If he's charging INTO the axes we made...
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)04:07 No.5261238
    Stand your ground! Take the bull by its horns!
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)04:07 No.5261241
    Five words:

    Blade Barrier, but with axes.
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)04:12 No.5261261
    Enter the Stance of the Immovable Mountain. You're a dorf, this kind of thing should be second nature.

    Now, if he's doing the Unstoppable Force Charge, this might create a shockwave that will reshape the face of Moonears, but we were going to do that anyway.
    >> Gnome !94Ud9yTfxQ 07/26/09(Sun)04:20 No.5261280
         File1248596431.gif-(132 KB, 600x400, Moon.gif)
    132 KB
    He tears into you, you tear into him. The force of your blows can be heard echoing on the planet below. Every strike is a bolt of lightning, every strike the sound of rent stone can be heard. The after effects of this battle will be seen for centuries.

    >> Vector !NEy29ODpvs 07/26/09(Sun)04:20 No.5261281
    Did Gnome leave?
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)04:21 No.5261284

    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)04:22 No.5261286
    I lol'd
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)04:24 No.5261294
    Next, we'll make the chin less jagged.
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)04:24 No.5261297

    Nah, it's fine.
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)04:24 No.5261301
         File1248596679.png-(29 KB, 336x336, awesome.png)
    29 KB
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)04:24 No.5261302

    Fuck Yes!
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)04:25 No.5261307
    Someone needs to come up with a beardbeard chant for this.
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)04:28 No.5261326
    I am the beard of my axe.
    Steel is my body, ale is my blood.
    I have killed over a thousand elves.
    Known to undeath, but unknown to humility.
    Though I have withstood the pain of conquering many kingdoms,
    This beard will never rule anything.
    So as I pray--UNLIMITED AXE WORKS!

    That's what I got off the top of my head.
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)04:28 No.5261331
    F5ing like the fist of the motherfucking north star.
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)04:28 No.5261334
    A second thought, "stone is my body" would probably work better. Since he's a dwarf and all.
    >> Vector !NEy29ODpvs 07/26/09(Sun)04:29 No.5261338
    Did we win yet? If not, attack harder.
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)04:30 No.5261349
         File1248597046.jpg-(109 KB, 492x361, f5-tornado-hits-01-af.jpg)
    109 KB
    I haven't F5'd this hard since the final Ruby Quest.
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)04:32 No.5261361
    I wonder if Pride is part of our domain of Strength...
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)04:32 No.5261363

    This. Show him our moves.
    >> Gnome !94Ud9yTfxQ 07/26/09(Sun)04:34 No.5261371
         File1248597272.png-(71 KB, 600x400, 32.png)
    71 KB
    Its been a long, grueling battle, but the two of you are on your last legs. You conjure more axes. You'll need everything you have to survive the next-
    >> Gnome !94Ud9yTfxQ 07/26/09(Sun)04:35 No.5261374
         File1248597307.png-(64 KB, 600x400, 31.png)
    64 KB
    -wait. No! You don't want him dead! Fall the other way!
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)04:37 No.5261391
    Maybe he's just unconscious.

    I don't think he's faking, it's undorf like to bluff.
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)04:37 No.5261394

    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)04:37 No.5261396
    Luckily, being the champion of Xom gives us the power to extend our limbs. Send out an arm and catch him!
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)04:38 No.5261399
         File1248597486.png-(16 KB, 381x400, 1225907461665.png)
    16 KB
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)04:38 No.5261400

    >> The Scribbler 07/26/09(Sun)04:38 No.5261403
    Use summoned axes to catch him, that way we wont get fucked up if he's faking

    Also we're catching him with axes, that's badass and dorf-y
    >> Hope 07/26/09(Sun)04:38 No.5261404
    Summon a giant flying axe, surf down and catch him with it.
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)04:38 No.5261405
    You forget that that is exactly how we ripped out his eye.
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)04:38 No.5261406

    Save Moradin.

    He may have been a jerk to us, but we're trying to prove a point here, not take his life.
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)04:39 No.5261411
    Quick, rotate the moon so he lands on an ear. We can do it, were STRONG!
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)04:39 No.5261416
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)04:39 No.5261417
    Be prepared for anything sneaky he may throw at you. Like a PRIDE attack that will gouge out our other eye.
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)04:40 No.5261425

    Move Mountains -> Moonears.
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)04:41 No.5261429
    Let him die.
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)04:41 No.5261432
    Well, yeah, but Beardbeard is chaotic evil. It's very much like him to feint. I can't see Moradin doing that though.

