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  • File : 1246367526.jpg-(147 KB, 778x583, IMG_1975.jpg)
    147 KB Conversionfag Q&A due to 2nd degree burns Scriptarius 06/30/09(Tue)09:12 No.5048847  
    I got to take a week off due to 2nd degree burns on my shoulders

    ITT: Ask a Conversionfag anything
    >> Anonymous 06/30/09(Tue)09:12 No.5048849
    How did you get 2nd degree burns on your shoulders
    >> Anonymous 06/30/09(Tue)09:12 No.5048850
    How did you get burned?
    >> Anonymous 06/30/09(Tue)09:13 No.5048852

    He went outside on a sunny day.
    >> Anonymous 06/30/09(Tue)09:14 No.5048855

    He's probably pale as fuck and doesn't ever go outside. It happens to be pretty outside lately and since he had to go outside to get his freshly ordered paints from the mail, his shoulders burned due to the burning sun.
    >> Anonymous 06/30/09(Tue)09:14 No.5048857
    >> Anonymous 06/30/09(Tue)09:15 No.5048866
    Why aren't you spending the time off having sex with your significant other or trying to find one?
    >> Anonymous 06/30/09(Tue)09:15 No.5048870
    How did you shoulder your burns?
    >> Anonymous 06/30/09(Tue)09:16 No.5048871
    Hit shappens.
    >> Anonymous 06/30/09(Tue)09:16 No.5048878
    I seem to remember Scriptarius being from some Scandinavian style country, which would explain the burns.

    However, my memory is pitiful and you could easily be as british or american as everyone else here.
    >> Anonymous 06/30/09(Tue)09:17 No.5048881
    Serious question. I need a Skaven-like cannon for a conversion but I don't want to buy a Wrap-lightning one cause it's a big too long for the idea.

    Any tips on making one?
    >> Anonymous 06/30/09(Tue)09:17 No.5048882
         File1246367860.jpg-(87 KB, 750x376, 20080404.jpg)
    87 KB
    Lucifron turned his dark gaze on OP?
    >> Anonymous 06/30/09(Tue)09:18 No.5048885
    How burned you get your did shouldered.
    >> Anonymous 06/30/09(Tue)09:18 No.5048887
    >> Scriptarius 06/30/09(Tue)09:18 No.5048889
    I got a job that involves working outdoors
    It's bloody hot so I wok topless.
    Sunburn is a bitch
    These men should enlist in the FBI
    I'm so picky about my women I rarely feel like getting into real relationships.
    >And of the last two women I might have liked to try it out with, one moved to Italy and the other is kinda so-so
    >> Fuklaw 06/30/09(Tue)09:18 No.5048892
    >> Anonymous 06/30/09(Tue)09:19 No.5048894

    Dogs of war cannons?

    I seem to remember the galloping gun being smaller than a regular cannon.
    >> FOWanon Anonymous 06/30/09(Tue)09:21 No.5048904
         File1246368068.jpg-(33 KB, 148x190, 1246197885388.jpg)
    33 KB
    Are you the conversionfag that did this greatcoat?

    If so tips please, I had a crack at this the other day that didn’t turn out as awesome as I hoped...
    >> Anonymous 06/30/09(Tue)09:21 No.5048905
    >> Anonymous 06/30/09(Tue)09:21 No.5048911
    Follow-up, why do you get off of work?

    I live in the U.S. if I get sun burned I go to work. Hell if I get in a car accident, I better call my boss or I'm getting fired if I don't limp in bleeding to death.
    >> Anonymous 06/30/09(Tue)09:21 No.5048913
         File1246368115.jpg-(124 KB, 1776x828, We__re_all_wasted_by_Doer_of_C(...).jpg)
    124 KB
    >Ask a Conversionfag anything

    Do you like my conversion?
    >> Scriptarius 06/30/09(Tue)09:22 No.5048916
    with cream
    I'm Finnish, sometimes mistaken for a brit. Damn hot summer we're having this year too
    Well the Skaven Warpfire thrower is similar in style, you just need to add the warpstone core onto the back
    Command Squad box
    Sunburn due to working topless outdoors
    >> Anonymous 06/30/09(Tue)09:22 No.5048917

    Isn't that model not available in shops anymore , and the only way to get it is ordering it from GW?

    I'm thinking of something really cheap. I already have few capacitor for the Warpstone engine.
    >> Anonymous 06/30/09(Tue)09:23 No.5048924
    2nd degree burns means he stayed out in the sun until he was peeling...and then a few more hours after that. It's probably painful for him to move. It also makes him and idiot for not wearing sunscreen/protective clothing.
    >> Anonymous 06/30/09(Tue)09:24 No.5048927

    Well kind of. I need something really long barreled.
    >> Anonymous 06/30/09(Tue)09:24 No.5048930
    Are you going to do any conversions to commemorate the death of Micheal Jackson?

