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  • File : 1247371224.jpg-(72 KB, 581x800, 1246851388461.jpg)
    72 KB Planescape Magical Girls Anonymous 07/12/09(Sun)00:00 No.5138369  
    Sup, /tg/. People kept asking me to post the updates again, and we just had another session, so here we go.

    (usual summary for those who missed it: everyone is senior high students in Sigil school who happen to be magical girls representing their factions, Planescape adventures are had. PCs are Bleaker-tan, Sensate-tan, Revolutionary-tan, Godsman-tan and Doomguard-tan, who didn't make today's session.)

    We've started the Modron March adventure to make up the bulk of the first campaign, and in this (short) session the PCs have just been introduced to the lovely Chapter 2: The Unswerving Path.

    Basically, Celestia-tan (so far appearing only as a blindfolded lady in thick white hooded robes) approached the PCs for help, and after being brought to Celestia they were asked again by the sword archon Alziel.

    The gist of the adventure is that the archons have been forbidden contact with the potentially-chaos-infected Modron March, but the March is about to trample the town of Heart's Faith to get through its gate to Excelsior. They signed an agreement with the modrons ages ago to only follow set paths, but the roads have changed, and the modrons interpret the agreement to mean the roads "as they were then".

    The archons needed a proxy to try and persuade the modrons to avoid trampling buildings, or at least help the town, so the PCs are sent along with Celestia-tan to do so.
    >> Anonymous 07/12/09(Sun)00:06 No.5138412

    They managed to get hold of a heirarch modron (a decaton) but found someone was already there: Baator-tan. (I pulled the OP image from 4chan and used it as a character design for her.) She was there to negotiate a contract with the March to gain baatezu protection through the Lower Planes in exchange for Blood War troops, but was willing to step aside and let the PCs deal.

    It didn't go well. The modrons denied all requests to move and suggested that it was their fault for changing the roads, and the modrons were willing to trample anyone who got in their way (an oddly harsh response for a modron). On top of that, Bleaker-tan was currently in a depressive slump after her attempts to cure Pandemonium-tan of insanity were foiled by the latter's escape from the Gatehouse, and was no help.

    Baator-tan filled in gaps in their knowledge about the March and what they could do while mocking the PCs and Celestia-tan; she revealed the latter one was wrapped up because she was actually an ugly-as-sin tiefling playing at being an archon.

    This turned out in the PCs favour when Bleaker-tan finally had enough of Celestia-tan being bullied and snapped out of it in time to show Baator-tan what she had recently spent character points on: wrestling moves. Baator-tan was trapped in a headlock and swung around before being hurled away into the horizon Team Rocket-style.

    That is pretty much all that happened. The PCs tried a few things while Sensate-tan (the fastest flier) flew off to warn Heart's Faith, including Revolutionary-tan disguising as a modron to try and stir up the ranks. It's slowing them down for a bit, but they know it's only a matter of time before the unswerving modrons reach Heart's Faith, and they're running out of time.

    Next week: Hopefully no orphans will get stepped on.
    >> Bleaker-tan's Player 07/12/09(Sun)00:12 No.5138464
    Yeah, I was really down, but I got better! I had to show her that being mean was really MEANingless!

    Didn't get to use my piledriver yet, though. It's the Piledriver of Love~

    But but but now we need to stop the Modrons, or get them to go around Heart's Faith. ;_; We tried asking them to stop, but they won't! They won't go around it, either! They say they have to follow the old roads and won't let us see the maps or anything.

    Does anyone have any ideas so we can save the people of Heart's Faith?
    >> Balthazarr !!nwQQDePp11/ 07/12/09(Sun)00:17 No.5138505
    Kyuss! This sounds pretty cash. What system are you guys using?
    >> Bleaker-tan's Player 07/12/09(Sun)00:22 No.5138551

    BESM, 3rd edition. =3

    Here's a download of it! http://www.megaupload.com/?d=UGZMLAQ3

    Don't get put off by the bad art, it's quite good!
    >> Anonymous 07/12/09(Sun)00:22 No.5138562
         File1247372571.jpg-(704 KB, 1024x1024, 1246851829497.jpg)
    704 KB

    BESM. It is pretty open-ended and seemed kind of fitting. If you want to watch, we start about five hours before the OP every week on sup/tg/ (xen.thisisnotatrueending.com #ettin).
    >> Anonymous 07/12/09(Sun)00:55 No.5138863
    You are all such total homos.
    >> Anonymous 07/12/09(Sun)00:56 No.5138874
         File1247374598.png-(205 KB, 300x486, dapper modron.png)
    205 KB

    Are you calling modrons gay?
    >> Bleaker-tan's Player 07/12/09(Sun)01:02 No.5138931

    I know I am! They always seem so happy!

    They seem really satisfied with what they're doing all the time.
    >> Anonymous 07/12/09(Sun)01:14 No.5139053
         File1247375642.jpg-(60 KB, 789x800, modron_wizard.jpg)
    60 KB

    >> Anonymous 07/12/09(Sun)01:40 No.5139286
         File1247377205.jpg-(93 KB, 700x753, modron_fighter.jpg)
    93 KB

    Posting more modrons because they're awesome.
    >> Devilock 07/12/09(Sun)01:42 No.5139309
         File1247377336.jpg-(64 KB, 650x236, planescape lady of pain 124733(...).jpg)
    64 KB
    What is this I don't even
    >> Anonymous 07/12/09(Sun)01:45 No.5139335
    Shitty idea is shitty.
    >> Anonymous 07/12/09(Sun)01:47 No.5139354

    Hi, Clueless-tan! Where have you been? Did you get lost?
    >> Anonymous 07/12/09(Sun)02:12 No.5139557

    Rogue modrons.

