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  • File : 1246734526.png-(370 KB, 1874x567, Tiji Sector 3.png)
    370 KB Anonymous 07/04/09(Sat)15:08 No.5092027  
    Hello, /tg/.
    I understand if you're starting to become a bit sick of this project so sage away, if you want. I am happy to announce, hoever, that it's nearing its end-days.

    So, I am the guy who has been designing the map for the Tiji Sector - we've been generating planets using a planet generator that has been hailed as rather stupid due to its nonsensical layout and disregard for physics, but we love it anyway. Using these planets, we've made our own bizarre, crazy little sector.

    Now, here's the thing: I designed to work on a second map, to improve the layout of the Tiji Sector a bit, to increase spacing and shift things around a little bit. Some planets have been renamed, too - the slightly unbelievable USSR has become Usar, for example.

    So, I want you to decide which map you approve of - the confusing, messily laid out original version, which still has space for additional planets, or the more carefully arranged second version which has been made to consume as much space as possible, leaving little room for additional planets? Make a wish, please.

    Planet Generator we've been using: http://rapidshare.com/files/238498726/Warhammer_40k_-_PlanetGeneratorV2.pdf

    In b4 the twit who designed the superior planet generator thrusts it in our faces.
    >> Anonymous 07/04/09(Sat)15:15 No.5092078
    to be fair, the twit who designed the latest one really has no issues with the old version other than his desire for a more 'scientifically based' generator. Its the twits who are all wrapped up in the original that had issues with his.

    keep up the work on Fiji sector..ben following it since you started work on it!
    >> Anonymous 07/04/09(Sat)15:18 No.5092096
    It's Tiji - as in, you know, tee-gee. /tg/.

    Anyway, care to voice your opinion on which map that I have presented is superior?
    >> Anonymous 07/04/09(Sat)15:30 No.5092165
    V2. I like it 'cause all of the planets are a bit more spaced out so labelling is no longer a nightmare.
    >> Anonymous 07/04/09(Sat)15:59 No.5092362
    Are you guys actually going to upload the fluff for these planets anywhere? I look at the map and all I see is a bunch of fucking names.
    >> Anonymous 07/04/09(Sat)16:05 No.5092417
    We got some basic summaries of them. All of them are a lot more in-depth if you read the threads. Especially Xomula.

    Detaniax - A deadly Forgeworld with super high technology, but only notable Mechanicus presence.
    Utopia - A Planet with nearly 400 degerees in the summer but swamps in the polar regions because of the crazy axial tilt.
    Volcania- 61 Dudes with Spears and Swords fucking up everything that dares to come to their planet.
    Augurus Prime - The home of the proud Augurus Titan legions.
    Tempest - A planet that will cook you in the summer, freeze you solid in the winter and kill you via terrible storms in between, also its a dictatorship.
    Inferno - A waterless, searing deathworld with a deadly atmosphere that somehow supports 9 million people and a high tech Titan legion with industrial tech only.
    Ravenforge - Nobody goes to Ravenforge.
    Taedium, a frontier world, that will be a paradise once it's fully colonized.
    Extermis Cratum, a world that was once a paradise. It was hit by a shard of a broken world, so it's now a hell hole,
    Nephertis, a Forbidden World controlled by Chaos death cults; the xenofauna are absolutely deadly. Not even the Imperium wants it.
    >> Anonymous 07/04/09(Sat)16:06 No.5092430

    Surat Thani, a Cemetary world that is dotted by rocky plateaus that go above the clouds, and thermal storms that melt steel. It's important in the Tiji Sector; it's where the Guardsmen are buried.

    Endrythis - Giant huge iceball.Filled with people praying to the Emperor for somewhere better to live.
    Ixion II - Hot administratum world. Oceans migrate. Only the Emperor knows why it's so populated.
    Abyssius Monasturius - Administratum hive world run by the Ministorum. Hot, long days and big population.
    Nebraskus - Agri-world. Light gravity, bearable atmosphere.
    Tempestus Solaris - Planet itself is worthless. Orbiting space stations are valuable to the military. So valuable, it's their capital.
    Cataclysm - Inquisitorial capital, and they want to keep it a fucking secret.
    Hylios - Hylios is a world in the middle of the terraforming process. Simple as that. It also has only 47 people maintaining quite a military.
    Winterchase - Freezes in winter. Boils in summer. Large population of feral nomads who have their own version of the Emperor to reflect on their world travel to stop themselves from dieing.
    Requiem - Frozen poisonous wasteland, but a big battle took place here and they'll dig those loyal servants of the emperor out and give them a burial so help them.
    Syran - Mineral rich mining world with lots of radiation due to huge sun.
    Aquaphobia - Aquatic world with volcanoes. Deep Ones are here.
    Sors Natio - Moist water vapor planet.
    >> Anonymous 07/04/09(Sat)16:08 No.5092444

    Yhas - A celestial object that's not quite a planet or a sun. This creates valuable objects worth mining for on the 50 satellites.
    Nogred - Developing world, mainly military.
    Ferrum Sanctimonia - Temperate Shrine World with beaches. Priest volleyball! Has a Hospitaller Sisters of Battle order here called Order of the Healing Touch because a saint healed a village of a heretic causing illness on a beach here. Sisters guard that coastal spot even today.
    Deleator - Hard winter makes this a feudal world of Vikings led by a small number of Inquisitors to be loyal servants of the Emperor
    Agailareptor - Ex-cemetery world, but pesky Chaos artifacts made it more trouble than it was worth and it got extirmatused. 70 people still live here, Chaos is persistent.
    Cataclysm - Where the Inquisition keeps all the forbidden stuff they don't want to destroy but don't want to go in the wrong hands i.e not theirs.

    There's a few missing, and a few who's names have now been changed. Also have the new planets been added to the new map?
    >> Anonymous 07/04/09(Sat)16:13 No.5092486

    I see Asev, which was the last archived planet, so I'm going to assume it is.
    >> Anonymous 07/04/09(Sat)16:20 No.5092543
    I kinda like the layout of the olf map, just because it seems a lot more natural. I could see that as the path the colony ships used way back in the day. I'd als like to see a big hole missing, for no apparent reason... sort of a dark zone with absolutly no habitable planets whatsoever.
    >> Anonymous 07/04/09(Sat)16:21 No.5092559
    >Sors Natio - Moist water vapor planet.
    You mean a gas giant made entirely of H2O?

    >Ferrum Sanctimonia - Temperate Shrine World with beaches. Priest volleyball! Has a Hospitaller Sisters of Battle order here called Order of the Healing Touch because a saint healed a village of a heretic causing illness on a beach here. Sisters guard that coastal spot even today.

    Fuck yeah!
    >> Anonymous 07/04/09(Sat)16:33 No.5092648
    >You mean a gas giant made entirely of H2O?
    Yes. Yes I did. I was tired at the time.
    >> Anonymous 07/04/09(Sat)16:33 No.5092651
    Reducing what i see in the archives into summary now...

    Nashakal - An extrodinarilly important and well defended shrine world

    Veresuomi - A mining world notable for it's heavy defences and complete lack of Imperial presence.

    Zemoo - A xeno world with potential Kroot presence. Suspected to be a Tau listening / research post.
    >> Anonymous 07/04/09(Sat)16:49 No.5092779
    Just a heads on these, I'm skipping any planet without a name.

    Welktor - A forbidden, former-chaos planet. It's current population of 8 million seeks to eke out an existance post-exterminatus.

    Xaviol - The Sector's communications hub by virtue of its dominatingly astropathic population.

    Bennan Ainiluin (AKA Scholar's Rest) - A paradise world that turned out to be an Eldar Maiden World. The Eldar want it back. Defended almost entirly by mercenaries.

    Azarious - An inhospitable mining planet known for it's dense minerals and many rich moons.
    >> Anonymous 07/04/09(Sat)16:53 No.5092809
    Zemoo? Zemoo... I don't remember a Zemoo.
    Or a Veresuomi.
    I'll have to read up on them and add them to the map.
    So far, people seem to favour the new one, even if the second one looks a bit more natural.
    >> Anonymous 07/04/09(Sat)17:05 No.5092884
    A planet filled with a giant astropath community. I see no way this can go wrong.
    >> Anonymous 07/04/09(Sat)17:10 No.5092928
    Wereu IV - A now forbidden former Mechanicus R&D world. All further information is classified as part of the condition of the planet's quarentine.

