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  • File : 1247936157.jpg-(32 KB, 300x379, 08Auc04.jpg)
    32 KB Radio Free Wasteland Anonymous 07/18/09(Sat)12:55 No.5192085  
    "And that was 'Lie to Me' by Johnny Lang, here on KFAB 1110 AM, Omaha. Since we're done with the lies, it's time for the truth! Or at least, the news.

    "According to our affiliated CB and HAM networks, the cattle drive from Texas is running into problems and has been halted near Oklahoma City due to raiding parties. We've been told the situation is under control and that the drive will continue within a week. For the moment, this is good news for our boys on the railroad to St. Louis; the sooner we can get in on the Ohio River, and who knows, the sooner some of the towns along the way can get in on-

    "What? No. You're shittin me.

    "Okay ladies and gents, Ross the engineer says there's a transmission coming in goddamn outer space. One of the old satellites up there is sending out something, let me just patch i-"

    *brzzzzzzzzzt-click* "WARNING. WARNING. FLASH. Incoming BALLISTIC MISSILE from 37.24 North, 107.46 East in NORTHERN CHINA. Estimated trajectory places ground zero between 45.20 to 49.50 North and 125.40 to 119.10 West in the PACIFIC NORTHWEST. Residents are advised to seek shelter; Command is advised to raise strategic defenses. WARNING. WARNING."

    *click* "Jesus Christ. If anyone from our HAM network is out there, we're going to be sending the satellite information in the next few minutes, get WLS 890 to check the date on this. God I hope it's old news."
    >> Anonymous 07/18/09(Sat)13:06 No.5192153
    Blast from the past, anyone?
    >> Anonymous 07/18/09(Sat)13:15 No.5192206
    The fuck is this from?
    >> Anonymous 07/18/09(Sat)13:22 No.5192249
    I wrote it. Gimme a while and i'll write another, but i'm hoping enough people remember Radio Free Wasteland to join in.
    >> Anonymous 07/18/09(Sat)13:24 No.5192260
    I'm writing one right now, just a question though. When does Radio Free Wasteland take place?
    >> Anonymous 07/18/09(Sat)13:25 No.5192266
    I love Radio Wasteland threads. This one has a great entry to start it off.
    >> Anonymous 07/18/09(Sat)13:26 No.5192276
    After the apocalypse. Specifics of the apocalypse are up to you though since it was never hammered out. Go nuts, buddy. As far as I can tell though, it was mainly nuclear.
    >> Anonymous 07/18/09(Sat)13:40 No.5192382
    * Music cuts off *

    Heellllo New England! Your listening to WZLX FM, coming to you from our secure bunker in the North End here in Boston! Coming up shortly, we'll hit the ham frequencies and offer tips and advice for your survival.

    Now, it's time for some news.

    * "Breaking News" music sounds *

    We continue our breaking news coverage of the MIT Conflict. An unidentified and heavily armed military force have continued their assault on the former MIT Campus in Cambridge today. Brotherhood forces seized control of the MIT Campus a while ago in an effort to create a technologically sophisticated base of operations for Brotherhood operations and research. We'll update this breaking news story as soon as any updates come through.

    In other news, raider activity around the Chicopee settlement continued today. A large group of residents were robbed at gunpoint by several armed raiders. The lives of the innocent refugees was saved by the settlement's security forces, who foiled the raid after opening fire and wounding two raiders. No one else was injured.

    This has been your hourly News Briefing. Until next time, stay safe, stay vigilant, and stay alive.

    And now for some music.

    * Music begins playing *
    >> Anonymous 07/18/09(Sat)13:45 No.5192405
    Nice work.
    >> Anonymous 07/18/09(Sat)13:51 No.5192443
    >>Heellllo New England!

    Jesus I thought this was going to be about England and Europe in the fallout universe for a second there.

    >> Anonymous 07/18/09(Sat)13:55 No.5192467
    So, this is fanfiction?
    >> Anonymous 07/18/09(Sat)13:58 No.5192483
    *pop* *sounds of static and faint yelling. The signal sorts out in a few moments*

    Shit. Sorry about that, folks.

    Good evening, Brew city! This is WLUM Milwaukee, and I'm the brewmiester.

    Things are looking grim in our fair city, folks. I've got enough power for maybe fifteen minutes of broadcast, so lets get down to it, shall we?

    Miller Park, which up until yesterday had been serving as a foundation for refugees and the military, was hit by raiders. We've got some scattered reports from the once-ballpark, but it's not looking good.

    The East side is experienceing some form of giant rat infestation, according to sources. I'm not sure how much I believe that, but keep your eyes open when you're over there, huh?

    Right. Now, we've got a contest for you, our fine listeners. We're desperately in need of fuel for our generators. So, anyone who can bring us fuel to keep broadcasting will recieve a box of nine millimeter bullets. Yes, folks, we're that desperate. IF you don't want bullets, well... theres always plenty of beer to be had here in brew city.

    Alright, thats about all the time I've got. Heres a going away present for you, in the form of the Violent Femmes. Hope to broadcast to you tomorrow, folks.
    >> Anonymous 07/18/09(Sat)13:58 No.5192486
    Radio free Wasteland originated mainly from the Fallout series, mostly Fallout 3. That said, /tg/ does better writing then Bethesda did.
    >> Anonymous 07/18/09(Sat)14:00 No.5192494
    Write some of your own then, fellow european (I assume). A broadcast from europe. Somewhere in Britain perhaps, to keep it english so everyone can understand.

    Get to work.
    >> Anonymous 07/18/09(Sat)14:03 No.5192519
    *translated from Portuguese"

    Thaaat's right folks, it's me again, DJ pé-de-moleque, here to kick ass and tell you all about it!

    In breaking news, the Floursishing town of New Recife has been under siege by raiders from Penedo! Several people were taken by remnants of the Thundercats extermination group! Terrible, terrible business.

    And now, some kickass music!

    (BTW, there really is an extermination group that calls themselves Thundercats back here in Brazil. It's kinda sad, really.)
    >> Anonymous 07/18/09(Sat)14:07 No.5192548
         File1247940447.jpg-(56 KB, 390x550, neuroshima.jpg)
    56 KB
    hello OP, let me tell you about Neuroshima.

    Neuroshima is your standard postapocalyptic RPG, only more awesome. But on point - Orbital.

    Orbital is the only surviving space station, with half a dozen astronauts who were in stasis while the earth died. When they woke up they found that they are stranded in space for the rest of their lives, and the world they lived in is destroyed. So now, in breaks between longer and longer stasis periods, they transmit to the world talking about how beautiful earth was, and playing sad, sad songs. Without even knowing if there is anyone left to listen to their ramblings.

    And on the ground - people gather around a barely working radio, the only one in a couple miles radius, fine tuning it with surgical precision, listening to stories about what the world was before the apocalypse. And humming these sad, sad songs.
    >> Anonymous 07/18/09(Sat)14:12 No.5192581
    Thread has been conquered
    >> Anonymous 07/18/09(Sat)14:13 No.5192588
    *A crude rendition of "Oh Canada" finishes, a number of instruments ending off beat*
    And that was the first class of our very own Mainland Youth Educational Facility band playing the good old national anthem, God bless 'em.

    I am, of course, Larry the Lighthouse Keeper and you're listening to Lighthouse Radio: Keeping the population of New Scotia informed and entertained without the use of alcohol!... at least on weekdays.... What?..... Oh, sorry bout that. Once again I am reminded that, thanks to Premier Wilkins, we are now the province of "Libra Scotia", a fancy new name to commemorate the day we crawled out of the rubble and figured the US government wouldn't notice if we de-annexed ourselves. Over 2 months and no sign of an invasion!

    Ooookay, we've got a bit of news so listen up:

    First off, I'd like to welcome any new fishermen who might be listening in. Thanks to Captain Ishmael and his boys we have another buoy transmitter up, so our broadcasting power has increased enough to transmit almost two miles off coast! Great job fellas, you're a credit to the fleet.

    As per the Captain's request, here's an old sea chantey for all you loyal listeners.

    *Music begins to play*
    >> Anonymous 07/18/09(Sat)14:16 No.5192608
    Best one so far.
    >> Anonymous 07/18/09(Sat)14:21 No.5192638
    Good mooooooorning London! You're listening to BBC Radio 1! Well, what's left of it. Scrounge up the least broken cup you can find, the least dirtiest kettle and use the teabag from last night to make yourself a good cuppa!

    Now I don't want to start the day with bad news buuut.... there isn't much in the way of good news. Some nutjobs have been seen doing something to Big Ben. They've used a giant Union Jack to hide the face of the beloved symbol. It's a safe bet that whatever they are doing up there is dangerous, and they DEFINITELY don't want anyone snooping around there. They shoot on sight, people.