    Also, save Musclebeard/Moradin.
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)04:42 No.5261440
    I remind you people, HE challenged US.
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)04:43 No.5261442

    I'm beginning to wonder if Beardbeard is Evil or just plain fucking crazy Neutral at this point.
    >> Hope 07/26/09(Sun)04:43 No.5261448
    True chaotic.
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)04:43 No.5261449
    Only technically. We told him we were going to beat his ass before he challenged us though, and he was going to let us go before then.
    >> Gnome !94Ud9yTfxQ 07/26/09(Sun)04:45 No.5261461
         File1248597940.png-(59 KB, 600x400, 31.png)
    59 KB
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)04:46 No.5261464

    PRIDE is Beardbeard's schtick. It'd be more like Moradin to STONE.
    >> Gnome !94Ud9yTfxQ 07/26/09(Sun)04:46 No.5261465
         File1248597981.png-(19 KB, 600x400, 33.png)
    19 KB
    >> Gnome !94Ud9yTfxQ 07/26/09(Sun)04:46 No.5261472
         File1248598017.png-(45 KB, 600x400, 34.png)
    45 KB
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)04:47 No.5261474

    That works too, if we managed to catch him.
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)04:47 No.5261476
    We have to take him to the neutral room somehow. All wounds heal there!
    >> Gnome !94Ud9yTfxQ 07/26/09(Sun)04:47 No.5261477
         File1248598056.png-(15 KB, 600x400, 35.png)
    15 KB

    I swear, passing out on the edge of that kind of drop... What kinda of God are you?
    >> Hope 07/26/09(Sun)04:47 No.5261478
    I think beardbeard is about to turn gravity upside down with his hands.
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)04:47 No.5261479
    Suddenly our old elf friend comes out of nowhere and grabs him...
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)04:48 No.5261480
    Well, haul him back up. Mutate if you have to. We healed our mutations up now that we're a god, right?
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)04:48 No.5261484

    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)04:52 No.5261501
         File1248598332.jpg-(63 KB, 450x338, tomoyas-manly-tears.jpg)
    63 KB
    Moradin. You son of a bitch. What kind...
    What kind of Dorf are you?
    We just wanted to beat the shit out of you. Is that so wrong? We wanted to prove something. And you...

    You give up so easily?
    When we come for you, you try to just roll over? You tell us you don't want to fight? You try to just give up, after everything you said to us? Because we might hurt you?

    >> Gnome !94Ud9yTfxQ 07/26/09(Sun)04:53 No.5261507
         File1248598397.png-(15 KB, 600x400, 35.png)
    15 KB
    Actually the arm holding you up is pretty badly torn. You're pretty sure you don't actually have an elbow holding it together, just some sinew. Its a wonder you can hold on at all. Try as you might, you just can't haul yourself up there, or even get the leverage to toss Musclebeard up.
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)04:54 No.5261513

    Create LADDER out of FLOATING AXES?
    >> The Scribbler 07/26/09(Sun)04:54 No.5261515
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)04:54 No.5261517


    Also, oh shit.
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)04:54 No.5261518
    Well...can we mutate? Or grow wings or something? Or maybe call over Sunson to give us a lift.
    >> Oh god where do i get this stuff. Hope 07/26/09(Sun)04:56 No.5261528
    Quick make the uh...Axe skybarge!
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)04:57 No.5261534
    Wait, can;t you just portal before you hit the ground?
    >> Gnome !94Ud9yTfxQ 07/26/09(Sun)04:58 No.5261537
         File1248598680.png-(31 KB, 600x400, 36.png)
    31 KB
    "What... What are you doing, lad?"
    >Moradin. You son of a bitch. What kind...
    >What kind of Dorf are you?
    >O just wanted to beat the shit out of you. Is that so wrong? I wanted to prove something. And you...

    >You give up so easily?
    >When we come for you, you try to just roll over? You tell us you don't want to fight? You try to just give up, after everything you said to us? Because we might hurt you?
    >> Gnome !94Ud9yTfxQ 07/26/09(Sun)04:58 No.5261544
         File1248598710.png-(30 KB, 600x400, 37.png)
    30 KB
    >> Gnome !94Ud9yTfxQ 07/26/09(Sun)05:00 No.5261558
         File1248598808.png-(35 KB, 600x400, 37.png)
    35 KB
    "...Yer right, boy. Its about time I had some Pride."
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)05:01 No.5261566
    I think this is going to be pretty neat.
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)05:02 No.5261571
    >> Hope 07/26/09(Sun)05:02 No.5261572
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)05:02 No.5261573
    >> Gnome !94Ud9yTfxQ 07/26/09(Sun)05:03 No.5261589
         File1248599036.png-(25 KB, 600x400, 38.png)
    25 KB
    He twists in position, and with a blade made of obsidian, Musclebeard cut through his own leg.
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)05:04 No.5261591
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)05:04 No.5261596