    Unpredictibla VI - 63 Xenos, decendents of a crashed ship's crew, try desperatly to reclaim the knowledge to get off this miserable rock, but have so far only managed to claim back advanced space.

    Odabar - A beurocratic hell-hole, almost literally. A hive world of unbearable heat devoted almost entirly to the administratum. Mercenary wars between varying branches and offices are encouraged by the dictatorship, which believes they help promote efficiency.

    USSR - Reservation of United Security of Select Republics: A planet known for it's razor sharp grasses which are processed down into drinkable machine oil. The planet is almost entirely volcanic glass, which is farmed and harvested by the population.

    Implausibla Prime - an irradiated hive world under the oppressive regime of former arbite, His Most Geriatric Bitumen Hoarfrost, Planetary Governer. A true galactic rarity, a hive world with adequate law enforcement; it's law enforcement personell undergo the same training as it's crack IG recruits.
    >> Anonymous 07/04/09(Sat)17:12 No.5092940
    "Ah, I think I will just use this Warp power to make my job easier... OOOOHBYTHEEMPERORIT'SCRAWLINGINTOMYBRAAAAAAAAAAAAAIN"
    "Fuck! A Daemonhost! I better help the PDF get rid of it with mOHFUCKMYHEADAAAAAAAA--"

    Within the space of an hour, sixty thousand heads have exploded.
    >> Anonymous 07/04/09(Sat)17:18 No.5092990
    I find the revised map to be terribly unnatural looking-- not organic enough of a distribution. Perhaps a better answer would be merely scaling the size of the original map up, so labels fit better.
    >> Anonymous 07/04/09(Sat)17:19 No.5092994
    Forge World LVX, In Process of Renaming to Emperor's Holy Light - A former Forge-World turned Shrine-World by the beatification of Saint Infernus. The Ecclesiarchy now desperatly struggles against the Cult of the Ommnisiah for religius dominance on the planet.

    Asev - A toxic fuedal world with no outside contact and a scant 4100 population.

    and... I guess that's it? Going to take a bit of a break. I'll go over for missed and nameless planets later. Hey MapAnon, what did you do with nameless planets? have they been skipped or did you assign a name as you saw fit?
    >> Anonymous 07/04/09(Sat)17:22 No.5093019
    Sup OP. The twit with the other generator here. I fixed the issues I noticed earlier. I invite anyone who wishes to takea gander at it.

    You can find it at http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?j3oytinjmtm
    >> Anonymous 07/04/09(Sat)17:24 No.5093028
    Then the guys from Cataclysm show up.

    Let me tell you, there's a reason why the place is a quarantined forbidden world. It's the base for all of the badass Inquisitors in the sector. Once they're alerted to HERESY, they'll be ready to go and wreck Chaos' shit faster than you can "Emperor preserve us!".
    >> Anonymous 07/04/09(Sat)17:26 No.5093047
    > Forge World LVX, In Process of Renaming to Emperor's Holy Light - A former Forge-World turned Shrine-World by the beatification of Saint Infernus. The Ecclesiarchy now desperatly struggles against the Cult of the Ommnisiah for religius dominance on the planet.

    You forgot the best part - there's no AdMechs! It's hilarious on it's own but you could put the Grimdark meaning that the Ecclesiary schemed the AdMech's demises in the hope to convert the rest of the planet. It failed. And relations between the two groups in the sector are further stretched.
    >> Anonymous 07/04/09(Sat)17:26 No.5093048

    Hey, Other Generator Guy. Go name those planets you made when you first introduced your thing so I can add 'em to the list.
    >> Anonymous 07/04/09(Sat)17:29 No.5093077
    I'm afraid I don't have them saved anywhere, but I can roll some up.

    Or other people can, using my generator,
    >> Anonymous 07/04/09(Sat)17:29 No.5093080
    Well they'll be in for one hell of a job. Hell, how did they actually ALLOW a planet as dangerous as this to be?
    >> Anonymous 07/04/09(Sat)17:31 No.5093090
    This isn't really true.
    There's the official Inquisitorial world, Euphelion, the world where you go to in order to register a complaint, the world you communicate with if you're got a cult problem. This is where all of the smug, handsome, knight-in-shining-armour "Inquisitors" dwell, in order to act as the face of the Inquisition. Usually, these "Inquisitors" are actually just charismatic interrogators.
    Then there's Cataclysm. If the Tiji Sector was the U.S.A., then Cataclysm would be its Area 51. After the cults have been subdued, this is where survivors are taken. This is where alien and Chaos artifacts are held. This is where prisoners are tortured. This is where everything the Inquisition does not want you to know about goes. This planet is so secretive, that not only is it labelled as forbidden, it's also labelled as quarantined. No one is allowed to go in or out of it with Inquisitorial order and you can bet your ass that anyone who emerges from the Warp within the system - let alone within orbit Cataclysm - is boarded and interrogated.
    >> Anonymous 07/04/09(Sat)17:34 No.5093104
    You see, the Lord Inquisitor who is in charge of this sector happens to be an enormous jackass. The planet full of astropaths is the "canary in a cage" that detects incoming Chaos invasions. Sacrificing one planet to get advance warning for a threat that puts the other ones in danger isn't that big of a deal for that Lord.
    >> Anonymous 07/04/09(Sat)17:35 No.5093112
    >Then there's Cataclysm. If the Tiji Sector was the U.S.A., then Cataclysm would be its Area 51. After the cults have been subdued, this is a bad idea.

    Fixed that for you.
    >> Anonymous 07/04/09(Sat)17:36 No.5093117

    They're in the archives, dude. http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/4857133/
    >> Anonymous 07/04/09(Sat)17:40 No.5093147
    Or he did it for his own amusement.
    "Check it. I put a whole load of Astropaths on this random Hive World."
    "Sir, is that the best of ideas?"
    "Shhhh. Let's wait for the fireworks to start. It should start in about ohhh..... 5 minutes."
    >> Anonymous 07/04/09(Sat)17:44 No.5093176
    oh, didn't know that.

    Well then, Names:
    the first one is Cobbokamp, and the 2nd is Hesphri J62G
    >> Anonymous 07/04/09(Sat)17:52 No.5093238
    >> Anonymous 07/04/09(Sat)17:53 No.5093239
    Cobbokamp - A grassy world dotted with enclosed hab-domes to protect against the exotic atmosphere. A handfull of preachers struggle to keep the population of 4 million in line.

    Hesphri J62G - A tiny, unremarkable planet. A small crashed ship of 56 struggles to survive until rescue.
    >> Anonymous 07/04/09(Sat)17:53 No.5093249
    Used by the Older Inquisitors AKA the more Radical ones. Yeah. That's why the keep stuff instead of destroying it.
    >> Anonymous 07/04/09(Sat)17:58 No.5093300
    I can just see the Astropath planet being a major political power in the sector. Piss them off and you suddenly find your mail and distress signals arriving a little too late.

    Anyone familiar with the intricacies of Sector politics?
    >> Anonymous 07/04/09(Sat)17:59 No.5093306
    the only remarkable thing about Hesphri J62G is how the planet manages to stay together with a rotation that results in 1 hour days.
    >> Anonymous 07/04/09(Sat)18:02 No.5093326
    People would just kinf of leave Xomula alone. Planets like Yhas would probably has some leverage.
    >> Anonymous 07/04/09(Sat)18:11 No.5093397
    Huh. Anyone willing to tally up the amount of influence each group has on average for the entire sector? Ecclesiary seem unusually powerful. Guess the dangers makes people religious.
    >> Anonymous 07/04/09(Sat)18:14 No.5093424
    New Prospero is only such an important planet because it's the dwelling place of so many CEOs. If you're remotely important, you'll just hire a pair of astropaths, leave on with your company and take the other one to New Prospero with you.