    They mostly rage at people who forget to carry the one.
    >> Anonymous 07/12/09(Sun)02:47 No.5139884
         File1247381264.jpg-(19 KB, 319x213, 1239708627049.jpg)
    19 KB
    Counts as monodrone?
    >> Anonymous 07/12/09(Sun)03:24 No.5140226

    Your best bet might just be to get over there and make everyone get out of town. It's on Celestia, maybe you can get the archons to rebuild.
    >> Anonymous 07/12/09(Sun)03:27 No.5140252
    Planescape means you can visit any other setting, right? Why don't you send them to Kingdom Hearts? I think it could be pretty neat.
    >> Anonymous 07/12/09(Sun)03:38 No.5140363
         File1247384327.jpg-(170 KB, 829x800, Planescape_Myconid_Sorcerer_by(...).jpg)
    170 KB

    >Planescape means you can visit any other setting, right?

    Planescape is a "meta-setting" that connected all the D&D settings together in 2nd Edition. You can go anywhere in the same multiverse, so if there's a Kingdom Hearts world...

    >Why don't you send them to Kingdom Hearts? I think it could be pretty neat.

    You just want to get Mickey Mouse trampled by modrons, don't you?
    >> Anonymous 07/12/09(Sun)03:40 No.5140382
    Are you going to transition from Modron March to Dead Gods or whatever it is with Orcus? 'Cause all Magical Girls need to beat up some Ultimate Evil.
    >> Anonymous 07/12/09(Sun)03:43 No.5140406
    "Awesome" is a subjective term. I prefer the designation "fearsome cubed warrior".
    >> Anonymous 07/12/09(Sun)03:48 No.5140435
         File1247384896.jpg-(564 KB, 1433x2023, 1239710585711.jpg)
    564 KB

    Maybe! Most of the players are Planescape fans but never read the modules. They have no idea how Modron March ends, so I may surprise them with both.
    >> Anonymous 07/12/09(Sun)03:57 No.5140509
    Sweet. I always thought it was a pretty natural transition.

    Plus I'm sure you could do some stuff with the visages and lucidity control.
    >> Anonymous 07/12/09(Sun)04:10 No.5140607
         File1247386200.jpg-(80 KB, 500x500, CuteAnimeWitch.jpg)
    80 KB

    Of course, since it's a very old module it's going to be hard to avoid the players getting spoiled. If it is, I'm going to change the ending.

    I am being as careful as I can! It seems the easier option.
    >> Anonymous 07/12/09(Sun)06:13 No.5141531
         File1247393619.jpg-(61 KB, 505x651, decaton.jpg)
    61 KB

    One day, when I was joining a Planescape game and was in one of those moods where you submit character ideas you'd like to play that you don't actually expect anyone to allow, I was going to play a modron.

    Incognito 27 was a rogue modron rogue. I took rogue because Incognito 27 happened to be an Expansionist (old sect that got mazed centuries ago) who secretly worshipped Aoskar and was terrified of getting flayed.

    He wore an enormous fake (masterwork) moustache at all times in the belief that nobody would recognise him with it on.
    >> Anonymous 07/12/09(Sun)08:12 No.5142148
         File1247400741.jpg-(77 KB, 553x656, 1174522084378.jpg)
    77 KB
    Formians were here. Modron is a loser.
    >> Bleaker-tan's Player 07/12/09(Sun)08:21 No.5142179

    That might work! But they'll all be sad if their homes get trampled and stuff. It wouldn't be the best possible ending...


    I dunno, I really never liked Formians, they seemed really boring. Kinda like a Lawful, planar knockoff of Thri-Kreen instead of an interesting species on their own.


    ...Can we flatten Kingdom Hearts? Pretty please Mr. GM sir?
    >> Anonymous 07/12/09(Sun)09:10 No.5142313
         File1247404215.jpg-(45 KB, 584x700, modron.jpg)
    45 KB

    Formians ARE boring. They're basically sentient ants. That's it.

    At least Inevitables are cool.
    >> Bleaker-tan's Player 07/12/09(Sun)09:36 No.5142403

    Inevitables are okay, but I really think all we need is one supremely LN species, the Modrons.

    What would be nice would be a bit more attention to the supremely CN species, the Slaad. Do they strike anyone as particularly CN? If anything they strike me as CE, they're jackasses who wander around and seem to fuck anyone up at the drop of a hat. Or often they seem more like animals, generic baddies rather than representatives of chaos.

    Plus, they have a rather rigid hierarchy in the colour thing, which seems distinctly non-Chaotic.
    >> Anonymous 07/12/09(Sun)09:42 No.5142421
         File1247406151.jpg-(241 KB, 800x688, 1246851069362.jpg)
    241 KB

    Going to bed, but before I do:

    >...Can we flatten Kingdom Hearts? Pretty please Mr. GM sir?

    I haven't even played Kingdom Hearts, so probably not? :<
    >> Anonymous 07/12/09(Sun)10:12 No.5142544
         File1247407941.jpg-(156 KB, 810x528, pixar_walle.jpg)
    156 KB
    Counts as Rogue Modron
    >> Anonymous 07/12/09(Sun)10:18 No.5142566
    It's basically just a bunch of Japanese jRPGs and Disney slammed together into a clusterfuck of lame.

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