    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)05:04 No.5261599
    Jump after him. Fuck if he's getting away that easy.
    >> Hope 07/26/09(Sun)05:05 No.5261602
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)05:05 No.5261607
    Xom finds this hilarious!
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)05:05 No.5261610

    Manly tear time, yes?
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)05:06 No.5261614
    Summon a lassoo.
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)05:06 No.5261619
    >> The Scribbler 07/26/09(Sun)05:07 No.5261623
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)05:07 No.5261626
    Solemnly accept his Pride.
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)05:08 No.5261633
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)05:08 No.5261635
    ... "Aye."

    Moradin's chosen his path.
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)05:09 No.5261641
    Goddamn it /tg/ let the dorf have his fucking pride.
    He chose this for himself. Respect that.
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)05:09 No.5261644
    Don't ruin his moment. He's made his choice, accept it with your own pride.
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)05:10 No.5261649

    ...For Pride.
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)05:11 No.5261659
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)05:12 No.5261665
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)05:15 No.5261693
    Well, we were told we would never be stronger than Musclebeard.

    This seals it - we never defeated him.
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)05:15 No.5261694
    What about OUR Pride?! He's stealing it!
    Damnit, Moradin! You're supposed to...!
    You're supposed to...
    It wasn't supposed to be this way.
    >> Gnome !94Ud9yTfxQ 07/26/09(Sun)05:18 No.5261716
         File1248599908.gif-(41 KB, 600x400, Goodbye.gif)
    41 KB
    You are strongly tempted to dive after him... But you hesitated, and the moment is gone. It is a bitter pill, but you accept his pride.

    Farewell, Musclebeard.
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)05:19 No.5261723

    I have the sneaking feeling that Fate is going to pop up soon.
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)05:19 No.5261727
    Might as well haul ourselves up with our other arm.

    Keep Moradin's leg if we can. We can use our new Crafting divinity to fashion his leg bone into an axe handle, maybe.
    >> Hope 07/26/09(Sun)05:20 No.5261732
    well...god damn..throw the leg onto our pile then.
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)05:20 No.5261734
    Eww, dude. Don't be gross.
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)05:20 No.5261736
    Flip him off. Also Garelf on flying motorcycle to rescue him.
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)05:20 No.5261738
    Well, he has popped up every other time we won a duel for divinity.
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)05:21 No.5261741
    One day we'll wind up with a Frankenstein's Monster of fallen gods.

    That will be a good day.
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)05:22 No.5261744
    >>5261716 >>5261723
    ... Fate.
    Goddamnit. Get Fate on the line. Now.
    We're... we're telling him to put it down, in that faggy little book of his, that Musclebeard had Pride.
    And he better not give us any lip.
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)05:23 No.5261760
    Salute our fallen foe.

    Let him know we would have liked to have had one more armwrestle with him. To see who truly was the strongest.
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)05:26 No.5261772
    Wait... he challenged us. Does that still mean we get his godhood? I mean, as opposed to him just failing to get ours. He is a god after all, right? Can he still die if he has his divinity?
    >> Gnome !94Ud9yTfxQ 07/26/09(Sun)05:28 No.5261792
         File1248600531.png-(77 KB, 600x400, 39.png)
    77 KB
    "So ah... Need a minute, BB? Or should we get this divinity thing out of the way?"

    >...Fate. In your little book. Put down that he had Pride.

    "...Really? That's what you want me-"

    >Shut the fuck up and do it.

    "...Okay then."
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)05:29 No.5261798
    And the monster of revenge claims another victim.
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)05:30 No.5261811

    Manly fucking tears. Fuck Yes.
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)05:31 No.5261814

    Beardbeard claimed his life, but restored his pride.
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)05:31 No.5261815
    Also, give us that godhood.

    It's ours now, we may as well keep it. Throwing it away seems disrespectful to his legacy.
    >> Hope 07/26/09(Sun)05:33 No.5261823
    Alright. Bam, Presley is King.

    Bam if they can follow the laws they're a citizen.

    Bam, ring up Kav and ask if she'd like some divinity.
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)05:33 No.5261827
    And wahay, this way we can keep an eye on Buzzardloved even better, since we have a divine prescence there.
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)05:34 No.5261828
    So, guys, I know he had a glorius death and everything...