    Also, there's a huge situation going on in the upper-right corner there - some people are saying rebellion. For several thousand years, Ravenforge and Euclisine have been in close proximity to a warp storm, an unreal nebula that twists and turns in space, staring down at nearby systems like an organic eye.
    No one goes to Ravenforge anymore. It's quarantined, cut off. It used to been an influencial forge world - one of the best. It even had one of the largest Titan legions in all of the Tiji Sector. Then, communications spoke of trouble - a massive rise in techeresy. Blatant rebellion and rioting against the Machine God, and the praise of Chaos. Similar antics were spotted in Euclisine. Since then, the Inquisition has cut off transport from these planets or to these planets. They're waiting to see whether Chaos will be quashed, or if they will have a full scale assault on their hands.
    >> Anonymous 07/04/09(Sat)18:21 No.5093468
    Wait... Did Deleator get it's name changed or was it forgotten?
    >> Anonymous 07/04/09(Sat)18:27 No.5093509

    How are sectors normally run in the first place? is there like a sector governor or something?
    >> Anonymous 07/04/09(Sat)18:32 No.5093536
    I see a few worlds missing from the map but a few worlds missing from your list, some of them that went without name.

    I'll personally make basic background for these planets asap:
    Plures Labori
    >> Anonymous 07/04/09(Sat)18:35 No.5093556

    Good man, anon.
    >> Anonymous 07/04/09(Sat)18:35 No.5093560
    Oh shi-- left it out by accident.
    Also updating the map to include:
    Utopia RENAMED TO Aipotu.
    >> Frazer !!NNiZ5EzzZEM 07/04/09(Sat)18:40 No.5093593

    Well, all worlds in the Imperium are self-governing, left to their own devices as long as they fulfil their basic minimum of requirements to the Imperium. There will be a Sector Lord, however, who eminence and wealth is such that he has great de facto influence in directing policy across multiple worlds.
    >> Anonymous 07/04/09(Sat)18:46 No.5093647

    Whats say we put together an oligarchy of sector lords? Flesh out some of the major interstellar rulers of the area.
    >> Anonymous 07/04/09(Sat)18:49 No.5093660
    Not many worlds are ruled as an Ogliarchy. Yhas is the only one I can think of. There's the head of the Inquisition in hte sector. Who is an ass, although just how much of an ass he is unknown.
    >> Anonymous 07/04/09(Sat)19:08 No.5093814
    Here's an idea for one:
    Garrus Wilhelm Bushus, governor of Texasium and an avid supporter of the xenophobic, conservative beliefs of his citizens. Handles the governing of his system from New Prosero and uses the massive food exports from Texasium as a bargaining chip.
    >> Anonymous 07/04/09(Sat)19:17 No.5093873
    Here's something: Usar are planning to turn to the Tau. They are Space Commies, after all.
    >> Anonymous 07/04/09(Sat)19:51 No.5094060

    That worries me actually, where is the Tiji sector in relation to the rest of the galaxy? Are we even anywhere near the tau?
    >> Anonymous 07/04/09(Sat)19:55 No.5094092
    I dunno. I don't think we actually decided. Anyone have that map with all the territories marked on it?
    >> Anonymous 07/04/09(Sat)20:10 No.5094175
    I was thinking of havng them far away from any threats - I was thinking it would border the edge of the galaxy, trailing on a spiral arm.
    The primary threat would be what exists inside the system itself.
    >> Anonymous 07/04/09(Sat)20:20 No.5094273

    Well,I like how we have small pockets of outside influence. We have some chaos and eldar in there. I wouldnt have no outside influence whatsoever, but yeah, I agree that we'll want as little muckin' about with xenos as possible.
    >> Anonymous 07/04/09(Sat)20:29 No.5094351
    You know how the Realm of Ultramar is North of the Tau Empire?
    Well, the Tau Empire is probably North of several Imperial sectors.
    Including the Tiji Sector.
    >> Anonymous 07/04/09(Sat)20:32 No.5094378
         File1246753956.jpg-(238 KB, 734x599, 40K.jpg)
    238 KB
    Got this map off the Warhammer Wiki. I can post the Tau one for comparison, if you guys want.
    >> Anonymous 07/04/09(Sat)20:46 No.5094475

    How big is a standard sector? Is it a set size or could Tiji be however big or small we require it to be?
    >> Anonymous 07/04/09(Sat)20:47 No.5094483
         File1246754823.jpg-(97 KB, 734x599, Tiji Sector Location.jpg)
    97 KB
    Here's the location.
    Well, not quite towards the Halo Stars, but it's on the very skin of its spiral arm.
    >> Rubric Marine !5YmRrjC64A 07/04/09(Sat)20:54 No.5094537

    >Sors Natio - Moist water vapor planet.

    Where are you getting that from? Sors Natio was a Hive World, IIRC.
    >> Anonymous 07/04/09(Sat)20:55 No.5094546
    Checking other maps on the wiki to see if it coincides with any major areas...
    Fairly near the Salamanders, where the Deep Ones came from so that's good. North of the Smurfs by quite a bit.
    About 1-5 Chaos Marine engagements, due to the Salamanders position.
    Near an Eldar monitored site.
    FFFFFFFFFF. A few Necrons. Oh dear.
    Few Waaagh's, like Waaagh Grax.
    We're actually fairly near where the Tau are.
    Oh lawdy. Behemoth and Kraken will meet at the Tiji Sector.
    >> Anonymous 07/04/09(Sat)21:00 No.5094581
    On my map, I made each square a squared lightyear in size.
    So, the Tiji Sector is approximately seventy lightyears in diameter.
    A sector is a fictional area anyway - so we've go no real idea how large a sector should be.
    >> Anonymous 07/04/09(Sat)21:02 No.5094603
    Let's put it near where the Salamanders are - but as far away from the threat of Tyranids as possible, since hive fleets are the end-all when it comes to sectors.
    >> Anonymous 07/04/09(Sat)21:02 No.5094604
    Man, I don't know. I was tired so I just looked at the first post or so that responded and it said something along those lines.
    >> Anonymous 07/04/09(Sat)21:03 No.5094607
    It's not that near at the moment. It's just EVENTUALLY when they get there, it will also be the time when both fleets meet. So that sucks for them.
    >> Anonymous 07/04/09(Sat)21:04 No.5094614
    Man, let the fucking Tyranids come. Tiji Sector will fuck them up!
    >> Anonymous 07/04/09(Sat)21:08 No.5094647
    To be fair, it's fitting. I mean where else but the awful place that is Tiji Sector would the two big fleets meet.
    >> Anonymous 07/04/09(Sat)21:09 No.5094653
    When will they eventually get there, then?
    >> Anonymous 07/04/09(Sat)21:13 No.5094691
    I dunno. How fast does the fleet move?

    Now that I think about it, probably never. At least not for Behemoth. They'd have to get through Smurfs, and their plot armor is impenetrable.

    They look a fair bit away, so I;d say a while.
    >> Anonymous 07/04/09(Sat)21:17 No.5094726
    Technically Behemoth was destroyed by the Ultramarines.
    Also, Kraken ceased major activity after Ichar IV.

    So, no. Technically, the two hive fleets would cross that point, and at exactly the same time but since both of them have been defeated...
    >> Anonymous 07/04/09(Sat)21:23 No.5094765
    Iniega already has a large background. As does Orvara

    >> Anonymous 07/04/09(Sat)21:24 No.5094774
    Huh. Well fair enough. Although it'd have been funny for there to be anyone in the know in the sector that knew this.

    Meh. Well we could put in a Tomb World, if anyone wants to. We already have Orkz and Eldar. Possibly go for the Usar are Traitors going to the Tau thing. Hell we could put something about Chaos Space Marines, although that might be going too far. There are just ideas, obviously. I'll let you guys discuss this further, I've got to get some rest.
    >> Anonymous 07/04/09(Sat)21:24 No.5094776
    Ah, yes. I downloaded both of those.
    It's just Iniega's background is less familiar and memorable than Orvana's.
    >> Anonymous 07/04/09(Sat)21:28 No.5094790
    We already have:
    A few worlds infested with Orks.
    A maiden world the Eldar are attempting to reclaim.
    A pair of high-profile worlds going Chaos.
    A possible tomb world - there were traces of stone age human civilization on it - but it's far too hot, there's far too little water and the air is poisonous. There's no way a stone age population could've ever survived. So, what happened to the world?
    >> Rubric Marine !5YmRrjC64A 07/04/09(Sat)21:28 No.5094791

    We already have a Tomb World; it's called Enigmus.
    >> Anonymous 07/04/09(Sat)21:28 No.5094794
    I can't think of a better place for Tiji. So what do we have to do to make us fit in here? Figure out some Waaagh paths and drop a tomb world or two?