    I don't know...Micheal Jackson Necron Lord?
    >> Scriptarius 06/30/09(Tue)09:26 No.5048943
    Well 1st of all that's a shooped pic so the end result won't be quite like that.
    2ndly, the best way to go at that onversion is to take a Cadian, shave the lower part of the coat down a bit, then wrap a thin sheet of GS around the legs leaving the front open, let it set for a while and then shape it so it connects well to the top part.
    If you do the legs 1st without the torso glued on, chances are the coat will look mismatched.
    My boss is cool and my doctor won't let me work.
    Also my co-worker busted his ankle and I'm useless alone.
    Pretty cool, remids me of a lictor I made once
    >I call him mr. Ballet Dancer
    >> FOWanon 06/30/09(Tue)09:30 No.5048956
    cheers, I’ll give it another go
    >> Scriptarius 06/30/09(Tue)09:30 No.5048958
    I did have cream on, too hot for a shirt.
    I wasn't able to sleep for a few days due to pain, now I have some scars on my shoulders
    2 Warpfire throwers on end?
    I really don't know if I'll do anything MJ related, his death honestly didn't move me that much
    If anything, I might do a Thriller zombie or Smooth Criminal model
    >> Anonymous 06/30/09(Tue)09:30 No.5048964
    Fuck that. Do Billy Mays!
    >> Anonymous 06/30/09(Tue)09:31 No.5048965
    What would sound better for Billy, a Commissar or a Commander or a missionary?
    >> Anonymous 06/30/09(Tue)09:31 No.5048967
    >I got a job that involves working outdoors
    >Also my co-worker busted his ankle and I'm useless alone.

    What is your job that requires you to work topless in pairs outdoors?
    >> Anonymous 06/30/09(Tue)09:31 No.5048968

    Hmmrr... could work. What about the 'guts' of the cannon though? Any recommendations for them? Or should I just greenstuff the entire cannon (sans the barrel)
    >> Anonymous 06/30/09(Tue)09:32 No.5048971
    >and idiot

    Question: How do you stop procrastinating and actually get shit done.
    >> Anonymous 06/30/09(Tue)09:32 No.5048973
    Gardening and lawn care?
    >> Anonymous 06/30/09(Tue)09:32 No.5048974
    What can I do to convert Loyalist Marines and Loyalist Terminators into Pre-Heresy Iron Warriors?

    Heres a way to convert the beaky helms...but i need moar help :(
    >> Anonymous 06/30/09(Tue)09:33 No.5048976
    He's a porn star, those threesomes are hard work.
    >> Scriptarius 06/30/09(Tue)09:37 No.5048998
    Wasn't there a Dread of him drawfagged a while ago?
    Styrofoam ball + GS decoration + warpstone + wires and tubes
    House painting / deforesting / wood chopping / building
    We go general handyman shit for 7.50/hour
    Just get up and start working. Try it. Get up, right now, and start doing what you should be. Get it over with.
    Depending on what mk. arour you want there are tutorials on B&CS and Dakkadakka I'm sure.
    Termies work pretty well on their own, just replace the terminator pauldrons with the semi-circle ones like what Horus has in the Horus VS Empra painting. A further guide was in the WD that came out shortyl after thye released the Black Templars
    >> Anonymous 06/30/09(Tue)09:41 No.5049020
    How do I model snow?
    >> Scriptarius 06/30/09(Tue)09:41 No.5049023
    This sounds like every other weekend I spend with my friends
    >> Anonymous 06/30/09(Tue)09:43 No.5049030
         File1246369382.png-(375 KB, 513x601, BillyMayesnaught.png)
    375 KB
    Indeed there was.
    >> Anonymous 06/30/09(Tue)09:43 No.5049031
         File1246369398.jpg-(20 KB, 469x320, BisonYes.jpg)
    20 KB

    > Styrofoam ball

    >> Scriptarius 06/30/09(Tue)09:43 No.5049036
    Citadel Snow Scatter is a fast and easy way
    messing around with flour, baking soda and/or white sawdust will eventualy give results too
    Also if you can get some white plastic, making tiny shavings of that works too
    >> Anonymous 06/30/09(Tue)09:51 No.5049073
    Ah nuts, I just sat down again.
    >> Scriptarius 06/30/09(Tue)09:54 No.5049084
    You can have a beer after you've done your work

    On an unrelated note, I'm torn between getting my ear pierced (so I can attach my monocle chain to my ear), getting a tattoo (of what?) and being boring and not getting anything
    >> Anonymous 06/30/09(Tue)09:59 No.5049110
    Clearly the only answer is to have a mini-Aquila tattooed onto your ear lobe.
    >> Scriptarius 06/30/09(Tue)10:00 No.5049121
    When I asked out loud yesterday

    Mom - ear piercing
    Dad - don't care
    Friend - barcode tattoo

    I'm kinda partial to the idea of an Aquilla tattoo on my upper back myself
    >> Anonymous 06/30/09(Tue)10:01 No.5049123
    >getting my ear pierced (so I can attach my monocle chain to my ear)