    But what with the kobolds and the dwarves and all...

    well, what I'm trying to say is that we're gonna need a new barkeep, right? And he was pretty much the best in the buisness. I say we give him the same offer we did herc. Plus it'll give us a chance to see our sweetheart again. And this time we'll bring lillies.
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)05:34 No.5261829
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)05:34 No.5261831
    We're pretty irresponsible. You think Presley would be interested in some of the more... honorable aspects of Musclebeard's divinity?
    Maybe he could even share them with Krann...?
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)05:36 No.5261842
    I think we might need to be a little conservative about just handing divinities out. Look what happened to Shiva.
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)05:37 No.5261845
    Moradin was the god of rock... so we can make Presley the god of rock music!
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)05:37 No.5261846
    So... if we're like, two gods now... can we have two champions? What happened to Mordin's old champion now that boss man is out of the way?
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)05:38 No.5261852

    Oh wow, I second this
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)05:40 No.5261859
    He probably moved in to be our responsibility from now on.
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)05:42 No.5261868
    Our dorf is starting to grow up, I think.
    >> Gnome !94Ud9yTfxQ 07/26/09(Sun)05:42 No.5261870
         File1248601334.png-(53 KB, 600x400, 40.png)
    53 KB
    "You know, Beardbeard... With this, you're the god of Strength, War, Ale, Crafting, and Stone. You know what that reminds me of?"

    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)05:42 No.5261871
    Take the divinity. You gave Moradin his pride. He would want us to have his power.
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)05:42 No.5261877
    He's gonna challenge us.
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)05:43 No.5261880
    Shouldn't we get one champion for each of our domains?
    >> Gnome !94Ud9yTfxQ 07/26/09(Sun)05:43 No.5261881
         File1248601418.png-(78 KB, 600x400, End.png)
    78 KB
    "...It reminds me of Dorfs."

    Fate snaps his book shut.
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)05:43 No.5261882

    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)05:44 No.5261885

    ...Oh shit!
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)05:44 No.5261886
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)05:44 No.5261887
    I... I...

    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)05:44 No.5261888
    Yeah, but I think all gods would just rather pile them all up on a single poor soul. Let us do the same.

    Driblis is now DOUBLE-CHAMPION.
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)05:45 No.5261890
    Inb4 shitstorm
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)05:45 No.5261892

    Honestly, Gnome, you're no good at ending things. They just come out of nowhere, like halfway through or something. First you build massive epic plots and then suddenly end them all in one go.
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)05:46 No.5261897
    Dribbles quest activate!
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)05:46 No.5261898



    It cant be the end... theres so much left to do...

    we have to take over the rest of the gods and defeat fate in the ultimate showdown, and abandon our divinity where no one can ever get at it and live in a world where everyone makes there own fate and their own strength and their own place in life.

    You cant end now!
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)05:47 No.5261900
    999/1000 Points
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)05:47 No.5261901

    DRAW THE >>5259973!
    >Can you imagine, a lone kobold in a bar, some fifty empty beers in front of him, and all around, passed out drinkers who couldn't keep up?

    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)05:47 No.5261903
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)05:47 No.5261904

    Well, this is pretty much what we've pushed for.

    I think Beardbeard's story is just about done.
    >> Hope 07/26/09(Sun)05:47 No.5261906
    Bearbeard has more than enough power to do the rest of the stuff on the list.
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)05:47 No.5261908
         File1248601678.jpg-(55 KB, 491x502, 1223439286747.jpg)
    55 KB
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)05:48 No.5261909
         File1248601707.gif-(84 KB, 1000x1000, xomxyog.gif)
    84 KB
    But, now I'll never know how this relationship ends?!
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)05:48 No.5261912
    Driblis quest activate!
    Reclaim the former glory of the Kobold people! Build massive mines that honeycomb the planet!
    Weild the master sword and wreck shit!
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)05:49 No.5261913
         File1248601776.jpg-(90 KB, 500x367, itsover.jpg)
    90 KB
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)05:50 No.5261916
    That was a rather disappointing final battle. I liked the other fights in Dorf Quest because they were detailed and strategic, but in this one, we pretty much skipped the actual battle.
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)05:50 No.5261917

    Fuck that! Theres always more over the next horizon. The story lacks a satisfying denounment, it cant end now!
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)05:50 No.5261920
         File1248601849.png-(13 KB, 350x350, 1235095536503.png)
    13 KB
    Find Garelfs girl mentally broken into loving you...heheh...
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)05:51 No.5261923
    Take Chaos far enough and you get Order.
    Weird, huh? Take, for instance, the wilderness. It's the most chaotic place around right? Until you realize that it's like a big clock, and if you take any gears out dollars to donuts it'll fall to bits...
    >> Fuuka ♥ 07/26/09(Sun)05:51 No.5261925
    Didn't Fate say we'd never beat Moradin in outright strength?
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)05:51 No.5261926
    Gnome! Explain yourself!
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)05:51 No.5261927

    I feel like the reshaping of the moon was like the part where the credits were rolling and then the short, bittersweet cutscene afterward.

