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  • File : 1247217760.jpg-(110 KB, 611x733, Harsk-DwarfIconic.jpg)
    110 KB Anonymous 07/10/09(Fri)05:22 No.5121984  
    Lets see if I can actually pull this off this time without my connection fucking me.

    1st Granite: Rith Sividsgun. Am embarking on expediton to find my brother, Kith. Little brother disappeared two years ago--the only trace of him found is amulet bought from trader, with Kith's journal. Fear he may be dead. I will find him, or avenge him. Taking several loaves of bread grandmother baked a few years ago.

    2nd Granite: No dwarves agreed to come with me, except for Bearlan, my oldest friend, and a devout cleric. Have assembled party of humans to accompany us--one wizard. A thief, possibly half-elven. Must keep eye on thief. A warrior, stout, and with a most dwarfenly beard. A woman, seemingly a fighter of some kind.

    They agreed to accompany Bearlan and myself for one half of all treasue we find. Bah, I care not for treasure. I seek only me kin.

    3d Granite: We depart today. Mother made me take the chainmail scarf she knitted. Bathon Jvln bid me goodbye. We have been courting for several moons. I am reasonably sure she is female. I will make her(?) my bride when I return.
    >> Anonymous 07/10/09(Fri)05:23 No.5121991
    5th Granite: Companions seem disturbed by the amulet I retrieved with my brothers journal. May have something to do with injury one sustained holding it.

    To show not all dwarven amulets are such atrocities, have begun carving amulet.

    6th Granite: Attacked by human bandits today. Slew two with crossbow, one blow from ax severed three bandits heads. Human companions took care of the other two.

    7th Granite: nothing of interest happened today, other than finishing my amulet.
    It is crafted of granite. It menaces with spikes of wood. It depicts an image of a tree. It depicts an image of a dwarf. The dwarf is attacking the tree.
    >> Anonymous 07/10/09(Fri)05:24 No.5122000
    12th Granite. Attacked by more human bandits, while companions slept, interrupting my dinner. Slew three with burning log, three fell to my grandmothers bread. Rest fled in terror. Finished meal.

    13th Granite: Human Companions complained of noise previous night. Showed companions bandits bodies. Companions stopped complaining. Bearlen placed a blessing upon the amulet I made, and now wears it. It shines when in the presence of trees.

    14th Granite: Thief attempted to pick Bearlans pocket. Bearlen only broke two fingers, and he healed him afterwards...why is the part elven bastard still so angry?
    Have begun carving amulet.
    >> Anonymous 07/10/09(Fri)05:25 No.5122007
    19th granite:Finished amulet.
    It is carved of sandstone. It menaces with spikes of sandstone. It depicts an image of a human. It depicts an image of a dwarf. The dwarf is attacking the human.

    22nd Granite: First stop along journey. Human settlement, small town. Traded latest amulet for some new supplies.
    Gave human female a sip of Dwarven Ale. She passed out for a few minutes, awoke, began acting oddly, and began removing clothing. Disturbing creatures, humans.

    25th Granite: Left human settlement for forge onward.
    Found thief writing something in my journal. Only broke two fingers this time. Something about sex with a mountain troll. What a disgusting concept. Thief is obviously part elf.
    >> Anonymous 07/10/09(Fri)05:26 No.5122011
    27th Granite: Attacked by kobold bandits. At least not humans this time. Annoying little buggers. One tried to pull my helmet off. Bit his hand off. Needed salt. One attempted to steal a loaf of bread. Couldn't even lift it--broke his spine.

    2nd Slate: Began carving amulet to relieve boredom. Almost wish something would attack again. Only conversaton is with Bearlan--rest want to talk about such trivial things. Thief and human warrior argueing about something. Bearlan has begun carving something as well.

    6th Slate: Finished amulet.
    It is carved of granite. It menaces with spikes of bone. It depicts an image of a dwarf. It depicts and image of a mountain troll. The dwarf is doing an unspeakable act to the troll.
    Bearlan found it hilarious. Rest of companions seemed put off by it.
    >> Anonymous 07/10/09(Fri)05:27 No.5122016
    10th Slate: Bearlan presented the bracelet he had carved to me. He has blessed it so that it glows when in the presence of dwarves.
    It is crafted of turtle shell. It menaces with spikes of Obsidian. It depicts an image of a dwarf. It depicts an image of a dwarf. The dwarf and the dwarf are conversing.