    >> Anonymous 06/30/09(Tue)10:02 No.5049126
         File1246370525.jpg-(43 KB, 457x303, 1245117109387.jpg)
    43 KB
    Considering i've got:
    -1 last SM bike to Cadia-ize
    -An Executioner cannon to greenstuff/milliput
    -An Apache to convert into a Valkyrie-esqe thing
    Aaand a Baneblade to paint, that beer could be a long way away.
    >> Scriptarius 06/30/09(Tue)10:02 No.5049128
    I also lately scored myself one of those safari helmets to go with the monocle
    >> Scriptarius 06/30/09(Tue)10:03 No.5049130
    Do the Apache I want to see how it turns out
    >> Anonymous 06/30/09(Tue)10:12 No.5049169
    Would you suggest putting full-on wings on it or just leaving the main rotor on. The rear rotor is getting taken off either way so the rear end can be split to give it a twin tail.
    >> Anonymous 06/30/09(Tue)10:14 No.5049181
    And you wonder why people mistake you for British, you're more of a Brit than half of the population here.
    >> Scriptarius 06/30/09(Tue)10:15 No.5049185
    Do you want it to look like a copter or an airplane?
    That is the only question here
    >> Anonymous 06/30/09(Tue)10:15 No.5049187
    Now you only need a handlebar 'stache.
    >> Scriptarius 06/30/09(Tue)10:17 No.5049201
    I also have an accent so brittish that when I last was to the UK most of the people I talked with ended up wonder just what part of the UK I was from
    Some refused to believe me when I told them I was from Finland.
    >I also pack a backup scot and redneck southerner accent
    >I do voiceacting whenever I can find work
    >> Scriptarius 06/30/09(Tue)10:18 No.5049205
    I got sideburns and a (shitty) small moustache at the moment
    >> Anonymous 06/30/09(Tue)10:19 No.5049210
    Should I buy a Valkyrie for no reason whatsoever despite not even having any Guard units at all?
    >> Anonymous 06/30/09(Tue)10:21 No.5049218
         File1246371663.jpg-(63 KB, 750x600, 1226772591599.jpg)
    63 KB
    As much as I love the guy, blonde handlebars never work.

    Also, fuck it, gonna slap the rotors on, if push comes to shove, they'll be removable later on if I get creative enough to sculpt/find some Valk wing bitz.
    >> Anonymous 06/30/09(Tue)10:22 No.5049226
         File1246371730.png-(703 KB, 615x461, Valk2.png)
    703 KB
    Yes. Just look how awesome it is.

    Beware- It takes FUCKING FOREVER to paint.
    >> FOWanon 06/30/09(Tue)10:23 No.5049234
         File1246371793.jpg-(71 KB, 640x492, 0887317.jpg)
    71 KB

    I'm curious to see how that apache turns out
    >> Anonymous 06/30/09(Tue)10:23 No.5049238
    I can't paint. At all.

    But does it really possess people?
    >> Anonymous 06/30/09(Tue)10:24 No.5049240
    I like the big white tiger thing.
    >> Anonymous 06/30/09(Tue)10:27 No.5049257
    At the moment, just the cockpit/chin lascannon are done, the stock pilots work just fine, though I might lop off the heads and replace with the Valk door gunner ones later on.


    Yes. I've had my entire Uni house pick up the thing in succession and start 'NEEEEEEEOOOOWWWWW'-ing it around the room. Only one of them knows what 40k is.
    >> Scriptarius 06/30/09(Tue)10:27 No.5049261
    It's a pretty cool mini, BB aside, probably the best showpiece vehicle
    >> Anonymous 06/30/09(Tue)10:30 No.5049274
         File1246372240.jpg-(373 KB, 2048x1536, Photo-0249.jpg)
    373 KB
    The one bitch is, neither the Baneblade nor the Valk fit on the shelves I have back home, kinda sucks when you want to be nerdy and have armour EVERYWHERE.
    >> Anonymous 06/30/09(Tue)10:33 No.5049294
    mmm jaeger
    >> Anonymous 06/30/09(Tue)10:52 No.5049371
    I have a newfound hatred for Apache rotor assemblies. Oh god why.
    >> Anonymous 06/30/09(Tue)10:52 No.5049374
    Scriptarius, have you, or anyone for that matter, ever made a mini of you?
    >> Scriptarius 06/30/09(Tue)10:54 No.5049380
    I have long ago, based on Fabius Bile with some bitz and an Inquisitor hat
    >> Anonymous 06/30/09(Tue)10:55 No.5049386
    Care to post it?
    >> Anonymous 06/30/09(Tue)10:56 No.5049394
    We need to get like a hidden cam thing going on and see how many people will play with a single Valkyrie.
    >> Scriptarius 06/30/09(Tue)10:58 No.5049404
    I don't seem to have a photo of it in my archives and the camera s broken
    >> Anonymous 06/30/09(Tue)10:58 No.5049407
    You don't even need a hidden camera, just put it on a table and let the fun begin.
    >> Anonymous 06/30/09(Tue)10:59 No.5049412
    ... you know, now that I think of it, those damn things really look like they're ASKING you to play with them.
    >> Anonymous 06/30/09(Tue)11:02 No.5049423
    Be so kind as to post a few random pics out of your collection of finished conversions and models? I find I enjoy just watching well-made and/or imaginative minis.
    >> Anonymous 06/30/09(Tue)11:03 No.5049428
    It gets amusing when you've just white-tacked the rockets/cockpit canopy on and they start apologizing profusely when stuff inevitably falls off.
    >> Anonymous 06/30/09(Tue)11:04 No.5049429
    How do I convert loyalist marines to look chaosy?
    >> Anonymous 06/30/09(Tue)11:06 No.5049432
         File1246374384.jpg-(183 KB, 778x583, 1231595786732.jpg)
    183 KB
    Am not Scripty, but i'll dump what I have of his, is mostly Gingerbreadnaught. Can pic pics of me CHEESETANK if boredom strikes between gluing together bits of bastarding Apache rotor.
    >> Anonymous 06/30/09(Tue)11:07 No.5049438
    Anyone's pics will do as long as they fit the fit the criteria of "good and/or creative".
    >> Anonymous 06/30/09(Tue)11:09 No.5049444
         File1246374599.jpg-(44 KB, 615x461, Photo-0205.jpg)
    44 KB
    As you wish.
    >> Scriptarius 06/30/09(Tue)11:11 No.5049456
         File1246374679.jpg-(128 KB, 778x583, IMG_1696.jpg)
    128 KB
    Spikes and horns, a few ragged banners and loincloths
    I'll dump a few
    >> Scriptarius 06/30/09(Tue)11:12 No.5049462
         File1246374727.jpg-(141 KB, 778x583, IMG_1705.jpg)
    141 KB
    >> Scriptarius 06/30/09(Tue)11:12 No.5049467
         File1246374770.jpg-(126 KB, 855x642, IMG_1701.jpg)
    126 KB
    Flood detected
    >> Anonymous 06/30/09(Tue)11:13 No.5049469
         File1246374785.jpg-(31 KB, 615x461, Photo-0204.jpg)
    31 KB
    Coming 4th in a Cheese dish competition when it wasn't even a dish is pretty darn awesome.
    >> Scriptarius 06/30/09(Tue)11:13 No.5049471
         File1246374820.jpg-(135 KB, 778x583, IMG_1716.jpg)
    135 KB
    Zerg Detected
    >> Scriptarius 06/30/09(Tue)11:14 No.5049475
         File1246374851.jpg-(126 KB, 778x583, IMG_1721.jpg)
    126 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/30/09(Tue)11:15 No.5049484
    op here lol sup nigga´z check out 4chen's new adresss: www.anonloltalk.com (remove lol)