    King Bob's tyrannic reign ended after a coup, from the newly crowned King Williams. Bob's reign of a month has been the longest reign in 4 years. King William's first decree is to have built robot horses for the Royal Guard, now equipped with Halberd Laser guns. Anyone caught trying to nick something from the palace is going to be in for a big surprise! I'm sure I'm not the only one that hopes for King Williams to have a long, happy and non-radio station destroying reign.

    Now for some non-local news... a group called the Hood have gained control of Nottingham using remarkably efficient assassination and guerrilla tactics. These boys know their way around sniper rifles. They declare them self to work for "The People". If you hope to bring a trade cartel through there, I'd lower your prices around there or run the chance of your good being claimed "For the People".

    And now for some of Queen's "We are the Champions" to heighten your spirits after that bad news. And remember, keep the stiff upper lip.
    >> Anonymous 07/18/09(Sat)14:29 No.5192684
    Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood Moooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooornig

    This is Dubya-ee-vee-oh, and this is the news.

    Boys from the Delta have made a return today with something called 'The Shine'. A bramblefuck of Nuke Mutants on Beale found out the only cocktail you make with it is of the Molokov kind.

    In other news, Elvis Presley IV, was crowned today as the New King of Rock n Roll. This of course comes only a week after the bombing of Sun Studios and the assasination of King Lux Interior and Queen Poison Ivy. Mad Motor-Mike has taken up control of the Dedicated Legion of the Cramps.

    For all of you Mid-Towners, best get those umbrellas patched up and another compact ready, we've got acid rain rolling in around five today with a chance of melting your fuck'n face off.

    And now, for something up beat.

    *opening riff of Johnny B. Goode*
    >> Anonymous 07/18/09(Sat)14:39 No.5192747

    Larry the Lighthouse keeper here again. As if you were expecting someone else.

    Today, my dedicated listeners, I thought I'd tell you a little story. You see, one day, my friends and I were at the beach, I remember it well because we all had matching towels. Anyways, one of my friends went under a dock, and there he saw a rock. But it wasn't a rock, good listeners, oh no. It was rock lobster. And then it tore off one of his arms and bit his goddamn head off. Now I know that wasn't a very nice story, but it's late spring, which means the rock lobsters are in full predator mode, so you all need to be extra careful when wandering around the coast.

    For any of you who haven't seen one or even heard of one up until now I'll give you the low down, these miracles of the bomb look like any other pile of rocks, until they get up and tear you in half. If you manage to see one before it sees you there's only one thing you can do: Run. You'd think something with a shell that thick would be too slow to even move but these fuckers can somehow manage to lunge at you from nearly 5 meters away, and can still manage to scurry faster than a mad pigrat, at least for little while. In the off chance that running isn't an option then the only part of them that a bullet can manage to go through is the eyes. So aim and pray you sorry bastards, aim and pray.

    And now some music to lighten the mood.

    *A song by the B-52s begins to play*
    >> Anonymous 07/18/09(Sat)14:41 No.5192764
         File1247942514.jpg-(23 KB, 485x320, ham.jpg)
    23 KB
    >If anyone from our HAM network is out there, we're going to be sending the satellite information in the next few minutes, get WLS 890 to check the date on this.
    >> Not him 07/18/09(Sat)14:43 No.5192771

    *the fuzz of static occasionally broken by the muffled sounds of a scuffle and arguing voices*

    "No.......insufferable prick.......... telling you the signal won....o you mean? ...Dennis the light is on! Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!"


    (aside) Bugger me I think it's working Dennis.
    Ladies and gents this is not a recording, I repeat this is not a prerecorded message! You are listening to the first live radio broadcast in the south of England for over a century! We're coming to you live from the BBC studios here in....."

    *the signal falls to static again briefly before returning*

    "ods sake Dennis don't touch anything! Right, sorry about that ladies and gents, slight technical difficulty.Um, what next? Oh right, introductions! Yes I'm, (bloody hell why didn't we come up with something clever to say for this?), I'm....... Milton.
    Milton Burl, maybe it'll be better if you just call me that fellow off the wireless?


    Right! The news! (Thank you Dennis). Alright this one goes out to you chaps in Kent, we've got a translation of that Morse code message that's been going out on the long wave for the past few months. It seems our friends from across the channel are planning to pop over for a visit during the next dry season, first radio broadcast and now first contact with the french since the war, eh? Will wonders never cease?

    The message was vague but it's our understanding they'll be risking a trip through the channel tunnel, so best assume they will be armed to deal with the ghoul population below. It's our hope here at.....at....
    (Dennis? What the hell are we calling ourselves? ... What? No that's stupid! I'm not saying that!)

    *More sounds of a scuffle*

    "It's.....*sigh*......It's our hope here The Wonderful London Radio studios that our friends from across the glow waters come in peace, let's all do our best to forget our history with them and pray they do the same.

    In other news...."
    >> Anonymous 07/18/09(Sat)14:56 No.5192841
    Heeeeeeeeeere's Larry! With the final news report of the day.

    It appears that those puritans up in Labrador have finally gotten their come-uppens. See, there's a little farming community up there by the name of Waknuk, nice enough place, except for their nasty habit of ostracizing, torturing and murdering anyone who doesn't fit the standards of what a human should be. Doesn't matter if you're a ghoul or if you have a birthmark on your taint, all they seem to notice is that you're different, that you're "wrong" and need to be gotten rid of. Hell these guy would burn entire fields of crops if one single kernel of corn was the wrong colour, it's that kind of messed up.

    Anyways, it seems that they sent most of their men on a mission to chase after a couple of runaways who fled for a shanty town of other folk with minor mutations. After a week or so of waiting for the men to return they finally sent someone down there to see what happened. They found them all, farmers and freaks alike, all dead. Unfortunately my information is cut short when it comes to the details of how they all died, but either way it means that poor old Waknuk is out of a good 50 men, and the capital of Rigo might have to do a bit of rationing this winter.

    And now one more song before I take a break. Be sure to tune in after midnight for Larry's Liquored-Up Lighthouse Hour, where I play all the music and news that the big wigs around here have considered unfit for little ears. Goodnight, and God bless.

    *music begins to play*
    >> Magus O'Grady 07/18/09(Sat)15:19 No.5192945
    GOOOOOOOODDDD MORNING LOUISIANA!!! Welcome to another magnificent day of 'getting it right this time' Foor those of you just tuning in, I AM Magus O'Grady, the Voice of Vespucci, avatar of the Great Organizer himself, broadcasting from the Angola Fortress Compound itself. Enough of the Olds, it's time for the NEWS!

    Reclamation work in Port Sulfur is going smoothly, and the second major tidal generator complex should be online within the month, providing the whole area with a double-ration of electricity just in time for summer! The VMF Lewis, that massive barge-fortress we've been building, is nearing ompletion and will allow us to both traverse the Mississippi in safety, and to move out into the Gulf and start scavenging or refitting the oil rigs out there. Word came down this morning that we have a scout report from the Clark boats sent upstream, and they report several small trading communities springing up along the Mississippi and its tributaries. Rest assured, we will be quick to open trade relations with them, and even bringing them into the Vespucci family, if they're willing. And I've just now received confirmation from comm-central that the last major gang of raiders in the area has been wiped out thanks to the superior technology and training of the Vespucci Legionnaires. That means it is now officially safe to travel the designated routes between settlements again! Speaking of settlements, I've got a report here that says the reclamation of the Bogalusa principality is almost finished. The swamps have been diverted, and the barriers are holding steady. We should have Toilet Paper flowing to every settlement within three months!

    Enough with that, I'd like to hand the mic over to The Organizer, the man we all have to thank for seeing us through the collapse of the government and setting us on the road to rebuilding. T.O.? Take it away!
    >> The Organizer 07/18/09(Sat)15:40 No.5193063

    Thanks, O'Grady. Great to be back on the air. Now, I'd like to take a moment and address some concerns I have. First and foremost, I MUST remind you not to venture into the wilderness alone. If there is an emergency, be it raiders, mutants, wild animal packs, whatever, PLEASE notify the nearest Vespucci Legion Post immediately. If you're just going hunting, PLEASE observe the safety advisories and take at least two other people with you.

    Secondly, I'd like to say how PROUD I am of you all. You've helped each other admirably and built Vespucci into a great place to live. Your response to the education initiative is nothing short of stellar! And with the scav teams bringing back the remains of UNO, LSU, and Tulane medical centers, our medical program can get back on track. Be sure to sign up to attend one of the classes at your earliest convenience. Proper medical care is very important, and there's no such thing as too many doctors.

    Speaking of Doctors, I am both pleased and disappointed to report that Smiling Smokey, the drug dealer has been apprehended. I'm pleased to report it because this should dry up the stream of harmful chems flowing through our communities. I'm disappointed because he's kept records of everyone he's dealt to. I know who you are. Don't worry, I'm not sending the Legionnaires. I'm a lenient man, and I've allowed you a great deal of liberty in your chems. Booze, Ex, and Mary Jane should be more than enough, guys. The hard stuff that SS was peddling? That poison WILL KILL YOU. Please, if you start feeling sick or having withdrawal symptoms, PLEASE, I'm begging you, report to the nearest infirmary for treatment. You won't be punished. I want to help you.