    12th Slate: Kobolds attacked again. Managed to nick me nose. Slew seven with one blow. skewered two with crossbow. Roasted later. Were good with salt and Dwarven Wine marinade.

    17 Slate: Bearlan presented me with a chalice he had carved.

    It is crafted of obsidian. It menaces with spikes of jet. It depicts an image of a chalice. It depicts an image of a dwarf. The dwarf is drinking from the chalice.

    He has enchanted it so that it keeps all drinks at the perfect temperature. Bearlan is truly a great friend.
    >> Anonymous 07/10/09(Fri)05:28 No.5122020
    18th Slate: Damned thief fell asleep on guard duty. Lost most provisions to kobolds. Found one kobold dead, trying to steal Bearlans amulet. Tripped and impaled self on spike.

    25th Slate: Companions very hungry. Attacked by mountain trolls. Bearlen smote one with righteous dwarven spirit, and his blessed hammer. I hacked ones leg from it, and finished it by introducing its throat to my axe. Axe was stuck, so used body to beat last one to death.

    Bearlan and I ate well tonight. Companions still hungry.

    1st Felsite: Came upon second stop for quest. Dwarven mine, Febducim. Kith made mention of this place in his journal.
    No one would answer me when questioned about him. One dwarf, heavily armored, and bearing two swords, looked at me strangely when he heard my brothers name.

    3th Felsite: I spoke with the strange dwarf today. He did not want to speak at first, until I puersuaded him. Bearlan will heal him later today from puersuasion.

    He told me of the path my brother took, on his trip to Koganusan. He warned me to stay away, or I would burn, as all others did. It is a shame to see such a once fine dwarf, with a mind so broken.

    Will depart shortly.
    >> Anonymous 07/10/09(Fri)05:29 No.5122024
    5th Felsite: Bearlan healed the strange dwarf, despite his refusal to remove either the plate or chainmail to allow a better healing. We depart today. Hard travel will have us at koganusan in three months.

    I will find my brother.

    7th Felsite: Wizard claims he feels evil in the woods around us. This may have something to do with the body we found cocooned in spidesilk, hanging from a tree today.
    Have begun working on new amulet. Bearlen seems to be as well.

    9th Felsite: Giant spiders attacked today. Human wizard was useful for once--turned two spiders into petunias, third into a kitten.
    Slew two with axe. One with crossbow. Squished one with boot. Squished one when tripped, and fell on ass.
    Rest fled wizards fire.
    One bit Bearlan. He seems fine.
    >> Anonymous 07/10/09(Fri)05:29 No.5122025
    Posting in support here so you don't feel ronery.
    >> Anonymous 07/10/09(Fri)05:29 No.5122026

    Bearlan gets killed, and Rith seriously injured and dying from a Demon. Found his brother, well pieces of him. Wizard dies, the other Humans run off. Wizard was squished by herd of Man Eating Elephants.
    >> Anonymous 07/10/09(Fri)05:30 No.5122028
    11th Felsite: Bearlan seems ill, but says he is fine. I am uneasy.
    Bearlan presented me with a bracelet today.
    It is carved is rock lobster shell. It is decorated with turtle shell. It menaces with spikes of turtle shell. It depicts an image of the dwarf. The dwarf is fishing.

    16th Felsite: Bearlan is very ill, but refuses to stop, or seek healer. He is a strange color. I am worried. Human companions fighting again. Thief stole something from the woman. Maiden something.

    20th Felsite: Bearlan collapsed today. Could not walk. Nearing next stop on journey--will seek healer there.
    Finished amulet today. It is carved of Gneiss. It menaces with spikes of spider chitin. It depicts an image of a dwarf. It depicts an image of a spider. The dwarf is sitting on the spider.
    >> Anonymous 07/10/09(Fri)05:31 No.5122032
    1st Hematite: Reached Kosothlular today. Humans call it Sentil. Human and dwarven community.
    Found a healer for Bearlan quickly. Healer says Bearlan will take a month to heal from the spider venom, perhaps longer. As loathe as I am to postpone my search, I cannot abandon my friend.