    > chlfhgljkgssodkvjlpjhgmfgodf
    >> Scriptarius 06/30/09(Tue)11:15 No.5049488
         File1246374940.jpg-(1.13 MB, 2592x1944, IMG_1566.jpg)
    1.13 MB
    >> Scriptarius 06/30/09(Tue)11:16 No.5049493
         File1246375005.jpg-(121 KB, 778x583, IMG_1961.jpg)
    121 KB
    Nucler launch detected
    >> Scriptarius 06/30/09(Tue)11:17 No.5049498
         File1246375051.jpg-(105 KB, 648x486, IMG_1920.jpg)
    105 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/30/09(Tue)11:18 No.5049503
    >surprise buttsecks!
    >> Scriptarius 06/30/09(Tue)11:18 No.5049505
         File1246375097.jpg-(143 KB, 648x486, IMG_1888.jpg)
    143 KB
    >> Scriptarius 06/30/09(Tue)11:19 No.5049508
         File1246375146.jpg-(127 KB, 778x583, IMG_1720.jpg)
    127 KB
    Also date rape
    >> Scriptarius 06/30/09(Tue)11:19 No.5049510
         File1246375190.jpg-(115 KB, 648x486, IMG_1783.jpg)
    115 KB
    >> Scriptarius 06/30/09(Tue)11:20 No.5049512
         File1246375258.jpg-(119 KB, 583x778, IMG_1638.jpg)
    119 KB
    >> Scriptarius 06/30/09(Tue)11:21 No.5049517
         File1246375298.jpg-(253 KB, 1545x737, Empireguard Command.jpg)
    253 KB
    >> Scriptarius 06/30/09(Tue)11:22 No.5049521
         File1246375333.jpg-(137 KB, 778x583, IMG_1663.jpg)
    137 KB
    >> Scriptarius 06/30/09(Tue)11:23 No.5049525
         File1246375380.jpg-(138 KB, 778x583, IMG_1703.jpg)
    138 KB
    Hive fleet detected
    >> Scriptarius 06/30/09(Tue)11:23 No.5049529
         File1246375411.jpg-(129 KB, 778x583, IMG_1982.jpg)
    129 KB
    >> Scriptarius 06/30/09(Tue)11:24 No.5049536
         File1246375472.jpg-(142 KB, 778x583, IMG_1978.jpg)
    142 KB
    >> Scriptarius 06/30/09(Tue)11:25 No.5049546
         File1246375556.jpg-(219 KB, 1296x972, IMG_1608.jpg)
    219 KB
    Had enough?
    >> Anonymous 06/30/09(Tue)11:32 No.5049576
    Wait wasn't this for a /tg/ project?
    >> Anonymous 06/30/09(Tue)11:35 No.5049603
    Hey, Scriptarius!

    If you had to make Praetorians, how would you go about with it?
    >> Scriptarius 06/30/09(Tue)11:35 No.5049604
    Yes, Codex - Rogue Traders
    >> Scriptarius 06/30/09(Tue)11:37 No.5049615
    The dapper IG regiment?
    Don't they still sell those in the Online Store collector's area?
    If I had to conert them however, it'd be a massive GS/filing down job on Cadians
    >> Anonymous 06/30/09(Tue)11:37 No.5049620
    Hey Scripty did you ever finish Toth's BOOTmobile?
    >> Scriptarius 06/30/09(Tue)11:38 No.5049634
    It's still unfinished...
    1st school, now work and Imps cockblocking me
    >> Anonymous 06/30/09(Tue)11:40 No.5049654
    Look up Col. Gravis's blog, he's got a bunch of stuff on Praetorians and converting them.