    Now, that's enough of that. I'd like to open the floor to questions. You all have your HAM radios, I know, so don't hesitate to shout out. We've got operators relaying all over the city-state, they'll let me know what you ask and I'll answer your questions as best I can.
    >> Anonymous 07/18/09(Sat)15:41 No.5193072
    WE'RE BACK, BABY! Good morning, good morning one and all out there in the black; you're listening to Radio Outlands, with your host, the indestructible, indefatigable Outlander, bringing you the best in postapocalytpic news, music and information, even if it is by default. I am broadcasting from a NEW undisclosed grid deep in the Valleys. Why new, you ask? Because a group of raiders managed to triangulate my last position. Nice try lads, but next time? Don't swan up with some over and unders. It's insulting to a man with a rifle.

    Alright, let's see what we've got regarding news in the area.

    The causeway between Barmouth and Tywyn has been cleared. The Barmouth and Tywyn Militias prepared to assault the bridge, but upon advancing found only corpses. Looks like someone's was tired of waiting and took matters into their own hands. Good on you lads. That means any of you thinking of travelling now have a safe route; well, as safe as any. At least you don't need to swim across the Dysnni floodlands, eh?

    Let's see; oh yes; our friends the cultists have given yours truly a message via radio; it's the usual gibberish "Sin of man... cleansing the earth... our way is salvation... we fuck little boys... blah blah blah." Now, so far they haven't done anything yet, but I think we all remember those Cult of Sirius fucks from a couple of years ago. So again, anybody traveling near Castel y Bere, keep an eye out and your safeties off.

    Ghoul activity is up in the Aber valley as the summer is upon us. To anybody thinking of moving along the valley, keep to the villages and if you can afford it, use the Talyllyn. It's expensive, but it's safe you can't afford it, or won't, keep your weapon ready and travel in groups.

    In other news, the survivors of the expedition north on the old WHR have returned. Caernarfon's just the same as the rest of the country; dead and burnt. Sorry to hear that lads, better luck next time.
    >> Anonymous 07/18/09(Sat)15:42 No.5193079

    Oh yeah, one last thing. I've heard rumours of people receiving radio from other parts of the former UK. Now, I won't confirm this, because I've heard either nothing or nonsense, but if it's true... well, we've got some more light in the black.

    That's the news at nine o clock. And now here's Korpikanni with Man can Move Through the Gray Stone.
    >> Anonymous 07/18/09(Sat)15:55 No.5193153
    Gooood morning Chicago! DJ Danny 'Smoking Ruin' Jacobs here, broadcasting live from the Wil- *cough* Sears Tower's new top floor! That's okay, China, we like the new 75th floor skydeck better anyway.

    Anyway, Chicago, here's the haps: It's late afternoon and something, I don't know what, looks to be going down over in the Gold Coast. Between the clouds of smoke from over that direction and the reports of a mass exodus toward the Lake... Sounds a lot like the Flesh caught up with some of the livin' over there.

    I don't know, Chicago, but it sounds like bad mojo to me. In other news, the studio here is running low on a lot of things, but potable water's a big one- so if you have any, we'll trade whatever we got for it- look for the tallest building left in the city.

    Alright, folks, enough of my jabberin', I'm gonna get back downstairs where nothin's going to be peering at me. Stay safe, keep your head down, and don't let 'em eat your brains. Maybe if we're lucky, somethin'll pull us out of this.

    Catch you on the flipside, DJ Danny signin' off.

    *Don McLean's 'American Pie' plays*
    >> Anonymous 07/18/09(Sat)15:56 No.5193161
    Good morning New Bedford! Hell of a scorcher today, isn't it? It's days like this that make me really want to load up the '55 and visit the finest beach in town. So why not? Let's have us a big beach bash down at old Fort Taber! That's just off County, folks, not that you'd want to go down that street. And remember, it's not a party without food and alcohol -- *distant popping sounds* -- so bring plenty of it.
    >> Anonymous 07/18/09(Sat)16:00 No.5193188

    "Um, is this thing on? Is this thi- oh it is? Okay.

    Um, good morning English South West! This is .. er.. DJ... Jonesy? Meh, It'll do. Anyway you're listening to your local Post-Ap radio! I'm sorry that your regular DJ, Ryan, couldn't make it today. He's.. in isolation. He's been having some bad flashbacks, so we thought it'd be best if he had a lie in today. So all in all, swings and roundabouts!

    Before we get startedn with the news, todays geiger reading is HIGH, with 30 rads per second all over the northern Dorset lower Somerset region! So keep an ear out for that tick tick tickity, and remember to keep your radiation suits closed if you're going out in that rain!"

    "...did they get that? I thought I saw the light blink of- they did? Okay then..."

    "And now for the news! The 'Cow of the Year' competition is still going on this week, with a new category: Number of heads! I know! Can you believe it? Our local contestant Mr Abernathy has one with no less that FIVE, so we're all going to know how that turns out!"


    Also, I'm pleased to report that the that mutated... thing that has been plagueing the area outside our studio for the past few days has finally been put down by the local militia. According to one of them it might have once been a Giraffe... whatever one of THOSE is!

    And that's the news! We'll be back with more local information in about half an hour! Now, some music!"

    "Let's see, what's this.. Feh-Ferank Sign-at-ra? Is that how it's pronounced? Whatever, put it on."

    >> Anonymous 07/18/09(Sat)16:22 No.5193333
    Umm... yes, this is swampdog. I'm... well, I'm a little bit worried. I have a family to take care of and we're right next to the River Bend plant. I know your troops patrol through here regularly, but that nuclear plant is sealed up like a fortress, and the ghouls are always coming out to hunt in the surrounding forests and swamps. They haven't strayed into our settlement yet, but what if they do? What are you planning on doing about those damned zombies?
    >> Anonymous 07/18/09(Sat)16:24 No.5193350

    Echo Messenger, midday transmission. Lunch is roman cake, red wine. Thanks to the fishermen up north for the dry fish.

    For the usuals, a message from up north: 'Little goats are farming uphill, the carrots are growing well' From the coast: 'There is no sun today, must be a bad season to go out'

    In other news, at 7:35 am a transmission declaring a meeting at the yellow peak was intercepted. Those involved should probably attend, other should absent.

    I still don't know why you dicks make me a relay for your bussiness, but whatever. If you stay, we'll be eating to some ambient techno, don't send noise.

    *music starts*
    >> Anonymous 07/18/09(Sat)18:03 No.5193985
    And that was Knights of Cydonia by Muuuuuuuse!!

    We all can thank the ever-so-infamous Chuck "Daredevil" Radcliffe for that lovely track. He's the one that dropped that glorious hard drive in our hands thats been blessing us with all new music this month. Speaking of which! Don't forget to tune in for our brand new Punk Rock Block at 7!

    Owl City Radio coming to you live from the heart of Seatle all day long, broadcasting hope to all of Beautiful Puget Sound.

    Quick update on those air strikes I'm sure we all heard last night: Seems those Crazy Canadian Resistance Fighters got their hands on a few short range missiles and decided to launch 'em at us from Vancouver Island. We don't know how many they have left, but our advice to you?! Don't sleep under the stars tonight! Get as much concrete over your heads as possible. Get under whatever freeways you can. We don't want any of our lovely listeners getting blown to bits by those Canucks.

    Whatever you do, don't take refuge in the Seattle Underground! We got reports of a giant squidshark that's taken up residence in the flooded portions. Oooo *shiver*

    That's all I got for now, but how 'bout a sneak peak at tonight's block?!

    <Black Shoes by The Films begins to play>
    >> Anonymous 07/18/09(Sat)18:14 No.5194050
    Test... test... check...
    YAY! This is RIAS Berlin. Finally some good news: The old equipment is still working!
    Let's start with some news. Good news. The raiders overlooked the technical museum. Even the bombs fell elsewhere We managed to take the place without heavy casualties. Thanks to German craftsmanship, the power problem is solved too, there's some ancient steam engine downstairs.
    Expect a television signal as soon as we get the regular emergency power system ru8nning, we have full broadcasting equipment here. Yep, that's right, we'll be broadcasting in television! Don't thank me for that, thank the Stählerne Bruderschaft. Brotherhood of Steel for you anglophiles out there.

    Anyway, the next song is "Veronika" by the Comedian Harmonists.
    >> Anonymous 07/18/09(Sat)20:00 No.5195030
    przzzzzzzsssssssstchk--ome to International Hour on Deutsche Welle West, coming to you live from the rubble of good ol' Kölle am Rinn! That's "Cologne on the Rhine" to our outsider listeners.