    While he heals, I will seek out knowledge of Koganusan, and my brother.

    The Journal of Rith will continue once Bearlan has healed, and I have slept. Part two coming soon.

    The Journal of Rith: Part two

    11th Hematite:Bearlan is still unconcious. Healer says it is a healing coma. Not sure if healer is right.

    I have learned little of the object of my foolish brothers quest...but what little I have learned strikes a deep chord of trouble within me. The few tales I have managed to puersuade out of fellow dwarves are...disturbing. and they always look so....fearful, as if merely speaking of the place brings its curse upon them.
    >> Anonymous 07/10/09(Fri)05:32 No.5122037
    15th Hematite: No sign of improvement for Bearlan.
    have begun carving amulet.

    16th Hematite: The more I learn of Koganusan, the more troubled I am. What little rumor I had heard before said only it was an old, abandoned fortress.
    Why did none of the rumors even mention the sheer....evil of the place? How many lives were lost?

    18th Hematite: Possible sign of health in Bearlan. He is no longer green. Hand twitching slightly.
    >> Anonymous 07/10/09(Fri)05:33 No.5122045
    20th Hematite: Have finished amulet.
    It is carved of Gneiss. It menaces with spikes of leather. It is decorated with turtle shell. It depicts an image of a dwarf. The dwarf is farming.

    25th Hematite: Bearlan is still unconcious, but much better looking. Breathing regularly. Beard thick again. healer says may wake up in a few days.

    28th Hematite: Bearlan awoke today! Demanded rat skewer with ketchup.
    Healer says Bearlan will be fit to travel in a fortnight. Bearlan says he will be fit to travel in two days.
    >> Anonymous 07/10/09(Fri)05:34 No.5122052
    2nd Malachite: Healer was wrong.

    3rd Malachite: Bearlan seems much his old self. Has begun carving something.
    Had to break Thief out of jail. Fool tried to pickpocket a noblewoman.
    Humans had long, drawnout plan to get thief out. Showed humans dwarven plan--smash wall, take thief.

    4th Malachite: Left last night. Before we freed thief, I puersuaded dwarf in tavern. Dwarf said Koganusan was two months march away.
    Dropped dwarf at healers after puersuasian.
    >> Anonymous 07/10/09(Fri)05:34 No.5122056
    7th Malachite: Bearlan finished bracelet he was crafting.
    It is crafted of jet. It menaces with spikes of granite. It is decorated with rock lobster shell. It depicts an image of a dwarf. It depicts an image of a drum. The dwarf is playing the drum.
    He has enchanted it to glow in the presence of battle.

    8th Malachite: Attacked by goblins today. Wounded human wizard. Wizard managed to set one afire.
    Bearlan caused two to sink into the earth, as quicksand, still alive.
    Used burning body of bash one into tree. Grabbed still living one and bashed another. Used goblins to slaughter rest of goblins. Rather fun.
    Roast goblin was rather stringy.

    10th Malachite: Nothing of note happened today.
    Begun carving amulet.
    >> Anonymous 07/10/09(Fri)05:36 No.5122061
    12th Malachite: Finished carving amulet.
    It is crafted of goblin Bone. It menaces with spikes ot wood. It depicts the image of a goblin. It depicts the image of a goblin. The goblin is on fire. The goblin is fleeing in terror.

    14th Malachite: Attacked by goblins again while asleep. Killed one with amulet, two with thrown scone. One attempted to stab neck. Hand tangled in beard. Broke neck. Wizard managed to burn three. Bearlan turned one into small pig, slew two with hammer.

    Pork tonight.

    15th Malachite: Found two amulets today. Brothers craftsmanship. On right trail.

    18th Malachite: First signs of koganusan sighted today. Elephants on horizon. All stories agree large herd of them near the mine.
    >> Anonymous 07/10/09(Fri)05:36 No.5122062
    It wasn't your connection, bro. 4chan went down.
    >> Anonymous 07/10/09(Fri)05:36 No.5122065
    24th Malachite: Came upon Elven caravan today. Refused to trade with us, upon seeing wooden handle of my axes.
    Pointy eared cannibal bastards.