    And then the obligatory list of what everyone went to do and got accomplished.
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)05:52 No.5261928

    We didn't, Moradin killed himself.
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)05:52 No.5261929
    Well, we wanted to make BeardBeard the dorfiest dorf to ever crack stone. Can't get much more dorfy than this.

    ...and hopefully this means he finally is kinda okay at crafting.
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)05:53 No.5261934
         File1248602018.gif-(63 KB, 600x900, lesbians.gif)
    63 KB

    Yes, it's kinda crappy, I was trying to remember how the original went from memory and blazed through it.
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)05:53 No.5261935
    That was when we were a mortal.
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)05:54 No.5261938
    Hmm...next Gnome should maybe try a quest where we aren't the main character.
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)05:56 No.5261947
    Well, I'm not as disappointed in this one as the Aldwinside end, but I still think we could use a bit more closure. Oh well, it might not be something that requires more threads.
    >> Explanation Gnome !94Ud9yTfxQ 07/26/09(Sun)05:58 No.5261955
         File1248602322.png-(30 KB, 600x400, Ep1.png)
    30 KB
    >That was a disappointing final battle
    That's because it wasn't a final battle. It was tying up loose ends. The final battle was against Garrelf. That was the real final battle.

    There is going to be an epilogue, and it is going to be right now. It'll be a "what are they doing now" sort of thing. Sorry for the abrupt ending... but Beardbeard is out of places to climb higher, and honestly he doesn't want to climb higher anymore. Getting stronger has killed everyone he's ever liked (except Presley and Driblis). He's fine with being a God. He has earned his legacy.

    He is retiring from adventuring to lead his people to glory. His people being the kobolds, of course.
    >> The Scribbler 07/26/09(Sun)05:59 No.5261958
    It's a good place to end, anyone complaining is being silly

    We're a god, we have the power over everything that makes us, us and we have our kingdom back with our rightfull ruler and a rightfull champion

    There's really not much we can't do that we wanted to

    good end gnome, been great watching this all unfold
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)06:00 No.5261962
    Fuck you guys. This was the perfect end.

    All that other plot bullshittery? Garrelf's dead. Satan's jinnified. Buzzardloved is reclaimed. Presley is king and Driblis is double-everything.

    Beardbeard smashes through your plot, becomes the god of dorfs, carves the moon in the likeness of his dead friend SIMPLY FROM THE DAMAGE CAUSED BY THE BATTLE AGAINST THE OTHER FUCKING GOD OF DORFS, MORADIN HIM FUCKING SELF.

    Then a short, bittersweet ending with few regrets and everything to look forward to.

    This is how Beardbeard rolls.

    This is the ending.

    This is the beginning.
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)06:01 No.5261968
    Someone needs to make a tldr; pic of Dorf quest.
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)06:02 No.5261969
    you know, i would have liked to know what was up with the djinn dealie. oh well.
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)06:02 No.5261975
    What about Garelf's soul? Isn't that like property of "Satan" now? What do we do about that?
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)06:02 No.5261976

    This is an Internet Quest. All craftsdwarfship is of the highest quality. It is encrusted with Epic, studded with Win, and encircled with bands of Awesome.
    On the item is an image of a Dwarf and a God in Tears of Manly.
    The Dwarf is talking to the God.
    The image relates the ascension of Beardbeard to God of the Dorfs in the year 2009.

    Thank you Gnome. It has been an Honor staying up until 6am for you.
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)06:03 No.5261982
    NOW DO SOME DRAWING! >>5261901
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)06:04 No.5261986
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)06:05 No.5261988
    I like how the archive of this thread is like "THIS THING IS FUCKING LONG AND NEVER GOING TO END". And then it ended.
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)06:06 No.5261989
         File1248602771.jpg-(19 KB, 439x400, beard.jpg)
    19 KB
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)06:06 No.5261992