    >> Anonymous 06/30/09(Tue)11:44 No.5049674
    Yup, the daper guys. My personal problem is to make a shitload of pith helmets.

    Anyways, what do you think about Død Snø?
    >> Scriptarius 06/30/09(Tue)11:46 No.5049683
    Sculpt 'em.
    The first 5 will suck
    The next 10 will be meh
    The next 10 will be ok
    The final 125 will be cake

    Also never seen the movie
    >> Anonymous 06/30/09(Tue)11:47 No.5049691
    I'm trying to give my chapter master a more angelic feel, do you know how I could do this? I'm trying to give him wings as a jump pack proxy at the moment, do you know where could I get some?
    >> Anonymous 06/30/09(Tue)11:49 No.5049707
    You should. Ohhh, you should. Best zombie movie since Braindead.
    >> MonkeyToho 06/30/09(Tue)11:49 No.5049708
    rolled 31 = 31


    GW has a fuck-ton of wings to pick and choose from.

    Swooping Hawk wings, like in >>5049525 work exceptionally well for jump-packs.
    >> Scriptarius 06/30/09(Tue)11:49 No.5049711
         File1246376988.jpg-(103 KB, 900x675, 1244732769718.jpg)
    103 KB
    Depending on the level of HUGE you want, Empire Pegasus, Swooping Hawk Exarch are worth looking into
    A toy bird of some kind might also work

    I'd also suggest some extra cloth
    >These aren't my models
    >> Scriptarius 06/30/09(Tue)12:00 No.5049766
    Hmm... should I go out and buy some food or just eat the fish pie I have in the fridge?
    >> Anonymous 06/30/09(Tue)12:05 No.5049805
    Thanks, cool images.
    ... er...

    What the hell, Scripty? What the hell? >:(
    >> Scriptarius 06/30/09(Tue)12:09 No.5049827
         File1246378146.jpg-(134 KB, 778x583, IMG_1983.jpg)
    134 KB
    Ork Dick, that's what
    >> Anonymous 06/30/09(Tue)12:09 No.5049832
    Depends what food you're planning on getting, you'd probably want something with DAT PIE anyway.
    >> Anonymous 06/30/09(Tue)12:10 No.5049838
    >> Scriptarius 06/30/09(Tue)12:12 No.5049850
    I was thinking either meatballs & chips or the Pie. Sadly, the pie is tiny, and won't keep me going for long
    Possibly some form of new WAAAGH going on there
    >> Anonymous 06/30/09(Tue)12:12 No.5049853
         File1246378375.jpg-(26 KB, 301x218, skeletor.jpg)
    26 KB
    >> Scriptarius 06/30/09(Tue)12:18 No.5049888
    Hmm... I seem to be in a bit of a picke.
    I convinced a gal I know on DA to do a comission for me
    Thing is, I can't seem to find a proper way to put my request
    >It's for a ref sheet for an OC I have
    >> Anonymous 06/30/09(Tue)12:21 No.5049904
    This is either hilariously bad or possibly good
    I demand to know more
    >> Anonymous 06/30/09(Tue)12:23 No.5049926
    Hmm. I'm of the same mind. Either case it is, do want.
    >> Scriptarius 06/30/09(Tue)12:30 No.5049964
         File1246379437.jpg-(10 KB, 246x282, Prime.jpg)
    10 KB
    Former rich guy turns into terrorist/undercover agent/special ops after the government takes all his money due to legal bullshit
    Gets fucked up during an assassination mission, rehabbed with experimental drugs and methods, goes rogue with a group of other Specops and a few scientists, builds small strikeforce and tries to destroy the country that took his life away twice.

    Tall reasonably athletic albino in his 30's, uses lots of makeup and sunglasses to cover the albinism when possible, dislikes going out during the day, later develops painkiller addiction and minor hulk-out moments due to the rehab

    >Old pic I used when I needed a visual reference of him, I really need an artist so I can get a new one
    >> MonkeyToho 06/30/09(Tue)12:31 No.5049970
    rolled 26 = 26


    Just state that it's a ref sheet for the character, and go into detail about the image of said OC and any important items, scars, personal effects, etc. that you would like included. Just be frank about it.

    Also, who's the artist in question?
    >> Scriptarius 06/30/09(Tue)12:32 No.5049975
    Goes by "Nightmarehound" on DA
    And thanks, I'll do that
    >> MonkeyToho 06/30/09(Tue)12:34 No.5049986
         File1246379696.jpg-(300 KB, 522x784, Opposable_thumbs_would_be_nice(...).jpg)
    300 KB
    rolled 74 = 74


    ...okay, I lol'd.
    >> Anonymous 06/30/09(Tue)12:35 No.5049993
    Not sure if win...
    >> Scriptarius 06/30/09(Tue)12:37 No.5050001
    She's funny enough, we spent a lot of time before class each day trolling furries together
    Also check out "ultimate fursona 2.0"
    >> I work fast, dawg. MonkeyToho 06/30/09(Tue)12:38 No.5050016
         File1246379907.jpg-(381 KB, 498x731, Nemesis_Head_by_NightmareHound.jpg)
    381 KB
    rolled 40 = 40