    28th Malachite:Koganusan itself sighted. It is an ugly place. My companions say it will take another fortnights march to arrive.
    I say it will take a week.

    2nd Galena: Companions complaining of pace I set. I do not care.
    My goal is before me. My brother draws near. I will find him, dead or alive. If dead...I will avenge him. I will bring the accursed mine down upon itself if he is not alive.
    >> Anonymous 07/10/09(Fri)05:37 No.5122070
         File1247218638.jpg-(304 KB, 670x509, Carve yourself eating cheese.jpg)
    304 KB
    Posting in support of this tale.
    >> Anonymous 07/10/09(Fri)05:38 No.5122079
    ahh, thankies.
    >> Anonymous 07/10/09(Fri)05:39 No.5122084
    5th Galena: Elephants sighted again. Vicious beasts. Have begun carving amulet.

    6th Galena: Area surrounding Koganusan is strange. Trees stunted and twisted, discoloured. Earth full of rock, rusted metal scattered everywhere.

    Elephants watch from river bank.

    7th Galena: Elephants attacked today. Three.
    My human companions were routed. The wizard squished beneath elephant foot. Thief fled at first sign of them. Man carried woman away. woman cursed a lot.

    Only Bearlan and I stayed. Cleric glowed with holy light, and earth beneath one began to glow, a swirling pit of lava sucking the creature down to a painful death.
    Second grabbed me with trunk. Bashed with toast.Buried axe in seconds eye. Hacked out brain.

    Fell to earth, to see final swallowing Bearlan whole. Vision grew red. Hazy. Do not remember much. Awoke with elephant missing one foot, stumbling. Elephant trumpeted in pain. Bearlan burst from stomach, axe in hand, covered in elephant gut.

    Koganusan will not dissuade us this easily.
    >> Anonymous 07/10/09(Fri)05:40 No.5122092
    9th: Resting. Healing from battle.
    finished amulet. It is carved of Obsidian. It menaces with spikes of elephant bone. It depicts an image of a dwarf. It depicts an image of an elephant. It depicts an image of a dwarf. The dwarf and the dwarf are striking the elephant down.

    14th Galena: Reached front door of Koganusan today. will enter tomorrow.
    Door appears curously scorched. Burn marks cover rock face under lichen growth. Rock smooth, as thought melted, an then hardened.
    I wonder what caused this.
    Tales of Koganusan trouble my dreams. Vivid, glowing rivers...

    15th Galena: Entered Koganusan today. Entry hall filled with curious carvings, engravings. Bearlan says they are the work of someone named Sankis. Curious. What dwarf lacks a beard? Whats emperor engraves walls?
    >> Anonymous 07/10/09(Fri)05:42 No.5122097
    16th Galena: Found odd carving. Message hacked out of wall. Crude, done by axe, not chisel.

    Added own touch to carving. Hacked one word into bottom.

    Bearlan added as well.
    "Fuck you."

    18th Galena: Lost. Triggered trap of some kind. Cavein. Trying to find entrence again.

    19th Galena: Camping in possible living quarters. Bearlan came back from expedition for route to entrence looking troubled. Says he will show me tomorrow.
    >> Anonymous 07/10/09(Fri)05:43 No.5122103
    20th Galena: Bearlan showed me reason for troubles night before.
    Found kitchen.
    Full of...bodies. Hacked. Butchered. Burned.
    Mostly dwarf. Some animal. Some human, elf. Some not recognizable.

    21st Galena:...
    Found brother.

    22nd Galena: I have found my brother.
    He was in the kitchen.
    >> Anonymous 07/10/09(Fri)05:44 No.5122107
    23rd Galena: I have found my brother. Kitchen.
    I have found my brother. He was in the kitchen. One of the. The bodied. Butchered.
    I knew it was him by the ring he wore. Clan ring. Forged it for him for birthing day, before he left.
    He had no face.

    24th Galena: I will avenge my brother. I will destroy Koganusan.
    Several carvings, several records, show a lever. A lake, a river of magma. I will find both. I will flood this vile place, clog its veins with lava, utterly destroy it.
    My brothers body shall have a tomb worthy of a Sividsgun.

