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  • File : 1246197029.jpg-(338 KB, 1275x1383, dwarfgodiva.jpg)
    338 KB Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)09:50 No.5028025  
    God bless the man at WOTC who stood up one day and said, "Y'know what, fuck it. From now on, all dwarven women have huge goddamn titties."
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)09:55 No.5028046
    The only way that picture could get any hotter is if rider and mount switched positions.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)09:57 No.5028061
    dwarven women have beards - complete with braids - like the men do... but we can't see hers with the way she's sitting.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)09:57 No.5028063
    Oh man, I knew this short chick once, in Junior High.She wore glasses, had a potbelly and huge tits, basically built like a fantasy dorf lady (no beard though).

    Makes me horny just thinking about her.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)09:58 No.5028066
    >no beard though

    Did you check her pants?
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)10:00 No.5028069
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)10:00 No.5028072

    I'm sure the drapes don't match the carpet.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)10:00 No.5028079
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)10:01 No.5028082
    Dwarven women are grotesquely swollen bulks sequestered inside the dwarven halls and rolled around like wheels of cheese
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)10:02 No.5028087
    down both legs? damn impressive braiding... the dwarven men must've been on her like coaldust on a miner's... pickaxe.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)10:02 No.5028091
         File : 1246197760.jpg-(34 KB, 400x400, 1234621211296.jpg)
    34 KB

    Coz that's how we roll!
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)10:08 No.5028115
    you are a lying liar who lies lying lies.

    also, you like elves. male ones. GTFO, lying elf-man lover.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)10:12 No.5028141
    I think you mean WoW, right?
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)10:14 No.5028150
    >hey guys I'm comparing D&D 4e to WoW! Aren't I edgy and clever and smart? Can I play with you guys now?

    Bite me.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)10:14 No.5028154
    dorfs are pretty much the best fantasy race ever
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)10:16 No.5028160

    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)10:16 No.5028162
    >dorfs are pretty much the best race ever

    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)10:16 No.5028163
    Why is that short human woman riding a goat?
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)10:19 No.5028174
         File : 1246198787.jpg-(17 KB, 576x294, bubsfrown.jpg)
    17 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)10:28 No.5028221
    we really need some new dorfporn drawfaggotry...
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)10:31 No.5028241
    that is a sexy dwarven woman astride a ram, you mouthbreathing retard.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)10:40 No.5028290
    as long as some idiot doesn't put beards in the wrong place (i.e., their faces), I fully support the addition of more naked dorfgirlz.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)10:43 No.5028310
    I don't see a beard.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)10:44 No.5028320
    if she wasn't sitting sidesaddle, you would.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)10:46 No.5028331
    it's one of those "down there" beards
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)10:51 No.5028365
         File : 1246200703.jpg-(309 KB, 645x730, svetaredoshaded.jpg)
    309 KB
    fair enough. its not very witty to state the obvious is it.

    also, dorf girl.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)10:54 No.5028384
         File : 1246200893.jpg-(53 KB, 583x541, hotdwarfchick.jpg)
    53 KB
    now there's a lass worth fightin' for. plus, she'd likely be fightin' right alongside yeh.

    And so's this.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)10:56 No.5028394
    Got a dorf back home who's unlike a-ny o-ther.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)10:58 No.5028404
         File : 1246201110.jpg-(143 KB, 720x576, Valentines_Query__by_operative(...).jpg)
    143 KB
    ...not sure if this is a dwarf, but she looks pretty damn close.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)11:00 No.5028414

    workin on my latest, less cartoony version. shes a dwarven fighter with high charisma.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)11:04 No.5028435
         File : 1246201484.jpg-(305 KB, 840x848, DORFEN_BATTLE_DAMAGE_by_Wicked(...).jpg)
    305 KB
    I love it when the females take the role of party tank...
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)11:14 No.5028487
    with dwarven women around, why would you ever want an elf?
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)11:23 No.5028536
         File : 1246202593.jpg-(60 KB, 619x576, 1240258835055.jpg)
    60 KB
    cause if an elf catches you cheating she doesnt smash your head with a big assed hammer?
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)11:23 No.5028537
         File : 1246202593.jpg-(118 KB, 616x704, Dwarf_Pumpkins.jpg)
    118 KB
    she sat on my porch last October.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)11:24 No.5028550
    Probably because she's off cheating herself. elves are whores - how else do you explain why there's half-elves almost everywhere you look?
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)11:24 No.5028553
    elves basically are already cheating you by being such arrogant faggots.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)11:27 No.5028576
         File : 1246202874.jpg-(134 KB, 629x479, 1240244560845.jpg)
    134 KB
    fucking elves. give us dwarves! lushious, chubby, round hipped, big tittied, big lipped dwarven girls!
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)11:28 No.5028579
         File : 1246202913.jpg-(65 KB, 466x700, dwarven_waitress.jpg)
    65 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)11:30 No.5028590
    >luscious, chubby, round hipped, big tittied, big lipped elven girls!
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)11:30 No.5028596
         File : 1246203052.jpg-(168 KB, 839x439, 1233003029055.jpg)
    168 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)11:32 No.5028608
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)11:33 No.5028611
         File : 1246203198.jpg-(178 KB, 960x1010, 1244795177938.jpg)
    178 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)11:34 No.5028617
    Icewind Dale style dwarf girls.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)11:34 No.5028618
         File : 1246203254.jpg-(241 KB, 849x1145, ymir 03.jpg)
    241 KB
    I heard you guys like dwarves.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)11:34 No.5028619
    fuck you.