    I've already raided her gallery.
    >> Scriptarius 06/30/09(Tue)12:39 No.5050021
    I asker her to draw that pic (I think she mentions that in the description)
    It was for an AFMBE campaign my and a friend were setting up
    >> Anonymous 06/30/09(Tue)12:41 No.5050032
    >Nemesis Pyramid Head
    Can only end in WIN
    >> MonkeyToho 06/30/09(Tue)12:41 No.5050036
    rolled 92 = 92


    Seems like he'd work well in a DH game, too. HMMM...
    >> Scriptarius 06/30/09(Tue)12:44 No.5050060
    It was also going to have Regenerator Tanks (RE/L4D) plus Master Chief and Solid Snake as zombies
    Chuck Norris, Chris Redfield and Harry Mason were going to be there too
    >Yes, it was silly.
    >> Anonymous 06/30/09(Tue)12:46 No.5050080
    Set in what? Near future america?
    >> Scriptarius 06/30/09(Tue)12:47 No.5050088
    Near future nazi-style continental europe
    now with +150% government control
    >> Anonymous 06/30/09(Tue)13:04 No.5050227
    Hmm... could be worse.
    >> Anonymous 06/30/09(Tue)13:23 No.5050394
    It seems to be the norm that any Scrptarius Q&A thread gets over 100 posts...
    >> Anonymous 06/30/09(Tue)13:24 No.5050395
    Hey Script which of your conversions is your favourite? and for what reason? ( always wanted to ask you this )
    >> Scriptarius 06/30/09(Tue)13:31 No.5050463
    Probably Sauronator or the Chaos Dragon

    Chaos Dragon has a lot of good memories to him
    Sauronator is one of my most outside the box conversions
    >> Anonymous 06/30/09(Tue)13:31 No.5050464
    Script, have you considered making an entire army of faporks?
    >> Anonymous 06/30/09(Tue)13:36 No.5050501
    He's a pretty cool guy.

    Also, apachefag here, the chin-Lascannon is done, lacking a camera though.
    >> Scriptarius 06/30/09(Tue)13:41 No.5050544
    you can do it man!
    >> Anonymous 06/30/09(Tue)14:00 No.5050702
    Hmm... well that's pretty balanced. Atleast you didn't make a horrible mary sue
    >> Anonymous 06/30/09(Tue)14:08 No.5050763
    Still faggotry in it.
    Red eyes? C'mon.
    >> Anonymous 06/30/09(Tue)14:08 No.5050768
    Am taking a break for the time being, am wondering if could get away with having the Hellfire missiles count-as the other twin-linked lascannons, or whether I should just get a couple of Land Raider/Predator sponson LC's and bung them on next to the rockets.
    >> Anonymous 06/30/09(Tue)14:09 No.5050779
    >I don't know shit about albinism.
    >> Scriptarius 06/30/09(Tue)14:11 No.5050792
    The latter. 6 lascannons looks awesome
    >> Anonymous 06/30/09(Tue)14:12 No.5050798
    Using albinism overall is kinda LOOKIT MAH SPESHUL SNOOFLAKE
    >> Anonymous 06/30/09(Tue)14:13 No.5050812
    How would you model some shield maidens for a space wolf force?
    >> Anonymous 06/30/09(Tue)14:14 No.5050822
    only if you use it badly like most people, i've seen cases where people use it in characters without it being just outright look at me faggotry. sadly these are rare cases though
    >> Scriptarius 06/30/09(Tue)14:15 No.5050828
    Always needs more Dark Eldar slaves
    >> Scriptarius 06/30/09(Tue)14:19 No.5050853
    Well the character has existed for years and over time I've reworked him to be less faggy (created when I was 13, you know kids those age makge faggy shit)
    The albinism is a feature I've kept mostly because that's how I've used to picturing him, and because it adds some defining flaws to him (easy to identify, dislike of sunlight, etc. + red eyes make for a fun intimidating factor)
    >> Anonymous 06/30/09(Tue)14:24 No.5050892
    I demand to know of his ORIGINAL version.
    >> Anonymous 06/30/09(Tue)14:27 No.5050911
    well from your reasons for keeping it are the sort of examples i've seen work when they are done well i've played all to many games where i ended up killing the characters of the immature little shits who went with the omg speshul albino option
    >> Anonymous 06/30/09(Tue)14:27 No.5050914
    I'd second this but I fear I might die if I read about your 13 year old OCs
    >> Scriptarius 06/30/09(Tue)14:35 No.5050958
    Well for a short history of the character he went from
    -long haired guy with sunglasses who ruled a small island country
    -same as above, as a secret agent
    -above, half cyborg, evil, ruled a large cult army
    -above without the cyborg bit, albino, trenchcoat
    to the current incarnation
    >> Anonymous 06/30/09(Tue)14:40 No.5050997
    I detect traces of hardassery, and they ain't faint.
    >> Scriptarius 06/30/09(Tue)14:45 No.5051041
    His weapon of choise went from
    -charismatic talking
    -any gun available
    -cyborb melee
    -mauser red9 + custom sniper rifle (agent) / scythe + roid rage berserk mode (cult)
    to a mix of talk, any gun available and roid rage
    >> Anonymous 06/30/09(Tue)14:53 No.5051088
    So were any of them outlests for personal fantasy?
    >> Anonymous 06/30/09(Tue)14:54 No.5051102
    It'll be 4 on the stub-wings + the chin lascannon at most, unless I could find a way to shoehorn another lascannon barrel onto the Cadian HW Lascannon that's currently under the nose.
    >> Scriptarius 06/30/09(Tue)15:00 No.5051138
    The first one mainly, unless you count the 4th incarnation's relationship with another character based on my then-girlfriend.
    >> Anonymous 06/30/09(Tue)15:03 No.5051156
    Was this just 100% faggotry or was there an actual reason here?
    >> Scriptarius 06/30/09(Tue)15:06 No.5051184
    He was the leader of a deathcult who wore modernised reaper-outfits and carried flamethrowers.
    The scythe was there to enhance the death-imagery. An an albino, he filled the role of the Pale Rider pretty well even without a horse.
    Any real fighting he had to do he'd do while berserking out due to the his life-support drugs
    >> Scriptarius 06/30/09(Tue)15:09 No.5051200
    save for two cases:
    -him cutting the wings (long story full of biogenetics, mutagens and super soldier research) off another character
    -him decapitating the main antagonist (rule of cool applied here in massive amounts)
    >> Anonymous 06/30/09(Tue)15:15 No.5051258
    I have to admit that a fairly good reason to have a scythe there...
    >> Anonymous 06/30/09(Tue)15:25 No.5051328
    The setting had nazis and biomutant angels?
    >> Anonymous 06/30/09(Tue)15:27 No.5051348
    I am looking to do a conversion for a Slaaneshi Daemon Prince, and I want something "beautiful" but also imposing, so the Keeper of Secrets model doesn't really work. I was thinking of a Deciever C'Tan or even Saint Celestine with some wings and Icons added in, but do you have any ideas? It would be particularly cool to do a Chaos-y Celestine, but since it's an all-metal model I'm not sure.
    >> Anonymous 06/30/09(Tue)15:29 No.5051360
    from what I've gathered it had
    -secret agents
    seem slike one hell of a setting
    >> Scriptarius 06/30/09(Tue)15:33 No.5051394
    The core body of Celestine is an unworkable brick but if you are careful you can file away the imperial details and sculpt on chaos ones instead, then add something like Lord of Change wings to make it big enough for a DP, replace the head etc.