    28th(?) Galena: This place. THIS DAMNED PLACE. We wander, we search, we mine, yet neither entrence nor lever we find. It mocks me. we go in damned circles.
    Bearlan prays nightly, but he says he feels not his god in this place. Is this place truly damned, that not even a priest may feel his god?
    >> Anonymous 07/10/09(Fri)05:44 No.5122110
    3rd(?) Limestone: Bearlan does not sleep. He says he sees a firey demon in his dreams, who walks in the guise of a dwarf. He has been carving, of late. Will not show me what.

    5th(?) limestone: I have found it. The lever. Carved upon a plaque beneath it: "PROJECT: FUCK THE WORLD"
    I must find the flood gates it operates. I must divert them into the halls themselves.

    ?Limestone: Days. So many days. I do not know when it is anymore. So much evil in this place.
    >> Anonymous 07/10/09(Fri)05:45 No.5122113
    ?limestone: The demon. The demon of Bearlans dream. He walks. He is real.

    ?Limestone: Trust nothing. nothing in this hell can be trusted.
    Little girl. Dwarven girl. So young. Seemed lost. Tried t help. Didn;t think. Didn't think how she'd gotten so deep.
    So much evil in this pit.

    ?limestone: Bearlan injured. Trying to tend to his wounds. Not a healer. Need a healer.
    Little girl. Bearlan picked her up, trying to comfor her crying. She turned and...turned. She turend and bit him. ripped flesh from his shoulder. Neck. Bleeding so badly. My friend. So badly. Threw her away, falling. Could not chase, trying to help Bearlan. staunched blood. So much blood, a pool on the ground. Pants soaked in it.
    Bearlan pale. Hardly breathing.
    >> Anonymous 07/10/09(Fri)05:46 No.5122117
    ???: Bearlan. Bearlan saved me.
    Demon dwarf. Firey beard, flaming eyes.Crown of fire.
    Roaring, so terrible. Little girl with him, giggling like some mad demon. I stood over Bearlan, charged the demon, and he...he caught my axe. it glowed red hot in his hand, the shaft bursting in flame. He tossed it aside...I tried to punch...he caught my hand.
    The heat...so hot. Burning so badly.Laughed, a mad laugh, threw me across the room, next to Bearlan. He stood, obviously in pain, barely move....pressed something to my hand, told me to leave. Threw himself at the monster.
    My friend sacrificed himself for me.
    >> Anonymous 07/10/09(Fri)05:48 No.5122123
    ???: Days. wandering for what seems like days in this accursed hell. Finding old food, killing rats, barely enough to stay alive.

    ???: I have found...something. A stone door, blasted open by terrible heat. It looks to be a tomb.
    >> Anonymous 07/10/09(Fri)05:50 No.5122131
    ???: Curious metal in the tomb. Sarcophogus filled with shards of it, some processed, some still lumps of ore...if it is what I think it is...

    ???:River of magma...lined with forges. Most rusted, broken, useless...
    >> Anonymous 07/10/09(Fri)05:51 No.5122137
    ???: I will not die here. This hell will not be my tomb.
    >> Anonymous 07/10/09(Fri)05:53 No.5122145
    bumpan for fun
    >> Anonymous 07/10/09(Fri)05:54 No.5122149
    ???:One forge. One anvil. Still usable.

    ???:I...feel odd. Possessed. A strange...macabre...mood.
    >> Anonymous 07/10/09(Fri)05:58 No.5122166


    OTOH there is alot of dwarf bodies around.
    >> Anonymous 07/10/09(Fri)05:59 No.5122170
    ???:Managed to find Bearlans body. Burned. horribly burned. He sits beside the forge now.

    ???: I have been forging...for days, it seems. I cannot stop. I am driven...possessed...
    At times, I do not even know what I am making.
    >> Anonymous 07/10/09(Fri)06:02 No.5122183
    Make the axe that will pierce the heavens!
    >> Anonymous 07/10/09(Fri)06:03 No.5122186
    ???: I have found it. I have found the exit. Seeking food, I stumbled across a stream...it flows down, it flows out of this mountain. I will escape.
    >> Anonymous 07/10/09(Fri)06:06 No.5122196
    Now I'm stuck imagining the entirety of gurren lagann only with a core axe instead of the core drill, and axes from there on up.