    but not like this.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)11:35 No.5028625
    if by that you mean something that doesnt exist then sure
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)11:35 No.5028627
         File : 1246203317.jpg-(88 KB, 575x800, Dwarf_Trollslayers_by_ThaneBob(...).jpg)
    88 KB


    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)11:35 No.5028632
    Halfling porn.
    and not that gay shotastyle shit I got from here earlier.
    I felt so guilty fapping.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)11:36 No.5028640
         File : 1246203379.jpg-(378 KB, 898x874, 1244795210645.jpg)
    378 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)11:38 No.5028657
    Some of them were gnomes.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)11:40 No.5028681
         File : 1246203642.jpg-(162 KB, 763x765, dwarves_01.jpg)
    162 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)11:41 No.5028684
    Y U do this to me?
    >> The Original Fagfag !BxHaRBLAtY 06/28/09(Sun)11:42 No.5028692
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)11:46 No.5028734
         File : 1246203990.jpg-(353 KB, 1198x864, dwarves_02.jpg)
    353 KB
    Take your pic, boys. They're all priestesses in a temple dedicated to a dwarven love/fertility goddess, so odds are they know a fair number of tricks to aid you in... worshiping at the altar, if you get my drift...
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)11:47 No.5028745
         File : 1246204076.jpg-(143 KB, 493x691, dorf.jpg)
    143 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)11:50 No.5028767

    i'd like make a donation to her coffers
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)11:50 No.5028771
         File : 1246204239.jpg-(72 KB, 499x700, hikaru.jpg)
    72 KB
    Y not?
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)11:54 No.5028789
         File : 1246204492.jpg-(67 KB, 495x625, dwarvenwoman_small.jpg)
    67 KB
    which one?

    what the fuck is that thing on her face? I said NO CHINBEARDS.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)11:54 No.5028790
         File : 1246204492.jpg-(193 KB, 613x900, 1195433599113.jpg)
    193 KB
    And they're all fucking ugly.

    Doesn't /tg/ have any attractive chubby chicks? How about we start from here?
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)11:56 No.5028801
    they are not ugly and this is not a generic "chubby chicks" thread. Go away.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)11:56 No.5028802

    Fuck you and fuck your anti-beard ranting.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)11:56 No.5028810
    Okay. Enjoy your ugly manfaces.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)11:57 No.5028814
    sir, go read a dictionary
    >> I_CLUB_SEALS 06/28/09(Sun)11:58 No.5028823

    AG is that you?

    If it is could you do a Captian of the Watch inspiring some random ass soldier?

    I posted a similar thought in the thread with her as the lead image.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)11:58 No.5028826
         File : 1246204735.jpg-(270 KB, 606x813, dwarfnudeshield.jpg)
    270 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)12:00 No.5028838

    Dwarf equals fat chick -- whats so hard to understand?
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)12:01 No.5028848
         File : 1246204880.png-(303 KB, 789x409, 1233003359037.png)
    303 KB
    >> I_CLUB_SEALS 06/28/09(Sun)12:01 No.5028851
         File : 1246204897.jpg-(56 KB, 604x460, n201120755306_6860959_7626772.jpg)
    56 KB

    Here a fuckhuge image of the card art.

    The Cap. is the chick at the fore.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)12:01 No.5028855
         File : 1246204910.jpg-(76 KB, 704x707, 1233003142086.jpg)
    76 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)12:02 No.5028860
         File : 1246204960.jpg-(109 KB, 499x700, 1233014394548.jpg)
    109 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)12:03 No.5028862
         File : 1246204997.jpg-(39 KB, 789x409, dwarfandwolf.jpg)
    39 KB
    WRONG. dorf girls are sexy "fat chicks".

    Not merely "fat", but well-proportioned and curvy in the right balance. Not mere human female fatarses.

    Disagree with me and this wolf will eat you while the dwarf laughs. Touch her beer and the same fate will befall you.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)12:03 No.5028864
         File : 1246205005.jpg-(78 KB, 654x597, 1233002811916.jpg)
    78 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)12:04 No.5028868
         File : 1246205064.jpg-(36 KB, 801x801, 1233002852071.jpg)
    36 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)12:04 No.5028873

    Good luck trying to fire that thing.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)12:07 No.5028890
    Damn it, out all the threads on 4chan, THIS is the one to give me the biggest boner.