    This is your host Eisenherz speaking, and boy do I have news for you! After things came to a head downtown and we had to evac the cathedral grounds, we've packed out things and move out to our new domicile and broadcasting station, smack on top of the old Colonius Tower. And thanks to the tinkering skills of our resident greasemonkey Vera, whose mojo worked miracles on the old broadcasting systems, you can now enjoy us in a radius of up to three hundred miles on a clear day!

    In other news, work is underway to rebuild the old city walls, using the readily available rubble to reinforce the old wall segments and build new ones in between. They're always looking for volunteers down there to help the efforts -- and that wall can make all the difference when the raiders come!

    Speaking of which, there's reports reaching us from out east that a host of 'em is on the prowl along the remains of Autobahn A4. So if you make your way along that route, travel lightly and don't stop for refreshments -- they might come in the shape of bullets!

    And now, some music: "De Höhner" with "Viva Colonia"!
    >> Anonymous 07/18/09(Sat)21:22 No.5195666
    *Advance Australia fair wraps up*

    "Gee-day all you blokes and shella's out there. This is Dazza Mckenzie coming to you live from the top of Mount Warning on 666.6 am, your only source of news since the apocalypse"

    *wave of static*

    "Well, we're about to get stuck into a weather report, soon as gav' pokes his ead' out the window. But while he's doing that, lets ave' ourselves some news."

    *The sound of papers being shuffled can be heard in the background*

    "Gav', cobber, news doesn't have an 'i' in it... *Clears throat* Anyway, in today's headlines we've got reports of feral roo's roaming south of Brisbane. Thanks to warren for that one, bugger's pack a real bite..."

    "In other news, those rascals the budgies have claimed they've spotted a ship a few kilometer's out from the harbor. heh, now this hasn't be the first time those kids have spun a yarn like that but all the same, we'll keep you digger's posted on that one"

    "And that's me for the moment, mates, be sure to keep the wireless's tuned into the ol' 666, you're only source of news since the apocolypse."
    >> Anonymous 07/18/09(Sat)23:15 No.5196594
    I predict in a post-apoc universe, singapore will be overrunned by idiots wearing pink t-shirts that constantly scream "omg omg omg chui ish going to tio pwn dip dip liao wor!!!"
    >> Anonymous 07/18/09(Sat)23:39 No.5196785
    >> Anonymous 07/18/09(Sat)23:57 No.5196936
    Europe and the middle east had a huge war over oil that practically destroyed them. America refused to get involved and basically watched them tear themselves apart. In the end the oil was used up and the remains of Europe and the Middle East said "Fuck it" since there was nothing left fighting over. If whats left of America is anything to show then Europe is just a massive wasteland with little to no survivors (no vaults)
    >> Anonymous 07/19/09(Sun)00:24 No.5197157
    HEEELLLLOOO Chattanooga! This is Scribbles, your local disk jockey broadcasting live from the Choo Choo. We’ve got some great news for you today. Due to the long labor of a group of mercenaries that have requested to be called “Outlaws” the rail tracks heading to Atlanta have been cleared and nearly completed. As you know the more modern train stations and rail lines were destroyed by the bombs back in 2012, we’ve finally outsmarted those commy bastards and linked our two major cities.

    Expect fresh ammo and food to come in any day now and we plan on shipping out a few tons of steel from our newly reopened factories.

    Buuttt, enough for the news on trading and industry it looks like we’ve got a new storm front moving in and you know what that means! Take cover, board up your windows – or what’s left of them – and get ready for hell.

    Heres ACDC with, you guessed it, Hell’s Bells!
    >> Anonymous 07/19/09(Sun)00:30 No.5197213
    (A Rage Against the Machine Song is cut off in the middle of a note)
    G-Good afternoon, Vermont, I've got a- a special surprise for you guys today, I, I...
    (the faintest whisper of a man's voice in the background, a metallic click)
    ...There's going to be a couple changes around here! For starters, there's a new DJ taking over, he's called Lightning Dave. For another, I'm hereby apologizing for all the fu-fuh-false ideas I've been giving you guys- I was only making life even hard- harder than it already has to be by kuh-questioning our government's benevolent effort to bring society back to its heights during the golden years, and restore the m-morals,
    (...the sound of his finger tapping - --- .-. - ..- .-. . on the microphone begins to drift in and can be heard throughout the rest of the speech) and I shouldn't have said, shouldn't have said the things I said about fighting the government, and I had b-b-bad information about the event in Manchester, there aren't any internment camps there, just h-hospitals where they can make you better, and and and there haven't been any fires and there's nothing in the water and I'm so sorry I just want to go home-
    (another metallic click, then the very start of a short burst like a car backfiring, then static)
    (an instrumental of "the girl from ipanamea" begins to play)
    Lightning Dave here! Isn't it a beautiful day to be American! Tune in after this next block of inspirational music for more instructions!
    >> Anonymous 07/19/09(Sun)00:40 No.5197297
    It is my understand that Europe is filled with Military experts so tough that they make Spess Mehreens look like play-dough. They literally took the military, put them in big underground bunkers (Not vaults. Plain old bunkers) and built underground farms. While the Brits/Germans/Frenchies were away...doing whatever soldiers do in a bunker, hordes of rabid Mutant Niggers migrated North out of Africa. So when the Europeans came out of their holes, they just started gunning down all the nigger mutants.
    >> Anonymous 07/19/09(Sun)00:42 No.5197307

    Echo Messenger, midnight transmission. Turns out old green houses are actually pretty cool.

    No messages this time, but news. Ghouls seem to be moving south to that post-colonial downtown i can`t recall the name of. Animals have been leaving in droves that place.

    Near the hill east of the city, there is a small stream that wasn't there before, someone may want to tap that shit if he can muster up enough guys to get past the wildlife.

    Oh well, that's about it. I would like to make a request for a new knife, mine is thinning. I plan to listen to some Edith Piaf to sleep soundly, so here we go...

    *music starts*
    >> Anonymous 07/19/09(Sun)00:47 No.5197344
    * Music cuts off*

    Ladies and Gentlemen, you're listening to 32.6 AM - Abyssal Radio. We'd like to point out for those cats in the northernmost sector that the Magocracy's raiding parties have been seen pushing into the sector from the surface - be careful, kids, and don't listen to the nice men when they tell you they don't want to hurt you. At least, not unless you want to become a servitor.

    And a community announcement! Anyone looking for work should head to sector six, by the edge of the Larenhrut abyss. The edge farms need workers and the air mines need. workers. Good wages, and you get fed once a day.

    Back to the music.

    *Slipknot begins playing. Truly, ths is a terrible world.*
    >> Anonymous 07/19/09(Sun)00:47 No.5197346
    >- --- .-. - ..- .-. .
    >> Anonymous 07/19/09(Sun)01:04 No.5197493
    *urp* Hey folks 'n yolks *cough* it's Larry here for a... la lala, news... yeah...

    Sooooo, yeah, I guess they've been hauling more stuff from across the border there in New New Brunswick, or wh'ever the fuck they're callin' themselves these days *hic* Pickin' up all kinds a garbage. N' I guess they tend to get their fare share a Eue Esssoldiers, bringin' back their shinny tin can asses and laser guns. Now if.. if- if ya see someone in onna these things, big... BIG armor deallies, an' they don't got the red, an' the white, an' the, the pointy... thing on em' then ya go ahead... an' CAP the bastard! haHA! Show the fuckers we ain't gettin' taken again. Anat's a mess'ge aaaaaall th'way from Ronto, from th' Prime Minster. S'LUTE!
    *sounds of a chair sliding back, then a loud crash*
    Ugh sorry bout that. Gonna hafta cut this brudcast a lil short... laaa... Licker-Up Lighthouse! Yes! That's the name. God, been on the tip of m'tongue the whole night.

    A'right, I've made a jackass of m'self for long enough, shows over.

    >> Anonymous 07/19/09(Sun)02:50 No.5198551
    -Radio broadcast translated from Swedish into English, on behalf of London District Intelligence-

    Good morning, good morning Westnorthland(Västernorrland, originally a former province-SIS)! My name is Peter Wallström, and this is VNR1! Today we have gotten news that Major General Karlsson is making progress pacifying the Guling (Yellows, possibly a loan word from english, ghoul - SIS) west of Sollefteå.

    In other news -clearing of throat, rustle of paper- the paper mill in Sundsvall has reported an increasing demand of workers, but we all know that they will have those position filled up pretty quick, so we advice anyone to try and drive the dreaded route E4. Despite the efforts of our brave guys, raiders still plague our main highways. Remember, aim for the chest, and it's a sure kill!

    This increase in demand is thanks due to the increased relations with neighboring provinces, but the south is still adamant on maintaining its boycott on "dissident" goods. Talks about unification amongst the northern provinces has increased, and the future looks bright.

    Now, the weather...
    >> Anonymous 07/19/09(Sun)03:03 No.5198699
    On a slightly tangential note, one of the major radio stations in Canberra does in fact transmit on 666AM.