    Deciever would be well easier to be honest
    >> Anonymous 06/30/09(Tue)15:40 No.5051449

    Thanks. I figured as much, but I particularly want a female daemon just for variety, and I expect I'll be better at Chaos-ing up an already-female model than greenstuffing tits to a Deceiver. I'll keep thinking about it.
    >> Emjay 06/30/09(Tue)15:51 No.5051570
         File1246391511.jpg-(45 KB, 428x604, 1234472770471.jpg)
    45 KB
    So I just bought, like, 4 boxes of Bloodletters.

    The kit is so suprisingly plain. Like horribly so.

    How can I make my 2 Bloodhowlers really stand out? I mean, sure, the head makes them pretty obvious but that's ALL there is to seperate them from the normal Bloodletters.

    As a vaguely related note, wouldn't Hellblades make kick ass Relic Blades?
    >> Scriptarius 06/30/09(Tue)15:58 No.5051628
         File1246391890.jpg-(132 KB, 778x583, IMG_1786.jpg)
    132 KB
    Shoulderpads of brASS, a loincloth, some horns on the guard of their sword, extra spikes on back

    Hellblades make jawsome SM swords
    >> Anonymous 06/30/09(Tue)16:11 No.5051735
    For size comparison, are Tau hands the same size as Guardsman hands, just short one finger?
    >> Scriptarius 06/30/09(Tue)16:13 No.5051758
    As far as I recall, yes.
    I think most Tau and IG bits fit together pretty well, the Tau just were a bit skinnier
    >> Anonymous 06/30/09(Tue)16:19 No.5051805
    Are Eldar chainswords any narrower than Imperial ones? I'm trying to make a plastic Scorpion Exarch, and I don't have any CC weapons for reference.
    >> Anonymous 06/30/09(Tue)16:23 No.5051858
    Im working on a 10 man sternguard squad, represented by deathwatch marines from 10 different chapters. Thus far I have:

    -Imperial fist Sergent with powerfist
    -salamander with combi melta
    -Dark angel with a storm bolter
    -Ultramarine with some surveying equipement.
    -space wolf with a heavy bolter

    Can you think of any other fun chapter + appropriet conversions for this squad?
    >> MonkeyToho 06/30/09(Tue)16:26 No.5051890
    rolled 90 = 90


    The straight-backed chainswords are roughly the same size. Its the double-sized CSM ones that are oddly huge.

    You should be fine.
    >> Scriptarius 06/30/09(Tue)16:31 No.5051938
    I'm terrible with chapter thematics outside Dark Angels, Black Templars and Iron hands
    If you want an Iron Hand, he should be either toting more surveilance gear or hardwired guns
    A Black Templar needs a sword. A big overtly decorative one chained to his hand
    >> Anonymous 06/30/09(Tue)16:34 No.5051964
    what head is that? everyone knows theres no hair in the 41st millenium, so im assuming its from WHF?
    >> Scriptarius 06/30/09(Tue)16:38 No.5051994
    SM Scout

    On a note related to the OC that spawned so much discussion, he might need a new name. Any suggestions?
    >He has gone by the name of Mark Fox in previous incarnations
    >> Anonymous 06/30/09(Tue)16:40 No.5052014

    Its for an iron hands army over all.