    Do we have any tomb worlds? We should start tracking statistis as well. figure out the total population and how many of each world type we have
    >> Anonymous 07/04/09(Sat)21:41 No.5094874
    I'll start working on the counting.
    >> Anonymous 07/04/09(Sat)21:50 No.5094949
    "Let me tell you rather amusing about this sector. When the Tyranids first arrived at our glorious Imperium, there were two hive fleets - Behemoth and Kraken. They both came from different directions, travelling different paths. However, they were meant to eventually meet at one spot, at one time, to deal with a single threat together. This big, red X was meant to hover over our beloved sector. The Hive Mind considered this blasted collection of systems worthy of the attention of not one, but two of its hive fleets. What is even more amusing is that neither of these hive fleets ever arrived.
    "That's right, my friend. Even the Tyranids would rather die than come to the Tiji Sector."
    - Inquisitor Glokta
    >> Anonymous 07/04/09(Sat)22:03 No.5095030
    While this was awesome, I have an interesting report to make:

    Hive Worlds: 12
    Shrine Worlds: 4
    Pleasure Worlds: 3
    Forbidden Worlds: 2
    Xenos Worlds: 2
    Forge Worlds: 5
    Feral Worlds: 3
    Feudal Worlds: 3
    Mining Worlds: 6
    Agri Worlds: 3
    Death Worlds: 2
    Developing Worlds: 1
    Frontier Worlds: 2
    Cemetary Worlds: 2
    Quarantined Worlds: 2 Forbidden Worlds, 1 Forge World, 1 Shrine World
    War Worlds: 2 Pleasure Worlds
    Dead Worlds: 1 Feral World, 1 Cemetary World

    It appears that agri-worlds would be rather lacking.
    >> RYXlord 07/04/09(Sat)22:07 No.5095060

    I'll get to work fixing this as soon as I get home tonight.
    >> Anonymous 07/04/09(Sat)22:07 No.5095061
    Just as a completely new opinion: Too many forge worlds, not enough developing worlds. If the agri worlds are particularly large and fecund three might be enough.

    Personally I find the whole thing antithematic for the most trivial and avoidable reasons, and clearly the product of many voices, but these would be my observations nonetheless. The sector with such a world balance also seems like it should have serious mercantile influence.
    >> Anonymous 07/04/09(Sat)22:14 No.5095102
    Texasium is absolutely gigantic, there's another medium planet and Nebraskus is rather small.

    Three might just be enough. But I honestly thank you for your opinion and I have to ask - why aren't there enough frontier worlds? And why too many forge worlds? There's enough mining worlds to support them - certainly considering the respective size of the world types, anyway.
    >> Anonymous 07/04/09(Sat)22:15 No.5095108
    There isn't a requirement for planets to be generated anymore but if you want to, knock yourself out.
    >> Anonymous 07/04/09(Sat)22:21 No.5095162
    5 forge worlds feels like an enormous amount for one sector, that's all. I also note you have one forge world with extreme high tech but limited Mechanicus presence? I don't even know what to make of that, but that's probably because I wasn't around when it was clarified. Consider that any individual forge world is probably going to need proportionately more mining worlds to support it.

    If you have 1 frontier world it just feels out of place. Why bother with it? Either make the sector one of the lucky, stabilisied minimum tech level ones or adjust the balance to be more in line with what is normal. Or include some information that many of the other worlds have already been reclaimed from being frontier worlds.

    Given that you listened to the other criticisms, I have to say I also feel like you've tried to stuff too much into this sector. It doesn't need to have everything, especially if it's not galactic central as the Hive Fleet piece of fluff seems to suggest.

    I don't like the way the Inquisition is portrayed to an extent either, but I'll not go into that. I feel like I'm being waaay too negative and it's not like I was here from the beginning, it's not my place to come in and insult the setting now.
    >> Anonymous 07/04/09(Sat)22:39 No.5095280
    By the way, the general population of the entire sector appears to be:
    272,857,410,700 approximately. It rounded off at about the hundred sign, which is still quite accurate.
    I'll address this a bit at a time. Don't worry about being so negative about it.

    Given that the mining worlds really are rather large - including a stupidly huge, stupidly dense planet with over fifty satellites, some the size of planets - I am sure that the forge worlds will be well supplied. Although, I accept your comment about the non-Mechanicus forgeworld - that was one of the major flaws of this generator.

    As for the two frontier worlds - they have been placed in suitable positions, on the very edge of spiral arm where the stars begin to thin out and civilization is rarer and rarer.

    As for stuffing in too much - I am afraid I have to disagree with you and I will cite an image as an example that combats with the majority of your statements. For example, the Calixis Sector, which is meant to be on the border of civilization - has thirteen forge worlds. It's also completely official.

    Finally, what do you not like about how the Inquisition is portrayed? It hasn't been done very much yet, so this can still be changed.

    Here is the image that I cite - too large to be posted. Warning, it is HUGE:
    >> Anonymous 07/04/09(Sat)22:44 No.5095325
    Apparently 8% of the population appears to live on agri worlds, with 95% of the agri-world population living on Texasium.

    If the entire world is devoted to farming and agri-culture, then it should be enough to feed the sector, given that the farmer use the right tools and equipment.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)00:10 No.5095994
    Face it, that's nowhere near enough.
    >> RYXlord 07/05/09(Sun)00:13 No.5096008

    I'm rolling one up now. Looks really promising. Enormous, tons of moons, huge population...

    and not a spec of water in the entire toxic atmosphere.

    I'll post it first chance I get.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)00:20 No.5096054
    All I can say is reroll until you get a decent agricultural world.
    >> RYXlord 07/05/09(Sun)00:52 No.5096311

    Class - Agri-world
    Tech - Advanced Space
    Star Size - Medium
    Adeptus Arbites - none
    Adeptus Astra Telepathica - slight
    Adeptus Astronimica - token
    Adeptus Mechanicus - token
    Administratum - Notable
    Adeptus Ministorum - Significant
    Inquisition - none

    Planet Size - Enormous (320,000 km)
    Axil Tilt - Severe (36 Degrees)
    Day Length - 122 standard hours
    Year Length - 315 days
    Satellites - 41
    Gravity - Standard Gravity
    Atmosphere - Deadly
    Hydrosphere - Waterless
    Temperature - Average (-10 - 30)
    Summer Temperature - (50-90)
    Winter Temperature - (-70 - -30)
    Terrain - Swamps, Barrens, Ravines, Flat Rock, Sandy.
    Population - 16 billion
    Government - Hereditary Monarchy

    Enforcers - Tiny, Poor
    Militia - Medium, Poor
    Standing Army - Tiny, Medium-High
    Missle Silos (Planet) - Tiny, Poor.

    Known for its productions of military rations, all farming is done beneath giant domes which cover most of the landscape. Waterless and toxic, the atmosphere just focuses light onto the surface which is used to enhance power-production and agriculture Crops grow basically fast enough that, somehow, actual planting is never a problem. The population is too concerned with the constant harvest, and miss enough that some domes have even become wild and jungle like.

    Writefagotry to follow.
    >> RYXlord 07/05/09(Sun)00:54 No.5096327
    And now the obligatory write-faggotry, as I do for all my worlds.

    "Listen rookie, I know you're new here, so listen up, ok? Word on the street is that you're some hotshot farmer's boy from Texasium. Well good for you, cause that don't mean grox shit round here. We do our farming in the domes, like real men. Let me tell you how it works, cause I like you boy, and you won't last three hours round these parts unless someone tells you what's what. This here's Saskatchewion, breadbasket of the sector, despite what they may tell you at home. Yesiree, three hundred thousand square clicks of be~autifull toxic wasteland, and what do we do with it? We farm the shit out of it, thats what. Take one step out of hab-level without protection and you are asking for a full body rad-bath. Take one step outside and your lungs'll jump straight out're your mouth. Now aint that the perfect en-vi-roment to be raising crops?