    And a weird co-incidence that your post ends in 666.
    >> Anonymous 07/19/09(Sun)05:19 No.5199754
    Bumping an epic thread
    >> Sage McSagington (Inquistor, Ordo Fureticus) 07/19/09(Sun)05:38 No.5199875

    Good morning and welcome to Free Celtica Radio-radio broadcasting all the way from the River Tay to Fort William's bay.
    I'm your usual DJ Adamski here bringing you some news and music to soothe the post apocalyptic angst.
    But first a welcome to our new listeners in-wai for it folks-GLASGOW!
    Yep, seems the boys of the Scottish Ressurection army have managed to secure the main transmitter there. Well done guys-remember it's still dicey in Glasgow-what with the rad crazed scavengers and Tribes so don't go too near the transmitter-those boys shoot first and ask questions later.

    So ladies and gents here-is the news.
    First off a big warning of a rad storm coming in off the North sea. Though by now is that Really news? So anyone travelling up to the Aberdeen ruins get down in a buker or behind some lead-this one's an estimated 4.6 on the storm scale.
    Raiders have been spotted in the following locations-Dundee Stobbswell, Dundee Nethergate, Inverurie centre and of course Perth. The whole of Perth.
    Didn't change much after the bombs huh?
    And finally-The SRA will be distributing food aid in all major settlement centres from 15 hundered hours today. Don't push or riot-remember Greenock?
    That's all for now-me and Gordy are gonna drink some coffee and resume watch out on the tower but we'll leave some music playing. And here's a rarity-something from the G man's own colection.
    So to start of here is Iron Maden with some advice about what to do when the Raiders come a knockin'-Run to the Hills baby.
    >> Anonymous 07/19/09(Sun)05:45 No.5199924
    >> Anonymous 07/19/09(Sun)05:53 No.5199990
    >Iron Maden

    I was really tempted to open up photoshop, but I decided not too, dawn approaches.
    >> Sublime Expression of Righteous Fury 07/19/09(Sun)06:01 No.5200049

    ksssssh... Feckin' thing on? I tol- SSsshhhhzzzt
    SHHHHT*crackle* ...To RTE2. Two hundred years and still kickin'.

    In local news, Cork is holdin' steady - the Grendels are being kept off the walls thanks to the efforts of the Fianna, and the Badger infestation down south has been cleared out.

    According to Fianna scouts, Dubin's ruins are still completely ghoul infested, but at least that seems to be where they all migrate. They've confirmed it's still too irradiated to risk looting unless you're a complete eejit.

    Some rumours that there's a cult operating in Galway - gibberish about human sacrifice, and our souce is a thundering gobshite anyway-

    *indistinct voices*

    ...Feck off, Peader. Would you ever try an' be professional, ya cunt?
    We've no clear reports from the north, but we understand they're still a lot of fighting along the border. Ye'd think they'd let it die now, wouldn't ya?

    Anyway, gonna play ye a classic, now, The Fields of Athernry...

    >> Sage McSagington (Inquistor, Ordo Fureticus) 07/19/09(Sun)06:06 No.5200075
    The idea of John Madden dressed in Bruce Dickinson's trousers is one of raw horror.
    >> Anonymous 07/19/09(Sun)06:12 No.5200108

    >> Anonymous 07/19/09(Sun)06:28 No.5200190
    "Now hey there my brothers in Baltimore, this is Snowflake and Tiny Jim speakin' out for WQSR in our lovely, lovely Maryland!

    "First off- let's all have a drink of water to this- for the first time since 2009 based on pre-rad records, there ain't been a single reported murder today! Well, hats off, my fellow commuters, we just outdone ourse-"

    *some muttering is heard, followed by a gasp*


    *Automatic gunfire, glass breaking, a shriek*


    *A roar is heard, followed by screams of terror, sporadic gunfire.*

    "MotherFUCKER does that sting like no bug-bite... Oh, sorry about that folks- sheeit that smarts- Must've broken into here looking for supplies. My boy Jim's gone and chased 'em off, so we won't be hearing from them again-"

    *A scream of agony is heard, then cut short with a wet snap*

    >> Anonymous 07/19/09(Sun)06:45 No.5200272

    "Well then folks, now that I'm certain I ain't gonna get my dick shot off in the next three seconds, here's some more news.

    "Newest shipment of clothing and wheat just came in from the harbor from good ol' SC- be sure to give Cap'n Jack a 'howdy' from ol' Snowflake, and if he don't shoot you he's likely to give you a discount! Some large caliber bullets been dropping from the World Trade Center, so if you're harborside, make sure it's HEADS DOWN! From the Basin, keep an eye out for this wonky lookin' rowboat, there's a guy out on the water rowing around backwards with what looks like an elvis wig on, and as far as I know, he still ain't been eaten' by Chessie's Chillun's. Looks like another dry day with high winds through our lovely city- and that storm I was talkin' 'bout two days ago seems to've blown to the side on over to D.C.- hope our president's deep down enough not to grow an extra head with that one."

    "Well, Jim's back, and it looks like he's brought some food, goo' boy, that's a goo' boy!- so I'll be leaving you guys on a high note now- from Snowflake too you, stay safe Hon'!"

    *The Rolling Stones- (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction begins to play*
    >> Anonymous 07/19/09(Sun)06:50 No.5200307
    Morning, Everyone. Let's get to it. Today's weather in the Sangamon and Wabash valleys will be cool and rainy, with a fairly low amount of radiation. Champaign and Rantoul can expect higher radiation and more sun, turning to rain around midday.

    Reports of food riots in Danville are starting to come in, with some outside observers, such as the Sangamon Republic Militia's Maj. Pat Conroy blaming the Gathering, the religious group in control of the city.

    The Julie Rietz Memorial Pump opened today, allowing for coal mining in flooded tunnels around Pana.

    Battles between raiders from the former Chicago suburbs and town defense forces have been reported in the northern part of our listening area. Please be advised.

    That was the news and weather from WILL 680 AM, Broadcasting from the grounds of Sangamon Republican University, Urbana, Sangamon Republic.
    >> Agnus The Scribe 07/19/09(Sun)06:52 No.5200316
    *The fizzing and crackling of radio static fades*

    "...Hello? Is this thing on? HEY! JACK! ARE WE ON AI- Oh, we are. Right. *Ahem* Afternoon, ladies and gents! This is KOLO, the newly upped radiostation of the greater Rocky Mountain region, straight out of the good ol' city of Colorado Springs. Sadly, we're stuck in this ol' shack just outside those heavy doors of NORAD, because those uptight pricks in the base won't let us broadcast from inside."

    "Well, as we just set up, ain't much news to be sent out, but if you're recievin' this garbled crap, the military - or what's left of it anyway - says you're more than welcome to pop by for a visit. Maybe bring some guns and food with ya. As far as I'm concerned, we could use the people and provisions. Only 'bout a hundred of us left, or atleast a hundred that found their way to the mountain. The wolves and bears prob'ly got the rest of 'em... Well! Enough of me talkin', time to play some- eh... Hold on guys. What do you want now Jack?"

    *Indecipherable talk in the background*

    What do you mean a radio name? It's an informational thing. The only reason we're doing this is the military wouldn't let us back in th-

    *More talk, slightly louder*

    What? Eh- Ugh. Fine. This is DJ... DJ Marcus, tuning in. Have fun with some music. You're a real idiot Jack, a real-

    *Voice cuts off, music begins to play*
    >> Anonymous 07/19/09(Sun)06:57 No.5200347
    FRRRZZZZZT... FRITZ! Mach deinen Scheiß-Rasierer aus!

    Ah, there we go. Tittenkarl speaking for RIAS Berlin. First off, the news, and boy, have I got news for you! We finally managed to send someone up to the Fernsehturm to install our relay. You should be able to hear us over in Cologne right now!
    The Tiergarten ghoul problem only gets worse. Apparently some kind of feral leader emerged. There are some speculations about that leader. Uncomfirmed sources say that it looks like Franz Müntefering, one of the old leaders, but frankly, said sources are full of horseshit.

    To cheer you up, some music! Lazing on a sunday afternoon by Queen!
    >> Anonymous 07/19/09(Sun)07:03 No.5200392
    Aaaaaaaaaaand it's that time of the day again, folks!

    First off, we've got reports of slavers moving through Pasadena. For any settlements laying along the 210 freeway, I suggest you pack up and head for the hills, these guys mean business!

    And for anybody out there with extra food or goods to sell, it looks like those high and mighty Dodgers up at the stadium finally burned through all those supplies they hoarded. For any would be trader, just head for the old 110 freeway and follow the signs. Just be careful, because that'll bring you close to Bunker Hill, and the last thing we need on our consciences is the though of turning some would-be traders into ghoul-bait!