    The fact that some of these women resemble an old school friend of mine doesn't exactly help...
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)12:07 No.5028891
         File : 1246205270.jpg-(101 KB, 801x801, 1233002922727.jpg)
    101 KB
    rolled 9195 = 9195

    >> I_CLUB_SEALS 06/28/09(Sun)12:07 No.5028892
         File : 1246205273.jpg-(218 KB, 1400x1200, 1243801965273.jpg)
    218 KB

    The soldier could be a dwarf of any sex.

    Posting pic because I suck and can't find any dorf chick pics that haven't been posted.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)12:08 No.5028900
         File : 1246205333.jpg-(107 KB, 339x500, 1245584042971.jpg)
    107 KB
    IRL support of the Dorf arts!
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)12:09 No.5028903
         File : 1246205355.jpg-(298 KB, 630x756, WoW.Belleya8clr.jpg)
    298 KB
    MOAR Curvy dorfen fightars!!!
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)12:09 No.5028904

    Wtf, braided pubes? Also that hand is retarded.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)12:12 No.5028921
    the male dwarf beard is on the face.

    the female dwarf beard is in the pants.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)12:13 No.5028930

    so whytf does >>5028745
    have both?
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)12:17 No.5028954

    Idiot artist.
    >> I_CLUB_SEALS 06/28/09(Sun)12:18 No.5028955

    Because it assumed the artist.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)12:20 No.5028972
    moar dorf pron!
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)12:22 No.5028989
    >Male elves
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)12:23 No.5028992
         File : 1246206218.jpg-(585 KB, 1200x960, Well_Hung_Dwarves_by_solios.jpg)
    585 KB

    ...eh, close enough.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)12:24 No.5028997
    I dunno, I kinda like the chinbeards. S'long as they aren't comparable to native scrubland.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)12:37 No.5029098
    I want the one on the right and want to be the one on the left.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)13:29 No.5029525
    I've never really understood what's particularly attractive about dwarf women. None of the pics in this thread are especially hot.

    I presume that the attraction is meant to be due to them having good boobs and hips, but the fact that they're always short and broad and often fat completely detracts from it. Women similar to this in real life just never really look that great.

    Women that combine good boobs and hips with also being a normal height and width are however phenomenally hot.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)13:57 No.5029770
    it's a deep psychological thing. A primal part of the brain recognizes large breasts and hips as signs of good motherly potential and thus as more sexually appealing. A shorter, broad-figured woman emphasizes these features better than a more average-sized woman, thus heightening the attraction.
    >> Aun'La Ukos 06/28/09(Sun)13:58 No.5029774
         File : 1246211891.jpg-(154 KB, 988x1280, maxblackrabbit_sweetcheeks2.jpg)
    154 KB
    Ah the evolution of the fantasy dwarf female.
    Tolkien, tired and drunk, realizes he has been using the wrong pronoun during his description of a bearded dwarf, and thus began the tails of bearded female dwarves.
    Fantasy enthusiasts, unwilling to counter the might of Tolkien declare dwarven women to have large breasts to make them more distinguishable.
    Modern fantasy, strong enough to challenge the Cult of Tolkien, stop depicting female dwarves with beards. As a concession, some declare the dwarven female to still be bearded, in a more private manner.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)14:01 No.5029801
    Nice picture choice.
    >> Greg Mustache 06/28/09(Sun)14:02 No.5029807
    This thread is drawfag approved, hot damn. I'd post what little I have of hot dwarven women, but both of them have already been posted.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)14:04 No.5029835
         File : 1246212287.jpg-(72 KB, 750x600, gigantic_tits.jpg)
    72 KB


    (picture related - a human with dwarflike bosoms.)
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)14:06 No.5029854
    and that is why you should make more. Perhaps a lusty mountain lass showing off her low-beard?

    There is no such thing as too many dwarf women. Only not enough ale to give them.
    >> Dorfaboo 06/28/09(Sun)14:12 No.5029909
         File : 1246212730.jpg-(263 KB, 495x727, georgina.jpg)
    263 KB
    did i hear someone say dwarves?
    >> Dorfaboo 06/28/09(Sun)14:14 No.5029929
         File : 1246212849.jpg-(227 KB, 453x615, Dwarfgirl.jpg)
    227 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)14:16 No.5029948
    breast... er, best thread ever.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)14:17 No.5029959

    Ah good, this thread needed some abstract art.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)14:24 No.5030013
         File : 1246213448.jpg-(132 KB, 371x778, dwarfpirate.jpg)
    132 KB
    With this pirate, you're the one who gets the booty.
    >> Dorfaboo 06/28/09(Sun)14:34 No.5030104

    then please feel free to post your own and show us just how its done...
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)14:34 No.5030108
         File : 1246214084.jpg-(127 KB, 750x945, 1241497953858.jpg)
    127 KB
    Somebody mention dwarf girls?
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)14:36 No.5030123
    Go and cook your own food if you hate the chef's, eh?
    Flimsy argument is flimsy.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)14:36 No.5030125
    Och, now there's a set o' peaks any dwarf would be happy tae live in th' rest o' his days.
    >> Dorfaboo 06/28/09(Sun)14:38 No.5030138
         File : 1246214305.jpg-(324 KB, 732x772, sveta2color.jpg)
    324 KB
    or youre just a troll thats trying to ruin a fun thread
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)14:40 No.5030151
    Fuck that faggot shit.