    You bet your ass it aint! That's why we got these here domes covering nearly all of the surface. Let me tell you boy, that atmo may be as thick and hot as an Ork's fart, but damn if that just don't focus all the heat of that there sun straight onto the surface. It's Like an empra-damned mag-glass! It'll fry you crisp on a hot day too, I tell you that much. Them crops what survive though... well, they grow like none you ain't never seen. Now, I admit, we ain't much for law, nor fighting, but we do keep our shit organized, and as long as you go out there and bring in your due, then you got no probs with the higher ups.
    >> RYXlord 07/05/09(Sun)00:55 No.5096332

    It's a good life, assuming you don't much mind the labor nor the smell of the respiratored air, and hey, you do good enough, maybe you'll even pull shift up on one of the moons where they tend the animals. I heard how much you texasium boys looooove your grox, if'n you reap what i'm planting, heh heh. But serious though. You mind to your duties and just harvest what you've been assigned to and you should have no trouble. Oh, and stay out of the overgrowth, if you know what's good for you. lots of weird shit goin’ down there and you don't want none of that. People disappearing... it ain't right...

    Well? What're you waiting for? The sector ain't gonna feed itself you know. Go! Git!

    ... damn forners. Be dead within the week, guaranteed."
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)01:07 No.5096408
    > thick and hot as an Ork's fart,

    I lol'd
    >> RYXlord 07/05/09(Sun)01:09 No.5096423
    It should be mentioned that I'm not sold on the name. I just kinda picked a very farm-oriented province to match the name of Texasium.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)01:20 No.5096494
    It's actually very nice, I love this world.
    However, what world do you take the pis out of with that name?
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)01:21 No.5096500
    I mean, country.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)02:15 No.5096873

    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)03:32 No.5097472
    I vote we change the name of Saskatchewion to Dominae.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)03:38 No.5097492
    RIght, thank you.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)04:07 No.5097621
    Dominae? Why Dominae?
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)08:04 No.5099221
    I suggest Norfolkan.
    Also this thread is still here when I wake? Awesome.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)09:16 No.5099708
    As the guy who created Ixion II but keep missing these threads, here's a bit of fluff for the world:

    On Ixion II, It is only cold enough in winter for liquid water to form. But since one year lasts only 47 Terran days, the non-inconsiderable oceans of the average-sized world must migrate around the planet with incredible speed. Nothing fixed to the ground, save for the Mechanicus bunker-temples carved into the largest mountains, survives the annual deluge. Everything that can live on Ixion II can float. And a billion citizens of the Imperium do so, manning a dozen colossal Hive-Arks that are half-buried in dry silt during the burning summer, but set sail in winter for trade and war. Each vessel's tremendous size keeps it stable in the mad currents of the temporary winter ocean, and each is ruled by hereditary lineages of sea-captains.

    Too politically fragmented and sparsely populated to be influential among the sector's Hive Worlds, Ixion II is mainly known for its industrial and troop output. The local Guard regiment, the Ixion Steel Reavers, are both heavily mechanized and fully trained in amphibious warfare. Their troop transports are fully enclosed and fitted with climate control systems to the envy of offworld regiments, but to them it is vital for survival - nothing short of power armor can shield you from a steam-storm when you are caught indoors.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)09:17 No.5099710
    Full stats for the world is in the second Tiji thread.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)11:15 No.5100360
    Sounds like a good place for the Deep Ones to recruit from.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)11:42 No.5100538
    So, possible recruitment worlds:

    Ixion seems like a damn wonderful planet. Great job on it, mate. Gigantic moving hives that house billions seems a bit iffy, though, especially since it's a highly administrative world. However, I suppose the highly trained admins probably come from the tidal calculators, who predict where the latest winter will take them.

    Also, at this stage, we need less work on planets and more work on individuals. Who are the crazy-ass bastards who control this place? Who governs Xomula? Who are the important Inquisitors of the Tiji Conclave, besides the previously-mentioned Inquisitor Glokta?
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)12:43 No.5101045
    Well lesse here.

    There's the high up Tech-priest of Xomula who are the one who know just how much shit they are in. They are hilarious.

    There's the... what's a lead of an Order in the Sisters of Battle? Well there's her.

    Forge worlds seem to be quite dominant, mining companies and the AdMech must have a heavy influence.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)14:04 No.5101770
    Yeah, someone suggested an ogliarchy of lords and wealthy businessmen.
    Just a few ideas:
    Chapter Master of the Deep Ones.
    Cannoness Superior of the Order of the Healing Touch.
    Fabricator General of Cassius-IX.
    Lord Overseer of Yhas.
    Lord Cardinal of Nashakal.
    Lord Marshal of Tempestus Solaris.
    High Admin of Rechner.
    Governor of Texasium.
    Governor of New Prospero.
    Inquisitorial Conclave of Euphelion.

    Those are probably the most important figures in the Sector, although a few figures who aren't so dreadfully important but still require detail are:
    Governor of Xomula
    High Magos of Xomula
    Warden of Hetopia
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)14:11 No.5101821
    Kickass. This thread is still alive.


    Dome - inae
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)14:29 No.5101995
    Don't forget the leader of Xaviol. Despite being created due to Inquisition dickery they have quite a powerful position. Dangerous and powerful. And prone to exploding.

    But that's about it. Let's try to fluff a few. And then we can try to move on to some sector spanning cults.
    >> RYXlord 07/05/09(Sun)14:54 No.5102293
    Magos Technicus Yhasaran Kaltos is Lord High Overseer of the celestial object known as Yhas and head of the Council of Yhas, the ruling body of fifty Magi which serve as the "planet's" government. Raised on Yhas XXVI, the smallest of the celestial object's planet-like 'moons', Yhasaran's father was quick to surrender him over to the Mechanicus to be raised and trained as a tech priest.

    Unlike most Magos Technicus, much of Yhassaran's early career was spent as a rune priest. It was during this time that he first began work on the Yhassaran Volcanus, a system of observation by which valuable mineral deposits could be accurately predicted on Yhas' "moons" based upon the flow of easilly trackable magnetic rock through the "Volcanoes" of the celestial object itself.

    This system, which he them went on to perfect during a storm of promotions, has changed life in the Tiji sector for the better, increasing the output of exotic metals from the Yhas system by up to 40%, making it one of the most productive and valuable worlds in the whole sector.

    It was no surprise when Yhassaran was nominated to the Council of Yhas as representative of orbital body XXVI nor was there much decent when, a mere thirty years later, he was appointed Lord High Overseer, a position he holds to this day.
    >> RYXlord 07/05/09(Sun)14:57 No.5102320

    His tenure has been one of remarkable efficiency and esotaric designs. While now a Magos Technicus, expected to rule with the wisdom and understanding of the Omnisiah, he is often found to rely on the lateral and unorthodox thinking common to many Rune Priests when important decisions are presented to him. This makes him an unpredictable political figure - a rarity among the followers of the Omnisiah - and has allowed him to outmanuever his opponents in both trade negotions and political debates. This, in turn, has allowed him to get the better of many of the sector's other heavy hitters, a fact which they will rarely admit to but most certainly harbor a grudge for. Nonetheless, Magos Technicus Yhasaran Kaltos has used his position only for the betterment of his people, negotiating premium trade benefits and arms contracts that brought the titan legions to the system, a feat which is now a point of pride amungst its inhabitants. Though now in his third century and with rumors of madness begining to circulate, the Lord High Overseer in fact maintains perfect health, and is expected to rule for many centuries to come.