    Whats next for the king of quests?
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)06:11 No.5262011
    Beardbeard waited. The torches above him blinked and sparked out of the air. There were gods in the world. He didn't see them, but had expected them now for years. His warnings to the mountainhomes were not listenend to and now it was too late. Far too late for now, anyway.
    John was a dorf for fourteen years. When he was young he watched the craftsdorfs and he said to dad "I want to be in the shops daddy."
    Dad said "No! You will BE KILL BY GODS"
    There was a time when he believed him. Then as he got oldered he stopped. But now in the mountainhomes of the world he knew there were gods.
    "This is Garrelf," the radio crackered. "You must fight the gods!"
    So Beardbeard gotted his axe and chopped up the tarp.
    "HE GOING TO KILL US" said the gods
    "I will laugh at him" said Xom and he fired his blessings. Beardbeared worshipped at him and tried to follow him up. But then the ceiling fell and they were trapped and not able to kill.
    "No! I must kill the gods" he shouted
    The radio said "No, Beardbeard. You are the gods"
    And then Beardbeard was a divinity.
    >> Gnome !94Ud9yTfxQ 07/26/09(Sun)06:12 No.5262016
         File1248603141.png-(65 KB, 600x400, Ep2.png)
    65 KB
    Garrelf was initially bound to Djinn's soul, and suffered eternal torment until the geas he could not finish was completed. Eventually, Djinn's next Champion finished the quest for him, and Garrelf was sent to the Hells.

    He is doing well there.
    >> Rubric Marine !5YmRrjC64A 07/26/09(Sun)06:13 No.5262018

    Are /tg/ quests only applicable? There's been a awesome one going on at /quest/.
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)06:13 No.5262022
    I think we spent too long going around without any real direction or goal. Stuff like Aldwin going after Goldmoon for the first time was fun, but most of the time we were either cleaning up after our messes (see: getting components for resurrections and regenerations) or doing random things on a whim (see: Mado trying to become a follower of Ra, Beardbeard's quest for godhood).

    There's an interesting world and cosmology built up here, but nothing much happened in it, so there wasn't really much to do. Dorf Quest is probably what happens in fantasy settings in the downtime between world-shaking events.
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)06:13 No.5262023
         File1248603236.gif-(48 KB, 1000x600, tldr.gif)
    48 KB

    Here's my quick shot attempt at the TL;DR of this whole thing.
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)06:16 No.5262034
    We're not asking him to not end it, we're asking him to start a new one.
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)06:16 No.5262035

    I know, but he also had tried to end it several times earlier
    >> Gnome !94Ud9yTfxQ 07/26/09(Sun)06:19 No.5262043
         File1248603587.png-(77 KB, 600x400, picturebookcover.png)
    77 KB
    After this I am making a quest called Amaranth on /quest/, instead of here. Flynx will probably kill me for this, but:

    There it is. Try not to kill the server.

    Amaranth will probably not start for a few weeks, but when it does it will be every Saturday like Dorf Quest was. In my downtime I also run Crossover Quest on the same board.
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)06:21 No.5262050
    /tg/ Isn't worthy of quests anymore? D:
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)06:22 No.5262058

    Shit sucks.
    >> Rubric Marine !5YmRrjC64A 07/26/09(Sun)06:25 No.5262070

    How many Rounds do you plan to do for Crossover Quest?


    I think it's easier to run a quest there, as threads do not autosage and they are never deleted.

    I remember back when I first went to /quest/; there was five quest on the main page, with a new one every day or two.
    >> Gnome !94Ud9yTfxQ 07/26/09(Sun)06:31 No.5262094
         File1248604298.png-(34 KB, 600x400, Ep3.png)
    34 KB
    >Dorf Quest is probably what happens in fantasy settings in the downtime between world-shaking events.
    Beardbeard WAS the world shaking event.

    ...That's a very good question actually. /quest/ was made to help people get off the ground and start a troll-free questing community. I'm not entirely sure I need the shielding against trolls. I will have to think it over at not-6am.

    Mado and Nevada, after their honeymoon, became a lethal assassin pair, and never leave each other's sides. Nevada has mellowed out considerably, and Mado has toughened up, as a result of each other's influence.
    >> Gnome !94Ud9yTfxQ 07/26/09(Sun)06:37 No.5262118
         File1248604640.png-(27 KB, 600x400, Ep4.png)
    27 KB
    4 rounds. I will run out of characters otherwise.

    Kav kept gathering more boys, and they kept dying stupid deaths. Kav reportedly ended up quitting the mafia business for a legitimate firearms sales industry, but no one believes her.
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)06:38 No.5262122
    >...That's a very good question actually. /quest/ was made to help people get off the ground and start a troll-free questing community. I'm not entirely sure I need the shielding against trolls. I will have to think it over at not-6am.