    There are no female dwarves.

    Dwarves are born from the corpses of dead dwarves. Hence why they have a CON bonus.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)14:40 No.5030152

    I think you're doing that quite well on your own.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)14:41 No.5030156

    But the upholstery does!
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)14:41 No.5030157
    "Hide the helmet"

    "Delving into mines"
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)14:45 No.5030192

    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)14:46 No.5030201
    >You can establish uniforms for your soldiers now. The main idea was to let you easily set a bunch of dwarves to the same armor type, but if you want to set up a uniform with midnight blue silk hoods, steel axes, leather boots, absolutely nothing else, and then apply it to every squad, that's between you and your conscience.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)14:46 No.5030203
    Oh, yeh kin bet I'd gladly delve intae her mine any day o' th' week an' twice on th' week-ends.
    >> Greg Mustache 06/28/09(Sun)14:46 No.5030204
         File : 1246214813.jpg-(158 KB, 800x974, drawfag29.jpg)
    158 KB

    All that means is that female dwarves don't have to give birth and can spend more time kicking ass.
    What kind of faggot are you that you can't appreciate the delicious voluptuosity of dorf babes?
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)14:49 No.5030225

    >DF players

    LOL, good one.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)14:49 No.5030226

    Hoy, drawfag, git yuirself here, lad. Would love tae see a soldier-girl or two (or three, or more...) with this set o' garb on... what there is of it.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)14:49 No.5030233
    No that means that there are no female dwarves. Because the idea of female dwarves is incredibly shitty and gay.
    >> Greg Mustache 06/28/09(Sun)14:51 No.5030256


    I can't decide whether I prefer to imagine you as a troll, or a vulnerable, self-hating lesbian. I do know which one I'd draw you as, though.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)14:51 No.5030258

    And somehow, a 100% all-male race, *isn't* gay, faggot?
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)14:52 No.5030263
    Well, if you call fat short misshapen females as healthy...
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)14:53 No.5030267
    a lesbian troll?

    ugh, I think I feel ill just thinking of that. Best to ignore him instead.
    >> Greg Mustache 06/28/09(Sun)14:53 No.5030275

    In a bit perhaps; doing a bit of a drawfag request for my DM at the moment.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)14:54 No.5030283
    This coming from a guy who wants no females in his race of preference. Yeah, that makes sense. What is it with some fa/tg/uys being so offended by the presence of a female sex?
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)14:54 No.5030288
         File : 1246215290.jpg-(88 KB, 240x431, 1241011125728.jpg)
    88 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)14:55 No.5030291
         File : 1246215302.jpg-(69 KB, 500x726, facepalm2.jpg)
    69 KB
    >asexual reproduction
    >all-male race
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)14:55 No.5030297
         File : 1246215342.jpg-(164 KB, 360x480, superfat.jpg)
    164 KB
    if dwarven women bug you so fucking much... GO TO A DIFFERENT THREAD.

    You keep talking about fat women... HERE. THIS is a fat woman. HOWEVER, this is NOT a dwarf woman.

    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)14:57 No.5030310
    ITT: monstergirl.jpg faggots
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)14:57 No.5030311
    Beards + masculine appearance is "male" enough, like how all belligerent fungus given guns are "one of da boyz". Sure, there may be no male or female thanks to, you know, the lack of a need for sexes in order to reproduce, but what you essentially have in this case is a bunch of earthworms that bear a good deal of resemblance to small, hairy men. Why go through so much trouble to abolish a feminine gender? I simply fail to see what's wrong with having sexes to begin with.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)15:00 No.5030337
    can we PLEASE get more dwarfgirl pics and stop feeding the goddamn troll and his beliefs that dwarfs are like orks with beards, or whateverthefuck he's babbling about?
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)15:01 No.5030342
    Because these faggots seem to insist that fantasy tropes are SEXIFIED, in some perverted YIFFIAN fashion.

    These people cry out for drawfag porn, while we could pour that creative energy in much better efforts.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)15:01 No.5030345
    Ok, now this thread is taking a turn for the worse
    I'm not a dorf fancier, however, I do like ye hot curvaceous elements of yonder shorties!

    So, my advice? POST TITS!
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)15:01 No.5030346
    I don't see one.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)15:02 No.5030353
    >these faggots seem to insist that fantasy tropes are SEXIFIED, in some perverted YIFFIAN fashion
    Actually, ever since storytelling became vogue sex was a big part of it. You ever read any mythology?