    And for our final bit of news, it seems that our ever vigilant Coastwatchers are picking up radio signals coming out west. That's right people, across that glowing puddle we call an ocean. Now, I'm no expert in Japanese, Chinese, or whatever damn language they're shouting around with, but I'd bet a can of gasoline that something's got their panties in a twist. Here's to hoping that they'll be okay, and that whatever they're funning from doesn't follow them here!

    Well, that's all the news for now! Be sure to tune in late for our next scheduled update!

    *music plays*
    >> Rick Garadated 07/19/09(Sun)07:04 No.5200399
    *SSSSSSSSSssshCK*-od evening greater tri-state area, serving former Ohio, Kentucky and our own Mountain Momma. How 'bout some news then?
    Those of you that have been following our coverage in recent days are no doubt getting tired of this whole renewed feud that the Hatfield's and McCoys are up to, AGAIN. For those of you keeping score at home, this is the third all out shooting war that has erupted between them since the big one hit. The combined death toll is hanging around 150 or so as we speak...
    *Faint Gunshots and Rebel Yells are heard*
    Better make that 155 or so I'd guess actually. Aside from the little incident HERE in sunny Nitro, violence has also pretty much leveled poor little Naugatuck and Kermit and set fire to the Tug River for about the Tenth Time this week. More on the situation as it develops.
    In other news Governor for Life of the Tri-State Empire Robert C. Byrd today announced plans to...*SSsssssssch* (Single is completely lost for a few minutes)-nd when asked about his age and if he will ever consider stepping down was noticeably silent...
    >> Anonymous 07/19/09(Sun)07:04 No.5200400


    Heh, I miss their morning show.
    >> Anonymous 07/19/09(Sun)07:50 No.5200594
    Hello, everyone. We're now hearing that a wave of raiders from the south is being driven towards the Sangamon Republic. All citizens are required to report to their muster points.

    I repeat, all citizens are required to report to their muster points.
    >> Anonymous 07/19/09(Sun)07:57 No.5200620
         File1248004677.jpg-(105 KB, 800x600, TESTPATTERN_TG.jpg)
    105 KB
    Fuck yeah, Radio Free Wasteland!
    >> Anonymous 07/19/09(Sun)08:12 No.5200688
    I think this needs a bump, too.
    >> Anonymous 07/19/09(Sun)09:01 No.5200962
         File1248008482.jpg-(40 KB, 800x500, President_eden.jpg)
    40 KB
    Hello dear America, it's me, your president, John Henry Eden.

    Now I sure by now a lot of have noticed that something on air, and I'm not talking about the duststorms. It seems radio is back and I'm not just talking about our beloved Enclave Radio Station. It seems a number of independent radio stations have popped up lately, all playing our favorite songs and keeping us informed of the news. Why it brings me back to my youth in Kentucky. Me and my sweetheart would stay up all night listen to Hayseed's music program, dancing until our feet hurt.

    Ha ha ha hee.

    But many of you must be saying, 'these disc jockeys are Unamerican! They spread rumors and lies about Enclave, claiming that they're responsibly for the many unfortunate deaths that happen in Wastes. Surely you must be outraged!' I tell you this America! I could not be happier.

    You see these Djs are exercising our most important right, the right to free speech. That is why I am announcing a new program to fund these independent stations, to get them the equipment they need, so they can continue to keep the music playing.

    Just put your faith in the Enclave.
    >> Anonymous 07/19/09(Sun)09:29 No.5201153
         File1248010198.png-(370 KB, 517x875, Fo3BS_Hellfire_Power_Armour.png)
    370 KB
    >> Anonymous 07/19/09(Sun)09:33 No.5201183
    Fuck it, saving this thread. I love you, /tg/
    >> Anonymous 07/19/09(Sun)09:36 No.5201201
         File1248010582.jpg-(18 KB, 300x284, ledger-joker.jpg)
    18 KB
    Helllloooooo wasteland!!!

    Why so serious?
    >> Anonymous 07/19/09(Sun)09:38 No.5201221
    ...What would a fallout London look like? It'd have to be based off our sci-fi in the 50s. Which would be...Shit what did we have back then?
    >> Anonymous 07/19/09(Sun)09:39 No.5201231
    Doctor Who.
    >> Anonymous 07/19/09(Sun)09:42 No.5201247
    I'd base it off early Doctor Who and Monty Python's Flying Circus, that's close enough.
    >> Anonymous 07/19/09(Sun)09:42 No.5201254
    Bad teeth?
    >> Anonymous 07/19/09(Sun)09:44 No.5201260
         File1248011046.jpg-(22 KB, 280x280, beatles_hard_days_night.jpg)
    22 KB
    This with a mix of Judge Dredd and music from the Beatles.
    >> Anonymous 07/19/09(Sun)09:45 No.5201271
    That'd be the 60s, wouldn't it? We do have War of the Worlds, though. That's a famous old sci-fi I can think of. It was made a before the 50s, but it still counts.
    >> Anonymous 07/19/09(Sun)09:47 No.5201287
    Durr hurr
    >> Anonymous 07/19/09(Sun)09:48 No.5201291
    It's a bit early. I'd refrain from using War of the Worlds, since it'd be prone of devolving into steampunk.
    >> Anonymous 07/19/09(Sun)09:48 No.5201295
    You guys have actually got worse teeth, mate assuming you're a Yank. Probably due to keeping the south.

    This is all from statistics and graphs though that I saw on the internet. So not the most reliable of sources.

    Also do we get to use Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy? That was in the 70s, but it's so awesome we must have it.
    >> Sage McSagington (Inquistor, Ordo Fureticus) 07/19/09(Sun)09:50 No.5201311
    Quatermass is 50's.
    You kids with your hip hops and your mobiles I don't know...
    >> Anonymous 07/19/09(Sun)09:50 No.5201313
    YES! We need an NPC with two heads, who stumbled across it and thinks he's Zaphod!

    Also, we need hostile robots that look like Daleks.
    >> Anonymous 07/19/09(Sun)09:54 No.5201345
    Ok. So from Doctor Who you'd take Daleks, Tin Foil is evil, tiiiiiime travel and thing being bigger on the inside. Monty Python you'd take... wait what sci-fi did they do again? I can only think of the UFO from Life of Brian.
    Fuck yeah Judge Dread. He's in.
    But tripods are so cooool.
    Huh. Okay, give some notable features of it for us young folk.
    >> Anonymous 07/19/09(Sun)09:56 No.5201357
    Aw, I'm just messing with you silly Brits!

    Could it be based off of Victorian steampunk?
    >> Anonymous 07/19/09(Sun)09:58 No.5201369
    From Monty Python, I'd take the general silliness.
    >> Anonymous 07/19/09(Sun)09:59 No.5201377
    Hmmm... how close to the 50s does the Sci-Fi have to be made to count?
    >> Anonymous 07/19/09(Sun)10:00 No.5201392
         File1248012036.jpg-(690 KB, 1432x2013, 2295683423_3e2a4aacf6_o.jpg)
    690 KB
    Quatermass and Eagle are what spring to mind for 50s British sci-fi.
    >> Anonymous 07/19/09(Sun)10:02 No.5201409
    Wait. Wait. Wait. We're talking about British stuff, in a radio wasteland thread, that's near the 50s... and nobody has mentioned I'm Sorry I'll Read that Again? We can use Radio Prune!
    >> Sage McSagington (Inquistor, Ordo Fureticus) 07/19/09(Sun)10:03 No.5201415
         File1248012220.jpg-(54 KB, 600x750, Stop that.jpg)
    54 KB
    Creeping unknown horror sci fi-thik Dunwich building in Fallout 3. Has a nice 'No john, you are the daemons' twist. The other two deal more ith straight alien invasion
    >> Anonymous 07/19/09(Sun)10:13 No.5201500
    So... from briefly skimming I gather what could be used is:
    Weird human-like fossil remnants.
    Underground missiles that are occult and is really, really hard.
    Ghosts near object.
    Insect Aliens in object.
    No John, you are the Insect Aliens. With psychic ability.
    Few have psychic ability. Occult symbols = alien symbols.
    This may lead to PURGING for psychic abilities.
    Ethnic cleansing from aliens and psychic powers.
    Iron is awesome, saves the day.

    I can see a way references can be made.
    >> Anonymous 07/19/09(Sun)10:19 No.5201536
    Enter thread #: 5192085
    >> Anonymous 07/19/09(Sun)10:21 No.5201557
    >> Anonymous 07/19/09(Sun)10:27 No.5201586

    All I can think of is the post-"THE EVENT" gameshow 'Stay Indoors' from Mitchell and Webb.
    >> Anonymous 07/19/09(Sun)10:31 No.5201617
    Fuck yes, Mitchell and Webb.
    >> The Organizer 07/19/09(Sun)10:51 No.5201760
    Well, swampdog, that's a very good question. The long and shrt of it is that I've been speaking, personally, with the ghouls, and we've agreed to a bit of a truce. Try not to shoot at them too much, now. They've agreed to let us use the River Bend plant as a dumping ground fr any waste too radioactive to keep up here. They'll take care f it and see it stays dwn there. They've even developed an enrichment process that lets them convert it into electricity, so you can thank them for the increased electricity rations across the region. Listen, I know they're spooky looking, but the won't hurt you unless you force them to. They've agreed to stay within the fortified nuclear plant, and come out to trade and hunt deer. Now we both know there's plenty of both to be had, so we're all going to have to learn to share.