    +++ Excerpt from Braving Xomula: A Traveller's Guide to the Tiji System +++
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)14:57 No.5102325
    What's the head Astropath called?
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)15:03 No.5102363

    Razputin "Raz" Aquatus. He's known for wearing big red goggles all the time. Terrified of water.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)15:04 No.5102370
    I want to disapprove of this project, but after that I don't have the resolve to do so.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)15:05 No.5102376
    Changes to often to say
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)15:23 No.5102472
    We shall combine these to. The former is the current leader, who has lasted the longest of all so far. And by that he has lasted a month.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)15:29 No.5102523
    I love it.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)15:35 No.5102561
    As creator of Yhas, this is awesome. Although I suspect he's probably a little corrupt what with the Oligarchy.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)15:46 No.5102657

    Well, I would assume it's a religius Oligarchy. Representatives would be tech-priests appointed by the high lord, and the high lord would then be selected from the representatives by the other representives. So yeah. He more or less controls the enitre government, in a round-about way. But i see the guy as being savvy about it.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)15:59 No.5102728
    Tweest: He isn't a Psyker. They just need a permanent leader that bad.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)16:02 No.5102753
    Inquisitor Glokta:
    Used to be a dashingly handsome Inquisitorial spy - the sort of character you see on holoflicks. Of course, luck didn't last forever and after a run-in with a Slaaneshi cult, he was found gruesomely tortured when the Inquisition arrived in force to recover him. He was broken and completely useless. He couldn't even break into a brisk walk without pissing himself, his teeth were missing, every bone in an entire arm was smashed to pulp and every muscle in his legs were severed. These are only a handful of cruelties inflicted on him. Even with bionic repairs, he was still a crippled mess.
    However, rather than kill him out of mercy, his Inquisitor employed him as an interrogator instead of an assassin, handling prisoners managing scenarios and investigations from off the lines. It turned out that he was in fact even more efficient off of the field than he was on it.
    Over a century of successful operations later and Glokta was eventually promoted to the rank of Inquisitor. His expertise lies in espionage, investigation and torture. He is usually invisible to the public eye with one of his interrogators speaking on his behalf.

    It's a straight rip-off of a character from a rather second-rate series of books, but I thought I might as well do it.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)17:11 No.5103227

    I like it.
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)18:08 No.5103758

    So it's like the wizards of discworld?
    >> RYXlord 07/05/09(Sun)20:04 No.5104758
    Allright, I'm going to give a go at fluffing some more here. Any requests?
    >> RYXlord 07/05/09(Sun)21:34 No.5105480
    New Prospero and It's Governence.

    The title of Governor of New Prospero is, historically, a coveted one, often held by powerful celebrities and heroes of the imperium. A democratic pleasure world well respected for being one of the nicest planets in the sector, many high ranking members of the Adeptus Terra call this planet their home. This fact, combined with the population's tendencies to vote for the 'flavor of the month' has ensured that no one person has ever really held office long enough to have any serius impact on the policies of the planet. If not for the moderate precense of the Adeptus Ministorum acting as a guiding hand, the planet would have decended into infighting and civil war long ago.

    Currently, the title belongs to Governor Siegfried Stauffion, a charismatic retired commissar known for his love of sword play and his commitment to ensure that his world never falls to the forces of discontentment. Driving this ambition, rumors whisper, are tales of numerous successfull last stands against the ruinus powers and a first hand knowledge of the absolute worst the galaxy has to offer.
    According to his biography, Governor Stauffion decided to set aside his retirement on the paradise planet and take up government when, while strolling through one of the underhives on the planet's moons, a power outage left him stranded in the middle of a riotus gang war. Rather than wait for order to be restored, the governor single handedly slew the leader of one of the smaller gangs in personal combat before taking control of the remaining criminals and rallying them to put down the other gangs. According to one of the more popular legends, by the time enforcers arrived on the scene, the future-governor had not only ended the riot, but had the criminals cleaning graffiti from the underhive walls.
    >> RYXlord 07/05/09(Sun)21:36 No.5105496

    He rose quickly through his political career with the same brutal efficiency he has applied to all aspects of his life, and as governor, he has served more successfull terms than any who have come before him. Since coming into power, crime on the new prospero moons has been reduced thirty percent and continues to drop, though many of his opponents accuse him of using underhanded, even criminal practices to ensure that he not only stays in power, but that any who speak out against him wind up suffering unfortunate accidents. Official releases however assure the public that these are simply the death throws of the criminal underbelly, striking out against the purifying light of the emperor.

    +++ Excerpt from Braving Xomula: A Traveller's Guide to the Tiji System +++
    >> Anonymous 07/05/09(Sun)22:22 No.5105843

    >had the criminals cleaning graffiti from the underhive walls

    So he subscribes to the Caiphus Cain school of Commissaring then?
    >> Rubric Marine !5YmRrjC64A 07/05/09(Sun)22:51 No.5106075

    Thank you for the first fluff about New Prospero; I made the planet, but I didn't name it.


    >> Anonymous 07/06/09(Mon)01:12 No.5107428
    Inquisitor Charon:
    He is rather odd for an Inquisitor. He does not scheme. He does not plot. He merely serves the Emperor as best as he can and those who show even the slightest hint of heresy are subjected to his wrath.
    He started off as a priest on Euclisine, a shrine world now plagued with unrest and possible Chaos corruption. Even all those years ago, it was still shrouded in anarchy. It was not his actions that attracted the Inquisition's attention, but the actions of those around him. His screaming prayers were enough to whirl his brothers into a frenzy and a hatefu litany was enough to give those around him the courage to face even the most horrifying creatures. He oozes charisma, he is a born leader and a symbol of everything that humanity stands for.
    He was not an advocate for the subtle approach but wherever he went, heretics trembled. He served beneath his Inquisitor for years until a particular event - the cleansing of an infested Xomulan hive dome, overseen by the Inquisitor himself. Unfortunately, Charon's superior died to one of the bristling terrors but Charon did not - when the old man fell, his righteous rage infected his companions and even the usually solemn militia of Xomula.
    The Inquisitorial Conclave were so impressed with his results that they allowed him to take the place of his late master, as an Inquisitor.
    They regret it. He's a bombastic maniac who has no mind for subtlety or any methods that are not traditional. Inquisitor Charon almost constantly petitions of the purgation of almost a dozen planets in the Tiji Sector, including Xomula, Ravenforge, Euclisine, Scholar's Rest and many, many more. He is often the butt of many jokes and his colleagues make it all too clear that he should be in the Commissariat, not the Inquisition.
    >> Anonymous 07/06/09(Mon)02:43 No.5108066
    Yes. But with more head exploding and dangerous things that should not be crawling everywhere.
    I'll try to do the High Magos of Xomula later today. Hope the thread lives.
    >> Anonymous 07/06/09(Mon)05:06 No.5108881

    Arent astropaths mostly warp-immune? I mean, don't they go through specialized training or something? The dudes basically work with the warp on a daily basis right? Would the turnover rate on such a planet really be that high?

    Aslo, bump for high magos of Xomula.
    >> Anonymous 07/06/09(Mon)05:16 No.5108921

    Ha. Love it.
    >> Anonymous 07/06/09(Mon)05:24 No.5108951
    Astropaths go through a much harsher sanctioning than normal psykers, that is for certain. They are bound by soul to the Emperor, giving them a portion of his glorious powers of telepathy. Of course, this ritual is so powerful that the very least it does to every astropath is burn their eyes out.
    Astropaths are actually very secure in the Warp.
    >> Anonymous 07/06/09(Mon)05:27 No.5108964
    So far we have:
    Sadistic, cunning and crippled tortured-turned-torturer.
    Fiery, zealous ultra-puritan maniac who is just as harmful to the Imperium as the worst radical.
    >> Anonymous 07/06/09(Mon)05:35 No.5108982
    This gave me the image of a bunch of Inquisitors responding to a Heresy! alarm and sliding down poles.
    >> Anonymous 07/06/09(Mon)05:37 No.5108991
    In Dark Heresy terms, I believe that they are allowed to reroll any Warp Phenomena, or roll extra dice and pick the lowest.
    >> Anonymous 07/06/09(Mon)06:33 No.5109288
    Okay, I'll try to contribute something here...