    Any Conan novels perchance?
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)15:05 No.5030370
         File : 1246215905.jpg-(237 KB, 630x872, Female_Dwarven_Barbarian_by_Mf(...).jpg)
    237 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)15:05 No.5030373
         File : 1246215927.jpg-(157 KB, 413x530, 1234029600427.jpg)
    157 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)15:06 No.5030382

    Wow, somebody already invoked the Furry Godwin rule. Anyway, GOD FORBID Wizards (actually, sexy female dwarfs was a 2E thing, but whatever) make non-elven races appealing to female players!
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)15:10 No.5030412
    Yeah, that is important. I mean it's nice that a small, close-knit group of nerds like to have their little in-joke about how you can't tell male or female dwarves apart, but after a while it gets to be aggravating when they insist that Everything That Falls Within Fantasy Adhere to That "Rule". You know, there are lots of people like this in the hobby, I discover. Just because something is done differently by something else (ie, Ogres being intelligent creatures capable not only of rational thought but labyrinthine plans and not big, stupid giants used as slaves by evil races) they throw a shitfit over it and whine endlessly. It's... really annoying.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)15:11 No.5030415

    You, Dorfaboo -- THAT is how you draw a Dwarf girls face. You see that expression? It looks attractive, not like she's taking a shit full of razorblades.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)15:12 No.5030435
         File : 1246216377.jpg-(494 KB, 592x788, FOOD_IS_SRS_BSNS__PEBBLE_by_hu(...).jpg)
    494 KB
    Here now, lads, no need for such ruckus. quiet yuirselves.

    Set yuirselves down for a wee bit, an' soon as I kin put these washin's away, I'll fetch yeh all some mugs o' ale and some o' me hearty goatshoof soup... how's that sound tae yeh all, good?
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)15:13 No.5030440
    Tolkien Elves were DESIGNED as PERFECT humans with funny ears.

    Of course they're sexy.

    Dwarves are gruff sweaty warmonsters addicted to alcohol. They aren't meant to be sexualised.
    >> Dorfaboo 06/28/09(Sun)15:13 No.5030444
    funny, you didnt have that comment about some of the other art thats up that i did...

    anyway, i guess when you post rough sketches and test colors, youre going to get some nerdrage.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)15:15 No.5030453
    There is a difference between designing original settings with your imagination and designing porn settings WITH YOUR PENIS!
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)15:17 No.5030472
    Conan didn't stick his dick in monsters. Dwarves are monsters.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)15:17 No.5030475
    Guys, PLEASE quit talking to the troll and post more pics.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)15:17 No.5030476
    /tg/ craves for short, chubby girls because that's all they can ever get.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)15:18 No.5030478
    Not really. Also, do attractive women always get under your skin?
    >> WCKD 06/28/09(Sun)15:18 No.5030484
         File : 1246216723.jpg-(132 KB, 570x750, subdue-with-dorf-teets.jpg)
    132 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)15:19 No.5030488
    >Tolkien Elves were DESIGNED as PERFECT
    >Dwarves... aren't meant to be sexualised
    >I'm a Tolkien fanboy with no imagination. Everything is as Tolkien wrote it or it's WRONG.
    >> Dorfaboo 06/28/09(Sun)15:19 No.5030492
         File : 1246216780.jpg-(77 KB, 494x700, dwarven_garden_girl.jpg)
    77 KB
    and really, theres nothing wrong with that.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)15:19 No.5030494
    >attractive women
    >drawings of fantasy creatures

    Yeah sure.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)15:20 No.5030496
    >gruff sweaty warmonsters addicted to alcohol. >not meant to be sexualised.

    Dude. Where do *you* hang out?
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)15:20 No.5030500
    >Conan didn't stick his dick in monsters
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)15:21 No.5030512
    Conan monsters where stuff out of Lovecraft. In myth, fucking monsters is something all heroes got to do at some point.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)15:22 No.5030520
    Not in the dark room, surrounded by sweaty dwarves covered in beer and the fine powder of coal...

    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)15:23 No.5030523
    Hell yeah, more dorf on troll action is required.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)15:23 No.5030524
    Ah, I see. You're one of -those-.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)15:23 No.5030528

    No its not.

    The closest he came was to Belit since she came back from the dead to save his ass, but when she was alive she was basically just a hot pirate broad.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)15:23 No.5030531

    Nothing wrong with fat tits. Everything wrong with lumps of living grease.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)15:23 No.5030532

    Fucking monsters was an important part of Nordic myth, you know. Tyr's grandma was some kind of horrible 900 headed monster.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)15:24 No.5030541
    better than any thread on either /d/ or /h/
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)15:25 No.5030559
    looks like the trolls are winnan'... : (
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)15:25 No.5030567
    True that.

    But I'm raging about NECKBEARDS using fantasy to get off. Get the fuck to /d/ for that shit.

    I'm not raging about sex in fiction or in pnp games.
    >> Dorfaboo 06/28/09(Sun)15:26 No.5030570
         File : 1246217191.jpg-(91 KB, 390x666, 1234028478778.jpg)
    91 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)15:27 No.5030586
    Aye, lassie, that sounds fantarstic! Oh, where's that sister o' yers at these days?
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)15:29 No.5030597
    Okay then. I'm just pointing out its moronic to think there should be one designated good looking race (elves, cuz we really need more people playing elves) and everything else would be horrifying looking.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)15:30 No.5030603
    Hahahaha, faggot.
    >> Dorfaboo 06/28/09(Sun)15:30 No.5030604
         File : 1246217426.jpg-(35 KB, 300x509, 1234028542290.jpg)
    35 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)15:30 No.5030606

    Customer: "This cake tastes terrible."