    Well, if there's no other questions, I must be doing my job at least almost-right. Have a nice day, everyone!

    **Music starts: ZZ TOP, Sharp Dressed Man**
    >> Anonymous 07/19/09(Sun)12:57 No.5202633
    "Hey everyone, its 6pm on this grim summer evening down here in the valley, I'm your host Leadhead Larry and its time for some news"

    "Remember last month when little Timmy fell down that old well? All retrieval efforts failed and everyone but his mother left him for dead. Apparently we were wrong as Timmy crawled out of that well and came back to us!"

    "Unfortunately for us though Timmy was not quite the same cheery young fellow he had been, and when he hauled himself back out of that well as a hugely disfigured and irradiated monster, he brutally slaughtered five people including his own mother before being brought down by the keen eyed marksmen of our friendly neighborhood watchmen."

    "So remember everyone, don't let kids play near old wells. Their return may be less than welcome, if they come back at all. More coming up after the weather."
    >> Anonymous 07/19/09(Sun)13:00 No.5202650
    sage for homebrew ORIGINAL CHARACTER shit

    post elftits or gtfo of my /tg/
    >> Spanish Flea !!TRanvZl56g3 07/19/09(Sun)13:02 No.5202669
         File1248022959.png-(418 KB, 604x353, 1248022233671.png)
    418 KB
    Posting in archived thread :D
    >> Anonymous 07/19/09(Sun)13:04 No.5202689
    Stupid horny teenager detected.
    >> Anonymous 07/19/09(Sun)13:05 No.5202698
    fuck off summerfag. This is an awesome thread and you should be ashamed of yourself for not liking it, pencil-dick.

    Moar wasteland radio!
    >> Anonymous 07/19/09(Sun)13:11 No.5202749
    ITT: we write the same shit again and again, but put the name of our town in.
    >> Anonymous 07/19/09(Sun)13:34 No.5202907
    -Ello, Bay Area. Well, whoever's listening, really. I believe we're broadcasting to Oakland, San Jose, and San Francisco, off the top of my head. I just got back from filing a 'complaint' with some raiders who tried to disassemble our S-F relay. Speaking of 'I', it's Brother Aron, coming to you today. And some news! Just so you all know, I managed to convince the Abbot to start taking CDs and cassette tapes in trade too; we may be adding more songs to our library in the near future. In further trade news, our 'monastary', if it fits that word any more, is producing a bit more food at the moment than we think we need. Provided you aren't intending to clean us out wholesale, we may be able to provide some more unfortunates. Be advised that our list of accepted tradegoods is at the end of this message, so keep listing if you're interested.

    Anyway, you're favorite 'caster is out on a mission right now, and I'd like to take this as an opportunity to remind: Order Explorers are mostly searching for the things we can use; pre-war tech, paper, books, ammunition, tools. We don't go raiding, and further, each member is backed up by the whole order. If you can afford it, please do help a Brother or Sister in need. The Order will pay it's dues. In fact, that's what 'Caster LeMark is out doing right now. We're really trying to be good people, y'all.
    >> Anonymous 07/19/09(Sun)13:36 No.5202920
    Our reception on the coast is still useless; I believe Hawaii is too far for any contact by us, at any rate. We are still implementing a night skywatch, and have located another functioning sattellite, but we aren't sure how to use it. It's realaying messages from Oregon, however, so we know we aren't alone. Humanity may prevail. An army, of sorts is moving in from the south east; we're postulating Los Angeles, southern Nevada or Arizona as the origin. Incidnetally, if you're picking this up, 'Third Regiment', or whatever you are calling yourself; know that you are free to travel through this area, but do not try conquering, raiding, slaving, invading, or pillaging. You aren't the first and you certainly will not be the last.

    In terms of weather, y'all, it's looking like the gray snow will be coming a little late this year, enjoy it all you can. Once it falls, travel gets much harder, and potable water becomes much more difficult to find. Sister Seneca, who's been researching radiation in general, tells me it's made from... Let's see here, 'regular snow mixed with 'still hot' dust. Blah blah blah.... The dust tends to emit alpha radiation which is easily stopped by skin. 'NOTE'' in big bold letters,' Your skin is on your outside. Ingesting it is quite harmful.' If any of you wonder why you get sick towards February, now you know. Filtering is probably helpful, but we don't know how helpful yet.
    >> Anonymous 07/19/09(Sun)13:40 No.5202937
    Other news, let's see... Yet another crackpot in aul' SF claims to have found the Internet Archive. A team has been dispatched to investigate. We aren't in particularly high hopes, but who knows.

    Oh, right, current weather; It's about usual, ten degrees cooler than it should be. However, if some of the forecasts being generated are right, we may be able to see the sky without radar sometime next week. I don't want to raise false hope, but I'M certainly curious as to what's behind the perpetual clouds.

    Anyway, I'm running WAY over, so I'll try and wrap up. Accpetable trade goods have been expanded to the following;
    Functional electronics (Very iffy, other substances are probably better to try, unless you're certain. Working stuff is valuable, but rare.)
    Paper, of any sort. Even with presses, it's hard to copy books without something to write on, and parchement is tough to make, and expensive, too. Please note; blank computer paper is worth double.
    CDs, Cassette tapes, and records, thanks to yours truly. Took some work, but I convinced the Abbot that music was just as important as books for culture. Note; hard drives do not fall under here. Most were wiped by the bombs.
    Speaking of which, Books. Pre-war novels, novelas, or even textbooks. Especially text books. Remember, the more we have, the more we can distribute. We do copy stuff, and if you provide a new book, you are almost garaunteed a free copy of it. You keep what you started with, and get your payment as well.
    Any functioning tools, be it survival equiptment, mining or farming, or even just medical stuff. Generally, we can make better use of stuff than you can, and we do provide services for as little as we can.
    Bags of cement, unused. Fortifications and structures are important, and we do know how to use it.
    And so on. A full list can be aquired at any of our outpost, be it SF, SJ, or Oakland.
    >> Anonymous 07/19/09(Sun)13:41 No.5202943
    We will, of course, be havning a half hour of questions answered at 5:30, two hours from now, and after that there will be an evening reading, more of Larry Niven's Ringworld, for those of you who are waiting for it. I know I am.

    Oh, damn! I almost forgot, large, mutated, predatory fish, possibly remenants of sharks who 'survived' the off-target bombs are reported to be travelling up the coast. They may be around SF in three days. We advise fishers or people who traverse the water to be excessively careful or even just to take a week off. 'hoping they don't hang around.

    Now, we have some Beatles, followed by Grateful Dead, and then some unknown CDs we recently aquired, ominously titled 'Gamma Ray'. Signing off.

    [Beatles starts playing.]
    >> Magus O'Grady 07/19/09(Sun)13:41 No.5202945
    Archived doesn't mean finished or sealed, junior. Archives update until 404.
    >> Anonymous 07/19/09(Sun)13:44 No.5202963
    Good morning, ladies and gentlemen of the New Calgary Community. The struggle for Canadian reclamation grows in strength every day - success is inevitable. General MacKenzie thanks each and every loyal citizen for their tireless support, and wants you to know that you *are* building your children a better world.

    Reports suggest that remnants of the dead American army are increasing their efforts to usurp our oil sands. They hope that through capturing our resources and purification equipment they can breathe life back into their imploded nation. General MacKenzie is sure that the increase in violence represents a final push on the part of the Americans; if we can whether this, the war is over.

    Deliverance is at hand, fellow Canadians. As always, General MacKenzie warns to be on the lookout for American agents within our ranks. Stay alert and report any suspicious behaviour your closest New Calgary Community officer. Thank you, and stay safe.
    >> Anonymous 07/19/09(Sun)13:45 No.5202965
    When did /tg/ become fanfiction?
    >> Anonymous 07/19/09(Sun)14:03 No.5203049
    It's not fanfiction if it isn't based on any particular franchise. It's ORIGINAL CONTENT. Besides, some of this stuff can be useful for Post-Apoc campaigns. Hell, they're all basically pre-packaged plot hooks.
    >> Anonymous 07/19/09(Sun)14:11 No.5203092
    This. I`ve gotten like dozen campaign ideas from this thread alone.
    >> Anonymous 07/19/09(Sun)14:12 No.5203099
    >It's not fanfiction if it isn't based on any particular franchise.