    Lareat Tride, an Inquisitor of the ordo xenos, has long ago lost touch with his humanity. After hundreds of years spent researching the most dangerous forms of xenos life he has come to the conclusion that the emperor was wrong and humanity was never meant to rule the stars. As a result he has spent the later years of his life experimenting with ways of improving humanity and bringing it up to the level of its competitors (as he sees it). Several of these "improvements" have gone towards extending Tride's own lifespan. A routine geno-scan would condemn him to death a hundred times over, as his DNA has several modifications that are considered tech-heresy of the highest order, and there are elements taken from psykers and even some Orkoid species. Not all of these changes have had the intended effect, but what's certain is that Tride has become a force to be reckoned with; vicious, cunning, and dangerous. He is also very clearly inhuman; he wears a distortion hood to mask his appearance whenever he leaves his private quarters aboard the "Perfect Dawn" (his personal strike cruiser). He no longer meets other inquisitors. The risk of being discovered is too great, and so he deals with his peers through acolytes who know nothing of their master's true intentions. His experiments have already proven successful when fighting aliens, with small units of modified soldiers accomplishing impossible things in battles against the Tyranids and the Tau on the eastern fringe, and now he has come to Tiji to see how his theories stand up against the more subtle and supernatural dangers that this region of space has such an abundance of.
    >> Sage McSagington (Inquisitor, Ordo Fureticus) 07/06/09(Mon)07:28 No.5109548
    Class -Agri-world
    Tech - Low Imperial
    Star Size - Large
    Adeptus Arbites - Token
    Adeptus Astra Telepathica -Token
    Adeptus Astronimica - none
    Adeptus Mechanicus - Small
    Administratum - Moderate
    Adeptus Ministorum - Significant
    Inquisition - Slight

    Planet Size -Average 57,000 km
    Axil Tilt - Notable (11 Degrees)
    Day Length - 39 standard hours
    Year Length - 400 days
    Satellites - 3
    Gravity - Heavy
    Atmosphere - Normal
    Hydrosphere - Moist
    Temperature - Moderate (+20 to-20)
    Terrain - Moors, Hills, Savannah
    Population - 12 million
    Government - Democratic Monarchy

    Enforcers - Medium Medium
    Standing Army - Large, Medium high

    A fertile Agri world, with little to nothing happening. Main cause of death is often joked to be boredom. Many young men join the military or Kings gard for a bt more action, but man are content to work the land supplying grox and Kano beans (A nutritous, if bland legume) to the sector.
    Travel between world is sparse-ships come to recieve shipments and bring inspectors and little else. Occasionally a Mechanicum adept or Ministorium reprsentative will arrive to take up duties but aside from this little travel occurs.
    Covernor-Alesia Conassa.
    Noted for being the first female planetary governor, she has bought a stern work ethic and strong Thorian beliefs.
    >> Anonymous 07/06/09(Mon)07:46 No.5109630
    "Ever heard of Hylios?"
    "That terraforming world?"
    "Yeah, I hear they have a titan down there"
    "No shit.."
    >> Anonymous 07/06/09(Mon)07:52 No.5109661
    I believe that for Astropaths, it's generally the stress of battling against the warp while using their powers that kills them, as opposed to HI THERE WE ARE DEMONS WE'RE GOING TO POP OUT OF YOUR EARDRUMS NOW.
    >> Anonymous 07/06/09(Mon)08:41 No.5109923
    Inquisitor Maximillian Von Swartz
    Born as a son of a Veskarian noble he is a arrogant bastard. Lived a wealthy life as his father traded food and lifestock. But this wonderful life was cut short after a visit too the local operahouse. There, he witnessed the robbery and murder of his parents by the hands of a drugged up city scum, that day he swore to clean up the hiveworlds of the sector from thevies and other dreg. Fled offworld when the administratorium discovered that his father had been trading with crimesyndicates. Became a Arbiter on Ixion II where he rose through the ranks to become a Sergant. Had to join the Inquisition when his squad came a cross a pleasure cult in one of the hive-arks. He is not trusted now in the Ordo Hereticus since his father was a smuggler. Slightly mad, paranoid.
    Smokes Iho sticks like a forgeworld.
    >> Anonymous 07/06/09(Mon)12:20 No.5110998

    >> Anonymous 07/06/09(Mon)12:29 No.5111052
    Right. Trying my hand at some of this.
    The High Magos of Xomula Rinsyond.

    The High Magos of Xomula interestingly enough is not from Xomula but rather he is from the "planet" Yhas XV. It was there he was inducted to be a Tech Priest, one of the many that maintain the holy mining machines that make Yhas such a valuable place. Rinsyond proved to be quite capable of the many rituals needed for the machine... until a prayer went wrong, the sacred unmanned mining drill was angered by this and instead of going into a promising vein fell into a pit of lava.
    Rinsyond believed himself a doomed man for his deed, he had destroyed a sacred machine one that may not be able to be replaced by the Adeptus Mechanicus. However he considered himself fortunate, at the time, when instead he would be moved to work on a little far out of the way planet in the sector called Xomula although later he wished he had taken his life there instead.
    >> Anonymous 07/06/09(Mon)12:30 No.5111061
    So he was sent to the station of the Tech-Priests on the orbiting moon above Xomula, where he was greeted by much laughter, an unusual sight from Tech-Priests. It seemed to be the natural response to Xomula, that or go mad. But he soon adapted. The key, he soon saw, was not to be sent down to the actual planet of Xomula. Rinsyond's rise to power can be attributed to his amazing ability to appear to be doing something amazing busy while doing little at all and the fact that those with a stance of importance and gain the secrets of Xomula either quickly leave for another position or commit suicide. It was not long until Rinsyond because High Magos as he had seemingly been able to avoid visiting Xomula and passed through the ranks fast enough that he couldn't gain the knowledge that would make him avoid the position. And so did Rinsyond reach a position he could not leave from, as there is a constant Skitarii guard to make sure he doesn't not end like some of the previous High Magos including his recent predecessor who was recorded to have shot himself into space aiming for another moon of Xomula screaming. Rinsyond lives in constant fear due to the secrets he has obtained. He is slow, indecisive, unusual for a Tech-Priest but his position has learned him that most things, if not all, are better left alone and maybe they will go away if you pretend they don't exist. His sanity, like all of his predecessors, is slowly crumbling. He does not rest for fear of what may come for him. All in all, he's doing rather well in his position. Possibly the best High Magos Xomula has ever had.
    >> Anonymous 07/06/09(Mon)13:10 No.5111330
    sage for shit-program and loser coder who thinks he has to make five threads about it every day.
    >> Anonymous 07/06/09(Mon)13:47 No.5111633
    Wat. It's the standard Dark Heresy Planet Generator.
    >> Anonymous 07/06/09(Mon)13:49 No.5111644
    Stop spamming your shitty board on the best site:

    >mygh gynimh gnhgssyyydymhmonfyyookoidggll yijysfjf
    >> Anonymous 07/06/09(Mon)14:13 No.5111848
    Ok, so notable peoples of the Tiji Sector so far...

    His Most Geriatric Bitumen Hoarfrost, Planetary Governer of Implausibla Prime. - A former Arbite who'll stop at nothing to end crime.
    Magos Technicus Yhasaran Kaltos, Lord High Overseer of Yhas - An unpredictable, possibly mad Techpriest who runs on intuition just as much as logic.
    Razputin "Raz" Aquatus, Governor of Xaviol - Pychonauts reference. May or may not actually be psychic.
    Inquisitor Glokta - Sadistic, cunning and crippled tortured-turned-torturer.
    Siegfried Stauffion, Governor of New Prospero - A charismatic former-commissar who now applies his brutal efficency to governing. May be silencing opposition.
    Inquisitor Charon - Fiery, zealous ultra-puritan maniac who is just as harmful to the Imperium as the worst radical.
    Inquisitor Lareat Tride - Ordo Xenos who dabbled a little too much in alien DNA. While his methods get results, if any other Inquisitor saw him, they'd shoot on sight.
    Inquisitor Maximillian Von Swartz - Former Arbite, his life's work is stop out crime and corruption. Too bad his father dealt with criminals though, because now no one trusts him.
    Rinsyond, High Magos of Xomula - A cowardly tech-priest who's attempts to run away from opportunities to go to the planet's surface ended up landing him a job he can't run from any longer. Slow, indecisive, going slowly mad. The perfect leader for Xomula.
    >> Anonymous 07/06/09(Mon)14:19 No.5111916

    So I think ideally we aught to have something on each of the capital planets' governments or leaders, as well as the leaders of the order of the healing hand and the deep ones.