    Chef: "Fuck you! What do you know about cake! How would you know what bad cake tastes like unless you haven't made your own cake?"
    >> Dorfaboo 06/28/09(Sun)15:31 No.5030622
         File : 1246217512.jpg-(649 KB, 747x1000, 1240259835997.jpg)
    649 KB
    ignoring trolls and just posting whats in my dorf folder
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)15:31 No.5030624

    1) don't sound like a Scottish thrash can
    2) can't piss their enemies in the eyes
    3) have girly names
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)15:33 No.5030641
    My games have all-male dwarves. You're the faggot.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)15:34 No.5030642
         File : 1246217646.jpg-(64 KB, 800x600, 1245810686867.jpg)
    64 KB
    if you don't know why you are a gigantic faggot

    fucking troll feeders
    >> Dorfaboo 06/28/09(Sun)15:35 No.5030645

    1) don't sound like a Scottish thrash can


    2) can't piss their enemies in the eyes

    also debatable

    3) have girly names

    nothing wrong with being a lady...


    not on their faces at least
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)15:35 No.5030646

    >> Greg Mustache 06/28/09(Sun)15:36 No.5030658
         File : 1246217794.jpg-(54 KB, 605x539, drawfag50.jpg)
    54 KB
    One for the road:

    It's not armor-- it's lingerie.

    Incidentally; 50th drawfag contribution to /tg/! woo!
    >> Dorfaboo 06/28/09(Sun)15:36 No.5030664
         File : 1246217801.jpg-(96 KB, 573x712, 1233008285088.jpg)
    96 KB
    runnin out of rare stuff
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)15:38 No.5030673

    What I love about 4chan is that you can start trolling someone, leave the thread, and then come back a half hour later to see that other Anons have picked up the slack for you while you were gone.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)15:41 No.5030702
    You won't see that beard in a normal game.

    Doesn't count.


    >2) can't piss their enemies in the eyes
    >also debatable

    So female dwarves have giant swollen clits hidden behind their beards?
    >> Dorfaboo 06/28/09(Sun)15:45 No.5030720
    no but it depends entirely on their leverage and how flexable they are.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)15:45 No.5030725
    That clit has to be pretty big if you want to keep your beard clean...

    Futa dwarves?
    >> Dorfaboo 06/28/09(Sun)15:46 No.5030726
    also you dont piss from your clit so...i really dont see how that would help
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)15:48 No.5030745
    Females can't piss straightforward.

    So a female dwarf capable of pissing in the face of an enemy needs some way of
    1) pissing without wetting her beard
    2) pissing up instead of down

    A giant clit or penis can solve that.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)15:48 No.5030749
    dam you
    >> Dorfaboo 06/28/09(Sun)15:50 No.5030763
    maybe its a monk or rogue who can stretch her leg high enough? a standing split?
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)15:52 No.5030779
         File : 1246218746.jpg-(22 KB, 704x396, JUST_AS_PLANNED.jpg)
    22 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)15:52 No.5030783
    yes they can aim forwards... even slightly upwards. Just takes a tricky bit of leaning back and some proper tilting of the hips.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)15:53 No.5030787
    Now you're being a fucking 3.5e rulebender.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)15:54 No.5030798
    Not with a braided beard down there.
    >> Dorfaboo 06/28/09(Sun)15:55 No.5030807
    nothing says that dwarves are less dexterous than any other race! they have no penalties to dexterity or initiative or reflexes so theres no reason that they're any less capable of gaining the same flexibility as a human is capable of.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)15:58 No.5030832
    What woman bends her legs to piss an enemy in the face? That's just retarded!
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)16:01 No.5030854
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)16:02 No.5030861

    Play a monk - jump over them and fire off in midair overhead.

    Or just beat them down until they're flat on the ground and do it the normal way.
    >> Dorfaboo 06/28/09(Sun)16:02 No.5030865

    i just said its possible
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)16:04 No.5030874
    duh... hold the braid out of the way.
    >> Greg Mustache 06/28/09(Sun)16:13 No.5030921
         File : 1246219982.jpg-(98 KB, 724x1339, drawfag51.jpg)
    98 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)16:14 No.5030927
    >Implying that women only play characters that are sexually attractive.

    That is probably the most misogynist thing ever said on /tg/. Even worse than -4 str, because apparently the entire industry supports this train of thought despite being told off repeatedly by women who don't like playing eye-candy.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)16:15 No.5030939
    >So female dwarves have giant swollen clits hidden behind their beards?

    Only if you are REALLY good at getting them turned-on.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)16:15 No.5030940
         File : 1246220157.jpg-(95 KB, 640x425, img_0372.jpg)
    95 KB
    Dwarf females can and do grow beards. Typically they shave them off, unless in they're in college or experimenting with lesbianism.