    Incidentally, speaking of iron hands, How would you suggest making an Iron Father?
    >> Anonymous 06/30/09(Tue)16:41 No.5052024
    If you do a Blood Angels marine, you could also use some Dark Angels bits with them; like the feather bits and censers/ornaments. You could also try giving him an eviscerator (counts as power weapon/fist) coated with blood and gore.
    >> Scriptarius 06/30/09(Tue)16:42 No.5052034
    The special edition (helmetless) techmarine, sculpt on some robes (Techprist style, no hood), give him 2 (or 4) Fabius Bile style, a double-edged Tech-axe and add some chains and bling.
    >> Anonymous 06/30/09(Tue)16:44 No.5052052
    I know I'm late, but this might interest you;
    >> Anonymous 06/30/09(Tue)16:45 No.5052070
    Oh, and as an added bonus:
    >> Anonymous 06/30/09(Tue)16:47 No.5052084
    I need to get a job where I have to work shirtless so I can get payed leave. I'm as pale as Casper the fucking ghost.
    >> Anonymous 06/30/09(Tue)16:50 No.5052102
    Am way ahead of you. :P

    >> Anonymous 06/30/09(Tue)16:53 No.5052132
    Former spyrer, DH.
    Marcus Vulpesian is a more fitting name for the setting.

    Is on a personal mission to kill the planetary governor from his natal hiveworld. His albinism was ignored in the court, but now that he has lost his influences, he is sometimes feared and hated as a mutant, voidborn or psychic.
    >> Anonymous 06/30/09(Tue)17:00 No.5052209
         File1246395642.jpg-(336 KB, 800x800, 1230915007593.jpg)
    336 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/30/09(Tue)17:29 No.5052499
    >Any suggestions?
    Nils Severba.
    >> Anonymous 06/30/09(Tue)17:34 No.5052543
    >> Anonymous 06/30/09(Tue)17:36 No.5052557
    op here lol sup nigga´z check out 4chen's new adresss: www.anonloltalk.com (remove lol)

    > fggdfgjomfld
    >> Anonymous 06/30/09(Tue)17:38 No.5052581
    Well it tells something about the longevity of a thread when it gets TWO of these.
    >> Anonymous 06/30/09(Tue)17:44 No.5052635
    8h 26 mins til your post.
    >> Anonymous 06/30/09(Tue)18:01 No.5052765
    Is it just me or are Conversionfag Q&A's the longest consitent threads outside Quest and Project threads?
    >> Anonymous 06/30/09(Tue)18:59 No.5053241
    Y'know what I'll just bump this because the front page needs something GOOD.
    >> Anonymous 06/30/09(Tue)20:07 No.5053950
         File1246406824.jpg-(535 KB, 1210x2967, 1237796218351.jpg)
    535 KB
    Dear Scripty,
    What are your thoughts on making duplicates of models with resin casts? (pic related)
    also, all of these pictures of yours are now saved to my computer.
    >> Scriptarius 06/30/09(Tue)20:11 No.5053989
         File1246407092.jpg-(269 KB, 1203x1439, Bitz making.jpg)
    269 KB
    Should try it some day for a few more elaborate unit conversions I have in mind
    >> Anonymous 06/30/09(Tue)20:14 No.5054028
    yes, i was thinking of using it to have tons of extra parts for whatever conversion that could come to mind
    but I'd also like to know about what you think of citadel paints and if there's better alternatives (that i won't have to pay through the nose online for)
    >> Scriptarius 06/30/09(Tue)20:20 No.5054080
    I only use Citadel so I can't really give an unbiased opinnion
    >> Anonymous 06/30/09(Tue)20:31 No.5054200

    holy shit, is that a Crowmissar?
    >> Scriptarius 06/30/09(Tue)20:34 No.5054237
    indeed it is
    >> Anonymous 06/30/09(Tue)21:29 No.5054890
         File1246411758.jpg-(18 KB, 293x208, 1246220495030.jpg)
    18 KB
    I'm still not happy about this
    >> Anonymous 06/30/09(Tue)21:59 No.5055211

    I didn't know that you got in on the Eclipsion Terrorguard, Script
    >> Anonymous 06/30/09(Tue)22:57 No.5055837
         File1246417021.jpg-(96 KB, 450x300, dem gaps.jpg)
    96 KB
    Is there a good alternative to greenstuff that you can use to sculpt(or at least use as the bulk for) big things and to use as a gap filler for scratch built (bigger) things

    Because I make super heavies out of cardboard and have a problem with covering the "gaps" or whatever they're called (I circled it in the pic)
    >> The Laziest Troll 06/30/09(Tue)23:00 No.5055891
    What's the biggest project you've took on, Scripty?
    >> Anonymous 06/30/09(Tue)23:00 No.5055893

    You've got plasticard and those arms are looking very bare - use it to simultaneously fill the gaps in your cardboard sections and beef up the plating.
    >> Anonymous 07/01/09(Wed)00:21 No.5056517

    Yeah I will probably do that, although the pic was more on an example of the "gap" I face rather than the only thing I would need large amounts of green-stuff like material for

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