    It'd be awesome if you would stay here. Trolls will leave once the summer's over, anyway.
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)06:39 No.5262126
    Well we hope you stay, would hate to lose another good one.
    >> Rubric Marine !5YmRrjC64A 07/26/09(Sun)06:41 No.5262134

    I'd imagine; but, by the time your new quest and break after the quest finishes, you'll probably have some new characters for the slaughter. I also hope to see fGhost.
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)06:44 No.5262146
    Make sure to give the next quest more direction. Dorf Quest was a lot more fun when we were actually doing something.

    It might be fun to have a spinoff starring the Goldmoon Slayers.
    >> Gnome !94Ud9yTfxQ 07/26/09(Sun)06:44 No.5262148
         File1248605073.png-(35 KB, 600x400, Ep5.png)
    35 KB
    I am a big fan of fGhost...

    In between adventuring in Beardbeard's name, Driblis settled down with a nice Fisherbold. He swears he did not cuddle her for her nose.
    >> Gnome !94Ud9yTfxQ 07/26/09(Sun)06:49 No.5262166
         File1248605374.png-(42 KB, 600x400, Ep6.png)
    42 KB
    Cheska has long since forgotten about Arialla by the time he let her out, 300 years later. She had gone completely and entirely insane.
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)06:49 No.5262168
    I don't think of the kobolds as being his chosen people exactly, Beardbeard just has a soft spot for the underdogs. And the Kobolds as a people are certainly that, Beardbeard just took them under his wing.

    He is the god of Dorfs after all. Kobolds are to be like the beloved little brother to them now.
    >> Latios 07/26/09(Sun)06:50 No.5262173
    Least I asked Gnome to stay. If he doesn't, it will be a loss for all of /tg/, but at least I will know I have tried.
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)06:50 No.5262174

    >Can you imagine, a lone kobold in a bar, some fifty empty beers in front of him, and all around, passed out drinkers who couldn't keep up?
    >> Rubric Marine !5YmRrjC64A 07/26/09(Sun)06:52 No.5262191

    How could you not bee one?


    Bad puns and references aside, >>5262166

    I'd imagine so; I don't really see why Arialla deserved that. She's no Katejina Loos, although they had a similar fate.
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)06:54 No.5262200
    How'd beardbeard fare with getting in xanatos' pants?
    >> Latios 07/26/09(Sun)06:55 No.5262210
    What's Beardbeard do with the leg he got during the fight?
    >> Gnome !94Ud9yTfxQ 07/26/09(Sun)06:57 No.5262222
         File1248605839.png-(68 KB, 600x400, Ep7.png)
    68 KB
    Presley went on to make Buzzardloved into a haven for freedom and music. It became a very successful town, populated by a wide variety of races, most notably kobolds.

    He and Krann also had a child. NEVER AGAIN.
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)06:59 No.5262228

    Garrelf pretty much used Krann as his personal consort, and both he and Presley were Shadar-kai, how do we know that Garrelf wasn't really the father all along?
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)06:59 No.5262229
    >had a child
    ...We're never going to get this explained, are we?
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)07:01 No.5262244
    > Naga + Shadar-kai.
    Think about it.
    >> Gnome !94Ud9yTfxQ 07/26/09(Sun)07:05 No.5262261
         File1248606313.png-(61 KB, 600x400, Ep8.png)
    61 KB
    Arialla did not deserve it, no. But it is her epilogue.


    Xanatos and Djinn hit it up really well shortly after Fate introduced the two of them. They sit and talk for hours about things that bore the hell out of Beardbeard, so he gave up on being anywhere near them.
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)07:08 No.5262277

    Well at least she found somebody, this is acceptable to me.
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)07:09 No.5262280
    Did Coco ever get hugged again?
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)07:10 No.5262282

    I really hate that damn djinn guy. I was hoping we could get the old Satan back. Oh well, probably nothing left of him after all those months we were recovering anyway.
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)07:11 No.5262289
    Did Djinn ever get the rest of those leylines? What other changes did he make?
    >> Gnome !94Ud9yTfxQ 07/26/09(Sun)07:14 No.5262301
         File1248606884.png-(50 KB, 600x400, Ep9.png)
    50 KB
    Goldmoon eventually left the guild in Aldwin's hands, convinced he would have the good judgment to keep the place true to her virtues. She was not disappointed.

    She fills her free time with nightly gossip sessions with Mah-mee. Mado also joins them when Nevada is at the bar with the boys.
    >> Rubric Marine !5YmRrjC64A 07/26/09(Sun)07:19 No.5262319

    Indeed. Also, thank you both, /tg/ and Gnome. I'll be having a debate with myself for days which had it worse between the two.