    Is this canon? [y/n]
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)16:18 No.5030959
    Actually it supports this because guys love eyecandy and theres more guys buying.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)16:18 No.5030960
    ...I think I'm in love.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)16:18 No.5030963
    I'll never know what's wrong with /tg/.
    >> Greg Mustache 06/28/09(Sun)16:19 No.5030972

    D'aww thanks
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)16:20 No.5030982
    she'll never get cold with a beard like that... mmhmm.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)16:21 No.5030990
    think you could fulfill a request for me? ive been trying to get it drawfagged for a while
    >> Greg Mustache 06/28/09(Sun)16:23 No.5031008

    sure, I've got some time to kill before the rest of my players get here. What've you got in mind?
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)16:26 No.5031037
    im playing a very very sexy, even in human standards female dwarf in my 3.5 campagn. shes a fighter, and wears full plate with a buckler and uses her master crafted dwarven waraxe two handed. if it helps, her stats are 17 strenght 18 con 10 int 10 wisdom 16 charisma.

    her axe has a greatpick on the other half of it. so one side is a pick the otherside is an axe. shes sexy, saucy, sensuous, and yet brass and bold. she has red hair, and freckles, and green eyes, and huge tits and a round curvy bottom. her hair is of course braided and clasped much like a male dwarves beard would be.

    im working on a drawing of her but she just keeps comming out human looking.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)16:29 No.5031063

    Thank god I don't play a campaign with people like you.
    >> Greg Mustache 06/28/09(Sun)16:29 No.5031066

    Can you post the drawing you've got as a reference?
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)16:30 No.5031073
    oh yeah i forgot shes got a scar in the corner of mer mouth where she was fish hooked by an ogres spiked club.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)16:33 No.5031098
         File : 1246221229.jpg-(324 KB, 663x724, Svetiv4-2shaded.jpg)
    324 KB

    ehhh...sure but im prepared for plenty of nerd rage.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)16:40 No.5031152
    looks great to me. boobs seem a teeny bit lopsided and slightly saggy, but otherwise looks great.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)16:42 No.5031170
    gee thanks! that really makes me feel better. i thought the princess panties were a nice touch.

    but it just doesnt look dwarfy i guess.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)16:44 No.5031190
    Fucking Mary-Sue.

    Or just an embodiment of your sex desires.

    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)16:49 No.5031235
    oh yes, he's a faggot for making a character that's a busty female. that makes SO much sense, right?

    it's time you got back to /b/, troll.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)16:51 No.5031248
         File : 1246222261.gif-(137 KB, 180x135, 1242367186899.gif)
    137 KB
    yeah he totally forgot the -4 to strength! i mean really whoever heard of a dwarven fighter with a starting strength of 17 and a starting con roll of 16. rediculous!

    and obviously, no dwarf would ever use a dwarven waraxe two handed and use a feat to get the "improved buckler defense" rule...
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)16:55 No.5031275

    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)16:56 No.5031283
    Yeah she probably has power attack and weapon focus too. used the dwarven weapon proficiency so she can use her waraxe instead of paying the feat for it.

    Total mary sue.
    >> Greg Mustache 06/28/09(Sun)16:58 No.5031299
         File : 1246222713.jpg-(168 KB, 1500x1197, drawfag52.jpg)
    168 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)16:58 No.5031302
    *GASP* how dare he explain in detail what his character looks like to someone who is going to draw her!

    that bastard!
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)16:59 No.5031308

    i love it!
    >> I_CLUB_SEALS 06/28/09(Sun)16:59 No.5031310

    As long as he doesn't make it too much of focus and don't rp in a way that freaks people out, I see no problem.

    Hell, it's the same reason I prefer to play female character on online shit.
    >> Greg Mustache 06/28/09(Sun)17:00 No.5031313

    Seriously, it's not like having a clear mental image makes it easier to draw anything.

    What a total cum diggler.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)17:01 No.5031318
    i know. i mean, total faggot for wanting the (obviously well done) picture to his specifications. hes probably fapping to it right now.

    i know i am.
    >> Greg Mustache 06/28/09(Sun)17:02 No.5031325

    No probalo.
    >> I_CLUB_SEALS 06/28/09(Sun)17:03 No.5031327

    The pic reminds me of a middle aged woman I worked under over one summer, mainly because she had a similar body type and facial scars that I can't quite remember.

    Some of the guys from Africa really hated working under her.

    Whatever, taking orders from chicks and womens is a skill you need in the US.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)17:03 No.5031329
    i wish i could draw as fast and well as you. it takes me forever to get to the level of the picture i posted, and thats after 8 tries and a model.
    >> I_CLUB_SEALS 06/28/09(Sun)17:05 No.5031338

    Don't sell yourself short, your version looked awesome, and I am sure you can get better at producing shit, and not every drawfag in /tg/ needs to be speedy.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)17:09 No.5031362
    i also drew these. which tells you how well i do without a model when drawing dwarves.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)17:11 No.5031383
    > I don't know what mary sue means
    >> Greg Mustache 06/28/09(Sun)17:19 No.5031449

    I know /ic/ is ----> that way, but those faggots will go out of their way to destroy anyone who;s got cajones enough to post, which I sure as shit don't. Here's some concrit for you:

    Working from a model is good, but studying the basics is going to help you understand why the models look the way they do. Obviously fantasy art doesn't always follow the same anatomical rules as real people do, but they do follow the same basic principles. Getting those down will make your sketches faster, so you can focus more on developing a single image. As for being quicker on the drawfag... practice, is all I can say.