    Certainly explains why they were underground to begin with.
    >> Anonymous 07/10/09(Fri)06:08 No.5122207
    ???:I shed my armor. I will never make it weighed down in so much.
    I take only the chalice and bracelets Bearlan made me, my chainmail scarf, my brothers ring, and...the axe.
    I must leave my friend and brother behind. I cannot carry their bodies and swim at the same time.
    I leave tomorrow.
    >> Anonymous 07/10/09(Fri)06:18 No.5122238
    ???: I barely made it.
    I heard the sadistic giggling of the young dwarven girl, and I ran. I ran for my very life, for a terrible, flickering glow accompanied it, a demons laughter answering.

    I ran to the waters edge, and hurled myself in, curling as the rough waters spun me and dashed me against bed and sides. It was a rough, dangerous journey, that, pitch dark, feeling fish, and other, less wholesome thigns slithering and brushing against me in the streams icy waters. My lungs burned, and I thought, surely, that I must perish...dieing by water, instead of fire.

    Until I was spat out, light of the sun blinding me...I washed up down stream, ashore. I was amazed I lost nothing in the journey, my possessions fimrly belted to my form...I passed out along the rives edge.

    I awoke to the sound of breathing. Elephants. A herd...I stood, glaring about me, unarmed.
    They stared at me.
    My eyes met theirs
    Theirs broke first.

    They remembered me.
    >> Anonymous 07/10/09(Fri)06:21 No.5122253
    ???: I make my way back to Kosothlular. Attacked once by goblin tribe. No survivors. Passed elven caravan again today as well. No survivors.
    >> Anonymous 07/10/09(Fri)06:26 No.5122282
    10th Timber:Reached Kosothlular several days ago. Healing. Eating. Planning.
    >> Anonymous 07/10/09(Fri)06:31 No.5122304
    15th Timber: This will be my last entry in this journal.

    I will journey home. For now. But I will return.
    I have escaped Kooganusan.
    Koganusan will not escape me.
    I go to raise an army. Dwarves and men.
    We will raise the accursed mine to the ground. We will utterly destroy it. I will leave not a single stone unbroken. My brother...my friend...will be avenged.
    My axe will drink the demons blood.
    >> Anonymous 07/10/09(Fri)06:35 No.5122322
    The dwarf set the pen down, closing the leatherbound journal carefully, before standing. He had a curious scar upon his throat...in the shape of a hand, seemingly burned there.
    He bore no weapons save one. An axe, belted at his hip.
    All craftsdwarfship is of the highest quality. It is forged of adamantine. The handle of crafted of dwarven bone. It is bound in dwarven leather.
    Its only decoration is it's name, etched where metal and bone join.
    It is dubbed The Beard of Bearlan.
    >> Anonymous 07/10/09(Fri)06:42 No.5122350
         File1247222571.jpg-(505 KB, 971x1179, Wanted Dwarf.jpg)
    505 KB
    >> Anonymous 07/10/09(Fri)06:51 No.5122388
    this thread is made of win and ale.
    >> helpful /co/mrade 07/10/09(Fri)06:54 No.5122402
         File1247223284.jpg-(159 KB, 640x480, 1240731122040.jpg)
    159 KB
    >>This story
    Op, PLEASE tell me you have an ending planned, or a sequel?
    >> Anonymous 07/10/09(Fri)06:59 No.5122425
    This is part two.
    Ask anyone who reads fairy tales....everything comes in threes
    >> Anonymous 07/10/09(Fri)07:00 No.5122441
    I am smiling now
    >> Anonymous 07/10/09(Fri)07:30 No.5122629
    Part three will be the tale of the march on koganusan. I'm still thinking of just who'se pov to use.
    >> Anonymous 07/10/09(Fri)07:35 No.5122651
    >I am reasonably sure she is female. I will make her(?) my bride when I return.

    >> Anonymous 07/10/09(Fri)07:47 No.5122718

    >> Anonymous 07/10/09(Fri)07:49 No.5122741

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