    Some more notable guard regiments wouldnt hurt either.
    >> Sage McSagington (Inquisitor, Ordo Fureticus) 07/06/09(Mon)14:59 No.5112247
    Class -Feral World
    Tech - Iron Age
    Star Size - Medium
    Temperature - Notable (+10 TO -10
    Planet Size -Large 80,000 km
    Axil Tilt - None (0 Degrees)
    Day Length - 19 standard hours
    Year Length - 215 days
    Satellites - 45
    Gravity - normal
    Atmosphere - Normal
    Hydrosphere - Damp
    Terrain - Continual forest,Ravines,
    Population - 300,000 (Scattered tribes)
    Government - Hereditary dictator (Tribal chiefs)
    Militia- large, Poor/medium
    Private armies -Huge Medium (Tribal warriors)

    Guard regiment : The 1st-3rd Mithran Reavers

    A world filled with dank endless forests which contain fearsome beasts-and even more fearsome tribes. Though many tribes exist they are united along 3 broad lines-The Venn (Woodsmen and hunters), The Kamm (Plateau dwelling farmers) and The Hokk ( Raiders and cave dwellers). The Guard recruit's from here for the sheer ferocity of the warriors-who believe they have been chosen to fight the 'Sky Devils' beyond the Sky.
    >> Sage McSagington (Inquisitor, Ordo Fureticus) 07/06/09(Mon)15:00 No.5112258
    Leaders-The three big chiefs each have they're own armies. And though they each hate the other two passionately, when the call comes from 'The Gods' they will sacrifce their whole armies if it be needed for the Gods.
    The reason they have not annihilated one another is a deep respect and refusal to attack after a visitation from the Gods.
    Chief Morg(Chief of the Venn)-An old man at 34, and staunch traditionalist. Devoted to the Gods and his people.
    Chief Chakmala (Chief of the Hokk)- A vile and out spoken murder, he killed his elder brother for control of the tribe. Considered a possible heretic by the other chieftans for his lack of respect for the Gods.
    Chieftan Kamm( Chief of the Kamm)-Blessed child of this tribe, he wishes to lead his people to glory beyond the sky. Has shown a more enlightned attitude to invention and progress than the others.

    A feral world with big tribal overtones. Possibility for adventure hooks-with one chief a possible consort of chaos (or maybe just doesn't like the Imperial Guard taking his finest men) Or maybe buddying up with Xenos. A tough world with lots of vicious predators-excellent for a tense 'survival' scenario should the acolytes crash or be marooned there.
    >> Anonymous 07/06/09(Mon)15:21 No.5112455
    We seriously don't need any more worlds.
    >> Anonymous 07/06/09(Mon)15:36 No.5112571
    Of all the guard regiments native to the Tiji sector, one of the most specialised and dangerous are the 1st Void Guard, or the "Star Jumpers". They originated with a trade fleet making a routine trip through the sector. A few days after reaching one of the worlds they were scheduled to trade with, while the fleet was docked and unloading cargo, the system was attacked by a small Ork waaagh. The planet's PDF refused to defend the helpless ships, and so the council of captains that ruled the trade fleet decided to raise their own army from among the ship's crew. These void born fighters started off by repelling boarding actions, but soon they started taking the fight to the Orks. The waaagh faltered as their ships' engines were crippled and their leaders assassinated in hit-and-run strikes that came from nowhere and were carried out with implacable efficiency. Two weeks after the attack started a relief force arrived to find more than half the Xenos fleet destroyed or crippled, and the rest desperately fighting for their lives against the forces of the trade fleet. The commander of the Imperial forces immediately decided to elevate them from an informal organisation to an official regiment. The 1st Void Guard were born.
    >> Anonymous 07/06/09(Mon)15:39 No.5112607
    Uh, you know, we have planets that are named and have loads of details and stuff.
    There's no need to make a marysue regiment that comes from a completely nameless planet. That makes the entire point of this exercise useless.
    >> Anonymous 07/06/09(Mon)15:59 No.5112781
    Although the Void Guard specialise in starship boarding actions, they have been known to fight on land. While this has resulted in many successful battles, it hasn't made them many friends. The men and women of the regiment are all void born, normally from areas of their ships where life is hard and dangerous labour is accepted as the norm. They don't talk or socialise, they show no sign of emotion when talking to outsiders, and they speak their mind without tact or deception. As such they have a reputation among other regiments as being tainted by the warp. No one can deny their efficiency, however, even if their way of operating is a little odd. They're organised into "cells" of nine men, each of which is split into three fire-teams of three men each. These fire-teams will often consist of two normal guardsmen with las-carbines and a specialist with a flamer or grenade launcher. The regiment uses no vehicles or heavy weapons, and they have far fewer officers than other regiments of a comparable size. The sergeants are expected to make their own decisions during a fight without having to waste time by checking with a lieutenant. The commanding officers that they have are organised into what's known as "the captains' council" in deference to their original leadership before they became a regiment. The Imperial commander who first certified them as a regiment has come in for some criticism for allowing these unusual practices to become an official part of their structure, but what's done is done and the Void Guard aren't about to change their tactics.
    >> Anonymous 07/06/09(Mon)16:00 No.5112791
    Oh, sorry. Disregard that then.
    >> Sage McSagington (Inquisitor, Ordo Fureticus) 07/06/09(Mon)16:47 No.5113155
    Sorry-just created those two worlds to redress balance.
    >> Anonymous 07/06/09(Mon)17:01 No.5113259

    >> Anonymous 07/06/09(Mon)18:16 No.5113826
    This isn't paricularily interesting - it has nothing related to locations or things existing in the Tiji Sector. You could put it anywhere else and it would still work.
    Not to mention it's just some mediocore super-special regiment. It's a special, unique flower.

    Although, this raises a question. What sort of fleets would you have in the Tiji Sector? I'm imagining shit loads of cargo ships and trading vessels.
    >> Anonymous 07/06/09(Mon)18:47 No.5114025
    Okay, okay, sorry I posted...
    >> Anonymous 07/06/09(Mon)19:16 No.5114226

    I can see there being a shit ton of colony ships floating around as despirate rich citizens of the empire struggle to get off of whatever emperor forsaken rock they wound up on, only to get dropped off on somewhere just as bad. In fact, I wouldnt be surprised if there actually is a colony fleet or something that just got mismanaged into flying to some planet that no longer exists. In fact i get the feeling that would work out pretty well. they just sort of set up round abouts where their planet was suposed to be and make their living doing whatever they can.

    Actually, I'm really liking this idea. No one ever got around to filing the paper work that says there is no planet, so as far as the imperium is concerned, the colony ships receive food, pay taxes, tithe guards and even give to the black fleet.

    Also, I like the idea of the void guard. We just need to tie them into Tiji a bit better. Perhaps it was one of those famous "lets fuck with the Tiji Sector" moments that had them appointed as a full force in the first place? Maybe they are some inquisitor's pet project. Maybe a bit of Just As Planned. Shouldnt be too hard to work them in, and it would be nice to have some fluff for the space between the planets, 'stead of just for the planets themselves.
    >> Anonymous 07/06/09(Mon)19:26 No.5114320

    "Praise the Omnisiah, we have arrived at our destination"
    "What? What are you talking about? Theres nothing here"
    "Do not question the vision of the mighty Machine Spirits who have guided us here to our new home"
    "What new home? There isnt anything here, its just empty!"
    "Surely you must be mistaken captain, for according to these most holy of instruments, this was the location of a thriving, verdent world waiting ripely to be claimed in the name of the Omnisiah. I shall begin opening the bay doors that we may breath of the air of our new home."
    "Air? What? Damnit! Don't you dare touch that switch! I'm telling you, theres nothing here! You're going to kill us all!"
    >> Anonymous 07/06/09(Mon)19:46 No.5114476

    Sounds like one of the nicer places in the sector actually. Come to scenic colony-shipvania: fewest toxic volcanos in all of Tiji!

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