    >Goldmoon eventually left the guild in Aldwin's hands
    >left the guild in Aldwin's hands
    >leaving an assassination guild in Aldwin's hands


    I'm not sure how to react to that.
    >> Latios 07/26/09(Sun)07:21 No.5262327
    Best idea anyone has had in the history of forever.
    >> Gnome !94Ud9yTfxQ 07/26/09(Sun)07:27 No.5262353
         File1248607673.png-(135 KB, 600x400, Its the rain.png)
    135 KB
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)07:28 No.5262355
    Good show Gnome, I've enjoyed the DorfQuest from the start. If you're going over to tgchan, goodbye, I think their ID system is silly.
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)07:29 No.5262362

    Oh man, that's depressing...
    >> Rubric Marine !5YmRrjC64A 07/26/09(Sun)07:29 No.5262365

    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)07:29 No.5262367
    Poor Coco...
    >> Latios 07/26/09(Sun)07:29 No.5262369
         File1248607794.gif-(21 KB, 369x370, Latios2.gif)
    21 KB
    This is the saddest thing I have seen. Coco deserves a hug.
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)07:30 No.5262373
    ; ~;
    >> Fuuka ♥ 07/26/09(Sun)07:31 No.5262380
    You cruel son of a bitch.
    >> Gnome !94Ud9yTfxQ 07/26/09(Sun)07:37 No.5262418
         File1248608279.png-(46 KB, 600x400, Drinkerbold.png)
    46 KB
    >Kobold drinking people under the table
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)07:40 No.5262432
    What ever happened with that guy we sold the dragon eye to for the resurrection or whatever at the beginning of the game?
    >> Rubric Marine !5YmRrjC64A 07/26/09(Sun)07:42 No.5262443

    When I first looked at the picture, I thought he had a mustache.
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)07:42 No.5262444
         File1248608556.png-(20 KB, 100x100, outrageous.png)
    20 KB
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)07:45 No.5262465
    ffffffff who cares about him.
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)07:46 No.5262468
    Man, those were simpler times. I sorta liked this thing slightly better back then.
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)07:47 No.5262477
    Sorry, I meant to ask what happened with the eye we sold to that guy.
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)07:50 No.5262496
    Probably made a nice soup.
    >> Gnome !94Ud9yTfxQ 07/26/09(Sun)07:53 No.5262513
         File1248609206.png-(50 KB, 600x400, Ep10.png)
    50 KB
    The Priest of Xom? He's still resurrecting fools who dare to brave stupidly tough monsters and bring him their organs, never knowing just what he is making with them...
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)07:56 No.5262527
    That... isn't soup, is it?
    >> Rubric Marine !5YmRrjC64A 07/26/09(Sun)07:57 No.5262530

    When did Beardbeard get usurped? Or is he going to stay in his position, like Fate and Xom?
    >> Fuuka ♥ 07/26/09(Sun)08:00 No.5262547
    You kidding?

    He kicked the ass of a powerful god.. then got MORE POWERFUL THAN THAT. He has all the fighting potential of both godhoods.

    I think his eventual curse is that, once he gets bored of being a God, no one is around to kill him and take the divinity.
    >> Rubric Marine !5YmRrjC64A 07/26/09(Sun)08:03 No.5262556

    While Beardbeard is awesome, he is just a dorf. There may be will be a person later with the ability to usurp him, even if it does take longer than a millennium.
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)08:04 No.5262560
    I suppose then he'd follow the Xom way and do something like find some random kid on the street and give it to them.
    >> Gnome !94Ud9yTfxQ 07/26/09(Sun)08:05 No.5262562
         File1248609904.png-(138 KB, 1022x694, Gnome.png)
    138 KB
    Alright. That is it. The end of Dorf Quest. I'm sad to see it go, but glad it ended where it did.

    I will be lurking, /tg/. Good night.
    >> Anonymous 07/26/09(Sun)08:06 No.5262574
    Come on guys, I like the setting right now. We don't need to look forward hundreds of years or whatever just to get depressed over beardbeards demise.

    And besides if he gets bored he can just transfer or split his divinity off.
    >> Latios 07/26/09(Sun)08:07 No.5262578
    Good night, sweet prince.....waaaaaait I said that wrong.
    >> Rubric Marine !5YmRrjC64A 07/26/09(Sun)08:07 No.5262579

    I just wanted to know; of course, I just want to know a lot of things.


    Good night, sweet prince.

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