    As for anatony, I learned a lot from Burne Hogarth books.
    >> I_CLUB_SEALS 06/28/09(Sun)17:19 No.5031458

    not bad.

    Face's look kinda funny, but to be honest faces are fucking hard, and RL faces also look kinda funny.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)17:20 No.5031469
    big tits, nice ass, loves fighting and beer and sex... what's NOT to love about dwarven girls?
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)17:21 No.5031478

    FFT art? Where's that from?
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)17:24 No.5031508
    /ic/ has become unnecessarily mean and unhelpful, and the influx of jealous cretins has driven off a good majority of the talent
    >> Greg Mustache 06/28/09(Sun)17:26 No.5031524


    My gaming group's here, so I'm out, but good thread you guys.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)17:28 No.5031543
    even if the awesome drawfag has left, that's no need to stop posting... more beautiful dwarf women, please! Keep 'em coming, folks!
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)17:29 No.5031550
    My next PC is going to be a female dwarf fighter who's taken up the adventuring life to try and find an elf man who will marry her after being abandoned by a dorf male for an elf woman.

    Is this win /tg/?
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)17:29 No.5031551
    i know theres an /ic/ troll that hangs around these threads and trashes people unnecessarily. its kinda sad, because really, theres nothing fundamentally wrong with the art itself as its usually subjective.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)17:30 No.5031561
    no because no dwarf worth his or her salt would touch a fucking elf. and if they did, theyd break them.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)17:31 No.5031570
         File : 1246224718.jpg-(62 KB, 585x575, 1240258911658.jpg)
    62 KB
    i think thats all my stuff...
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)17:34 No.5031584

    I vote yes. But then again I'm a ca/tg/irl with a disgustingly stereotypical love of romance and drama, my opinion may well be biased.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)17:35 No.5031592
    god help you if you post a women with any sort of back side, muscular or fat. she will be relined into an ass-less twelve year old boy
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)17:35 No.5031595
         File : 1246224918.jpg-(399 KB, 950x1363, LEGIO_ElvenHotness.jpg)
    399 KB
    Ignore the name, that is obviously a dorf.

    Unless Paranoia Beholder was right and dwarves and elves really are the same race...
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)17:36 No.5031598
    us ronry dudes can be mushy too, don't feel to bad
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)17:37 No.5031611

    I thought it would be a nice change from my current PC which is SO MANLY HE SHITS OUT SYLVESTER STALLONE.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)17:37 No.5031615
         File : 1246225069.jpg-(153 KB, 800x1004, commissin_Red_Beauty_by_Jebrio(...).jpg)
    153 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)17:39 No.5031632

    That is not a dorf.

    Dorf does not have pointed ears.

    Only Elf.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)17:40 No.5031634

    Only if she then goes on a quest to find her ex-husband, to rub it in his face. With her hammer.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)17:41 No.5031647

    Which makes me wonder if she'd ever be able to find an Elf willing to take her, I mean Elves and Dorfs only ever seem to get along when they're pretending they don't like eachother.

    "S-Stupid Legolas! It's not like I like fighting with you or anything...."

    Tsundere Gimli.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)17:46 No.5031698
         File : 1246225581.gif-(273 KB, 232x158, 122417972146.gif)
    273 KB
    >This thread
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)17:47 No.5031717

    Well, there's got to be at least one elf in the world who recognizes dwarven awesomeness.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)17:49 No.5031729
    Many settings have dwarves with pointed ears. See Shadowrun, for example.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)17:49 No.5031736
    elves will do humans and dwarves are just improved humans so I don't see why not
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)17:51 No.5031748
    Whoa, did we hit the point where this thread won't bump anymore from new posts?
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)17:52 No.5031758

    its not that elves wont do dwarves. of course they will. who wouldnt?

    no, its that dwarves arent touching some damn elf.
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)17:57 No.5031800
    quick, someone archive this!!
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)18:29 No.5032028
         File : 1246228173.jpg-(253 KB, 669x1000, chloe_vevrier2.jpg)
    253 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)18:33 No.5032076
         File : 1246228425.jpg-(95 KB, 740x900, Disrupted by Beej.jpg)
    95 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)18:36 No.5032108
         File : 1246228603.jpg-(598 KB, 576x720, Tahna_by_LastDarkNight.jpg)
    598 KB
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)19:02 No.5032350
    Google Looking for Group
    >> Anonymous 06/28/09(Sun)19:31 No.5032674
    mmm... big fat dorf tats.

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