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  • File : 1248330333.jpg-(21 KB, 300x249, Some neckbeard writing.jpg)
    21 KB Meta Quest Quest Anonymous 07/23/09(Thu)02:25 No.5234013  
    It's time for another quest thread, guys. Because those things are quality.

    So, you're like, some dude writing a quest thread. What's it going to be about?
    >> Anonymous 07/23/09(Thu)02:26 No.5234018
    A Time Traveling Tech-Priest and his plucky girl side-kick.
    >> Anonymous 07/23/09(Thu)02:27 No.5234023
    its about a guy writing a quest thread, duh.
    >> Anonymous 07/23/09(Thu)02:27 No.5234026
    said sidekick is inexplicably a female gnoll cleric
    >> Anonymous 07/23/09(Thu)02:29 No.5234046
         File1248330564.jpg-(8 KB, 516x505, Loopy.jpg)
    8 KB
    That sounds a little too loopy.
    >> Anonymous 07/23/09(Thu)02:29 No.5234047
    Together, they fight crime.
    >> Awful Good 07/23/09(Thu)02:30 No.5234056
    A halfling who wants to be a hero. He looks like a girl and has a hard time saying no.

    You start in a coastal metropolis with nothing but cotton pants and shirt, a belt and a map of the city.

    Um.... wait....
    >> Anonymous 07/23/09(Thu)02:30 No.5234058
    and a stunningly handsome Commisar cursed with immortality.
    >> Anonymous 07/23/09(Thu)02:31 No.5234069
         File1248330703.jpg-(113 KB, 686x580, Hyena Man.jpg)
    113 KB
    So something like this?
    >> Anonymous 07/23/09(Thu)02:33 No.5234085

    The quest involves tracking down a rogue time-traveling Xeno of unknown type as he attempts to alter history to prevent the creation of the Imperium of man.

    The Xeno wears a red trenchcoat and a large hat.
    >> Anonymous 07/23/09(Thu)02:35 No.5234098
         File1248330943.jpg-(65 KB, 600x600, Twist.jpg)
    65 KB
    Okay, so we've got Inspector Gadget in the 40k universe. /tg/ is receptive to your quest ideas, but they aren't quite biting yet. You need a tweest - what's it gonna be?
    >> Anonymous 07/23/09(Thu)02:36 No.5234106

    He likes men.
    >> Anonymous 07/23/09(Thu)02:37 No.5234110

    He fucks the shit out of bears.
    >> Anonymous 07/23/09(Thu)02:37 No.5234117

    We're are capable of drawing quite quickly at an acceptable quality level.
    >> Anonymous 07/23/09(Thu)02:39 No.5234126

    The quest doesnt shy away from adult content.
    >> Anonymous 07/23/09(Thu)02:40 No.5234137
    Hoof. This is meant to be satire, you know. I can't figure out whether your suggestion or the rapid descent into perversity is the bigger insult.
    >> Anonymous 07/23/09(Thu)02:40 No.5234140

    For every major change make or fail to prevent, we cut back to the 'present' of 40k, and see how that change has effected the setting. Thus ensuring that the player's actions feel as though they have weight on the larger scale.
    >> Shas'o R'myr !!TZikiEEr0tg 07/23/09(Thu)02:41 No.5234144
         File1248331290.jpg-(146 KB, 600x600, hard gay dr who.jpg)
    146 KB

    The Hard Gay Exploits of Inspector Gadget in SPAAAAAAACE!
    >> Anonymous 07/23/09(Thu)02:41 No.5234150
    Without the imperium his race wouldn't exist.
    >> Anonymous 07/23/09(Thu)02:42 No.5234155
         File1248331365.jpg-(32 KB, 309x360, Brown-Bears-Mating.jpg)
    32 KB
    Okay, so you decide to hook /tg/ on some mediocre full-on bear porn art.

    The reaction is instant. Your thread becomes 12 times more popular, but is then assaulted by an anon spamming furry porn. What do you do?
    >> Anonymous 07/23/09(Thu)02:43 No.5234159

    Meant nothing by it, anon. Simply thought that a fast hand would be a good twist to draw people in. More of a hook than a twist though it occurs to me. Sorry if I offended.
    >> Anonymous 07/23/09(Thu)02:44 No.5234167
    Cry like a bitch and ragequit
    >> Anonymous 07/23/09(Thu)02:45 No.5234170

    Move away from the bear fucking and more into the furry smiting.
    >> Awful Good 07/23/09(Thu)02:45 No.5234172

    I counter spam with gnomes, halflings and female dwarves, getting accused of derailing the thread in the process. Anonymous starts calling me nasty names, then I get banned. Thread gets deleted.
    Just as planned.

    The world is saved once more, but for how long?
    >> Anonymous 07/23/09(Thu)02:46 No.5234176

    Wait him out. He's just one pathetic troll.
    >> Anonymous 07/23/09(Thu)02:47 No.5234188
    So if a Meta Quest Quest is about roleplaying a guy making a quest thread, what would a Meta Quest, with just one Quest in the title, be?
    >> Anonymous 07/23/09(Thu)02:54 No.5234237
         File1248332073.jpg-(6 KB, 185x246, InspectorGadgetLameassPunch.jpg)
    6 KB
    The extra quest is postmodern.

    You turn against the furry spammer, raging, insulting furries and posting fnatasy porn from your own folders. A lot of people of people on /tg/ are certainly entertained by this bitchy u-turn but the quest lies long abandoned, 50 posts up. Amidst the cries of troll, the furry whiteknighting and porn images, you seem to have lost sight of all the hard work you put into 15 minutes of doodling.

    What is your next step?
    >> Anonymous 07/23/09(Thu)02:55 No.5234240

    It would be the quest we're trying to create, I guess?
    >> Anonymous 07/23/09(Thu)02:56 No.5234245

    troll /tg/ with flare
    >> Anonymous 07/23/09(Thu)02:57 No.5234260

    Wrap up the current thread with a quick cliffhanger, come back tommorow with a new thread and clean slate.
    >> Awful Good 07/23/09(Thu)02:59 No.5234274

    Post camwhore pictures.
    >> Anonymous 07/23/09(Thu)03:01 No.5234283

    This. Do the rest of the quest in live-action using nearby items and people.
    >> Anonymous 07/23/09(Thu)03:01 No.5234284
         File1248332500.jpg-(48 KB, 380x380, Supernova stock photo.jpg)
    48 KB
    You post a last image with an apology under your tripcode, then for added lulz starting spamming flare under Anon. The result is spectacular, and you lean back in your basement with a wry grin on your neckbearded face. Another day, another hollow internet victory.
    >> Anonymous 07/23/09(Thu)03:03 No.5234291
    Aww shit, I wish I'd seen this. Oh well, there's always Meta Quest Quest part doox.

    (Not really)
    >> Anonymous 07/23/09(Thu)03:03 No.5234294

    Wouldnt mind a part 2 some day.
    >> Awful Good 07/23/09(Thu)03:04 No.5234297

    You know.... that's not a bad idea at all.
    >> Anonymous 07/23/09(Thu)03:07 No.5234317

    Fund it.
    >> Anonymous 07/23/09(Thu)03:14 No.5234369
    This is the best quest thread I have ever read.
    >> Anonymous 07/23/09(Thu)03:19 No.5234410
    Someone archive this shit.

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