    I'm pretty sure most posters here are thinking Fallout when they write these.
    >> Anonymous 07/19/09(Sun)14:17 No.5203131
    Or Mad Max, Waterworld, Jericho, et cetera. But most of these aren't directly tied to any one of them.
    >> Anonymous 07/19/09(Sun)14:19 No.5203146
    Well, I`m thinking neuroshima.
    >> Anonymous 07/19/09(Sun)14:22 No.5203173
    >hurr hurr a bunch of shitty fanfiction is original content
    no. Its not quality either. it sjust a bunch of faggots roleplaying on 4chan. /tg/ long ago decided that radio and RPGs is retarded
    >> Anonymous 07/19/09(Sun)14:23 No.5203184
    *Twangey Blue Grass music fades out*

    "Hoowee! Now wasn't that just lovely, folks? An I'm sure it'll be just a lovely again when you hear it again... in 'bout ten minutes.

    I wanna go 'head a apologize folks, when I started puttin' this ol' dust heap back together a week ago I was just plum flabbergasted by the stacks and stacks of hollahtapes that were just sittin' in that closet.

    A'course I come t' find that our lovely Florida humidity has been less than kind, and our W39-Whatever Top 7 Classic Hits List just so happen to be the only tapes of the damn near three hundred that actually fuckin' play.

    Now, A'course, yer ol' buddy Skeeter here has been tryin' ta mix it up with his old harmonica - but let's face it folks - I don't think ol' Skeet got all the muck outta that thing when he done plucked that thing out the swamp-"

    *A loud clatter is heard* "-Yo dang greedy ass 'ould lemme use some dang watah ta clean tha fucker!"

    "Goddangit Skeeter! I done told you that we aint got water enough to - Aw no. No! Skeeter! Goddangit! Tell me that ain't ona the hollahtapes over in that corner that you done thrown at me!"

    *Faintly*"-makein' fun uh mah art."

    "Dangit! I'll be makin' fun uh more than that when I break your othah leg you worthless fuckin' moran!"

    *Radio silence*
    >> Anonymous 07/19/09(Sun)14:24 No.5203188
    > Implying that one person speaks for an entire board.
    >> Anonymous 07/19/09(Sun)14:24 No.5203191
    >not quality
    >it sjust
    Yeah, ok. You get on back to /b/ now.
    >> Anonymous 07/19/09(Sun)14:25 No.5203197
    When someone decided to stop raging and trolling long enough to do something creative and fun and it caught on.
    >> Anonymous 07/19/09(Sun)14:29 No.5203235

    "Dangit. Dangit, dangit, dangit."

    *Faintly*"You mad at me, Brody?"

    "A'course I'm mad at cha! But, forget about it. At nothin' anger gonna change. 'Side these folks haven't tuned in hear a couple old men arguin'. Now where'd I put that news.

    Right, I hate to start out on a sour note here folks, but it would seem the Brotherhood base over at, at uh -"

    *fumbling can be heard, then faintly*"Cape Canaveral."

    "Thanks Skeet, Cape Canaveral, that ol' NASA base. The Brotherhood stationed there have reported that a recent 'Cleansing', as they call it, to the Nuklear Plant ended in disaster. Seem the Super Mutants there have managed to tame them dang Gators and use 'em against the ol' Tin Men. Now here I thought those Muties where only good for an ol' fashioned pillage but, God-Dang! Gators!
    >> Anonymous 07/19/09(Sun)14:30 No.5203242

    Now, you can't see this at home folks, but ol' Skeeter is cringing every time I mention those six legged, scaly sons a bitches. A particularly nasty specimen damn near took his leg plum off, and probably would done worse than that, if in a'course I wasn't there with my trusty shotgun.

    So remember folks, you be damned careful if you go toward any body of water. Always try to slap the water with a stick or some lead if in you kin spare it, and if one does come a chargin' - zig zags people. You start runnin' like you don't know where you wanna go."

    *Faintly*"Think you oughta play sum music there, Brody?"

    "Goddangit! If I have to listen to these same seven -"


    "Six! Yeah, thanks again Skeet! Six God-dang songs over and over and fuckin' over! Listen! Folks! If any of you, and that means any of you, Tribal, Ghoul, Raider-"


    "You heard what I said! If a Goddanged Super Mutant showed up with a hollahtape I'd give him a big sloppy kiss! Either that or you, ya dumbass!"

    "Fuck you!"

    "Seriously folks, if in you find any music out there - either pre-war or somethin' you recorded on your own I would thank you three ways past Sunday. Not only would you not have to listen to this same garbage over and over, but I'll see if I can't scrap together some sort of reward!

    Anyway folks, here's the same shit you've been listenin' to for five days now. Try not to kill yourself. I know it'll be a test of will for me."

    *Faintly*"Don'tchu talk like that, Brody."

    "Where's that moonshine?"

    *Twangy bluegrass music begins*
    >> Anonymous 07/19/09(Sun)14:32 No.5203263
    Radio Freedom is on air and on location!

    Yessir we're mighty proud of our new mobile broadcasting truck, and would again like to thank the good folks of Woodcreek for both repairing this fine peace of American technology and for having such pathetically weak defences.

    And a extra big thank you to Killnucks posse, we know it's hard to stop the fires on a good raid but dang if you boys don't run a tight show, why we hardly even notice all the blood stains.

    News time! Those rumours about the northern slaves were true. The escaped slaves were hiding out in the old caves belonging to the Mulder clan. Unfortunately for them Dag and his cannibals were the first to get there after our last broadcast! That's how it works listeners, you snooze you lose. But I hear Old lady Mulder gave Dag some wicked indigestion hahaha!

    That's all from RADIOOOOO FREEEEDOM for the moment, but tune in tomorrow for our first step-by-step guide to bringing down a settlement wall.
    >> Prof Drawfag 07/19/09(Sun)15:05 No.5203541
    This is Captain Mike of the cruise sub 'Magellan'. We have been unable to effect repairs to the ballast system and remain mired on the sea bed under 30 meters of water. We have over 100 passengers and crew, most of whom were born onboard. Our food supplies remain stable and we have sufficient power, but our medical supplies are nearly depleted. Our mini subs do not have enough range to reach the mainland. We are willing to trade for medicine and other supplies. Our location is 48 km north of old Orlando, Florida. The antenna buoy has 2 flashing red lights. Be careful, some of the gliding sharks can actually fly telekinetically.
    >> Anonymous 07/19/09(Sun)15:33 No.5203744

    ...and now for the weather forecast. The next few days, there is going to be the usual... Radioactive dust-storms accompanied by high-density acid rains with a chance of fire tornadoes and ball lightnings, and...

    >> Prof Drawfag 07/19/09(Sun)15:49 No.5203871
    'This is Brother Phil broadcasting love to all True Believers in the hills north of Hotlanta. There will be a worship service tomorrow at dawn venerating our great Goddess Kali at her tower temple. Offerings of grain and livestock will.....<<Skkkkkrrrrk>> 'This is General Duke of the New Confederacy. I hereby order all soldiers to not attend this service. For God's sake, that tower is nothing but a rusty old Titan Missile still sitting on it's launch pad! Those nutcases actually look for radzones to camp in!'
    >> Anonymous 07/19/09(Sun)15:53 No.5203904

    ...lift up your face, people of the wastes and hear my voice! I'm Maximillian Kovacs, High Patriarch of the Order of the Archangel. Lift up your faces and...


    ...by now, many of you have sighted the Order's reconaissance planes or zeppelins or have encountered our emissaries or troops in your towns. As High Patriarch, I give my words that our intentions are peaceful. But we require full cooperation, as...


    ...shall not tolerate any dissent, and...


    ...all hail the Archangels, the messengers of God...

    >> Anonymous 07/19/09(Sun)16:00 No.5203956
         File1248033601.jpg-(77 KB, 555x900, 30.jpg)
    77 KB

    "...Brotherhood, Strength and Fortitude in the face of the Angry Night!... ...Brotherhood, Strength and Fortitude in the face of the Angry Night!... ...Brotherhood, Strength and Fortitude in the face of the Angry Night!... ...Brotherhood, Strength and Fortitude in the face of the Angry Night!... ...Brotherhood, Strength and Fortitude in the face of the Angry Night!... ...Brotherhood, Strength and Fortitude in the face of the Angry Night!..."

    >> Anonymous 07/19/09(Sun)16:02 No.5203976

    fuck year
    >> Prof Drawfag 07/19/09(Sun)16:43 No.5204314
    Oi! this is Reg, bringing ass-kickin Retro Future to this dismal present on Radio Free Skinhead ! I'm broadcasting from my trusty rusty newsmobile somewhere on the shore of the Ohio Valley Sea. I just want to ask the last guys who traced my signal; "How do you like the new .50 cal. machine gun on the roof of my van? Do whats left of you guys want to dance with me again?" I will be in Altoona in a couple of days and am willing to take fuel in exchange for quality time with one of my lovely female assistant DJs, they're all certified 100% human! Now back to our Sex Pistols marathon

    (music starts; 'No Future')

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